Monday, January 11, 2016

Black Rappers Unite in St. Louis to Spread One Message: Blacks Must "Stop Killing Each Other"

Before he died roughly 10 years ago, someone I'll never forget apologized to me. 

He had nothing to be sorry for, having been nothing but kind (even helping me pick out my first firearm at a gun show in 2005) and a true gentlemen. He passed away late that same year after a terrifyingly painful bout with cancer, but this great man looked me in the eyes before he died and apologized. 

In what was once his inviting living room, but had now become essentially his final resting place, he looked me in the eyes and, breathing with the help of an oxygen machine, apologized.

"I'm sorry for what you have to inherit," was all he said. 

I never got to say goodbye to this great man, and everyday I lament how things ended with his daughter, yet few words have stuck with me in my life as his did that day. 

The world of today will change. 

What we have inherited was not of our doing. 

Not because we want things to be as they were in the past, but because we understand they should never, ever be the way they are in the present again. 

The world that he apologized for helping birth and nurture can be summed up in this piece from Bell Curve City. [Imagine A Better St. Louis: Rappers unite to spread message of peace,, 1-7-16]:
With 188 homicides, 2015 proved to be a violent year in St. Louis. That's why KMOV launched the End Violence STL campaign. 
But with the new year we are shifting focus, making St. Louis a better place to live, work and enjoy all of what makes our communities great. 
It's called Imagine A Better St. Louis, and we are already hearing from some in the community who want to see a change. 
Rappers from all over St. Louis recently sat down with News 4 This Morning anchor Andre Hepkins, and told him they knew many of the young African-American men killed by violence last year. 
They also said they know many of the killers.      
Now they're united by the music they're using to spread this message: "We must stop killing each other." 
The song is called “Neighborhood.” The hook came from Buddie Love, one half of St. Louis hip-hop crew The Yunginz. 
The powerful pair grew up together in the same neighborhood near Natural Bridge Avenue and Grand Boulevard. 
If Buddie Love is the Yin, Leak Jacob is the Yang, and the two think a way out of the grip of gun violence in the city is an alliance with other St. Louis rappers. 
Most of them come from neighborhoods full of homes that are literally or figuratively broken, or both. They know a lot of people who have been shot to the death and they know the shooters who are still out in the streetsThat's why they're all coming together to stand behind the message of peace, rather than glorifying guns.   
They came to that realization late last year. In  2015, St. Louis city detectives investigated 188 homicides, 148 of the people who were killed were black men.Now they want to be at the center of a new synergy that brings serenity to the streets of St. Louis.
By the end of 2016, how many of these black "rappers" in St. Louis will have not only participated in a murder, but will actively help enforce the "no snitch" code keeping black murderers off the streets? How many of these black "rappers" will be dead by the end of 2016, by the hand of a black person?

There is no greater cancer in America than the population responsible for virtually every homicide and nonfatal shooting in St. Louis.


PaintJob Theory said...

"and they know the shooters who are still out in the streets"

Yet not a one of these feral shit-apes would even dream of breaking the ghetto code of silence to drop a dime on one of their fellow tribesmen.

Move along, nothing to see here but "looks at muh" TNB.

As someone here pointed out a few months back, the truth is that killing blacks is simply great fun. It is the favorite passtime of these primitives wherever you find them in any significant concentrations. Back in the old country they were their own #1 natural predator, and here in the new world their instinct still drives them to attempt to cull their own population in the time honored tradition of their ancestors.

Left to their own devices, their own stupidity (starvation, lack of clean water, infant mortality, disease) coupled with their violent nature keeps their numbers in check. It's only when YT tries to interfere with the natural order that these parasites breed to dangerous numbers.

Anonymous said...

Paul, please write a book about how affirmative action turned the federal and State public sector into the dysfunctional, irresponsive make-work program that it is today. How it destroyed our police, fire, and public transportation forces, made a trip to the DMV or any other interaction with government to be a frustrating and wasteful experience, and ensured that nothing managed by the federal, State, or local government is managed well.

Thank you so much for all you do - I truly believe there is a large minority of Americans who agree with you, but are simply to frightened to admit it publicly (as I must admit, I am).

Anonymous said...

"Don't kill people"
"Pull up your pants"

It's literally like talking to a two-year-old. The blacks as a community are literally a bunch of two-year-olds.
These animals cannot be allowed to drive the ship, though America seems unable to contain her enthusiasm about giving them command of the helm.

I have four kids. I've never had to teach any of them not to kill other people.
Must bey white privelidge again.

Anonymous said...

Of course, "stop killing each other" and start killing whitey.

I recently listened to a podcast from a south African, Dan Roodt, via Redice. I highly recommend the site. The situation in south Africa is beyond comprehension. It is a national constitution dedicated to the genocide of white people. Recall that supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called the south African constitution the finest ruling document ever. Ginsburg. Ruth is an old, very old Irish lady...


Boy does this bring back memories. Back in the 1950's the PLATTERS had just recorded the hit song "When the smoke gets in your yes" and the COASTERS just recorded "Searching." At a concert in California they had a shoot out in the back alley just before the show started. Five people were shot. Then there was the knife and gunfight between CHUCK BARRY and FATS DOMINO. Even B. B. KING and MUDDY WATERS had that big drive by shooting in Chicago. Some still say the worst was when IKE AND TINA TURNER had that horrible shoot out with SMOKING ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES in Las Vegas. Things cooled down for awhile until the big brawl when LITTLE ANTHONY AND THE IMPERIALS had a shoot out in the recording studio with FRANKIE LYMAN AND THE TEENAGERS. This fight lasted so long that even LITTLE RICHARD and RAY CHARLES became involved. And course there was that gruesome gunfight between LIONEL RICHIE and CHARLIE PRIDE at a show in Texas.

This all started back in the 1940's when CHARLIE PARKER and LESTER YOUNG had these bloody shoot outs and knife fights with DUKE ELLINGTON and members of his band. LOUIS ARMSTRONG and SAMMY DAVIS JR. were also notorious musicians who were always shooting and stabbing people. LIGHTING HOPKINS and JOHN LEE HOOKER had a knife fight on stage in the Fillmore theater in Frisco and later they had a shoot out in their dressing rooms.

Ain't it a shame. Us old timers can actually remember when BLACK PEOPLE KNEW HOW TO SING.

Mr. Rational said...

Questionable quote:

They know a lot of people who have been shot to the death and they know the shooters who are still out in the streetsThat's why they're all coming together to stand behind the message of peace, rather than glorifying guns.

There's a full stop missing and "shot to the death" looks odd.  If that's in the original it should be marked "[sic]".  There's also a space missing after a full stop in the last paragraph of the quote.

Mr. Rational said...

They came to that realization late last year.

Nobody ever accused Blacks of being quick on the uptake.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that a rapper in this group is shot by another rapper by the end of the month, probably over a new rap song gone bad, and to think both were turning their lives around.


NC Realist said...

On the contrary. You niggaz keep on rappin while yer homies be nappin. Your message is ignorant....and I don't care. There should be a song called "We must stop wearin White Mans workboots" if. Worthless lowlife black stains.

Unknown said...

I dunno, St. Louis Rappers--I think I probably prefer the old Sesame Street song, "Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?".

Of course, that song was about various JOBS, and the people who held them, so there ya go......

Don't nobody go taggin' them signs though! They BOUND ta work!!

Anonymous said...

Putting aside the incredibly crude mechanisms by which they try to spread their messages (in this case, grunting "music" and lawn signs), the intended recipients won't truly absorb the words, because they'd have to stop and treat each other like people for a few moments.

Dindus barely view themselves as people (see how they treat each other), let alone outsiders. To them, civilized people are nothing more than targets ripe for exploitation and a source of attractive playthings for their amusement. Dindus treat their prey like a certain other predator (one we are all familiar with) treats a captive mouse: it is to be clawed and tortured and toyed with, until the bleeding, exhausted victim gives no more sport. Then it is killed and consumed (or simply left to rot, if the predator's appetite and lust has already been sated).

In both cases, that of the cat hunting mice and that of the Dindu hunting civilized people as his prey, nature inevitably prevails. Both are genetically programmed for what they do: the cat, to hunt and play and eat; the Dindu, to survive other Dindus by being more savage than the rest, and to be first to greedily pluck the choicest morsels before others arrive. Witness Dindus standing in line for hours on end (pretending it's harder than actually working for a living) to get something "free" from a government welfare program.

The lawn signs won't work. But such is the magical mind of the Dindu - ever hopeful that the louder he chants, the greater his likelihood of success.


Anonymous said...

They know many of the killers (still at large) and yet rather than turn them in and get these murderers off the streets, they plan to solve the whole thing with a (c)rap album or two. Sounds about right to me.

Anonymous said...

You would think that pathological liars and con-men (black males) would realize by now that words are hollow and that this will go nowhere. But they probably do know that. It looks to be just another manufactured effort to pretend that they care to put on a show for whitey so he can hand them some more money to "solve the problem", with no questions asked.

I just wonder how they bribed these young "men" to even show up.

Anonymous said...

"Most of them come from neighborhoods full of homes that are literally or figuratively broken, or both."

And who's fault is that? Men who can't be bothered to use a condom or take part in raising the "result" of getting they freak on, and houses that you put no maintenance or care into?

It is always stated that these things just sort of "happen" to blacks as if they are being stalked by some malevolent force. They never had a chance- well, actually they had plenty but they chose not to give a sh@t or take advantage of it. DWLs everywhere bend over backwards to give these "underserved" youth opportunities, it makes them feel good about themselves.

When I hear blacks continue to complain about things that are 100% their doing, all I hear is them telling the world what failures they are. This goes for nearly every "issue" that they complain about, whether it be school suspensions or getting pulled over. Could black behavior be the issue? Nah, it's much more sensible to chalk it up to an incredibly well organized and synchronized effort on the part of cops and teachers everywhere to punish black people, not just in the U.S., but in each and every country that they reside in.

Keep complaining about how you are being held accountable to the standards of civilized society. We're listening.

Anonymous said...

More on that upstanding black father who took his time getting help while his daughter was getting gang-raped:

The Brooklyn dad who ran away while his 18-year-old daughter was being gang-raped at gunpoint walked into two local delis to try to get help — but was too drunk for anyone to understand him, witnesses said Monday.

“He was swaying side to side. He asked me, ‘Lend me your phone.’ I said no,’’ said a worker in one of the shops, Zaida Deli and Grocery.

“He didn’t tell me it was an emergency or ‘I need to call the police’ or of course I would’ve given it to him or just called the police for him.”

Two of the five teens accused of attacking the girl in the playground have admitted to being at the scene and even having sex with her — but claim it was consensual, law-enforcement sources said.

Denzel Murray, 14, Shaquell Cooper, 15, Ethan Phillip, 15, and Onandi Brown, 17, were each charged with rape, forcible compulsion, criminal sex act and sex abuse, the police said.

The victim told cops that she and her 39-year-old dad — who she only recently reconnected with after being adopted — were drinking near the handball courts “to be away from the police,” sources said.

Their plan backfired when the teens, including one with a gun, confronted them and ordered the father to scram, the pair told cops.

Surveillance video from the store shows the victim’s father walking inside before he begins to chat with two men. He does not appear to be frantic or in distress.

After walking out of the store, the dad drunkenly ran past a marked police car before eventually circling back and alerting the cops to his daughter’s attack — 20 minutes after the alleged rape first began to unfold, sources said.

I wonder if white feminists like the idea of sharing their liberal coalition with a bunch of rape apes who view women as sperm receptacles?

Anonymous said...

P.K. teams up with Jared Taylor once again. P.K., ever consider doing a daily/weekly podcast? Your interviews are even better than your articles.

Anonymous said...

Orcs = Anti-Civilization.

It's that simple. Want to reverse your population group's march towards the future? Just add negroes. Guar-An-Teed.

Genetics, my friends, genetics. Can't fight tens of thousands of years of natural selection.

Man is a funny creature...

Anonymous said...

Man up. Take your country back.

Make it great again.

Won't be easy, but you know what you have to do. Your ancestors demand it...

Anonymous said...

Super, more signs. That always works. Maybe they can march down to the grave sites and light some candles. Better watch out cause the brothers like to bust some caps at those attending.

This is pathetic. You want to stop this killing. Arrest and incarcerate everyone of these lawbreakers-let the police do their jobs without the racists whining. But that's not gonna happen. These savage thugs will continue to senselessly murder each other.

Why any sane white person would live in St Louis is a mystery to me. Many years ago, going through St Louis I made the mistake of exiting into East St Louis. Now this is 15 years ago. Holy crap Batman, it looked like a war zone, I kid you not. I can't imagine what it looks like now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should get range lessons. To become better shots. Non fatal shootings what a waste.

NY Girl said...

So, they know the murderers, but won't (or didn't) go to the cops.

Why is it the connection is painfully obvious to us but seems out of the intellectual grasp for them?

Bill in St Louis said...

I alwas enjoy reading your articles in the morning, the laughter starts my day off right. The rappers knew many of the victims, and the shooters, so...... lets make a rap song about not killing each other? Hahahahahaha! !!! Not even one single person at KMOV had either the brains or the balls to ask, "why haven't you turned them in, so they couldn't kill anyone else in your hood?" The disconnect from reality is hilarious. No concept of cause and effect, none. This reinforces my thoughts that the knee-grow isn't really the problem, as much as the enablers. After all, rattlesnakes are dangerous, so when you run across one, either avoid it or kill it, don't give it a microphone, a football and invite it to live and breed next door to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad these young men know who did all those killings - get a police detective over to their houses ASAP so he can take their statements. Working together we can end this violence! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Short of opening a toxic waste processing facility, there is no better way to destroy property values in a community than adding negroes. None.

Anonymous said...

But St. Louie is named to have the best sports fans in the country. THERE'S your yin and yang. These "powerful" rappers and the murderers just need to take in a few more games.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if I've got this right? Could someone comment?

The reason negroes are such a disaster in our White communities is that they are genetically different. This effects not just the external things like skin color, eye color, fat deposits in their rear ends, but internal issues as well. This include average IQ, impulse control, future time orientation, threshold for violent behavior, testosterone production, etc. These things seem to be controlled by the differing allele frequencies in the genome, when compared to non-negroes.

All those behavioral differences mean that when mixed with non-blacks, their behavior makes them stand out; makes them unassimilable and they are shunned. That normal reaction is then labeled as "racism" by libs and the orcs themselves.

Is that pretty much a fair summation of the overall situation we're in? Missing anything crucial in the bog picture?


A Human

Anonymous said...

Like a cancer. Good description. After cancer is removed from the body, the body heals and grows strong again. But, all the cancer has to be removed.
You can't have "just a little cancer", just like a woman can't be just a little bit pregnant.
All the cancer has to be excised. Is there a doctor in the house?!


Anonymous said...

I guess at least they're not matching again?

Show me one other cultures in the history of the universe that required yard signs reminding its members not to kill each other.

Anonymous said...

Too cold to march or something?

Anonymous said...

It's funny that they can't acknowledge their own nature, even when it is painfully obvious to everyone.

Anonymous said...

"These savage thugs will continue to senselessly murder each other."

On the contrary, thugs killing each other makes perfect sense and should be encouraged.

Bill in St Louis said...

Worse. It looks worse. I have been in war zones that looked better.

NY Girl said...

Umm, she's Jewish. You couldn't figure that out from her time at the ACLU??

Anonymous said...

Why any sane white person would live in St Louis is a mystery to me. Many years ago, going through St Louis I made the mistake of exiting into East St Louis. Now this is 15 years ago. Holy crap Batman, it looked like a war zone, I kid you not. I can't imagine what it looks like now.

Just drive east on Page into the city. Talk about war zone. Suburbs still barely tolerable. Section ape housing and busing slowly working their miraculous transformation.

Anonymous said...

After thirty years of rapping about killing, fu$$ing, bitches, hoes and other assorted distasteful subject matter now they want to reverse the actions it has caused? Good luck with that. The black culture is perverse and violent. Are rappers happy that a few of them have made a lot of money at the expense of many?

Long Island Realist said...

God forgive me but its to the point where i just fucking hate blacks..cant even stomach them anymore.

Alexandra said...

Isn't this like trying to teach a pig to sing?

Anonymous said...

How our media fails us. The powers-that-be controlling print & airwaves should not be allowed to continue pushing their leftist propaganda down our throats. So many people believe the bullshit that is constantly served up; what would happen if the media pursured stories like:

How the true nature of gun violence belongs almost exclusively to blacks

How there is not a single nation today under majority black rule that isn't a hellhole

How the Democratic party is an organization of racists & power hungry facists

How blacks in America, despite having advantages in preferred hiring & school recruitment reverse racisim policies, cannot take advantage of them in any meaningful faschion after over 50 years of affirmative action initiatives passed by white Ameicans anxious to assuage their guilt over events they themselves had taken no part in

How a corrolation exists between the percentages of black residence and the pace at which neighborhoods deteriorate

And the biggest one of all, how blacks cannot co-exist in western society.

Ok MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, how about it? Or do you all secretly have wallet sized photos of Joseph Goebbels you take out when no one is watching.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Short of opening a toxic waste processing facility, there is no better way to destroy property values in a community than adding negroes. None.

January 12, 2016 at 5:16 AM

In the 1990's, East Palo Alto, California had both. About three square miles where one out of three adults was on parole or probation. The biggest industry was a hazardous waste company and two junkyards, and that was it. I looked on Google Earth to see if they were all still there, but it looks like they've actually built a couple of schools on the site.

Anonymous said...

someone told me that Obama is selling off oil leases to fund more 'war n welfare.'

Anonymous said...

310 -- RIP Robbie Ponsi.
I looked at the 2 pics. same ol same ol.

Another smiling White killed by a dead eyed, scowling, raised on suction 8 n ebt black. Did the jig ever hold a job? get a HS diploma? 'serve' in the army?

Oh, he was just a keed, a teen w the body of a man n the brain of a [fill in].

Chimps R Us said...

I was just thinking: How's about instead "concerned" Nigrahs going around the hood (which for all intents and purposes is the entire city now) and collecting all the bullets and paying them maybe a buck a bullet from gubmint funds. You know, sorta like a Bullet Buyback Program.

Of course, only the most savage of the savage, murderous chimps will retain their ammo and will no longer even have to worry about being shot back at!

Of course, the upside is that these rappers will still be living in their all white gated communities and won't have to worry about such minor details. But they'll feel real good about their community involvement while keeping their millions at the same time. Sort of like white-privileged DWLs!

Anonymous said...

Regarding YT interference with culling the numbers: have you noticed the remarkable similarity between the animal rescue commercials and the "Feed an African" pitches?

The script and music is nearly identical and even the music is the same.

I'm surprised there has been no faux outrage and cries that the producers are comparing the noble negro to a stray dog.

Anonymous said...

You are probably right, probably stemming from a copyright lawsuit over the phrase: "mother fucker."

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about those literally broken houses: section 8 landlords are required to keep the places up. They must be breaking them faster than they can be fixed.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

For those of us who awaken, the chief thing that brings on the realization is that Western society and its institutions were designed by Western people with Western people in mind. Substituting them with non-Whites makes the institutions collapse, especially if the substitution is with blacks. We are watching all of the West (meaning the creation of White people) collapse because populations are not interchangeable parts. You cannot have the White man's living standards without the White population.

For instance, this is an article I read this morning from my native New Orleans :

Orleans Public Defenders office to begin refusing serious felony cases Tuesday

There are so many violent criminal cases in that jurisdiction (Orleans Parish) that the entire system is overloaded to a point that it can no longer operate under the parameters of the 6th amendment of the US Bill of Rights! There is talk of throwing the cases out because of the district not satisfying the speedy portion of the 6th amendment.

The purpose of the inclusion of the sixth amendment was to rest the anxieties of the ratifying States that a Federal judicial tyranny was not forming, like the one they had dealt with as colonies of England. They wanted to make sure that no Judge could eliminate the jury process in the name of "expediency," while making sure that the process was speedy enough that people didn't rot in jail awaiting a jury to be formed. They wanted to make sure the trials were not in far off jurisdictions, such as other States, and they wanted to make sure even those who were poor had a legal representative. All of these things had been done to them previously by the English Crown. They had just fought a war to be treated as free and sovereign - they didn't want to risk an individual being denied these things by the new government.

In case you've forgotten - here is the 6th Amendment :

***In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence***.

At no point in time when drafting those provisions did the founders ever imagine there existing a district within the United States that would have both SO MANY CRIMES and SO MANY NOT PAY FOR REPRESENTATION that compliance with this basic cornerstone of civilization ------ was logistically impossible.

And yet that is where we are, in cities like New Orleans, St. Louis, Detroit, etc.... Which the founders would have never envisioned either, districts within the United States with these kinds of compositions. They knew that blacks are not responsible enough to comport to white standards, and now we are paying the price for not abiding that truth.

These populations are just not compatible with the basic premises of White systems, based around members being civil to each other. They cannot co-exist. One (the blacks) or the other (the legal system) will go eventually. Right now with all of the agitation by BLM and the rest, the struggle is to topple the latter.

It is so true, you can only have 2 of these 3 choices existing at one time :


Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words, rap songs are worthless, yard signs are worthless. When you act by picking up a gun and shooting, it says alot more. Why stop killing each other ? Why expect them to do so when they see no value in anything, their neighbourhoods are hell holes, everything is rotting and dying. If one of them is smart enough to fix up a house or get a decent car it is stolen or wrecked. There is nothing of value they can create so why stop killing each other ?

Michigan Jim said...

"Short of opening a toxic waste processing facility, there is no better way to destroy property values in a community than adding negroes. None."

Given that choice, I'd take the toxic waste facility.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

OT if I may go back to, I think, Saturday.. I can't get out of my mind Gwoobus Harmon's brilliant (as usual) insights about the IKAGO commercials, and the very-real possibility that these corporate execs and their underling creative teams, out of sheer frustration at the folly of it all (having to include the IKAGO in x-amount of positive-angled Huxtable-like commercials (exposure) etc.) are actually expressing a kind of brilliant bitter sarcasm at the whole thing; this mandate imposed upon them. "Hey! I know! Let's have a family of them dressed in red and green sweaters around the Christmas tree getting ready to go out caroling! How's that sound guys? Ok let's go with that!".. or.. "Oh I know! I know!.. We'll have a family of them sitting around the campfire yodeling! Am I brilliant er what! and.. and.. oh! OH! One can even be playing the banjo!!" etc.. This would make the greatest satirical movie of our time really.. Think about it.. Network advertising execs mandating the inclusion of IKAGOs upon their creative teams who in turn express their complete disdain for being forced to reinterpret the universe into some bizarre form of inverse reality etc.. And the kicker is: the DWL has absolutely no freagin’ clue whatever.. that they’re being totally hoodwinked in the process.. etc.. OH! The humanity! (In fact that would be a great name for the film: "Hoodwinked")..

The Jig Is Up said...

Hey gang, be cool!There IS a wonderful upside to rap music, you know. Just think about it. Fifty years from now septuagenarian Nigrahs will all be reminiscing about their younger days and dancing to their favorite "fell in love" songs such as "Fuck Yo Mama" and Sistah Be A Nocount Ho"

I mean, ebby one need ta look fowaod ta sumthin' - gnone sayin'?

Long Island Realist said...


I have to rant...Rush Limbaugh may be the BIGGEST CUCK of them all. The guy is supposedly the #1 political talk show in the country and rambles about his obsession with the Negro Felon League. Makes me absolutely sick!!

FlowerBell said...

The signs read "We must stop killing EACH OTHER" Not "We must stop killing."
Yet another psychological trigger?

Noble Axe said...

" killed by violence last year."

So stupid, what about all the others who were "robbed by crime"?
or "raped by surprise sex"?

Are these not also problems for them?
Oh, what to do, what to do...

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on the follow up story about the witch doctor in New Orleans who danced up and down the street (chanting and babbling) to drive away the evil forces affecting the hood and causing negroes to kill each other and commit other crimes. Surely she expelled all the malevolent influences and the "hood" became a glowing beacon of civility, progress and civilization.

No? Damn! I just knew they should have put up signs instead! Or maybe it should have been a comprehensive effort- witch doctors chanting and babbling, negroes marching, candlelight vigils, yard signs, rap songs, midnight basketball and a libtard or two moaning and wailing about the plight of the poor negro. I dare say no malevolent spirits could stand up to that! However, to be on the safe side and get the desired result of driving away da evil forces affecting da community, it would be best to have all the ghetto sows (from age 8 to 80) twerking in the streets at the same time as everything else is going on. Perhaps a mass ritual sacrifice of chickens followed up by a BBQ too?

Dat's right. You gots to hit dem ebbil spirits and malevolent forces wid ebberthang you gots! It'll work dis time- I jus' knows it!

Anonymous said...

OT but funny........Just watched the latest 30 second sitcom ... Transunion credit protection service.... Handsome well dressed black man looks out his window to see an old dirty white man rifling through his trashcan ............then hes on a bus where a white woman steals his wallet ... And finally hes sitting on a park bench and a fatass white guy is hovering a drone over him trying to video him using a smartphone.
All the while the perps are singing "getting to know you" .

Damn diabolical white people.....always stealin from the bruthas.

Californian said...

It's called Imagine A Better St. Louis, and we are already hearing from some in the community who want to see a change.

One can imagine a St. Louis with low crime, decent neighborhoods and schools which actually graduate students. It was St. Louis of a century ago. What was so different? Oh yes, it was a white city. There was segregation. Race realistic policies were in force. Why? Because white people knew that if blacks were given a free hand, there would be an explosion of violence, and with that so went the neighborhoods and schools.

It is a symptom of the ideological delusions of today that this basic reality is not even on the table for discussion. Half a century of civil rights and social engineering have led only to the destruction of many American cities by blacks.

St. Louis is especially iconic. It was once the Gateway to the West, a jumping off point for the expansion of White Civilization. Today? It is going down the drain.

Black leaders may demand "change" but they would have to change themselves. They have been given every opportunity to do so. They have failed, and failed miserably. The result? Another trashed city, courtesy of BRA.

countenance said...

I had some observations about BLM vs WMSKEO signs a few months ago.

Unknown said...

To "A Human", who posted at 5:30 am---I get that you were being sarcastic, but yup, those ARE the biological differences, and they are FANTASTICALLY detailed at


It is WELL worth checking out! Interesting stuff--pretty much indisputable.

And to Mutant Swarm, who posted about East Palo Alto:

One of those "schools" (indoctrination centers/ holding pens/ daycare service) had to be closed early during last month's Christmas vacation. Apparently, the heating system had been malfunctioning for MONTHS, and NO ONE could seem to be able to fix it (gee, wonder who might hold those maintenance contracts??).

Parents, predictably, were "outraged", cuz the keeds (y los ninos tambien) could not "concentrate" on their "work". So, rather than simply dressing the little rugrats more warmly, or figuring out some way to get someone COMPETENT to fix da heating system, in their minds the Reasonable Solution was simply to CLOSE THE SCHOOL.

This is in CALIFORNIA. (And btw, the parents were STILL OUTRAGED. This time b/c they supposedly had to find babysitters, or miss work!).

Anonymous said...

Get off P K's dick, u fucking idiot!!!

Blue Eyes Matter said...

So, these creative geniuses know who shot who. Isn't that aiding and abetting? Put them all on a flight to Guantanamo for domestic terrorism, because that's what it is.

To continue this idiocy, CBS is planning a non-white Nancy Drew series. Race to be decided, just as long as its not a white girl! How low is the oxygen content of the air in the room where they come up with these ideas? How feasible is a black girl named Nancy Drew? With skills in logic, and good future time orientation, along with the ability to override emotional volatility? I suppose there are entertaining possibilities here, she could bust black killers along the way, on her weekly quest to find her real daddy. How about: Nanceequa Drewvon, Private i? But we know all the bad guys in this show will be white, more propaganda forced on impressionable young minds. Probably have a bumbling white best friend, with a black boy friend, who keeps her out of trouble, because she's such a screw up. Because, CBS cares!

Sick'nTired said...

The difference is that stray dogs and cats are appreciative of the help they receive.

Anonymous said...

this is classic thug behavior [how we miss Thug Report, that raycyst site]

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous January 11, 2016 at 10:04 PM said... Recall that supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called the south African constitution the finest ruling document ever. Ginsburg. Ruth is an old, very old Irish lady...

Is this sarcasm? She was born a Russian Jew. She became non-practicing because of its alleged misogynism, although she has apparently been recently involved in more feminist -friendly flavors of it (think female rabbi).

PB said...

"Killed by violence". Say no more, because no-one clearly intended to state the obvious.

Anonymous said...

He is bringing to light TNB in a very subtle way. I quit watching high school, college and pro football two seasons ago. One of the best things I've done.

PB said...

Gwoobus at 9:33 has just outlined how the principle of rule-of-Law in the USA will fail domestically , and is clearly already failing. Hardly surprising that it begins in New Orleans.

FlowerBell said...

Hey gang, be cool!There IS a wonderful upside to rap music, you know. Just think about it. Fifty years from now septuagenarian Nigrahs will all be reminiscing about their younger days and dancing to their favorite "fell in love" songs such as "Fuck Yo Mama" and Sistah Be A Nocount Ho"

I mean, ebby one need ta look fowaod ta sumthin' - gnone sayin'?"

There's going to be an avalanche of broken hips in the old folks home when a piece of cardboard falls to the hallway floor.

Anonymous said...

To the 'jig is up' @ 10:06 am. You had me laughing from the time I read your name. The image is almost too much to envision.

Anonymous said...

Is "Rapper", like "Teen" and "Youth" now a euphemism for "Rampaging,out of control,socialization free,civilization deficient,thieving,murdering,raping Negro male between the ages of 12 and 40" ?

Brian in Ohio said...

"We must stop killing each other." Please, by all means, continue.

Black on black violence in America is as certain as the sun rising in the east.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill's Bent Thing said...

How to reduce black murders...kill whites.

Remember Sister Souljah?

Souljah: "Yeah,I mean, if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?… White people, this government and that mayor were well aware of the fact that black people were dying every day in Los Angeles under gang violence. So if you're a gang member and you would normally be killing somebody, why not kill a white person? Do you think that somebody thinks that white people are better, are above and beyond dying, when they would kill their own kind?"

Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton condemned with what she said. Jesse Jackson and the MSM severely critisized Clinton for his reaction.

Anonymous said...

OT: 68 year-old white female sheriff's deputy murdered by dindoo sex offender in Webster Parish, LA.

Paintjob Theory said...

In case the bumper sticker contest is still going. My submission for slogan is:"our only job is to survive"

Unknown said...

Speaking of negroes killing each other...

Thank you to whoever it was that took the time to gather these stats together to share with us. I've posted these same stats at many other libtard sites, and once posted I then ask them to please debunk these stats, with references to prove it. I've never seen these mooncrickets scatter as fast as they do. It's simply amazing how you just show them some numbers and their mind just goes into full-tard mode. LMAOOOO !!

Thanks anon or whoever you are for posting these stats though. The laughs I've gotten, the dozens of likes that I have received, and the friend requests I've received has been grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

I said that this is the year it's time to turn this anger around and make as much fun as I can with it. It's time to offend the offenders while laughing at them at the same time, then sit back and watch em scatter like the cockroaches they are...

The number is 7.12, which is how many more times you are likely to be murdered by a negro than a YT. This is a number I am going to use this entire year, along with these stats and a couple more of my own I've added to my own posts. Each and every time I'm going to watch the mooncrickets scatter, while I sit back and LMAO....

Based on FBI stats (1), the number of 2013 homicides committed by whites was 4396 and 5375 for blacks.

US Population Demographics (2)
White: 223,553,265
Black: 38929319

US Homicide Rate (3)

Homicide Rate by Race (calculated)
White homicide rate/100,000 Whites: 4396/223,553,265 x 100,000 = 2.0

Black homicide rate/100,000 Blacks: 5375/38,929,319 x 100,000 = 13.8

NOTE: There were 4112 homicides where the race of the perp is unknown. If it is assumed that the percentage of crimes is proportional among whites and blacks then distributing the 4112 cases among whites and blacks yields 5675 and 6939 cases respectively. This then equates to a homicide rate/100K of 2.5 and 17.8 for whites and blacks respectively.

The white homicide rate, 2.0/100K, which includes the use of firearms, is similar to most European and Canadian rates (AVE=1.96, range: 0 - 9, excludes outlier of 19.4 for Greenland) (3). Additionally, the Black homicide rate in the US is similar to those seen in many African countries. The homicide rate in the US would be about 47% less if not for the contribution of 12% of the population.




Gwoobus Harmon said...

Fatigued in Minny :

Network advertising execs mandating the inclusion of IKAGOs upon their creative teams who in turn express their complete disdain for being forced to reinterpret the universe into some bizarre form of inverse reality etc..

That is why I am now becoming more and more convinced that these commercials are actually their form of passive aggressive protest against such an edict. It is the only thing that makes sense. That would be MY response to being told I must include blacks, and must depict them in a positive light. I would go so over the top that it would be hilariously sarcastic.

Exec : "You must include positive images of Blacks in the casting of any commercials we produce for our clients."

Me: "Right on it sir! I have had this wonderful idea of a Swiss family in traditional garb yodeling on the mountainside. Let's just recast them with black actors as an intact nuclear family!"

Exec : "Well, that is taking it too far. We need something believable."

Me : "Whoaaa! What are you implying? Are you saying African Americans are not capable of yodeling? Why are you reinforcing negative stereotypes by limiting the ways a black family may express itself culturally? I am shocked at your privileged micro-aggression! Just wait until HR hears about your incredible racism, or should I just go straight to a news outlet?

The more I think about it, I believe I have a duty to let the public know that the head of our firm only wants to depict ideas that he deems "believable" activities for an ENTIRE RACE to engage in?

Speaking of which, since we are on the subject, last time I dealt with the guys in our Information Technology department, I did not see one African American? I'm not sure I want to work for a Klansman!"

Exec : 'OK, OK, OK!!! W-W-W-What's the budget? Should we film on location, lets go ahead and book a flight to Zurich right now! Or should it be Bern? Or Geneva? or Lucerne? ...Just PLEASE don't call me waayciss - I implore, I'LL DO ANYTHINGGGGG!!!"

Eddie in St. Louis said...

It appears that the St. Louis Rams are leaving our fair city. Good riddance! A loser team anyway that was trying to wheedle a new stadium out of a bunch a local hicks and suck down some more tax money. St. Louis needs pro Bakkaball anyway, because of our over abundance of local diversity. It's time to convert the Edward Jones Dome into a Bakkaball Temple, Praise Jeebus!!! but make sure to hit the pavement when the bullets be flyin after a loss!!!

juandos said...

I can't believe there will be people stupid enough to donate some money to this scam but there will be...

Unknown said...

Gwoobus Harmon and Fatigued in Minny, you both are on to something impressive and most definitely worthy of pointing out. I freaking love it !!! You people are the reason why I love this site as much as I do. It's seriously been a long time coming to find a group of such intellectual people here. You know what they say, home is where the heart is. I've found a new home, sort of speak.

One perspective of mine to add on to what you both just pointed out is that when blacks see these commercials and know that they will never fill the types of shoes they see being portrayed in these commercials only adds to the resentment towards us and their very own. Just another way to subliminally help make them more angry than what they already are. Once again, if what you both stated is true, in which I believe it very much is, I get a certain "smug" satisfaction just knowing it exists!

We're not alone !!

riptapart said...

The difference is that the dog commercials bring about feelings of sympathy and compassion in sane White people while the African children commercials reinforce our understanding of Black "civilization" and collective IQ.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Some obscene and illiterate drivel

on January 12, 2016 at 11:56 AM

Where are the mods? I have to say "N-word", but this is acceptable?

AnalogMan said...

Mr. Clean said...

"Ruth is an old, very old Irish lady..."

Is this sarcasm?

Yes, of course it is. To state the truth flat out is risky, even on this site. Not black helicopters risky, but moderation risky. That's why people often slyly substitute "Irish" or "Scottish" or "Eskimo" or "TWMNBN" for sensitive ethnicity. But we know!

Unknown said...

Gwoobus, you've RUINED me! Cannot see a single commercial starring blacks now w/o seeing it through your lens. It's like double-reverse mental judo, & I LOVE it. You're too funny!!

Slightly OT:
I figured the compulsion/ pathology to not "snitch" had likely been part of the black community for a LONG time, but hadn't ever wondered how the slang words for it might have changed. While doing a Search for a 1914 New York Times article about "Cocaine-Crazed Negro Fiends", I happened to learn that the term for "snitch" back then was "peach" (no word on the etymology of it though, & I've GOT to stop assuming that all word histories are equally fascinating). Btw, the article from 1914 is GREAT! So many of our drug laws/ policies seem to stem mostly from blacks not being able to control themselves re.substance abuse. Our elders spelled it all out for us---DWL's need to shut up and learn some REAL history, even if it hurts their precious fee-fee's!!

AnalogMan said...

There's definitely something in the air. Over in Europe, things are heating up. As Vox Day says on his site:

This is the inevitable result of multiculturalism and a feckless leadership that refuses to govern in the interests of its people. There are now two, and only two, options remaining: peaceful and democratic nationalism or violent and authoritarian ultra-nationalism.

I pray that the multiculturalists, equalitarians, and anti-nationalists will submit and acquiesce to the former. But I expect them to stubbornly and pridefully resist, and thereby ensure the latter.

War is coming. Everywhere.

AnalogMan said...

As many here have stated, a huge part of the appeal of this site is the quality of discourse in the comments. Sometimes a community just gels online, and it's beautiful.

I want to put in a plug for my other favourite site, The Irish Savant. The discussion there is on fire today, with links to a huge amount of resources. A bit more of a European focus, but relevant for all of us. Here's a link that I found particularly interesting:

"Easy Meat" – British Report Warns Against Vigilante Justice

anger is going to spread as awareness of this crime spreads. Denial and damage limitation won’t work any more. It is hard to think of something more calculated to incite public violence than the targeting of native girls for rape by an immigrant population. The use of inter communal rape in the most savage territorial conflicts testifies to its perception as a weapon, and the fear of it evokes the most primal instincts. And this is the basis for our plea to our civil authorities to stamp out this crime by any lawful means: if the suffering of the victims can’t motivate you, then consider the threat to your grip on power.
Vigilante violence disables its own society, and is one of the short-cuts from Queen’s peace to all-against-all.

But of course, the authorities will do nothing, so the consequences are now inevitable. It's coming. Prepare ye!

AnalogMan said...

Finally, I highly recommend, but can't link to an article titled The Black Dilemma, by Anthony Bryan. It's on a non-approved (subject to moderation) site; you'll have to search for it.**


For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites.

The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?


The experiment has failed. Not because of white culture, or white privilege, or white racism. The fundamental problem is that American black culture has evolved into an un-fixable and crime-ridden mess. They do not want to change their culture or society, and expect others to tolerate their violence and amoral behavior. They have become socially incompatible with other races by their own design, not because of the racism of others - but by their own hatred of non-blacks.

Our leaders don't seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don't understand that white people aren't out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity. The elites explain everything with racism, and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point.

You can't legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government can't give to anybody anything that the government doesn't first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they don't have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

Positively Lincolnesque, isn't it? Find it, and read it.

** Actually, it seems to be on multiple sites. Some of those sites have attributed it to the Baltimore Sun, but the Sun has denied it. The Sun should wish for writers of this calibre. Most hilarious is the comment under that denial:

What a terrible disservice to a fine newspaper. The attitude is as evil as its purported facts are wrong. Please convey my sympathy to Mr. Duncan, whose reputation has been smeared by this fake article.

We live in a crazy, upside-down world.

riptapart said...

Don't forget about, "how White middle class Americans are to blame for constantly electing leftist politicians who told them they support the unions, and will take from the wealthy to spreads it around, while not caring about their own dispossession.

riptapart said...

He also defends Whites against accusations of "racism" more so than most any other White public figure. He also supports just about everything Trump says.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

PB said...

Gwoobus at 9:33 has just outlined how the principle of rule-of-Law in the USA will fail domestically , and is clearly already failing. Hardly surprising that it begins in New Orleans.

January 12, 2016 at 1:27 PM

That is basically any municipality with a large number of blacks. The sheer cost, stress, and demand that is placed on all public works and legitimate government functions (by blacks) in unbelievable. This is then compounded by the incompetence of the local black workforce staffing the positions.

-The police departments require more members, higher pay, more lethal gear, more everything really. The sheer number of daily incidents requiring police dispatch is overwhelming.

-The fire department is stretched thin, always putting out fires that originate from stupidity and negligence, as well as being called out as EMS for any 911 call, for simple things like asthma attacks.

- Public health services are all over stressed in more ways than can be counted.

- School systems, see above.

-The city/county is always being sued.

And then, the legal system itself is overwhelmed with the volume of criminal cases that must be prosecuted.

The cited article in New Orleans shows that there are over 350 backlogged cases of serious offenses that carry lengthy sentences (armed robbery, forcible rape, attempted murder, murder) - 85 cases which face mandatory life - that cannot proceed until a defense attorney can be found to take up the case. And those are just the CURRENT DOCKET indigent cases!!! They can't even take up any over the foreseeable future until they get to those first. That is why they placed a moratorium of taking any new ones!!!

The courts don't even have enough qualified attorneys to appoint to these cases! If they overload their public defenders, the appeals courts will overturn the convictions. If they make the accused wait in jail too long, again, dismissal.

The English Common Law that ours is based upon took thousands of years of trial and error to come up with. But it was developed with calmer, cooperative European peoples in mind, who would only rarely kill, rape, and rob each other. This kind of formal and procedure heavy system is unable to accommodate the frequency that these things are done by blacks, because its code was not developed with a population that robbed, raped, and killed like this.

Mark my words, the legal system will be determined to be the party that must yield and change ---- not the black dysfunction.

Az Visigoth said...

The Anthony Bryan article referred to by AnalogMan is over on American Renaissance under the title "Ten Percent is Not Enough".

Anonymous said...

Incredible lyrics, so genuine and unique!!

Anonymous said...

KMOV is a pathetic excuse for journalism.


They are just scared of blacks, typical libtard station.

Anonymous said...

"Ain't it a shame. Us old timers can actually remember when BLACK PEOPLE KNEW HOW TO SING. "

Are you fucking kidding us?

You're worshipping at the altar of muh dik and minstrelsy...and claiming those prize recording industry product Negroes were worth our good regard because they didn't shoot each other and played catchy tunes that hotted up other Negroes?

Chuck Berry.
Arrested on Mann Act (US White-Slave Traffic Act) charges, later convicted and served two years.

Fats Domino.
Inciter of drunken riots. Banned from performing in California.

BB King.
Knocked up 15 women.

Muddy Waters.
Daughter arrested for drug-related murder.,718832&hl=en

Ike Turner.
Drug addict. Horndog. Abuser of two wives.

Smokey Robinson—drug addict.

Little Richard.
Drug addict, horndog, arrested for voyeurism and public masturbation

Ray Charles.
Twelve kids by nine women. Heroin addict. Horndog. (Wikipedia)

Lionel Richie.
Had the shit beat out of him by his wife when she found him in bed with another woman.

Charlie Parker.
Alcohol and heroin addict, arsonist, sex offender.

Lester Young.
Banger of Billie Holliday. Dope user, arrested, drunk.

Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Thelonius Monk—all of them degenerate rapey usually violent bantus who could make twitch-inducing jungle noises, so now are worshipped.

More famous music groids worshipped for acting like bantus:

I didn't have time to look up every one of your St. Musical Negros. Plus for every documented act of degeneracy, you know there were a thousand more unrecorded. In fact there are entire cadres of "American Studies" and "Black Studies" professors now who document this degeneracy with admiration.

They can take all this jungle music and shove it. It was degeneracy peddled by Eskimos to what used to be an innocent-minded nation, and it is the seedbed of destruction of our culture.

Bill in St Louis said...

Yeah, but we're still paying for the dome, and all the make work jobs that go with it. A bakkaball team there would be a good thing, since you would KNOW where not to be near on game nights.

Bird of Paradise said...

They need to stop attacking and beating and murdering whites as well No More Flash Mob and Rob gangs

Long Island Realist said...

Michael Savage does a far better job talking about our cause then Cuck Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is most of these clowns hide behind the internet and would never say this stuff to the face of another man. In fact I know how white ppl are, be nice to there face pretend to be friends then go home and blow your was on this website. God will deal with u one day.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Anon at 9:18a.m.:

Don't kid yourself you self righteous pos. Most people on here will tell you to your face we're not your friends, including myself. You don't scare us, strong confident men, it's the force of social punishment from misguided sjw's that worries us. We don't want to lose our jobs, be handicapped with the tar brush of the "racist" label. You, you're nothing. You're a subsidized, hateful, ignorant little person, too pitiful to even know yourself, or help yourself. You hate us, and everything good, and positive we have accomplished, and if you were honest, you'd realize that.

All people like you can do is degrade, and destroy a peaceful civilised society. Then you blame us for your failure. Oh, the police are murdering thousands of peaceful black men! Oh, the white man built his world with black labor! The white man stole the black mans ideas! Idiocy like Obama's notion that " if you own a business, you didn't build that business".

Well, little stand up man, we are here to tell you, you are wrong. Not only wrong, you have never been right. Go watch whirl star if you don't like what you read here. There's lots of short attention span videos of negros acting like negros to entertain you. It's real pleasing to God watching that ignorant, violent, antisocial crap, I suppose? God helps those who help themselves. Get off the blog sites, and go to an English tutorial site. You need it.

Dangela said...

Note how the article pointed out the black on black crime as being the vast majority of it. . .oh those poor victims! Oh but wait, it stands to reason that there were 40 deaths of whites then as well. Presumably by the blacks, as stats generally say. Meaning there are likely blacks going out of their hood to do these crimes, or whites going into it. . .as that is generally where the interactions happen.
Thanks to the high rate of birth the violent black community is sustaining their numbers, even amid aborting every 4th baby! Whites though are being taken out at a high rate, while having a birth rate that doesn't even replace ourselves! This looks like an inevitable genicide to me between all that and intermarriage and dating rates causing mutt babies.