Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Exhibit A in Theodore Wafer's Defense: 83 percent Black Detroit Celebrates 36 Hours With No Homicides or Non-Fatal Shootings

The story of Theodore Wafer is a tale of woe, an instructive lesson as to why you must separate entirely from living any where near a majority black city. [Pictured in court: The 54-year-old white homeowner charged with MURDER after shooting dead black girl, 19, who knocked on his door asking for help after crash, Daily Mail, 11-15-13]
In the end, the black undertow will find you. For Theodore Wafer, it came knocking at 4 a.m. in the night, courtesy of an incredibly inebriated, drugged-out of her mind 19-year-old black female named Renisha McBride. 
The city of Detroit is celebrating 36-hours without a homicide or non-fatal shooting; this story alone should be sufficient evidence in exonerating Theodore Wafer form the second degree murder charge of Renisha McBride.

Charged with  murder in the second degree, manslaughter and possession of a firearm during a felony, Mr. Wafer's real crime was living in Wayne County (home to Detroit) and positioning his family just a tad too close to an unstable, unsafe black population.

Just how bad is it? Well, how about Exhibit A in his defense case. [Detroit police tout a first in months: No killings in 36 hours, Detroit Free Press, 11-26-13]:
Detroit police are touting an achievement the department says is the first of its kind in months: No homicides or non-fatal shootings in 36 hours.
In a news release, police also said the city is experiencing a year-to-date decrease in homicides and non-fatal shootings compared to 2012.
Today’s announcement came after several weeks of bloodshed in the city.
According to police, 308 homicides have occurred so far this year, which officials say is a 13% decrease from the same time last year. Likewise, police say there have been 1,084 non-fatal shootings, down nearly 6% compared to last year.
“We can directly attribute this decline to the dedication of the hardworking men and women of this department and the continuing assistance of the citizens of this great city,” the news release said.
Police also released statistics from specialized units. According to police:
The Gang Intelligence Surveillance Transit unit, which began operations Oct. 28, has made 20 felony and 11 misdemeanor arrests and confiscated two long guns, five handguns and 169 grams of marijuana.
The Vice squad, which became fully operational Nov. 4, has made four felony and 34 misdemeanor arrests and recovered one AK-47, one shot gun and 247 grams of marijuana.
The Tactical Response Unit, which was deployed to the Northwestern District on Monday, has made five felony arrests and recovered five handguns.
 Celebrating a day and a half without a homicide or a non-fatal shooting is a step in a positive direction for the overwhelmingly black city of Detroit; actually, it's a step in the direction of civilization. 

This story is representative of the type of society the 19-year-old black female Renisha McBride calls home; this story, celebrating the type of civil behavior required for society to properly function, should be the only evidence required to exonerate Mr. Wafer from his charges


Andri of Stormwind said...

No worries, they are saving up the violence for the weekend...

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Would you move next to a nuclear power plant, with a sign posted on the fence: "Zero Accidents In The Last 36 Hours" ??? And 36 was a record high??
If Detroit wasn't bankrupt, they could launch fireworks at midnight, for every day they go murder-free.
Also, they don't even know that the last 36 hours were murder-free. They keep finding chopped up bodies in the sewers and rivers out there, and nobody knows when those killings occurred. "Banlieue 13 of the West"

Anonymous said...

They seized a few hundred GRAMS of weed and a few guns? That's like $5000 and 1/1,000,000 of the guns in the city.

If they'd seized maybe a few tens of thousands of pounds of weed and 20-30,000 people were arrested I'd possibly consider the negroid task force a success, but even that sounds too small.

Maybe had they pushed the entire population of Detroit into boats to be sent back to Africa via I'd really consider them to have made progress.

But, at least they caught the guy who defended himself. Man, what a CREEP. All the raggedy ass bitch wanted was some mafuggin kool aid.

Anonymous said...

I once went without eating almost 24 hours because I was working a triple. See it can be done. For Detroit this is like a 12 step program, one hour at a time. And thanks go out to all the cops that made this possible. Way to go boys! 36 hours, man!!! Work till it hurts.

Anonymous said...

I don't live near them, nor do I go where they are. Poor Wafer probably couldn't afford the move. I moved out of Dallas after the Black Plague was getting close.

Anonymous said...

Great news everyone!! The knockout game is not real! It must be either CGI or racist whites who are deliberately slamming their heads into the innocent fists of honor roll negroes that are just trying to make the trek home to deliver their skittles and tea. http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/11/25/2990411/knockout-game-media/

Bogolyubski said...

Here's a question:

Why should we take any figures coming from Detroilet (or any other ABRA locale) seriously? Do we take the figures self-reported by places such as Zimbabwe or South Africa as being anything close to reality? If so, why? Fraudulently cooking the books for crimes - even murders - is all part of the COMPSTAT system used by every large BRA police bureaucracy in the banana republick. Sometimes the Duranties will (sort of) keep them from going way over into fantasyland in places such as NYC and Shitcongo due to the infighting among various BRA-leftist factions, but a place like Detroilet could literally report any number the wished to pull out of their arse.

As the man in white (Mark Twain) liked to say: Liars, damned liars, and statistics!

Anonymous said...

OT: So, I decided to delve further into my online research on crime stories over in London UK. What I found right off the top were two stories that blew my mind just a bit.

These UK-based nignogs are truly "enriching" Britain with their presence, it seems.

First story: Rapper jailed after boasting of shooting victim in homemade YouTube videos

Summary: A 21-year-old nignog male with a very African-sounding name, who lives in the London UK area, used his Mac-10 submachine gun to shoot at the heads of a group of three of his victims, hitting one in the neck. Then said 21-year-old nignog made a rap video about his crimes and posted it on Youtube.

A Mac-10 submachine gun. But, but, but, didn't the Brits ban all the handguns from their country back in 1996? Maybe the nignog in this story didn't get the memo.

Second story: Bentley-driving drug dealer gets 18 years in jail

Summary: A nignog and his nignog accomplice - both in their 30's and both with very African-sounding names - were living "cash rich" lifestyles in the London area, all financed from powder cocaine and crack cocaine sales, until a team from Scotland Yard moved to take them down, but not before a high-speed car chase after one of the two. A huge supply of cash, cocaine, and a Sterling submachine gun were recovered from numerous locations tied to the two nignogs.

A Sterling submachine gun. The one in the picture at the link looks just like the one James Bond used in the raid against Blofeld's mountaintop lair in "You Only Live Twice". But now some coke-dealing nignog over in London had one too.

Two London-based nignogs with submachine guns in just one London-based news site. But at least the handguns for lawful whitey in the UK were banned 17 years ago.

Meanwhile, some DWL douchebag named Max Fisher, who has a blog with the Washington Post, told us last February that modern, conventional guns are "hard to get" in the London UK area by these London-area gangsters/nignogs.

British gangs use flare guns now because they can’t find real ones

Yep, those British gun bans really really work, right, Max Fisher?

Ha ha, Max, you lying sack of shit. You and your colleague are supposedly "foreign correspondents" at the Washington Post, who tried to tell gullible Americans earlier this year that the draconian British gun bans have worked wonders, and yet in less than five minutes, I was able to find two unrelated stories in the British media which counter your specious claims to the contrary. Nice try, Max, but it seems that the reality in London is that there are criminal nignogs galore there, ones also armed with some significant firepower too.

Anonymous said...

I moved out of wayne county over 30 years ago. Yes I saw what was doing to happen. And sure as hell a couple of years ago section 8 started with apartments and then rental housing. First I moved to Shelby county about 25 miles north, and later to the beautiful north. It will only get worst, blacks bring crime. Get out while you can........

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous stat to be proud of. Doesn't sound like they even give a shit about cleaning up that cesspool of black waste

PB said...

Celebrating real change or just poor marksmanship. I can guess...

TheAntidote said...

I feel sorry for this poor guy. Apparently he was shit-faced drunk when Rayneesha started pounding on the door. Perhaps there had been "home invasion" incidents in that area and he was on edge. Maybe, like the famous Goetz case, he had been previously victimized by American Negroes and was terrified.
He should set up a website to solicit donations to make bail as Zim did.

HaroldC said...

Don't get too excited. This time of year the cold snaps cause most people to retreat indoors. The less social people are the less crime there's going to be. The positive correlation between temperature and criminal activity is a well established phenomenon. The link shows there was a cold snap a couple of days ago.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the explanation is really quite simple if you only look at the weather pattern. The weather drove the rats indoors. Combined with a statistical anomaly of not having a daily shooting as well as an ever decreasing population, you have your explanation.
I find the Wafer self defense shooting alarming to say the least. You have a man indicted essentially for attempting to protect himself and his property. You have a black woman, underage, highly intoxicated and on drugs. She has left the scene of a motor vehicle accident that she created hours before, banging on a strangers door in the early AM hours, blocks from where the wreck occurred. All of this one block from the city limits of a town that shares more in common with a third world war zone than an American metropolis. In my state and in my county all I would have to say is " I was in fear of my life and I really want to talk to my lawyer." Case closed. What am I missing here?

Anonymous said...

Its probably because the temperature was in the low 20's with wind chill in the single digits. They'll make up for it when it warms up a little.

Anonymous said...

One less -isha in the world.

Those rivers running down my cheeks? Those are tears.

Anonymous said...

36 hours without a murder? I'll be impressed when I see a black buck go five seconds without grabbing his crotch.

Dissident said...

Here's your savage Negro beast in all his glory.

Notice the intent in his eye. The cold, calculating, murderous intent in doing this elderly gentleman harm.

You know, this is why I love the Internet. We can now bypass the Marxist media darlings and film these savages and place the film on the Internet for the WHOLE-WIDE-WORLD to see and experience the utter depravity of these feral BIO-WEAPONS. Just watch as this Negro swings to kill this man standing in line at a McDonald's waiting to order.

Notice that the poor gentleman's situational awareness is lacking. He should've been scanning the area every 5-10 seconds on the lookout for the Americanus Negroidas feral Bio-Weapon. When in Mcdonald's generally and the Hood specifically....NEVER, EVER, let your guard down, EVER!

Never make the mistake that this unsuspecting elderly white gentleman makes.

And just remember this mantra..."AVOID the GROID".

Anonymous said...

Yes, 36 hours without a murder. What an accomplishment. I just wish someone could make them stop talking during a movie. Hint: They don't hear you and won't talk back.

Anonymous said...

amen to HAROLDC:
it's just colder - they avoid the cold. cold streets are safer streets.

Anonymous said...

OT: OHIO: Black "entrepreneur" enters empty white suburban homes with a group of thugs, changes the locks, claims them as his "territory".

Wow, this is crazy.


Anonymous said...

I find that the flashily dressed thugs NOT killing other, more colorfully dressed thugs fo difrowspektin' dey hood unfortunate. We need a campain to get the kills up. Perhaps leave a plate of ranch wings in the middle of the street? Good fun.

Erie PA

The Voice said...

These people on this site are illiterate. where does the cocaine come from not black folks where does the guns come from not black folks the white have been in control what are recently getting trouble because the blacks are killing them with the stuff that they sold to the blacks. backfired on you ignorant People.

Unknown said...

I have a friend who is a retired NYPD Sargent and he always said "Jack Frost is the best cop in town"
And he came on the job in the late 50's early 60's so while not "scientific" it was observed even then.

Anonymous said...

The Voice said...
"These people on this site are illiterate. where does the cocaine come from not black folks where does the guns come from not black folks the white have been in control what are recently getting trouble because the blacks are killing them with the stuff that they sold to the blacks. backfired on you ignorant People."

This from someone who writes with no sentence structure, capitalization or punctuation.
Let me guess... a 70IQ negro?

D-FENS said...

Production of cocaine requires knowledge of agriculture, chemistry, logistics, finance and security. So, yes, this is quite beyond the capabilities of the negro.

Mr. Rational said...

Production of cocaine requires knowledge of agriculture, chemistry, logistics, finance and security.

They didn't invent anything beyond the pounding of cassava root.  Breeding blue corn and learning to add just enough alkalai (from wood ash) to change the hue of the phyto-pigment, indicating that the niacin was liberated and the corn would now serve as a preventative for pellagra, is beyond the negro (who still got pellagra when amply supplied with corn in the South).  That discovery was made by a sub-species that had the wits to cross two land bridges to get out of Africa, the Sinai and the Bering strait.

The average African is useless, even to himself.  It's no wonder they kill each other for fun.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I made a similar observation when a groid quipped about Caucasians committing white-collar crime.

Anonymous said...

Homicides are down? Gun related deaths are down? Rather than thanking the local police they should be thanking the Emergency Room and trauma surgeons, or ICU RN's, they're the ones keeping the murder rate down.

Anonymous said...

>>"If Detroit wasn't bankrupt, they could launch fireworks at midnight, for every day they go murder-free."

No, they can afford to do that. Bankrupt or not they can afford to do that since those days are a rarity.

Also, just because the city went 36hrs without a homicide, that doesn't mean that the murders don't occur indoors.

Cold temps may be coming but the bidniz still occurs, they just move it indoors.