Saturday, July 13, 2013

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a white face - forever."

Peter Bradley wrote a fine review of The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013 over VDare. If you haven't had a chance to read the review, do so before taking a look at the latest news out of a 74 percent black city celebrating 50 years since black people were "liberated."
Oh yes, Coca-Cola has a bottle celebrating 50 Years Forward... the true emancipation of blacks in the victory of Birmingham, allowing a black-run city government to discriminate against whites at every turn

And by "liberated," we mean the ability the unfettered ability to legally discriminate against the sons and daughters of their vanquished white foes [Another Birmingham employee alleges racism at City Hall, seeks federal intervention, The Birmingham News, July 10, 2013]:
Another longtime Birmingham city employee has filed a federal charge of discrimination alleging racism, professional humiliation and retaliation within Mayor William Bell's administration.
An EEOC charge is the first step before an individual may file a federal discrimination lawsuit.
In the charge sent to the Equal Opportunity Commission today, Charles Yates, a supervisor in the Public Works Department, says his problems began when Bell took office.
Yates, who is white, claims he was forced to take a lower-paying position and demeaned, including being told to stay out of City Hall or take a service elevator when in the building.
"Within days, my supervisor Adlai Trone, Director of Public Works, informed me that Chief of Operations (Jarvis)Patton issued a directive forbidding me to appear in City Hall for any reason," Yates' complaint alleges. "I was instructed that should I be called to City Hall, I was to arrange for one of my subordinate supervisors to handle the call. Approximately two weeks later, Public Works Director Trone reminded me again that the Mayor's Office did not want to see my face at City Hall."
Yates alleges his treatment further deteriorated when he spoke out against racism at the city, specifically regarding long-time city accountant Virginia Spidle who waged a protracted legal battle with the city to keep her job.
Spidle won her appeal to regain her job and now has a pending federal discrimination lawsuit against the city.
"While I am not a plaintiff in the Spidle litigation, I did assist and actively participate in this litigation by reporting similar acts of racial discrimination to which I had been subjected during the same time period (2010-2013)," Yates wrote in his complaint. "The discrimination that I endured was hurtful and took a toll on my health over the years."
Spidle was fired twice on allegations of racism and incompetence. She won her job back, then in January slapped the city with a federal lawsuit saying it was Bell's administration that was the true perpetrator of racial discrimination.
Spidle's lawsuit alleges that the city has a pattern of discrimination and retaliation against white employees.
The city normally does not comment on pending litigation.
Efforts to reach Chuck Faush, Bell's chief of staff, city attorney Thomas Bentley and Chief of Operations Jarvis Patton about the latest legal action from Yates were unsuccessful. Calls and messages to Patton and Faush were not returned. 

Yates' attorney, Gayle Gear, is the same lawyer representing Spidle in her legal saga with the city.
"We are asking the EEOC to conduct an onsite investigation of the employment practices described in this charge," Gear said in an interview with AL.Com/The Birmingham News. "We believe the city has violated the anti-retaliation provision of federal law."
Yates was a key worker in building the city's traveling 1963 civil rights exhibit on tour this year. And while the exhibit was designed to show a contrast of Birmingham's past to its progressive present, Yates' complaint paints a different picture inside City Hall.
"Our Birmingham history conveys important lessons, not the least of which is that people should not be judged by the color of their skin," Yates wrote in his complaint.
"Our 50 of progress is based on this important lesson. It is because of this, I felt an obligation to assist in the legal process designed to remedy discriminatory employment practices."
From July 2010 until May 2013 Yates was the city's facility manager responsible for overseeing repairs and maintenance at all City properties, including Crossplex, Legion Field and park and recreation buildings.
Yates said he was treated fairly under former Mayors Richard Arrington, Bernard Kincaid and Larry Langford, but things changed dramatically under the Bell administration. That includes an alleged meeting where he was intimidated by Patton and other senior city officials.
"Patton questioned me about allegations in the Spidle complaint that were attributed to me though my name was not mentioned in the complaint. Patton repeatedly asked me to concede that he had treated me 'right.' This I could not do and would not do. Indeed Patton knew full well that it was contrary to what I revealed in the Spidle complaint," Yates wrote in the complaint.
Yates said he gave up his appointed management position and instead sought a civil service position after he was stripped of his responsibilities. He feared being fired otherwise.
Yates describes eventually standing up for his own civil rights after longtime mistreatment, telling Bell that he would no longer use the back elevator or hide his presence at City Hall.
He said Patton offered to allow him back into senior management, but he declined, no longer trusting the administration and preferring to remain under the protection of the Jefferson County Personnel Board.
"I continue to worry that my job is in jeopardy for having revealed in Spidle's federal discrimination suit the mistreatment that I had endured over the years," he wrote.
Gear said it was sad irony that Yates supervised a project commemorating the fight for civil rights and equal opportunities, but was himself the victim of mistreatment based on race.
"Sadly, the actions engaged in by city leaders jeopardize the progress made by our good citizens over the past 50 years," Gear said. "We cannot continue to boast, build statues and hold celebrations when employees are mistreated because of the color of their skin. It was wrong 50 years ago, it's equally wrong today."
 Wait, what "progress made by our good citizens over the past 50 years" can actually be qualified from the mess that is 2013 Birmingham? 

Oh -- it's a black-run city, with black people controlling every level of government (and any individual/organization who dares try and hold an event that will benefit all Birmingham will be attacked for not benefiting black people or looking like them). As was writing at American Thinker:
Meanwhile, the Birmingham City Council is taking on challenges like the proliferation of payday loan businesses. Councilwoman LaShunda Scales complained that payday loans "are the number one product the city offers to its citizens."
From the top down, considering the racial breakdown of Birmingham city jobs, data indicate that blacks are fully empowered in the sphere of government. Whites are 22% of the city's population, and hold 27% of public jobs (1180 of a total of 4273). Blacks are 73.4% of the population and hold 71.3% of public jobs (3051).
On the surface, this is surprisingly close parity between population percentage and representation in government jobs. However, serious racial disparities remain within several city departments. For instance, the City Council has 35 black staff members, but only four whites; in the Mayor's office there are 75 black and 12 white employees; Municipal Court Department: 89 black and six white; Public Works: 827 black, 99 white; Parks and Recreation Department: 301 black, 43 white.
That's the only metric that matters.

Power isn't measured by the social capital found in the black-run city; it's merely measured by the amount of black people employed in (and running) the public sector of said city. 

By that measure, 74 percent black Birmingham in 2013 is doing just fine. 

With one foot firmly on the face of white Birmingham, and one hand directly in their pocket.


Anonymous said...

In any situation where blacks become the majority and take over, the same dynamics will play out. Whenever they're in a position of disadvantage they will wail about equal treatment, cibil rights, fairness and everything else that serves their purpose. However, once the tipping point is reached, none of those high sounding words or phrases have any meaning and are quickly flushed down the toilet. They quickly begin mistreating others (non blacks)with great relish and enjoyment.
It's all about power, control, and domination and they use the catch phrases of equal treatment, fairness, cibil rights etc to get well meaning fools to give into them so they can begin the process of taking over.
Once they do, they become a hundred times worse than anyone they ever complained about and use every excuse they can to justify it.
When you hear a nigger talking about cibil rights, equal treatment etc, this is the same as a robber coming to your door at midnight and giving you a sob story while asking you to foolishly unlock and open your door so they can use your phone.

Gayle said...

And meanwhile, we all wait for six women to decide if a non-black using a gun in self-defense against an attacking black thug is, indeed, perpetrating an offense so heinous that it needs to be litigated and rioted out of existence.



Sail Foams (cell phones) cause blacks to steal.

Section 8 housing vouchers causes blacks to sell the appliances.

EBT cards cause black obesity

Public Education causes the education gap.

The GLOCK corporation causes blacks to shoot each other.

Chevy causes black drive by shootings.


If I had 6 women deciding my fate.....I'd be a walking dead man.......

Women like to "agree" and "get along" and don't like to stand out. So I would imagine there are 5 who "don't like Zimmerman" and are beating up on the one who wants to follow the rule of law.......

Anonymous said...

...and one hand in their pocket. Black power dies as soon as Whites stop listening.

Californian said...

Whenever they're in a position of disadvantage they will wail about equal treatment, cibil rights, fairness and everything else that serves their purpose. However, once the tipping point is reached, none of those high sounding words or phrases have any meaning and are quickly flushed down the toilet. They quickly begin mistreating others (non blacks)with great relish and enjoyment.

Yes, they use the slogans as disinformation to get what they want. Their goal is power, not the slogans about equal treatment, etc. Look at the situation in Africa.

DWLs have a delusion that since blacks were "oppressed," they have some sort of moral compass. Look at the worship of a convicted terrorist such as Nelson Mandela. Blacks know how to play off of DWL delusions, whether to gain their support for the civil rights struggle in America or for "liberation" in Africa.

Once they take over the show, blacks then proceed to behave most illiberally. Again, look at post-colonial Africa with its one party states, kleptocracies, ethnic massacres, and general running amok. Most illiberal, is it not. But DWLs will not see the truth because it interferes with their ideological delusion.

Which gets back to modern liberalism being a pathology. Unfortunately, it is dragging down the rest of the Western world with it.

Anonymous said...

Running the public sector it should be ruining as they ruin everything they come in contact with. Teeth destroying ass fattening choca cola was already on boycott. It is probably a hot EBT purchase item so they want to look out for their customer base.

Jay Santos said...

How I hate the white politicians, activists, clergy, academics and general northeastern elite fuckers who got us started down this road to negro privilege, morphing into negro rule. I wish there was a compendium of all their names and all their offspring were required to have their foreheads tattooed, so they could always be spotted.

Anonymous said...

Birmingham will be a Detroilet in no time if it isn't already. The super duper affirmative action hires that couldn't even hang an airport sign properly will bring that magic to the rest of the city. The rest of Bammy will be happy with all of it as long as Dontavious and Latrelle play feetsball for the crimson tide while getting their edumacashun.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to believe that Douglas Adams was thinking of blacks when he created the Vogons.

Anonymous said...

When on lives in a multicultural trash bin what would on expect

Anonymous said...

I see many black people from Africa. Numbers of immigrants from Mexico, Africa and other countries increase. While the U.S is quickly decline.

R.E. Prindle said...

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein

Anonymous said...

DWLs strike again

Anonymous said...

israeli-types promote multiculturalism for the US, but in israel they limit multiculturalism (limiting multiculturalism is a good thing - i wonder if a brave politician can run on a platform of "LIMITED MULTICULTURALISM." i guess david duke did). every group should have their own country (or state). especially whites. hell, we have 50 states, that's enough for all kinds of groups. there could even be a LGBT state or whatever... i hope there's a BLT state.

Anonymous said...

OT: Gucci Little Piggy Chuck Ross is at the court house making videos.

"Africans can not get justice in America."

Anonymous said...

I actually don't have a problem with Blacks dominating government jobs in crappy cities like Birmingham and Detroit. The problem comes when they expect others to finance their failure. I read some article by some White liberal in Salon that argues Detroit should join the surrounding suburbs in some sort of Jacksonville mega city scheme.

Blacks should have the freedom to rule themselves into the ground. Any non-Black person silly enough to stick around such a city only has themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

avoidance and shunning is the only way//avoid the groid. even the huxtable ones, everyone else does

Whiskey said...

As PK has pointed out, it was not NE Liberals who desegregated the South. It was native born Southern elites in Atlanta, in Birmingham, in New Orleans, in Charlotte, it Charleston, in Savannah, in Memphis, in Nashville, and other cities across the South who pushed for Black majority rule. Just as it was native South African Whites who pushed for the end of Apartheid and Black Majority rule.

A jury of Six Women? Zimmerman's only question is will he spend life in prison or only 30 years.

The bottom line is that this is all about power. Just as Asian women occupy a special place in White (particularly beta male) desire and more generally in culture (Martial Arts, Samurai, Sushi, Tea Ceremonies, Anime, etc.), so too do Blacks occupy the role for White women, in desire and culture.

As Steve Sailer noted, Black guys are on average taller, have greater testosterone, darker skin, more aggression, and lower IQ (again on average) than White guys. Conan O'Brien is tall and famous and rich, but his schtick of being unsexy to women works because of his pale skin that looks like Seamus of the WWE, but without Seamus throwing guys through tables. Male intelligence is also unsexy. Because it is highly correlated with lower testosterone levels.

This is why White women swoon over Obama, love Oprah, and so on. Its an emotion-driven, feeling-fest absent icky, logical, abstract, higher IQ White males. As Nicholas Stix on VDARE.COM notes, the Zimmerman trial is about Droit Du Seignor (the false, French Revolution era myth that Nobleman had the "right" to sleep with a peasant's bride on her wedding night). [Think about bastardy, inheritance, peasant rebellions to see how this was never mentioned in the many surviving medieval documents and was the invention of anti-noble French revolutionaries.]

And that fits right in with most White women, who remain absent the violence (and can always submit) for the most part. This will go on until total social collapse, when every place looks like Detroit and Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

Sort of off topic: Check out how a common Baltimore thug acts out in public. Seeks attention, ignorant of his surroundings, raps, curses, and selects Hitler as a hero:

Whiskey said...

There is a reason that the future looks like a boot stamping on a White face, forever.

Thought experiment. Let us assume an alternate universe where there were no Black people at all. Where some disease or asteroid wiped out Black people, but everything else was the same. Not realistic but lets just imagine it. Let us also imagine no mass Hispanic migration into the US. Again, just a thought experiment. We are thinking, not doing. Even if its not probable or possible.

What would society look like?

It would be mostly White. And what would be its main characteristic?

MASSIVE social change driven by MASSIVE new technology. A society run by White people would be pumping out a new Apple Computer circa 1977 every few years. Great wealth would be created and destroyed every five years or so. Massive social changes would occur, including but not limited to: changing your IQ, your disease profile, your athletic ability, through DNA modification (and more); massive cybernetics to replace lost limbs; artificial organs including eyes and even hearing; and mass computerization of everything (making Google Glass look like a kids toy) not to mention space living and production (of vacuum/zero gravity metallic alloys that are "super metals" not possible on Earth) and quite likely fusion reactors producing energy so cheap its nearly free.

Who would be on top?

White guys. But a certain type of White guy. Not the sexy, swaggering, socially adept Russell Brands, nor the brutish thuggery types (Russell Crowes) nor the handsome-pursued Brad Pitts and George Clooneys (this generation's Robert Redford). Nor the schemers like Bill Clinton. Rather the nerdiest of the nerdy, the Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs, the Linus Torvalds, the James Watsons, the Jason Richwines, and so on.

In that imaginary universe, there would be power all to the technically adept, regardless of PhDs or just inventions and patents, and little to the Janet Napolitanos, the Barbara Boxers, the Dianne Feinsteins, the Hillary Clintons. Much less to the Obamas, the Oprahs, the Jay-Zs, the Kardashians, and the like. And a business or government empire could be upended by the next guy who comes around and say, invents a faster-than-light drive to make colonization of distant planets a realistic possibility with all that implies. Would Microsoft or Oprah matter if we were living on other planets?

And that is why the future HAS to be a boot stamping on a White face forever. White guys are an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to the elites, non-Whites, and White women since it comes to that. Does anyone think the female empires of all things gossip, Kardashian, and celebutards would matter if Star Trek was even halfway real?

eah said...

The media won't pay any attention to this. Just like they don't pay any attention to the fact that blacks are grossly over-represented in the federal workforce, which has been the case for a good while now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I see many black people from Africa. Numbers of immigrants from Mexico, Africa and other countries increase. While the U.S is quickly decline....

PAUL, ALL...The US has increased by 36,000,000 since year 2000.

Thats more than the 'ellis island' era.
thats more than all Whites immigrated here 1492 till 1840?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine my lifes work centered around public service in a groid city like bingamham... that poor sap shoulda quit and moved as far from those turds as possible. I would rather pick up beer cans on the street for pennies than involve myself with their bullshit civil rights display. Who the fuck in their right mind would want to see it? In feb 09 I made the stupid mistake of visiting the capital while passing thru maryland. Black history month following obamas inauguration what was I thinking. Fat rude nigger bitches with glocks stands out the most in my memory of the capital police at every federal entrance totally incapable of handling responsibility and just angry. Angry at having to be niggers I suppose. No amount of fairness etc can chanhe that

Anonymous said...

Mel says,
With six women on the jury and it’s was reported that some of them were crying when Attorney Guy was giving the rebuttal on closing arguments, I would not be betting on Zimmerman’s future. What is being sold on CNN is this poor young black fellow was PROFILED and then hunted down and killed. A neighborhood watchman is supposed to profile people coming into the neighborhood and it is NOT against the law to profile or follow anyone. Don’t tell blacks. Blacks hate to be followed because it interferes with their nefarious plans. The only question these 5 White women and 1 mixed woman have to rule on, was George in fear of having his brains bashed out on that sidewalk. Not a real tough case. I have a feeling that they know the animosity surrounding this case and like White women/mothers they are trying to please everyone, even if George gets a little time, say 15 years. If they should make that decision I just hope they can live with the decision to punish an innocent man. I told my family if 6 women are to ever judge my fate, just put a bullet in my head, it would be much faster and less painful.

Bogolyubski said...

I have to give Whiskey credit for an original imagination if nothing else. Don't get me wrong, for there's much truth in his post. The problem lies in its historical illiteracy. There have always been the nerdy white guys he speaks of, like the "Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs, the Linus Torvalds, the James Watsons, the Jason Richwines" since ancient times. Anyone remember names such as Archimedes, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton? There's a really, really long list of folks like that - who advanced technology tremendously.

Funny thing, not one of them ever upended the entire political structure, nor was there any serious danger of white genocide. All that marvelous hi-tech has been harnessed by the axis of pure evil located on the banks of the Potomac river to spy on everyone in the world, among other things. The most the rebel-alliance (such as it is) ever manages to do is somehow employ it like the samizdat folks in the old USSR to demonstrate what a gang of utter liars and criminals they (the elite and their loyal nomenklatura) are from time to time. Google, whose comical corporate slogan is something like "don't be evil", has no qualms or misgivings about handing the regime in China the tech keys which enabled them to imprison, torture and kill those who opposed the regime. Ditto for Microsoft.

So, what's the real difference here? There have always been ruling elites. Equality is truly the greatest lie ever told - it's a complete fable which does not exist in nature. I can't really offer a simple answer for all this, but somehow I doubt that it lies in Whiskey's unique cocktail of technological utopianism combined with Roissy's theory of game. As I stated, this is not to say that the factors raised by Whiskey should be simply discounted, for they surely do play an important role. I think they fall flat as a unified theory.

Harry in PA said...

Truly, it is pathetic that these whites working for the city are so sold - body and soul - to a worthless bureaucratic "career" that they not only are willing (indeed desperately desirous) to spend their lives around physically repulsive, moronic, hostile and menacing blacks but will fight with all their resources tells you what kind of empty people they are. Certainly we all have to survive in some livelihood but a city govt. job isn't the gate to eternal life. In Birm. it would be more like the gate to hell. Honor is so long gone a virtue I have to remind myself from time-to-time what the word means.

As to the GZ jury. Seriously? An all female jury. This is the face of justice in BRA. Well, it is BRA after all - a disgrace, an abomination, a mad-house.

Anonymous said...

although a guilty verdict of anything is a miscarriage of justice, i wonder if it would be better for a hispanic to get thrown under the black bus to keep white folks safe.

Anonymous said...

Please leave CHEVROLET out of this.I love CHEVY ! Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Avoidance and shunning.It is a great start to be sure.They have marginalized themselves,and need to be left to stew in their own shit.As long as they can shuck-and jive,blame others,do nothing positive or productive,and just keep moving to new pastures to shit in,that is exactly what will happen.As long as there is an 'out',no matter how shamefull or cheap,they will take it. ENOUGH ! Richard Cranium

Mr. Rational said...

We have a verdict of NOT GUILTY on all counts.  Let the riots begin, and please... if you're in the region of a riot, remember to Shoot, Scoot and Shut Up.

SKIP said...

' R.E. Prindle said...
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein

Also "Childhood's End" ya grok me?

Anonymous said...

After decades of working with all races in close circumstances, travelling the world, seeing all continents, I have reached the inevitable, unavoidable, and ineluctable conclusion: Blacks simply cannot flourish, prosper, or advance economically, socially, or culturally without White supervision, intervention, and involvement. Whites are the factor that injects delay of gratification, impulse, and irrational behavior. Whites provide the generalized abstract thinking of ideals, ideas, and constructs/concepts, which the statistical, generalized Black brain cannot produce to a critical mass.
There is not one Black controlled country or other entity or business that exists above subsistence or thrives anywhere in the World. Africa, without exception, has declined in all measures since the colonials departed. Cities in the U Socialist S A, taken over by Blacks have lived off the past and bled the cities dry. South Africa and Rhodesia, once prosperous and food exporters have descended into depravity and poverty, not to mention barbarism including cannibalism.
A seemingly archaic saying referring to Blacks as "The White Man's Burden", needs to be reconsidered in the light of 5 decades of unrealized hope that these differences were environmental and nurture in origin and operative, not genetic and nature.

Anonymous said...

Black run cities are doomed. The only reason blacks don't march and don't complain is due to the fact that they see their own brothers in power. These people have a tribal obligation not to speak against the tribal chief. That's why black unemployment is high around the country and they still won't go to D.C. and protest against current administration.

Eventually these black run cities will have no money to pay for basic services such as police, fire departments, and medical personnel.