Saturday, January 16, 2016

#OscarsSoWhite Because Merit Still Matters in Hollywood

The gnashing of teeth over the paucity of black people (or colored people) up for Academy Awards is hilarious, a reminder the whole "content of character" B.S. we've been force-fed for the past 50 years is nothing more than a universal mandate that whites must never consider believing they have collective interests worth protecting AND preserving. [Ricky Gervais calls out Academy Awards for all-'white nominees'... as other industry insiders react to lack of diversity, Daily Mail, 1-14-16]
Where's Harold Cole (hint: he's the only black person who had anything to do with making Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi)?

From now on, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should have a designated "Harold Cole Award" to ensure a black actor, writer, producer, director, animator, sound editor, film editor, production designer, composer, or visual effect artist gets their due credit. 

Who is Harold Cole, you ask? 

He was the only black person who worked on George Lucas' Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, or Return of the Jedi. He was a stage technician, employed by Industrial Light and Magic. 

Outside of the affirmative action casting of Billie Dee Williams (because Lucas smarted from being called a racist for having an all-white, all-non black puppet/alien cast in 1977 Star Wars), Harold Cole is basically the only black person who had anything to do with Episodes IV-VI. 

So let's go ahead and set up the Harold Cole Award to join the ranks of Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Costume Design, Sound Editing, Film Editing, Production Design, Visual Effects, Best Cinematography, Original Screenplay, Original Score, Animated Short, 

That way, black people get to duke it out to see which one can hold aloft the coveted HCA! After all, if it weren't for him, there would have been literally no black participation or input into the original Star Wars trilogy. 


Unknown said...

I wish i could have been in charge of making some negroe puppets for those movies. They would have been HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

It looks like every awards show should just have a bunch of awards on hand and start the show by handing them out to all the blacks in attendence to reward them for being black.

They really are retarded aren't they?

Anonymous said...

And if all of the nominees were black, it would be a "great thing" and there would be celebrations among liberals and blacks across the country. It matters not if no Asians or Hispanics ever make the cut or continue to be underrepresented in media, as long as self-centered blacks get their piece of the "looks at muh". They are so hypocritical it makes me want to vomit, which is why I avoid them at all costs.

Equal opportunities? What a joke. What they want is equal outcomes regardless of effort or product. What a great way to destroy the entire point of such awards. Maybe you can have multiple tiers so everyone can be a winner and a bunch of "black only" awards within the program.

I have seen a ton of articles on this situation, almost all written by white women and a few white men. As usual, these white women portray themselves and all other white women as part of a noble coalition that has its sights set on kicking the white man in any way possible. I'm white, but I'm a woman and so therefore I'm a victim too, just like you. Intersectionality. Patriarchy. Yada yada. You get the picture. As has been noted here, the black population is irredeemable- it is these whites in media that we need to be focusing on. They are used to taking pot shots at white males and not suffering any push back for it. And people are wondering why Trump has so much support, even from educated whites. Do they think demeaning and demonizing whites (including your fathers, brothers, and sons) wouldn't lead to any sort of push back?

But better yet, I see this as a great opportunity to talk about another case of over-representation in the movie industry- if members of the tribe are so eager to give blacks opportunities, why not let black people take your roles? It's only fair right?

I've seen how pathetically weak these women sound when having discussions with blacks as they trip over their words in an attempt to tow the pc narrative and not offend anyone (besides white males of course, they are fair game). They come across as incredibly apologetic and just plain pathetic in their attempts to bond with their black "allies". Buzzwords and apologies and explanations turn what should have been a simple sentence into paragraphs.

Whenever these ivory tower gated community DWLs bash white males and the rest of our proud race in the media for diversity points they need to face consequences and backlash for doing so. I have seen how easily they break down and agonize over black people not liking them, just think how they would handle an onslaught of dedicated and fed-up realists.

If blacks dominated movies, white people would go elsewhere for their entertainment, just as whites move elsewhere when blacks start destroying their local formerly white and functional communities. Just as you can't force blacks to act civil when in large numbers, you can't force whites to want to be around and worship blacks and their bankrupt culture. But let them figure this out when it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I hope this issue gets talked about a lot, because from what I have noticed whites are getting incredibly sick of being bashed no matter what they say or do, or how many concessions they make. While they expect accolades, respect and thank yous, the response from blacks is always "that's all?" and "more".

They opened this Pandora's box and it is finally getting to them. They should have realized that they can only get away with it so long- after the other "evil whites" are dealt with, did they really think that blacks wouldn't set their sights on them as well? Maybe they have been watching too many of their movies rather than experiencing what the negro is like in real life- rude, nasty, ungrateful and never satisfied.

While they focus on bending over backwards in every which way to attempt to cater to and win favor with the hateful negro they are completely blind to the fact that their liberal coalition continues to shrink- even the most deluded white can only take so much punishment before they realize that it isn't worth it anymore. Why go to bat for a people who continue to hate you and demonize you despite your best efforts? Everyone has a breaking point, as we are starting to see...

Anonymous said...

There isn't a movie about slavery and poor oppressed black people this year, so how did they expect to win any awards? Talk about poor future time orientation.

Major1 said...

Similar to my "black cops for negro areas" suggestion,
Why don't we just have White oscars and Negro oscars?

Anonymous said...

I have been skimming multiple articles on the Oscars, they are all attempting to frame it as white males vs. everyone else. Does anyone really think that if half the nominees were white women that they wouldn't still have the same complaints? If the genders were "correct", then the age of the actors would be a problem.

There are tons of independent movies every year with actors that you have never heard of that never get a chance to compete- they are looked over as well. Same with music and all other forms of art. It's a "looks at muh" for rich A-list celebrities, a chance for people who spend all their time being adored and catered to to be given even more pats on the back and recognition for being oh so great. I will laugh my @ss off if they are forced to pick new nominees in order to get this to blow over.

How many award shows do people in Hollywood really need? Isn't being a famous actor on the big screen enough of a reward already? You would think that these people had cured cancer or actually done something constructive for society with the way that they are treated while people who work much harder doing much more constructive things for society are routinely ignored.

And as we know, the thing that blacks hate more than anything is to be ignored. Give them what they want and watch them ruin another institution just so they won't be angry. Then they can find another institution that whites created and that they consider to be too "lily white" and destroy that too. I'm sensing a pattern here.

Anonymous said...

Imagine being one of the current nominees who finally have a shot at earning an Oscar after putting out some of their live's best work. Brings back memories of Kanye West grabbing Taylor Swift's music award and telling her that she didn't deserve it. If whites create something, blacks can always be depended on to ruin it. How you liking your diversity now, libs?

Anonymous said...

It's fascinating that the media always mentions that the Academy voters are "White males in their sixties."

The implication is that they are rednecks who, 40 years ago and since, have been working in filling stations in Mule Shoe, Texas, and were randomly selected to exclude People of Color from Academy honors today.

Negro worship has been going on in Hollywood since the 1960s when these guys were in their 20s and coming up in the industry.

Now, these artsy Uber liberal insiders are dimissed as "old white men" for no other reason than their race and age.

Ageism and racism appear to be situational.

Anonymous said...

I posted earlier about the meme that racist white men in their 60s are responsible for the lack of black actors getting academy awards.

I came across this since: while watching the movie "Reservoir Dogs" there was an exchange about the TV movie, "Get Christie Love".

I Googled it, and the Wiki entry stated that the original material stated that the main character was really an Italian-American women who was converted to a negress for this 1974 TV feature.

Forty two years later, the guys who made that decision and their Hollywood contempories have been converted to "white men in their 60s" and branded as racists.

Maybe they wised up.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but you can add Norfolk, Virginia to the list of towns/cities with marches to stop the violence:

"The march was not much different from dozens of prior cries to put the guns down, but Wimbish says it’s important to keep hitting the streets because their message of peace is not resonating."

Hmmm, I wonder if they have tried a rain dance yet? Come to think of it, has any single one of these "stop the violence" marches ever had any discernible effect on community violence?

D-FENS said...

Is the thought of being negro free just science fiction?

Anonymous said...

They did make sure Harold Cole was front and center in the group photo though.

Anonymous said...

Black people like to yap about how diverse they are, but I for one am completely bored with their myopic ethnocentrism. The whole "black experience" genre was summed up and put to bed with the Fat Albert series. The rest of us get it: Black people are mostly poor, unhealthy and simple.

It's time to either branch out or shut your moon-pie holes.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

Ot what next?

Anonymous said... wait are we supposed to judge them based on the content of thier carachter or are we supposed to give them special treatment based on the color of thier skin? I can't keep up anymore.

There is equal treatment and there is biased treatment. There is no blend.

Anonymous said...

"Where’s Harold Cole (hint: he’s the only black person who had anything to do with making Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi)?"

Front and center, fuck, too easy.

Anonymous said...

Why not just hand out a few Oscars to random negroes on the street? It makes as much sense as Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

Anonymous said...

Why don't blacks make their own movies and have their own oscar ceremonies? They can self-segregate and self promote that way. No whites involved in any of it.

....Formerly Miss Greenbaum said...

The fact of the matter is, blacks are painfully ugly to look at. High definition on t.v. today makes the fact all the more obvious. Look at all the white actors, past and present, who despite close up camera angles, are still alluring. Think Lee Remick, Katherine Hepburn, Christian Slater, Robert DeNiro, among many, many others. Next time you can stand to look at a close up of Morgan Freeman or on Denzel Washington, note how unappealing they are, even from a reasonable distance. Let's not even get into the negro actresses or even acting ability.

This weekend a lot of fuss and energy is being spent on MLK nonsense. Watching the negroes parading around with signs and banners makes it all the more clear that they are an unintelligent, not to mention doomed race destined for extinction. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, negroes (h/t Dean Wormer).

Anonymous said...

Most people would be embarrassed or humiliated, in the very notion of being given a token award, but alas, not the blacks. These people have no shame in being treated as helpless little children by their DWL overlords. Like everything else they touch, they've destroyed any possibility of Hollywood producing a good flick due to the incessant blackwashing of traditional white characters. The fact that a film such as Ride Along 2 beat out Star Wars and The Revenant this past weekend, just goes to show how cucked America is.

Race said...

But they'd have to be included in the whites fun yet exclude us from their little club. It's kind of like women suing to get into elite men's academy's and military institutions, yet they have amok women colleges (though strangely men don't sue to get into). It's similar to the black's double standards.

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the awards they should just give out Oscars to any black that had 15 minutes or more screen time in any movie. You would think that would shame them, but it wouldn't, they would all accept them with a huge smile on their ugly mugs and act as if they had just won best performer of the year.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"Equal opportunities? What a joke. What they want is equal outcomes regardless of effort or product."

And if the outcomes still aren't equal ... well, gee, the opportunity must not have been equal after all (read: mo gibs).

Just like leftist "science" - if the facts don't conform to the theory, they must be discarded and fairy tales presented as facts.

Anonymous said...

No kidding. Even the most ardent SJW must be gettin sick of the perpetual pity party come Oscar time. They've already oversaturated the market with revisionist slave movies, guess they'll have to make due with Best Comedy AA for 'Straight Outta Compton'. Thats something to be proud of!

Bird of Paradise said...

Yeah whine,whine,whine that's all these wanks ever do just whine,whine,whine Frankly i quit watching the oscar's when they got to liberal

Anonymous said...

When you have a pos host claiming that the Oscars are white version of BET awards, that should tell you everything you need to know. Now they're trying to pony back ride on the success of Fox's '24' with a black version of Jack Bauer lol!!! Yeah, good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Take solace in knowing that they've lived long enough to see the fruits of their labour, bitten by the very pets they've propped up. Just like everything else, whites created Hollywood, and now blacks are destroying it. Let them have their last pity party, cause this crap is coming to an end, when Trump reclaims America from these Marxist scumbags come this fall.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Ot what next?”

I find it astounding that the Memphis Bass Pro can remain profitable when half of its employees are minorities. I've never met a black who could explain to me how to operate a firearm or game camera, or set up a tent, or navigate across land or water with a compass or gps receiver, or set up a tree stand or hunting blind, or how to call a turkey. Probably only one in a million blacks even knows that a compound bow must be set up to match the physical characteristics of an individual. There is probably not a black on this planet who could advise me on the best arrowhead for bringing down a wild boar or which rifle would be best for bighorn sheep in Colorado, or what traps I should use to control a beaver problem on my land. I can't keep from laughing when I try to imagine a black giving advice on any water related sport. Other than selling limited types of clothing there is no place for a black in a Bass Pro.

But of course this massive effort by Bass Pro to profitably operate while hobbled with a high percentage of black employees doesn't satisfy the blacks. They are mad because blacks aren't actually running the store. Due to genetics and years of AA uplift, blacks are incapable of understanding the concept of being rewarded based on merit. They believe that jobs and money are like nuts scattered in the woods for anyone to find and that the white man keeps stealing their share.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis. Anyone with an ounce of humility, would quickly shy away from such stereotypes, but not the black community. They wear their decadence and despair like a badge of honour. Quite pathetic when you think about.

rex freeway said...

Negroes win the Attention Whore award in every movie they are in or not in. If races were identified by the type of tires made they would be winter snow tires. Because regardless of whether there is snow or not they whine constantly, everywhere they go.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of movies, were you aware that Selma didn't include any direct quotes of Martin Luther King Jr's speeches? They would have had to pay the King family an exorbitant sum for the privilege.

Not familiar with the King children? They are the ones who King spoke about one day being judged by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin.

An article from last year sums things up nicely- if you don't know much about the content of their character, boy are you in for a treat:

NC Realist said...

Damn I love this site. I'm giving out Oscars to every commenter here. I've got a few razzies for the typical negro loving liberals that may show up later. Included with each razzie will be a free ticket to Harpo the Whales next movie failure. They can pick theirs up in the dumpster out back.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have BET Awards on BET tv, black Miss America, Black Congressional Caucus, Naacp etc. The problem is they're not satisfied with supporting, advocating for and celebrating themselves, they want everyone else to do so as well. It's part of their narcissism- they have to be the center of everyone's universe and attention or they have a tantrum over feeling disrespected and not being put on a pedestal where they think they belong.

They have no problem having organizations, shows or award ceremonies which are 100% black all the time and love to crow over themselves and feel special. The problem for them is when there are organizations etc that are not negrocentric and not dedicated to lauding and applauding negroes simply because they exist and happen to have made an appearance. That is intolerable, racist, disrespectful and discriminatory. Merit has absolutely nothing to do with it. As for movies, if a negro is in it, negroes expect them to win even if all they did was fart on screen.
I dare say that if (as an experiment) all award shows decided to feature negroes as 100% of the winners and put them center stage under the spotlight, negroes would be ecstatic and celebrating as if they'd all won the powerball. They'd crow over themselves until they were hoarse and be laughing hysterically and be obnoxiously getting in everyone else's face over it. If anyone had any objections to negroes winning 100% of the awards, that too would be declared racist and "you jus' jealous!" In other words, if it was all black, they'd have no problem with it at all as it would satisfy their narcissism and bloated sense of self worth and self esteem.

Anonymous said...

You are dead-on regarding Trump.

I can't stand the sight of the guy, never watched his stupid TV show, and in general consider him a bragadocious blowhard.

But what he isn't is a coward, nor is he a fool. He's getting traction because he isn't a cuckold, that's where the support comes from: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Anonymous said...

I've worked in Hollywood, and ultimately it is about the money ($!). If you are going to get anywhere, you have to show you can make money for the studios, or for private investors.

True enough, a wealthy liberal (the 1%) might make a vanity production for political purposes (e.g., Selma, Tuskagee Airmen). But to make movies consistently you have to show you can "put butts in seats" or now, I suppose, make DVD sales. For most people in the film industry, you screw up once and you never again eat lunch in Hollywood.

The technical skills you need for movies can not be faked because they are all up there on the screen: lighting, sound, camera angles, scores, and now CGI. Even writing a script is a highly technical matter in terms of story arc.

Usually, the people who make it in Hollywood are visionary, technically skilled, and savvy to the market. This is going to exclude the low-IQ, impulse-motivated, future time orientation deficient demographic (hint, hint).

Perhaps blacks ought to be given control of a major studio. They can show us what they can do. Just as they have shown us what they can do when they control major cities like Detroit.

Anonymous said...

I could see they were running out of black material when they came out with the movie concussion. A movie about how a South African doctor figured out that players in the NFL were susceptible to head injuries.
Who would have thought that when men put on helmets and ram their heads together at full speed they might get concussions. I haven't seen the movie but the sight of Will Smith in front of a blackboard doing all of the math equations seemed sort of ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

If I were Taylor Swift I would have given that award to Kenny and told him to give it to who ever he wanted then I would have left and never went to another award ceremony again.

D-FENS said...

One thing that does bother me about Trump are his statements about how the leaders in the government who are taking us over a cliff are "stupid" or "incompetent". I think they are quite competent and do what they do deliberately. Maybe Trump knows the truth but says this to make his message less threatening. Or maybe he really believes this?

Ross Perot did a similar thing, often remarking that "we have good people but a bad system".

Anonymous said...

Nicely summed up:

You are dead-on regarding Trump.

I can't stand the sight of the guy, never watched his stupid TV show, and in general consider him a bragadocious blowhard.

But what he isn't is a coward, nor is he a fool. He's getting traction because he isn't a cuckold, that's where the support comes from: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Whether Trump is the real deal or just a carnival conman with a forum, he shows how the system can be challenged. And if one white man can do it, so can millions more.

Brian in Ohio said...

When you think about what Hollywood has done to America, they deserve much worse than they`re getting. They can choke on the black man and affirmative action casting for all I care. In fact, I hope they double down on blacks. Go all in.

If your gonna talk the talk, then you should walk the walk.

No?...Yeah, didn't think so. Hipocracy is the trademark of the left.

To quote a white actor in blackface, "Never go full retard."

Stay alert, stay alive.

Sick'nTired said...

Start the Foray Awards (Affirmative Action Academy Awards) to give to black actors for their roles in Tyler Perry, and Spike Lee movies.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I never know who's winning academy awards for what, and my life is non the poorer for it. As for movie critics: flash, movie critics are for the most part gay, or efete snobs. You can be pretty sure if a movie is fawned over by these non-productive clowns, it's going to be horrible. Some of the most entertaining movies get slammed by the critics, so who cares what they say anyway?

For that matter, actors are given way too much credit for being intelligent, or being philosophers, or politically aware, or just generally being better people than you or me. They're actors. They're pretend people, with no more substance than the beam from a flashlight. The tough guys aren't tough, with the exception of a few, say Steven Segal , for instance. Most really are posers, handsomely rewarded, and living in a fantasy world, and absolutely tedious to talk to, or be around.

Look at Selma Alabama today, and ask yourself, considering what has transpired since MLK's stroll across the bridge, does a movie about this social disaster deserve an award? Selma, along every city with a sizeable black population has sunk into third world squalor, total and complete dysfunction. They've reverted to the African mean of tribal warfare, all whites are viewed as a rival tribe,to be assaulted and murdered.

Pretty much all movies portraying blacks as heroic, or even adequate figures, ring hollow, and unbelievable, after a lifetime of living with them, and seeing the reality. I won't watch this crappy propaganda, or patronise the sponsors of this garbage. Portraying them as role models won't inspire them to become role models, it doesn't work that way. Those thugs out there on the street are already being all they can be. Might as well give academy awards to ghetto rat fights on world star.The acting would be superb.

Anonymous said...

No multi-millionaire black movie actors have been nominated for an Oscar. They must be very upset as they sit in their multi-million dollar homes crying themselves to sleep every night. Their suffering never seems to end. Poor souls. Even better is how Al Sharpton now has another reason to blow smoke out his ass.

What I am hoping is that the paid Black Lives Matter crowd shows up to protest on the opening night of the Oscars. I would love to see hundreds and hundreds of protesters hogging the media nightly news as they rant and rave about another two bit reason to make fools out of themselves.. Maybe they can burn down parts of Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Major1: "Why don't we just have White oscars and Negro oscars?"
Blacks already have their own Black Oscars (NAACP Awards for one, maybe others), but they still have to stick their ass under Whitey's tent.

Anonymous said...

Rain dance!!!!! You racist ... I am so offended !!!!!

Injun lives matter!


Anonymous said...

D-FENS: "One thing that does bother me about Trump are his statements about how the leaders in the government who are taking us over a cliff are "stupid" or "incompetent". I think they are quite competent and do what they do deliberately."
We know that, and Trump probably knows it; but if he said it out loud, people would think he's a conspiracy kook. Both parties claim they're trying to make the country better, so Trump picks the low fruit, says "You failed", and wins the argument.

Anonymous said...

The insiders say that Trump is for real. What he is, is a New Yorker who got mightily pissed off at the wreckage of his city due to terrorism. He is also a hotel owner and everyone knows hotels, casinos and anything that whiffs of Infidel Success is a target. He is a man of the world, this world, not some hare-brained style-less muslim world. You can talk all you want about how beautiful the gulf states are - and honestly the architecture is - but those buildings are due to oil money and Japanese architectural talent. We will never see John Galt in the USA but Donald Trump is an approximation.
My only negative is the way he plays prole with the adjustable one-size-fits-all baseball cap. At least he doesn't wear it backwards.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile over at the NY Times, "A sharp increase in homicides in 2015 left Baltimore with the highest per-capita murder rate in its history. Residents, analysts and policymakers are trying to figure out why."

Anonymous said...

Like Billy Crystal said, the Academy Awards is about rich people giving gold statues to each other. Not much relevance to anything other than who's who in Hollywood.
The reality is that the entertainment world as measured by the Grammys is a true measure of what is happening. Black influence is stronger than ever, paradoxically when what black musicians and singers do is less meritorious than ever. Black musicianship hit its high point with Duke Ellington, Nat Cole, and in the world of song, Marian Anderson. They are relics, of course. But they belonged to a world where segregation ruled. For the good; for when you think about it, while there was humiliation for the sensitive there was also a large reservoir of white good will amongst the whites who honestly cared about the well-being of others ( otherwise known as altruism ). Now the altruists have been displaced by the crass calculating Clintonians. The starchy segregationists have long ago been eaten by the armies of anti - white hate.

Unknown said...

Anyone who thinks merit still matters in Hollywood at Oscar time should watch Halle Berry in Monster's Ball.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

This reminds me of that time people made a big stink about how raaayciss it is that there aren't enough YTs in the finals of the 100 meters at the World Championships.

It was at the same World Championships where some YT interrupted Bolt's gold medal ceremony with, "I'll let you get your medal. But Christophe Lemaitre (7th place) ran one of the best hundreds of all time. Of all time!"

You remember, right?

What? None of that ever happened?

Oh well, you know how those YTs are ... with their good manners and meritocracies and all that "civilized behavior" stuff.

Anonymous said...

You mean Samuel Jackson did not get nominated for playing a negro who makes a freezing white man perform fellatio on him at gun point for a blanket and then shoots him in the face after his gratification?
How about Will Smith playing a doctor who exposes underdeveloped frontal lobes causing concussions in the NFL? Btw,both movies mentioned flopped but I'm sure will garner trophies at the BET awards.

D-FENS said...

BTW, the Hateful Eight is an apparent box office dud. Couldn't have happened to bigger creeps than the WEINSTEIN brothers and Quentin Tarantino. Disappointed that Kurt Russell joined the cast.

Bill's Bent D**k said...

I refused to watch Saving Private Ryan because I was told there were no, zero, nada black actors in it. WTF!!

Bill in St Louis said...

"Anonymous said...

It looks like every awards show should just have a bunch of awards on hand and start the show by handing them out to all the blacks in attendence to reward them for being black.

January 16, 2016 at 7:50 PM"

Why not? They do it for the Nobel Prize now.

FlowerBell said...

Even if there were 5 or 6 Oscar nominated blacks they would complain it's a woeful few.
They complain if you move in to their neighborhoods. They complain if you move out.
If you don't turn your pockets inside-out for them your a racist. If do you give, it's not enough.

Ask a black, "What will it take to afford you perfect happiness?"
You'll never get an honest answer.
The honest answer would horrify us all and they know it.

Anonymous said...

Major1 said...

Similar to my "black cops for negro areas" suggestion,
Why don't we just have White oscars and Negro oscars?

They do, it's called the BET awards and whites aren't welcome. Negroes are hypocrites.

Earl Turner said...

Well since Star Wars was mentioned, let's talk about Ep. VII again. We've covered Boyega's character Finn. A janitor in the First Order, useless as a stormtrooper, lied to the white woman, tried to cut and run, useless in combat, pretty much carried through the movie by the white heroes.

Let's look at Adam Driver's Kylo Ren. Before we do that, let's remember Darth Vader. He was a masculine and powerful villain. He was confident and there was no question as to his hetero street creds. Kylo Ren on the other hand, while being strong in the Force, is a whiny emotional man child with daddy issues who got his butt kicked by a girl. If Episode 8 or 9 has him come out as gay, I will be one of the few who said "yep saw that coming!" Come to think of it, I'm calling General Hux as a fruit too. The Star Wars novel Aftermath already had a defecting Imperial officer come out as gay so the precedent has been set.

Now unconsciously what Hollywood has done in giving us the just slightly effete man child with daddy issues Kylo Ren as the villain is take the popular portrayal of today's white man and make that bundle of emotions the new villain of the biggest movie of all time. Did they intend that? Probably not. But look at him. Son of the scoundrel with a heart of gold (white, by the way) Han Solo and the daughter of the strong white villain who turned good, Leia, and nephew of the white Jedi master Luke Skywalker. The previous generation could be our parents or grandparents. Kylo, Ben Skywalker, is the millennial offspring who had every opportunity handed to him and threw it away because he was a spoiled whiny brat. Look at how his parents Han and Leia mourn for him and what he's become and how, blaming themselves.

Yeah so we also have an accidental indictment of modern parenting, it seems. I'm telling you, folks, this movie has some strong messages written by the type who possibly read this very blog regularly.

And hey, it's a good movie. I loved it. And the more I analyze it, the more I love it.

Unknown said...

Are we forgetting James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader?

I don't think it concedes anything to say that he had a great voice. Your point is still well-taken that Star Wars, like NASA up until 1972, was a white people thing.

Anonymous said...

Flower Bell said 'Even if there were 5 or 6 Oscar nominated blacks they would complain it's a woeful few.....'

Right, 90 percent of commercials and print ads have negroes in them. Most TV shows always depict them in authoritative and intellectual roles while the white man is the criminal or boob. Many movies and shows have altered the character as white to a black; Annie,Equalizer, Lancelot, Dolphin tale. Human Torch and possibly James Bond and Jack Bauer in 24 has been announced to name a few.
Supposedly they are 14 percent of the population but monopolize everything including the White House and Government....never satisfied is right till YT is gone.

Mr. Rational said...

They do, it's called the BET awards

Like everything Black, they're not good enough.  They want what YT has.

Anonymous said...
Observations 84 of the locations have a percentage of black population over 5%.
Trenton, FL black 16.6%
Cross City, FL black 27.1%
Ellaville, GA black 36.1%
Alma, GA black 40.4%
Ashburn, GA black 65.2%
Pelham, GA black 60.0%
Donalsonville, GA black 58.73%
Pearson, GA black 31.1%
Lakeland, GA black 41.0%
2 locations Chicago, IL black 32.4%
Ellsworth, KS black 9.3%
Mamou, LA black 42.8%
Colfax, LA black 65.2%
Lake Arthur, LA black 11.9%
Iowa, LA black 25.7%
Clinton, LA black 58.8%
Kentwood, LA black 71.7%
Zwolle, LA black 48.6%
Independence, LA black 39.9%
Noel, MO black 8.1%
Sardis, MS black 62.2%
Walnut, MS black 12.6%
Derma, MS black 61.0%
Nettleton, MS black 31.5%
Princeton, NC black 25.5%
Coats, NC black 9.9%
Four Oaks, NC black 17.0%
Broadway, NC black 11.9%
Red Springs, NC black 46.1%
Stedman, NC black 12.2%
Oriental, NC black 5.7%
Benson, NC black 26.4%
Carthage, NC black 23.8%
Liberty, NC black 20.1%
Richfield, NC black 12.6%
Yanceyville, NC black 54.0%
Snow Hill, NC black 45.7%
Ayden, NC black 47.9%
Wewoka, OK black 17.5%
Watonga, OK black 12.9%
Gray Court, SC black 41.8%
Pacolet, SC black 21.7%
Italy, TX black 17.7%
Kemp, TX black 8.3%
Edgewood, TX black 15.3%
Whitewright, TX black 8.3%
Grandview, TX black 5.2%
Frankston, TX black 14.8%
Diana, TX black 7.5%
Waskom, TX black 13.3%
Hughes Springs, TX black 19.9%
Lone Star, TX black 25.0%
Naples, TX black 28.1%
Dekalb, TX black 28.2%
Long Beach, CA black 14.87%
Oakland, CA black 28%
2 locations Los Angeles, CA black 11.24%
Baltimore, MD black 63.1%
Milwaukee, WI black 40%
Fairfield, AL black 89.4%
Durham, NC black 39.7%
Las Vegas, NV black 11.1%
Bedford, OH black 48.8%
Winnsboro, SC black 60.3%
Austin, TX black 8.1%
2 locations Houston, TX black 23.7%
Kimball, WV black 57.2%
Maumelle, AR black 12.0%
Altadena, CA black 21.5%
San Bernardino, CA black 13.4%
Denver, CO black 10.2%
Hartford, CT black 6.5%
3 locations Wichita, KS black 11%
Portland, OR black 6.3%
Nashville, TN black 27.1%
Greenville, TX black 16.4%
Bryan, TX black 15.5%
Wauwatosa, WI black 5.6%

Anonymous said...

Rev.Bacon: "Are we forgetting James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader?"
That wasn't Vader's real voice, it was synthesized. When he removed his helmet to say his dying words, he sounded White again. What a paradox of an Oreo: Black on the outside, White on the inside, with a Black voice. No wonder he was messed up in the head, and choked anyone who disrespectified him.
Episode VII - Not Seen It. No Regrets.

Anonymous said...

It is with some bitterness and urgency I would like to draw the attention of the readers of this web site to a terble, TERBLE injustice.

As you can see here - - there is not a single white nominee or winner at the NAFCA African Oscars. Not ONE!

Clearly this is a huge injustice to the contributions that Whites have made to mother Africa. Not just the performance arts, either - things like electricity, computers, the internet - which ironically are all required by that very web site to function. Sad!

Indeed, they are so ignorant of the white contribution to spheres like images-with-correct-aspect-ratios that the whole affair looks amateurish and narrow minded.

God speed to your readers in awakening the whole world to this injustice. I know I can count on you all.

Unknown said...

"They do, it's called the BET awards

Like everything Black, they're not good enough. They want what YT has."

Correct, while blacks INSIST on having the RIGHT to self-segregate and hold events and form organizations based on their ethnicity- WHILE PROHIBITING WHITES FROM DOING THE SAME- it can never be enough that black have their own movie awards, or music awards, or whatever that ONLY THEY can win awards at. They also must be awarded at White events. And when they are, they will complain that there aren't ENOUGH awards, or they aren't the BEST awards.

In the end, it would be best to just shrug and ignore them. They only have as much power as our White guilt gives them. And it's running out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much grant money will be thrown at the study looking into why Baltimore had such a high murder rate? I would apply for one because I know the answer, but would most likely be turned down because I'm white.

Anonymous said...

Samuel L. Jackson, that fine thespian who has an acting range from A all the way to B, and delivers every line at a single ear-splitting decibel level.

It's hard to believe Capital One pays that clown to lose money for them. Every time he goes off on one of his racist rants the CEO must hear a disturbance in the Force, as if a 100,000 pairs of honky-held scissors were cutting through Cap One's cards.

Only negroes can say the shit they say and stay employed. I guess it's "the soft bigotry of low expectations" writ large.

PB said...

Quickest way to a Black Oscar? Have Tarantino make a Holocaust flick, use Ethiopians for a vague nod to "authenticity".

Anonymous said...

I would like to see every ethnic group start to attack Hollywood for lack of diversity, and attack Hollywood for elevating only blacks at the expense of all the other non White races. That would be wonderful to see. Native Americans, Asian, Eastern Indians, etc. But unfortunately these other non White races sympathize with blacks, at least publicly.


Isn't there some negro award show already?

Anonymous said...

Though I enjoy movies, I am very selective. A lot of what Hollywood produces these days is garbage, but there are still some gems once in awhile. Also, many if not most of the actors and producers are liberal hypocrites. With that said, and with talk of a "black" actor boycott of the Oscars, I suggest that people not inclined to watch the show do so this year, so that the ratings set record numbers. Even if you can't stomach it, set your DVR's, record it, and then delete it later. It will register as a watch with the cable companies. Money talks in Hollywood, and great ratings in the face of this contrived controversy reinforces the idea that intimidation won't work.


The solution is so easy, and fair:

Separate, but equal, Oscars' for the negro OR negro catagories:

The Award for best NEGRO actor goes to negro:

The Award for best supporting NEGRO actor goes to negro:

The Award for best Negro delivery boy, goes to:

The Award for best Negro, in a role of victim of racism, goes to:

Get the idea?


Please stop saying Baltimore, or Chicago, have a high "murder" rate.

They actually have an effective crime control rate.

WhereMyFreeSht said...

You see no other race of people pissing and moaning like this. Asians have their own movies and awards. Latinos have their own movies and awards. Indians have their own movies and awards. The Academy is mostly white and represent the majority, which is mostly white, and thus will reflect choices from movies featuring a mostly white cast. Pure, unsympathetic numbers.

Anonymous said...

Re "I refused to watch Saving Private Ryan because I was told there were no, zero, nada black actors in it. WTF!!"
Realistic; there were no blacks on Omaha Beach either ( pretty sure). Nor on Iwo(positive).

Anonymous said...

Hollywood did this on purpose to incite the negroes. It plays right back into their hand. Now they can make more anti-White propaganda. Stop watching this crap.

Anonymous said...

Denver Cracker...
Went to see "The Revenant" today. Really good movie. I enjoyed it immensely. Intense scenes, beautiful cinematography. And...NOT ONE VIBRANT in the movie. Not one. Now it was based on a true story and there were no vibrants around at the time. But I wouldn't have been surprised to see one or two nogs in a "hero" role. Not even a token "background" groid. Refreshing.
On another note, while walking to my car the other day at the supermarket a vibrant started to walk towards me, probably to axe me for some money. Always being aware of my surroundings, when he got to within 20 feet of me, I put my hand up and said, "Stop. No." Then I watched him shuffle off.

Ho_d_doe said...

As my family and I were leaving the theater yesterday, I noticed a sign posted on the wall with the purpose of warning patrons about the proper use of cell phones/mobile devices during the show. The sign depicted three scenes of improper etiquete regarding annoying phone use during a movie: a young man texting during the film, a young man talking on his phone during the film, and a young man video recording the film with his smart phone. The man and his associate sitting next to him in the scene were both white males! How many movies have you attended where the annoying ass hole with a cell phone was white?

marv said...

So isn't calling all white men Oscar voters who they have never racist? They are arbitrarily calling strangers, who they have never asked how they came to the decision they did for nomination. They just know it wasn't what they wanted to hear so they're racist. Unbelievable, why isnt the academy coming out and saying something, like we are not racist. Next year no one is going to know if the winners deserved it or not.

Anonymous said...

Well it was a white person who came up with oscars right? So what's the issue? You guys make up your own stuff stop ruining something that's been around a long time and sorry if your movies suck most the time!

Anonymous said...

I love an African American... But
Make a movie worth nominating or act in a way worth nominating and we'll see you at the oscars. What? No one wants to make a movie about you or with you? Waa-Waa. Get your pals together and make films like Spike Lee has done. Contact all the millionaire black actors and rappers to share the wealth and invest in black artists. That's the way it's done not by affirmative action and making us watch good film ruined by Whoopi, Latifah, Viola, Will, or Common.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the most ignorant website I've ever seen... a bunch of racists come together to focus their attention on a group of people they hate 😂😂😂 yeah makes a lot of sense to me... y'all are so consumed with what you all think blacks think (which you obviously have no clue)... smh... I now understand why people use the term "white folks" when ignorance is displayed... no wonder why my dad and siblings hate being white...