Thursday, December 5, 2013

Senator Rand Paul Believes the Earth is Flat: A Lesson For Those Unwillingly to Grasp the Racial History of Detroit

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It’s time to cut the crap. Words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ have no meaning if you can’t exercise the most basic human necessity: the right to freedom of association, which can be simply referred to as the ability to discriminate.

News that Senator Rand Paul plans to unveil a Republican National Committee (RNC) office aimed at minority outreach in Detroit (wait, why not Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, where the 84 percent black city has just elected a black separatist as mayor?) should be greeted with nothing but insane, sustained, and hysterical laughter. [EXCLUSIVE - RAND PAUL: 'ECONOMIC FREEDOM ZONES' FOR DETROIT, OTHER CITIES,, 12-5-13]:
“Around the country, we’re going to be opening offices in all the major cities in the United States,” Paul said. “And when you look at the red-blue map of party divisions around the country, the Republican Party tends to win the countryside and the rural cities and small towns but we’re not doing so well in the big cities. So I think we need to spend more time in the big cities. And I think spending time will help to introduce our message to those people in those cities.” 
During his trip to Detroit, Paul will also give a speech to the Detroit Economic Club, where he will unveil a new economic empowerment policy called “Economic Freedom Zones." 
“I think also we need to think about what policies will attract new voters and what are the problems of a city,” Paul said.
No amount of economic enterprise zones or other form of nurturing can save the black population from their own nature, Sen. Paul

Do you really want to know what the problems of the 83 percent black city of Detroit are, Senator Paul?

Do you?

An 85 percent white city in 1950 was turned into the sewer it is today because black people were granted the opportunity to freely associate and create a black metropolis (engaging in high crime rates that drove whites out of the city) through the beauty of universal suffrage and democracy.

They voted for the sewer Detroit is today, because they voted for the right of black freedom of association.

Now, downtown Detroit is seeing an economical revival, courtesy of white people. This fact is one the Detroit NAACP and Black Michigan Chamber of Commerce is not happy about [Minority Business Owners Say They Feel Excluded From Detroit’s Revival,, 9-23-13]. And as longtime Detroit News columnist notes, those black people who emerged victorious in the race war fought in Detroit in the 1960s aren’t happy campers. [Finley: Will downtown Detroit be a white enclave?, Detroit News, 11-17-13]:
The divide around here once was between Detroit and the suburbs. Now, in the words of race warrior Shirley Stancato, it’s becoming between “downtown and those other people.” 
The other people the New Detroit head is talking about live in Detroit’s rapidly disintegrating neighborhoods. They’re largely African-American, and a high percentage are poor. Downtown, meanwhile, is a magnet for creative and upwardly mobile young people of both races, but the tilt is heavily toward whites. 
“It’s an issue,” says Stancato, whose organization is dedicated to closing the racial divide. 
It’s a different story in the neighborhoods, where the city’s inability to fund basic services is evident on nearly every block. 
Something else is bubbling, too. A lot of nights you can stand in downtown Detroit and think you were in Minneapolis instead of at the core of the blackest city in America. 
With a few exceptions, the new hip hotspots have an overwhelmingly white clientele. Often, the downtown crowd is an almost exact reversal of the city’s 80 percent black, 20 percent white and others racial makeup.
None of this is the kind of discussion about ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’ Senator Rand Paul will ever engage in, more prepared to jump in an interracial shower with the ghost of Jack Kemp than dare discuss the racial history (and it’s implications) of Detroit.

It’s simple: the racial history of Detroit shows the United States of America – as it currently exists – has no long term future; it’s nothing more than a dollar-store business held together with Scotch Tape and a nuclear arsenal keeping creditors at bay.

But, Senator Rand Paul and all of those weeping with the joy at the prospect of black people suddenly flocking to read classical liberal tomes and embracing individual responsibility, here’s the most important excerpts from Tamar Jacoby’s forgotten 1998 book Someone Else's House: America's Unfinished Struggle For Integration.

Call this SBPDL outreach to GOP acolytes, truly the criminally insane individuals in America, for we offer you a rough-sketch of the racial history of Detroit:
Out in the streets, the gulf between black and white was growing steadily wider. Crime and perception of crime rose dramatically: there would be nearly twice as many murders the year after the riot [1967] as the year before. Downtown offices hired guards and installed bulletproof windows. Students in the riot area were at first said to be “dazed” – what one administrator called a sea of “stone faces.” But it soon became clear that… the disturbances were radicalizing a generation of black teens. The winter after the riot brought daily skirmishes in school corridors, boycotts, vandalism, classroom fires and a much-publicized stabbing of a teacher. At one junior high school, students went on a violent rampage, demanding that their white principal be replaced by a black one. Screaming teenagers disrupted board of education meetings, shouting that they would not listen to “honkie” officials. By the middle of the term, school officials were locking classroom doors, and white families were evacuating as if from a plague. Twice as many whites fled the city in 1967 as had left the year before. In 1968, the figure would double again, to more than 80,000. (p. 242)

It was a plague. A black plague that did far worse damage to Detroit than the ‘black plague’ did to Europe in the so-called Dark Ages/Medieval times.
What to expect?
How about the instruments of Detroit's ultimate demise?

Let’s continue our lesson:

Crime had been rising rapidly through the 1960s. Both homicide and robbery rates were already twice as high as elsewhere in the nation – violence fueled by demographic patterns, the business cycle and inner-city joblessness, among other trends. Yet for whatever reason, or combination of reasons, things grew significantly worse in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

By 1970, there were half a million guns in Detroit, 4/5s of them unregistered. Fender-benders on the expressway regularly turned into shootings, and in the course of that year, several municipal employees were raped during the day in the halls of the City-Council Building. Over the next five years, homicide and robbery rates rose between 25 and 30 percent. An aide to Jerome Cavanagh’s successor, Roman Gribbs, recalled that the mayor himself was afraid to walk the streets and that he put off a visit by Richard Nixon because he felt he could not guarantee the president’s security. “Cops began to see enforcement as a losing battle,” the aide remembered. “Imagine a cop who sees a robbery in progress. He says to himself, ‘I’m going to get out of here as fast as I can. Either he’ll shoot me or I’ll shoot him- and then there’ll be a complaint and an investigation and I’ll lose work for months and maybe even lose my job and my pension.’ ” 

By the early seventies… the breakdown of legal authority was making life in black Detroit more and more difficult. Blacks bore the lion’s share of the city’s rising crime: half of the robberies and 80 percent of the rapes and murders. Yet, by their own accounts, blacks were considerably less concerned about lawlessness than whites – only one in four thought it was Detroit’s most pressing problem – and many were as wary of the police as of the criminals they were battling. By 1971, a full half of the city’s blacks told pollsters they mistrusted the police and had complaints about them – double the number who had felt that way just four years before. Two 1971 jury trials demonstrated how far the mood had swung. Many people predicted the first acquittal – of 15 Black Panthers involved in a fatal shoot-out with police. But even jaded Detroiters were startled when a largely black jury decided that a black veteran who had gone on a rampage in a Chrysler plant and killed three white coworkers with his M-1 carbine should be excused because of the racist treatment he had received as a young man. (p. 251)
Omar Thornton had a precedent it seems. Jacoby continues:
The effect on race relations was stark and irreversible, as more and more whites came to see crime as a racial issue. By the early 70s, a majority felt that violence was the city’s leading problem, and Time magazine reported that “almost every white [in Detroit]claimed to know someone who had been mugged or robbed by black thugs.” Karate and gun clubs flourished in the suburbs. Outlying whites dubbed the city “Indian country,” and the few commuters who had to venture in made sure to be back across Eight Mile Road by nightfall. At holiday shopping time, cops with megaphones patrolled downtown. “Walk in twos after dark,” they advised suburban shoppers. “Keep your hands on your purses. Stay away from alleys and have a merry Christmas.” Whites leaving the city for the suburbs no longer needed to explain what was driving them. As violence rose, the exodus swelled – it was even great in the early 70s than in the late 60s – and with it went the businesses that might have given poor blacks an alternative to criminal activity. (p. 252)

What Jacoby, Rand Paul, Jack Kemp, Ron Paul, and the entire GOP establishment will never ask themselves is why couldn’t those blacks create new businesses; why couldn’t they themselves be entrepreneurs and provide new ideas to power a city of their own design?


And let’s end with a portrait of the city’s first black mayor, Coleman Young:
If anything, the more besieged the city grew, the better the mayor seemed to like it. Young’s list of enemies had not changed much since 1974 – the press, the feds, the suburbs and the police – and, together with other outsiders, they were responsible for all that was wrong in the city. Unemployment was big business’ fault… Low school achievement scores could be blamed on the state’s inequitable funding. The deterioration of Detroit’s housing stock was the work of discriminatory mortgage policies. Crime was a byproduct of white racism: prejudice caused unemployment caused black rage caused murder and mayhem. At the same time, Young insisted, crime was not really that bad in Detroit, just much exaggerated by a sensationalist media. Anyone who criticized the city was by definition bigoted. So were those who tried to hold black people accountable or suggest they were in any way responsible for the troubles that beset them. “We’re not in control of our own destiny,” the nation’s most powerful black mayor told a reporter. “Anybody who tell you [that we are] is somebody you ought to take a second look at – because that’s a racist.” (p. 351)

To attack Coleman Young,” he charged, “is to attack Detroit – and to attack Detroit is attack black.” (p. 352)

It’s time to cut the crap. Words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ have no meaning if you can’t exercise the most basic human necessity: the right to freedom of association, which can be simply referred to as the ability to discriminate.

The black population of Detroit discriminated against whites (rebelling against law and order, the white man’s law and order that is), thus the 83 percent black city finds itself in the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history today.

But the problem is the city being one of those blue areas on the red/blue map, isn’t Sen. Paul?

No, it’s nothing but a powerful reminder that the more race appears as the obvious answer (and Detroit is dead because it went black… simple as that), the more we must engage in obfuscating and denying the obvious. 


Anonymous said...

ask Idaho about economic zones and a Chinese promise of jobs

desperate dreamers playing the economic zone lottery

Anonymous said...

Please do a proper Mandela article. It's something we badly need right now

Don M said...

Repuke message to blacks: "Ok guys, you need to go to school because we've flooded the country with third worlders for cheap menial labor. We'll give you some shcool vouchers to help ya. Oh, but don't bother studying STEM, because we're flooding the country with H1B Visas for techie slave labor... Umm, on second thought, maybe you should just join the military and go fight for Israel... That's the 'free market' solution!"

Black response: "Mang, fug dat sheeit!"

On a separate note, things may suddenly get more interesting in Mandelatopia. The old Marxist terrorist beez daid.

Robert B said...

That's okay. Let them make fools of themselves. I imagine there were many doing the same thing in Rome, circa 375A.D. It didn't help them, it isn't going to help these people either. The problem isn't liberalism, it is simply the "Other". The existence of the Other is what gave rise to the liberalism. Just a symptom, not the disease itself.

By the way, never, ever use the term "BCE". that is a notation of the other, meant to deprive us of our history. Never, ever give them that control--so to our language. For instance, refer to homosexuals as just that and nothing else. It's "OUR" language, not theirs. So too, we are not "whites"--denoting a bland and colorless people. We are Europeans, mighty Europeans and nothing less. We are the people that conquered the world--WE. Not only have we done it more than once and in multiple epochs, but we did it, largely, with one hand tied behind our backs. We did this while slaughtering one another for control of our homelands as well as the conquered lands. Think on that one.

Time to grow a pair, boys, time to grow a pair. Set an example for those who are too small.

danaigh said...

"It’s simple: the racial history of Detroit shows the United States of America – as it currently exist – has no long term future; it’s nothing more than a dollar-store business held together with scotch tape and a nuclear arsenal keeping creditors at bay. "

So true.

Now on my fridge.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully phrased PK:
"it’s simple: the racial history of Detroit shows the United States of America – as it currently exist – has no long term future; it’s nothing more than a dollar-store business held together with scotch tape and a nuclear arsenal keeping creditors at bay"

Succinct & a perfectly apt description of the USA aka Zombie Vampire (alleged) Republic.

USA is no longer a country worth being called a country. It's a collection of 50 very much non-sovereign states with the federal jackboot on their necks & the
necks of their citizens.

As illegal immigration demonstrates their is no benefit to being a citizen of the USA since anybody, citizen or not, can vote & if they're dead or a member of the Petting Zoo, they can vote often.

In past days even the Vampire wanted to leave you enough blood to stay alive for future feedings, now the push is on to literally desanguinate you in one mighty chomping bite, sometime before you can start collecting social security & become
black man's burden.

Fangs out, bite on, rotting corpse of
a former Republic

hypie out.....

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article! Now you just have to do one on the death of Nelson Mandela, or as I call it, Happy Day!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the crux of the entire post. Aptly stated, well constructed, and honesty to the core:

""It’s time to cut the crap. Words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ have no meaning if you can’t exercise the most basic human necessity: the right to freedom of association, which can be simply referred to as the ability to discriminate."""

The problem with these doomed-to-fail Economic Zones is that it was tried about 20yrs ago. Jack Kemp's Enterprise Zones! It's the same damn thing recycled and given a few cosmetic nips, tucks as well as a slightly different words.

It's the same thing. It didnt work then and it isn't going to work now. Blacks didnt buy into it then and they certainly wont now.

Why the hell should they anyway buy into it? They want their stuff and for the most part, they're largely adept at getting it without having to rely on conservative pols and their wonkish ivory, as in YT, tower policies.

Rand continues to demonstrate that he hasn't learned anything from the past. Its along the same lines as those hardened leftists "Communism is perfect, it's just never been fully tried or fully implemented in its purest form." Same damn thing. If only RAND can have the opportunity to personally IMPLEMENT the policy of Enterprise/Economic Zones, then hell,they'll work out just fine and dandy.

And of course, this will allow his candidacy to receive nearly 8% of the total black vote. 8%! Dude, that's a lot!

It's a shame that Hillary has a stronger chance to become president. Her base will turn out and Rand's wont in large numbers. These kinds of assclown policy proposals and they'll stay home en masse.

It's like "Pro" Wrestling. You couldn't fix/script it any better.

"Cue the cluelessly lost GOP Pol to once again trot out a recycled policy to help blacks. There he is! Right on cue."

If he gets the nomination: Election day = Hillary 1, Rand 0.

Anonymous said...

so who from the US officialdom is going to the funeral?

So CAL Snowman said...

Finally the evil commie Mandela is dead! Rot in hell you terrorist piece of shit. I hope I live long enough to see Analog Man piss on Mandela's grave.

Jay Santos said...

Anon said…

As illegal immigration demonstrates their is no benefit to being a citizen of the USA…

Little or none. In America today, you want to emulate the illegal. Have no identification papers, no history, no assets. No SSN and no income tax. No insurance, get treated at the emergency room. No habla ingles and the cops just walk away from you.

There was a media article/poll a few days back citing the lack of trust US residents now have of one another. Shocking, right? The architects of this current state, the destroyers of a once great country, must be so proud of themselves. At least we finally got ourselves a negro President.

10mm AUTO said...

Ending the Week and the Year with these two

New York on the Path to Detroit and ineffectual Repuke politicians waving their hands, building outreach offices based on political theory, not racial reality. Political Theory implies an imagination sufficient to construct alternative realities for the betterment of all and a high ability to reason through those realities.

Understanding that low wages in China steal jobs from Americans with free trade is a reality Libertarians have yet to accept, but it is clear that they are far from that it they can not even comprehend that a different species of human might have different goals, desires and impulses than the White.

In his defense, we laugh derisively at Rand Paul just as our Southern Brethren laughed at the idea of school integration, but at least he is doing it with his own money (very Libertarian of him!). His failure will be sad. Those of us who realize that there will be no "White Interest" candidates till the resistance starts will wish Paul the best, but he is trying to defeat the negro by appealing to his intelligence and his "better nature"; not the negros long suit.

Anonymous said...

During the Middle Ages, Western Europe believed in a mythical kingdom led by Prester John. Prester John was going to eventually serve as a vanguard to kick out the hated Moors and help re-Christianize the Holy Land.

After Western European sailed and around Africa during the age of discovery that the whole Prester John thing was exposed for what it was: A vast created lie or fable.

Today's GOP Pols believe in Prester John, only their version is that somewhere out there, there are millions of blacks who want nothing more than school choice and enterprise/economic zones that will help create peace and prosperity and rise them out of the ghettos and into the middle class.

Unfortunately, the modern Prester John has a large following among true believing GOP Pols. If only they can find this mythical character that exist, if only they can reach all these millions of blacks with conservative economic policies and WHAM! They'll flee from decades of democratic support and vote Republican while simultaneously becoming better educated and economically advanced.

It doesnt work and unfortunately then as now, both Prester Johns are mythical creations.

We need reality instead and not PJ.

ricpic said...

Is it really true that downtown Detroit is predominantly white? Well, if so, I applaud the courage of the white pioneers. Must be a helluva way to live though. Walk one block in the wrong direction and you're kaput.

Magnifico said...

Hey Robert B., RE:BCE since liberals came up with that crap refer to it as "Before the Christian Era". Remember, liberals never think thing through!! But I do get your point.

Moondoggie said...

Well, well, a senator from Kentucky wants to experiment with Detroit, Michigan. This obviously is not his responsibility, nor should it be, and it is also obvious this is just ploy for his presidential aspirations. I used to think Rand Paul had some brains. Guess not. Pandering to blacks just reduces your white voting potential. Plus we all know as many have commented this crap never works. Negros are negro's and they will stay negro's no matter how many special incentive plans or zones your create.

Thankfully I don't see this fairy tail being implemented. When will these Republicans ever learn. They are the stupid part! If we could ever get a presidential conservative candidate to target the white middle and working class I would predict a 65% landslide election. Man these politicians are beyond dense.

Anonymous said...

The black vote is for sale to the highest bidder if you are not planning on buying the black vote with freebies they will not vote for you, period.
Even black mayors of Detroit had to pass out cigaretts and Thanksgiving turkeys to get votes.

Don M said...

Moondoggie said:
"If we could ever get a presidential conservative candidate to target the white middle and working class I would predict a 65% landslide election. Man these politicians are beyond dense. "

Not dense, controlled opposition. Tomato can opponents set up for the leftist vanguard to fell with a weak jab.

Despite Rand's posturing I guarantee the national GOP makes Kristie-Kreme the repuke nominee against Shrillary. Lard-Lad is a RINO so blatant and repugnant to the middle/working class whites, that they'll sit home by the millions on super Tuesday.

Even if by some Diebold fluke he happened to win, his policies wouldn't be appreciably different from Cankles Clinton. Win-win for the banksters and race-baiters.

Anonymous said...

BCE stands for "Before the Common Era".

Anonymous said...

re:BCE -- I call it "Before Christ Existed". Unsurprisingly, this petty, idiotic term came out of academic institutions -- the roosting grounds of YKW. "Before Common Era"?? Begs the question: What event sparked the "Common Era"?
Next the Others will ban the letter "T" because it resembles a crucifix.

Californian said...

Here's a question for Republicans: when has any GOP "outreach" programs ever succeeded?

Name some examples.

Just one.

No matter what you do, blacks will still vote Democratic 90+% of the time.

OK, you might be able to get the 5% of black conservative vote, maybe up that to 10%. You're still going nowhere on this train.

Supposing that Rand Paul were instead to do an outreach to alienated White voters? Say, voters who had been cut out of jobs or university admissions because of affirmative action? Or homeowners who saw their real estate values plummet? Or victims of flash mobs? Reach out to them with the orthodox libertarian positions on ending AA, right of association, concealed carry of firearms.

But that might mean really standing up for conservative principles...

"It’s time to cut the crap. Words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ have no meaning if you can’t exercise the most basic human necessity: the right to freedom of association, which can be simply referred to as the ability to discriminate.""

"Freedom" and "liberty" also have no meaning when one can not state obvious truths about race without the risk of losing one's job.

Southron said...

The idea that blacks want less government is laughable. Without a white funded federal government, they wouldn't exist.

Blacks are not sitting around the ghetto lamenting the large amount of government regulations that are keeping them from striking out and creating businesses.

Government is there mother and father. It feeds them, clothes them, and makes excuses for their behavior no matter what they do.

On an unrelated story, I hope Nelson Mandela burns in hell.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PK. I would also like to thank the founders of White History Month 2 on Facebook. This is my manifesto, albeit in the closet. I'm 32. My best friend is black (He's a bona-fide medical Dr.... His wife is a 'PHD professor' in the college race-hate industry. There aren't many real black doctors or any with a 'science' mind... Most with the brains of an average white person get a doctorate in law or some other bull$hit...

At 32, I've been taught my whole life that white people are less than. My forefathers were trash. 'African Americans' built this country, contributed equally... This country was built by them... We're a nation of immigrants... Blah, blah, blah, .... Obama=hope... White privilege.' Be ashamed. Oprah=wisdom. Blah blah blah... I want to puke. NELSON MANDELLA WAS A HERO.... Obama, Oprah, Mandella... They have the brains of a white freshman at a community college. Their skin color and white guilt has made them dangerously powerful. I hate them. I hate niGG3rs. I hate the media for lying to me and telling me these people were good, equal, and BETTER than me and my forefathers. I hate the media for telling me the Boers in South Africa were terrible racists. (I work with a terrific, white, ex-south-African engineer. They created a first-rate nation in a third-rate hell hole and they are being executed for it. His family fled to the US and they probably will have to flee to Belgium one day to avoid what's coming here.). I hate the lying scoundrels across the board that want me ashamed of my people. I hate the fact that I make 75k a year and can't afford a third child because 60 percent of the 30k I pay in taxes goes to worthless nigg3rs and 3rd worlders. I hate that my taxes pay for the section 8 people that rent the small portion of rental property in my town will probably commit a heinous violent crime that will affect me or my loved ones. I hate the fact my 'liberal' upper-class white colleagues think diversity is good (they haven't been burned yet, and they most certainly will be). I am so sick of it all. I will not be ashamed of myself or my history anymore. Obama, Oprah, and Mandela would slit my throat behind closed doors if it would help them in ANY way. I can't stand that my best friend is black, and he is truly one in a million (I didn't even want to like the guy.). I hate to turn on the news and see another good-natured white person the victim of heinous black brutality.

Black people were only useful for low-grade agricultural work with a gun pointed at them. They were rendered useless with machinery by WW2. Yes, a few of them match the average IQ of the average white person, but it is at such a dangerous and high cost to the rest of the country.

I watch the Voice once in a while with my wife. There are 3 white judges--all professional musicians who worked hard their whole lives to have music careers. They are attractive, in-shape, and educated. There is one black judge, who is 'well spoken' and doesn't look like a complete animal. He is an obese, foul, classless, unprofessional, sex and drug crazed, rapist degenerate (Cee-Loo Green.).

This is what passes for a 'good' Afro-American...

I am pissed. I am sick to my stomach. This isn't a joke--my best friend is black. We fish together all the time. We have a lot in common.

My wife will see me reading this site and get pissed. I tried to dig on the 'diversity' thing and have been so disenfranchised I want to puke.... We need a leader who will say 'NO. FU*K This! GAME OVER.' If anyone has tried to 'welcome' this plague, it's me. Be strong. Don't be ashamed. Don't let this nation be turned into Brazil... If I shared how I felt with colleagues at lunch at work, I'd be fired within hours...

Please someone, stand up. Give me someone to 'vote' for... Anything! The websites are nice, but action is required. I'm not the man for the job....

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

The angelic, righteous Saint Mandela has left us. Gnomesayin’?

Epic negro worship is in full swing. In the ATHell, WSB Radio went to non-stop, breaking news coverage, complete with DWL self-flagellation and the obligatory appearance and commentary of the resident negress TV newscaster. You see, only black people are qualified to comment on the death of a “civil rights icon.” All of a sudden, I’m hearing people talk about “South Africa” more in 5 minutes than in the last 20 years. You would think that Mandela was actually an American, and had personally ended slavery in America instead of Lincoln.

Strangely, the white farm murders and necklacing were terms I don’t recall being used in the discussion. No mention of Amy Biel, either. The fact is, no one in the FUSA outside of SBPDL and the participants in the more intellectually-grounded race-realist outlets have ANY idea of the horror that has befallen SA since the end of apartheid. Clueless whites, of the kind that think SA has truly achieved its full potential in the last 20 years, have no f-ing IDEA what has gone on there. They seem to think that, once the evil white racists were no longer in charge, society, industry, liberty and institutions suddenly flourished. Like in Zimbabwe… Of course, none of them will ever see the before-and-after pictures of the ruins of current day Johannesburg like we all have. That’s…well…unpleasant or “overly negative.”

In typical BRA fashion, “civil rights leaders” were immediately consulted for their comments on the Saint’s demise, including the great Andrew Young. He smugly pointed out that SA has had at least 4 “successful” national elections since the fall of apartheid. “Successful” was, characteristically, left undefined.

“The city too busy to hate.” The hell with that! I’m going to FIND the time!

Here in the FUSA, da turrible, turrible legacy ob da slabery can only be assigned to a portion of the national character (da ebil debbils in da Souf). It seems to me that, in South Africa, it’s a neater package, and easier target to say that 100% of white South Africans are evil, racist devils. It just kind of fits anti-white narrative a little more snugly. Even the US piled on in the sacred effort to end apartheid, so SA must REALLY have been awful! They even made Coca-Cola mad (like you, beverage-producing corporations dictate all of my personal opinions).

Finally, I couldn’t help but note the irony between the juxtaposition of the “breaking news” of St. Mandela’s death and the fast food workers’ strike and “demand” for $15/hour wages. The Blaze TV aired some comments by negress, single mothers proclaiming that they did not make enough flipping burgers to support their children (plural). One negro referred to 5 children. I guess we can’t blame him, because “muh dik” had no choice except to impregnate the supposed (and hopefully non-white) female(s).

To any negro trolls out there, please help us with one piece of elusive information. Please identify a tangible, quantifiable achievement that was made possible via “diversity” that was previously impossible. As an example (and no b/s answers like “civil rights” or “the first black ______), we’re looking for something like, “Micro-circuitry was transformed from a theoretical concept to a full-functional mechanism when, after struggling for a decade, D’ushon was added to the development team following the conclusion of his doctoral studies.” If diversity IS our “greatest strength,” as we are told each day of our lives in BRA, surely there must be no fewer than several hundred examples of such tangible achievements.

We look forward to the forthcoming enlightenment. In the meantime, I have some sandwiches to prepare.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

I grew up there, and saw all of this happen. It was sad, and the races got along ok before coleman young. There was distrust, but we were civil to each other.Mayor Dennis Archer was getting the city on track in the late 80"s early 90's but he was "too white" and got voted out.

James Savik said...

If you want to understand why the black cities fail, have a good look at black countries that fail. Like Rhodesia. It was a rich country when whites ran it. Now blacks run it and it's an economic basket case.

James Savik said...

If you want to see why black cities fail, have a look at the failed black countries.

Rhodesia was one of the richest countries in Africa.

Afte ~20 years of black rule, it's an economic basket case.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:31: I hear ya man, im right there with you in feelings and age wise. Hang in there, Whites are really starting to wake up around here. We have a lot of transplants, the locals have always known.

My best friend just moved to ATL for work. Father of two young children. He specifically moved north and even though the real estate agent cant "comment" on diversity, he made sure she knew he wanted an all White area. He reads this site, and thanks you PK for your map around ATL.

It's out in the open down there. PK is right, BRA goes DOWN starting ATL. The South will rise again! Deo Vindice.

NC Guy

Dissident said...

To Anon @ 7:31.

Welcome to your awakening and thank you for coming out. Please choose a handle and stick around here with your fellow whites that can see.

Those that can see...


Bogolyubski said...

From PK's article:
The black population of Detroit discriminated against whites (rebelling against law and order, the white man’s law and order that is), thus the 83 percent black city finds itself in the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history today.

And you know what? Rand Paul is by no means the only white idiot featured in this farce. The hipsters who have redeveloped part of downtown (which groids are bitching about) are just like the stupid-assed French colonists and others who returned to Haiti after the first massacre of whites. The devil-worshipping (I kid you not) negroes of Haiti invited whites back in - and they came - only to be subjected to an even more brutal extermination the second time.

Anyone who has half a brain can at least find out about Haiti after doing a little research, so the white idiots like Paul and the hipsters are even more obstinately dumb-assed than the French returnees were. What's all this talk about high white IQ again? How high must one's IQ be to fall for the same damned lies over and over again?

Bogolyubski said...

So St. Nelson Mandela finally croaked. Good. May be rot in the darkest pit of hell for all eternity. Ditto for all who worship him.

Bogolyubski said...

Today's GOP Pols believe in Prester John, only their version is that somewhere out there, there are millions of blacks who want nothing more than school choice and enterprise/economic zones that will help create peace and prosperity and rise them out of the ghettos and into the middle class.

Prester Shitavious. That's the GOP mythical magic knee-grow. I understand the Repukes are looking to replace the pachyderm as their symbol with something more hip and up-to-date - more to the liking of the party's movahs and shaikahs (not to mention the real meaning of the acronym GOP).

Indy suburbian said...

Did you see the National Guardsman killed in a craigslist robbery in Indianapolis? Thugs lured a guy under the guise of selling an iPad. Killed him, robbed him.

The man served in Afghanistan, I think it was. And he was killed by some thugs over a few hundred dollars.

Enough is enough. And you KNOW it was blacks.

I grew up with diversity being pushed. In college, the 'diversity' thing -- recognizing the culture of blackness, of queerness, all that was encouraged.

I asked a "diversity educator" why he used the term "people of color." I said, "aren't I a color, too?" He had to think about that one.

I don't want to celebrate black history or black culture. They are vile.

Anonymous said...

I'm 58 and I'm with you brother. I can only say that I'm sorry for the hideous world that my generation has left to you.

However, I will be never quit fighting!

Robert B said...

"e:BCE -- I call it "Before Christ Existed". Unsurprisingly, this petty, idiotic term came out of academic institutions -- the roosting grounds of YKW. "Before Common Era"?? Begs the question: What event sparked the "Common Era"?
Next the Others will ban the letter "T" because it resembles a crucifix."

"They" already have in England. In fact, they are doing away with the mighty St. Andrews Cross--England's real flag. They will here next. Use their methods, civil disobedience, just do it anyway.

Just say "no" to the other and their ways. Have moose limb move into the neighborhood? train your dog to crap on their lawn. They'll leave. There are many, many ways to deal with those sent here to control us. Remember, they all have their very own special superstitions, use them against them. Just make sure you don't do anything that can get you anymore than a ticket. Don't be stupid and vandalize their property. No one can prosecute you for telling someone they stink. No one can do anything to you for letting your dog crap somewhere--nothing serious. No one can do anything to a child that chants an old fashioned rhyme.

Pork is something that many people have a problem with. In warm weather, BBQ'ing it sends a message. So does putting up a lit ten foot tall cross at Christmas time. Many, many ways to deal with the other in such a way as one can say "huh?"

Always use A.D.--Anno Domini and B.C.--before Christ. If you want to be truly pedantic, you should use it properly--in its full form. That would be Anno Domini Nostri Iesu (Jesu) Christi.

Contrary to popular modern day (ignorant) Christian belief, the main "Other" does not believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. They think something quite differently. You will have to do your own research. Along the way, you may discover some interesting items--Like pictures of German soldats partaking in Catholic Mass on the Eastern Front. This is one of the reasons a certain "Other" hates the Catholic Church and has been about destroying it in earnest for the last nearly 70 years. Those nasty priests marched off to war with the most evil people in history, dontcha ya know? And their leader was an avowed Catholic to the very end. Makes sense, Austria was a Roman Catholic Empire. The Catholic Church is next on the list for reparations.

Of course flooding it with homosexuals was a great way to destroy its public image, don't you think? It's our land, our culture, our people. Do not allow yourself to be cowed. Do not believe the lies they tell about us and our history and do not stand idle when they do. Stand firm. Learn our real history and do not let people tell its. Teaching the unwashed our real history is a form of preaching--it is now the position of a missionary. It is very important to to do so. Just as this site chronicles the history of our once great cities and how they have/are falling to the unclean hordes, you too must tell the truth of our real history. We paid for our progress with the blood of our ancestors--all over this world. No other people have done so much for the world and no other people have sacrificed so much blood. No one.

We are not evil, we are the world's saving grace. All that is good on this planet came from our people. All that moved man forward--beyond sitting and squatting in the dirt and eating and defecating in the same spot, came from our people. Read the entire Bible, read the "T" and know why the Other states that our God is not their God. They are right. Our Bible is the synthesis of Greek philosophy welded to the true faith that was abandoned by others long before Gaius Julius Caesar conquered Gaul. That Bible, as it once was, is what built the modern West. That faith in the wisdom of the ancient Greeks is what propelled us forward into the modern age while the rest of the world remained, at best, frozen in the ancient world invented by the Celts, Greeks and Romans.

E. Newton said...

Annon said….

My wife will see me reading this site and get pissed.

And therein lies ground zero of our problems. I'm no homo and I'm not a Taliban. But no civilization, in world history has been successfully run by women. What we have now is largely a result of female rule. Look around, unless you're running a backhoe, chances are that a female is in charge.

Unknown said...

That's the problem. It's hard to speak out because you will lose your job. What's the solution? Hell if I know...

james wilson said...

I tuned in the radio and heard some economic and cultural fool offering Utopian schemes to empower the inner cities. I had no idea it was Rand Paul until I read this article. Another faux conservative is revealed as an economic and cultural retard.

Once these people reach Washington they imagine all solutions are made in Washington. But a problem is never solved by the same entity which created it.

Californian said...

Anonymous said...Please someone, stand up. Give me someone to 'vote' for... Anything! The websites are nice, but action is required. I'm not the man for the job....

Righteous anger is one of the first steps towards liberation. It breaks you free of the "Matrix" pulling the wool over your eyes.

Anonymous said...

80,000 people fled Detroit in one year.

Imagine the conditions that would be needed to force 80,000 people out of such a prosperous place.

I can hardly handle Minneapolis which is one of the whiter cities in the country.

Being that there have been Black Israelites around downtown Minneapolis lately, it may not be long before the evacuation starts here.

Jay Santos said...

Off topic, as I'm afraid I do too often, but here's a case of four negroes, three males, one female, all under the age of 24, that killed a white college student. The college kid, Joshua Proutey, was approached by the negroes, surrendered his money, but asked that he could keep his drivers license, as it would be hard to replace. They then shot him in the head.

What did the negroes net from this killing you ask? The negroes got a sandwich, a cellphone and two $5 bills. Yes, they took the sandwich.

College student's murder yields $10

This is what we are dealing with. The young man's life is gone. Now we support this garbage in prison for another 50 or 60 years or until paroled in 20 years. This cannot continue.

Robert B said...

Sorry If I'm waxing a bit here. I always get this way at Christmas time. I can't help it, it comes from the Germanic side of my family. The Germans always thought of Christmas as a very special time--even before they were Christianized. No one knows the exact time of Jesus birth--it most likely was not in the dead of Winter as the Romans conducted the census and collected the taxes (the purpose of the census) in the Spring.

But, the Germans celebrated the Winter Solstice in a remarkable way. And because it was a German who saved Rome and Christendom--Charles Martel, the Church let them have their holiday and made it a universal one for all of Christendom.

It is a mistake to say that the world was "Westernized"--rather very imprecise. The world was Germanized. It was the Germanic peoples who stepped into the vacuum left by Rome's collapse and conquered the known and unknown world's. English is a Germanic language-- it is the world's most precise language. All Western European languages use the world's only true alphabet--which was invented, really, by Romans and altered by others over time. It is because of this great gift that our language is the greatness that it is. Consider this; Mandarin Chinese, limited by its pictographic "alphabet", has only 145,000 words in its working vocabulary. So too does Spanish. French has about 350,000 words and Russian is about the same. But English, English is in a class of its own. Olde English, 1000 years ago, had a working vocabulary in excess of 350,000 words. Today, its working vocabulary--both vernacular and technical, is considered to be close to one million. Imagine that. Imagine a people with a one million word vocabulary. Were a people with a vocabulary of 350,000 words barbarians? Hardly. They were the most intelligent on the face of the earth. The second greatest language is Ancient or Classical Latin--but you will have to learn why for yourselves. It is a wonderful language for your children to learn. In the process, they will outperform all other children in their academic studies--that is a clue as to why it is so great. It used to be standard for all American students to study Latin.

And you know what else? We are the only people in the world to have a special word to describe something that does not exist--yet. That word that we take for granted is "thing". "I need a thing to do this". No one else can say that. That is why we invented the modern world. Because we could imagine things which did not exist. So superior was German to any other language, that it supplanted the languages of most of Europe in one way or another. "Thing" is an ancient German word. German itself, excluding its child language (English) is nearly unchanged over the last thousands of years. Think about that one.

Anonymous said...

Californian: "Supposing that Rand Paul were instead to do an outreach to alienated White voters?"
Shhhhh. Don't give him any ideas. He'll only betray us in the end, and backflip on his promises.

Anonymous said...

Indian said...

10mm AUTO said "All illegals deported, border sealed. All H1B visas return to their Country of Origin. Indians (Dot not Feather) born here go back to India."

Again, Indians are being vilified, may I point out, if all Indians (dot not feather) left the US, the economy would collapse within a few months.

Do you realise how much contributions Indians make to American society, doctors, nurses, Indian restaurants etc.. All will be gone, and lets not forget all the gas pump attendants.

Indians do the jobs whites don't want to do, and they do the jobs with pride. Let's not also forget the massive tax contributions.

In the previous post, Jassi was saying the Indians got lots of help in the space mission to Mars, this is not true, the design of the rocket, satellite, computer systems etc.. were entirely homegrown.

I hope PK let's this through, as this is an honest post, without being rude to anyone.

Anonymous said...

OT: A Challenge to Conservatives and the Tea Party: Condemn Nelson Mandela

Anonymous said...

OT: 1873: The Prostrate State: South Carolina Under Negro Government

Someone tried to warn us.

Anonymous said...

The problem, 100%, is white people. Their status-whoring by pandering to blacks pandering is out of control.

For example, I went to my city's gallery tour event. One of the galleries featured art by an older black woman. Most of the attendees were older white people. The art-work was more like craft art, and not very good.

But man, you should have seen the white people nearly falling over themselves to give this black woman the praise. And purchasing her work. The room was FULL of these sell-outs. The told her how beautiful she looked, how wonderful the art was, as they excitedly introduced her to their circle of friends. It was pathetic. They would not have prostrated themselves in such a way had the artist been white.

I live in a "diverse" neighborhood. It snowed today. The local white libs always fight over who is going to shovel the elderly black lady's snow. And the white who gets there first, makes a point to tell the black person (and each other) that it was HE who shoveled her snow. Again, pathetic.

Whites are looking for status and redemption through their negro pets. This will never end. They are traitors and we should shame them openly.

Black people have to be laughing their asses off at us.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Rand Paul is a typical Republican. Safe and non confrontational. A straw man for the apes to hoot about. The Republicans are the Democrats, with red ties. Corporate / Banking hacks. Fuck em. Off Topic.

Paul, please talk about Nelson Mandela and South Africa. The nasty old bloodthirsty savage just croaked. The ANC has become more militant / anti white over the last decade. Anybody remember Rwanda? Thousands of white / Boer farmers have been murdered by blacks since the fall of the Apartheid government. And as insane as it seems, Nelson Mandela was a stabilizing force. The young ANC core are revolutionaries without a revolution. They see themselves as warriors, they need a war. Who do you think they will look to for an enemy to lash out at?

As of 2010 nearly 80% of South Africa's almost 53 million people are classified as Black African. Only 9.2% white.

I know the knockout game is bad, but at least here in our fading republic we outnumber the black savages.
I would not want to be a Boer farmer right now.

Things are apt to get interesting in the next few months.

Son of Delbert


Greatwhites we must UNITE!

As one blogger has said here that only blacks can truly comment on the "man who changed the world"!

Excuse me but what world did he change? he did nothing to better the World. NOTHING! he was a commie red fuck/rabble rouser who the great RONALD WILSON REAGAN said that the man controlling mandella is the white man that was always with him at the speeches. that man was from the U.S.S.R.! Reagan didn't want to spread communism to S. Africa. either way like I said earlier what the hell did mandella really do? besides time!

There are so many people that have lived in the past who would be more deserving of the title of "changed the world" one or two that come to my mind would be Thomas Edison who gave us light in the darkness so that we could see NGR's easier in the dark. and my second choice would be Henry Ford who gave us the automobile so that we could move away from the NGR hoard that was coming to ruin our WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS! now those two men really do deserve that title of "the man who changed the world"


Anonymous said...

p.k. how hard is it for people to understand ,detroit is done no matter how many hip clubs you put there,the rest of the city is hiroshima after the a-bomb i can stay in the burbs tons of clubs,bars,restaruants & i dont have to dodge the radioactive mutants of detroit,PAUL WE NEED TO WAKE UP OUR AMERICA IS A CORPSE,all the large cities are going to be detroit in a decade or less,no matter how much money we are forced to give it will never EVER be enough,most whites are to brainwashed with white guilt & diversity to understand we are being exterminated as a race & no one gives a S**T sadly yours royal oak dude...

Mr. Rational said...

In the previous post, Jassi was saying the Indians got lots of help in the space mission to Mars, this is not true, the design of the rocket, satellite, computer systems etc.. were entirely homegrown.

The Indian space program has the benefit of roughly 8 decades of non-Indian rocketry research, from Robert Goddard on down, which is now in the public domain.  Despite this, India's space program is quite a bit behind the American company SpaceX.

When you are ready to e.g. sterilize and pension off your Dalits instead of pushing them where they don't belong with caste quotas, you might have a future.  And as long as you hold to the insane vision of Gandhi and let Muslims breed and vote, you're on a track to civilizational suicide.

Anonymous said...

Hey white POS Baby Boomers, you set all this up with your egalitarian communist garbage. Now we are ALL suffering the consequences of your self-hatred, greed, stupidity and neglect of white culture. This poor woman is a victim of your vile agenda. I hate every last one of you!!

I hope this woman finds her way to a white husband and tells her stupid, self-hating neglectful white parents to F-off before it is too late.

Guess who's not coming to Holiday dinner?

"Parents who grew up fighting for racial equality find themselves becoming social frauds as their beloved children fulfill the ideals that they fostered. This cognitive dissonance is confusing and painful. The progress that I would like to think we have made over the last 50 years as a country is ephemeral and fuzzy, punctuated by a silence that does not quite recognize the underbelly of Baby Boomers who hold onto racist ideals, disguised as tradition, whispering softly, or screaming loudly, behind white fences and closed doors."

Anonymous said...

OT: Mike Pence asks for pre-K vouchers for "low-income" children in Indiana to "close the gaps." (Don't we already have the failed Head Start?)

Anyways, thanks, Whitey!

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul is a buffoon like all the rest who steadfastly refuse to admit reality. The CONSEQUENCES of accepting reality lead people quickly to recognition that GASP Hitler and the Nazis actually might have had a POINT. And this is simply unacceptable. It cannot be admitted, it is unallowable. There are powerful forces who were a primary target of that nationalist german movement who will not tolerate this

Anonymous said...


Will you please stop letting through the comments by the troll going by the name "Indian."

Coming to a site which is trying to in some way save the historically white nation of the US and telling all the people that "USA would collapse without Indians" and that "we do the jobs Americas won't" is seriously uncalled for.

There are thousands of shitty Indian sites where they can go and blame colonization for their massive failure of a nation. Let "Indian" comment there.

A- I doubt he's even Indian.

B- He's stupid as fuck.

C- He's dishonest

D- He's arrogant in his assertion that USA needs his people for anything. We aren't migrating to his large open sewer system called India.

Indian, nothing Indians have ever done is even remotely comparable to what whites have done. By coming into a pro-white online zone and claiming such absurdities, you show the utmost disrespect to your host country.

The only reason any of you are here is because our government wants to screw us and because you're cheap.

That is the ultimate arrogance of brown people. They do well using the things that we create and then act as if they are superior to us. There would be no computer to program without whites,Indian. There would be no roads to drive on(or shit on in your case). There would be nothing but cheap temples and brothels, as there is in your toilet called home.You are using our tools, our work and our mind's creations.

Even look at an Indian website. Like for Indians by Indians. They are SHIT. Worthless. Poorly made. Non-functioning. Only when the white man shows you how it's done right can you do well. Look at an Indian gas station, (that you're so proud of) and see how dirty it is. Look at how disorganized it all is. And don't forget,Indian, that the entire concept of combustion is ours. The reason that a gas station exists at all is because my ancestors, not yours, created the automobile.

Indian, how did we manage to create the most prosperous nations in the world for over 3000 years without you? How did we manage to create such an attractive infrastructure, that people from your land are willing to sell their own kids to attain, without your help? Remember, all this that you see was created, and still sustained for the most part, without your help and before you arrived. You could leave tomorrow and our quality of life would not change.

Again, PK, stop letting his comments through. They're bullshit and they're annoying but worst of all they're purposefully antagonistic and untrue, written only to stir up shit amongst the other people who post here.



Anonymous said...

The liberal doctrine for these savages is they had a hard life and no father figure blah blah. You mean to tell me these vine swinging turds cant process that killing is wrong? This was not self defense therefore to spare the taxpayers four lives for one. End of story.

Anonymous said...

GwinetteGladiator said

"To any negro trolls out there, please help us with one piece of elusive information. Please identify a tangible, quantifiable achievement that was made possible via “diversity” that was previously impossible."

Negroes won't "overstand" that sentence. Maybe that's why we never get answers for all the questions we ask of negroes.

Try it in ebonics-

Eh muh niggas, cain't yaw mafuckas fahn me some shit dat a nigga can like touch n shit, or like, a nigga can read n shit. You know? Like some shit dat be showin how niggas be contributin some shit dat een dem whyt mafuckas caint do as good as us. you know? Nigguh let us nigguhs proof dat we be makin shit bettuh. Aaaw communties be habin some good and bad smh but we know we be doin good too. Shit.

Pro-Civ said...

Good idea Paul.

Let's just call them flat-eathers.
We are the modern day heretics, Galileo would be proud of you.

Californian said...

Imagine the conditions that would be needed to force 80,000 people out of such a prosperous place [Detroit].

* A massive "uprising" disguised as a riot which burns down a large part of your city.
* Demagoguery by ethnic hustling politicians resulting in discrimination against your group (AA, minority contracts, etc.).
* Endemic violence which wrecks your quality of life.
* Attacks on your culture and education.

This is what is called "ethnic cleansing" elsewhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

Jassi: "Will you please stop letting through the comments by the troll going by the name "Indian."...telling all the people that "USA would collapse without Indians" and that "we do the jobs Americas won't" is seriously uncalled for."
It may be uncalled for, but it also made me LOL. He may have tipped his hand, however. By saying "Indian restaurants" make a great contribution to American society, I think he just outed himself as another Doctor Herschel Epstein, PhD.

Bogolyubski said...

Gwinnett Gladiator:
"To any negro trolls out there, please help us with one piece of elusive information. Please identify a tangible, quantifiable achievement that was made possible via “diversity” that was previously impossible."

I just got a call from a distinguished colleague of Dr. Moshe Epstein's at NIGHR central kommissariat, a nice mixed-race fellow by the name of Yitzthak Yellowfeather (half-feather not dot), who informed me that western societies would not have the enjoyed the incalculable cultural and scientiific benefits of the super-soaker were it not for the heroic and tireless struggle for diversity and equality über alles carried out over the years by distinguished scholars such as Dr. Epstein. So there you have it - from an authoritative source.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:07am, did you read that whole article? The white woman's parents and brother are trying to talk her out of it; they're not encouraging her in the least. It is the daughter, not her parents, who is self-hating; she hates herself so much, that she doesn't want her children who look like herself. And how can she "love" her subsaharan boyfriend, if she wants his children to be less "him" than he is?
Sorry, for the OT.

AnalogMan said...

On a previous thread, Don M asked

Analog Man, if you're out there, what is the prevailing zeitgeist amongst normal, white South Africans? Do people really believe that a color blind, peaceful and prosperous society is right around the corner? Is there a monolithic, TWMNBN media that crushes any suggestion otherwise? How do South Africans deal?

Sorry to be responding so belatedly. The short answer is I have no idea.

I long ago lost all interest in what's happening in this country. I don't have a TV or a radio, I don't read newspapers or SA news websites. It was all the same, day after day; black talking heads, talking crap, propaganda, vile "music" (can't even stand shopping in a supermarket), murders, robberies, rapes, and always the corruption. The TNB, riots, demonstrations, throwing stones, burning tyres (tires for you Murkans) in the roads, blocking traffic, all for more gibs. And always, always you know that nothing will be done to improve anything, or hold anybody responsible for anything. I dropped out.

I was never a party animal, at least not for a long time now, and since I stopped working a few years ago and my family is all out of the country, I don't talk to many South Africans. Mainly just the ladies walking their dogs on the beach. Probably not a representative sample.

With that caveat, the impression I get is that most South Africans are really trying to make this democracy thing work. We're nearly 20 years after the Fall of Civilization, so many younger people know nothing else. Most people, in their normal day-to-day interactions with non-Whites, don't encounter any hostility.

The people talk in incredulous tones about the latest baby-rape or government corruption scandal, and make no connection with the race thing. How can people do such things, they ask. I explain that our standards of behaviour don't apply to them. We're not the same. This is just what they are. Some of them get irritated at my ignorance and bigotry. Some listen and seem to be receptive.

The sad thing is that nobody ever seems to get angry. There's no point in it. Nothing is going to get done.

With the ascension of Saint Mandela to heaven, things may get interesting, but I doubt it. I could be wrong.

At any rate, I won't be here much longer. I have a residence visa for a Commonwealth country and will join (some of) my family in the next few months. At that time I'll probably drop this persona, and possibly reappear here under another name.

AnalogMan said...

Robert B said:

In fact, they are doing away with the mighty St. Andrews Cross--England's real flag.

Actually, England's flag is St George's cross, red on a white background. Shaped like a '+'. St Andrew's cross is the Scottish flag; white on a blue background, shaped like an 'x'.

I was interested to see your comments on the "other". I've read your comments for years on Auster's site, and you would never have said that there. But then, Auster was a bit of a tyrant. I think many of his readers, in particular Laura W, the Thinking Housewife, were a bit in awe of him. I'd be interested to hear more, if possible, not as cryptically stated.

10mm AUTO said...

Jassi, GG, Bogo, Californian, Snow Cal, Pro-civ, Mr. Rational, Jay Santos.

We really need to get together this spring and have a BBQ. Beer, Good Meat and go over PK's last year and discuss the highlights. Call it a meeting of the fan club.

10mm AUTO

10mm AUTO said...

Luck to you AnalogMan. Frankly it sounds like all of White South Africa is in a deep racial depression. If only we could import you guys here...

whisker child said...

Anonymous at 3:11 PM:

The Idahoans were stupid, did they really think the Chinese were going to give AMERICANS jobs when that plant opened up?

NO, they were going to give CHINESE those jobs, and no one else.

countenance said...

If by now, after all that we have read here on SBPDL and other similar sites, you haven't mentally divorced yourself from the liberTARDian cult as exemplified by Ron and Rand Paul, and many others, then you must have no brain.

I predict that Guns, Blacks and Steel will be PK's best selling book ever, if just for the provocative title alone.

Virginian said...

Paul, thought this could be of use, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Swishy boy Rand is doing back flips to make sure he gets into the primaries.

Unfortunately for him, most people can see his naked narcissistic obsession, well, at least enough of of us who will make sure this turd is flushed before the finish line.

I don't think the turd Rand is doing this only because he sees it as a way to win in the primaries.; the fool actually believes his own loony nonsense.

No matter how you slice it, Rand Paul is not fit for office and is dangerously delusional.

It's not to late for candy assesd Rand to join the peace corps and volunteer his services in sub-Saharan Africa.

Let diversity rip this fool to pieces and have him for dinner.

Don M said...

@Analog Man

Thank you for the reply. I can totally understand the rationale for tuning out.

I refuse to pay to have enemy agitprop pumped into my home as well.

I wish you luck, happiness, and prosperity in your new locale.

Godspeed on your journey.


Anonymous said...

"Anon at 7:07am, did you read that whole article?"

Yes, you ding-dong, I read it. Did you read MY comment??

The white parents PUSHED the egalitarian bullshit for the girl's entire life, betraying THEIR white Italian parents. WTH did they expect daughter to do after learning that "all races are equal kumbaya" racial garbage?

They thoroughly brainwashed her in Cultural Marxism instead of white racial pride. To the point where she dates a Negro...and not just a negro, an African negro. And NOW they are pissed because she took the Marxism to its logical conclusion?

She is a victim of BABY BOOMER parents who dropped the ball. They created a monster in their daughter, and deserve exactly what they get.

I hope the white daughter wakes up and tells them to F-off.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

You guys won't like this, but let's think about what killed Detroit.

Henry Ford specifically wanted to hire blacks from the south with the proviso that they NOT be members of a union. This was in oppostion to the Catholic social union movement that had organized white ethnic workers in Detroit through the Parish system, with German, Irish, Italian, and especially Polish catholics being both union and Democrat.

Now, imagine you're a (non-criminal) black, relocated to Detroit from the Jim Crow South. This must seem like paradise: high pay, no overt segregation, and a government in the city not overtly hostile to you. Ford screwed with the demographics to try to undermine the unions, but Detroit WAS building a black middle class in the days before the FHA and welfare support for non-working people.

In WW2, the Federal government decides to ramp up production in factories of the North. Because of the 1924 immigration law, there is no body of labor available to work in the factories and also fight in the army, except for newly-surplus black labor, unemployed due to the mechanical cotton picker. The FedGov builds housing projects, and makes it sedition to oppose moving blacks into them, but most of the blacks live in one or two neighborhoods that are known black neighborhoods.

Between 1940 and 1950, the black population of Detroit doubles, and blacks pile especially into the neighborhood known as "black bottom," for its rich soil. With 1.5MM whites, the city is wealthy, and only 16.2% black.

The city is a Republican bastion; from 1913 to 1962, there are exactly SIX total years under a Democrat mayor. Compare Albert Cobo (1950-57), two children, with Democrat Catholic predecessor Van Entwerp, 11 children, for an understanding of what WASP social reformers were like.

Cobo puts in place the "Detroit Plan," which involves bulldozing the black slum, black bottom, and replacing it with fashionable modernist housing; meanwhile, replacing the housing units with housing projects. Except: they destroy MANY more housing units than they build, displacing thousands of blacks who cannot afford the upscale modernist Mies van der Rohe housing that has replaced their neighborhood.

They move into white, Catholic neighborhoods, and also lose any faith or trust in the city machine that destroyed their neighborhood for "civic" purposes. This destabilizes the white neighborhoods, causing flight, opening opportunities for more poor blacks to move in, and up from the south. Radicalized blacks plan to get control of the turf and pay back the whites who screwed them, except that by now the WASP republicans have started to flee the disaster THEY CAUSED by bursting open the contained pocket of black existence in Detroit.

In sum, the Republican establishment wrecked the city to suppress white Catholic unions, and so they wouldn't have to countenance a black slum in "their" city. I hope Rand Paul literally gets his ass handed to him.

countenance said...

Re Rand Paul's hypothetical campaign for President in 2016.

We already know how it's going to turn out, because it has already been done.

Jack Kemp in 1988.

He averaged 5% of the primary and caucus vote in states where he actually tried to win. Being as 5% doesn't win you very many Presidential nominations, he dropped out about halfway through the Republican primary and caucus season that year.

So if Rand Paul was the only neo-Kempite running in 2016, all he'd get is a 5% average. But Paul Ryan, another neo-Kempite, and someone who can claim Jack Kemp as a mentor, wants to run. So if they both run, they'll both be splitting that power house 5% constituency.

The long and the short of this is that Rand Paul will never be President of the United States. The danger, though, is that some of our favorite websites will latch onto his quixotic campaign, fawn over him, make excuses for him, prostrate themselves to the liberTARDian cult, and waste their own time and burn through people's energy that could better be used elsewhere.

Jay Santos said...

10mm AUTO said...
Jassi, GG, Bogo, Californian, Snow Cal, Pro-civ, Mr. Rational, Jay Santos.

We really need to get together this spring and have a BBQ. Beer, Good Meat and go over PK's last year and discuss the highlights. Call it a meeting of the fan club.

Sounds excellent. But we'll have hundreds of guys milling around with name tags reading anon. Oh, and don't forget to invite Ivan.

Anonymous said...

I'm in for the BBQ! SoCal here as well.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

Re: Barbecue. I'm a little late to the commenting boards here, so I understand my lack o' invite.

I'd suggest having it at that machine-gun shoot in Kentucky in April. Guns + whites = fun. Guns + others... not so much.

Anonymous said...

If we try to have a BBQ, hundreds of leftists will show up and shut it down. AmRen Conference, anyone?

Anonymous said...

I will never vote for a Ni**er Ass Kisser. So if this a ploy for votes Rand, you might as well adopt a Somali Sprog. Perhaps the Commie Libs will vote for you then, but I won't. Wake up White People.

Robert B said...

Two things--

Ex--Brooklynite. What you leave out is the fact that those churches were taken over by radical Irishmen who hated anything English. Unionism was a communist led program. At the forefront were the "Other". Ford is not blameless, but he also isn't guilty as charged. The original sin goes back to the lemmings who followed the commies an allowed the radical take over of their church.

Analogman-- I will write some more on another thread. I had heated discussions with LA behind closed doors, as they say. I may be the reason he published that article before he died. Thank you for the correction on the flag. I was tired. The main point is that it was the Christian symbol of a Christian monarch and his Christain people. WWI destroyed the Christian monarchs of Europe--a process begun during the French Revolution.

A third thing-- my wife's family has a two cabin compound on a peninsula on a lake in very conservative, highly Germanic portion of Minnesota. Think the core of Bachmann's territory. Since it is on private land, surrounded by private land and a very obliging and conservative sheriff's department, I believe a meeting there would be safe. The two cabins combined could handle 25 to 35 people comfortably. I would be willing to host the BBQ, in other words, if it's done right.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

@Robert B,

I've been working, Lenin-like, on what the ideal future society will look like. Lenin and commies did not oppose bureaucracy and mindless control by apparatchiks, they just thought THEY should be the apparatchiks, as opposed to the "capitalists." What he really wanted was to replace the "corporatsts," different animals from capitalists.

If you read through the history of Detroit, it was Crony Capitalism in miniature. The consolidation of the auto industry was led by the same types (except they manufactured REAL things, not fiat dollars) who today use government to line their own pockets at the Federal level. They thought they were immune to the laws of nature, and so they decided to weaponize and use the blacks against the only group that could overthrow them: whites organized around Catholic social teaching. They succeeded. And destroyed the city in the process.

It's only reading SBPDL and a couple of other websites that has led me to end the reflexive anti-unionism of my youth. In sum, my philosophy is now this: ANY organization grown larger than would survive without coercion will be used against the interests of (most) whites (and most blacks, Hispanics, etc.). Unions, of course, are also now corrupt, but a Catholic social teaching inspired model from Basque Spain holds out a LOT of promise for small-scale alliances of artisans. I won't say more, but consider that MOST Affirmative Action and ADA-type laws do NOT apply to companies of fewer than 15 individuals, and you see the kind of economy you have to build if you don't want to fund BRA.

I think the offer of your cabin in MN is a great one, so long as we hit the three weeks there after the last of the spring snows, and before the first of the fall ones (but then, the state bird will nail you.) I think holding it near the time of the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17th works well.

Mr. Rational said...

What I'd fear about a BBQ is that we'd look at each other and see a bunch of tired, bitter old farts and get discouraged.  I'm old enough to remember Kennedy's funeral myself.

Robert B said...

@ Ex--Brooklynite,

My family was subjected to that unionism. Great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncle, and all those who worked for them saw what they were. Communist thugs protected by corrupt (mostly Irish) cops and politicians who had no one's interest but their own at stake. My family's workers voted down a union in 1947--for the machinists, it would have meant a pay cut. It was the steel worker's unions that struck the business--not those trades who were employed by the factory. They blew up cars and trucks, they attacked workers going home to work, etc. It took an act of congress to end the so called strike.

My ancestors were engineers who invented things. They owed no one anything. Rather they are to be respected for having created something from nothing and, via employment, spreading that wealth. Unions demand what isn't theirs to demand. All of unionism is a communist construct. Marx was not inspired by "fairness", he was inspired by hate. Hate by the Other for those who can and do. Marx did not hate the nobility. Marx hated the bourgeois. The Middle Class. They were capable of inventing things, and making money from it, that the main of society could not. They were so successful that they raised the peasantry to the middle class. So successful, that they supplanted the nobility was the most powerful. They didn't need banks--they had the stock market to raise monies. The other hated that too.

What unionism is, is the return to Mediaeval European Guilds, whose lock on the economy kept the peasants poor and the Nobility's power to control monopolies in place. Now, think on that a bit. Look around you and see what you now have. Also, consider this. Capitalism, a man's right to decide what labors he will perform, profit from his labors, keep the profit from those labors and do with them as he sees fit is the very basis of individual freedom. It is man's natural state. Under Marx and Feudal economics, you do not have those freedoms and you do not have the freedom to chose who you will employ and who you will, therefore, associate with.

Robert B said...

On BBQ's--

Nothing wrong with age. In fact, I have begun working with older people who are conservative and have no jobs to lose or socialalities to worry about. You see, they can speak out with impunity. They can speak truth to power. Think about it.

THe week of June would be a good time. I just need to know far enough in advance to reserve it. We would need to set this up through "Paul". LA had a means of allowing secure contact with his posters between each other. We would need to do that here. The "Cabins" are about two hours from the airport. The lake is about 4,000 acres and is, funny enough, on the Lake Wobegone Trail. I could have had it on families farm, but the buildings are all gone now. The main house would have been big enough. And you all could have seen where 250 German POWs (Afika Corps) were housed during WWII.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

@Robert B,

It was the steel worker's unions that struck the business--not those trades who were employed by the factory. They blew up cars and trucks, they attacked workers going home to work, etc.
Ah, the good old days, when white working class men could organize for collective violence SOMEwhere. My own anti-union bias wasn't based in overt acts of union thuggery, most of which had disappeared by the time I was old enough, but in the utter scam of government unions. As if government was EVER an oppressive workplace.

The point being, old union violence, like current negro violence, was an honest sort of violence, out in the open. It made it very easy to oppose, but it was violence in response to a hidden violence by "capitalists" who used the power of government to enforce their otherwise-untenable monopolies. I hadn't seen the violence of the banksters and crony capitalists before very recently, but now it's everywhere. White Catholic working class unions were in response to this violence.

My ancestors were engineers who invented things.
Ah, good. Engineers, being unable to lie, are poor squids. But then, engineers are the sorts of people that the users of hidden violence, like the vampire squids, extort and oppress most.

What unionism is, is the return to Mediaeval European Guilds
We can firmly hope so! Home many of TWMNBN and Africans were in them? I think you've described a feature, not a bug!

whose lock on the economy kept the peasants poor and the Nobility's power to control monopolies in place
I think you'll find it was the NOBILITY, who basically OWNED the serfs, who wanted them poor and on the estates. The urban guilds formed the heart of the burgher classes you were just praising. Each guild was local to a city whose government was responsible to them. Imagine that. No "federal" government coming into each city and setting policies decided by unaccountable bureaucrats.

Capitalism, a man's right to decide what labors he will perform, profit from his labors, keep the profit from those labors and do with them as he sees fit is the very basis of individual freedom.
Um, no it isn't. A society that protects private property is one that provides those things, but I could point out examples of capitalism behind the Iron Curtain. You have cause and effect backwards.

That having been said, I think our difference lies in approach. Check out the Mondragon Group, where groups of artisans freely associate as worker-capitalists who employ capital, but are not EMPLOYED by capital. Any other system suffers from the agency problem: big business which uses big government to oppress the small capitalist and prevent competition, and big labor which uses big government to extort the people. Then there's big "race hustler," who also uses the unaccountable bureaucracies to extort the people. A radically decentralized city-state model with guilds does suffer some interference with trade, but it can never suffer those diseases.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

I love the idea of an SBPDL BBQ. It would be an expensive, logistical nightmare, but would probably restore our faith in (white) humanity to meet the actual people that stand behind these stupid (and completely necessary) monikers. And I think there would be some surprises with regard to age. I'm in my late 30s, and I know SOCal mentioned once that he was a good bit younger than that.

Someone also mentioned AmRen. They already have the logistics in place as a result of having done an event for a while, so I don't see why there couldn't be an SBPDL contingent? It's a little more centrally located, too, although we're all in so many places that there isn't any very good solution. I wonder what it might take to entice a personal appearance by PK...

Finally, and I'm going out on a bit of a limb here, but something tells me that Bogolyubski won't mind my volunteering him ahead of time to assist me with any sandwich-making duties...


Anonymous said...

To Dissident and NC Guy--thanks. It's Anonymous from 7:37, and I'll be sticking around. I'll make a handle with MA, for Massachusetts, in it.

I was way off topic, but you heard me loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

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