Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Ghost of Heinlein Laughs: White Police Officer Fired for Daring to Believe a Black South Carolina Student has a Responsibility to Behave

Paul Verhoeven gave an incredible interview to Paul M. Simon for The Making of Starship Troopers. On p. 138, Verhoeven let slip this truth, which is incredibly revealing for what this classic movie actually represents:
"So I think the essence of my interest in this so-called fascism of Heinlein's, or pseudo-fascism, the real reason I wanted to transfer that to film was that at this moment there are voices in the United States that would actually embrace this form of policy. Which is another reason I wanted to do this film. To carry over the fascist framework from the book to the movie. It's a metaphor, you see - for that part of the American society which would like to have something like the government portrayed in Starship Troopers in power in the United States today.  
It would also be interesting. I felt, to have the film of Starship Troopers make this statement: "This quasi-fascist society we're showing you works. On a certain level, anyway." (p. 138)
I can still remember when I convinced a friend to see Starship Troopers with me in November 1997. We left football practice and went to see the movie at a theater long since torn down. 
Black dysfunction (and black people disrupting a peaceful setting) is now protected in America

For reasons I couldn't quite explain, the movie spoke to me as few had before, and even fewer since.

It would be nearly 16 year later that I'd read Robert Heinlein's book to fully understand the full impact of not just the movie, but the vision for the world he'd articulated.

Heinlein's lesson of History and Moral Philosophy from the book is one of the most profound and insightful visions for a sane, rational, and just society you'll ever encounter, and the sad fact is Verhoeven failed to convey the importance and significance of this particular lesson in his film. 

No bother. Here's one of the more important lessons: 
"Corporal punishment in schools was forbidden by law," he had gone on. 
"Flogging was lawful as sentence of court only in one small province, Delaware, and there only for a few crimes and was rarely invoked; it was regarded as 'cruel and unusual punishment.'" Dubois had mused aloud, "I do not understand objections to 'cruel and unusual' punishment. While a judge should be benevolent in purpose, his awards should cause the criminal to suffer, else there is no punishment -- and pain is the basic mechanism built into us by millions of years of evolution which safeguards us by warning when something threatens our survival. Why should society refuse to use such a highly perfected survival mechanism? However, that period was loaded with pre-scientific pseudo-psychological nonsense.  
"As for 'unusual,' punishment must be unusual or it serves no purpose." 
We live in a world where punishment is doled out to those who dare believe law, discipline, and order should be upheld or preserved. 

Those who break the law, flout those who would discipline, and sow the seeds of disorder are rewarded and championed as virtuous. 

But, unlike in 1997 Starship Troopers (which Verhoeven lauded as "working) , our society is collapsing. 

Courtesy of crippling black dysfunction and a debilitating state of white guilt directly leading to a paralysis of true progress and the onset of societal devolution. [Attorney defends actions of fired school officer as 'justified and lawful',, Oct. 28, 2015]:

An attorney for the South Carolina officer fired for slamming a student to the ground and tossing her several feet says his client's actions were "justified and lawful." 
Video of the arrest sparked widespread outrage and questions about what role police should play in schools. 
Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott suspended Deputy Ben Fields after the incident, and fired him Wednesday. 
"We believe that Mr. Fields' actions were justified and lawful throughout the circumstances of which he was confronted during this incident. To that extent we believe that Mr. Fields' actions were carried out professionally and that he was performing his job duties within the legal threshold," Fields' attorney, Scott Hayes, said in a statement. 
Among the criticisms of Fields: his admitted use of "muscling techniques" to get the student out of her chair. But that's only one part of the story. 
Federal investigators have gotten involved. Another student arrested from the same Spring Valley High School classroom has spoken out. And the sheriff is criticizing a South Carolina law that he says muddles the role of school resource officers. 
Sheriff says student deserves part of blame 
Richland County has 87 school resource officers, Lott said, and the "actions by Deputy Fields was not typical of the job I expect them to do." 
Fields did wrong and was fired for his actions, Lott said. 
But the student must shoulder responsibility for the disruptive behavior that escalated to the officer being called in, the sheriff said. 
"When a classroom is disrupted by a student, that disrupts the education process and the students can't learn and the teachers can't teach," Lott said. "We have to have discipline in our schools." 
What the student did does not justify the officer's actions, the sheriff said, but she must take responsibility for her role. 
"We must not lose sight that this whole incident started by this student," he said. "She is responsible for initiating this action. Some responsibility falls on her."
     Our society doesn't work. 

    It doesn't. 

    All that our ancestors built now crumbles before us, because we lack the will to confront black degeneracy and those white people who cover for the genetic limitations of blacks in a society they lack the intelligence to not only participate in, but maintain when left to their own collective devices. 

    Deputy Ben Fields should never have been fired. 

    But this white police officer is yet another sacrifice to a failed state, which continues to limp along and drag us all to the black mean. 

    Our society no longer works. Such is the state of a failed democracy. 


    C Lee said...

    thank you for your effort to remind people of the lunacy that goes on nearly unabated.

    C Lee said...

    thank you.

    Anonymous said...

    This isn't surprising coming after the canonization of St. Swisher- recall the video footage of him stealing from and then threatening and demeaning a much smaller, honest businessman. After that image is put into everybody's heads, leftists doubled down on him like he was the second coming of Christ. Seriously, there is no reason Mike Brown should be looked at as anything other than a thug. He should have been disqualified even from liberal narratives because it clashes with too many of their said "values".

    I don't understand how you can take the position of the girl in the video with a straight face. Is she like the new Rosa Parks, not giving up her phone to a white person? A parent of any other race would be humiliated and embarrassed beyond belief by this; only the scummiest among us would even consider filing suit let alone not apologize for the pathetic behavior of her daughter.

    How black parent reacts to these types of situations is another check for the 'differences' column. It's not all ugly wide noses and disgustingly woolen hair.

    One interesting thing that I am noticing is that forcing people to adhere to the pc cult in their public lives has led to an incredible backlash online. People are really finding their voice, and I know they can't all be SBPDL readers. The negro's Teflon coating is nearly gone now- it has basically been pissed completely away due to the events of the past few years. They have tortured and strangled the golden goose and used it for a game of basketball. They have no idea of the amount of resentment and hatred that they have built up among the rest of us. It will be funny to hear them cry racism when no one cares anymore.

    Anonymous said...

    Just saw an article claiming that a twelve year old black boy was suspended for "staring at a white girl". After further digging I learned that a 12 year old white boy was also suspended, and the girl in question was Asian, not white.

    I'm sorry black people, I know that you are looking for one big conspiracy to explain why you guys are horrible at anything that is horrible and horrible at anything that is good. There is no conspiracy. You just aren't ready for prime time, you should have been watched like animals from afar- we both would have been better off.

    There are a ton of recent articles that spell out clear as day that blacks are a plague on our schools- everyone is better off without them there. They don't want to be in school, don't learn anything useful- why not just let them do what they want and just give them a diploma on turning eighteen? We would all be SO much better off this way.

    If this little black #### hadn't been messing with her phone and wasting everyone's class time with her defiance the officer would still have a job and the football team their coach. Maybe her mom can shake down the school so they have to hold bake sales to pay for basic school supplies in the future.

    Californian said...

    "Bugs Mr. Rico! Zillions of 'em!"

    (Couldn't resist!)

    Anonymous said...

    And there is this recent video from Florin High School in CA. Is that the principal being slammed to the ground?

    former liberal said...

    In a more sane time that member of the feces species would be condemned all around for disrupting class and the resisting the cop. Also, white men wouldn't be so goddamned neutered in general, and not fire that guy. Just additional proof as you said that blacks don't belong in schools with other races and western society in general. When I continually see what a shit bucket this country has become, sometimes I'm.glad that I couldn't bear children.

    Anonymous said...

    What kind of an ignorant ahole thinks it's perfectly o.k. for her to talk on a cell phone in class? And then say she dindonuffin wrong? I can just imagine the level of the conversation she was having. No, wait, I can't think like a Barry's kid. I am so glad I went to a real school, and not this grotesque mental construct of unchecked political power.

    Now, apparently Obama wants standardized testing stopped. Anything he can do to distract attention away from the inability of the negro race to manifest higher levels of mental ability. Wouldn't you love to see some of his test scores?

    Anonymous said...

    The circumstances that brought about this incident are typical of black behavior. While there are individual black students who are well behaved, the group as a whole is disruptive and incapable of maintaining white standards of behavior and academic output. It is interesting to truly understand that "discrimination" is little more than an attempt at having standards. Let's substitute "standards" for "discrimination." Blacks and Browns suffer from "standards" when it comes to gainful employment. People of color suffer from "standards" when it comes to obtaining valued slots in prestigious universities. Of course, these statements used to be true, but unfortunately, today we have virtually no standards except a standard of removing whites who deign to try to maintain the standards of white civilization and society.

    Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

    There is no reason why a skoo should have 16 permanent SRO's. He was assigned to an elementary skoo as well.

    Pass them through, since it is rayciss to fail them or expect them to learn.

    He was trying to help. What an idiot. Hasn't he learned anything.

    The teacher and the administration supported him afterwards. They know what kind of zoo that place is. Notice they all had laptops. Tits on a boar my friends, tits on a boar

    Anonymous said...

    Well said; that sums it up.

    The takeaway lesson is VERY, VERY, clear: do NOT, under any circumstances, mix with negroes - not at work, not in your private life. They will, eventually, drag you down to their level and beat you with their differing allele frequencies i.e. the genetic differences that make them act like animals.

    Your move, YT.

    Anonymous said...

    As soon as I saw the video I knew the officer would be fired, not because he did anything improper or excessively, but because he forced a black to obey his command.

    That's what all of this is about, blacks simply do not believe that they should have to follow the orders of a policeman. Look at all of these videos for example the Texas pool party. The police arrive because they're called into a situation and once they arrive the blacks simply will not obey their commands so they use force.

    We have been teaching several generations of blacks that they simply do not have to obey the law or rule or do anything a policeman tells them to.

    Anonymous said...

    We BEEZ opppressed and sheeeeit,waz up wit dat yo,I beez midin my own buzinezz and sheeeit.This craka cop be disrepctin meez becauze I black yo.I black and I don't have to listenz to crackas yo.Learnin be a "white thang" y'all .I beez a proud ignorant Black Woman.I don't be actin white and sheeeit.Love ignorant ,useless black thugs raised by their racist ignorant parents to cause trouble and run their mouth.Good job parents.Throw the parents in jail as well.Call DCS and give a medal to the officer for having to eventually step in and do what the ignorant ,uneducated,do not know how to raise a child parents did, not have the balls or the fortitude to discipline their feral child.Yup,good job black community and Obama ,keep telling your "peeps" they have a different set of laws and rules on how to act in society.Keep standing up for thugs ,drug dealers and overall black criminals, people to look up to and treat as heroes.Hey Obama I will be waiting for you to say "THIS COULD HAVE BEEN MY DAUGHTER"don't worry your daughter will be a thug community organizer just like you Obama.

    Anonymous said...

    "When a classroom is disrupted by a student, that disrupts the education process and the students can't learn and the teachers can't teach,"

    Really when blacks are present in a classroom they cannot and will not learn they become frustrated and enraged at their inability to grasp simple concepts; couple this with their low impulse control and high testosterone and what you have is a monkey cage at a zoo.

    The presence of blacks ANYWHERE assures that nobody can accomplish anything productive and as we see play out time and again, when you get a critical mass of blacks together it invariably turns into violence, mayhem, and destruction.

    Short of employing hardened prison guards, bullwhips, and tazers there simply is no way to have a learning environment for the few unfortunate human children when you pack a classroom full of these evolutionary throwbacks.

    Try to teach a pig to tapdance and it only wastes your time and annoys the pig.

    dc.sunsets said...

    No need. THERE'S an idea whose time has come.

    So you don't want to behave in a civilized, cooperative manner? Fine. Leave. You are banished. We'll set aside a place (Escape From New York-style) to send you, and if you return you'll be executed. Yes, shot.

    You won't get "welfare." You won't get LINK. You won't get medical care, food, water, sanitation or anything else for which you must depend on the cooperation of others. You don't want to get along with people? Fine, try surviving without them.

    This is the no-coercion way to deal with barbarian hordes. FORCE them to experience the full impact of Nature's Punishments. People who don't play nice will starve to death. It's not like Mad Max movies. People who are not civilized and experience full barbarism have Very Short Life Expectancies.

    We are experiencing civilization's decline because those who refuse to "play nice" are being allowed to stay and experience the benefits of civilization. Civilization is Nature's reward for cooperative social behavior. Nature's punishments have to be allowed to operate if we are to maintain our civilization.

    Anonymous said...

    Genius........ "the new Rosa Parks, not giving up her phone to a white person"

    Hands up don't learn
    Hands up don't text

    Can we have a bet on the uppity orcs name????

    My vote is for Sheneequa

    Anonymous said...

    Does he have a go fund me????

    Anonymous said...

    I wonder when she will be visiting the WHITE house?

    Mutant Swarm said...

    Well, let's see. Officer Fields can probably sue for unlawful termination. Internal affairs investigators often don't crack open their own department's IA manuals, thereby violating policy themselves and doing it wrong. This allows the officer to get his job back, plus a settlement for damages.

    Did his department fail to train Officer Fields in techniques that would allow him to remove an unruly student from a desk? No? Failure to train. Another lawsuit.

    I have read elsewhere that Officer Fields had several commendations for meritorious service. And then he gets fired for a relatively minor use of force incident? (I bet that 'boon didn't even need a medical clearance before the juvenile hall would accept her.) What happened to progressive discipline? Another lawsuit.

    If Officer Fields gets himself a Saul Goodman type for a lawyer, he'll never have to put up with monkeyshines again, if they do it right. And that is fine with me. Let the ghetto sink back into the mud it rose from.

    Anonymous said...

    In the full video, she takes a swing at him and she topples herself, and her desk, to the floor in a Cat 5 chimpout. Honestly, it looks like he is trying to capture a wild, rabid animal. Blacks should police blacks, whites should police whites. That's the way they do it here in da Ham.

    Anonymous said...

    I wonder if her mom raised her w-o a man and if the government piad her way and for the phone?

    Anonymous said...

    Texas here:

    Solid post.

    I am reminded of the idea of the revolution of rising expectations—they have Black Lives Matter, Ta-Neishi Coates wins a Genius Grant, Eight Years of Obama, etc.—but guess what? Their lives still suck. The next president won't be black. Watch for things to get worse before they get better.

    Now, how quickly do we throw the white man under the bus these days? If you read up on this case, that girl was asked something like eight times to put away her phone, leave class, etc.

    I'll just leave this here—it's a disease rampant in blacks:

    Anonymous said...

    Officer Slager and Ted Wafer matter, and this deputy matters. They all have performed well and did society a solid. Mop the floor with the feces species every chance you get.

    Anonymous said...

    Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math...And, that's just the Teachers.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks PK for the Heinlein reference. The works of Heinlein, overall, makes excellent reading. His ideas of the future of humanity ("future history") are sometimes prophetic. He gave the term for this era of human history, "The Crazy Years," and so far, it has lived up to that name; although he never envisioned us losing our collective minds for such an extended length of time.
    Too bad Verhoeven made such a disingenuous piece of crap movie. The book is more of a discussion on democracy and how the classic liberalism of the mid-twentieth century was a disaster for free men. For years, "Starship Troopers" was suggested reading for all army recruits attending Officer Candidate School.
    I leave with one of the many excellent quotes from this must read:
    "Jean Rasczak: All right, let's sum up. This year in history, we talked about the failure of democracy. How the social scientists of the 21st Century brought our world to the brink of chaos. We talked about the veterans, how they took control and imposed the stability that has lasted for generations since. We talked about the rights and privileges between those who served in the armed forces and those who haven't, therefore called citizens and civilians.
    [to a student]
    Jean Rasczak: You. Why are only citizens allowed to vote?
    Student: It's a reward. Something the federation gives you for doing federal service.
    Jean Rasczak: No. Something given has no basis in value. When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you're using force. And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.
    R Neville

    Anonymous said...

    I once saw a black high school math teacher and assistant coach, pick up a desk and throw it across the classroom. The desks target was an unruly black boy. The desk found said target and the kid was out of school for quite some time. The teacher still had his job. If that were to happen today the teacher/coach would be gone and the student would be on a shopping spree! There must be kids that are absolutely scared to death of setting foot in these hell holes.

    Anonymous said...

    Here we go: The reason for this drama was the child had recently lost her mother.That is what I heard on the morning talk shows this morning.

    Bogolyubski said...

    There are two lessons to be gleaned from this particular incident in the ongoing steamroll of BRA over what's left of white America:

    1. Homeschool or Die. No point in sending your kids to a Cuckstain school as they are just as bad as the government run variety when it comes to negro-worship. For the Cuckstain, their real bible is To Kill a Mockingbird, their real god the negro, and their real gospel a single line excerpted from Paul's letter to the Galatian church (which is laughably ironic if one has any idea of the context). Catholics are Cuckstains as well, especially now that they have an anti-pope on the throne - Hi-Fellatin' Frannt the Pontifex Maximus of Pooftery,

    2. I find it interesting - and telling - that even in a "conservative" state like South Carolina - this officer's boss snaps-to when the orders come down from the SJW local commissars to can the guy. Like Darren Wilson - they never get it. They'll obey any order when it comes down (and yes it will): whether to evict whites in SC at gunpoint from their own homes to make room for negroes or to come and collect all firearms from whites. The cuckster Paul Ryan - true and blue to Uncle Sheldon's Gay Ol' Pedo Party - has now replaced Weeping Johnny as the leader of the bogus opposition. Guess it's his turn to service Bathhouse Barry on the links. None of this matters to most whites. Most of those who aren't outright SJWs are inebriated with niggaball games on the jujubox and borrowing more counterfeit money from the cartel for more grape=drank and shit-sandwiches.

    I note that legendary niggaball figure Jerry Sandusky has launched an appeal. I think the Repuke party needs to fund this appeal as Sandusky be the absolute perfect party chairman. He could attract the support of the morons who watch endless niggaball games and perhaps serve as a procurement officer for those who really run the party. Maybe he could hook up with Hi-Fellatin' Franny for a steady supply of young boys for the NYC hedge fund crooks who call the shots (along with Uncle Sheldon) for the Gay Ol' Pedos of KwaBananaland.

    Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

    R. Neville:

    I second your opinion on the director of the movie. The movie for me was un-watchable: Terrible execution of science fiction and the movie oozed with contempt for Heinlein's work.

    As much as I hate all the remakes coming out of Hollywood, I wouldn't mind if this one was re-made. With the difference being the director is not a leftist tool who uses the movie to slam Heinlein's story theme.

    Anonymous said...

    Off topic, has anybody found any good trick or treat stories this year yet?

    New readers should browse the archives of this time of year for stories of TNB trying to mix with trick or treat activities, and the lengths which DWLs go through to try to maintain the veneer of civilization amidst the dark hoards.

    Californian said...

    It is interesting to truly understand that "discrimination" is little more than an attempt at having standards.

    Very good point.

    When the race hustlers demand an end to discrimination what they are really saying is they want an end to living up to YT's standards. Standards like marriage before children, studying hard in school, using opportunities (like AA) to build real businesses, and not burning down your neighborhood over a dead thug.

    This, incidentally, is the rationale behind the attack on so-called "institutional racism." Institutions must change to accommodate the most dysfunctional sector among blacks. School rules prohibit talking on cell phones in class? That's (cue ominous music) Racist! So dump the rules.

    The corollary for BRA is that YT must lower his/her own standards and live at the level of the lowest common denominator of blacks.

    That's what all of this is about, blacks simply do not believe that they should have to follow the orders of a policeman.


    This is why the BLM movement glorifies Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Not because they were innocents gunned down by the forces of law and order. But because they were street fighters who could take the war to The Man. BLM agitates for more street fighters to pillage more towns and assault more cops and take down more armed citizens.

    As for DWL, they have their usual hallucination that this is something to do with "equality" and "justice." And mainstream conservatives? Oh yeah, they're going to do that "outreach," win that magic black vote and retire to their country clubs.

    Life in wartime, baby.

    Anonymous said...

    Excuse me for being suspicious of this entire incident. I know it's easy to dismiss this as a typical, snotty, entitled teenager acting out and refusing to behave because she thinks she's oh so special and doesn't have to obey any rules. However, has anyone considered that this perhaps wasn't a situation that just erupted but rather was a staged event designed to provoke a response? A perfect opportunity to scream racism, play the victim and go for a big pay day?

    In a way, it's similar to a scam where someone intentionally seeks to provoke someone by getting in their face, using profanity and harassing them to death relentlessly until the person loses their cool and pops the jerk in the mouth. Suddenly, they're a victim and are wanting to sue for assault and battery and the "debilitating injuries" they sustained "to their neck" which has affected their quality of life and made it impossible for them to work. In other words, they intentionally provoke a situation and are eager for someone to fall into their trap so they can go for a big pay day.

    I'm not saying something similar happened here but, if it was, the cop fell into the trap with clockwork precision. Just something to consider. That being said, there are reports that the officer at the school had a reputation for getting physical and had the nickname "Officer Slam." The conditions for an enterprising orc fambly to have their child intentionally provoke a situation and get manhandled and "go for dat green" is just too good.

    Anonymous said...

    At the same time YT gets fired there, here in Ga, on the news this morning., black teacher has to get some straightening on a black yoof who attacks him. The negro adult is lauded, and the negro yoof goes to youth detention center.

    When will YT have enough of this double standard? When will he reach way down and find the strength to stand up for him & his?

    Anonymous said...

    Anon said…”I wonder when she will be visiting the WHITE house”?

    Absolutely right. That, or the prez himself visits the school to share a soda fountain with traumatized student of color in this racist world we live in. You know, keep up the fight negroes, keep up the fight!

    FlowerBell said...

    Blacks just want to exist.
    They don't want to work, pay taxes, go to school or build empires. They just want to live day after day being left alone to do whatever they want to do at the moment, just like they did in their motherland Africa.

    Civilization is someone else's goal.

    Anonymous said...

    I have a friend who teaches elementary grades at a school district outside of Detroit. I can't tell you the horror stories she tells. This is a grade school teacher. She has stories of black kindergarten students that would turn your hair grey in an hour. The children are horrible, the parents are horrible, even when a grandparent comes in , they are horrible too. One time she relayed an incident and I had tears in my eyes. Felt sorry for her that she had to put up with such disgusting behavior, but even sadder for society. I hate to even think of these kids when they get to high school. If they even make it that far! These students were welcomed into the district from Detroit so that the schools had higher enrollment. Ruining one metro school district after another. Good luck America, you're going to need it!

    Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

    Yesterday I opened CNN, followed by USATODAY, and both the TOP STORIES! headlines/photo etc.. was the cop roughing up the high school thug punk negress tossin her out of her desk onto the floor etc.. and it occurred to me, that there's no end to this. These stories are click-bait, and the more we CLICK on them, the more these sites realize, "Hey! These race-baiting stories sell! Let's do MORE of them!".. Thugs beat up an old white guy in Baltimore? Not allot of clicks. Football thug machetes a jogger white guy to death and bereaved wife commits suicide? Not allot of clicks. Thugs kill thugs in record numbers every day? Not allot clicks (not allot of headlines either).. and on and on.. BUT.. white cop throws young belligerent high school negress out of desk onto floor..?.. CLICKs galore!.. WHOO-HOO!! Of all the big things which were occurring late yesterday afternoon in this troubled world (think about the unimaginary suffering of animals in industrial slaughterhouses).. the biggest most important news of the day?.. was 'white cop throws young belligerent high school negress out of desk onto floor'..? Someone yesterday noted on SBPDL they were finally going full-realist and giving up the bakkaball-feetsball addiction etc.. to which I say, "Good fer you mate!".. I in turn have now decided, with the exception of SBPDL and my other adventure websites (I'm into adventuring; climbing, hiking etc., wilderness stuff).. I'm cutting out all MSM websites that play this never-ending game of BRA race-baiting.. (at least the New York Times, while having a liberal reputation, doesn't hit you over the head with it twice a day).. I don't believe SBPDL is about hatred at all.. I think SBPDL is all about the reality that BRA is a (increasingly successful) socio-political movement designed to create an environment in which A) publically acknowledging black dysfunction can and will ruin your life and reputation.. and B) AAs will continue (see rule A) to outbreed those members of the tax-base which do the work subsequently investing the funds necessary for this to happen, effectively creating a kind of self-genocide. It's really insanity, what's happening.. Think about it: working to fund those who cannot assimilate, to overbreed. I'll continue my allegiance to SBPDL because I believe we agree on this (and also because I think this site attracts more or less the best writers on the internet).. but I'm not taking the click-bait anymore on the MSM sites.. no more.. I see the game.. I see how it's played.. I ain't fallin for it.. (PS- I also quite NFL and NBA about 5 years ago; I quit all NCAA feeder shams last year).. Baseball stays. Baseball (to me) matters.. (The Latin influence in the game doesn't quite work me into a state loathing in the same way for some reason; maybe because slamming a ball through a hole, or slamming a ball across a line is one thing.. but working the count full? then fouling off 4 pitches before stroking a back-door cutter into left field..? Well if you can do that.. you can hang in my first-world western civilization.. I mean hey.. sorry.. baseball's on another level).. Beyond that.. I'm moving to the mountains in 2016.. (there ain't no baby-talk *Ebonics* above 10,000ft!.. not *yet* anyway).. Look me up lads and lasses.. adios..

    Anonymous said...

    I honestly laughed when I saw the video.

    I read California news sites and the comments were about 50% on the side of the police.

    I'm also seeing a lot of pushback against failed liberal education theories and their endless desire to portray blacks as victims.

    Pat Boyle said...

    First let me recommend the similar Sci-Fi novel that preceded 'Starship Warriors'. The book is 'Armor' by John Steakley. If you haven't read it, you're in for a treat.

    Paul is younger than I am and it's good that young men are optimistic. Personally I hold out little hope that corporal punishment or much else is going to solve our race problem.

    Most whipping nowadays is consensual for purposes of mutual sexual pleasure among predominantly heterosexuals. Women liked to be whipped in the right circumstances. So it is a mistake to think of the whipping as shown in the movie is the most terrible possible thing that anyone can inflict on another. As a negative reinforcer it does not teach good behavior. It can only eliminate bad behavior - and not very reliably.

    It is true that black people are unwelcome in civilization because of their bad behavior (e.g. Robbing, Raping, Murder). But the deeper problem is that they have so little good behavior. The nation like all nations needs solid citizens who get a job, pay taxes, invest in a community, and raise families. A nation is only as strong as it's citizenry. A good citizenry in a sensible system of government and private enterprise means a good country. We seem to be losing that. Partly because we have too many people who evolved too close to the equator.

    The peoples who developed the great civilizations were all northerly. China, Japan, and Korea in the East and Britain Germany, and northern Europe in the West. I don't believe that you can beat civilization into blacks and Mexicans no matter what the whip.

    If you favor public whippings of black people you are in my mind a jolly optimist. It won't be that easy.


    Inferior Infidels said...

    Hey Fatigued in Minneapolis,

    Spot on comment !!!

    I just wanted to say that I, too, will be heading for the mountains in 2016.

    Hell, I'm already starting to pack boxes to have a head start on getting the hell out of this ghetto negro infested city.

    This ish is downright insanity at it's finest. We are truly surrounded by the devil !!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I've seen it reported that the police officer was dating a black woman (NY Daily News had it 2 days ago). Must be why he thought he was able to lay hands on a black teen without repercussions. If the cop had some sense he'd have called for backup until a black cop showed up to take care of business. I swear it's harder to trap mice than to trap white cops.

    Anonymous said...

    Off topic, has anybody found any good trick or treat stories this year yet?

    New readers should browse the archives of this time of year for stories of TNB trying to mix with trick or treat activities,

    I'll go over the powerpoint notes.

    The main problem with Halloween is that Blacks from 30 miles away will show up with a ghetto caravan and canvas a White burb for candy. In the fall Whites will fill their freezer with deer but I guess Blacks stuff theirs with candy bars.

    There were numerous complaints of the Black chillun causing all kinds of problems.

    One of the more interesting conversations we had involved discussing things to hand out that Black children don't like. I think we came up with root beer barrels and licorice candy. We also discussed alternative ways to celebrate like attending harvest fests.

    I plan on just turning off the lights once it gets dark. Most of the local kids go out with their parents right after work. I'm not answering the door for a '97 Suburban at 10 pm.

    Anonymous said...

    The commenter posting the link to Detroit public school test scores shows the extent of the problem. It's not just Detroit, as the article shows, it's every city with a large black population. Blacks, for the most part, just don't have the brain capacity to handle tasks like reading, and math. Sure, some do, but they only manage to perform on an average level. It's not that they don't want to learn, they can't learn, it's just not in their genetic tool box. Consequently, all institutions afflicted with their presence suffer as a result. That includes government bureaucracies stuffed with affirmative action employees.

    Time and again, we hear schools are failing black students, the system is biased against black students. No, the black students are failing school, the system is biased against unintelligent students. No matter how much water you pour into a strainer, or how you pour it, it's always going to wind up empty.

    Another myth is i.q. tests are culturally biased, only valid for white people. No, they are not. They measure the ability to store, and manipulate data, that's all, plain and simple. Only blacks, of all the cultures on this planet, test so miserably low, so consistently. The idea that there are "other kinds of intelligence", is laughable. No, there are not,unless you're talking about instinctual behavior. Is that it, are blacks only capable of instinctual behavior, with only rudimentary cognitive functioning? That would explain a lot.

    History has shown that cultures without a system of written instruction, and mathematics, never attain more than a stone age level of sophistication. That's exactly where the world is headed with this unchecked deterioration of white created society

    Anonymous said...

    What we need to create is an Idaho welcoming packet for these cases.

    Basically a guide for White police that have been fired from urban areas.

    It should include things like housing recommendations, law enforcement agency addresses, and also a $100 spa certificate to help them de-stress.

    Anonymous said...

    Why are we trying to "integrate" blacks into schools and society?

    The end result of ALL this "integration" is race mixing. Saying it again......race mixing is the end result of any policing or "integration".

    Separation is the main goal.

    Start slow in your every day life, by refusing to use black bank tellers, black toll collectors and cashiers at supermarkets. Use White cashiers and do-it-yourself cash registers. Start cooking your own food and stop buying Supermarket take-out food, since all use MExicans and Blacks in the back.

    Another crucial thing is find out if anyone in your family has non-White "acquaintances" or "friends". Because those associations can literally put you in the line of fire, like the story of White man who was shot in his own home by friend's "acquaintances"....who decided to pay him a visit.

    As for the White cops, I would recommend they find work in a less diverse area and/or start armed security firms for hire. Your life is more important than a big paycheck.

    Anonymous said...

    Negro tries to lure little White girl in his car.

    If this story doesn't give you nightmares...nothing will.

    White Trash Hillbilly said...

    OT, but another example of negroes in leadership roles.

    I offer a glimpse into my own experience with negro dysfunction.

    I once worked for a large public institution of higher learning in the USA. This was a state funded institution and I was assigned to manage a construction project funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

    Without exhaustive detail, suffice it to say it was a scam from both sides from day one, as I suspect nearly all HUD projects are.

    The institution had received a HUD grant for nearly $1 million. I was put in charge of quarterly reporting to my HUD counterpart (a middle-aged negro female) to account for funds and construction progress.

    I was the third person to inherit this project at the institution, as the previous two had succumbed to the endless bureaucratic nightmare that HUD funding entails. Having zero previous experience in such matters I was unsure to say the least. My supervisor, a wonderful white woman told me to simply use my best judgement and make my best effort, and that everything else would work itself out. Fake it 'til you make it in other words. I soon found out that it was a total shit storm of a project. Mired in permitting snafus and other regulatory issues, it seemed like it was a hopeless affair.

    Long story short, I really did fake it completely. I had never filed a quarterly report with HUD and had no idea of what to do. I found an old report from another project and just used that as a template. One look at the numbers revealed that everyone, from upper level institution administration to outside contractors were scamming and overcharging this project hand over fist. I probably would have grabbed my share if there was anything left, but at this stage it was all spoken for.

    Heres what I did...

    Since no one was coming forth with the actual figures I took the total budget, divided it by the number of months until the project deadline and then just reported that number every month with a little yada-yada about what was happening on the ground.

    The negress in D.C. was delighted to see this project moving ahead (as it now meant she looked better to her other negro superiors and she could make an annual pilgrimage to our institution, located in a very desirable location to inspect the project...which she never failed to do...taking a week to do no more than a days work).

    Ultimately the project was completed, significantly overbudget and six months past the deadline. What ended up being the equivalent of a conventional 3 bedroom, two bath home cost the taxpayer over $2.2 million dollars when all was said and done.


    HUD is a negro scam from top to bottom. I never interacted with a white person from their side...ever. I went to one of their national seminars and it was 100% negroes. They actually served chicken and barbecued ribs.

    On the brighter side I ended up the hero by pulling the project together, albeit by a complete sham.

    Your tax dollars at work.

    Ultimately I got fed up with the system and resigned my position.

    There you have it....

    Californian said...

    Time and again, we hear schools are failing black students, the system is biased against black students. No, the black students are failing school, the system is biased against unintelligent students.

    Good point.

    Back when YT was running the show, it was common to say that students failed their classes. With BRA running the show, it is common to say that schools fail their students.

    Note the inversion.

    Students no longer have to live up to standards. In BRA the standards must live down to the lowest common denominator.

    It's also related to the reporting of crime. The headline is not "Black gangbangers shoot innocent victim." It's "Teen the victim of violence."

    Everything becomes passive case, human agency is no longer a factor. We're in the jungle with mysterious forces afflicting the natives.

    BRA is not simply about lowering physical conditions to the African mean (i.e., pathological violence, trashed infrastructure, kleptocratic politicos). No, it's about lowering the entire mental outlook to that of primitives who do not understand the relationship between cause and effect.

    Pat Boyle said...

    Dear Trash Hilly, welcome, like so many of us before you have stumbled into the light.

    Every major city in America has a Housing Authority. Most of them are negro dominated institutions and most of them are deeply corrupt. The typical Housing Authority is being investigated by the FBI. The Housing Authority heads are always being kicked out usually with a lot of purloined cash.

    Paul - you should follow Hill Billie's lead, write a book on public housing and win a Pulitzer. There's an untold story there.


    Valkyrie said...

    Thank you all and thanks to Paul Kersey. Thanks for the comments, analysis, perspectives and links. Today was some of the best stuff yet. I really believe it's all going to get A LOT better. SO happy Obama showed his true colors instead of emulating, say, Ronald Reagan. He has served to shine a spotlight and reveal this vermin for the cockroaches that they are. Like Chris Rock says,- Obama- Americas LAST black president.

    CENTURION said...

    Cop made a stupid mistake: Taking White man's civilization into the Jungle.

    Good News? He has learned.

    Good News? Maybe a "few" other cops in the US will take notice and take my advice:
    .........................HAVE NO CONATCT WITH THE NEGRO.

    Californian said...

    HUD is a negro scam from top to bottom. I never interacted with a white person from their side...ever.

    Which means its policies are going to be racially based, hence Section 8 housing. Effectively, moving the black underclass into suburbia to ethnically cleanse YT.

    Brilliant, in a pathological BRA sort of way.

    Gets back to what happens when you have a black overclass. They are not interested in equality or even equity. It's about a racial struggle. And as has been the case for decades, most whites do not recognize this struggle is going on, even when it moves in next door.

    Valkyrie said...

    When I was in the 8th grade, during one of my classes one day I laid on the floor in a corner and began ripping the classroom carpet up. The teacher, a decent black gentleman, caught me and took me into the hallway. Once there, he picked me up, slammed me into the wall and asked what in the hell was wrong with me. For a couple of years I hated him. I hated him because he slammed me into the wall. I hated him because asked me what the the hell was wrong with me. Mostly I hated him because I couldn't tell my parents, because he was right and I was wrong. I was an idiot.

    Anonymous said...

    Guaranteed she taught her the fundamentals of hitting the ghetto lottery.

    Anonymous said...

    Its just plain silly for anyone to suggest the black girl shoulder any responsibility.
    That goes against everything she has been taught or seen.
    When does a black ever take responsibility for its actions?
    They are taught from the cradle that all their woes are the fault of non blacks.
    Our liberal coddlers reinforce this very idea .
    Their all victims and should be excused for all their dysfunction.

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said . . . Short of employing hardened prison guards, bullwhips, and tazers there simply is no way to have a learning environment for the few unfortunate human children when you pack a classroom full of these evolutionary throwbacks. . . “

    I agree with your comment except where you suggest that it would be possible to create a learning environment with guards, bullwhips and other methods. The word learning implies understanding a concept or principle. When a person has learned something they can apply that knowledge to new and more advanced real-life situations than their learning environment. No one taught the NASA engineers how to send a rocket to the moon. They learned fundamental concepts regarding mathematics, kinetics, thermodynamics and many other difficult to understand principles, and they applied this knowledge to build a rocket and send it to the moon and back.

    Blacks are incapable of truly understanding anything. The best we can hope for is to create a “training” environment where blacks connect good behaviors with reward and bad behavior with punishment. Unfortunately, a trained black cannot apply their training to anything more complicated than what was presented in the training environment. The inability to apply training to situations beyond their training environment is one of several reasons that blacks don't invent things.

    Anonymous said...

    If she thinks being treated like this in school is bad, just wait until she enters the work force in the only job she will be eligible for and her pimp decides that she needs discipline.

    Inferior Infidels said...

    Anonymous Californian said...

    "HUD is a negro scam from top to bottom. I never interacted with a white person from their side...ever.

    Which means its policies are going to be racially based, hence Section 8 housing. Effectively, moving the black underclass into suburbia to ethnically cleanse YT.

    Brilliant, in a pathological BRA sort of way.

    Gets back to what happens when you have a black overclass. They are not interested in equality or even equity. It's about a racial struggle. And as has been the case for decades, most whites do not recognize this struggle is going on, even when it moves in next door."
    Inferior Infidels here:

    In actuality, usually having IT move in next door IS when YT realizes the struggle,
    but by then it's already too late. His housing values have sank. At this point
    you're just stuck taking what you can get just to get the hell out of his once
    nice hometown. One city after another. Section 8 cockroaches are FORCED in and
    YT is either forced out or succumbs completely to the black mean.

    Move out to the country, be broke, but at least alive and well, and as far away
    from the negro and BRA as possible. Only outcome, survival mode.

    Hey Pat, I.I. here.

    Check it out, I didn't want to say too much, I don't know the extent of how many
    lurkers we have that read daily, but never comment. You never know who's on the
    other end of this WWW. But in any case, you asked where I worked.

    I work in a place like this:

    "Consequently, all institutions afflicted with their presence suffer as a result. That includes government bureaucracies stuffed with affirmative action employees."

    Yep, I already kind of have a good idea what you are going to say. I already know.
    I was trying to rough it out for another 9 years to be vested for retirement.
    If I try to go for it, it's going to be a long 9 years.

    Needless to say, having worked around these brethen for more years than I ever
    wish to count, that everything we speak about daily on here, well I witness it
    all with my very own eyes, also on a daily basis. I try to keep my distance as
    far as I can from any and pretty much ALL of them. They're ALL the same.
    To me, they are a total liability issue. Just as I drive defensively to avoid
    an accident, it's all relative. Trust me, I know, much deeper than a majority
    of our people don't have a clue about the self hatred and pure hatred of others
    the AA's have no problem showing us. I've been there many time myself. I try to
    remain docile and keep my distance, but when they try to either disrespect me
    or try to insult my intelligence is when I get in trouble. Why, because I speak
    my mind whether these tools like it or not. I stand up for myself, and we all
    know they hate that the most. Retaliation, of course, daily! Even as quiet as
    I am, I let my body language speak for itself. They catch on, they know I hate
    them as equally as much as they hate me. This IS the only equality I can speak
    of regarding these primitive monsters.


    Brian in Ohio said...

    Expecting that negro to behave in a classroom? C`mon, your just setting yourself up for failure there.

    Unfortunately, that's been the story of America since the whole "civil rights" mess. Anyone who had any experience with them KNEW that by trying to hold blacks up to the standards whites set for themselves, we were setting our nation up for failure. And that's exactly what we`ve done. Fail

    Anyone care to wager on the dollar amount they`ll see from this? Surely no less than 6 figures. I`m sure her mama`s first stop after seeing the video was the Cadillac dealership.

    Anonymous said...

    Last real job went from 60% White / 40% "minority" to 40% “W" / 60 % "m" in a few years.

    in DC
    I had to quit.

    I'd trust a slack-jawed, inbred, alcoholic, drug addict, White, over any of their best. At least I know what I'm getting.

    Anonymous said...

    They simply grasp the potential spectacle of the phone-camera. Any very low-brow savage gets it.

    in DC

    Anonymous said...

    Related to your story yesterday regarding the Texas A and M murder, you'll be pleased to know Jen Floyd Engels of the Sporting News is attributing the murder to the real culprit... playing football.

    WhereMyFreeSht said...

    Absolutely horrifying....meanwhile, most of American is tuned into the little black b**** acting out in class and the officer that got fired as a result....

    Anonymous said...

    I second Anonymous at 11. 12 am. I work para professional in a school and encounter black behavior day after day. Conclusions: blacks generally cannot master intellectually demanding tasks. Their drive to achieve is therefore stunted. They stew with resentment. Many, I am sure and I don't blame them, don't want to be there at all. They want to be at home, of nearby it, playing with their friends at games they enjoy, and having sex. Occasionally, drug use enters the picture. So?
    The average black male is obsessed with play. Everything is a game, and life could be really fun if it wasn't for you-know-who.
    I think a solution is to dispense altogether with academics for blacks, and allow them to play athletics the entire school day. If they learn to read and write, great. If not, great.
    Make sure the birth control implant is there for the females. Teach them to sing and dance and play. That's it.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm heading to E. Europe. It's low budget. But, at least l'll be in my skill set with no blacks or latinos. 1/2 the cities are done and time is precious.

    Anonymous said...

    The outcome for the cop was bad, and he shouldn't have gotten sucked into responding, but gosh it was grand to see that fat negro girl slammed to the floor. I hope it hurt. So horrifying to think of creatures like her being in school with White children.

    NJ Woman

    Anonymous said...

    Probably the most brilliant short synopsis of negro behavior that has ever been posted.

    Well done Flowerbell.

    White Trash Hillbilly said...

    Thanks Pat

    Ive kept all the names and details of my HUD adventure if ever there is an opportunity to shed light upon that disaster of a bureaucracy Id be more than happy to share the gory details. I dont reckon $2.2 million will get anyones knickers in a wad, but it was my eye-opening event in the administrative inability of negroes.

    Unemployment sucks, but not being required to kiss up to some absolutely incompetent petulant negro sow has its own merits.

    I have an even better story that I'll share soon about another negro adventure in the same institution...stay tuned.

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous at 11:09
    Your trick or treat story holds true in St Louis. For years caravans and even buses of orcs from the north side descend upon the remaining bastions of civilization on the south side to get candy and scope out new hunting grounds.
    YT is on to the game: neighbors have banded together and established start and stop times to lessen the depravation of the Orc. The bastards can't tell time as it is and usually start their spree after 9 pm anyway. Funny why DWLs and the propaganda agencies never ask why black chillen have to leave their own neighborhoods to trick or treat. Blacks are sugar fanatics, and there is plenty of gubment gibsmedat money for them to have treats for their own.
    R Neville

    Anonymous said...

    Time for cops to turn around and leave when they see a black.

    Anonymous said...

    I have noticed in news articles that police are letting blacks off without any citations what so ever.

    Blacks know they can get away with criminal behavior now. Blacks know they can cry racism and everyone panders to them. Blacks know that no one is going to hold them responsible for their behavior.

    I also see where blacks cry racism, and when proven they lied, that's it.....they are not held responsible for lying.

    I had hoped that Whites would start working together to combat the double standard between blacks and Whites (and now muslims are in the mix) but I see it will not happen.

    Europeans are getting together to combat the take is disappointing that Whites in the U.S. are complacent towards blacks

    Anonymous said...

    9:39am- When will YT have enough of this double standard?

    When will YT stop serving black communities?

    The black teacher was lauded for the same reason the Baltimore Riot Mammy was nominated for the $10 bill, after slapping her POS son. They were disciplining their own shitty kids. When you smack sense into someone else's kid, you are not appreciated
    White teachers for White schools; Black teachers for Black schools. Separate but Equal. Diversity Is Our Equality. Or whatever.

    Truth Corps said...

    And it will continue to get worse.

    Prepare accordingly.

    I'm late on my contribution PK, and I apologize. Had a vehicle go down and it took a nice bite out of the reserves, but I will catch up. Amazing work of late you've been producing.

    Could 2016 and the Election spell Peak Negro Fatigue? Guess we shall see.

    Got Preps?

    Anonymous said...

    A previous commenter from Texas said:

    "Eight Years of Obama, etc.—but guess what? Their lives still suck. The next president won't be black."

    You are really THAT sure the next president won't be black? Many of us no longer believe the fiction that the voters actually determine the outcome of "elections". After all, the population supposedly voted Barry into office TWICE! And although his predecessor was white, Bush wasn't a whole lot better than than the present black dictator but "the people" supposedly voted him in twice too. No, the Oligarchy and its lesser tribal minions (a different species really) that hates whites has declared war on us and Western Civilization and if they want Ben Carson or another "Negro genius" as a president then they will simply have Diebold corp. slide him into office against our wishes. Not only America, but all of Western Civilization is toast.

    Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

    Use all of their EEO stuff against them. Hostile work environment, marginization, etc...

    It is all about how you perceive it. Make them go through the motions for a yet. They hate it, and you might even win like me.

    That will make them hate you more, but after victory the bosses will keep a lid on their monkeyshines. Good luck

    Anonymous said...

    The champion for no standards wins again!
    Has the police officer learned anything? I'm betting he has, and others are thinking real hard about it.


    Anonymous said...

    Agreed, but this lack of civilized behavior is supported by the federal, state, county and city governments.

    It is definitely a "black run" government. They sacrifice police officers left and right. The same police officers tasked with enforcing their stupid laws, rules and policies.

    The government will do anything to protect their most favored ones, but what are they going to do when the police say "f*ck it" and refuse to enforce any law?
    When the "out of favor" majority are no longer restrained by those that enforce the laws, standards of behavior will sharply rise.
    Governments want unarmed populations, (not just ours) an unarmed population is a docile population, an armed population is a polite population.


    Anonymous said...

    "I agree with your comment except where you suggest that it would be possible to create a learning environment with guards, bullwhips and other methods."

    Re-read my comment. I said maintain a learning environment for the HUMANS when blacks are present. The negroes are hopeless, believing we can ever make them productive in any way only leads to more futile wastes of time, effort, and money. The best we can possibly hope for is to isolate/insulate ourselves from their dysfunction. Whips, fire hoses, police dogs, pepper spray, tazer isn't to make them learn or be productive, but merely to temporarily keep them from chimping out.

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous and Anonymous said "I agree with your comment except where you suggest that it would be possible to create a learning environment with guards, bullwhips and other methods."

    Re-read my comment. I said maintain a learning environment for the HUMANS when blacks are present. The negroes are hopeless, believing we can ever make them productive in any way only leads to more futile wastes of time, effort, and money. The best we can possibly hope for is to isolate/insulate ourselves from their dysfunction. Whips, fire hoses, police dogs, pepper spray, tazer isn't to make them learn or be productive, but merely to temporarily keep them from chimping out.

    I was careless and am now in agreement with your comment 100%.

    Anonymous said...

    A conservative talk show host named "Joe Pags" maintains the cop was wrong.

    The argument: since the girl was obviously acting-out for the benefit of her nog audience, the other students should have been sent out and the cop could have reasoned with her in private. Deprived of an audience, she would have aquiesed.

    What total, naive bullshit that is. They all started recording the minute the cop walked in. How could anyone really believe they would meekly sacrifice their YouTube footage and repair to the hall in an orderly manner?

    Another girl was arrested for interfering with the cop, and in her own interview with media, said she started shouting: "Record! Record! Record!" Was she going to leave? Obviously not. It would have been a mob scene no matter what.

    If you've ever seen cops apprehend a mental patient or an unruly drunk, you know it's not pretty and it is actually very disturbing. But unless you want to start shooting them with tranquilizer darts from 30 feet away, it is what it is.

    Anonymous said...

    "... the system is biased against black students."

    Those who adhere to that belief are admitting that there IS a difference in intellectual abilities, that it's difficult for negroes to adapt. Schools (and tests - see below) ARE somewhat designed by YT for YT because that TYPE of thinking and learning is what has worked for YT's way of life for millennia. Having certain mental abilities (mostly abstract thinking and being able to plan for an uncertain future) and then channeling those abilities in certain directions (learning from our predecessors' successes and failures about HOW to both be prosperous in the present and prepare for the future) - what is WRONG with expecting this path of learning from negroes if they expect to partake in (not just take from) the world that YT built? To the negro and the DWL, it's "wrong" because it beez rayciss, so the IDEALS themselves need to be changed (slap forehead). Yeah, that's been working out just great.

    "Another myth is i.q. tests are culturally biased, only valid for white people."

    If those tests are "culturally biased," why do Koreans and Japanese do so well on them? Unlike negroes, they seem to be able to switch to a "white man's way of thinking" just fine.

    - Tobias Benjamin Goode

    Mr. Rational said...

    White Trash Hillbilly, I am keeping a list of all the testimonials posted here.  This stuff will be a great compilation.

    Jesse Guppy said...

    I'm sure someone has already informed all the SBPDL readers about this but the Dindu has a go find me page and has over $40 000. Black dysfunction is rewarded and this is part of an agenda, as with mass immigration, section 8, promotion of mongrelization, black worship , anti white media, anti white Hollywood etc... TPTB can't be named if I want my message here approved but I'm sure everyone here is intelligent and already knows