Thursday, December 31, 2015

Marin Alsop, Director of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Cheers on Black Insurrection Against White Civilization in Baltimore

Ironic, don't you think?

Marin Alsop has her position as the Director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra because white people before her created brilliant music that no other race on earth could ever hope to emulate (only copy). As such, violence that no other race could emulate outside of a war zone has befallen on 65 percent black Baltimore... entirely courtesy of black people (well, it's been that way for decades, with blacks in Baltimore providing military surgeons a plethora of opportunities to gain wartime experience..).
The Director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra... cheers on black insurrection in Baltimore (which worked to name a youth empowerment center after a heroin dealer...)

And yet Marin Alsop can't stop celebrating black people declaring war on white civilization.
[BSO director says violence was necessary to spark social change in Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, 12-31-15]:
In an interview with BBC News broadcast this week, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra director Marin Alsop suggested the riots the city saw in April may have been the only action that could have sparked real social change in Baltimore. 
During a discussion that touched on her experience as a female conductor and her work in Baltimore, Alsop was asked about the OrchKids program she founded, which provides music education opportunities for children in the city. Alsop noted that the program sets a high bar, and the kids “never disappoint.” 
That was surprising, said BBC reporter Razia Iqbal, given depictions of Baltimore in shows like “The Wire” and “news bulletins of young African-American men being gunned down by the state.” She asked how Alsop reconciles those images in her mind. 
“It’s heartbreaking that we haven’t dealt with these issues, that it requires violence, which I think it does require, to be honest, to change this equation,” Alsop told Iqbal. “Inequality and injustice is unacceptable. Sadly, this has been the most violent year in Baltimore. We’ve had over 300 people murdered. It’s a cry for help.” 
Alsop expounded on that statement in an interview with The Sun, and said she was trying to explain how the riots following Freddie Gray's police-custody death came to transpire. 
"I'm not condoning violence, of course not, but I’m trying to give some perspective to a journalist in London,” Alsop said. 
She said the violence that Baltimore experienced last spring was a starting point for healing. Baltimore's black community reached a boiling point after decades of police brutality and racial inequality persisted. 
"When people don’t respond to each other, yet the conditions continue – how do you finally get someone's attention? It’s by grabbing them by the shoulders,” she said. "That's what happened." 
Paul Meecham, the orchestra's CEO, said neither he nor Alsop condone the violence that erupted, but he backed her up. 
"I think she was just saying she understands how it got to that point. ... It was years and years of repressed feelings," Meecham said. "I took her comments in that context: While I don’t condone it, it’s understandable.” 
"I think we’re very fortunate to have a director who is not just an artistic leader but a community leader, I think not every town has that,” Meecham added. "She is one of Baltimore's champions and there aren’t enough of them.” 
Asked about Alsop's statement to the BBC, the mayor's office, Baltimore City Police Department and Maryland Department of Education, which provides funding for BSO programs, declined to comment. 
BGE, a corporate sponsor, expressed its intent to continue supporting educational projects such as OrchKids.  
“We think it is important to shine a light on the positive work being done in Baltimore, such as the BSO's outreach program and other initiatives that provide young people with access to the arts and opportunities to develop their potential and skills,” Valencia A. McClure, BGE’s communications and corporate relations director, said in a statement. “This is something we believe in and will continue to support at BGE." 
Alsop follows in the footsteps of her "hero" and mentor, composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, whose influence she also discussed with Iqbal. 
"Not only did he share his thoughts about music, he stood up for everything he believed in. He was there when the Berlin Wall came down, he was there conducting Beethoven Nine with musicians from around the world," she told the BBC. "He understood that music could be a vehicle for people to connect.” 
The BSO did its own part to respond to Baltimore's riots immediately after they occured. Within 36 hours, the orchestra was putting on a concert for peace at the epicenter of the unrest near Mondawmin Mall. 
OrchKids is part of the BSO’s ongoing comittment to improve music education opportunities for Baltimore’s disadvantaged youth. The program has grown from 30 kids at one school in 2008 to 1,100 students across six schools. 
Through OrchKids, Alsop wants to change the picture for minority children, who she said often aren't afforded the same opportunities as many of their white counterparts, particularly when it comes to music. Those disparities are evident even in the BSO, where there's one black musician. 
"Symphonic music is associated with people who have, not with people who don’t have," Alsop said. "I believe that it’s unfair. I don’t want to really be part of something that’s unfair, so I’m trying to equalize the playing field.” 
She'd like to see the program grow to reach 10,000 kids. The BSO is currently commissioning a report from consultants to see just how large they can expect to feasibly grow OrchKids, and Meecham expects those results to come back in March.  
Meecham acknowledged the complexity and the depth of social and racial inequality in Baltimore. He said in its own small way, the BSO is trying to combat those problems.  
"As a cultural civic leader, our role here we see very much as trying to bring people together and trying to support some of the societal challenges that the city faces, and obviously the OrchKids program is a sign of that,” he said.
The elites in the West are insane.

Absolutely, positively, 100 percent insane.

They don't fiddle while Rome burns; they don't play on as the Titanic sinks; they drive the ship directly into the sun, ensuring the civilization white people created dies with them.

Someone cue up the Gustav Holst...


Anonymous said...

Cam Newton, Groid Extraordinare if there be any, just named his son Chosen.

I am not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Does she think violence might be necessary for White people to reclaim the cities they lost to negroe ghettofication?

Just curious. If you advocate violence to bring societal change it either goes both ways or you are a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

300 murders is not a cry for help. 300 murders is a cry for stupidity, hate, terror, idiocy, lunacy, and, just plain drug fueled criminals. So tired of the excuses and hand wringing. Admit that making certain people live by standards that are anathema to them is NEVER going to work. And then, S.T.F.U.

Anonymous said...

"“It’s heartbreaking that we haven’t dealt with these issues, that it requires violence"

This is illegal and she should be arrested and charged with inciting Hate Crime violence.

Anonymous said...

And I suspect that the only thing that will change Ms. Alsop's opinions will be her victimization in a car-jacking or home invasion robbery. I'm sure she doesn't live anywhere near a black neighborhood, but it will happen sooner or later. Plenty of former liberals out there have had something like that happen to them, and only then do they (oh so quietly) change their tune. Make sure you wear lots of jewelry when going out, Ms. Alsop.

Anonymous said...

This is what is known as a "ringing endorsement".

Trump '16

AZ Ray said...

Yet another great post PK.. Thank you.

One of my favorite pieces of music is Beethoven's 7th symphony. One of my favorite movies is 2009's "Knowing". I think of a a scene toward the end of the film when the 7th is playing.. The world is about to die & humanity has gone mad, yet amongst the madness is this sublime, magnificent edifice of European humanities genius.. Then, the chosen children, on a new world, run to the white tree.. Is it the white tree of Yggdrasil?, a truly new world?.. I wonder how many beside myself when it was seen in the theater recognized the symbology of that scene?..

Did it represent a rebirth of our people?, I think it does. I know what magnificence our people are capable of. The heights we have achieved & are yet to achieve (onward to the stars!)..

PK, you are one who can SEE!. A candle in the darkness of a demon haunted world. Thank you for your insight & words..

It's new years, I'm buzzed & Beethoven's 7th is playing in my head!.. Happy newyears to all my brothers & sisters & may 2016 bring us closer to the white tree of Yggdrasil!..

Ratchet said...

Why does anyone care what this foolish woman thinks about anything but music? Wonder what she will be thinking when one of her empowered dindus uses her baton as a shiv on her? Beyond insanity.

Anonymous said...

A groid sow conducting classical music!? Give me a f*cking break, please. Stop imitating Human behavior orcs!

OT: Netflix just put up Dirty Harry. Worth a revisit. And maybe we should call Trump - Dirty Donny?

Has the same swagger.

Brian in Ohio said...

When I look at Ms. Alsop, I cant help but think of SJW Judge Dlott and her recent frantic 911 call about "there`s black men in my house! Send the US Marshals! Black men!!" She seems so confident, smug even, in the belief that she will be immune from black dysfunction. Another rich DWL who lives in a carefully crafted fantasy world. I`m sure she cheers her "black insurrection" from her very comfortable, gated community far outside the Baltimore city limits. Such are the hypocrisy`s of the SJW DWL`s.

BTW, if you haven't heard Judge Dlott`s 911 call, it is epic karma.

Stay alert, stay alive.

LoopChampion said...

Orc(h)Kids sounds like a fitting title for the program she founded.

A pattern has emerged as of late in which those who make public statements about their love and support of degenerate criminals of the vibrant kind end up becoming victims of vibrancy itself.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she soon found herself in a problematic situation at the hands of her hobby kids.

"Symphonic music is associated with people who have, not with people who don’t have," Alsop said. "I believe that it’s unfair. I don’t want to really be part of something that’s unfair, so I’m trying to equalize the playing field.”

Life is unfair, and your foolish entrance into territory you can't possibly understand will likely be proof of this, Ms Aslop. Welcome to the Jungle.

WyrdWalker said...

I wish she could see some of that black justice on the "white oppressor" first hand.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what'll happen when she'll get a "Susan Dlott moment"? I read some readers' reactions on the Baltimore Sun, looks like the BSO will have less visitors and less dollars.

joshrandall said...

Perfect definition of a clueless idiot;and maybe a bit of malevolence there,excited about the darkies a'rising! She makes me think of the Cincy dumbsh@t judge:THERE'S THREE BLACK.MEN IN MY HOUUUUUUUSSSE!!!!!!

joshrandall said...

And yes she is what you think she is.

D-FENS said...

She's a dyke. In other words, an implicit marxist.

A6NimitzGuy said...

Hair-clipped Jewish Lesbian feminist. She thinks she's SAFE! Ha! Dindu warriors would rape her and then carve her for dinner. Well, they WOULD, except her vadge has been too stretched by Lesbian cucumm-bers.

What a pig, this broad.

Anonymous said...

Delusional Kunt...

Jim said...

In other words, according to Ms. Alsop, the Baltimore riots were an act of love.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably the 20th commenter to say this but shouldn't the program be OrcKids, not OrchKids?

I just wonder how diverse her neighborhood is? I bet not very.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"I don't want to really be part of something that's unfair, so I'm trying to equalize the playing field."

What a Baltimoron.

Leave it to Stone Age savages to experience "inequality" in a place where they are the majority and run the show. The way to equalize things for the negroid is to somehow grow it a modern pre-frontal cortex where that dome of bone is now. That might take tens of thousands of years of hard winters without assistance from YT, though.

In the meantime, let's just let the NAPAs riot. It's bound to help. After all, public chimpouts have always been a hallmark of civilization and destruction of usable property has always counted as progress, right? Peace should be restored and behaviors should change for the better. For example, just look at shootings in Baltimorgue during 2015. They finished the year in style with an all-time ... what??? All-time high??? Uh-Ohhh.

Another calendar year is in the books and the negro report card is full of Fs again.

Anonymous said...

This is one confused woman

Anonymous said...

A happy and prosperous new year to all at sbpdl from anonymous in south east Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Leftist lesbian that makes a six figure salary playing music for upper class Whites in a Black city condones Black violence.

Now that's surprising.

But this dingbat should know that patrons of the arts tend to read the news.

Donations will be dropping next year, I guarantee it.

0007 said...

What a perfect name for that program - "Orc(h)Kids". Broad is probably too stupid to even catch the irony.

Anonymous said...

This dingbat actually believes that blacks have never heard classical music before? And that with some exposure to it they'll come to appreciate its beauty? Someone needs to send her links to videos of black yoof twerking, fighting, screeching in niggerbabble, and throwing gang signs while showing off the guns in their waistbands with a wad of cash in their mouths. But then again, I doubt it will wake her up to reality.

Anonymous said...

That Detoilet Orcette is an animal.

OT: Check out Dirty Harry on Netflix. This is so relevant to what we are dealing with as the black undertow surrounds us...


Anonymous said...

"Baltimore Symphony Orchestra director Marin Alsop. . ."
"Those disparities are evident even in the BSO, where there's one black musician. . ."

Bitch done be rayciss n sheeit. Bodymore's what? 85% black? Time to make the BSO 85% black. That'd be hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Looked at the picture, right away thought "white male hating lesbo".

"Since 1990, Alsop's partner has been Kristin Jurkscheit, a horn player. They have a son, and Alsop has spoken publicly about her family. While Alsop was conducting the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, of which her partner was a member, their relationship provoked controversy, though Alsop replied that the relationship predated her appointment to lead the orchestra and had no bearing on her job performance."

Take it from a white male who has been formerly soaked in liberalism- like blacks, they hate you and are your enemy. They love going out of their way to start conflict, particularly when they can gang up on someone.

Gays tend to have blacks backs, but blacks sure as Hell don't have theirs. Muslims are the same way. Yet well-meaning whites think that we are all nice and can easily live by the golden rule because it works in white communities. Not even all white people themselves are fit to live freely in white society. We just don't glamorize our social deviants and failures like black people always do. Shame and embarrassment are not something any respectable person would want to draw attention to. No one likes a whiner and that is all this group of people are. Bullies who play the victim and are able to get away with it in this day and age despite social media.

Mosby is Baltimore's mascot now- white people, I would advise leaving if you haven't because I'm sure some more payback and blood-letting in coming your way. Only Baltimore could bring you such political superstars as Sheila Dixon.

Tarczan said...

This screwy lady is married to a female horn player in her orchestra. they have a son, I'm not sure how.

Anonymous said...

She will be playing a different tune when she becomes a victim at the hands of her beloved nigs
Pun intended

Unknown said...

an historic necessity?

Anonymous said...

They can burn Baltimore down for all I care.

Anonymous said...

She thinks the reason the negroes don't appreciate symphonies is because they can't afford tickets?


I have several thousand dollars worth of oil paintings, portraits, and sculptures in my home, and my dogs just walk right past them all, for exactly the same reason negroes ignore symphonies and other fine art.

Anonymous said...

I did a double take whenever the article just blatantly admitted that there's only one black kid in the program. I really shouldn't have been expecting anything better anymore, but these articles always have a way of making me give the BOD.

This is consistent with the fact that the majority of black kids who pass their classes and graduate school do /not/ excel and would not get into college, certainly not prestigious schools, if it were not for black privilege (aka AA). I'm not making that up; they have average grades and test scores and yet they still manage to get into places like Harvard, which is why they take degrees in things like Black studies and other things in professional bitching. This is tied into how it's a known fact, even black people stating it, that a LOT of black people loathe academics. Even the snake in human form, Obongo, brags about how he was a lazy student whenever he was doing drugs.

But the fact that there are so few black people who excel intellectual pursuits is completely utterly external, right DWLs? It's only because of this widespread white discrimination that you have no objective evidence to support the idea it exists despite half a century, just WORDS claiming that it exists? Even though we've poured billions, if not trillions of money and what must be hundreds of self-esteem programs (there's some documented objectivity for) trying to uplift black people for about half a century. But it's totally all white people's fault. Ever heard of Occam's Razor? I thought libs/Progs/Communists/whatever the Hell you call yourselves now were supposed to be the more logical ones.

Anonymous said...

Also, cue up Michael Savage's great book title "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder".

PaintJob Theory said...

When I see one of these folks who looks white but acts anti-white I do a certain google search which seldom fails to confirm my suspicions.

In an interview with this Alsop cretin where she is fawning over negroes she uses the word "chutzpa".

Probably more coincidence or happenstance. I'm sure you all use that word in your day to day affairs.

In any event, she is an enemy of white western civilization.

cecilhenry said...

'White Supremacy': just means White people control their lives, their society, their identity and their future as Whites.

Ending 'White Supremacy': just means this woman (and the state) controls your life, your future and everything..... and forever.

I like this quote. It addresses the real issue of this hypocrisy head on:

The concept of envy – the hatred of the superior – has dropped out of our moral vocabulary... The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea... Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

Joseph Sobran, April 1997

Anonymous said...

What's going on here is that the BSO, like all high culture institutions, is struggling to survive.

They'll say anything to pander to those with money. The prevailing wind is from Diversitopia, so this panderer will pander to blacks and their Stone Age behaviors, claiming there is a higher purpose to it (rather than TNB). This virtue signalling is intended to place Wavy McBatonGirl in the forefront of all the other struggling high culture institutions competing for the bling of billionaires who, frankly, don't give a shit about Western civilization.

As for violence being "necessary" for social change, I've always hated women with lesbian hair. They've caused me personal damage in my life, family, and career. I think we need social change back to women with long silky hair, and therefore in order to achieve that, violence is necessary. Death to all ladies with lesbian hair!

Anonymous said...

"Some guys might pick up a hammer and start swinging," explains LeBlond of saving parts of the original church. "That's what we didn't want to do."

That's what Marin Alsop's renovator said regarding the church where she and her "partner" live in Mt. Vernon, MD.

I guess swinging hammers are for other people's property, eh?

What say we invite the BLM homies into her house? I'm sure they might think some of her "quirky" "finds" should be liberated from her white privilege.

Anonymous said...

Is this woman insane? Let's translate some of her words into sane text:

"In Baltimore, blacks protested against white oppression by killing other blacks, and burning out the businesses that kept them fed."

"Now, we'll heal the racism with the power of traditional European music."

What next? Is she going to say that orchestral rap is the next big thing? Somehow, in a year or two, I can see her joining the chorus: "He was turning his life around. He was an aspiring rapper. He was a good keed."


John Thomas said...

'Inequality and injustice are unbearable'

Well, you can bet your boots that Ms Alsop will never but never voluntarily choose to redistribute even a mere portion of her not inconsiderable salary to needy black people.
- She will holler non stop about 'inequality' and 'wealth distribution' though.

F*cking hypocrite. Just like all the rest of the lefties.

Anonymous said...

It's just disgusting the way some people make excuses for these lowlifes. "It's a cry for help wa waa waa!" The only people who should be crying for help are the humans who must live amongst these Gorillas in the Mist. Looking at her picture it seems like she has one in the woodpile with that gigantic wide set schnozz. She reminds me of Ms. Piggy. Surprised the Marxists who run that part of the world don't levy an air tax on her because she is surely sucking up more than her fair share of O2 with that ginormous' nose, which makes a giant Kosher dill look small in comparison.

Anonymous said...

OT, but shouldn't women not be allowed as judges in our criminal justice system? Doesn't their innate genetic programming to nurture and protect, at all costs, interfere with their jobs to possibly sentence young people to long terms and even death?

I think too many young orcs are allowed back out to kill based on women judges' sympathy and belief the orcs will behave. No more women judges please.

The King of All Crackers said...

Paul you are right again. European music and I include Americans like Aaron Copeland in this grouping have produced the worlds greatest music. Asia with all its great cultures has not produced anything close with the Asian people being one of the groups that encourages their youth to learn classical music. African music is not as organized and lacks structure. Native American music is very simple and is very primitive and is mostly based on simple use of drums and a simple repetive beat.

The music that was developed out of Europe with that such intelligence was based primarily in the Christian church.

Anonymous said...

Calling them OrcKids is one of the first steps to race realism.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is an open-air zoo. Throw them bananas.

OT: We should open not only many more Planned Parenthood clinics in negro areas, we should have them filled with tattoo parlors that give discounted rates for facial tattoos- the bigger they are, the cheaper they are. This comes in very handy when ID-ing the orcs in the police lineup. Imagine how cool it would be if most groids had big scary tattoos on their faces!!? Then Humans who are on the fence about being around them will come to the White side.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

THis comment is from European-American. Accidentally deleted it:

The conductor is a lesbian with a kid. She's sick, ideological, and disingenuous(as she's backing a program that'll likely cause wealth redistribution to dindus). It's either them or us. That's their mentality. BHO has given these sickos cart blanche. It's going to take decades to reverse this mess, years trying it the hard way, or we can say hello to S. Africa. Her actions are predictable and if she lost her position, it'd be no great loss. Under a Regan administration, she'd never try this. She's a weak "follower". The fish rots from the head.

in DC

Anonymous said...

Where are you in southeast MI?

Anonymous said...

She's either far out of touch with reality, doesn't care a lick about her job, or is getting set to retire and looking to go out with a bang with some serious moral preening.

She has to realize that whether blacks have money to buy tickets or not, it's only going to be white people that attend the symphony and in turn pay her salary. Save for a handful of exceptions, blacks don't like and can't appreciate classical music. If those white patrons stop showing up because of, say, black rioting and rampant black crime around symphony hall (which she seems to condone), there will cease to be a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and she'll be out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Stomp, stomp, stomp.. do you hear that, guys?

It's the boots of race realism storming down upon 2016. It's a new year. And it'll be ugly. Ugly like a black. Ugly like a rattle snake eating a rat.

This uppity, ugly traitor will soon find herself in a cold, concrete cell trying to convince us she didn't mean it. But oh, we know.

I can't wait for this year.

Mr. Clean said...

Quickly.... As I was reading this, the first thought that occurred was, now many negros are in this orchestra that this person runs?

The Baltimorer Sun said: "Those disparities are evident even in the BSO, where there's one black musician."

OK, then I thought.... I bet that this negro is not full "african", but is light-skinned, mixed race, milk-dud, mulatto, whatever. So I looked, and I am guessing that this is the musician.

gkruz said...

As I was reading this halfway through, I thought, "She's the female Leonard Bernstein." Then I saw that Bernstein was her actual mentor. The rotten apple does not fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Anonyumous above said, "I have several thousand dollars worth of oil paintings, portraits, and sculptures in my home, and my dogs just walk right past them all, for exactly the same reason negroes ignore symphonies and other fine art."

Sir, ditto for me as well, but mostly in fine art on the walls - quite valuable works. I see it as de facto burglarly insurance where these savaage black bastards are concerned. We leave cheap costume jewelry all over the place for them to haul away.


Nick A. Pinny

Anonymous said...

In 1907,Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem entitled "The Sons of Martha." The background comes from the Book of Luke,chapter 10,vs. 38-42,wherein Christ visits a pair of sisters;Mary and Martha.

Mary is content to sit at the feet of Christ and listen to the preaching,while Martha busies herself with the sudden explosion of chores needed when unexpected company arrives. Christ reproves Martha,and the poem follows from there.

And it goes on to state that from that point forward,or maybe from the beginning,who knows?-the world is divided into two camps. Mary's Sons and Martha's Sons. Mary's Sons are the ones who sit at the feet of Christ and hear The Word. Martha's Sons ( that's us ) are the ones who have to drag our asses out of bed early,and make sure all of the work gets done.

One of these days,a whole bunch of the Sons of Martha are going to just say "to hell with it" and stop doing a bunch of work for what amounts to a parcel of freeloaders.

And on that day,another whole bunch of people like Ms. Alsop are going to wake up in a world where the electricity has suddenly stopped,the water is no longer magically coming out of the faucets on demand,and they can't light the kitchen stove because there isn't any gas. And all hell will break loose very shortly after that. I give it 45 minutes,but I might be off by an hour or so.

The Sons of Martha will make out fairly well,in the end. They built all that cool stuff in the first place,they understand it,and they can make more of it,given time,materials,and equipment.

However,they'll have to do all of this work without being serenaded by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra,the conductor of which mysteriously disappeared in the Great Chaos. (Into a stew pot,maybe? A cholera outbreak? Does anyone really care?)

The Sons of Martha types will,I'm confident,be able to find a workaround for the lack of live music. That sort of thing is-after all-what they do.

Anonymous said...

That would be perfect. Playing to a non-existent audience. Like a St.Louis baseball game.


Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous January 1, 2016 at 6:25 AM said...She has to realize that whether blacks have money to buy tickets or not, it's only going to be white people that attend the symphony and in turn pay her salary.... If those white patrons stop showing up because of, say, black rioting and rampant black crime around symphony hall (which she seems to condone), there will cease to be a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and she'll be out of a job.

I don't have the figures at hand, but my understanding is that orchestras are (heavily?) dependent on private/corporate donations and public funding. Ticket sales are just one source of revenue.

Of course, your argumnet still applies... the private/corporate donations and public funding ultimately come from whites (or, at least, non-negros).

Anonymous said...

They almost spelled it right. Wonder if the negroes will be offended and they'll have to have a black conductor now?
Just wanted to plant a seed.


Detroit Refugee said...

Wishing you & all the rest here the same.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why don't people like her do these programs for the kids that would benefit from this. Why are band kids from the suburbs not given this who would enjoy and appreciate it? Is is because they have intact families or are at a "Good" low Orc school? I mean, my parents liked music, but we never listened to this and I know i did not have much exposure to classical music. Those kids will never enjoy it, never benefit and it is throwing good money to bad purpose.

Anonymous said...

First black judges go. Those black sob's that blame white parents for their daughter's fear of "black men" after a home invasion.
The invasion and the courtroom atrocities were never reported by MSM.
Diversity means hiding the truth.


Unknown said...

I find the name 'OrchKids' an extremely interesting choice. Let's delete the 'h'. I hope I haven't offended anyone.

Unknown said...

Libs refuse to acknowledge that humans are biological organisms whose behaviour is regulated by its genetic template. It's similar to believing in egocentricity instead of heliocentricity. To them belief in biological/genetic determinism is Heresy.

Unknown said...

Even Rosa Parks & Marion Berry were jacked up by 'vibrant at risk youths'....Poetic Justice I suppose.

Anonymous said...

A phrase I don't hear much anymore is "The proof is in the pudding".
The "proof" that negroes are the most detestable creatures on the face of the earth is, the U.S. government supports them in every way possible.
This is the last year for the HNIC, (I hope and unless Hillary is elected).
If you're still "on the fence" This should be the year your eyes are opened.
When you see bullshit, it looks like bullshit, it smells like bullshit, you don't have to taste it to figure out it's probably bullshit!
Happy New Year my fellow realists!


Unknown said...

Ray you're waxing rhapsodic. I'm getting all Veklempt.

Unknown said...

Like that SJW that was stabbed on the DC Metro?

Unknown said...

Leonard Bernstein used to invite original Black Panthers to his Park Av digs. Ever read 'Radical Chic' by Tom Wolfe? There's no cure for the psychopathy of Liberalism.

Unknown said...

It's in Ebonics that's why.

Anonymous said...

If Ms Martin truly believes symphonic music is for the "haves" she has an obligation to RUN from it as quickly as possible. Do it NOW. Quit your job, lest you be seen as a horrifyingly exposed hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

After having read and reread PK's above comments (brilliantly written and spot as usual), I had an epiphany of sorts. Like Paul on the way to Damascus, a blinding insight washed over my soul that black lives DO matter, which is to say they matter infinitely more in God's eyes than that of The Director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and others of her poisonous ilk. It's been said that to whom much is given, much is expected, and evidently her mindless contribution is to tear down the very fabric of the once great white culture that made it her and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra possible.

No other instance of your typically smug, useful idiot DWL better illustrates what PK's been talking about for years, not to mention the 70's original movie series of Death Wish.

This now almost universal self-loathing on the part of Caucasians is now so deep and insidious that I would be willing to wager 10 grand that if this silly and clueless white broad was gang-raped by a dozen vicious pavement apes and beaten close to death with pipes and bats, that she would send every one them maudlin forgiveness cards and free tickets to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's next performance.

However, she'd likely be "greeted" with a dozen empty seats - not to mention the same dozen black dudes waiting at the exit door and eager for another easy piece of easy white slut tail performed to more appropriate music such as chimp-like rap or a boom box symphony.

Words are totally inadequate in expressing my profound hatred for people like this feeble-minded c*** full of smug self-satisfaction and hubris whilst the fucking world is imploding in real time around our very ears. And the fact that her numbers are now legion tells me nothing short of all out civil *** is likely to resolve what now ails our culture.


Nick A. Pinny

Unknown said...

Don't Malls use classical music as Orc repellant???

D-FENS said...

"A phrase I don't hear much anymore is "The proof is in the pudding". "

For some strange reason, this made me think of Bill Cosby.

I hope this dyke and the BSO gets visited by a diverse flash mob.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Starboard said...

Marin Alsop, you can rest assured, does not live among black people, does not send her children (if she has any) to schools with a lot of black people, does not attend church (if she goes in for that sort of thing) with black people, and as the article states, she doesn't work with black people. She certainly could do all of those things, but she doesn't - not do any of her friends.

And that's just coincidental. I'm positive it wasn't her intention.

Anonymous said...

Is she any relation to Joseph Alsop, Groton, Harvard, CIA, establishment journalist propagandist, closeted homosexual photographed in flagrante by the KGB? Maybe through his brother Stewart, Groton, Yale, establishment journalist propagandist, who had 6 kids?

Cuck genes run deep, I'd aver.

Anonymous said...

"Sir, ditto for me as well, but mostly in fine art on the walls - quite valuable works. I see it as de facto burglarly insurance where these savaage black bastards are concerned. We leave cheap costume jewelry all over the place for them to haul away.



I have 4 very large well-trained dogs, security cameras, and GPS trackers hidden in the frames of the oil paintings and bases of the sculptures, as well as a home alarm service all connected to my phone so if anyone breaks in I'll know and be able to see them on my phone as it happens. That is, if my 75 lb dogs don't splatter the burgler's blood all over the walls and camera lenses.

Anonymous said...

I know it's been commented on but "ORCHKIDS!!!! "


Music for black kids and it's "ORC-KIDS!!??" That is just TOO F*CKING FUNNY!!

What else was in the running for the program's name? Suggestions?

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"We just don't glamorize our social deviants and failures ..."

That's right. You never hear about a "Jack the Ripper Shelter for Streetwalkers" or a "Jerry Sandusky After School Playhouse." What would people think?

Yet right there in Baltimo' we see a "yoof empowerment center" named in honor of a drug-dealing junkie thug. If YT will actually fork over his money and watch it be used to build a place like that, what's next? The "Pablo Escobar School of Business"? The "Malcolm Excrement Jenkem Club"?

It's a maaadhouuuse! Seriously. Planet of the Apes (and their keepers).

Michigan Jim said...

What's ironic is, when Baltimore goes financially belly up like Detoilet, what do you think the black run city will cut? Free food programs? Exorbitant salaries and pensions for lazy Orc government workers? Trust me the city orchestra will be the first to go.

Anonymous said...

Marin Alsop is a Tribal Member dedicated to the destruction of the White race. She, along with her lesbian "partner", are raising a son.

A quick study of her background is one of academic and promotional achievement and odd or demeaning execution of Western Civilizations music.

She is what is known in social Justice circles as "edgy", meaning that if you are left wing you admire her as being Screwed up. "Marin Alsop has been quite open about her sexuality in the British papers. She is gay and has had a partner of some years. They have adopted at least one child."


Anonymous said...

Whatever drives people like Marin Alsop is certainly a complex set of cultural, political and religious influences. However, I think at some point we will learn that there is a genetic component to this irrational altruism. I suspect people like Marin Alsop get a little does of serotonin or some such substances when they think or act in ways they themselves judge to be kind and altruistic. There may have been a selective advantage to this behavior at some point in small bands of humans taking care of other individuals in the group less able to survive. In other words when applied within their own group it had a positive role in group survival. I also think this characteristic is X chromosome linked, expressed in females more significantly than males. Some reversal of the distribution seen with colorblindness.

It's not entirely driven by biochemistry, cultural was built off of the biochem and reinforces it, e.g. Christianity for example.

Anonymous said...

It can be assumed that Marin Alsop is blissfully unaware of the true nature of the black mob. Yes, individual blacks CAN be intelligent & charming, but all that evaporates in a millisecond when the mob mentality takes over. Ms. Alsop has quite an impressive resume: attended Yale & Julliard, worked for NY Philharmonic as a violinist, worked Broadway shows, appointed conductor of BSO. She is also a lesbian feminazi to boot! All through her career, absolutely no blacks of any significant percentage were involved in the trajectory of her school & career. The few that were, we can be sure, were there because there had to be SOME so as to project an image of inclusion. Liberals always TALK about inclusion & fairness towards all, but they NEVER intend to implement it. Why? Because they need a permanent victim underclass to justify & give meaning to their lives & beliefs. As far as Ms. Alsop is concerned, she can sponsor as many events, groups, charities, etc., towards her little pets as she can manage because she only sees through rose colored glasses. And the BBC a-hole who performed that interview, and the next BBC a-hole who edited that interview are just as guilty as Marin Alsop in failing to truly understand what they are talking about. Hey Marin, what about Zimbabwe/Rhodesia? What about Rwanda? Or Uganda? The Democratic Republic of the Congo? What do you think of the unprintable, unmentionable, virtually ignored by world media, black violence ongoing there? Or how about the black slave trade still ongoing in the Ivory Coast? Did you know that approx. 50% of the world cocoa beans-which are procesed into delicious chocolate-are picked by black child slaves in Africa? Think about all the chocolate you've eaten over the course of your life...there is a better than 50/50 chance it was picked by a slave in Africa. A black slave to other blacks. How ironic is it that there is NOT ONE SINGLE COUNTRY RUN BY MAJORITY BLACK RULE THAT IS NOT OVERRUN BY VIOLENCE, MURDER, AND RAMPANT CORRUPTION? And yet Ms. Alsop firmly believes (or so she says) that giving away fiddle lessons can make a real difference!

HAHAHAHAHAHA. If you visit the pawn shops in the Baltimore area, how many of those instruments would show up I wonder?

Keep your opinions to yourself, Marin Alsop, you overpriviledged SJW lesbian cow, and pray that you never experience the true nature of the black mob. Maybe you should call Susan Dlott in Cincinnati and ask her about her recent housecall by her black houseguests? After all, you are only an orchestra conductor, but Susan Dlott is a judge. A judge who worked hard to abolish black racial profiling by the police. A judge who called 911 to report that '3 BLACK MALES ARE ROBBING MY HOME AND BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF MY INVALID HUSBAND'. Go on and call her, Marin. I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Look at that smug, shit eating grin this dyke has in that picture-- she knows exactly what she is doing and it ain't good I can tell you that.

The black and red outfit, the backhanded insult of the name "orchKids" I'm tellin you they fucking know EXACTLY what they are doing and it is all about agitating for violence to further divide and conquer. The orcs serve as willing pawns as long as they get their welfare and section 8 and round and round we go.

Orcs playing classical music to keep them off the streets? Fucking get real, this so called charity of her's is a con game and I bet all sorts of illegal shenanigans. (stealing, money laundering, probably pedophile shit too) are happening behind the scenes with it.

Is it wrong to hope for one of the orcs to unleash a "cry for help" and send her dyke, liar ass shuffling off this mortal coil?

Anonymous said...

Michigan Jim @ 10:08 am. Not too sure about the symphony being the first to go if Baltimore goes belly up. When Detroit went bankrupt the first things to go were workers and retirees health care, pay scale, pensions, cost of living, etc. still intact are the Detroit symphony, the Detroit art museum, the Detroit science center, zoo and other 'cultural entities. After all, what Detroit needs more than anything, is culture! What the city should have done was blast some old Motown music and held dance classes. That would serve as enough culture for most.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment section. Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! Stay Alive.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the next riot should start in her neighborhood

Anonymous said...

What happens to a car once it starts rusting if you don't fix it first ?

Anonymous said...

You probably aren't old enough to remember when rust was a serious issue with cars. Once rust got started it would not be long before sections would rot away big enough to put your finger through if you pushed a bit. Decay in the City is the same thing with streets filled with derelict buildings, junk cars, trash, and desolate people wasting their lives in poverty and fear of not knowing what is coming next.

Brian in Ohio said...

This article reminded me of a story I read a while back. Cant remember where, but a convenience store was having a problem with blacks loitering outside, and well, doing what negroes do. So the owner started playing classical music over the outdoor speakers and lo and behold, it drove the negroes away!

Perhaps we could weaponize Beethoven?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

This smarmy, self-absorbed bulldyke cow is one of the primary reasons why so many of us absolutely despise homosexuality in general. It has far more to do with their predictably Marxist politics and emotional "reasoning" than their perverted sexual natures.

Given the chance this piece of human excrement strayed off her gated and patrolled white community reservation, there is likely not one male pavement ape in Baltimore who wouldn't rape her in some dark alley, slit her god-damned throat and piss on her chopped up corpse when he was done.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:28 am wrote "they NEVER intend to implement it. Why? Because they need a permanent victim underclass to justify & give meaning to their lives & beliefs"


They never intend to implement it because who wants to be around negroes?


America has turned into the great BULLSHIT CARNIVAL. There are all kinds of bullshit acts to keep the geeks happy. The carnival big top (news media) pays people to lie to the audience. These performers are paid huge sums of loot to bullshit the masses on a daily bases. Outside the big tents are all the smaller carnies with their two bit games (Hollywood, sports, gambling) where the proles pay money to throw baseballs at beer bottles and if their lucky they win a cheap teddy bear made in China.

This lady is part of that carnival. She lies. There is no way any white person still living in Baltimore cannot see the shit taking place around them. Does she come to work wearing a blindfold. The sheeple sat at home watching the telescreen as Baltimore burned and this lady babbles on with double speak. Any highly paid member in the great BULLSHIT CARNIVAL that actually tells the truth will be hung up by their thumbs.

Remember the news caster in New Jersey that said the crime problem was caused by blacks. He was fired the next day. Years ago the head of the state police in New Jersey said they "profile blacks" because they are the ones causing the crime. The Lady governor fired him. If you speak the truth you are out the door looking for another job. These CARNIVAL PERFORMERS are paid millions and millions of dollars to lie to the public. They are all well paid for and kept on a leash by their owners. They have sold their souls for money.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should just play classical music that has been composed by blacks. Her repertoire will diminish by 99.9999%. Negroes can bang primative drums and can dance..... that's it.

I lived in a big town in Germany and every musical event had to be African or Arab themed. A friend took me to a Senegal music evening. The white libs just love primative drumming...... hippy looking freaks drumming alongside orcs. Rich German middle-aged coalburners were everywhere. I really resented how the German people threw out tbeir amazing musical culture and were passing this shit off as music. I felt like the little boy who shouted "the emperor has no clothes". The Germans were just loving the childlike drumming.

Arfican Blacks are totally fucking useless. As Reverend Manning put it..... blacks made good slaves.

Anonymous said...

I can picture a symphony audience full of "teens" and their fat sow mammies, talking loudly, making comments about "why ain't there no words, WTF this is YT people shit". If they can't be quiet watching Transformers in a movie theater, are they going to sit and appreciate what they are hearing during a violin solo?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of whites trying to civilize Native Americans back in the day by dressing them up in YT clothes. Or "Lance Lot: Secret Chimp", a show from the 70's featuring chimps as actors.....pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Pablo Escobar came from nothing and managed to build a worldwide multi billion dollar empire from the ground up, and he did it in a time before the internet allowed everyone on the planet to connect with one another. I would think that you would receive a far better business education from his school, then an AA education at Harvard.

Anonymous said...

I am picturing the local scrap yard full of tuba, trumpets, and saxophones, because they were giving $.60 a pound for brass.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

OT, but shouldn't women not be allowed as judges in our criminal justice system?

You make a good point, but that trend should have been nipped in the bud long before it got to the stage of women judges. Our mistake was in allowing them to vote.

AnalogMan said...

The King of All Crackers said...

European music and I include Americans like Aaron Copeland in this grouping have produced the worlds greatest music. Asia with all its great cultures has not produced anything close

Amen, Your Majesty. I currently live next door to a Chinese couple, and she sings. Genuinely sounds like cats rutting. The instrumental accompaniment (recorded?) sounds like a one-stringed violin made out of a gallon oil can.

As you say, they have adopted European classical music, vindicating their reputation as great imitators. But that's a racist stereotype.

Col. B. Bunny said...

This gal deludes herself that actually hearing an orchestra is the peak experience for lovers of classical music lovers. Nope. Great music as available to anyone with $7 for a CD at Wal Mart and $8.99 for some decent headphones. Classical music is only for "haves"? GMAB.

AnalogMan said...

PaintJob Theory said...

When I see one of these folks who looks white but acts anti-white I do a certain google search which seldom fails to confirm my suspicions.

In an interview with this Alsop cretin where she is fawning over negroes she uses the word "chutzpa".

Probably more coincidence or happenstance. I'm sure you all use that word in your day to day affairs.

Purely cohencidental, I assure you.

Pat Boyle said...

One of my New Year's resolutions is to spend less time on commenting on this blog. I need to spend that time on getting by own site under weigh. But I couldn't resist commenting on this article.

Most large American cities have a symphony orchestra. Baltimore doesn't have a prestigious classical music tradition. I grew up in Washington DC. The symphony there was always rather second rate but it was still more highly regarded than anything musical that happened in Baltimore. When I left the East in 1965 there was no Baltimore Symphony. The Philadelphia Symphony and the Cleveland Orchestra for example have had record contracts for decades. Baltimore is a musical backwater.

There are programs for schoolchildren many places. But these are generally considered to be education programs not really musical programs. Blacks get preferences in classical music as they do in so many other areas, but blacks are not particularly important in serious music.

In the area of music I know best - opera - there are many blacks. But there are not very many really talented black opera stars. It became fashionable after the war to hire black singers. That started with Marion Anderson and continued through Leontyne Price and many other black females. But opera itself has never been popular among blacks. Nor is any other classical music. There have been blacks on stage but very few in the audience.

But meanwhile the Eat Asians have gone crazy for Western Classical music. The Japanese have imported European opera stars for concerts and full operas for decades. I like to say that the three best tenors in the world today are all Korean and are all named Kim. Western opera house won't hire Orientals but you can hear them now on YouTube.

There really is racial prejudice in opera. But it tends to favor blacks beyond their natural abilities and work against the really remarkable Asians.


FlowerBell said...

I was once engaged to the first chair cellist of a big city orchestra. The people who populate the classical music world are what I would call libertines and they regularly intellectualize everything to their liking. The cream of the crop are very clever people with obsessive personalities and competitive beyond belief. I wouldn't trust one as far as I could throw one.

Anonymous said...

Your hope in the last paragraph might be unchristian but I don't think it's wrong if you consider that she advocates violence against people who've done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure she doesn't live anywhere near a black neighborhood"

You are correct. She still has an address in Manhattan. Most likely she spends very little time in Baltimore.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"Great music is available to anyone with $7 for a CD at Wal Mart and $8.99 for some decent headphones."

Or YouTube. Not the best quality, of course, but a $2,000 sound system won't be much use anyway for an Orcus muhdikinus with a fiddy cent C-rap ear.

And if classical music would help transform missing links into modern humans, why doesn't that rug munching conductor offer a few free concerts to the Africoon undertow? Afraid none of them would show up? Afraid they would show up (TNB)? Cost of metal detectors and security too high? Come on! They're just the same as YT, only too poor to pay, right? Cut 'em some slack here. All they need is a chance to experience the wonders of civilized society (as long as it's a freebie) and they'll be turnin' dey libes aroun' as soon as they walk out of the concert hall.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but relevant to the cause. TCU quarterback busted in San Antonio for a bar fight and was suspended and sent home . Trevone Boykin ,another black athlete in trouble just before his big bowl appearance for Saturday's Alamo Bowl. Oh well , not a problem it will all get covered up before the NFL draft . Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Years and years of denial of the obvious produces inability to accept the obvious. It is no secret that sub Saharan Africa is a cultural nullity. Her whole life I presume has been in a contradiction of motives: whose culture is she espousing and if not African why not? Because there is nothing to espouse? Or because she is just too cool and is faking it for her own internal pleasure? But who is faking whom? The white audiences are applauding the music which although she conducts it is not hers. She knows it and we know it and we all know we know it. So what does she know that we don't know? Precisely nothing. For all of her chic, when she smiles I see Alfred E Neumann of "what me worry?" and Mad magazine fame. Toothy, vacuous and un-self-aware.

Unknown said...

Geocentricity___damn Disqus BS!

Unknown said...

Ouch! MuHaHaHa...

Anonymous said...

Lots of Michiganders on here. Where is everyone from?
Livonia here.

Anonymous said...

It is always the White elites that back facist marxist progressive liberal lies, and back blacks (and now terrorist muzlims) and their thug behavior. The elites want to destroy this country so they can indulge their egos with greed and power. They don't have to deal with the trash.

Progressive liberal facist marxist beliefs and thinking is truly a mental disorder.

Also the loser Kanye West and his fame whore wife named their black son bad a name as Chosen. What a bunch of low information people. Why is it the dangerous idiots have the money.

I stumbled on to a black blog that complained about how White singers have gone into singing soul music and complaining that White singers are winning awards for their singing soul music. The comments were vile against Whites......this site is tame compared to what the blacks say about Whites. One commenter said Whites steal everything from blacks and then claim it as a White invention. The blacks said Whites have no right to sing soul because soul music came from White oppression.

Well, Whites invented music and writing music, invented all the instruments used today, invented the equipment used in recording, etc. If Whites should not sing soul, then blacks need to quit using all the instruments and other things invented by Whites, quit singing all genres of music, and go back to using crude drums and chucking spears and canabilism......see where that gets them in the music industry. If not for Whites blacks would not be getting rich from their trash music.


Anonymous said...

It's such a racket. All about the money. The more she engulfs the racial flames, the more disadvantaged she makes the kids seem, the more money she gets. Especially if she can get the thousands of keeddz she wants.

The mick

bartolo said...

Wonder how many here voted for Obama at least once? Myself 2008.

There could be a cousin blog called.......... Stuff Stupid White People Think

I will never be as rabid anti black as most here, My anger is more focused.

Black nonsense is only permitted because white nonsense allows for it.

So..........Stuff Stupid White People Think, sort of sister wives to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

I have never, ever seen a black playing in an orchestra. Never. I remember seeing one black female opera singer (can't remember her name) in my entire life.

Blacks only want trash rap crap.

I found a British female singer I really like. I started watching her music videos and she uses nainly blacks in every video. Her former boyfriend was black. Why? A beautiful White female going for blacks.......sigh.....sad. And I just read a beautiful female former Nickelodeon star is dating a butt ugly black NBA player....and he is butt ugly! Eeww. Can't remember the black NBA player's name. What is wrong with famous Whites that have to date and marry blacks!

I read an article where some black male homosexual was complaining about famous black male homosexuals dating only White male homosexuals. That openly homosexual NFL player who did not make the team was one example cited.

And Whites are labeled as being the only race that is truly racist......Unbelievable.

This is why we need Trump as POTUS. He will put a stop to the black terrorists, and hopefully investigate all the illegal crap Ovomit did.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess if “Mr. Trump is tearing away the skin of the onion of white civility" , FaraCoon is tearing away the crust of the turd of BRA.


Anonymous said...

Re Pat Boyle
Sumi Jo is a coloratura of world wide recognition. See her with Richard Jongae O'Neill in "I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls" available on YT.

PaintJob Theory said...

Meanwhile in Baltimore, the Kwanzaa celebration continues and the body count for 2016 begins as a feral gremlin barricades a woman in her home and burns it down around her.

Remember folks, they're just like us but with a different paintjob.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you voted for Obama once, then you should start the blog. Your white nonsense permitted this black nonsense.
Sincerely, Salty Saltine.

SKIP said...

I loved RIVERDANCE troupe, I gave up on it when they brought several black thugs into their mix!!! disgusting!!!

Anonymous said...

Creative use of a turkey baster.

Anonymous said...

It seems that these are not Bolsheviks lite, they are full-fledged Bolsheviks or full-fledged Stalinists who think that they have the upper hand.

Anonymous said...

Now I fully understand why the Latin American right treated these subhuman scum the way that they did. You have to have them at your throat, and they are at our throats, to understand the nature of the threat and respond accordingly.

Unknown said...

Look on the bright side any White that resides/works in Baltimore will experience nog dysfunction sooner or later and have an Epiphany😉😁

rex freeway said...

If you gave Negroes the choice of a free home with all utilities paid, a permanent EBT card, a new car every year and $3,ooo a month for life. And all they have to do in return is graduate high school and not be convicted of a felony. That's all. No hidden rules, just these two requirements. But if they failed to do either, everything is taken from them and they are sent to Liberia. And banned for life from re entering America again. If given this choice I trully believe it would depopulate America of 80 % of the violent crime, pollution and misery we have today. You could expand it to all races but you would gain very little as the other races dont have a problem living in a western civilization.

Negroes are more effective and damaging than nuclear weapons can ever be. And when you throw Liberal ideology in the mix you cannot overcome the destructive force they place on societies. Both need to be completely removed. And then the speed of civilization returning to normal would astound non believers.

Anonymous said...

Go to PaintJob Theory's link and read the comments. I can't believe that a CBS owned website is not deleting them en masse! I thought WE were truthful here, but Oh Boy!!!

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Go to PaintJob Theory's link and read the comments. I can't believe that a CBS owned website is not deleting them en masse! I thought WE were truthful here, but Oh Boy!!!

Ok, lol, that was definitely the posters from SBPDL carpet bombing that comments section. I saw Dindu Nuffins hit it hard, and someone even posted as Paul Kersey. lol.

Hilarious to see them on a MSM site. Guess nobody monitors them on the weekends. Better check them out while their still up.

Good work people.

Stay alert, stay alive.

PaintJob Theory said...

I can't believe that a CBS owned website is not deleting them en masse!

Actually those CBS sites are pretty wild-west in the comment section. While most of the cities'
"news" is little more than sports section, realist comments abound and can be found every day on every article of black dysfunction.

Baltimore and Detroit are my go-to morning funny pages there and I have a different handle I use for disqus commenting.

World_War_Me said...

Off topic, but important:

For anybody in East Alabama, I saw on the local news:

Free citizens firearms classes offered in East Alabama:

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals open their mouths and insert their foot