Monday, October 5, 2015

"Hire NOLA"... New Orleans Elected Officials Work to Protect Jobs for Blacks that Black People Don't Want

This is one of my favorite stories. 

It's a well-known fact illegal immigrants poured into New Orleans post-Katrina to rebuild the city, because the black population left there just wasn't interested in working. 

Where else could you purchase tall-boy beers chilling in ice as you wire money back to your third world country of origin but New Orleans (being set in New Orleans, the wire service employees are protected behind bulletproof glass...)?
No, Black Workers DON'T Matter, considering how few blacks participated in the labor force that rebuilt New Orleans

Now, the New Orleans City Council is working to protect the very construction jobs black people won't do by making sure construction companies work to only hire blacks that have no desire to work... ['Hire NOLA' local hiring law approved by New Orleans City Council,, 10-1-15]:
Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration has billed a local hiring law approved Thursday (Oct. 31) by the New Orleans City Council as a valuable tool in attacking poverty and unemployment, but the construction lobby says it could do more harm than good, and it remains to be seen exactly how the requirements will be enforced or verified. 
Nevertheless, the measure, which the administration has dubbed "Hire NOLA," was greeted enthusiastically by labor activists who said it was better than the status quo. 
On major city contracts, only about 21 percent of the work hours are performed by local workers, according to the Landrieu administration. About 52 percent of the city's black men, meanwhile, are out of work, according to an oft-cited administration statistic. 
Stand with Dignity, a grass roots group that has lobbied hard for the city to use its tax dollars to address social equity, held a rally in support of the rules in front of City Hall. 
Addressing the City Council, Stand member Divonite Almestica said that a lack of opportunity was to blame for the city's struggle with crime. Citing a recent rash of holdups in Uptown restaurants, Almestica called the robberies acts of terrorism that may have been spawned by a sense of desperation.  
"Terrorism, it doesn't breed itself," Almestica said.
"Hire NOLA"... but happens when black New Orleans doesn't want to work?

Only in Black-Run America (BRA) would the government work to protect jobs for black people that blacks don't want to be employed in and perform.


10mm AUTO said...

""Addressing the City Council, Stand member Divonite Almestica said that a lack of opportunity was to blame for the city's struggle with crime. Citing a recent rash of holdups in Uptown restaurants, Almestica called the robberies acts of terrorism that may have been spawned by a sense of desperation.

"Terrorism, it doesn't breed itself," Almestica said.""

Negros lie.

First, Terrorism is an act for political change.

Second, Robbery in restaurants is negros being criminal. Not one of these negro attackers have dropped their resume pleading for jobs.

Third, Divonite Almestica knows that he needs to scare White People to get da Gibs.

What Mr. Almestica (when did newspapers drop the Mr. in negro names? I guess "Mr. Ice-T" makes no sense.) is saying is that the negros want gibs and unless you gib dem some, the robberies will continue.

This is straight up, in your face, terrorist extortion. In a sane Country he would be run out of town on a rail. Whites with guts should leave. This would not be happening if Whites had a Country of our own.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

My brother was there to help rebuild after the hurricane hit and one of the main things that he remembered from his experience was how lazy and passive the locals were when it came to lifting a finger to improve anything. He told me the place could have been done much quicker if all the locals actually pitched in, but they were above that and probably didn't understand why anyone would expend effort without some shiny reward waiting at the other end. Blacks didn't need to rebuild anything because the environment still hadn't sunk below their standards yet.

Anonymous said...

NOLA sucks because negros suck.

Anonymous said...

You get paid to work, not to matter.
"the construction lobby says it could do more harm than good"
1) Hire blacks to "work" construction.
2) Fire blacks for failing to work, or even "work".
3) NOLA is now swarming with pissed-off, disrespectified Superapes. And now they have hammers.
Isn't this how the Planet of the Apes began?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea. The only things built in New Orleans from now on should be designed and built entirely by blacks. Want new government housing, build it homies. The screw ups and dysfunction would make riveting TV. And they'd be begging for white and mex workers like Mugabe wants white farmers.

Anonymous said...

It's just another means for politicians and cronies to get their gibsmedats off the top, without really changing anything, except that all new construction will slow to a crawl as contractors back off and go elsewhere to avoid the lawsuits and fines for not having enough "locals" employed, and the resulting graft and incompetence when they do hire some of the "locals".

I guarantee in a few years, if the economy doesn't collapse first, they'll all be scratching their heads wondering why they can't get anyone to build anything within the city limits anymore.

Anonymous said...

Stand member Divonite Almestica said that a lack of opportunity was to blame for the city's struggle with crime.

Wrong negroes have an aversion to work that is encoded in their primate genetics,the negroe would rather survive via crime and charity.
Jobs for negroes indeed!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure at least half the people in that picture are white. I'm also pretty sure at least half would fail a drug test.

Ooooookay. You wanna do dangerous work, trusting your life and limbs to some one who is not only, just for the sake of argument slightly less intelligent, but also impaired by mind altering drugs? Then you want to have to tell someone who has a history of violent behavior, and is holding a potentially dangerous tool, that he is doing something wrong? (Again?)

Let's get real. A lot of blacks don't apply for any job requiring drug testing, or criminal background check. Obama's working hard to get convicted felons the right to vote, and to prevent property owners from refusing to rent to them. What's next, a free pass to exemption from common sense rules because they are "microaggression", and maintain white advantage?

It's funny isn't it, I practice microaggression because I don't have a criminal record, or use mind altering drugs? But if by chance I get into an altercation with a doped up thug, I'll be painted by the media as a white conservative who posts antiblack rants. Cool, I can live with that.

I'm also pretty sure nobody looks at a protester marching with signs and shouting, and thinks " Hmmm, that guy would be a good fit on our future projects team." Well, maybe Sorros or Obama, but nobody with a real business to manage. Now the guy who walked 21 miles to work daily at a $10.00 job, James Robertson, was recognized, and rewarded with a new car, and go fund me money.He didn't holler or protest, he just did what he had to do, and that didn't involve pushing dope, or robbing. He just found work where others said it didn't exist, and kept on plugging away.Hell, he didn't even want the world to know what he was going through. That's what makes a winner, someone who is willing to do what no one else will. I'm quite sure most of the people in the black community(Detroit) thought he was a chump, but what they don't, or won't recognize is that many people they consider to have white privilege have gone through equally rough times, but kept on working away. Myself included.

dondiego said...

I imagine it will be like Russia was, when everybody was equally underpaid: Knock-off at smoko to go and hit the vodka. (Movies tell me your blax prefer malt liquor)

ANZUS mate~

Anonymous said...

Liberal Lie # 346,078: Ghetto blacks are just DYING to go out and get honest jobs.

Mr. Clean said...

Sorry, this calls for an extended quote from the article... said...The requirements of the program are considerable.

Any contractor on a city project worth over $150,000 or more will be required to make a "good faith effort" to ensure that 30 percent of the work-hours go to Orleans Parish residents, 20 percent of which must qualify as "disadvantaged." Contractors will also be required to try to hire as many officially credentialed apprentices as allowed under the law, and to ensure that 10 percent of them qualify as disadvantaged.

Those benchmarks, "subject to periodic review," will escalate by five percent each year so that, by 2020, contractors will be expected to have local laborers and tradesman performing half of all the work on city contract, and 30 percent the work should be performed by local workers who qualify as disadvantaged.

"Disadvantaged," for the purposes of the new hiring rules, means people who fit into one of the following categories: those who live in a household that makes less than half of the area median income, are homeless, are eligible to receive public assistance, suffer from chronic unemployment, are single parents, are military veterans, are products of the foster-care system or were formerly incarcerated.

Assuming you can get sufficient local negros to agree to be hired (note I did not say "agree to work")... can you imagine running a project or being on a construction site that has a work force that reflects these quotas?

I suspect the drafters of this law are grandstanding and know how this would work out in real life, hence words in this article like "good faith effort", "required to try to hire", "will be expected", "should be performed", etc.

Anonymous said...

Estamos. Tomando. Sobre. Sus. Beneficios. We are taking your EBT. Esse. Noche. Si......your country. By 2020 80 percent of all American jobs will be foreign held. Department of labour and statistics. Nasa is now full of sand. Just wait until all of the enlist programmed illegal soldiers pay you a visit with an AK-47 once Osama gives them the order to fire on you. Pray to Jesus we will survive.

Anonymous said...

Hhhahahah -- 52 percent of black men are unemployed. HAHAHHAHA. In NOLA, the ones that ARE capable of being construction workers turn down construction jobs. Why work hard? Apes that can appear normal for 8 hours a day become managers, university presidents, doctors, or actors. You know, about 1/3 of TV commercials are filled with these apes that can nearly carry sentence written by white writers.

I haven't had the opportunity to visit lately (can't visit this site at work lol)... But I've been thinking about the 3 family men cops killed by apes in the past month.

Those 3 apes did more to shatter the myth of equality and a multi-racial utopia than any of us could ever do. Every DWL and unenlightened white that has anything to do with those men must be seeing red.

Their sons will grow up without fathers... 1 million episodes of the Cosby's will never change what's stirring inside them...

Anonymous said...

I remember the joke, "How do you get ten blacks into a volkswagen? Throw in a welfare check. How do you get them out? Throw in a job application."

AZ Ray said...

Jesus, a freaking lunatic asylum America is?..

I used to, many years ago used to do roofing. B#ll busting work. All our employees were either Mexican or white. Never ONCE saw a negro doing that kind of work..

Then I was an aircraft technician in the USAF, not many blacks there either (they have trouble getting thru the technical training) so not to many Groids there either.

It is wildly hilarious that negros will state that their ancestors created civilization & built the pyramids. That all of their knowledge was stolen.Curious how IF we somehow stole their technology that that weren't able to rebuild their past glories? Hmmmmm. Does one "steal" the ideas in someone's head?. We raped Germany dry after WW2 of their technology yet they still rebuilt & are now a preemminant technological-economic power on earth, again hmmmm..

And DWLs still insist Homo Africanus is the equal of the rest of humanity. That they are every bit as capable as any other race?. Every single- solitary shred of evidence PROVES that they are utterly inept in all the ways that matter in creating & maintaining a civilization..

Sorry, but catching & running with a ball are UTTERLY meaningless in the grand scheme, only petty-trite entertainments. In all the fields that do have meaning (at least meaning for the human condition) the negro is found wanting..

Anonymous said...

NO is screwed. Third World country.

Hey, wanna cut down on illegals? Prevent them from wiring their dollars back to their home countries. Watch their interest in working in the USA drop fast.

Anonymous said...

Wait, What,

University and the University of California, Berkeley, found that nearly half the rebuilding work force was Latino. Fifty-four percent were working illegally in the United States, and nearly 90 percent of illegal workers lived in the U.S. before coming to town.
Beyond the statistics, there are the offices of Dr. Kevin Work, who has forged a business by delivering a generation of Latino children to the city: "Thirty to forty deliveries a month," he says.
Work was seeing so many Spanish-speaking patients at the hospital where he worked that he decided to open two prenatal offices with his own money. The doctor, who has hired bilingual staff and learned a few halting Spanish phrases himself, estimates he has delivered more than 1,000 children from immigrant mothers since Katrina struck in August 2005.
He offers payment plans, and those who cannot pay are covered by government programs.
Program now includes prenatal care
The year before Katrina, Emergency Medicaid expenses were $1.7 million in metro New Orleans. It was the common childbirth benefit used by recent immigrants, but provided no prenatal care. This year the program expanded to include prenatal care and five times as many patients, ballooning costs to $7.8 million.

So let me get this straight,everything that real American Patriots knew was going on, but are called paranoid ignorant racist losers because they have the right to defend their country,all the lies and the illegals and sending money back to their countries,everything is TRUE.
Everything illegal has been studied and documented,all the illegals,all the money sent out of the country to their countries,all the jobs taken from REAL AMERICANS which are majority white by the way,since blacks do not want to work as evidenced by this article,and I do not consider blacks real Americans anyway.All of this is documented ,all of the illegals and their money laundering,and our so-called government allows this and does nothing but if an American citizen says anything his or her life is destroyed in the media and beyond.And I love medicaid,who go around attacking and getting doctors arrested and taken to court and sued for fraud,allow illegals to use our American tax dollars for them to have more baby illegals to support.Medicaid,from 1.7 million to ,just reverse the numbers,7.8 million to finance and support and contribute wholeheartedly to the extermination and replacement of our white ancestry and white majority.And to top it off colleges do all these studies,paid for by the government no doubt,and no one bats an eye.Oh,and wait the best line,THOSE WHO CANNOT PAY THE GOVERNMENT WILL.

Anonymous said...

Remove whites from the equation and don't allow Hispanics to come in to do the construction jobs and 1) There'd be no construction companies of note 2) The negro would face an even swifter acceleration of the deterioration of their "hoods" 3.)the whining and blaming the world by the negro for the negro condition would rise to a shrill crescendo and 4.)not one damn would be given by any sensible human.
The truth is that if they weren't living in a city built by humans, they'd be living in tar paper shacks and shanty towns akin to the oft mentioned favela's of Brazil.
I'm old enough to remember the conditions negroes lived in before all the subsidized housing and gibsmedat they receive came into full effect- I could walk through a stand of woods into their area in my hometown and it was, in fact, a collection of clapboard shacks with tin roofs. As a kid, I actually made the mistake of riding my bike down a nearby street that led into that area. Backtracking to get out of that area was like a trip through time and going from the squalor of a third world negro enclave in Africa that surrounded an 18th century European development and back to a modern first world environment. Seeing that and combining it with all my experiences with blacks convinced me of what a hopeless and useless race they were-not only to the world but to themselves.
Hire Nola will be just another failed attempt to uplift the negro species and when it fails, all the usual hand-wringing and excuses, "explanations" and wails of "we've got to do more!" will erupt.
So utterly predictable.

Anonymous said...

Some local news station interviewed one of the "urban youth" about why social programs aren't working to keep them from committing crimes. He said work was "borr'n" and they would rather steel and get into fights because that looked "fun" and "exciting"

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...


Seriously though, why not? YT already has to subcontract to these minority owned businesses who are guaranteed a percentage of the overall work contracted out by the gubmint. 1st world standards are still expected.

That's why projects are so expensive these days, everybody getting a cut likes money. It's all based on the 15 dollars an hour the unskilled greaser is willing to work for.

Now, just like the mob, they'll have a certain number of no work, no shows to add to the books. It's a scam as old as time, now codified into law. They're probably breaking their arms patting themselves on the back for coming up with this idea.

Anonymous said...

Basically, the blacks want the paycheck, but don't like to work. They'll get hired, not do as they're told, show up late, show up high, talk on their sailfoams, talk back to their supervisors, and refuse to do certain jobs... It's almost like spoiled children..

And if you try to fire them... Here comes Al.

Anonymous said...

So....what happens when the black workforce doesn't materialize? Will the media report that, despite every effort at discriminating against all non-blacks, that blacks really are lazy?

Anonymous said...

They want jobs, they just don't want to work. The average negro sees a job as someplace where he shows up when he likes, tries to get some muh dik on with the white wimminz, steals from, and attempts to sue as soon as he sees the opportunity. When on a job they use their time for socializing, petty crime, or just sleeping and will cry "racism" if anybody criticizes their complete lack of performance or antisocial behavior.

The last time I actually worked as a wage whore, I was the manager of one location and an IKAGO was manager of another location (both in Logan Airport). Of course his days just flew by flirting with women and on the phone. Come time for promotion to area manager, of course the snake head IKAGO gets the job. Shortly thereafter I went into business for myself. Fast forward about 4 months and IKAGO calls me up saying he has been saving credit card information of all the sales he has done and wanted some "help" ordering a bunch of stuff with stolen credit card information..... the moral of the story, if you deal with niggers you get a nigger deal. Don't hire them, don't hand one your credit card, and for God's sake if you see more than 1 per month where you live it's time to move.

And of course armed robberies are "desperation". No... desperation is the sort of literal starvation, living in a drain pipe you get in India or southeast Asia. The American African gets free housing, free healthcare, free food, free sail foam, and free walking around money. Free education (if they wanted it), and virtually an auto-in to any government or corporate workforce.

Anonymous said...

Nogs prefer "jobs" in TV commercials or on reality shows merely "depicting" them as doctors, lawyers, millionaire magnates wisely looking out of their skyscraper offices keeping the world running and generally as all around saints.

In that parallel universe, only white skinheads, KKKers and incipient racists commit crimes and lay around acting like buffoons while ther black betters shake their "haids" in disgust. For quite obvious reasons, blacks as they REALLY are never appear on television or in the movies.

But to ACTUALLY work? Are you 'effin kidding me? With very rare exceptions (Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and Colonel West come readily to mind), in real life the hardest work any black ever does is get up in the morning and pop open a Colt 45.

Anonymous said...

The ULTIMATE reparation of slavery is to reverse the "original sin" which was taking them from their country.

To finally pay this debt we need to put them back in their country.

There is no other option.

Anonymous said...

This will happen soon....."We hired (forced to) you because are black, we are firing you because you are worthless". ..Quick get Al, Jesse and the ACLU.

10mm AUTO said...

Several people had mentioned in their posts DeRay Mckesson – a high functioning Orc whose impressive resume includes being a human (ha!) resources administrator at a middle school and a Black Lives Matter protester. Now, he has obtained a position as a lecturer at Yale University teaching our "cream of the crop" White kids some new Saturday people dialectic:

""The mystifying ideological claim that looting is violent and non-political is one that has been carefully produced by the ruling class because it is precisely the violent maintenance of property which is both the basis and end of their power. Looting is extremely dangerous to the rich (and most white people) because it reveals, with an immediacy that has to be moralized away, that the idea of private property is just that: an idea, a tenuous and contingent structure of consent, backed up by the lethal force of the state. When rioters take territory and loot, they are revealing precisely how, in a space without cops, property relations can be destroyed and things can be had for free.

On a less abstract level there is a practical and tactical benefit to looting. Whenever people worry about looting, there is an implicit sense that the looter must necessarily be acting selfishly, “opportunistically,” and in excess. But why is it bad to grab an opportunity to improve well-being, to make life better, easier, or more comfortable? Or, as Hannah Black put it on Twitter: “Cops exist so people can’t loot ie have nice things for free so idk why it’s so confusing that people loot when they protest against cops” [sic]. Only if you believe that having nice things for free is amoral, if you believe, in short, that the current (white-supremacist, settler-colonialist) regime of property is just, can you believe that looting is amoral in itself.""

We are not winning. Our future leaders are being taught that negros are untouchable, literally a black aristocracy that is above the law. This is not even on the level of "looting isn't violence" theme negro were on about last week. This is no different than an invasion force throwing you out of your house and taking it for themselves. Work hard? Build a nice car? Shut up and Gibs me dat! We are literally watching a Pogrom building against Whites, in real time.

Next weeks lecture: "Jamicquinia Jones Washington leads a lecture on why "Oppressed people need to rape Whites to cleanse their Souls"

How bad does it have to get?

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanaa know why Trump should be president? Here's why. Even though he quite obviously can't say it (or even hint at it), he knows as sure as the sun will set in the West that if someone offered him 20 billion dollars to build one CVS warehouse from the ground up in Nawleens with all black labor, including architectural design elements and turnkey ready, he would instantly know that he would have to turn the offer of a lifetime down as a losing proposition.

It would probably take them 50 years and 5 million man hours just to form and lay the slab, and even then it would look like a concrete landfill.

Death Wish is not a movie but rather a fatal white pathology.

Anonymous said...

Ludicrous. Chain Gangs are a more practical solution.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm...,52% of black men in NOLA out of work, yet, somehow they find the money for their cars, bling, weed, beer and booze. That is a computational improbability but this is BRA so real world math does not enter into the equation. This is the math of black america where nothing is as it seems. What we have in NOLA is a whole city of dependents whose every need must be met courtesy of the taxpayer. This city is not unlike the country of Haiti where without international aid the population would starve and revert to cannibalism. If you stopped supplying blacks with the means to exist, then you would see their populations drop precipitously. End the welfare programs, cut off their source of income for popping out bastard babies, their foodstamps, their free health care and you would see them re-enter the workforce rather quickly and adopt lawful ways. Currently blacks live as outlaws who tell whitey to go f*** themselves, gibbe mo' free stuff, and if you don't like it we be rioting n' sheet. Well this is America in 2015.

Anonymous said...

Oh my we really are further down the rabbit hole than I thought

Anonymous said...

I want to reiterate several of the points made in the comments.

There is a reason there are relatively few blacks who work menial or blue-collar type jobs (construction workers, mechanics). Yes, some of it has to do with lack of skill/competence. But the main reason is that all blacks have to show is a MINIMUM of work ethic and/or intelligence, and a spectrum of much better jobs immediately become available to them.

If a black has any aspirations beyond living off the public dole, or displays the slightest interest in getting an education, stratospheric opportunities open for them.

A black is interested in working a construction job--the higher-ups will likely rapidly promote him to foreman, and then site manager. This solves two problems--it gets the unskilled black out of a position where he could potentially do damage and helps satisfy the company's diversity quotas in management.

A black is interested in working as a waiter or bartender--again, the black will soon be promoted to a managerial position. And again, the unskilled black is taken out of a position where he or she could do damage (by directly affecting customer service) and into a position with no potential responsibilities (providing there are other managers on site to handle the workload).

A black has the intelligence to barely pass, but pass nonetheless, the exam to become a fire fighter or police officer. However, it never gets to that point--these "gifted" blacks are identified early and shuttled off to Ivy League schools to become doctors and lawyers. Only lower intelligence blacks end up becoming firemen or police, and need test score thresholds lowered or eliminated to get the jobs.

To sum up, blacks for the most part don't hold menial or blue collar jobs because either they're satisfied with living the shiftless, layabout welfare life or they choose to take the more prestigious jobs readily available to them through affirmative action. Why dig a ditch for 20 bucks an hour when you could make 6 figures filing a few papers a day in a government office? Why work a dangerous beat as a police officer when you could get shuttled through med school, get a job at a top hospital, and work in a high-paying elite "administrative" role with no patient responsibilities?

Do you blame them? Would any of you rather work an exhausting, demeaning job for low pay when a low-stress, prestigious, high paying job is available to you if you just show a MINIMUM of initiative?

Anonymous said...

This is going to be very bad for the manufacturers of those racist tape measures.

These Brothers will build structures as crooked as their politicians and then start suing whoever they can think of when they fall on their heads.

If they can't teach a negro to read and write in 12 years, while spending $15,000 per year per student, how are they going to teach him a skilled craft?

They can't. They won't. But that's not going to stop the community college from printing up a bunch of construction management associate degrees and billing the government millions for education expenses.

Too bad Michael Brown was murdered for walking while Black. He could use that HVAC degree he was about to start working on - which he surely would have had by know if he lived.

+Ulfberh+t said...

Anonymous said...

Estamos. Tomando. Sobre. Sus. Beneficios. We are taking your EBT. Esse. Noche. Si......your country. By 2020 80 percent of all American jobs will be foreign held. Department of labour and statistics. Nasa is now full of sand. Just wait until all of the enlist programmed illegal soldiers pay you a visit with an AK-47 once Osama gives them the order to fire on you. Pray to Jesus we will survive. (Emphasis added.)

October 6, 2015 at 1:26 AM


Complete these sentences: "The Lord helps those that help __________."

"Praise the Lord and pass the _____________."

"White Homeland! Northwest _____!"

former liberal said...

Worked construction for years......which turned me into a race realist. Any sane white person who has worked in the construction trades know that blacks are generally lazy, useless, nasty on a job site, and take no pride in their work.. And then these semi retards wonder why no one wants to hire them.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Every society requires the existence of an underclass to some extent to do the non-glamorous actions that keep society afloat, like picking up the garbage, sweeping the floor, and cleaning the toilets. Usually, these tasks are filled by those with minimal drive, ambition, or abilities who neither want to nor can be educated --- in other words: high school dropouts, pregnant teenage mothers, blacks.

The welfare/war on poverty/great society initiatives made a male bread winner optional in the black community. Black males can support themselves with irregular work and make up the rest with crime, con-artistry, and "hustlin'" - the black females with EBT, TANF, and every form of welfare under the sun.

Because this group is effectively a non-participant in the work force, it necessitates the need to import cheap labor to fill these roles. This is where the latin american immigrant enters the picture.

This is the two prong attack on the white majority - we pay blacks to not work and breed/multiply, and as a result need to bring in a different group of non-whites to do that work not being done by blacks, all while telling young whites to go to college/be in debt, also out of the work force.

In the meantime, young whites are not having many children, wait to form families until later in life, etc... within two generations of that arrangement - the US will be unrecognizable and will fall to the levels of the replacement population - somewhere between Africa and Mexico.

Pat Boyle said...

Donald Trump found the political mother lode when hit upon the illegal immigrant issue. So far no one on the national stage has been willing to point out that illegal Mexicans and Mayans are just a mask for the deeper problem of the blacks.

I used to hire a lot of workers. But most of them were programmers and/or data base analysts. I never hired a black guy or a Hispanic. I almost never hired a woman. I did inherit a couple black programmers at one place but I soon fired them. I only hired and retained whites and Orientals - they were the only ones who had the requisite brains.

But I'm retired now and so I hire yard workers and handy men as my physical abilities decline. I tried to hire some Chinese once. Oakland has a China Town, but they were not interested in the kind of work I had available. They were probably studying to work as software engineers or real estate barons. I tried white guys but that didn't work out either. They seemed 'unlucky'. White guys who need to do lower class jobs seem to have personality flaws that keep them from more succeeding in more normal and stable occupations.

When I have tried to hire a black the experience was not good. Maybe there are some hard working, honest, and sober black guys out there - but I never met them. So I ended up like everyone else hiring Hispanics.

There are many Hispanics who will try do a good day's labor for you. The problem isn't motivation - hell most of them are more than eager to get to work. The problem is ability. Some of them that line the streets near the Bay were living in a Stone Age village without electricity last month. Here are the rules I have developed: never let them touch a power tool; never let them do carpentry; never ask them to measure anything.

My distant ancestor Abraham Piersay saved the Jamestown colony when he got some blacks who could survive in the Virginia fields. Today all America has discovered that Mexicans and Mayans are eager to clean our toilets and rake our yards. No one wants surly, lazy blacks anymore.

Trump is right of course about the dangers of illegal immigration but Hispanics are very attractive compared to the alternative blacks.


Anonymous said...

Over at a friends house and watched the new ADT alarm company commercial. Some hulking, incomprehensible negro is walking about the house of a nice White woman, babbling that he is strong and brave and will keep everyone safe. The scene cuts to fading light and the negro is in the second story window looking out, protecting the home from the...wait for it...White Burglar!

Pat Boyle said...

Recently I've been reading: 'Race Against the Machine' by Erik Brynjolfsson;
'Superintelligence' by Nick Bostrom and 'How to Build a Mind' by Ray Kurzweil.

All three of these make the point that humans are soon to be surpassed intellectually by our artificial creations - the robots. I find all this a bit depressing but there doesn't seem to be anyway to deny it.

What does this mean for race relations - the topic of this blog?

First of all it isn't my problem. The common estimate is that machines surpass human intelligence around 2050. That's going to be after my time. But in the next few years we should have some other effects. The most interesting is likely to be the end of normal economics.

Currently people have a claim on resources from their labor. But when machines produce nearly everything only the owners of the machines will accrue the profits. This is almost true in the auto industry today. There are few jobs in an automobile plant anymore. The better strategy is to own the plant.

Currently there are two main ways to get money- work for a living or own stuff. In the future we will all have to be owners or starve. Jobs for humans are going away. The transition to an ownership society from a worker's society is not going to be easy. I can't imagine how it will be done.

Black people however are well positioned for the change. Blacks have been leaving the job market for years. A large proportion of them already live without work. They don't pay federal taxes and they don't show up early at the factory gates. They already live lives like nineteenth century capitalists. They stay at home, 'clip coupons' and have a lot of leisure.

The coming changes in our economic paradigms may favor blacks.


Anonymous said...



If these idiots find blacks who want to work, how long will the edifice or what ever it is, going to last? The absurdity and stupidity is beyond tolerable. No wonder people go off the deep end. I am starting to understand why.

chattanooga gal said...

"The only things built in New Orleans from now on should be designed and built entirely by blacks. Want new government housing, build it homies. The screw ups and dysfunction would make riveting TV. And they'd be begging for white and mex workers like Mugabe wants white farmers."
you beat me to it on this one. I was thinking the same thing. It might be fun to listen to all the convoluted reasons on just WHY they have to beg for whites or Mexicans without admitted the blacks can't or won't do it, though.

chattanooga gal said...

of course, I have heard of cases in Atlanta, where they hire a " black" company to do a job, who then turns around and subcontracts to an out-of-town white company. That's still another way to give blacks money for work done by whites.

Anonymous said...

"... Divonite Almestica said that a lack of opportunity was to blame for the city's struggle with crime."

It's always been a "lack of opportunity." Never lack of a forebrain. No sir.

So let's just devise a NEW attempt at a quick fix. Yeah, that'll do it. Some twist on the old Keynesian "spend other people's money to palliate the symptoms for the present moment" idea rather than either thinking ahead or addressing the root of the disease (which is obviously the negro's inability to accomplish much beyond chucking its spear at its dinner, producing more negroes in R-selected fashion, killing rival darkies, and sticking its paw out toward Bwana after failing to survive on its own). And surprise, surprise - the Chocolate Sh!tty Cooncil is on board with this re-hashed (and proven ineffective) "plan." Negro leadership at its finest.

No, jobs WON'T stop the bullets. And (assuming the ooga-boogas will do anything) what do they hope to build anyway? Mud huts?

"This city is not unlike the country of Haiti where without international aid the population would starve and revert to cannibalism."

WOULD starve and REVERT to cannibalism? They're starving NOW and have never STOPPED cannibalizing, in SPITE of our feeding them! They will never reach First World status. This is what they do. In the 1950s, the boogs of the Fore Tribe of PNG were still living in the Stone Age and eating each other's "brains" only to pass along Kuru (aka "laughing sickness" - related to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease). This is the natural state of an all-negro "society" ... beating bongo drums, chucking spears, wallowing about in unsanitary conditions, warring and cannibalizing. It's why they are R-selected. With a high mortality rate, they have to have a rapid birth rate to perpetuate their kind. Feeding them is therefore like leaving open trash cans full of stagnant water all around a home during mosquito season and wondering why so many people are being bitten.

- Tobias Benjamin Goode

Anonymous said...

What's funny is the whites that still live in Nola and the ones living away from there get mad as hell if you say anything derogatory about "their" city. Why not admit it's a shithole? Because it certainly is! The city where I am from is a shithole and I have no allegiance to it.

It's these idiot whites that will not face the music and simply admit, Nola, has been lost for many years. Democratic control forever helps to contribute to the garbage ass city!!

Anonymous said...

"When rioters take territory and loot, they are revealing precisely how, in a space without cops, property relations can be destroyed and things can be had for free."

Funny how up here in White-opia many towns don't even have a police department. Mine does... a "chief", a few part-timers, 3 cars, and a little old lady who keeps a front desk open at the little station during post office hours. I can assure you that in just my neighborhood we have more firepower than the police department of any 3 towns combined in this county, and somehow we manage to get by without looting. Furthermore, I'd be willing to bet that if a tribe of zulus came up this way looking for some free shit it would go very badly for them.

Perhaps it's not "da poe leese" that keeps us from looting, it's just part of being civilized humans. Perhaps it's having enough self awareness and three dimensional thinking to understand "the golden rule". What this nog "professor" has described is Barbarism (might makes right). This is the way primitive societies function, in Africa for example. It is of the lowest order of civilizational structures, and a good reflection of the violent and savage nature of those who create such societies.

I'm very confident that all the ivory tower trust fund types and the YKW students at Yale see this for what it is. An abject lesson on how negroes are a completely different breed with whom civilization cannot peacefully coexist. These sons and daughters of billionaires, senators, and other elite types aren't thinking "yeah, right on, power to the people", they're getting a mental image of this orc and 10,000 of his dusky brothers and sisters taking all their nice toys if given half a chance.

Want proof of this? How many Yale or Harvard types willingly part with their nice things? I know a few Ivy League blue bloods.... trust and believe they do NOT easily part with their wealth or property.

Anonymous said...

It's not the lack of desire to work, rather the complete lack of necessary skill to do any sort of semi=skilled work. The present feral populace is totally un-employable.

Anonymous said...


Why was an african head of UN? BC it pays huge money.

A former president of the United Nations General Assembly turned the world body into a "platform for profit" by accepting over $1 million in bribes and a trip to New Orleans from a billionaire Chinese real estate mogul and other businesspeople to pave the way for lucrative investments, a prosecutor charged Tuesday.
Related Stories

U.S. charges expected in U.N. corruption probe involving Macau billionaire: source Reuters
Former UN General Assembly head arrested for bribery AFP

More charges possible in U.N. corruption case: U.S. Attorney Reuters
Judge revokes bail for Chinese billionaire's chief assistant Associated Press
U.S. government probes alleged U.N. bribery scheme: WSJ Reuters
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John Ashe, a former U.N. ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda who served in the largely ceremonial post as head of the 193-nation assembly from September 2013 to September 2014, faces tax fraud charges in what authorities call a conspiracy with five others, including Francis Lorenzo, a deputy U.N. ambassador from the Dominican Republic who lives in the Bronx.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara repeatedly noted that it was early in the investigation and told reporters that as it proceeds: "We will be asking: Is bribery business as usual at the U.N.?"

He added: "I wouldn't be surprised if we see ot

Californian said...

Here is the obvious question: "What do blacks mean by 'lack of opportunity'?"

An objective observer might point out that the USA has a free enterprise system, that there are numerous government and corporate programs to give black businesses a head start, that schools are not only de-segregated but there are de jure and de facto affirmative action programs, that there is nothing to stop black millionaires and billionaires (like Oprah) from investing in black communities, and etc.

So why the perceived "lack of opportunity?"

"Opportunity" is one of those great big words which are never quite defined by black leaders. But it's like "streets gone wrong." Never does black agency come into the equation. Violence is not the result of black criminality, it's because of magical forces which somehow descend on black 'hoods. Same with "opportunity." Somehow, YT has cornered the market on "opportunity" and doesn't want to share it with blacks.

So they gotta call in the government to seize YT's wealth, whether by taxation, or mandating hiring practices, and when all else fails, but looting.

Californian said...

Someone once posted on some race realist website that blacks have plenty of opportunity. Every day, they have the opportunity to act civilly, opportunity to obey the law, opportunity to not use drugs, opportunity to dress decently, opportunity to study hard, opportunity to be responsible for their families, and etc., etc. So why don't they take advantage of these and many more opportunities?

Certainly YT takes advantage of all these opportunities.

How much more "opportunity" for employment in New Orleans would there be if its denizens were to cut their crime rates by, say, 50%, or stay in school and study?

Can they not see the relationship between civil behavior and civil outcomes? Or is that a white thang?

Anonymous said...

If you've ever been to N.O. you know they have cops there that would have a hard time finding work as a private security guard anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

The common estimate is that machines surpass human intelligence around 2050. That's going to be after my time. But in the next few years we should have some other effects. The most interesting is likely to be the end of normal economics.

I wouldn't make any assumptions about the future.

It was also once common estimate that energy would be too cheap to meter by the year 2000.

I think a Mad Max future for the US is more likely than something from Star Trek.

Anonymous said...

To work a an entry-level job in construction (i have), you must qualify in the following ways:

1. Have a high school diploma.

2. Pass a criminal background check.

3. Pass a drug test.

4. Show up ON TIME to a job interview dressed like a person that respects themself and their employer (no excessive jewelry, shirts with buttons and sleeves, slacks or dress pants worn up around the waist, shoes that are not gym shoes, and a short, neat professional hairstyle and groomed facial hair.) You must speak clear english without using profanity or slang lingo.

5. Show up for work ON TIME every day, never leaving early, remaining sober while on duty, and not steal, assault, threaten, or commit crimes while on duty.

6. You have to WORK whil on duty. Not jibber-jabber with yo homies, not play on your sail foam, not gamble, or sleep, or sell drugs, not flirt with females. WORK.

As we can all see these basic standards disqualify the vast majority of blacks. They just cannot comply with these bottom-barrel bare-bones basic simple job requirements that Whites have been working within for centuries.

Anonymous said...

You said it! This is simply window dressing for the BLM rabble rausers to stfu. If they were to enforce such programs, contractors wouldn't be able to construct a birdhouse, let alone a house or building.

Anonymous said...

Some twist on the old Keynesian "spend other people's money to palliate the symptoms for the present moment" idea rather than either thinking ahead or addressing the root of the disease

Keynesian theories like all European theories assume that populations don't matter.

The Germans rebuilt their cities after WWI in less than 5 years. They turned piles of rubble into skyscrapers. African cities in the US have been taking Federal subsidies FOR OVER 50 YEARS. Haiti has been around since Napoleon and is still a wretched hellhole.

Keynesian theories would work great if you moved a million Germans into New Orleans. You could even give them a 20% loan and they would pay it back.

Anonymous said...

There certainly seems to be a huge demand for black actors performing as a white man's boss on TV commercials. Must have seen about a dozen of these cosplay commercials last NFL Sunday.

Anonymous said...

In college I had an Eastern European friend who sounded exactly like Borat. It was interesting to get his take on everything since he hadn't watched much American TV so everything was fresh to him.

He worked in the college cafeteria with people from all over the world.

One day he said in his Borat voice....

You know vat? We have black guy at work. He is late all the time, skips a lot, never wants to do certain jobs. I think.....why does he have job? Is it because he is black? He is terrible. Is this common for American black guy? No one likes working with him. He is like stereotype. Do they like being stereotype? Can they not fire him?

Liberals think that working with every type of race makes you enlightened and less likely to believe what they consider to be entirely false stereotypes. For most people (of every race) the opposite is true. Being around Blacks just destroys the carefully crafted image that Hollywood liberals have created.

Liberalism and colorblind cuckservatism would be totally dead if every college student had to do one of the following for 2 weeks:
1. Work a service position in a black area
2. Teach or tutor black students
3. Live in a dorm that is at least 30% black

The worst of these is actually #3. This is because you can fail a test thanks to J-Qwan's 3 AM bass party. Campus security may eventually shut it down at 5 AM and by then you will be too angry to fall back asleep.

If you know any White grads going to college then make sure you tell them to get a quiet dorm. Don't let them find out the hard way what can happen in general population. You also want to check the neighbors of any student apartments before moving in.


This is all described in ATLAS SHRUGGED.

Anonymous said...

To work a an entry-level job in construction (i have), you must qualify in the following ways:

1. Have a high school diploma.

2. Pass a criminal background check.

Around here in the sticks even these two aren't required. As long as you can do basic arithmetic and didn't commit certain crimes like rape you are fine. I know a guy that assaulted a cop but is still in high demand.

The local construction companies can't find enough high school Whites to train. They're all being sent to community college to learn pot smoking and self-loathing. I know someone in the NW who said the same is true for farming. They'd happily start a White person at $20/hour but only Mexicans show up.

Brian in Ohio said...

I went to a 2 year technical/construction program in High School. We started the course with 5 black students....0 finished.

Honestly, would you feel safe in a multi story structure that you knew had been built by blacks? You think the electrical would be up too code? Load bearing assemblys installed correctly? Your talking about a people whos technical achievement never progressed past the mud and stick hut...

Anonymous said...

Blacks are far more adept at destruction rather than construction and will only do things they think they are prohibited from doing. They would rather work on their own for 4 hours stealing $20 worth of copper than take a demolition job for $10/hr.
They may, however, show up to a regular job for a day or two, "get hurt on da job", collect worker's comp, disability, lawsuit, etc. Hell, in corporate America all they do is hang out looking for a lawsuit, seen it many times. It was also amazing how quickly the bucks could sniff out a new female hire. After a couple of days every buck in the 30 floor building will have been by her desk a hittin' on dat. No joke, and they were never called on it. If that were whites acting that way it would have certainly meant termination. The primitives were immune from corporate rules and decorum. I also got a kick out of our "diversity" meetings of 200 or so and all the blacks would sit diversity. A good question for diversity "instructors" or whatever is to ask them, since diversity is our strength, what is the optimum diversity goal number? 30%? 50%? I proposed that since diversity improves things so much the ultimate goal should be 100% diversity with zero white people employed. Many laughed/snickered and our "instructor" was sort of dumbfounded but never answered. Probably because she was white.

Anonymous said...

This can't last forever. It's one thing to say these things on a pure abstract level at a college but implementation in the world world doesn't work.

Funny thought experiment if looting and private property are just abstract things created by Whites then would it be wrong for someone to loot from a Black run Store?Also would it be it be wrong for someone to take say a Black person's cellphone?

I understand that thinking these people have critical reasoning is about as likely as my Dog teaching me Calculus. These Blacks just parrot the nonsense from DWL.

Anonymous said...

It's simply amazing how the American people are being hood winked. Hood winked to the point where Were considered the enemy.

Your 1.7 M figure , I'm assuming is wrong. Let me fix it for you 1.7 BILLION.

Just in NY state alone. FACT ( this was before obamacare ) NY state spends 1.5 BILLION dollars a WEEK on medicaid. Yes BILLION.

The Mick

Awake said...

So reading through your comments, it occured to me that in my many visits to Home Depot or Lowe's, I very rarely see black people. They must be racist institutions and therefore are avoided.

But wait, I take that back !

JT said...

It's "The Emperor's New Clothes" on steroids.

Black fatigue at a ten said...

Bet you all didn't know that I can predict the future.
Here's my future prediction.
Contractors are forced to hire unskilled uneducated unmotivated blacks to receive city contracts.
With a large workforce of lazy blacks deadlines will not be met, completing the job within budget will not happen,the quality of the work will be unacceptable , theft of materials and tools will raise cost. All off which will eventually force the city to go outside its boundaries to hire contractors from far off that can complete the job on time within budget with good quality work.
The blacks will now be laid off as the contractor goes out of business because he can not compete with outfits that don't have to hire dead useless blacks.
Mark my words on this.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks back the company I work for hired from the diversity pool.
It's not a hard job maybe a bit boring but he's hired at 50% over min wage after 60 days he gets decent health insurance and matching 401 k and a raise every year.
On the sixth day he doesn't show up. No phone call no nothing. Fellow employee said he was complaining that his feet hurt from being on them all day.
Yep blacks really want to work all right. Unless you pay them $30 an hour and require them to do little or nothing ands hey can sit on their ass they have no desire or need for that matter.

rex freeway said...

I'll do this now because I know I will later. BLA HA HA HA HA HA ! I wonder what or who BRA will blame when this fails. The dis heartening side is all the money spent trying to elevate a race that does not want to be elevated to our status. So why do we keep trying?

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said,

Liberals think that working with every type of race makes you enlightened and less likely to believe what they consider to be entirely false stereotypes. For most people (of every race) the opposite is true. Being around Blacks just destroys the carefully crafted image that Hollywood liberals have created.

^^^THIS^^^ 100%

I could talk about the dangers of blacks until I`m blue in the face and it wouldn't make anywhere near the impression that having to work, do business or live next to them would! This "diversity" they champion will be their undoing. They are their own worst enemy.

Detroit Refugee said...

...wait for it... White burglar.
During the '80's in Metro Detroit, a comercial aired for an Armor Guard/barred windows & doors co. Two black guys were robbing a house. Loading up everything, even rolling up the rugs. I'll never forget the line one says to his bro' " Hey man, I get the dog"!
The other line, which was the sales pitch went something like "believe me, we can clean you out"!
Wonder why that went off air?

Anonymous said...

OT - I was watching videos of the rescue efforts in South Carolina. It is probably just a coincidence, but there were two separate videos of rescue personnel saving flood victims. Both sets of rescuers were all white and wading waist deep in water while pulling small boats containing black “victims.” The scene was like watching someone carry turds around on a pillow. In difficult times blacks are always unprepared victims in need of being saved by the white man.

Anonymous said...

Even if they could get blacks to work, are there any that know how to use a hammer, a nail gun, any tool? And if by chance there are some that can operate power or hand tools the quality workmanship will not be there.

Another joke.....another opportunity to keep poor Whites down.

Mr. Rational said...

Detroit Refugee, meet me in the microbrewery whose name means "well done" in the town whose name means "the highest point" at 9 PM on Friday.  I'll be the guy with the Dell laptop sitting west of the pool table.

Anonymous said...

Some of these posts remind me of college. Went to a rural Ag & Tech school - it only had two stoplights because the main cross roads came out like 20 yards apart on the main road. No feetsball program then. Purposely got a single room in part to avoid possibly having to live with one of them.

I don't think we got our security deposits back either year because of messes made by nogs on the floor. I recall a nice big puddle of vomit one day that apparently was left by a boyfriend of one of the girls she had staying over (floors were half and half with a connecting corridor and lounge). Lots of one and done kids who'd be there for a single semester. Guy across the hall the one year was one of those. I remember hearing him pulling duct tape off a roll in there - then later could smell pot. Either he was trying to keep the smell in the hall from giving him away (and failing) or hotboxing the room.

This is the same one who had a party one night with two white girls, two more monkeys, and after a while one of the monkeys comes out in his boxers with a tent pitched in them, going door to door looking for a condom.

The second year we tried to go to the halloween party in the dorm and it was jigaboo central, we didn't stay for long, me and the girl with me were the only white people there.

I don't think there was a single one of them in the auto tech program I was in, or in any of the other technical stuff. To this day I'm convinced they were there on minority scholarships to the liberal arts side and they'd just party for six months and go home.

Yeah, living close to them showed me what it was really all about.

Inferior Infidels said...

Hey! to all my fellow racial relists.

Even though here in Cleveland, Ohio we've come nowhere near as close as
ChiCongoland or Baltimurderland as far as homicide numbers this year,
but I would like to note that we did hit our 100th homicide early Tuesday
morning, 10-06-15. Not much of a short time later, early Tuesday afternoon
we hit 101, with the latest homicide victim being that of a retired Vietnam
Vet, from what I've been able to gather so far. Don't know race of perp or
victim just yet. I believe we had 102 homicides in all of 2014. 101 through
early October and 11 weeks to go. I think it's a safe to say we're easily
going to eclipse that number this year. Heck, by the time I wrote this
comment we could have easily tied the record already, the news just hasn't
hit the airwaves just yet.

Homicide has been called to Cleveland's west side for an apparent stabbing.

A man in his 50's was stabbed to death on Colgate Ave., making him the 101st homicide this year.

Read more:

And, on another note, speaking of the ATV and dirt bike gang bangers out in
Balimurderland that we commented on last week, we have the same exact issue
right here in Cleveland. Just this past spring I was driving south on east
55th, on the east side of Cleveland, when I saw a group of around 20 "youfs"
on dirt bikes and ATV's going northbound. Then come to find out, our very
own mayor, Frank Jackson, has a "teen youf" grandchild that lives with him,
that not only owns a dirt bike himself, but he's been seen doing the same
exact thing as the rest of them. Check out the link below for video that is
a duplication of the same thing going on in Baltimorgue. The only thing different
is the name of the city.........

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I can somewhat understand why blacks don't want to work. So damn many of them have gummint or corporate/AA "goot jobs" where they get overpaid to underwork, why should Ba'jerkius have to actually labor to get paid?

Anonymous said...

Just start going to Dunleavys

Anonymous said...

Let us abstain from NOLA, in all ways. Discourage all Whites from interfering with the implosion there and all other negro infested sectors touched by disaster. Let them figger it out, they matter you see.

Detroit Refugee said...

I know that place well. Is it still all YT??

Anonymous said...

non american here, is this blog a parody like the onion? this cant be real right?

Mr. Rational said...

is this blog a parody like the onion?

Follow the links to the source articles.  They are real newspapers, TV stations and the like.  The only parody is the inherent self-parody of the excuse-makers.

this cant be real right?

It is only too real.