Friday, July 5, 2013

The Last Days of Disco

 Cancelled leave. All police officers were on duty.

Every one of them. 

 Ladies and gentlemen: this is how you achieve a peaceful Independence Day celebration in Baltimore.
All cops employed by the city of Baltimore were deployed on July 4th. Every last one.

 By saturating the entire city with every police officer, in an attempt to showcase the state still has the monopoly on violence in a metropolis overrun with black criminality [Baltimore Fourth of July to feature heavy police presence: All officers ordered to report, state law enforcement agencies coming in, Baltimore Sun, July 4, 2013]:
Baltimore police ordered every officer to work July 4 and will rely heavily on reinforcements from state law enforcement agencies, an effort intended to keep Inner Harbor visitors safe while maintaining a strong presence in areas besieged by recent violence.
The city has traditionally packed downtown with officers for Independence Day celebrations like the one planned for Thursday. But this year police are also stepping up their presence in neighborhoods across the city that have been rocked by more than 40 shootings and 16 homicides since June 21.
"The Inner Harbor is going to be safe on the Fourth of July," Lt. Col. Darryl DeSousa declared at a news conference.

DeSousa promised an "overflood" of officers downtown and said that all police districts would be at full strength, because the department has canceled leave for the holiday.
A visible army of city and state police, city sheriff's deputies and Maryland Transportation Authority Police officers will be posted downtown as about 200,000 people fill the Inner Harbor at dusk to watch fireworks burst over the water.
Revelers will see police on foot and on horseback, patrolling in cars and peering from helicopters. Undercover officers will mix with the throngs while investigators monitor multiple angles from overhead CitiWatch cameras and "surveillance" stages.
The Inner Harbor celebration runs from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. The fireworks display is scheduled for 9:30 p.m.
While city police have been grappling with a persistent deficit of officers due to retirements, defections and suspensions, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has made it clear to Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts that he has her "full support," mayoral spokesman Ryan O'Doherty said.
O'Doherty said police would have technological resources needed "to target repeat violent offenders, gangs, and illegal guns while keeping our streets — including downtown — safe." He noted that the CitiWatch camera network, which the mayor has expanded, acts as a "force multiplier" that helps officers with more eyes on the street.
As the city seeks to balance the needs of well-off enclaves with those of troubled neighborhoods, community leaders said the holiday represents one of the biggest tactical challenges Batts has faced since being hired last fall.
"This may be the real first test of whether downtown and uptown Baltimore is covered as well as all areas," said former Baltimore NAACP president Dr. Marvin L. "Doc" Cheatham Sr.
  But why would 'all areas' need to covered Mr. Former Baltimore NAACP president? Haven't colored people advanced the city of Baltimore to a point where police are unnecessary, a superfluous reminder of the discriminatory past?


Every officer had to be called to work on July 4, 2013 in Baltimore (imagine the overtime/holiday pay), because the threat of black violence was that great.

Meanwhile, the slow death of a great American city was accelerated on Independence Day 2013. [Teen fatally shot in crowd after Downtown fireworks; faith leader calls incident 'frightening, unsettling', Indy Star, July 5, 2013]:
The shooting death of a 16-year-old after Thursday’s Downtown fireworks has raised concern this morning among community leaders.
“It’s frightening and unsettling in that something like that could occur in the context of what has been a safe activity,” said the Rev. Charles Ellis, pastor at 25th Street Baptist Church and interim director of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition, a local outreach group trying to quell violence.
“The reality is until some of the really root problems are addressed,’’ Ellis said, “violence can continue to happen.”

According to Ellis, those issues include the state’s gun laws and the city’s rates of poverty and education.
Ellis said in these cases, the coalition is usually called to talk with family members or others involved and ease tensions in the community.
“We typically begin to find the person’s connections and try to stem the tide of retaliation,” he said.
While the shooting death was the first seen in Indianapolis this July, it follows a month where 16 people were killed -- and comes a week before thousands begin arriving Downtown for Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration.
IMPD Police Chief Rick Hite said this morning that police had no suspects and were investigating if the victim was targeted.
"It could have been a number of things," Hite said. "It could have been a shot at distance. It could have been random shots."
Hite said a large contingent of police were Downtown at the time of the shooting, trying to move crowds -- including large crowds of teens -- along as they do on most weekends.
"There were a lot of fireworks going off and a lot of people moving," Hite said. "Unfortunately we are entering different times where people bring weapons to a fireworks show."
"It was a great atmosphere, lots of families,’’ Hite said. "Parents should not let children who are incapable of being unsupervised roam downtown."
Hite said there were no immediate plans to change police strategy for this year’s Indiana Black Expo events.

A spokesman for Mayor Greg Ballard said city officials would be assessing the situation today.
While Ballard’s office is still waiting for additional details in the case before officially responding to it, spokesman Marc Lotter said the office will respond as more facts become available.
“Obviously, we’ll work with our community partners, including IMPD, to discuss what happened and the impact of the shooting,” he said this morning.
Earlier: Police report no suspects
Detectives continued to search for suspects today in the shooting death of a 16-year-old male late Thursday at the intersection of Maryland and Meridian streets.
The shooting, in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis, occurred as large crowds were still gathered after the annual 4th of July fireworks.
It happened shortly before 11:30 p.m., according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report. An ambulance took the victim to Wishard Memorial Hospital, where he later died. According to initial reports, the youth had been shot in the stomach.
The IMPD report indicated the victim is a 16-year-old male, but police have not released his name.
Prior to the shooting, the report states, police cleared the corner of Illinois and Maryland streets of 40 to 50 juveniles. The “crowd of juveniles” walked eastbound on Maryland, the report states, and a short time later police heard a gunshot.
Is there anything in life more feckless than a black 'community leader' or black 'faith leader' attempting to be a shepherd to their unruly, uncontrollable flock?

You could cancel leave for all police officers employed by the city of Indianapolis, and the same situation that flared up like a case of  herpes will strike again.


The threat of a war-zone requiring the deployment of all officers (and the cancellation of Independence Day leave).

It's not Islamic Fundamentalist engaged in some Holy War against the Great Satan that requires such a mass concentration of police to ensure some semblance of order; it's the Black Terror that has already claimed such cities as Birmingham and Detroit, New Orleans and Memphis.

With the threat of riots - in the acquittal of George Zimmerman - already an established reality (and on the police department of Sanford, Florida is preparing in earnest to combat), the instruments of our liberation reside in waiting.


And never yielding.

We still live in a world where the Kerner Commission dictates how we view black criminality (especially its origins).

But the music is starting to fade out.


Anonymous said... an attempt to showcase the state still has the monopoly on violence...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

...and comes a week before thousands begin arriving Downtown for Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration.

Thanks for the heads up/warning.

Jim said...

O.T. Worst case scenario:

Mandela dies and Zimmerman found not guilty on the same day.

Oh f**k me!

Anonymous said...

Ban Blacks.

OT, David Sher's blog The Comeback Town has scrubbed all dissenting opinion on Birmingham.


Anonymous said...

Distraction is the key. Have the city host a "Free KFC Party" at an enclosed stadium that can hold 50,000 people. Everyone wishing to attend must be present at 8:30 and the doors will be locked at that time until 10:30. All the blacks will run there to get their feed on and everyone else can go see the fireworks in safety and be out of the area before the Orcs are unleashed at 10:30.
That would probably be less expensive than having every cop in the city on duty with overtime.

Anonymous said...

The Peoples Republic of Santa Monica also used to have a problem with the wrong elements showing up for the Fourth of July fireworks at the pier and driving out the DWL's who make up the traditional core of the city. The biggest issue was that the black and hispanic gangs would show up for the same event and those folks do not do diversity too well. For several years the city fixed it by having the fireworks show before dawn instead of in the evening. That filters out people who are disinclined to be early risers but eventually they stopped having any fireworks at all on the 4th.

Anonymous said...

These "community leaders" continually have colorful excuses they use to explain mahogany criminality.

10mm AUTO said...

"There were a lot of fireworks going off and a lot of people moving," Hite said. "Unfortunately we are entering different times where people bring weapons to a fireworks show."

Not different times but different demographic. He speaks as though the miasma of the era determines murder, rape, sociopathic behavior. Blacks are not human, they are a species different, more different than a German Shepherd and a Hyena. We keep expecting White behaviors our of blacks and are shocked at the blank, evil and amused faces staring back at us from the police photos. White 16 year old boys don't go to 4th of July celebrations and shoot others. They go to steal a kiss with their girl, or set off the largest firecracker they can find, or impress the family with their athletic ability at the community three legged race.

If White children were to suddenly, really "act black" and go out shooting people, we determine them to be both sick and dangerous to the community and remove them because this behavior is wrong for the species.

But with blacks, the violence is all they know. Africa is a horror of death, evil treatment of the helpless, the young, women and Whites. Their genetic pattern has maintained this behavior in the black for the 400 years they have been here. Unless held down by the boot of slavery, blacks destroy themselves and their very destructive ways signals to Whites to leave so that they are not caught up in the horror.

This would not be happening if Whites had a Country of our Own.

Anonymous said...

The 16 y.o. thug killed in Indy was ghetto-named "Monquize". To whoever offed Mr. Monkeys, you saved the taxpayers millions.

rjp said...

From TrueNewsUSA: 4th of July CHICAGO BLACK VIOLENCE: AT LEAST 8 killed, more than 30 shot & wounded in holiday violence

Nonhumans said...

Somewhere, Some honest and intelligible people out there are making good decisions and plans based on their observations of TNB. The fact that certain city leaders (police chiefs, etc) beef up law enforcement efforts and manpower (much moreso than for white events or in areas of nearly total white occupation- ie. Nice Areas) when there is a planned event which will expect a high concentration of nonhumans speaks volumes.
Even though they do so without saying much about the why that it is policed a lot heavier, the fact remains.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop paying these f@cks to eat. I am finished. If you think black unemployment is bad now, just wait. Just wait.

countenance said...

There's a way for the cops to head off riots in Bell Curve City:

Sew discord and infighting within the ranks of Bellcurvius. IOW, get the ooks so mad at each other that when GZ is acquitted and/or Mandela kicks off, they'll explode but their inclination will be to bang each other, not us.

Jay Santos said...

Regarding PK's included video, is it even possible any longer, in any city, to have anything but a negro police chief? Do they make particularly effective police chiefs? It's kind of like using a wolf as a spokesman for PETA.

Anonymous said...

That filters out people who are disinclined to be early risers but eventually they stopped having any fireworks at all on the 4th.

I am in SM, we just had 7? killings.
Friday nite I heard BIG Fireworks, so the city may have set them off.
You are right that theres no 'big fireworks at the beach on the 4th..
the actual holiday.'
also other parts of greater LA stopped fireworks.

Anonymous said...

"Mandela dies..."

then wait 3 days - I think Mandela could be the other "come back kid"

Anonymous said...

In Indianapolis, little Monquize shot to death after the 4th of July fireworks outside guessed it, Circle Center Mall. These events are becoming increasingly predictable. Gather a group of black folk, somebody ends up dead.

Anonymous said...

If you ask the average gangbanging hoodrat they have no idea who Mandela is or could care less if he dies, but im sure Obama will push another black holiday through the sludge in comemorence of a racist murderer.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Geoge Zimmerman trial, in a real justice system the defense could rest its case after the prosecutions joke of evidence has been presented and be confident of an aquittal.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Vibrant diversity in the glorious gun free groidal grotto:


Imagine the deaths in Chicago if that city was NOT gun free.

Imagine Chicago if guns were legal. People would be shooing each other with guns.

Mr. Rational said...

“The reality is until some of the really root problems are addressed,’’ Ellis said, “violence can continue to happen.”

Indeed.  Send the Black people back to Africa and the mestizos back across the Rio Grande, and the problem will disappear.

Anonymous White Male said...

“The reality is until some of the really root problems are addressed,’’ Ellis said, “violence can continue to happen.”

Well, Alex Haley plagiarized enough to show what those "ROOT(s)" problems are. Negroes will be negroes. I think they currently prefer Ashcan Americans but we should start getting in the habit of referring to them by the next preferred euphemism for their inferior sub-species. "The Chosen people", "sons and daughters of jug ears", "sons and daughters of purple suction lips", or, possibly "chocolate fecal droppings".

Anonymous said...

“The reality is until some of the really root problems are addressed,’’ Ellis said, “violence can continue to happen.”

The reality is that Negroes do not belong in Western Civilization. As Paul states, "Freedom failed." Freedom fails because Negroes can not control themselves and they refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

That is the root problem. It can only be addressed through negro removal.

Dieter said...

I visit this sight a lot and think it has some great posts but the solving of the problem is obvious.We have a lot of well trained whites coming back from Iraq and the the Stan.Put them into homeland security and station them in all these groid infested places with full power to solve the problem by any means.They should have their own set of rules of engagement.They would be quite effective.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted at July 5, 2013 at 9:19 AM

Yes, the KFC idea would work, but I'd throw a wrench in the mix.

I'd only supply enough food for 40,000, and tell the other 10,000 that many of the first 40K took more than their fair share.
Imagine the fireworks that would fly!

-Tim from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Poverty pimps one and all. No one wants to admit that theses young males fo not want education or jobs.
The live on base instincts. If only they had better aim

Anonymous said...

"Defections?" Does the brain dead black reporte actually think Baltimore police officers went to Russia or China?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9:19 -

That's a good idea, even if just for a laugh. Someone with graphic design skills (and the use of professional-grade printing equipment) should make up a sign containing a too-good-to-be-true list of things negroes like, with a time and place it's happening. Imagine ...



Then hide in the parking lot across the street. And film it. Hee hee.

Californian said...

In the 1989 "Batman" movie (Keaton, Nicholson), Gotham City must cancel its great festival because of the threat of organized crime. This was shown to be emblematic of evil--politicians of a disintegrating city knuckling under to the threat of violence. Of course, Batman comes in at the end to save the day. I was thinking of that when reading this passage:

The biggest issue was that the black and hispanic gangs would show up for the same event and those folks do not do diversity too well. For several years the city [Santa Monica] fixed it by having the fireworks show before dawn instead of in the evening. That filters out people who are disinclined to be early risers but eventually they stopped having any fireworks at all on the 4th.

Sort of like bands of barbarians infiltrating into the city gates and taking over the forum. Seriously. The symbolism here should not be missed. First, the city dwellers must rearrange their schedule to avoid the migrating warrior bands. And then they must surrender their own festivals because of the threat of violence. The Fourth of July, no less.

Of course, the city standing and fighting the invaders would be out of the question. It all goes to show how the Homeland is entering a period of decadence.

Anonymous said...


Pick two

Anonymous said...

This is a tragedy? Why, are we short of niggers?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't believe they brought st. Trayvawn's mom to the wtf did she witness? Absolutely NOTHING yet she gets to bleat and ook and eek as if she was right thurr on the scene

Anonymous said...

GREAT IDEA ! it would not be difficult at all to do this type of stuff everywhere.The imagination is the limit...Pranks like this that would showcase the greed and gullibility of nigs would be wonderful comic relief and who knows? Nothing else is helping! Just keep it simple and let them do the rest. GENIUS ! Richard Cranium

William Wallace said...

Evolutionary Science may provide us a clue as to why Blacks cannot behave:
In Europe, the evolutionary push for tens of thousands of years was toward cooperation and innovation... or else the Tribe dies out.
At the same time, the evolutionary push in Sub-Saharan Africa was to "breed and conserve energy", or else the Tribe dies out.
Juxtaposed; the result of one against the other, the contrast is startling... and yet demonstrably real.
Fight back.
It is time.
We will not be pushed into extinction.