Sunday, November 8, 2015

" was one of the most disturbing things I've witnessed": Two Black Police Officers Murder Six-Year-old Autistic White Child

White Lives Matter. 

Three words. Four syllables. 

The world will literally tremble when these seemingly insignificant words are united, forming a rallying cry so obvious as to forever erase the insanity of the "race doesn't matter/exist" era preceding it. 

White Lives Matter. 
Jeremy Mardis, murdered by two black police officers... the silence surrounding his death overwhelmingly shows the evil of our world

Say it. 

Breath it in. 

Immerse yourself in this concept oh-so-simple few dare give it utterance now, but millions implicitly know and desire to explicitly state. 

If millions didn't desire to state it, the current ruling ideology wouldn't be unilaterally committed to stamping out such thoughts. In fact, working to criminalize them.

With the anti-police atmosphere created by the Obama Administration, the mainstream media, and the toxic Black Lives Matter movement making it impossible for police to patrol the ruins of formerly thriving, now entirely black and blighted American cities, any and every act of police aggression against a citizen should be cause for immediate nationwide headlines... right? 

Well, Jeremy Davis Mardis is a six-year-old white child whose name you'll encounter perhaps only here. He's now dead, courtesy of two black police officers who shot him five times. [Two Louisiana Officers Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Boy, 6, NBC News, 10-7-15]:
Two Louisiana law enforcement officers were arrested Friday in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy, which occurred as both officers were working side jobs as city marshals, authorities said. 
Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse Jr., 23, were arrested and charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder, Louisiana State Police superintendent Col. Michael Edmonson said. 
The boy, Jeremy Davis Mardis, was killed and his father, Chris Few, was wounded after shots were fired into their vehicle at around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday in Marksville, after what officials described as a pursuit. 
"Nothing is more important than this badge that we wear on our uniform, the integrity of why we wear it," Edmonson said. "Because the public, the public allows us to wear that. It's not a right, it's a privilege. And tonight that badge has been tarnished." 
Edmonson said body camera footage helped lead to the arrests.
Police officers... heroes to the Black Lives Matter community?
"I can tell you, as a father, it was one of the most disturbing things I've witnessed," 
Edmonson said. "Extremely disturbing, and it is partly why we are here tonight." 
Questions had surrounded the shooting. Officials have said Marskville city marshals shot at a vehicle "at the conclusion of a pursuit." 
Edmonson did not detail Friday exactly what is believed to have occurred the night of the shooting. He has said that there was no exchange of gunfire, and no gun was found in Few's sport-utility vehicle. 
"Tonight is about the death of Jeremy Mardis. Jeremey Mardis, 6 years old — he didn't deserve to die like that," Edmonson said. 
The Avoyelles Parish coroner's office told NBC News that the boy was shot five times in the head and chest, and he was pronounced dead on the scene. Jeremy's grandmother said the boy was autistic. 
The child's father remained in critical condition Friday, state police said. 
Stafford is a lieutenant with the Marksville police department, and Greenhouse is a full-time marshal for the nearby city of Alexandria, Edmonson said. Both were working secondary jobs as Marksville marshals when the shooting occurred, he said.
Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse Jr., 23 are both black males. Had they been white males employed in the vocation of police officer, and Jeremy Davis Mardis had been a young black child, the entire civilized world would be bombarded with news of the tragedy, with Mardis getting profiled by People, the New York Times, and other media outlets. 

As it stands, this story is farce, only cited by websites few people are free to visit at work or share with their friends, unless they desire being called a racist. 

White Lives Matter. 

Three words. Four syllables. 

Independently, they are just words; collectively, they shake the world to its very core. 


Anonymous said...

This murder took place near the intersection of Martin Luther King Blvd and another street. In other words, down in Negro central. When will all non black people learn to stay the hell away from such areas? I find it incomprehensible that a father would take his 6 year old child into such a danger zone.

Anonymous said...

Couple of miserable looking bastards.

Anonymous said...

You know, I hate to admit it, but not inconceivably these unimaginably brutal, murderous camel jockeys in the Middle East might be able to teach us thoroughly emasculated westerners something after all - at least as it relates to our very own legal model as originally crafted in which the punishment should fit the crime. Now envision the following "totally fictional" scenario, and try not to weep with joy as you picture it in your mind's eye.

Two dark-skinned guys (we'll call them Dashawn and Willie) are standing handcuffed in a small, stout steel cage large enough for just two men. Since these two subhuman gorillas are ostensibly law enforcement officers, they're not used to standing in cages, especially cages filled ankle-deep with gasoline in which a black powder line is immersed and running about 100' to a prepared ignition source.

Predictably enough, these vicious, brutal, conscienceless cocksuckers are both standing there shitting and pissing their pants and crying for their sheboon mommies like little baby chimps.

Envision further that said steel cage is at the fifty yard line in the center of a huge football stadium designed to hold 100,000 people. Today it is overflowing to 150% of its designed capacity, and people are still clamoring to get in. Taped to the four sides of the cage at eye level are photos of a beautiful, innocent little autistic white boy on a stainless steel table dead at their hands in a trumped up "pursuit" in which shots were recklessly and maliciously fired by them for absolutely no earthly reason

A unique event is about to unfold in American jurisprudence as the crowd bows their collective heads in thanks to Our Creator for His Much Needed Justice as a match is lit 100 feet from the cage. Finally, the punishment fits the crime.


Nick A. Pinny

Pat Boyle said...

Yesterday some anonymous took me to task for writing so often about schizophrenia. Why do I keep bringing that up?

I bring it up because it is relevant to the major themes of this blog and it reinforces some of the same points that Paul Kersey makes. Paul covers the popular press's black atrocity stories. What is his point?

His point is that the idea that has been peddled to the American people for three generations that blacks are oppressed victims who are just like white people except for skin color.

I try never to watch commercial TV but when I do I see that every commercial has one or more blacks in the scene. We now have mixed race couples and social groups where half the people are white and half are black. This is obviously the result of a government mandate. There are no Asians and not even any Hispanics. The law must be very specific. Blacks must appear so that the public gets the notion that blacks are completely interchangeable with whites.

Paul Kersey opposes that not very subtle mind control with citations of the truth. Me too. But my method is a little different. I try to focus on the academic research and the lesser known aspects of race. The government has taken upon itself the task of deceiving the public about race. They try to push the notion that blacks are just the same as whites under the skin. But that isn't so.

Blacks are must different from whites and the government wants to hide this fact. For example black mental illness is much different from white. Look up the gun shot statistics. Self inflicted gun shot wounds resulting in death is an almost only white phenomenon. Old white men when they get cancer or some other terminal disease quietly go off by themselves and shoot themselves. Blacks don't seen to do this.

Whites are prone to depression. But blacks ae prone to schizophrenia. These are the two major mental afflictions. This is why when the cops are called out because there is a naked man screaming incoherently and waving a sword around in the street - that madman is likely to be a black man.

We see this everyday. Blacks get in fights with armed police (as in Ferguson) or in a simple traffic stop (as with Sandra Bland). They seem to act crazy. I'm suggesting that a lot of these pointless police confrontations are just that - encounters with mentally deranged blacks. There are plenty of crazy white people but they express their mental problems in white oriented ways. They are depressed. They sit alone in the corner and cry. Black lunatics seem to get into fights with the police.

Black madness is very stereotyped. They do not just behave like a white person with a dark complexion.


Unknown said...


Thanks for posting. It's clear to me that the physician's community is becoming aware that blacks and whites are very different. It's nice to hear that the psychologists and psychiatrists may be realizing this too. The former group can do it under the guise of optimizing treatments; for example, a drug that works for a white man who presents with high blood pressure may not work for a black man with the same symptoms. Failure to recognize this would be racist, I guess.

I've also seen the odd article in Psychology Today or similar rags that deal honestly with race. The different suicide rates are not news to me, for example. Do you have any articles that deal with different incidences of schizophrenia by race? Or even different subclassifications of the pathology (e.g. paranoid schizophrenia)? Please post if you can.


Reverend B

Medic Bear said...

Building on Pat's very astute and accurate comment, the idea of the "paint theory" in medicine is absurd. We are trained in the epidemiology of pathopysiology and there are definite differences among the "races" - Blacks and hypertension, Asians with certain cancers, Whites with autoimmune diseases - there are numerous examples. In the ER, we also "profile" by socioeconomic and behavioral group - you have to in order to be a prudent clinician. Certain groups are much more likely have a certain infection or disease process than others - it is not only sound medicine but common sense. So anyone who starts the "we're all the same" BS is spouting PC Kool Aid and ignoring the very well established overwhelming evidence we are NOT all the same.

As the human genome is further decoded, we will see more and more of this and as some (including myself) have posited in other comment areas, there will be a point where the evidence can no longer be suppressed that Blacks are hard-wired (genetically speaking) to be violent, savage, barbaric, sociopathic animals - and I'm not invoking the "they can't help it, it's their nature" defense or excuse, either. This shows they are not able to control themselves and therefore should be segregated or eliminated, as there is no other way.

If a feral animal harms a human, they are put down. Or, more rarely, relocated to an area they won't be likely to be able to attack humans again. THIS is how we should treat Blacks. 'Sorry if this seems extreme but 35+ years of clinical practice has shown me, beyond a doubt, there are far fewer redeemable traits and individuals than those who are beyond hope and will simply cause pain, death and misery until they expire. For every IKAGO there are 100 criminal POS. or maybe 1,000. They all need to go, even the IKAGOs. And especially the half-breeds who can pass as non-Black. Maybe our forefathers were on to something with the "one drop" rule. They have a dominant genetic makeup with the selected traits being anything but positive and conducive to civilization.

NY Girl said...

I first heard of this story at Slate, but it wasn't until someone here (sorry, forgot who) noted who the cops were that I found out their race.

It's interesting, because the resident Affirmative Action Clean 'n' Articulate Negro hire, Jamelle Bouie, frequently writes about white cop/black victim stories, and he mentions the races of the people involved in Every. Damn. Paragraph.

So, it was really strange that no mention was made of it this time. I cannot for the life of me imagine why.

Anonymous said...

OK, Pat, now start psychoanalyzing my chickens with hydrophobia because they won't go in the pond swimming with my ducks. My point yesterday wasn't that they display, what would, in a human, be considered psychotic behavior but they're not human and trying to ascribe human conditions, emotions, or impulses to them is comparing apples to oranges.

It's like getting a pet Zebra and telling people there's something wrong with your horse because you can't seem to domesticate it to pull a carriage.

By negro standards "mentally challenged" "special needs" or "schizophrenic" doesn't have meaning. When it's the fat part of their bellcurve it's not an illness or some anomaly, but simply the way God made them. Just by comparing the way the rest of the herd reacts to certain behavior is telling. The sort of behavior that would get one ostracized from white civilization is considered "just turning his life around" and "a good boy" and "din do nuffins" in the negro "community".

Once we stop anthropomorphizing these beasts and really see them for what they are and act accordingly we will all be far better for it.

Anonymous said...

Responding to Pat Boyle; Like most of the commenters to this site, you get it dead on. They are not like us. Stay alert, stay alive. Avoid all contact.


The Matrix and They Live rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, Pat, knowing WHY a deranged, vicious beast (human, subhuman or animal) is genetically disposed to want to fucking murder, maim, torture, beat you to death, chop your head off or otherwise have you for dinner is totally and absolutely a moot point in the case of a N**** and otherwise completely irrelevant in the case of a predatory animal.

The very first thing we do in either case is freakin' kill it before IT kills us! It's called survival, and trying to learn the "whys" of certain behaviors that can cause our death at the hands of other genetically inferior savages is a fool's game which serves merely to enrich shrinks and psychologists. Moreover, this foolishness further serves to perpetuate and embolden a white, traitorous political power structure pulling the strings behind the scenes, and who consciously use these nasty, uncivilized beasts as a battering ram against white society.

One doesn't examine the bridge steel when the structure is collapsing over their head.


Nick A. Pinny

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

A hundred years ago—even fewer—the idea of black lawmen was beyond belief. Now look whet we have done. Just sickening,

And yes, had the races been reversed, this would have been the biggest news in the country. Another one of Obama's sons.

Why? Why the negro worship? My thinking is just that it is white guilt that has snowballed to the level of bizarro.

Anonymous said...

PK said As it stands, this story is farce, only cited by websites few people are free to visit at work or share with their friends, unless they desire being called a racist.

This is no exaggeration. I first learned of this murder during a break at work through a comment posted on this very blog. SBPDL is specifically blocked on my employer's network and most likely an alarm is triggered when access is attempted. To reach SBPDL on the office computer it is necessary to re-boot the computer on a second operating system then access the Internet via borrowed unsecured wireless. When browsing SBPDL at work I have a weird feeling that I'll soon be visited by the Gestapo.

Anonymous said...

The officers are obviously AA cops. As could occur only in BRA these AA cops apparently have previous criminal records as well as no less than five pending civil rights violations. Prior allegations include assault and battery and rape or attempted rape. This tragedy is the natural result of arming an average black with the associated low IQ, propensity for violence, and lack of future time orientation.

Brian in Ohio said...

6 years old, autistic and shot 5 times....Animals. I`m really at a loss for words on this one...Just animals....

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

Going back to the "libarry closures" in Philadelphia. Apparently, libraries in Philadelphia can't open unless there is a security guard available.

"In addition to shrinking staff numbers, new regulations instituted in February require a library branch to have four workers, including one security guard, in order to open. But the system hasn't had enough guards to meet this requirement for months, partly because 11 guards were transferred to other city duties last December."

I wonder why guards are necessary.

"The unscheduled closings are the most visible symptom of the library system's troubles, and are particularly disruptive for computer users (42 percent of the city's households don't have Internet access) and parents who need a safe place for their kids after school."

So is the library also a day care center?

10mm AUTO said...

Those comparing a negro to a predatory animal are right on. That kid looks like he weighsin at 45 pounds soaking wet and they shot him five times!


Is this politically directed? Is this simply negros gone wrong? Trying to "understand" the beast is silly. negros sometimes "go off" if they are disrespected or high or frustrated or simply because there is only one pork chop left. We have seen negros throw their lives away (or the lives of others) because the order was wrong at the fast food store. We have seen intoxicated negros EAT peoples faces off (a behavior we still don't see in the White community) after ingesting bath salts.

They are a different species that we are and they harm our society with their presence.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Making fundamentally retarded, criminal Nigrahs (but I repeat myself) sworn police officers is on a par with appointing the late Idi Amin to run the DOJ. Wait, they already appointed his clone with Eric Holder and now we have his twin sistah, Loretta.

Geez, ya can't even parody what's going on in real life anymore! Mad Magazine and The Onion just may as well fold up. Even their guys can't match this Hall of Mirrors called America. Street thugs and common criminals are now running the government and putting the good guys in jail! This used to be the stuff of real life nightmares, but now IT IS real life! If Batman and Superman showed up in any of our major cities, orders would go out from 1600 Pennsylvania to nuke them on the spot, even it if meant 500,000 citizens (preferably white) taking the hit with them!


Nick A. Pinny

Anonymous said...

Just found this gem- and it doesn't have any black males involved at all. Black girls in their natural state.

The end is the most brutal part.

Anonymous said...

At this young man's wake in Hattiesburg now. What a senseless action by the power hungry spooks. Needless to say there are a few more eyes open to what's going on. I gotta say ninja turtles never looked so sad...

Anonymous said...

...and parents who need a safe place for their kids after school.

Well, what is making their own neighborhoods so unsafe such that they have to hunker down at the library? I know, it must be:
* Cops gunning down teens with their hands in the air.
* The KKK burning crosses on front lawns.
* White skinhead gangs flashmobbing aspiring rappers.

How much longer will it be before libraries start going wrong?

Anonymous said...

As long as we allow these proven low IQ, racist, and violent beasts to rule over us these types of crimes will become commonplace. Our "leaders" have turned a blind eye to such acts. Meanwhile Mainstream Media and the Powers That Be push the worship of failed black culture as an "ideal" that other more advanced races of beings should aspire to. In effect they've turned Maslow's steps into a sliding board and are "helping" us slide down as fast as possible.

fed up in md said...

Texas said: "Why the negro worship? My thinking is just that it is white guilt that has snowballed to the level of bizarro."

Yes I think you've nailed it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had the misfortune of watching Talmudvision in ages but tonight I was having dinner with friends and caught some shuckin' and jivin' negro in the "history" channel claiming to be the great to the 6th grandson of Thomas Jefferson.

Now considering not more than 3 out of 10 nogs even know who their father is, what really are the odds of this jamoke being able to trace his ancestry back more than 50 years? What a crock of shit.

To the rest of you who have already killed your TV... you're still not missing anything.

Anonymous said...


AA hiring policy at its best. Orcs haven't the IQ to become cops..... they will revert back to their primal instincts to kill and steal at the drop of a hat.

Quinnotaur said...

Ummm, was there a "pursuit"? If so then as a white man I blame the boy's father?

Anonymous said...

When I sent two children off to college campuses nearly 20 years ago, it was a feeling of safety for my kids. Bucolic, pastoral campuses that I never feared for my kids. Nowadays I would be a nervous wreck with children away at school. I see what has happened to college towns since diversity reared its ugly head at institutions of higher learning. Let everyone in! Screw the S.A.T.s and A.C.T. scores. Don't bother to look at their high school transcripts. Let the diverse students rack up student loan debt that they have no intention of paying back. I see an executive order coming down to forgive all black student loan debt. College degrees will become useless pieces of paper. Kids are already being passed through. Have fun America. The dumbing down of every institution from elementary all the way through graduate school. Sickening!

awakened white said...

like the murders in Waco, Tx in the 90's no difference, White lives matter!

White Trash Hillbilly said...

I read about this dispicable act and cannot find words to express my feelings. The seething anger and rage Im feeling would only get my comments squelched if I were to spell it out. Im sure we all feel alike. THIS MUST END!

On another note...

I have been asked the following question by a liberal:

"Name one law that SPECIFICALLY disenfranchises whites to the benefit of blacks?"

I suggested Affirmative Action, but he insists that white women are the primary benificiaries. Since I don't have proof that isnt true I let it go.

I was hoping the esteemed cohort of knowledge here might be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

NY Girl said...

Do not EVER do that!!!! Not worth the loss of your job. Read SBPDL on your phone or in the privacy of your own home, like the rest of us.

NY Girl said...

TJ Sotomayor on YouTube has been for loosing the case of a nine-year-old shot seven times, most likely as retribution for something his sperm donor did. The boy's maternal unit (nothing "motherly" about her) got in front of the camera, and, after looking side to side to make sure she was the center of attention, announced to the news crew that her now dead son had promised to buy her a house when he grew up. She then pretended to cry, but there were not tears. She used a GoFundMe page to raise money "for the funeral," but instead used the proceeds to buy herself a new car before the kid was even in the ground.

They are NOT LIKE US!!

Californian said...

Geez, ya can't even parody what's going on in real life anymore!

Right you are. Can you imagine trying to explain what is going on in the USA today to anyone from, say, 1950? How entire cities have been laid waste with scarcely a white word of protest? Or the various antics of the Obama administration? Or how "conservatives" kowtow before black demagogues like MLK, jr?

Then again, there were visionaries like Lothrop Stoddard who saw where it could all go with the Rising Tide of Color...

Anonymous said...


Should be first degree murder.

I hope Chris Few sued the h3ll out of the department who sent these troubled, lying thug idiots to patrol.
I read these two thugs have many troubling issues.


Anonymous said...

There are those that are aware. This Blog helps those who are not. Negroes are killers. They destroy everything around them. We must generalize, there is no other way to evaluate what we see before us. Negroes kill. They rape. They attack in groups and hurt innocent human beings. They destroy the physical environment. They require untold financial support to feed, house, medicate and educate.

What does the society get in return for doctors, nurses and associated medical personnel working on these negroes that have been shot? We get nothing in return. There is no gratitude. They go on to kill and maim again. Negroes are the most destructive biological force on this planet. More destructive than the plague or ebola. Unlike either of those pathogens, we pay this force to reproduce. We pay a lot. We get what, bakkaball players, feestball players, rappers? If you are white and you continue to support negro ball players, you are as guilty as anyone. Stop it. Take your negro jersey and burn it.

Anonymous said...

C'mon PaulK...They didn't intentionally kill the kid. It was collateral damage stopping the fleeing father who was trapped at a road dead end and was backing up into the officers....

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but with all the brouhaha over the blacks in Missouri holding their school hostage I did some searching and I came across this scouting report:


6' 6", 215 lbs. Wide Receiver. Hottest prospect from Texas in the last ten years. Loves rap music. Demands a mini-cassette in his helmet. Currently holds world record for the most "you knows" during an interview (62 in one minute). Wayfron can print his complete name. Signed with Tennessee.

6' 3", 220 lbs. Running Back. Set state scoring record out of Triton High School, Dunn, N.C. Also led the state in burglaries, but has only 9 convictions. He has been clocked at 4.2 seconds in the 40 yard dash with a 19" TV under each arm. Signed with Mississippi State.

6' 1", 195 lbs. Running Back. From Tyler, Texas. Has processed hair and imitates Billy Dee Williams very well. Before he signed his letter of intent, he wanted the school to change colours to chartreuse and pink. Listed his church preference as "red brick". Signed with the University of Houston.

6' 8", 310 lbs. Tackle. From a 4th generation welfare family. At 19 he's the oldest of 21 children. Mother claims Woodrow and child No. 9 have same father. He has a manslaughter trial pending, but feels he will be found innocent because: "The dude said sumpin' bad 'bout my Momma". On his entrance form, he listed his IQ as 20/20. Signed with the University of Texas.

6'4", 225 lbs. Quarterback. Born on an Amtrak train. Birth certificate indicates he is 24 years old. Thinks the "N" on Nebraska's helmets stands for "Nowledge" but still meets this school's stringent entrance requirements. Insists on wearing No. 32 jersey since it matches his score on his SAT's. Signed with the University of Oregon.

6'10", 228 lbs. Wide Receiver. Has a pending paternity suit and two rape trials, but hopes none of his other 9 victims will file charges. Tyrone had already signed letters of intent with six other colleges, but was also willing to sign with us. Likes wild women and red Cadillac's. Thinks Taco Bell is the Mexican Telephone Company. Signed with University of Miami.

6'10", 305 lbs. Guard. Played high school ball under the name Sylvester Lee Jones until he discovered religion. Abdul thinks Sherlock Holmes is a housing project in Jacksonville, Fl. Doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fear'. (Doesn't know the meaning of many other words, either.) Signed with the University of Florida.

NOTE: College track coaches intend to use several of the above signees in their track programs. However, instead of using a starting pistol at track meets, the NCAA has now agreed to use a burglar alarm.

Anonymous said...

"So is the library also a day care center?"

In the Delaware Valley, libraries have been day care centers for at least 30 years.

In Chester, PA, that nexus of black violence and doltishness (also my home town and that of my ancestors), here is the library:

The parents are illiterate, the kids are ineducable, the grammaws raising the chillens of they teens are obese as fuck, the teens are off beating mentally disabled whites...

...and the librarians themselves are idiots.

"'re child will never even know s/he's learning."

You can say that again.

But hey. They've got the big Oz Head of Michael Kong, and a big tax dollar supported free food kitchen, and murals of flying jigs on the entry wall.

This is what Negroes and their enablers wrought in an area that was once the nation's birthplace of liberty, science, technology, and Enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

It will be so nice when the Obama administration is officially out of power. I am so sick of him stoking the flames with negros. As if they are not already violent and filled with hate already.
I remember right after he was elected walking In grocery store and being glared at by an obese negro woman. I started noticing this more often and concluded that is was due to Obama winning. They see this as payback time for slavery against all Whites, no matter the fact that the vast majority of White America arrived post slavery or the fact that only a minuscule amount of Whites owned slaves during the era. No, that means nothing to blacks. They just hate White people because of envy and they attach the ills of the past to justify their overwhelming hatred for people of European decent.
I will be voting for Trump if he is the nominee, if not I will vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton, the wife of a serial rapist. I am not sure this nation survives a two term Clinton Presidency. We are on very shaky ground after 7 years under the corrupt and incompetent Obama.

Anonymous said...

I posted this story on my FB page. (yes, I know. I understand what I'm doing.) It received two from a DWL-type who asked me why I would post such a "divisive" story, and one from a knee-jerk white cop defender, who said that there had to be "more to the story". My few black acquaintances who usually are posting BLM propaganda were strangely absent from the comments.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know how crazy those autistic kids get. Those officers were probably in fear for their lives! Plus the white skin, the blue eyes - it probably triggered some latent memories of their ancestors being whipped by cruel Massa down on the plantation 150 years ago. It was a matter of pure survival.

We should acquit them. Then award them several million dollars. These poor officers have been through enough.

Anonymous said...

Found a very good article from a few years back at Daily Kenn entitled, "Negro 'rascality' and how to deal with it.

Bad-behaving black people -- or negro rascality -- can be easily controlled when certain conditions are present.

That was the opinion of Samuel A. Cartwright, a 19th century physician who wrote frequent articles advising slave owners on proper management of their Negros.

The author points out that modern day American liberals are following this 19th century racist's prescription for dealing with blacks to a T. Definitely worth the read if you have the time.

traindoc said...

What happened to "Hands up! Don't Shoot!!"?

Anonymous said...

Convulsive electro shock therapy, frontal lobotomy and castration for these two subhumans should be the sentence.

Anonymous said...

One other thing, I see a story going around that in Chicago they re-elected a District Councilman even though he's sitting in jail on a large (73 lbs) marijuana bust, and has also been charged with a murder. Black, of course, Democrat, of course, will continue to get paid pending outcome of a trial, of course.

If you ask me that's the textbook example that blacks do not want law and order, they just want looksatmuh when they complain about it and more gibsmedats.

Anonymous said...

The media is too busy reporting on the social and racial injustices of the poor downtrodden student affuletes at Mizzou! Gotta keep that feetsball going.

Anonymous said...

Saw last night thtat fox news actually covered this story and ...... with photos of suspects. My local CBS covered it this morning .... With photos of suspects. This ones pretty haneous ..... maybe they just cant not cover it. Well see if they keep covering or bury it now!

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm going to try this one again since first try didn't make it past the goalie.

For the sake of consistency, I'm leaning towards the police on this one. So far the evidence presented is that this clown fled from police who were doing their lawful duty trying to serve a warrant. He chose to do this with his son in the car with him.

As far as I'm concerned, if you play negro games you win negro prizes. We haven't seen really any details yet but is it hard to believe that the same guy who would get into a high speed chase with his boy in the car next to him wasn't the sort who would pull a weapon or make some sudden aggressive move which would lead police to think they were in danger?

From my standpoint I don't want white neighbors who would get into a high speed chase trying to flee police or who would put themselves in a position to even have the warrant in the first place. I'm a firm believer in eugenics and IMO this sort of white man and his retarded son are really not what will take us into a future where we are colonizing the galaxy. If the driver had only got himself killed as well I'd call it a perfect Darwin Award.

Pull stupid stunts with police you're taking your life into your own hands. Doubly so when the police are 80IQ jungle primitives with low impulse control and highly aggressive.

What we should be doing with this story is using it to illustrate the double standard (if the races were reversed card), and also using it to illustrate that white folks don't burn down our cities when criminals or other deviants pay the consequences of their bad behavior. We accept this is the cost we pay to have civilization.

Anonymous said...

One poster said he blames the boys father. I see that. White people hold our own accountable first when appropriate. Initial reports are that the warranted charges for the father didn't appear seroius and that he was in fear for his life because of previous issues with one of the cops. Also the mother admits that she caused some of this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:02 p.m. Absolutely hilarious. Probably more spot on than you think! Thanks for the first laugh of the day.

Anonymous said...

This story about the little boy killed in Louisiana is now being reported on C.N.N. I am kinda surprised. No marches or looting have been reported.

NY Girl said...

S/b "following," not "for loosing."

NY Girl said...

It certainly was! All those sheboons around and they only ran over one! And YT will no doubt have to pick up the hospital bill since these idiots can't even murder each other properly.

Long Island Guido said...

Blacks are just a fuckin plague..plain and simple. EVERYDAY here in Deblasios progressive paradise a BLACK MALE is on the news shooting/robbing/raping someone. EVERY DAMN DAY!!


Anonymous said...

More importantly though, how is that Starbucks in Ferguson coming along?

Kulturkampf said...

He's just wrong. White women have good SAT scores and have been attending colleges in significant numbers for a long time. My Great, Great Grandma graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1898, lol.

NY Girl said...

White women ARE the primary beneficiaries. Blacks might get jobs or education spots due to AA, but they can't hack it and wash out. White women (and I'm one, so I can say this) at least possess the intellect to either do the job or schoolwork, or at least game the system so they can't be fired.

Plus, we're slightly easier to work with than Blacks. Slightly.

chattanooga gal said...

"So is the library also a day care center?"
I worked, briefly, in a walmart, and they used to just drop their kids off, send them to the toy department to play, and leave them there for hours. EVERYBODY is their free babysitter.

Long Island Guido said...

Anyone but Hillary? So the white hating Bernie Sanders is a possible option?

The election wont change a damn thing. Like many have said over and over here America is terminal....

Anonymous said...

I read on other sites the father did not try to run. The thug blacks made it up to cover their tracks.

Also, the muslim terrorist who stabbed people on a California campus, had a manifesto, was on a terror watch list, and the college knew. But lame stream media is not reporting anything but lies on both these travesties.

Lock and load. A war is coming.

Long Island Guido said...





A @ 11:52 AM.

I was reading your attack on PAT and actually somewhat agreed with you until you made the fictional, superstitious, sad, pathetic comment: ".....the way god made them".

Then I stopped reading your comment since I knew then you were too stupid.

Anonymous said...

White Trash Hillbilly -

You are being conned. The liberal is employing two different logical fallacies. First, he's setting up a strawman. Look it up. Second, he is reframing the entire controversy. The point is not a specific law explicitly targeting Whites. The point is an entire edifice of laws and edicts and special findings that explicitly favor non-Whites. Don't use logic and dialectic, use rhetoric. Read SJWs Always Lie (get it on Amazon) and read up on logic and rhetoric. A liberal's point is not rational and he will ignore any facts that don't support his narrative, as well as totally reframe (change the entire subject and focus) the conversation. You are aiming for emotional points (most people, particularly liberals, don't think, they feelz) and not debating points. Sarcasm (or insincere sincerity) is also extremely useful. Example: You're absolutely correct. Christian Whites are about 20% of Harvard's enrollment - obvious White privilege. It's White privilege that institutions set up hundreds of years ago to educate Christian White pastors now endow chairs to study evil White patriarchy. I'm pretty weak at the quick "comeback" verbally, but think schoolboy trash talk. That's the level you win on.

Anonymous said...

40,000 wildly exuberant young people had a great time this past weekend in Orlando. Everybody was drunk. Zero problems.

Can anybody guess why? Bingo, no black people attended.
Where were the blacks? I guess something named "Daisy" scares blacks? Sounds too wholesome?
One attendee told me the music form was created by Northern Europeans and simply does not appeal to the black brain. How great is that?

Anonymous said...

No matter WHAT the father did, the cops are only allowed to fire in fear of their lives or the lives of other. Unless some wild excuse comes up, I keep looking at that little boy and the justification for shooting him 5 times; its just not coming.....

Anonymous said...

More importantly though, how is that Starbucks in Ferguson coming along?

I visited the Ferguson Starbucks as part of a Tarentino grant for a class I am teaching at my university Corporate Response to African Persecution. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

You walk in through the security checkpoint, needed to keep KKK skinhead neo-nazis from bringing in their weapons. Over the loudspeakers are played the latest rap songs, replete with colorful terms that oppressed blacks use to refer to each other. Then you go to the counter where workers are protected from cop shootings by three inches of reinforced plexiglass.

After a mere 45 minutes, I got my fair trade soy latte vegan chi and felt enriched by being surrounded by so many peoples of color with their vibrant conversations about comrade Ho Chi Minh (at least I think it was about Ho Chi Minh--they kept referring to "Ho" this and "Ho" that).

I was going to work on my class notes, but for some odd reason my laptop went missing. No doubt some fascist made off with it. Oh well, my university will give me another free one. I can never understand why computer stores sell laptops for hundreds of dollars when my university gives them away at no cost. Well, perhaps it's part of corporate discrimination against people of color.

The only discordant note was when afterwards I was walking to my car. There were several teens of color in the parking lot, probably from the university's football team, since they were wearing athletic jerseys and expensive running shoes. I high fived them and wouldn't you know? The caffeine must have kicked in because I felt like something hit me in the back of the head.

Later, in the emergency room, a "police" officer asked me to make a "report" about something called a "contusion." I told him that I did not have a contusion, I had ordered a fair trade soy chi vegan latte.

Ivry Tower, BS, MFA
Critical Race Advanced Progressive Studies

Ex New Yorker said...

Tim Wolfe, the president of University of Misery just backed down from the OPPRESSED FOOTBALL THUGS and quit his job. More and more I am reaching the point where I no longer care what happens to these dumb ass stupid white people. A few nights ago I read FRED REED'S last rant. It was about the stupidity coming from the current educational system. The last line in the piece was....A COUNTRY DESERVES WHAT THEY TOLERATE. No truer words have even been spoken.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Here's a site you might find interesting...

Anonymous said...

These two non -white losers will just "hey white cops do it everyday to our brothers down with the struggle.Of course every thug criminal negro got what he deserved and saved the white taxpayer millions.Every story about cops killing innocent black people is absolutely unequivocally a lie.All these idiots were/are criminals.Everyone.So anyone of you idiot white liberals or any blacks say one thing to me I will be in your face and you will eat the words and lies you perpetuate.Idiot white liberals and blacks go to afreaka together and GET OUT>

Bogolyubski said...

Long Island Guido (quoting one who's been cucked)

Anyone but Hillary?

Now that the Repuke's Magic Knee-grow version 3 has been damaged by revelations that he's just another affirmative-action negro (though the Cuckstains will still insist he's Yeshua Ben-Carson of Nazareth come back from Zombieland), the 2016 edition of the mostess impotent errection evvahh will proceed more along the planned path (prepare the way for Prince Jebbush of the Cuck Dynasty to challenge the Great Witch of Chappaqua). D. Trump will be the stalking horse - playing the role of Ross Perot, until taking a sudden fall just before the decision is announced. The Masters of the Universe have decided they want either Jebbush or HRH Hillary of Chappaqua as their next reader of announcements issued from the squid central committee. Voting makes no difference whatsoever. There's only one party and things only move in one direction. If you've not figured this out by now, you're IQ is down there in the negro range.

Keep in mind - every single one running on both sides serves the squid. The only possible loose canon is Trump, who might be enough of a megalomaniac he thinks he could win and not serve every whiim of the Learned Elders of Wye, in which case they'd have to arrange a Dylan-style Roof to fall in on him without warning. From the Socialist Bernie Sanders to the Huckster from Arkansas, a Cuckstain Preacher with a special fondness for turning violent negroes loose upon YT, to that absolute perfection of the Repuke ideal, the Pink Palmetto Princess of South Carolina, Miss Lindsay Graham herself (who miraculously keeps getting 'erected' over and over in what is supposed to be one of the most "conservative, backward, redneck" places in Bananaland where the dread YT Rayciss has been rumored to be lurking in the swamps amongst the alligators and Spanish moss, draped in the Confederate flag torn down from the state house, howling like the shade of Bedford Forrest on moonless nights), all march to the same droning cephalopod beat: YT must die.

N.C. realist ll said...

from 11/8/15 @ 11:02pm

This list made my day! Very creative, but not too far from the truth... I copied and sent it to a few of my friends who can not seem to break away from feetsball and baketball when the game is on TV.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

If youre interested in reading a bit further into the issue Anon mentioned, "Negro Rascality", heres a link to the original text published in the 19th century by Dr. Samuel A. Cartwright.

(located at none other than PBS's website)

Californian said...

Keep in mind - every single one running on both sides serves the squid. The only possible loose canon is Trump...

Alas, this looks like it is the case.

What is most annoying is the frequent phone calls, blog posts and emails from mainstream conservative friends about the pros and cons of this or that GOP candidate, or how we must "stop Hillary," or bemoaning the lack of a real Republican like Ronald Reagan.

They still assume the game is real as opposed to a shadow show on Plato's Telescreen.

The radical left has a slightly more realistic view of the elections. They have critiqued it as a One Party System, or at least once did (ala Jim Hightower) representing corporate interests. But what the left refuses to recognize is that they too are another corporate front.

Just look at how the left is financed by Soros, the corporate foundations, Wall Street financiers (major contributors to the ACLU, by the way). It was the CEO of Coca Cola who put the screws on the South to integrate way back in the day. And today, the corporations are importing the third world into white homelands.

Maybe the reason the left supports the system is a dawning realization that it is the totalitarian state that they have favored ever since the Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace. What the heck, they figure, at least in the New World Order they'll get some of the table scraps.

This is opposed to the conservatives, who are going to be left out in the cold, and increasingly ethnically cleansed from their cities (from Malmo to Baltimore) if not wiped out. But wait, there will a Ben Carson on the horizon to get that black seal of approval, so all is not lost!

As for Trump. It just may be he is a real American rising to the crisis. Or just a false flag op in the war against YT.

Regardless, the central dilemma is in getting white people to take that Red Pill.

Inferior Infidels said...

ahh, O/T but so worth posting...... simply because it's the truth but none of that
matters with the black plague that is also in the line-up, at the very top....
needless to say, only YT is capable of actually seeking out the truth. It's no
wonder why they want us deceased. Thoroughly. Promptly. Extinct...

The Cancer is Terminal. It cannot be healed or saved. Outcome = FATAL...

Congratulations Mizzou Football!

When your children look back on this turning point in our nation's history and ask you why you didn't do something to help save our country, I'm sure you'll be proud to tell them that you were too busy protesting swastikas in the bathroom at the college that was giving you a free education for playing a game.

Meanwhile, in the real world...

We give nukes to our enemies
We try to spend our way out of debt
We legalize drugs
We insult Christians and praise muslims
We open our borders to diseases and drugs
We bow to the leaders of other countries
We alienate our allies
We change the whole meaning of "marriage"
We spy on law abiding Americans
We grant amnesty to illegal aliens
We prosecute white cops who shoot black criminals
We ignore black on black crime
We sympathize with rioters
We encourage divisiveness
We leave our ambassadors to fend for themselves in terrorist countries
We tax businesses into bankruptcy
We trade votes for cell phones
We let the government take over the healthcare industry
We demoralize and downsize our military
We bypass The Constitution
We negotiate with terrorists
We drive up the national debt
We give guns to Mexican drug cartels
We attack the Second Amendment
We let the IRS operate outside the law
We allow our POTUS to pretend he doesn't know about any problems
We make friends with communist Cuba
And then we get told that the world is a better and safer place because of it.

Inferior Infidels said...


Laugh of the day award !!

Thank you for that. We all could use a bit of humor through these hard times of today.

Inferior Infidels said...

Hey White Trash Hillbilly,

Update for you on our once beloved city of Shaker Heights.

It seems sometime within this past week a (single) mother of 2 that now resides
in a home in Shaker Heights had her garage broken into. Her burglar alarm system
went off, she called 911, LEO's responded, caught suspook in the act, got shot
for not obeying LEO's orders.

Homeowner stated that this wasn't the first time her garage has been broken into.

Poor Shaker Heights, once surrounded on the outside by the cancer. Needless to say, not before long would the city itself catch the cancer. Surrounded by it only to eventually be consumed by it. The white folks can't scramble to get out of there fast enough. They're literally trying to get every red cent possible out of their ill-fated investments (houses). Truly a sad state of affairs. But then again, not really, since the majority of them same folks are the same responsible for thinking they are just like us. So, I'm all for them getting screwed, since I've already gone through the process myself. I love to see them get a taste of their own medicine.

RIP Shaker Heights, Ohio. A city that once stood for everything the white man
was capable of inventing, creating, building, maintaining, all to be given up
freely by those who not only do not represent anything of what the city once
stood for, but instead what it will be reduced to by the black plague.

Yes, the cancer IS REAL......... stay safe my friend and all others here....

White Trash Hillbilly said...

I miss a few things about Cleveland that Ive been unable to find elsewhere.

A first class art museum with free admission...truly top notch.

A great music scene with top name performers regularly in town.

The Barking Spider Tavern, my preferred watering music 7 nights! (Martin RIP)

There was a little corned beef sandwich shop on the south side of town that was so excellent!!! Goodmans I was awesome!

The 24/7 donut shop In Little Italy and the Baricelli

The Grog Shop In Cle Hts...I saw Mick Taylor and Donna the Buffalo play there!

Cleveland had some great things going for it and I hope to someday get back there for at least one last visit. Hopefully a few nice things will be left.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

One point about cancer.

When removing cancer surgically you have to remove a margin of healthy tissue surrounding the affected area to insure you capture all the infected cells. This means that in order to remove the cancer, you have to sacrifice a portion of perfectly normal, healthy cells that just happen to reside next door to the cancer cells. Its an unfortunate reality, but a reality nevertheless.

Similarly, when you treat the body for cancer with chemotherapy you subject the body to a "measured poisoning" designed to kill the weaker cancer cells along with some normal, but stronger, non-cancer cells. The rationale being that over the course of the treatment, the weaker cancer cells will die and although negatively effected, most of the stronger normal (non-cancer) cells will recover.

If we want to consider the negroes as a cancer, then logically a portion of the non-negro society must be sacrificed in order to surgically correct the problem. The chemotherapy analogy means that we must poison the entire population in order to cause the demise of the weaker, undesirable portion, again sacrificing some portion of normal society in the hope that once the undesirable portion has expired, then stronger portion will recover.

Im not clear exactly which is the better solution, but it becomes evident that the ultimate sacrifice must be made by some if any are to survive.

Awake said...

Thank you. Very interesting. I heard on the radio today a spot geared towards black mental illness. I don't recall the exact website or organization but I did get the jist that this is more common than most believe

Anonymous said...

"I haven't had the misfortune of watching Talmudvision in ages but tonight I was having dinner with friends and caught some shuckin' and jivin' negro in the "history" channel claiming to be the great to the 6th grandson of Thomas Jefferson."

Jefferson Y-chromosome DNA occurs in some male nigs who can trace their ancestry to Sally Hemings, a quadroon thought by many to have been Thomas Jefferson's mistress as well as his slave. There's no absolute proof that old Tom was the culprit though. It could have been his brother Randolph, but it definitely came from one of them.

Anonymous said...

Everything on that library's website looks like a nightmare. There should be a sign that reads "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" on the front door.

Inferior Infidels said...

Ahhh WTH, well it seems that you were most definitely able to enjoy the better days
that Cleveland had to offer back in the day. By the time I was old enough to enjoy
them same things in Cleveland, most were either wiped from existence or it's changed
so much that you wouldn't want to visit it today, unless you were prepared to be

I was a teenager between the late 80's and early 90's. I do have different vivid
memories of Cleveland myself, let's just say that they were more the "sheltered"
versions as we were already trying to keep our distance from the impending stampede
that was heading our way.

Instead, I remember the good ole days as a youngin here in the "burbs" where we
still had great "teenage" things to enjoy doing, such as the roller skating rink,
the put-put golf courses and go-cart racing tracks to name a few, oh, and also worth
mentioning, Geauga Lake out in Aurora, Ohio, where by the time me and the gang
were all around 14 years old or so, had a season pass and we'd ride our mopeds
out there to enjoy a day of sunshine and fun. By the time I was 14, I had already
worked a summer job 2 years in a row, so it made me cherish the time I had off of
work even more. Much as I "try" to do today, but it's seemingly becoming more
difficult to enjoy that very same time off from work, not to mention trying to
find a place to enjoy it at today, besides home anyways.

I do remember when I believe I was 12 years old when I went to go see my first
concert. It was out at Blossom and it was the Motley Crew Dr. Feelgood tour.
I had a blast. Everybody literally had a gay ole' time. I only remember the
police directing traffic out of the place when the concert ended. Nobody got
into a fight. Nobody got killed. There might have even been a few women that
got impregnated that night, but it surely wasn't out of being raped....

It's nice to see someone here though that remembers some of the best days that
Cleveland had to offer. I enjoyed back in the day when Cleveland already had it's
own diversity that made it a special place to call home for many. You had Little
Italy, Slavic Village and Ohio City just to name a few. All white people from
different European countries who really made Cleveland a vibrant place to call home.
A very far cry from the BS vibrancy we now have here today............

Ahhh, Ok, I get nauseated just thinking about what it used to be compared to today.

West 6th street bar, forgot the name. Live Jazz band was playing there.
One of the better nights I remember in downtown Cleveland. Luckily that night
I was in good hands (good friends). I got a little plastered but my friends
took care of me. I woke up the next morning on their couch. Good times.....

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the photos of these 2 fine upstanding officers, it was obvious one was black.
When I saw the same mug shots later, it was clear both were black.
Several times now, it appears that the major networks, when they show a black suspect, try to make them appear less black.
Is this something they're really doing or is it just me?


Bogolyubski said...

When I first saw the photos of these 2 fine upstanding officers, it was obvious one was black.
When I saw the same mug shots later, it was clear both were black.
Several times now, it appears that the major networks, when they show a black suspect, try to make them appear less black.
Is this something they're really doing or is it just me?

They'll be white-supremacists before you know it. After all, if a Peruvian octaroon is a 'white-hispanic', the mulatto Oregon shooter a 'white-supremacist', the Ministry of Truth will have these two bantus looking like Vikings, complete with horned-helmets, by the end of the week. The idiocracy will believe whatever they're told. Why not? Who's going to stop them? Fox news?? Why do you watch it, by the way? You expecting anything true to come out of that jujubox? You'd have better luck with a Ouija-board.

Bogolyubski said...

Cucked Anonymous:
What we should be doing with this story is using it to illustrate the double standard (if the races were reversed card), and also using it to illustrate that white folks don't burn down our cities when criminals or other deviants pay the consequences of their bad behavior. We accept this is the cost we pay to have civilization.

There is no double-standard. There is a single-standard, which is that YT must die. The bantus in uniform are all in favor of it. Those who operate and control BRA - the system we live under - plan on it. Most of the their 'oat-keeper' white-skinned comrades will kill for the negro as well, since they'll obey any order, no matter how treasonous or lawless it is, coming from the criminals who issue the orders. A one-sided war is underway and there is no rule of law (a long-dead fiction by now). The problem with folks like yourself - who continue to believe in Disney fairytales - is that you refuse to see what is before you and insist on seeing the fairy tale you were taught to believe in. You can continue to believe your cuck stories for a time, but the day will come when you will made to choose by reality itself. We're not voting our way out of this. Deny it all you like, but there's a war underway - coming to you (all of us, actually) sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

"I was reading your attack on PAT and actually somewhat agreed with you until you made the fictional, superstitious, sad, pathetic comment: ".....the way god made them".

Then I stopped reading your comment since I knew then you were too stupid."

If I had said the way "evolution" shaped them would that make you feel better? The point being forces which we cannot fool or fight have made the negro a stupid, soul-less, violent beast and no amount of effort will change their nature.

I'm superstitious yet you probably believe that 200 million years ago a crocodile decided to grow tits, produce milk, then develop the instinct to stick around to nurse its young and became the first mammal. While I can totally see a pig becoming a bear through very slow mutation and environment, wolf to dog, human biodiversity, etc. but the whole "evolution" thing doesn't offer me much by way of showing the sense in transition between the higher orders of life forms. Gills to lungs, sure they follow the same basic function, but the "in between" stages for a few thousand generations that we have to assume would be functionally not as good as either organ in the form we know it.

Furthermore I could have said the earth is flat and the moon is made out of Swiss Cheese and that need not discount the validity of my statement that negroes are not human and should not be held to human standards of behavior. Particularly when the measure used is the bullshit Bolshevik pseudo-science of psychology which doesn't even use the scientific method.

Anonymous said...

Donald trump for president .. Hell yes

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Let us hope that Trump can get elected, if not for substantive change, for the entertainment value alone.

I dont know if the POTUS can really change anything or, as Bogoly likes to say, just dances to the squids tune.

Trump is a good white man and would be a good leader (IMHO). I believe his heart is in the right place.

If he doesnt get the nomination, then I dont care who gets elected.

Californian said...

There is no double-standard. There is a single-standard, which is that YT must die.

This is so. And what is disturbing is how too many white people, even when you explain it to them, refuse to recognize the threat...or even cheer it along.

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide." James Burnham

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

(Quoting CENTURION): "I was reading your attack on PAT and actually somewhat agreed with you until you made the fictional, superstitious, sad, pathetic comment: ".....the way god made them".

Then I stopped reading your comment since I knew then you were too stupid."

If I had said the way "evolution" shaped them would that make you feel better?

We really should avoid this kind of pointless argument, and particularly the personal attacks. Calling another poster "stupid" is counter-productive.

Within the past few days I've seen, and involved myself in, a similar spat over at Radix, where a poster got quite nasty with another because of his religious belief. Ironically, the atheist was quite clearly the less intelligent of the two.

Look, this argument is pointless precisely because neither side can make a convincing case. The "magic of big numbers" that is the modern scientific consensus has no more explanatory power than the magic of supernatural beings. As Anon points out, it's a cop-out. We just don't know the answers. Nor do we need to know them. It's not relevant to our problem. Focus, people.

Anon, please get a handle so we can follow your arguments.

Bogolyubski said...

I think that's the only 1400-post thread I've seen at Radix, AM. I'm sure the $PLC, DHS, FBI, ADL, Soros-hires (hell they're all Soros employees regardless) and the rest of them were having a fine time stirring that particular pot to boiling. I got outta there pretty early on. Interesting example in action.