Monday, October 12, 2015

The Revolution will be Televised

It's quite simple: Get out of the way of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd and let them intensify and amplify the hatred of both whites and police within the black community.

The end result will be far different than what they strive to achieve.

Case in point. [Viral video of police altercation shows current Baltimore 'environment' — and its on-screen future, Baltimore, 10-9-15]: 
 A visibly agitated man in Southeast Baltimore punches a police trainee so hard the officer drops to the ground. Then the man wrestles with the rookie and another officer on the sidewalk before finally being arrested. 
The incident on South Broadway, which Interim Commissioner Kevin Davis said Friday showed "remarkable restraint" on the part of the officers, is the latest altercation involving city officers to go viral via citizen video posted online. It probably won't be the last. 
"The environment right now, for whatever reason, seems to prompt this type of scenario, and we've just got to get our arms around it as a community and move forward," Davis said. "American policing is in the midst of a sea change, particularly with patrol officers. It's been referred to by many leaders in this profession as the 'YouTube effect.'" 
He added, "I'm personally fine with that. I'm professionally fine with that. The more we have on camera, the better." In Baltimore, a police body camera pilot program will launch in three districts — the Central, Western and Eastern — on Oct. 26 and last through Dec. 18, with the goal of rolling the technology out citywide by early next year. 
The video of Tuesday's incident on South Broadway, which had been viewed more than a million times on the viral video website as of Friday afternoon, shows in less than three minutes the tension and uncertainty that can surround an interaction between police and a person who doesn't want to follow their directions. 
According to the police report of that incident, Officer Christy Post, on the force for two and a half years, and trainee Maurice Bagby, still in the police academy, were on routine daytime patrol when they saw 21-year-old James Frederick Young shirtless and "yelling obscenities at them and drawing a crowd due to his disorderly activity." 

They stopped, as they should have, Davis said. 
Post and Bagby engaged Young, and when the video begins, there is already a high level of tension. Young repeatedly tells the officers to stop touching him. He also uses profanity, saying, "I will knock you the [expletive] out." 
"Do you want to be disorderly or do you want to walk off?" Post says at one point. She then says, "You're not going to get in my face," and attempts to pull Young's arms behind his back to arrest him. 
Bagby joins her in that effort, and Young resists, shoving them off. 
Young can be seen swinging at Post multiple times, before connecting on a punch and knocking Bagby to the ground. Young drops on top of Bagby, and Post jumps in as well — appearing to try to pull Young off her partner. 
Officer Richard Whittaker then comes into view — Davis said other residents had alerted him — and draws a Taser. "Taser, Taser, Taser," he says, and Young appears to stop resisting.
Watch the video at and notice the crowd cheering on the black aggressor (like a professional wrestling, he is the face and the cops are the heels...).

So sit back and watch the BLM movement continue to radicalize people across the nation, and prepare to be shocked by the people - the white people - they unintentionally radicalize for a far different outcome than which they hoped to achieve.


Anonymous said...

How embarrassing for the trainee. He has a woman step in to defend his honor ("You will NOT talk to him like that!"), then when Shittyvius takes a swing at the chick, rookie White Knights her and gets knocked down. He needs better training.
Watch the video at and notice the crowd cheering on the black aggressor
Yeah, and Dan'tay Rather on the camera warns his fellow nigga, "BACKUP! BACKUP!" when the backup officers arrive.

Mr. Rational said...

WSHH:  proving HBD and debunking the Marxist myth of equality world-wide.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Turns my stomach.

How is the "citizen" in this video even allowed on the street in a decent country? Not properly dressed, profane, no respect for anything. (Oh—did I say "profane"? That refers to obscene language. Was that even language he was using?)

And yet we'll have millions of people defending his rights. But he has no concept of the flip side of that: responsibility.

Hitting a woman. Attacking a cop. No concept for how civilization works, at all.

And yet the cry of the land? "Overincarceration!" Ha! Underincarceration is more like it. This animal in the video? There are millions more on our streets. They should be in cages.

Oh—I "dehumanized" him! I crossed the street to get away from him because I "stereotyped" him! Yes, I must be the problem.

Well, I'm a little tired after picking up some litter in the park, helping my elderly neighbor with her garden, and doing a little extra work tonight so I can send my kids a little extra next month.

Sigh. I'm what's wrong with America.

Y'all have a good night.

AnalogMan said...

No job for a woman. This will end badly. Hopefully, before the military learn the lesson the hard way.

I fear for the future of civilization.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

For anyone wondering where I got the summer of 2017 idea: The rioting happens more in the summer. Obozo will squelch responses as long as he's in office. In 2017, President Trump will be looking for a crisis he can use to cement his authority.

Sure, it's just a guess, but I have a hard time seeing it happen sooner. And I'll be amazed if we somehow calm things back down. Too many people have worked too hard to raise tensions as high as they are.


Anonymous said...

The cops should have just left this crazy fucker rant and rave. It is easy to see that he is just another street psychopath. By leaving him alone he probably would have KILLED ANOTHER BLACK GUY later on. The cops should let these people kill each other and not interfere in their daily life of violence.

Farrakhan just had his KILL WHITEY rally in Washington. He and others are opposed to racist cops arresting black criminals and murders. I have to agree with the cheering horde of welfare mothers and street thugs about cops in the hood. Let the blacks slaughter each other if that is what they want to do. No cops in the hood. The new civil rights motto is LET US KILL EACH OTHER. Criminal lives matter.

Anonymous said...

"Uncertainty"? What's the uncertainty?


Groids being Groids.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are amazing(ly stupid). They think there is some inherent power in the words "BLAT LIBE MADDAH!", like it's some voodoo chant that will hex their enemies and make them invincible. Then they're shocked and outraged when their actions get them arrested and shot. Which causes them to shout the magic words even louder, which makes society turn on them further, which makes them chant the magic words ...

Anonymous said...

BLM tactics are so backward and abrasive and the fact that they can do no wrong in the mind of leftists everywhere makes it all the better. I don't know if I could coordinate a better campaign in self-destruction if I tried. They really know how to be rude, disrespectful, and complete hypocrites who would use the golden rule for toilet paper if it were ever manifested.

They will always appear somewhat backward to us, things just don't line up with "white middle class values". As a non-black I cannot comprehend how they would allow their neighborhoods to be run by drug dealers with no snitch policies that up the body count for all. The only time they can actually act as the brothers that they call themselves are when they are teaming up to beat on whitey and steal his property.

As far as the video goes, another sterling example of how to act in the presence of a cop. One wonders if they purposely had the female officer leading the confrontation in hopes that the lizard brain would take a swing at her. It is weird how even the fact that the two individuals confronting him were armed police officers didn't stop this bastard from going into full attack mode once they were physically engaged. Do they just have this rage switch that they can't turn off until enough violence is dished out or revenge is complete? If one is going to run the risk of physically assaulting someone, there are a few criteria that should be met. Not physically assaulting a cop, for example. Maybe that hip new teacher at Yale can run a discussion on this video. I'm sure the melee is long enough for him to cover institutional racism, white privilege and white supremacy at least one time through.

BLM will eventually have to answer questions about the black power movement and what is exactly meant my destroying white supremacy? What does the militant fist in the air represent? Who is the cop killer in Cuba that they think is so great? Why should anyone listen to them when they interrupt, make demands, and promise nothing in return? Left-leaning candidates are hanging themselves by associating themselves with this "group".

Whoever was complaining about Yahoo News before, take note. While it is run by BRA corporate types, they are the only news source that I have found that allows for consistent commenting on every article. Every racial article (black criminal/white cop) is a treat to read- you realize you are far from alone. People are regularly posting black crime stats, making general connections when blacks are involved without apologizing for their accusations or statements. I usually get tired of reading before I get anywhere done with the realist tidal wave of comments. It was nothing like this two years ago. Not a realist in sight.

It took a while but people are fed up enough with black people's b.s. and double-standard privileges and hearing them complain about how they suck so much and how it is someone else's fault. I snapped years ago, but it is wondrous to watch it unfold for others like me as well. Fox News used to not allow comments because liberal trolls were out in force. With the help of black repulsiveness realists are on the rise and the left doesn't accept realists. Their fake coalition of mismatched grievances has been overtaken by the BLM agenda and is making them stink by association. Now the comments are realist/anti-liberal in nature and they are obviously on the defensive now. If you can't get enough SBPDL commenting I would suggest skipping to the end of one of their racial articles. It is surreal.

Anonymous said...

Showcasing the general uselessness of women cops

Anonymous said...

Mega dittos, Dude. The BLM activists are just stupid. Just plain stupid. They're interfering with events that don't have anything to do with black people. State fairs. The Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Earlier this month, they planned to block a marathon, but this was too much for the local police, who promised arrests. Keep in mind that NEARLY EVERYONE WHO WINS MARATHONS IS BLACK!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Worse is better for whites.

Anonymous said...

Great post and exactly what needs to be done. The blacks are their own worst enemies and nothing like video to prove it! Well done sir.



Did you see the White female had more balls than the negro cop. There are so many ways to go at this clip. Some back up negro cop partners are. Guess he thought that why help his White partner out during this altercation because in reality those two niggers are one in the same. Cause they are on the same team when it comes to dealing with White people. Even after being blasted in his mouth with all those negro thieves around he didn't look to thrilled to get into this altercation. Affirmative action and the natural bond between niggers put any White cop male or female at a disadvantage when doing his/her job under the department of social justice headed up by Loretta Lynch and "Mayor Hyphen" as one blogger always says at this blog-post. Young White cops let the negro cops deal with their kind. This will save your valuable life.


Anonymous said...

The enemy's greatest weakness is their overconfidence.

They are repeatedly proclaiming their (inevitable, 30+ years in the future) victory over YT, and in so doing, they are sealing their fate.

Anonymous said...

Best weapon against the groids is a video camera. Keep filming the TNB and spreading it online.

YT will eventually wake up.

Here's an orc enriching a very fancy area of NYC:

Anonymous said...

Not to take away from the obvious capabilities of the female officer in this video, but what a morally bankrupt race. If you spend any time in you will see women fighting each other with small children around. You will see black men assaulting black woman. Honestly it's quite pathetic. When you wrote about radicalized whites for the reasons unintended, I envision whites finally coming to terms with the enemy at the gates.

Anonymous said...

N*gs destroy everything.

Happy Columbus Day folks! So the n*gs and libs are protesting it!? Ask them why they are against Diversity? That's what Columbus brought to America, no? Explain that you morons!

Anonymous said...

Another one of Obama's sons who dindu nuffin, being harassed by the evil police because of his skin color. Shameful

Anonymous said...

OT: Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition of bumbling black preacher clowns have been asked by several majority-White neighborhood associations to help them "police" their streets and "fight" the recent uptick in "crime."

The Reverend Charles Harrison has stated that "70% of all gun-related incidents happen outside of the hot zone black ghettoes." He has received several hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars in the form of "grants" for his crime-fighting efforts. His foot patrols of black preachers, teen youths, and single baby mommas get paid $15 per hour to sweep the streets, searching for crime.

But the shooting suspects and victims in Indianapolis are mostly black. These neighborhoods - Oxford, Butler Tarkington, Meridian Kessler - are majority White. How can this be?

HUD. That's how. This black reverend has made a deal with the devil. Not only are they fighting "crime", they are fighting black unemployment.

It's about to get ugly.

Anonymous said...

White people have gone mad.

OT: Paul made a post about food stamps supporting Walmart, big Agriculture, and banks.

Well, a group of crafty hipsters and White urban farmers in Indianapolis have found a way to rent-seek AND status-signal by channeling those federal food stamps bucks into their own pockets:


"...the farm has partnered with Farm Works Indy, an innovative youth employment and empowerment program that is mentoring a new generation of community food leaders."

Youths always means ghetto blacks.

These progressive Whites are also fighting rayciss food deserts and "hunger insecurity" by allowing blacks to use their food stamps to buy "fresh organic produce" from these urban farmers at local farmer's markets instead of giving them to those nasty big corporations like Monsanto and Walmart.

Heh heh. Crafty little devils.

"Next mayor needs to appoint a director of food policy."

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

I have a dream. No my dream is not that *everyone should live as one* or anything like that; it's a small dream (hey.. they tell me you "gotta have a dream" in life, right?.. Ok so here's my dream): ready?.. ..wait for it.. (drum-roll).. my dream.. an SBPDL smart-phone App! Am I, like, *brilliant*..?.. er wut..

Anonymous said...

OT: Oh that stubborn "blight." What to do?

I know. Let's hire ourselves to create a database, then seize the land, rezone it, and use White people's money to redevelop it for trendy urban UN Agenda 21 hipster housing and sustainable urban farms.

Anonymous said...

A group of "Indy dads" are going to make a difference. "The city needs to do something. WE don't have no rec center to take 'em. We need "resources" fo dem keeds. It's claimed so many lives ovah heeer."


Anonymous said...

My goodness, another black "Gentle Giant" being abused by de POleece. Does it ever end? "No justice! No Peace!"

Resectfully, Nick A. Pinney

Anonymous said...

Thank god I don't have to deal with this garbage, YT left Gary, IN to leave it to the orcs to destroy, still a sh!t hole and will probably never recover but my town is quite nice. We keep the few orcs we have in my town posted up in "the hill" neighborhood. Indiana doesn't fall for the diversity meme, you have your garbage shitholes and we will have our nice YT areas thank you very much!

As of the census[2] of 2010, there were 31,730 people, 12,610 households, and 7,117 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,043.1 inhabitants per square mile (788.8/km2). There were 13,506 housing units at an average density of 869.7 per square mile (335.8/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 89.9% White, 3.3% African American, 0.3% Native American, 2.1% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 2.2% from other races, and 2.1% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 7.1% of the population.


I am going to be VERY careful with my language or this comment won't make it to posting:

I see numerous things "wrong" in this confrontation (monkey fight) and the regulars here will totally understand, but any new readers here will blame ME.

1) What the F is a white woman doing as a street cop? WTF. Did she get some useless college degree in Afro Studies, or "criminology", or Social Work, etc and feel the need to help the underprivileged aholes like the negro in question? LADY, get married to a WHITE man and have numerous WHITE children since that is what you were created for and is what you really owe your society. Not mothering a negro monkey.

2) Put this negro on a dirty empty lot in Soweto, with a case of Lion Lager, and he would be acting the same. This simian negro hominid is not "acting". He is "being". That behavior, which the stupid cops tried to stop/change, is the NATURAL behavior. The problem is, he is not in Africa, where he naturally belongs. He is in a 1st world environment where he can not function and is angry and wants to destroy the source of his pain: The unnatural environment.

IF we are going to have Africans within our "country", we need to let them have space to Africanize and let them be natural in these walled off areas. This is what we did for 200 years before 1965. It was the reason for segregation. It worked. It was natural. It was right, correct and moral. This negro would have been better off, more healthy and perhaps even more useful if he was forced to live in a all-African segregated reserve. His contact with a superior race/culture has demoralized him (he will never understand why) and his only natural course of action is destruction of the source of the pain: himself and the "Man".

3) Why did these 2 STUPID cops stop and deal with him? I can understand totally the behavior of the hominid (above), BUT just think of the brainwashing of this idiot white cow. "Help the poor", "Serve the Lord", "Do good works". "Good Samarian BullShit", "Turn the other ass-cheek", "Do unto others". YECH, VOMIT time.

These wimpy platitudes are fine when you are serving your OWN RACE, but to serve a monkey who hates your guts and wants to rape you before he kills you? This "white" butch cop is a total idiot and deserved to get her face smashed in.

Altruism is the emotional glue that held the White Race together as it evolved in the face of horrendous climatic change. Surviving through repeated glacial Ice Ages forced us to acquire those traits and characteristics that enable us to civilize and work together and mutually survive. These very same traits are being used to destroy US as we are brainwashed into "helping" the other races. We are not supposed to help them. We are supposed to conquer and displace them, as to the laws of Nature.

4) Now for the negro cop. He is obviously an AA hire. Got the job because he has a dark brown penis. (African Male, according to AA). He displaced a more deserving White man, regardless of any ability he may have in understanding and enforcing 1st World Law (which as I pointed out, is not natural for him). He tried to control a "bratha". Look where it got him. This Negro Cop got LESS respect from the perp and I'm sure the fellow tribes-people watching were against Sambo The Cop more than Monkey Boy. Imagine, two Africans combating on the soil of a previous White 1st World country and we have to pay for all of it.


These 2 cops were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The negro cop should be in Africa.

The white female should be at home raising 4 White children.

riptapart said...

shows in less than three minutes the tension and uncertainty that can surround an interaction between police and a person who doesn't want to follow their directions.

More like police and typical 65 IQ groid who is in high energy mode and looking to attack.

Anonymous said...
Black ex-A&M football player hacks a white runner to death with a machete.

riptapart said...

Yes, I occasionally go to Yahoo for stories like this. 8 years ago I quit reading Yahoo articles and comments because the comments sickened me. I don't go there often because there are still a lot of "equality" comments that agitate me too much, but the number of Realist comments have exploded. It is refreshing to say the least.

Anonymous said...

From the files of "Everything I Know About Race Realism, I Learned From The Liberal Press":

Less than 1 percent of Haile Selassie High School’s students go on to college. An overwhelming majority of the seventh-to-11th-grade students at the school are taking remedial courses designed to get struggling students back on track. Their counterparts in a ninth-grade reading class, too, are working hard to attain a first-grade reading level by the end of the school year; currently, many students are on a preschool reading level, data shows.

The school is flanked with murals that depict the alternative to successfully attaining an education: crime and eventual incarceration. Doors made up of metal bars—similar to those one might find on a jail cell—flank each classroom, each door adorned with a metal padlock to deter theft.

Anonymous said...

I would make a terrible cop.

As soon as the negro started threatening me and screaming at me I would have pointed the tazer at it and Ordered it to the ground, it would naturally not comply so I would taze it and clamp the handcuffs on it super hard, THROW it into the back of my car or truck, take it to the jail, make sure it was locked in a cell with other negroes that would beat it up, forget to file the paperwork so it remained in lockup for the longest amount possible, several days at least, then I would press charges against it for Resisting Arrest, Assaulting An Officer, Terroristic Threats, and I would do my absolute best to keep it locked behind bars for years over this event.

Instead, they politely requested the negro to walk away, they were both assaulted, I would bet anything they won't press every Charge possible on it, and the negro will be back on the street half-naked in a few weeks.

Fatigued, pondering life-show-stopper scenario in Minneapolis said...

re: The Gentleman featured in today's video, etc.. - Consider this sports fans: Thanks to Section 8 and/or AFFH (thank you for your unwilling donation employed functioning First World Western Civilization Human Being), this fine chap (in the video) were to move next door. Yippee. Later that evening, at the insistence of your loved ones (not to mention your own sanity).. you're forced to walk over, knock on the door, and politely ask your new neighbor to kindly "turn the music down".. etc.. Welcome to BRA.. enjoy..

Anonymous said...

I hope this was on surveillance tape. Fantastic TNB!

Anonymous said...

Why the F*CK did those cops go ANYWHERE NEAR that ranting ground ape??!!

I mean seriously, WTF??!! Call for backup ape handling team and just stand there and keep an eye on him, while holding taser and .40 cal at the ready. Let people film the monkey doing his shit b/c it will end up on Wuhrlstah and be one more enlightening video for us to use to take down BRA.

Film these apes and get it out there. Hey PK, how about a Youtube channel for SBPDL that aggregates the finest in TNB videos? With maybe some spoken word game play from you to spice it up and point out the key elements for newly minted race-realists.

Anonymous said...

Violent, primitive, disgusting and disturbing. This video says it all. They are not human.

Where is its shirt? It's October!
Why is it so proud of its underpants?
What language was it speaking?
Why are all those negroes just standing around on the sidewalk?
Why did the cops even respond to this?
Why is a White woman on the police force?? Or any woman, for that matter??
What is wrong with that woman??
How could anyone watch this and not see negroes for what they are?

Still gagging, NJ Woman

Californian said...

Put this negro on a dirty empty lot in Soweto, with a case of Lion Lager, and he would be acting the same. ... He is in a 1st world environment where he can not function and is angry and wants to destroy the source of his pain: The unnatural environment.

Very good point.

You have to look at the political-cultural aspect to black generated crime. A home invasion is not just about grabbing a few dollars. It's to terrorize YT in his supposedly safe domicile. This is why blacks routinely add in torture and sexual assault to such crimes. Terrorize YT, destroy YT's sense of security, drive YT out of the 'hood. Reality is that black dominated environments revert to the African mean.

We can see the same behavior demonstrated in Africa, in the Caribbean, in the USA, and now in Europa. It is SOP for blacks. They restructure their environment such that it is Africa. But of course, DWL ideology will rationalize away the obvious lessons, no matter how many cities that Africans destroy or white people that Africans slaughter.

It really is that a of civilizations, or rather: a clash of (white) civilization and (African) barbarism.

Anonymous said...

Showcasing the general uselessness of women cops

She was doing a better job than her partner but they both lacked an intimidation factor.

Both women and timid men shouldn't be cops in BRA.

But these departments have diversity quotas and let's face it, the line isn't that long for these positions.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

It recently hit me like a ton of bricks. We often lament that "they're not like us", but as someone recently posted here, we keep bitching about it. Bitching about it won't change things. They celebrate everything we try to rise above. They celebrate disunity, disharmony, sexual depravity, greed, sloth, and idiocy. Nowhere is this more apparent than their disinterest in intellectual curiosity. That's where it all begins and ultimately ends. Allow me to explain.

The constant weeping and gnashing of teeth over having no rec centers, no basketball courts, no distractions. Someone on SBPDL posting as "anonymous" said something to the effect of, "Have they no curiosity about the stars, the heavens, how plants grow, what makes a computer, a light switch, an automobile, etc. work?"
That's when it hit me. The answer quite clearly is "no". All negroes know or understand is that "god" invented these things and YT somehow has a monopoly on them. To them, it isn't fair. They care not how a transaxle makes the gears in a transmission work. Think about that for just a moment. Prior to about 1937, all cars were manual transmission. That meant you had to shift with a clutch.

Some white guy got to scratching his head wondering, "Gee, how can I make it even easier to drive a car?" General Motors ultimately came out with automatic transmissions on their higher end offerings. Fast forward eighty years into the future, and the majority of cars on the road today are automatic. Granted, most of us don't think about these things when we're driving every day, but the fact remains: White people constantly strive for the betterment of a more advanced society in every conceivable way possible, be it medicine, technology, education, construction, whatever.

What does the negro do? Why, he actively seeks to dismantle, disengage, trash, destroy, and bring untold ruin upon society and the world at large. And what do us white folk do? We scratch our heads in bewilderment, wondering what on Earth we can do to bring this group with a severe limited amount of brain power up to YT standards. It cannot be done. Even Obama, who has reached the highest Affirmative Action office in the land, cannot help but roll around in the depravity and filth of "rappers" like Jayzee, LL Cool Jay, etc. Silk purse, sows ear. Africa will never be Europe. But Europe one day will be like Africa. It's happening right now.

Anonymous said...

This kind of altercation is part of the reason Detroit went into bankruptcy. Blacks love to engage a situation and turn the cop into the bad guy. This is a ghetto payday for black people. The lawsuits against the city of Detroit and its police department are legionary. I wish Mr. kersey could look into just how much money Detroit has paid out to " black victims ". Let this be a lesson to all the white police officers out there. When your city falls into bankruptcy, guess whose pension and benefits will be the first to go, YOURS!

Anonymous said...

WTF is it about the congenital absence of calm, civilized, adult behavior with these eternally agitated asphalt chimps wherein even the sight of a 9 year old Girl Scout adorned in "full uniform" asking them to pick up their discarded banana peel sets them off in a full psychotic rage? It truly boggles the mind and defies believability.

It should be obvious to anyone with an IQ over 65 that in an otherwise orderly society with shared social and cultural values, that the routinely barbaric and feral nature of Negroidus Destructus cannot be allowed to continue much longer. While peace and tranquility generally existed between blacks and whites prior to Lyndon Johnson and "The Great Gibsmedat," such is no longer the case and the black man has devolved into a bipedal species which has far more in common with rabid pit bulls than true Homo Sapiens of European stock. It's also worth noting here that they've also taken a whole lot of white trash right along with them. Just look around, my friends.

Anyway, I have to choose my words here wisely, but this situation with our highly destructive and unproductive black subculture cannot continue indefinitely if we're to survive as a race and a cohesive republic. This would also include the ever-increasing intrusion of blacks, Mexicans and Muslims into the country. We (the remaining sane and rational white people) simply have to accept the hard cold fact that we cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs or, in this case, millions of eggs. Time is no longer on our side.

"What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusets: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite to keep the hen yard in order. I hope in god this article will be rectified before the new constitution is accepted." - Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, Paris, 13 Nov. 1787[2]

Respectfully, Nick A. Pinney

Anonymous said...

I've only seen it once, but wasn't he saying back up when he thought he was going for the officers gun? I can't bring myself to watch it again though. Spot on about the trainee's skills by the way.

10mm AUTO said...

I have written before about women in the Police and their lack of options using intermediate force. This video is a perfect illustration.

A 250 lbs deputy with a nightstick or a Monodoc PR-24 baton has a great deal of options using intermediate force and can reliably patrol alone, whereas a 130 White woman has very limited options and must fall back on technology (the Tazer, pepper spray, etc.) This is why for every woman on patrol, the chances of a police shooting goes up about 2%. Overwhelmed by a tough Orc and beaten, she has to fall back on a gun. Where a tough White man can deal with a negro when the fight "goes to the ground" a female will reach for the next available tech gadget, ending up at the gun.

Worse, she may not have the time to work it all out. Youtube is full of videos of negros beating White women police officers senseless and leaving them for dead, solely because they are cute Bobby-Lee instead of big ol'Billy-Bob.

Like this:

As you can see from this video, it is like sending a lion hunter out with a .22 rifle. Sure, the negro was eventually caught by large men and caged, but Centurion is right, she should be at home raising the next generation of four kids and filling the cradles that are empty rather than dealing with the horror of the Orc. Men are designed for combat, it is our instinct and our calling. When the negro is driven from the Northwest, women can go back to their lives of raising brave, strong and well educated children.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

The enemy's greatest weakness is their overconfidence.

Liberals are overconfident that they are on the side of truth. They really believe race doesn't exist because both the media and Universities take this position.

The vast majority don't realize that their intellectual leaders took a left turn from reality decades ago and don't actually want an open debate. Most liberals are unaware of this and believe that only the ignorant or evil would oppose their plans. Only a small minority know that the truth is damning to liberalism. The majority march with a moral authority and are grossly unaware of how liberalism is actually opposed to the study of truth and nature.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 8:05 am - In my book you would make a great cop.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

“Payback’s a Bitch”: Rural Wisdom and the Gathering Storm
Posted on July 9, 2015 by Fred Reed

ConFlag The furor over the Confederate flag, think I, has little to do with the Confederate flag, which is a pretext, an uninvolved bystander. Rather it is about a seething anger in the United States that we must not mention. It is the anger of people who see everything they are and believe under attack by people they aren’t and do not want to be—their heritage, their religion, their values and way of life all mocked and even made criminal.

The talking heads inside Washington’s beltway, in editorial suites in New York, do not know of this anger. They do not talk to people in Joe’s Bar in Chicago or in barbecue joints in Wheeling. They are cloistered, smug, sure of themselves. And they are asking for it.

We are dealing with things visceral, not rational. Confusing the two is dangerous. Hatreds can boil over as syllogisms cannot. The banning of the flag infuriates, for example, me. Why? Although a Southerner by raising, I would far prefer to live in New York City than in Memphis. Yet I value my boyhood in Virginia and Alabama. My ancestors go back to the house of Burgesses, and I remember long slow summer days on the Rappahannock and in the limestone of Athens, Alabama.

When the federal government and the talking heads want to ban my past—here, permit me to exit momentarily the fraudulent objectivity of literature—I hate the sonsofbitches.

A lot of people quietly hate the sonsofbitches.

To them, to us, the Confederate flag stands for resistance to control from afar, to meddling and instruction from people we detest. It is the flag of “Leave me the hell alone.” And this Washington, Boston, and New York will…not…do.

A surprise may be coming.

What is the anger about? Most visibly, but far from uniquely, race: the illegals, the Knock-Out game, and Washington’s protection of both. The racial hostility that pervades the country today is largely the doing of the talking heads and its perverse social policies. The rancor is unlike anything I have seen.

Curious. When I was a lad ages ago, I thought well of Brown vs. the School board. Southerners said that integration would never work and they were right, but what came before was just wrong. I thought so then, and I think so now. I favored the civil-rights acts. I reluctantly favored affirmative action (I was very young) thinking it meant a hand up instead of an entitlement. I wrote hopefully of the prospect of educating blacks.

But look what happened. We now see forced hiring of the incompetent as a right, endless accounts of blacks destroying shopping malls, burning cities, brutally attacking whites in gangs, and the giving to blacks of anything they want because they are black. You don’t like the Confederate flag, Jesse? Why then, it must go. Whatever you say, Jesse.continued

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continued part 2

It wasn’t this way, but it is now. It is getting worse. But there is far more than race. We now are compelled to live in a national sexual-freak show. Day after day after day the media are full of trans-this and trans-that, of homosexual marriages, all thrust in our faces, a parade of prancing peculiarities demanding and demanding and demanding. People who dare not say so are sick of it.

It isn’t viciousness. I don’t know anyone who wants to persecute the erotically baroque. Poofters in particular are usually bright, productive, decent people, and do not attack whites in wheel chairs with hammers. Yet I weary of their endless tedious concerns. I say, go. Go with God, but for God’s sake go. Or just shut up. That would do as well.

I, we, will be told, “But Fred, homosexuality is natural.” So is hemorrhagic tuberculosis. So is sadism. So is genocide.

Any sexual predilection can be called natural, and arguments can be made for all of them: Polygamy, or marriage with a sheep, or copulating on a public bus, or sex with girls of nine years. (How about, “Sex is natural. Children are erotic: Don’t they play doctor? Little girls are only afraid of it because of puritanical conditioning by society. Oral sex feels good, and adults do it, so why not…? Why shouldn’t her father gently teach her….” And so on.)

And crime is out of control, protected by a President and Attorney General with whom we, so many Americans, have nothing in common, who dislike us, and who want to disarm us and flood our country with illegal and incompatible aliens.

Do you think that wanting a gun is silly? Last week I started getting emails: “Chuck got shot.” On Breitbart I found that Chuck De Caro, a journalist and friend for so long that I forget how I met him, had checked into a motel in Albuquerque with his wife, whereupon an armed dirtbag tried to rob them and perhaps worse. I suppose that a white couple in their sixties must have seemed a soft target. Oops. It wasn’t a swell career move. Chuck is ex-Special Forces and a longtime war correspondent. Threatening his wife doesn’t fly well with him.

Anyway, Chuck apparently had other ideas about being robbed and perhaps killed. He also had a handgun. In the ensuing gunfight, he was hit several times and rushed to the hospital. Chuck will be okay, the dirtbag less so. He escaped to the parking lot, where he decided to lie down and bleed to death. A good choice. The news stories didn’t describe the perp, which meant…. Decaro
This gem, Tomorio Walton, is, or was, a career criminal and was, of course, on parole. Can you guess why so many of us want guns and carry permits? Characteristically I had to find the photo in the Mail Online, an English paper.Continued

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continued part 3
Then there is the de-Christianizing of the country. Religion, both historically and currently, is a potent thing. Play with it at your risk. It is not always really a matter of religion. Many of us, I among them, are not believers but value Christmas and its traditions. But no. We must not have nativity scenes or sing Christmas carols on public streets. Easter-egg hunts are unconstitutional. Mommy Washington doesn’t like them, and we have to do what Washington says.

Unless, of course, one day we don’t.

We are winding a spring.

Stoking the flames under the pressure cooker is the unending, ever-tightening control of every aspect of life by Washington. People inside the city’s beltway, a venue I know well, do not understand what they are playing with. They are sure that they know best, and they are going to make us toe the line.

Federal bureaucrats tell people in Casper, Laredo, and Knoxville what they can and cannot teach their children in the schools, what religious practices they may have and what their children may eat. They set curricula, determine to whom bakeries must sell cakes, decide who can marry what, and with whom we must associate.

I could go on. There is quiet fury about open borders, the forced acceptance of criminal aliens, of 100,000 Somalis by Minnesota, the endless wars, the declining standard of living, the insane censorship (say “nigger” and your career of thirty years ends) and the ungodly surveillance. Washington pushes, pushes, and pushes, thinking that with just enough pressure, we will all come to kowtow.

What if one day we don’t?

And there is governmental corruption, the sense—“realization,” I would say—that Washington is entirely in the hands of the arms manufacturers, of the Israeli lobby, of big pharma and ethnic lobbies and, well, anyone who bribes Congress. Elections are a sham, serving only to decide the division of the spoils for eight years. All decisions of importance are carefully kept out of the public’s hands.

Maybe Washington will always get away with it. Maybe it won’t. White Americans are an obedient and passive people, easily cowed, but maybe enough will prove enough. Maybe things will blow. Maybe jurisdictions will just ignore the feds, as begins to happen.

But it is dangerous. The economy declines, people out of college can’t get jobs, the ghettoes simmer, automation surges across the board, and one day soon we will have cutbacks in the entitlements. When groups begin competing for dwindling resources, things will get ugly. It could explode. It really could. You might be surprised how many people out there think, “Bring it on.” Not a good idea, but we go that way.

Tick Tick. Tick.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I occasionally go to Yahoo for stories like this. 8 years ago I quit reading Yahoo articles and comments because the comments sickened me. I don't go there often because there are still a lot of "equality" comments that agitate me too much, but the number of Realist comments have exploded. It is refreshing to say the least.

I've been reading SFGate for years.

I wouldn't describe the comments as racial realist but they have gone from pity them/they just need more funding to lock them up/cut off their welfare.

Liberals think they are winning because they have gay tv shows and lawyers in robes passing laws for them but they aren't paying attention to the people on the ground. There is a growing disbelief in liberal explanations for blacks. This is happening all over the country and even in their own liberal capital. People of all races are getting fed up with the excuses and failed plans. I believe the internet is a major factor. Liberal excuses worked better when Americans got all their information from 3 TV news channels and the local paper. In the age of the internet where anyone can read about pesky things like transracial adoption studies the liberal excuses are being questioned.

Anonymous said...

Lots of opportunity in being an angry, fed-up negro these days.

Typical angry street negro and TRUMP support yelling that "Obama ain't dun enuff fo da black man."

White taxpayers at sane Trump rally, cuckolded by force to feed black men's illegitimate spawn on EBT, give him a big high five because finally there's a negro who is unhappy with Obama to make their rage seem more justified.

We could have been on Mars.

White people are insane.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:33:

Mainstream liberal views on blacks are almost indistinguishable from the Kipling-era "white man's burden," and equally racist.

It can be summed up like this:








Liberal racism is especially obvious when you look at how they treat poor, rural, fat, uneducated whites. There's no quarter given for the people of WalMart. The 400-pound white woman on the mobility scooter buying frozen pizza with her EBT card while her 8 bastard children cause mayhem in the store is the enemy of all that is good and just in our society. Take that white woman and replace her with a black woman, though, and you're going to start a conversation about food deserts and lack of affordable health care and mass incarceration and all that weepy stuff.

Liberals don't believe that blacks are equal, either.

Once you realize this, it's easy to argue with them.

And as far as Black Lives Matter goes, there are a lot of white liberals asking what the endgame is. MLK et al. had a list of objectives: ending segregation, ensuring voting rights, providing equal opportunity, and so forth. What's the point of disrupting a marathon or blocking access to a football game if there's no message other than "Black lives matter!"

The only goal of the anti-racist left is to purge every single white mind of even the tiniest hint of racism, because only then can black people be truly free. This is an impossible goal and it will backfire.

White people of every political stripe are tired of being told that they're awful and black people are blameless.

Mr. Rational said...

In the "chickens come home to roost" category, we have an (African) missionary from Tennessee, on a mission to save the children of Haiti, shot dead in Port-Au-Prince:


Jordan Smith said...

I need help. "How are all black colleges not racist" on quora. Zero support for the white man on that post. Its ugly

chattanooga gal said...

We had a situation here in Chattanooga of a black woman swerving off the road to hit and kill a young, white Olympic hopeful who was jogging down moccasin bend road. Her excuse? the "sun got in her eyes"- I would point out, that road runs north to south, and is heavily shaded to the sides where the " accident" happened. As far as I know, she hasn't been charged with so much as a speeding ticket, although she TURNED AROUND and went back to her place of employment to claim to her co-workers, she hit a deer. I would also note, she hit said " deer" hard enough to break her windshield and cause a small cut to her face.
To add to this story, just the other day, a person at the mental hospital where she works, and ON THE SAME UNIT where she works just beat a white tech to death with a chair leg, leaving me to wonder where were the other, black, techs that this could happen?
Now I hear about that poor jogger who was cut to death by a machete wielding dindu. I think they are going for white joggers.

Anonymous said...

Some groid down in Dallas, all upset about something, hacked a white jogger to death with a machete:

JFC. Avoid the groid. GTFO of the big cities.

Anonymous said...

Centurian said:

"Altruism is the emotional glue that held the White Race together as it evolved in the face of horrendous climatic change. Surviving through repeated glacial Ice Ages forced us to acquire those traits and characteristics that enable us to civilize and work together and mutually survive. These very same traits are being used to destroy US as we are brainwashed into "helping" the other races. We are not supposed to help them. We are supposed to conquer and displace them, as to the laws of Nature."

Took the words right out of my mouth. Love your posts. It is sad to see a trait that we evolved to help one another being used as the primary weapon against us. Negroes remind me of those lizards that eat birds' eggs and then leave their own eggs for the birds to nurture.

Our laws, culture, and civilization were built around the premise of white people using it, not primitive opportunistic African parasites. How blacks can't conduct themselves civilly around armed officers of the law is just one more example of how we are not interchangeable. When measured by white standards and values, they will always appear inadequate and repugnant.


Fred: One is never "X"-Special Forces. That's like being an x-Marine. Ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a good strong candidate as is Carson. But the GOP will absolutely not allow either of these candidates to become the GOP presidential candidate . The the powers that be in the Republican Party have been busy stacking the deck against Trump and in favor good old Jeb Bush that is who they want to be president. So they have been busy since the campaign began change the rules concerning how the candidates receive delegates. Instead of having to win two thirds of the delegates in five states to be invited to the GOP convention you have to have two third of eight states. Now this can explain why there are so many candidates it makes sense because Jeb has no chance of winning under these new rules but take in to acount all of the low level candidates,many of them being propped up to keep them in the campaign with money that can be traced back to the same super pac that funds Jeb but why would they give money to Men's opponents? Unless .... it's all a set up and they are using the other candidates they have paid for as pawns in a nasty GOP game of thrones. It works like this they wont get enough to get the nomination but as they withdraw from the race they give their delegates to Jeb then he will most likely get enough to make it to the Republican convention especially if the people of Florida still have a soft spot for him and he gets their hundred delegates. Now I see there are suddenly a couple of disposable candidates who nobody has heard of that are in the Democrat race. I wonder if Hillary is taking page out of the Republicans Playbook. Just watching this slimy dance makes me so mad that I become ill. Civil unrest is on the way.

Mich Mike


A woman being a cop is like a man nursing a baby.

Inferior Infidels said...

I just wanted to say hey! to PK and to our very own intelligent minded realists
we have right here on this site. I wish I had all of you as my immediate family,
instead of the sick liberated one I don't go around. I treat them the same way
I treat the negro itself. Inferiors. Infidels. But anyhoo, I just wanted to say
thank you to everybody who contributed a comment today. As PK's over there writing
books, in the mean time we get to enjoy the mini series right here on his blog,
sharing our thoughts & capabilities of our ever so brilliant minds with each other.

Here's the thing about this site that amazes me the most in my own YT Die-versified
mind state. With all the wisdom that I've learned, gained, harbored and pondered
upon in my lifetime thus far through real life experiences regarding racial differences between us and them that this site is confirmation that everything
I've thought and taught myself through these real life experiences turned out to
be profoundly true to a tee. I have always believed that one day the truth would
set me free. That truth came the day I discovered this blog almost 2 years ago.
I stumbled upon this site from a google search I was doing on a related issue
that we speak about daily on here. It's really surreal to me still to this day.
But why, I asked myself. Then I answered myself.

I grew up in a die-versified city, but it was still partially segregated because
of the demographics of the land itself where it's divided by an east and west side.
West side was still all white. East side was majority white but someone left the
back door open on the east side and before we knew it they started to seep in.
One by one and before we knew it there were hundreds. Then thousands. Before you
knew it, in less than 2 decades they became not only the majority of the east side
but both sides. I lived on the west side of the city. I was too young to see how
much of it crept into east side of the city but old enough to have witnessed it
occupy the west side before long. Needless to say, we know what the city turned
into. Mini ChiCongo.

Me having witnessed these vile cretins before my very own eyes 25 years ago was a
bit too much to grasp then, but I never forgot what made me always remember that
they were nothing like me. I was a very stubborn child. I never let anybody brain wash me into thinking that we were the same. I believed that I harbored the truth
and that one day it would set me free. And so it came to be. I've changed.
I'm grown now. Far more intelligent than I was even 10 years ago. Wisdom has set
in and found a place to call home. I will ALWAYS stand up to these cretins for
anything and everything I believe in, especially when I know it's the truth.

The more they find ways to hide the truth, the more we do to exploit and expose it.

I thank you all once again for your contributions you all make to this site on
a daily basis. I consider many of you teachers to me and I'm the student, we
simply never stop learning till we pass. It's people like you all here that make
help make this learning possible. I've learned a great deal from many of you here.
Some of the rest I already knew was just the confirmation to what I already thought.

CENTURION, Spot on with your comment today, as always. Never a dull or ignorant
comment from you. I honor your utmost intelligence you share with this blog, daily!

Texas, I'm right there with you in all of this lunacy. Just wanted to say keep
your head up, that you are not alone, by a long shot. I'm right there with you.
It's the exact same here in Cleavewood, Ohio, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine being a police trainee in Baltimore after all the shit they just went thru, and not knowing how to handle the perp without either getting sued, getting fired, or getting arrested if you "hurt" the peaceful youf while trying to cuff him, all while being in front of a crowd of his peers recording you on cellphones, and egging him on? You would have to be certifiably insane to want to be a cop in that city.

PB said...

"Hey PK, how about a Youtube channel for SBPDL that aggregates the finest in TNB videos?"

Because Youtube will take it down. Do I need to remind you who controls Youtube?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't describe the comments as racial realist but they have gone from pity them/they just need more funding to lock them up/cut off their welfare.

That is race realism, mild but good.

Brian in Ohio said...

Look at that video....You just cant buy great advertising like that folks. Honestly, BLM, Freddie Gray and Mike Brown have done more to open white peoples eyes in the last year to the true nature of the "African in America" than anything the best PR firms could dream up. The truth is being laid bare.

Anonymous said...

An astounding comment thread here:

Cliff notes, I keep challenging blackie to back up his claims of black inventions and his "trump card" is that I should walk down some nog infested street in Baltimore and tell the locals what I think of them. He actually agreed that if I wasn't prepared to fight his entire tribe that I was a coward and that invalidates any argument I make.

Barbarism..... might makes right.... law of the jungle. It really is the only level of "civilization" that these troglodytes can comprehend. Who needs facts, right or wrong, or rule of law? If you can outrun police you should get a free pass, and if my tribe can beat you to death we're right and you can make no criticism unless you can beat up my tribe as well. Need I mention, this is one of the "smart ones" that can write complete sentences, keep the caps lock key off, and use punctuation, grammar, and otherwise communicate at the level of a white 13 or 14 year old.

They cannot be reasoned with, the cannot be treated like you would treat a white. They are primitive savages that only understand brute force and merciless violence as the only "right". Any mimicry of human emotions is simply going through the motions to trick you into letting your guard down.

Anonymous said...

Why are they entertaining the topless ape?? He should've been told to stand still. The cops should withdraw slightly (they are too close). All this walking around and gesturing is ridiculous.

STAND STILL AND LISTEN!!!!! Followed by taser for non-compliance

Bad policing.

Mr. Rational said...

From the blogroll:

The so-called "Very Smart Brothas" are now ironically harping on The importance of self-preservation admidst casual savagery.  They don't have the honesty to acknowledge that it's TNB.

awakened white said...

Cat. 3. btw glad the White gal is okay from that hood rat. she has more balls than our men half the time.

Federale Federale said...

Also shows how useless black and women are as police officers. Real cops would have taken this guy down at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

@Federale Federale
"Real cops" would have been fired before now.


Anonymous said...

Orcs...I've noticed a lot of people on this site refer to THEM as orcs. What an appropriate description.

Reminds me of the second LoTR movie when the Uruks are hammering in the door at Helms' Deep and King Theoden says, "What can men do against such reckless hate...."

Anonymous said...

Talked to a grey-haired black granddad with a new switchable. Grandma has one to. This is the contemporary manifestation of the traditional black family. The idiot had the maturity of a White 10 year old.

They're not on par with us.
They never will be.
If they can't feed themselves, let them eat each other.

in DC

Detroit Refugee said...

Great post!! Hope you don't mind me showing it to people who've never even heard of SBPDL.

bubo said...

The groid that hacked the white jogger to death was a former Texas A&M football player. Even after having white men cheer for him and have sex with their daughters it didn't stifle the anti white rage within.

This is the only for of "hacking" blacks can do. Sorry, silicon valley.

StrongCoffee61 said...

Another genetically inherited trait that Whites have that's working against us is a type of calm stoicism in the face of adversity.

Cold Winter Darwinism not only developed altruism for the better members of the tribe but, also, a passive intolerance to the stupid, ill-behaved, and lazy members. Since everybody got sick and wounded, the tribe could simply economize their care for the superior members and let Mother Nature's cold winter scythe eliminate the African-like crap from the gene pool.

Passive intolerance doesn't work anymore.
This inbred sense that we can just get away from blacks and everything will be alright is foolhardy. Mother Nature did her great work in forging a much improved breed of human, but has left us on our own now. We have to wield the scythe.

The scythe includes the following;

A near elimination of non-White immigration.
A deportation of illegals.
Elimination of Section 8.
An end to government monopoly on subsidized k through 12 education.
Stronger protection of private property rights.
Elimination of affirmative action.

The list could go on endlessly.

White intelligence must overcome our genetically inbred altruism and passive intolerance.

Mr. Rational said...

Joke I found today:  How do you stop your canoe from tipping?  Paint it black.

Anonymous said...

Your logic is similar to my own. I'm just of the opinion that passive intolerance will do the job, as long as we actually are intolerant. If we killed EBT and Section 8, executed convicted thugs, and only allowed skilled, law-abiding immigrants, we'd clean up most of the problems without needing to resort to anything race-based.

And whites do have an off-switch for the altruism. When it switches correctly, we say here that they "opened their eyes". When it switches wrong they turn into misanthropes.


Anonymous said...

Jesus. Heres another note for women and places they don't belong. Notice how he just flung her off so easily. In fact, she was such a liability that until the 3rd officer, a man, showed up she was delaying the inevitable gun grab.

Anonymous said...

Wow. So the libtards want our officers to have the crap beat out of them and lose control of their weapons so the thugs can kill the officer.

The facist racist cop haters want dead cops because, heaven forbid, a black thug gets its feelings hurt.

Anonymous said...

Body cameras and phone cambras only prove the idiotic negros' subversive agenda. Regarding tazers, when we were issued them in prison(after extensive training), many of the negro inmates would pop off with "Yawzz gonna taze me, now you think yo tough", I held my fists up and told them "These have been my tazers for the last 18 years, ask around" compliance and quiet after that.

D-FENS said...

"Trump is a good strong candidate as is Carson."

Carson? Really?

Anonymous said...

Yes, give the feminists what they want. Enlist lots of women in the police force and send them right to da hood. That'll learn 'em!

You GO girl!

Anonymous said...

"Trump is a good strong candidate as is Carson"

Let me guess, you still think that professional wrestling is real too, right?

That said, if you were being culturally enriched by a dozen Mao Maos in a dark alley and "Doctor" Carson came upon the scene, who's side do you think he would be on?

Stick around a while. Lurk more, read more, think more, then try posting again later.

Anonymous said...


I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. Ebonics is not a language. But interpreting it for those that don't understand groid babble is an art form. And you sir, are an artist.

Thanks for brightening my day.

Anonymous said...

All these police officers, including the women, should have more training in physical self-defense: karate, judo, any of those where the size of the perpetrator is not that important. You couldn't insist that it be for women only because that would be considered sexist according to the way the laws are now written. And it should be ongoing after leaving the academy, right up there with target practice. If you can't do the job and keep an orc off you without help from your male partner, you've got no business being out there. I feel the same way about the physical abilities of fire fighters.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An astounding comment thread here:

Cliff notes, I keep challenging blackie to back up his claims of black inventions and his "trump card" is that I should walk down some nog infested street in Baltimore and tell the locals what I think of them. He actually agreed that if I wasn't prepared to fight his entire tribe that I was a coward and that invalidates any argument I make.

I'm still LMAO'n at the thread between you and the dipshit that has now resorted
to repeating itself. Clearly the typical dindu nuffinz with the intelligence of
a maggot. Poor maggot, whereas the actual maggot serves a good purpose in nature, hence it's color, compared to a cockroach, that destroys and creates a nuisance
for everything around it.

I see that the thread is almost a week old now, but that was good.

But yep, we "da wayciss's" for being born much more intelligent, whereas
the only way they can get back at us is what they understand the most, violence.

The differences between us and them is more astounding as the days go on.

We need to get as much of this TNB that we can possibly gather on video.
The proof is in the pudding. We're so far away from this shit being considered
isolated incidents that anybody that doesn't notice this shit has to be bat shit
crazy themselves. Bottom line though, as you all know, this situation certainly
is unsustainable. The real question is, is what's going to be the trigger to
the ultimate breaking point ? Whoever hears it first, make sure to spread the
word !!!

Geoffrey Limes said...

Your skill in the Cartesian/Newtonian reductionist framework as applied to your Post-Suggests a former or present career in Law Enforcement-The Best clinical Psychologists, I've ever met have been the major case squad detectives that have SWEATED ME IN THE BOX. Keep your engine tuned&weapon Clean-Tools

Geoffrey Limes said...

You also sound like X Law Enforcement-Keep your engine tuned&weapon clean Tools of the trade-Sidebar:You need to read the the works of the Godfather of SocioBiology, Edward O Wilson-Born in Birmingham Alabama 1929-Raised Baptist&Prof of biology at Harvard since 1955-Dogmatic Libs hate him-call him a Genetic determinist but can't dispute him-You will Love his works, my brother in the Struggle-start with 'Consilience' 1999 and then work back to 'Sociobiology' 1975-Just to appreciate how true scientists are Censored

Geoffrey Limes said...

Humanitarianism is a syphilis of the mind-Aleister Crowley b1875 d1947

Geoffrey Limes said...

Obviously you have read 'Sociobiology' by Edward O Wilson. Love the way you employ the Cartesian/Newtonian reductionist approach&cut to the chase.

Anonymous said...

"Humanitarianismis a syphillis of the mind, Alesister Crowley b1875 d 1947" there a lot of truth to this quote and we whites would be wise to heed it.
Imho we whites have become too civilized for our own good.

Anonymous said...

Because liberals have declared that only white people can be racist and because a liberal said so and the lapdog media says so it must be gospel. Right? Lol its BS of course and negros prove it. To the world everyday.