Sunday, December 8, 2013

Just in Time for Christmas: 'Guns, Blacks, and Steel' is Now Available!

Just in time for Christmas, may I invite you to head to Amazon and pick up a copy of Guns, Blacks, and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era in paperback form (or, if you have a Kindle, pick up a copy here). More time, effort, and attention to this book was expended than any other SBPDL book. It is the book to understand the issue of gun violence in America. It's a big book (more than 600 pages), but one that you'll want to let friends read who are allergic to the truth about gun violence in America. Here's the synopsis of Guns, Blacks, and Steel:
With the advent of federal civil rights legislation in the 1960s, America’s cities went to war. Washington D.C., New Orleans, Baltimore, Memphis, Philadelphia, and St. Louis became urban combat zones as extreme black-on-black gun violence exploded in the streets. Urban whites became refugees, fleeing to the safety of white-flight suburbia. And the implosion of property values for both commercial and residential urban real estate made equity the unspoken casualty of America’s new urban war.
Paul Kersey documented the collapse of Detroit in the underground bestseller Escape From Detroit, published one year before the city’s 2013 bankruptcy. Now, in Guns, Blacks, and Steel, Kersey shows how cities like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Rochester, and Savannah are on course for the same type of economic Armageddon that has destroyed the former Motor City. The war continues — but how can it be stopped? Today, even as lawmakers propose new, draconian gun laws — laws that would disarm the law-abiding citizens of America — Kersey provides the most comprehensive book yet revealing just who is committing the bulk of gun crime across the nation.

Don't be afraid to pick up other SBPDL books as well (as always, please leave a review once you make the purchase at Amazon!), knowing they make the perfect Christmas gift. If you have paid in advance for signed copies, I'll get them out before Christmas.

 If you'd like a signed copy of Guns, Blacks, and Steel, make a donation in the right hand column via PayPal in the amount of $50.00, and I'll get a copy of it out your way.

Thanks again for the support of SBPDL. A big book on Philadelphia is coming in early 2014, followed by a book on New Orleans. Later in 2014, you'll get books on New York City and Washington D.C. from Paul Kersey.

A major announcement on the Detroit billboard campaign is coming soon, along with news of a new edition of Escape from Detroit being published (new title and all!!).


Anonymous said...

Not that this is any surprise. Check these stats:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on new book, looking forward to billboard announcement! Merry Christmas to all.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new book. Paul, please start accepting Bitcoin for donations. It's very easy to do. I would give you a donation every time I read an article if you would take Bitcoin. And even better, taking Bitcoin is an act of protest against BRA.

Anonymous said...

Love the graphic on your front cover of Philly Black! Looks cool. Will definetly buy.

10mm AUTO said...

Well Done Paul. I hope to get a signed copy for my personal gun Library.

Sadly, that is also becoming a thing of the past. Men used to have their own library of their Hobbies. In the late 1800's a gentleman was know by the size and breadth of his library. By the 1950's a personal library would be technical and might have editions that were found only in factories or by specialists.

For example my personal library has a signed edition of "Hell I was There" by Elmer Keith, the inventor of the 44 Magnum, a signed copy of No Second Place Winner by Bill Jordan on Gun Fighting and a copy of "Heir Apparent, the Development of the Bren Ten".

But Whites don't build personal libraries anymore. It all has become computers and "clouds".

I hope all who read this blog and many, many more purchase "Guns, Blacks and Steel".

From the excerpts: On the line "No one can hear scream." there should be an article "no one can hear a scream." Or a personal Pronoun "No one can hear you scream."

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Paul. I'm getting two or three copies (you never know).

Some unrelated good news: On the Friday (Dec. 6) 'Savage Nation' (yeah, I know his name's really Weiner and he's TWMNBM) he took a long call from a guy in South Africa. Surprisingly, Michael let the guy speak for several minutes; he described, in great detail, the gruesome atrocities that are being committed by the 'Sons of Mandela' daily in SA - farm killings, necklacing, even baby rape. I'm sure hundreds of thousands of people heard about this stuff for the very first time; hopefully they were shocked. And hopefully some of them saw the writing (or at least chimp-feces) on the wall.

It's at about the 40-minute mark on the YouTube video. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book. Paul what happened to the fiction book that you had planned. Sorry I cant remember the the exact title but it was
The _____ Man.


Anonymous said...

"Racist" has become the modern equivalent of the medieval accusation of "witch." The parallels are striking and deserve further research. (Perhaps my 'winter project')

In both cases, denying the validity of evil intent provides evidence of guilt. During medieval days, denying the validity of witchcraft was proof you were a witch. Thus, PK is denounced as an 'evil racist (witch)' even though his data are demonstrably valid.

Both racism and witchcraft have been accepted by the legal system. Although a person convicted of racism/discrimination isn't actually burned at the stake, imprisonment, fines, loss of livelihood, are actual punishments meted out to racists.

Both racism and witchcraft are (were) accepted as valid by the general population. Both are what could be termed "concept crimes." There is no tangible proof of rascism offered as in the crime of homicide. Homicide, of course, produces a dead body. Robbery or fraud produces a loss of valuables/money and so on.

Racists are convicted by an assumed thought process. A medieval woman who studied herb lore was often accused of doing so for the purpose of casting evil spells. A homeowner who doesn't want to live among Blacks for fear of crime and declining home values is 'racist' even though his concerns are valid and he holds no animosity toward any particular individual.

Congratulations on the new book, PK. Perhaps it will be a beginning of a new renaissance and rational thought overcomes superstition/political correctness.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

" 'Racist' has become the modern equivalent of the medieval accusation of 'witch.' The parallels are striking and deserve further research. (Perhaps my 'winter project')...

"... 'Racists are convicted by an assumed thought process. A medieval woman who studied herb lore was often accused of doing so for the purpose of casting evil spells. A homeowner who doesn't want to live among Blacks for fear of crime and declining home values is 'racist' even though his concerns are valid and he holds no animosity toward any particular individual...'"

December 9, 2013 at 8:11 AM

All are valid points. An excellent post.

So-call "racism" is the perfect crime, because the crime takes place in the mind of the accuser. Therefore, there is no legitimate defense against a charge of so-called "racism."

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to buy it offline so the prying eyes of no such agency don't see a thoughtcrime purchase?

The Underground Resistance

Pat Boyle said...

Actually of course it is quite simple to 'fix' Detroit. All it takes physically is a bucket of paint. Get a bucket of white paint and paint a line on the street. Then require the black people to stay on one side of the line and the white people on the other.

The first result of this line is that property values soar on the white side of the line. Something like this happens today in white neighborhoods that have stable barriers to blacks. It happens in my neighborhood.

After a while of course the black side of the street would sink into ever greater poverty and chaos, so the net effect on the economy would balance out. Call it income redistribution.

Blacks themselves don't care to live around blacks, so the black side of the street would depopulate. The depopulated areas could be made into parks.

So actually reversing the decline of Detroit and other American cities is not difficult at all. Adopt my 'bucket of paint' approach and a renaissance would begin immediately.

The reason Detroit looks so hopeless is that everyone focuses on half measures. For example, many liberals want better education for blacks. Alas a trillion dollars and a score of educational reforms later and it should be clear that blacks - as long as they are blacks - can never do well enough in school to make a difference.

Other liberals want to promote 'enterprise zones' so that black entrepreneurs can start up businesses in the ruined neighborhoods. But blacks don't form businesses nor do they contribute to charities. They don't behave like whites at all. We've spent a lot of money on this failing strategy too.

But of course America isn't anywhere near ready for a reintroduction of segregation. That's a pity, because segregation works and nothing else has.

So what to do? The answer is simple - work toward changing the ideas and attitudes of white people about black people. If we can get white liberals to acknowledge known facts rather than dwell on racial fairy tales the battle is over. Then buy a bucket of paint and restore America.

I'm doing what I can. My movie on the Tuskegee Airmen fable will be out this week.


10mm AUTO said...

"Racists are convicted by an assumed thought process. A medieval woman who studied herb lore was often accused of doing so for the purpose of casting evil spells. A homeowner who doesn't want to live among Blacks for fear of crime and declining home values is 'racist' even though his concerns are valid and he holds no animosity toward any particular individual."

Spot on. "Radish Magazine" has an excellent expansion on this very topic. A parallel not explored is the case of "negro racism", which the DWL denies even exists, just as a Priest is considered to be able to use "White Magic" without fear of his immortal Soul, i.e. Intoning and imploring God to bless implements, people and events, the use of Holy Water, the search for Icons and wood from the True Cross of the Crucifix are all examples of "White Magic".

In the negro, racial hate is celebrated in movies, "Rap" songs, Stories, false histories (Roots) and protected by the Media and Academia, which deny it as a first line of defense, then claim that it is excusable because negros "have no power" and then finally fall back to past injustices (da terrble, terrble legcy of da slabery) as excuse mechanisms.

Whites are not permitted their "magic". No stories (other than brief mentions and a few non-reviewed books) mention the deaths of Whites. No Songs, No Histories. The White dead are dropped down the memory hole so fast that it has taken years to get even a decent count. They are "robberies gone wrong" or "Burglaries gone wrong, where the very definitions of the crimes are changed. For example, a burglary is a crime where the home owner is gone from the house. How can three negros invading a house when the White elderly couple are home, followed by a rape and murder be a "Burglary gone wrong"?

White history is skewed not to show the valor of White achievement, but a constant drumbeat of "original sin", i.e. the coming to this Continent. American History is not seen as a flight from oppression and the opening of a new place and the expansion of civilization, but the destruction of Cultures. That these cultures are Evil, oppressive, stagnant and locked into stone age patterns is covered up. Now it has expanded to making the negro into an untouchable positive or an oppressed individual within White society. Whites are not used to outright lying from the media and tend to think of rumor as urban legend, but the pattern and number of attacks have broken through the fog of lies thanks to sites like SBPDL, the ThugReport and books like "White Girl Bleed A Lot" and books such as Covington's Quintet (Freedoms Sons, The Brigade, A Mighty Fortress, Hill of the Ravens, A Distant Thunder) Non-fiction books like Taylor's "Paved With Good Intentions" and Paul's own books, especially "Guns Blacks and Steel". These are all "underground" in that they will never be reviewed by the New York Times book review or given any Scholastic boost because they paint a picture that is against the PC/Media religion.

That we fight a religion is agreed, that we can win without some sort of major breakthrough is the unknown.

Dissident said...

"Is there a way to buy it offline so the prying eyes of no such agency don't see a thoughtcrime purchase?
The Underground Resistance"

Don't worry about any "agency" looking at your purchases. They can already trace you via your ISP if they want to. Please don't worry about such nonsense anymore. If they make us cower over such a perceived threat, then they've already defeated us.

And to the person that posted the witchcraft analogy. Absolutely spot-on analogy good sir or mam.

Let them keep crying "racism", as much as they want to. Oh racism, Oh racism, where art thou sting!

The term has been used and abused so much that it's become clearly ineffectual in nature. It's like yelling at a rock concert, it's all starting to blend into the background noise. The race pimps have cried wolf so often and for so long that their cries are laughable now.

Anonymous said...

"Paul, please start accepting Bitcoin for donations"

Bitcoins are not a legitimate form of currency. He might as well start accepting Monoply money.

Mr. Rational said...

Racism being the modern witchcraft is a very good analogy, esp. given the witch-hunt atmosphere surrounding anything that just can't be proven not to be racism (like someone spying somebody covered in a white blanket... ooh, Klansman!).

Other notes from Politically Correct Amerika:

(1)  Non-Whites are allowed to tell racial lies.  Whites are NOT allowed to tell racial truths.
(2)  Unprovoked Black-on-White violence is not racist.  White self-defense against Black violence is racist.

I'm sure we can come up with more.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has great points to make here. I would just add I'm only ever accused of racism when I'm stating a verifiable, negative fact about blacks. I always reply to the racism charge that I'm not racist at all - I judge all skin tones by the same standards. Then I look the fool in the eye and say I actually think it's racist to treat blacks differently and diminishes them as people. Then if I really want to twist the knife into a race-conscious idiot, I tell them I think MLK Jr. said it best. Then I smile and look at them until they get so uncomfortable they give up and go away. I haven't had anyone, white or black, figure out a comeback yet - they really don't have much thought going on - just talking points and feeeelings.

Now I'm going to go check out that book. This website is a gift in these troubled times.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else see this?

Can't wait to read the new book PK. I love the cover photo.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Harris-Perry over at MSNBC is claiming that using the word "Obamacare" in a critical sense is equal to calling Obama a nig.

Anonymous said...

"Obamacare" in a critical sense is equal to calling Obama a nig.

In reductio in absurdium:

And, "HillaryCare" was equal to calling ol'Elephant ankles a twat

And, "Reaganomics" was equal to calling the Great One, and income unequalizer

And, "The New Deal" was equal to calling the FDR, a commie

In Summary:

Hillary is indeed a Twat

Ronald Reagan was a tax cutter

FDR was indeed a pinko scum

And, Obangi is indeed a nig


Hypie out.....

Anonymous said...

"Bitcoins are not a legitimate form of currency. He might as well start accepting Monoply money."
They can be sold for money. The worst thing about Bitcoin is the ridiculous Tulip Mania price fluctuations, which have really amped up since "The Pros" have started speculation funds. It would royally suck, if a reader bought some "coin" to donate, and then the price dropped 50% or more by the time PK cashed it in.

Anonymous said...

This book should be in every classroom; however, until then, I'll look forward to reading it from amazon.

Anonymous said...


'Melissa Harris-Perry is a half nig ANTI WHITE'....

why else would she be in the limelite
and college prof?

Anonymous said...

"Racist has become the modern equivalent of the medieval accusation of witch."
No reference to medieval Europe is required. All one has to do is look at the numerous (and current) videos from "modern" Africa of people being burned to death, tortured, hacked to death and killed upon the merest accusation of being witches. Mobs gather and dispatch their victims with extreme cruelty. In one video, several accused witches are beaten, forced into a roadside ditch, doused with flammable liquid, brush is piled on top of them and they are set ablaze. One old lady trying to escape the flames is kicked, punched, clubbed, beaten and forced back into the flames as she tries to crawl out of the ditch.
The negro in America would do the same (as soon as the shrill cry of "racist!" was heard) and the black mob would come running to murder their victim in much the same fashion as witches are dispatched back in the motherland. If blacks were the majority here and could get away with it, they would do so in a heartbeat and feel equally justified just as their brethren in Africa do vis a vis witches.
No evidence, no proof required. Just as histrionic negroes in Africa blame all their problems on witches, histrionic negroes in America blame all their problems on racists.
The only thing stopping them in America is that they know they couldn't get away with such horrific behavior so they satisfy themselves with trying to see the persons life and ability to earn a living destroyed.
When I see or hear of whites supporting the negro in such backward and primitive behavior, I merely think of them as chicken-brained idiots.
I've had blacks and their libtarded supporters accuse me of being a racist before and it's nothing to be afraid of. I merely threatened to drag their asses into court and sue the piss out of them for defamation. I told them, "You're screaming racism because you think you have something to gain but I'm here to tell you, you have something to lose. I will destroy you. When you're standing before the judge, you will have no evidence, no proof, nothing~ and I will make a fool of you. Saying "I think, I feel he be a racist" is evidence of nothing but your idiotic mental state." It shut them up and shut them down hard and increased their hostility but they were rendered impotent.
The word "racist" and the accusation itself has power over you only if you let it and you let the negro idiots and their supporters control the dialogue.
Stand your ground and don't back down ever.

AnalogMan said...

Obamacare is the new "n-word". Only N-words can say it. It is forbidden to you crackers.

Tea-bagger, on the other hand, is merely a cute, humourous word for a really anti-social group of Nazis. Anybody can use it, not just homosexuals like Anderson Cooper. It's their word, you see, and they say it's OK. It gives them a kick every time. It's the kind of humour that appeals to them - especially when the user doesn't even know that he's talking about homos sucking on each others' scrotums. Do you think Obama knew that? You bet he did.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of witch craft & african culture, about 6 months ago I was channel surfing & up pop's a genuine
african in africa but the dude was White.

Parked the remote control and watched
this show which was about black "Albinos" in africa. Other than their albino skin they come with full set of black african features.

Evidently the condition is rare but not super-rare so there is enough of
a population of them to support a very weird commodity trade in their
ground up bones & organs for witch-craft purposes.

It's common that when they die, a couple of days later their bodies are
exhumed by black ghouls, bones & certain other parts extracted & sold
for very high (local terms) prices to
facilitate witch craft practices by
local shamans & witch doctors.

It's not uncommon that they are hunted down & flat out murdered for witch craft "harvesting" in case some other real black africans are in dire need of albino bone & has the cash to pony up.

Think I saw this show on PBS of all places & it was made by National Geographics.

So black africans still practice witch craft as medicine and they'll kill you for any crazy reason that pops into their primitive brains.

hypie out...

Constructive Feedback said...

Congratulations, Mr Kersey!!

You are a "White Scholar On Black People"!!!!!!!

The body of knowledge that you have built up on this highly marketable trade should compel our society to change "S.T.E.M. education" (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

To "S.T.E.M. The N.E.G.R.O."

Dan said...

Is anyone on here not aware of the acronym STEM? Why does the uppity black troll add a period after every letter? What is the definition given for?