Sunday, December 30, 2012

Defund Poverty Inc? Just Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

In 1960, Detroit was 72% white; today, it's 92% black
Memphis, Tennessee. Located in Shelby County, the city of 652,000 is 63 percent black and only 27 percent white. As of 2009, 42 percent of black people in Shelby County were on EBT/Food Stamps, compared to only 6 percent of whites.

We already know that crime follows black people in Memphis wherever they go, courtesy of Section 8 Housing (thanks Atlantic!!).

We already know that Memphis City Schools, an almost entirely black operation, has dissolved its charter to merge with the better managed Shelby County Schools -- because black administrators can't properly run a system and black children produce woeful test scores that bring unwanted scrutiny to the system. 

We already know that Memphis is one of America's most dangerous cities because of its black population.

Now, we know that only with the infusion of (non-existent) federal government money does Memphis exist [Poverty Inc. helps drive Memphis economy:Aid for poor is part of economy, The Commercial Appeal, 12-29-12]:
It is bigger than FedEx Corp.'s $1 billion-plus local payroll.
It is the quiet giant of the local economy.
It's Poverty Inc.
From pawn shops and charities to welfare and Medicaid, the poverty industry pumped an estimated $5.39 billion through the city and county in 2010, according to a study by The Commercial Appeal.
Poring over reports and records, The Commercial Appeal estimated the scale of the poverty industry related to the 100,000 least well off families in the city. The goal: Determine the reliance on federal dollars, which account for about half the poverty dollars here.
Policy leaders in Washington are wrangling over the idea of federal cutbacks, particularly in entitlements. Debate in Washington raised the issue here. How important is federal spending to Memphis's poverty economy?
The Commercial Appeal's study shows federal dollars account for 56 cents of every $1 in the local poverty industry. Of the $5.39 billion, $3.02 billion came from Washington, led by $1.2 billion for Medicaid health insurance and $1.1 billion for the welfare safety net.
In Washington, it's still not clear what programs, if any, may be reduced as lawmakers try to deal with budget deficits. But the reliance on federal spending hasn't been lost on Memphis civic leaders.
"In a way, it would reduce the economic stability of Memphis if the federal government cut back now," said Ruby Bright, executive director of the Women's Foundation For a Greater Memphis.
Just how the newspaper arrived at its $5.39 billion estimate is explained in an analysis today in the Viewpoint section. There are actually more federal dollars flowing into the city and county. But the newspaper focused on the region's impoverished core, the 100,000 least well off families living in the city.
Policy makers in Washington are debating budget cuts at a crucial time for Memphis. From recasting entire neighborhoods to improving grades of Memphis City Schools students, plans are afoot to spruce up Memphis relying on donations and grants, including federal sources. But efforts could fall back amid Washington's general turn toward fiscal austerity.

In Memphis and Shelby County, the poor, the wealthy and those in between received a total of $6.8 billion worth of federal government transfer receipts in 2010, double the amount a decade earlier. The same trend is visible nationally as millions of baby boomers retire every year and receive benefits from federal programs.
Transfer receipts include the traditional welfare aid for the poor as well as social programs nearly everyone else is entitled to, such as Social Security and Medicare, along with particular aid including Veterans Administration benefits and education assistance.
And in a sluggish economy, others have lost jobs and resort to federal disability payments to get by. In Shelby County, temporary disability payments rose sixfold over the decade to $4.3 million in 2010.
"In a good economy, for the better part of the 2000s, employers were much more likely to keep good employees who were chronically ill," said Memphis lawyer Betsy Wilson, a Social Security expert. "As soon as the economy turned down, those people were the first to go."
Politicians note it is often the poorest who have the least voice in Washington. But with lawmakers discussing spending cuts, some executives of Memphis charities say they doubt Washington can maintain aid levels. Michael Allen said he's thinking of new ways to help fund the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Memphis Inc.
"It's going to put more pressure on us to raise private dollars, whether it's from foundations or from individuals,'' said Allen, executive director of the charity, which runs on $3.9 million spread over multiple programs, including counseling for 430 homeless.
 Poverty Inc.

We could have been on Mars, but for the past 50+ years we've been funding the expansion of Poverty Inc. in not just Memphis, but in places like Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas, St. Louis, and Baltimore.

It's been a nationwide dysgenic program paid for with money that could have gone to space exploration, an investment into the breeding of citywide populations of Michael Oher's instead of attempting to push the boundaries of human achievement and knowledge to the Red Planet.

Well, what we've accomplished instead is make Leigh Anne Tuohy feel better about herself and allowed Hollywood to produce a film glorifying Oher's salvation from the mean black streets of Memphis to the only avenue where his labor would produce anything more than minimum wage.

That's progress!

The longer the United States of America is able to provide lavish funds for Poverty Inc., then the fate of cities like Memphis and Birmingham will be inextricably linked to the current conditions of more than 90 percent black Detroit.

Those beneficiaries of Poverty Inc. largess have had quite the run of things in Memphis, with Tennessee Watchdog reporting on the incredible ability of the EBT card to provide lavish purchases in the city that aren't exactly food related [Taxpayers fund special, unusual perks for Memphis welfare recipients, July 28, 2012]. 

This transfer of wealth that funds the very people who help make Memphis one of America's most dangerous cities (and allows for their proliferation) isn't reserved to Elvis Presley's city; think about the violence in Chicago that is almost exclusively black.

Were it not for Poverty Inc. funding a cradle-to-grave society for black people in Chicago, it's hard to imagine the city having 500 murders [Chicago Homicide Rate Spikes, While New York's Plummets, Huffington Post, 12-28-12]:
In a sharp contrast between two of the nation's largest cities, Chicago recorded its 499th murder of 2012 on Thursday night while New York reported 414 murders as of Friday even though it has more than three times the population, according to police.
Plagued by gang violence, Chicago surpassed last year's murder total of 433 in October and is set for the highest rate of homicide since the third largest U.S. city recorded 512 in 2008. The number is likely to top 500 on the last weekend of the year.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on Friday that the nation's largest city could finish the year with the lowest number of murders and shootings since 1963, when it began keeping comparable data. The number of murders this year in New York is only about one-fifth the total of 2,245 homicides recorded in the peak year of 1990.

Chicago's McCarthy said the city's high murder rate, up 18 percent over last year as of Dec. 16, was due to gang violence. Eighty percent of the homicides were gang-related and 80 percent of the victims were African-Americans, he said.
Blacks make up about 33 percent of the city's population, according to the 2011 estimate from the U.S. Census.

In August, six people were murdered in the city on a single weekend day, the highest one-day death toll of 2012.

McCarthy and other officials blame the surge on a splintering of the city's traditional gangs and the rise of new cliques and factions that are vying, often violently, for control of turf on the city's south and west sides.

The spike in homicides was especially dramatic in the first quarter of the year, when murders jumped 66 percent. So far in the fourth quarter, McCarthy said, the murder rate is down 15 percent compared with the same period last year. Police have arrested 7,000 more gang members this year than in 2011, he said.

"We're doing what we can do and it's working," McCarthy said.

After mounting criticism of Emanuel and McCarthy earlier this year, the police chief announced a shakeup of his department, transferring some police managers among districts to bolster the battle against gangs.

Chicago was not alone in recording a spike in murders this year. The murder rate in Detroit through Dec. 16 was up more than 12 percent over 2011 and at the highest level in nearly two decades, according to the city's police department.
As of Friday, St. Louis had recorded 113 homicides, the same number as 2011 with one weekend to go in 2012, police spokesman David Marzullo said. Across the Mississippi River in East St. Louis, Illinois, 22 murders have been recorded this year in a town of only 27,000 people.

"The numbers just blow you away for a community as small as East St. Louis," said Brendan Kelly, state's attorney for St. Clair County, whose jurisdiction includes East St. Louis.

The East St. Louis murder rate is actually down from 30 in 2011 because of targeted patrolling of crime hot spots, Kelly said.

 What do Memphis, Detroit, East St. Louis, and Chicago's crime problem have in common? Black people, who exist solely on the transfer of wealth that should have funded space exploration but instead powers Poverty Inc.

East. St. Louis is 97 percent black. Located in St. Clair County, 41 percent of black people received EBT/Food Stamps in 2009 compared to six percent of whites.

Detroit? The skyline and infrastructure white people vacated is a testament to the type of civilization white people can collectively create; the condition of the city in 2012 - a 90 percent + black city - is a testament to the type of civilization black people can collectively create.

The Detroit Free Press bemoaned the skyrocketing murder rate in Detroit, without mentioning the racial demographics of the city or that the Motor City exists solely because of Poverty Inc.'s ability to provide financial assistance, which powers the black cradle-to-grave society there.

Were the black population removed from Detroit and replaced with white people of any class, there would be no murder, crime, or poverty problem. Same with Memphis. Same with Chicago. Same with East St. Louis.

Poverty Inc., which is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from productive citizens to allow the existence of a cradle-to-grave society in the ruins of America's once great (now most dangerous), cities must be cut off.

Are you afraid of the Fiscal Cliff?

Better question: are you afraid of driving in Memphis, Detroit, or the South Side of Chicago?

Well, if you answered "yes" to the second question, know the reason those three places are so violent is courtesy of the continued funding of Poverty Inc. 


countenance said...

Fiscal cliff schmiscal cliff. I don't know what everyone is so scared about. All it would mean is restoring the individual income tax rate brackets that existed from 1993 to 2001, and Democrats say that those rates and those alone are responsible for the Clinton-era "prosperity"

Footnote: Never mind the low gas prices, the glut of venture capital flooding Silicon Valley and every dot com flash in the pan idea of 20-year olds, a reasonable level of Federal spending as a percentage of GDP due to pre-9/11 and pre-Afghanistan/Iraq and pre-Medicare Part D and pre-Baby Boomer retirement pressure on Social Security and Medicare and pre-TARP and pre-ARRA, a Republican Congress that, while far from perfect, was loath to adopt the kind of big government Clinton really wanted, and at least until the very latter part of the 1990s, fairly affordable family formation prospects due to the housing bubble not yet manifesting. Needless to say, the “prosperity” that existed during the Presidency of B.J. Clinton was due to a combination of factors which will probably never present ever again.

Anonymous said...

BRA will ultimately be brought down by compound interest.

Californian said...

As usual, excellent analysis.

And again, I'd like to ask any disingenuous white liberal or black activist who may be reading this website: Can you explain why, after half a century of every government program in the book being implemented to alleviate poverty, improve education, and end crime, we see dysfunctional behaviors continue in the 'hood?

If there has ever been a system of epic fail greater than modern liberalism, it would be difficult to find. How many other ideologies can take "credit" for destroying as many cities? What is even more amazing is how mainstream conservatism has failed to exploit this epic fail. But too may conservatives are bowing before the idols of BRA.

Anonymous said...

Once that EBT goes dry absolute mayhem will follow. Mahogany menace will destroy everything to 'gets mine's'

Bogolyubski said...

Betcha Catholic Racketeers' Michael Allen isn't scraping by on 15K a year. Funny how very well-heeled all these sanctimonious DWLs who run Poverty, Inc. are, no?

Back to Californian's idea of turning groids against the DWLs who enable them, it seems that pointing out the very comfortable livings made by those who run Poverty, Inc. might be a good place to start. Every notice how all these United Way types are pulling down 6 figures for their endless sanctimony and agitprop?

Anonymous said...

There's no love in this room, Mr. Kersey, you're profiling!

Seriously, we joke about profiling when I go to get the police reports at one of our county police departments. For example, when it turns out that a Hispanic subject isn't a legal citizen of our nation (almost all of them are illegal) the crusty dispatcher (a retired Army National Guard tanker) yells at the officer, "You're profiling." Or when one of the local AAs is charged (yet again), "You're profiling." Ditto for the idiot white redneck meth heads.

Mind you minorities are about 10 percent of the population but i would guess well over 50 percent of criminals in just this one small town.

Anonymous said...

"Back to Californian's idea of turning groids against the DWLs who enable them, it seems that pointing out the very comfortable livings made by those who run Poverty, Inc. might be a good place to start. "

This has already happened. Oddly enough, the Nation of Islam has pointed this out, exposing the importance of TPTMNBN in the slave trade. Then there are the show ponies that Conservatism, Inc. trots out, such as Allen West, JC Watts and that newly appointed Senator from SC. The NOI is much more articulate and probably far more sincere. (This is NOT and endorsement of NOI)

Compound interest and financial arithmetic will work to bring down BRA much more quickly than trying to organize the negroes. Besides, the negroes will expect to get paid. Compound interest works without supervision 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Everone, please make sure to read P.K's link embedded in his article.

{Taxpayers fund special, unusual perks for Memphis welfare recipients, July 28, 2012}.

It's heart breaking, and a serious eye opener. Not to mention a total disapionment in our government systems for allowing this to continue. No wonder they dress better than me. Drive better vehicles than me. All, at the same time, calling me "privileged" & blaming me for their dysfunction & poverty. That link just tares at a person. The amount of corruption in this nation is a terminal disease infecting us all.

countenance said...

FYI, the ESL murder tally is down in 2012 compared to 2011 because ESL is depopulating -- Its blacks have been spreading into Belleville, Cahokia and other places in St. Clair County for years. And of course, taking their crime with them.

Anonymous said...

the worry shouldn't be about "big oil" or "big tobacco" - it should be about "big poverty" & we shouldn't fix it by giving it $, that doesn't make blacks less criminal. giving them $ doesn't change their genetics. get safe - stay away from them, don't support them & DON'T ever help them! helping them just creates more of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so before working on this post I was Googling and I found the site above. The moderator at this site, I am assuming he/she is black, started a thread of discussion based on his/her disbelief that Amazon is actually selling Kersey's books. He/she goes on to note that it appears that since Barack Obama has been elected president, that racism is much more "out in the open".

Are we not in a post-racial society? Is the Great Obumma immune from being critiqued? What does the term racist mean anyhow?

Here is what you are dealing with, psychological resistance, a defense mechanism. Blacks are resistant to psychotherapy/mental health, they are resistant to adhering to self-healthcare regimens, and they are resistant to submitting to the process of learning. You can point out the facts to them in black, purple, blue, in bar graphs, in English, or Ebonics, but it won't mean sheeeeeit to them. They are psychologically stuck in resistance. They will never been unstuck until drastic actions are applied to them and even then, forget it. You cannot get blood from a stone. Their poverty pimps (Goodwill, United Way, etc.) are making money so they do not care, so they will just feed into the black defensive delusion that "it wasn't me" Wasn't there some hip hop song years ago, I want to say 2001, where some groid-turd is singing about his girlfriend catching him screwing another girl and the whole phrase he uses throughout the song to get out of trouble with his girl is "it wasn't me..." That phrase encapsulates the groid mentality.

So, where does that leave us, those that can see? There are the poverty pimps who most definitely see and just don't care because they are making money, BUT it is OUR money that is being syphoned to pay for Dajuan, Shitneeka, and the brood.

We just have to pull back from the system. Disengage. Stop paying. I have boycotted paying back my student loans for my PhD (paid for my MS outta pocket) What are the gubbies going to do? Really? They can't put me in jail? Are they goin to garnish my salary? Guess what, I am going to a cash only business! Or perhaps I will just barter services!

We have to get gangsta so to speak because the government and Dajuan certainly are and unapologetically so.

We have to stop being afraid.

White Mom Among The Turds

Fisk Ellington Rutledge III said...

The murder chart is pretty interesting. The increase in crime is directly attributable to the growing proportion of Blacks, but I imagine that Blacks now commit more crime than they did in the 50s. A large proportion of Blacks used to try to imitate Whites. Most of them were not quite successful, but they did better at life than if they hadn't been imitating Whites.

You see the same phenomenon, better perhaps, with Black music. Black music during most of the 20th Century was heavily influenced by White music. "Black music" so-called was really just Blacks doing White music and bringing a little something different to the table.

Beginning with the successful infection of the U.S. with the Leftist pathology in the 60s, Blacks increasingly did NOT try to imitate Whites. It was the other way around. Whites began their disgusting surrender to Blacks (and other lively, vibrant, etc.)

Ever since Blacks have stopped imitating Whites, their music has reverted back to a simple, savage formula that sounds exactly like highly obscene jump rope chants like one used to hear little girls chanting while jumping rope. The rhythm is precisely the same. The lyrics are simply those of savages.

Mr. Rational said...

$5.39 billion is $53,900 for each of those 100,000 worst-off families.  It's also 29% of NASA's 2012 budget.  There are a lot more than 4 Memphis's worth of Black welfare dependency in the USA.

If you replaced the population of Memphis with the White rural poor from W. Virginia, you'd see results from your $53,900.  But the Black population are "bad seeds"; no matter how they're watered and fertilized, they yield no good fruit.

Dan said...

What if America needs this high murder rate to kill off blacks?

How else can the filth be easily disposed of?

Mr. Rational said...

Somewhat on this topic, it turns out that the Federal Reserve banks were in cahoots with the FBI and other police agencies to end the Occupy protests.  This extends to letting people know that they were targets of assassination plans... but not telling them who was making those plans, as is SOP for political leaders.  We can be sure that any movement to abolish BRA would receive the same dirty tricks as the opening act.

All of this is very much against the law.  Obviously, the people involved know that they have political cover from high above and will never have to answer charges, or even have reprimands in their personnel files.

Just as obviously, if the law enforcers are lawless there's no solution within the law

Jay Santos said...

I've reached the final level of cynicism with this "fiscal cliff" discussion. It's a total scam, brought to you by Federal Govt. Inc.

You've never heard one word regarding bloated waste and corruption in the Federal budget. Not one word from any of the players in their cute little partys.

Decide what the Federal government is supposed to do. Arrive at the budget to do that. Tax everyone 10 or 12% to reach that number. If a 10 or 12% tax rate on everyone, including business falls below that number, reduce government activity further. Q.E.D.

They won't do that because it is a racket, a criminal enterprise and nothing more.

SKIP said...

" [Taxpayers fund special, unusual perks for Memphis welfare recipients, July 28, 2012].

I went to this link and all the pictures would suggest that White people are doing the EBT scamming, no blacks pictured at all!

SKIP said...

"What does the term racist mean anyhow?

NASCAR officianado?

Anonymous said...

Another great article. Listen, i was a young white male in the late 80's early 90's. It WAS like being in a war zone. I often run into combat veterans (who get more and more lillywhite, as you get closer and closer to the tip of the spear...) and get on with them perfectly well because WE'VE ALL BEEN SHOT AT!!!

Non Humans said...

Are you really at all surprised? If you want to see what the non humans are doing with it, goto youtube and search EBT (c)rap songs.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately facts just don't matter to the Agenda Pushers and their horde of useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the surveillance of the Occupy groups happened under "leftist" Obama. The man is clearly as much a puppet as Bush (whose policies Obama defends and extends).

The $outhern Poverty Law Center and the ADL regularly provide "intelligence" to federal law enforcement regading "hate groups." ADL was fined for spying on Americans that opposed Israel's policies.

Anonymous said...

With a murder rate 8 times that of the USA the South African government are looking to introduce gun control because their former colonial master like Piers Morgan says it works,

Anonymous said...

It used to be that if you were unable to provide yourself with food, clothing and shelter and were a danger to others, you could be committed to an institution as a mentally incompetent individual.
The massive transfer of wealth to blacks who fit that description is a travesty. The nation has gone insane and funds a retarded and violent population to feed and breed thus throwing gas on the fire and turning what would be a controllable fire into an out of control conflagration.
At least with the mental patients I used to work with, there was a recognition of their disabilities and even though they were provided with food, clothing, shelter and medical care, they were prevented from breeding more mental patients.
However, Shaniqua (the useless black sow who's ignorant, borderline retarded and who has never worked a day in her pathetic life) will be allowed to pop out an endless processsion of equally worthless niglets who then repeat the process until there's vast swarms of unemployable and worthless "youfs" marauding through the streets.
It's as if DWL's had taken over an old style mental institution and were giving all the retarded and insane patients a daily dose of fertility drugs.

Anonymous said...

What you call poverty inc we called the welfare industry back in the eighties.It was well known that there was a lot of money to be made in the bussiness of poor people. The cash advance stores that through new legislation were allowed to charge an unheard of apr 200%. Then we realized that the poor like to drive cars too, so we set up car lots of high milage junk cars for them to purchase with no credit, all they need is down payment (which is usually more than the cars worth) then easy weekly payments based on their income. Nobody ever actually paid a car off so it gets repossesed and sold to the next suckers.Now the poor dont want to look poor so lets give them high interest or prepaid credit cards so they can impress they homies when they run the limit up on some shiney bling.Of course after the new wears off of the trinkets they can sell it for 10% of the value at the pawn shop. But all of this is just low level riches made off of the welfare industries. The real money comes in federal grants,now listen carefully because this is where the future black polititions like Barack And Mechelle get their power. Being in charge of and manipulating these grants can make a person very wealthy, collecting maintenance fees and bribes connected to who gets the benefit of these grants. If the grant is for fixing up public buildings or nieghbor hoods, schools etc, since the government greatly over pays for services being in charge of who gets these contracts is quite a moneymaker, and a great way to finance a political career.Once elected there are scores of gov jobs with over infated salaries that you can appoint your friends to. As long as you keep the grants comming there is no telling how far you can go, maybe even president of the United States any small time crooks dream job becauce now you have complete control over those federal grants and where they go, as long as I still get my cut funneled into the secret bank accounts. By the time im done with the country or they are done with me I have enough wealth siphoned off to bring this country to its knees, and im rich enough to start my country.

Anonymous said...

It's as if DWL's had taken over an old style mental institution and were giving all the retarded and insane patients a daily dose of fertility drugs.

"The lunatics are running the asylum."--ancient wisdom.

Discard said...

Regarding the welfare industry: Centuries ago, those favored by the English Crown could be given a monopoly of one sort or another. Let's give Sir Rodenham a monopoly on brewing in the county of Buckley, say. Sir Rod did not have to become a brewer, but all the brewers in the county would have to pay him a licensing fee. The modern poverty industry is similar, as is the education industry, and no doubt others.
The appearance changes through history, but the essence does not. Some people, be they the owners of particular family names or of post-graduate degrees, are convinced that they are so much better than others that they ought be paid for simply existing. If they are clever enough, they will contrive with like-minded people to place themselves on society's teat. What we have in this country is nothing less than an aspiring aristocracy. But fortunately, unlike most earlier aristocracies, they are sucking the cow dry very quickly. In the past, capable kings knew enough to take care of their subjects, just as a capable farmer will take care of his land and livestock. But our new aristocrats simply hate us, and somehow expect the lights to stay on and the markets to be open, without us to do the necessary work. I hope to live long enough to watch it all collapse.

~AV~ said...

Higher taxes on private sector YT!

MORE programs for the leech maintaining federal employees to calm the masses of inner city leeches with pennies of the tax dollar....

The blacks and their handlers (government employees) is the final death of working YT...