Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Pledge, to Birmingham

Have you ever heard of The Birmingham Pledge?
Why does the Birmingham Pledge use the Atlanta skyline?


Crafted in 1997, The Birmingham Pledge states:

• I believe that every person has worth as an individual. 
• I believe that every person is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of race or color. 
• I believe that every thought and every act of racial prejudice is harmful; if it is my thought or act, then it is harmful to me as well as to others. 
• Therefore, from this day forward I will strive daily to eliminate racial prejudice from my thoughts and actions. 
• I will discourage racial prejudice by others at every opportunity. 
• I will treat all people with dignity and respect; and I will strive daily to honor this pledge, knowing that the world will be a better place because of my effort.
All people aren't worthy of dignity or respect, and this goes far beyond race, color, or creed. And, no, all people do not possess worth as an individual. Therefore, from this day forward I will strive daily to remind people why racial prejudice once existed in not just their private thoughts - as they do now - but in their daily actions. I will encourage people to tell the truth of why Birmingham in 2012, with a population that is 74 percent black, has a city council which continues to extend the ban on new payday lending and title pawn shops from opening in the city [Birmingham City Council extends ban on new payday lending, title pawn shops, Birmingham News, 10-16-2012]: 

Councilwoman Lashunda Scales proposed the original halt, saying the city is inundated with the businesses that stifle more positive commercial development.
"We're trying to come up with law that would allow the number of payday lending and title lending institutions in the city," Scales said after the meeting. "We're looking for a permanent solution."

And though 2013 will be filled with a perpetual, ubiquitous celebration of the downfall of the Birmingham prior to 1963, I pledge to remind people of just what occurred after the dogs stopped barking and fire-hoses were turned off.

The "About" section at the home page for the Birmingham Pledge reminds us:

Birmingham, Alabama ignited a fire that illuminated social injustice throughout the South and nation as a whole. Today, the city once known for police dogs and bombings is at the center of efforts to remedy America's history of pervasive racial inequality through alliances once thought impossible. The Birmingham Pledge is one of the key components of that movement.
The state of Birmingham in 2012 (soon-to-be 2013), a city which has been under black-political control since 1979, is a powerful reminder of the reality of what ignoring racial inequalities results in producing. 

We are constantly told that "diversity" is our source of civic strength, even civic virtue, but the condition of the government in Birmingham circa 2011 would portend to showcase otherwise [Race-tinged debate over 'Who's Who' book,  divides Birmingham City Council, Birmingham News, April 26, 2011]:         

Members of the Birming­ham City Council were di­vided by race Monday dur­ing an emotional debate about participation in a book highlighting black Ala­bama residents. The discussion centered on which council members would -- and would not -- be featured in the upcoming "Who's Who in Black Ala­bama" book. The Budget and Finance Committee dis­cussed the request for $5,000 for an advertisement in the book.

Council members Valerie Abbott and Kim Rafferty, the only white members, ob­jected to the city's partici­pation.
"I'm 100 percent in favor of Who's Who in Black Ala­bama," Abbott said. "I'm just not in favor of taxpayer money paying for it."
Under the proposal, scheduled for a vote this morning, the council would allocate $5,000 and receive an ad with a group photo of the entire council. The seven black council mem­bers would also receive sep­arate biographies with head shots, while Abbott and Raf­ferty would not.
The committee forwarded the item to the agenda with­out any recommendation.
Rafferty called the pub­­lisher's policy hurtful and discriminatory, noting that her district is diverse and that she represents all of her constituents.
"I am fully supportive of what their agenda is, but when I worked so hard to be at this table, to be told that I'm unequal and I cannot be in the publication, I don't understand that. It really bothers me," she said.
Rafferty walked out of the meeting before the group forwarded the item."This isn't petty, and some people try to make it petty," she said later.Councilman Steven Hoyt, chairman of the committee, defended the book and its mission.
"I'm really not under­standing why this is so con­troversial. That seems to be my middle name, so I'm comfortable with it," he said. "This is a business, and you're telling we can't sup­port minority business?"Hoyt said the city regu­larly spends money to sup­port mostly white-owned businesses, and the city has supported white institutions for most of its history."We spent the first 75 years celebrating the white majority in the city of Bir­mingham, and now that we've got a little mixture and we can't be celebrated?" he said. "I can spend all my minutes tomorrow talking about the inequities in this city."
Catrena Carter, the book's associate publisher who made the presentation, said she was surprised by the controversy."Our organization and or­ganizations like us simply want to highlight and give a positive spin to us across the state and across the na­tion," she said later. "I offer no apologies for that."
Carter, who also leads a nonprofit organization to empower women for leader­ship, said she didn't under­stand the complaint of dis­crimination Monday. No men ever complained be­cause her other group fo­cused on women, she said.
"Though these women say they support it, there are obviously some underlying issues here, and that is dis­heartening," Carter said. "That's not to knock them for speaking from their hearts, but I would urge them to read the history books and look at what the African-American commu­nity and people have gone through as a whole and tell me why you would have a problem honoring these people."
The power of Black-Run America (BRA) is the ability to constantly transport white people back to those insidious, evil days when a city like Birmingham was under white political control (and actually had a future), and make white people feel sorry both the civilization they built and the extraordinary measures it took to keep civilization from falling to pieces -- namely, legal measures to keep black people out of power. 
Birmingham hasn't seen redevelopment since black-rule became enshrined in 1979; thus, artifacts from a vibrant, white past remain - though fading - in a city whose 74 percent black population relies on payday loan and title pawn stores as an economy
Something as innocuous as a debate on appropriate city funds to support an ad in the "Who's Who in Black America" book is grounds for participating in the type of hysterical histrionics Pulitzer Prize winning editorial writer Joey Kennedy displayed to me when we debated the collapse of Birmingham under black-political (and black demographic) control. 
That the only economy capable of thriving in a city with a population that is 74 percent black is one based on payday lending and title loan shops speaks volumes about the ability of the types of civilizations black people are able to produce. 
The best part about the Birmingham Pledge, is the Web site doesn't even have a picture of the city from whose name the pledge originates: It's a sketch of the skyline of Atlanta, the City too Busy to Hate. 
In Black Politics: The New Road to Freedom (August 1984 issue of Ebony), we are greeted to profiles of black mayors. Wilson Goode, Harold Washington, and Coleman Young are profiled, as is Richard Arrington of Birmingham. These words accompany the write-up of Arrington:
Birmingham, a city which is remembered for church bombings and the use of firehoses and police dogs the bloody racial strife of the ‘50s and ‘60s, changed greatly when Dr. Richard Arrington became the city’s first Black mayor in 1979.The mayor, who was re-elected last year, was also quick to implement programs to revitalize the downtown area, reduce crime and upgrade the Black business district. He adopted a citywide hiring policy that increased the Black representation on both the fire and police departments. And he was, he says, the first elected official in that city to fight for affirmative action programs.

And many of the downtown White business leaders (many of whom opposed Arrington in 1979) say he has been directly responsible for spurring downtown development in a city that has had some serious difficulty luring business for 20 years. 
Flash-forward to 2013, thirty years after Arrington implemented radical affirmative action policies in the city (doesn't that violate the Birmingham Pledge... oh, never mind), a hilarious book has been published which is reminder that the white businesses leaders decided to leave Birmingham once the majority population there could only sustain an economy of liquor, payday loan, and title pawn stores. Charles Buchanan's Fading Ads of Birmingham  offers a pictorial trek through the city, showcasing the ghosts of a once vibrant (white) past. Through mere pictures of fading advertisements in the abandoned black-controlled city of Birmingham, we are provided with the reality of racial inequality. Just read the hilarious back cover of the book, which inadvertently wallows in racism:
The fading advertisements on the walls of Birmingham paint an illuminating picture of the men and women who built an industrial boomtown in the first half of the twentieth century. Experience the disappearing art and see what these commercial creations looked like with fresh paint. Discover the stories behind the wares they hawked, the buildings they adorned and the streets they overlooked. Which soft drink helped you "get wise"? Where could you store a piano in the 1920s, and what gum should you chew for indigestion? Advertising expert, artist and writer Charles Buchanan unravels the mysteries behind Birmingham's ghost signs to reveal glimpses of the past now hidden in plain sight.
So, I make a pledge to Birmingham that I will work to extinguish the flames of social justice in 2013, which were ignited in the Magic City in 1963 and swept across the entire western world. Detroit has been consumed; Gary, Indiana too; as have South Africa and Rhodesia. 

Though much is lost, must remains worth defending This, I pledge. 

Will you make "A Pledge, to Birmingham?"


Refugee Racket Webteam said...

I wonder if the black council members would have the same position if sponsorship of a white who's who alabama book that would highlight the 2 white council members and exclude the black council members. Why hasn't anyone asked them that? We all know why. Must offend the blacks.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that B'ham had such a high percentage of a black population. Remind me not to value my safety and not visit...

PDK said...

Jesus talked about those who could see the twig in another’s eye, but not the branch in their own. Jesus was talking about liberals. Further, there is a difference between illusion and allegory or metaphor.

White liberals look down upon their fellow whites who embrace Christianity. God and most of the Bible is just an illusion in your head they say. Peculiar it is that they can see the illusion of God and Biblical prose, designed in part to make a better individual and by extension a better culture, but cannot see their own illusion allowing themselves to cheat their personal responsibility to mature, and to do that at the expense of their own culture and race. Here therefore can be seen one example of the difference between a matured, and an immature mindset.

The Biblical story of Jericho, where Joshua`s men blew their horns and the walls came tumbling down seems to be one of these illusions that liberals have such fun ridiculing Christians for. Further, excavations of Jericho, one of the world’s oldest city-states, does not bare credence to this story. I even remember some guy thinking the vibrations produced from many ram`s horn simultaneously could accomplish the feat, however trials proved totally unsuccessful.

However, this story is not to be taken literally, for as military historians will point out, the blowing of the horns on the 7th day was undoubtedly a signal to their advance guard, then on the inside, to neutralize the guards and open the gates. It is a metaphor, the walls represented the city-states first line of defense, their defense was neutralized and therefore the narrative when told in terse oral tradition was metaphorized. The people of the day surely would have intuited and or realized this understanding.

As I see it, there are two levels of liberals, not just dumb and dumber, but Sheppard and flock. The Sheppard’s are moving their flock’s weltanschauung to embrace miscegenation, explicitly to advance a new race of mulatto people, whom, it will turn out, are less intelligent than whites, but more intelligent than blacks. Obviously, this is good for the black race, and just as obviously bad for the white race. The Oriental race seems not to be inclined to such destructive behavior; therefore the white race is in trouble.

I do not patronize TV or movies; however it filters down here and there, of Hollywood leading our young white, soon to become women, teenage girls to perceive marriage with black men as both ok and even superior to marrying a fellow white man. This is tantamount to racial and cultural suicide.

One Barac Hussein Obama, the anti-American Messiah, soon to be apotheosized at his 1/13 coronation, is a mulatto. With his supped up black brain, he has pursued black social justice philosophy, which, by the way is not justice by any stretch of the imagination, and further, with his dumbed down white brain pursues his mother’s illusion of socialism as the panacea for our American culture. The result of this mulatto’s action is nothing less than a wrecking ball smashing into the good edifice America. Unfortunately, he has just enough intelligence to make him an extremely dangerous and destructive man. His kind is dangerous for all humanity, especially whites.

Because our white race/culture has become polarized with those who fail to mature pursuing a death by anaconda to our race/culture, trying to do to all of us what a beached whale does to himself on one side, and a healthy vibrant, matured white race/culture on the other side pursuing liberty, wealth and happiness, we must accept one of two alternatives. Either we remain one people and die collectively, or we separate out into two mutually exclusive countries and live our distinctively different cultural lives, whereby one dies out while the other thrives.

The window of opportunity for two mutually exclusive countries is limited. It should behoove all matured white people to begin thinking about secession.

This we should do for posterity, humanity and the white race. Thank you.

Aspergers.life said...

Social justice = socialism

Anonymous said...

Why is there only a white guy in their graphic for the 'Birmingham Pledge'? That doesn't seem very representative of B' ham's commitment to vibrance and diversity.

Anonymous said...

What they don't say up front about the Birmingham Pledge is that it's only for white people. The legacy of historical oppression(TM) gives blacks the right to be as racist and bigoted as they want to be, and to ignore any law that they don't feel like obeying, forever.

Lime Lite said...

If Birmingham is doing great under 74% BRA, then I wonder what heights it can achieve under 100%?? Oh, the liberals must surely be wetting their pants in anticipation because all their theories of social justice work! They haven't yet, but any day now....

Californian said...

It's a sign of desperation. BRA is collapsing around their ears, and all they can come up with is people making pointless pledges. The mentality is that if people chant enough, then Birmingham will rise again from the ashes. Another chapter in the Big Book of Magical Thinking.

Anonymous said...


I agree wholeheartedly the push the media has engaged in with regards to the whole interracial marriage. I am a Gen Xer so interracial marriage was around but not pushed in our faces like the media does today. No I have to say chocolate is not my flavor. It just isn't. I dont find black men attractive. It is simply my preference. Some may have me try to believe I am racist, to which I say what I choose to do with my vagina is my business and I do not wish to have sex with black men.

The whole Section 8 thing from a landlord point of view is economics being that is guaranteed money from the gubbiement. The other side of it is that the government and its elite buyers wants the races to intermingle, intermarry, and hopefully reproduce. It is purposeful
social engineering or socialization. As Albertosaurus noted awhile back the whole housing market crash occurred because of all the irresponsible lending to low SES blacks. Again, the government using white capital to socialize blacks.

Sorry, but I am tired. No can do anymore. I taught and attempted to educate groids et al. for years. I then decided that it was time for me to have my OWN family.

Someone mentioned on yesterday's thread that the Arabs would castrate their slaves such that they would never have kids and they would burn out. Well that's what the Amurkistan government is doing now to white working, middle, and professional class people. People have to get advanced degrees and work long hours to get ahead in many professions. That time spent on a "career" chips away at one's fertility, male and female, and before you know it, you are a enunic as you are too old to have kids. Women use the pill for years and there are fertility side effects, but the FDA wont tell you that. You have been castrated without evening being aware of it.

I had my two kids because I saw that happening. I plan on having more. I am inspired to do so. Okay, I am 40, but I am young. I make it a point everyday to tell younger men and women I see to just begin having families. Dont think, dont plan, just do. Dont let the US government castrate the white race.

The American government is evil. It truly is.

White Mom Among the Turds

anon anon said...

6 murders in the last few days... looks like they're all bangers, tho, so that's actually good news ;)

anon anon said...

Six murders in the last 5 days... looks like they were all bangers tho, so that's actually good news ;)

(and they used the Atlanta skyline because part of birmingham's identity for so long was Atlanta wannabee. Until they finally just gave up.)

Anonymous said...

As Birmingham rots from black crime and failure, liberals take action to confront the reason- racism! Somehow the remaining whites have plotted, planned and schemed to make blacks live the way they do, because liberals know that no one in their right mind would willingly live the way blacks do. As B'ham's white population declines, the problem gets worse. This somehow makes blacks feel bad and lash out. So, it must be racism. Sign a pledge, absolve yourself, and end up like Eve Carson. Willingly.

Anonymous said...

@LImeLite 3:50. DUDE!! THERE you are!! I have missed reading your blog. Your blog was a damned fine one, I thought. I am glad that you have resurfaced. Stay in touch, dude, via this blog.

countenance said...

Have you ever heard of The Birmingham Pledge?

Both St. Louis and Kansas City had their own versions of this "pledge" in 1998. It must have been a nationwide fad among white SWPL egalitarian knit-wits.

PDK said...

I hope those who authored the Birmingham pledge understand that many who are those like me are not prejudice. In fact to be or not to be prejudice has nothing whatsoever to do with my understanding of blacks, my understanding of blacks comes from experience, not from pre judging.

As far as common respect is concerned, that must be give as you get, there must be reciprocity or no common respect to begin with. The special respect, the respect earned, when earned, I give, unless I earn it but am denied it, and then I refuse to give to those who practice the immature policy of non-reciprocity. A fool and his money are soon departed, so if I pay you common respect, or earned respect due, but you will not do the same for you, I stop paying you until you pay me my due.

The reputation and image of black Americans has been earned by black Americans. In today’s world no-one is being prejudice towards blacks. In fact, black behavior, from I`m entitled and you owe me something for nothing, to rape and murder, to armed robbery and thuging, is what blacks are judged by and upon.

In America, and in American culture, blacks have been weighed and measured by non-liberal whites and found wanting.

The act of secession is extremely difficult, but the fruits of such a difficult endeavor will be bountiful.

The black race is truly the cancer of humanity. As Moses said to Pharaoh, let my people go, so too should we say to black leadership, let my non-liberal white people go. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Where's Zenster? Haven't seen any of hid comments lately.

Anonymous said...

I am with you. I am preparing to secede. I don't want my kids in BRA.

Mr. Rational said...

PDK: Sheppard and flock

The word is shepherd, after "sheep herder" (you keep mis-spelling it).  And "weltanschauüng" needs an umlaut.

PDK said...

White Mom:

Thanks for the mention.

I would not presume to tell a fellow non-liberal white, man or woman, to increase their child productivity unless we were in our death throes. At 40, I would suggest you ask your own inner being what is right for you.

However, white people, especially our young ones, must be returned to day when whites having babies was a good and beautiful experience. From 1965 on America`s destruction has been pursued by all liberals, those who fail to mature, but especially by white liberals. One avenue for America`s destruction was making whites feel guilty for having children.

In 1968, Paul Ehrlich published “The Population Bomb”. He made white people fear for the future of all humanity because of over-population, which made whites feel guilty for our numbers, and contributed, with other liberal whites, to the death of the white race via the beached whale philosophy, that now has our numbers dropping.

White liberals are ill in their immaturity, especially in their cowardice. Life has been too easy for them, they need not be responsible. They are leading the charge, killing off our white race, and here in America, our Founding Fathers culture as well. However, they pretend to themselves that they alone are the beautiful people.

It is time to educate the minorities to reduce their output, especially Hispanics who are pursuing their superiority by out-reproducing whites, this because it is the only way they can achieve their superiority over whites. They however, won`t listen.

Thankfully, the blacks have stayed at the 13% solution since the civil war, recognizing unconsciously their place as parasite in our parasite/host relationship, but mixing the races will change that reality.

Helping our young whites to believe again in the beauty of white procreation, informing them that their older by one or two generation whites bore the burden of overpopulation and now it is another races turn, and they, our white young, are free again to have as many children as their heart desires.

Finally, it is important for young whites to breed with their own kind or our kind is doomed. Helping in this cause is certainly as admirable as having one more at an older age.

Best thoughts I can offer you are to look into your heart of hearts, your soul, your unconscious, and find what is right for you. Good luck in your future endeavors.

PDK, friend of all non-liberal whites. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

how many black men are unjustly incarcerated?

meet the triplets and decide:

Meet the Shivers triplets.

As of yesterday afternoon, the 21-year-old Michigan brothers are all locked up on felony charges.

As seen in the above photos, Deshawn (left) and Juronn (center) were convicted Monday of robbery and conspiracy in connection with the July 2010 theft of money and a cell phone from a Saginaw man.

The brothers, remanded to the Saginaw County jail following the jury verdict, each face a maximum of 15 years in custody when they are sentenced next month. If sent to prison, the duo will join their brother Devon (right) as wards of the state.

Devon Shivers is locked up until at least February 2042 following his sentencing last year for home invasion, weapons possession, and assault with intent to commit murder. Devon (right) is being held at the Saginaw Correctional Facility.

The Shivers triplets turn 22 on January 10

TheWhiteRanger said...

Just when I was starting to think that the Court system was ready to roll over and play dead to BRA the Federal Appeals Court dropped a bombshell slap to the face of BRA politics today. The State of Illinois is entirely run by the Chicago political system.....What you are seeing nationwide under Herr Obama has been a way of life here for decades. One of the last big fights in this state has been CCW......The Crook County political elite have fought tooth and nail to deny the citizens of Illinois the right to protect ones self. These products of Chicago Affirmative Action and BRA have always known that passing a CCW law in Illinois would simply result in a reduction of their voter base. And here is what the Federal Courts gave us for Christmas this year......

180 days to write, pass and enact a valid CCW law.......This wasn't a "suggestion" by the Court.....It is a MANDATE. The majority opinion was based on the fact that Illinois is unable to show that it's lack of CCW and other prohibitive gun laws have had any positive impact on violent crime numbers, but states with a CCW program can demonstrate its positive effect.

Sooooo Happy ;)

Anonymous said...

What a precious pledge comrades. I'm going to Birmingham to hold hands and sing kumbaya while passing around choom blunts and co-exist stickers in a glorious rainbow utopia.

SKIP said...

"Anonymous said...
I didn't know that B'ham had such a high percentage of a black population. Remind me not to value my safety and not visit...

ANON at 2:15pm, ANY and ALL American cities have huge populations so ANY and ALL large "urban" American cities should be avoided unless armed.

Johnny See said...

'Pledge' was a brand of furniture polish many of us remember from youth. Maybe it's my bent sense of humor, but I think of it when I hear "This Pledge" or "That Pledge", and begin to wonder what they will be polishing. Race relations? Meh. The blacks themselves? Yeah, right. The parasitic 'furniture' of these Undertow-ridden cities cannot be polished; it sits on stoops and stands on street corners utterly devoid of function and rotting in real time from dysfunction imbued at birth. I only wish this furniture had come from some ethereal Rent-a-Center and could be dispossessed in the hope of eventual repossession.
Hmmm... maybe if we stop making payments....

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the extremely marginal "whiteness" of the remarkably ugly model in the lying graphic of the precious "pledge"? Could they not have hired a blond blue-eyed SWPL doofus for this gig?

Or are they just getting careless and sloppy?

Anonymous said...

Even the most vile and despicable black feels that he must be respected simply because he exists. Most of the blacks I've met have had this attitude and fail to understand that respect must be earned and is related to the quality of one's character and behavior.
Go give a disgusted look to a black drug dealer, a pimp or a crack whore- Instant screams of, "Yo, Man! Why you be disrespectin' me? What da fuck be your problem?"
None of them understand that a drug dealer, a pimp or a crack whore is NOT worthy of respect. They want to be treated as if they were fine upstanding and productive citizens regardless of the fact that they're anything but.
The same is true for the welfare bitch with 5 kids who's living life on the taxpayer's dime-"You's gots to be respectin' me!"
For what? Because you exist and are breathing?
For other races, respect is based on discernable qualities that are worthy of respect but it seems blacks feel that respect is another entitlement and something owed-not earned.
So what if I be a worthless piece of parasitical trash? I deserves your respeck anyhow!
Sorry, niggers. Respect is earned. It's not a Christmas present.

Anonymous said...

The first two pledge points are actually valid.
"I believe that every person has worth as an individual."
True. Some persons are worth their weight in gold. Some persons are worth the fertilizer content of their flesh. All persons do have worth.

"I believe that every person is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of race or color."
True again. Every person is deserving of respect and dignity, to some degree, but not all deserve the same level of respect or dignity. This point fails to note that some persons, while deserving perhaps an iota of respect (but deserving, nonetheless), also deserve a fuckload of contempt.

The other pledge points are completely indefensible.

whisker child said...


Ummm, it's not just "white women having babies with black men"; it's ALL the white MEN I see with ASIAN WOMEN.

Asian women are gold-diggers: any thing to marry a white guy. ALL YOU SEE in L.A. is white men with Asians- how many half-chink babies does that make? It's the loss of a generation of white babies.

Anonymous said...

You people just don't know what it's like to be black in America. Look at the teen in Jacksonville, Jordan Davis, gunned down for loud music. Its scary out there for our brethren. Also you whites should realize the legacy of slavery and jim crow is still running its course. We cannot just snap our fingers and pretend our people werent oppressed up to only a generation ago. These things take time.

Anonymous said...

Give blacks the keys to the coffers in any city and watch it fall.

It is happening all over the South. The black barely coherent buffoons win local elections and proceed to bleed the city dry, without fail. They cannot be trusted.

Growing up I have always been told: keep niggers out of your house or they will rob you blind. This saying works for your literal home and America at large. Its time to return to that kind of thinking.

Just wait til they start bulldozing the hallowed Confederate sites to make way for basketball courts and bbq pits. Maybe people will wake up then.

AnalogMan said...

White Mom: Provided you are in a stable marriage, go for it! Forty is not too old to have kids. My daughter had her fifth recently, at about that age. And he was her second after being sterilized! The doctor who did the C/S swore that it was physically impossible for her to have conceived, but there it is. And, of course, he is a pure delight. If you raise your kids right, you will never regret them.

Anonymous said...

I pledge to never go to the people's republik of Birmingham and never spend one thin dime there. I pledge to bypass the glorious rainbow utopia of Birmingham even if it adds hours and extra miles to a trip.

Anonymous said...

I pledge to never forget the chaos and destruction that millions of "Django's" unchanged have inflicted on my once great nation. I pledge to never forget the ruins of great white cities that I have seen in my own lifetime with my own eyes. I pledge to never forget the traitorous actions of DWLs that have empowered our enemies and demoralized and divided our people.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wha Choo Say?! said...

The whole "Race" issue should be thoroughly laid to rest. Race implies that these animals are of the human species. This is totally not the case. I refer to n!ggers as "Non-Humans, Missing Links, or Homo-Erectus". It is a more accurate description.

While on that topic, when it comes to how we address them, if they were'nt guilty of all of the crimes that they coonmit or didn't live up to the stereotypes that they have very much so earned, they wouldn't give a damn what we called them.

I think it's terribly funny how easy it is to disarm their one and only defense, whenever a human gets confrontational with them too, "Youz bez RAAAAYCISSS!", Simply reply in the affirmative. Then proceed to call them "Non-Human". Most of them are too dimwitted to conjur a worthy defense, and not likely to resort to their animal instincts of violence against 6' 230lbs of Southern Muscle (Who also has a CCP and excercises it).

Like PDK, I believe that experience is the mother of all knowledge. How I feel about non-humans was tempered through years of experience as a healthcare worker, especially in the A T Hell. I saw more non-humans die in front of me in my years there than I did in the whole of the rest of my career elsewhere across both species at topic here.

It is absolutely sickening, the amount of resources that are wasted on these waste of oxygen and calories, and even more sickening that they abuse and take it for granted. As a strike in our favor, I over-irradited (Sometimes multiple times with repeats as well) every last one of them that has ever came under my care, and continue to do so. All with a smile and jovial nature.

In regards to "The Pledge", there is not a force in this world, or any other, that will ever keep non-humans from committing the crimes that they do, or acting in the heinous manners that they will. They are simply not human, and can never be expected to conform to human standards.

This is the root of the problem, Once this very F'ing obvious fact is realised, that is the point at which the UoA will become civilised again.

Anonymous said...

I pledge to discontinue feeding money into those who seek to perpetuate BRA in any form. Buy local, buy small biz, buy white.

Anonymous said...

We have a "Who's Who in Black Indianapolis".

An old copy was on the publication rack at the public library. I am not sure if there are public-funded ads in it, but probably WIC and www.fatherhood.gov .

It is an entertaining read. It is mostly black preachers, public-sector employees, Affirmative Action corporate hires, Diversity Officers, and self-styled "Entrepreneurs".



Anonymous said...

OT: 365 Black McDonalds SBPDL

White activism opportunity! Picked up a coffee today at McDonalds in Indianapolis, (don't ask me why...)

Noticed that the staff of 18 employees was 100% black. Yes I counted them. 100%! Not a white face in the bunch.

This is overt racial discrimination against whites.

So like a good activist, I called the 1-800-244-6227 with a long rant about racial diversity in hiring, how they are discriminating with the 365 Black, and how I like to "see myself" represented in the work force (72% white here) when I spend my money with a company. I told them that I felt physically ill and experienced great distress after the incident. I felt very unappreciated as a customer....etc.

This location is in the black-run "Blessed Through Faith" franchise group in the hood, which is rated very poorly by the locals.


I plan to send a long online complaint today.


5199 N Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46205
(317) 202-9280

If y'all can help me dog pile them, that would be great.

orcological said...

Is that why the rubble from the haiti earthquake hasn't been cleaned up yet, even after all the hollywood whores went on a fund raising orgy?

Do not use the argument that it takes time, its a well known fact that blacks can ruin a functioning country in less that 15yrs, look at rhodesia, from the bread basket of africa to what it is now, why did that not take time, why is it always taking time from down up, and not up down. Look at south africa, a 3rd world shithole in less than 20yrs.

Now let's compare the japanese, they had 2 craters blasted into nagasaki and hiroshima, and 20yrs later it was all rebuilt, why did the japanese not need as much time, since race is a construct and only something racists go on about, or are you admitting that the japanese are superiour, because oppressed african need more time to get over oppression.

Why are things getting worse instead of better with the passage of time? Why has gang violence and deliquency and illigetamcy and high school drop out rate, gone up with the passage of time, surely things should get better not worse.

Please rething the crap that has been fed you, it is wrong.

Consuela said...

Que? No... no...

Más Lemon Pledge, por favor?

Big Bill said...

"You people just don't know what it's like to be black in America. Look at the teen in Jacksonville, Jordan Davis, gunned down for loud music. Its scary out there for our brethren. Also you whites should realize the legacy of slavery and jim crow is still running its course. We cannot just snap our fingers and pretend our people werent oppressed up to only a generation ago. These things take time."

It isn't "being black" that is the problem, son. It is "living around black people" that is the problem. White folks AND black folks are slaughtered by black folks. Why do you think the Talented Tenth escape black folks whenever they can to come live with white folks? They call that "integration" and it is a Good Thing, right? But when white folks similarly try to escape black folks (and for exactly the same reasons: black rape, murder, robbery, crime, violence) it is called "white flight" and you say we white folks "don't understand". We do, Mr. Anonymous, we sure do. At least BT Washington and DuBois were honest about it. What offended them was not that white folks recognized that the great mass of Negroes were shiftless. They were the first to admit that was the case. Nope, what offended them was that white folks wanted to avoid ALL Negroes and not just shiftless no-account Negroes. But as we have all learned in the last 100 years, any area that becomes majority Negro, Strivers or Trash, either way, eventually turns to Trash.

When the Strivers move in, Cousin Pookie and Ray-Ray eventually show up, start selling drugs to the white kids, start thieving the houses that are left unlocked, start breaking into cars and the whole place goes to hell.

Son, there ain't a damn thing white folks can do to save black folks from each other. Not a damn thing. We give up. Fifty years of The Great Society and Affirmative Action and the black bastardy rate has risen from 15% to over 70%. Back when white folks shamed black folks for being shiftless and immoral, black folks felt the sting of moral judgment and had to "ack rite". No more.

james wilson said...

Every person is entitled to dignity and respect, and especially those who shun both. Entitled, entitled, entitled.

PDK said...


Among many things that could be said, at least Orientals have a high IQ, blacks do not. Thanks

F G Knight said...

Back in the day I used to travel each year to Hoover, AL, for the SEC baseball championship - which I believe is considered a Birmingham suburb and is majority white. At least this was the way it appeared to me. During one of those travels I ventured over into Birmingham to take in the scenery and immediately I felt out of place and concerned for my safety. The place is overrun with parasites and looked tattered compared to other areas in the country I've visited. It didn't take long that I'd seen enough and hightailed it out of there. This was pre-Messiah Obama and while I still enjoy watching SEC baseball there is not enough gold that would make me want to return. Too bad, so sad.

anon anon said...

Two of Birmingham's leading DWL's in al.com today:

John Archibald: "Alabama hate crime numbers a shame and a sham" http://blog.al.com/archiblog/2012/12/alabama_hate_crime_numbers_a_s.html

And: "Church honors Joey Kennedy with Incarnation Award for stance against state immigration law" http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2012/12/church_honors_joey_kennedy_wit.html

This generation of self-loathing whites (and I am in their age bracket) can't die off soon enough.

Anonymous said...

F G Knight said...
Back in the day I used to travel each year to Hoover, AL, for the SEC baseball championship - which I believe is considered a Birmingham suburb and is majority white. At least this was the way it appeared to me.

Indeed it was. Racial minorities are pouring into Hoover now because it has an abundance of apartment complexes. This has changed the complexion of Hoover. It is especially evident among the young faces you see at the Galleria Mall just down the road from the SEC Baseball tournament.

During one of those travels I ventured over into Birmingham to take in the scenery and immediately I felt out of place and concerned for my safety. The place is overrun with parasites and looked tattered compared to other areas in the country I've visited. It didn't take long that I'd seen enough and hightailed it out of there. ... there is not enough gold that would make me want to return. Too bad, so sad.

You were fortunate nothing bad happened. I wonder about all the folks coming from out-of-AL to BHM for the BBVA Compass Bowl on 1/05/2013 (Pittsburg v. Ole Miss). Would love to get their thoughts about BHM. As PK has documented so well on this web-site, Legion Field is located in a dark and extremely blighted section of BHM. The stadium itself is delapidated. Stay out of downtown/north/east/west BHM if you can.

Lex32 said...

I pledge to hasten the coming collapse and rebuild a new South, free of liberals, yankees and groids.

james wilson said...

Oh no, Les, you get the groids back. All.

jsmjjgr5 said...

Who's who among Alabama blacks. That is racist in itself. Why are you discriminating against who's who that may be white, latino, oriental. Why not who's who in ALABAMA regardless of race?

Anonymous said...

'Pledge' was a brand of furniture polish many of us remember from youth. Maybe it's my bent sense of humor, but I think of it when I hear "This Pledge" or "That Pledge", and begin to wonder what they will be polishing.

Funny, but true.

BRA is flailing about, trying to prop up the facade with magic slogans.

Is that why the rubble from the haiti earthquake hasn't been cleaned up yet, even after all the hollywood whores went on a fund raising orgy?

Also consider that the US military has rebuilt the infrastructure of Haiti a couple of times, and the moment the troops leave, things disintegrate back into eating mud.

Some persons are worth their weight in gold. Some persons are worth the fertilizer content of their flesh.

Ever read Frank Herbert's "Dune?" On Arrakis, it's the water content of flesh!

Californian said...

Here we go again...

Anon said...Also you whites should realize the legacy of slavery and jim crow is still running its course. We cannot just snap our fingers and pretend our people werent oppressed up to only a generation ago. These things take time.

First, let me ask you a question: why do you insist on repeating the same old party line? We hear see your statement endlessly repeated. Do you not do your own thinking?

You say: "our people." Are you not aware that race is just a construct? Why do you see any connection between yourself and people who lived in previous centuries simply because of the color of their skin? Isn't that, well, "racism?"

You state that "our people" were oppressed only a generation ago. A generation is about 25 years in standard usage. But the years 1954-1964 saw the end of segregation; i.e., c. two generations ago. Are you telling us that you believe that America "oppressed" black people in the 1980s? If so, how?

What is the "legacy of slavery?" If it were not for slavery, American blacks would be living in Africa. One of the legacies of slavery is that you get to live in a first world country, with high standards of living and constitutional rights. Care to inform me of any country in Africa where you would get the same? You might think about emigrating to a black majority rule country in Africa. There, you would not be oppressed as a black. You could instead enjoy all the privileges which black majority rule creates.

Then again, other peoples who were "oppressed" do not show the same dysfunctions which a major sector of the black demographic demonstrate (high rates of violent crime, illegitimacy, school dropouts, etc.). South Korea was under Japanese colonial rule for decades, and pretty much clobbered by the war of 1950-53. Yet today South Korea is light years ahead of any black majority rule country in Africa and the Caribbean. The Boers of South Africa were under British imperial rule for generations, yet built a first world country (which is being dismantled these days).

So this "legacy" business just does not seem to wash, does it?

As for the poster: can you explain how you personally have been oppressed? What are you being denied? The right to vote? Equal access to housing and university admissions? Denial of any rights under the Constitution which are instead reserved for white people? How about Bill Gates' scholarships--are you not allowed to apply simply because you are black?

Are you aware of affirmative action? Minority grants? Government set aside contracts for blacks? Black studies programs? Title 8 housing? McDonald's 365 Black?

Please state for us the specific conditions which are oppressing you. If you can not, then you need to reconsider what you have been told.

Californian said...

orcological said...Why are things getting worse instead of better with the passage of time? Why has gang violence and delinquency and illegitimacy and high school drop out rate, gone up with the passage of time, surely things should get better not worse.

A very good question.

It's like other questions raised on SBPDL, such as "can you name any black majority rule city which is superior a comparative white majority rule city?" The question gets to the heart of the matter, but will never be answered by the DWLs or the race hustlers.

Brandon said...

@Mr. Rational (2:52)

"he word is shepherd, after "sheep herder" (you keep mis-spelling it). And "weltanschauüng" needs an umlaut."

Actually, "Weltanschauung" doesn't have an umlaut. "Schauen" means to look at something, and "-ung" is the suffix that corresponds to English "-ing". The whole word means approximately "looking at the world".

(Nit-picky, I know, but it never hurts to be correct!)

AsianJew said...

This is the pledge I make today: I will state my beliefs out loud, and in public when asked. I will not be politically correct, nor back down when challenged. I will state facts, and issue rebuttals in the face of rewritten history or slanted statistics.
I will teach my children to challenge, vocally, anything they feel is not correct. I will teach my children to defend themselves, physically, if a situation escalates out of hand.
I will continue to open the eyes of those individuals I see on a regular basis. Offering honest, open discourse to anyone wishing.

Mr. Rational said...

Actually, "Weltanschauung" doesn't have an umlaut.

Actually, it does.  So does "coöperate" if you properly indicate that the double vowel is a dipthong and not something that rhymes with "coop" and "dupe".