Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.) Studies Gun Violence in Wilmington, Delaware: Fails to Note ALL Gun Violence in 2009 and 2010 was Committed by Non-Whites

Wilmington, Delaware. 

For white people and the civilization their ancestors built in the city, 2016 Wilmington is a dystopia. 

For the majority black and growing Hispanic population there, the conditions of the city are nothing more than a reflection of what individual black and Hispanic people collectively create (58 percent black, 27 percent white, and 12 percent Hispanic). 
There was not one white suspect for gun crime in Wilmington, Delaware in 2009 or 2010. The C.D.C. failed to even mention the race of the perpetrators (9 out of 10 black) for gun violence in a study they conducted on the epidemic of gun crime in the city...

Synonymous with so-called "gun violence," non-white city leaders invited the C.D.C. to come to the city to examine gun violence and see if they could find a cure. 

No, this is not a joke. [When Gun Violence Felt Like a Disease, a City in Delaware Turned to the C.D.C., New York Times, 12-24-15]:
When epidemiologists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came to this city, they were not here to track an outbreak of meningitis or study the effectiveness of a particular vaccine. 
They were here to examine gun violence. 
This city of about 70,000 had a 45 percent jump in shootings from 2011 to 2013, and the violence has remained stubbornly high; 25 shooting deaths have been reported this year, slightly more than last year, according to the mayor’s office. 
A city councilor, Hanifa G. N. Shabazz, said the violence felt like an illness, so city and state leaders turned to the nation’s best-known disease specialists for help investigating it. “Just like any other epidemic,” Ms. Shabazz said, “we need to be quarantined, categorized by severity, infused with nutrients, healthy substance, programs, and healed.” 
The study has been received here with a measure of enthusiasm and questions about what to do next. And it has caught the attention of researchers around the country, who call it a fairly rare look at gun violence by an agency that they say has been effectively limited for nearly two decades in pursuing that line of inquiry by its congressional appropriation. 
“To me, it’s a reminder of what C.D.C. can do,” said Dr. Garen Wintemute, an emergency room physician and the director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine. But he added: “This is one study in one city. It falls far, far short of what they can do, what they are trained to do.” 
The final report, which has been submitted to the state, reached a conclusion that many here said they already knew: that there are certain patterns in the lives of many who commit gun violence. 
“The majority of individuals involved in urban firearm violence are young men with substantial violence involvement preceding the more serious offense of a firearm crime,” the report said. “Our findings suggest that integrating data systems could help these individuals better receive the early, comprehensive help that they need to prevent violence involvement.” 
Researchers analyzed data on 569 people charged with firearm crimes from 2009 to May 21, 2014, and looked for certain risk factors in their lives, such as whether they had been unemployed, had received help from assistance programs, had been possible victims of child abuse, or had been shot or stabbed. The idea was to show that linking such data could create a better understanding of who might need help before becoming involved in violence.
One of the more striking aspects of the C.D.C. study on gun violence in Wilmington is the complete refusal to actually identify just who is pulling the trigger.

And it ain't white people.

The Delaware Criminal Justice Council put together two papers on gun violence in the city of Wilmington for 2009 and 2010, which identified the primary variable for those responsible in ensuring the C.D.C. would one day be called to the city.

For 2009, there were 102 shooting suspects in Wilmington. 94.1 percent were black males, while 5.9 percent were Hispanic males.

Yes, 100 percent of the gun violence in 2009 Wilmington was non-white in origin.

It should be noted there were 128 shooting victims that year, with 83.6 percent being black males, 6.2 percent being black females, 3.1 percent being white males, .8 percent white females, 5.5 percent Hispanic males, and .8 percent Hispanic females.

For 2010, there were 99 shooting suspects in Wilmington. 91.9 percent were black males, 1.0 percent were black females, while 7.1 percent were Hispanic males.

Yes, 100 percent of the gun violence in 2010 Wilmington was non-white in origin.

It should be noted there were 142 shooting victims that year, with 78.2 percent being black males, 4.2 percent being black females, 7.0 percent being white males, .7 percent white females, 9.2 percent Hispanic males, and .7 percent Hispanic females.

Most stunning, in 2010 all of the white male victims (10 people) were each shot by a black male.

There exists no white gun crime in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention couldn't figure out the origin of the zombie virus in The Walking Dead, and in the real world the C.D.C. can't be bothered to note the racial group behind almost all the gun crime in Wilmington.

There is a pattern of who commits gun violence in Wilmington. It's the same as in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Newark, Camden, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Richmond, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Rochester, and Los Angeles.

Black people.


Anonymous said...

If only King Obama had put in place back ground checks none of these disesed guns would have gone off.

Mr. Rational said...

There exists no white gun crime in Wilmington, Delaware.

I hope someone from the Trump campaign is watching this blog and keeping notes.  There will be the usual anti-2A speech from the Dim nominee at some point, and demolishing the gun-grab argument with facts like this would outrage the establishment and enthuse the base along with bringing lots of Reagan democrats out to vote for him.  That and immigration is a winning formula.

Racoon said...

According to the NYT article cited:

“The majority of individuals involved in urban firearm violence are young men with substantial violence involvement preceding the more serious offense of a firearm crime,” the report said. “Our findings suggest that integrating data systems could help these individuals better receive the early, comprehensive help that they need to prevent violence involvement.”

OK, so if these "individuals" received "early, comprehensive" help, this would have prevented their involvement with violence.

YT, obviously in order to stop this crap with peeps "involved in urban firearm violence", ALL we need to do is provide (expensive) "early, comprehensive" help.

Problem solved, now let's all go an vote for Hillary!

Tim from Kodoak said...

Take black gun crime out of the equation and gun crime would be quite low. Take black crime out of the equation and overall crime would actually be quite low. We have 13% of the country's population committing the majority of crime in America, yet no one points this out because in doing so, it would be the height of "political incorrectness" and they would be called racist klan members who are unfit for civilized for society. In reality it is the black criminals who are unfit for civil society and must be dealt with in the harshest possible terms.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Speaking of which, did you see Obama's town hall speech tonight? Me neither. If I wanted to listen to an a**hole, I'd fart. Nothing he has to say has any relevance in the real world. Pretty much the same with all the other so called black leaders, so I guess you'd call him a credit to his race. By any scale you want to measure it, the country is very much worse off today than it was 8 years ago. All I can say is don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The so called road rage incident where the black male shot a white teen girl in the head killing her, has now turned out to be something else. This young rapper shot her because she didn't want to have sex with him, or the other 5 black males in the car. Six males leaving a party, and none of them could hookup with a female? Must lack something. Maybe it was their pick up line " I wanna f**k you." You reckon? Is that negro foreplay?

The baby mama whose feral offspring attacked a St.Paul high school teacher is suing the teacher, and the school district. Her little 6'+, 180 lb. child picked up the teacher, and threw him down on his head, causing brain damage. Why? Because he was trying to get the little devil's spawn off of another youf he be fightin' wit. Now mama thinks 6 months of house arrest is too extreme for her murderous teen, and she needs money also, to make it right. Expect the poor boys long lost father to show up for a chance at the ghetto lottery too, much like Michael Brown.

Anonymous said...

The CDC didn't notice that all the perps were black?? Our MSM never mentions that virtually all violent crime is overwhelmingly committed by blacks? That there is not a single, sovereign, wholly black governed nation anywhere on the globe that isn't crime & corruption riddled and ready to collapse?

These are, without question, the best-kept secrets in the history of the world.

But I think the tipping point is coming soon. Hope I'm right.

R_Moreland said...

If you are in law enforcement, you know that SBPDL's analysis of the CDC report is on the money. You know that blacks commit violent crimes all out of proportion to their numbers. And you know that it is black "gun violence" which puts you and your fellow officers at risk.

The CDC report is a cover-up of the reality. The government's goal is to disarm law abiding citizens. And once that happens, you will have no backup against the growing tide of gangbanger and "activists" who are rioting in many cities.

You need to make a stand. Tell the truth about who is committing "gun violence" and you will find there are plenty of Americans who will stand behind you.

former liberal said...

Denial is a river in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

If you live anywhere where there more then a sprinkling of blacks, THERE WILL BE PROBLEMS. Period. I refuse to live with them. It's called segregation and our ancestors sure had that right.

Now preferably you'd want to live in an all white society but strangely, an all white society is considered a horrorshow. That's racist they say. And it is. Yeah, so? Yet it's the all white communities & countries that are targeted for multiculturalism. Everyone wants to come to our countries because we've established a civil society and a rule of law. Who is their right mind wants to open a business in Baltimore much less live there? No sane person I know.

Funny thing is, when they get here, assimilation is the last thing on their minds. They establish their own culture's enclaves, live off the riches that whites have produced and demand to spread their filth. It's a sure recipe for destruction.

It's so great to see all of these black people working & living together-their communities are so wonderful, said no one ever.

Unknown said...

Meanwhite, another one of our White elected politicians is facing heat for speaking
the truth about the blk denizens of this nation.

hahahah, faux news and all the rest of the commie news networks are on it like flies
on shit.

Speak the truth, offend the offenders that deserve to be offended.

Simply put, fk blks, ALL OF THEM !! Send em packin back home to "da muddaland".

Gah, is there anybody else out here that can't wait for our S.H.T.F. moment in
this country so we can finally get down to business to doing what is necessary
to make this nation great again. We all know what it's going to take. We all know
what we need to do. How big are we going to let this BS get before we grab the
bull by the horns and take it down ? Well you got my vote, I'm ready !!! At this
point of the game we have nothing to lose and everything to gain !!!!

Unknown said...

Ahhh, SBPDL is catching traction big time.

PK, what are the numbers of "hits" you are getting on your site now, care to share?
Some of us would really like to know. We want to know if the word is spreading.
If people are visiting your site, reading your stories, daily, like many of us
already here, do.

I've been gone for 2 days and it's going to take me at least 2 days just to catch up,
especially on the story you posted, especially Wednesday about Louisville.

The comments, out of this world, the best by far. There's been several so far I've
read not once, but twice, because it was just that worthy of being read again.

PK and all of us right here, keep up the great work.

Keep posting links and exposing the truth far and wide for all to see, whether they
want to see it or not. Who cares, shove the shit in their faces like I do. They can
all call me what they want. I'm a tiger, I'll fight back. I'll always fight back.

I'm as true of an American as one can come. I believe we as a people of this nation
will prevail. Actually I have no doubts that we'll prevail. This country is OURS !!
It's about time we show these denizens who's country they live in. It isn't theirs !

Ok, enough said. Keep up the great work PK and all US members of this site.

I got some catching up to do on the rest of the comments. I wouldn't miss reading
them for the world.

Cleveland in the house right here, standing up and representing.

I'm also working on getting stickers made. SBPDL! Slogan suggestions, anyone ??!?!

Would something as simple as "" be good enough, or would a slogan be
good to accompany with it. Please advise, thank you !!!

But seriously, I know we can reach far and wide with stickers posted everywhere,
in every city. It's one of the more definite ways we can take to reach the
indoctrinated in this nation. They will see the stickers, they will visit the site,
and I'm more than sure the message can and would spread far and wide. Much wider
than it is right now. We all deserve it. Our people deserve it. We need to awaken
them from their slumber !!!!

Anonymous said...

How long have non black people been saying "It's not their fault."?
Apparently it's been too damn long now because it's been accepted as scientific fact now.

With the CDC unable to say, what is obvious to everyone else, hurts their credibility enormously. Of course destruction and low standards are the hallmarks of a negro infestation in a civilized nation.


Anonymous said...

Quite apt that the "Center For Disease Control" is looking at the nog crime disease.

It's like a guy going to the doctors with a severed foot and being diagnosed with gout! Failing to spot the obvious has become a national sport

Anonymous said...

Hanifa Shabazz..... I rest my case.

Bird of Paradise said...

The CDC like all goverment buracacies makes phonie studies and puts out fake information and data to support then agenda of Big Brother

Anonymous said...

One of your best posts PK. Say the obvious..... repeat it.... then throw in some concrete statistics.

Who the f**k would want to live in Delaware or a similar groided city.

Anonymous said...

..take black crime out of the equation and overall crime would actually be quite low. We have 13% of the country's population committing the majority of crime in America...

Actually, it's not 13% of the population - that's the total number of black people, male and female, young and old. Black males account for only 6.5% and black males between the ages of 14-24 are only 3%.

Mr. Rational said...

“Our findings suggest that integrating data systems could help these individuals better receive the early, comprehensive help that they need to prevent violence involvement.”

Like making their housing and food benefits contingent on relocating to the country/continent of their ancestral origin.  Blacks back to Africa, "Hispanics" back to Mexico and Guatemala, and all their problems leave with them.

Anonymous said...

Maff beez raysiss en sheeit muhfugga

Anonymous said...

Since all of the crimes committed using a firearm in Wilmington are committed by non-whites,it would follow that-in a rational world-this would be a good argument for Border Law.

I mentioned Border Law in the comment section of an earlier article that Mr. Kersey wrote. If you didn't read it,what I said was roughly this:

Between the 1300's and 1500's,the English/Scots border area was so plagued with banditry that the governments of the two realms gave up on the idea of normal civil law,and instead instituted Border Law. (You can read about it in The Steel Bonnets,by George MacDonald Fraser-an excellent book. Also worth a read is The Candlemass Road,also by Fraser.)

The Border area was divided into Marches on both sides ( i.e.,Scottish West March,English Middle March,etc.),and officials with very broad powers were appointed to keep as much peace as was possible-which often wasn't very much.

The officials were-predictably-often corrupt,or if they started out honest,got that way over time. However,their job was not so much to dispense justice as it was to keep the Border inhabitants penned up and not let them break out of their regular stomping grounds and bother everyone else. The officials weren't nice people-one of them,when writing to another warden,mentioned "hanging five or six" of the members of one particularly troublesome extended family,and went on to also remark that,"it would probably only make the rest worse."

One of the reasons that the Monarchs of Scotland and England didn't go in for a policy of simple extermination,was that the Border inhabitants weren't completely useless individuals. Viewed coldbloodedly,they constituted a large reserve of trained horse soldiers,who were widely regarded as some of the finest light cavalry available at the time,and who could be induced to go fight in whatever wars were going on across the English Channel. And when they weren't in service of whichever king had need of them across the water,they kept themselves busy and in training by stealing each others' livestock and poking holes in each other.

And they weren't in need of outside assistance to exist,either. The Border area produced enough food that the locals could eat,and eat well,from what was available locally. The problem was that a whole bunch of the Borderers preferred to steal their food instead of raise it themselves. The food,however,was there,so as long as the Border inhabitants kept to themselves and the mayhem was held to an acceptable level,the Scots and the English had no real reason to depopulate the place.

Thus,the situation in Wilmington and other vibrant areas isn't a perfect parallel,but there's some precedent. Food dropoffs of some sort would have to be arranged,since the nhabitants of these places can't feed themselves-but that doesn't need to be that high priced an exercise. And trying to make soldiers out of these folks doesn't strike me as a very good idea,so the objective would be one of containment,and containment alone.

But I think it could be done.

Anonymous said...

Wow these are truly groundbreaking stats. I mean, all of us here and realists around the country already know this, but to see the actual stats is huge. Not sure if this is what you've been talking about the last few months as being the big break on BRA, but this alone is enough! Especially now in the midst of all this gun violence babble by the politicians, putting together a spreadsheet on each city and showing its violence and gun crime by race would SINK BRA.

As someone said above, we have to find a way to get this to politicians and media outlets. Especially Trump. This is irrefutable evidence! God Bless you for your work PK.

NC Guy

-Durham, NC is another city that could possibly be close to the 100% mark of non-white gun violence....

Anonymous said...

A couple few things:

I have lived in Wilmington, De 32 years. My wife and children are native.

It has been like watching a slow motion train wreck.

The City Council of Wilmington is almost all black. The Mayor is black. The Police Chief is black.

Hanifa Shabazz is a loud mouth negress who likes to strut around in African garb.

Hanifa Shabazz called in the CDC because blacks were suffering PTSD from the lingering effects of slavery. Hence all the gun violence. True story.

The trend of black and Hispanic gun violence has continued to this day. The last White gun death in the City I can recall was about 3 years ago. A white man was shot at the courthouse. Meanwhile the blacks and Hispanics butcher each other with regularity.

Dupont and the Banks which were the heart and soul of Wilmington's economy have left, are leaving or have dramatically reduced their business activity. Many have difficulty convincing employees to live/work in the City. Black violence is the reason.

The surrounding County, New Castle, is overwhelmingly populated by DWL's.

The end result is a small American city, once quaint, safe and prosperous, dying an ugly violent death.

PaintJob Theory said...

"A city councilor, Hanifa G. N. Shabazz"

By the time you have city councilors with names like this civilization is long lost along with the property values, schools, and anything else which ever had worth.

After seeing that name you even need to read farther to know what was coming? "Poverty", "public assistance", "education", "fatherless homes" are all to blame. The same old song and dance....blame YT and hold out the begging bowl.

I really think the CDC should take my suggestion and start to correlate the number of these Africans involved with "gun" violence who are or who have been involved with turning their lives around. I really suspect a clear pattern will reveal itself and we can add that to the list of possible culprits for all this mayhem. It's really amazing that we still can't manage to collectively put our finger on what precisely is causing all this.

Interestingly enough I was in a social setting last night with a couple IKAGOs who had just evacuated that city and were discussing how it was like a war zone. Very telling was that they actually admitted that many of their immediate family members were involved in the crime and vice creating these conditions.... my annual safari to African America is almost at an end and I'll be heading back to white-opia next weekend. God help you folks who have to live around these primitives year-round.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of inorganic solutions proposed in response to the biological Dindu problem, such as segregating or exporting them. Inorganic mechanisms are problematic because of the sheer number of Dindus and how embedded they have become among their civilized hosts.

But what about a biological solution to what is a biological problem? The advent of gene modification therapies, such as CRISPR, allow for the direct modification of problematic genomes.

A CRISPR gene therapy doesn't just suppress the expression of a gene, but removes or replaces it entirely, and would result in a permanent germline modification.

If Dindus cannot become civilized on their own, and there is no indication they ever will, then such a program would work well. Dindus would enjoy their new lives, having newly acquired valuable genes or having been relieved of detrimental ones. The many Dindus who would volunteer (greedily grasping at any advantage, as they do) would likely lead the remainder once the therapy took its full effect (they, too, would become realists).

It is certainly more tasteful than interbreeding with them, which until recently was the only way to even partially provide them with the modern human genes for civilized behavior.

Until then, keep your powder dry (that's the default inorganic remedy against the direct impingement of diversity on Western civilization).


Bill in St Louis said...

Early, comprehensive help. Ship them, and their mothers, (fathers if they can be identified beyond "them bruvas at da KFC" ) to Liberia at birth. Gets them away from the bad streets, away from the violence, away from the failing schools, etc. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Total insanity.

Unknown said...

This just in:

Coalburner mammy of 3 children, a 3 year old and 6 month old twins, shot dead by
the baby daddy. I'm posting this link on SBPDL. Need I say more about race of perp.

Oh dagnabbit, I gave it away already, first word of paragraph.....

Who gets custody of the 3 mixed mulatto babies? As bad as it may sound, they got bad
genes in them. Ain't no fixing that...... Killer daddy emotionless. Sound like
anything new that we don't already know about these useless cretins? Sick monsters!!

As far as the dead mammy goes, it's ok, cause once you go black the white man don't
want you back. At least not the one sitting here, that's for sure. Nasty !!!!

Stay safe all and have a great weekend, or at least as good as you can have through
all this BS we're living through.....

Anonymous said...

OT but this was a local news story where the mother of 2 junior dindus age 7 & 8, were arrested for beating up a 10 year old to steal his bike. The mother thought that the police arresting her boys for assault was unwarranted, "They just keeds".!/108310/51919ef9419a947580c223299a0139a7

uncle jalopy said...

The big difference I see in your analogy is there is no real use for the population in our "border " areas.

Anonymous said...

There is a huge outcry for white communities to have more diversity, yet predominantly black countries like Liberia aren't giving whites vouchers to move there, free medical, free phones, money for food and expenses, so that whites can spend their days idle, pumping out offspring with multiple partners.

Johnny See said...

Actually, it's not 13% of the population - that's the total number of black people, male and female, young and old. Black males account for only 6.5% and black males between the ages of 14-24 are only 3%.

Good point, anon. I think that makes the situation all the more egregious.

How much longer will we be held hostage by political correctness? Not much, I hope.

Rope and chains, people. Rope and chains. Umm, and maybe some ships, too.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

No gun has ever been violent or committed a crime.

Regarding sticker slogans, maybe something along the lines of "Get educated on crime and government waste."

"... once you go black the white man don't want you back."

Once you go bl@ck, get those test results back!

Long Island Guido said...


Check out the article in the Baltimore sun written by a white guilt ridden liberal cunt.

She wants all guns registered like sex offenders and saif she feels safer in Baltimore among the groids then around legal gun owning white males.

Anonymous said...

Ha, "gun violence" is just a term used by leftists to attack private ownership of guns. Just like they use "racist", "bigot", etc. as an attempted form of control over people who've deduced the truth. These insidious self-loathing and lemming-like fools want to silence the truth.

Hilarious how nobody there wants to mention the appallingly obvious elephant in the room: i.e. Black folks are killing people, in incredible amounts! Violence: because Blacks. There that was easy. Where are my accolades for this earth-shaking revelation?

Californian said...

I'm also working on getting stickers made. SBPDL! Slogan suggestions, anyone ??!?!

Would something as simple as "" be good enough, or would a slogan be
good to accompany with it. Please advise, thank you !!!

I'd make it " -- keep it short and simple. This is enough to get you to the website.

Slogan; yes, you'll probably need one. Again, keep it short and simple. Like:

"Got Race?" [plays off of the old "Got Milk" meme]

"Ferguson Fatigued?"

"Race Reality Check"

"Race 2016" [plays off of the coming election]

"Flash Mobbed?"

"Black Lies Matter"

"Inconvenient Truths"

"Opiate of America" [connect to one of PK's college ball articles]

"DWL Fatigued?" [might be jargon peculiar, but those in the know would get it]

"Affirmative Reaction"

"Section 8 Blues?"

"Race Quest" [plays off Johnny Quest and Race Bannon--might be too obscure]

"Non-Liberal Media"

"Reality Awakens" [plays off latest Star Wars trope]

"Website Gone Right" [plays off of "streets gone wrong"]

Having said all that, some stickers with just the URL would also be useful. Get the meme out to the public without being too blatant.

Also, look at the Kony 2012 campaign for how these things can go viral.

Nunnya said...

Dindu Nuffinz said:
I'm also working on getting stickers made. SBPDL! Slogan suggestions, anyone ??!?!

Would something as simple as "" be good enough, or would a slogan be
good to accompany with it. Please advise, thank you !!!

"Truth? You want the Truth? You can't handle the Truth!"

There is my $.02. Any others?

Formerly Miss Greenbaum...... said...

Kind of makes you wonder how long it will take the white man to solve the negro problem. How long has there been a negro problem? It goes back to the first day the first one of them placed his negro foot on American soil. We have been steadily circling the drain ever since.

They want equal rights but don't want any of the obligations of living in a first world country. They are undisciplined, stupid, and violent, yet want all of the privileges of living in a safe, clean, orderly environment. A one time cash bonus for getting sterilized or repatriated back to the muddah lan is the only hope. They cannot and never will become civilized. Sorry, but that's the honest to god's truth.

Deadeye Dick said...

Here is something that puzzles me. Back in the early 1990's, Richmond, Virginia, a city that is also 58% black, had a per capita murder rate that competed with Gary, Indiana, for the most dangerous city. (per capita) In a city with 300k people, they used to have 150+ homicides (almost all black) per year. Last year the number of homicides was down to only 37. I wonder what changed.

Anonymous said...

There exists no white gun crime in Wilmington, Delaware.

Well, that shows what you know, Mister White Supremacist Internet Blogger! The absence of white perpetrators proves the systemic institutional racism of the system in Wilmington. You see, the system distributes the perpetration of gun violence to beautiful black people, who are the most vulnerable part of the community. White people deliberately refuse to perpetrate gun violence to make beautiful black people look bad, thereby justifying more police repression in the 'hood.

Back during segregation, the Ku Klux Klan lynched thousands of black people every month. Today, the lynchings are more subtle. White supremacists refuse, yes actually refuse, to perpetrate gun violence, making it appear that beautiful black people simply because of the color of their skin are disparately perpetrating gun violence!

Ooooooh! This makes me so mad that I am going to have to drown my rage in a triple chi latte fair trade latte!

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Anonymous said...

"Got Race?" [plays off of the old "Got Milk" meme]

Please no. The whole "Got ??" thing is so worn out.

Ethel & Julius Obamaberg said...


A Harley Biker is riding by the zoo in Washington , DC when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to devour her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.

The biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch.

Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings the girl to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter has watched the whole event.
The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and bravest thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.'

The Harley rider replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really. The lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.'

The reporter says, 'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page. So, what do you do for a living, and what political affiliation do you

The biker replies "I'm a U.S. Marine, and a Republican". The journalist leaves.

The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:


And THAT pretty much sums up the media's approach to the news these days.
(Author Unknown)


"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

George Orwell


Anonymous said...

Diversity is rearing its ugly head in Germany, too. Check out this video, it is white response to being terrorized within their own borders by those they subsidize. Maybe feminists can have a debate with me about multicultural diversity and rape. Inconvenient truth?

Imagine this video but of a scene taking place in America- I imagined anti-BLM slogans in big letters on most of the banners, a show of solidarity with the rest of the civilized.

AnalogMan said...

Anon 6:44 AM re Border Law, references the book The Steel Bonnets, by George MacDonald Fraser.

Older readers here will remember Fraser as the author of the Flashman novels. Fraser died eight years ago this month. His final article was published a few days later by the UK Daily Mail. It's a good read:

The last testament of Flashman's creator: How Britain has destroyed itself.

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to believe the reason why agencies won't point out that blacks are the primary culprits is not because they aren't aware of what's going on but because they know it will result in libtards and negroes having an astronomical fit. It's sort of like when one is dealing with hypersensitive, immature, egotistical/narcissistic drama queens and everyone says, "Shhh! Don't say anything around XXX or they'll go off and have a massive tantrum. Do you really want to put up with that? No? Then, shhhh!"

If you don't comply and the drama queens have a hissy fit and go berserk, then their hyper-protective and delusional mother (in this case, libtards in big government) will step in and have a fit of their own and rant, rave and scream at you for "upsetting" their little darlings (negroes) and "picking on them." Even those in government who aren't libtarded fools and not hyper-protective and delusional may simply not want to have to deal with all the screeching tantrums and bullshit that will subsequently erupt.

In other words, both sides of the equation will ignore the problem in order to prevent all the screeching tantrums. One side will attack you as racist, unfair, discriminatory and bigoted and the other will attack and punish you for daring to say anything that causes the screeching tantrums to erupt. Thus, neither side is capable of dealing with the problem in a mature, reasonable or realistic way that will actually solve it and thus share a dysfunctional relationship bordering on a shared mental illness. They become incapable, incompetent and ineffective and feed off each other while enabling all the problems to continue. Even the doctrines of "disparate impact" and "political correctness" are part and parcel of the effort to NOT upset negroes and libtards. Both are efforts at "hissy fit prevention" and not efforts to cure any problem.

Welcome to the madhouse.

Anonymous said...

The bumper sticker is a great idea for PK to offer to his followers. It would be a good way to support the website.

CDC should call the gun violence by knee grows, the Erectus disease!Really if blacks do not acknowledge that they have a problem, it will never be resolve. I speak to blacks at work, many of them know it is their own relatives committing these shootings but many of them are afraid of their own relatives. They say the so called black leaders do not address this problem, they prefer grabbing headlines when a White cop shoots a black felon. Its a very sad story! Trump say build a wall on the border to keep out the illegal migrants, a wall should be built to keep the violent knee grows from entering civilization.

Anonymous said... "facts don't make you a bigot" "reality doesn't make you a racist" "undrink the kool-aid" "just the facts" "commit the sin of noticing"

My two cents

Anonymous said...

I want my own country!

Anonymous said...

Once you go black, you'll be a single Mom.

Anonymous said...

"Well, that shows what you know, Mister White Supremacist Internet Blogger! The absence of white perpetrators proves the systemic institutional racism of the system in Wilmington. You see, the system distributes the perpetration of gun violence to beautiful black people, who are the most vulnerable part of the community. White people deliberately refuse to perpetrate gun violence to make beautiful black people look bad, thereby justifying more police repression in the 'hood."

Actually, according to our disparate impact Prez, blacks are simply being targeted more than whites. There's little apparent crime in whiteyville because cops look the other way. Yep, that explains it by damn. Poor black folk.

I knew a guy who suffered from Vietnam PTSD. Not only did his kids inherit PTSD, they also inherited his gunshot wounds. He broke his leg when he was five, they also inherited that. Genetics are truly amazing.

NC Realist said...

I'll repeat what I said yesterday : Collapse of the liberals will lead to the collapse of the lowlife negro.

Anonymous said...

That would be one "program" that I wouldn't mind my tax dollars going towards. Great returns on a small initial investment.

Anonymous said...

So the mayor of Philly is already blaming guns for the cop ambush?

What is with urban White Democrats and their insistence on hiring these total moron mayors? Do they find smart Whites to be offensive? If this mayor's wife was shot would he go on TV and talk about how guns are to blame?

I would trust the parody liberal mayor of Portlandia over most these guys. It really seems like urban DWLs don't want the smart kid of the class. They either want diversity or a White guy that isn't at all intellectually threatening.

Anonymous said...

"The truth is out there"

No mention of what the website is about, just let the curious folk find out for themselves.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Reality is not a social construct.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately "The Truth is Out There" is already taken.

SwampThizzle said...

Don't shoot... I want to grow up to victimize white people.

Anonymous said...

We grew up in an all-white community and most households owned guns. Back then it was usually hunting rifles, shotguns and revolvers and plenty of ammo. In our home, it was all kept in an unlocked gun rack. We were trained in the use and respect of firearms at an early age and could all shoot straight. Growing up, as with all males mostly, if we had personal disagreements we settled them with our fists. It never once occurred to us to go home, grab one of Dad's guns, and settle it with lead. Not once. Guns were for hunting and self-defense. Dad carried a .38 wherever he went and never had to use it....he certainly didn't settle his arguments with it. Then again, he never got into a violent argument in the first place. Genetics? Nah, gotta be white privilege.

rent slave said...

Meanwhile,north of Philly,the media is claiming ISIS as the motivation for the shooting of the white cop.I think that it's BLM.

Unknown said...

O/T: But definitely in line of this story and/or every other story posted here....

Check out this 13 second soundbyte clip.

You see, the problem is WE have a problem. It's not that we don't know we have a
problem, we've known it for years (I believe it really started 7-4-64, nah mean?)
It's not that we don't know what the solutions are, we've known them for years.
The problem is we haven't done anything about it.

Most famous words in all of Frank Jackson's tenure as mayor of Cleveland, Ohio.

Well Franky, I think I'm going to get this comment posted on my most favorite
website on the net today, (well, ever, hands down) and I am going to email it
to you or whichever constituent receives it. I think right now would be a great
time to start working on the solution that you already know is needed to be taken
in order to take care of this "problem" we have on our hands. Please share with the
rest of us law abiding citizens what the solution is, so we can all get to work on fixing the problem first thing tomorrow morning! For you see, you are not the only people that know we have a problem and also know what the solution is that needs to be taken to rid our country of it. We're not only all ears, but we're also more than willing to contribute what is necessary to rid our nation of this problem so that
"We The People" can get back to living life with this problem eliminated once and
for all so we can get back to living the productive lives us law abiding citizens
are all about living.

We have many laws of this land that I believe were enacted in order to maintain
a first world civilization. (vague, but please correct me if I'm wrong.) Once
those original laws are amended, the more the law of the jungle becomes prevalent,
where the rest bare naked for all the eyes to see. So, yes, we most definitely know
what the problem is. Yes, Franky, even though you can look in the mirror and tell
yourself what the problem is without having to do the tip-toe dance and jig in the
comfort of your own home, it's quite the opposite when you're in front of that mic.
For you see, Frank Jackson, We The People know we have more than one problem.
Their just one problem, but you, your one of the root cause of why the problem
exists. A problem that only exists when the law of the jungle takes precedence
over the land.

Frank Jackson, please share with the American Citizens of this once civilized
nation what the problem is, or would you rather let me state what the problem is?

The problem is White People !!! This is what the problem is. They're too smart for
us. We need to defeat them now !! Ok, how do we defeat them. Well, you see, we pass
this cibil law thingy and we'll exploit those negroes to destroy America !!!
Ahh yeah, kill whitey. Once whitey is gone it's all ours !! IT'S ALL OURS I TELL U !

The outcome? We're living it right now. Witnessing it right now. Watching it all
take place right in front of our very own eyes. Survival mode. Running away from
far as we can get, while at the same time knowing in front of our minds that we're
escaping city after city, trying to assimilate with our own while our tyrannical
gub'ment is hell bent on spreading and injecting as many cancer cells as it
possibly can to destroy the very fabric of everything that stood for our existence.
We've been silently brought under subjugation, which is exactly why many of us have
gone into "survival mode", confirming how real the threat against us truly is.....

PS. I'll let you all know if I get a reply.. but don't hold your breath for

PaintJob Theory said...

"Meanwhite, another one of our White elected politicians is facing heat for speaking
the truth about the blk denizens of this nation."

Looks like that DWL website has their own "army of social justice warriors" deleting comments as quickly as they can.

The people commenting there probably are mostly from out of state, and the others are so far up in their ivory towers in their coastal communities that they haven't seen a negro outside of their television set.

Anonymous said...

yes this will eventually happen probably introduced into the ecosystem rather nonchalantly by the powers that be what do you think contrails are...

Noble Axe said...

Here are my sticker submissions,

Take The Red Pill

The Truth is Out There

Do You Have The Courage To Face The Truth?

Is It Already Too Late?

See For Yourself at

Now I have the itch to build out a whole campaign.. I should see if PK would like me to donate any marketing assistance.

Noble Axe said...

The CDC couldn't figure out what's causing the violence because they were the wrong agency for the job. It's not a disease, it's natural. More specifically, a natural disaster.

The USGS needs to go and confirm that all these "eruptions of violence" occur from "gun-canoes" that exist exclusively in black communities, due to them being built on all the
"it's not their fault lines". Problem solved and access to federal money granted.

Unknown said...

PK, a story you might want to consider for a near-future publication?

Orrville, Ohio - 24 year old (coalburner) mother of 3, was sitting in her car when
she was murdered, shot to death by her negro husband who was at least the father of her two six-month old twins, who were both sitting in the back seat along with their
older 2 year old sibling. Notice the name (and nickname) for the other "homie"
Emily (coalburner) Young had in her "ballin" 2013 Kia SUV.

Orrville police: Estranged husband shoots mother in front of two children

(Orrville is a city 50 miles southwest of Cleveland)

11:05 PM, Jan 7, 2016

5 hours ago

ORRVILLE, Ohio - A close-knit small town in Ohio is on edge after a woman was tragically shot and killed in front of her children.

Police say 24-year-old Emily Young was shot Thursday in Orrville by the father of her children.

Officers responded to the 100 block of East Paradise Street just before 7 p.m. to investigate reports of a shooting.

When they arrived, they found Young unresponsive with apparent gunshot wounds in the driver's side of a 2013 Kia SUV.

She was transported to Aultman-Orrville Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police say Young was having a conversation with LaReece KeSean "Wally" Woods when he pulled out a gun and fatally shot her. Their kids were in the back seat and a 17-year-old passenger was sitting right next to her.

None of the other people in the car were injured.

Woods confessed to the shooting at police headquarters after turning himself in around 7:10 p.m., authorities said. He was charged with murder.

Police have also located a gun that is believed to be the one used in the shooting.

According to court records, Woods has been in trouble with the law before. He pled no contest to a threatening domestic violence charge related to an incident in September. He also pled no contest to a criminal damaging charge in October.

A protection order was also filed by Young against Woods on Oct. 24, according to court documents.

Woods is currently locked up in the Wayne County Jail. His bond was set at $1 million Friday.

Young was the mother of three young children—a 2-year-old and 6-month-old identical twins. A GoFundMe account has been created to raise money for the family.

Look at the pic of them innocent "mixed" children. Is there anything more tragic
than to see our genes mixed with theirs ? I'll let you all be the judge, but I
don't think it's funny one bit. Just as Emily shunned the man above from her life,
he most definitely shunned her back. Now instead of hell on earth, she's in hell
below. But don't worry Emily, your negro husband will join you in due time...
too bad this time around he won't have a dookie shitstick for you to eat or
create sprogs out of again. Seems like you just got served, Emily, for what it's
worth. I normally wouldn't like to see a life go like this, but in your case,
I feel inclined enough to most definitely make an exception this time around.
Who the hell knows how many more innocent children your skank self would have
brought into this world. One less sick diseased coalburner gone for good !!!
The ONLY remorse I have in any of this is for what kind of life those innocent
children are going to have to live. Tragic is an understatement. Yes, white folks
are our own worst enemy above all else !!!!

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous January 8, 2016 at 12:42 PM said...
... "reality doesn't make you a racist"

I'd go with this one. Or perhaps change "reality" to "pattern recognition".

Anonymous said...

Spit out the blue pill @

Californian said...

Spit out the blue pill @

Good one!

Unknown said...

Hey all my fellow realists.

WoW !! Thank you for all the suggestions on a "bumper" sticker.

(PS, as much as I wish we were able to, please take serious caution as to placing
this type of sticker on your car. I would never want to hear of any of you being
accosted by any of our oppressed hominoids we have roaming our once free country)

I'm in the process of saving this thread and acknowledging all sticker submissions
as we speak. We'll come up with a vote of a good one to do and I have no problem
paying myself to get them produced. I will also figure out the best way to get them
distributed to all of you who would be interested in taking part in the effort.
I believe for the little bit that it would cost in time and money, that we could
most definitely make a positive effort to get them distributed and placed in many
areas in public for all to see. Heck, don't give me any ideas, I'll put them on
other peoples cars, if you know what I mean. Not hard to do at all. I want them to
even notice our efforts just as much. Let them know we're here and what we're
talking about them. We already know the majority, if not all, hate us as much.
This is most definitely just one way to let them ALL know the feeling is very mutual, indeed, which I think all of us could agree upon.

ahhhh, - The feeling is mutual :)

That's got a bit of a curious catch phrase, possibly enough to make anybody online
want to see what OUR SITE is all about :) What do you think ?

I also thought about: - Truth, it's the new hate speech. - It's time for your awakening. - As real as it gets. - What doesn't exist, does.

I'm coming up with more as I brainstorm.... will post more later, tell me which,
if any, that you like.... Also, add me to your google circle if you'd like.
Disclaimer, for those of you who don't know me, trust me 100%, I'm as real as
they can get. I am seriously as bonafide as a racial realist can get. I am down
for the cause 1000% and nothing less, period! You all have my word on that right

In the meantime, please post any suggestions you may have for me. I'm open ears
to any and all suggestions. I'll personally take the limitless effort to make this
a true reality, simply out of the unconditional love I have for this site and all
of you who make it possible. Power in numbers. Power in intelligence. With the will
of all of us, all things are possible. Let's continue our mission, along with PK,
to put this site everywhere on the American map for all to see what they need to
see, the truth of the nature of the feral savage monster better known as the negro,
and the puppet masters that exploit them against us and our total existence in this
country. Let's make our voices heard as far and wide as the eyes can read....

Unknown said...

Manage friends

You haven't yet become friends with anyone through Google Friend Connect. Visit other members' profiles by clicking on names and faces on the site, and then click "Add as friend" to send a friend request.

I'm member 445 on this site.

I also noticed on PK's main page, scrolling through looking at the column on the
right of the page, came across PK's own catch phrase: "I can see"
Maybe PK wouldn't mind if we used one of his own ?

Anonymous said...

310, again,

Reality is not a social construct. BUT 'EQUALITY' IS, INDEED, A FAKE CONSTRUCT.

Dindu, 'whats more tragic than seeing the results of our DNA mixed w black?'
Every very young White woman killed = 4 less of us [1 + 3 = 4].

Unknown said...

Hey, another good one

Truth Be Told By The Bold -

Mike Miller said...


"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark :"


Brian in Ohio said...

Surgeon Generals warning: Negroes are hazardous to your health.

In a sane world, you would see that everywhere. Celebrities would do PSA`s. They would have fundraisers... But no.

The CDC did the numbers, and it pointed directly at blacks. But still...still in the face of hard numbers from a legitimate source, they seem lost as to a cause. All of the objective research on causes of cancer, communicable diseases... and the American negroes propensity for violence has them baffled. Bullshit.

Either some of the best minds in medicine have all drank the Kool-aide and are in complete denial, or someone got to them. I guess even the CDC has bills to pay...

Stay alert, stay alive

PS, I`m in favor of a simple "" sticker. No slogan. When a realist see`s it, they know. I`m a firm believer in OPSEC, so I don't put anything that advertises on my vehicles, but I would make an exception for this. It`s that important.

Anonymous said...

OT, but another DWL who doesn't know when to quit.

chattanooga gal said...

"I'm inclined to believe the reason why agencies won't point out that blacks are the primary culprits is not because they aren't aware of what's going on but because they know it will result in libtards and negroes having an astronomical fit"
they tried a program here in Chattanooga in which they published pictures of the main perpetrators of crime under the heading " the worst of the worst" ( If you have Colin Flaherty's book Don't Make the Black Kids Angry that list is on the cover)When they realized all the suspects were black, the dindus did indeed throw a bloody fit, and the initiative quietly died.

Anonymous said...

"That's got a bit of a curious catch phrase, possibly enough to make anybody online
want to see what OUR SITE is all about :) What do you think ?"

SBPDL.COM We Want Our Hubcaps Back

-Rex Hymens

Dangela said...

Great plan!

Dangela said...

You are right that all civilizations have been destroyed by blacks, and amazingly has been well hidden.

Anonymous said...

Here's my idea for a sticker tagline:

"And yet,it moves"

While there's quite a bit of doubt as to whether or not he actually said it,the statement is attributed to Galileo,and he's supposed to have said it after the church forced him to recant his claim that the earth revolved around the sun,instead of the other way around.

Now it really doesn't matter if Galileo said it or he didn't. I think it's a pretty decent tagline,since it's reasonably well known ( I sort of remember being taught about it in grade school ),but somewhat stealthy. It most likely won't get the average DWL riled up enough to scratch up the paint job,and the average dindu most likely won't have any idea of the meaning.

But anyone with at least a nodding acquaintance with popular history will have heard it at one time or another,and might get curious enough to type it into the browser.

And it aims specifically at educated fence-sitters,and those are people we need. We need them to-if not help-not actively oppose us.

Anyway,that's my brainstorm for the night,and I have to point out that a lot of time,the best place to be when I have a brainstorm is out of splatter range;I've had some pretty spectacular failures in my time.

Valkyrie said...

I like Inconvenient Truths,and Reality is not a Social Construct.Or my submission The Truth Hurts.


Bill in St Louis said...

As far as sticker slogans go: Because You Know There's A Problem - SBPDL.Com

Anonymous said...

Long Island Guido said...


Check out the article in the Baltimore sun written by a white guilt ridden liberal cunt.

She wants all guns registered like sex offenders and said she feels safer in Baltimore among the groids than around legal gun owning white males.

* * *

Here's the link to the article, along with a link to a detailed, hysterically funny commentary from a blogger who absolutely destroys the writer of the Sun article:

Unknown said...

I've often said that the CDC should be involved in dissuading people from activities that are likely to increase their risk of death or injury significantly. As a benchmark, I've proposed smoking: any activity that is at least as dangerous as smoking should carry CDC warnings.

This article implies that hanging around blacks is such an activity. But it's crystal clear that marrying a black man (for women) or a black woman (for men) increases the risk of death by spousal homicide in a big way. For white women, it's 12x; for white men, it's even higher. They should keep this data current (last study done was well into last century), and they should shout it (they quash it).

For them to admit that the CDC needs to be involved, they'd have to name the disease. Not gonna happen.


I am not to keen on putting up SBPDL stickers. Sometimes to much publicity does more harm than good. As far as WAKING PEOPLE UP the Black Lives Matter assholes are doing a much better job than 100 sites like PK has. How much longer do you think white folks want to listen to all of their BLM mindless bullshit. The working class are getting very tired of the welfare class and all their bitching and moaning. Obama has produced more "racist" than the KKK ever did.

Everyone I know who has lived around blacks know about what a problem they are. If you want to wake up the sleeping masses put up stickers promoting the BLM web sites or any of those other sites run by blacks that talk about killing white people. There was one called something like BLACK FOOT SOLDIERS that was filled with rants about killing all the white devils and their children. Put up stickers promoting Nation of Islam if you want to wake people up.

When blackie sets another city on fire that will wake up more people than a million stickers stuck on bath room walls. Because of black people gun sales are reaching all time highs across the country. A large percentage of first time gun owners are white women. Why is this?

Our job is not to waste our time trying to wake up the sleeping dimwits. Our job is to stay sane, smart, strong and to survive. We must take care of our own and I do not consider some dork who spends his life asleep as one of us. Let the pajama people go their own separate way. They will only slow you down. The day will come when blackie will learn it is not a good idea to go around kicking dogs that are asleep.

Remember, when it comes to waking up white people all the TV news coverage of blackie running down night time streets with cans of gasoline while "flicking his Bic" and throwing bricks will do the trick.

Mr. Rational said... "facts don't make you a bigot" "reality doesn't make you a racist" "undrink the kool-aid"

Those are a little too general for me.  I'd prefer memes targeted to ads which promote eg. race-cucking, and a dot-code for the URL either for the website, the blog, or specific posts addressing the issues.  Put the stickers in magazines in libraries, walls of public bathrooms, lamp posts, that sort of thing.  Dot codes encourage people to pull up things on their smart phones much more than URLs do.

"it's not their fault lines".

Oh, that's brilliant!  Mockery is our best weapon.

I like "They saw the truth, and called it racist.".  You need a hook, and especially a dot-code on a sticker or people won't bother to look it up.

If you want to wake up the sleeping masses put up stickers promoting the BLM web sites or any of those other sites run by blacks that talk about killing white people.

That is also an EXCELLENT idea, but it could interfere with a race-realist sticker campaign (people would start ignoring anything on a sticker).  If you are going to do stickers, pick one strategy or the other.

AnalogMan said...

I hope everybody understands that the idea is not to put stickers on your car to advertise this site. That's just an invitation to vandalise your car. Stick them on bathroom walls, in public buildings, on lamp posts. Do it discreetly, or they'll find something to charge you with. Remember the Mizzou Two: Felony aggravated hate littering for dropping cotton balls outside a "Black cultural center".

AnalogMan said...


Remember, when it comes to waking up white people all the TV news coverage of blackie running down night time streets with cans of gasoline while "flicking his Bic" and throwing bricks will do the trick.

I can't really comment on that. Does the TV news actually show that? I suspect the unvarnished truth is only available on the internet, and blogs like this one are the best guides to where to find it. Also, once one's eyes are opened, where does one go next? For information, discussion and assurance that one is not alone, not evil, and not wrong? I think we need to spread the word.

It's not easy. My own children won't read it. Too busy with their 400 Facebook friends. Afraid someone might find out and they'll lose their jobs. They "Know A Good One". And these are allegedly smart people. They think I'm a crazy old coot who needs to be protected from himself, and humoured. If only it were true.

Valkyrie said...

I might stick one on my Cadillac...It has FIVE doors and scares the shit out of blacks!They won't get near it!LOL


Detroit Refugee said...

Believe it or not, that is a bumper sticker. It may be the only one, but it exists. She might be from Taylor,Mi.

Anonymous said...

I agree with EX NEW YORKER. Why bring unwanted negative attention to this site or to yourself (in the case of using a bumper sticker on your own vehicle). Sharing an occasional PK article in your mostly like-minded social media groups will increase membership here.

Meanwhile, the whining, violence, and dysfunction of the mooks and the fraudulent BLM tribe keep creating race realists every day.


Brian in Ohio said...

I think EX NEW YORKER nailed it. As usual.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"... all civilizations have been destroyed by blacks, and amazingly has been well hidden."

Negroids probably sank Atlantis!

Anonymous said...

ah, finally good ole kill-me ton gets the spotlight. I live a few miles outside this hellhole. I've posted before about keeping a safe 30-45 foot distance from these savages. concealed carry is amust in new castle county and its not just kill me ton. Middletown is experiencing a rapid uptick in dindu violence as well. time has come to look to someplace where the demographics are in our favor. Idaho has less than 1/2 of 1% of groids lurking. as one poster put it, almost completely devoid of white violence. yup. entitlement mentality. just saw where lateef Johnson, sex offender and local groid hero, was arrested for, wait for it, carrying a concealed weapon by person prohibited. some may recall him as the po' vic that had his jaw broken by a dover pd officer for failure to comply/resisting arrest. he's been on the run for some time now but has been apprehended with 2 others on their way to a church social at 0130 hours while enjoying recreational drugs. yes, the time to flee to the hills has arrived. just got PA ccw along with DE. line in PA out the door and down the hall at 9 am on jan. 4. says a lot about things everywhere. this was in Lancaster county where all the peaceful amish reside.

Bird of Paradise said...

The CDC like any goverment buracracy under Obama the Fink hides the truth and lies big time about its all