Thursday, July 11, 2013

Battle Indianapolis: Homeland Security, IMPD Prepare for the 'Cultural Enrichment' of Hurricane Indiana Black Expo

No matter the violence, the Indianapolis Black Expo is too black to cancel.

We learned this in 2011, when the erection of a police state (one Indy Star black columnist compared downtown Indianapolis to a city under martial law) ensured a somewhat peaceful black expo.

Now, with violence in the black community reaching unprecedented levels in Indy, the fear the 2013 Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis could turn into a large-scale version of the 2007 Juneteenth Celebration is Milwaukee has compelled the IMPD to consult with the Department of Homeland Security.

Wait a second: didn't it take a hurricane in 2005 (Katrina, for those wondering) to bring about societal collapse for the roughly 80,000 black people left in New Orleans, or was it black people who brought about societal/civilizational collapse in post-Katrina New Orleans? 

With the news Homeland Security must consult with the IMPD before the start of the 2013 Indiana Black Expo (with the hopes such emergency preparations will keep the peace), we can finally end the debate on the true source of anarchy during Hurricane Katrina. 
The actions necessary to ensure safety and peace at the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis before it starts  puts the reaction by black people left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans into perspective...

Yes, Hurricane Indiana Black Expo is headed straight-toward downtown Indianapolis, and no, you can't think about canceling the event [IMPD to mount portable lights Downtown, warn gang members to ensure safety at Black Expo, Indy Star, July 11, 2013]:
 Indianapolis police officials said Wednesday that they plan to mount portable lights Downtown and send personal warnings to gang members to ensure safety at the height of the upcoming Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration. 
The security measures, among others, are similar to those that proved effective in other big Downtown events, officials said, including Expo during the past two years and Super Bowl week in 2012. 
IMPD and Homeland Security officials discussed the plans in interviews earlier Wednesday, in the wake of a violent week in Indianapolis that left five people dead, one of them in a shooting after the July 4 fireworks as thousands gathered Downtown. Officials of IMPD and Indiana Black Expo also discussed the plans during a news conference Wednesday afternoon. 
This year’s Summer Celebration will kick off at 7 tonight with an ecumenical service at Light of the World Christian Church on Michigan Road. 
Events will continue through next weekend, with many events at the Indianapolis Convention Center. The highest level of security will be July 19-20, the final Friday and Saturday night of the celebration, when most people attend events Downtown. 
“Several hundred” police officers will be Downtown along with hundreds of volunteers to help the event run smoothly, said Indianapolis Homeland Security Chief Gary Coons. Officers will be instructed to “engage” large crowds rather than order them around, a strategy that helped last year’s celebration go off without incident, Coons said. 
“Our focus will be on crowd management, not crowd control,” Coons said. Mounted police, motorcycle units, undercover officers and officers on bicycles will be stationed Downtown. Michael Bates, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department deputy chief, said police will provide additional lighting for Downtown areas that are relatively dark, mostly on the east side of Downtown and on Maryland Street. 
In addition, he said, police will visit the homes of about 15 to 20 known gang members or troublemakers to warn them against causing problems if they attend Expo. “We tell them we know who they are and what they look like, so we’ll be having our eyes on them,” Bates said. IMPD also will send out Twitter alerts about traffic and other problems. 
In addition, about 75 surveillance cameras will provide live feeds to a command van Downtown. Many of the security elements were in place last year at Expo and at the 2012 Super Bowl, with just a few “wrinkles” being added, Bates said. 
“We like to stay with what works, and last year’s Expo was very successful,” Bates said. Twenty-one people have been fatally shot in Indianapolis since June 1. But the jump in homicides won’t change the plans of Black Expo officials. Black Expo President Tanya Bell said no connection should be made between those shootings and potential violence at Expo. 
“We strongly object to the notion that every act of youth violence in the city brings into question the safety of Summer Celebration,” she said in a statement to The Star.
Every act of "youth" violence in Indianapolis is an action by an individual black person (in many cases: a Mahogany Mob) that, collectively, aggregates to quite the powerful statement as to the bellicose nature of the black community.

Unlike an actual hurricane, the city leaders of Indianapolis could easily cancel this event. The Indiana Black Expo could find Gary, Indiana a willing host for the event, considering a 365Black mentality has been found there since the election of Gary Hatcher in 1967.

Seriously: why is the Indiana Black Expo not held in Gary?

It's a city whose political and economic leadership over the past 45 years has come directly from the black community, and the state of the Gary in 2013 is directly correlated to this awesome fact no text book or school would dare celebrate during February's Black History ...

One day, Americans are going to strongly object to what black people have done to our nation (indeed, Fox News stalwart Bill O'Reilly just laid down the gauntlet).

Detroit is dead.

Baltimore is dead.

Memphis is dead.

Any part of Metro Atlanta devoid of a significant white population (i.e. tax base) is dead.

Birmingham is dead.

And Gary, Indiana, a city that plays host to an exposition of black cultural and political leadership on a 365Black basis, is dead.

That the Indiana Black Expo can't be cancelled - even though the enormous cost to the city just to patrol the event and maintain some level of peace is passed on to the white tax-payers of the city - is the clearest indicator about why America is no longer a first world nation.

Too Black to Fail.


San Mack said...

The dying cities will die faster very soon.

If Zimmerman is convicted, Whites will get the message that they can't defend themselves without putting themselves in legal jeopardy. The smart ones will move away from Blacks to avoid crime and the risk of arrest for defending themselves.

If Zimmerman is acquitted, Blacks will lose it and attack Whites indiscriminately, chasing them away or killing them.

We have GOT to stop subsidizing and preserving pathology. We are getting more and more of it, and it is demanding more and more resources as it destroys our society.

Denny said...

And just think what will happen if Zimmerman is acquitted during the Black Expo. You'll see a huge "black hurricane" and it won't be pretty.

robins111 said...

I went to Indy about 20 years ago to a firefighters conference.. after a gap, I returned about 4 years ago.. the place degraded like an apple in the sun..

Jassi said...

Yesterday I saw a New Black Israelite walking through downtown Minneapolis cussing up a storm about God knows what. You can add my city to the list of the dead or at least dying.

pat said...

This is just another indication that the Fourteenth Amendment will need to be repealed.

It is illogical to treat black people the same ways as we treat white or Asian people.

Xerxes after the sea had washed out his bridge across the Hellespont ordered his men to flog the sea. That was a long time ago. We think nowadays that Xerxes was a fool. More recently all right thinking people have criticized those who beat dead horses or even live horses. We think they are both fools and villains. The history of these matters is that we make finer and finer distinctions as science advances and evidence accumulates. We no longer think it's appropriate to beat inanimate objects, dead creatures, or unthinking animals.

We used to hang children for petty theft too.

We still treat all people in law as the same even though we know that some people are very different in their inherent propensity to commit crime. I think that too must change. Law or even the Constitution can't forever resist the accumulating evidence that the races are different in important respects.


10mm AUTO said...

Hey, this is just the same as an Amish Barn Raising or a Octoberfest Celebration or a St. Patrick's Day Bar festival.

Right? Interesting that the city targets 15 or 20 known "troublemakers". You think they are White?

What makes the city think black celebrations will be any different? After all: (list of top 10 liberal racial slogans follows)

10. We all bleed red!

9. We are all part of the same race, the human race. Except for Whites, they don't have a race.

8. Race is only a social construct.

7. The only difference between races is skin color.

6. "All men are created equal", so shut up.

5. Only whites can be racist.

4. Blacks suffer from da terble, terble legcy ob da slabery.

3. It is all part of European Colonialism.

2. Reporting facts only reinforces stereotypes and hate, so shut up.

1. Diversity is our Strength!

This has been you liberal talking points min for today.


Too black to fail.

Too black to achieve

Too black to succeed

Too black to survive

Too black to live

Reverend Bacon said...

The perfect storm of a heat wave, a not guilty verdict, and this festival could ignite the entire country.

It's hot here in the Mid-Atlantic region too.

Be careful out there.


I want to attend the Indiana White Expo. Can any of you tell me what the dates are?

If I called the City Council or contacted the Chief of Police in Indianapolis, would they provide me the dates?

I wish to celebrate my community.

Anonymous said...

Even if costs more for security than those generous meal tippers the blacks bring in for black expo it will continue. The reality of the black hand of economics will be ignored but not the consequences.

Off topic-lawmaker in the glorious people's republik of chicongo demands national guard patrol the streets to curb gun violence:

But libtards said gun control is the cure all that works for everyone since we are all the same in the precious equalocracy (?)

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Northern Indiana:

Token Cracker in Bellcurvia on the Lake said...

Off topic-lawmaker in the glorious people's republik of chicongo demands national guard patrol the streets to curb gun violence:

And if and when the National Guard were to be sent in to this craphole of a failed city, I can hear Mayor Tiny and the Revruns and the groid alderthugs cry "Racial profiling!!! You be harassins the black man!! Dat's da'scrim'nashun!!!"


All men are created equal.

From a slave owner. So, if you believe that sentence then we must accept slavery since the SAME man did both.

bubo said...

Besides the ability to thrive in chaos that would drive any other race insane, what exactly have blacks accomplished in their history to warrant any sort of expo?

Anonymous said...

In Gary, Indiana they have a minor league baseball team, the Railcats, and the stadium is right downtown. It is a nice place, but it is located in the rectum of Indiana. When there is a home game, they have a large police presence all around the stadium and parking lots. They have to.

There is a restaurant right next to the stadium. It is closed now. Probably because the locals didn't support it. Knowutimzayin.

PK, if you have some spare time you should look into the boondoggle called the Gary Aiport, or whatever it is called this week. The taxpayers are paying tens of millions of dollars on an airport that no air carrier wants to use.


America is becoming a nightmare

Californian said...

Well, once again I will comment on the paramilitary measures needed to ensure security at these events. It's like something in Iraq, though at least the US was able to restore a modicum of order in that country.

Off topic-lawmaker in the glorious people's republik of chicongo demands national guard patrol the streets to curb gun violence:

So let's see: we've had a civil rights revolution and a war on poverty and AA and minorities-only everything and a war on drugs and gun control and positive role models all over the telescreen and a Department of Homeland Security--and now we have demands for the national militia to patrol the streets of what was once America's second city.

Life in BRA.

Anonymous said...

What I got a 'Kick' out of was the
'why are there no upscale restaurants
in upscale Black neighborhoods'?

why...blacks dont tip.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic here but driving around the outskirts of Indy will show many people pan handling. Mostly this is in close proximity to interastates. Sad thing is these people are white 90% of the time. I wonder why you don't she sheniqua out with a card board sign? Oh I forgot, foodstamps and section 8 vouchers take care if that.

Anonymous said...

4th of July shooting, Indianapolis, suspect arrested:

Black male, 18.

So CAL Snowman said...

"Several hundred” police officers will be Downtown along with hundreds of volunteers to help the event run smoothly, said Indianapolis Homeland Security Chief Gary Coons."

If Constructive Douchebag or any other african apologist is reading this, I have a question for you. If black people are just as law abiding and civil as the White man, WHY does the city of Indianapolis require such a large police presence for this event? Why does Indianapolis have to deploy a small army to make sure that the peace is kept when large numbers of blacks congregate in one area? Personally I am surprised that Obama, Sharpton, Holder and Co. aren't screaming their heads off at the "implied racism" at work here. In the past I have attended the Comic-Con in San Diego, a four day event, with average annual attendance of approximately 130,000 people (mostly White and Asian). Yet despite the huge numbers of attendees, there is no need for hundreds of police officers, surveillance cameras, gang task force officers and massive amounts of portable lighting. Obviously the STATE understands that there are racial differences between blacks and the rest of humanity. It's pretty funny that the STATE cannot come out and proclaim, "blacks are dangerous, we need more security" but their actions speak far louder than their words ever could.

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

As a fellow Minnesotan, it saddens me to have witnessed the decay, in the last 40+ years of the great city Minneapolis. Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

Great post SoCal, it really is funny how that works. Even the blind can SEE how ridiculous the hypocrisy is. Just like the Urban Beach Week in Miami, or the one in Va Beach. Wasting YT's tax $$ to boot...

WE ARE NOT THE SAME, plain and simple. Be prepared everyone, could be a rough week ahead.

Proud in NC

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Indy and in the burbs surrounding it for almost 20 years.

The things I can tell you about this place, let alone about black expo would BLOW YOUR MIND.

Saying Indy is a shithole now is putting it absolutely mildly.

The fact that white people have been moving out from within the beltway (I-465) to the burbs outside of marion county is VERY NOTICEABLE.

Moving out of the beltway to a burb town like greenwood, plainfield, avon, and greenfield USED to be enough....NOT ANY MORE.

In order to insure that you can buy a house that won't be overrun by the black/Mexican menace within 10-20 years, you LITERALLY have to move 30-40 minutes OUTSIDE of marion county.

Otherwise, anything within 5 minutes outside the beltway, like the towns I mentioned above, is QUICKLY turning into the same shithole indy is now.

I remember 10 years ago when you NEVER seen blacks in greenwood....but NOW,'s gotten REAL bad....almost as bad as speedway, beechgrove, and the pyramids area on the northwest side north of 71st.

I move out here in 93', when I was a 19, and I made the mistake of going to Lafayette square mall just to get out and do something.

To say I was the ONLY white person there was an absolute understatement.

Living in indy has proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the easiest way to judge how bad an area is, is by looking at the mall(s).

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered that myself.Recently I saw some graffiti on a wall that said 'black and proud'... Someone wrote underneath it 'of what? '! They are proud as peacocks,pompous asses all ! White people as a big group need to start carrying guns and if necessary use them.At this point absolutely nothing else will work.We've tried bribery,rewarding bad behavior,appeals to decency,etc.Forget it.They just cannot do it.All the wishing in the world won't change anything. Richard Cranium

D-FENS said...

Paul, our friend Jackson, MS Mayor Chokwe Lumbaba is in the news again. It seems that he considers a private citizen (White) who takes it upon himself to fill the potholes that the city refuses to fix as 'dissing him.

D-FENS said...

Is the DOJ promoting Zimmerman riots?

10mm AUTO said...

Comic-Con vs Black-Expo

Comic-con average I.Q. 120+
Heroes: Kirk, Spock, MasterChief, Dragonborn, Larry Nieven, Freeman Dyson.

Black-Expo average I.Q. <93
Heroes: ICE-T, Django, Al Sharpton, Obama

Comic-Con motto: "To Boldly Go Where no Man has Gone Before!

Black-Expo motto: If da White man don't hire us, it bez Racist!

Most famous Scientist I met at Comic-Con: Freeman Dyson (!)

Most famous person I met at Black-Expo: Are you kidding!

What I would most like to do at Comic-Con: Pose with Will Shatner on the mockup of the old Enterprise.

What I would most like to do at Black-Expo: Hand out a flyer announcing that Jorge Zimmerman would be signing autographs in the parking lot just to watch the Chimpout.

rjp said...

In addition, he said, police will visit the homes of about 15 to 20 known gang members or troublemakers to warn them against causing problems if they attend Expo.

I am sure that will work.

Seriously: why is the Indiana Black Expo not held in Gary?

No convention center large enough to accommodate all the Chicago negroes that would end up going for the "festivities".

Anonymous said...

hehe, hey D-Fens: Is the DOJ promoting Zimmerman riots?

Anonymous said...

Raised in Indy, lived in Chicagoland for twenty years/ back in Indy reporting:

Chicago lost 17% of its black population in the last 2000-2010 period census. My hunch is that Chicago/Cook County's boom Hispanic population is displacing blacks to northwest Indiana, Southeastern Wisconsin and Indianapolis.


Indiana’s African-American population climbed to a record 654,415; a gain of 20.7% or 112,369.

Fully 27.9% of Indiana’s total population growth of 403,317 during the decade came from African-Americans.

In Indianapolis/Marion County, another record was set as the Black population rose to 256,418; a gain of 19.1% or 41,164. A gain that alone would’ve been responsible for all the city/county’s population growth.

Total Indianapolis population climbed 5.0% to a record 903,393.

Indianapolis has lots of apartment complexes that have been bought up by out of state investors and converted in mass to Section 8 qualified. This was a move spearheaded by former Democratic Mayor Bart Peterson along with cheap labor Republicans. The same cheap votes(Democrat) + cheap labor(Chamber of Commerce/Bush/NeoCon Republican) coalition that has been wrecking the country with Open Borders.

Rest assured Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago will try to do everything possible just like New York and Wash DC, to continue to export his city's feral black population to Wisconsin and Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Black Expo story on WND: Colin Flaherty

Bogolyubski said...

D-FENS notes:

Paul, our friend Jackson, MS Mayor Chokwe Lumbaba is in the news again. It seems that he considers a private citizen (White) who takes it upon himself to fill the potholes that the city refuses to fix as 'dissing him.

Pharoah Chokwe is right here (though he's far too stupid to realize it, or why). The white citizen is a damned fool. This may sound surprising coming from yours truly but there's a deeper point to be made. YT has to stop believing in the system. The system is utterly, totally, completely rigged by the squid overlords. There is no free market, there are no free elections, there is no peaceful avenue to bring about change. Change will come about only in the wake of a total collapse of the system, which is why the only thing YT can do in reality are those things which will bring about the collapse faster, because a faster uncontrolled collapse will be far more survivable in the long term than the controlled collapse squid-central is betting on. (See South Africa for details).

D-FENS said...

The URL for the Negro Expo reflects its ebonic origin "I be online":

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! 10MM epic win comment is full of epic win.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon near you (?):

Anonymous said...

Brilliant vibrancy robs gas station after filling out job application:

Anonymous said...


As we've seen, Paul Dean has been utterly destroyed by progressives/BRA (and to their joyous delight) for saying the "N-word" some thirty years ago.

Conclusion: "race relations" (a magical yardstick of negro victimology invented to perpetuate BRA) in America are worse than ever, not better. The message is clear: one slip of the tongue, and they will destroy you. And now, with Zimmerman, they seek to extend the concept to non-verbal acts of communication, such as self defense against black thugs.

I'm sure someone else can articulate it better, but what struck me was the clear relationship between these two events as revealing a strategy against white speech, white acts, and ultimately, white thought.

Just a thought by a white guy.


Anonymous said...

Africanized killer bees are more "sensitive" and prone to launch attacks. They attack in packs. Killer bees invade and take over the hives of regular bees. African killer bees were imported to the new world to increase production of a commodity. It's difficult to tell the killer bees from the regular honeybee.
Hmmm. Blacks are also hyper sensitive and prone to launch attacks, attack in packs (flash mobs),invade and take over areas and destroy them. Were imported to increase production of a commodity.
At least blacks are color coded and can be spotted easily. However, unlike honeybees (africanized or otherwise), these "bees" generally don't work and produce anything of value to anyone else.
Now if we could only have a Colony Collapse Disorder that only affected blacks and caused their heads to fall off.
Either that or we need a Pest Control Company that will come in and destroy the hive to eliminate the dangers associated with it's existence. Unfortunately, the Government is feeding and breeding them and assisting in assuring that they spread everywhere.
Importing the African and the African killer bee were both massive fails for the New World.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

The 6 jurors in the G. Zimmerman trial are all females, 5 white, one unreported, therefore I must assume her to be, a Negress.

I'm not scholarly on legal maters, however, from what I've gleaned and garnered my entire life the Negress will vote in accordance of what is right for the Negro nation, a huge single tribe, 40 million strong, of American Negros.

As an example, the farther of Trayvon admitted to the cops, shortly after the incident, but before the Negro lawyer Crump came to aid the Negros, one and all, that the voice was not that of his son. After the Negro lawyer Crump came the father could no longer be sure.

The mother did not experience that problem as she was not asked until after Crump came to their aid. She of course has adamantly stated it was her son crying out for help.

I find the Negro voice totally distinguishable from white or Mongoloid Amerindians, but apparently they, the legal personal can't. How about a voice expert then?

A picture of both mothers, each claimed the voice crying out for help to be their sons voice, on the witness stand told a huge tale, a tale that said the mother Negress was lying, while George's mother looked quit genuine.

By the way, the mother Negress seems to me to be doing her Negro duty, first and foremost for her own monetary gain. Geesch, what a creep?

The state has committed apostasy to our legal system. This is no longer simply about the George/Trayvon affair, but America as a culture, and we whites and our integrity, and our very soul.

Unfortunately, white liberals are in control and giving the orders. This bonified injustice was their brainchild creation right out of their liberal ideology game plan.

Non-liberal whites must, in my opinion, begin thinking and talking about a new game plan, the old one is not working. We are going down just like the Titanic.

I wonder how long people pretended to themselves that the Titanic was not sinking before they accepted the horrible truth of the matter.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting America the Titanic, and they have hit us portside.

Good Lord almighty, our gene pool/race/culture and lands are in jeopardy.

Secession. Thank you.


Remember, Expos and such cause blacks to shoot each other.

Apartments cause blacks to live in squalor

Presence of White people causes blacks to drop out of school.

Lack of White people causes blacks to drop out of school.

Weather causes blacks to riot.


Remember, Expos and such cause blacks to shoot each other.

Apartments cause blacks to live in squalor

Presence of White people causes blacks to drop out of school.

Lack of White people causes blacks to drop out of school.

Weather causes blacks to riot.


I attend many conventions for my field. I even attended what is rated as the 3rd largest convention that Vegas puts on. (No, not sex toys).

There is never a problem. But then 99% of the attendees are WHITE men and women.

There is no need for police, dogs, cameras, etc.

I want all blacks deported since I want a sane and safe nation and blacks make this impossible.

Jim said...


My take on the concern that the Black will "take over". Although, it may seem he is running the show, here is the bottom line.

Since the beginning od mankind, whoever has the most power wins. Not political power, but raw power. That power is certainly not found in the inner cities.

All of our elite military forces are filled with "good ole boys". Same with most Federal, State and local LEA's.

A sleeping giant is in the process of being awakened.

To quote George W. "if you're not with us, you're against us".

Stay safe, don't worry, be happy.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful that I live in a nearly homogeneous area. We are miles from any concentrated population of blacks, and that does not consist of many blacks. They're truly the minority here.

It will be interesting to see if they try to kick up some sh1t anyway, knowing that a lot of the whites here are clueless as to the nature of the beast. The people here are having their eyes opened, however, as they see how crime has exploded with their small presence.

I don't think the oar tuggers will try anything here, the more I think about it. They know they're outgunned. And actually, the police here aren't letting the shines slide; our county jail is full of them.

I know there are plenty of people out there that probably do not like Christians, but hey, we're not all stupid or gullible just because of our beliefs. So forgive if this offends anyone, but I am praying for you all that are not as lucky as me in regards to proximity to the savages.

Anonymous said...

So there's a 10K in Washington DC on Sunday. I'm slated to take the Metro in tomorrow to get my bib, and then again on Sunday to run the actual race. Wondering if it's gonna get stupid and violent...

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Katrina was to New Orleans what Hurricane China is going to be to the U.S.

Germany, Canada, Australia ect. will be hit hard as well, but their levees and flood walls are made of high quality White material with an admixture of premium North East Asian.
The U.S. levee system is undermined by a very heavy dose of inferior brown and black junk.

Better plan ahead.

Reverend Bacon said...

"Why no upscale restaurants in Black neighborhoods? Blacks don't tip."

This may be true, but I don't think that's all of it. If it were, one could raise prices by 18%, announce a "no tipping" policy, and pay your servers 18% commission regardless.

No, my friend, I think the answer to your question is related to "why are there no pawn shops in nice neighborhoods?" Check Cashing? etc.

I wonder if restaurants are allowed to accept EBT?

Jay Santos said...

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...
The 6 jurors in the G. Zimmerman trial are all females, 5 white, one unreported, therefore I must assume her to be, a Negress.

She is reported as "hispanic". It was also reported that she pretty well did not look at the prosecutor during his closing arguments.

Anonymous said...

Commander, back on recon and found this:

FSR said...

Paul, thought you might be interested in this article by the insane white-guilt-ridden "progressive" libtards over at Salon:

"White People Killed Detroit"

Anonymous said...


Black Panthers bussing thousands to Florida:

Sheila said...

Paul - this was a phenomenal post-chock full of perfect, pithy, and clever statements about BRA. I truly enjoy reading you now more than ever.

This is also an amazing comment thread. FWIW, I no longer look at Amren because I find most of the comments there ignorant/semiliterate at best. So many here SPARKLE! Seriously - let me single out for praise (out of an all-over top of the line thread) -

10MM Auto - your list at 11:15AM is spot on.

Pat/Albertosaurus - cogent and logical explanation of what a rational people and nation would/should do (and thus Amurrica won't).

SoCalSnowman - excellent point that state preparations, since they entail the need for massive preventative force as a result of logical thought and planning based on facts and rational generalizations - must, therefore, "be rayciss."

bogolyubski: As always, spot-on re the root causes and truths that too many (even a few here) don't want to acknowledge: every aspect of the "system" is rigged against Whites. Add to that a huge number of White "sheeple" and the constant need to think counter-intuitively - to actively combat one's inclination (natural and taught)to expect historical/rational actions and responses from the the government - and you have too much false hope and too little planning for the worst.

Anon (whether one or many) - 7:54 11 July about "successful" cities/areas being such because they actively export their black population (coming soon, to a neighborhood near you!).

. . . at 7:54 12 July re hurricane Katrina and "hurricane China."

. . . at 3:24 12 July - LOVE the killer bees simile.

Thank you ALL, for an educational and enjoyable morning's reading!

Californian said...

Anon said...Black Expo story on WND: Colin Flaherty

So there were 300 cops on the street? This is the rifle strength of a small infantry battalion. And still they could not keep order.

And at a Black Expo where you'd think there would be a modicum of pride. Instead, you get mob rule. How does this bode for a real riot with agitators and people looking for an "uprising" against The Man?

But...maybe we are being unfair here. It'd be interesting to survey all similar events in the Homeland and see how many end up with violence.

"Looking over one of the worst crimes scenes in the history of downtown Indianapolis, state trooper Rod Russell was sad.

“It’s just a few people who make it bad for everyone,” Russell said.

But the “few” were thousands of blacks who roamed the streets of downtown in the aftermath of an Indianapolis Black Expo marred by fighting, vandalizing, assaulting and even shooting. Lots of shooting. Ten people were taken to local hospitals with bullet wounds.

“Why did we find an AK-47 in the back of someone’s car,” asked Frank Straub, director of public safety, about the 2010 rampage. No one knew, other than the fact the violence is a tradition at the annual event – despite 300 police officers on the street to stop it."

I don't think it was the AK in the trunk that caused the violence. It was the "youth" in the streets. As for "violence being a tradition"...says something, doesn't it? Another scheduled expo event. A tradition. With shootings. Just part of the lifestyle.

We're not talking about hepped up sports fans overturning cars in a moment of triumph. These events are becoming low level insurgent warfare. You gather the warrior band, create a collective consciousness, then take it to the streets. i.e., the sort of thing which, if whites were to do it, would be called a "lynch mob" ... though I'd venture to say that most lynch mobs kept the shootings to a minimum.

For BRA, it's part of tradition.

Nothing to see folks.

Move along.

Big Bear said...

Anonymous said...
Coming soon near you (?):

July 11, 2013 at 9:07 PM

This would be a welcome addition to the Redoubt, especially if western Nebraska joins in.

FSR said...

Sometime during the day Salon got a lot of criticism in the comments for the title of their article "White People Killed Detroit", which I linked to above, and they have now changed the title to "Who Killed Detroit?". What scum.

AnalogMan said...

Sheila @ 10:01 -

Good to see you back, too. I was afraid we'd lost you.

Anonymous said...

Big Bear:

Good to see someone finally mention the American Redoubt here. For those seeking to get away from the imposed diversity our ruling elitist class would foist upon us, do a search using anything other than Yahoo or Google on the American Redoubt. I am making my plans for moving to Wyoming/Montana area in the next 3-5 years. Just hoping things hold on long enough for me to get there before the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

There's GOTTA be a way ! Just getting them to stop breeding would help tremendously! 1000$ for a tubal ligation/vasectomy ,50K$ to leave the country permanently! Red Sector A

Anonymous said...

Seriously: why is the Indiana Black Expo not held in Gary?

Simple: Nobody would give a damn.

jazzhatter said...

White expo has always been held in August I believe it is August

Do you think blacks will lose it like the whites did when OJ was acquitted???

The days of KKK mentality is just under the guise of a different mask!