Friday, October 9, 2015

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice” : Martin Luther King's Sister-in-Law Attacked in Atlanta by Black Male

No "good deed" goes unpunished. In 1994, Rosa Parks was robbed and beaten by a black male in Detroit

In 2015 (how could this happen in the enlightened year of 2-0-1-5 !!!!???) Atlanta, a living memory of the saint himself has been carjacked and attacked by a black male. 

The Atlanta media is far too kind to admit the octogenarian relative of Martin Luther King was black, but the fact the media doesn't point this out is proof he was: had he been white, President Obama would have already given an address to the nation on this incident and sent Department of Justice employees to canvass the scene. [MLK’s sister-in-law attacked in carjacking attempt at retirement home,, 10-9-15]:
Martin Luther King Jr.’s sister-in-law was the victim of an attempted carjacking Friday in which she was slugged in the face, Channel 2 Action News reported. 
Naomi King, 83, was punched when she didn’t comply with the strong-arm robber’s demand for her keys when she pulled up to the gate of her southwest Atlanta retirement community, Channel 2 reported. Her neighbors said attacks are becoming common. 
The thief “demanded her car and told her he was going to bust her in the mouth,” Lena Reid Morrow, a witness, told the television station. “Before she could say anything he had hit her in the mouth and was looking to see where her purse was in the car. But he could not see that so he turned and hit her again and by this time she was screaming.” 
Atlanta police Officer Ralph Woolfolk confirmed authorities are investigating the attack at Big Bethel Village, located at 500 Richard Allen Blvd. 
King is the widow of the Rev. A.D. King, the younger brother of the civil-rights champion. The couple was in the thick of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and even had their home bombed. 
Now, other neighbors in the Naomi King’s community say they fear leaving the property because the attack is one of several that have plagued the area. 
“I like to get my exercise,” resident Mary White told Channel 2. “I should be able to walk through here without getting accosted.” 
Residents at the Big Bethel Village said another robber tried to take another woman’s car a few hours before the King attack. They want management to hire security guards. 
“We’re like sitting ducks,” Morrow said.
White people once desired living in Atlanta (or Clayton County, Georgia) without the fear of being accosted by black males.

Then Martin Luther King came along and disrupted the civilization whites built (and tried to sustain with Jim Crow), ensuring society would degenerate to the point where 83-year-old black relatives of his would be attacked by black males.

Because in our world, even daring to judge black people by their character is racist.


Anonymous said...

Wrong place, wrong time. She should have taken the bus.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:


Also, remember the Red Tails hero that got mugged.


You can't beat Mother Nature.

Solid post.

Austin, Texas, y'all. We're not all hipsters!

Atlanta Admirer said...

Thank you PK for reporting on this.
At least they didn't "muh dik" her.
Blacks don't discriminate their crimes at all.
So much comedy can be said for this:
So the master civil rights champion becomes a slave herself.... to civil rights.
Circular referenced legacy.
Usually a brunt hit like this woman took, being 83 years old, is usually the beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...

310 off topic

'Overcoming Whiteness'....educators convention---

SC Native said...

Karma can be a... well in this case a negro.

Jordan Smith said...

Beautiful. This story is literally perfect. Im sure its a white mans fault somehow though.

Anonymous said...

Here's your justice ma'am. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Whitey's fault.

Those White Supremacists won't hire blacks, won't let blacks work, won't give blacks a good education, won't let blacks forget slavery, rub the black peoples faces in racist flags, flood black neighborhoods with drugs, arrest blacks for no get the idea.

Yeah.....if it was a White who attacked King Obozo would be all over it. What a disgusting joke the while facist system is.

Anonymous said...

An 83 year old woman .... No conscience, no morals... No empathy .. No soul. Only evil begets that kind of depravity.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant....a negro is a negro ... 100%

Now go vote Carson people ... Hes your only chance at redemption.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if MLK ever dreamt of this happening?


Anonymous said...

Where you bring Africans, you bring Africa. And not the fun colorful clothes/safari park kind of Africa; it's the savage raping/robbing ground ape kind.

Perfect irony that a monkey released by MLK Jr himself (via his actions long ago) now bites the hand that released it. N*gger blowback.

Too bad he didn't muh dick then shoot her; would have at least made the news for a night or two.

Back to sleep America; let the savages invade...

Anonymous said...

Negroes genetic differences impact their behavior. Our normal reaction to that behavior is called "racism" by the Left. They want you to die by the Negro and not put up a fight.

What ya gonna do Whitey....?

Anonymous said...

Divine justice.

D-FENS said...

Interesting perspective on "White Privilege" from a "Conservative" rabbi:

I wonder if the poster who decried all the Stormfronters here is still with us.

Anonymous said...

Would of been great if the sow had pulled a .40 cal and blown the orc's head clean off. Libs would have had a heart attack!

OT: so, I live outside the US but am planning to come back with my family. Looked up best places to raise a family and Forbes mag says Raleigh, NC. So I google Raleigh and crime and get a local paper's link. First click and it's front page is COVERED in n*gger crime stories!!! COVERED!! About eight sh*t-black snouts with soulless eyes staring back at me!! No thanks. Will stay outside until the great cleansing has finished.

Oh man...

Medic Bear said...

You don't need to make this stuff up.

The kin of Saint MLK is assaulted and robbed by a brotha' and not a peep from anyone.

They are evil f'ing useless POS who need to be eradicated.

Anonymous said...

"I should be able to walk through here without getting accosted.”


You were not "accosted", you BIGOT, you were culturally enriched by vibrant diversity!

If it weren't for RACISTS LIKE YOU that poor, noble, wonderful young Man wouldn't be forced to resort to self-employment.

You make me SICK!



No, No, No.

She was only in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2 Minute Alpha said...

"“I like to get my exercise,” resident Mary White told Channel 2."

It's interesting the state of mind she expresses, rather than say "I like to exercise" she has to make it possessive, one could argue she has internalized the sense of entitlement and narcissism common amongst the negro. That's a tell for you, pay attention and you'll hear it all over.
Who wants to guess what the odds would have been the woman would have been raped if she were white? 100%?

Anonymous said...


The name of the 'groid retirement village is "Bethel" y'know like "Mother Bethel" in Charleston, the church that was "sacred" according to big-nose Matt Lauer when the shootings occurred this summer. Negroes are such godly people-wouldn't the 'groid attacker pause, since the name is so sacred and whatnot--and Richard Allen Street-he was the founder of the AME Church. Doesn't naming things have an influence, according to negroes. Allen started the church in Filthadelphia-Bill Cosby drew up in the projects there-at the Richard Allen Homes-and he sure turned out good....oh, wait.

LOLOL A. D. King was MLKs brother-he was a "Revrum", too.I remember reading a long time ago that he was actually considered the best preacher in the "fambly" (bigger line of bullshit than even his brother, I guess) But he was a major boozehound-the old saying among the inner circle of 'groid grifters in and out of the King "fambly" was A. D. drunk could preach better than MLK sober-and frequently did.

He drowned mysteriously in his backyard swimming pool, in his 30s, in 1969-gee a poor oppressed Alabama negro, a humble man of God, no less, who had his own backyard pool in the 60s no less-sounds like oppression wasn't all that bad.

Anonymous said...

negro thugs all around the country/world beat/rape/murder elderly people, children, animals, and generally destroy society on a DAILY basis, stories like this robbery are commonplace, but since ben carson is a DOCTOR (gasp, he's SO dreamy) none of that matters, ONE negro that isn't a violent animal excuses the MILLIONS that are.

Oh, and carson admits to nearly killing a kid when he was high school with a violent stabbing, and he nearly killed a patient by neglectfully leaving a sponge in his brain, so stop sucking his dick.

Anonymous said...

He completely misses the point. His forefathers got up every day and worked like dogs to become Americans and support their families. That is why they are "privileged". Not because the white Europeans thought they were white. He is the beneficiary of generations of hard work and sacrifice to build a life here. I don't have to love any ethnic group or consider them as being white to respect their accomplishments.

David In TN said...

I couldn't find a description of the attacker in any of the (very few) news reports. Don't we need to know what they look like aside from "young male?"

To state the question is to provide the answer.

Anonymous said...

An Uber hailing gone wrong?

Anonymous said...


GQ's "Fuck Ben Carson" By Drew Magary

"And, God help me, I think I’d rather have him (Trump)sitting in the Oval Office, getting stupidly out-maneuvered by the politicians under him, than bringing in a guy like Carson who is willing to shred every last bit of his intellectual credibility in order to lord over a citizenry he doesn’t seem to have much
respect for. Fuck him. If he wins office, we’ll all be that poor Popeyes clerk."

I had to LOL at this last paragraph on his story.

This same citizenry this dude, Drew, speaks about is the same citizenry that
doesn't have the respect for us, thus already making us all that poor Popeye's clerk. What a fucking buffoon this dude is. DWL ree-ree for you, that obviously
is oblivious to the types of societies that people like myself now live in.
A sick one. A diseased one. A terminally ill one.
I'm the only sane one now fighting to get the hell out.

Anonymous said...


You can give a man who has never given you a good word,
Volumes of knowledge.
And you can give a man who has never given you a gift,
A thousand gifts.
You can give that same man who has never given you a blessing,
A thousand blessings.
And you can offer that same man who has never
Offered a hand to help you grow,
Seeds to help him grow a garden.
And while you have never seen true kindness from his direction,
You still offer to help push him up.
And in the end,
He only wants to be the hand that pulls you down.
Do not worry, my friends.
Cause and effect was written by the stars of the universe.
He who passes suffering onto others
Will also have that suffering passed onto his own children.
Gifts he feels he should have in the next lifetime will be unobtainable.
And the help he needs to grow in the next lifetime will be unavailable.
And the people he cuts down that were good to him,
Will cut him down in the next lifetime.
What goes around does come back again,
Even through your children.
There is a vibrational effect
In every action,
Just as there is
A vibration that rings
From every letter
In every word.
No cause occurs without effect
And no effect occurs without cause.
No unjust action goes without penalty
And no action or thought
Flows unnoticed
The universe.”

― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

This is what we're living today and in the foreseeable future if nothing is
done to reverse this ill fated trend in this nation. Honestly, I'm starting
to be believe the only time this nation was ever great was well before slavery
ended. It was great before we invaded it and took over. Harsh statement I know,
but our forefathers did this to us. We're just living out the karma ourselves.
We were the ones that should have left well enough alone. We didn't This is the
outcome. Terminal. FATAL. No divine intervention. I like Donald, but we're too
far gone for even a guy like him to make a dayum bit of difference in the matter.
I don't know exactly, but at the present moment this is the true state of reality.

But anyhoo, nice passage. In my mind this is EXACTLY what life is like in America
for me today, but ultimately by no wrong doing of my own, as if I even had a choice
in my own birth. Hell, I wish I did at this point in time !

If your blind, you (still) hear them act out = different.
If your deaf, you (still) see them act out = different.

And if you're anywhere around them = you're the one who's different to them.

So, once again, why in the world would I ever want to be surrounded by negroes ?

Anonymous said...

I remember well a college professor who deconstructed “negro laziness” in a lecture. She said as slaves, Blacks simply did the work but deliberately did it slow, or wrong or didn't do it at all. It was a means of passive aggressively fighting back when they had so little power to change their circumstances.

The same could be said for today's Democrat Party plantation and the Black voting block they own.

Most urban blacks don't really work at any job – unless you count being a paid voter as a job. Their 'pay' are all the gibs me dat. They resent being on the plantation but now their own lethargy and inaction allow them to shame each other into never improving their situation. All their 'solutions' are tied to the problem being somewhere outside themselves (“the White Man” or “The Police”). This is how their Democrat Party overlords keep them focused off the truth and who to really blame in order to control them and politically weaponize them. This is the kind of environment where criminality thrives and becomes THE way of life.

In other words, they still view themselves as slaves and by NOT working or barely working they can passive aggressively hurt 'the Man.' They have not awakened yet to the realization they are self-enslaved because of their own moral failures to themselves, their children and each other.

Anonymous said...

Grand Slam Paul.

One of the short but sweet articles that I would select if I was introducing people the SBPDL. Cause and effect, and no bullshit in between.

I know we talk about how much blacks hate us but look at whoever they choose for the lick of the day- I bet oftentimes it isn't personal at all. For that to be the case they would have to give a shit first. Michael King set the events in motion that lead to the reality that Naomi King faces today.

If I wanted money the last place I would look would be in an old black woman's purse. But yet think about this for a moment. Think of the outrage that we would feel if this woman had been a white woman, 83 years old and threatened and then slugged in the face full force by a local teen. It wouldn't be covered, people would say nothing to see here, and we would be pissed.

Blacks don't even know of the reality that they create for themselves. It takes people like Paul to point it out for them, even though I'm sure all the symbolism still went right over their heads.

When they finally have everyone's attention they continue to blow it and leave no doubt for the rest of us that we have been lied to all these years.


Now, class, let us analyze this phrase:

"....resident Mary White told Channel 2. “I should be able to walk through here without getting accosted.”

Ok, Mary. You did have that at one time. We had segregation. When the negro was kept on one side of town and was stopped, questioned, and removed from the White area, you could walk without getting accosted. But, you kind didn't want that.

Without exportation, extermination, separation or enforced segregation, you will NEVER have that. This is why we need a White Only nation where the White citizens have deputy rights to stop, arrest and terminate any NON-White in the nation. This is the way it was for centuries for humans. A foreigner had no rights in your tribal lands and any member of your tribe could kill this invader without consent of some "government".

The good news is that this will get worse.

I'm sure the media is going to blame (White) society for not providing the police protection, community services and job opportunities to prevent these youths from resorting to crime to survive in a hostile White racist nation. So that means the "media" is asking a RACIST group (Whites) to support another group. What insipid "logic". Racists don't do that, duh.

Anonymous said...

"Honestly, I'm starting to be believe the only time this nation was ever great was well before slavery"

It was great prior to the 1960's.

D-FENS said...

Here's part of the reason for the ubiquitous Ben Carson ads:

I'm sure that the neocons see ole Uncle Ben as someone who can easily be msnipulated.

Anonymous said...

Here is some more diversity in action from Florida.



How do you say "I told you so" in Ebonics?

Black fatigue at a ten said...

Ironic isn't it. The very people she helped to set free now keep her imprisoned in her retirement community.
Blacks will always bite the hand that feeds it. It's the nature of the beast.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Smith said, “Beautiful. This story is literally perfect. Im sure its a white mans fault somehow though.”


Somehow? Surely you jest! This kind of brutish and uncivilized behavior toward the wife of the greatest and most “bestest” saint in the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and now clearly sitting at the right hand of God, is indisputably a case of Massa’s uncaring neglect of the public school system, brutal and discriminatory policing practices, lack of sufficient (and free, natch) day care centers, lack of midnight basketball programs and total lack of 90% subsidized, brand new 4000 SF homes in crime-free, all white neighborhoods.

It would appear Ms King never heard of Jesse Jackson’s comments about his own murderous tribe, off of which, BTW, he’s made millions beating the jungle war drums as the "need" arises and shaking down corporations led by white eunuchs who grab the knee pads the second a few pavement apes in suits and ties show up to demand they “restaff” their companies and where to wire the “fees” - as in directly into their personal bank accounts. They also accept fat, sealed white envelopes. In fact they prefer them!

In any case, Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” While there's certainly not an ounce of schadenfreude involved here, it's too bad Ms King was not more alert to the jungle she now inhabits.

After all, even most of her bruthas and sistas at the top of the Nigrah food chain know what the REAL skinny is on their own kind. Those other nogs taking care of her should have inquired where Obama and the rest of his puppet mudshark gang now running things live and relocated her to a safer area. Surely if this puppet AA prebmint and the rest of his mudshark gang know where the best all white schools are and send their own sprogs to them, one would think they would know of a safe, all white area to locate the wife of the greatest saint ever to walk planet earth. Gawd, they don't even take care of their own kind!

Nick A. Pinney

Californian said...

I wonder if MLK ever dreamt of this happening?

Quite probably.

I contend that the Civil Rights Revolution has been a consistent movement, one marked by an escalation of increasing violence:
* The legal struggle leading to Brown vs Board of Education (where blacks behaved themselves so as to not alienate the White middle).
* The era of civil disobedience, late 1950s to early 1960s (where blacks deliberately broke the law but still kept generally non-violent).
* The Long Hot Summer Riots: Watts, Detroit, Newark, plus Black Panthers (where blacks openly espoused/practices violence).
* Urban guerrilla warfare, 1970s to early 21st century (blacks staking out urban territory and pushing Whites out of their cities via crime and race hustling).
* The major offensives, Ferguson-Baltimore (blacks using violence in collusion with the state to seize power).

The assault reported in this article is part of this linear progression of forces unleashed by MLK, jr. The victim is one more statistic of collateral damage in the war against YT.

Question: what will be the next stage of the Civil Rights Revolution war against Whites?

Anonymous said...

Selma Ala. 50 years ago, 85% White, 15% crime and welfare rate. .. Selma now 85% black, 85% crime and welfare rate. .. FACT.. Yes, keep on marching, seems you ain't done yet.

Anonymous said...

"I should be able to walk through here without getting accosted."

When YT knew decades ago this was a concern and said as much, it was a "prejudiced, unjust" thing to say. If YT says it today, he's "the kind of hate-filled, skinheaded Aryan resistance warrior we can't have working at our company." If Homie erectus ooks it ... get out your checkbook, YT, so we can TRY to help out the coonmunity AGAIN.

At any rate, the fried chickens have come home to roost all over the globe. Negroids had a "deram" and made their (by now typical) DEMANDS and incited chimpouts about it, from ML King Kong, Jr. to Nelson Mandingo to Al Sharptongue and Jesse Jackass to the Million Monkey March to Blag Libes Madda. Now some of these same sibbil rites "leaders" have been victims of the crime (oops, that should be "mean streets") that YT realists of the past knew was coming.

- Tobias Benjamin Goode

Euro American said...

OT: I could be wrong, but I figure the nurse who reused syringes because she can't think ahead to bring enough with her, or is too lazy to use a new one, is black. I think this because CNN is only showing white arms giving shots. In any other discussion of nurses, CNN would only show blacks.
Re-using a needle is attempted murder and the white people interviewed look so pained not to criticize the nurse who tried to kill them. Listen to how they tiptoe around the subject! The interviewer asks "do you always get your flu shot?" instead of "are you afraid you have hepatitis and aids now?"

The interviewer never asks whether the nurse should be jailed. The interviewer cannot find a picture of the nurse.

Note to our friends at the NSA: CNN keeps driving me to SBPDL. If CNN would quit brainwashing, I would stop trying to deal with my brainwashing.


She should be grateful. She wasn't raped, as a White woman would have been, nor was she shot in the back of the head, as a White cop would have been.

She got off lightly AND she only had to endure the behavior she knows and can understand. This type of assault shocks her? Really. She grew up with "males" from the "community" and she is surprised? I guess she got to used to living with White People and forgot what her natural community is like. The destroys the very White society that she ran toward in order to escape her black society.

Anonymous said...

Saw this story on the news last night. Videotape showed 2 fine negro youths. MLK's elderly relative, this elderly black man - it's 24/7 vicious negro crime. They love elderly and handicapped victims. Please note that they beelined it to a SNEAKER STORE (not the grocery store to buy food for their families).

The police are looking for two suspects who mugged a 79-year-old man on Tuesday, October 6 around 4:30pm near Albemarle Road and East 21st Street.

The two muggers approached the older man from behind as he was approaching his house. One suspect put the man in a chokehold and threw him to the ground while the second suspect ripped the man’s pants off and then took his wallet, which had $1,100 and credit cards, and cell phone.

The two suspects then fled the scene and later used the victim’s credit card to shop at the Adidas store inside Kings Plaza mall on Avenue U and Flatbush Avenue.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

A very funny poster above said at October 10, 2015 at 6:54 AM. "Oh, and carson admits to nearly killing a kid when he was high school with a violent stabbing, and he nearly killed a patient by neglectfully leaving a sponge in his brain, so stop sucking his dick."

Madam/Sir, considering the almost total lack of real masculinity of the vast majority of white "men" in this country who almost literally carry around kneepads in case they run into a pavement ape, under the circumstances don't you think you're asking way too much?

Similarly, considering the now enormous population of alcoholic, drug-addicted, indescribably slutty Nigrah-luvin' white trailer thrash *unts now trolling for nogs and churning out mud puppies, that even God Himself has now deserted us and said to Himself, "Que sera, sera?"

Nick A. Pinney

Anonymous said...

In other words, they still view themselves as slaves and by NOT working or barely working they can passive aggressively hurt 'the Man.' They have not awakened yet to the realization they are self-enslaved because of their own moral failures to themselves, their children and each other.


Formerly Miss Greenbaum here,

BINGO! Great post! Nail hit squarely on head. "Misdirected youth". "Young teens". Not a peep as to the description of the attackers! No, the problem is the area isn't "well lit". Or perhaps it's a lack of "programs" or "outreach" in the coonmunity.

These negroes are so pathetic. Never, ever, ever take responsibility for your actions. Never say, "What the f*ck??!! How dare you young asswipes attack old people? You want to see vigilante justice, bitchez! Here it come!"

No, these words wouldn't come from a white mob, nor necessarily should they. Where are the black voices that say, "ENOUGH!! We're tired of being our own worst enemies! You attack old folk, you're gonna be beaten within an inch of your life!"

You won't hear that, though. No, because it's just too valuable, easy, and tempting to keep weeping, moaning, etc., etc. about just how UNFAIR life is. I remember as a young child complaining to my mom about how sh8tty my life was. Her response?

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself! If you're not happy with your life, DO SOMETHING about it! Life is not now nor has it ever been 'FAIR'! Get used to it!!! Stop bitching!"

In the negro community, though, it's quite different. "Weeze all been oppress-ud. We gwine march till dis changes! Our yoof misdie-rected ya'll. Dey ain't bay-ud! Swee Jeebus, sabe us all!"

Meanwhile the cancer spreads throughout the entire land. Every day a white person dies and is replaced with fifty feral negroes to take his place. Chomp on that Shiite sandwich for a little while. Is it too early in the day to start drinking?

Gary Gwynn said...

How do you say "I told you so" in Ebonics?

Centurion, think that would be Itoluso in Chimp speak ?

/H hypie out H\

World_War_Me said...

"At any rate, the fried chickens have come home to roost..."

Ok, THAT was funny!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Try fort walton beach or destin fla. Super low crime very very few blacks
Good schools

Anonymous said...

At any rate, the fried chickens have come home to roost all over the globe.

Good line!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Just a guess, but I would say BHO trying to stay in office.

Southron said...

So MLK leads the charge to let the monkeys out of the zoo, and now Naomi King gets punched by one? Boo hoo.

I'm sure he was a misguided teen, good boy, dindu nuffins, turning his life around, etc.

One of the rare joys I get from the negro madness are incidents like this. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of her house. Her utterances after the attack would make Paula Dean's and Donald Sterling's words pale in comparison.

joshrandall said...

Yep karma--which so rarely strikes big shots like this--is a bitch! NFG!

Anonymous said...

I have a nightmare!

"Im sure its a white mans fault somehow though."

Close, but no banana. I'm sure it's THE white man's fault!

Anonymous said...

When oblamer does comment on this incident, which will be the moment after he restores the level of the oceans to the EPA approved dictate, he'll whip out his boiler plate line, last employed I believe during the Fegusson riots (or was it Baltimore...really getting pretty hard to keep track) and instruct us regarding the perp that "his actions were....wrong BUT his outrage was understandable"!

Anonymous said...


She should be grateful. She wasn't raped, as a White woman would have been, nor was she shot in the back of the head, as a White cop would have been.

Sir, the indisputable fact that these black beasts almost never rape black women speaks volumes and is mute testimony as to what they de facto feel and think about themselves and their own kind!

White men only raping black women would effectively make the same statement, wouldn’t it? But it almost NEVER happens, and we have DOJ crime stats to prove it! Come to think of it, the only time it does “happen” is when a Tawana Brawley comes around.

BTW, at the time, Bill Cosby pledged his support and raised money for this vicious little race hustler *unt.

Nick A. Pinney

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

I've now dubbed it the "Plague of the Beasties".. Coming to a city or town near you.. if it hasn't already..

Dan said...

No. He's flowing his tribal prime directive.

Anonymous said...

"[America] was great prior to the 1960's."

Eisenhower integrated Little Rock High School at bayonet point in 1957. You think using federal troops against white men was great?

Anonymous said...

RE: best places to live.
Islands are easily patrolled and often make a good place to raise kids. America has quite a lot of islands. Seattle's islands are super expensive, Florida and the Carolinas have many that are less pricey.
Gated communities are a type of island, but you must be ready to run as soon as browns move in, they soften up the place so that blacks move in. The developers build expensive houses first in the gated community, then townhomes and then apartments.

Brian in Ohio said...

Nothing the plantation owners, field overseers, KKK, prison guards or cops ever did can come close to what the negroes do to themselves.

Anonymous said...

PK, no doubt, knows about that quotation used in the title--“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice” It's commonly credited to ol' Martin Loofah hisself. In fact, Obumble frequently quoted it and ordered a rug for the Oval Office with that "MLK" quotation woven in it,

Trouble is, it's all BS-the quotation is actually from a white man, Theodore Parker.

It's great seeing how, on this site and others, all the bullcrap is being set straight.

I remember some sob-sister Cuck-Asian ahole in the paper a few years ago, writing about King, whining about how it wasn't just down South that he faced threats, and brought up a trip King made in the late 50s to New York City, where he was stabbed in the chest, nearly killing him.

True, but....

It was in Harlem, and he was stabbed by a black woman.

That detail was left out. Pure coincidence.

It's a good rule of thumb in life to not take anything just on face value-it goes double for the modern media and triple for anything dealing with blacks-all they have is bullshit. It's like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz-nothing behind the bullshit curtain.

This summer, when that poor family was murdered (by groids, evidently) in DC, the cops put out a description of a suspect, Something like young black male 23 yrs old 5'11" neatly cut short hair. or something like that. OK. I saw it on the Internet that night.

Next morning, on the Today Show, the colored boy newscaster read the story, including the description. Only, he left out one feature-guess what it was?

It's not just white libtards. Many newsrooms have groid producers and editors behind the scenes now, as well as in front of the camera. Think they're honest?

Always check: is it true? what are they leaving out? putting in? changing?

Anonymous said...

Short of a nuclear disaster, I can't think of any worse plague you could wish upon an enemy than to have a negro infestation. It kills slowly and painfully. Takes years, but always destroys its target.

USA is in its death throes as I write; negroes are killing and raping with wild abandon; and we paying for the privilege.

Will this madness ever end?

PB said...

"/jews-in-america-struggled-for-generations-to-become-white-now-we-must-give-up-that-privilege-to-fight-racism/" Link courtesy of D-Fens.

Gotta wonder, is something like the White except when she's Black Dolziel woman? Will they try being Chinese next (if its good for them of course)?

AnalogMan said...

It was great before we invaded it and took over. Harsh statement I know,
but our forefathers did this to us. We're just living out the karma ourselves.

Please get help.

Anonymous said...

The blacks doing the most bit&%ing are the ones who live among Whites, protected, security.

Sharpton, Jackson, King, black movie stars, black athletes,

Effin a double standard.

Just like the rich and famous and politicians yelling and demanding for gun control........they live behind gated mansions with security, have armed security guards, buy guns themselves.

More proof the marxist facist progressives are wanting to squash the little people and rule over us, making us slaves.......they have already taken away most of our rights. Facebook is removing anything Pro White and anti immigration, anti muslim, anti everything but will allow anti White.

awakened white said...

you can dress em up but you cant take em to town as the Cesspool would say.

Anonymous said...

It's never to early to start drinking if you live in a negro community. I've had the misfortune of having to work in some very black areas and went in the local stores before work (7-8am) to get coffee, and the store already has beer on ice, and people buying tall boys (24oz cans) and blunt wraps. What a way to start the day.

Anonymous said...


I am tired of immigrants, refugees and the depraved---

Resettled Somalian Refugee with Criminal History Accused of Raping 10 Year-Old Girl in Minnesota

Zimri said...

Remember when I said I commented here not because I hated blacks, but because I liked them and wanted them to prosper (to the extent they wished to do so to our mutual benefit)?

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to say that again. Blacks require a firm hand. And when they get to their declining-years and cannot rely on their own strength anymore, they're going to hope for a firm hand, they're going to pray for it - and they're not going to care what colour that hand is.

The Rhodesians were right.

America is anti-racist HQ said...

Eisenhower integrated Little Rock High School at bayonet point in 1957. You think using federal troops against white men was great?

It's worth pointing out too, that good ol' Ike, America's greatest living hero at the time, did that and then was overwhelmingly re-elected by the 90% white America of that time. The truth is that America has always been chief instigator of the white suicide project, "the tip of the spear", as cuckservative Alex Jones would say. It's the anti-racist center of the West, and has been for at least 150 years now. If the white race is to survive, America must die.

Awake said...

So I'm going to ask for a little help here.

my wife feels that "what I seek, I shall find"

20 years of marriage and this may be the hiccup to do real damage.

apparently, since I search for black crime, I will find black crime. completely disregarding the overwelmingly factual statistics that prove that this is a reality.

forget the fact that we were assaulted as teens and almost victims of black crime 20 years ago. she has not been exposed to the reality of today's world. She has black coworkers. little to no exposure to black on white crime.

I've pleaded my case to just be prepared with gun training and self defense but it's falling on deaf ears

She actually said "why are most serial killers white then ?"


Anonymous said...

To the last commenter about his wife saying "why are most serial killers white then?".

The only way for her to even acknowledge that is by getting a dose of black crime, which at this point means severe injury or death. I don't wish that on your wife.

Personally I see that in my own life, with my "domestic partner" seeing nothing wrong with race-mixing nor sees any "concrete proof" that blacks are "that bad".

Of course I grew up in all White area, then moved only to be assaulted by pavement apes who called me cracker/faggot and proceeded to assault me (6 of them on me, me alone).

I feel zero sympathy for most of the homo community that is either oblivious, don't care or knowingly helping blacks to massacre rest of races.

Like I said in countless posts, segregation is not enough...we need total separation from each other.

But what is the solutions when there is a GLOBAL effort to force integrate everyone by destroying borders and flooding us with 3rd world?

Anonymous said...

Awake: show her this:
It's a breakdown of serial killers over the last 12 decades (from 1900-2010), and it shows that blacks were 56% of the serial killers for the last two decades. The largest % of white serial killers was 76% in 1950, but it's important to remember that whites were 90% of the population at that time while blacks were only 10%. In each decade, blacks were overrepresented among serial killers while whites were underrepresented. With this in mind, blacks were more likely to be serial killers than whites. Also, the number of white serial killers has steadily decreased over the last 60 years while the black number has steadily increased.

Also show her the F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reports:
Under Uniform Crime Reports click on a year, then click Go to Arrest Tables under Persons Arrested, and finally click on Table 43. Repeat the following steps for each year to see a racial breakdown of crimes committed by year. For the last 10 years, blacks have committed at least 50% of the homicides despite only being 11-12% of the population. They are overrepresented in every crime category in relation to their population size. Something to keep in mind is that hispanics were included with the white total until 2013. In 2014 blacks committed 51.3% of the homicides, while whites (minus hispanics) only committed 24.7%.

Colin Flaherty's books White Girl Bleed Alot and Don't Make the Black Kids Angry are also good as is this site.

Anonymous said...

This is only site I read about this crime.

Does anyone know if Michael King Jr, oops...Martin Luther King Jr. worshippers had anything to say about this attack?

Awww, what am I thinking. If the thug was White it would still be on the news!

To Awake: not all serial killers are White. Another lie by lame stream media and the facists in power. Look it up. We hear about Whites because it is racist to report about any crime by blacks.

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...


Sir, I have the same issue. Completely brainwashed uber liberal wife with a dash of feminist for extra fun.

Here is my strategy, and it works pretty good:

1) Never bring it up. She will only bombard you with liberal sites and Ta Nesi Coates BS and call your sources rayciss. It isn't worth it my friend, the estrogen is strong and the emotions will defeat your logic through a powerful wearing down technique.

2) Make comments about schools and neighborhoods. Get her to agree with you. At the right time, slip in a color observation. Totally innocent, you can even be "outraged" at all the whiteness and lack of die-versity. You'll know

3) Do what you have to do as the man of the house. Let her decry your fascist male dominated conservative attitude. They really don't know any better, but it is still your job to protect them. Without white wimminz, no YT babies.

4) Counter her poison to your sons in private. Mom's job is to make the world rainbows and sunshine for her babies. Life SHOULD be fair and all that bs. It is your job to teach your kids (son's especially) the harsh reality of life. Kids know, they are pretty smart.

Think of it as another thing she likes that you don't. It is your job as the man to do the right thing for your family. Good luck

The ladies on this site are truly an anomaly, unfortunately. They do give me a glimmer of hope though

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but, I wonder how the lying media would have handled the story had the car jacker shot Kings sister in law.

Off topic: I found a 2011 article about a daughter of Malcolm X who was arrested for grand larceny, theft, and forgery. HA! Evidently the whole family is fighting one another and they are not upstanding citizens, violent and crooked. No surprise there.

Jesse Jackson's politician son is corrupt, Jesse Jackson gas illegitimate children, and Al not so Sharpton is a crook, evading taxes while living in luxury. The blacks are idiots to listen to these hustler thugs. They are all a joke. And the sad thing is these crooks are fawned over by blacks and progressives, and given cushy jobs and millions of dollars for failed programs, and some money is never accounted for. They have no problem ripping off their own kind while pretending to care. Nelson Mandela and his murdering wife are others who don't deserve all they have received. Too bad something did not happen to themn. Holy sheet. Will it ever end?!

Anonymous said...

Awake: the serial killer stat is a lie. Look up and research the number of black serial killers and rapists. Very big number compared to the number of n*gs in America.

Second, nobody is saying there is no White crime, just that Whites are genetically different and it shows in their behavior. Think about it, if a White guy with an average higher IQ than a similar n*g has sick thoughts and acts out on them, who is more likely to have a successful long run of killing before being caught? The smart White guy. He's evil, but smart. So instead of killing one person and being caught, he gets away wit it for years. Therefore, he turns into a serial killer. N*gs are too stupid. They'd do it if they could, but Nature is holding them back.

But again, there are lots of n*gs that are serial killers.

All come down to genetics each time. Think about it. IQ, impulse control, future time orientation, threshold for violence etc. In the allele frequency of the genes. Have her read the book "An Uncomfortable Inheritance" Good starting point and from NY Times science editor. She'll wake up; give her time.

chattanooga gal said...

She actually said "why are most serial killers white then ?"
They aren't, actually. I don't remember where I read it, but I once read on a breakdown of white vs black serial killers- and the blacks ended up being over represented, statistically. You have to remember, black crime is not being reported, and it is often defined differently- take for instance that black man who killed the little English girl on the University of Virginia campus a while back. They linked him to at least one more woman killed in the same way, and strongly suspect several more- a white man would have been called a serial killer in this case, no doubt. That site that I saw, had several examples of black serial killers you never heard of. It's just, that in the old days, they tended to kill each other, and we didn't care, and today, it simply isn't reported on as a serial killing.

Mr. Rational said...

She actually said "why are most serial killers white then ?"

Over the last 3 decades, 60% of serial killers in the USA have been Black:

Here's a list of Black serial killers:

my wife feels that "what I seek, I shall find"

She needs to tell that to all the victims who weren't looking for Black serial killers, but were found by them anyway.  Or perhaps she thinks Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington need to apologize to Jesse Matthew for making Black people look bad, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting themselves killed.  What racists they must have been. </sarc>

The surge in (known) Black serial killers might be due to different things.  There may be be better police work making connections between killings, or "civil rights" might be giving serial killers more opportunities.  What it is not due to is "racism"; Blacks have always been more criminal.  When 13% of the population creates 60% of the serial killers and 65% of the population creates 37%, it is the 13% that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Dear Awake, Show your wife crime statistics.Show her how many black serial killers there really are. Show her You tube videos of black people attacking white people. Maybe that will help.

Anonymous said...

Californian said...
I wonder if MLK ever dreamt of this happening?

Quite probably.

I contend that the Civil Rights Revolution has been a consistent movement, one marked by an escalation of increasing violence:
* The legal struggle leading to Brown vs Board of Education (where blacks behaved themselves so as to not alienate the White middle).
* The era of civil disobedience, late 1950s to early 1960s (where blacks deliberately broke the law but still kept generally non-violent).

This is the Orwellian rewriting of history that goes on. Blacks were just as out of control pre-Brown vs. Education as they are today. In fact, as soon as the integration was enforced at bayonet point White students and teachers were immediately beaten and raped by Black students. It was this that percipitated White Flight. This was all covered up by the national Corporate Media, just like today.

Mike King's acts of "civil disobeance" were as non-violent as Chicago on a Saturday night. The late great Alan Stang details it here.
Mike King was a totally phony and his true nature and the true nature of the "Civil Rights" movment was covered-up and mistrepresented by the Corproate Media.

Its time we dispelled this cuckservative notion that blacks were ruined by LBJ and the welfare state. The nature of the Negro has not changed. The only thing different today that that now thanks to the Internet and ubiquitious video recorders the people can bypass the Corporate Media and get the Truth directly.

Annie Oakley said...

Awake, I attended an LEO career day over 30 years ago at a large university in NYC. The recruiter back then spoke his mind as things weren't PC then. He told me the majority of serial killers are blacks and jewish people. Son of Sam, etc....

I don't know how any man stays married to an anti-white white female or a female who refuses to see the truth. My husband and I are on the same racial page. I would not have married him, had he been an SJW. I don't care if he looked like Bradley Cooper and had his money, that would have been a deal breaker. I was single for many years before I met my current husband. I can't tell you how many men would not go out with me a second date once they knew my feelings about race. That was fine by me, I'd rather be alone as a race realist than to be married to a anti-white SJW.

When things go south with your wife or husband (who happens to be a racially naive person) be on your side or the opposition?

Anonymous said...

To be declared a serial killer a murderer must have three victims with a significant time period in between each act. It takes a fair amount of intelligence to accomplish this while avoiding the police. As anyone who watches the First 48 knows black killers are often so stupid that they usually give themselves away as soon as the police suspect them. They don't often get the chance to rack up the requisite number of murders.
Fortunately for black killers in Negro territory the "No snitchin'" policy of the locals means there usually are no suspects to be had. Of the thousand or so shooting cases in Chicago only 30% produce a suspect. Much fewer result in a procectuion and still less a conviction. God knows how many real black serial killers are roaming around Negro territory in the USA. In Africa I don't think they even record murders.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta native here, who has since moved on to safer places. I'm here to tell you that Atlanta is a hellhole! There is absolutely no reason to visit the city, and there are fewer reasons to live there. The City of Atlanta is a staggering 55% black, 38% white and 7% "other". Every clerk in every store and bank is black, every clerk and worker for the city is black, every bus driver and subway operator is black, everyone who works at the airport is black, and if you venture outside of the white neighborhoods of Buckhead everyone you see is black. It is truly frightening. I lived in New York for many years and felt a thousand times safer there than I ever did in Atlanta. If you must change planes at the airport, fine - but use extreme caution if you must venture further into the city. You have been warned!

Californian said...

Blacks were just as out of control pre-Brown vs. Education as they are today. In fact, as soon as the integration was enforced at bayonet point White students and teachers were immediately beaten and raped by Black students. It was this that percipitated White Flight. This was all covered up by the national Corporate Media, just like today.

Obviously, blacks were pathologically violent long before MLK showed up on the telescreens. That violence is one reason why segregation was enacted back in the Progressive Era, and why the South held on to segregation until the feds marched in during the 1950s.

I was outlining the Official Party Line of the Civil Rights Revolution: one whose declared tactics went from a legal struggle to civil disobedience to open violence.

Someone needs to do a documentary on the violence accompanying de-segregation. Perhaps interviews with White people who were in school at the time, or who witnessed the trashing of Southern towns by "Freedom Riders."

Anonymous said...

Okay, now it's the time to judge by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.
Hmmmmmm.........50 years of AA and entitlement and they're still jungle bunnies.


riptapart said...

She could even sit in the front of the bus and not be required to give up her seat to a White person.

riptapart said...

I wonder if she would have been chastised by other Blacks because he was "an unarmed Black man". I also wonder if they would be saying #hislifematters and if his fambly would be suing the gun manufacturer.

riptapart said...

She won't believe it. She knows a few IKAGOs at work and they are in the minority, so they are nice. I feel for ya buddy.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch isn't she MLK.

Bukowski said...

The only safe way to live is apart from the Negro and the Muslim. Societies that persist create de facto enclaves which exclude or dramatically reduce contact with the troublesome populations.

In America, you have the White population in disarray. They claim to want safe streets, cultural harmony and opportunity for all, yet many social engineering efforts only promote and advance oppressive government and the artificial elevation of women and minorities.

About half of all US Whites believe Blacks should be judged based on the IKAGO/Legacy standard. They know some 'white acting' Blacks, so therefore all Blacks are good. Likewise, the bad behavior of Blacks shown on the news is all because of White racism and the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum...

There are about 25% true race realists who simply avoid Blacks and understand and accept the races they do get along with. These are the Whites who get along well with Asians, Jews, Hispanics and South Indians. They do not mix with lower-class or lower-socioeconomic status folks of any race, but they clearly understand the problems in America are Black and Muslim.

Sadly, there are precious few true race realists. Most are hard boiled conspiracy/Get the Jews types who see the Illuminati behind every rock. These Whites are anti-Jew first, anti-Conservative second, and virulently racist against all races except Whites of Northern European origin.

Sadly, a strong following of these conspiracy types are the most vocal "race realists". They denounce the Jew first, then the Negro. When Ferguson erupts, it's Soros. When Obama is elected, it's Jew bankers.

The D-FENS, CENTURION, 10 MM AUTO crowd are the face of SBPDL. This is why this blog will always be a fringe blog and will eventually be closed by Google/Blogger. It's downright tragic because so much good reporting is done here on Typical Negro Behavior.

PK, you've wanted to change the name of the blog for some time now. Why not We Hate Jews and Republicans, and Sometimes Blacks are Crazy!??

Might as well advertise your true beliefs.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

I would like to reply to Awake and Plat EBT Cardholder and others who have a spouse that is completely delusional...for I am one.

My wife, a medical professional no less (believe it or not Medic Bear), is, as I have previously stated, a total 100% white-hating liberal. She is convinced that negroes need only the right opportunity and they will ascend to be our equals, if not our superiors. The brainwashing is strong with this one...

I have given up any further attempts to persuade her to see reality. It will take nothing less than a fractured skull to awaken her and Im not sure that would do it (anyway her head is so hard that it makes granite look like silly putty). I care for this woman, but her liberalism is complete and will surely be her downfall. Fortunately I had the good sense to remove our family from the USA and relocate to an extremely white country where diversity means red-headed children among the other whites. She still whinges about the lack of diversity, but I just shrug.

Looking forward, unless she can awaken from this lifelong mental disease, I can see a time when I will be fed up and want out of the marriage. Here's a question for the ladies or maybe even the gents...

How can an awakened white male (reasonably attractive, good health, but no spring chicken) find a similarly enlightened woman? Are there certain places one should go or catch phrases one might use?

Any helpful hints will be greatly appreciated and most likely put into practice in the not-so-distant future.

Thanks in advance