Sunday, December 13, 2015

They're Just Like Us: St. Louis Black Clergy form NightLIFE to Combat Black Crime...

PK  note: Heisman Trophy runner-up Christian McCaffrey got screwed. It's that simple. Worse, his candidacy (as well as Toby Gerhart's from six years prior) proves rampant discrimination against white runningbacks in college football). Read it all 

Please don't kill one another. 

Pretty, pretty please...


Just put down the gun. 

Don't kill one another. [Minister-led team walks north St. Louis streets at night, reaching out to residents, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12-13-15]:
The Rev. Kenneth McKoy felt like a hypocrite conducting funerals. 
A mother shot in a playground full of children in north St. Louis. A teenage boy thrown into a ravine. It felt unnatural comforting grieving grandmothers. 
“I was doing all these funerals,” he said. “And I thought, ‘I’m not doing anything but these funerals.’ ” 
As he watched the homicide numbers in St. Louis rise, he decided to get his feet on the ground. 
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night since May, he and members of his outreach team have walked the streets of north St. Louis. They wear bright yellow vests and call themselves “NightLIFE.” 
From about 10 p.m. until after 1 a.m., they hand out bags of sandwiches, chips and cookies to those who need them. They talk with whoever wants to talk, pray with whoever wants to pray. They’re building relationships. Spreading hope. 
Spreading the message that they love the city’s young people more than they fear them. 
“We all have a greater chance of getting shot if we don’t get engaged and do this sort of thing,” said McKoy, 56, who spends about $100 a week of his own money on the food he gives away. “I mean, do I want to leave my children a place that miserable?” 
McKoy, of St. Louis, is the pastor at Progressive AME Zion Church in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood on the city’s west edge near Wellston. He’s a former director of Missouri ACORN and protested in Ferguson. He’s an easygoing guy who wears his collar on the streets but not in the pulpit — he figures his church members know who he is. 
He thinks walking in his own neighborhood would be self-serving, so he focuses on the Fountain Park, Academy and Lewis Place neighborhoods north of Delmar Boulevard at North Kingshighway. He also likes that the patrols are consistent, because that’s what builds relationships. 
The outreach team’s route usually begins with a group of people who hang out on the Hodiamont Tracks, the old streetcar line. A few are homeless, some live near, some don’t. McKoy and his crew get hugs and greetings, give out sandwiches, and one man gives McKoy good-natured guff about not bringing him chocolate. McKoy runs back to the gas station and returns with a couple of Hershey bars. 
The man, Charles Taylor, 47, of Walnut Park, has one leg and sits in a wheelchair. He has a home and politely declines the offer of a sandwich. “I’m not going to take that from someone who might need it,” he says. 
The things kids are doing now are “crazy,” Taylor says, and he sees why NightLIFE is there. “I’m no saint or anything, but the things that he’s doing, it kind of brings together the neighborhood,” Taylor says. “It’s beautiful.” 
As NightLIFE leaves the group, a woman calls out, “Be safe! Take care now! Bless you!” 
McKoy smiles. “It was not like that in May,” he says. “They would not speak to us, until probably July.” 
He doesn’t blame anyone for not trusting him. Some thought his group was police, or snitches. McKoy and the police have kept a distant but cordial relationship, he said. 
Every time he walks, he checks in with Capt. Janice Brockstruck, who acknowledges that she worries a bit about him. She started a community engagement unit for the department and said McKoy could fulfill a role that police officers couldn’t. 
“He does a wonderful job,” she says. “He has taken a step far beyond what many people do by going out at night.” 
McKoy is fairly certain the group has prevented two homicides. In one situation, a young man was shot to death, and McKoy knew the victim’s friends. As those friends spoke to him, they talked about a retaliatory killing. McKoy continued to meet with them, telling them why they shouldn’t do that to themselves and to another family. So far, nobody has been killed, he said. 
In another case, an anxious-looking man approached the NightLIFE team one night. McKoy asked if they could pray for him, and they circled and held hands on the sidewalk. After they finished, the man held up his T-shirt, exposing a gun, and began crying. He said he had been on his way to kill someone. 
McKoy asked the man if he had a son, and the man responded yes. He asked what the son would do if his dad was going to kill or be killed. “What chance does your son have without you?” McKoy asked. The man began crying. He gave McKoy a hug and said he was walking home.
No word if the black man who walked away after the hug actually killed someone or not...
They're just like us. 


Anonymous said...

Supposing an arch-segregationist were to tell blacks:

"Don't kill people."
"Do go to school."
"Keep your pants up."

That would be (oooooh!) racism!

Yet here we have black clergy telling blacks to:

"Don't kill people."
"Do go to school."
"Keep your pants up."

And this after six decades of integration.

Amazing, is it not?

SC Native said...

"It felt unnatural comforting grieving grandmothers"

Yea I bet it did, it probably wood have been natural to comfort grieving parents. Oh wait, this is the negro community, never mind and carry on.

Anonymous said...

Maybe after raising his shirt and shoed ybe gun he was about to use... the nog could've been arrested and sentenced to 100 years. He will just kill 10 more people, rob 100 more and cost millions to support him and his nigglets.

There is absolutely no chance that a tiny intervention here and there will make any difference. There are 40 million problem in the US.

Anonymous said...

Why has America spent trillions wiping the asses of the blacks? Why has America bottle fed them and coddled the blacks? It has achieved nothing. America has dpent the last 50 years carrying a ball and chain, slowing down growth and innovation. AA has destroyed colleges and government institutions, it's also throttled the private sector.

Black privilege is real, white privilege is a liberal myth.

So instead of having low crime high tech cities (Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul) you have shitholes infested with feral low IQ blacks. Blacks have robbed America of this, aling wth luberal assistance.

Imagine if US schools were trayvon and lateesha free??? Just full of mainly white kids and a few Indian, chinese and Korean. Classes would be buzzing with free thoughts and analysis. The kids would be academically stretched and this would be the driving force of the future economy. But what you have in reality are black yoofs okking, eeking and jiving their way through classes, if the can be bothered to attend.

Planned Patenthood need to raise the black abortion rate from 52% to 100%. Let's fund these heroes.

Unknown said...

Amos&Andy on steroids.

D-FENS said...

"No word if the black man who walked away after the hug actually killed someone or not..."

Did he even give up his gun?

PaintJob Theory said...

From this pattern of negroes repeating the same juju type rituals with absolutely zero positive results we can only determine that either:

A. Negroes are praying to the wrong God.
B. They are praying to the God but he really does not like them.

Either way, this doesn't seem to be working neither does anything else that's ever been tried to civilize or domesticate these troglodytes. Some day somebody is going to point out the Emperor's New Clothes are a grass skirt and lip plates and the world is going to start laughing.

joshrandall said...

Reminds me of B.B. King: "Oh the nightlife ain't no good life,but it's my life..."

Mr. Rational said...

white privilege is a liberal myth.

"White privilege" and "institutional/cultural racism" are YKW blood libels.

Planned Patenthood need to raise the black abortion rate from 52% to 100%.

Preach it!

Unknown said...

Pure bullshit , these so-called pastors are part of the problem , they are the first ones to attack the police , make excuses for black criminal behavior and blame all their inner-city problems on white racism.

Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

This is, at best, more "looks at muh" from our sainted negroes. Want to start seeing black homicides decline? Work to get your elected local leaders to pass curfews, including mandatory jail sentences for anyone caught after 10 p.m. Thursday through Monday morning with an unlicensed firearm. If they were really serious about ending the murder spree actively going on in our once great cities, they'd be working to lock these miscreant yoofs up. Instead they're coddled, hugged, kissed, and given samiches, chips, and cookies. No wonder the negro diabetes rate is off the charts! And you're paying for it, white man. Yes, that healthcare premium that keeps going up and up and up each year (thanks Obama, Supreme Court, and BOTH houses of Congress) is going, not to your daughter if she gets the flu, but to the five hundred fifty pound nog who eats this GMO, sugar-laden CRAP. I gots muh duh die-uh-beet-uz! Lawd Mersee, what's I'm gwine do?

OT, A negress I work with eats nothing but KFC, MACdonalds, etc. In order to get lower healthcare premiums, our employer mandates you get a check up by the company nurse. Among other things, a fasting blood test checks your glucose levels. The negress in question was telling me the other day, while sucking on a chicken wing, that after reviewing her results the nurse shook her finger at her and told her that her blood sugar was off the charts. Her response? "What she want me to do?!! I ain't giben up muh chicken n' ribs, gnome sane?........ummmmmm hmmmmmm......"

Cause and effect means NOTHING to these people. More updates as they occur from Camp Negro ...........Formerly Miss Greenbaum signing off.....

Anonymous said...

They are what they are. Useless and a burden to any society they infest. They will never change.

OT; On the news this morning, swearing is now a sign of intelligence! Hahaha!!!
I guess the argument those of low intelligence resort to vulgarity when they can no longer argue intelligently no longer applies.

I'm not a college graduate, I don't have a BS or PhD, so I may not have said that right. You may have to check with a cursing negro for clarification. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Fellow realists, the new year is coming upon us real quick.

Start thinking of your new years resolutions now. Make them mean something.
Make them last throughout the whole year. I know that a couple of them that I made
for this year I've upheld throughout this whole year. I can honestly say that this
past year I've done my fair share of boycotting Amurka. I don't need much to live
with to begin with. I'm not materialistic. I don't need the latest and the greatest.
I'm not trying to keep up with the Jones. I'm just trying my best to KEEP AWAY from
the Jones, the Williams, the Browns, The Martins, The Ahmeds and the Farook's, you know, all these domestic terrorists living in our backyards. I've taught myself how
to live with less. I'm getting my mind ready to move out west, where I can live,
and live good with less.

So as Bodymore, Murdaland, prepares for the closing arguments and the jury's
verdict, they're also preparing for (more) cibil unrest from the usual suspects.
Hey Mayor Hyphen, did you inform them where you've set aside another "space to
destroy" for them ? If not done so already, please make sure it's in their own
neighborhood. You know, the neighborhood where you can easily tell that it's
majority black. It's not hard to tell which c00nmunities are majority black, to
us realists anyways. Them cities surely do a good job at running themselves into
the ground, don't they. I don't know how they do it. It must be some really evil
spirits floating around the hood doing what they do. Oh, they're evil alright,
but they're more than just spirits, they're negroes !!!!!!!!!!! everywhere !!!!

Robert said...

Keep boycotting the system, keep buying guns and ammo, war is coming.

Bill in St Louis said...

And da revrund dint snitch on de poor, cryin brutha wit an eeeevillll gun, cause you know, the skreetz woulda been the one to blame if it had killed another yoof by erupting in gunfire. Never does it occur to them that if the killers were in prison they wouldn't be wandering the streets at night with a gun. Nothing but looksatmuh here, no real action just a show. They may as well be witch doctors shaking a juju stick at the moon.

Anonymous said...

PK, what the above story, or on-going situation if you will, illustrates so well is just how wretchedly infantile black people as a whole are. While this childlike mindset more often that not manifests itself in uncontrolled violence and cancerous social pathologies in black communities, what we often forget is that more often than not it quite logically extends to the juvenile and emotional "thinking" of black authority figures as well such as "ministers," cops and elected officials who know almost nothing of our nation's history and the white man's preeminent role in shaping America into the once greatest country in the world. But "Quoth the raven, Nevermore."

Certainly one can readily concede that there are a few blacks that mean well, but the sad fact is that almost all of them in positions of influence or power in the black community are either quite simple-minded, intellectually-challenged or flat out corrupt traitors to their own race and in league with white folks behind the scenes picking the corpse of America clean.

For example, how this genuinely well-meaning black pastor can actually believe that this saccharine and puerile approach to provably monstrous subhumans can have any impact is sad beyond belief.

Anyone with more than three neurons firing simultaneously would immediately recognize a that a deeply destructive social and cultural pathology is at play here, not to mention an indisputably racial component as it bears on a pervasive lack of intellectual achievement and positive social integration.

But as we all know now, even white people are afraid to point out the obvious here, not to mention that the only "solution" remaining is that of overwhelming force against these now warlike savages in our midst and, for those remaining after this is done, forced sterilization of all remaining males and females on any kind of public assistance. Blacks now pose an existential threat to our very survival as a race in America.


Nick A. Pinny

Euro American said...

OT: How the DWLs hate Trump.

The DWL author hates that Trump told Tony to "polish this today".
I think it shows great energy and good sense to make sure the cleaning help knows you are watching.

The DWL hates that Trump was pleased his real Renoir was worth 10 million. The DWL would have scoffed if Trump had "appreciated the brush strokes of the Renoir". Would have criticized "Trump must have read that in the auction house brochure".

The DWL author got a free plane ride to Florida and a nice weekend at a mansion and loathed Trump. It is the author who looks bad here.

And Vanity Fair stopped allowing comments because it was too easy to point out their bias.

chattanooga gal said...

"did you inform them where you've set aside another "space to
destroy" for them ?"
going by the example of the last time, I presume the space will be wherever the most drug stores and gun shops are, preferable those owned by Asiatic or whites.

chattanooga gal said...

"Africans do not believe control over uncertainty is achievable through planning for the future and mastering nature through reason, the rule of law, or technology. Rather, being by and large fatalistic and superstitious, they all too often resort to magical thinking. Magic wins out over reason, communal ownership over private property, force and coercion over rights and responsibilities, wealth redistribution over its accumulation."
Ilana Mercer " Into The Cannibal's Pot"

Anonymous said...

Vanity Fair's permanent cover should show a naked, geeky DWL in a prison shower stooped over grabbing for the bar of soap on the floor with a 300 pound grinning black goon with a wicked hard on right behind him.

Cheeseman said...

Formerly Miss Greebaum... said...

I gots muh duh die-uh-beet-uz! Lawd Mersee, what's I'm gwine do?

No disrespect intended, but I believe the correct is,

"I gots da suger."

Keep up the good fight.

Bogolyubski said...

Geoffrey Limes notes:
Amos&Andy on steroids.

Mescaline is more like it. This preachah was 100% predictable. Let's see …. candlelight vigil and march against the meen streets from which evil gunz erupt without warning and fly into the hands of Dindu Niffins and his bros as the demons Sumdoods forced their fingers around the trigger to fire off a hundred rounds or so - creating another Funeral Gong-Rong.

The march will no doubt be followed by a prayer service to Sts. Trayvon, Swisher and Lootah Keehng. A Never-ending Minstrel Show. And folks wonder why a number of whites think of Christianity as this kind of sick joke. When was this clownfart made a 'Reverend' - at age 8 or 9 like the Rev. Al? Hell even Islam is more respectable than Coon-Churchianity.

Anonymous said...

The Negro Intifada is upon us.

Will you survive?

Anonymous said...

If the African pastors were really serious about ending the violence in their neighborhoods they would support local law enforcement, by requesting stop and frisk, which tend to work. They will also ask to have truant officers put back in their schools, plus social workers to follow up on black kids and their parents. These are things that work in the past. Due to low IQ's and genetics, the negroes will need additional services, because they're not like us. They need tighter control with more police(possibly the National Guards) and social workers in their neighborhoods. I mention this in an earlier post several weeks ago, when there was a pastor sleeping in a coffin to protest violence in Indianapolis. YT's are you willing to pay for this to get better control of the negro problem in America?

Anonymous said...

The black pastor is doing his best and risking his life and if that doesn't point out the huge problem of the black "community" I don't know what does. He means well and preaches and tries to be out when the streets "get violent" but I'd bet a bunch of chocolate bars he'd never call the TIPS hotline if he had information. And he didn't want to know, really, whether he prevented a murder or not.

I think the black community is a more violent example of what you'd get if all the mentally slow, Downs Syndrome and schizophrenic whites were clustered into a "community" and let runs things (no disrespect to the handicapped). It would be Lord of the Flies but worse. They can't think things through and reason like whites. And the mixed-breed ones who can think some use it for ill purposes (see our current govt. for many examples).

And as far as whites getting any credit at football, it's a lost cause. Keep your kids out of the meat grinder and use the time/money that football takes to get them educated in something truly useful. Growing a garden and learning to shoot/dress/cook your own meat comes to mind. Anything that makes you self-sufficient is better than playing games. Save your body for marriage and raising a large family of sane, unapologetic achievers.

Anonymous said...

It would be a great step forward if YT would stop watching negro sports.

Anonymous said...

So the people on the street thought the preacher and his friends were either snitches or the police and wouldn't talk to them for nearly two months?
Interesting. They protect the criminal tribe members and then wail about all the violence and thuggery in their neighborhoods and wonder why it happens. As people keep pointing out, no understanding of cause and effect. Stuff "just happens" like a sudden rain storm on a late summer day. Gunshots "erupt." Violence "breaks out."

Worse yet, they don't want "outsiders" coming in to handle the problem and put a stop to the violence and criminality- that's because their thinking is tribal and primitive. Outsiders are interlopers interfering in the "bidness" of da village and attacking the tribe members. You aren't welcome unless they've asked you to come and give them something or do something for them. Otherwise, you need to stay the hell out of the village unless you're delivering the gibsmedat. All they need are tribal elders walking around talking to tribe members and passing out milk and cookies. Yet, when this tribal mentality and behavior accomplishes nothing of real significance and things continue to spiral out of control and into the toilet, it's always someone else's fault: the "community is being neglected and underserved, nobody cares about da black folks" etc. They have to blame everyone but themselves.

Grass skirts and lip plates, indeed! You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

OT: How the DWLs hate Trump.

LMAO! Trump told lil man Mark Bowden to Bowdown alright and "polish this today" !

I only needed to read an eighth of that story to knew what I was reading.

Straight Tripe! Dang Mark, the more you tell, the more slobber you get on yourself!

Anonymous said...

Wears his collar on the street but not his pulpit because his church people know him? LOL, blacks are so superstitious they think that church costume is like a bullet proof vest. All he is doing is refueling those thugs with the food handouts so they can run from the cops at 3:00 am.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Vanity Fair's permanent cover should show a naked, geeky DWL in a prison shower stooped over grabbing for the bar of soap on the floor with a 300 pound grinning black goon with a wicked hard on right behind him.

December 14, 2015 at 10:32 AM

LMAO !!!!!!!!!!! I kno dat's right !!!!!!!! give the dwl a hard 10 inches !!!!

He'll be like Mikey, he loves it, he loves it !!! LMFAO !!!

Anonymous said...

Cheeseman said...
Formerly Miss Greebaum... said...

I gots muh duh die-uh-beet-uz! Lawd Mersee, what's I'm gwine do?

No disrespect intended, but I believe the correct is,

"I gots da suger."

Keep up the good fight.

December 14, 2015 at 10:52 AM

Nah Cheeseman, it's "I gots da suga" "I gots da suga" !!!

Dey can't say errr, dey lips get n da way........

Bogolyubski said...


It would be a great step forward if YT would stop watching negro sports.

So profoundly true. All it takes is getting rid of the jujubox - and you don't even have to do that if you've enough discipline to stay away from it. Even confining TV sports to hockey, racing and other mainly-white events would help significantly. Yet, it's a seemingly impossible task. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how so many White men can delude themselves and not realize their country has been invaded by an alien race; a group of savages who act as parasites when they're not actively destroying everything we've created.

This is so sick; scary times ahead since there will eventually be a powerful reaction in the opposite direction. It's science and Nature at work.

Negroes, you may consider starting the trek back to where you belong. Africa.

Anonymous said...

"Charles Taylor, 47, of Walnut Park, has one leg and sits in a wheelchair."

Hmmm, what's the most common reason for a black man in America to be missing a foot/leg?


So what do these geniuses do next for this guy?

"McKoy runs back to the gas station and returns with a couple of Hershey bars."

Yup, they fed the diabetic with a couple of chocolate bars.

It's like when you were three years old and your old diabetic great aunt at a Christmas party bemoaned not being able to eat candy, but you didn't understand why and just figured it was because she didn't have any around. Trying to be a good kid, you brought her some of your own Christmas candy. As someone said, at best, these puerile tactics are similar to those of well-meaning white toddlers, and at worse they are "look at me" tactics designed to fish for some sort of government grant.

Deo Vindice said...

joshrandall said:
Reminds me of B.B. King: "Oh the nightlife ain't no good life,but it's my life..."

Totally OT, but I couldn't bear to let this go unsaid: "Night Life" was written by Willie Nelson and originally recorded by country legend, Ray Price. B.B. King covered it much later.

Anonymous said...

Black pastors and reverends give witch doctors a bad name.

riptapart said...

"He’s a former director of Missouri ACORN and protested in Ferguson"

Irony is lost on these morons. Side with thugs against society and law enforcement, while "reaching out" to encourage young thugs to abide by society's laws. They are not a different race. They are a different species.

Anonymous said...

A couple paragraphs from AmericanThinkinker:

December 14, 2015
Where Trump is Wrong on Muslim Immigration
By Selwyn Duke

The apocryphal saying informs, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” America has become balkanized. People are now hyphenated, not assimilated; Americans are being displaced by foreign workers; we’re pressing one for English; political ethnic and racial warfare is the norm; and we’re so fractured, not merely divided, that all the Establishment can do to justify the insanity is repeat the Big Lie, “Our strength lies in our diversity,” a proposition for which there’s no proof whatsoever.

How’s that immigrationism workin’ for ya’?

“Immigrationism,” mind you, is the belief that immigration is always beneficial, always necessary and must be the one constant in an ever-changing universe of policy. Hope and change? Not when it comes to immigration.

Read more:

This story really seems like it's something that I've already read before, literally word for word. Not only that but I think this was a comment one of our very own contributors to this site made right here on SPBDL a couple of months ago.
I'm really having a case of deja-voo. Could it be that there are many more readers
of this site than we really think their are ? Seems like we even have journalists
out there making stories of out subjects that are brought forward right here....
where they then turn their own spin into it. What is REALLY going on ?????

Brian in Ohio said...

Couldn't Rev Jeremiah Wright be reached for comment?

Stay alert, stay alive.

riptapart said...

"Why has America spent trillions wiping the asses of the blacks? Why has America bottle fed them and coddled the blacks?"

Because traitorous White people really appreciate their votes. They are our enemies, not low IQ feral Blacks.

riptapart said...

Come on. Give them a break and get with reality. Shoot for 98.4%

Anonymous said...

If I walked up to a group of YTs on the street, prayed with them, and then showed them the gun I was carrying and told them I was on my way to kill someone, I'm sure they would all be on their cell phones to the police, before I got to the end of the block. Yet this pastor and his people let the guy walk away, even after the beginning of the article where he states that he only presides over funerals these days. Just because some groid said a prayer with them, do they think he isn't going to wake up tomorrow, smoke a blunt, drink some liquor, and start thinking about how the person he was going to kill dissed him and by not killing him sooner he's losing cred with his homies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Bogolyubski said...
Amos&Andy on steroids.
... A Never-ending Minstrel Show.

That's the funny thing. Blacks too often act like the worse kind of caricature of themselves. Lots of singing and dancing and shots ringing out and streets going wrong and no one has a clue about what to do other than "stop snitching." It's like something out of Birth of a Nation (a movie worth seeing, by the way, for all race realists). Does it not occur to them that the reason for other races holding them at arm's length in the past is precisely because of this sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

A feeling of being steered...

I don't how it is for you neighbor, but when I can sit quietly with the television, radio, and telephone shut off for a little bit, I begin to notice things and wonder about that which I notice.

It seems that change has come to us at a dizzying pace here in the United States. The last 25 years in particular I've watched how more and more of us have been turned, sometimes subtly, sometimes not, against each other; the tribe of the young against the old, the tribe of the black against the white, the tribe of the female against the male, the tribe of the gay against the straight, etc.. Many are no longer "Americans", but are now a collection of hyphens.

Is this a natural 'evolution' as some suggest, or are we, the masses, being played? There is quite a bit of information that indicates that there are factions around the world seeking power and control over the common people. This idea of a "new world order" is no longer just for conspiracy buffs, because there is too much factual evidence of its existence and its agenda.

I see that our country is growing closer to class/race/civil war each day. Some talk about seceding; states voting to leave the union because they no longer trust the federal government. Some states talking about joining forces and perhaps creating a new union. Then I see articles and pictures of F.E.M.A. "relocation camps" and wonder who are these camps built for, refugees? I see maps detailing a new regional structure to America. . .no more states.

Most of our young people seem oblivious to the changes, partly because they are young and have no elders to talk to them about the way things used to be, and partly because they are fully occupied by new forms of government school indoctrination, electronic gizmos and gadgets, both illegal and prescribed (pharmaceutical) drugs, and disintegrating families.

Yet the news, after it dispenses its nightly recommended daily allowance of terror and horror, tells us everything is going to be okay. The politicians, despite their constant squabbling and doom and gloom rhetoric, tell us everything is going to be okay. "Just do what you've always done", they tell us, "go to your job (if you have one), go to class, get a meal to go and sit in front of your computer eat your sandwich, and play a game to relax, or turn on your favorite TV program, it's all going to be alright."

I don't know about you, but I have this feeling that I'm being steered, that we are all being steered. . .as in moooooved. . .

It reminds me of an anti-meat eating/animal cruelty film I saw once where the cows were herded along a series of fenced in paths, each one more narrow than the last. Finally one arrived at the end of the line, a fence moved up behind it so it was contained on all four sides. Suddenly from the front of the enclosure a metal tube was placed up against the cow's head and. . get the point.

Do you ever feel like this neighbor?

Heck yeah, I feel like this, neighbor. This much I feel because it's real.
NWO is real. it's all real. Everybody put against everybody else. Different
classifications being forcefully integrated with other species that we'd by
nature, as it was once upon a time, would never have as neighbors, or in our
cities for that matter. Ugh, I'm just ready to leave this planet once and
for all...........

Anonymous said...

A good question is, why has no famous "leader" of the black community, who professes to "care" about his community, NOT stood up and made an announcement, such as:
"If you are stopped, pulled over, ordered to stop, etc., by police- DO SO!! EVERY time. Regardless of whether or not you feel that you did nothing wrong, and regardless of the race of the officer.
DO NOT resist, try to run, fight back, throw an attitude, hide evidence, try to grab something in your car, argue, etc.
IF you feel you are being detained unfairly, you have an option to fight it in COURT, where there is little chance you will be harmed killed for trying to harm an officer, and the attorney will be provided at no charge. Resisting an officers orders will only lead to misery".
Anyone over the age of 18 should know this. But I guess there is no lottery involved in that announcement, and no money to be transferred, and no media attention.
Obeying the law matters.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the sheboon on Wheel Of Fortune talking about she's too young to be a grandma.

Um, yeah, sista, if you look at it from a YT's perspective. But within your own
collective tribe, being a grandmother at your young age is perfectly natural within
your species. It's not normal for ours. Just one of the many differences between
our species and yours. YOU are the ones being lied to that you are just like us.
YT are the ones being lied to that you are just like us. We're ALL being lied to !!

This country is not only irredeemable, it's downright DISGUSTING !!!

riptapart said...

I have been reading quite a lot of comments today with the rainy weather. I believe yours was the best. If not, it was very close, and there have been quite a few good ones right here.

Anonymous said...

The Rev is probably happy comforting all those grannies, since most of them are 35 years old.

Anonymous said...

It starts at the top. Like with negroes in damn near every commercial.
There are programs I like to watch on tv. When commercials come on, hit the mute button. I'm not buying their social crap anyway.


Anonymous said...

Almost sat this one out because, what more can you say about dysfunction? But then a couple of comments showed me the underlying truth that runs all through race relations with Homo Africanis; We are not like them! That, in essence, is the truth, the core of the whole problem. The reason black culture is so completely, and irredeemably, unfixable.

Time and again, someone has noted "what white group acts like that?" Yeah, I know it's one of those "duh" moments that would seem obvious, but requires closer examination. We Are Not Like Them! Look what our culture is able to achieve without them, and has for thousands of years. Look what their culture has been able to achieve without us. Wanna see it again? Yeah, not much. Now, look what their culture has been able to achieve with our coddling and enabling. We are not like them.

I used to envy European cities their safe, preserved cultural centers when I was young, and I wondered, why are our cities nothing more than ghettos full of ignorant, obscene, violent blacks? Not that Europe is much better this days, thanks to globalist provocateurs, ferrying hordes of subsaharan primitives in. Let's take a busload of baboons to the Louvre, so they can appreciate out culture, or to the opera. Fair analogy, we are not like them.

Just hold that thought; We Are NOT Like Them. We will never be like them, and maintain any acceptable level of civilization. They will never be like us, and be actual productive members of society, not affirmative action promoted help ups, but participating members of an evolving society, moving together toward a desired goal. We are not like them.

O.t., but Google" China bans Islam." Trump's idea is not as bad as the Arab oil money cuckservers would have you believe. I like the idea of making them assimilate into our culture if they want to live here. Actually, Trump's idea is not bad period. He's the only candidate making any sense at all. Aren't we all sick to death of all this "He's gone too far" bullshit?

SKIP said...

"Our strength lies in our diversity,”

I believe Mark Twain said "Faith is believing something we know is not true!"

patrick said...

Well thought out solution to our problem. I'll pay my share and theirs! A solid post PK.

patrick said...

Actually, you're all correct. I've done some traveling, and depending on which groid infested part of the country you're in, that'll determine the complete ridiculousness of the tribal language.

AnalogMan said...

Anon 7:17 said

Aren't we all sick to death of all this "He's gone too far" bullshit?

Isn't it strange that every time the media tell us, "This time he's gone too far. That will finally destroy his campaign. No way he can survive that", his poll numbers go up?

Don't get too optimistic, though. You saw what happened in France. The National Front won six of thirteen regions in first-round voting, only to have all the other parties unite against them to deny them a single region in the final round. Trump can't win with 40% of the Republican voters. If a significant number of Republicans vote for Clinton just to keep Trump from winning (and they might), it's all for nothing. And voter fraud is by now a science.

Prepare for Plan 'B'.

Mandi Magnolia said...

"A feeling of being steered"

I wholeheartedly agree and have felt this feeling my entire life. Sometimes I feel like I am going mad. It's almost like I was born with my hackles up. My whole life has been a state of low grade panic because I can feel what's coming, and there's no way to avert it. People flat out refuse to wake up and face reality, and reality is worse than anyone can imagine. Except Bogolyubski. He really "gets it", and his haters would do well to really listen and try to understand what he's saying.

I don't know you, Bogo, but you are brilliant. Thanks for your comments. There are others that "get it" to varying degrees, but you seem to grasp it all. I hope this isn't too butt-kissy but I mean it, and it needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

I think the black community is a more violent example of what you'd get if all the mentally slow, Downs Syndrome---
FOOL. Downs are non violent.

Mr. Rational said...

There are programs I like to watch on tv. When commercials come on, hit the mute button. I'm not buying their social crap anyway.

If you watch the program, the advertisers count you as audience no matter what you mute.  TURN OFF THE PROGRAM.  Watch on YouTube if it's there.  Deny the audience count, especially anything that displays commercials.  Destroy the economic value of the propaganda, or else!.

As for Trump, he has barely gone far enough... but he's the only one getting there.

Nunnya said...

So it really comes down to: Because you are BLACK. Every question, every problem, every solution, is BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK.

Race said...

"Ugh, I'm just ready to leave this planet once and for all... "
Don't worry, you could leave soon, we all can... That steel rod is coming!

Mandi Magnolia said...

Mr Rational, I agree, but I think people need to turn it off completely. Don't even watch it on Youtube. It's still taking up your head space and wasting your time. Do something else like read a book, learn a skill, get some exercise, cook a real meal. The possibilities are endless when you're not staring at a screen.

I've done a lot of thinking over the years about the "entertainment industry" and I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't need to bring them a profit. The social destruction it brings IS the profit. Porn is a great example of that. Who pays for porn? It's available, a lot of it is slickly produced, yet it makes little to no profit. Now, would the squids, who are known for their greed and covetousness, do anything for FREE? No. The social decay is what they want.

Maybe I am naive, but I think most people would naturally gravitate back to a more traditional and moral lifestyle if the idiot box wasn't always on, always pushing it's vices and social engineering. Another example, even cited by Joe "Creepy Uncle Badtouch" Biden was "Will and Grace" and how it normalized gays by making them seem like everyone else and putting them in a positive light. They're doing the same with trans people and polygamy now, next will be pedos and it all started with blacks and other minorities...and it will end with the destruction of our nations and our race. Is it really worth it?

I've watched conservative family members turn into people that watch "Two and a Half Men" and find it hilarious. This would've been unthinkable 15-20 years ago. It's been a long fall from shows like "Leave it to Beaver" and "Andy Griffith" to what's on now and it's only going to get worse. So opt out. Refuse to be part of it. I truly believe that almost all of our problems come from the media and it's stranglehold on the world. It's like sorcery, it's spellbinding and hypnotizing people and nothing...NOTHING it provides can make what it does worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

I've often said that they should just label these kind of stories for exactly what they are: "Filler".

It's not news. It's not reporting. There's absolutely nothing new here.

African reverends putting on reflective vasts and/or matching t-shirts and going out into the ghettos with some bright-eyed young reporter tagging along breathlessly scribbling notes about how THIS reverend is "doing something" about the out-of-control crime in the neighborhood, working hard, giving away sandwiches, praying with people, "making a difference", bringing understanding to disadvantaged youfs, blah-blah-blah. It's always EXACTLY the same story. Over and over. It just gets recycled every few months.

I'm going to venture a guess that, on any given day, some large or medium-sized city in America is running this exact same news story. It's not "news". It's just the latest monkey shines.

Let me also offer this prediction (not really a prediction, since we've all seen how this plays out time after time). This reverend will do this once or twice. However many times he needs to get in the newspaper. He'll start a non-profit and use his notoriety to get some local, state or federal grant money for his inner-city initiative. The single biggest expense of his non-profit will be his salary. He'll buy a pimped-out Escalade because you GOTS TA' BE respected in the 'hood so the keeds will listen to you. The violence will continue getting worse and when the non-profit is out of grant money he'll start some other bullshit initiative to bring peace to the streets. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It's the same with these "Peace in the Streets" rallies and "Stop the Violence" things that happen constantly. It's negro voodoo. They love having emotional rallies and demonstrations. But nobody wants to actually do anything that's responsible or anything like actual work. Notice that none of these things can be bothered to even just pick up the trash that their brethren throw all over the neighborhood. They ain't pickin' up trash! Dat be beneath dem! Dey wuz KINGS back in africa, you know! Let someone ELSE pick up dey trash and fix dey neighborhoods!

On a different note, things have become very personal. My cousin was shot to death last night up in Indy by a negress. He was pumping gas at 8:00 on a Sunday evening and was gunned down at the gas pump. He tried to make it into the front doors of the gas station, but only made it halfway across the parking lot. Police have video stills of the woman and the car she's driving. All the Indy media has it, if you want to see it. Details are sketchy and I'm not sure what to believe. Lots of rumors, but it's hard to know what's true in the middle of all this and the emotions. And also, we all have the family members and friends who seem to like drama. And I don't let myself get worked up about anything they say. Everything is just a whirlwind right now. This has got to stop. And I have a feeling this one may may not turn out in the end the way all these others are. I won't say any more here.

Stay locked and loaded, friends.


Race said...

I truly believe they need different laws applied to them. White people are able to self govern, such as owning guns. Black people as a whole sewn incapable of such freedom.

Race said...

Ilana Mercer " Into The Cannibal's Pot"... Great book!

Bogolyubski said...


You should do an article - or maybe even a book - on how this happened in SA. The thing that continues to astonish me is how the whites left there still don't get it. Am I wrong here? After all, I don't actually live there but I do know a few YTs who fled (most don't want to talk about it). As far as I can tell, there is no actual white resistance to the ANC and its openly announced plans for the extermination of whites.

The whites there simply deny that the words mean what they do and dismiss them as over-heated rhetoric. Afrikaner farmers (Boers) continue to hire negroes in preference to whites because they'll work for less (so much for the future-orientation arguments) - despite repeated examples of the IKAGOs they hired (on the cheap) enabled and assisted the ANC-types who come in and rape, torture and kill.

SA whites would be fully justified to employ all manner of 4th-generation warfare against all those who have had a hand in this disaster - including other whites who work for the corporations who still operate there to prop up the ANC regime - but not even the Calvinist churches of the murder victims will so much as protest the genocide and name it for what it is. They seem to have swallowed the full lie that they all need to die. The really mysterious question is why no resistance at all? This is one of those issues which lend credence to the argument that the whole disease is rooted in Christianity itself, not just the heresies which predominate the religion today.

AnalogMan said...

Mr. Rational said...

If you watch the program, the advertisers count you as audience no matter what you mute.

How will anyone know what, if anything, you watch?

AnalogMan said...

Mandi Magnolia said...

I truly believe that almost all of our problems come from the media and it's stranglehold on the world.

I believe you are correct.

I would go further than your comment. I watch a little entertainment, not TV but some old movies that are, if not edifying, at least harmless. Disney used to make good family entertainment while Walt was in charge, and it gives me a kick to watch it without paying royalties to the present owners of the rights. But it struck me the other day that, even the harmless stuff is a distraction from what's happening all around us. I have family members (by marriage) who are completely immersed in Star Wars, Dr Who and similar tripe. The ignorance of the modern generation is astounding.

I agree that profit is subordinate to degradation; but I think it's worse. They would settle for distraction. Just to keep the sheep from noticing, while they loot our civilization.

Kill your TV.

AnalogMan said...


I just got home from getting a haircut. The barber, an elderly lady and fellow refugee from South Africa, says she just heard from an old friend that the friend's son, a man in his early forties, had hanged himself. These stories are common, and I often wish that the suicides would take a few of the people responsible with them. I guess hanging is not something you can easily share.

Obviously, I hate what has happened to my country. I still have relatives there. Some of them are even the brainwashed type, who upbraid me for being "negative", and "disrespectful" to my fellow South Africans. We can make this work, guys, with a little mutual respect and cooperation. Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

The economy crashed - again - this week when our President (piss be upon him) sacked his Finance Minister who wanted to rein in his spending, and appointed some unknown White hack who was expected to be just a puppet. I see he has reversed those actions after widespread protest. It will make no difference. The Rand will not recover (currently over 16 to the US dollar).

I can't explain it. Yes, a lot of people work to support the ANC government. Policemen, tax collectors, judges, lawyers. You would do the same, if the alternatives were destitution and starvation. The worst was seeing the members of the former National Party government, the party of Apartheid, disbanding the party and joining the ANC. Parasites, fit for nothing but politics, for sale to any bidders. Disgraceful, and heartbreaking. We have no leaders, and nowhere to go.

There are basically two kinds of White people in South Africa. The ones for whom life goes on pretty much as before; they still have a job and a nice house and car and if the new boss is black, well, we must be respectful. Isn't it the same where you live? Some even thrive. Crime is out of control, but that's life. Keep your insurance up to date, and hope the crocodile eats your neighbour first.

The other kind is the victims. They have lost their jobs, and along with them their houses and cars, and they live in squatter camps and survive on charity. Or they have been killed. Either road, they have no power to resist.

There will be no resistance. The whole world combined against us to reduce us to this. Nobody is going to help us. What would you do? Those who can leave, do. Those who can't, endure; or they are killed, or kill themselves.

Race said...

the Afrikaners and Boers are not the same people. The Boers came to the plateau first and were mainly of German extraction. The Afrikaners came later funded by and infiltrated by free masons. The free masons also heavily infiltrated the Afrikaners church. The Afrikaners were always against the Boers because they (the Afrikaners) were always betraying and stealing from them (the Boers). The Boers were largely farmers. The Afrikaners church is even covered with masonic symbols. I know you know the free main origins and who started that movement. Before wholesale condemnation of a whole religion, do some real research and not just go by what you are today. Just 50 years ago if you asked anyone on this planet what a Californian looked like, they'd device someone who looked like me. Now if I told you to device what a Californian looked like.. See where I'm going with this? I know you do.

AnalogMan said...

Race said...

the Afrikaners and Boers are not the same people.

No, that's not right. The Afrikaners are the Boers (Dutch for farmers). They are descendants of Dutch colonists and French Huguenots, with a sprinkling of German missionaries and others. After Britain annexed the Cape Colony in 1805, there was an influx of British settlers in 1820. They are not Afrikaners/Boers.

If there was any Masonic influence, it would have been among the English. The Afrikaners had their own secret society, the Afrikaner Broederbond. That was in the 20th century. I have no personal knowledge of the Afrikaner churches, and I seriously doubt that you have, either. They are Calvinist; I very much doubt the story of Masonic symbols.

Anonymous said...

Is it any coincidence that retired hockey players seem to have enough of a nest egg saved while NFL, NBA and Boxers alway end up broke despite earning tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars? Yup, must be that white privilege ju ju.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for crusading black reverends. Any moment now they will win the battle and turn their communities into utopias that are the envy of the world.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened to that black reverend a few months back who was going to live in a tent until his fellow citizens of the hood stopped killing each other. Those wacky revruns are always up to some kind of shenanigans.

I also wonder how the Ferguson White Liberal Yoga Lady is doing.