Sunday, August 7, 2016

75-Year-Old White Male, who started “Stumping for Trump” bus tour in Alabama, Murdered by Black Male in 'Robbery Gone Wrong'

While looking at photos of family and friends on Facebook, inane updates from individuals I knew long ago in the flesh but presently encounter only courtesy of the Internet, a story caught my eye. 

It was about a white Alabama man murdered in Montgomery. In the photo accompanying the story, he wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat, and in reading about Tommy Shaw's life I quickly learned this 75-year-old man was one of those people who was responsible for keeping alive a small light in a lantern, offering a guide back to the sanity of the past. 
Rest in Peace, Thomas Shaw

He had started a "Stumping for Trump" bus tour, traveling across Alabama to spread a message of hope long derided as racist and xenophobic by our ruling elite, but oh-so-wonderfully accepted as the key to unlocking our salvation in 2016 (for opening the door Trump is daring to knock door sets in motion the instruments of our eventual liberation). 

For as long as Thomas Shaw Jr. lived, and for all the people he touched and the lives he enhanced, his finally breath on earth was extinguished by a 21-year-old black male. 

Shaw was murdered by Corwin Walker over the potential rent money the former was collecting from those renting property he owned. [Well-known businessman killed at work remembered by many in River Region,, August 6, 2016]:
MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - He was known in many circles in the River Region, and now family and friends are preparing to lay Thomas Shaw Jr. to rest.The local businessman, and active Republican, lost his life in a robbery at his Montgomery office this week, and many have stepped forward to pay tribute to him. 
Friends like Perry Hooper Jr. are holding tight to the good times shared with Shaw, a well-known and well-liked entrepreneur. 
“We'd just laugh and cut up and just had so much fun together,” Hooper said. 
“We're going to miss Tommy. We love him. He'd do anything for anybody." 
They started the “Stumping for Trump” bus tour, with Shaw at the wheel. 
"He's been involved in Republican politics for a number of years, working with Fob James to Herman Cain, driving these candidates in his motorcoach all over the state of Alabama. He spent so much time working with us, the Trump campaign in Alabama. We started this movement, the Stumping for Trump bus tours and Tommy drove his motorcoach all over, from the Wiregrass to Auburn. We'd pull up with music playing and t-shirts and Tommy loved it," Hooper said.  
The 75-year-old Wetumpka resident owned and operated Shaw Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning for more than 30 years. He was one of the biggest contractors in Montgomery, with 20 employees. 
Corwin Walker, a 21-year-old black male who murdered Shaw for the few hundred dollars he was carrying...
Several years ago, Shaw retired and went into real estate. He bought and managed about 20 commercial and residential properties in the Montgomery area. 
It was at his office on Highland Avenue where tragedy struck this week. On August 1st, Shaw was fatally stabbed by a man loved ones say set him up to rob him, knowing Shaw was collecting rent money since it was the first of the month. 
Those close to Shaw say he was attacked at night in his car after getting rent payments throughout the day. His attacker then reportedly dragged Shaw's body away from his vehicle searching unsuccessfully for a place to hide it. 
A tenant found Shaw dead the next morning and called police.  
MPD's initial investigation indicated the stabbing stemmed from a robbery attempt, officials confirmed in a press release. 
Corwin Walker, 21, of Montgomery, is charged with "Capital Murder of a Person in a Vehicle from Outside the Vehicle." He is being held without bond in the Montgomery County Detention Facility. 
"It's upset so many people. There are just so many people that Tommy touched from all walks of life and I'm still stunned," Hooper said. "He could talk to anybody. Everyone loved Tommy. He just made people happy. We're going to miss that vibrant spirit." 
Ron Creel was Tommy Shaw's best friend and they spoke every day on the phone, except on the day he was killed. Creel will be giving a eulogy at Shaw's funeral on Sunday. 
"He was a very generous person. I know many stories about how he helped people. He was an awesome, kind person and even with his renters, all of them loved tommy because he got along with everybody," Creel said. "I want everybody to know about the Tommy I knew. He was a special person who was friends to everybody and would help anyone who needed help." 
Creel says Shaw was very patriotic and always very engaged in politics "He wanted to get the best people on office who would do the best job for the people of this state," Creel added. "Donald Trump doesn't know this, but he was Tommy's mentor. And then when he decided to run for president, Tommy just lit up like a Christmas tree." 
Shaw was a founding member of the River Region Republican Club and one of the original members of the River Region Trump Supporters.  
"He generously gave of his time and resources to volunteer for Republican candidates and causes, most recently as an integral member of the Trump Campaign in Alabama. Tommy was always ready to donate and drive his personal bus throughout Alabama and the southeastern states. It is rare to find such a committed and giving person. He will be greatly missed," said Pat Wilson, chairwoman of  the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee. 
Funeral services for Tommy Shaw will be Sunday at Evangel Church on Vaughn Road. Visitation is at 3 p.m. followed by a service at 4 p.m. 
"They wiped out a good man. And his family is beside themselves. It's really a tragedy," Creel said. "I'm going to miss those phone calls every night and us just talking and having fun. That was our relaxation at night after a busy day. We'd look forward to getting on that phone."  
"May his memory forever live in our hearts as we honor Tommy by striving for what is good," added Dan Martin, a friend.
"Donald Trump doesn't know this, but he was Tommy's mentor. And then when he decided to run for president, Tommy just lit up like a Christmas tree..." 

Something about this paragraph is particularly haunting, because Tommy Shaw won't be able experience the feeling of pure joy on this upcoming November 8, 2016, when propagandists for the corporate media will be forced to endure the humiliation of calling the election for Donald J. Trump. 

Trump himself is nothing more than the immunity boost to a system seemingly ravaged by an inoperable cancer, offering us the strength to not only continue fighting, but to realize - most importantly - we are not alone. 

We'll never know the final thoughts that went through the head of Tommy Shaw as he was bludgeoned to death by the black male robbing him, just as we'll never know the final thoughts of Amanda Blackburn or Brittney Watts. 

But is the memory of how they died that we will remember. 

It's my great hope that somehow Donald J. Trump himself reads about Tommy Shaw and the dedication he had toward seeing Mr. Trump elected President of the United; it's my even greater hope Mr. Trump reads about how a black male murdered Shaw, all for the rent money he was carrying. 

Law and order, Mr. Trump: the spirit of Tommy Shaw demands it. Montgomery Alabama news.


Anonymous said...

Wait till Hillary abolishes the 2nd amendment and imports millions of muslims.
You haven't seen anything yet.
Irredeemable? You betcha.

Anonymous said...

Paying rent is a capitalist pig construct and the poor downtrodden noble magic negro was confiscating the rent money as part of reparations.
Forward! The Great Leap Forward. South Africa? Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

Corwin Walker...another one of Margaret Sanger's "human weeds".

So I guess we should be grateful he didn't set the poor man on fire first?

Truth Corps said...

Sooner or later Whites will have their own Emmett Till, (we've had THOUSANDS actually) to rally behind. But it will get MUCH, MUCH worse before the tide starts to turn. Look for a political/ideological movement much like the punk music movement in the 70s and 80s to take hold. When the alt right/race realists assert themselves WITHOUT seeking approval from the mainstream you'll know it's about to implode.

Best be ready. Got preps?

Anonymous said...

Geez how freaking awful. It's our jobs to make this viral. RIP Good Sir and may God Bless your family. Lock n load my friends.

NC Guy

Unknown said...

Donald Trump won't be elected, but that's a Good Thing. He did what needed to be done, but he wouldn't go far enough to cure the Cancer killing US. I expect that like Perot, someone in the GOPe dope brigade will find a way to get him to drop out. Perot was blackmailed by old man Bush of the Traitorous Bush Clan. They had pictures of his daughter cheating on her fiance before her wedding. It was probably a set up, but it got Perot to drop out. Old man Bush and his family will end up regretting it. Perot could have stopped the decline and nipped this globalist cabal in the bud. He could have stopped NAFTA and GATT and the WTO which has denuded America of the Economy necessary to remain a Superpower.
America is dead. Bush, LBJ, JFK, MLK and FDR along with slimy Woodrow Wilson killed it. It won't come back, but we don't need it. Western Civilization is what matters. The US Constitution had a Good Run, but like the Founding Fathers said, it could only work with a Moral and Righteous People. Americans have lost the morality needed to make it work. Our lives will change, but Western Civilization is not dependent on a document or a set of laws. Western Civilization only needs a Majority White Population. The Government Style and Economic System is mostly irrelevant. Socialism didn't work in Venezuela, but it worked extremely well in Scandinavia when it was Completely White. Race is EVERYTHING.

Unknown said...

has someone forwarded this to trump? I'm not sure how to reach him bit if someone knows?

Anonymous said...

Don't hope for law and order, we are not getting Trump. He's down in every swing state, the best we can hope for is something similar to Brexit. The morning of the referendum polls were suggesting "stay" was leading "leave" by 10%.

The think tanks and pollsters were shocked to learn that "stay" lost by two percent and redid their math. They only concluded that "leave" was an anti-PC position and equated to racism, and therefore people lied in the polls. The last hope I have is similar to this effect, but I'm in serious doubt.

I'm prepared for a Hillary presidency, I'm very well armed at this point. It will be an additional four years black dysfunction but there is a silver lining. The blacks will continue to self destruct, despite whoever is in office for the rest of America's lifetime (we do have an expiration date) further proving that legislation and money is no match for nature.

Most of America have absolutely no clue that BLM is largely associated with/endorsed by the democrats. This is an organization that uses violence within our own borders to influence political change.

Funny how Russia keeps trying to hack it's way into American affairs, they are down right stupid. They need a lesson in contemporary American culture; democrats do no wrong, and blacks are held to lower standards.

If they really want to sway the opinion of the public, they should consider hacking into the activists that endorse violence. Expose their hidden agendas and planned demonstrations.

I've never been a fan of Russia, but from my understanding Putin is loved because he acts for Russian interests, no matter where Russians are. Such a foreign concept these days: looking out for Americans.

I might've gone off topic but I don't care. Just wanted to share my thoughts with other realists. I'd love to be proven wrong about my thoughts on a Trump victory. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this story with us Paul, it is a reminder that many of us need to continue carrying the torch. These stories always sadden me because it is always someone who made a positive difference in their community snuffed out by someone who is clearly the opposite- a drain, a liability, and a detriment to their community. I used to be enraged by the lack of empathy, care or concern for others displayed by the negro, but they can't help it and I'm not going to get mad at nature. It was people who introduced the African to the rest of the world- without outside assistance they would be sitting around all day and only bothering themselves.

While I am prepared to deal with reality regardless of the results of the election, at this point the only way I see Hillary winning is through fraud like she did to Sanders. The head of the DNC had to step down for rigging the primary process for Clinton. This and Clinton getting away with the email fiasco and for some reason all the media can focus on is Trumps apparently "bad" week. And the stories that randomly put Hillary 10 points ahead without explanation, basically telling the rest of us to not get our hopes up or even bother to vote.

The way HRC has kowtowed to BLM and every other black grievance group is incredibly pathetic. She is truly BLM's bitch. Why would anyone in their right mind elect someone to such a powerful position when they can't even stand up to the black undertow and take marching orders from them like some kind of whore.

I don't care if every headline week after week tells you that Clinton is X points ahead and that Trump's campaign is on the brink of implosion. Go out and vote anyway, and tell other like-minded people to do so. The more desperate Hillary becomes the more mistakes she is going to make.

Once we find a definitive way to get her pets to eat her, she will be toast. It's time to show her that diversity is a liability, not an asset.

Anonymous said...

I wonder...what this a BLM "hit" on Mr Shaw?

Anonymous said...

Ok...once again...would this sort of crime occurred if sundown towns were still in force? If blacks kept to their side of the tracks? If the cops came down on blacks who looked at a white man the wrong way?

Detroit Refugee said...

I made it to the point in the story where;
He was set up by POS Negroe , because it knew rent was collected (read tax-payers money), 1st of the month. Ok. No.1 rule when one is out there collecting cash money.
A younger bad ass rides with. Armed at that!
My grandfather was the Henry Ford of the Vending Industry in the Formerly Great Motor City. We know how the little mind of Niggs operate, been there done that.
All my gramps & dad's people are alive because they are armed & carry.

We were the victims of armed robbery many times, best story is, Wayne County AA pos's next to our bldg, watched routine for months. They put fellow pos's onto us. Dumb fuck's forced a guy to load up the 20yr old station wagon w bald tires, in a Mi. winter w about $11,000.00 in quarters. A 68 yr old man went out the front door & around bldg with a scoped 30*06, another was dialing police. They were taken 1/4 Mi. away.

Point is, this poor old guy should've known better. I knew YT slumlord on Merritt Islend, Fla., owned rentals inland. Cocoa,Fla. always took his bad MoFo nephew along, .357 too.

R.I.P. old guy

Anonymous said...

Hope they have the death penalty in Alabama.

Racoon said...

I pray to God that Tommy Shaw Jr. is vindicated in his execution by the 21 y.o. black male who bludgeoned him to death.

I pray to God that all of these violent and murderous misfits be repatriated to Liberia or like places, specifically created for the purposes of returning them to their homeland.

I pray to God that Tommy Shaw Jr. rests in peace, and that his family and friends do not exhibit any ill-will towards the poor, unfortunate attacker, who was forced to do what he did as a direct result of his feelings of slabery and exploitation by YT.

Bzzzt. Prayer fail. Your call could not be connected, due to an unexpected number of incoming calls. Please call back again at a later time, or alternatively, stay on line for an estimated 5.33 decades. Your call has been placed in a queue, and we will do our best to connect you in due course.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Every Race Realist should support Planned Parenthood and the Abortion services they provide in the Ghetto. I was a Southern Baptist early in life, so you can see the 180 I made in my thinking about Abortion. Without P.P. there would be 3 or 4 times as many of these criminals around.

Please make your older friends and relatives aware of the danger of being around Blacks, some old Whites that I talk with are very naive and think it can't happen to them because they don't go to "Black Areas". This poor man probably used the same routine for years and this Criminig had been watching and waiting to pounce.

I'm sad that we also lost a rabid Trump Supporter from our ranks. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if at any point in his life, Mr. Shaw ever entertained the idea that he would be murdered by a negro.

I live in a predominately white area of the country, but I still run into negroes, and on occasion, I am required to deal with them for brief periods of time. An interesting phenomenon that I have noticed is that they somehow inherently know that I am aware of what they are. For reference, I will observe other delusional white males interact with the lone negro in the gym. The white males will talk to a negro in a friendly manner and try so very hard to demonstrate that they are not racist. The negro will do its best to entertain the cucks and will even demonstrate its ability to mimic civilized behavior for short periods of time while negotiating a majority white environment.

Invariably, the negro will end up in proximity to me and as soon as it tries to solicit me with some useless banter it sees something in my face that it recognizes, and then I see it revert back to its natural, violent state of being. The change in their behavior is nearly remarkable. They know that they do NOT have me fooled one bit, and because I am not a senior citizen or a punk-ass beeyatch, they walk away. Why others continue to subscribe to the paint-job theory at this point, I have zero ideas.

Anonymous said...

Where are this mans kids? This man who should be honored by his peers and the youth of White men. There is no justice in the courts. No one is going to save you. God will not intercede from heaven to stop your death at the hands of negro's, spurned by kike brainwashing. Justice must be handled by white men. Men who have broken free from the matrix, if you will.

You'll never see this news on TV, and yet you still watching TV? Why are you still flocking to movies like Star Wars, made by non-white men who hate you, with a story to endure white women to blacks. Have you forgotten the women are our future? You fools, you brainwashed lemmings, you dead and dying race. You are being attacked from every angle, yes, but you act like mindless children who cannot help themselves.

YOu cannot reason with a cat, to dissuade it from killing mice. You cannot fight nature. You cannot tell a black to not destroy or kill, it's their nature. Honor and propriety are outside of the negro's comprehension. Why do you still talk with them like they can be reasoned with? Besides, they are not the source of your woes white man.

YOur enemies are, in order, fabians, the gov., hollywood, and negros i.e. Muslims. Just FYI in case your so f'n brainwashed to be believe otherwise.

This is a just war, one we can get behind fully, one worth dying for - the preservation of the white race, and your kids. How many more white grandfathers must die before we wake up? This man will guide his children and grandchildren no more.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I was having a real life discussion with a not yet awaken White yesterday regarding the demographic trends of the United States, specifically how non-white births are outpacing white births and how the average age of Whites in the United States is 46, whereas it is 27 for Hispanics, and 33 for Blacks.

All of this translates to a drastically different future and social composition, which is only just now beginning to be felt. This will really be felt in the next 20 years when the full consequences have made themselves manifest. This will make the nation that most of us grew up in completely unrecognizable, and ensures that it will be virtually unlivable for the current generation of children under the age of 10, as well as future generations.

To have first world living standards and qualities of life, there must be an adequate number of High IQ persons to man the positions upon which first world existences depend. There simply must be enough people possessing the intellectual capacity to graduate Medical School to have an adequate number of doctors to administer health care to service the population. More specifically, there must be enough people possessing the intellectual capacity to serve as **ENGINEERS** (civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, chemical, biomedical, computer, etc...) since each category of engineering and its level and presence is essentially what determines the complexity of a society, and thus the quality of life.

The third world is what it is, because those gene pools generate very few people capable of that level of academic rigor. To the degree that it does, it is without the volume to adequately cover their teeming populations nor undertake large projects. There is no place that is improved by becoming more black, more brown, more Islamic --- NONE --- NO, NOT ONE.

These are serious things to ponder. A number of States have phased Algebra and higher level maths out of their curricula, making them elective courses, because blacks and hispanics fail in such high numbers that it was the only way to graduate them and make them (AA degree) "college eligible."

If these brown and black replacements can't even do Algebra 1 level math, how will a society populated by black and browns ever maintain the level of engineering that this society is built around?

And yet, that is the future our children now face - brown replacements who can't be taught math due to their genome cemented low IQs. So as the infrastructure fails simply due to a lack of qualified engineers to keep everything going, we will slip to Brazil living standards. Sorry, the black engineer/scientist that you see in the TV commercials --- he just doesn't exist.

And these are the only things I can think of when I look at my daughter and see families with kids at the grocery store. They are going to live through this entire thing falling totally apart.

::black pill::

Proudyt said...

Wouldn't it be nice if all his family and friends were allowed to be in a locked room with this pos for just 1 hour.

Lulu said...

God speed and God bless Mr Shaw on your final journey home.

Anonymous said...

It's quite interesting that many people think trump will win some even calling it a landslide. He's down nationally in the polls. He's his own worst enemy. He's enduring a four front attack from the gop establishment, the democrats, "academia" and the media. Finally we've been hit with demographic warfare since the 1960's which has radically altered the makeup and voting style of the general public. It's not 1980 anymore. Hell it's not even 2000 anymore. I remain beyond pessimistic that trump will mount even the most remote showing in November especially as more candidates appear that will siphon votes away. Shit is going to move very rapidly over the next couple of years with that corrupt criminal hag in office.

Anonymous said...

Remember they want you to just give up. The only poll that matters is November 8.
Last time I checked we don't govern by polls.
I am a glass half empty person but I do think that it will get so bad if The Whore of Babylon is elected by rook or crook that the cognitive dissonance and equalocracy fantasies will end up in the trash where they belong.
Whites better learn to stick together and get over this hating of people from another class and throwing around terms like white trash.
That is what troubles me the most no cohesion and no unity among whites.

Anonymous said...

Given the general fiber of the American public these days, they'd probably drop to their knees and start praying for him while telling him they forgive him.

Illisheet said...

I wouldn't worry much about polls right now. So much can change within days. The only polls that matter are the ones closest to the election itself. I wouldn't be concerned until the second or third week of October. Otherwise you make some very valid points!

Anonymous said...

The election polls are all rigged. Trump has mentioned a number of times that the Dems will try and steal the election. Its time to try and think positive, dont let the bastards bring us down. It will be a Trump landslide.

God bless Mr Shaw.


Anonymous said...

OT, To all the white metro Detroit suburbanites who volunteered to clean another blighted, overgrown, ramshackle neighborhood, in the city, last week. Keep this in mind, they can ruin, and filth up an area faster that you can clean it. You can run a cleaning team 24-7-365, and I guaran damn t you, that it will never be solved. The only trash that really needs to be hauled out of Detroit are the residents.

Sick n' Tired said...

As other people pointed out, I know a lot of people who are voting for Trump, people who I thought were liberals, some women I know, etc. I think people aren't as vocal about it because of the way he is portrayed in the media and his supporters are all "white redneck high school dropout racists", but come voting day in the privacy of the voting booth more people will vote for him because they see what's going on, and Hillary for the pandering, criminal hypocrite that she is.

Anonymous said...

He worked for Herman Cain? That explains a lot. Sounds like he was one of those "conservative" anti-racists who thought negroes are just like humans except for the skin color.

Ricky Tucker said...

Trump may not win, but to each of you quoting poll numbers: these polls are the same ones that said he couldn't win (fill in the blank) or win the GOP nomination. The same polls that talk about how well HRC is doing in (fill in the blank) but how many ACTUAL HRC supporters have any of you met? Polls are garbage put out by the same media that tells you there were WMDs in Iraq, that jet fuel melts steel beams, Darren Wilson murdered a gentle giant and DJT is too unstable to control nukes.

Anonymous said...

"... another one of Margaret Sanger's "human weeds""

One often hears this. That's the peculiar power of repetition; to make a lie into the truth merely by saying it over and over again.

The only problem, if anyone cares, is that Sanger never wrote that negroes are human weeds. It's a complete fabrication. Read her writings and you will discover that she's a paintjob theorist who considers race unimportant.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the polls, is that like the claim that unemployment is between 6-8% when almost 95 million people are no longer even looking for work?
Is it like those rosy job numbers such as 255,000 jobs added in July when we all know the economy is frozen in place?
Speaking of historic the mongrel messiah will be the first president to never deliver 3% GDP.
Who answers polls? People who are home in the daytime.
My grammaw used to answer them all because she was home in the daytime.
Eventually they started calling right at dinner or on Sunday and that was the end of that.
She was a democrat voter up until sobama because she remembered 70 years ago when they helped grampaw with hours and wages.
That democrat party is long gone and won't be coming back.

Steve Smith said...

I am originally from Merritt Island.

When you go to Cocoa, you Have to be armed. No if, ands, or buts.

Friend of the family owned a pool hall in Cocoa (you may even know which one). One night the local nigs thought it would be a good idea to rob and kidnap him. Learned the error of their ways very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Welly, welly, well:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the silver lining to this poor man's passing is that his friends who might have not voted for Trump will do so to honor their fallen friend, because it's what he would have wanted.

Anonymous said...

Re Gwoobus Harmon
It is simple, really.
We lose.
The Chinese win. If you want to, listen to Richard Lynn on Eugenics - it's on YouTube. A questioner from the audience asks why RL thinks the Chinese rule will be so great...given it is not a " democracy ". Lynn almost laughs and simply points out that a good way to think about the issue is to ask yourself what life today would be like if China didn't exist.
He more or less abruptly concludes that China will gain world leadership and once it has it will never lose it.
The iq gap is real and is not going away.
The issue du jour for America in the latter half of the 21st is how we will manage our decline; it isn't a small question. We've climbed the how do we descend safely? It is said that descent in mountaineering is the most dangerous maneuver. I agree; think of how difficult it will be to control the anger and lunacy of black America when the EBT card dries up.
Actually I think of this election as the first election of the Declinist Age. The lack of respect in the media towards Trump and whites in general is slowly giving way to the non-stop victory fest in November. The delusions about American Greatness under the Progressive Party will be suffocatingly thick afterwards. By the year 2020 it should be clear once much of Detroit is being bulldozed that the American Industrial Age is over. Maybe Tesla Inc. can make a dent if it's able to survive Asian competition.

Anonymous said...

Re the polls:
I read an article about a group that did their own independent polling. They polled 1000 people in each state. 33% Dem, 33% Repub, 34% Independent.

The results:
Trump 62%
Hill 19%
other 4%

Trump fills stadiums, Hill can't fill a gymnasium. Has Hill even used a stadium?

Trump's Americanism theme resonates across racial and ethnic lines.
Hill's theme is "your failure is due to white people", I suppose. (haven't really figured out what her message is)

It's going to be really embarrassing for a lot of lefties come November.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the CB radio code for Montgomery used by truckers has always been "Monkeytown".

Anonymous said...

Eddie in St. Louis wrote "Every Race Realist should support Planned Parenthood and the Abortion services they provide in the Ghetto. I was a Southern Baptist early in life, so you can see the 180 I made in my thinking about Abortion. Without P.P. there would be 3 or 4 times as many of these criminals around." Therefore Eddie every race realist should support Hillary Clinton for president! The Clinton's administration put more blacks in jail with their crime bill, Hillary called blacks super predators, plus she supported Margaret Sanger and her eugenics. Shaw is another one of Margaret Sanger's "human weeds"!

Jesse Lee Peterson says that most blacks lack morals, they're born out of wedlock and raise by their mothers. He also say that the mothers and grandmothers instill hate in their children's hearts. He believes this is the reason for so much crimes are committed by blacks. Peterson says before the 1960's black was not as violent as they are today, because there were more fathers in the home.

Donald Trump will actually be better for blacks than Hillary Clinton! My two cents for the day!

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

PG Farnsworth We have just completed our own poll since we cannot get factual information from the mainstream media!! We called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and presidential pick.

Economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two.

Presidential pick was Trump by a large percentage.

Trump 33478 votes 67%

Clinton 9788 Votes 19%

Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%

My friends and I are all Graduate students from all walks of life we meet to discuss stuff. 13 people who like and have served in the Military. It took us most of two weeks to be sure our calls were to all people and not just one party or an other we called Americans.. our poll is by taking registered voter lists and we accumulated 33% repub, 33% dems and 34% ind.. our poll consisted of 1000 calls per state. all 50 states. 50,000 people are in this poll not the 100 like other polls.

Unknown said...

Some posters here seem to believe "the polls".
((( They ))) are lying straight up!

Anonymous said...

We may have lost one good soul,  but the only silver lining I can see in the death of Mr. Tommy Shaw is that he had younger relatives who were voting for the opposition who will be rethinking some things. He may have had peers who will be rethinking their positions.  He may have many people who never knew him who will remember this story come Election Day.

Some people will remember this come Election Day because YOU made this story known to them. Go to the original link and forward that on social media.  If you have an email list you subscribe to,  do a "pardon me for posting an off topic" thing...  Post the link, and paste the text underneath. Make it seen!

Print ten copies of this article and put them where other Whites will see it. Perhaps a local doughnut shop where the 5:30AM crowd will see it. Early risers do so out of habit, they are older White people who may not be on the internet. They may not know a thing about the Internet because they retired before it became ubiquitous!

Make people see this.

Anonymous said...

They do. It's called living in Alabama. I heard out was a once safe place to live some years back...

Unknown said...

RIP to this poor man, but his is a cautionary tale. Being a slumlord to the "underprivileged" is foolish. You will have to work very hard to collect rent you are owed and risk your life every single time doing it. There are safer and easier ways to make a buck.

Anonymous said...

'..most blacks lack morals, they're born out of wedlock and raise by the taxpayers via school, ebt, prison, etc'
Fixed that for you.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...this be wayciss:

Anonymous said...

Minnesota minorities can get their freebies in a convenient bundle:

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The Clinton syndicate is floundering, and any realist knows it. They are grasping at straws when it comes to public perception, all the while working on devious behind the scenes rigging of the electoral process.

Fully expect the media to be exploited further in the coming weeks to villify Trump and sanctify Clinton. Like Obama said of a Republican candidate "You can put lipstick on a pig, but you still got a pig". Yeah, he really respects women, huh liberals?

The press is really going crazy trying to smear his family. Who the hell cares if a beautiful woman posed nude? At least she didn't make black on white porn shots, like Obama's mom did.The media carefully tip toes around that. For that matter, there's plenty of good evidence Michelle has reasons beyond modesty for covering up. There's several misfortunate wardrobe choices that reveal the large bulge in her crotch.

People have had enough of the death spiral this dumpster fire of an administration has put this country in, and don't want the Clinton dog and pony show under any circumstance. It's well past time by at least four years to throw out the trash and put this house back in order.

Anonymous said...

If this is true you may have just made my month. Sorry for being pessimistic but I have a feeling they'll steal this one just like '12. Romney too was selling out stadiums and Obama was getting a low turnout. But election day showed quite another story. if history repeats then better get ready to buy lots of ammo

Anonymous said...

A number of States have phased Algebra and higher level maths out of their curricula

The last private school where I worked in metro Atlanta was in an area that was transitioning to majority black, so the owner/principal did that very thing. She channeled all the juniors and seniors into what she called "consumer math", which taught kids how to balance their checkbooks and buy a car, basically. But it satisfied minimum state math requirements, made them eligible for graduation, AND brought up the school's overall GPA. It was a joke. As the English teacher, I stayed after school to tutor the worst kids who needed help comprehending novels written at a 5th grade level.

Anonymous said...

Steve smith& Detroit refugee, both of you are cowards!!!

Mr. Rational said...

Polls are garbage put out by the same media that tells you there were WMDs in Iraq, that jet fuel melts steel beams....

Will you stop with the idiot Troofer memes?  Search and you WILL find many incidents where petroleum fires have collapsed steel-beam-supported bridges (one of them wiped out a major I-75 bridge so close to me I drove there just to gawk).  Repeating that is like SJW virtue-signalling:  it signals that you want to fit in and have no critical faculties to speak of.

Sanger never wrote that negroes are human weeds. It's a complete fabrication. Read her writings and you will discover that she's a paintjob theorist who considers race unimportant.

Unless you consider "poor" a racist dog-whistle.

He more or less abruptly concludes that China will gain world leadership and once it has it will never lose it.

How did China lose world leadership in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Never Trump Always Hillary rats trot out obscure former CIA officer to act as a disruptor:

Now if Trump is doing so bad in the polls why is some Criminals In Action rat needed to...act as a disruptor who they hope can peel off some red states in a race where some Republicans are still resistant to Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

Even if the Trumpster loses if he destroys the GOPe cucks in the process he will be a winner and will have done the country a great service.
Come November even if he loses he'll still be rich and still be with that sultry Slovenian hottie.


Anonymous said...

I think this is going to be one of those elections where the exit polls will surprise the media.

I think a lot of Whites will say they are voting for Clinton but vote Trump when they are in the booth.

The only two groups that Democrats can count on are boomers and college educated Whites that don't live near Blacks and haven't figured out that paint theory is a lie.

Anonymous said...

My "Hillary For Prison" and "Trump / Pence 2016" t-shirts arrived today. I will proudly wear them in Mr. Shaw's (and future casualties) memory. I work in a highly infested environment. Should get interesting. As for the polls, I'll borrow a quote from 1980's Dinduology.....


Proudyt said...

Maybe,but I know what MY family and friends would do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe abortion does get rid of a lot of black births, but what would get rid of even more, is turning off the welfare spigot. To anonymous at 10:59 am. What?????? Please explain your statement.

Anonymous said...

When the West falls by the wayside, a victim of self-inflicted wounds, The Chinese, and other Asians will carry modern civilization forward, however that will evolve.

Anonymous said...

What fantasy are you following? Sanger was a blatant racial hygienist

Steady Steve said...

Proof once again that to make America great again we need negro control, not gun control.

PB said...

"I think this is going to be one of those elections where the exit polls will surprise the media."

I think it'll be more like 2000 where the exit polls don't match the actual poll result, so the media stops doing exit polling.

PB said...

"There simply must be enough people possessing the intellectual capacity to graduate Medical School to have an adequate number of doctors to administer health care to service the population."

This would be so, were the very professions (medicine is a great example) not being dumbed-down to a the level of administering a set of check-box criteria, with critical and independent thought carefully excluded under threat of legal/professional body sanction. With AA practices everywhere now, you can probably understand why this is happening.

PB said...

"It's going to be really embarrassing for a lot of lefties come November."

Its not about how you vote, its about how your vote is counted. Your assumption of free and fair elections no longer holds in the digital era.

Brian in Ohio said...

Polls conducted by the media, like everything else they say, are complete bullshit.

Stay alert, stay alive.


Why did this White Man NOT have a gun with him?

Did he constantly look about while going through his day? I always am looking. Always.

Did he spot the negro and not become aware and put his hand on his gun that should be under every White Man's shirt?

I don't blame the negro for doing what the negro does. Rob and Kill. I blame the White Man for NOT doing what a White Man should do....always be looking for that negro sulking about. A negro HAS NO REASON to be out an about, so if you spot one, it is only trouble. A negro has no purpose other than to steal from anybody else and an elderly UNARMED White Man is the perfect target. This negro knew his feeding area.

The negro outsmarted the White Man...again.



Anonymous said...

Sanger never wrote that negroes are human weeds. It's a complete fabrication. Read her writings and you will discover that she's a paintjob theorist who considers race unimportant.

Unless you consider "poor" a racist dog-whistle.

It wasn't for her. Sanger was an early version of the modern feminist, an it's obvious if you read her books that she didn't give two f*cks for the white race as such. In fact, she never even mentions racial matters. When Sanger talks about "improving the race", she's always referring to the whole human race, in which she includes negroes.

Also, remember that at the time she was active, the country was 90% white; in other words, her efforts were necessarily mainly directed at the prevention of more whites from being born, since they comprised the vast bulk of the poor. Sanger is always primarily concerned with limiting human suffering. She has nothing against the poor per se; it's just that she doesn't want them to suffer more than they need to by having more mouths to feed. She wasn't even in favor of abortion, which remained illegal in the United States until well after her death. She only wanted to spread information about contraception, but that was illegal back then.

The Sanger-as-racist lie has been popularized by that astoundingly brazen liar Alex Jones, who always mentions her name so he can weep buckets of tears over the millions of aborted negro fetuses that Planned Parenthood has helped create. He no doubt gets a good laugh at the expense of all the credulous goobers that believe his lies and send him their money.

Steve Smith said...

Oh?!? Sure about that, cupcake? Some of us can walk the walk. How about you?

Anonymous said...

I have to echo Joshua Sinistar's comment:

Western Civilization only needs a Majority White Population. The Government Style and Economic System is mostly irrelevant. Socialism didn't work in Venezuela, but it worked extremely well in Scandinavia when it was Completely White. Race is EVERYTHING.

On the other hand, I must say I am incredibly disappointed to see so many of you (including Sinistar) informing us that Trump will lose. What do you hope to achieve? To persuade the other readers here not to even bother to vote and to spread the message to their friends? Michael Moore wrote a piece not long ago saying that a Trump presidency is inevitable. Add to that millions of hidden Trump supporters like myself who are not about to go out of their way to inform their liberal friends and families of our voting choices, let alone wear a Trump shirt or other regalia even in conservative areas.

You are severely underestimating the population of this country and falling for the exact trap that Clinton and Co. have laid out for us.

If people like you not only sit around and do nothing, but actively ENCOURAGE other whites to embrace defeat then you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well, nobody with half a brain believes the msm manipulated polls. Did you even watch any of the DNC last week? The vast majority attending were very pissed off Bern supporters who wont be voting for Killary. The only way she's taking top spot, is if she blatantly cheats again. That's if she doesn't drop dead from all the stds Bill gave her.

Anonymous said...

Well said. It's so sad that people still believe this junk.

Anonymous said...

Try finding anyone outside of California and Martha's Vineyard with a Clinton sign on the lawn or bumper sticker on their car? I've yet to see one, and I've been through many states recently.

Anonymous said...

Trump supporter in NYC-Staten Island has giant yard sign burned by vandals:

“If this was about my religion or if I was gay, this would be a hate crime,” he said. “That someone can walk up, set a fire, burn my property and put my family in danger — it’s crazy not to make this a hate crime.”

Anonymous said...

Blacks are easily controlled. The problem is the people controlling are inciting them to believe their victim status, while brainwashing whites to accept their white guilt and further the black victim narrative. It's classic divide and conquer. Focusing on the blacks is like focusing on the dog that is mauling you instead of concentrating on the animals master. I could expand much deeper but I will leave it there and wait to see other comments.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the most telling lines from this article. Note how the program has shown that it isn't actually helping in the way is supposed to, but its "success" is measured in unquantifiable ways and that is growing. Cancer doesn't help you, though perhaps in an unquantifiable way even though it can be proven to be growing. Here is a quick quote of the original:

Standardized test scores for the four elementary schools participating in the Promise Neighborhood have shown mixed results and continue to lag behind the school district as a whole.

But parents, educators, community members and political leaders said they have seen unquantifiable changes, such as students who are better prepared to learn, parents who are more confident, and stronger community ties.

They pointed to data other than test scores to show the program’s impact. It has grown from helping 127 children in 2012 to 1,951 this year, Promise Neighborhood Director Muneer Karcher-Ramos said.

Proudyt said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking. - Lily

Bud said...

What turned me onto Trump is when he was asked "what are the most dangerous cities in the world?". His reply was Ferguson and Oakland.
My wife is Chinese and I take no offense to the comments here. She only cares about making money. This is the only country where you can start from nothing. Please keep that in mind.
Her Uncle was in Dallas when hail storm came. His insurance gave him $8K. A few weeks later a Mexican offered to take care of the roofs in the neighborhood. He did one roof and Uncle lost $4K trusting this guy that asked for 50% up front.
I support Planned Parenthood 100%.
Speaking for myself, I think it would be a different US without video cameras.

Johnny See said...

This is such a great soup: of like minded, on-topic thought. I love reading all of your comments.

Here's mine:

Tommy Shaw was a patriot who stood up for what he thought was right. I agree. Vote Trump!

Either way, this election will make history; possibly, as one earlier commenter said, because it is the beginning of our declinist age.

For now, grab a beer and pop some corn.

I saw another opinion on why it will make history:

If Hillary wins, it will be the first time that two presidents will sleep in the same house. (bed?)
If Trump wins, it will be the first time a billionaire moves into public housing vacated by a black family.

PB said...

“If this was about my religion or if I was gay, this would be a hate crime,”

He's right, and it says volumes about the stupidity of legislating a form of subjectively determined inequality into an already adequately objective criminal code. This is why a White Cop shooting a deserving Nog in the line of duty is a murderer in a uniform, yet if Nog kills Nog over the issue of chicken wing equity, its "shots rang out" at dinner gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here following the Olympics?

Apearently our super diverse men's basketball team is already making our country proud:

Married men representing the U.S. in front of the world and the first thing they do is look for high-end hookers- er, I mean they were just looking for a spa.

This is after they dismissed their accommodations as inadequate and leased a giant cruise-liner instead, complete with the works.

Besides the bastion of decency that is the U.S. bakkaball team, I have my eye on Caster Semenya, a South African "woman" who talks, walks, looks like a man, complete with Adam's apple, no breasts or wide hips and who is smashing women's records. And of course "she" is a "lesbian" and married a woman. Also "she" has internal testes and no ovaries.

Must be great training your whole life to be the best female athlete in the world at your sport only to be contending in a man in drag who makes all of your efforts pointless.

Not to be outdone, the U.S. women's basketball team has a star named Brittney Griner, another black man in drag playing as a woman. Look up youtube footage on either of these "women" and you will see what I mean.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Of course the media are pushing the narrative that Trump is behind in the polls. That's the only way they can come up with a plausible explanation for Hildebeast winnng when the polling machines are rigged, and the electoral college is scared shirtless their gravy train is coming to an end, or the Clinton crime clan will anonymously leak their dirty dealing to their constituency.

Have you noticed the Clinton campaign has been projecting their flaws onto the Trump campaign? Unsuccessfully, I might add. First they tried to play the Trump staff as imploding, bad moral, etc.,etc. Then lo and behold, the Clinton staff falls part, shake up after scandal ridden shake up. Staff members replaced, relocated, even murdered in the case of DNC member Seth Rich. Everybody who thinks Seth was assassinated before he could talk to the FBI raise your hand.

Then there was that eternal buffoon Harry Reid saying Trump couldn't be trusted with CIA briefings, and should be given false information. This the same Harry Reid who had a damaged eye from an elastic band breaking on an exercise machine. Was the real story he got into a alcohol fueled argument over Thanksgiving with brother Larry, and said brother righteously punched him in the eye. Attendees at an AA meeting in Las Vegas say yes. Liar liar pants on fire! As l would like to hear Clint Eastwood say in his Dirty Harry voice, "A man's got to know his limitations".

Lastly, the Clinton's opinion that Trump couldn't be trusted with state secrets. Bwa ha ha ha ha. We saw how that worked out for her. Even got an agent in Iran executed. The whole Democratic party, and most of the Republican, are a walking Merck Manual of Mental Disorders. Maybe they can have hopefully soon to be ex-senator Al Franken on a very special Jeopardy show soon. I I'll take delusional ideation, with delusions of grandeur for 500 Alex. Okay, who was the last black president of the USA, for $500.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I have a Clinton sign in my front yard. It says "Hillary for Prison, 2016". Quite a few of them on my street, yet no one fools with them. Could have something to do with all the pickups with gun racks and Gadsden flags up on flagpoles.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks are easily controlled. The problem is the people controlling are inciting them to believe their victim status, while brainwashing whites to accept their white guilt and further the black victim narrative."

This is actually an anti-Darwinian perspective that imagines that but for someone to stir up trouble between them, blacks and whites would be living peacefully together in harmony and brotherhood. It's a view of the world designed to appeal to anti-racists and Christians (but I repeat myself), who are also anti-Darwinian. But the truth is blacks don't need to be incited to hate whites. They do it instinctively. In a Darwinian world of limited resources, constant struggle is the nature of existence. Blacks and whites will always be at odds because they have competing interests. It's a racial fight to the death of one or the other.

Anonymous said...

While I'm angry that such a fine man has lost his life due to the Black Plague.
In the end he only has himself to blame. He broke rule number one in the survival guide.
Rule one states: stay away from negroes at all cost. Make no friendships or business dealings with negroes.
Had he lived by this rule he would be alive and well today.

Another Guy in Florida said...

Amazing and frightening description of the future. Unfortunately, everything you said is true.

Unknown said...

Sorry to disillusion you but the system is rigged. Perot was right when he ran against Bush and Bush had his CIA pals blackmail him into dropping out with pictures of his daughter cheating on her fiance they threatened to show him before the wedding. Many people still wonder why he dropped out and later came back. He came back after the wedding, but by that time the media had set him up as a fake and phony and he wasn't competitive anymore. Trump is rich like Perot, so I expect a similar tactic. They won't let him run and win. He's not too different and not really a serious threat to the status quo, but just the fact they can't control him completely is enough to bring them into panic mode. Remember how they vilified Reagan? How they called him an extremist and said his policies would cause WWIII. Same broken record here. When he won, Reagan got shot. Recently someone found an old photo of the gunman with the Bush Family at home. He's just been released. They will stop at nothing to stop anyone from preventing the mongrelizing of America. Any White nation is perceived as a threat. Europe is being invaded every day with military ships "rescuing" stranded invaders and carrying them to their destination to rape and loot Europe. There is only one way this ends. The Founding Fathers knew that one day this would happen. Morality is a precious commodity. Only a moral nation can use the US Constitution. Its obvious it cannot work for any other.

Anonymous said...

Did you use random digit dialing? Did you call in the morning, afternoon, night or weekends? If so you might be on to something. I read numerous articles when I was a student of public policy and statistics, those measures can help increase accuracy in your findings by conducting polls via phone.

Bird of Paradise said...

A message for Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton how many black babies are being aborted under Obamacare?

Racoon said...

Anony @ 8:10 a.m. says: "The only problem, if anyone cares, is that Sanger never wrote that negroes are human weeds. It's a complete fabrication. Read her writings and you will discover that she's a paintjob theorist who considers race unimportant."

I have actually read St Margaret's writings, and this is what she said about the Australian Aborigine:

Margaret Sanger, "What Every Girl Should Know: Sexual Impulses--Part II," 29 Dec 1912.
Published article. Source: New York Call, Dec. 29, 1912 , Margaret Sanger Microfilm C16:0046

"It is said a fish as large as a man has a brain no larger than the kernel of an almond. In all fish and reptiles where there is no great brain development, there is also no conscious sexual control. The lower down in the scale of human development we go the less sexual control we find. It is said that the aboriginal Australian, the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development, has so little sexual control that police authority alone prevents him from obtaining sexual satisfaction on the streets. According to one writer, the rapist has just enough brain development to raise him above the animal, but like the animal, when in heat knows no law except nature which impels him to procreate whatever the result. Every normal man and Woman has the power to control and direct his sexual impulse. Men and women who have it in control and constantly use their brain cells in thinking deeply, are never sensual."

Seriously, a fabrication? Saint Margaret got it completely correct!

Anonymous said...

Well said Centurion. And that is the gist of it.

Baby Things said...


Anonymous said...

The future is black

Hick'ry Stick said...

"Blacks are easily controlled. The problem is the people controlling are inciting them to believe their victim status, while brainwashing whites to accept their white guilt and further the black victim narrative."

"But the truth is blacks don't need to be incited to hate whites."

Both views are valid. The first focuses on the strategy of the "owner."
The second, on the nature of the "dog."

Anonymous said...

"Seriously, a fabrication? Saint Margaret got it completely correct!"

Your quote is legitimate, but it says nothing about American negroes (who are a separate race from Australian aborigines) being "human weeds", which was the point at issue. I think this may be the only legitimate Sanger quote anyone can come up with regarding race. The human weeds quote is fabricated, and I guess you couldn't find a legitimate source for that one either, or you would have provided it.

Sanger a saint? I never said she was. But she's also much lied about. She may have shared the prejudices of her era on a few things, and she definitely was an evolutionist and a eugenicist (very unpopular views, even today), but "preserving the white race" was never a concern of hers.

ruckus said...

Theres only two political signs out in my town. Both are for trump. I have yet to see any fanfare for hilary. My neighbors are all trump supporters but refuse to put signs out because they dont want to be "targeted"... which, sadly, is a possibility.

Anonymous said...

"Both views are valid. The first focuses on the strategy of the "owner."
The second, on the nature of the "dog.""

Placing the focus on the "owner" erroneously makes it seem as if no fighting would take place except for him. It's just a conspiracy theory designed to distract. But if two races are fighting and have always been fighting, and always will be, it's hard to see how a "strategy" to incite them to fight is of any use. Nobody needs to incite wolves to kill sheep.

Anonymous said...

I live on the southwest side of Chicago by Midway airport (very Democratic and union) and I don't know anybody voting for hillary and yes she is going to cheat her big fat pantsuit wearing ass off

Unknown said...

Cut the red tape execute the pig.

Sol Grundy said...

This has yet to receive ANY coverage on, Alabama's rag of a newspaper. I looked. White lives don't matter to people pushing their own left-wing narrative that excuses black behaviour while vilifying anyone with contrary views.