Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If Riots in Wake of Zimmerman Acquittal, will Obama and DOJ be held Liable?

World War B is coming

We already know the police in Broward County and Sanford, Florida are preparing for riots from the community that gave Obama nearly 95 percent of their vote in 2012, in the wake of a George Zimmerman acquittal. 
Every aspect of the Trayvon Martin case should be investigated, including if the DOJ and President Obama are liable for inciting riots (well, if they happen)...

That whole "impulse control" and "lack of future time-orientation" crystallized in the 'raise your voice and not your hands' campaign aimed at the black community, with the hopes no rioting in honor of Trayvon Martin and Skittles will occur when the verdict is read. 

Like Mormons, the police in Sanford are going door-to-door; unlike Mormons, they are preaching a much different message, mainly, "please don't engage in Spontaneous Blackness and riot."

Though Rachel Jeantel can't read cursive, the police are able to read the tea leaves this time around (remember: the disasters officials charged with restoring order to post-Katrina New Orleans were shocked one of their primary duties in the 67 percent black city would be to protect rescue workers from black gun violence and black looters). 

But new evidence has to come to light, which begs one simple question -- if riots emerge (not just in Sanford, not just in Broward County, but nationwide), will the Obama Administration and the Department of Justice be liable? [DOCS: DOJ PROVIDED SUPPORT FOR TRAYVON RALLIES,, July 10, 2013]:
On Wednesday, Judicial Watch announced that the Department of Justice had turned over documents in response to a Freedom of Information Act request showing that the Community Relations Service (CRS), a small division of the DOJ, was sent to Sanford, Florida after the Trayvon Martin shooting to help manage rallies and protests. 

In April 2013, Breitbart News' Lee Stranahan first reportedthe role of the CRS in Sanford.

The new documents show that from March 25 through April 12, 2012, the CRS spent thousands of dollars helping organize and “work” marches and demonstrations regarding Trayvon Martin. Tasks included:
  • Working “marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain”;
  • Providing “support for protest deployment in Florida”;
  • Providing “technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31”;
  • Providing “technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford.”

In April, the CRS reportedly “set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of police chief Bill Lee according to Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton commented, “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman. My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstrations.”
What was it President Obama said on March 23, 2013? Oh yes
"My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," Obama said. "All of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves." 
If riots emerge and looting occurs after George Zimmerman is acquitted, no natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina) can be blamed for the madness we see on not only our television, but gladly uploaded by black rioters/looters to World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) and other online file sharing sites.
The reality of interracial homicide in America. Not what the DOJ or the media reports, is it? (Source:
You can't stop the signal this time when some Mahogany Mob in St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, or Milwaukee happens upon some random white person and pounces upon them in the name of St. Trayvon Martin -- uploading the video to WSHH immediately upon the successful Polar Bear/Knockout Game attack.

Yes, Organized Blackness ran to the story of a 12-year-old boy being maliciously gunned down by a marauding white bigot out looking for a 'colored-boy' to kill; but that wasn't what the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman account was about at all.



Sorry Ebony.

Sorry DOJ.

World War B might be upon us, but, in the end, it was brought on by the very people Black-Run America (BRA) seeks to forever protect from scrutiny or judgement.

And yet, as always, there will be no accountability.


Anonymous said...

OT: New "Please Don't Riot" video released:

Anonymous said...

Who knows what the jury will do? But from what I've seen, many blacks are starting to show negro fatigue over the Travonius affair. And deep down inside they realize that the "no limit nigga" got what he deserved. Even his angry black woman mom knows it too, but she also understands that she holds a winning ticket in the ghetto lottery, so she has to be careful what she says, and she has to pretend that she is upset.

That doesn't mean feral negroes won't use a not guilty verdict for an opportunity to riot, or loot 7-11s. As always, whites must be prepared to defend both themselves and their property against black savagery.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Obama and Holder will skate, they have protection, the jackboot protection of the LMSM, something, by the way, the Gestapo would be proud of, liberals in general and of course the American, Negro nation.

The trial has clearly displayed itself as a mockery of justice. However white liberals and Negros could care less about justice, they care about their illusion, and the Negro shakedown.

I hope George is not only correctly found innocent but that George then sues every liberal and Negro culprit for everything they have, I'm talking billions.

I am tired of the new America. But hey at 17 trillion dollars of debt, how long can the new America last.

Time to consider secession and a new nation-state outlawing white liberals and their comrade alliance of Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics.

America, like the Titanic, is listing to stern. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"I hope George is not only correctly found innocent but that George then sues every liberal and Negro culprit for everything they have, I'm talking billions."

Under what legal theory?


Please tell me the best (most accurate) blog for this Zimmerman trial.

Thank you.

P.S. somebody gave me one about a week ago but it wouldn't down load since it was one huge data dump.

So CAL Snowman said...

Spying on millions of American's phone calls and e-mails, dropping the tax hammer on conservative political groups, saturating the airwaves with liberal insanity, running guns to Mexican drug cartels, dispatching a division of the DOJ to racially agitate for a common thug . . . what a ridiculous farce the "land of the free" has become. There has never been anything like the current "American" government in the history of the world. The East German Stasi couldn't touch these guys. The only other group of people that I think historically compares to the murderous traitors on Capitol Hill are the Bolsheviks. And the liberals and their pet blacks have the gall to pontificate about justice??

NEWSFLASH LIBERALS : Justice without freedom is meaningless.

MBlanc46 said...

Someone is really jumping the gun, here. There's a black on the jury. The chances of an acquittal are almost zero.

Mr., Clean said...

Anonymous 2:35 PM said: Even his angry black woman mom knows it too, but she also understands that she holds a winning ticket in the ghetto lottery

Payable by whom? Zimmerman? I am unaware of any alleged misconduct by the government here....

Anonymous 2:35 PM said: That doesn't mean feral negroes won't use a not guilty verdict for an opportunity to riot, or loot 7-11s. As always, whites must be prepared to defend both themselves and their property against black savagery.

Whites will certainly defend themselves and their property. The negros will trash their own nesting areas. The ones who might get burnt are the Indian, Korean, immigrant, etc. business owners in those negro-infested neighborhoods. Hopefully those folks are prepared.

Anonymous said...

royal oak dude here p.k. how about a new video,if you riot & loot your stupid black ass we will shoot,all this please bullshit pisses me off to no end why for gods sake are you begging these turds not to riot ,THE TIME OF APEASMENT IS OVER ITS TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND GOD HELP THOSE WHO STAND IN OUR WAY, HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS SHIT SANDWICH BEING CRAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS IF THESE SAVAGES RIOT ITS TIME TO CRUSH-KILL-DESTROY hey white folks its time to stand our ground on a national scale..

Anonymous said...


I've been following the trial on

Excellent coverage and analysis of trial events.


MBlanc46 is correct.

If there is an African on the jury, that person will vote GUILTY since that person is black.

BUT if just one sane person votes NOT guilty, then he goes free.

I can't wait.


Lily White said...

I wouldn't be in the least surprised if there are riots either way the verdict goes. They'll riot if he's acquitted, that's pretty much expected. But they're very likely to riot in celebration if he's convicted. I doubt that they'll use a "not guilty" verdict as an excuse to riot and loot; they'll use a verdict--period--as an excuse to riot and loot.

Anonymous said...


The Last Refuge, Conservative Treehouse

Anonymous said...

Prosecution asks Judge to instruct jury to consider lesser charges of manslaughter and assault instead of murder:

City resident said...

So the Obama-Holder clique have been working behind the scenes to hype this entire thing and trying to make it seem to be a spontaneous, grass roots movement on the part of the dopes holding the picket signs.This is the ultimate in deviousness along with the 'fast and furious' scandal and who knows what else they've been doing that hasn't come to light. This administration is now seeming to be very sinister, much beyond what people even suspected.

Anonymous said...


You said: "If just one sane person votes not guilty, then he goes free."

No. If the jury can't reach a unanimous verdict, it's a hung jury, in which case the State can re-try him (new trial), go for a plea deal to a lesser charge, or drop the charges.

Anonymous said...

legal insurrection

Anonymous said...

@Centurion: If one juror hangs the jury with a 5-1 vote, I believe it would be a mistrial, and then the prosecution would have to decide whether to roll the dice a 2nd time. In that case, he stays locked up under his current bail situation. (unless Florida is different) The worst thing for Zimmerman is the addition of lesser charges. Hopefully the judge turns them down, since the persecution should have known what charges were provable. 2nd Deg Murder was a moonshot.

The worst thing about the DOJ revelation is that, as with every other scandal, NOTHING will be done about it. Imagine the bloody uproar if Bush/Ashcroft had sent organizers to Pro-Life demonstrations. No one will give a shit about this, or give a shit that the Head Niggers In Charge are blatantly trying to burn the country down, and they don't even bother to erase the paper trail.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Four families in one house will be safer than four families in four houses. Bring weapons, food and sleeping bags to the house which you decide is the safest. In the front of the building you will need a clear field of fire so remove any autos from the street that the enemy can use for cover. Men should do guard duty through the night and use as little light as possible to see by. Children should be keep in the middle of the house or basement.

A two by four nailed to the floor along side any door will be helpful. A fridge or washing machine against the kitchen door will also be good. A couch or heavy furniture for the front door.

You will be dealing with gangs so if you have to fire first take out the biggest guy or the leader. Fire only enough shots to drop him. The others will move on to an easier target. They came to kill, not to die.

If the cops knock on the door don't open it. They are there to disarm you. Nobody is coming to save you. The government does not give a shit about you.

Anonymous said...

Recon update Commander-Record security for Indiana Black Expo with 300 extra cops, mobile response team, portable spotlight crews and 156 permanent new cops in Indianapolis:

The article doesn't mention the 300 police and 156 permanent new officers that came from the Grundig.

Lorraine said...

I hate 'new' America as well. It downright sucks. If you are a normal person who tries to work and pay the bills and get ahead the 'right' way, well you are demonized, criminalized.

I am over it. Frankly, I want a civil war to happen. I want the ooks to riot and I hope alot if them get shot. I hope our economy crashes soon so the parasites scram. This country sucks and has so for awhile, but the rot has really set in.

Time for the reset.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

The criminal regime with protection of the law and lamestream media whores will get away as usual. The regime change will come from without and not within. Our enemies see the weakness and malignant narcissism dripping off the Kenyan queen and will make their move during his reign of epic failure.

Anonymous said...

With this revelation, another charge to add to the crimes of Eric Holder, its clear Zimmerman can't get a fair trial. There should be no verdict, the defense should petition the judge to dismiss the charges, the jury pool was deliberately tainted by the DOJ. The judge will refuse but it sets it up for appeal.
Holder is running a police state.

Lorraine said...

Having worked in groid infested situations most of my life, I just don't get how people did not see this coming.

I guess too much TV programming with magic negroes.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

Prosecution asks Judge to instruct jury to consider lesser charges of manslaughter and assault instead of murder

Of course they did. They had no case, so now they're doubling down on pushing the jury into a "compromise" guilty verdict.

Lorraine said...

I have purposely not watched coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder trial because I know it is a circus. Just looking at that You Tube still of 'Raise Your Hands' just gives me a glimpse of the menagerie of side show freaks that will actually engage in and preach about this foolishness.

Just burn down Florida. Just do it. It's become a cesspool of third world turds anyway.

I remember vacationing in Miami as a kid. I was born in Canada and lived there during my early childhood so the big thing to do in the winter to get over the blahs was to go to Florida. Then the late 70s and the Haitians and the Jamaicans and the other third world turds washed up on the shores of Florida and well, the rest is history.

Dude I am so over all of this. I am really tired. And now this bit with Obummah and Holder and the DOJ. Surprise.

America has turned into a carnival of freakshow groids who spend their daily life killing, raping, looting, and just being miserable. Top ten percent? Really? Where are they?

This current regime of sociopathic groids and their Zionist enablers just want to destroy America and genocide white Europeans. Now apparently in Indianapolis there is and old white being held because he shot a 13 year old Trayboon wannabee. There will more incidents like this coupled with the flash mobs now that this trial has basically given the 'ok' to rob, beat, and loot whitey at reckless abandon and there will be hell to pay if one tries to defend him or her self.

It is amazing how effed up this country has become in five years, and that tells you that things will just escalate faster and with more intensity.

We are at war.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

off topic...via drudge:

obongos buddy Jz

also Guns 2 is out..posters round USA..denzels new blockbuster...

why do non blks watch this crap?

Anonymous said...

Ex Lincolnite here:

When you look at DOJ and Obama's liability, we know the answer. As always Obama will skate by.

This will happen because they are hoping for insurrection. Obama's backers in the high financial world know good and well that they don't have to pay claims resulting from insurrection. You think those Russian soldiers are here only to watch over the World Series and playoff football games? This whole thing is a set up.

And the blacks in the streets, as has been pointed out many times on this blog, are too damn dumb to know they are the pawns. If I lived in Florida, I'd think about taking a couple month's vacation, and settling down somewhere a little more civilized. Do you think the feds are going to protect white property owners?

Do you think the squishes at Conservatism, Inc are going to do anything to give solidarity to those who lose everything because of the mayhem of the blacks? We have about as much political freedom in this country today as they had in Stalin's USSR. It's not to the point of the purge, but can a person publicly express opinions that are on this site, even among mostly white audiences? I think not.

Let's be honest, this is all a set-up to give the blacks and excuse to riot. An excuse to have martial law, and that means no insurance has to pay out. So this is all a put up deal. Don't get your hopes up that the morons in Conservatism, Inc will do anything, and frankly given the cultural bent of the country, I don't think we are coming back from the tipping point. That's why I say get the hell out and move away from the super coon infested areas and ride out the storm.

Jay Santos said...

PK has chronicled the destruction of cities, he and others have told the story of savage, violent negro criminality. With this trial we see the work of the our government, let me repeat, our government, along with the media in lock step to promote the idea that blacks are innocent of violent dysfunction, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

This trial is enormously important. It will either wake people up to the big lie, or they will continue to slumber along as our culture crumbles. It really is that significant.

Anonymous said...

Increasingly it would appear that things must run their course; Federal involvement at this stage merely represents an overweening hubris (perhaps justified-- for now). How much more egregious must the evidence be? None more-- because everyone already knows how far things have gone by now-- even the "low info" voters sense things suck. The bonfire is of these days a spark will be lit.

Anonymous said...

If I was black, I would be so embarrassed by that please-don't-riot video.

Anonymous said...

Here in Indianapolis the verdict coincides with the start of black expo week, the largest black cultural festival in the US. Shootings have become commonplace for the event.

Luckily the whites in Indy are very conservative and gun-owning. Even the few liberals I do know have guns and aren't plagued by any kind of politically correct brain fog. Even they can't help but notice the east side turning into a crime-filled sewer or that almost every murder comes from a a certain 30% of the population.

Everyone is growing weary of Black Expo with its weird logo, featuring an outline of Africa inside an outline of Indiana. Several restaurants close down for the week, a bizarre action considering the event brings hundreds of thousands of people. Why? Because it's just not worth the trouble. Blacks don't tip and many walk out, skipping on their bill. And then there's the constant complaining about their food. It just ain't worth it.

With all the threats on Twitter and Facebook, the whole situation makes me a little nervous. But Mayor Ballard isn't a pushover like Charlie Luken in Cincinnati.

Bogolyubski said...

Paul asks the rhetorical question:
But new evidence has to come to light, which begs one simple question -- if riots emerge (not just in Sanford, not just in Broward County, but nationwide), will the Obama Administration and the Department of Justice be liable?

So, I'll answer in like manner. Who, exactly, is going to hold his magical negretude D'Won on d'downlow and E. "My People" Holder liable should a) the white-hispanic-octaroon Obama voter win an acquittal; and b) groids engage in TNB on a nation-wide scale in response? John Boehner? John and Anthony of the blackrobed brokeback-bottoms-up club? Perhaps the drooling, cancerous old war-monger Juan McAmnesty or his sidekick the Pink Palmetto Princess Miss Lindsay Graham the SC Debutante? The tea party? Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse? The ghost of Ronnie Reagan?

If Eric Holder can lawlessly run guns to Mexican cartels, get caught practically red-handed and sit untouched by the likes of Weepin' Johnny's Brokeback Banksta Bitches; if D'Won is revealed running a lawless spy-on-everyone program with barely a whimper, is there any limit to what he can do (other than that imposed by those who control his strings)?

The truly astonishing thing about white folks, a character flaw not seen in any other race, is their ability to deny reality in the name of an abstract ideology even when the ideology has been exposed as a massive lie over and over again. White folks are actually much more fanatically devoted to their insane religion than the Musloids are to theirs. Even the Boers, a group of whites who are being explicitly targeted in the most brutal way, haven't completely given up their belief in the happy-face bullshit religion of equality über alles.

There will be no holding liable - except for YT's who write things which demonstrate crimethink, or say something deemed as double-plus ungood by the self-appointed arbiters of what passes as "morality".

Cassie said...

Talking of Lottery tickets, Trayvon's mother should have a word with Stephen Lawrence's mum if she needs advice on how to make money/a career from a dead black son.

Anonymous said...

No negroes on the jury, folks. To Mr Clean: the no limit nigga's mom has already cashed in one ghetto lottery ticket to the tune of a million, or so they say. If the corrupt prosecutors can convict Z. over the justified shooting of her thug of a son, she'll cash in the other ticket by paid guest appearances, book deals, maybe a movie gig, and working the black church circuit like OJ did-- at least until Orinthal's jungle ways finally caught up with him.


those two supposedly smartest black men in fucking history will not be touched. the one genius(so-called president) hid all his records from our prying eyes.(spent over 2 million dollar thus far) cause wanting to know the smartness of the guy in charge is well RACIST. right? WRONG! and the other dummy is the top-cop of what used to be the top nation of the world(hurts writing that)won't even get called to the carpet. look the top-cop hasn't been delt with about the AP wire taps and the Rosen newsman from fox news. so the easy answer for your question is hell-no!

And as for that pig ugly judge yesterday(got to be a super liberal)she should be dis-barred for doing what she did yesterday. I think she was determined to hear Zimmerman's voice in that court-room. you know damn well that fat (probably married to a black guy)liberal looking judge is pissed off cause she can't hear him in his own words in court. just look at the way those bitches at nbc are trying to put words in Zimmerman's mouth. the liberals and their pets want to hang him by the nearest tree. what she did was just plain wrong. there was something to that exchange. and yes good people I still have negro fatigue! oh well agenda 21 is next so we all can live next to the liberal's pets. right? WRONG!! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

If the case winds up in a mistrial it is exceedingly unlikely that the prosecution will opt to retry the case.

The hard truth is that, and all racial considerations aside, the stand your ground self-defense laws provide a simply enormous amount of latitude for the average citizen to defend themselves against a wide array of perceived threats.

Which reality, in turn, places a simply enormous burden on the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

If it were not for all of the political pressure being applied, it is highly unlikely that this case would have ever made it to trial in the first place; under the stand your ground statute, the case is a dog, the prosecution knows it, and no DA on earth likes to witness their offices getting publicly pasted in a court of law.

In the end, it all comes down to just how irrational the jury is willing to be, and just how far the pressure of the mob can get the jury to bend their judgment.

Absent an OJ pretzelesque verdict, the case is a loser and Zimmerman will walk free.

At which point the fun will really begin. It's been a few years since we've had a really impressive display of urban barbarism to entertain us on the six o-clock news.

Perhaps we should start an online betting pool. Which cities will go up, and to just what extent? How many murdered, how much arson as opposed to simple looting, and the degree to which emergency services workers will be attacked by the very people that they are trying to help?

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

"I hope George is not only correctly found innocent but that George then sues every liberal and Negro culprit for everything they have, I'm talking billions."

Under what legal theory?

July 10, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Defamation of character, abuse of authority under color of law, and false imprisonment would be good starting points. I'm sure an attorney with Lamborghini brochures on his desk could think of more.

Anonymous said...

Since when had legal theory even been part of this case?

Anonymous said...


Ivan here

My God, you are good man!

Anonymous said...

Agree completely. Let it Burn. Let it burn MORE, and let the rioting be 100x worse than Rodney King. Let the Afro-American Anointed finally figure out it makes no sense to trash their own ghettos, and let them take the trains and buses the white man created to the suburbs to try that shit here. The more whites who don't really interact with black people, but who vaguely feel sorry for "the poor" who see the carnage with their own eyes in their own neighborhoods, the better.

Anonymous said...

No, there isn't. Five black chicks and one Hispanic. Excuse me, "white Hispanic."

Anonymous said...

The ghetto lottery is going to be paid for by the taxpayer. Sanford PD already made Payment #1, and I'm sure the SPLC will be happy to represent Team Skittles for a 30% cut.

Anonymous said...

No blacks on the jury, and if at least one votes Guilty and one votes Not Guilty, and neither budges, that's a mistrial. He could be tried again.

Anonymous said...

The fix is in. The biased judge will allow the jury to consider manslaughter and the jury will find him guilty of that. There is no way in Hell that Zimmerman will be allowed to walk. He is a sacrificial lamb to pacify the black mob.

Lorraine said...

So true. I have trained my kids to go silent when there are knocks at the door. I don't answer. Period. I developed this behavior after living next to Section 8 Sister Souljah

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

Would there even be a retrial in the event of a mistrial? They gave it their best shot and it failed to sway the jury, why would it be different on subsequent tries?
As far as rioting, the blacks here kill each other in a continuing slaughter, but the majority are accused of slaying a bystander rather than their intended target. So it is doubtful they would get much more than a serious gunshot wound if they try that shit around white people with reliable firearms. Perhaps the time has arrived for white people to claim any five contiguous states of the 48 and setup a homeland. The borders there wouldn't leak like the current ones. You could live without fear of crime as it exists today and without supporting a race of procreating slackers. But the Feds would never allow their tax base to abdicate so a race or second revolutionary war is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

The 'War on Terror" is a war on all of us. Not just black ghettos.

Anonymous said...

Drudge Report ‏

The prosecutor in the Zimmerman trial is arguing 3rd degree Murder based on child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Since we already know what will happen if the verdict comes back as not-guilty, the real question becomes what are we willing to do if the outcome is guilty? We already know the process of charging GW was hijacked by BRA, who is to say the verdict/sentencing will not be as well. So what is white america willing to do if they see the justice system severely manipulated? Remember, any one of us could be the next GW...

robins111 said...

A local news outlet is claiming that the New Black Panthers is bussing '1,000s of happy campers into that area, to apparently celebrate after the verdict..

Anonymous said...

Most white parents raised their kids using the same racial proof that mine used- the huxtables.

It didn't occur to them that this was make-believe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the tipping point, and absolutely there are things I'd say here that I wouldn't say among my white friends. But even Establishment Conservatives are sick of this shit. Read Ann Coulter's latest column. It could have been written by Paul Kersey. And Heather Mac Donald has been writing about this for years, albeit in a more sanitized, intellectual manner. I don't think we can save the America we all once knew, but I'm hopeful we will live to see Civil War II, hopefully while King Putt or Queen Pantsuits is in office.

Anonymous said...

The emotion of embarrassment is reserved only for more highly evolved species. Groids only know greed, selfishness, anger and entitlement.

By the way, does anyone know why comments on this site are moderated? I mean, really, is there concern that someone might say something "offensive?"

Anonymous said...

Stand Your Ground has nothing to do with it, and Zimmerman's attorneys haven't even brought it up. SYG says you have no DUTY to retreat; Zimmerman COULDN'T retreat because he had an angry Groid sitting on top of him.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is being railroaded, by the succubus judge and the state of Florida. He'll be found guilty. There is no way six females are going to find the half Peruvian, who claims Hispanic status, innocent. You will still have to lock and load no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we'll see something like this again?

I realize there are crazy people of all types out there, but these two guys were fired/reprimanded for patterns of misconduct and seeking "revenge" for...?

robins111 said...

I see the Judge is now considering whether to allow the jury to consider lesser charges.. at the last minute, without the defense having time to prepare.. I'm just wondering if she's gonna instruct them to consider Jaywalking and spitting on the sidewalk.. Of course, Zim could be accused of littering..

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...


Legal theory I know not.

However NBC edited the police phone call to start the Negro shakedown ball rolling.

Make an example of them, force them to liquidate and give all to George.

The Negros Crump, Sharpton and Jackson agitated with undue cause, force these shakedown artist to pony up their due.

All the others, NYTimes etcetera should be forced to pay their due as well.

If nothing else justice is being transmogrified, time to nip this, been budding, scourge. Thanks.

Dieter said...

Let us hope that any verdict leads to a total shit storm.Lots of YT in Fla carry concealed weapons.I shoot every day and I am not afraid of this sub species.You handle them as one would handle any dangerous wild animal.Stay away if at all possible when they are chimping out and you can not do that closure with extreme prejudice

10mm AUTO said...

"A local news outlet is claiming that the New Black Panthers is bussing '1,000s of happy campers into that area, to apparently celebrate after the verdict.."


Nothing like busing in 1000's of professional shock troops to add to the glee. Think how they can shake down local merchants for protection money, go house to house to collect "valuables", loot stores for those difficult to buy items to decorate the armory and the BPP clubhouse, to stand on every street corner and shout into every TV camera and microphone "black panther" propaganda and cries for donations and above all; to learn from the DOJ itself how to be most effective in getting control of a population based on the teachings of law enforcement itself.

In the book 1984, I was always struck by the passages about the guards and the regular prisoners, how they were friends and would share cigarettes and gossip back and forth, whereas political prisoners like Winston Smith were treated like scum. Here we are about to see a blending of the black led Federal DOJ and the Black Panthers into a Quasi-criminal political demonstration. Any Whites who fire in defense of self or family or business will be treated like scum. negros shooting will be merely part of the outpouring of rage.

Remember, the Black Panther Party is the military arm of Nation of Islam, fanatically devoted to the genocide of the White man from North America; friend of Rev Wright and our Dear President, Barack Obama.

For the first time White Americans will see the racial hate from BRA backed by the power of a modern State. The local police will be neutralized, told to stand down, make as few arrests as possible and to understand the "rage" as the "understandable outpourings of a people who have been held down (join in here SBPDL readers) by da terble, terble legcy of da slabery."

Because they do not have on file the faces of the Black Panthers and will be told to stand down by DOJ, in the riots to follow local LE will be totally defensive and nearly helpless.

I pray there are no riots, that no one is killed; but I have never seen so much hope for violence in the negro community. negros grow strong on chaos.

Pat Boyle said...

All across America there are writers waiting for the verdict. No matter which way it goes the Zimmerman-Martin Affair is far from over.

Assuming that Zimmerman is convicted the case has the potential to blossom into an American Dreyfus Affair. Some writer somewhere is dreaming of being another Zola.

If Zimmerman is acquitted we face the prospect of some black riots. In that case maybe we will get some books like Lou Cannon's great book on the Rodney King riots.

I'd advise the readership to pay attention because next week's judgment may be only beginning. If Zimmerman is convicted there is likely to be another trial, a pardon, or some further replay of the trial just as there was in the O.J. case.

If there are any deaths in subsequent riots it may redound on the head of Al Sharpton. Or maybe not. He has gotten away with so many riot incitations in the past he may skate on this one too.

I'm sure the Republican and Democrat parties in Florida are preparing for whatever happens. The jury verdict is likely to be an issue in the next governor's race.

Many commenters here have been longing for some explosive issue that will shock the electorate into action and halt the drift into ever more black oriented chaos. This may be that issue. If so, it is lucky that Zimmerman is such a sympathetic figure. I try to be rational and non-inflammatory but I doubt if I could have endured what he has endured with similar stoicism.


Anonymous said...

As a recent transplant into NC I've noticed more blacks out and about in numbers. Seen small groups standing around. This isn't typical behavior for them as the weather isn't much different than it was a couple months back. Seen black churches with parking lots filled on a non-Sunday morning. Might be nothing, but it might be something.

Anonymous said...

yes seems 100% zimmerman will be judged guilty of manslaughter, i think BRA is using this case to instill feat into people that is they are attacked by groids and shoot in self defense they will end up doing hard time like George Zimmerman that is why the BRA media machine has whipped up this incident into a frenzy

Anonymous said...

If riots do happen, and they will guilty or not guilty, that person calling himself Obama, Holder, and Sharpton all should be brought up on charges of inciting to riot. Also the planning of criminal activity, such as riots, robbery, murder, etc are illegal within itself and it's also illegal to plan such activities on public airways such as cellphones,etc. So another felony to add to rioting,murder,robbery,theft and disturbing public order. One must also ask why hasn't the FBI, and the Justice Department arrested those people on Twitter and other public social networks that are making murder threats by twitter, phone, facebook, and those threatening to riot? If arrests were made of those making such threats it would be a warning to a lot of people of what will happen to those if they carried through on those threats. Where is law enforcement? Those public officials who have put Zimmerman on trial are nothing more than a lynch mob.

Big Bear said...

Allowing for manslaughter means the fix is in. The System wants Zimmerman to hang, so he will, regardless of justice. An appeal is likely, but, really, what are its chances of succeeding in the police state of BRA?

BRA gets to appease its Negro pets a while longer, although the media frenzy will serve to make them more bold.

What would Putin do?

BlkGrlSeeALot said...

The Last Refuge

Anonymous said...

perhaps you put on your eyeglasses ?

rjp said...

The image "The Rising Rate of Interracial Homicide" doesn't give a true picture because it doesn't give the numbers of murders which are necessary to comprehend the gravity, in my opinion.

rjp said...


Please tell me the best (most accurate) blog for this Zimmerman trial.

The Conservative Treehouse.

Anonymous said...

How come nobody’s made any mention of the fact that Zimmerman-Martin Judge Debra Nelson’s maiden name is Steinberg? Appointed by George Bush, the Tribe’s domination is complete under ANY presidential “regime

Discard said...

I regretfully agree with the commenters who write that the judge's allowing of lesser charges most likely means that Zimmerman will be convicted, as intended. That move would also pacify those conservawankers who think, Yeah, the murder charge is excessive, but gee, he did shoot a young African-American boy.
In any case, the Feds will be standing by with a "civil rights violation" case ready to go.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous July 11, 2013 at 8:55 AM said...

The emotion of embarrassment is reserved only for more highly evolved species. Groids only know greed, selfishness, anger and entitlement.

You've never owned a dog, have you?

By the way, does anyone know why comments on this site are moderated? I mean, really, is there concern that someone might say something "offensive?"

I had a comment deleted the other day, presumably because I linked to a video that contained scenes showing some Nationalist movements, where some people were giving a Roman (or Nazi) salute. This is Paul's prerogative. He has a reputation to maintain, and he's trying to convince people. People who are needlessly offended, and who never come back, don't get convinced - at least not in the way we want.

More than this, though, there is a certain Middle Eastern country that recruits "Internet Warriors" to disrupt blogs like this one. If you want to see what they can do to a blog where the blogmeister fails to maintain hygiene, go and take a look at the formerly excellent blog The Irish Savant. You will have no trouble spotting the Warriors in the comments section. Be grateful for what we have here.

SKIP said...

"America, like the Titanic, is listing to stern. Thank you.

HAHAHA Titanic didn't list, it went down by the head! And like Amurkistan's sinking, the band continued to play and the crew continued to rearrange the deck chairs.

Anonymous said...

We really aren't so powerless, we have the numbers! And we can and will kick them so hard right where it hurts the most! They won't be able to ignore it! Only think what we can accomplish with a massive scale boycott! There is absolutely nothing that we can't bring down or atleast cripple with a boycott! We can wreak havoc on the stock market! We can have massive civil disobedience in the form of refusing to pay any taxes! All without much effort! Yes we can! And I strongly suggest starting with the lamestream media! They need us and its time that they be reminded just how much! we ca boycott actors, actresses and musicians that don't promote our values and culture, we can refuse to buy or go to movies! We can boycott restaurants, concerts, sporting events and entire brands like nike, we can and do have massive power my people stop listening to that BS! They are brain washing you! get rid of that damn tv! And for Gods sake stop feeding the evil beasts! I'm not a very educated person but I'm not blind either. I see the writing on the wall and understand why so many of you feel powerless but its just not true, hitting them in the wallet hard is an effective strategy.

Jay in DC said...

I consider the reads of SBPDL to be of at least above average intelligence.

The fact that there is a "discussion" about a possible acquittal is absolutely fascinating to me. Knowing all that we know about BRA and the salient idea that "facts" are of no consequence in this society. Feelings rule above all else. Reality is easily twisted and bent as necessary for the desired outcome. 2+2 can always equal 5.

That fucking guy was tried and convincted LONG before the trial started. He WILL be charged with something. Because it is what the people want and with a jury of women he is going to burn for this.

Mystified... you all are funny sometimes.

Buckeyecopperhead said...

Lorraine, I think I love you LOL

Discard said...

Jay in D.C: You and I and a number of others were wrong. Halleluyah!

Mr. Rational said...

There are times when it's good to be wrong, but being a pessimist just to get the pleasant surprises seems like an over-reaction.