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If You Want Peace, Prepare for War

Coming February 2, 2013
Congratulations to the black and Hispanic people of Chicagoland for once again providing the ammunition necessary to convince Americans why saving money for the future so they can escape from living anywhere near clusters of your people is the single most important ingredient to a safe and productive life [Grim milestone: Austin shooting apparently 500th homicide in Chicago, December 28, 2012, Chicago Tribune]:
Gave Bates smiled through tears as she swiped her hand across her phone, flipping through pictures of her cousin playing around and striking goofy poses. 
"He was a lot of fun, very good at imitating people," Bates said of Nathaniel T. Jackson, 40. "He just had so much fun all the time. And we all grew up together in the same house." 
Jackson was standing outside a store in the Austin neighborhood around 9 p.m. Thursday when someone walked up and shot him in the head, police said. His death was apparently the 500th homicide in Chicago this year, marking a grim milestone. The city last reached that toll in 2008. 
Jackson grew up on the West Side, a few miles away from where he was gunned down, and had been released from prison this past summer after serving a sentence for robbery. He had been shot several years ago, after an earlier stint in jail, and Bates said she constantly warned him to be careful on the street. 
"The last time he was out, someone had shot him several times, in the back,"  Bates said as she stood outside Stroger Hospital, where Jackson was pronounced dead. "He was a fighter, he was a survivor." 
Police had no motive on the shooting outside Noah Foods at Augusta Boulevard and Lavergne Avenue. No one was in custody. 
As of Thursday night, homicides were up 17 percent over last year in Chicago, and shootings had increased by 11 percent, according to police statistics. 
Largely contributing to the spike was the unusual number of homicides that occurred during the early part of the year, when the  city experienced unseasonable warmth. In the first three months of the year, homicides ran about 60 percent ahead of the 2011 rate.
Trying to humanize a thug by making him sound like a typical cocktail lounge comedian - who happened to just get out of jail for the second time - is the name-of-the-game for the Chicago Tribune

Now do you begin to understand why dismantling Restrictive Covenants was such an important goal of those hoping to break the back of local resistance to integration? Nothing destroys property value and the ability for local businesses to turn a profit like the introduction of one black family - no matter how posh they might be - to the neighborhood. 


You begin to realize why the Chicago Tribune once wrote editorials denouncing Martin Luther King as an outside agitator when he came to Chicagoland, where he encountered a people more determined to protect their way of life then he had in places like Birmingham and Atlanta [MLK blogging: From their archives, to my archives, to you, 4.4.08, Chicago Reader]:        
"Where Inflamatory Words Take Us" (Jul. 30)When the Rev. Martin Luther King said that Chicago invited rioting by ignoring and downgrading the "nonviolent" civil rights movement, he engaged in his usual prattle about the "white power structure" and "power elite." Riots, he said, helped whites relieve their guilt feelings because the Negroes can be blamed for lawlessness. As one who as contended that "unjust laws" can be broken with impunity, King, as Mayor Daley has remarked, has made his own contribution to incendiarism. But he does not hold himself at fault: it's all the blame of the "power structure."

"Patience at an End" (Aug. 5; emphasis mine) 
We believe that the vast body of Chicagoans, white and Negro, has come to the end of its patience with tumult and violence in the streets, and that it will support any necessary action to see that lawlessness is banished.
As a first step, police have in custody a 15-year-old charged with aggravated battery in the assault on the firemen. We believe that the courts should impose the stiffest penalty that the law allows in order to warn street corner gangs that from now on they are not going to be let off with kid-glove treatment.
The same treatment should be accorded the imported prophets of "nonviolence" who are seeking to incite trouble with marches into white neighborhoods. The Rev. Martin Luther King of Atlanta is expected to lead another of these forays into the Gage Park area, where whites were baited into a near-riot last week-end which resulted in injuries to some 50 persons, a score of whom were policemen, and a dozen cars were burned.
It would be well to advise King in advance that if he manages to produce a similar result he and his lieutenants can expect to find themselves in the lockup. King profited from a sojourn of this kind in the south by writing a so-called "Letter from Birmingham Jail." . . . 
"Why Must We Put Up With Daily Brawls?" (Aug. 9)
The "civil rights" marchers are only hurting themselves and their cause. Chicago is retrogressing to the condition of a frontier town in early days, where shots are fired in the air and challenges to combat are hurled. The town marshals are busier than in a TV western.
Why are they making phony civil rights marches? All for what? Simply because a lot of misguided people are induced to slog down sidewalks in quiet communities at the behest of King, Raby, Bevel, and the rest of the crop of paid professional agitators. What do these agitators think they are accomplishing? "I have to do this--to expose myself--to bring this hate into the open," King says self-righteously. Who gave him the commission, and what is the result except to inflate his vanity?
The time has come when the great body of fine and decent Negro Chicagoans ought to take action to get King off their backs. They have found homes here, and opportunities seldom found in southern states. Their incomes have enormously improved. They have the impartial protection of the law, and they are accustomed to peace and order. They are contributing to Chicago, not trying to tear Chicago down.

Sunday's march was thru the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood, a community of modest but good homes. Families ordinarily would be enjoying the chance to sit on the front porch reading the paper, to sprinkle their lawns and work in their gardens, or go to the park or beach. Instead, they are confronted by a shuffling procession of strangers carrying signs and posing as martyrs. The spectacle is repulsive to right-thinking people.
"The Sabotage of Chicago" (Aug. 18; watch for the rather stunning interpretation of anti-criminal syndicate laws at the end, it's pretty audacious. Emphases mine.)
It is not enough that Martin Luther King and his "nonviolent" marchers have brought violence, resentment, and global notoriety to Chicago. On top of all this, according to Police Supt. O.W. Wilson, they are largely to blame for a 25 percent increase in the city's crime rate.The police feel obligated to protect them. It has been their deliberate tactic to disperse the police force so that it is spread too thin to be effective anywhere. . . .
With the police thus tied up, it is natural that professional criminals and hoodlums should take advantage of the the opportunity to prey upon the public in their own manner. Nor is it irrelevant to note that there were 72 murders in Chicago in July--an all time high for any month. . . . 
What a different tune the Chicago Tribune once sang; instead of trying paint career black thugs/criminals such as Nathaniel T. Jackson as a comedic genius, the paper once published the truth about Organized Blackness

And now, on February 2, 2013, so will we. 

Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland will be a book like none other; a history of black people in Chicago - and the conditions they have created for themselves - from the pen of a Paul Kersey. 

In 2012 we brought you Escape from Detroit and Black Mecca Down. In 2013, we start with the Second City. 


Anonymous said...

off topic:

(Reuters) - After interviewing food historians, scholars, cooks, doctors, activists and consumers for his new film "Soul Food Junkies," filmmaker Byron Hurt concluded that an addiction to soul food is killing African-Americans at an alarming rate.

The movie, which will premiere on January 14 on U.S. public broadcasting television, examines how black cultural identity is linked to high-calorie, high-fat food such as fried chicken and barbecued ribs and how eating habits may be changing.

In the deeply personal film, Hurt details his father's fight and eventual death from pancreatic cancer. A high-fat diet is a risk factor for the illness, according to researchers at Duke University in North Carolina.

"I never questioned what we ate or how much," 42-year-old New Jersey-based Hurt says in the film that travels from New Jersey and New York to Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Chicago.

"My father went from being young and fit to twice his size."

Anonymous said...

Paul, even soul [cough] food can kill you!

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing article! Imagine newspapers and the MSM today speaking so forthrightly and clearly identifying the problems created by blacks today~ the screams of racism would raise the roof! How dare you show us for what we are instead of portraying a false and glowing image of us as sweet, innocent, downtrodden angels jes' looking fo' justice!
Blacks take every city they infest and turn it into a crime ridden pesthole and then whine about it and blame others. Suck it up, black bitches! There's no sense in shitting your own bed and then blaming the world for the stench!
You earn what you get and you get what you deserve by virtue of your own sick pathological behaviors.
Our only duty and responsiblity is to protect ourselves from it.
Segregation Now! Segregation Forever!

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. This latest Chicago killing is very typical of black-on-black murder. You see it in the Homicide Report for New York and LA all the time.

A black male is standing on a street corner, sitting on the porch, or standing in a yard when a car swoops by or a stranger walks up and shoots him dead. There is no apparent motive. Often, as in this case, the dead man has a criminal record.

Anonymous said...

The true motivation of blacks is not to raise themselves up or be "helped" but to drag everyone else down to their level.
Deep down, they know they are a failed species and can't compete so the best way to erase the glaring diffences they see between their communities and those of others is to destroy everything. That's the "level playing field" they desire.
It's simply another of their racial pathologies and they might as well scream, "If I caint's have it, ain't nobody gonna haves it!"
And the March of Destruction goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago machine and propaganda in schools is second to none. Having grown up there and been in CPS when it was much more white we were indoctrinated bad. I understand why Chicago has A DWL problem. Chicago was one of the last places to go section 8 and demolish their projects. People now are just coming to understand what this means when places like Baltimore had a 10 year start on manifest destruction of the whitopia burbs.

It's fun explaining to people in Chicago what's happening and they see you are right and speaking from experience in another city where this happened. Chicago will be where Baltimore is in ten years or less meaning the immediate suburbs will not be livable, no more northwest side, park ridge, harwood heights, Norridge. They will be like Baltimore city with groid infestation.

Been to Harlem Irving plaza lately? They didn't have security or brown/blacks in the mall during the late 80's/early 90's.

Whites will move further out and this will repeat as population density catches up in the new white areas and city water/gas is brought in for agenda 21 compatibility.

Once laundromats, convenience stores go up? It's over. This is coming, don't kid yourself. DWL will welcome it, so don't get caught in the trap. Visit these areas while you still can and enjoy what a white community offers and reflect so we may rebuild when the time and place is appropriate.

Never let go of those memories or experiences as we will be there again one day. It is simply in our nature, not in theirs to do so. Social capital says it all. Cherish and relish them and note personality subtleties which fellow whites posess to help identify these folks.

We will overcome them, and we will survive them. We are distinct creatures and superior in our ways of building communities and networking.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Which city will become the next Detroilet.. Chicago or Atlanta? What say you, Paul?

Anonymous said...

Just released for robbery and they act like this mahogany criminal is a real funny guy you would invite home for dinner. Chicago is a warzone and It's supposed to be a gun free wonder record numbers of firearms and ammunition have been sold.

~AV~ said...

Glad the bastard was shot down dead...

to me that translates into less tax dollars to head his way for:

EBT, shelter, medical and (we all know) future incarcerations...

Good riddance to Mr. "Monkey see monkey do" comical little clown...

~AV~ said...

anon wrote...

Which city will become the next Detroilet.. Chicago or Atlanta?

I think it will be Chicago...the south still has the "rebel" spirit whispering among the hills and dales...whereas Chicago is full of DWLs

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Birmingham is already there.

The problem with Chicago is the really bad areas are contained; with Atlanta, the Black Undertow is spreading into the metro Atlanta counties, overwhelming everything in its path.

Seriously, it's like the Black Death down there.

I'd say:

1. Birmingham
2. Atlanta
3. Chicago
4. Memphis
5. Baltimore
6. Dallas
7. Baton Rouge
8. Savannah
9. Charlotte
10. St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Baltimore should be 1 or 2. Living here you see what the rest of the world does not.

Baltimore would be Detroit already were it not for the close proximity to DC. Same thing with DC, without it being the Capitol of the nation you would have Detroit in Maryland.

Home of the NAACP and already majority black, with all of the city essentially already a no go zone for whites.

St Patrick's day 2012 saw a 500 "youth" riot that was not covered by the media until someone made a FOIA request which showed Baltimore PD was about to call in the national Guard, but simply did not. 500, think about that.

There is a Baltimore sun article covering this, and a state politico saw t with his own eyes in traffic. It was a riot. Literal.

Baltimore Watcher

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Baltimore Watcher -- will you post those links?

I wrote about that, but this would be a good place to have them (this thread).


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. It may be a few hours as I'm working, and have to get things done because I must keep my job since skin color prevents me from being handed one. Sit tight, I will have some good stuff to share.

One thing to note, the race realist comments were mind boggling in number and all removed with commenting disabled on these stories by the Baltimore Sun. The thought police are highly active here, and in local media.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Oh best part? Shortly after this riot the police commissioner stepped down and left :) Coincedence? Or a man who saw the future was impossible to deal with as a white, in a majority black city?

You decide.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Interesting site discussing the joys of Dieversity and the negative societal effects of AA.

Anonymous said...

Think about this the next time you board an airplane.

Anonymous said...

Per PK request, here are the links on the St Patricks day riot. Read closely, I'm still attempting to dig up the article on the commissioner stepping down. I recall, (if memory serves proper) it was almost immediately after this event. Here are quite a few links including a YouTube audio of the police communications:,0,3522942.story?page=2,0,1051156.htmlstory,0,6678578.story

Ask and ye shall receive. Some may be redundant, apologies if so. This was swept user the rug and forgotten.

Key notes, "500 youth"

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

The true motivation of blacks is not to raise themselves up or be "helped" but to drag everyone else down to their level.

As the saying goes never argue with a fool who will drag you down to the fool's level and beat you on experience.

In the ghetto dey beez kings and queens.

Anonymous said...

LiveLeak about St.Pat's Day 2012 in Balt.

They're everywhere

josh said...

Thanks for focusing on my (ex) town! I rmemeber being a kid and hearing about this slob coming to town. I was ordered in no uncertain terms to keep away from Gage Park and so I never saw any of this "history" being made. Had I gone there I surely would not have noticed the well-dressed "white" lady cheering on the good "Doctor",("Doctor" LOL! That fat thug stole everything he ever said or wrote that was the least bit noteworthy,including his PhD thesis. He was known to deal harshly with any of his women,should they give him any backtalk,nomesayne? This powerfully built fireplug "m****y" of a man would bash his thick fists into the lady's angry face. Some fought back,as black women will. But they never won. If he was ,as whiskey claims,banging white lib gals,be assured when he slapped em down they did NOT fight back but merely cried softly. Awwwwwwwwww)a white lady from Wilmette,illinois,home of Rock Hudson,and one of the most pictaresque towns on the North Shore. This would be the mother of RAHM EMMANUEL-our great leader! yes mom would drive down to the goyim hoods,support Martin,and then drive home to Wilmette,dear 99.98% white Wilmette. When King was shot,she put a black arm band on Rahm when he went to school. Shucks! I didnt wear a black arm band that day and I dont seem to recall any of the kids in my school at 55th & Garfield, 1/2 mile from Gage Park,sporting one either. How I HATE these dirtbags. And how I hate the "consevatives" who endlessly blabber about MLK and how he believed in equality for us all and a man should be judged by the content of his character blah blah blah... Suck a ****!

Anonymous said...

Scary shit indeed. It was only a matter of time. That these bastards would sacrifice lives for PC is unbelievable. It's time for the big reset. It's the only solution to start with a clean slate.

Anonymous said...

This is a frequent occurrence. When the inner harbor stores go into lockdown from literal riots it does not even make the news. If it does they frame it as a "stabbing or fight" when it was 40-50 youth engaged in mob riot behavior.

The thought police and media do not ever let the numbers and real truth of the situation out, let alone race or anything.

Always framed as isolated incidents and often a lapse in reporting on incidents within a given short time frame after an "incident" in order to avoid damaging the image they have built about the city in people's minds.

They refuse to let the truth be seen and I quite amazed we even were allowed to see and hear what we are in the links above!

Lets not forget the literal packs of 20-50 "youth" on dirtbikes that will ride through crowds on sidewalks, through traffic lights and traffic. This is a REGULAR occurrence and does not even make the news anymore!

It is truly topsy turvy world here. We're it not for the DC proximity, government money, and Johns Hopkins, it would be Detroit and is in areas already.

Baltimore Watcher

Don M said...

"Largely contributing to the spike was the unusual number of homicides that occurred during the early part of the year, when the city experienced unseasonable warmth. In the first three months of the year, homicides ran about 60 percent ahead of the 2011 rate."

Ha ha, you hear that folks, murderous chimpouts are essentially just a weather related phenomenon!

Urban Weather Report Part II

"Well folks, its going to be another hot one today and you know what that means; high probabilities of lethal chimpouts all across the city. Residents are advised to remain away from highly congested areas. For those of you residing or working downtown, liberal application of 'Help Wanted' signs and the playing of classical music are advised to help minimize the effects of damaging chimpouts."

Anonymous said...

You have just linked why I do not fly. Period.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Baltimore Watcher. It should be number 2 at the very least. The downtown core is hollowing out with a 20% vacancy rate. Considering how close it is to DC the city should be better. Scores of vacant, depressed homes and a ruinous tax rate that repels businesses and residents.

At 65% Black it's coming dangerously close to Tamar's tipping point you reference.

At least in the Atlanta core the demographics are going the right way. In Chicago the destruction is localized and can be contained mostly for now at least.

how low can you go said...

Maybe ppl should start asking, what race the pilot is.

I do not use airlines, that I suspect do quotas.

For some reason, black pilots have reason failure under pressure, they don't do terribly well under curve ball situations, situations that require quick dynamic on the fly thinking.

The closest on the fly thinking blacks get close to, is rapping in rapping circles on street corners

In south africa the air traffic controllers, the new affirmative action types, fail the exam constantly, in the non affirmative action days, if someone failed the airtraffic controll exam, they were barred to write it for 1yr or something to that effect.

Now the affirmative action types, re-write the exam untill they pass it, obviously after the 10th time they should have the exam answers memorized

I feel for whites that have to put up with such incompetence.

Imagine working to become proffiecient in a carreer and then some quota type decides that they would fancy flying, and the yellow brick road is paved before the, so that their wish is fullfilled.

I would be very bitter about that, and hostility in dealing with an upstart wanting to play topgun would certainly come thru.

3rd world mentality is spreading, no levels of excelence, no abundance in anything, envy, misery, want, savagery, that seems to be the goal to achieve now adays.

How low can you go, seems to be the 3rd world anthem

Anonymous said...

Post of the day here.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Research like this is incredible effective. It's amazing to see people writing and speaking like this -- and not so long ago.

Anonymous said...

Josh, well said. Martin Luther King Jr (mike king) was the biggest lie ever to be foisted on the American People. Still, to this very day, even when the truth of his real character is known,(judge by content....hmmmmm) the DWLs still manage to elevate this drunken prostitute loving communist to diety status.

Alan Stang had well documented the good doctor's true motives. He has passed away, but his work is still archived. Look for the Sting of Stang. Therein lies the truth of king.

Anonymous said...

I work in commercial nuclear power (20 years in simulators). Negroes are very rare among operations staff. The few that I have encountered seemed competent. Commercial nuclear plant operators are in training 1 week of every 5 to review procedures, plant changes, incidents at other reactors. Every year they must pass an NRC audited exam to retain their license. The absence of negroes is mostly due to the theory exams that must be passed to even get into the training program plus the fact that most come from the Navy's nuke program. Still, the absence of negroes is somewhat surprising given the heavy federal regulation of nuclear power and the PC orientation of large utilities trying to please their state regulators and politicians.

I checked out several airline's websites to check out their career opportunities to see how the "dieversity" is addressed. All were boasting about their respective EEOC groveling. I guess the best thing to do is to check out their respective incident reports.

What do you do if you are at gate C-5 waiting for your flight and you see Jamal or Laquesha in a flight uniform boarding your aircraft?

Offer to be bumped to a later flight?
Say you have chest pains?
Buy extra accident insurance at one of those kiosks?
Buy several stiff drinks?

Californian said...

Back in 1929 Chicago and the nation were shocked by the St. Valentine's Day massacre. Seven hoods were gunned down in a garage. This was enough to bring down the wrath of the Untouchables on the Capone organization.

Today in 2012, Chicago can have hundreds of gang killings, many committed by the "youths," and effective response. Another irony: most of the people killed by gangsters during the Prohibition era were other gangsters. There was a general prohibition against going after civilians (granted, not always followed).

You wonder how long Capone would let today's "youths" wreck havoc on the city. As they said in the movie, violence would be bad for business. Too bad today's community leaders have not learned that lesson.

Life in BRA...

Anonymous said...

I lived and taught in Baltimore for one year. During that time I lived on Light Street, literally one block from the Harbor. I could walk to Federal Hill park. This was 2002. Things were always shady in Bmore, but sounds like things have gone downhill.

I remember that there was a high school right in the vicinity and that when it would let out, all the shop owners on Light Street would lock their doors and/or be on alert.

Having taught in both DC and Baltimore, I'd have to say Baltimore hands down is waaaaaaaay more ghetto. Terrible...BUT I have noticed that DC's gentrification aspirations have not moved fast enough for some DC folks. In fact the Examiner reported that edgier neighborhoods, such as Capitol Hill, have seen spikes in crime. One Hill man had his head bashed in by some "youfs" and his wife found him bludgeoned at their home's doorstep a couple of months ago. The Hill is considered more upper crust if you will. There was a Wall Street Journal article, I want to say this past summer, that was discussing the increase in crime on the DC Metro over the past few years.

The state of Delaware with Wilmington representing "blackness" is a pile of turds. My parents live there and I am not happy about this. When I move I am going to push them to come with me.

I see DC regressing over the next few years. It's black population has decreased but the schools still suck and most people with some cash and a value system get out to Virginia. Maryland as an escape option is not that great with its 48% black population. Also, it is THE place for immigration right now, and guess whose coming...Africans! Ugh!

I don't know the West coast well, but I see the East coast just sweltering in riots and violence at some point. I can visualize a chain reaction in riots generating from Philly through Wilmington to Baltimore...DC would be difficult as it is like a mini-police state anyway. In many ways, these flash mob spurts throughout the country seem to suggest some Undertow organized effort. Or maybe I am just paranoid...

Will just sit tight and work on getting out...

White Mom Among The Turds

Anonymous said...

"The Sabotage of Chicago" (Aug. 18; watch for the rather stunning interpretation of anti-criminal syndicate laws at the end, it's pretty audacious. Emphases mine.)

Somewhat ironically, state criminal syndicalism statutes were struck down a few years later in a case involving a self-styled "Ku Klux Klan leader":
"Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case based on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Court held that government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless that speech is directed to inciting, and is likely to incite, imminent lawless action. Specifically, it struck down Ohio's criminal syndicalism statute, because that statute broadly prohibited the mere advocacy of violence. In the process, Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357 (1927) was explicitly overruled, and doubt was cast on Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919), Abrams v. United States, 250 U.S. 616 (1919), and Dennis v. United States, 341 U.S. 494 (1951)."

R Neville said...

St. Louis--aka Mogadishu on the Mississippi, is one step away. Once Lewis Reed becomes mayor(I know the man) it's all over here.
The DWLs that try to make progress can't come to grips with who causes the overwhelming majority of dysfunction and crime here.
Here, our so called "judges" suspend sentence after sentence for disadvantaged "youths". These orcs go out and continue their destruction and plague. We are like lambs to the slaughter, as our law enforcement and judicial system allow this to happen without warning the public.
This is reality, and is why our urban areas are in their death throes.

Anonymous said...

Living in Chicago is like living in a dream state. At times there are good dreams, only to be followed by the bad dreams. Chicago offers beautiful cultural places, the lake, lovely parks. There are fine restaurants, museums, beautiful old churches and sports for those interested. For Chicago folks living downtown or the near north side in a condo, the doormen provide security. It is much safer to live in a condo. Many residents who live in the area have moved from changing neighborhoods to safer ground. At one time the area was much cheaper to live, but the taxes and some assessments have doubled. Residents have gone through their money just to pay a safety note. The nice things in Chicago just appear to be props now that behind the scenes there are mobs, aggressive panhandlers, feral characters roaming the once nice area. One has to be constantly vigil while walking or taking public transportation. This is like a bad dream when one fears for safety, but if 500 murders isn't a nightmare what is?

Anonymous said...

The former great Marshall Fields store in downtown Chicago, now Macy's was always a Christmas traditional stop for families. The employees and standards have changed drastically. The famous Walnut Room with the huge decorated Christmas tree now employs urban youth as wait staff and bus boys. The stories that people tell of their experience sound like a comedy/tragedy. A once great store and tradition now tainted by the undertow.

Anonymous said...

The former great Marshall Fields store in downtown Chicago, now Macy's was always a Christmas traditional stop for families. The employees and standards have changed drastically. The famous Walnut Room with the huge decorated Christmas tree now employs urban youth as wait staff and bus boys. The stories that people tell of their experience sound like a comedy/tragedy. A once great store and tradition now tainted by the undertow.

panjoomby said...

Don M., your "Urban Weather Report" rocks! In my midwestern city when summer temps turn triple digits - it's too hot for 'em to chimp- or crime-out. in the winter it can get too cold for chimp-outs. apparently the perfect weather conditions for scattered chimp-outs are temps between 40 & 98!

panjoomby said...

not sure if this got posted (sorry if i said it twice) Don M., your "Urban Weather Report" rocks! In my midwestern city when summer temps turn triple digits - it's too hot for 'em to chimp- or crime-out. in the winter it can get too cold for chimp-outs. apparently the perfect weather conditions for scattered chimp-outs are temps between 40 & 98!

Pissed Off Doc said...

"A black male is standing on a street corner, sitting on the porch, or standing in a yard when a car swoops by or a stranger walks up and shoots him dead. There is no apparent motive. Often, as in this case, the dead man has a criminal record."

I'm an emergency physician, and we have a running joke in our ED: that Sumdood should be at the top of the FBI's Most Wanted List.

Nary does a night go by, that we DON'T have a stabbing/GSW in a black male roll in that wasn't perpetrated by Sumdood. His MO is always the same. Some Negro was just "minding his own business," whether at the club, on a street corner or just on the porch, when Sumdood came up and stabbed/beat/shot the poor Negro. Sumdood attacks at least 5-6 Negroes per night, more if it's a holiday or a family reunion. It's high time someone apprehends Sumdood, because he's been responsible for thousands upon thousands of hate crimes!

Just need to vent for a minute. Dealing with Negroes makes me regret ever picking EM as a specialty. When they haven't gotten themselves beaten/stabbed/shot to the point that they're circling the drain, they're the most soul-sucking, manipulative group of patients a physician will ever encounter. If it's not a trauma, you can be assured that the Negro is there for an entirely bullshit reason. Dripping penises, pregnancy tests, the sniffles, scoring narcotics or unnecessary abx scripts ...nothing is too trivial for a Negro to drag itself into an ER. And of course, thanks to Reagan passing EMTALA, we can't just tell them to GTFO. We're required by law to see them, whether they pay or not. Negroes make me wish I went into plastics.

Swamp Fox said...

Pissed Off Doc:
As a youth,I was beset on all sides by Mlk worshiping fools.So I got caught up in the equality of all men horseshit that was being peddled in my town,all evidence to the contrary.
But an older brother,working as an EM doc,woke me up to the reality of black people by relaying endless(and didactic) stories of Negro patients and their incessant manipulations of the "free"(as in they are not going to pay)health care they recieved at EMS.

Anonymous said...

Maryland is a much better option than DC. Maryland has enough of a spread out that if shit were to hit the fan, surviving it would be easier than in DC or Baltimore. There's more a sense of community, and the blacks outside DC and Bodymore are more realistic about their brethren. They're still turds, but managable and not as bad.

There are still borderline whitopias here or there, however they are not spoken of, talked about or brought up by people since its taboo conversation. You have to spend much time driving, living and being around these places to gather racial make up, and do so at different points of the year and times of day.

DC and Baltimore are structured in a way that the high frequency of crime and block to block changes from DWL to feral murderous orcs allow that crime to bleed over fast and they slip right on back into the next block and blend in when finished,

A rural growing suburb between DC and Baltimore is your best option. They're there as well, but you have more space and property so you have a fighting chance. In an apartment with common areas in either city you are a target as are your children for rough ups from the dark mobs of "good keedz" and "aspiring rappers".

In either city letting your children play outside unsupervised or outside of the yard at a tender age is child abuse. In the suburbs? Not so much. DC may be whitening up, but it's the wrong white. They may as well be black, they support and enable the destruction.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Now that Onegro care is set to go into effect, negro's will be circling the hospitals in huge swarms like vultures circling a corpse. I doubt humans in groid infested areas will even be able to get through the doors.

Irradiator said...

@ Pissed off Doc:

Sir, I am an XR/CT Tech, and I totally feel you on the idiot non-humans that abuse the system. Across many different sites, I have seen comments from a number of fed-up physicians (particularly EMD's).
I used to work in Atlanta. I was appalled at all of the TNB, utter stupidity, greed, manipulation, etc. I've worked at Level 1 trauma facilities and not seen things as atrocious as what the non-humans bring into ER's in both critical and frivolous non-critical conditions. They are truly a drain and a danger at the same time.

I have your back, though. Every last one of them that has ever come under my care for BS ER visits has been thoroughly irriadited (exposure settings for high absorbed dose) with multiple repeats. If you want your XR techs to dole this out, tell them you need high contrast images, most will understand what you mean, especially the seasoned ones who learned on film. I usually didn't even have the fambly step into the hallway during portable exams.

And since non-human skulls tend to be thick, they also get higher dose CT exams, with no extra effort on my part (Evil Cackles).

Since the libtards forced Darwin out, I'll do what I can on my end.

SKIP said...

"Which city will become the next Detroilet.. Chicago or Atlanta? What say you, Paul?

It may be more ominous to know which will become the next MECCA, MEDINNA or Riyad. We already know which town is Mogadishu on the Mississippi!

SKIP said...

"Just need to vent for a minute. Dealing with Negroes makes me regret ever picking EM as a specialty.

Be patient, people in your profession will be quite valuable and appreciated in the near future as will farmers, mechanics and other trades workers. Juset gotta wait till the system collapsed and according to recent ammo/weapon sales, such could be on the way. Yesterday couldn't find ANY .223 or 5.56mm ammo available anywhere, settled for buying more handgun ammo.

Anonymous said...

Pissed Off Doc,

Check out this story from American Renaissance, a race realist site.

Or go to and search for the story Urban Law 101

nameispointless said...

@Pissed Off Doc:
Greetings, fellow kindred being. Welcome to SBPDL. It's good to have you here. I check this site several times a day, occasionally posting a rant, or a whine.
PK should be nominated for sainthood. The site is priceless, as are the many posters who offer brilliant insights.

I, too, am a Level 1 inner city Trauma Unit physician. Worked several years in Psychiatric E.R., which nearly got me killed. Assaulted more than once by crazed patients or their thug families, threatened, menaced by gang bangers who said such things as: "I'll find you and kill you."
This was not a job I could drop at the door on the way out. It lingered, entering my dreams in the form of violence. As a result, my over stressed immune system began to rebel. Time for a change.
Took an intense EM residency, switched to same hospital ED. To my chagrin, it's not that much different or any less demoralizing.
We see 15 yr old gang bangers with their third GSWs; stabbings; "sick" drug hustlers in withdrawal; entire families presenting with assorted ailments, seemingly as some sort of family social outing [why not? it's free]; no prenatal care 12 year olds in labor; infants bleeding briskly from rectal/vaginal orifices related to crack ho mama pimping baby out for a rock; beat down victims; assault and torture victims. Then there are the ear shattering waiting room chimp outs when mama gets the news that thug son, aka, "my baby," "ain doin so good." "Cuz he ain dun nuffin."
As a beginner in this inner city venue, I benevolently assigned the idea of "human beings in need of compassionate care" to these patients. That didn't last very long, observing over and over what is described above. Switched to detachment, but maintained skillful intervention for the sake of sanity.
I have come to believe we are treating an entirely different species. In this ED, we witness the consequences of inhumane, unspeakable, bizarre behaviors not observed among the most rat poor white people this team served previously. A fact, and no one can convince me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What Liberals Hath Wrought

"Liberalism is based on the murder of God and the homicidal desire to kill every last vestige of His image in men. Innocence, which is closely allied to faith, must be murdered in the womb, and the Christ-bearing people that have survived the womb must be eradicated by whatever means necessary. "

Anonymous said...

I like the way his cousin was so suprised, he was just shot, standing there. The shooters are most likely from the same area and know this guy.
The senseless violence, as if it was some outside force

Anonymous said...

Chicago will only fall when the city worker residency requirement is repealed. Untill then all city employees are required to live in Chicago. That is still a large number of white cops, fire, streets and san, inspectors, pols, etc,

Anonymous said...

At 15% of population, why is threr no finite number of the spread?

Anonymous said...

Sadly so true. Saggin pants and all. Just a few good waitstaff left. The rest are foul mouthed urban kids.

Anonymous said...

The author of cambriawillnotyield is a nut. He extends the label of "human being" to nonsensical extremes. If a Black with an IQ of 70 and racial hostility to Whites isn't human, an embryo isn't even close.

Pissed Off Doc said...

nameispointless and everyone else, thanks for the welcome!

Nameispointless knows the deal. You haven't lived until you've had to deal with chimp outs from the "fambly" because they don't like the news you had to give them. No, I can't simply "patch up" DeShawn. He's been shot 9 times, and I just told you he bled to death. I do my job well, but I'm not Jesus.

Negro drug seeking is just plain harder to deal with. With White patients, it's a different animal. They'll come in, usually with a good story or a self inflicted injury, and when they don't get what they want, they leave.

Not Negroes. They don't even *try* to appear legit. They come in dopesick, with track marks everywhere and DEMAND "dat dilotta" for some bullshit reason like a toothache or their stubbed toes ("Dilotta" or "diLaLA" is how Negroes pronounce "Dilaudid," a powerful opioid painkiller.) And when they don't get what they want, they're like petulant children. Screaming, threats, throwing name it.

Sorry Sambo, I'm not going to risk MY DEA number so YOU can get your fix.

spiritus Germaniae said...


On another time, on another website, I remember reading I think another blog thread about South Africa's former glory of Apartheid rule and remembering this one singular comment left in my memory: that the blacks were extremely grateful for the White hospitals built. Obviously had to be the same reason as your experience in ER for Nigs.

Anonymous said...

Pissed Off Doc, thank you for the report from the front lines.

Anonymous said...

this should have been posted some days earlier, but better late than
never. somewhat orthogonal to your main blog topics, but important

In The News

Gun School for Teachers 4/23/2007
Las Vegas, Nevada: In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, Front
Sight Firearms Training Institute, which arguably is the world leader
in providing intensified courses in the defensive use of firearms for
private citizens, feels they have the answer to stopping further
attacks on school children. Front Sight is offering free firearms
training to any school administrator, teacher, or full time staff
member designated as school Safety Monitors. Front Sight will accept
for training up to three staff members from each school, college or
university. Applicants must submit a letter requesting training on
school letterhead signed by the top school district official and
designating the applicant as the school's Safety Monitor.

Oath Keepers � Blog Archive � Oath Keepers to Provide
Teachers With Free Self-Defense and Firearms Training
December 16th, 2012

Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, issued a statement:

Children deserve to be defended. And the teachers and staff who are
responsible for children during the school day deserve to know how to
defend them - effectively, decisively, and at the very outset of an
attack. And they deserve a fighting chance to defend themselves as
well. It is not enough to tell them to sit tight and wait for the
police to arrive. All too often, by the time the police get there, it
is too late.

Teachers and school administrative staff need the tools and training to
put a stop to the killing themselves. We have a duty to provide that
training. Many of our members within Oath Keepers have substantial
training and experience from their time in the military, police
services, and service as first responders. Many of our members also
have substantial training in both armed and unarmed self-defense
methods from their continued study after service, or in addition to the
training received while in service. We are calling on them to step up
and volunteer their time, at no charge to the teachers and school
staff, to pass on that vital, valuable knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy and fear