Monday, November 9, 2015

True Horror: Black Man Who Murdered White Deliveryman in Indianapolis was wearing a "Michael Myers" Mask

Freddie Kruger isn't real. 

Pinhead isn't real. 

Jason Voorhees isn't real. 

Zombies aren't real. 
These two black people participated in the murder of a white deliveryman in Indianapolis... it was the 14th time this year a black person has murdered a white person in the city (compared to four white people being suspects in homicides involving blacks)

But a black guy, a professed member of the Bloods gang, who put on a Michael Myers mask and then murdered a white deliveryman is reality. [The killing that linked a Halloween mask, a Chinese food order and a frozen gun, Indy Star, 11-9-15]:

On the night of Nov. 3, the phone rang at a Far-Eastside Chinese restaurant and an order was placed:
General Tso's Chicken, two orders of chicken wings, some shrimp fried rice and a couple of 2-liters of soda.
These would be the last items Mark Miller would ever deliver. An hour later, he would be shot dead.
Prosecutors have charged Peter James Hutchings Jr., 25, and Terri Williams, 17, with Miller's slaying. Williams is being charged as an adult.
Police found Miller, 27, dead inside his black Ford truck shortly after 10 p.m. after being dispatched to the 2200 block of Windsong Drive on a report of shots fired in the area and a vehicle that had crashed into an apartment building.
Witnesses told detectives that they saw a few people hanging around outside the apartment building on Windsong before the shooting, and that at least two of the individuals had donned masks before shots were fired at Miller's truck.
To track down possible suspects, investigators said they simply used the number that called in the food order to the China King at 8654 E. Washington St., according to a probable cause affidavit.
The restaurant's owner told police that he had received another order from that same number on Oct. 30, and that the food was delivered to an apartment in the 9700 block of Shoreland Lane.
Detectives visited the Shoreland Lane apartment, which was leased by Hutchings' father, and found Hutchings and Williams inside. Hutchings invited police inside to talk, and an investigator dialed the number used to order the Chinese food.
A cellphone on the coffee table in the living room of the apartment rang, court documents said.
During her interview with police, Williams said Hutchings is a captain in the Bloods gang, and that he planned the robbery. When Miller pulled up in front of the apartment building, she said, he opened the door to his truck to get out but then closed it, as if noticing something was wrong, court documents said.
Williams told police that Hutchings, who was wearing a Michael Myers Halloween mask at the time, fired a shot at Miller when he tried reversing and taking off. After the shooting, Hutchings and Williams ran back to Hutchings' apartment on Shoreland, where he told her to hide the gun in the freezer.
When questioned about the incident, Hutchings changed his story multiple times, according to court documents. He finally acknowledged being at the scene when the shooting occurred but said the gun was fired by another man who was a friend of a friend.
Police recovered the Michael Myers mask by a trash bin on Windsong and a .380 Cobra handgun in the freezer in Hutchings' apartment.
Hutchings and Williams face charges of murder, attempted robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and conspiracy to commit robbery. Hutchings also faces charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, carrying a handgun without a license and two counts (one felony and one misdemeanor) of carrying a handgun without a license.
In 2009, Hutchings was convicted of robbery. He was released from prison earlier this year.
"Getting this person off the street hopefully means that another mother doesn't have to get the call at 1 o'clock in the morning that their son is gone," Miller's mother, Julie Gardner, told The Indianapolis Star days after the shooting.
Though not one employee at the Indianapolis Star, Fox 59 Indy, WTHR (NBC Indianapolis), WISH-TV (CBS Indianapolis), or RTV6 (ABC Indianapolis) has ever contacted the office of Indianapolis Public Safety and requested data on the suspects/victims of homicides in Indianapolis, SBPDL did. 

And for 2015 (January 1 - November 8), these important facts have been reported the Indianapolis Public Safety:

  • 125 homicides in Indianapolis
  • 36 of the incidents have a black victim/black suspect
  • 4 of the incidents have a black victim/white suspect
  • 55 of the incidents have a black victim/no suspect (thanks no snitching!!)
  • 14 of the incidents have a white victim/black suspect
  • 17 of the incidents have a white victim/white suspect
  • 4 of the incidents have a white victim/no suspect

So of the 125 homicides, four of the homicides had a white suspect/black victim, while 14 had a white victim/black suspect.

Pretty big story, considering the city of Indianapolis is a majority white city.

But like the horror story ending to Mark Miller's life, it's just not one many people want to explore.


Anonymous said...

I would ask why they would make the call from their phone and lead the victim to their residence and why would they be stupid enough to hide the gun in the freezer, but I know better.

Did anyone else have the word "Buckwheat" go through their head when they looked at the picture? I had no idea that it was a female until I got halfway through the article.

SwampThizzle said...

"General Tso's Chicken, two orders of chicken wings, some shrimp fried rice and a couple of 2-liters of soda."

"Two orders of chicken wings"

This is your first clue that you will not receive a tip. And that's the best case scenario here. I used to deliver pizza to ungrateful white trash and relocated Section Ape alike. Stay safe out there and avoid the groid.

Anonymous said...

"General Tso's Chicken, two orders of chicken wings, some shrimp fried rice and a couple of 2-liters of soda."

Was it grape soda?

Anonymous said...

Question: How many of the "White" suspects and "victims" are actually white, and not Arab, Latino, Indian, etc. Would love an update but understandable if the PD refuses to keep records of such.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Damn straight.

Solid post.

Keep it up, PK. More important now than ever!

PB said...

Oh, it was a woman. I had to backtrack through the story to work that one out. No wonder White on Black rape almost never happens.

Anonymous said...

There is no leadership for white people. None. The negroes have leadership. There's Barack Obama, President of the United States. There is the Attorney General. There is the head of the DHS. There is Sharpton. There is Jackson. There is Louis Farrakhan, who openly calls for the murder of men, women and children of European ancestry. He calls for that in this country. publicly. Then there are countless negroes in the media, employed by TV and cable stations, authors like Coates. There are wildly disproportionate numbers of negroes in the courts as judges and in academia, all the result of affirmative action.

Where are your leaders? There are none. They are frightened. They are so frightened that they resign their jobs because the f**king negro football team is aggrieved about some negro bulls**t.

There may be no white leaders, but you need to do what you can do at a personal level. There's a hundred non-violent responses, first of which is to never, ever in any way support negro sports. Undermine negro political candidates in any way possible. Drop any support for the media, that's cable, newspapers, movies, anything that might enrich the negroes who want you dead, or that particular class of whites that share their sentiment.

It's no longer just an aggravation. Negroes are dead serious about their goal of killing or enslaving you. They cannot read, write or do arithmetic, but they can kill. They do it everyday.

Ex New Yorker said...

I really can't believe just how stupid these fucks are. Uses a cell phone where the number can be traced. Kills a guy and he doesn't throw away the gun. In NY when the mod guys would off some fucker they used a THROW AWAY gun. The damn East River became filled with guns that were used in murders and then thrown off a bridge. How dumb can a guy be.

When I first posted on this sight I told how the TEENS would take over a street corner in NY that had a pay phone. The pay phone became their phone for dealing drugs. This was way before cell phones. Two or three TEENS would take over the corner and the pay phone became their property. Some geek would come to use the phone and they would chase him away. The Narcs started to tap the phones. All pay phones in NY started with the number nine. Street corner phones were wired and drug deals were being recorded. So the NAACP started bitching about profiling pay phones.

In the last years I lived there the city started their big WAR ON DRUGS and promoted the "DRUG FREE NEW YORK" campaign with an 800 number you could call to turn in drug dealers. After a while they ended the campaign because nobody called about drug dealers. Almost all the calls they got were from TEENS axing where they could get some FREE DRUGS. Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I must ask any troll reading this website: did black gangbangers murder fast food delivery personnel when the USA had...

...sundown towns?
...restrictive housing covenants?
...segregated schooling? like Bull Connor in charge of public safety?

Anonymous said...

Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, and Pinhead are all white men; and in the case of Myers, with his expressionless, bone white mask, the whitest of them all. Fans of the horror genre will remember that the original Michael Myers mask was actually adapted from a William Shatner/Captain Kirk mask. So here, subliminally, the cultural hero was transformed into a villain. All of these characters are part of the propaganda campaign, which started in the 70s and is still underway, to literally demonize white men. Of the four, Myers best fits the new stereotype, because as the story unfolds we see that he was simply born evil, and according to the narratives of political correctness, this is just how white men should always be regarded by everyone. Born evil. For a negro murderer, it's an interesting disguise, at once an excuse, a projection, and a mockery.

Anonymous said...

The faces of Hell fiends and demons.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought that 'Terri Williams' was a male who spelled his name in a quirky way, until reading further down the report.

Anonymous said...

Guns up!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a crazy idea, inspired by yesterday's post involving college and football. Why not try setting up a prison football league? If it draws enough viewers to compete with college football, we might finally be able to excise that tumor from learning institutions.

Practically, I know that moving that many prisoners around would be a problem. But would it be that much worse than the damage black afleets do to schools? Actually, we let criminals out all the time due to overcrowding. So even if some ball carriers did escape, it would reduce crowding, and thus not cause any more felons on the streets than there already are.

I'd find it expecially hilarious to see coonmunities reverse their "no-snitching" policy so they could "qualify" for a prison team.


kikz said...

kill it.

Anonymous said...

Exhibit A in the "low IQ, low future time orientation" deliberation...

Black guy plans a "robbery", wears a mask to remain "anonymous", but it never occurs to him that the number he had used multiple times to call in delivery orders from the same restaurant to his actual apartment could be used to track him down. "Planning" for blacks simply involves the moment. "A mask will keep me safe from detection during the killing and robbery", is the only consideration that ran through this guy's head, not "I wonder if that Chinese place I always order from, even as recently as last week, has a record of my phone number and apartment? Better give them a pay phone number this time just in case."

"...he opened the door to his truck to get out but then closed it, as if noticing something was wrong"

Yes, a "food delivery gone wrong". In actuality, the "something" he noticed was wrong was the appearance of a black guy wearing a William Shatner mask holding a gun.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are treacherous. No one should have to make deliveries in their neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Glock 17 gen 3, hornady CD xtp jacketed hollow points double stacked 18 high, XS big dot tritium sights, protec weapon light w/ strobe.

never leaves my side.

Legally bought and registered, CPL current, carried 100% in accordance with the letter of the law.

Never leaves my side.

Ian Smith said...

Anonymous said...
Exhibit A in the "low IQ, low future time orientation" deliberation...

I think you're overlooking the excellent police work:
1. Asking the Chinese restaurant for the address associated with the phone number.
2. Going to that address and then calling that number.....resulting in the dindu's sail foam, which was in the room, ringing.

Who could have foreseen the po-po would pull that off?

Anonymous said...

"When questioned about the incident, Hutchings changed his story multiple times, according to court documents. He finally acknowledged being at the scene when the shooting occurred but said the gun was fired by another man who was a friend of a friend."

Lying comes easier to these "people" than breathing does- I bet the only shocking moment for police officers these days is when they find out a Bantu is actually telling the truth. Changing your story multiple times when talking to a cop, when we add up all this guys fck ups it is obvious that MENSA isn't missing one of its members.

And thank you 45, I was laughing my ass off through your entire post. Keep it coming, you have a gift my friend!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker said ”I really can't believe just how stupid these fucks are. Uses a cell phone where the number can be traced. Kills a guy and he doesn't throw away the gun. In NY when the mod guys would off some fucker they used a THROW AWAY gun. The damn East River became filled with guns that were used in murders and then thrown off a bridge. How dumb can a guy be. . . “

We at SBPDL continue to be amazed at the stupidity of blacks. Their stupidity is entertaining, and it is a marvel of nature that something so stupid can reproduce so effectively and stay alive as long as they do. But honestly, we should be grateful that they are stupid. Presently they pose a risk to society that is similar to wild carnivores being set loose in cities. If they were intelligent, they would be really dangerous.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

A couple evenings ago I was thinking about the pizza delivery guy that got slaughtered in New Orleans a few months back.. remember that? I was thinking about Shitavious and DeCrapo shooting this guy in the head.. (relieving him of his white privilege), $16.80, and cellphone.. and then.. (and I wager you this actually happened).. settling into the crib to enjoy a large 4-topping pepperoni and extra cheese.. I bet these two simians here partook in the General Tsao's chicken as well.. Human beings would not of course, sit down and enjoy a nice meal after murdering an innocent person in cold-blood etc.. but I'm belaboring the point I guess..

eah said...

Sent the following email to the byline of this story:

I found this headline HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.
After all, the POOR GUY IS DEAD.
We don't need to hear about a "frozen gun" or a "Halloween mask" in the headline.
How is all/any of that interesting?
Answer: It isn't -- it's childish media bullshit.

What this story 'links' -- AGAIN -- more than anything is underclass Blacks with heinous, senseless violence.
Murdered for the few bucks he had on him from delivering Chinese food.
Yeah, a regular haul -- what masterminds they must have been to plan a sophisticated caper like that.

At least I didn't have to read about how it was a 'robbery gone wrong'.
Or 'random'.

Take a hard look at how a hugely disproportionate share of such criminality in Indianapolis is due to Blacks.
How about 'linking' that in a future headline?

Get a grip.

And BTW: Why no foto of the WHITE victim?

CJ said...

Do you ever watch The First 48? You would not believe haw incredibly bad the bix noods are at murder.
For a culture that worships criminality you'd think they'd eventually get better at it.

Anonymous said...

Once again we see that Blacks should stay away from a life of crime simply because they aren't very good at making risk/reward decisions.

How much money can you possibly get from a delivery man? Is that going to be worth the risk of an armed robbery charge? Why would you need to bring guns into the situation? It's not an armed guard.

Anonymous said...

breaking news [or noose]

SPARTANBURG, SC (FOX Carolina) - Delvin Tyrell

The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division are investigating a deadly shooting involving a campus police office officer that occurred Monday night at Spartanburg Methodist College.

The shooting happened around 8:45 p.m. near Powell Mill Road.

Deputies said two suspects ran from Spartanburg Methodist College campus police officers who were called to a report of a car break-in near Sparrow Residence Hall.

One male suspect fled to a vehicle, and an officer pursued. The suspect did not listen to verbal commands made by the officer, struck the officer with the car and the officer shot at the vehicle, deputies said. The suspect was killed.

Lt. Bobo with the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office said the responding officer felt in fear for his life and defended himself by shooting at the vehicle.

Coroner Rusty Clevenger identified the decedent as 20-year-old Delvin Tyrell Simmons.

Read more:

Awake said...

Thank you. we need to come together and defend ourselves against the black wave of entitlement and persecution that is only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

DWLs decide that media shouldn't be allowed on public property:

Another video

Look at the crazed eyes of the red headed DWL.

These people are not mentally stable.

Anonymous said...

The shrimp fried rice is also a dead give away. I've only ever heard one type of people order it at Chinese restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Dindu Nuthin Strikes Again!

A white invasion of the 'hood was thwarted!

Under the cover of so-called fast food delivery, white social imperialists attempted to displace heroic Africans from their own neighborhoods, built by labor expropriated from their slave ancestors. Let us not forget that "fast food" deliveries are a primary cause of food deserts, since they displace agricultural collectives which blacks would otherwise build were they not held down by YT.

Dindu Nuthin was alerted to the invasion by two heroic teens, donned his Mask of Social Justice, and descended on a street to go wrong. Dindu called upon his mighty powers of social justice, shots rang out, and the attack was repulsed.

Thus, reparations for 400 years of oppression were extracted! But this is only one small battle in a greater war for the BRA Way.

(cue heroic music, preferably the anthem of the African National Congress)

CJ said...


That red headed lady should sack up and volunteer to deliver Chinese food in the ghetto for a semester. I'd like to see how her paint theory ideals hold up when she's the only white woman in the monkey cage. Call it community outreach or a privilege reduction program or extra course credit or whatever liberal garbage you want. Get her off that manicured, sunny day lawn and let her see multiculturalism in action bussing takeout orders in the projects.

How many delivery runs until she starts longing for a partner to ride with, or double checking her door locks compulsively?
How many runs until she begins noticing the brighter vs. dimmer street lights in the parking lots, or starts itching for a single white security guard or to see just one more police car on patrol?
How long until she starts rolling through stop signs and midnight red lights, telling herself its just to save time and not because she's afraid? They wouldnt hurt her, they're just like us.

How many deliveries until she entertains the heretofore unthinkable notion of carrying a gun..?

How would she rationalize having those sickening, racist thoughts cross her DWL mind? I bet she'd be disgusted with herself, after all they're just like us.

Would it even get that far?
How many runs until she gets murdered for her sail foam and the $11.07 in her pocket?

Devout liberalism is indicative of individuals without experience existing amongst the very diversity they insist on forcing upon others.
Two days living or working amongst the vibrants is usually enough to reveal thier convictions as paper thin and are hastily abandoand the moment thier eyes begin to open.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who astutely named these pictures as the "faces of hell fiends and demons"...

I posted a story on a like-minded website about a guy who had a near-death experience. Instead of seeing white lights, angels, and harps, however, he apparently went to Hell. The interesting thing about the account, regardless of if you believe him or not, was how similar the "demons" were to the feral apes that run around our streets, sucker-punch old men and women, shoot people at random...and seem to love every minute of it.

Here's just a few lines from his story, but you'll easily draw the comparisons:

"A number of them began to push and shove me, and I responded by hitting back at them.
"A wild orgy of frenzied taunting, screaming and hitting ensued. I fought like a wild man. All the while it was obvious that they were having great fun. It seemed to be, almost, a game for them, with me as the center-piece of their amusement. My pain became their pleasure. My attempts to fight back only provoked greater merriment... Every new assault brought howls of cacophony...The best way I can describe them is to think of the worst imaginable person stripped of every impulse to do good... Basically they were a mob of beings totally driven by unbridled cruelty and passions." ~Howard Storm

Sound familiar?

Indeed, these are just two of many, MANY demonic faces out on our streets, seemingly having appeared straight from Hell.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

Different species, completely unlike us. Like the movie Enemy Mine if the alien didn't turn out to be friendly. And yet another generation grows up farther apart from them in every way. We've went from a myth- just like us but held down by unseen forces, to the truth. A primitive sub species walking among us, different in every way. So dangerous in every way that extreme caution and awareness must be used at all times. Complete avoidance is the safest and ALWAYS the most beneficial choice. Stay alert, stay alive. Use the same precautions one would use at a drive through zoo. Keep limbs and head inside. Do not imitate contact. Refuse all contact. Do not attempt to feed.

Best yet, don't even go to the zoo. If you must watch aliens and wild animals, watch them on a television screen or through an app.

Anonymous said...

CJ- BRILLIANT. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

PK, please do two posts: One about the black football team getting the dean and Chancellor to step down because they feel students are racist at Columbia!!!

And the one about the Halloween email at Yale!!! And the way the edumacated sow (a Yale student!!!) Was chimping out on the administrator.

As always, much love and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Here in Memfrica a white man was elected mayor over 15 negroes. God is real. There are miracles. The burning bush talked and I turned water into Kool Aid.


These charges are the key ones to watch.

"Hutchings also faces charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, carrying a handgun without a license and two counts (one felony and one misdemeanor) of carrying a handgun without a license."

These will be specifically plea-bargained down. The Feds and the Anti-Gun Nuts do not want these charges to be applied in this case. They want their laws used against any WHITE person. Then, if YOU have the nerve to have an unloaded, locked handgun, in the trunk of your car, and you're driving through New Jersey, THEY WILL POUNCE on you, WhiteAssCracka.

The more disposable negroes they have, shooting guns and killing people, the more "ammo" the Anti-Gun Freaks have to attack those awful guns. The love it when guns are used to kill. The more killings, the better.


They should also be charged for not paying for the Chinese food. So, you can add possession of a gun, by a felon, in the commission of robbery of a Minority owned business.


Notice that there is NOT one "black cuisine" restaurant that these chimps could order from, nor one that would even deliver, if it existed?

Why doesn't some leader of the community, Oprha? Cosby?, open up some restaurants in the negro parts of town and own the market. Black people eat, too, ya know.

Then, I can order some General Obama ribs, fried "the other white meat" hog jowls, slave-collared greens, sweetass potato "stuff my" pie hole, with a bottle of Grape Drank and Skittles for desert..................


It is very important we don't misspell our vocabulary:

It's "Dindu Nuffin"

"Nuffin" should rhyme with "muffin". Your lips have to slip and mis-pronounce the 2 syllables.

Anonymous said...

Stay out of the middle of the minorities. This poor white guy got killed delivering food for a Chinese restaurant to 0bama's son and daughter. The piddling amount of money isn't worth it. Let the Chinese deliver their own food if they want to try and make a buck that way. You know they have a relative that could have done the delivery job but they hired a white guy instead. That tells you everything you need to know - Stay Away!

Anonymous said...

Dang, so many Dindu Nuffins striking at once now, I'm trying to keep up with all
the details. Mind on overload. What is going on ? Seems like a lot but nothing is
being done to curtail it. Is this being done for a reason. Is it all about making
sure YT is dead at whatever means necessary ?

But yes, whoever stated this in a comment yesterday:


Had to be a person from only OUR brilliant intellectual species.
You are the IKAGO of our white race. Seems like the IKAGO meme applies
to our own just as much, if not more, than the IKAGO black that I never met.

The IKAGO throughout our very own people is hard to find, to say the least.

Most YT's are just as brainwashed as the lowly negr0.

That's probably an understatement. We KNOW most yt's are indoctrinated beyond
them even being able to recognize themselves anymore.

WoW, what a sad country this has turned into. Truly pathetic. Surreal.

It's a nightmare I hope I wake up from someday. That day will probably come
sooner than later. It might just be the day I actually die... is it only then
that it'll turn into a dream ?

D-FENS said...

"Did anyone else have the word "Buckwheat" go through their head when they looked at the picture? I had no idea that it was a female until I got halfway through the article."

First thing I thought - Sheet! Dat dude be Buttweet!

Anonymous said...

Minorities are the new America. It's too late for "only whites". The new mantra should be "anything at all but blacks".

Anonymous said...

Did Terri do a lot of work to make her hair look that way such as stick her finger in a light socket or allow a family of field mice to nest in it, or is that just the way negro hair looks after they eat shrimp fried rice?

Ragno said...

The unspoken sidebar to every story like this is that the deliveryman is always Asian or white. Because no black can be trusted with food, money or a company vehicle.

Anonymous said...

8-year-old Black boy in Birmingham sets new local record:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — An 8-year-old boy is being charged with beating a 1-year-old girl to death while they were left home alone as their mothers went to a nightclub, Alabama police said Tuesday.

Birmingham police spokesman Sean Edwards said the boy beat and killed 1-year-old Kelci Lewis when she wouldn't stop crying. The mother of the toddler, 26-year-old Katerra Lewis, also is charged with manslaughter for her role in the death of her daughter.

"This is by far one of the saddest cases that I have witnessed and been a part of since I became a police officer," Edwards said. "This type of irresponsibility on behalf of a parent is totally unacceptable," he said.

Edwards said the 8-year-old was the oldest of six children left alone as their mothers, Katerra Lewis and a friend, went to a nightclub on the night of Oct 11. The 8-year old is the son of Katerra Lewis' friend. The friend has not been charged.

A 6-year-old who was in the home that night told police what happened, Edwards said, and the information was consistent with the toddler's injuries. Kelci Lewis suffered severe head trauma and major damage to her internal organs, police said.

Edwards said the 8-year-old is the youngest murder defendant he's ever been aware of in the Birmingham area.

It's yahoo so be sure to look at the comments.

Anonymous said...

Staying out of negro neighborhoods is excellent advice but I'd also apply that to neighborhoods that are "mixed."

Mixed neighborhoods are ideal Orc hunting grounds because they know a mixed neighborhood is less threatening to those who might enter and the potential victim will not be as alert and on guard.

In my town, an Orc made a fake call for late night "help with his car" in a "mixed" (mostly white) area and the tow truck driver was attacked, severely beaten and robbed and, due to his injuries, is now permanently disabled.

Orcs know that companies are generally not willing to send delivery drivers or service people into negro infested areas so they target their victims in areas that appear safe on the surface. No great surprise there!

Arming delivery people for their own protection is an obvious possibility but then the issue arises of Orcs trying to provoke some sort of confrontation so they can claim they were "intimidated, scared for dey life" and "dis be raycism" so they could sue a company for all dat green since they "wuz traumatized, cain't sleep no mo' and cain't work neither." Thus, you'd also have to equip the employee with personal audio/visual recording equipment to sabotage those attempts. The costs of dealing with negroes just keeps going up and up as with everything else affected by them. The only real solution is segregation just as it used to be.

In a non PC environment, not delivering to negroes could be an Occupational Safety and Health Issue. No company could force an employee to engage in behavior that put them at risk of life or limb. Telling an employee to deliver to DaShaun and Shaniqua would be on the same order as telling an employee who was soaking wet to re-wire an electrical outlet. Going even further, I'd consider such an order to deliver to DaShaun and Shaniqua to be a violation of the employee's human right to be safe and secure in their person and not be subjected to undue risk.

Put me in charge and negroes will being rioting coast to coast.
Of course, then a "shoot to kill" order would go out and no surviving injured negro would receive any free medical treatment. Which, of course, would create a massive public health hazard as all the baby momma's would be screaming, "who goan pay to hab muh babies buried?" You'd wind up with thousands of negro corpses littering streets and yards everywhere.

No matter what you do, Negroes Are Always Causing Problems.

Pat Boyle said...

First of all there is specifically black food. It's called 'Soul Food'. In the seventies there used to be Soul Food restaurants modeled after Italian or Chinese restaurants. You younger readers may never have heard of it because they all went bust. Soul Food was derived from the food fed to slaves in the big Southern Plantations. The flagship dish was 'chittlins'- chopped pork intestines fried in lard. Slaves did not get the best cuts although slaves ate a lot of meat and vegetables. The vegetables were also fried in lard.

This is in stark contrast to French cooking. My first wife (the one who was a good cook) had a copy of the LaRouse Gastronomique. The famous 18th century French cook book. They had lots of beef recipes but almost all of them were only for the tenderloin. They essentially took a cow, cut out the tenderloins and threw the rest away. The French nobility ate like that - which led to the Revolution I suppose.

Only a few cultures have developed a cuisine good enough to support a restaurant industry. Blacks never have but then again neither have the Irish.

I think we will soon see pizzas delivered by pairs of guys. One carries the pizza and the other 'rides shotgun' - stand back maybe with only a pistol but maybe with a literal shotgun. Two delivery guys to pay will raise the price of a pizza but there could be maps for the two man areas and one man for the safer areas.

I suppose Jesse Jackson will complain that the poor black people have to pay more but the economic reality is that service to blacks often costs more. Grocery stores in black areas also have greater expenses.


Brian in Ohio said...

Ah, the great mystery as to why there are no stores or restaurants in black areas has been solved! I`ve heard "Black people eat too", as if this is some great untapped market. If the risk was worth the reward, someone would...but it aint.

You can always make more money. You`ve only got one life.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Any food order that includes chicken wings should be considered high risk for delivery drivers. Keep your wits about you.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

@Pat Boyle

"Grocery stores in black areas also have greater expenses."

One is Plexiglass, or whatever they use to hide behind. PK did a great post on it awhile back. Perfect indicator of a lack of social capital: having to hide behind bullet-proof glass to do business.

Anonymous said...

Edwards said the 8-year-old is the youngest murder defendant he's ever been aware of in the Birmingham area.

I suppose I could make some snarky remark about this pre-teen being the sort of person who becomes a child soldier in Africa. But at least in Africa, they have to drug up the kids before they run amok. Here in the USA Homeland, no warlord band is needed for child killers.

Here, it is all natural talent.

PS: Could this be a reason that Southerners supported segregated schools back in the day? Would you want a kid like this going to school with your children?

Anonymous said...

No no no you bigot, that's racism. Taking into account any crime reports, marketing strategies, risk analysis or demographic studiesis RAAAYCISSS!!
If what fold have a Macy's, black folks need a Macy's!

Micro gressions raycism bix nood mufugga

Anonymous said...

**white folks

Anonymous said...

There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas

The trouble with the maples
(And they're quite convinced they're right)
They say the oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light
But the oaks can't help their feelings
If they like the way they're made
And they wonder why the maples
Can't be happy in their shade

There is trouble in the forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the maples scream 'Oppression!'
And the oaks just shake their heads

So the maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights
'The oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light'
Now there's no more oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe and saw

Bogolyubski said...

Here's a great bizniss idea for Indianapolis and similar communities whose vibrancy is shakin' more-n-more with the gunfire of the night: Heavily armored vehicles that could serve as both a pay-day loan center and a chicken-shack on wheels - a true roach-coach of sorts. Orcs pay cold cash for their orders of Gen. Tso's wangs, lean-grapedrank served up in St. Trayvon plastic biggulps (extra $$ of course) and on the other side they can take out their pay-day loans against their next EBT/Snap/Edumacation payment from the regime. Eat, dranks, cash all come out of slits, payment goes in slits, operators behind armor and heavy bulletproof plexiglass. Bet even a remote-control model could be designed, with GPS-tracking built-in non-lethal defense systems. End food-deserts now, SJWs, and make good money on your investment! Anarcho-capitalism arrives in its perfected form!

Anonymous said...

There are "scattered protests" on college campuses across the country- even Mizzou students are walking out of class after they got everything they wanted.

This is your reward for pleading for more blacks and money to bring them there and pay for their every need so they can study themselves as "black studies" majors. Keep that in mind liberals, it is so good to see you guys finally face the uncompromising wrath of the monsters that you have let into the gates and emboldened.

The more you give, the more they take and the less respect you end up receiving in return. It is actually really funny in a sick way. Realism has finally begin to reach the mainstream and we couldn't have done it without all you liberal enablers. You will see that blacks will always complain, valid reasons or not. They have no place in academia, and as you are seeing they don't want to actually attend classes or learn anything useful anyway.

I can't wait to see a lot of these white do-gooders forced out of their jobs when they are told the staff isn't diverse enough. Maybe the sub IQ can shadow you so you can see the unqualified and entitled mouth-breathers who will be taking over your jobs. Now that you are the targets, it isn't that much fun now, is it?

Check your "white privilege" and don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Now that the words he/ male/female are not allowed to be used according to the liberal Nazis taking over American. I've done some checking on what other words can and cannot be used in reference to the sexes. Going down the list it seems that men can still be called STUD MUFFIN and woman can still be called STRIPPER WHORE BITCH. These name were not on the CAN'T SAY list.

About 15 years ago I used to make JOKES about some kind of "cosmic aliens from outer space" who were slowly invading and taking over the minds and souls of the the people on Earth. Evil psychic entities that could eat away at peoples brains. The more I look around at the insane shit taking place and how fucking crazy we are becoming I no longer think it is a JOKE.

Anonymous said...

This is for you Harpo the Whale Winfrey.....8 yr old murders 1 yr old. # black deaths matter.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon of 929 axes:

Question: How many of the "White" suspects and "victims" are actually white, and not Arab, Latino, Indian, etc. Would love an update but understandable if the PD refuses to keep records of such.

You do know the reason for this anomaly, no? Starting under the "arch-conservative, white-supremacist" Nixon teleprompter-readership for the Cephalpod Banana Empire, the government bureaucrats invented a new race, called "Hispanic". Under this schema, a (white) native of Spain would never be counted as Hispanic (even though his native tongue was Spanish and he could trace his ancestry to Miguel de Cervantes, but the offspring of Japanese who migrated to Peru (who speak only Japanese) might well be, and Mayan from Central America (who spoke no Spanish) would definitely be so. Part of this involved the some advanced chef-training in book-cookery for those who compiled the FBI and DOJ violent crime statistics, supervised by the usual suspects with names which cannot be said in public.

Under the rules in force since the Nixon era, the illegal Mexican who is the perpetrator of a violent crime is counted as "white", while his neighboring illegal Mexican who was the victim (recipient) of the violent crime is counted as "Hispanic". That's how the Peruvian octaroon named George Zimmerman is described as "white-hispanic" by the Ministry of Truth with a solemn face. Carrying out an act of violence makes a hispanic "white" you see. This is ancient history though. Now we see the Minstry of Truth boldly advancing forward to the point where a mulatto who killed a number of YT in Oregon is a now called a "white-supremacist". … and millions of YT bow before their jujuboxes every day and behave as if every word and image, and the resultant penumbras emanating from them is revealed truth itself. … and that is why the entities who send their message via this magic box are collectively known here in the SBPDL fever-swamp where the supreme evil YT Rayciss!!!! lurks as the "Ministry of Truth". Prophet Orwell told of these boxes and their magic many moons ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:58- you have the right idea.

Anyone who is forced to deal with negroes of any age as part of their job should be required to have a body cam on them recording every single thing that happens. If I could use one word, and only one word to describe negroes (there are many to choose from) I would choose this one: untrustworthy.

As someone aptly stated a few posts back, they will lie even if telling the truth would serve them better. Without trust between neighbors, you cannot have a functional community, no matter how much of white people's money you purloin from them and shower on the undertow. You are pouring gasoline on a fire and then are despondent when it has the indecency to burn down your house and everything you hold dear.

But since they are just like us and we would want the benefit of the doubt given to us, we MUST give them the benefit of the doubt time after time even though there is a crystal clear pattern of lies and deceit.

Their neighborhoods need to be blanketed with high definition video cameras in hard to see and reach places since they can never be relied on to tell the truth or to help rid communities of their worst members.

While the statistics can't be argued with regarding black crime and societal destruction, I think it is all these personal stories that Paul and people like Ex New Yorker tell that really get people's attention, as white people are adept at empathizing with the pain of others, oftentimes too much.

We have narratives to tell, but unlike blacks and their liberal enablers, we have the data to back up and support those narratives. Support any fellow whites that have the guts to make a stand- their plan of conquest requires that we remain separated and afraid to speak. They control whites through fear, making us feel that if we attempt to stand up for ourselves and each other that they will punish us by destroying our livelihoods just as they claim was done to blacks and other poor, poor helpless minorities that need white SJWs to wipe their asses for them.

Take being called a racist as a sign that you are getting to them and are causing them discomfort. The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them.

awakened white said...

that creature on the right, I too didn't know if it was male or female.

Eddie Kater said...

"What are we supposed to do when we can't protect ourselves?"
Fighting words for the dying of the whit-I mean, light, of the passion that whites used to have for self-defense, for self-respect, for community, for country? Maybe. This is a quote from a 67-yr old female who was arrested in Murfreesboro, TN for pulling a gun on a 52-yr. old black man who asked her for 'a cigarette.'
I found this story on the front page of the crime section on huffpost. Liberal website promotes this woman's story of self-defense like she's a paranoid maniac. We know, those of us who can see (and who have read the Derbyshire rules), that if you are approached in public by a strange black, you should keep moving as you mumble something but under no circumstance do you stop to engage this stranger. Why? Because in the mind of a black, the same people who cry butt-hurt over an alleged fecal flag of fascism being poo-sted at Mizzo and shoot delivery drivers and stab 43-yr. old women to death as they joy ride in her car, in the mind of a black, first contact is a challenge of violence. It is a clarion call to the recipient that you have been served with notice of your intended and impending victimization by one of your very own homegrown vibrant diversities.

What was she supposed to do? Wait until he was close enough to assault her? He could see that she was older and therefore, in his mind, was an easier victim-less likely to fight back. He sized her up before asking her for a light. He didn't do that out of the kindness of his heart. He was looking for trouble.
But oh, my Lord, you should see the SJW and DWL commenters on huffpost falling all over themselves to condemn her for her racism and her bigotry. Rachel Chappell writes that "Oh, please, Lady. He asked for a light, he didn't demand your purse or try to shove you into a car." Can Rachel really be this ignorant? Daniel O'Donnell writes, "According to a witness, she was saying " I'm going to shoot you, I'm going to kill you " - that would qualify as a threat in anyone's book. That said, I wonder if she's a smoker - typically you don't ask someone for a light unless you see them smoking - I wonder if the cops asked" Really, Daniel? Criminals would NEVER distract you with a simple inquiry so they can get your mind moving in one direction while they steal/assault/shoot/rape/rob you from the other, would they? 2-3 comments display some common sense, but most poke fun at this woman for defending herself from what was most likely a strong threat to her safety. They focus on what she did and say that since the black man ran away shouting "she's pointing a gun at me," that this woman was in error and the black, saintly Wal-Martian was yet another victim of Amurikkka's systemic white privilege and racial injustice.

She made a decision that might have saved her life, but she is being pilloried and ostracized through the media. I don't think she was crazy-the liberals do, primarily because she had the cojones to defend herself in that situation and not take it lying down (or standing up at a podium resigning over feigned butt-hurt in Mizzou).

I love this website. So many amazing, honest contributors. I will continue to read and perhaps comment moving forward. Keep up the good work, Mr. Kersey. It's nice to know we're not alone in this execrable mess, even if solutions good, bad, easy, uncomfortable, or otherwise haven't yet materialized.

Brian in Ohio said...

Hey PK. Just saw this and think it needs your attention.


Mother of murdered 9yo uses donations for sons funeral to buy new car.

Seems little Tyshawns mammy forgot all about him when the money started rolling in. Instead of a casket for her baby, she got herself a new Chrysler. "He would want me to have it.", she stated.

Is there a shred of dignity left in the black race?....anywhere?

Anonymous said...

First of all there is specifically black food. It's called 'Soul Food'. In the seventies there used to be Soul Food restaurants modeled after Italian or Chinese restaurants. You younger readers may never have heard of it because they all went bust. Soul Food was derived from the food fed to slaves in the big Southern Plantations.

Yeah, I can remember talk about Soul Food from when I was kid, along with Afros and Black Power Salutes. And back when there were still whites would were willing to stand up for the race.

As for Soul Food: supposedly it was great if the consumer was doing hard work in the fields all that, toting that bale, poling that barge, or whatever. But for the growing hordes of welfare state sitters and affirmative action placeholders, it spelled O-B-E-S-I-T-Y.

Right on, bruthas and sistuhs!

AnalogMan said...

Several posters have recently written of their experiences moving to rural areas and living the simple life. Apparently this trend is also becoming popular in Germany, which, like America, is under assault from its government. You might want to learn from their experience: to wit, keep those Confederate battle flags under cover!

BIZARRE clog-wearing neo-Nazi's are attempting to take over small villages in Germany in a bid to build a Fourth Reich.

The group, calling themselves "nationalist settlers", are ultra-right Hitler worshippers but they have traded skinhead boots for clogs and traditional materials and work as organic farmers, midwives and craftsmen.

Clogs. Clogs are the new jackboots. These people (no, not the settlers, the media!) are truly evil. When they catch on to your retreat from the ghetto, they will similarly smear you - count on it.

Anonymous said...

"Mothers" leave several children age 8 and under home alone while they go out clubbing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:57

Remember not a month ago they beat a man to death with a fire extinguisher for $3.00. So yeah if I get approved by a negro for ANY reason at all believe self defence is priority number one.

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

"Thy sin's not accidental, but a trade."
That means you, Mr Hutchings.

Anonymous said...

"I think we will soon see pizzas delivered by pairs of guys. One carries the pizza and the other 'rides shotgun' - stand back maybe with only a pistol but maybe with a literal shotgun. "

I'm almost positive I've seen a couple stories where business in our most vibrant parts of African America are already doing this. I'm thinking it was Detroit, but it could be a dozen cities these days.

Mr. Rational said...

I think we will soon see pizzas delivered by pairs of guys.

Drone delivery.  The pizza will be pre-paid by debit card and the drone will descend when it spots a face matching an authorized user of the card at the location of the phone making the order (determined by GPS).  If orcs decide to shoot at drones, deliveries will be suspended and the only option will be take-out via an armored drive-through.

Then we will hear about "delivery deserts".  Whine, whine, whine.

Anonymous said...

" Under this schema, a (white) native of Spain would never be counted as Hispanic (even though his native tongue was Spanish and he could trace his ancestry to Miguel de Cervantes,..."

Hey Bogo, I don't think this is true. Someone from Spain qualifies as hispanic under the federal definition (although, strangely, someone from Portugal or Brazil does not), and also because the federal rules take race and ethnicity so lightly that someone can qualify as hispanic on a census form simply by claiming to be so. Likewise, someone like Barack Obama could just as easily have claimed to be a white man; in fact, as the son of a white woman, he no doubt was at one time counted as white before the census form was revised. Nobody checks, and you are what you say you are as far as the gov't is concerned. The full rundown is here:

Anonymous said...

App idea for smartphones.

It's called NAN. NearA Negro.

Anytime you are even near a negro, you activate the app with a simple touch. It starts the phones audio/video recording and preps the phone to make a 911 call. It prepares to give your exact location should you become incapacitated by the attacking nog via robotic voice simulator.

Bill in St Louis said...

Off topic but in keeping with the general theme of uselessness except in murder:

Words fail me.

Bogolyubski said...

I believe the 1976 act - the census definition does not much apply - explicitly limited it as "Americans who identify themselves as being of Spanish-speaking background and trace their origin or descent from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America and other Spanish-speaking countries.” Depends on how you define "Americans" here - I suspect the regime defines them as being those from "the Americas" (the Western Hemisphere - North America, Central America or South America), rather than naturalized US citizens from Spain. But it's still another example of how a regime whose supposed greatest objective is "equality" regards some as more equal than others. Nothing new about this either. Same old spiel as always - gold is shit and shit is gold. The TV even says so. It therefore has to be true.

The FBI's shifting-definition of the term (using it only for victims) is a deliberate attempt to pump up the violent crime stats for whites to make negroes appear less violent than they are. There are now many other tricks in the book employed by the fearless oat-keepers and the like, like one called "Comp-Stat" whereby murders become accidental deaths and all manner of other falsification of data before its even reported to the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Gun up and nothing changes. We all own our legal firearms, but the delivery men, the maintenance men, the everyday working Joe still gets terrorized and murdered by the black criminal that should have been executed or still sitting in prison for his past felonies.
Prison should involve a lot of hard labor. Making little rocks out of big rocks. Not a family reunion.
But this is the joke America has become.
Yep, let's "Guns Up" and see who PK writes about tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So Police Officers, in fear of death or great bodily harm, are allowed to use firearms to defend themselves against criminals?
You can too, but it doesn't help if it's locked up at home in the dresser drawer.