Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Annual Report Proves One Thing: Blacks Commit Almost all the Violent Crime in this "too white" City

The nightmare will end. 

It will. 

Pittsburgh has a motto: A Most Livable City

And though the city has been lamented as having "one the nation's least diverse" metro areas and  "lagging" behind the rest of nation when it comes to having a non-white population, Pittsburgh is thriving. 

The Steel City is 64.8 percent white and 26 percent black, but even these numbers were enough to make one Pittsburgh government bureaucrat (a white female) uncomfortable. ['Too many white people' in Pittsburgh?, TribLive.com, 7-25-15]:
Did you know that there are too many white people in Pittsburgh? 
That's what the deputy director of the Allegheny County Department of Health's Bureau of Public Policy and Community Relations told NEXTPittsburgh.com. 
“My two main gripes (about Pittsburgh) are: too many white people and not enough public transportation,” Abby Wilson is quoted as saying in a July 20 profile written by Gina Mazza. Ms. Wilson also cited Pittsburgh's “homogeneity and provincialism that accompany working here.” 
Wilson's comments were part of Ms. Mazza's profile of “four movers and shakers who have recently returned to Pittsburgh” on a site that touts itself as “the must-read online magazine about the people driving change in our city and the cool and innovative things happening here.”

"Too many white people..." was the criticism by a white female of the city of Pittsburgh, who was profiled as being one of the 'movers and shakers who have recently returned to Pittsburgh'. 

Strangely, Abby Wilson must not be aware it's because of the individual contributions of white people collectively making Pittsburgh as The Best City in America to live in, according to The Economist.

But the city is just too white, right? 

Quick question: what might be the color of crime in this too white city of Pittsburgh (of 305,412 residents, 65 percent are white and 26 percent are black)? 

Well, the city of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police produces an annual report helping to delineate just who is responsible for the violence in the city. 

Let's just stick with the 2013 report, which Abby Wilson must not be familiar with, for it shows some disturbing news about just who is responsible for the violent crime in the city...

  • 78.5 percent of those arrested for rape were black
  • 75 percent of those arrested for robbery were black
  • 69 percent of those arrested for aggravated assault were black
  • 55 percent of those arrested for burglary were black
  • 81 percent of those arrested for weapons offenses were black
  • of known homicide offenders (16 of the 46 homicides had no suspect... a reminder of the black communities propensity to participate in the practice of no snitching), 76 percent of those arrested were black
And that's just for 2013. 

Pittsburgh has a motto: A Most Livable City

And Abby Wilson, who serves as deputy director of the Allegheny County Department of Health's Bureau of Public Policy and Community Relations, believes this 65 percent white is just "too white."

Yet looking at those who engage in violent crime, one is struck by those criminals being just "too black."

At 26 percent of the population of Pittsburgh, black people sure are working to come stereotypical close to committing all the violent crime in this "too white" city. 

The nightmare will end. 

It will. 

It will end though, when we remember we don't have to wake up everyone.


Anonymous said...

PK. I saw a story online about red light camera offenders. Disparate impact on African drivers. Cameras be rayciss.

World_War_Me said...

Abby Wilson, you are an embarassment to white women and a vile traitor. When the day of reckoning arrives, white women like me, Miss Greenbaum, NJ Woman, and Annie Oakley will personally escort you and your ilk to the guillotine. I look forward to that day.

In the meantime, Ms. Wilson, I suggest you go spend some time in Camden or Detroit so your mudsharking self can get up close and personal with diversity.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. We lament our own success. We demand to have our security and safety taken away.

The white race is cucked and f*cked.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this entry makes it to Abby, opportunistic traitors like her are really due a response for throwing their own race under the bus to appease and become more popular with people of other races who will always hate them on some level.

The answer to getting other people to be more accepting of diversity and inclusion is NOT to bash your own race as some form of pathetic apology to serve up to those "people of color" whom we always seem to owe something.

Talk big on college campuses everywhere Brutus, you will increasingly find that your blow-hard man-hating bullshit isn't going to get you anything anymore. There are too many people in line already, so fuck off.

Where would you have camped out if stuck in the Superdome post Katrina, Abby? I would take a guess among the white people, particularly the white males. Feminists have been able to gloss over rape stats for too long that should be searing indictments against black men everywhere. But our white "sister" is going to keep bashing white males and whites in general until she needs us. Don't stand for these cowards anymore- call them out and stop allowing them to take pot shots at us and our race.

And Abby, if Google Image Search is correct then you have a chin that only a lesbian could love. Thanks again Brutus.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the studies that show, clear as day, that diversity is a good thing and that it is in our best interest to seek it out.

I figure all the be accepting to diversity indoctrination was to prepare ourselves for the inevitable reality of the "browning of America". Somewhere along the line it didn't just be something to be accepted, it was something to aspire to above all else.

How does the word have any credibility when we have years of data backing up how it is counterproductive to social harmony. It erodes trust and cooperation. There are so many benefits to homogeneity (being uniform, the same) that it is utter madness that I or anyone else would need to point them out. Birds of a feather flock together, a very true saying.

Does Abby really believe substituting random minorities for random white people would change the city for the better? No one can say that with a straight face. Suggesting that an area or institution is "too white" suggests that being white is a problem.

Anonymous said...

So what is the "right" number of white people? Is there a certain floor of white people that you can't go below before everything turns to shit? It looks like you are determined to find out, it's not like you can't still blame it on whites for any inconvenient results (aka black failure) anyway.

I wonder if there is a "magic" number of whites that is required to keep civilization going when a large percentage of blacks are also present. I bet there is, just as there is a population percentage of blacks in a city that predicts its decline and inevitable decay from the inside out.

Ex New Yorker said...

OT.....This is for people who are planning to move to a more WHITE PART of the country. What you have to understand is there are many folks in these white areas that have never lived around blacks. They have no idea what it is like to be in a city where you are hated because of the color of your skin.

Where I am at the only ones who understand are those who have lived under the horror and crime of the black population. You may find it hard to believe that there are whites that are that naive about blacks, but what I am saying is very true. All they know is the what they see on television.

When you settle into any black free area DO NOT TALK ABOUT what you have experienced around blacks. THEY WILL NOT BELIEVE YOU. I mentioned to someone in town about BLACK BIKE WEEK and they said I was full of shit. He had been to Sturgis and "knew" that there were not that many black bikers and if all that stuff really went on why wasn't it on the news. They know nothing about the gangs, drugs, crime, killing and death. They DO KNOW that cops are going around killing innocent black kids. They know that George Zimmerman "stalked and shot that little boy."

I liked what the wise lady Annie Oakley said (one of my favorite commenters) when meeting strangers. "I let them do the talking." The vast majority of people in my neck of the woods HAVE NEVER BEEN AROUND BLACKS. They are clueless. Just be quiet about what you have seen.

They are grouped into social clicks based on what church they belong to. They are hard working and honest. They don't steal from their neighbors. They still believe in the phony left and right wing paradigm. They drink a lot and all they care about is the next football game. They are not awake in any way and the chances of them waking up is very slim. Some of the high school kids are awaking up because of the internet.

These people in the Wild West know how to live off the land and are well armed. Some of these old cowboys are hard as nails and if the FIT HITS THE SHAN they will go down fighting. The most important thing today is being able to survive the coming changes. I'll take living in one of these small "hick towns" any day rather than be in those large cities when the "lights go out" and the Free Shit Army can't use their freebie cards. Any heavy populated parts of the country will be in total chaos. No lights, no gas, no food, no toilet paper, no water, no matches, no football games and nobody coming to save you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Abby Wilson would still think that Pittsburg is too white if she were, er, fortunate enough to be personally involved in some sort of, uh, cultural exchange with one of her dear little pets. Like maybe getting sucker punched, or robbed.

You know the definition of a conservative? A liberal that's been mugged.

Anonymous said...

"Too many white people..." was the criticism by a white female of the city of Pittsburgh, who was profiled as being one of the 'movers and shakers who have recently returned to Pittsburgh.

I would tell the stupid white bitch that she can always move to Detroit, where she
can have all the blackness she desires, 24/7/365.

UGH......just smh. Too white eh ? Parents DWL much ? Gosh, well we know that she
hasn't enjoyed any of that DIE-versity yet, but once again a majority black city
always leaves the back door open.

Sick, just fucking sick !!!

D-FENS said...

Let's do a little hypocrisy check on our SJW of the Week, Mz. Abby Wilson.

Where in Pittsburgh does Mz. Wilson live? According to an article in NextPittsburgh, she lives in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood.


And what are the demographics of the Squirrel Hill neighborhood?

From Wikipedia,

"As of the 2010 Census,[5] Squirrel Hill North has a population of 11363, having grown 9% since 2000. Squirrel Hill North's population is 75% White, 17% Asian, 4% Hispanic, and 3% black. Of the 3892 housing units in Squirrel Hill North, 93% are occupied.

Squirrel Hill South has a population of 15110, up 4% since 2000, of whom 82% are White, 11% are Asian, 3% are Hispanic, and 3% are Black. There are 7514 housing units which have a 95% occupancy rate.

In 2010, about 40% of Squirrel Hill's residents were Jewish.[6] According to a 2002 study by the United Jewish Federation, 33% of the Jewish population of Greater Pittsburgh lives in Squirrel Hill, and another 14% lives in the surrounding neighborhoods.[7] The report states that "The stability of Squirrel Hill, a geographic hub of the Jewish community located within the city limits, is unique in North America."

It appears that Mz. Wilson did not chose to live in a negro neighborhood. She can, however, take solace that many Jews now consider themselves non-White in order to atone for previous White Privilege.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

These self-hating white people who worship the negro, incompetent to connect the dots along the cause-and-effect line of reality; this is the epitome of DWL in hyper-PC BRA. And just on the basic simplistic level: imagine if anyone of any color publicly ever said there were "too many black people".. Ugh. What contemptible blatant reverse racism.. It's truly disgusting..

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned 25% negro is well past the point of no return and you might as well be living in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Haiti, or the Congo. Hell if there were 25 of them in my county I'd be putting up the for sale sign.

I've recently started doing some volunteer work at the local county jail. Current population appx 28 men and 4 women (though there can be closer to 50 people over a weekend if the drunk tank fills up). This includes those awaiting trial AND all those sentenced to the custody of the sheriff to serve time. Our local police departments look like Mayberry and its certainly not for lack of guns. Life without black Africans around is indescribably nice and peaceful.

I wonder if Abby Wilson is really even white? You guys know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

White guilt has destroyed our country.

Anonymous said...

She should move to Detroit. Less white people there.

Long Island Guido said...

How can i defend the white race when we are causing our own destruction? Makes me fucking sick!!

This country is done...

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Abby Wilson would still think that Pittsburg is too white if she were, er, fortunate enough to be personally involved in some sort of, uh, cultural exchange with one of her dear little pets. Like maybe getting sucker punched, or robbed.

You know the definition of a conservative? A liberal that's been mugged.

November 3, 2015 at 11:25 PM

The only form of "cultural exchange" she deserves is the kind you get from a Petri dish.

neanderthal Girl said...

OT town.... but when black and mex mix it is not pretty.


From the article::::
"Reinaldo Cardoso Rivera, 38, of Houston was charged late last week with murder in connection with the Friday death of Darwin Perez Gonzalez, 34, of Houston.

Five men had been making dinner and drinking in an apartment in western Houston. But police said Rivera became angry when Gonzalez took the last piece of chicken."

Then from another article:


"Interbreeding between animal species usually leads to offspring less vigorous than either parent—if they survive at all."

Halfricans are scary of any kind. Crime against nature.

Anonymous said...

She should move to Detroit. Less white people there.

1 week in a black neighborhood and she'll never call anything too White.

What a freaking idiot.

Anonymous said...

This Abby Wilson woman is just a good leftist foot soldier doing her bit to replace the old backbone of the U.S., the white middle and working class, with a new one made up of latinos, blacks and arabs. What else can you say? It has become pretty obvious that things are going to have to get way worse before enough white people wake up and determine to do something about it.

Xbowjoe said...

An even better question is how many immigrants are enough?

Anonymous said...

I really hope this entry makes it to Abby, opportunistic traitors like her are really due a response for throwing their own race under the bus to appease and become more popular with people of other races who will always hate them on some level.

The funny thing is that it never works. Blacks put Blacks first and if anything feel uncomfortable around the self-apologizing liberal.

Liberals like Abby are in the first-tier for getting mugged or worse. These are the people that take public transportation on a Friday night and walk around a Black area at 2 in the morning. They're the ones that think they are negro whisperers and end up being a statistic on the nightly news.

And she is a total moron if she thinks diversity and public transportation go together. Public transportation works best when it is too White.

Medic Bear said...

Look at this cow's resume: Columbia, working in South Africa, consultation to the White House - she's 100% SJW/DWL.

My question is: how the hell can any elected or appointed official - especially in a sane, human-filled municipality - get away with this tripe ? You know damn well if anyone said anything like this about the dear old protected and blessed Blacks, they'd be lynched, both in the media and likely physically.

Pittsburghers - wake the f'k up and make some noise ! Send this mudshark cow back to orc-land where she (it ?) obviously feels welcome.

All I can say is: Abby dear, go f'k yourself. And by that I mean remove yourself from the planet. We don't need you.

Anonymous said...

From a USA Today article.


Comment below:

Matt Maschinot

The bigest 'racists' are those that scream racism, when it doesn't exist.

The reason that jails are disproportionately full of blacks, is because blacks disproportionately commit more crimes.

The reason blacks disproportionately commit more crimes, is because blacks disproportionately perform poorer in the education system, and therefore are disproportionately unemployed.

The reason that blacks disproportionately perform poorer in the education system is because they have been conditioned to believe that no matter what they do, they can not succeed in America because of the color of their skin.

So, why should they even try? If they work hard in school - it's not going to matter. If they work hard to get a good job - it's not going to matter. They honestly believe that no matter what they do, it's not going to matter, because they have been taught that no matter what they do, 'racists' will keep them from succeeding in America.

There are true racists in America, and the true racists are those on the far political left who steal all sense of hope from young blacks, by convincing them that racism is everywhere, so they shouldn't even try. That blacks can't survive in America without handouts from them. That racism's everywhere, you need to keep voting for us so we can take care of you. Those racists Republicans will take away your food stamps that we give you.

Those racist politicians continue to gain power and money off the complete control of the black vote, while the black community continues to suffer more, and more.

Yes, there are true racists in America, and they are those who have created a new form of slavery in America. The 'chains' are the stolen hope of a future that does not involve sports, or crime, that results in a complete dependency on the meager scraps of the welfare system. And instead of picking cotton, blacks are voting for those who will continue to gain wealth and power from their vote.

Pat Boyle said...

Pittsburg doesn't seem too white to me. It is 26 percent black. My home town Oakland which is often considered a black city is only 28% black. Oakland has a similar crime profile to Pittsburg - almost all of the serious crimes are committed by blacks.

Oakland probably gets it's reputation because of the contrast with San Francisco across the bay. SF is only 6% black.

The big three in US crime are St. Louis, Detroit, and New Orleans. These are the only US cities that break into the international murder listings. The highest murder rates are generally found in Latin America.


Anonymous said...

26% sub-saharan is over 2x the "Doom Rate". Pittsburgh's got maybe 10 years at most

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

How will a city benefit by becoming "less white"? No, really - what is to be gained?

That refers to the city as a whole, of course. Okay, so maybe we can admit that some all-white school like the Johann von Goethe School of Literature has a lousy basketball team which could temporarily benefit by a sudden influx of urban yoofs, but at what cost? How would this affect what's taught and learned (read: not learned) in the classrooms, let alone what life on the city streets would become? Want to bet those streets would suddenly decide to become "mean"? Then what happens when a group of SJWs make it their perverted mission to point out the fact that Goethe was "too white" himself (an evil rayciss German, no less) and the school is pressured to change its name to Malcolm Excrement Academy and relocate to the "meanest street" of them all - Marchin' Looter Kong Blvd.?

Assuming "too white" means "not enough negroids or other third worlders," the whole cooncept is just one giant broken window fallacy. Cities that are all white have done pretty well for hundreds of years. Where are the ... no, make that where is one majority negroid area that's been prosperous without YT's help?

rex freeway said...

“My two main gripes (about Pittsburgh) are: too many white people and not enough public transportation,” Abby Wilson is quoted as saying.

This is the kind of race hater born from liberal ideology. If she has any gripe the best thing she can do is leave. And to be permanently sterilized. For this one can never be saved from herself.

Unknown said...

To Ex New Yorker
Buddy, you are SO correct when you say that Whites who have never experienced the joys of diversity won't believe "the truth" because it's "not on TV".
I moved to my all-White rural community last year. When asked "Why did you move here?", I reply "demographics". Most of the time this reply garners a confused look BUT, sometimes, I get a quick head nod and smile. Race realists are everywhere...you just have to speak in code.


Why doesn't this Bitch, Abby Wilson, move her whiteass to Detroit and get elected there? OR, why doesn't this worthless Bitch move into the most negroid area? I'll bet $5,000 (and Aby, bitch, if you are reading this take my bet?) that she lives in the MOST WHITE part of town.

(Abby, bitch, I'll raise my bet and you're gonna regret'........:)

2) If she has kids, they go to a private school.

3) She does not have one Black Best Friend.

4) At her last "party", No blacks were invited.

How about it, bitch? For those of you who think I am being tooooo insulting. Nope. SHE is insulting me, my race, my life, my culture, my ancestors. No, my insult is way to nice.

Anonymous said...

Surely this DWL's maiden name is not Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a typical white liberal. In other words - all stupid, and personally far too 'privileged'. Pittsburgh sounds just wonderful to me. I look around where I live, and wish it was more like Pittsburgh. At least, I am near (but far enough away from St. Louis) and still Pittsburgh sounds just wonderful as it is now.

jim bob jones said...

It seems like I have heard that blacks comprise about 13% of the population of the US for a number of years.. If Pittsburgh is at 26% then there are at least two times the number of blacks that one might expect to be there. What is she complaining about?

With that said, I think our government has been purposely under reporting black population.

Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Only those who have never been truly blessed with diversity can claim that the introduction of negroes into a white, thriving area is a worthy goal and not a suicidal event. Clearly this woman is delusional.

There is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that negroes destroy any Western civilization they inhabit. When you see successful negroes, the reason behind that is they are constantly buttressed by a white populace. Take away government jobs, money from the state, infrastructure built and maintained by whites and what you have is Haiti. Deep down, the negro knows this. He knows that without the white hand he will never be fed. He also knows that he and his ancestors sat their asses on some of the most fertile land in the entire world for millennia, yet never figured out how to successfully farm it; that is, until the white man came along. Add to this that the same fertile land in Africa was littered with gold, ivory, and assorted rare rocks like diamonds.

When I heard about the so-called "blood diamonds" that my liberal friends were lamenting about back in the late '90s, I made it my personal mission to acquire some. The reason wasn't because I have an inherent love of diamonds, because although I think they're pretty, the cubic zirconium variety looks almost exactly like the real thing and cost a fraction of the price. No, the reason I went after diamonds and acquired them was because I learned that Africans were literally hacking each other to death over them. What better way to decrease/maim the surplus population of Africans than to support the diamond trade? So I consider myself to be sort of a Cruella Deville, doing my part to rid the world of these worthless creatures. You see, I've been doing this sort of thing for quite a long time.

My last diamond purchase was at a downtown jeweler, a family owned operation run by a family that wasn't YKW- a charming man who has sadly died at the relatively young age of 59. I asked him if he thought the ring I was purchasing wasn't a bit too, shall we say, ostentatious. His reply, "Isn't that the point?" I laughed and paid him for the ring. It's a humdinger, really not my taste, but I wear it when I'm in one of my intense anti-African moods. When I showed off my new ring to one of my DWL friends (who LOVES New Orleans and is a major SJW, not unlike the bitch in Paul's story), she shook her head and said, "ewww, blood diamonds!" I just smiled and said, "I rather like it!" Rather than contributing to canned food drives (which I don't do anymore, knowing who's on the receiving end) I purchase diamonds when I can afford to do so. It's the very least I can do. Plus, unlike fiat currency, it's a fairly stable form of wealth management.

Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

To Standup Broad,

I really like that response! It's just vague enough, yet also explicit to those who can see. We all come here to vent, and some of us have balls enough to publically call out the racial b.s. for what it is, yet the fact remains we have to live on this planet, and most of us are completely surrounded by SJWs, DWLs, and the like. Speaking in code when in "mixed" company is a requirement if one wants to keep one's standard of living, not to mention, one's job. As I've stated previously, I've lost some "friends" due to no longer holding back on the African plague that continues to destroy our country as well as our world. There are none so blind as those who will not see. You can take that 1963 racial harmony Shiite and shove it up where the sun don't shine.

My job entails working with fairly well-to-do clients, almost never negroes. The few negroes that do business with me are uniformly polite and aspire to be like their upper class white brethren. Frankly, I can't blame them for that because if I were in their position, I'd do the exact same thing- find out what YT likes, doesn't like, etc., and emulate it. Problem is, the vast amount of negroes don't want to assimilate to YT values at all. To them, it's anathema.

Back in the '60s and '70s, there were some negroes who took advantage of AA and sought to throw off the scourge of the ghetto after they had some cash. Not anymore. No, the meme today is what the bitch in Pittsburgh is repeating, "We've got to become more 'diverse'". One turd in a punchbowl is one turd too many.

Mutant Swarm said...


Why doesn't this Bitch, Abby Wilson, move her whiteass to Detroit and get elected there? OR, why doesn't this worthless Bitch move into the most negroid area? I'll bet $5,000 (and Aby, bitch, if you are reading this take my bet?) that she lives in the MOST WHITE part of town.

(Abby, bitch, I'll raise my bet and you're gonna regret'........:)

2) If she has kids, they go to a private school.

3) She does not have one Black Best Friend.

4) At her last "party", No blacks were invited.

How about it, bitch? For those of you who think I am being tooooo insulting. Nope. SHE is insulting me, my race, my life, my culture, my ancestors. No, my insult is way to nice.

November 4, 2015 at 10:17 AM

Got yer six, pal. It's about time we stopped being nice to people who want us dead.

Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Denninger has a good article (and comments) about how Europe (Germany) is dealing with its new diversity. The Germans with some balls aren't accepting the cultural diversity b.s. Big brouhaha going on over there. Those pictures the MSM is showing about the poor, cute little babies washing up on shore are nothing like the reality: tens of thousands of violent, angry, African and Muslim young men of fighting age who are absolutely seething with rage at YT. And Angela Merkel is welcoming them with open arms. If you tire of the idiot box long enough, turn your attention to Germany to find some coming attractions for what our Emperor-in-Chief "I have a pen" Obama has planned for you here, Mr. & Mrs. YT America. It ain't pretty.

Hope I live long enough to see them parade Merkel's head around on a stick. Wouldn't mind that happening to some of our "friends" in CONgress, either.


Cash For Negroes:

We, here, all know that this forced race-mixing will not end well.

We will be exterminated, or, with victory, we will have to eliminate OR deport the others.

I, as most of you, would prefer a "Cash For Negro" movement where we can pay cash for every negro turned in and they can be removed from the streets. Thereby, eliminating crime.

I don't have the information, but I am sure there is a dollar amount, that with a "Cash for Negro" program, they and we will be better off. They get the Cash when they arrive in Africa, and yes, they can take their guns with them. Negro Pastors should support that idea.

If any African nations wished to trade a White "african" for each of our real africans, then maybe we can work that into the deal. This can be a "Cash for Whiteass Cracka", program.

One can only dream.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

To Ex-New Yorker and Standup Broad-
Same thing here. Last year I moved from one of the bluest counties in one of the bluest states in the Northeast to the Pacific Northwest. I should have made this move beaucoup years ago.
Whenever I'm asked why I moved my answer is that I wanted to get as far from the east coast as I could without ending up in California ... and besides, the cost-of-living here is much lower. That reply seems to get the point across is a subtle way. Usually I get a look of understanding.

Anonymous said...

The mayor of Pittsburgh is trying to get 10k Syrian refugees to help with the diversity...

Anonymous said...

If whites weren't better at everything that makes good cities, there would be no "white privilege". Haven't we all had enough of this minority myth to last a lifetime? Blacks aren't bottom feeders because they're a minority, their position in life comes from their lack of ability. Every ghetto shithole in this country is a direct result of homo africanus. Other ethnic groups have come to this country and worked hard and prospered, pulling themselved up by their bootstraps. My ancestors did, and I don't need to remind you folks there was no such thing as welfare in those days.The biggest incentive to work has been removed by the promotion of welfare as morally acceptable. It used to be considered reprehensible for an able bodied person to live off the public dole.To add injury to insult, crime is considered a perfectly acceptable way to augment income.

If welfare was more restrictive, we wouldn't have this influx of destructive, nonproductive negros into outlying areas. My town has been overrun by ghetto thugs, and baby mama's. They say they want to work, but there are few jobs, the ones they could do they're too proud to do. They say they want to escape the city violence, but they're subhumanly violent themselves. All they've done is bring the ghetto with them, it's in them, it's who they are, and it's not compatible with a civilized society. Crime of all types has increased exponentially in direct proportion to the negro population percentage.

Anyone who looks at a majority white city that is clean, well run, with good schools, and low crime; and then says it needs more negros, is either a negro , or in need of a reality check. The two are incompatible, as evidenced by the state of our cities. If blacks were capable, they wouldn't need whites, they would have built shining, soulful, utopias in Detroit, D.C., St.Louis, etc., etc. But nooooooo, they have to be moved out into the areas that decent people have moved to, to escape negro dysfunction, so they can take advantage of white created opportunity. That's white privilege in a nutshell, work, plan, build, achieve. Negros cannot grasp that, it's a secret society type thing in their little minds. They truly believe whites have a society where they secretly agree to help all whites, and keep all blacks down. Even Obama believes this crap, but what does he know about real work anyway? His background is stirring up anger and resentment in negro populations. How hard is that? He can't even lie effectively, how stupid do you have to be not to see through this shallow dimwit who's been foisted upon us by the elitist?

It's like an earlier poster said, give a white man a pile of bricks, and he'll build a city; give a black man a city, and he'll make a pile of bricks.

FlowerBell said...

To Formerly Miss Greenbaum,
You're as rare as a red diamond yourself you know!


Actually, Bitch Abby is correct.

Pissburgh is 64.8 % White? Yep.Too White.

What the F are those Whites doing there? GET OUT.

Abby is correct and in her own bitch-silly way, she is warning that 64.8% to get out while they can. Those remaining Whites need the warning. It is shocking that they are still there and because of that the city is too white for the health and lives of those remaining.

Get Out.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the 13% statistic is a lie. That actually may even be on the high side (exaggerated to make it seem like a bigger voting bloc). You just have to remember that blacks all live in clusters (or tribes) usually in major Urban areas since there are more "social" programs available. The US is a big country so in major cities the black population maybe at 40% but in the suburbs or the rural areas that make up a lot of the country, the black population is almost non-existent. Why do you think the government is so keen on Section 8 and other means on spreading the plague around?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”From a USA Today article.


. . . . . “

This is actually a very sound move by Google. By donating a few million to “community organizations on the forefront of the racial justice movement that has seized the nation's attention” they can accumulate kudos for showing an interest in blacks. This makes far more economic sense than actually hiring blacks which would inevitably cripple Google's ability to turn a profit.

A perusal of the articles related to the above link makes it clear that BRA is beginning to take a close look at hiring practices of tech companies. Apparently only 1% of silicon valley engineers are black. The Congressional Black Caucus has come to correct the problem. These morons either refuse or are unable to understand that these opportunities are unavailable to blacks because blacks are not qualified for them. There isn't a single company in silicon valley that wouldn't gladly hire qualified blacks if they could find any. Actually, blacks are overrepresented at 1% based on merit.

"The Congressional Black Caucus has come to Silicon Valley to work with the tech companies not against them," Jeffries said. "Innovation is a tremendous engine of growth and opportunity that will continue to be a very important part of our 21st century economy. That is why it's important that these opportunities be available to all Americans regardless of race or color. But the numbers speak for themselves, and we understand that these opportunities have largely been unavailable to members of the African-American community. That must change."


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Great comments y'all!

Here's a very interesting article. Quote from it; "Why is it that progressivism in smaller metros is so often associated with low numbers of African Americans?"

Golly, gee, what could the reason possibly be?


Anonymous said...

It's funny, I like what the one poster did-I do it myself, and have for some time. He or she looked into where the idiot woman who complained Pittsburgh was "too white" actually lived-lo and behold, she chose to live in a majority white area. I've known white libtards like this-they either live in all-white areas, or like this asshat in the article, they dip a toe in and live in a city, but a mostly-white neighborhood. It makes them feel "edgy".

If some metrosexual guy winds up desperate enough to actually have sex with this numbskull and impregnates her, I'll guar-an-damn-tee you they'll high tail it out to the white 'burbs-because they know their precious spawn would get its ass beat or molested by lil' Jamaal or Nequisha by the second week of kindergarten if they stayed put.

I just read where that liberal fatass Bob Beckel got shitcanned from Fox News-that stupid show the Five-it happened a few months ago, but I didn't hear about it until now-I've been very busy this summer and fall, and besides, I gave up on that crapfest early on-a libtard like Beckel or colored boy Juan Williams, and four Cuck-asian "conservative" RINOs. Gag me.

Now, I remember the few times I watched the show Beckel talked about his dad being a 1960s civil rights marcher (yeah right-I bet he was)and Beckel said anti-white stuff on the show about "white honkeys", etc He was all for Trashcan Martin and anti-Zimmerman, even after the facts came out.

So looking up where this pantload actually lived, it's in the Washington DC area-in a Maryland suburb that is 1.66% negro. It's 93% white and 4% Asian. So fatass Bob talks a good game but lives another way. I mean, you have to work pretty freaking hard at not living among 'groids in the DC area, but he has succeeded.

Anonymous said...

"In 2010, about 40% of Squirrel Hill's residents were Jewish."

As a hobbyist poultry farmer I can safely say that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and lives in a pond you're probably dealing with a duck. As far as I'm concerned my suspicion is confirmed.

Typical anti-white bullshit from the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

People like her are insufferable to be around, so I doubt she divulges in the social scene. If she has kids, guaranteed they'll be brainwashed with her DWL mantra, thus planting the seed of self hate. When the shtf, rest assured she'll be eaten by the very pets she coddles.

Brian in Ohio said...

Too white? Is that the same as too safe, too clean, too polite, too prosperous? If so, why wouldn't I want to live in the whitest place there is?

For what its worth, My small mid western town is 98% white, and its awesome! I thank god every day that I grew up here and still live here. Crime? What crime? That happens down in Cincinnati. And you know what the difference between here and Cinci is?....Blacks. Lots of them.

Anonymous said...

I lived in little Washington for like a year during the mid/late nineties steel strike .

Pitts are durable family folk who aren't fucking leaving. By the time they hit a 6th cousin they're basically related to everyone who built that place. Even though they are far above the doom threshold; they will not yield, they're incapable of it.

So all the diversity nutcases can say whatever the fuck they want, because those jagoffs will never get a damn thing done. It's good to have polish areas, Italian areas, so on and so forth . They have something to offer other than violence and theft.

Bogolyubski said...


Let's do a little hypocrisy check on our SJW of the Week, Mz. Abby Wilson.

Hmmmm…. wonder what the odds are that Wilson is not Abby's ancestral surname, or perhaps it's her spouse's surname. Given the surprisingly stable demographics of her own neighborhood, where a de-facto restrictive covenant is apparently enforced by word-of-mouth and there are no squads of the usual shysters from the ACLU and $PLC working hand in glove with the regime and its various SJW minions to move some nice Section-Ape housing into the area, she could have been born and raised there. (Strange how some places have this amazing miraculous exemption to the rules, no?).

Since she's obviously suffering terribly from die-ver-sity lack, I think Ms. Abby needs some nice Boko-Haram Nigerian negroes to be resettled at government expense next door to improve the pale complexion of the neighboorhood which so upsets her sensibilities - I hear these fellows are most polite, even if they cannot figure out how to take a shit using a toilet. After all, Halal isn't that far off from Kosher, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind….

Anonymous said...

The people of Houston stood up and voted out a transgender bathroom friendly ordinance in the face of opposition from the outgoing lesbo mayor. Guess who else sided with these logical conservatives? Black people. Yep:

HOUSTON — A coalition of social conservatives, Republican officials and pastors who fought for the repeal of a measure banning discrimination based on factors like age, race and sex wanted voters here to call it by another name — the Bathroom Ordinance. It worked.

When many voters here went to the polls on Tuesday, instead of thinking about discrimination, they focused on what public facilities a transgender person could use.

In the predominantly black section of Houston called the Third Ward, a historic yet struggling community where concerns for civil rights are a given, several voters at a polling site in the Cuney Homes public housing complex said they had voted against the ordinance because, as parents, they were concerned that it would do precisely what one of the opposition’s TV ads depicted — allow men claiming or pretending to be women to enter women’s bathrooms and inflict harm.

There are some lessons here though.

If people are fed up enough they can bind together and make a difference- even if it means getting the negro to side with you out of self interest rather than remain loyal to the gay people they despise and don't accept anyway. Negroes have always and will always be the weak spot in their coalition. White Liberal ideological programming leaves leftists vulnerable to continuous violations in trust on the part of the negro. I'm sure most "bigoted" blacks wouldn't like half of what BLM stands for if they actually went to their website and saw it for it was- gay and tranny propaganda mixed with the black power movement of the 60's. They see no hypocrisy at all in crying for acceptance and special treatment then denying others with similar grievances any sort of acceptance or special consideration. And they don't see how leaving people high and dry like this leads to them gaining a bad reputation as a race. It is funny when people say that nature color-coded them for our convenience- so true.

Are there any countries today that have written or unwritten laws keeping the nation completely, 100% negro free? Kind of like how Liberia doesn't allow white people to be citizens and restricts their privileges. I know that there are places that are nearly 100% negro free and I want to know what factors they all have in common and how they have resisted the mud onslaught. What white countries still offer significant freedoms, yet are mostly white and will be for the foreseeable future? At the rate that we are going, will realists start or co-opt and existing government for the protection of their race? I am interested in all the tipping points involved, the point where no more compromise or ground can be given to the invading and predatory negro hordes. There has to be a point where the caring and compassionate nature of many whites is overridden by the will and ultimate need to survive.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond embarrassing. White women are always asked if they've ever dated or had sex with a negro. If the answer is no (in my case) we are barraged with questions as to why not. I had a job where I worked with many disgusting negroes. As always, the subject came up. When I told them no they were literally foaming at the mouth trying to expose me as an evil "racist". I didn't take the bait.

joshrandall said...

Miss Greenbaum,I should tell you you are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Your post couldn't be more right. I have relatives in the Midwest. Small town people that believe in the paint job theory. There are NO Blacks in their town or any town wishing 30 miles. They have no clue. I got a post graduate education in negrology by living in Houston for 20 years. We're out next week. My kids are grown and on their own. My wife and I are moving to a near big free zone out west.

Anonymous said...

All the DWL's I've met brag about how "diverse" their friends are. Usually it starts with one IKAGO who then brings it's ghetto friends into the mix.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Wilson, come to Detroit. I will personally buy you a house right in the middle of " not white at all". You can dodge drive by shootings, roll the dice on getting gas after dark, or have the excitement of getting a slurpee during an armed robbery. You, ms. Wilson, are an idiot. We have more than our share of idiots in Detroit but will welcome you anyway!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Why would a negro bother filling out a form that doesn't involve gibsmedats? Meanwhile they stand in line for hours to receive anything for free.

Over the summer the Red Cross in my town gave away about 2,000 box fans. The only documents required were a valid ID and proof of address. They were intended for people at risk of heat stroke. I hadn't heard about it until my elderly neighbor came over and sheepishly asked if I'd give him a ride to pick one up. There wasn't any sense in him being in the heat so I used my information and gave the fan to him. Other than a handful of whites, the building was packed with negroes who treated the whole thing like a social gathering. Knowing the parasitic nature of the foul beasts, a couple of days later I checked to see if any of the fans had been posted on Craigslist. Of course they had.

Anonymous said...

This woman has the same sort of mental disorder that afflicts Angela Merkel.Unfortunately as was proved conclusively by the greatest failed experiment in human history, namely Communism, the second law of thermodynamics applies to human affairs as well as the universe at large. Societies, once destroyed, do not suddenly pop back rejuvenated, having been cleansed of the offending capable social classes ( the hated middle class white working people, you know, the dull people. )
When societies collapse from lack of ability, they stay collapsed until enormous efforts are expended to recover the status quo ante. If the help arrives, that is.

WhereMyFreeSht said...

Anonymous at November 4, 2015 at 3:52 PM:
"It's beyond embarrassing. White women are always asked if they've ever dated or had sex with a negro. If the answer is no (in my case) we are barraged with questions as to why not. I had a job where I worked with many disgusting negroes. As always, the subject came up. When I told them no they were literally foaming at the mouth trying to expose me as an evil "racist". I didn't take the bait."

I wouldn't say always, but unless she's exceptionally attractive, no white man will touch a white woman that has lain with blacks. They are PC about it and find some excuse, but if they see her with a "brotha" on their social media, instant turn off. Can't say I blame them.

D-FENS said...

It's been about 20 years since I've been in Squirrel Hill. I remember it being somewhat like a college/hipster area. What Mz. Wilson is incapable of comprehending is that negroes would destroy everything that would have attracted her to Squirrel Hill in the first place. What non-negro diversity that is currently there would also bail out.

D-FENS said...

The highest level negro at Twitter has left the company because they were not pushing diversity hard enough:


Supposedly an "engineering manager", all I found about this twit is associated with his diversity efforts. I checked on LinkedIn to see his background. It says he "attended" University of Kansas. Which means what? I've been to Caltech, MIT, Cornell, RPI, UCLA, Olin, Harvard. Can I say I attended one of those schools?

Anonymous said...

I had to share this; http://www.pkn.rocks/videos

A Finnish punk band in which all the members are autistic or have Downs Syndrome. They write their own music, displaying that disabled YTs make better music than millionaire rapper Orc "clangers".

R Neville

Anonymous said...

I have to second what Ex-New Yorker said.

When I moved out I moved to a majority black city, and when I go back home I realize that people really don't get it. Yeah, there's some people who do, but not with the zeal which would be required to stay safe in a majority-minority city.

People in small towns have no idea what it's like to hunt around for parking so their car will be safe from feral niggers looking to steal anything that's not nailed down. They have no idea what it's like to have a neighbor shot in a home invasion by nigger thugs, then have the local news call them "teens." They probably don't even know what a "no-go zone" is. They don't know what it's like to overhear blacks unfiltered in a restaurant and realize they really do have the IQ of children and concerns of teenagers. It's easy to believe in paint theory when you're not exposed to their behavior.

Blacks have no sense of social contract. Whites developed this by living in an environment of scarcity with long winters which required preparation and working together. Lying, cheating, stealing and murdering harms the survival of the group as a whole. The most altruistic areas of the country are the most racially homogeneous, but no DWL likes to admit this. Blacks don't like to tip anymore than they like to give to charity. They haven't developed the same level of tolerance for differences as whites either.

I'm convinced you could give them EVERYTHING, all your money, a white hummer full of watermelons and two white women each, they'd still hate us. Why? Because deep down they hate themselves, they know they're inferior and natural selection has bred them to be brutal. And what's their culture really accomplished compared to YT? You can blame YT all day, but blacks have to realize, in some dark, reflective moment that natural selection has given them a raw deal, and that's all there is to it. It's tragic really, nature isn't fair.

They're not built to survive in this society, they need to be put in a tropical place where they can breed indiscriminately, engage in cannibalism, unhindered cruelty, voodoo and murder. That's what natural selection has bred them to do.

-Bill in the South

Anonymous said...

As one commentator put in the article on Google. It is just a way for a company that has no diversity to "pay off" the Blacks Lives Matter movement. There is a second part to this and other companies that make similar "donations". These companies for the most part or NOT sending cash they are sending equipment and "expertise" at full retail markup. In other words, when a company like Apple donates computers to inner city schools. They are not reporting what the actual cost is to them which would be something like $100 a computer. Their press release will reflect an inflated retail amount of say $800 a computer. On the same token they will send experts to install/run these systems and "bill them" at $500 an hour even though the company is probably paying them closer to $50. All these artificially inflated cost are reported toward the fictional donation amount for both the added publicly (hey a 250 million donation sounds better then a 15 million one) AND the tax write off.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Hey Brian in Ohio...

I grew up 40 miles east of Cincy. I know the area well and I agree, the problem is negroes in Cincinnati. Once you get outside the belt expressway its almost all white.

I havent been there in a few years, but its good to hear the old stompin grounds havent changed too much.

As for Pittsburg...never been there. Ive often heard it ranks up there as most desirable places to live in the USA. With 20+% negroes I think I'll pass. I like my 0.03% negro location just fine, although I saw two today, so maybe it 0.04% now.

There goes the neighborhood...

Anonymous said...

Squirrel Hill manages to keep the schvartas out. She should practice what she preaches and move to East Liberty, and perhaps get murdered like the naive Wolf Sisters, who also idealized blacks.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

If I were single the very first order of business when selecting a mate would be to determine her racial realist awareness status. I would pretty much come right out and ask the big awkward questions. If she failed to answer correctly that would be a deal breaker right then and there.

If there were any question of a negro in her past she would be immediately disqualified as a mate/friend/acquaintance/etc. Any white woman that would lower herself to a negro is undeserving of my affection or attention whatsoever. I have zero tolerance in this area. Thats just gross! I think I need a bucket.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker, you have it completely right about people who haven't experienced diversity not understanding how blacks really are.

I believed in paintjob theory growing up, because there was only one black kid in my high school. I still haven't truly dealt with majority-minority conditions, but getting closer helped pull my eyes open.

One little thing that stood out to me was in college. Some wiggers across the street were blasting (c)rap music. The only lyrics in the entire song was "white girl" over and over again. I just did not understand what was with that stupid (c)rapper's obsession.

Anyway, this is one of those reasons I'm not as worried as everyone else about what happens when section ape is used to diversify more neighborhoods. With evidence shoved in their faces, more people will see the truth. It's just a matter of time.


Bud Man said...

I am a Pittsburgher so this story interests me. Even so, people like Abby Wilson have been infected with a disease called "White Guilt" to the point where they will destroy Western Civilization if they had their way. White Guilt is a huge problem, I think from the time of slavery until the 1960's, Blacks did learn that they had to learn, work and so on to survive. In a way, segregation was good, it ingrained in Blacks that they had to take care of themselves and make it on their own. Pittsburgh was one of the places where the Blacks had a thriving community, economy and civilization where they had their own nightclubs, newspapers, car dealers, radio/TV stores, grocery stores and so forth. They became prosperous and had jobs. White Guilt came along in the 1960's and changed that be offering free money through welfare and affirmative action. Affirmative action was very wrong but at least a few Blacks used it to learn the ways of our civilization and escape but many fell into the trap and the devolution began, It was not instant but gradual, the 1960's rot took hold in the late 1980's with the birth of the PC crowd and it is worse now. I love the jazz, soul and music that has come from the Black community from the 1950's to the 1980's and then rap and hip-hop came in and devolved everything.

I know Blacks were brought here as slaves against their will, that was very cruel and should have never happened. Again, because of White Guilt, the Blacks have a Race Card to use because of slavery. Myself, I am part Jew, my ancestors suffered a lot too, but even though we must remember and not let it happen again, still there is a time where you have to move forward and put it behind you.

White Guilt, along with Black agitators, have created the mess we are in now. Blacks as a group have devolved a lot, in the 1950's, a lot of Blacks had a stable family and work life, they do not now.

I work in a department store West of Pittsburgh and I see a lot of inner city Blacks come by, we are on a bus line. Most of them act like stupid jagoffs, have poor English skills (I do not expect them to talk in the Queen's English, but...), wear saggy pants where I see the underwear or the butt crack and act uncouth. Many of them smell like marijuana or worse, I almost get stoned. They have the credit rating of a rock yet pull out hundred collar bills from a wad that would choke American Pharaoh, the famous race horse. I work hard and long hours but barely scrape by, to me, hundred and fifty dollar bills are almost a mythical species and twenties are a rare animal. Yet, many of the inner city Blacks have paid for their items, sometimes as high as $500 with hundred dollar bills. I know the snswer, but even as I am coming close to being a half a century in age, it never hurts to seek wiser council, even if it just confirms what you know. If I asked Mom, she would most likely say, "they get it from welfare" but when I ask Dad, he says, "drug money" or it came from other ill gotten gains in the annals of crime. What disturbs me more is a Black guy had a White girl in tow when I saw one. I believe that is plain wrong. I'm libertarian on many things but that crosses the line, The White girl ea\I saw wasn't bad looking but she looked "worn out," (drugs, maybe, and hanging with a Black guy boyfriend) Heck, there are plenty of lonely White guys like me.

I do not have anything against anyone, no matter the race, but I think unlike most others, the Blacks have devolved and are hurting themselves as well as people like Abby Wilson with White Guilt are helping them too. There are many good Blacks out there but most of them in the inner city are generally not part of them and in short, they have to heal themselves and get back on track if they want to be more accepted by polite society. We must end the gimmees and welfare somehow. In the 1950's, they had potential to being accepted as part of Western society, not so now.

Annie Oakley said...

World War me - thank you for the compliment. La Guillotine sounds like a plan.

Miss Greenbaum - EXCELLENT idea on the blood diamonds. I need to start shopping. Are there are any more to buy? My 5 year anniversary is coming up!

Ex New Yorker - exactly right luv and I'm giving the love back at ya! Speaking of letting the people speak and you listen, here is an example.

I'm in a big retail store today in my town. I'm looking at some DVD's to buy and a bunch come tumbling down. My husband is on the other side of the store so some nice Southern man comes over to help.

We get to talking and he tells me his entire life story. How he got screwed over in corporate America and how the system (our government) hates him. I just nodded and empathized. I noticed my DH walking up, he saw we were in deep conversation and he walked away. That's good. We've both told each other we need to make friends and allies here. And that we're doing. Because I have a pretty good background in the health and dentistry arena, I was able to give this man some perspective on his meds and his current level of care.

So finally my DH is giving me the stink eye, we gotta go business. So I left him with this. I said sir, don't get TOO angry, save some of that anger. He said ok why? I said eventually we'll be in civil war II, you gotta save some of that anger and energy to kill the bastards. He gave me a big grin and his big blue eyes just beamed like saucers and he said Yes Ma'am! I feel like a new man! Finally someone understands me. Tell your hubby thank you for allowing me to talk to someone sane.

See, boys and girls. It's only a matter of time before we get all whites on our side. It's easier in small towns though.

Anonymous said...

They're not built to survive in this society, they need to be put in a tropical place where they can breed indiscriminately, engage in cannibalism, unhindered cruelty, voodoo and murder. That's what natural selection has bred them to do.

Truer words have never been seen or spoken.

Anonymous said...

The comments on that article are great.

Anonymous said...

It's nice out in the country too. We hardly ever lock the doors. The shop is unlocked with my motorcycle parked inside with the keys in it, keys are left in the truck and the car.
Most people watch the news in the evening then go to bed. There is hardly any traffic after about 7:00 or 8:00 PM, even on the weekends.
The nearest town is less than 5 miles away, but less than 300 people live there and none are black.
But I'd just about gaurantee every house around here has multiple guns in them.
Its not that unusual to hear gunshots around here, specially as deer season approaches. Lots of young boys practicing for that big hunt.
Fathers teaching sons about gun safety.
Hmmmm...........is that what is missing in da hood?


Anonymous said...

Maybe she thinks her property taxes are too high. Invite some "die-versity" and welfare rats into da hood and they'll go down. Problem solved! She's so smart!


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker, you are correct on several accounts. Black Bike Week at Virginia Beach is a complete fiasco! I'm a biker. I've been to Daytona and Sturgis several times, and there are not a lot of black bikers there, true. But they all come out of the woodwork for Black Bike Week. A couple years ago the governor tried to shut it down because of all crime - violent fights, gang rapes and drug abuse.You can also compare Spring Break in Florida to Freaknik in Atlanta, the black version of college Spring Break. I saw the Freeway around Atlanta shut down once, because thousands of black college kids had cause traffic jams, playing loud bass hip hop and dancing on top of cars on the freeway. The City of Atanta has tried unsuccessfully to contain and control it for several years now. It's complete chaos! Compare that to the white kids who go to Florida for Spring Break. I also live in one one the areas you described that's mostly white - the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. The locals here have never seen or lived around many blacks. The majority of them think blacks are like Will Smith or the Cosby show. Just the color of their skin is the only difference. Well, after Hurricane Katrina sent thousands of urban black refugees North, a good many stayed over in Northwest Arkansas. If you wanted to see blacks, all you had to do was drive by the probation and parole office. They brought heroin with them and crimes like rape robbery and burglary. Many people had to take off their rose colored glasses and lose some of their idealism. I've lived in places that were predominately black, like Mississippi and Memphis, Tn. If anyone is complaining about an area being " too white," they need to move there. Harrison, Arkansas has some kind of diversity committee now, that courts groups like the NAACP to come there and promote Martin Luther King programs in this 90% white community. In an editorial in the local paper, I once challenged them to move to Arkansas Delta cities for 6 months, put their children in public schools, shop in the local stores that are run by blacks or just come home from work in the evening and take walks and ride their bikes around the neighborhood. Some people are in for a rude awakening!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Perhaps Mz. Abby should relocate to a less successful community.

Anonymous said...

You sir, are very wise. Whites that are ignorant to the plight of living in predominantly black communities, have no clue into the mindset of us that have lived amongst the heathens. Hell, when most people take vacations to highly populated southern attractions, I take mine to 100% white hick towns. There's no substitute for peace of mind, and actually being able to relax safely.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the farm!!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. It's actually a pretty smart bet to think that the government statistics are significantly off. Most people I know, certainly look at demographics and statistics before moving somewhere unfamiliar. Why would the anti-white liberals want intelligent white people to live and congregate amongst their own peers? It would be the end of the black is beautiful bullshit that is stuffed down our throats each and every day.