Saturday, December 28, 2013

The State of SBPDL --- Fundraising for the Future

I am a new day rising
I'm a brand new sky
to hang the stars upon tonight
I am a little divided
do I stay or run away
and leave it all behind?

it's times like these you learn to live again 

- Foo Fighters

For those long time readers of SBPDL, you might recall 2012 was going to be the end of the site. After nearly four years, it was time to retire and move ahead with other projects.

SBPDL was started as a joke, but became something that I truly enjoy doing. Though it's not the best book, SBPDL spawned Escape from Detroit (soon to be eclipsed by the sequel: Detroit: Black America's Footprint), which Thomas Sowell deemed worthy to mention in his widely syndicated column.

Many longtime readers are aware of how this site impacted my professional career, though this didn't dissuade me continuing with a project I believe in.

And if you are reading this now, you are keenly aware 2013 did not see the end of Stuff Black People Don't Like; indeed, this was the most productive year to date.

The groundwork is in place for a memorable 2014, only because of readers like you who continue to visit SBPDL and quietly tell your friends to also consider visiting.

I'm pleased to announce the billboard campaign is completely paid for (funded) and prepared for a debut in 2014.

I'm pleased to announce numerous books projects are funded for 2014, with plans to publish racial histories on the cities of Philadelphia, New York City, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and a dystopian look at The Day the EBT Card Runs Out.

So, let me thank you for your continued support of SBPDL and understand the same dedication I've put into this site in 2013 will only be amplified in 2014 (more in-depth articles and more articles at by the PK name).

The billboard campaign is paid for, but I'd like to make a one-day appeal for donations.

For donations of more than $25, I'll send you a signed copy of the recently published Guns, Blacks, and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era. (for all those waiting on your signed copy of the book, please be glad to know UPS finally delivered the box -- I'll get them out ASAP!!).

Writing SBPDL takes a lot of time (as does approving/moderating comments) and raising some much needed donations will help this site make improvements in 2013 -- most significantly working with an editor!!

You can make a donation via PayPal in the right-hand corner of the site or you can click the link (also in the right-hand column of the site) to take you to and make a tax-deductible donation to the "Paul Kersey Fund" there!

Thanks again for reading.

This is a one-day appeal only.

There's just too much to write about and talk about!

May 2014 be the year we learn to live again

Thanks again.

-- Paul Kersey


Anonymous said...

You need to start taking Bitcoin! I have Bitcoin right here for you, just give me a Bitcoin address. Bitcoin is the currency of whites. Let blacks print and spend USD all they want.

dondiego said...

PK, your exiled in Aus (former) Kiwi observer-
I've just donated $40US hoping that still leaves $10 or so over after shipping to the Land Downunder.

Thanks for all your great work, STOPPING it before it gets to Sth Africa levels is PRIORITY.

Best wishes to all, lets make 2014 the year the Saxon Awakens!!

paul marchand said...

interested in the book about new Orleans, being from the area.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and all followers! 2014 could be very exciting year for us!

NC Guy

Jay Santos said...

PK - My contribution coming via anon method outlined. Appreciate your work.

AnalogMan said...

An editor! Oh, happy day!

A proofreader would be a good start, can be done online in just a few minutes, and many of us here, myself included, would be happy to volunteer.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Contribution on its way. I'm all in. The way I see it, in a worst case scenario, maybe we can have an SBPDL cell block in the new FUSA gulag...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for the commuters in Detroit, and my profound thanks and gratitude for your unyielding efforts on behalf of the American historical majority.


Anonymous said...

Guys, I'm in for $25 & wished it could be more. This site is too valuable to even take a chance on losing. PK is a tireless worker for social sanity & am sure he's paid a price for his excellent work.

When I hit the pay button, I did my
1st Quenelle, that felt good in & of itself. Fact, I liked the the Quenelle
so much that I'm going to start making it often & in public when it seems called for.

Hypie Out...

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

OT, but I’ll make it worth your while. I have a little something out of the ordinary to share. Perhaps Addison Sarter can educate us all with an explanation of the strikingly different results in similar circumstances… Last night, I watched a documentary called Billion Dollar Disasters - The Red River Valley Flood. As best I can tell, it might have aired on Discovery 10 or more years ago. Regardless, it documents the events surrounding the 1996-97 Red River flood in North Dakota. A short trailer can be seen here.

Although I was a little too young to remember the story with any detail, I’m sure many here do. However, I’ll briefly recount the events. In the winter of 1996-97, North Dakota endured multiple, record blizzards of the like that staggered even the winter-hardened people of that region. Record snowfalls over 100 inches, recurring, hurricane-force winds, power outages, a subsequent, ill-timed ice storm, etc. At one point, Interstate 70 was closed for 8 days, and there were less than 10 days over several months’ time where temperatures ever reached above 32 degrees. It was hell on earth for North Dakotans, as well as the entire region.

As a result of the massive snow and ice accumulation, concerns of a spring flood were extremely high. What followed was a series of events involving Mother Nature that resulted in a 500-year, epic flood of the north-flowing Red River. Adding insult to injury, with the flood waters having invaded much of Grand Forks, something sparked a massive fire, which ultimately consumed 11 historic buildings in the downtown business district. Firefighters battled these fire for days in 36 degree, waist deep flood water and freezing temperatures. You know – white people stuff.

Floods were nothing new there, and residents had banded together for over 100 years to fend them off before, seeking to meet the challenges of their time the same as the generations that preceded them. But this time was different. The river ultimately crested at 26 feet above flood stage. The river was 14 MILES wide in some spots. The cities of Fargo and Grand Forks were severely affected, with the latter being the absolute epicenter of the catastrophe, the appearance of which was compared to post-bombing Dresden.

So that’s just the history and circumstances. The real story in the documentary was clearly VISIBLE, but completely unaddressed. White People. In a nearly 100% white community, a volunteer force comprised of men, women and even children, from all walks of life, under the direction of their local government leaders, banded together to undertake what must have been the most massive levee-building operation in history. These people worked for weeks on end to save their town from destruction, operating pro-actively (a concept known to be absent in the negro mind) against the impossible situation working against them. The National Weather Service revised their flood forecast so many times as to be completely meaningless, initially forecasting a crest of “only” 39 feet.

But the residents worked to deal with an ACTUAL crest of 54 feet. Oops. It was only when the water began to exceed 50 feet that they started to lose ground severely, although they kept at it with everything they had until failure of the levees was imminent, and the risk to life became too great. In this effort, I did not see a SINGLE negro helping to lift a finger. Although I know few reside there, the actions of these people in the face of impossible odds, can only be compared to the great stories of struggle and sacrifice in WW2 and the like. Every piece of equipment that could possibly be mustered was volunteered, and thousands of man hours were dedicated to the effort.

However, I’m sure that, if black people were present there in significant numbers, they would have succeeded where the lazy, rayciss, privileged whites failed, right? Just like how they banded together in

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


Philadelphia, 10K strong, to end violence in the streets? Or how they saved Detroit from the brink of collapse? Or how they maintained the quality, historic housing stock handed to them in Baltimore? I could go on. And on…

But maybe because they can jump higher or sprint a little faster? Or are more charismatic and hilarious and generally magical? Or be “jailin” in dere pantz an sheeit? No. Negros behave in the manner the entire world observed in New Orleans during Katrina – they sat on their asses and waited for da gubint and da wite fokz to fix everything for them. They didn’t do a damn thing to prepare (lack of future time orientation), and didn’t lift a finger to rebuild (aybah poda hep). I’ll always remember the live F-bomb the angry negro dropped on live TV on Fox when (I believe) the sickening, negro-worshipper Shepard Smith asked what the negro thought should be done to assist he and other residents. Characteristically, the negro dropped the F-bomb, and demanded, I kid you not, an immediate gubmint check for $60K. Some of you probably remember the moment, which I wasn’t able to locate right away, but if someone can find it, please post a link, because it’s a priceless depiction of real-world negro mentality.

Finally, the people of North Dakota (and Grand Forks and E. Grand Forks, MN in particular) didn’t give up when the flood waters receded. They rebuilt the entire city. A website created by a local can be reviewed here. A story of the resurrection of the area after the flood can be found here.

I know I just scratched the surface, and others can probably provide some better “before and after” pictorial documentation. The point it, this is the cold, hard reality of what white people ACTUALLY do in the face of adversity as well as after, just as Katrina represents the same for blacks.

A closing thought – for an apples-to-apples comparison, think for a minute what current day New Orleans would look like if the table were turned, and the rebuilding there was left to a nearly 100% black population. Please Addision, tell us how much greater New Orleans would be today if only no white people were involved in its rebuilding.

SBPDL 2014 is going to get really good!

Gwinnett Gladiator

Knautschke said...

A happy new year to everybody!
100$ from a longtime reader in Germany.
Keep up the good work Paul.

Berserker said...

I appreciate your work, PK.
You can count me in as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks PK, best wishes to all in the New Year

Mutant Swarm said...

I'm in for $25.

Anonymous said...

I made a small donation. I wish I could give much more but I simply don't make much money, and thanks to O-negroid "care" my hours were cut by 25% and I'll be forced to buy something which I didn't want this upcoming year or else be fined. Thanks Obama! Thanks for all the hewp.

If you were to accept bitcoin you should not offer any of your book deals with bitcoin donations. With daily volatility at 20% in a calm period, you really don't know what you're getting. Someone could donate $40 "worth" of bitcoin and 30 minutes later it's $25 "worth." Pretty stupid speculative market to play in and calling it the "currency of whites" sounds so obscene that I may puke after reading that comment.

Were I looking to exploit cost saving measures I'd look for a closer tie with VDARE and other formal media alliances. There must be ways the writers over there can approach their craft in a far more mainstream way and palatable way. Our own Taqiyya is lacking.

The ideas presented here need to become mainstream instead of the underdog opposition. Some kind of strong centralized force of info, or at least a central destination for similar ideas, is necessary to propagate civilization further. We(I'm using this term we very loosely) either win the info battles soon or we're finished for a long,long time in my opinion.

danaigh said...

Next 'payday'. After Christmas I'm broke.

Unknown said...

In for a penny ,in for 2500 pennies!
Er, whatever.
Worked a rare sunday to cover for a co-worker visiting family.
last call of the day: Black female 30's short dark skinned and wearing a Kangol hat from the 80's and black and white spandex pants.
On the way to Robert Wood Johnson hospital because "someone walked into the barbershop , and shot her son"
She bitched about the fare($25) and it was all I could do not to chuckle out loud with her in the car.

Anonymous said...

Go to coinbase or Bitpay and you can be accepting Bitcoins within an hour.

You can turn them into fiat for the first million dollars at no fee.

Bean Pie Muthafugga said...

I'm working on debts to the tax collectors who wish to garnish my wages for the furtherance of BRA. I promise to throw down a few duckets when debt free. In the meantime, see if you can get on the Pete Santilli show. I had to throw $25 his way to hold over until I can get more. I'm very sure he'll have you on, I've been asking him to have you on.

Anonymous said...

Just sent some cash, wish i could send more! Please keep the truth rolling out. Thanks for all your work.

Erie PA

Anonymous said...

Next paycheck, you'll get $50 from me. Well worth it.

SowTheWind, ReapTheWhirlwind said...

Live Long and Prosper!


Do you have a postal mailing address where I can send cash.

I can not afford any public exposure to who I am since I am "too popular" in my area of the woods.

I must remain underground in the resistance for a while longer. I must live like a gay Jew in Nazi Germany, if you know what I mean.

Interesting how the tide has turned since 1939........

Anyway, I wish to send cash in an envelope with no return address to you. I will also assure I leave no fingerprints of DNA on the stamp.

Living in occupied territory has it's disadvantages, but until "W-Day", it is the way I must live.

......"Jaque has a grey moustache...."

Yankee in N. Fulton said...

PK- currently having issues with the paypal link but will keep trying.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Gwinnett Gladiator-- being as geographically close as we are and living where we do, we should get a grassroots N.Fulton/Gwinnett movement going. I think there are more local folks than just us on here, based on the comments alone. Congrats on the engagement!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to send you any money, bobbyluski, but I DO want to volunteer to be a proof-reader/moderator for the reader's comments that come into your office. This way, I'll know for sure my posts will never get CENSORED and my posts will be put up on your commentary board. I like doing volunteer work. I'm very altruistic that way.

From :

Anonymous said...

504realist here

Waiting anxiously for the chocolate city book with this amazon card :-)

Unknown said...

I'm in for 2500 pennies.

Anonymous said...

Paul. I appreciate all you do. I made a donation today. Hope it wasn't too late to get your book. All the best.