Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zebra 2.0: 365 Days of Terror in Barack Obama's America

What can be said of the events that were chronicled last year at SBPDL, which clearly illustrate more than just random occurrences (as Lawrence Auster notes).

The first pick for the SBPDL Book Club
Black Pack Attack violence against primarily white people (most of the time individual whites, though increasingly Asians are being targeted as well); a media refusing to acknowledge anything; a political class dedicated to enacting laws that protect those who partake in Black Pack Attacks and promote those who cover for Organized Blackness in every level of society (all three branches of government, academic, military, corporate, and both private and public sectors jobs).

The book Zebra: The True Account Of The 179 Days Of Terror In San Francisco is what one must read to understand why we live in this society, for the domestic horror that is unfolding across the nation was confined to San Francisco during 1973 and 1974. The lessons: completely forgotten.

Since Barack Obama was inaugurated as the first Black President of the United States (POTUS), the belief "that this is a Black world!" has taken hold. It would difficult to argue against the existence of Death Angels still operating in the United States, when you consider that virtually no white-on-Black attacks are occurring in America.

Wait, CNN did find one to harp on last year.

Let's do something different. Pick up a copy of Zebra: The True Account Of The 179 Days Of Terror In San Francisco. Starting on June 10, we'll have the first collaborative book club discussion in the history of the Internet: we will discuss Zebra.

More importantly, we will do the slow build toward Zebra 2.0: 365Black Days of Terror in Barack Obama's America.

A lot of people look at South Africa and warn: "We can't let it come to that in America," or, "People will wake up... they have too!"

No. We are already deep in the cannibal's pot (with apologies to Ilana Mercer's Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa).

Join us on June 10 for the first ever SBPDL Book Club Discussion. Pick up Zebra and let's start the real conversation about race.


Full Auto said...

Excellent idea PK! Anything that can be done to expose the racially motivated African-on-White assaults, rapes, and murders could help save lives.

Imagine a popular swimming area somewhere on the coast. People congregate there with family and friends to enjoy swimming in the warm gulf stream waters. Also imagine that the media knows the swimming area is infested with sharks and people are killed there frequently. The media knows this but tells no one. Instead, they encourage people to swim there and do their best to keep the shark attacks quite.

Same thing with the black violence cover up.

Full Auto said...

Book idea:

Zebra 2.0; Racially Motivated Black Violence and the MSM Coverup.

Church of Jed said...

Who will be the next White KBTDB victim?

(Killed by Typical Diversity Behaviour)

Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Brittny Watts, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King, Sharlotte McGill, Shannon Collins, Jacqueline Gardner, Nancy Harris

"Racism is the fastest growing trend it the White community right now, as it should be."

-Rev. Jed DeValleyism, "Diversity is a hate crime against Whiteness and the future," 2011

Concerned Citizen said...

This country's really gone to hell since Obongo's presidency. The blacks have become particularly sociopathic since they think their people run the show now. maybe this is how South Africa started down the path of self-destruction. Great civilizations don't die, they commit suicide.

In other news African immigrants are the "model minority" lol!

Zenster said...

If there is one single lesson to all of these different stories it is this:


Even just one Black person of just about any age, save for infants and the very elderly, should be enough for you to maintain constant situational awareness.

Additionally, keep out of reach. Do not get within an arm's length if you can possibly avoid it.

The media and law enforcement cannot make it any more clear that racial hate crimes against Whites will not get reported or prosecuted as such.

If possible, get concealed carry. If that is not an option, carry some sort of weapon with you. Pepper spray, a Taser or a good hunting knife on your belt. For women, the pepper spray is best so that you need not physically grapple with your assailant.

Steer clear of all large, or even small, gatherings of Blacks. Avoid their section of town and never attend any sort of store or event that caters to Blacks or their families.

Drive with your doors locked and windows only slightly down. In city street traffic always leave adequate room between the car before you and your own front bumper so that you can pull out and are not caged in by vehicles around you.

Unescorted women should never exit a stalled vehicle. Purchase AAA and use a cell phone to request roadside service. If you have any doubts, ask to see credentials before unlocking your car door or even rolling down your car window.

When pulled over by law enforcement, if the car is unmarked, do not roll down your window until the officer has provided you with official identification.

The same thing goes for anyone who comes to your residence. Always request to see company identification as uniforms can be stolen and are not a reliable indicator of a legitimate service person.

If you have the slightest suspicion, decline the service or call and reschedule. Try to avoid having house call made by people when you are alone. Even the presence of a child is better than no one else at all.

If permissible, get a dog. Preferably a breed large enough to do some serious harm to an intruder. Train the animal well and don't forbid it to bark at passing strangers. The cost of pet ownership is well worth the extra layer of security.

Remember, Blacks have an almost congenital fear of dogs. Make this work for you and your loved ones.

Stay safe.


Don M said...

OK Paul, I ordered it. I'll be ready for book club.

About that video: Damn it, I almost had my blood pressure down to a pre-hypertension level before watching it!

Those eyes, those vacant, soulless eyes in the mugshots. It is truly like starring into the abyss.

On a separate topic, hey Ten-Mil, I bought a little centennial J-frame the other day. Not the manliest of calibers, but easy to carry and no brass for the gleeful-armed-enforcers-of-BRA to examine.

Tiochfaidh ar la.

Anonymous said...

Per your particular suggestion and your inspiration in general one has ordered what I am afraid will prove to be the New Book of Revelations for the White Peoples.
I fear reading it, but will assume the fear and make it my strength.

Letters from Galt's Gulch said...

Well played. This is an absolutely fascinating case.

It has been speculated that there may be a connection to the infamous Zodiac murders which occurred roughly around the same time in the SF Bay Area. One suggestion, and this is a very dark business and what really happened is shrouded in mystery (and the Zodiac was never caught), is that the Zodiac murders, as sensational as they were, were used by the press to take attention off of the Zebra affair. There may be other connections, as well.

Factoid: the name Zebra was apparently used in light of the black-on-white nature of the crimes.

I'm really looking forward to this.

Letters from Galt's Gulch said...

Ah, the glorious '60s/'70s, those magical drug-soaked halcyon days of rage, revolution, bloodlust and betrayal when half the nation jumped in a hell-bound handbasket and the other half ran to push it over the brink.

Letters from Galt's Gulch said...

For anyone who is not able to secure a hard copy of the book (it is out of print), various digital editions are available here:

Extropico said...

Paul Kersey is an American treasure. And he was good in those Death Wish movies too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are still Negro people all over Earth that have no plumbing. They can’t manage to develop & survive. They cant manage to overcome obstacles. they cant manage to live civilized w/out dictatorship & build. Somalia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Haiti, anywhere black people live – poverty, stupidity, crime, disease, backwards child-like mental retardation follow. White people build castles, pyramids, bridges, skyscrapers, & the best structures any race has ever seen. Black people still build straw huts in 2010

Anonymous said...

What about the 'face eater' in Trayvons home state?

Unknown said...

could we not get more blacks to come swimming at this shark infested beach, We could say free waddymellon and fried chicken to every car load of niggers.

Anonymous said...

Stop being so predictable Racist freaks!

Anonymous said...

The fate of beta-male liberal white boy in jungle-feverish America.

white is right said...

i just wish we could reach more of the on the fencers! barry sotorro or how ever that kenyan spells his birth name has got to go now! i've been telling my friends and they are only and all white about this blog. standing in line the other day(foodstore) and this black jerk was going on and on about his hero(bho) and i just couldn't take to much more of this BS! i said to him and the black clerk what is blowbama's birth name? the looks on these two dipshits faces was unbelievable man just unbelievable. people, you could see the smoke coming out of their ears! then the conversation got kinda hostile! what you meaning birth name? leroy said to me. she(clerk) said he's a hater, and i don't be knowin what i'm talking about.they love this man for the color of his skin and skin only! yet whore liberals will call us racist. i mean i could see why in 2008, but this time around it's pure racism period. they(colored)should look into the man and see his true intensions-but as i think of it social justice is the only way these lazy bastards can get ahead without trying! sickens me to my white bones. and i'm sure the good white people that read and post here are feeling the same way. i'm sick and tired of hearing about how bad our race is or the constant blaming of us about every thing. well these vermin must relize that without the pure white race the world would look like it did when the cavemen were running around this planet. it's not that we want them to act white but civilized would be a start.right?

George Romero said...

Right!! I'm off to go get popcorn and beer , be back soon , don't change the channel , and keep ya hands off my girlfriend , and leave my stash alone , K?..

Anonymous said...

As noted in a comment in the earlier thread, the book can be found for free, in various formats, here:

MuayTyson said...

Wonderful, I am one of the first to bitch,"But what do we do!"

Great step Paul please, please keep it up. I do think we need a face that can appear on the MSM.

John Sununu destroyed Ms. O'brian on CNN. Agree with his politics or not he shut her down and crushed her arguments on CNN. Pretty significant a CNN ,leader of the MSM, talking head destroyed on their own channel.

Race realists needs to do that.

MuayTyson said...

Good observations Full Auto, if silence is consent then what is suppression?

Bob1313 said...

i said to him and the black clerk what is blowbama's birth name? the looks on these two dipshits faces was unbelievable man just unbelievable. people, you could see the smoke coming out of their ears!

Hilarious, one of the best ways to screw with them and it works like a charm is to mention that the "chocolate jesus" is half white, when they say he did this or that and its great, just mention he did that because his mother was white or his white half is responsible for that.

They absolutely go into full chimpout meltdown, I think if more would do so, the shine on the turd just might wear off a little.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for that block buster movie on the Zebra terrorism of black killings of Whites in San Fransisco. It will make billions of dollars for the makers and stars.

Full Auto said...

Aiding and abetting.

Anonymous said...

@ Zen. Good advise. I practice this when I'm in groid territory. Carry an attitude if you are capable. Scowl and looked pissed. The closer in proximity you are such as a bus or checkout line be ready to react with lightning speed with a defensive move that will incapacitate. Learn what those are. I was walking on night with a petite blonde downtown Portland one evening and a groid exited a convenience shop. Stituational awareness advised me this groid was determining if he had prey. I moved the blonde to my protected side, took the bottle of wine from her and gripped the neck ready to fight if need be. There was no mistaking my defensive posture and passed unmolested.
Good advise on the dogs. Dogs also have a congenital hatred of blacks if not raised by them.

Anonymous said...

Outdoorsman here:

I reread the Clark Howard book last fall after having first read it and absorbed its lessons (which accord with a lifetime of painful experiences, personally endured) many years ago.

I've been warning friends and family members about Negro hate and violence for some time now. My efforts have of late been aided by instructive and educational "audio-visual" materials kindly provided by the negroids themselves, such as the youtube video of the St. Patrick's Day beatdown, stripping and robbery of a young White man by laughing young negroids in Baltimore. All in all, the awareness of many of my friends, family and acquaintances has been increased from these lessons.

I have also read that "other" book by Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen ("Zebra: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness and Civil Rights," Arcade, 2006).

This work is permeated with the underlying and sickening message that the "rage" of the negroids who slaughtered (and are still slaughtering) Whites was and is totally "understandable," but that the Zebra-negroids just went about "the struggle" -- which is, after all, fully "justified" by White "racism" -- in the wrong way.

There are some details in the Sanders-Cohen book that are not found in Howard's book, however, which keep it from being totally useless. The tragic John Doe #169, for example, was also castrated by the psychotic negroids present at the Christmas torture party held at Black self Help Moving and Storage in December 1973, and some Whites actually engaged in armed reprisals for the wave of negroid terrorism sweeping the city of San Fran at the time.

I am looking forward to the discussion of Howard's book in detail. Everyone I've told about the Zebra murders ends up being beside themselves and asking "why haven't I even HEARD of this?" Such questioning is the beginning of wisdom.

Tip: there are plenty of reasonably-priced, used copies of "Zebra" to be bought from various sellers on Amazon.

10mm AUTO said...


This book clearly shows the mindset of the NOI more than any other. The NOI is impenetrable to standard FBI tactics, because it would require a black agent to commit murders of Whites to be allowed into the inner circles.

Past confrontations show the extreme militancy of the group. (See: )

After you finish "Zebra" you will want to take a shower. In my lifetime, I have never seen such single-minded evil. Even criminal gangs have a goal of either conduct operations or expansion, a point to their violence. Political groups have a goal to their philosophy, a overall idea as to where they are going.

Nation of Islam has neither, it is one step above voodoo madness, with no future or political goal. If you could sum up NOI's complete ideals in one phrase, it would be, "kill the White mutants". No endgame here, just killing, forever. When they are deported, special emphasis should be given for the NOI members.

By the way, I have read the other book on the Zebra Killings, "The Zebra Murders" by Cohen, which is crap, a long whine about how oppressed the negro is and how the real heroes were the black officers. This is a load of bull. The two lead investigators in Howard's book make a point about how NOI blacks in the Police Department actively interfered with the investigation, attempting to determine the location of the sole Witness so as to have him executed. I will be posting a scathing review of Cohen's book as soon as I finish the last two chapters.

Edwood said...

Thanks for the info on the digital editions. It's on my Kindle now.

RobertB said...

First it was a massive cover up of black on white crime--instigated by the Black Panthers and the Nation Of Islam,

"Fard's early followers were Negro migrants from the South.
Fard preached to them that he was the incarnation of Allah and
promised that if they believed in him, their race would someday
overcome the white slavemasters and that they would be restored
to a position of supremacy among the world's peoples.
Fard was succeeded as leader by one of his lieutenants, Elijah"

then it was flesh eating bacteria from Haiti, now it's flesh eating Haitians--

Yes, he was Haitian. To see the attack, look the sidewalk as it passes under the over pass--just into the sunlight and out of the shadows. Center left--right by the support pillar for the over pass.

Anonymous said...

The truth must hurt because you guys block every african americans comment on here. You Love to spread hate so that you can stay relevant. Pahaaaa typical white america. Go kill yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. When the Sanders-Cohen book was published in 2006, Hollywood bought the rights. Jamie Foxx was supposed to star as the black detective who solved the case "while overcoming white racism."

The movie project has been in limbo, still supposedly on the way, but nothing done according to IMDB.

From what I read somewhere, the case was "solved" by accident. A drawing was made and published in a San Francisco newspaper. They had no idea what the killers looked like, so they made a generic drawing of a 20-something black male.

One of the killers thought the drawing was him, so he went to the police.

Bogolyubski said...

Listening to the Ministry of Truth "journ-o-lists" repeating the lie over and over that such attacks - all part of the black-on-white intifada - are somehow "random", is why such people need to be near the top of the list when the opportunity comes. Another disgusting propaganda ploy is to use terms like "it was a robbery gone wrong" - as if there are robberies that go right. No quarter for these assholes. They are enemy combatants. Cold steel and white-hot lead should be their payment, delivered with accumulated interest.

I think Auster's use of the Arabic term intifada is excellent. Perhaps we should combine it with zebra (which stands for black-on-white and refers to the largely covered-up series of murders simultaneously) and use "zebra intifada" as a handle to describe the organized campaign of violence against whites which has been under way for five decades or more.

Anonymous said...

(North, Ga)--Typical bone head, or bone head lover that types about being predictable. Not to mention, the link to some BLACK on white porn, all which makes the poster believe his manhood is in his pants. Never to understand that it is as far as he will ever go. He will never rise above his waist. He believes he is blazing some trail, when he will never, ever, have a clue, that he is on a WIDE, and beatin' path.

Anonymous said...

Paul, thank you so very much. God speed, Good hunting!

Bemused stare said...

Paul, as a man who keeps up to date on the joys of blackness, how long do you think we have before you write the sequel to "Zombieland?"

10mm AUTO said...

Lovely, NOI has several lines of T-shirts, all very subtle except for the stylized image of a Snowman seen through a scope crosshairs with the caption "I shot that snowman!" Some have a bleeding hole in the forehead.


So I contacted meta-cafe and got the standard Police human target on a t-shirt with the caption: "Hit the Black"

Delivered in 10 days.

Think anyone will get it?

Anonymous said...

(North Ga.)--I've been waiting for some history altering event, that would set aside once , and for all, the danger,“whitey' faces from a part of society that truly hates them. I'm talking something that leaves no room for doubt. Something to shake, “whitey” to the core. No excuses, there it is, you can not deny there is a problem. WTF!, A deranged, flipped out, NIGGER CHEWED! a sleeping homeless white mans FACE OFF! ...I swear , this is war. If you have any reservations, you need to take a serious look around, and get the fuck out of my way!

So CAL Snowman said...

10mm AUTO said...

"Lovely, NOI has several lines of T-shirts, all very subtle except for the stylized image of a SNOWMAN seen through a scope crosshairs with the caption "I shot that SNOWMAN!" Some have a bleeding hole in the forehead."

I'm pretty sure NOI reads SBPDL! =)

Zenster said...

10mm AUTO: So I contacted meta-cafe and got the standard Police human target on a t-shirt with the caption: "Hit the Black"

SPOT ON! What a great way to retaliate. Go for the gold, pal. I really like your way of thinking.

Californian said...

The truth must hurt because you guys block every african americans comment on here.

If PK wants to post your comments, I will cheerfully debate any point you make.

So CAL Snowman said...

@ White is right

When idiot blacks openly profess their love for Barry Soetoro just remember and TAKE SOLACE in the fact that UNDER BARRY SOETORO the blacks are being FINANCIALLY DECIMATED! Under Barry Soetoro virtually ALL GAINS made by Blacks in the past quarter century are being WIPED OUT!

Obamaconomics Destroyed the Black Middle Class

How Does Obama’s Black Middle Class-Destroying Economy Taste?

Literally my friends, blacks are so stupid that they will VOTE themselves back into poverty! It's like Zenster says, they see that the "big chief" is Black and they think everything is all good. Under Obama, the net worth of black households has FALLEN AN ASTONISHING 83%! Another PK fun fact : STUDY: Single Women Of Color Age 36-49 Have Median Wealth Of Just $5

Just remember the above the next time you hear some black asshole crowing about 'Ole Zero and it will bring a smile to your face knowing you have it soooo much better than him thanks to the wrecking ball that is Obama.

Anonymous said...

Tip: there are plenty of reasonably-priced, used copies of "Zebra" to be bought from various sellers on Amazon.

There may also be copies of both "Zebra" books available at your local library.

YIH said...

Yesterday I posted about 6 People™ who drowned one after another trying to rescue(?) one.
Several comments were added about People™ being unable to swim and pools being segregated.
Let me tell you a little personal story that happened last year.
I used to live in an apartment complex with a common pool. Weather permitting, we would swim daily. The complex adjacent was mostly section 8 People™ and would often climb over the fence dividing the two complexes to use 'our' pool.
Some of the People™ would notice that we (Whites) were using it nearly daily, and one weekend those sprogs happily announced that ''Hey whitey, that pool's gonna be closed soon!''. Well two days later we went to go swimming, as we reached the fence we start hearing (sing-song) ''somebody pooped in the pool!''. I walk up to the deep end, look down into the water and see what appeared to be a rock. I dive in, swim down to it and discover that no, it's not a rock. That's right, the whole Caddyshack scene come to life.
I go to the Manager's office, tell him and get told ''pool's closed!'' and it was for 7 days.
First the um, ''baby ruth'' has to be removed (which I had already done) then the pool has to be heavily shocked (no, drain and scrub is not required).
All because some People™ wanted to ''get one over on whitey''.
Afterwards, a ''NO TRESPASSING - residents only'' sign went up so if unwanted People™ show up, the cops can take them away.

Mutant Swarm said...

"Anonymous said...

The truth must hurt because you guys block every african americans comment on here. You Love to spread hate so that you can stay relevant. Pahaaaa typical white america. Go kill yourself!!

May 31, 2012 10:51 AM"

Shut your fucking mouth, white boy. And as for killing first.

RobertB said...

"The Zebra Intifada"--I like that.

When you are all done reading The Zebra Murders, read "Hating Whitey" by Horowitz (it's what changed him from being a read diaper doper baby to being conservative) as well as "Monster". Monster lets you see inside the black man's mind and his justification for his way of life and his hatred of whitey. It follows the same path as other books by Black Panthers from the 60's-70's where they openly talk about killing whitey and raping white women as a form of warfare.

Caiden said...

To the stupid anon negro, plenty of other low IQ negros get their posts on this site, as yours was just posted, so they are being deleted, you're just stupid.

As it is I won't mind if blacks were banned from posting. Nothing brings me down like reading from some subhuman low intelligence negro thinking he's a human. Race realists are banned from other sites all the time, so what do I care if negros howl at the moon?

While I haven't been around much, I've been making some comments on 'regular' news sites. Basically at this stage of the game that's really the best we can do. Spread the message, try to open the eyes of whites who are brainwashed. If we allow liberals to be the only ones to let their message be heard then the eventual collapse will be that much worse.

My personal concern is how whites will rebuild society. While the people on sites like this will survive, the US is a country of over 300 million, and when it falls most other countries will collapse as well. I like civilization, we shouldn't hate it just because liberals were allowed to corrupt it to the point where negros raping women and killing people is considered a taboo subject to be against.

Zenster said...

YIH: Well two days later we went to go swimming, as we reached the fence we start hearing (sing-song) "somebody pooped in the pool!".

Thank you, YIH. I rest my case. Like Paul says, it's why we can't have nice things.

Anonymous said...

Just effing frightening, frightening, frightening. I have been contemplating purchasing a gun since about 2009. Just effing scary.

rjp said...

Zenster said: The same thing goes for anyone who comes to your residence. Always request to see company identification as uniforms can be stolen and are not a reliable indicator of a legitimate service person.

I can't say never trust a uniform loud enough.

I was waiting to cross a corner walking north from the SW side, when I was crossing a black who had been not visible turned the corner on the NW side to walk in front of me going north also. A black in a FEDEX jacket that was at that same corner waiting to go east at the NW corner changed his plans and decided to walk north also. And so as he got next to me and I felt I was getting "boxed in" I reversed and decided I needed to go east from the NW corner I just passed. The negro in the FEDEX jacket then immediately ran out into traffic to cross the street to get to somewhere in a NE direction. Because he was headed to Chicago Ave (in Chicago) at State Street, this would have put a FEDEX delivery guy over 3 blocks from where his truck was parked for a delivery -- if he had actually just made one.

Don't ever trust a negro in a uniform that hires negroes.

Mr. Rational said...

Anonbeen contemplating?  What took you so long?  Get thee to a gun show and buy a decent rifle that fires faster than single-shot.  An Enfield might do in a pinch but a semi-auto of .223 caliber or bigger is probably the least you should think about today.

Learn how to open the breech and look down the barrel for dirt, corrosion or signs of distortion.  Bring a light to shine into those areas to reveal defects.  Better yet, find someone who knows guns and have him show you how to appraise these things.

Then again, anything is better than nothing.  A gun that doesn't fire is still good for scaring trouble away, so long as nobody calls your bluff.

RobertB said...

Buy the gun now, while you can. Try to buy it from a private party--so it isn't registered. Stock up on ammo--you can always use it at a range. Guns are fun. Nothing quite like it.

Big Bear said...

Zenster May 30, 2012 6:37 PM

I am shaking my head in stunned disbelief. "If possible, get concealed carry..." "If permissible, get a dog..."

That is how bad it has become. I live in Idaho and I feel like a spoiled brat. Our waiting period on gun purchases is the time it takes you to pull your cash from your wallet. Dogs? Plenty of them here...but...when I stumble around town on a sober-up walk from the bar, not a bark, as at 2AM, the dogs are inside, with the guns their owners will use.

I only hope Idaho, along with the rest of the Inter-mountain West, the so-called flyovers, and eastern Oregon, Washington, and the Sierra region of California, could just secede. Get away from BRA and the DC/NYC sewerpipe. The stinking liberals can have the Left Coast...fuck 'em.

You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I've lived here 40 years, and the best part about it is the population growth is all White Flight from some liberal sewer. Our elections have already been determined in the primaries, as there are virtually no Democraps (and no stinking liberals) up here.

Anonymous said...

Just effing frightening, frightening, frightening. I have been contemplating purchasing a gun since about 2009. Just effing scary."

Do it ASAP and get more than one. A pistol and a shotgun are not bad to have. Both can be had pretty inexpensively too. And this is coming from someone who lives in the PRNJ. Shop around find what you like and keep it close by. Trouble a comin'...

Big Bear said...

Anonymous May 31, 2012 10:51 AM

Funny thing is, when it all goes down, you stinking libs will be running for the hills, thinking your white skin will save you.

Too bad. We know who you are, we can smell you. Smell your deception, smell your imperiousness. You will be cast out. If you are not cannibalized by your former pets, you will die of exposure as your tender upbringing will not prepare you.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

The Inky Intifada has begun .....

Mutant Swarm said...

"Anonymous said...

Per your particular suggestion and your inspiration in general one has ordered what I am afraid will prove to be the New Book of Revelations for the White Peoples.

I fear reading it, but will assume the fear and make it my strength.

May 30, 2012 7:08 PM"

A word of advice: Read it on an empty stomach.

While answering one of those "our people's history has been suppressed" type posters on another forum, I advised the poster to "beware the grafted snake," and for all others to Google it. This is the page that popped up first:

Clark Howard, The Zebra Killings.

This will be a good eye-opener for starters.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the excited tone of the public radio announcer you would think that the latest turn in the George Zimmerman affair, which doesn't favor GZ, ( a revocation of his bond) was a matter of national significance. Of course it really is not except that it highlights the anti-concealed carry, anti second amendment movement, which is what the trial is all about.
This movement, much more so than the idiotic OWS crowd, is the one we should be concerned about. The powers behind the statist leftists really have to have the second amendment nullfied before they could begin to utilize the black stormtroopers to gain control of the streets.
However were that nullification to be tried I feel we would see a secession movement instantly grow to huge proportions. Having been a conscious observer of neo-totalitarians in the USA for wuite some time now I am sure that were the second amendment line be crossed, that would be curtains for the unity of the country.

RobertB said...

poor George. What the prosecutors want is his legal defense fund so that he cannot afford to defend himself. Hopefully his attorney will win his re-release on appeal. other wise, he is being treated as guilty before the trial has even begun.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous who posted The fate of the beta-male liberal white boy in jungle-feverish America link is disgusting. Take your filthy porn elsewhere. People like you are revolting.

Discard said...

P.K. On June 10th there was to be an online book discussion. Did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

You can download and read for free, Zebra

I'm reading it on Kindle but there are other choices.

klaos said...

Clark Howard is getting racial?

Good to see, I had him pegged for an in-it-to-the-end BRA worshiper.