Friday, November 13, 2015


I've always liked the movie Mars Attacks! and felt it powerfully captures the central thrust of liberalism (that pernicious cult of liberty, fraternity, and egalitarianism holding sway over the Western mind) -- no matter how much evidence to the contrary exists, we'll still believe goodness, peace, and understanding rests at the heart of our enemy.

No matter how many times the Martians claim all they want is peace and then annihilate humans, the gullible leaders in the movie Mars Attacks! still stress a simple misunderstanding has transpired. Peace is their true motivation, we are told, despite all evidence pointing in a most bellicose direction.

Tolerance is a virtue held only by those who will soon learn the intolerant nature of reality.


Jerry Miller said...

Wow, perfect. Not too many words and a 31 second clip. Very succinct!

FlowerBell said...

Slim Whitman works. Yodeling is very effective monster repellent.


I would like to take this opportunity to explain the difference between a "geek" and a "liberal." When you have a boy geek and a girl geek fall in love and get married they will soon have a child. In the ancient mystery schools of Egypt this offspring was known as a HIGH-BRED GEEK. Today within the inner circle of secret societies this person would be called a PENCIL NECK GEEK (PNG). There are many roaming the streets and they are easy to spot. When they walk the left arm swings forward with the left leg. It is the same with the right arm and leg. They also have very limited mobility in the neck. They have a hard time turning their neck so when they have to look to the right or left the entire body must move in those directions. The do not make very good truck drivers.

Today there is a new type of liberal being seen on the streets and they are also easy to spot. When they walk their head bobs up and down. These types are known as BOBBING HEAD LIBERALS (BHL). The only time their heads don't bob is when they are standing still. When not moving their mouth hangs open. Because of all the microaggression mania and the PC witch hunts don't refer to these people as BHL and PNG when talking to strangers. Use the right PC terms which is "college students" and "newspaper reporters."

Anonymous said...

France needed Charles Martel after the Hebdo attack. They chose to have a Kumbaya March instead. Too bad you didn't have any vacationing GIs to save your cheese this time.

I wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Cohesion - that's what we lack. Other races have cohesion, and it's usually based on something stupid. Religion, tribal ties (ooga booga!) and stuff like that. We, on the other hand, are terrified of coming together. Why?

Until we achieve cohesion, we are going to continue to get punked out.

Anonymous said...

You called it, PK. Preacher's wife's murderer was a black male.

Anonymous said...

Black students on campus everywhere are joining the grievance lawsuit now- we have a latest gaggle of extortionists at Northwestern University disrupting a groundbreaking of an athletic facility:

EVANSTON — Over a hundred Northwestern students interrupted the school's ceremony for the groundbreaking of its new $260-million-dollar athletic facility Friday, advocating "standing in solidarity with" minority students in light of recent events at the University of Missouri and Yale.

"From NU to Mizzou we care about you," students chanted as they overran the ceremony and forced its brief postponement.

The protesters started their event at The Black House — Northwestern's African American student center — on Sheridan Road, marching north to the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, where the ceremony was being held.

Protesters knocked over curtains and poles that had been set up for the ceremony.

The group specifically addressed Northwestern president Morton Schapiro with a prepared list of demands. The protestors attended this event because they thought it would provide them with the most direct access to Schapiro, who they believe is not actively involved in creating a more equal and better atmosphere for students of color at the university.

The ceremony was halted for roughly 20 minutes, interrupting Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips' speech.

The organized protest began at noon on Northwestern's campus at the Black House, a gathering place for black students at Northwestern since the early 1970s. The building has come under fire this year after Northwestern announced its plans to move offices from the Campus Inclusion and Community department into spaces designated as meeting areas for Black students in the building. Northwestern postponed the movement quickly this summer after its announcement, due to backlash against it.

Just a bunch of Tyrone Come Lately(s) with a bunch of demands whipped up that they think someone owes them and needs to spend time addressing.

In the end administrators didn't cancel the ceremony, and never thought to.

Anonymous said...

This kid is a hero.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if black protesters will still be bitching and demanding things and attention tomorrow after more than 140 mostly whites were murdered by "people of color".

That is after rolling out the welcome mat for these people.

"Privilege" redefined Orwell style. Whites die in the streets and pay all the taxes while "people of color" suck it all up and cause all the problems. Whites are the "privileged" ones.

It is all because a picture of a man whom they revere. Not even God, but a "prophet". If they take the times to beg 5 times a day and are pissed that no one respects that, then I don't know what to tell you.

I want to see some organization develop to kick all those fuckers out, starting with Europe because instead of Mexico and their Catholics, these are die-hard non-negotiators that will kill someone for exercising freedom in their own lands. We have them in the north in our country (Detroit, Minneapolis and its surrounding areas, soon a shipment to arrive in Baltimore) and I can see them making progress in places like Chicago and Houston as well. East coast cities seem to be also at a growing risk of violence from these people who can't live within our culture peacefully. While they don't look for a chance to beat you up on the street, religion is a non-negotiable one way street for them- their religions obliges them to, there is no choice. Sharia law courts in places like Texas are one of their biggest future aspirations. The women who escape their culture have the nerve to come back on campuses flanked by man hating dykes and white women who backstab their own brethren. A coalition of white man hating as a form of power and yes, looks at muh.

You now enjoy the privilege to party and be a radical, mostly if not all at someone else's expense. So oppressed. How does the culture you shield treat women and "queers" over in the the cradle of civilization?

Segregation? You bet.

Anonymous said...

We have to remember that the benefits of diversity outweigh its cost. But what are those benefits again???

Anonymous said...

Holy sh*t! I actually thought today of this movie while "the religion of peace" was blowing up paris today! Great minds...

Anonymous said...

As Western Europeans neither the Russians or Chinese are our enemies as the Obama Administration claims. Our enemies are the Negro, Arab, and Persian. Charles Martel knew how to deal with all of them.

Anonymous said...

Mars Attacks .....i loved that movie.. Thought it was hilarious.

Come to think of it ......
"country western crooner music" gets rid of blacks too....

Holy crap... That whole movie was a two hour microaggression. Awesome

Anonymous said...

From Indiana White pregnant wife story, yep, looks like an orc did the dirty deed:

Euro American said...

Just a NYTs cartoon to glance at. The flip side of the all black Veteran's Day Google Doodle is the "all white" prison system in California.

Anonymous said...

i root for the Martians. The destruction of Mogasdishu DC is wonderful to behold

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

"Cohesion - that's what we lack. Other races have cohesion, and it's usually based on something stupid. Religion, tribal ties (ooga booga!) and stuff like that. We, on the other hand, are terrified of coming together. Why?"

Because there are too many of us that are afraid of being branded "RACIST"

When blacks or latinos or asians or ANYONE else bands together in solidarity it's noble, but Whites are FORBIDDEN from doing the same thing. We need to just stop allowing White guilt to hold any power over us. Stop apologizing, stop giving in, stop giving the accusation of RACIST any credibility at all. Just shrug and carry on. But as it is, we will lose our careers and be targeted by the SJWs for ruin, if we recieve that RACIST branding. Look at how our millionaire celebs and politicians crumble to failure all because they receive the brand. They grovel and apologize and hug colored babies and donate time and money and NONE OF IT MATTERS. Watching Hulk Hogan reduced to a snivelling crying pussy because he doesn't want his daughter to fuck niggers make me fucking SICK. Watching Paula Deen sniffle and tearfully apologize for offending a bank robber THAT HELD A GUN TO HER HEAD makes me want to puke. This sissy liberal Mizzou University President resign makes me want to kick him where his balls should be.

In short, Whites either shrug off political correctness and halt the negro-worship now or it's just going to be too late.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how that when young white people live in close proximity to blacks, they pick up the bad habits of the negroes.
It's hardly ever the other way around. I think the young white people see the negro antics, nothing is done, so they think it is okay to engage in that type of behavior.
Whatever It is, we are seeing the results of allowing our children to associate with blacks.
And the worst part is they're so young they don't realize how bad they are hurting themselves.


Anonymous said...

To anonymous, November 14, 2015 at 12:31 AM:
What a great, heart-warming story; a rare tale about a small victory in the war against the destruction of life as we once knew it in America. There are two horrific occurrences in the story. One of course, is the fact that the orcs seem to be stepping up the home invasion thing while never hesitating to shoot any of the current occupants at the drop of a hat.
No thirteen year old simply retrieves a .45 from its hiding spot, places the gun into battery, and then engages two home invaders with enough skill and accuracy that one is killed (snoopy dance), and the other hauls sagging-ass off of the property. This mother ensured that her son was TRAINED on the use of their firearm and he was NOT afraid to use it skillfully and for its well-intended purpose. This leads us to the second, horrific occurrence. We live in a country that would rather persecute the individual protecting his or her life, home, and property with deadly force, than the negro trying to take these things. If a firearm is utilized in self-defense against a negro then the court of public opinion demands that every right, privilege, freedom, job, and future opportunity be stripped from the audacious white defender.
She knew that she trained her son, and she knew that the America of today would crucify her if she admitted it; now THAT, my friends, is scary.

Anonymous said...

rent slave said...

The USA is under a 3M plague:Moulinyans,Mexicans,and Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that more than a few parents would see or hear of their child participating in these events and yank their ass out of there.
Or at least tell them they will no longer pay their expenses and their little white know It all college student will have to get a job, and pay taxes so their oppressed, black colleagues can attend college for free.
But there won't be many or any of that happening. For too many of the parents its more important that their little child attend, and graduate from, the same college, university, whatever, that they did.
Doesn't matter that their diplomas won't be worth crap, or their daughter may be raped or sons assaulted.
What's the negroes main problem with college? It's too hard. So what are the college's going to do? Lower standards, again.


Anonymous said...

got to start calling our internal, implacable enemies what they are: Social Fascists, Hitler Youfz

Use those terms when talking to folks. The terms are powerful, correct & are a succinct education in what is happening to us

LOL, but don't look for the "captive" Press to start using them :)

/H hypie out H\

AZ Ray said...

"In short, Whites either shrug off political correctness and halt the negro-worship now or it's just going to be too late."

Spot on..

I too am beginning to lose heart & faith in my fellow whites. Will an "awakening" ever happen?.. I hope so but it appears not. I've lost friends. I've strained relations with my sisters, & my wife. I can tell them about the black plague or the Muslim menace til the cows come home but it matters not one wit.. They will not hear it. Most whites love that blue pill.. They would rather die than acknowledge reality.

If 9/11 did not awaken the self induced comatose whites, I feel NOTHING will?. An attack considerably worse than pearl harbor against defenseless civilians & we can't sing kumbaya fast enough, or shrug it off because hey, the ball game is on you know.. We could have a thousand 9/11s or Paris attacks & a huge percentage would still willingly stay in that coma.. Maybe it is a state of profound denile?. For to open ones eyes & see the reality that is facing our people.. Our children.. Our civilization, is just too painful to bare?..

The same with the negro menace. City after city decimated. The labor of centuries abandoned without a second thought. Countless white girls & women raped & violated every year yet the typical white "man" cannot get on his knees fast enough in his adulation of his favorite negro sports "hero"..

That's why I no longer look upon whites as superior. A "superior" race would not allow this to happen. They would defend their women, their people & their birth right. I'm stocked up on ammo, water & MRE's. I will defend those I love.. Alas, many fellow whites will gleefully race off that cliff before they would even acknowledge the current paradigm..

I hope I am wrong. God, do I hope I'm wrong, but the French will no more "step up to the plate" after this than we did after 9/11..

Anonymous said...


As soon as the Paris attacks News broke yesterday I wondered how long it would take the blacks to start whining about the spotlight being taken off of them for even a second.

Yes, negroes, a couple of hundred White people being gunned down by muslims is a far more important than name-calling on a college campus.

Christ, they're like retarded jr high school kids. I'm SO sick of the constant whining and bitching.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”From Indiana White pregnant wife story, yep, looks like an orc did the dirty deed:”

I'm going to make a wild crazy guess here. Its height is being estimated as being between 5' 4” and 5” 9”. Perhaps the perp is another one of those orcs spending time in grade school until it is old enough to be shat into society. The reckless behavior of the orc prior to and during the murder suggests that it didn't have much experience. The call as to age is difficult to make because all of them level out intellectually at the age of about 13 meaning that astoundingly stupid behavior doesn't necessarily mean it is a juvenile orc. Possibly, a grandma in the adjacent AFFH shithole who has been partially responsible for raising it will bring it to the police station all shocked that it would do such a thing while wailing that the act wasn't committed by the good little orc she knows.

Anonymous said...

From the news video it would appear that the liberal brainwashing goes back two or three generations. The view was of fifty to sixty year old whites linked arm in arm with the majority white students and of course their black crybaby heroes.
I can imagine some of these middle aged idiots wanting to get involved because it is a chance to relive their hippy free love, flowers, and drugs sit ins that were so popualar in late sixties and seventies.
The thing is back then it was an effort to make sure that their freedom of speech was not muffled. I'm sure that they had selfish demands that were given into to restore peace. Today the grievances are really petty and childish. And the thought they to safe zones for students to go where they can be shielded from free speech is very alarming. And the fact that the faculty is involved in organizing the students against the adminastration tells that we have the wrong people teaching our children. These teachers obviously don't have the best interest of the children at heart. Due to the laws about teachers tenure and basically never being able to fire them, this allows them to make up their own self serving curriculum.
Mich Mike

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"From NU to Mizzou we care about you," students chanted ...

HaHaHaHaHa! NU. If only these campus agitators were enrolled in their usual NU. The correct response to these disruptive chimpouts would be to summon the police, round up all the suspooks, take their "names" (so-called) and kick every last one of them out of school. For starters.

There might be a small number of IKAGOs that got into school on their own merit, but we all know the average dindu took the spot of a more deserving YT. Despite being given preferential treatment toward getting a college education, and despite having a gathering place on campus for only knee grows, they still ook when a YT fraternity turns them away from a party they weren't invited to and they eek that they aren't being catered to enough. And chances are the IKAGOs side with these troglodytes. What a pathetic lot of parasites (as we've been realizing since some idiots began giving them "rights" a long time ago).

Anonymous said...

Let us make this perfectly clear, what we see here in Mars Attacks does not reflect on the majority of the Martian civilization who are peace loving. This example of Martian extremism will not deter our efforts to forge peaceful relationship with our Martian brothers. This fringe element of the Martian life forms is trying to destroy the fundamental values that we as earthlings share with all intelligent life in the Universe.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

The Christian belief that one should turn the other cheek when one is hit is absolutely ludicrous and could be explained as a death wish and besides to turn the other cheek did not mean the cheek of your ass.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Mars Attacks reflects the muslim scum very well. The sooner the threat that they provide along with blacks can be identified the better off we will be.

On a side note - Anyone who is surprised by the genetic retards known as blacks and their actions needs to observe a bit more. Even the IKAGO's are useless but they are good imposters I'll give them that!

Anonymous said...

The more we are attacked, the more we will turn away from the liberal fantasy of diversity and multiculturalism.


A few profound thoughts concerning the Islamic Victory in Paris, yesterday:

1) I am so glad Obama didn't blame this on GUNS. I am so glad he didn't bore the French people with the need for "comprehensive" gun control, or "reasonable" gun laws. The French can not own guns, already.

2) I am sure the French, German, English and E.U. leadership are FURIOUS! I am sure they are madder than they have EVER been. These F'n Arabs struck too damn soon.

3) Nature HATES weakness and sickness. Nature always favors the strong, the aggressive when it comes to mammals. France is sick and weak and by the laws of Nature, deserves to die.

4) I am so glad it was "GUNMEN" that did this. I don't want them to offend Arabs or Muslims and call the perps "Arab Men using guns" or "Muslim Men armed with guns". We must ALWAYS look suspiciously on any person holding a gun. That creates the "GUNMAN" and a man with a GUN is what we need to look out for. Especially a Police Man or White Man.

5) IN the book ATLAS SHRUGGED, by Ayn Rand, the scene that most impacted me, and left me in awe, was the train going through the long Taggart Train Tunnel through the Rockies. In the book, society had collapsed enough, due to Government damage to the economy, that they needed an Engine to pull the train. Long story short, pushy politicians, stupid Affirmative Actin Employees, shortage of intelligent engineers (they went on strike earlier...shrugged, gone Galt) "forced" somebody to hook up a coal fired Engine, and not cleaner Diesel. So, when the long train went through the long tunnel, everybody died from smoke.

BUT, as they were doing this, Ayn Rand, the author, told a short background history of many of the dying passengers and how their death was THEIR FAULT due to their attitudes, their support of "equality", their support of Affirmative Action, sharing the wealth, Income tax, etc. (You know what I am talking about). The passengers died from their own support of the social policies. In France, those that died are, responsible, for their own deaths. Read it.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon 1115P

France needed Charles Martel after the Hebdo attack. They chose to have a Kumbaya March instead. Too bad you didn't have any vacationing GIs to save your cheese this time.

You're merely displaying your cluelessness and ignorance. Charlie Hebdo spent the vast percentile of its print runs attacking white French nationalists, the kind of Catholicism that vanished there by the 1950s at the latest, and whites in general while shilling for negroes and all the usual SJW bullshit. With circulation failing, they decided to take a "bold step" and publish a very mild-mannered jest at Mohammed, the first one in 2006 and only very rarely - and politely - thereafter (the most foul, piss-Christ type of blasphemies against Christ, Mary, etc. were all long-standing regular fare with its Parisian Marxoid owners and readers). Every single individual who died at Charlie Hebdo in January - including, maybe even especially, the police - absolutely had it coming. SJWs deserve to die. The only reason soldiers of the Banana Empire (referred to as GIs by you) are in Europe is to ensure that Europe is conquered by the invading swarms of negroes and Musloids. Traitors to their own culture, in other words, willing to obey any order from Housenigga Hussein.

As for the latest atrocity, while the Musloids who carried out the attacks (one a "refugee" arrived a moth ago) - assuming they were not actually armed and trained to do this by the Banana Empire, George Soros, Sheldson Adelson and their French marionettes like Hollande - pulled the triggers (Musloids being perfectly OK with this type of thing all on their own), the list of above-mentioned monsters and traitors (squids, the Banana Empire, its toadies, apparachiki, etc.) are likewise every bit as responsible for the carnage even if they didn't actually order it as a false-flag to drag France into the Obama-Repuke Syrian War to attempt Assad's removal and ISIS's installation so the squids plus their Israeli and Saudi business partners will have a lucrative pipeline stretching from Iraq, Saidi, the Gulf-states, etc. to a port where they can undercut Russia's oil and gas to the Banana Empire's EUSSR provinces.

To a degree, the French themselves bear also responsibility for believing lies for decades on end about equality. They were among the first Euros to pick up shit, repeat that it was pure gold, stuff it in their mouths and wash it down with the grape-drank of miscegenation and multiculturalism. They were better off - much better off - even under Hitler (and he was certainly no friend of theirs). Charles Martel has been thoroughly bred out of this particular herd of cattle by its squid rancher-overlords, as have (by now) Claude Monet, Claude Debussy, Blaise Pascal and a host of others who contributed things of real excellence. There is probably no torture sufficiently lengthy or painful enough for a squid. Not even Vlad Tepes' nasty habit of force-feeding his victims chunks of their own children would be sufficient punishment the likes of Soros. They are pure, refined evil itself.

So YT, just keep on believing in lies and fairy tales such as magic negroes like Yeshua Ben-Carson, magic dirt which transforms Aztecs into small-government classical liberals and all the rest as you sit and relax with a fresh plate of turd-tacos and grape drink before the upcoming big College-Niggaball game. You'll eventually wind up in the same place as those on the floor of the Paris concert hall yesterday, a negro (or Aztec, or Musloid) laughing over your carcass while those protected by the iron-curtain of Voltaire's razor smile at ease at which they persuaded you to fund your own extermination and paid them handsomely to do it.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

AZ Ray said... Spot on..

I too am beginning to lose heart & faith in my fellow whites. Will an "awakening" ever happen?.. I hope so but it appears not.


Lose no faith, there will be a response, but it will only be when whites recognize the threat and danger to themselves.

There is an old proverb, referenced famously in Shakespeare's Henry VI, by Lord Clifford upon killing Rutland during the War of the Roses, which is a very apt quotation for the situation we find ourselves in as a group :

"To whom do lions cast their gentle looks? Not to the beast that would usurp their den. The smallest worm will turn being trodden on, And doves will peck in safeguard of their brood."

So what does this seemingly winding prose mean? It has three distinct assertions, each of which are extremely significant, both in the context of that play, and in the struggle we find ourselves in as a people.

1. "To whom do lions cast their gentle looks? Not to the beast that would usurp their den." ...

Lions, as apex predators, are not sympathetic to any other creature. Everything else is either prey or a competitor for their dominion. No mercy or quarter is shown to either group. Within their own prides though, they are incredibly caring, thoughtful, playful, generous, and affectionate amongst themselves. Their pride members are the only ones who are cast "gentle looks."

By welcoming non-whites to live in our midst, and to share in the nations and cultures that our people created, we are inviting those that "would usurp our den." We are in effect, casting our "gentle looks" with those that would steal our future. In the USA this is with the alien invasion from Latin America and the taxpayer subsidized breeding program of the dysfunctional black undertow. In Europe, it is the Arab, Asian, and African migration.

2. "The smallest worm will turn being trodden on ..."

The smallest animals, with the least defenses, will still become aggressive when their life is on the line. No creature can be run over forever without mounting a counter strike and some form of defense. Even a worm does this!

Lose no fear, the white population will eventually circle the wagons and go on a counter offensive to regain lost territory and culture. This will occur when they recognize there is nowhere to run away to. People can still pretend that everything is fine right now. This is probably the last generation to have that luxury, and though we know not what form it will take, there will awaken a collective survival response.

3. "... And doves will peck in safeguard of their brood."

Even those that are generally peaceful and avoid violence will become violent when their offspring are threatened. This is when the white response likely happens, when whites realize that their children will not inherit a world worth living in, until they, the parents, violently and shamelessly cordon off a section of it for themselves. That day rapidly approaches.

In the most delicious of all ironies, this dispossession has all happened because the "nice side" of YT has been exploited and the altruism preyed upon. However, it is being exhausted at such a rapid rate, that the next generation will literally be deaf to such pleas. They are going to create a generation of whites with no guilt, no sorrow, no mercy, no fear, no sympathy, no concern with being perceived as nice, and upon whom no "jedi mind trick" can work. The "give a shit-ness" will have been fully consumed, and like a car with an empty gas tank, there reaches a point where pressing the pedal no longer moves the vehicle. Seeing this crap at the universities this week is an example of a system in its death throes of preying on sympathy.

Once YT decides to engage in a war that has been one sided for too long, the response will be swift, brutal, and complete - with no psychological warfare/guilt trips working anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is not as if these attacks were not telegraphed years in advance. The European continent has been on notice for over 30 years that the multicultural society is a dangerous one. The majority / minority one is a lost cause and may as well be considered no longer part of the larger society - in fact such an amputation is therapeutic. Parts of Europe are no longer European. What they are is hard to define, and ultimately it is pointless to try to define them. The Other has arrived, and been given territory.
Why the state has abdicated is a complex issue. I think
1. The power of the State is not significantly diminished by ceding control to discrete territories. Policing the boundaries of the territories counterbalances the loss of control within them.
2. Security Theater ( think TSA ) increases unhindered, which is a huge gain for the State. Policing the amorphous crowds and surveilling the milling streets, always a joy, increases government self-satisfaction. That otherwise sociable individuals are deprived of privacy is of no concern. The example of medically unnecessary X-Rays comes to mind. Who really cares? Your chances of cancer increase. So? Your fears can easily be dismissed as paranoia.
3. The opportunities for grandiosity , such as we saw in the Charlie Hebdo killings, plays to the international press. Who knows? Maybe a few massacres with the attendant speeches, televised weeping, and laying down of millions of bouquets, might want more people to visit Paris for example. Can you hear it at the cocktail party..." Yeah I went to Paris. I saw the bouquets. Felt the anguish. I'm not afraid. I'll go back." Ernest Hemingway rides again.
4. Psychotherapy Inc. gets a shot in the arm. Produces a lot of interesting medical information, too.
5. Marginalized Ministrations, Inc. gets some more believers and contributors. " Oh please don't call these poor Syrians names! Listen to your better half! Care! Care! Care! "

Anonymous said...

I visited Mizzou to check out their accounting degree program, I was impress that they required a 3.5 to get into their accounting degree program. Their campus is very nice and they have one the best rec center from all the schools I visit. I also noticed they had a knee grow center. I wanted to ask, where's the white center, but I kept my mouth shut. I decided on Purdue University because they offer more financial aid, which is less money my parents had to pay. It's unfortunate the knee grows had to disrupt the education for the serious students who are trying to study at Mizzou.

Purdue's president sent out a letter to all the students reassuring that Purdue University care about the rights of all students. We have a very conservative President, who was the governor of the State of Indiana. He is well respected by the student body.

Please pray for the families who lost their love ones to the terror attacked in France. is reporting 129 deaths and over 350 injuries. From this prospective the events at Mizzou is silly and a waste of time.

Ex New Yorker said...

I have been putting off telling the next story for sometime now. But here goes. I was in Berkley living in a building with other artist and cartoonist back in 1965/66. I forgot exactly what year I heard about this. A friend we knew had a father who had a BUSINESS RELATION with the university. Remember, this was during the FREE SPEECH RIOTS and later the anti-war demonstrations (riots). He told us the feds were working with the school on a new program that was turning out informants. Each year at least 300 people from BETTER FAMILIES were being primed to become informants on the people within their social circles after they graduated school. The men in these groups would be exempt from the draft. These people would turn in reports on their FRIENDS on a study bases for years. For this they were paid money.

This was ONE SCHOOL back in 1965. I can't imagine what was taking place elsewhere. New York was swimming with these lefty bastards from Columbia and Hunter. I stayed away from these people like they were the plaque. I never bought into the left wing/right wing bullshit.

For a long time I thought liberals believed in LIVE AND LET LIVE. Boy...Was I mistaken. I notice that the country is moving towards the left at a rapid pace. Be careful of who you talk to and trust. Big time TV stars can now be dragged through the coals for something that WAS SAID 20 YEARS AGO. That is not a good sign. Look at these white lefties who are demonstrating at the different schools. Which ones would you trust. If you think they wouldn't RAT YOU OUT for some help in paying off their $100,000.00 student loans your brain has already been taken over and raped. Don't trust any of these fuckers. Keep your enemies close, but that doesn't mean you should confide in them. The smart ones are those who know how to play dumb. Loose lips sink ships.

As the country crumbles around us out job is to survive so we can salvage any good lumber we can find so we can later rebuild. Big changes are coming.

Racoon said...

AZ Ray: " A "superior" race would not allow this to happen. They would defend their women, their people & their birth right.

You are quite correct - the superior race does in fact do everything it can to defend their women, their people and their birth right. We see it every day. It's a big Club, and you ain't in it!


It looks like the Free Shit Army is getting bigger by the day. There is now an alliance with the People of Color freeloaders and the "dumb ass turd bucket white students" who are also suffering and now want a bunch of FREE SHIT. They want free college. Maybe it is because they just found out that "Rashneesh" from India has taken that high tech job they were hoping for. All that money spent for a re-education so they can GET DOWN WITH THE STRUGGLE. After all those years of wasted time and money the lucky ones might get a job managing a Pizza Hut. I can't blame them for wanting a refund. Stupid fucks.

There is another army that is bigger than the FSA. That is the Army of Victims. The AOV gets bigger by the day. A massive force of malcontents who's only purpose in life is to bitch and moan about their crappy lives. These dredges have learned the art of failure to such a high degree that being a loser has become a new science. I call this the "politics of suffering." The telescreen has become a stage for these slugs as they wallow in their own caused victimhood on a nightly bases. They vote for politicians who promise them relief from their sorrow. THE VICTIM MUST BE RESCUED.

When it comes to hard core suffering the religious people win the big cigar. They believe in the "one and only true God of all time" who someday will reward their suffering and they will live for eternity in a land far away. The purpose of religious (Paris) wars is to kill the bad guys who don't believe in the "one and only true God of all time." Powerful religious groups have rewritten history to show that it is "only they" who are true sufferers and the eternally oppressed. They give lectures and write books documenting their long painful lives of torment and torture. They pass these lies on to their children.

Because of the victim consciousness they attract to themselves and make up stories about ABUSERS. Of course today the most popular abusers are called racist and sexist. The universities have VICTIM STUDIES which go by a bunch of strange names such as "women's studies" and "black studies." They pay money to be told they ARE HOPELESS AND OPPRESSED. Everyone hates them and they will never be successful. They are taught other people have privilege and all they will ever get is the shitty end of the stick. This increases their state of victim consciousness so much they will sign up for next years classes. Victims love to suffer. Because they have no concept of personal responsibility their troubles are ALWAYS caused by someone else.

They will gather in large groups carrying signs and make speeches about being abused. They love being on camera. They make up list of grievances and complaints that for some warped reason is causing them to be disposed and feel unsafe. The KKK is coming to get them. Many times the victim will become their own abuser by burning down parts of the town they live in. The victim/abuser state of mind has now advance to the point that they are shooting and killing each other. This enhances their grief and sorrow....Thus more victimhood. Now they have marches DEMANDING THAT SOMEONE SAVE THEM FROM THEMSELVES. They must be rescued.

Anonymous said...

Here in USA, we have it easy. Not I you read SBPDL, we don't but think for a moment about being a European. You have no way to defend yourself. You know it is a matter of time, at most 3 to 4 generations, and the battles won' be costing 10 dead. They'll be costing 10,000 dead. Some people deny this but the logistics are against them.
It takes 2 to 3 minutes of concentrated automatic rifle fire from 4 terrorists to paralyze Paris. 4 riles? 1000 rounds? That is chicken feed in today's wars. It's nothing. A squad in Iraq blows through that in 15 minutes if in a fire fight.
One fire fight per major metropolitan area?
Good luck if the jihadis get serious. The jihadis will win in ten years or less if something is not done. Europe will sue for peace, and will have to deport massive numbers of Muslims, or give them large swathes of urban areas. Before the denouement the civil strife will be epic. The EU will be effectively over.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Paris ISIS are rank amateurs! Want a body count...?! Let the n*ggers take over!!

Look at this just outta Bodymore, Murderland!!

Worst murder rate EVER!!! Cops...good work; stay away and let the orcs thin their own herd. Negroes... keep on keeping' on, my bruthas!! You're doing the Lord's work. Damn, my niggaz, you are a savage and violent bunch, aren't you?! Well done! Let that ape genome do its work!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Baltimore, murder victim number 300 Saturday evening.

Chinese people create China-Town, Italians create "little Italy" and still Africans create Africa.

Platinum EBT Cardholder said...

So what have we learned from the events in Paris?

Concessions do not work. Kindness is viewed as weakness.

An unarmed populace is easy to terrorize. You have to wonder what the outcome would have been if the area was full of CCD holders. There is a reason these types of attacks are done in these areas. They are referred to in military parlance as “soft targets”.

The finite resources on Earth make this a zero sum game. We in the west have it; those from the third world do not. Universal equality leads everybody to a mud and tin hut with sporadic electricity and suspect water supply.

75 years of the experiment in which the third world is GIVEN their freedom from colonialism and fed from the green revolution, and this is what we in the west have reaped. More demands from the mud. “Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile”.

Coming to a suburb near you.

Anonymous said...

I found the ending of Mars Attacks to be very hopeful. And it was so satisfying when the smarmy smile was wiped off Jack Nicholson's face.

Bogolyubski said...

BTW, I understand it that the French are just as addicted to their Dinduball as our Southern whites are to Niggaball. A Dinduball game was actually among the targets which came under attack on World Kindness Day (which is almost too funny for words, it's like something out of Detroilet or Killdelphia - World Kindness Day gong rong) - and the Frogs did not even shut it down.

Dindu playahs in Frogland also get to enjoy all the blessings their Dindu counterparts do in the SEC-Opiate League here in KwaBananaland, all the blonde juiciness they like, bling, etc., etc. Charles Martel was a long, long time ago. Looks like the new Frog national hero should be an Eskimo by the name of Charles Rivkin.

Awakened Saxon said...

The traitors reject Le Pen so they will sure as hell reject a Charles Martel. In fact, if you pay attention you'll notice that usually not only will comment sections denizens reject any strong statements but on most sites the moderator will reject anything of any real import or strength. I am not much like Lot. I don't think that many can be redeemed or are of value.

The multicultural coercers need to be tried, convicted, and punished...severely.

Ex New Yorker said...

This is the latest news from Butthurt University. This is a partial list of the 380 demands presented by the student group known as "Students and People Of Color For Democratic Social Justice and More Free Shit." (SPOCFDSJMFS)
No one has to attend classes.
New professors from Somalia.
Our diapers must be change every two hours.
Weekly human sacrifices.
Teddy bears for when they go beddy bye.
All white heterosexuals must wear arm bands.
Free fried chicken 24 hours a day.
Bondage/S&M sex classes.
Disarm all white people.
Victims award presented every week.
Separate water fountains for white people.

Anonymous said...

"And chances are the IKAGOs side with these troglodytes."

1992- Rodney King RIOTS

1995- O.J. Simpson not guilty

The second case showed a clear case of black-privilege and benefit of the doubt for a rich black celebrity whom most people liked. When he was feeling the heat he picked up the race card for extra appeal and ran with it, just like he used to do on the field. The way blacks reacted (story about Mosby's crooked cop mom jumping up on a table at work and gyrating) was sickening- they showed contrasting footage of whites in a bar talking and blacks in a bar a hooten and a hollarin.

It would trickle down to them- they could now get away murder if they was black now in America, and this was a good thing. Equality at last.

There was a morally bankrupt case in Michigan a few years back where a.a. employees took offense (all that they know how to do really) to a hospital keeping them from handling a white-supremacist's baby out of safety for them in particular. They were able to get the wording into a noose around these employers of ungrateful a.a.'s necks and shake them down for a large settlement. A black woman who wasn't even in that position at the hospital had phantom side-racism that effected her too once she heard about the incident and tried to get her own milking operation going- it was so laughable at the time, but that is exactly what these scholarship receiving militant fisted blacks are doing right at this moment on college campuses.

Such an opportunist and parasitic people. Would steal from a church's coffers or a baby's settlement if given the chance. Not like us.

The Trayvon b.s. was our modern equivalent, and of course we had the riots in Turdison and Bantu-more to wrap things up all nice and sh*tty. Chase out the whites with low property values, crime, and fire and then vote in our own people's who dress up and pretend to go to work like white city politicians.

How you could not find a black person ANYWHERE at that moment who didn't see Trayvon as some little boy who was hunted down by a wanna be cop. How he was the racist with "creepy @ss cracka", or how he doubled back to confront/assault Zimmerman. How all the details about St. Skittle's disciplinary record came out and how he Dad's old baby momma couldn't handle him. Or how he now was over 6 feet tall with big rotten teeth covered in a disgusting gold grill. Guy was f@cking ugly for a black person, he looked nothing like the pictures in the media. Black people were in some kind of blind racial support for their "fallen son" Hussein Obama Jr. the Jr.

Video footage of Brown being the worst of the worst caught on camera for the world to see. Blacks double down and start making more "official" demands.

The privileged free-meal ticket blacks taking up spots at these universities are actually following the lead of their undertow, drug addicted, low-IQ brethren, not the other way around. Think about how stupid and pathetic and reverse-evolutionary that is. Like someone said earlier, the worse one always rubs off on the better one, not the other way around. The mixture of black and white DNA seems to follow this pattern as well- some increased IQ but the cruelness and viciousness remain at full levels, mimicking their dominant black traits.

Just as the IKAGO will have cousins and other "good boy teens" lurking around the perimeters of his nest and feel it their civic right and duty to burglarize and rob anyone freely as long as 'dey don' git' cauh'. Maybe we can start leaving snacks for them so they can get more of their filthy fingerprints over everything next time they come through unannounced while your children are sleeping.

All this uniting of people against blacks due to their entitled behavior reminds me of that old joke:

Why do black people smell?

So that blind people can hate them too.

Anonymous said...

I have a very strong feeling that current stats and numbers that we currently use to gauge negro-misbehavior and blight fall short of the real horror stories taking place on the ground every day. While there areas are unsafe zones and no-go areas for whites, these areas are like the n-word. No civilized or self-respecting person would go there or use it.

Rapes can (and according to feminists everywhere) under-reported, so there is some unrecorded terror.

Unsolved killings- a bunch more black homicide and murder right there.

No snitching of other crimes- tons of undocumented trashing of formerly white and prospering areas.

The massive amount of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT.

Aggravated assault is an attempt to cause serious bodily injury to another or to cause serious bodily injury purposely, knowingly or recklessly, with an extreme indifference to the value of human life. Aggravated assault also occurs when a person attempts to cause or purposely or knowingly causes bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon.

Threatening without physical harm can be classified as regular/simple assault.

For the ladies, remember. When you hear of an area or group of people that have a high percentage of/propensity for RAPE, RAPE is included in AGGRAVATED ASSAULT.

Since everyone seems to have valuable and highly useful phones these days, why not utilize all the Ghetto Trackers currently at your fingertips. Don't give them the chance to spot you, harass you, and maybe worse. Just don't even go there, you can get much more respectful attention from white and other non-black, non-criminal men. An alleged "racist" or actually dead. Your choice.

Awakened Saxon said...

The requirements of a Charles Martel for the United States or for Europe are different and he would be facing a far different set of problems than Frankish Charles Martel.

The modern western Charles Martel is in a society infested with hostile foreigners. Many of his Franks are working quite hard to attack the Franks and impugn their value as a people. His land is filled with various foreigners who have all of the rights of real Franks, who prosper at the expense of the Franks and what they have built, and who attack the Franks at every opportunity. The Frankish "elites" give them cover and protection. Those same "Frankish elites" in the modern world have imported the jihadists and they are spread throughout the society and land. Charles Martel knew where his jihadists enemies were concentrated. A foreign people who are their enemies in their supposed homeland attack all who try to defend the Franks against these jihadists and other enemies. They know what horrible and relentless enemies their proxy warriors are and and they inflict them upon their hosts who have shown them great hospitality due to the foolishness and greed of many of these Franks and their so-called "elites" in particular. They also inflict primitive tribal people with violent hatred of the Franks upon them. They and the Frankish traitors constantly work against the Franks and prevent them from even defending their women from assault. The enemies within aid the violent enemies to the point of enabling rape gangs to pray upon the children of the Franks. All resistance is put down by a combination of these foreign traitors and faux Franks in combination with real but traitorous Franks. These faux Franks and the Frankish criminal traitors even punish unapproved speech and even thoughts. To make matters worse, the preachers among the Franks back up these programs completely to the point of being a party to crimes against the Franks of the type about which they constantly rail in the the church. These churchmen and all of the aforementioned aggressors against the Franks work together to prevent the Frank from ever coming to grips with his enemies in defense of his family and people.

A Charles Martel (or the United States itself is in no position whatsoever to engage in foreign warfare until these problems are resolved appropriately) in the United States could never even approach effectiveness against external enemies without first taking care of these life-threatening internal threats to his people. Several things would have to happen before a Charles Martel could prevent external attack:

-the citizens would need to move on and subjugate hundreds of thousands of foreign armed gang members living within the Unites States and committing crimes against American citizens with relative impunity and allowed to continue this way by the so-called "elites"

-the anti-white racists working to harm Americans need to be pacified and given option for relocation in order to evade prosecution

-the southern "neighbor" Mexico, which has been committing acts of war against the Untied States for years needs to be dealt with appropriately

-several secret and semi-secret societies and think tanks have been energetically working against the welfare of Americans and need to be exposed and stopped, with appropriately effective measures

-the nature of the inherent differences between the races and species need to be exposed, these inherent differences have been well-proven and adamantly denied by anti-whites

-the absolutely unworkable, proven again and again, nature of multi-ethnic BALKANIZED societes needs to be admitted and social policy needs to reflect this

-all foreign threats need to be removed

The true American people are numerous and capable enough to achieve all of these things if they have a mind to do so, Charles Martel or no Charles Martel. Their well-being and very survival depend upon it and the survival and well-being, indeed freedom are most definitely at stake.

Anonymous said...

The power of this video cannot be underestimated. Leftists and n*glovers are doing there best to wipe it from the internet; find a copy, download, and spread it. We are legion...

"With Open Gates"

Find it...

Anonymous said...

Apparently Rob Lowe has some realist leanings. He is being criticized for a rather mild twitter post about the attack in France. The leftists are appalled.

I never thought much of Rob Lowe. He seemed a bit girlish. My opinion of him just took a big leap.

Anonymous said...

What's with the black ribbon at the bottom of Google? Is it in solidarity with black college students?

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Bonjour US people, I used to write on this blog to share the white difficulties that we meet, african for USA, african and muslims for Europe. I told you that the situation wqqas far more dangerous for France than in USA because muslims have a religious and political aim : put the sharia here. Africans don't have it in USA. So here we are, charlie hedbo then Friday fever. I live in 30 miles of Paris and i'm not concerned but i work in paris and towomorrow i will be fearful in my train...
The situation is already lost, why? Because white have not the same aim, white dont want to close the country, to make muslims go away...and if they want they will have the french army against them...The solution? Alwaus the same : fly to Austalia, Argentina, Asia, Russia for these who have the courage and the possibility. France is a new Israel, a new Liban with Intifada...

Thoughts from Frankistan!

Anonymous said...

BLM ravages and has its way with Dartmouth:

A group of Black Lives Matter protestors at Dartmouth College led a violent protest Thursday, hurling racial insults at students and pushing them up against a wall as they tried to study in the library, The Dartmouth Review reports.

“Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!” “Fuck you and your comfort!” “Fuck you, you racist shit!” they reportedly yelled.

About a 150 Dartmouth protesters shouted as they marched through Baker-Berry Library at Dartmouth College. Students who didn’t join in on their protests were harassed, one woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who shouted, “filthy white bitch!” in her face. Students who were seated were told to, “Stand the fuck up!” “You filthy racist white piece of shit!”

The protesters actively disrupted students reviewing for exams, entering study spaces and shouting at students who tried to close their door. One student was forced to abandon her study room and ran out of the library.

The black-clad protesters also harassed students who wore “gangster hats,” and Beats headphones, calling them “symbols of oppression.” One self-identified protester wrote on Facebook, “we raised hell, we caused discomfort, and we made our voices heard all throughout this campus in the name of standing up for our brothers and sisters across the country who are staring terrorism and assault directly in the face.”

A student wishing to remain anonymous told the Dartmouth Review that she clapped after a protester said, “let’s give a round of applause for the beautiful people of color who were here for this protest.” However, she was then told by the protester, “for all of you that are sitting down and applauding right now, ‘we don’t care about you.’”

The last part reminds me of the pathetic poodle behavior white Bernie Sander's fans in Seattle exhibited when Bernie lost the mic to a couple of mullatto women. If you go back and watch the footage again, you will see people yell at their Candidate having his agenda hijacked, then cheering when the protester says blacks are persecuted every day and need more things, then booing when the protester continues with but I hate you, you white privileged two-faced white bitches and Momma's boys, and then cheering again if the disruptor follows with something they like. As long as you know what statements to boo and which to cheer for as a liberal then it doesn't matter who's speaking, does it?

Didn't any of these liberals ever hear about how the kid stops himself from being bullied? You haven't heard the stories or see the Hollywood A-list remake? Mom or the government doesn't come in and fix everything for you. Jerks don't see rules and then decide to change their outlook on life.

Blacks can do no wrong, their cause is always righteous and first in the liberal brigade,and since their "causes" are just endless complaining about vague concepts like systemic oppression and white privilege nothing gets fixed because those aren't the problems at all. But then again, what most white people would define as problems and what most black people would can be vastly different things.


Anonymous said...


I was looking up women being harassed by men on the street and what their experiences about it were, and the harassment incidents that I could glean seemed to follow race with an inverse correlation to IQ. So in other words, Asians harassed at about 0, whites at slim to none, a lot by Hispanics, and the lion's share ultimately by blacks. There is a lot of talking and reflecting and second guessing, not many numbers that I could find anyway. But what I said was the general trend. This goes along with the rape phenomenon at places like Mizzou (black football and African handball players) and FBI data on rapes in black-infested cities, so it isn't anything surprising that hasn't been discovered before.

If someone came up to me on the street and yelled "Fuck you, you privileged white oppressive bitch", should I laugh it off, apologize while I hand him some money as a gesture of good will and friendship? It sounds like that is exactly the kind of bullshit these people are aspiring to. Maybe we can make a white person ramp of privileged oppressors so blacks can figuratively stomp on our backs as they make their way into libraries and other formerly white spaces.

I wonder if a bunch of them got together and decided to destroy the Ivy schools by trashing their individual and collective reputations? If this is the case, then they are outwitting supposedly the smartest of the smart in academia and getting encouragement for it.

What a clown show.

I would of suggested someone infiltrate the college protesters to give them more ideas, ammunition, and bad representation, but that would just be unnecessary overkill.

You are seeing the logical consequences of zero accountability combined with 100% support.

Anonymous said...

Controlled opposition. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

The day they give these sniveling idiots free tuition and forgive their student loans is the day I march to 2 of michigans finer colleges and demand the $60,000 I spent educating my 2 children. Idiots all!!!!

Californian said...

Ha! Paris ISIS are rank amateurs

What is the current body count for the Paris terror attacks? 150? 200?

Now compare that to the thousands of murders committed by blacks every year, often for no sane reason. Or the destruction of entire cities under black stewardship. And all the white people driven out of cities from Detroit to Malmo. And we can toos in such atrocities such as the Rotherham sex slavery rings.

Now you have this big response to the Paris terror attacks. What if the troops and resources were used to instead deal with the routine black terror that has descended upon too many cities in the Western world?

Anonymous said...

Nature HATES weakness and sickness. Nature always favors the strong, the aggressive when it comes to mammals. France is sick and weak and by the laws of Nature, deserves to die.

France has been embellished with weak egalitarianism and weak socialism since WWI.

Let's face it, they're the "romantic" country of Europe. They are the home of the enlightenment period which was the beginning of egalitarian authoritarianism where equality becomes a belief that you are not allowed to question. In many ways the French believe that they created the liberal concept of equality. Of course they'll be resistant to questioning it.

Anonymous said...

We have them in the north in our country (Detroit, Minneapolis and its surrounding areas, soon a shipment to arrive in Baltimore) and I can see them making progress in places like Chicago and Houston as well.

Yes our genius Federal government has moved them into Detroit in an effort to replace the White population that left after the riots.

You see the Federal government believes so strongly in the equality of African Americans that they have moved Arabs into Detroit to run the businesses and keep the lights on.

The Detroit Arabs are at least heavily Chaldean but our bozo president wants to bring in Muslims.

I think there is also hope by Clinton type sociopathic liberal realists that Arabs will procreate with Blacks and dilute their genes. The reality is that Arabs will never, ever procreate with Africans. They'd rather eat pork sandwiches for every meal.

Funny way to keep away Muslims: Have a dog. They consider dogs to be dirty like pigs and take deep offense to letting one roam around the house.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Free Shit Army is getting bigger by the day. There is now an alliance with the People of Color freeloaders and the "dumb ass turd bucket white students" who are also suffering and now want a bunch of FREE SHIT. They want free college. Maybe it is because they just found out that "Rashneesh" from India has taken that high tech job they were hoping for....

Yes, the "Rashneesh" that you refer to was just hired by Acme Inc. It's a good job. Inside, heated, air conditioned and Rashneesh has his own desk. He's got a phone and can chat with his friends in Banglore. He does't much like the Americans around him, what few exist. He's got an IQ of 90, a fraudulent college degree from an Indian "college". His resume is totally fraudulent, containing almost nothing that's true other than his name. Absolutely no non-Indians around him can understand a word he says. Nevertheless, they sit there and listen to the melodic tone, content free and figure it's just a temporary problem.

The money makers, the Zuckerbergs, Gates, Ellisons, they like Rashnessh. While it takes him about 5 times as long to actually produce some code for example. Eight of people like Rashneesh can be hired for the cost of the average white American programmer. So it all works out.

Anonymous said...

""From NU to Mizzou we care about you"

They care about prisons with mostly black populations?

Seriously, I laughed out loud at that.

Anonymous said...

I take it back. I was wrong.

Here is a piece showing that anti-Muslim protesters got arrested while a wog spat on one of them and the Cuck traitors cheer his arrest.

The cucks do not have the right to force invaders upon the others. The police in this case are dirty traitors as are the pro-Muzzies. The Muzzies are invader scum and belong in their hellhole homelands, the only type that they are capable of creating. Wogs are a very short step up from the African hominids and do not belong among humans.

While the dirty narcissistic French scum are virtue signalling for their own aggrandizement, they are depriving others of the rights and they are thus quite immoral. Considering what they are imposing on their own countrymen, THEY HAVE THE MORALE STANDING OF MAFIOSI AND OTHER ORGANIZED CRIMINAL GANGS. AGAIN, THE COERCIVE MULTICULTURALISTS HAVE THE MORAL STANDING OF MAFIOSI.

HalfElf said...

Here in America you go through metal detectors to enter a concert. No one would have been CCW inside, target rich environment.
Paris could be duplicated in almost any US metropolis, and not stopped by armed intervention. Sounds good, but not likely, I CCW on a regular basis, and hope to never need it, but am prepared to protect me and mine if required.
Islam is not a religion, it is a roadmap for conquest, and that combined with fanatical followers leads to disaster if not met with greater violence.

Bogolyubski said...

For a long time I thought liberals believed in LIVE AND LET LIVE. Boy...Was I mistaken. I notice that the country is moving towards the left at a rapid pace. Be careful of who you talk to and trust. Big time TV stars can now be dragged through the coals for something that WAS SAID 20 YEARS AGO. That is not a good sign. Look at these white lefties who are demonstrating at the different schools. Which ones would you trust. If you think they wouldn't RAT YOU OUT for some help in paying off their $100,000.00 student loans your brain has already been taken over and raped. Don't trust any of these fuckers. Keep your enemies close, but that doesn't mean you should confide in them. The smart ones are those who know how to play dumb. Loose lips sink ships.

As the country crumbles around us out job is to survive so we can salvage any good lumber we can find so we can later rebuild. Big changes are coming.

So. Damned. True. Learn to recognize truth when it appears, YT. Failing to do so can cost you everything, even your life.

Anonymous said...

I read that Black Lives Matters is up for hire. A group of white billionaires has joined Soros in financialy supporting these shit stains. They are impressed with their in your face confrontational style that makes people uncomfortable. What would white billionaires want of BLM? Why would BLM want to be owned by the very people they claim oppress them? Whatever the reason the deal is accepted to the tune of half a billion dollars .
Mich Mike

Awakened Saxon said...

I feel very sorry for the 6.5 million French people who voted for Le Pen. The rest of them cause their own problem, and force the problem on innocent fellow French people, and therefore deserve what they get. The 6.5 million humans still in France do not deserve this.

AnalogMan said...


1) I am so glad Obama didn't blame this on GUNS. I am so glad he didn't bore the French people with the need for "comprehensive" gun control, or "reasonable" gun laws. The French can not own guns, already.

Not sure about that. I remember reading a few years ago that the British target shooting team had to travel to France to practise, because of stricter British gun laws. Possibly French law mainly restricts hand guns, as is the case in many other countries.

Bogolyubski said...

France has been embellished with weak egalitarianism and weak socialism since WWI.

Bzzzt. Since 1789, actually. Before that if you count the "enlightenment". The wasting sickness only became apparent after WW I. If the nation had not already been infected, there would have been no WW I. It's the least-talked about war in history. There's a reason for this - YT's not supposed to look too close into its background. No zeks allowed in that archive, tovarishch. Get too close, and Voltaire's razor will end your career, if not your life.