Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Afrikmall in Aurora, Colorado: City Council Gives $165,000 tax-incentive deal to finish project to give "Africans" a place to call home...

Am I the only one that cheers on the asteroids in Armageddon and Deep Impact
[Small steps leading to big, belated debut for Aurora’s Afrikmall: The city has worked with the building’s owners on a $165,000 tax-incentive deal to help fund the project, and city council is expected to formally sign off on that deal later this month. The money will be paid back to the city via sales tax., Aurora Sentinel, 11-18-2015]:
Last July, organizers of the massive new Afrikmall development at 10180 E. Colfax Ave. hosted a grand opening celebration for the new mall at a location a few blocks to the north. 
But the opening has been anything but “grand” for the $1.5-million project in the months since July. 
Not a joke...
As of this week, some of the tenants have their signs up and the almost-8,000-square-foot ballroom on the second floor is open, but the project doesn’t yet have an opening date when the public can shop there. 
Emmanuel Eliason, chief business development officer of Afrikmall, said he hopes to announce a public opening date within a couple weeks. 
Eliason said there were “some technical requirements” handed down by the city that organizers had to tackle before they could open, and that required the grand opening be held elsewhere. 
“We could not allow the public to come in here at that time,” he said. 
John Lichtner, building inspections manager for the city, said the electrical system and the fire alarm system didn’t match original plans filed with the city when inspectors looked at it last summer. From there, inspectors worked with organizers on their building plan and, by late October, issued the certificate of occupancy. 
The 56,000-square-foot mall has long been an important project for city officials, who hope it not only becomes a major cultural draw, but also sees a sprawling and high-profile building on bustling East Colfax Avenue converted back into something useful. 
The three-story building at Colfax and Galena Street was a Broyhill furniture warehouse and before that a JC Penney Department store, said Tim Gonerka, a retail specialist for the city of Aurora. 
“To convert that, to repair the roof and start some vitality on that block, we saw it as an important anchor to invest in,” he said. 
The city has worked with the building’s owners on a $165,000 tax-incentive deal to help fund the project, Gonerka said, and city council is expected to formally sign off on that deal later this month. The money will be paid back to the city via sales tax, he said. 
The new mall is situated in the Aurora Cultural Arts District, which for years has been trying to rehabilitate the once-gritty stretch of Colfax into a hub of arts and entertainment. 
The efforts have seen the revitalization of the Aurora Fox Theatre and several arts-focused businesses move to the area. 
Those improvements are part of the reason Afrikmall chose the location, organizers have said. 
And already, Eliasson said, there are more than 20 different businesses — restaurants, clothing boutiques, a coffee shop  and a FedEx store among them — that will be part of the project.
One of those business owners, Omar Ndiaya, is opening a Senegalese restaurant called Sene and a clothing store called Sene Boutique. 
Last week he pushed a broom near his future restaurant as he and Kevin Lartson, Afrikmall’s CEO, put finishing touches on some of the restaurant spaces. 
The second floor includes a ballroom and conference center space that can be rented out, and Eliason said the third floor will include space for small offices, such as insurance agencies. 
Lichtner said the mall’s set up — several dozen smaller, independently-owned business inside a larger space — means each individual business inside needs its own permits, which can make the project more complicated than buildings with a single owner. 
Gonerka said a grand opening followed by several months when a project isn’t open to the public is hardly common, but he said he has high hopes that Afrikmall will tap into some of the energy coming into that corner of the city via the Stanley Marketplace a few blocks away. 
“We think it ultimately will offer a great place not only for Aurora, but for the the metro area to call their own and be proud of,” he said.
Afrikmall? For more than two years, the good people of Aurora, Colorado have been told this mall is opening, but now it gets christened with the "enterprise zone" tag to ensure it's finished.  

So what exactly is this Afrikmall?:
What is Afrikmall?
Afrikmall is a place that Africans living in Colorado can call home, providing a range of business services, as well as cultural, community and social opportunities and events. There are many thousands of Africans living in Colorado, from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and other African countries.What will Afrikmall offer?Afrikmall will provide the best of African business, entertainment, products, services and cultural experience to the general public. This may include African restaurants and cuisine, a grocery store, a coffee shop, a beauty salon, art shops, clothing retailers and business office space, along with an event center and a cultural center. It is also envisioned that Afrikmall will also house a credit union or bank.
Why in the world does anyone from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Uganda or Zambia live in Colorado (or for that matter, America)?  What type of asset could they be to America, when Americans of African descent represent the greatest liability in this nation?

We used to have a country.

A nation.

Now, we have the promise of Afrikmall, a shopping experience exclusively targeted at the black consumer receiving nearly $200,000 in tax incentives to finish. One needn't be reminded that the same Aurora City Council voting unanimously (with a zeal border-lining on the sexual, normally reserved for a high school sophomore getting to third base for the first time) to provide these tax incentives for an exclusively black enterprise would immediately pass statutes to keep the city from doing business with any consortium daring to do a venture for white people-only...

Euromall wouldn't need tax-incentives to be built, and would generate massive tax revenue for whatever city allowed it to be built, especially if it were for white shoppers only.

But in 2016, we must all clap our hands in unison and cheer on the Afrikmall's progress, even it if is a project exclusively catering to black people and being built solely for improving the black community.

By the way, the mall still isn't open.

What if, instead of being told to celebrate the imaginary achievements of non-whites in America, white people in America were once again free to put all our energy into building a world where our accomplishments become the envy of the world (simultaneously allowing the modern world to take shape and allowing non-whites to enjoy a vastly superior standard of living than the one their own people could provide in the absence of whites)?

What if indeed.


Awakened white said...

Or Russia hitting us....

Anonymous said...

Euromall would actually be open after its grand opening. Afrikmall is truely a slice of Africa in so many ways. Truely vibrant. The name is excellent. If that doesnt ring warning bells nothing will

Anonymous said...

cmon man. is this a joke. ? 2 years down the road this place will be shut down. how did colorado become so bad

dirtydog1776 said...

Anybody willing to take bets on how quickly the mall a.) becomes a cesspool b.) closes c.) grant money disappears d.) or all of these things?

cecilhenry said...

Its called White Genocide. Whites can't have a nation, they must provide for the world.

My country was my home. Now its a hotel. And they want me to be a waiter. NO.

1.White people exist.
2. White people have the RIGHT to exist.
3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communites and Nations.


That is the crime. It is white Genocide. It is state violence. Politicians past and present must be held accountable. 'Just obeying orders' is not an excuse.

The West is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans everywhere have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

joshrandall said...

I can't wait to try the Nigerian Cafe.(Think about it.Story a few months back,a place in Nigeria had some menu items that were not kosher? Taste like chicken? "Oh Mubonga this meat is delicious...")

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Okaaay. Whadaya wanna bet the sales tax to pay for this misbegotten enterprise is gonna come out of your pocket? You know damn well it's not going to pay for itself. Just the very name and location is going to drive shoppers away from it in droves. African food is horrible, vile tasting, worse smelling. African clothing? Yeah, right, you'll get overweight liberal arts majors, menopausal women, both white and black;buying brightly colored, gaudy tent dresses for a novelty, and to demonstrate support. Maybe buy cheap carved fetish dolls, shiny black monstrosities with big breasts, and phalluses, to display in their office, or living room. Hmmmmm!, lets see, what other cultural delights are to be offered there? Oh, I bet African themed entertainment, overpriced fundraisers for this, that, or the other lost cause. With the obligatory "authentic" Kalahari cuisine, with lectures,awareness building exercises, and the always popular authentic African dances, performed by American negroes, plus the one uncoordinated white girl with the pathological need to fit in.

C'mon people, get real! This place still isn't going, after two years of hype? I mean, that is pretty authentic African by nature. This place is going to be so god awful,not even the blacks are going to go there. Not even to shop lift. Not even on black Friday. They like the fashionable white shops. Even the Africans would rather buy Abercrombie and Fitch, or Tommy Hilfiger than Africa crap. Money order stores, where they can wire funds to bring more of their dimwitted relatives would do good business.

Nope, the money to pay for this will come out of a general fund, financed by slight of hand, and sales taxes on other busines's. It might be safer than the successful malls though, most of the black thugs will be robbing and shooting at the good malls,the white malls.

Unknown said...

I started to laugh my (you know what)off at 0:14 in the Afrikmall Grand Opening Promotion video. The cancan they are doing reminded me exactly of an old music video from 1987-88 called "Walk The Dinosaur" by the group 'Was Not Was'. Even the dress was uncannily similar. The big difference of course, is that the Flintsone dressed dancing women in the MTV are not supposed to be taken seriously. These people (Afrikmall, et al) take themselves very seriously.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Carl Sagan would have to say about this? After all, this is just another large black hole we're throwing our money into ...

Anonymous said...

"African restaurants and cuisine..."

Will there be a kiosk selling bat and monkey bushmeat in the food court?

Aside, I just watched a DVD of the currently playing movie "Joy" that they send out to Oscar nominee voters. Jennifer Lawrence plays a character that was "loosely based on" a real-life entrepreneur who sold her stuff on QVC. It was easy to guess some of the fiction invented for the movie--the titular character's best friend growing up was black, a common trope used in many movies to show that the white main character is "cool". The black best friend is happily married when she grows up. And most blatantly, the main character's mother, who has been agoraphobic for decades, snaps out of it after falling in love with a black plumber from Haiti.

Ratchet said...

My parents lived in Aurora 50 years ago. It was a great place to live then. It has been slowly devolving for years. Sounds like it has reached terminal status now. Sad.

2 Minutes Alpha said...

The funny thing is, after the initial hooplah (assuming it ever does actually open) most blacks will revert to the white shopping malls. They get to harass whites in safety.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go near this place. In daylight.

Aurora down E Colfax resembles a 3rd world ghetto. It's a bangers heaven. Back in the 70s, it was a funky/cool area to hang out. We used to build homes "out there"-I lived in Denver-and stop in the bars on the way home for a beer or two. Now, the nubians have laid waste to it.

The irony here is lost on most.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious why the electrical/fire control systems aren't up to par. The copper components has already been stripped out of them. I can imagine the cuisine served at the Senegalese....."Would you like that human flesh rare or medium??? The grubs are an especially plump and juicy choice today!"

The day is coming. Keep your powder dry. We will prevail.

Love, Mikey™

Unknown said...

Hey PK, thank you so much for taking the time to invest in the story about and the efforts that they took to "enlist a small army to monitor.."
(censor) their comments section of any comments that "violated their standards"
of any story posted pertaining to Tamir Rice. I think it's a real eye opener
for many to see of what's really going on behind closed doors by TPTB, yet once
again doing what they have to do to protect their pets. It exposes a truth that
all need to understand. It's for our own survival. They are the enemy, doing what
they have to do to sway public opinion into what they want us to think.

We seriously have more enemies against us than we can count. They are of all colors,
none of them are exempt, as we can easily see by the pics of all the staffers that
work for our enemy.

Here is a link that I'd like to post of the staffers at the Northeast Ohio Media
Group, parent company of The Plain Dealer and

There is a common theme amongst many of the staffers.

I just want to know how many of them actually can lay their heads down at night
with a clear conscience, knowing they know the truth, but yet have to do what their
bosses tell them to do to censor the truth whichever way necessary to sway public
opinion to get people to think they're just like us. I could never do such a job.
EVER. I'd much rather do what I do here. Post the truth and nothing but the truth :)

Thank you yet once again PK for all the efforts you put towards this site to make
it an outlet to expose the bare naked truth that sites such as try
so hard to cover up. We WILL win this battle, in one way, shape or another !!!

Mark said...

Is anyone taking bets on when the first shooting will occur? Will it be during the Grand Opening or will we have to wait few days?

Unknown said...

Pick a state, pick a story. They all have a common meme to them and their demise.

Can any of us figure out what it is? Of course I'll give you just one guess.

If you need a hint, please take of you rose colored glasses and open your eyes !!

Anonymous said...

Here's a little story about what was once considered the biggest mall in America.

Randall Park Mall. It had it's grand opening the weekend of July 4th, 1976.

As described in the story below, within a mere two years marked the beginning of
the end of Randall Park Mall, which early on got dubbed as Randall Dark Mall, when
a majority of white people stopped going to the mall, in fear of their safety.

Toby Radloff's Commentary

Posted 10-18-2005

I was still in high school when Randall Park Mall opened to huge fanfare in August of 1976. Me, as well as many of my classmates at nearby Bedford High School (about 4 miles from Randall Park Mall) have applied for jobs at the mall's various retailers. At the time I was working at a mom-and-pop pizza/Italian restaurant at nearby Southgate Shopping Center. During the first decade of Randall Park Mall's existence, there were a lot of stores: Sears, May Company, Joseph Horne, J.C. Penney (which actually opened in March of 1976, 5 months before the rest of the mall opened...Sears was late in opening, not opening till February of 1977).

I spent a lot of time at the General Cinema theaters (which, as I wrote in the "Cinema Treasures" web site, is a nightmare for those who have problems climbing stairs...the entrance was on the second mall level, then you climbed a flight of stairs to get to the concession stand and the three postage-stamp sized screens, then you climbed another flight of stairs to get to the rest rooms.

I also spent a lot of quarters playing pinball and video games at the two Fun & Games arcades there-the lower level arcade was larger than the upper level one-the lower level one also had more pinball machines.

The beginning of the end for Randall Park Mall began in 1978, when the upscale Beachwood Place Mall first opened, taking away most of Randall Park Mall's more upper class customers. Some stores started closing in 1978 as well. The crime problems started in earnest around 1979, when the body of the manager of the Father and Son shoe store was found in a snow bank, murdered. In 1985, a well-publicized gang-related riot forced Randall Park Mall to close early. The fights among rival gangs happened on a Saturday. Since that riot, white shoppers have been avoiding
the mall in droves.

Most of the original stores had moved out by the late 1980's. Joseph Horne closed with the rest of the chain around 1989 or so, Burlington Coat Factory took over the upper level, and a series of discount furniture stores occupied the lower level. J.C. Penney became an "outlet store" in the late 1990's, then closed around 2000. The J.C. Penney space has been rumored to be offered for use by the Village of North Randall so they can relocate their police department and municipal offices there, but as of today that anchor is still vacant. Dillard's (formerly Higbee's) closed
in 2001, shortly after an off-duty Maple Heights police officer moonlighting as a security guard murdered a shoplifting suspect. The suspect's family later sued Dillard's.

Only anchors remaining are Kaufmann's (formerly May Company, soon to be Macy's)
and Sears. A "Jeepers" kiddie park opened in the late 1990's in a block of vacant stores, and a Loews Magic Johnson 12-screen cinema opened that same year the original General Cinema closed.

Fast forward. Randall Park Mall finally closed it's doors in 2009.

Demolition of the mall was finally issued and slated to start in December 2014.
Demolition was started. Randall Mall suffered it's final demise.

Here's a link to show how well the negro knows how to add insult to injury.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a pic that is worth only one... comment...

Unknown said...


Randall park mall.

References: <--- check out the pics, truly disgusting what
the outcome can be to anything these cretins put their dirty paws on. Utterly sad !,_Sr. <---- the negroes decided to riot at the mall..

Go figure. Haven't we seen this scenario play out time and time again, with the
same redundant results. Is there ANYTHING in the world these cretins touch that
doesn't get destroyed, mutilated, and burnt to a crispy color that can only match
the cretin that lit it up?

and lastly: Monday, December 29, 2014

Randall Park Mall meets wrecking ball today. Hell, even the wrecking ball is black!!

Talking about adding a triple-double dose to Randall Park Mall. Rip Randall Mall...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the citizens of Aurora can't wait to get some bushmeat at the food court.

Constructive Feedback said...

Dear Paul Kersey:

You are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.
* A project being delayed due to code enforcement problems? Wow. Never heard of that one before

* A project with a cultural focus receiving government incentives? There are plenty of cities that have focused upon building up their "Chinatown" as an important cultural center

You err in the notion that other people's are not allowed to come in and enjoy these various African cultures.

Perhaps you need to check out "Bizarre Foods With Zimmerman" as he partakes in various cultures and informs people.

Anonymous said...

"As of this week, some of the tenants have their signs up..."

Yeah, they read "going out of business" (if I may borrow from Ghostbusters)

Anonymous said...

About to leave my comment, but P.K. pretty much summed it up with this one line:

"Euromall wouldn't need tax-incentives to be built, and would generate massive tax revenue for whatever city allowed it to be built, especially if it were for white shoppers only."

Exactly. There would be some sort of demand for it which would lead to enterprising whites taking it upon themselves to make the idea a reality. If there is any government assistance, it was sought and secured by said whites, not THE OTHER WAY AROUND. In the case of our black "equals", the government has to come up with the scheme, the funding, and desire to make it all happen. We no longer have the invisible hand but the hand of mommy government making sure everyone is equal when we are anything but.

Will the entire mall become a no-go zone or just large areas of it? How long until it is discovered that the mall is a front for a much more lucrative underground economy where drugs and illegal weapons rule the day? And most importantly, how will the narrative be twisted to blame whites for the failed outcome?

Your Mom said...

Look at the Open House video at the 7 second mark. There is a giant 'ding dong' watching over the dancers. I wonder how many more will be randomly strewn about the mall if it ever opens.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight.

Blacks are a major (and potentially fatal) nuisance to every regular mall in America because:

a) Their shoplifting/robbery and overall bad behavior either costs businesses money directly or drives away non-black customers

b) They don't spend money at the mall themselves (or at least not enough to justify their presence there)

So they want to build a mall devoted solely to black clientele and think that not only will blacks' behavior in malls suddenly improve, but that they'll start spending at a level that will turn a profit?

We all know where this is headed. The question is, will anyone in the press be allowed to write about the AfriMall being boarded up a year or two down the line or will mentioning its inevitable failure be verboten.

Anonymous said...

CF must have made parole.

Illisheet said...

It'll stay open for less than half the time Dixie Square in Harvey, IL was open. For the record, that mall was open for only 12 years before the vibrant denizens of the Netherworld made it unsafe to visit. One of the shortest periods of operations for a mall in America.

I bet this place will be shuttered in five years or less. Or with the first murder(s). Of course it'll get propped up by the government (white taxdollars) because RACIST WHITES won't shop there. I don't count the pale fools who venture in willingly. We'll see this place on soon.

I wasn't alive to see the heyday of white America and its bustling malls. I can only imagine what it was like. Thank the Lord places like SBPDL exist to give a window into what we had, still have, and why White Pride is more valuable than gold.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback,

I don't know if you are a satire account or not, but to answer your points.

1) Regarding the delays due to "code enforcement problems"--how many black run/black organized development projects in cities like Detroit go nowhere because after the organizers took their cut money supposedly dedicated for the project, there wasn't much left for the actual project, forcing corners to be cut?

2) Sure, African cuisine (Ethiopian, for one) has itself a small niche in this country. Sure, during the opening month of the mall, you'll get some SJWs and elite whites going to the restaurants and I'm sure some Denver Post food critic will gush over them in his or her reviews, but for the same reason these same white people wouldn't ever live in majority black neighborhoods, they'll stop going. One visit is enough for these people to make a mention of at a cocktail party and earn their liberal bona fides, after all.

Anonymous said...

With that name, if people don't see the "diversity" enjoying 40's in the parking lot, they'll still know it's a place to avoid.

Also is this where all the africans can get their AK-47's? You know, for when they're bored or feeling dissed?


Anonymous said...

Watching the second video I realized what would have made the dance appealing to watch- replace the black women with white women. I thought that all the women in the first video were gross, and I attributed this to their tubby physiques.

But after watching the second one, I found the in shape black women of the second video to be equally unstimulating. I'm sure advertisers have known this and attempted to work around it for years. I wouldn't be surprised if the government gave massive subsidies to companies who feature negroes in their commercials or fined those who didn't. Black women aren't attractive unless there is a HUGE mixing in of white DNA and a quality wig to go on top.

It is obvious why black men prefer white women hands down over their own, and it has nothing to do with "cultural norms" of beauty.

Unknown said...

Why can't these acricans use their own money to build their mall?

Why are taxpayers funding this?

I want to open a mall, how much will the taxpayers give me?

Oh, and isn't the government broke? Is this $200,000 just gonna get tacked onto the nearly 20 Trillion in debt?

PaintJob Theory said...

"the Aurora Cultural Arts District, which for years has been trying to rehabilitate the once-gritty stretch of Colfax into a hub of arts and entertainment. "

Nothing revitalizes your "culture and arts district" quite like a huge influx of 60IQ violent homo erectus from the darkest Congo.

This story is absolute comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Constructive, you miss the main point, which is that Africans in America need to have EVERYTHING done for them in order for ANYTHING to get done. The story may not be as exciting as another "youth" terrorizing and maiming the members of his community, but it provides further contrast of how they are "not like us".

They don't just need life-support to continue a failed mall. They need life support to start one in the first place. Where is the demand for all these wonderful African products going to magically materialize from? Will the demand include people who have actual purchasing power? Will sales taxes just be raised on everyone again to cover the inevitable short and long term losses?

Anonymous said...

City councils are populated by some of goofiest, most naive critters on the planet. Does anyone think the council would have given $165,000 to the owners of any *other* mall being developed?

Formerly Miss Greenbaum...... said...

“We could not allow the public to come in here at that time,” he said.
John Lichtner, building inspections manager for the city, said the electrical system and the fire alarm system didn’t match original plans filed with the city when inspectors looked at it last summer. From there, inspectors worked with organizers on their building plan and, by late October, issued the certificate of occupancy.


This quote reminded me of an incident that happened between a non-realist friend of mine and me, a formerly delusional lib. My friend looked at a repair job I did for my gas stove about ten years ago. Since I have two left thumbs and couldn't figure out why my "repair" didn't work, I invited my friend over to take a look at it.

He looked at the stove and then at me and said, "You niqqer-rigged it, dinja?" To which I only smiled sheepishly. I hadn't heard that expression in years, but is so very valid when it comes to blacks doing anything technical or requiring brains, skill, or at least following simple instructions. I see it all the time when I'm looking at investment properties. Unbelievable what these niqqers try to pass off. Just incredibly sloppy and not well thought out.

My eldest brother is a licensed electrician, and he won't have any niqqers working under him when he is the foreman. He's so good and so sought after, they always find a place to hide the niqqers, while paying them a nice, fat wage of $30-60/hour - mostly for changing out electrical fluorescent lighting or sweeping up debris.

That being said, I actually like the idea of a niqqer mall. Their very own space to destroy....yeah. The only problem is, we need laws to keep the negroes IN their "safe spaces". Go, negroes! You're doing God's work. Heck, it might be worth the tax dollars at that. But it's sort of like lighting a two dollar "loosie" cigarette with a one hundred dollar bill. Just say'n!

Bill in St Louis said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! I sit here in wonderment, at the very idea that the way to further enrich and area that is being revitalized by (white people) artists and investors is to bring in an entire building devoted to blacks. Coffee shop? (Check Starbucks in Fergistan 6 months after it opens) A bank or credit union? Andto top it all off, not only are the business licence rrequirements kicking their asses, but the fire suppression / alarm system doesn't match the plans on file, resulting in more delays. So, since they aren't ready, gib dem $165,000 more, and hold the grand opening somewhere else! Hahahahahaha! Here is a thought, have every sane realist chip in to raise the money, no need for a sales tax payback. Let them open, and have the "diversity" flock there. Then you know where not to shop.
Thanks for the laughs this morning, PK.

Formerly Miss Greenbaum...... said...

Anonymous said...
cmon man. is this a joke. ? 2 years down the road this place will be shut down. how did colorado become so bad?


You're not paying attention. From the article:

There are many thousands of Africans living in Colorado, from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and other African countries.

Anonymous said...

Now I want to see blacks wearing white masks - and checkered flannel shirts under overalls - run around in the food court.

Anonymous said...

At our friend Constructive Feedback--

* A project being delayed due to code enforcement problems? Wow. Never heard of that one before

There has to be enough electrical power to provide for all the outlets, the HVAC, water heaters, dishwashers and kitchen appliances used in that mall. THere has to be water in enough quantities. There is enough water heaters for the restaurants and sinks. There are enough water fountains. There is enough lighting and safety features.
That is what having codes means. They are to keep people safe.

* A project with a cultural focus receiving government incentives? There are plenty of cities that have focused upon building up their "Chinatown" as an important cultural center

Yes, that has happened. But the events and the centers of other groups and races have gone up and actually worked. There is enough demand for that place-plaza or shopping mall. With this, they have had two years to get it off the ground. I think someone is lining their pockets.

Anonymous said...

It's not if it will fail, it's when. The last place I would visit if I were to vacation in Colorado would be a place with (afri) in its name. Using the word culture and african in the same sentence? Now isn't that a laugh, black culture is violent culture. Maybe a coliseum where we could watch africans chuck spears at each other or set up some other forms of gladiator sport where they terminate other blacks! The only culture that africans in America convey is rapping and gang banging.
Ohio born

former liberal said...

So the ding dong CF is back. Reminds me of an old joke that concludes that the difference between dogcrap and blacks is that dogcrap turns white and eventually goes away, while blacks don't. But moving on, the comment on how blacks.can't or won't do technical work properly brought back memories of my own construction days. Almost never saw competent black electricians or carpenters. Most of them just didn't give a Damn. And blacks wonder why contractors don't want to hire them.

Kevin said...

They want whites to pay for a naggers only project, again. Fcuk em. Make them pay their own way. Now they come here voluntarily and put their hands out

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?

Neither have they.

Anonymous said...

This is the result of Colorado being the primary State for Californains trying to flee the mess they created.

After deciding they need "good schools", these liberal Californians sell their 3 bedroom home for 750k and then move to Whitesville, Colorado. Do they leave their politics in California? Of course not.

Colorado has become a cold outpost of California.

D-FENS said...

Is this story taken from the Onion? Please tell us it was.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant diverse culture


Formerly Miss Greenbaum...... said...

Constructive Feedback,

Chinatown, Little Italy, et. al. are true cultural attractions people have a true culture! And they require no government funds from which to draw. People actually want to visit Chinatown and Little Italy, because those are places that involve human beings, not ritualistic animals disguised as humans.

Culture involves many things, religion, music, norms, art, history, family relationships and a structured government. In Africa, you have voodoo worshiping of totems, art which looks like a three year old could have shat it out of his diaper, random baby daddies wantonly spreading their seed to whatever lies around unprepared - livestock included, and warlords who randomly attack each other over bone and tooth necklaces.

Anywhere you find negroes, you find enormous quantities of violence and mayhem. Their women are painfully ugly to look at, their "music" is rudimentary childish and aggressively sexual in nature. Perhaps worst, the negro stench is possibly worse or at least as bad as a skid row bum who repeatedly wets himself and craps his pants on a city street. You honestly expect human beings to flock to these African cultural habitats? My dear, there are so many of us on this thread who have witnessed fifty plus years of trying to uplift the black "coon-munity", only to see every last tax dollar circle the drain in abject failure.

As mentioned previously, as a hobby I scout out investment properties. There was a darling location downtown where I live - a corner property with windows overlooking the street. There were some solvable issues, like a lack of parking, easily solved considering the many parking garages nearby. Anyway, lo and behold an Ethiopian themed restaurant moved in. The place was filthy and always empty. The few times I stopped by they were either closed or half empty. Long story short, they folded in less than eighteen months. The negro culture is one of violence, theft, poverty, and perpetual misery. Why anyone would want to spend their hard earned money to be subjected to such viciousness is beyond me.

BTW, I LOVE the comparison between dog shiite and negroes. Yep, gonna hafta steal that one. Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

This makes perfect sense. They come here(no doubt illegally) to live in America...but not to BE Americans, they just want all the freebies. Add to that
they want to bring their garbage "culture" here with them...all on our dime.
This is pure insanity. Suspend any/all accounts they may have and deport them one way to some other country in Africant.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

And these are the descendants of the "Jipshuns" that built the pyramids by levitating the blocks with mindpower? Wow! What happened to them? You'd think they could get a little project like this completed by now. Oh well. Must be YT's fault as usual.

If the place ever gets up to specs, at least they'll have somewhere to find dashikis, wooden voodoo masks, spears, nose bones, machetes, lip plates, "authentic" Serengeti dirt and twigs for hut building, neck rings, bongos, etc. Where else in the (former) USA could a Congoid find such advanced technology? And they're even planning a food court. Wow! A slice of bushmeat for only one billion Chimpbabwe dollars! You know, there should be a few lions roaming around the place so the darksters will really feel at home. Maybe have some mambas lurking in there as well.

Michigan Jim said...

ConstructiveFeedback said:
Dear Paul Kersey:

You are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

Well ok, fair enough. Let's give this mall a couple of years and see who had it right, you or PK. We'll see if you're still all confidence and snark when stores are closing and this place is on life support.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Mobobo's termite hut. All you can eat termite sticks now only $9.99.

Anonymous said...

Sign Man says: Stupid frakkin' Dindus couldn't even PAINT the damned wall behind the new sign letters! Ghost of mounting raceways visible as well as the old mounting bolt holes. AAaaauuuuggghhhhhh!!! Nam' Diggers!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the Afrikmall will be bankrupt in two years. The biggest financial losers will be the white taxpayers who indirectly funded the dump.

Unknown said...

Ben Holliday said...
Look at the Open House video at the 7 second mark. There is a giant 'ding dong' watching over the dancers. I wonder how many more will be randomly strewn about the mall if it ever opens.

January 4, 2016 at 6:27 AM

LMAO !!! Don't give em any ideas, they might try to actually ride them :) LMAO !!!

Anonymous said...

The late-model African immigrants are probably not the real issue. Culture-wise, bringing in a taste of their home countries is prob not a huge deal. It's in a self segregated location (oh the irony) and who gives two shits about it. YT won't. E running his debit card with PIN in that building.

It's the EBT, Sec 8, self entitled, freeloading generational shriggins that will nuke this mall. I'm stupified that a single business savvy Black tenant would view this as a tangible business idea. But then again, who gives two craps anyway. These generational freeloading Shriggins are nothing but WMDs to white america, ant as much so for blacks. And they are being told daily that it's not their fault and get what you can from whoever you can.

Fuckkem all. I say put gun stores on each end of the mall and lid and shoe stores in the center. Since the fire suppression system is likely never going to be up to code - Afrikmall should burn like Sterno in hell.

Californian said...

Perhaps you need to check out "Bizarre Foods With Zimmerman" as he partakes in various cultures and informs people.

There's a store for the mall food court: Trayvon's Crib. It would sell Skittles(tm) and grape drink.

In the bigger picture: how will mall security respond to "teens" running amok? Let's say that there's a riot at the athletic shoe store. Perhaps the mall can use some African methods to control the criminals--like necklacing.

Anonymous said...

They legalized pot, while on one hand it is good to decriminalize, on the other hand it gives license to people who just want to spend their days stoned off their asses. And when you're in that constant state of mind, everything seems like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I think holding these new immigrants to YT building codes is a little harsh. If the area has gone "vibrant" then let them wire the old JC Penney store in the African manner and get to business. The name should be warning enough and let Darwin do his work if it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant diverse culture


Notice how the mailman is keenly aware to not let them get too close as a group. Even though he is outnumbered they are still looking to get an opportunistic hit so they can swarm when he is down or stunned.

I've watched videos of Africans doing the same exact thing. They will sort of jump around and try to land a hit even if they outnumber the victim and could easily overtake him as a group.

This could have turned deadly real quick. Moving around and keeping space might have saved his life.

They only way these attacks will stop is through concealed carry. We all know the government will only slap the wrists of black teens.

Unknown said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Vibrant diverse culture


January 4, 2016 at 8:58 AM

Wow, look at the chimpout them "teen youfs" did on that mailman. 5 apes on 1.
Since none of them can count, any number is fair game in their book. Ahhh, the
tribal mentality right on youtube on full display for all to see. I gotta take
this one and send it to every writer on and see what their shit
stained brains have to say for their pets "down in the lou" on how they gettin'

Oh, and make sure to read the comments on youtube, you already know they speak
for themselves. The hoodrat negress at the end of the video even says "only in
da hood". She can say that again, because that's the only thing she said right.

Only in the hood. Only by negroes.

There's your next story PK. Just another exploration into the evil minds of the
tribal mentality negro. Is there any other animal we fear more than the lowly

Anonymous said...

As an electrician, I refuse to work with blacks, especially Haitians, because they cut corners and you'll find open air splices inside walls, ceilings, and you're standard colored wiring (black/red/blue=hot, white/brown=neutral, green=ground) completely ass backwards.

Anonymous said...

Does the authentic African experience offered there include mutilations, rapes, and immolation?

Anonymous said...

I work in the trades and can't agree more. A company I worked for had a few black electricians and one got fired for stealing. He was using spools of wire from work to do side jobs for himself. He was brought back after a while because we had a lot of work and needed people, but was not allowed to order any materials or take stuff home with him, like the rest of us were, so we would be able to have supplies if we were called out to a different job site. He used to cry about how "us whites" are able to have extra in our trucks, but he couldn't. We would always remind him that we carry it, but we don't steal it, which would usually shut him up.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in S. Oregon and we went thru the same shit with Californians in the mid 90's. They would come to our small white country towns, build tract homes all over, call for more police (which we didn't need), pave the roads down to the nice swimming spots on the river, and basically ruin what made our town a great place to live. They are no different then the Islamic "refugees" that fuck up where they live, then migrate somewhere else and want to recreate where they left.

Anonymous said...

@ January 4, 2016 at 8:36 AM
@ January 4, 2016 at 11:58 AM

Absolutely right. I am moving. I have had it. There will be Californians where I am going, we can't keep them out, unfortunately, but there won't be nearly as many of them. Californians, Texans, East Coast invaders, and all of the other foreigners are destroying Colorado and turning it into a communist state. Incidentally, you ought to see all of the white women out in the suburbs towing jet-black children around with them at the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

The Cannibal's Pot Mall.

Anonymous said...

@ January 3, 2016 at 9:31 PM

How did Colorado become so bad? Californians (as others have mentioned) and other invaders, including hordes of blacks.

Detroit Refugee said...

The "ballroom & conference center", will be the scene of "gunfire gone wrong"!
I promise you that.

Unknown said...

MissMoshaws Boy,
Ok,is this thing made out of mud and straw? That should be up to code for those low lives~! How about the Oxen Blood fountain,bet that will be a hot item. Now that weed is legal in Colorado let's open a "Buds" shop inviting strong arm robbery and murder, oops I forgot about the video cameras that may just be everywhere. They probably don't work anyway. I feel fortunate to have lived in the "Real" America for so many years.

FlowerBell said...

If you order a snack in the food court at the Afrikmall don't eat it, have it tested in a lab. The health department will have the place closed down within a week.

Anonymous said...

Dear PKby:

My ancestors. current family and extended family are all Caucasians and all legal citizens since the founding of this country. While I quite understand that the ethnic makeup of the country (largely illiterate Mexican peasants, cholos, mestizos, and middle eastern terrorists and camel jockeys), the percentage of blacks has remained largely the same,which is to say in the general range of about 11% to 13% in the last 75 years.

Non-Hispanic whites still make up 63% of the population, but it should be pointed out that as a racial group they're also anthropologically Caucasians, as are middle-easterners as well. So effectively, if you factor this in, blacks comprise roughly one in ten people in the country as a whole - even accounting for Asians a relatively small racial subset.

Having said as much, and also taking into full account that America has gone completely fucking nuts and is rapidly turning into a de facto Nazi/Socialist (one and the same) Gulag and killing field for Caucasians, why is it when I turn on the television for even fifteen minutes I do not see anymore whites, only assorted gorillas and chimps leaping buildings in a single bound, curing cancer and doing brain surgery, flying jets and commanding aircraft carriers, taking care of their sprogs like they really give a shit if they live or die and generally saving the country from evil white KKKers and skinheads?

As a now evil old white man (are there any others?) , I remember when the people who ACTUALLY in fact accomplished things and paid the bills enjoyed positive exposure on television as opposed to depicting black, bipedal animals as saints, angels, Superman, Wonder-woman and even God Himself.

So, Dear PKby, my question is this. Should I throw a brick through the television screen, get committed to an old folk's home, blow my fucking brains out, or all three? Thank you kindly for your words of comfort and wisdom in my dotage.


"White Men Can't Jump Because They Prefer To Invent Planes and Rockets" in ORCimerica

Unknown said...

Ok, is this thing made out of mud and straw? That should be up to code for those low lives. How about an Oxen blood fountain shop? Now that "Weed" is legal in Colorado, let's open a "Buds" shop inviting strong arm robbery and murder~! Oops, I forgot about all those cameras. Then let's argue about who gets the cut from the robbery while we are still in the shop standing over the bodies, as the cop sirens are wailing in the distance~!
I feel thankful that I had the opportunity to have lived most of my life in a "vibrant America". Your right, we can't save America, we can try however I think it's a hopeless endeavor.

Pat Boyle said...

I used to be in the Mall business. Or rather the anti-Mall business. Malls in mainstream City Planning are considered a blight on civilization. I was in City Planning for a year I went to graduate school in Urban Planning at George Washington University. One of the main themes of the whole planning mindset was to stop mall construction.

Malls all by themselves even without negroes destroy the urban environment. City Planners hate malls at least partly because there is so much money to be made building malls in the suburbs. It's best to acquire farm land if you can. Then build your mall and get customers.

The problem with malls is that the new ones if they are successful only draw customers from the older malls. There are few new customers. So the old mall becomes a scar on the community. It loses customers and soon the better stores. The landscape becomes littered with old malls. A kind of suburban blight.

In a traditional city stores are replaced constantly. But when a suburban mall begins to fail it is very hard to anyone to re-invest in the old mall to modernize it and attract new stores. It is simpler and more profitable to break new ground, build a new mall and just steal all the customers from the old mall.

Negroes accelerate the aging process of malls. There is a food court in Emeryville that has all sorts of ethnic fast foods for low prices. One day I and my wife were eating some Indian food when two black teenager boys walked through. Otherwise there were no blacks in there. A chill descended on the big hall. Everyone knew if there were black teens there they would never be able to return.

Fortunately the food court was next to a large book store - blacks avoid book stores. It's like turning the lights on in your kitchen back East - the cockroaches scatter. Only about three freeway exits away is a mall that 'went black'. It is just a dangerous husk now. There was a mall near Kaiser Permanente in Oakland that also went black. The customers went, the stores went and they had to demolish the whole building. It was like an infestation of nuclear waste - all trace of the old building had to be obliterated. It was like they had to come in Hazmat suits lest any spot of negritude might escape.

The backers of this African Mall in Colorado made a fundamental mistake. In fact white people are fascinated by Africa - just not the people. All last week the History Channel had 'Big Cat' week. They showed nature footage of lions and leopards and such. I'm sure it was good for the ratings - sort of like 'Shark Week'. But in a whole week of African footage there were no negroes on screen.

That's the solution for an African themed mall. Make it a zoo and ban negroes. Don't bother with African restaurants. It's crap. Don't try to sell African products - there really aren't any. Like you, I would like to go to Africa to see the animals, but I'll have to wait until they have gotten rid of all the negroes.


NC Realist said...

Consider this- The building they're in was built years ago by standards that met code at that time. Here and now YT is protecting his own ass by making them meet todays standards. Most likely the building was built by white labor...has a solid foundation and only needs simple upgrades. Can the lowly feral afrikan negro come to the task...guess not. But they can build a stick covered mud hut. Their code would be to have a cows ass butted again the window to use for washing their hands and hair instead of using soap and water.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"If you order a snack in the food court at the Afrikmall don't eat it, have it tested in a lab. The health department will have the place closed down within a week."

Closed down??? Dat rayciss! Cow placenta, green monkey meat and poo cookies are health foods in da muddalan!

Anonymous said...

The efforts have seen the revitalization of the Aurora Fox Theatre and several arts-focused businesses move to the area.

Nothing guarantees "revitalization" like large concentrations of negroes. That area will be thoroughly revitalized within a very short time.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to try Ethiopian cuisine I'd go on a starvation diet.

AnalogMan said...

That's a mall with a death wish. Didn't they learn anything from 365Black McDonalds?

These people are trying to appeal to the large immigrant African population. I don't know about the NAPAs, but your authentic African will not fall for that. Anything that is marketed specifically for them, they automatically assume is inferior. They want the good stuff, that the White men use. A mall for Africans will not fly.

The only facility that is actually open so far is the ballroom. Are they kidding? - a ballroom? To an African, ballroom means loose pants.

I wish them luck with their authentic African restaurants. They may have a little trouble sourcing their ingredients. Could be a business opportunity there for some enterprising individual to import Mopani worms. Maybe even farm them; that worked well with Tilapia, a fish from the African Rift Valley lakes.

OK, that last was tongue in cheek; farming caterpillars presents problems of containment. But seriously, for those wanting to go off-grid and self-sufficient, tilapia farming at home is worth looking into. They are delicious and easy to farm. Just don't advertise what you're doing, or the government will decide you're disrupting interstate commerce or something. Your neighbours don't need to know that your fish pond is also your larder.

Anonymous said...

Make your target customers people,who with few exceptions don't have a dime to their names, toss in random acts of brutality (fights, rapes, murders), and add a dose of 'you would be out of your mind to shop here' and you have a place that will soon shutter their doors.

Anonymous said...

All whites that lived out in the rural areas had their towns and areas destroyed by the liberals fleeing the urban areas. And yes it's just like dealing with the damn muslims, liberals won't assimilate, gun fire, tractors in the road, dust from the fields, farm smells they complain about it all. I have had my fill of starry eyed liberals trying to change things that work and don't need changed.
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

We should start a list of malls closed by TNB. Here's my entry:

Eastland Mall, Charlotte, NC. 1975-6/30/2010,_North_Carolina%29

TNB was so bad there the Wiki even hints at why it closed.

Anonymous said...

You just gotta love the name of this place, unintentional parody. Listen to how the guy in the videos pronounces the name:

"A Freak Mall."

Anonymous said...

Red Bird Mall in Dallas, Tx, had, has, and will have issues with the melanin enhanced individuals who like parasites do little for the host.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they can get the OrcKids to perform some African symphonies.

Anonymous said...

My entry of formerly great Malls shuttered by the African menace. Loved it when I was a teenager.

Unknown said...

Speaking of the immigration infiltration in Aurora, Colorado, I was taking a look at
the wiki stats. Check them out, they all speak for themselves. Aurora is surely
turning into one big DIE-verse cesspool bowl of brown turd soup.

Demographics - Aurora, Colorado

Historical population

Census Pop. %±
1900 202 —
1910 679 236.1%
1920 983 44.8%
1930 2,295 133.5%
1940 3,437 49.8%
1950 11,421 232.3%
1960 48,548 325.1%
1970 74,974 54.4%
1980 158,588 111.5%
1990 222,103 40.1%
2000 276,393 24.4%
2010 325,078 17.6%
Est. 2014 353,108 8.6%

U.S. Decennial Census

As of the 2010 census, there were 325,078 people, 121,191 households, and 73,036 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,939.6 people per square mile (748.9/km²). There were 131,040 housing units at an average density of 766.7 per square mile (296.0/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 61.1% White, 15.7% African American, 4.9% Asian (1.1% Korean, 0.8% Vietnamese, 0.5% Filipino, 0.5% Chinese, 0.5% Indian, 0.2% Japanese, 0.1% Thai, 0.1% Cambodian, 0.1% Burmese, 0.1% Nepalese, 0.1% Pakistani, 0.1% Indonesian), 1.0% Native American, 0.3% Pacific Islander, 11.6% from other races, and 5.2% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 28.7% of the population; 21.9% of Aurora's population is of Mexican heritage, 1.0% Salvadoran, 0.7% Puerto Rican, 0.4% Guatemalan, 0.3% Honduran, 0.3% Peruvian, 0.2% Cuban, 0.2% Colombian and 0.1% Nicaraguan .[26] Non-Hispanic Whites were 47.3% of the population in 2010,[27] compared to 85.1% in 1980.[28]

Aurora is a center of Colorado's refugee population. There are about 30,000 Ethiopians and Eritreans living in the Denver-Aurora area. There is also a sizable population of Nepalese refugees.

Read that last paragraph again, then look at the pop. stats from 2010 to the 2014
estimate. an 8.6% increase in 4 years thus far, roughly 28,000 additional cretins,
from Chicongo, of all places, who woulda thunk it? 61% white, 16% negro and 22% mex,
yeah, I'd say that Aurora is well underway to becoming the next no-go zone type of
city all around. And them numbers don't even represent the whole truth, because
even with the influx in actual population, how many YT's have already packed their
bag and moved out, versus the numbers of what's running YT out, I mean, the numbers
of the "folks" taking their place... knowwutimsayincuz ??? Absolutely disgusting !!

The truth is all out there, it's whether or not you choose to seek the truth or not.

I, for one, do, as many of you obviously can tell of already :)

Anonymous said...

You know, if they REALLY want to cater to African culture, tastes and behavioral peccadilloes, what they need to do is build a mall and burn it to the ground as soon as it's built and blame whitey.

IOW, they should just take a shortcut to what's going to happen in a couple years anyway and avoid all the in-between murder, decay, drugs, rapes, burglaries and armed robberies. Whitey made 'em do it - dayum debils!


Nick A. Pinny

Anonymous said...

More good money thrown after bad. Shoplifting, rioting, fighting, gang shootings, drugs, whites staying away etc. Basically it will be an exhibition of negroes doing what negroes do. This will seal the fate in this latest failed chapter of proving 'They Are Just Like Us.' Afterwards, to recoup their losses, investors may consider opening a Safari Jungle Wildlife Ride through what's left.

Anonymous said...

Kradmelder axs....

Will AfrikaMall have a Cannibal Cafe where visitors can experience the only authentic African cusine that existed before bad ole White Man taught farming and animal husbandry?

Anonymous said...

More cargo cult thinking. If only we build them a nice mall, the savages will start acting like civilized human beings. If only we build them stores, they will become productive citizens who can afford to buy things the stores sell. If only we build a mall like White people have, they won't let it fall apart, turn into Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and burn it to the ground within a year or two.

Michael Wittmann

Anonymous said...

Wow really? All it took was a shooting in the food court and two shooting in the parking lot for the racist whites to stop coming?
Don't they know that shooting each other is what the enriching vibrants do?
It's part dey couture.

Anonymous said...

An African mall. Gee, now if we can get them to not only shop amongst themselves but to live, educate, work, eat, and recreate with only other 'Africans' we might just have something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

So, what is the general consensus amongst SBPDL-ers about who should be President? Is there any better candidate than Trump to bring awareness to our cause?


Anonymous said...

How can a city that "boasts" such a large black population such as Chicago not completely implode? It looks like segregation has been the answer-

Chicago is the 3rd most segregated city in the U.S.:

CHICAGO – A researcher says that despite racial segregation being on the decline in Chicago, the city still remains one of the most segregated big cities in America.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago is the nation’s third-most segregated large city, behind only Milwaukee and New York City, even as African-Americans have opted to move to the suburbs and more whites and Latinos have moved into black communities.

The Tribune spoke with William Frey of the Brookings Institute, who analyzed recent census data and conducted research that said 76 percent of Chicago’s African-American population would have to move in order to achieve complete integration.

“The reason we pay so much attention to segregation is because it matters in terms of life outcomes,” Stephanie Schmitz Bechteler, the research and evaluation director at the Chicago Urban League, told the Tribune. “Where you live and where you grow up matters, and so does who you grow up around. It dictates where you go to school, the access you have to healthy business corridors, even your access to healthy food and job opportunities. All this is tied to address.”

Hmmm, I wonder if Stephanie will be adopting a gaggle of negro "youths" anytime soon to show off at Temple?

Anonymous said...

Tax dollars cannot fix genetics.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE start a film documentary on this mall.. guaranteed to open with a big splash and then sink into the undertow. Will be epic video; just give it time.

I see new elements are being added to the Periodic table... what is the definition of... "Dontrumpiam?"

Anonymous said...

Having niglets is the most disgusting act of treason a white female can commit!
Ohio born

PaintJob Theory said...

"If you order a snack in the food court at the Afrikmall don't eat it, have it tested in a lab. The health department will have the place closed down within a week."

So I run a small farm up in white-opia, but about 90 miles away there's a "little congo". Being in a very sparsely populated area the state dept. of agriculture inspector that inspects for our license also has to deal with sub-Saharan sub-humans and their antics.

Long story short, he basically spends 90% of his time pouring bleach over foul and disease ridden food (camel hump, goat, and chicken stored for days without refrigeration) and calling hazmat teams for disposal. He told tales of these congoids raising goats and chickens right in their section ape nests. Animal and negroes alike shit right on the floors, cook inside over open fires, and contract and spread diseases unheard of outside the African jungles.

Trust me, if there is a health inspector they are realists after dealing with these savages for any length of time and won't go easy on them.

Anonymous said...

I went to the opening of Columbia Mall on the Northeast side of Columbia, SC in 1977 and my brother was the first customer at a candy store (which is long gone). At the time, the other malls in Columbia were Dutch Square and Richland Mall. All three of these have pretty much ended up on Amazon and Ebay give you a world of selection without the "diversity".

AC Flora Grad

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"Where you live and where you grow up matters."

Wow. They've correlated address to life outcomes. Now let's see 'em do the same with "skin color" in place of "address." When the correlation coefficient is exactly the same (and it's a given that address cannot change skin color), they'll have to accept that address isn't the independent variable in this (i.e., it's not the causative factor in life outcome).

Brian in Ohio said...

It`ll never open. It`s a scam. They`re stealing the any grant money, maxing out the business` line of credit, then bailing.

I hope some DWL who towed the party line about diversity bankrolled these fools and will be left holding the bag... But deep down I know it`ll be YT holding it.

Africans never figured out the wheel...The fucking wheel!!! Who in the hell thought this was a solid business model?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Tobias Benjamin Goode said...

"PLEASE start a film documentary on this mall ..."

It could be shown as one of those time lapse sequences where 2 years are compressed into 30 minutes. The place would deteriorate before the eyes of the viewer, like a time lapse of a dead animal being reduced to bones by scavengers and bacteria.

Anonymous said...

20 stores? In NC we call that a strip mall. I would buy a bullet proof cube and sell them phone cards, sail foams, and Newports. I bet my cube would kill it.

Im anxiously awaiting to see if this ever opens.

Ex Detroiter in NC

Anonymous said...

^^You're a moron. Legalizing pot has nothing to do with the influx of dindus. Thank the Lutherans.

Anonymous said...

Denver Cracker...
I live about 12 miles from this so-called mall. I've never heard of it until now.
When I think of a mall, I think of a large building with plenty of parking surrounding it. This "mall" is on a crappy section of Colfax Avenue in a congested area. There is no parking around this mall. Just an ugly area overall with old, small buildings...many dilapidated.
Something smells fishy about this. Although, if this "mall" opens, the Shrunken Head Store might be a cool shop to visit!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the "FedEx store" was an expression of great African culture.

Guess the invented the photocopier (Kinko's) as well.

Anonymous said...

First, my compliments to "the former Miss Greenbaum and her comments at January 4, 2016 at 8:59 AM It is an excellent analysis of the niqqer mentality and lack of culture. Places like Chinatown , Little Italy, South Philly, and Polish Hill in Pittsburgh attract visitors because there is a culture that is worth seeing and learning about. That cannot be said of the niqqers. As Miss Greenbaum commented that culture is violent immature and animalistic.

An Angry White Man.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I am convinced this whole thing is a racket from top to bottom. First of all the banks are probably too scared to deny financing.

Not to go full conspiracy theorist, but it dawned on me the other day that there must simply be a tacit agreement in place within each sector of real estate. I would assume like any other business, stagnation in sales disrupts cash flow, and for that very reason, stability is in no one's interest. The entire process is designed for constant new development being built.

Just one look at the industries/sectors of the economy who require economic activity in real estate to remain viable : banks who need a constant influx of new loan applicants, sellers of materials who need to supply construction projects, construction firms who need projects to meet their own payroll, developers need to always be designing and developing new areas, architects and engineers need work and demand for their services, real estate sales persons need tons of properties always going up for sale, all the way down to sub-contractors and handy men, etc....

No one prospers if every homeowner and business owner is remaining in place in fully paid off homes and commercial buildings.

So what do they do? In the old days the population growth (of white people in a 90% white nation) was steady enough that there was always enough work and development occurring on its own with no need to artificially intervene. People were excited to build equity into their home, as it was their largest investment.

Now the solution is to move the negroes around the board and thusly create the need of the whites to evacuate, abandon the equity, and build somewhere new. Basically every time you see a new outer ring suburb development going up, you can rest assured that there is a new bus line being approved for an inner ring suburb and that areas where there are older homes that at one time were nice and full of white families and decent schools, but now have elderly who are passing away or are leaving those homes to their children who merely want to sell, creates a climate where the housing price will fall into rental range, and section 8 blacks will be moved in. The local school boards will also redraw their lines to include black areas to maximize the infrastructure since the older white schools aren't at full capacity. This also hastens the evacuation pressures.

Right on cue, a local option, sparkling and brand new, just a little further out has just been built for the whites seeking refuge from their once livable neighborhoods. I have personally watched this "circle of life" regarding neighborhoods play out several times, in several neighborhoods, in several cities, and the lifespan is generally 25 years, with a very noticeable beginning, middle, and end.

Part 1 : The Birth

This is the approval of the development. It will be somewhere with wide lane roads that are under-utilized, generally a state highway. The intersections are built for far more traffic than currently exists, and are pretty much the outskirts of town where things transition from the city and suburbs to farmland and sparse development. New homes will go up, attractively priced, just enough to be out of the range of non-college grads, but not quite luxury. A commercial anchor will be placed at the intersection, usually a nice grocery store, sometimes a massive complex with box stores like Bed, Bath, Beyond, etc... and several large chain restaurants like Applebee's and Olive Garden.


Gwoobus Harmon said...

{from cont.}

The Birth Part II

For about 6 years this part of town will be booming. All of the parking lots will be full, there will be an air of excitement. The schools will be high performance. The homes will be nice. It will look momentarily like Americana. Hearkening images of white teens at drive-ins, white kids playing in safety on their streets, people taking care of their lawns and waving to each other, etc...

This will also simultaneously cause the older shopping centers to hemorrhage their customer base as people would rather shop in the "good part of town." One by one, the stores there will close, putting downward pressure on the adjacent homes, making the new area of town even more alluring as the old one is seen as decaying. It is a pretty nice run!!!

The Middle

Somewhere around the time that the newness has worn off the shopping centers and new homes, and the full transition of capital has been complete, this is now established as the heart of commerce for the city. This is usually around year 8 to 10. A bus line will be built under the reasoning that "the employees" of the restaurants need access to their workplace. Inner city blacks begin coming there in increasing numbers. There is about a 3 to 4 year uneasy wobbling transition at this point, as whites stop coming as rapidly as blacks begin coming.

Usually around year 10 police calls have become somewhat frequent if not routine, but there has finally been a shooting in the parking lot or a wilding by "bored teens." This is the last step to push the commercial real estate over the edge. The grocery store that was the anchor removes its organic section, since it no longer sells. The restaurants are largely empty. One by one, the box stores begin to retreat. Now this is the part of town experiencing downward pressures and it begins to be reflected in the housing prices too.

By year 15, many of the stores have been vacant for years, many of the homes are up for sale, apartments are renting at bottom barrel pricing, most of the capital is in full evacuation, section 8 has moved in, the school board redistricted the local school to include black parts of town, or has closed the local (formerly white) school and drawn the lines so that those in this neighborhood have a new school, in a traditionally black area, where they can now compose under 10% of the student body.

"Luckily" there is a new real estate development in a different part of town, on a different highway, with all bright new shiny stores, homes, and a brand new school !!!! Right on time for those who have serviced the majority of their loan, and can now apply for a new one to finance their move!


Gwoobus Harmon said...

The End

Now firmly black after year 15, everything sinks very rapidly over the next decade. 25 years after its inception, no maintenance is done, the concrete lots are empty, cracked, unlit. Every window is broken, massive bolts and chains on every door, or barbed wire prevents entry to the lot entirely. The giant old decaying shopping center is either converted to a call center, an online college, or is converted to warehouses surrounded by barbed wire, or is razed and left vacant. Occasionally, this will become an area where Mexicans rebuild their own shopping centers, but usually it just goes tits up.

Those once nice homes have also had no maintenance, many are collapsed and in disrepair from its section 8 tenants. Some are flophouses, drug deal shacks, but black children roam unsupervised in diapers at all hours. The apartment complexes are also torn up and shoddy, full of blacks who don't pay rent on time. Shots ring out, etc.... we all have seen this.

The local school is a joke, and the circle of life is complete. Luckily, the replacement place (on the other side of town that YT fled to when this death spiral began) is also now probably in around year 10 of its life, so it is quite ripe and beckoning for this cycle to begin again.


In the meantime, every sector of real estate has experienced activity, demand, and sales. They've all gotten rich by simply moving negroes around the chess board and charging the whites who flee and scatter away from them.

It is in everyone's interest to do it this way, except of course the white laborer who has this happen to him every few years.

10mm AUTO said...

Great comments.

Love the financial, business model and Cargo Cult ideas. You can see why this is such a piece of crap. The seed money (not theirs to give in the first place) is fronted to "open" the mall, with the understanding that with HIGHER sales taxes on food/merchandise, the money will be paid back. The starter businesses (Kiko's,Fed-Ex) are used to get a customer or two in the door with the hope that the Afri-can't businesses will bring in people in droves.

But negros HATE Whites. The sing songs about how they want to shoot them with AK's and rape them. Whites know this and naturally avoid negros. Even the business description enphiasies, not the desire to bring in Whites, but a desire to "celebrate" African dysfunction:

"What is Afrikmall? Afrikmall is a place that Africans living in Colorado can call home, providing a range of business services, as well as cultural, community and social opportunities and events. There are many thousands of Africans living in Colorado, from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and other African countries. What will Afrikmall offer? Afrikmall will provide the best of African business, entertainment, products, services and cultural experience to the general public."

For Africans living in America. There is no desire to have White's (otherwise known as "Americans") enjoy all these things. This mall is built SOLELY for the African in America, paid for by Whitey in America and his tax dollars.

The race dominance is now right out front.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

This mall will follow Chris Rock's rule of black business--"Grand Opening, Grand Closing!"

Robb said...

i'm willing to bet, that before this place ever opens, all of the businesses will get health and safety exceptions from the city of aurora. most likely, any and all insurance will be picked up by the city also.

Anonymous said...

The absurdity of this mall is surreal. Who is the customer base to make Africmall viable? Penniless African refugees? Who will work there? Blacks are still a demographic minority, so will whites work in a just for blacks mall?

We are all living in a new age of McArthyism. The word "commie" used to be thrown around to ruin someone's reputation, now it's "racist". We all have to smile and celebrate a tax payer funded time bomb.

Unknown said...

I've encounter 'conservative feedback' on other blogs. I believe it to be a Hasbara troll always contrarian nonsense.

Anonymous said...

So just another cash scam by...? I did meet some nice Liberians once and they didn't have their lip out or seem to carry that big 2x4 chip on their shoulder like "educated" American blacks. As you can see the jungle is their culture and that's all fine and good but to think a more advanced Euro-culture could ever mesh with such a low-stepped Maslow-stairway peoples is simply foolish and wishful fantasy fulfillment (for self-loathing SJW's and libtard lemmings)thinking.

Sam said...

"There are many thousands of Africans living in Colorado, from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and other African countries."

With all these Africans from all these different African countries you have many different tribes, which may lead to open tribal warfare between all of them. Even within the same countries there are different tribes, who are in a constant state of warfare with each other. Consider the American Africans, constantly at war with each other. Should be interesting.....

Anonymous said...

I went to the opening of Columbia Mall on the Northeast side of Columbia, SC in 1977 and my brother was the first customer at a candy store (which is long gone). At the time, the other malls in Columbia were Dutch Square and Richland Mall. All three of these have pretty much ended up on Amazon and Ebay give you a world of selection without the "diversity".

AC Flora Grad

I grew up in Columbia in the 80's. I too remember what the malls were like without lovely "diversity." I actually went to the Richland Mall right after it opened to sing Xmas carols with my choir. It's sad to see what became of it and just this past November a 36 year old security guard and married father of a 6 mo. old boy was shot and killed by another "vibrant youth" hanging out at the mall around 7 AM. Breaks my heart that poor kid will never know his dad. I believe he was an AC Flora grad as well. How anyone can say that blacks are not a problem population is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

As I recall that special cut of meat was quite a delicacy and was very expensive. Only the very rich royalty and foreign dignitaries dined on it. When asked what it tastes like one replied "Kubutu bathswani rahkum"
When translated "the slow cooked ribs of Uncle Bob.
True story look it up.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...



The negress wants to shop ONLY where White Folk shop so she can feel uppity and "white".

The negro buck will ONLY shoplift where the WHITE WOMEN are. There is no way in hell the negroid will go to an africanized mall if he has to bump up or look at smelly negress cows. He isn't THAT stupid.

Don't worry about it closing in 2 years. Don't worry about a "Grand Closing" will not even open.

Anonymous said...

problem is that the Africans are being given Civil Service jobs over the white Americans. The affirmative action placed black supervisors like the Africans because they are black. what black Americans don't know is that any black from Any country in Africa is a vicious, sneaky, passive aggressive thief that will rob you blind in a heartbeat. they specialize in government grant scams, medicaid and welfare fraud. That's why the Africans need their people on the inside.

rex freeway said...

It's like a comedy skit but it's not funny and Whites have to pay for it. Thanks liberals. If I wanted to waste my money i'll buy scratcher tickets. At least you have a chance to win with them.

GrimmTale said...

@ Gwoobus Harmon
Your Birth-End scenario is extremely insightful, and accurate.

Anonymous said...

That area is commonly referred to as 'Saudi Aurora'.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Russia. That's a diversion. The Russians are laughing themselves silly over what has happened to America. America has been destroyed. The Ruskies don't have to lift a finger as America flushes itself down the toilet. Let's put it this way: if the democrats (communists) succeed in getting White Americans into a conflict with the Russians, American Whites are going over to the Russian side. The Russians will support their own kind (Caucasians) in pulling America back up and out of the jungle. Yes, the war has already started. You lib's sensed this was coming. Now you are the sworn enemy, not the Russians.