Friday, December 18, 2015

Another Black-on-White Murder in Indianapolis: White Male Drops $150 in Lottery Winnings,17-Year-Old Black Male Picks Money Up and Kills Him Over the Cash...

PK Note: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now out. So is the latest Paul Kersey at VDare, with STAR WARS: The Force Is Debauched—By Racial Rent-Seekers And Corporate Profiteers. Read it there, but share it wide. May the truth be with you.

According to the Indianapolis Public Safety Department, as of December 13, 2015, there have been 139 homicides in the 58 percent white/27.5 percent black city.
David Bowman... yet another white citizen of Indianapolis murdered by a black person 

  • 50 of those homicides were a black victim - black assailant
  • 4 of those homicides were a black victim - white assailant
  • 54 of those homicides were a black victim - unknown assailant
  • 18 of those homicides were a white victim - white assailant
  • 17 of those homicides were a white victim - black assailant
  • 5 of those homicides were a white victim - unknown assailant
  • of those homicides were a Hispanic victim - Hispanic assailant
  • of those homicides were a Hispanic victim - black assailant
  • 4 of those homicides were a Hispanic victim - unknown assailant
Well, today, yet another black individual murdered a white person in Indianapolis, meaning just as many blacks in Indianapolis have murdered white people, as whites have murdered other whites in the city for 2015 (versus only 4 cases of a black victim and white assailant). 

All over the white person winning $150 from two lottery tickets and dropping it as he walked to his car. [Speedway community remembers man shot over lottery money, Fox 59 (Indianapolis), 12-18-15]:
The Speedway community plans to gather at the high school Friday night to remember 2003 graduate David Bowman. 
17-year-old Cameron Tibbs... the black male who murdered Bowman over his $150 in lottery winnings
Bowman was shot and killed Saturday at the Phillips 66 gas station located at 2401 Lafayette Rd.
Cameron Tibbs, 17, turned himself in to police this week for the shooting. 
Prosecutors are charging Tibbs as an adult for the murder. 
"(Bowman) had a passion for soccer as well as a passion for people, having fun and he was just a very fun loving kid,” Bowman's father, William Bowman, said about his son. 
Bowman played soccer at Speedway High School all four years and went on to play in college at Oakland City University on a scholarship. He worked at the FedEx Distribution Center at night and cut hair during the day. 
Bowman also enjoyed playing the lottery, according to his brother Michael Bowman. 
Saturday night, Bowman went to cash two winning tickets at the gas station totaling $150. 
On his way out, he dropped the money and someone else picked it up. When Bowman went to get the money back, he got shot. 
“It just doesn’t make sense you can kill someone over $150," Michael Bowman said. 
"I would given him my house if they wouldn’t have shot him," William Bowman said. 
The Bowman family said they hope David's death does not go in vain and his murder can serve a larger purpose. 
“I’m pretty much going to dedicate the rest of my life to seeing if I can’t make a difference," William Bowman said. “If we save one life or make one of these not happen for the rest of my life it will be worth it, because no one should have to go through what we are going through right now.” 
A friend of David Bowman, Sheena Bannon, started a GoFundMe page on behalf of the family. 
Bannon would like to use the money for a community outreach barbecue and to start a little league team. 
“Anything that gets a sense of community brought back," Bannon said. "We have to find a way to make a difference.” 
William Bowman said he'd like to use the money raised to start his own, "Stop the Violence," campaign. 
He wants to have t-shirts, wristbands and signs made in honor of David. 
“Everybody in this city is scared and everybody in the city is mad and people are tired of it," William Bowman said. 
David Bowman joins 17 other white people (18, if you include the baby Amanda Blackburn's was carrying) murdered by a black individual in Indianapolis during the year of 2015 versus four blacks killed by a white individual. 

Virtually every other homicide in Indianapolis during 2015 involves a black person, with 54 homicides involving a black suspect and an unknown assailant, which is why black people are once marching against the epidemic of "no snitching" in their community. [Families rally, march to end the ‘code of silence’,, 12-7-15]

Mr. Bowman, it is black people turning Indianapolis into a war-zone, with innocent white people like your son, Amanda Blackburn, and Mark Miller (a food deliveryman murdered by a black guy wearing a Michael Myers mask) all gunned down by black people in horrific crimes virtually no one cares to remember, save the family members and friends they leave behind. 

Your son, Mr. Bowman, was a hardworking individual. He had two jobs and just happened to drop his lottery earnings at the wrong place and at the wrong time. 

A 17-year-old black male killed your son, because he was the individual who picked up your sons lottery money and made the Phillips 66 gas station the wrong place at the wrong time. 



It's the end of the Semester so it is time for our Final Exam before break. Ready class?

If two negroes, each with a fully loaded GLOCK (17 rounds max each) get into a drive by shooting, and if no White person is involved, was a crime, and or, a murder committed?

(Here is my answer as you work on yours)

No crime OR murder was committed.

First of all, all 34 shots missed. A few shots killed some nigglets and nigglettes down the street, but since they were black and nobody knew where they lived, there was no statistical impact. So, NO. Neither negro "hit" each other but the gun fight was fun to watch.

A crime? No. Both negroes had rap sheets and had spent time in jail. Both were wanted for various warrants so had they died, there would have been a REDUCTION in crime. Thus, a successful killing or either, or both negroes, would DECREASE crime and thus serve as a crime fighting event.

(Extra Credit Question: How was this investigated and reported by the college educated, graduates of Journalism School, media news cast?)

(Again, as you work out your answer, here is mine).

There was no media coverage, at all. There was no White person involved, thus, there was no violence, racism, gun crime, hate, disturbance of the peace, lawlessness, etc. No news worthy event occured. The media therefore spent their 30 minutes in shock that Donald Trump was racist against unknown 23 year old single arab men coming to America.

You have 45 minutes to finish your essay. This will count 50% of your final grade. If you are non-White you have already received a grade of B+ and this Exam is optional.

Remember, this school is equal opportunity, non-racist, and all students are treated with equal respect and dignity. (White students are not considered "students".)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who ran into a man from Indianapolis. She said to the guy " gee, I hear Indy is really having an uptick in crime. The man became so indignant at her suggestion. That's not true, he said. Why Indianapolis is a wonderful community. Not from what I'm reading here. Some people need to be hit on the head numerous times before they see the truth. Others never see , no matter what. Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

I feel for the victims family. But Dad honoring his son by promoting some lame-ass Stop The Violence campaign is senseless.
Stop The Forced Integration. Stop The Violent, and you prevent violence. Stop The Forced Integration.
White people, you are worth something. Your ancestors were beautiful, creative, innovative, and simultaneously tough. They conceived and built great systems, great structures, great civilization. They sacrificed for you. Do not turn your back on them. Honor them. Reject pop-culture. Reject the voices of those who slander your ancestors. Defend your ancestors and your descendants.
Stop The Forced Integration.

Anonymous said...

To centurion @7:18pm. I am an affirmative action student at sbpdl university. I don't have to answer questions nor do I have to sit for exams. If I never showed up again, I am still guaranteed an A+. Because you asked nicely, yes there was a crime only if one or both was able to walk away!

Julie said...

I'm an honest person, a Christian, but come one, $150 is impossible to resist. It's big money. If you exchange for one dollar bills, it will make an awesome money roll to hold in your mouth for pictures. Negroes are okay, problem is that a lot of white people like to flash around huge sums of money. I can't blame the African-americans, who are very, very poor, when they react to that display of huge amounts of cash. Honestly, the Pope himself asks that we share. Why can't white Americans do that?

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

PK, your head is too full of Star Wars—you missed a great movie reference here. Your title should have been:

The Real Mr. Tibbs.

Thank about it.

Solid post.

David In TN said...


Anonymous said...


Humanity shall prevail. Guns, ammo and situational awareness at all times. Stay safe out there. To whites, please remember that blacks are the enemy. Please do not "lump" them in with other non-white races. We are targets for blacks too.

As a non-white, you can be damn sure that when the time comes to go to war against these animals I will be right there next to you with my weapon in hand, fighting for the same goals as you-- to live in peace without the fear of "teen" violence.

Anonymous said...

Cognitive Dissonance is a powerful Jedi mind trick used by these Marxist scumbags. These cuckolded twits will surely target Walmart and Toys R Us next, for not sending enough black SW merchandise. Had to laugh taking my kid shopping down the toy section, where there seemed to be an over supply of that ugly Bantu's action figure, while all the older figured were sold out lol!!! Guess Disney didn't tap into that "urban demographic" they were hoping for.

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous Dec 18 7:49PM,

So the Indy guy became indignant at the mere mention of rising black crime? Sounds like he is kayaking on the river DE NIAL. If she sees him again, tell you friend to ask that man from Indy how much in overtime does the city have to pay the cops during Black Expo week; and also ask why so many black pastors virtually BEG their parishoners to refrain from violence; and ALSO ask, why do you think this event erupts into violence. His deer-in-the-headlights look on his face would be a priceless picture.

Anonymous said...

Candlelight vigils and all that other nonsense will make absolutely no difference whatsoever.
IF you really want to "stop da violence" the only way to do it is to start executing these feral groids 24 hours after they're convicted of the cold blooded murder of a human. If the "fambly" can't afford to bury them, just load their carcass on a garbage scow and dump them at sea or, in inland areas, dump them in a landfill. Deduct all court costs and other expenses from the mammies gibsmedat and EBT. If she and her remaining niglets have to scrounge moldy, rat gnawed hamburgers from the dumpsters behind McD's just to have something to eat, too bad.
Sounds incredibly harsh, doesn't it? Yet, nothing LESS SEVERE will ever work.

Anonymous said...

If this guy really wants to make a difference he would be best advised to form a relationship with you, Paul. The amount of loss it must feel like to have a child taken from you at any age must be immense. I once heard a story of someone who asked a wise man for a blessing.

"Father dies, son dies, grandson dies" was his response.

While death is inevitable, having any different order from the above can kill one's spirit while they are still alive.

I have some news for the father in this case. You can't "stop" the violence- as long as negroes are given free reign in our society they will pick white people off as they please. The punishments don't matter. You can't change black behavior, the best you can hope to do is minimize the damage it does and as of right now our hands are tied.

You might say, he shouldn't of been living in Indy or handling money out in public around black people. While the second item does appear to be pretty foolish, in a civilized society people shouldn't have to be on edge over such simple things.

In almost all of these cases the white victim is someone who let their guard down around blacks and expected black people to act as decent human beings. Being around them is taking a constant risk- while people will keep attempting to shout you down as racist for making this observation, I would much rather be labeled a racist than be dead. I'm sure the murdered man's father would gladly yell the word "nigger" from the rooftops for days on end if it would bring his son back.

Your goal is to survive. Don't swim with sharks and don't spend time in black infested cities.

bubo said...

Since the government/media cannot be trusted, I wonder what the actual percentage of violent crime committed by blacks really is?

Would white people as a whole wake up to the lie we've been force fed the last 50 years if we knew the truth? The truth that Africans are different from us and that we cannot allow them to take our civilization down with them.

Anonymous said...

And of course, he was a good boy. He din hab no gun. An aspiring rapper for sure. How can anybody question a police officers tendency to shoot, when this crap goes on day after day. He used the gun to rob an innocent citizen, then shot him for no reason. Anybody notice the resemblance to Obama? Yep, another Barry's kid. Another excuse to go after white men's rifles

Notice how Barry's visiting the relatives of the people killed by the Muslim terrorists in California? And, the press is trying to play it up like he's soooo concerned, and visits all the victimns of gun violence. What a load of crap. As offensive as Hillary's "I will not be silenced". Sure you won't Hillary, unless questioned about Benghazi, questionable deals with private cooperations while secretary of state, and criminally ill-advised use of insecure communication lines for top secret data. Am I the only one thinking oh dear God, please make her shut up?

I am so sure their " Hearts go out" to the family of the deceased. If they were really so concerned, they would take the guns out of the hands of subhuman thugs, and stop catch and release of these unreformable criminals. Nope, they're more worried about the good citizens coming after them after their failed policies bring society to the breaking point. That is the real reason for politicians obsession with taking you rifles. They know they've failed us, and they know they don't have the fortitude to do what kneeds to be done to save our country.

eah said...

Re your recent article on Vdare -- STAR WARS: The Force Is Debauched—By Racial Rent-Seekers And Corporate Profiteers

Director J.J. Abrams called “diversity” an important consideration in casting the movie and previously slammed the Emmys as the “whitest f**king room in the history of time.”

Important to note is that Abrams is a Jew -- Jews, eg Soros, are front and center in the effort to demographically dismantle America.

Anonymous said...

If Obama and Morgan Freeman had a son ...

Mr. Rational said...

If we assume that the "unknown assailant" Black murders all had Black perps (and "no snitching" says they did), my eyeballing of the figures comes to 126 out of 158 murders in Indy had Black perps.  That is 80%.

Plaga negra, indeed.

Anonymous said...

100 years ago the press would have made any incident like this a front page headline. The vigilante 'justice' it inspired would have blacks off of the streets and in their homes. Makes one wonder how the fifth estate manages to sleep at night knowing they give tacit approval to these acts.

Anonymous said...

Sharing is a choice. I share with my family and my friends. I don't share with thieves, murders and parasites. I wish they were dead. Don't care what color a thief, murderer or parasite is, I don't want to share and I wish them death.


Brian in Ohio said...

Will a negro kill you for $150? They`ll kill you for simply being White!

Displaying ANY amount of cash around blacks is a huge situational awareness fail.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that white people will be a very small minority before they, as a group, realize they're being exterminated.
I hope before that happens most all race realists are living in a few states where diversity is recognized as the dirty word it is.


Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous Dec 18 7:49PM,

So the Indy guy became indignant at the mere mention of rising black crime? Sounds like he is kayaking on the river DE NIAL. If she sees him again, tell you friend to ask that man from Indy how much in overtime does the city have to pay the cops during Black Expo week; and also ask why so many black pastors virtually BEG their parishoners to refrain from violence; and ALSO ask, why do you think this event erupts into violence. His deer-in-the-headlights look on his face would be a priceless picture.

December 18, 2015 at 10:24 PM

What you saw were the first faint rumblings of awareness bursting through the wall of his mental defenses, a kind of psychic Maginot Line (and about as useful). "You've been living in a dream world, Neo."

Or maybe, since this is the CHRISTMAS season, a Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come is showing him the future, and he hasn't accepted it yet.

Hopefully it won't require that a loved one gets killed or beaten before this guy sees the light. But don't bet on it.

(P.S. My son sent me a great meme the last time the groids rioted at this time of year: "Nothing says (F) The Police like a ton of overtime just before Christmas."

Anonymous said...


What a farce these old movies turned out to be. Now we call him [them] a monstrously laughable fiction of the DWL useful idiot white community and their Marxist puppeteers running the country.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr.Abrams probably formed his opinion by talking to all his honky-white neighbors living in their multi-million dollar homes with high-tech security systems and armed security patrols.


Anonymous said...

FBI arrests 17 suspects in burning alive death of Jessica Chambers. Their pics are here.Anand Vijay Shegog,Mondarious Armstead,D’lirian Case,Janicholas Vankeith Scott haha
They'll sweat them until someone talks.

Anonymous said...

@December 19, 2015 at 6:49 AM

I don't think that will happen. White women are still having kids all over. Even in these gentrified cities like SF and fast becoming one NY you see them with their strollers that the wogs complain about (but it's they who will be priced out and gone)
The main objective should be to deplete the negro population with birth control and abortion and get all non white illegals out of the country and prevent their immigration.

Anonymous said...

A new kind of murder.

White men used to call murder a "crime of passion" because of the huge effort necessary to overcome the mental barriers necessary to kill. "You don't kill over $150.00.", goes the argument.

But with a negro, killing is merely an amusement at best and a simply part of the boredom of the world at worst.

It wasn't that the $150 was important, it was that the negro, once he saw it was money, was "keeping it real" by taking it. The White man simply Got In The Way.

So the negro shot him.

Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

As harsh as it may sound, knocking someone off for $150 is simply what negroes do. I often get cash back, one or two hundred dollars at the grocery store each week. I'm very cognizant of the people around me. I count the money, make an eye for the exit, and quickly put the cash away. I always have in the back of my mine, what do I have that I can use as a weapon? Where are the negroes and how violent do they appear to be?

I don't have my concealed carry permit yet, but I will carry without it if TSHTF - an increasingly likely scenario as I watch the economy implode, again. What I don't get is, why is this so f*cking hard for young people to protect themselves proactively? This guy was not yet thirty. I'm sure if a negro with a gun came after me for one fitty, I'd let him have it if I were stupid/careless enough to drop it around him. This poor guy didn't have a chance.

White people, seriously.....the negroes WILL KILL YOU. It's not right, it's not wrong (for them). It's WHO THEY ARE...Stupid, violent, shiftless, and lazy. C'mon, it's not rocket science. Look, they can't even manage third grade maff. 1 x 1 should equal 2????!!! Well, yeah, okay, Shitavious, whatever you say. Jeezus, and they wonder why they can't find employment in the private sector. I've got to stop thinking about this cuz my head's starting to hurt.


More from my area of Camp Negro. One negress who is presently seven month's pregnant has been laying out of work, coming in late, and leaving early for the past three months. Management says not a word. She is anxiously awaiting her maternity leave where she will collect the grand sum of 60% of her weekly take-home. No husband in site. Ramblings about a "boyfriend", likely some buck who drops by once a month to f*ck her. Something for nothing really makes them cream in their pants.

The other negress I work with has just gotten off her 90 day probation and routinely takes an extra fifteen/twenty minutes for her breaks. I've started to time her. Management looks the other way.

More news from Camp Negro as it occurs. Formerly Miss Greenbaum signing off.

Anonymous said...

The 150$ was a bonus, more to brag about on Facebook

Pat Boyle said...

Something like that happened to me a couple years ago. I was working in the Mission district of San Francisco. At the height of the Internet boom my company couldn't find any office space except there.

I had to pay some big bill - maybe it was may taxes. I don't remember but it was about a thousand dollars. So I went to an ATM on Mission street and drew out a stack of hundred dollar bills. It was a winded day and some of them blew out of my hand. A black guy ran up and grabbed two or three of them. He ran off laughing.

I guess I was lucky. He didn't shoot me too.


Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

re: "situational awareness fail" - I like that; I'm gonna hold onto that and use it. Here in the Twin Cities college students are being sucker-punched in the face and robbed of their cell phones and backpacks; often with a gun stuck in their face for good terroristic measure etc.. It's been going on for a long time and is grossly under-reported; with no description of perps; rapes too, on campus. Situational awareness failures. I hate to blame the victim(s), but if you're not profiling as people walk by you, you're a sucker waiting to happen. Profile at all times!.. dummies..

Anonymous said...


Indeed, TN, as I reflect on it, many old movies of this genre depicting blacks as highly civilized, articulate and accomplished Homo Sapiens (but merely with a "different" skin color) were quite socially destructive. This was especially true of Saint Sidney Poitier's Alice-In-Wonderland's celluloid fantasies.

Trying not to appear too sexist here, I would further note that all of this was extraordinarily pernicious where it impacted the white woman's formerly realistic view of these feral beasts, and their loss of virtue and judgement seems to be almost in tandem with these celluloid fabrications of that time which almost like clockwork churned out hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of useless white tramps, whores, mulatto baby factories and drug addicted "white" welfare moms.

Of course this is merely a total, otherworldly fantasy, but if a completely realistic remake of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" were made today, an appropriate and truthful title would have to be "Guess Who's Being Tortured, Robbed, Raped and Shot After Dinner."


Nick A. Pinny

FD80215 said...

I think you have to listen between the lines here. The Father is a realist, if he wasn't before. The brother says "So close to home." In other words, blacks are right down the street-from my once civilized neighborhood. I believe there are a lot more realist out there than many of you think. The problem here is this, these guys can't go full on rant mode on the news as there are too many repercussions in doing so as we know. I know a lot of people and in my personal experience the overwhelming majority are realist. Small example, this just happened yesterday. A woman who I just met a few days ago, someone I am doing business with starting talking about the black Annie movie, she brought it up out of the blue. She was talking about the backlash that occurred and how she thought it was ridiculous that they (liberal Hollywood) changed the character. Anyway, as I have mentioned here before, post these stories , like the one above on social media. I use FB to post these stories, I usually don't make a comment I let the viewer decide for themselves. I don't do it daily, I try to be subliminal about it if you know what I mean. However, I was posting often about the Tanya Chamberlin case as it was within my area, I'm in a small town outside of the madness. As Ex-New Yorker always says, get the hell out and find a small town. Yes, if you make money in the city you will have to drive, it's worth it. I have been doing it for about 12 years now, I do about 120 to 150 miles a day depending on the job location, get a beater car that gets good fuel economy. You truly have no idea how peaceful a small town is, no crime, no murders, nothing. No traffic, no 6 foe's with 28 inch rims and rap music bumping, no litter, no cops on post in the schools. Our entire main street is lit up at Christmas time, we have a Nativity scene at city hall and no one is complaining. Our taxes are low and we have a 100% graduation rate in our little town. There is one common denominator here, want to take a guess what that is?

Anonymous said...

julies uncle
I'm an honest person, a Christian, but come one, $150 is impossible to resist. It's big money.--- TO THOSE VERY BAD AT CALCULATING THE CONSEQUENCES OF ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR.


$150 is Nigga Rich.

Anonymous said...

150 dolla...... Dats a new pair of Jordans right dere.... Kill dat muffuga

Pat Boyle said...

The Anonymous at 6:54 AM tries to make some point by invoking the Maginot Line. This kind of reference makes little sense. Almost everyone gets this wrong. The Maginot Line was not a failure. It worked just fine. It was French armor and command that failed.

Germany had attacked France before. They always came west and then hooked south. After the First World War the French debated at great length what the Germans would do. They knew about the Schlieffen Plan and expected a similar German attack with their Sichelschnitt tactic in the Manstein Plan.

The Maginot Line was not designed to stop to stop the German attack. After all it did not cover the whole border. It only went about halfway across the presumed line of attack. It was suppose to drive the Germans west into open country where the superior, more numerous and heavier French tanks would prevail. But of course they didn't. The Germans under the genius tank commander Heinz Guderian had developed new tank tactics and defeated the French tanks badly.

After the Germans had swept past the defending French they returned to the Maginot fortresses and attacked them from the rear. The line fell but it was never expected to hold the Germans, merely to delay them and make them fight on ground favorable to France.

I apologize for being pedantic but if you are going to draw lessons from history, draw the right lessons. The German tanks of the early Blitzkrieg were not the large and powerful Panther and Tiger tanks of later in the war. The big tanks are defensive tanks. Offensive tanks are smaller and faster. The original Panzers of the Blitzkrieg were smaller and lighter than the French Char B1 Bis tanks that they opposed.


Brian in Ohio said...

Fatigued in Minneapolis said... re: "situational awareness fail"- I like that; I'm gonna hold onto that and use it.

Be my guest. You`ll notice I close all my posts with "Stay alert, stay alive." I was told that as a young Marine by a full bird Colonel who had walked up behind me unnoticed. I said, "excuse me sir, I didn't see you." To which he replied, "Stay alert, stay alive, son." It stuck with me and has served me well.

Situational awareness is key when in black infested areas. It will save your life. People don't realize the "urban teen" has a predators instincts and is ALWAYS looking for weakness, i.e. people not paying attention. Keep your head on a swivel.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bogolyubski said...

bubo axes:
Since the government/media cannot be trusted, I wonder what the actual percentage of violent crime committed by blacks really is?

I expect it's even higher than reported - and blacks are at the top in terms if criminality even with the aggressive accounting master-chefs in the regime working hard. For starters, the official FBI/DOJ reporting have classified all hispanic perps of violent crime as "white" since the 1970s, during the "conservative" Repuke regime of Tricky-Dickie, while hispanic victims of violent crime are reckoned as "hispanic". There are two reasons for this Soviet-style accounting:

1. Raise the white violent crime rate by adding in aztecs, Puerto-Ricans (who are mainly black), and even Peruvian octaroons like George Zimmermann as "whites" who committed violent crimes; and

2. Lower the hispanic violent-crime rate (to justify more open borders) while creating a special class of "hispanic" victims who'll no doubt qualify for federal aid and welfare.

That's just the Feds - all compiled after they receive data from pohleece-goonda agencies in places ranging from NYC to Shitcongo to Detroilet…. (I'll let our YT readers figure out how reliable data from such places is likely to be - perhaps comparable to that reported by Jamaica on a good day).

Onto the state and local levels, there's a special computer program or method known as "Compstat" - championed by the recently dismissed Cheeph of Shitcongo Pohleece-goondas McCarthy (who some will recall ascribed negro violence to the Pilgrims who settled in Plymouth in 1620, who were unlikely to have ever laid eyes upon a negro's hideous visage). McCarthy no doubt was handed a golden parachute by Rahm, the dual-citizen Shitcongo mayor who served in the Gulf War - as a civilian volunteer for the army of a certain unmentionable country.

This program allows the uniformed criminals sitting in Pohleece departments, typically AA-orcas or other SJWs, to re-classify crimes altogether from the initial reports filed by the pohleece-goondas on the beat. Thus, YTs bodies who were obviously murdered with no immediate families (like the homeless, etc.) are simply designated as "accidents" or "manslaughter" so as to lower the violent-crime rate, which is then reported to their fellow uniformed criminals at the federal level.

Bogolyubski said...

I think you have to listen between the lines here. The Father is a realist, if he wasn't before. The brother says "So close to home." In other words, blacks are right down the street-from my once civilized neighborhood. I believe there are a lot more realist out there than many of you think. The problem here is this, these guys can't go full on rant mode on the news as there are too many repercussions in doing so as we know.

OK, let's pretend this is true - even though you're grasping at straws. Here is the simplest rule of all for any family member of a victim of the dirty-war waged upon whites by the groid boots on the ground: The media is the enemy. Your only comment to anyone in the media (if you cannot avoid talking to them altogether) should be this: "No Comment"

Anything said by a victim's family member will absolutely be used by the gang of SJW shysters and other BLM types who own and control all media to make certain that Obama's son does not even do time in jail. Does this make it plain enough for you??

Anonymous said...

We are told that due to racial inequities:
* Schools must be more lenient in discipline and grading.
* Courts and police must be less strict in applying the law.
* Everyone else must accept higher levels of theft, rape, and assaults.
** We must all accept more murders.

DWLs, the MSM, and Dindus all think "racial inequities" means "racism towards minorities", but realists know it means what it literally says: THEY are not the same.


Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"'I'm pretty much going to dedicate the rest of my life to seeing if I can't make a difference," William Bowman said. 'If we save one life or make one of these not happen for the rest of my life it will be worth it ...'"

You can do that. But it means facing the facts and getting everybody you can sway to face the facts as well. The facts are that feral yoofs will be as they are no matter how much enabling and Stockholm Syndrome understanding you give to them. You must think of them and treat them as you would skunks. Do everything possible to make it unlikely they will roam about in your area, avoid the occasional one when you see it, and cut off their food source (your taxes) as best you can.

Simply grasping the plain and undeniable fact that the negro Bell Curve and the YT Bell Curve do intersect but do not superimpose is a start. The negro is shifted a full standard deviation from YT. This means that there will be plenty of IKAGOs that get along just fine (as long as their presence doesn't invite their savage kin). These are the ones you are conditioned to believe could represent the whole if only you, the evil YT, could completely eliminate your "prejudice." But having a poopulation which is offset by a standard deviation means that when it comes to the "uncivilized" end of the respective curves, only about 5% of the YTs will be as "bad" as about 32% of the negroes (roughly 68% and 95% of a normal distribution lying at one and two standard deviations below the mean).

Test scores and crime stats reveal that this hasn't been changed by even one percent during the decades that billions of dollars have been thrown at the problem and YT having been shamed into believing it must somehow be his fault. And it won't change in your lifetime either. It's not your fault. And you can't fix it through guilt, preferential treatment, and handouts. That's uncomfortable for most, but accept it and do everything possible to keep these savages out of your area. That's how you will save lives.

Anonymous said...

He really sounds shocked that a negroe killed his son over $150.

They will kill you over a perceived "disrespectful" look.

They will kill you over words they don't like.

They will kill you because they want booze or drugs or sex.

They will kill you because watching living beings bleed amuses them.

They will kill you to show the other negroes how tough they be.

They will kill you so they can rhyme a "rap" about it.

They will kill you because they are bored.

They have ZERO value for Life, including their own lives. They have ZERO respect for anyone or anything at all, including themselves. They are just too dumb to understand risk vs reward, or consequences, or any thoughts beyond "i wanna eat, i wanna get drunk, i wanna get high, i wanna fuck, i wanna fight, i beez mad, i beez hongry, i beez tahrd, i beez howny"

They have ZERO concern for the future, theirs or anyone elses. Even the most intelligent negroes, the top 10% or so that manage to get jobs and actually go to work regularly, cash out their retirement accounts to by new cars or take vacations, they don't buy insurance for ANYTHING, they don't get oil changes or basic maintenance done on their cars. They just don't think about next week, or month, or year. They live in the moment, like dogs.

They just are NOT "just like us". If they were just like us we wouldn't be hammered over our heads with "THEYRE JUST LIKE US!" From childhood on, on a daily basis. They wouldn't need to March around demanding to be Equal, they would just be equal. The Irish or the Koreans never Marched around protesting or had Jesse Jackson-types whining and ranting about "equality" they just worked hard and looked after their own kind and they became Equal.

It's so very sad to watch our formerly great society ROT before our eyes.


Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

HaHaHaHaHa! Mister Tibbs. Good one.

With the tendency of negroids to rename things that offend them (since seeing the word "Dixie" on a street sign has obviously held the darkies back all these decades), we should join right along and rename the movie "Dey Caws Me Mistuh TEE-ibs!"

Mr. Rational said...

It wasn't that the $150 was important, it was that the negro, once he saw it was money, was "keeping it real" by taking it.

They kill over food.  This even spawns some humor:

Q:  How do you know Adam was White?

A:  You ever try to take a rib from a Black man?

McCarthy no doubt was handed a golden parachute by Rahm

Second City Cop says no, he's only getting his unused vacation.  About $21k.

The guy wasn't even smart enough to negotiate a good severance package.

David In TN said...

Yes, instead of "THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS," my post should have been "I AM THE REAL MISTER TIBBS."

FlowerBell said...

Despite the brutal realities we all live in now my husband and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
We look forward to many more Merry Christmases.
Remember we built this country, it's ours.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski, at the risk of coming off as ingratiating, I am a great fan of yours. You have a keen intellect and write exceeding well. It's always a joy to read your stuff.

As a matter of fact, just about everyone who posts in here are very articulate and appear to be very well informed and well educated. So much for "hillbilly racists!"

Anyway, it's worth noting that leftist trolls don't dare come in here and take anyone on for fear of getting their heads handed to them.


Nick A. Pinny

Anonymous said...

Why is this occurring so much in Indianapolis? Does the state of Indiana have the Three Strikes sentencing? I feel sorry for the father who have to bury his son on a senseless crime. I wonder if the savages are familiar with the 13th Amendment, and what it says.

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The key word is except, negroes could be subject to involuntary servitude, they would work for pennies a day. That's why we hope for more NU graduations!:)

Anonymous said...

Look at India:

Anonymous said...

This is a working to middle class town with a fair number (20%) of blacks. I notice that the young jigs around here are positively geeky. The dangerous feral ones are about ten miles away.

Anonymous said...

Do any sports fans , meaning college and pro ball notice how the black players thrive on late hits, look to intimidate opposing players constantly, and in general look for excuses to fight. It seems to have gotten worse over the past ten years. Sports are really their niche , it seems to compliment their bad behavior as if it's really being done on purpose to make some political point across the media.

Anonymous said...

I've talked to people who say the same about Baltimore. One of the only realists from there that I talked to worked at the juvenile detention center, and shared some interesting stories.

Anonymous said...

Negros will kill you for $3, as reported in the story on here a while back, $150 to a negro is an astronomical sum, they wouldn't think twice to kill a family of 4 for such a godly sum.

Anonymous said...

I see this a lot when I go to NYC for work. People walking around the city wearing headphones, head down, texting or looking at their phone screen, and completely unaware of their surroundings, basically asking to be victims.

Anonymous said...

Most football games look like two gangs of convicts escaped from different prisons and ran into each other.

Anonymous said...

Re RexHymens, Chimpologist, very prescient comments above on Shitavious Chimpus Negroidis and their various charming "eccentricities" and cute childlike ways, all I have to say is he's just about the best Chimpologist that I have ever ran across. I mean, this guy has these bipedal sewer rats down cold! Absolutely no doubt about it - this guy is the best in his field.

Yours Truly,

Freshman Chimpologist

Anonymous said...

We could have dinner with Pat every night for a year. If we ever got bored it would be our fault! Thank you Pat for always informing and entertaining at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Nigdar's pinging hard on this one. Two groups of "teens"? Yea, right. My money's on an orc battle. A pavement ape had his shoes dissed.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows if you drop your money, it's no longer yours. It belonged to the negro as soon as he picked it up, thus, the white guy was trying to rob the black guy. This was clearly self-defense.

Bill in St Louis said...

Not to place any blame other than where it belongs, (on the bad dirt the gas station was built on, obviously), but this latest numbnuts should have been practicing situational awareness. Don't have anything to do with cash, especially over $20.oo in an open area where orcs are gathered. Cashing in your tickets can wait.

Anonymous said...

Negroes and lottery! Obongo going down!

JINN - Justin Igger News Network said...

TV show "COPS" has to keep it real PC when they're on camera. What a damn shame....

I can only imagine how many times they've had to bite their tongues when they got involved in an altercation with a negro. They're fighting it more trying to hold it
back, which we all know takes more mental strength than to just let it go, hence the
reason why we see the crap we see happen in our society today. I've seen this same scenario play out too many times to count on COPS. If only the stupid liberal/SJW types really knew how to interpret what we see on COPS. In all actuality, they do!
We're just the numbnuts that aren't supposed to notice. Like yeah right. There is
truly nothing that offends me more than someone trying to insult my intelligence
with their rhetoric bs. Shove it! I have absolutely no sympathy for ignorance !!!
Hence the reason why I could never become a LEO. I'd be in the process of being
judged by 12 before I knew it....

Anonymous said...

Back in Minneapolis we have to put up with the endless disinformation BS about the useless Jamar Clark the wife beater who got offed when he tried to disarm a cop. The media make it appear the dead guy was on his way to a Nobel Peace Prize until America the monstrous stole it from him.
I used to think there was a bottom to the perversity of black behavior. There is no bottom.
What is worse, the non stop leftist demonstrations continually put such a gloss on the pig the shine is blinding.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if blacks are our "equals," does it not follow that we are also their "equals? If so, isn't the logic inescapable that we should also feel free to murder them with total abandon as well - and also to burn down the city when a white man is convicted of anything? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Re Pat Boyle
As long as we are discussing WW2 what is your opinion of Victor Suvorov?
For any interested....

Anonymous said...

"Do any sports fans , meaning college and pro ball notice how the black players thrive on late hits, look to intimidate opposing players constantly, and in general look for excuses to fight. It seems to have gotten worse over the past ten years. Sports are really their niche , it seems to compliment their bad behavior as if it's really being done on purpose to make some political point across the media."

Yeah, once those primitive juices get flowing, they're like wild animals.
Nogs instinctively go for the head/neck area despite the rules, it's the fastest method to kill your prey. Then they do their tribal victory dance once the prey has been subdued.

People here bash BRA sports, but it's really the only use we have found for them. We bet huge sums of money on them like horses or dogs. That's entertainment.

D-FENS said...

"As long as we are discussing WW2 what is your opinion of Victor Suvorov?"

Presumably you are referring to his claim that Stalin was about to attack Hitler and because Soviet forces were configured for an offensive movement, they were especially vulnerable when Hitler struck.

I've been meaning to read his book. I have just finished "Operation Snow" which presents a case that an FDR Treasury official, Harry Dexter White, orchestrated US policies towards Japan in order to make a war between the US and Japan more likely. White was later found out to be a Soviet agent but apparently never joined the Communist party. The motivation was to avoid having the Soviets (who were fighting Hitler at the time) from having to also fight the Japanese. I think the book is right but the FDR administration was determined to get into the war by any means possible and had many other schemes in play to do just that.

Like many communists, White was a member of the tribe.

Anonymous said...

“I’m pretty much going to dedicate the rest of my life to seeing if I can’t make a difference,"

How long before some disgruntled human family member or other black atrocity survivor does something that would actually "make a difference"? Has this already happened and been hushed up? What about the "unknown" perpetrators? One can only hope.

Remember the plot of the movie Death Wish?

GrimmTale said...

Disney was willing to lose revenue from action figure sales w/this movie...?
The simple math should have had those pencil-pushers nixing the black concept from the get-go. Would love to have been a fly-on-the-wall during that budget meeting. Wonder how the bottom-liners went about trying to stop the black invasion of a main character, without crossing the politically correct line, not wanting to appear racist/bigoted, but still hammering home how this would be a HUGE revenue blunder.
13% of the population clamoring for black-dolls vs. 70% of the population pulling white-dolls off the shelves at Christmas time.
Really makes you wonder what active (political) roll Hollywood has in all of this diversity crap. We all know it's about the bottom-line when Hollywood is concerned, so to willingly decrease that amount is suspicious.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"Disney was willing to lose revenue from action figure sales w/ this movie ..."

Well, we already know the old constant: negroids ruin everything. So we can only hope that the DWLs who wish to feed or exploit their monster do so with their own money. They just can't get the message that people don't want to buy darkie golliwog dolls and action figures (except maybe a lawn jockey). As long as they don't get it, they'll keep coming up short of their financial expectations. The bad side, of course, is they're so narrow-minded and agenda-driven that they'll assume the public "still harbors too much prejudice" and will try to "remedy" that by shoving even more negroids in our faces. But at least they'll still be wasting their own money.

Pat Boyle said...

An Anonymous wrote -"As long as we are discussing WW2 what is your opinion of Victor Suvorov?".

That's just it. We aren't discussing WWII. This is a blog focused on the American racial situation. We should try to stay on topic as a courtesy to Paul.

I'm not all that interested in the Nazis or the commies. I know a little about the Maginot line because I am interested in tank warfare. I suppose that reveals my fundamental intellectual shallowness.

I have known a lot of Russians and Ukrainians. I was always surprised how even passionate anti-communists felt it necessary to defend Stalin. That may be part of what we are seeing with Suvorov. In the conventional history of the events of early 1941, Stalin comes off as the biggest fool in world history. This is an uncomfortable notion for many Slavics. I'm not convinced by his thesis.


Anonymous said...

RE Defens:
Read his book the "Icebreaker" available free online.
The Russians had amassed the world's greatest army and more precisely the world's most formidable tank army. Were it not for Hitler's invasion - based on intelligence that the Soviets were massing - Stalin would have crushed Germany and sliced through France, created an impenetrable Atlantic wall, and commenced submarine warfare to defeat Britain, and eventually, with China, control the world.
Think you'd like to live in East Germany? Well you would be now so living were it not for Operation Barbarossa.