Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Return of Fort Apache to New York City. Bill de Blasio's 'Big Apple', Where Whiteness will be a Liability

Just who is excited about the election of Bill de Blasio in New York City? [De Blasio Elected Next New York City Mayor in Landslide: First Democrat to Win City Hall Since David Dinkins in 1989, NY Times, 11-6-13]:
The victory—by one of the widest margins in a New York City mayoral election in the past century—reflected overwhelming support for Mr. de Blasio from virtually every demographic. According to an Edison Research exit poll, 96% of black voters and up to 85% of Latino voters backed Mr. de Blasio. He won the support of 90% of Democrats, 16% of Republicans and nearly half of voters who are unaffiliated or belong to another party, the exit poll showed.

So black and brown people in New York (along with Disingenuous White Liberals, who hope to feel moral superior to white Republican voters in the Big Apple). 

Consulting the graph above (created by the good folks at SBPDL), notice gun crime in New York City is 97 percent or greater non-white. [Gun Confiscation in New York City? A City Where, since 2008, 97 percent or more of Gun-Crime Has Been By Non-Whites?, SBPDL, 11-29-13]

You see, de Blasio is going to liberate non-whites from the burden of profiling (you know, stop-and-frisk). It's 1865 all over again in New York City! [Many Black New Yorkers Are Seeing de Blasio’s Victory as Their Own, NY Times,  11-10-13]:
A black janitor in Brooklyn almost shouted out the name when asked about his vote in the mayoral race. Bill de Blasio, he said, “knows my struggle.”

In the Bronx, some African-American voters defaulted to a shorthand: “the man with the black wife.” Nobody thought it necessary to explain whom they meant.
And in a Brooklyn housing project, a lifelong resident said he was tired of mayors who, in his mind, had pitted blacks against whites. Mr. de Blasio, he declared, “is black and white.”
Of all the records shattered by Mr. de Blasio’s landslide victory, perhaps the most remarkable is that virtually every vote cast by black New Yorkers — 96 percent — went his way. He captured a bigger portion of the black vote than David N. Dinkins in 1989 when he was elected New York City’s first black mayor with 91 percent of the black vote, according to exit polls.

So the whole, 'color-blind' meme is dead; long-live the return of race-centric thinking (white people aren't allowed in these terms, though).

New York City is preparing to get a good look at a world where whiteness is a liability (more to the point, where the new executive in charge of the government actively campaigned against law and order). 
The future is coming back to the present...

Why don't we take a look at the type of world black and brown people have created before in New York City. Let's take a look at the type of world the ancestors of the people who overwhelmingly helped elect de Blasio into the mayors office created in 1970s New York City. 

In fact, it will be a mere 2.5 square miles, with 60 miles of streets. Population 171,000 - 192,000 Puerto Ricans, 73,000 blacks, and 6,00 designated as others. (p. 13, Fort Apache Bronx, NY: "Life at the 41st Precinct" by Tom Walker).

In "Return To Fort Apache: Memoir of an NYPD Captain," Tom Walker reflects on the demographic setting of the area:
When you thought of New York, you imagined Manhattan as its mansion, Staten Island and Queens as its lawns and Brooklyn as its scullery. The Bronx became the city’s jakes.
Don’t attach bitterness to this observation. The reason for the Bronx’s condition was as much geographical as it was social. When the great post-war emigration from the city began, the Bronx became a junction for those moving north to Westchester and Connecticut, or west to Northern New Jersey. True, the well-to-do had established themselves in Riverdale, along the Hudson River, or moved up to Jerome Avenue and the Grand Concourse. But as the population of blacks and Puerto Ricans grew and moved across the Harlem River, those whites fleeing the central city leap-frogged the borough. Those that had settled there, the Irish and the Italians who had sought the Bronx’s greenery after experiencing the ghettos themselves, moved again. It was natural for the newcomers to discover the Bronx. Most of the major subway lines follow a north-south axis. This made travel easy for those who lacked cars or needed inexpensive transportation. When rents were raised, families increased in size or buildings became uninhabitable, they boarded the uptown IRT and headed north.
That’s when the legend began. The exit point for many of the blacks and Puerto Ricans from Manhattan’s Upper East Side was the Willis Avenue Bridge, the Third Avenue Bridge and the 138th Street Bridge. Two IRT lines, The Jerome Avenue and the Pelham Bay lines snaked through the area. So the path these immigrants followed led to the South Bronx. And there they stuffed themselves into rotting tenements and learned on those cruel streets that the world offered them no more north of the river than it did south of the river.

As urban renewal eliminated many lower income from Manhattan’s West Side, the problem became aggravated. Many of them were pushed into the same area of the Bronx and they brought their problems and frustrations with them. A part of that section was designated by the police as the 41st Precinct; the Four-one.
Some newcomers brought conspicuous vices: prostitution; drug addiction; alcoholism, and nearly all forms of petty and violent crime. By the late 1960’s, the four-one earned the dubious distinction of being the roughest precinct in the police department. It exceeded all other precincts in most of the classifications of serious crimes. A policeman assigned to the precinct quickly lost any sense of disbelief. It all happened in the four-one and you just had to cope with it. The precinct became a sort of outpost of civilization, as we understand the world. So the legend began.

In the late 60’s Lt Lloyd Gittens christened the precinct, “Fort Apache.” The incredible barbarity, the viciousness, the self-destructive vice far exceeded that found in more publicized areas of the New York such as Harlem or Bedford Stuyvesant. In fact, the murder rate of this area exceeded such substantial cities as Kansas City and Miami. If ever an area of humanity had, however unconsciously, decided to let the 20th century sweep by unnoticed, it was the four-one.

A great many slums in our major urban areas have been compared to hell, but all those areas possessed some redeeming factors. Vast areas of habitable housing still stood; the family structure remained intact; a sense of community preserved and there were always ways out and upward toward the stability of the middle class. None of these factors existed in the four-one. Life became less valuable than a subway token. (p. 32-33)
The people who created the conditions in Precinct 41 (necessitating the name Fort Apache for the police department building there) are the same people who overwhelmingly elected de Blasio.

Jared Taylor's 1992 book Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America offers another glimpse into the type of world the people who overwhelming helped elect de Blasio created in New York City's public school system:

The New York City school system spends $60 million every year on security guards'-$60 million that is not spent on laboratory equipment, band instruments, or field trips. In 1988 the city began a weapons-detection program that, by 1990, had been ex- tended to fourteen high schools and one junior high school. In 1992 Mayor Dinkins announced he would try to find another $28 million to pay for metal detectors and X-ray machines at another thirty-five schools. Student activities coordinators, who used to organize dances and other good times, now see their main job as trying to prevent violence.
 In the five years to 1992, fifty students at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn died, most of them violently. The school maintains a "burial fund" to help indigent parents inter their children, and a classroom has been permanently set aside for use by grieving friends. It was hardly a surprise when a black state assemblyman from Brooklyn, Roger Green, decided to send his teenage son to live in Georgia, where he hoped to go to school without being shot at.
Besides the constant fear of violence, New York City's poorer children are surrounded by other abominations. At Public School 40 in the Bronx, there is so much prostitution in the streets that children must sometimes be held late while they wait for the fornications to finish. Drug dealing creates so much traffic that the police have put up barricades to try to stop the flow. Even so, every morning the children are treated to the spectacle of addicts lining up to buy drugs.

At Public School 43 in the Bronx, the sun never shines into many of the classrooms. Teachers keep the shades drawn and push students' desks away from the windows. This is because an abandoned lot across from the school has become an open-air market for drugs and sex. If the children could look out the windows they would see addicts pushing needles into their arms and crack users copulating. (p. 324-325)
 The old cliche the inmates run the asylum isn't far from the truth. 

Fort Apache, thy name is wherever you find whites retreating to in de Blasio's New York City.

Civilization died once whites left Walker's 41st Precinct; civilization died once whites abandoned the New York City Public School System (roughly 14.3 percent white today).

And these are the people responsible for ushering in the era of de Blasio.


Anonymous said...

Paul, this is a wonderful article. I live in Queens, NY and I'm worried.

Bogolyubski said...

The "DeBlasio" regime is going to be loads of fun for many months to come. I almost feel like Gomez Addams or Uncle Fester in the old Addams Family TV show - watching the model trains coming 'round the bend - waiting for the inevitable KA-BOOM!.

NYC/Babylon the Great - glittering capital of the great squid empire - on its way to Detroilet. Betcha some of those upper west-side hipsters who supported "DeBlasio" with such gusto are going to feel funny before too long. Maybe John Boehner and Karl Rove and open an "outreach" center down in Fort Apache to go along with Rand's new digs in Detroilet.

So CAL Snowman said...

You should be worried, this Bill De Blasio is a world class piece of shit.

"De Blasio's first job was part of the Urban Fellows Program for the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice in 1984. In 1987, shortly after completing graduate school at Columbia University, de Blasio was hired to work as a political organizer by the Quixote Center in Maryland. In 1988 de Blasio traveled with the Quixote Center to Nicaragua for 10 days to help distribute food and medicine during the Nicaraguan Revolution. De Blasio was an ardent supporter of the ruling Sandinista government, which was at that time opposed by the Reagan administration. After returning from Nicaragua, de Blasio moved to New York City where he worked for a nonprofit organization focused on improving health care in Central America. De Blasio continued to support the Sandinistas in his spare time, joining a group called the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, which held meetings and fundraisers for the Sandinista political party.

De Blasio's introduction to City politics came during David Dinkins' 1989 mayoral campaign, for which he was a volunteer coordinator. Following the campaign, de Blasio served as an aide in City Hall. In 1997, he was appointed to serve as the Regional Director for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for New York and New Jersey under the administration of President Bill Clinton. As the tri-state region’s highest-ranking HUD official, de Blasio led a small executive staff and took part in outreach to residents of substandard housing. In 1999, he was elected a member of Community School Board 15. He was tapped to serve as campaign manager for Hillary Rodham Clinton's successful United States Senate bid in 2000."

I don't believe there is a better candidate to lord over New York (from a BRA perspective) than this odious shadow of a White man. Here we have a hardcore communist sympathizer with close ties to the Clintons AND as a bonus he was a regional director of HUD, so he knows just how to stick it to Whitey. Oh yes there is going to be hell on Earth in New York once again. Escape now while you can, Gotham city is about to transform into Arkham Asylum.

So CAL Snowman said...

I just found this wonderful article about De Blasio's tenure as Regional HUD director of the tri-state area. Let's just say he's the opposite of competent. Good God this man is a nightmare and the liberal media are just so complicit in putting the masses to sleep with their grains of sand.

HUD region lost $23 Milion To Scams While de Blasio Was In Charge

"Other accounts put the loss much higher. In a Dec. 14, 2000, article, The New York Times reported that several people defrauded HUD of $70 million in federally insured loans on more than 250 New York properties from 1998 to 1999."

The depravity and avarice of the "American" political class is on full display now and the people just eat it up. I guess that's why we need so many third world turds and blacks in America, someone has to worship these dictators.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Obama election, blacks voted around 95% for the black candidate, no matter what his politics, convictions or beliefs. That's as racist as it gets. Over 30% MORE black vote than a normal Democrat would gather in a national election. Sooooooo...who are the racists? Whites that voted for a black man because they mistakingly believed his promises, or blacks who voted for a black man because of his color?
If blacks had voted as they historically would, Obama doesn't win in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like reason number nine hundred ninety nine not to ever go the New York City. Took a trip with family to visit relatives in Maine. Missed connecting flight at Laguardia. 12 hour layover. Airports always hire local, usually inner city coloreds and Mexicans. I have never experienced such hostility from the people selling me coffee, sandwiches, etc. and don't get me started on TSA. A black woman with a federal badge and the right to fuck with white people. It will only get worse.

Hopefully it will be a long hot summer, and the NYPD can stand down when the brothers and sisters kick up their heels and keep it real!

Son of Delbert

Anonymous said...

I hope that New Yorkers get to enjoy living under the pro-Black, anti-White, and socialist ideologies that they have been pushing on "fly-over country" for decades. It will be fun watching as such Marxist slogans as “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” are implemented in New York City. Surely the city's wealthy journalists, banksters, and rootless cosmopolitans will rush to abandon the outdated concept of “private property,” in favor of dispersing their wealth among the people who need it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Just like the Obama election, blacks voted around 95% for the black candidate, no matter what his politics, convictions or beliefs.

I look forward to De Blasio destroying NYC. But there's a bigger issue here. Elections, politics in the USA are now nothing more than black tribalism. It saddens me that millions of white young people and millions squared of white women, are making black control of the country a reality. Obamacare is primarily for blacks. It may subsidize some non-blacks, of course. Pigford is about negroes. The stimulus was used to subsidize negro state government employees, among other gifts to negro groups. Cash for clunkers, gave negroes newer vehicles. The huge federal debt is being used to subsidize negro SSI disability and food stamp programs. Obama's Affirmative Housing directive, negroes again. Obama's meddling in the military to force even more affirmative action. The media is involved in a non-stop 24x7 program to promote negroes.

It is complete insanity at this point. The President is black. The Attorney General is Black. The head of DHS is black. There is a black congressional caucus and they're black. The czars are black. They are 13% fucking percent of the population. Oprah Winfred tell us that white people must die. Some moron named Kanyne tell us that white people must die. Something called the new black panthers put out cash bounties on that Zimmerman guy. Groups of negroes are beating people on the streets. The cities are controlled by blacks. The cities are being destroyed by blacks. The former mayor of Detroit called himself the mother fucker in charge. Negro crime is astronomical. The federal Section 8 program can move a family of negroes next door to you tomorrow and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

What the fuck happened to this country? Stop watching your goddamned football and wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

I was proud to vote against Obummer (twice, fat lot of good that did the country) and I voted against DeWhatever.

I am currently out of a job, and things do not look too good for my industry.

But I can count on the Mayor focusing like a laser on normalizing the dysfunctional behavior of minorities.

Mr. DeWhatever's tenure cannot end soon enough. Recall, anyone?

Don in PA said...

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad" Greek proverb

And is anyone surprised by any of this?. From De Blasio being elected in NYC, a hard core lefty who will destroy any semblance of progress the big apple has made in the last twenty years.

To electing as our POTUS (twice!) another hard core lefty mulatto who never held a real job with dubious sexuality & ideological ties.

To allowing our once great cities (Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, etc, etc.) to fall to the black plague.. With nary a peep from the white masses. A tragedy of biblical proportions & yet?, cricket noise.

To tolerating the masses of the third world pouring across our borders, that are displacing whole regions again without a peep.

I've discussed these topics on countless occasions with family or friends. I'm either "racist, alarmist, extremist". They honestly think it will be alright, after all "this is America". Mindless sheep all!.. Besides, the ball game is on. Our bellies are full. We can't be bothered.

They say "ignorance is bliss". Maybe many prefer to just ignore this worlds reality than face the brutal truth as to what's coming?. Reality is just too painful?.. Maybe the gods ARE punishing us?. We destroyed the one country that took a stand against the satanic forces of Bolshevist evil & here we are?!.. Our cowardess in the face of our own displacement & genocide warrants only ONE punishment?.. Death!. We either wake up, make a stand. Say "no more" & defend our lands & our women & daughters or we truly DO deserve the abject horror that WILL await us all if we do not!.

Anonymous said...

It's just the perfect time to pull up the stakes and vacate the USA completely and move to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Typical day in Africa.

Witches burned alive in Kenya, Africa

Thieves Burned Alive in Kenya for Stealing Potatoes

African man burned alive

Brutally Beaten and Burnt Alive


Black Africans have been doing this to one another forever, but all we about is American slavery

But there are still plenty of blacks who act like this:


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

The impression I am getting of DeBlasio is that he isn't going to be the guy running things. His wife is going to be in charge.

Anonymous said...

Instead of tomahawks and arrows, THESE Apaches carry 9 mm's.

Anonymous said...

Relax, NYC isn't going to "become Detroit"; this is *their* city. It is a *special* city, always has been and will be for some time to come.

*They* will simply pass hypocritical laws that only protect *them* from the creeping decay, and the most average people will do is maybe grumble a little bit.

YOUR neighborhood - that's the next Detroit. Make sure to tell Rush how angry that makes you!


Anonymous said...

Aybuh poda hep. Some are poda hep more than others. I'd leave NYC ASAP if I lived there, cuz all the money in the world can't hep these people.

Anonymous said...

Onward,ever onward rush the legions of the black hord.Like Sherman marching through Georgia,killing and burning everything in sight.

Mr. Rational said...

*They* will simply pass hypocritical laws that only protect *them* from the creeping decay, and the most average people will do is maybe grumble a little bit.

What you do is immediately get some White towns and cities to pass essentially the same law, with as much of the same language as you can.  When it goes to a court challenge, you get it combined with the challenge against the law in NYC.  For TWMNBN to get their protection, they have to establish a precedent that White towns and cities must be allowed the same... and the whole "civil rights" edifice cracks in half.

Dissident said...

No one, and I mean NO ONE, can sum it any better than Charlton Heston in this scene.

This will De Blasios NY..

Anonymous said...

Most people don't seem to care what's going on in the country unless and until it affects them personally.
I've been told I need to stay off websites (news, race realist and others) because all the "negativity" is upsetting and I'd be better off not knowing.
I recently said to such an "ignorance is bliss" advocate that "if there was an outbreak of rabies in my area, I'd want to know so I could protect myself. You (on the other hand) would be one of those people who saw a rabid animal, wondered what was wrong with it and went up to it and wound up getting bitten. All because you prefer ignorance and cluelessness. Hell, you'd probably be so clueless you wouldn't even think of getting any shots and would die of the disease!"
I also tried talking to someone about many of the issues facing the country and had them get mad at me and scream, "I don't want to think! I just want to be happy!" Another said, "I don't pay any attention to all that stuff. I'm busy doing my own thing."
These are the types who, if victimized in a Knockout King attack would say, "I didn't know this was going on! How was I supposed to know?!"
And yet, they'll know who won American Idol, what the latest fashion trend is and what Hollywoood star is dating whom and be upset that someone they liked lost on Dancing With The Stars.
These people are so far behind in knowledge and awareness that they'd have to take a three month course just to catch up.
The sheeple prefer their self inflicted blindness and prefer to drift along in a dream state as that's pleasant for them. When something major does happen, these are the people who mill about exactly like a herd of sheep with befuddled expressions on their faces. Worse yet, they're easily led by the MSM and wherever the shepherd of the day leads them, they follow as long as "happy thoughts" are offered as a reward. Hope and Change, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Social Justice etc.~ they swallow it all hook, line and sinker.
Lotus Eaters, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

@ So Cal he was schooled at columbia (no caps for commies) was all that needed to be said.

Racial and linguistic segregation across America
When people lack education, but see wealth on TV, they react. When they can’t attain it, they shoplift, steal cars, form gangs and dwell in underworld ethnic enclaves. You can see it in most failed countries in the world.
Today in Jackson, Mississippi, with a 90 percent African-American population, they elected a mayor who promotes changing five southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina into a separate Republic of New Black Afrika.
Journalist Andrea Ryan wrote, “Raising his fist in a black power salute during his swearing in, the newly elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi was true to his character as a former leader of the black supremacy group, Republic of New Afrika. The group is dedicated to transforming five of the Southern states into an independent socialist black nation. Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, born in Detroit as Edwin Finley Taliaferro, is a radical activist, and co-founder of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. He’s, also, being praised by the Nation of Islam, who wrote in their publication, Final Call, that ‘the seeds of a black nation are already taking root in Mississippi.’
In Detroit, Michigan, now 93 percent Black and Middle Eastern population, Muslims expect to dominate that population as their numbers grow in the USA from their current seven million to well over 20 million by 2050. They possess the capacity to use the U.S. Constitution to install Sharia Law by voting power of the majority. At some point, another Mayor Chokwe Lumumba could rise out of the ashes of Detroit to lead it toward a separate state or country.


PB said...

"It's just the perfect time to pull up the stakes and vacate the USA completely and move to Australia."

We get them straight from Africa. "Refugees" from persecution, which they continue with once they get here. The Africans have an extraordinary ratio of violent crime to population numbers. Luckily the numbers aren't there yet, but the bleeding-heart welfare to make it possible is in place and they know it.

Anonymous said...

It's obviously a Negro problem

Robert B said...

@ Anon at 11:17 AM--

See my post, now last, in the previous article.

What you are describing is what the COMINTERN committed to in 1935 to take down what was then still the U.S.A. FDR did his best to lurch us in that direction. FDR, the POS, gave most of Europe to Stalin--what does that tell you about the path we have been on? Each and every Democrat majority throughout the "nation"--enabled by weak Republicans of the Rockefeller/Bush variety, has done its best to bring this to fruition. Add to that the Mexican invasion, and the U.S. will be severed in at least three pieces. Demographers have been predicting five to seven for some time now. These are the people who have been quietly watching the greatest demographic migrations in the history of mankind. All brought about, as per the plan, by the importation of masses of unassimilable peoples--including asians, from the third world.

Add to that China's gutting of our economy, its ascendancy in Asia, its making a fool out of Obama and its push to dump the dollar--the end is near. It is not alone in this, most of Western Europe and the Middle East will jump on the band wagon.

That's okay, for now. while it is sad that we and our children will have to fight to survive this, in the end, it is the only way to end it now. We have gone to far to ever roll it back now. That time was in the 70's to about 1985. It's too late now--we must move on. We also must take part in the massive demographic shift--you do not want to be in New Afreaka or Azatlan when the split occurs. You want to be in a prosperous and cold climate region. Without welfare, they will not survive here in the great white north for any length of time. The GWN is also capable of energy independence and agricultural independence if necessary. We also have ports to the outside world and parts of Canada just may join us.

Without the U.S. as it presently exists, Africa itself with collapse in famine and cannibalism. Haiti will die and the Dominican Republic will subsume the entire island. So too will New Afreaka. Azatlan will simply become an extension of Mexico. It can be left to our grandchildren/great grandchildren to reconquer those lands. Every people needs a raison d'être, that can be theirs and their heirs.

Instead of lamenting this, position yourself and your heirs to take advantage of it. Thus, you/they will prosper. I can trace, thanks to the internet, my family roots back nearly one thousand years. Somehow, we have managed to survive and prosper through much of histories calamities. We will survive this as well.

Pat Boyle said...

Once again there are a lot of angry commenters telling other white people to do something.

I'm doing something.

I shot my little video on the Tuskegee Airmen yesterday. The real history is not what you have been led to believe.

I'm editing today. It should be on YouTube this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Will be LMAO when Kalifornia is subsumbed as a Mexican State. The crack-up of USA will be the best thing that could happen.

After all, there is absolutely nothing that unites us.

Thanks to fascist Feds we no longer share any common culture or even a history.

The ties that bind are loosened.

The USA is a giant revenue harvester & distribution machine & that's all.

It is in no one's interest except the Fed govt for the USA to even exist at this point in history.

hypie out....

Unknown said...

I grew up in NYC. My parents immigrated to the US as LEGAL immigrants. I can't believe New Yorkers were stupid enough to vote for DeBlasio. Rudy Giuliani did a great job cleaning up crime after Dinkins, and ironically most of the lives saved were probably black lives.

I don't get all the racist crap. I'm talking about the animosity towards whites. Like I said, my parents came here from India, so sure, I felt some pride when Bobby Jindal became Gov. of LA - it was cool that we had a guy of Indian heritage as an American Governor. BUT - would I have voted for him? I would have because I am ideologically fairly conservative. But I wouldn't vote for a socialist Indian like the woman who recently got elected in Seattle. I don't vote based on race - I will vote for a white guy over an Indian if the white guy is more competent and better matches my philosophical leanings.

I get that De Blasio is not black, but he has a black wife and that seems to be a big deal - which is asinine.

On a slightly different note - my Mom and I were discussing Christmas. She's Hindu, but when people tell her Merry Christmas, she always says "Merry Christmas" back. I mentioned that some idiots are trying to ban that and she thought it was stupid. She said, "I tell Muslims Eid Mubarak and Christians Merry Christmas, it doesn't mean I believe in their holidays, but I'm happy for them when they celebrate. What's wrong with that? If they say Merry Christmas to me, I say it back to them because that's good manners and I'm happy for them."

Makes me think that leftists really don't have manners. Being polite to people, being civilized... not Marxist values.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. When this asshole communist bankrupts the city. There'll be plenty of YT's art to sell to pay the bills

Anonymous said...

Unknown, does your mom live in the US? I'm wondering where on Earth people say "Merry Christmas" anymore. It's always "Happy Holidays" (as if anyone celebrates more than one). People have been so frightened away from appearing "religious", that I got some "Have a nice holiday" for Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Australia's great! Been here since 2000. When they elect marxist morons, they eventually toss them out (as they have been doing on a state and fed basis recently). Yes, we have duskies-- but they are a tiny minority and zero appetite for more.

R.E. Prindle said...

Well, here's something more recent to worry about. I've just picked up on it. In China they have Industrial Zones. Now they want to acquire an Industrial Zone in the Catskills which will be called New China City completely owned, operated and governed by the Chinese as a sovereign territory.

These zones have been in the works for at least a year. Idaho idiots want to give them a fifty mile strip as new Chinese territory. Plans are being discussed in Michigan and a couple of other states too. It would be interesting if Detroit became a Chinese Industrial Zone.

I can no longer pledge allegiance to any form of government in the US.

Andri of Stormwind said...

I say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Winter Veil" to people.

Robert B said...

@ Anon at 11:14 AM-

Part One-

Let them go. As has been said here before, you only need 10% to start a movement. Our movement should be succession from a crumbling, tyrannical despotism euphemistically known as The United States.

In 1775, more than half of the peoples living in the colonies were against war with England. Only 10% saw a need to start a new nation. In 1776, those 10% convinced one third of the population that they were a new people--an "American People". That one third committed to and fought the war for independence. One third did not care and one third fought against them.

The Bible is full of tales of people who did not head the advice of the sage. Athens was destroyed by the stupid people living there during the Peloponnesian Wars. Without their own stupidity and arrogance, they would not have succumbed to Sparta and her allies. My own best story concerns my mother when I was a baby. We lived on a lake--White Bear Lake. Here in Eastern Minnesota, we are on the edge of the Great Prairie. Storms, especially tornados, come quickly out of nowhere. My mother was sitting on our beach with my older brother and sister. She noticed the sky turning a greenish yellow, the birds had stopped chirping, the air became very still and our dog was getting nervous. She gathered her children and things to head to the house. She told the neighbor to seek cover as a storm was coming. He laughed and replied that it was a beautiful day and she must be silly. No more than ten minutes later a tornado formed across the lake and began making its way across the lake. Some people just don't listen--and they don't learn, either.

J.P. Morgan said "You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American"--and that was over 100 years ago. Mao took over china with less than 3% of the population backing him. Whereas about one third of Americans are complete sheep, 90% of Chinese are sheep--that's why some people like them and want them here. 2,000 years of slavery and the Chinese people had one revolt--and that just resulted in an even worse form of slavery. So too, is the average "hispanic". While they are most assuredly a criminal people, they almost always do what a "strong man" tells them to do. In reality, West Africans are a natural slave stock as well. They respond very well to the use of force and the "Strong Man"--they are now merely doing what their masters want them to do. They are being used to herd the white sheeple.

Robert B said...

Part Two-

Think about it. What could be a more perfect way to control a mass of overly prosperous white people endowed with freedoms they cannot possibly appreciate? You institute special privileges and laws pertaining to a select group of people. You then create other groups with special privileges. You then make more laws making it illegal to harm these people. You make it unlawful to criticize them in the workplace. You then use them to control the once free people in the workplace and the home. Then you extend that control to all of their social lives as well. Pretty soon, you have a people who have "free speech"--but if they use it, they will be hopelessly unemployed. They will be ostracized from polite society. Their children are taught to hate them at the same time they are taught to lionize and worship these Others. All of the Others--including TWSNBN, come from failed societies. Yisrael was over run by every other nation that waltzed through the area. The Romans, in anger, flung them to the winds. They lived in ghettos in complete ignorance of the advances of Western man. One day, they wandered out of the Pale and, with blinking eyes, as if leaving a cave, cast their eyes on Western Europe. It left them feeling worthless and inept. Of course they hated the people who had created this wonderful civilization. Of course they searched for other means to take control of it. All of these Others are here to control you and your people. Understand that, and you begin to move away from the herd. Once you have removed yourself from the herd, you can began to see it for what it truly is. And you can then began to use the knowledge to your own advantage. For instance, think of all the money that has been made off these fools selling Global Warming, the equality of mankind, the need to fight wars that have no stake in, the constant reconditioning of the public schools, the constant construction of new communities to house the people that are running from----who? Why the Other that they have been taught to lionize and who was imported into their midst. All of the politicians (we have not had statesmen for 100 years--think on that one) who sell them the same bill of goods, never deliver, and yet get elected again.

Step away from the herd. Let them graze in their own feces, it's all they know.

Robert B said...

"Unknown, does your mom live in the US? I'm wondering where on Earth people say "Merry Christmas" anymore"

We still say that here in Minnesota. I can always tell a recent transplant from the East Coast when they are fearful of responding in kind. I assure them that here, in GWN, that is still okay.

Go out to the small towns and the Dakotas, they still decorate their city buildings and streets. Hell, some years ago they tried to ban red and white poinsettias from the St. Paul (and Ramsey County) court house. N one knows who (Santa?) but low and behold, the whole first floor was filled them one Monday morning. That was the last attempt to ban them, some years ago. Just too many of "us" here and not enough of the "Other"--yet. The more of "us" that move here from places already too far gone, the more it will remain this way.

No one, absolutely no one, can stop you from practicing your religion, unless you let them. A judge says "take it down". Fine, just put it back in the dead of night. There is nothing they can do about it.

BTW, the west side of St. Paul has its own vigilantes. They deal with the tribes themselves. You can fight back, you just need to grow a pair and get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mandela just died over in SA.

I wonder how many more Boers are going to be killed by the kaffirs as a result of that.

Robert B said...


Nothing to worry about there--nothing. It's just one more piece in the plan--which is coming together. It will also show people, in a major way, that the USA no longer exists, except on paper. That is what we want because we want succession. A very visible sign that the power in DC is actually weak and not able to enforce its sovereignty is a good thing--for us. Unlike Minnesota's iron ore (the last in the nation), they cannot haul it back to China.

Think of it this way. How much power did the Chinese Emperor have after the British sailed their gun boats up the Yangtze and shelled his capitol, forcing him to allow the British to establish de facto colonies? None. He lost face and he lost control of his empire.

Just remember, pay back is a bitc*.

Robert B said...

"Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music. Celebrate…."

Nelson Mandela died today. Another commie bites the dust. That calls for a scotch!

Anonymous said...

Mandela dead !?! No at long last the long planned final solution to the "pale" african problem can go forth full blast.

To bad, nobody will accept any africans of the Pale persuasion as refugees from their Holocaust.

Indeed, glasses will be raised, all over DC & other bastions of modern evil, to toast the death of every one of those Afrikaners. Not in mourning but in Glee !

The death of a million afrikaner's won't even make the news here....

hypie out....

R.E. Prindle said...

The British in China was back when screw guns were a novelty. Now everyone has a nuclear arsenal.

We don't want the Chinese here, not that they aren't. It won't help anything.

Anonymous said...

What some of you are missing is the fact that de Blasio will also be preying on white people who didn't vote for him and only work in New York. NYC has many jobs filled by people living in New Jersey and Connecticut, and even Pennsylvania. I'm sure the NYC income tax and commuter tax will be raised for all those people who "benefit" from having to commute 1-2 hours/day (each way) to work in the city.

Anonymous said...

"We destroyed the one country that took a stand against the satanic forces of Bolshevist evil & here we are?!"

I'm reading Diana West's book "American Betrayal", and if she is correct, we DIDN'T stand against Bolshevist evil, WE COLLABORATED WITH IT. "We" being many officials in the federal government, high and low, starting with the FDR administration in 1933 and continuing to the present day. I don't yet know if the book answers the question "Why?", but you might want to give it a look.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Anon said: I also tried talking to someone about many of the issues facing the country and had them get mad at me and scream, "I don't want to think! I just want to be happy!

Excellent commentary! You are bolder than most to speak the truth to such an audience. We're all familiar with the castigation that comes with our refusal to participate in the perpetual denial of reality. Please pick a handle and stick around!


Californian said...

RE New York City:

I saw an interesting comment by a NYer back when Bloomberg was mayor. He said there was an unspoken reason that Bloomberg put the hammer down with all sorts of controls, some of them quite petty--bans on trans-fats, bans on large soft drinks, attempted bans on gun, etc. This was because when you have a multicultic city composed of large numbers of low IQ, low impulse control demographics, the only way to keep civil order is with the heavy boot of the state.

Let's not forget that Bloomberg was realistic enough to institute profiling. Yes, profiling is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, but in NYC he wasn't dealing with the same demographic which wrote the Bill of Rights, was he? And it sorta worked, since New York City has not degenerated into a Detroit, at least not yet.

Is this the future? Cities are going to be either police states or self-destruct?

Can anyone out there show us any city with a sizable black demographic which can maintain civil order other than by putting down the hammer? In the USA? In Europa? In the Caribbean? In sub-Saharan Africa? Do I have to point out the difference in civil order in South African cities before and after apartheid?

It goes back to what is so disturbing about race realism:

What if race realism is right?

Big Bear said...

I've never been to NYC and never will go there. If it burns, I don't care, they made their bed. Good thing about it crumbling is the Empire will focus more and more of its efforts there and have less nosy-parkers in my neck of the woods.

Californian said...

I've never been to NYC and never will go there.

New York was a great city. Once. I used to live back east and was in NYC frequently. There was an energy there. A sense that this is where "it" was happening.

But of course, the energy was created by the people. You change the people, you get a different energy and a different city. Again, look at Detroit.

The de Blasio regime reflects the new demographics of NYC. Let's see where this goes. NYC may be the next laboratory for BRA. And stories for SBPDL!

Anonymous said...

We are going to have to throw up a wall like east/west germany. Anyone want to cobble a space craft together and try for mars? Probably fatal but consider the alternative...

Erie PA