Monday, August 15, 2016

His Name is Officer Tim Smith: White Officer Murdered by Black Criminal, but Atlanta Journal Constitution and Georgia Bureau of Investigation Assure Us it Wasn't Racial in Nature...

We promise, cross-our-heart-hope-to-die-stick-a-needle-in-our-eye, race had nothing to do with the murder of Officer Tim Smith. It's just coincidence Officer Tim Smith was white and Royheem Deeds is black. 


We swear. 
Rest in Peace Officer Tim Smith

We swear. [GBI: Fatal police shooting does not appear to be ambush,, August 15, 2016]:

The weekend shooting death of a police officer in this middle Georgia city does not appear to be a racially motivated ambush, law enforcement officials said today as they prepared to bring the alleged gunman back to the state. 
Investigators don’t believe Royheem Deeds laid a trap for Officer Tim Smith, Scott Whitley, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 
“There’s no evidence pointing to that right now,” Whitley said Monday morning. 
“We’re not dispelling that (theory), but it doesn’t look that way at the moment.” 
Deeds is an African-American; Smith, white – a fact that underscores tensions between police departments and people of color in cities across the country.  
Deadly shootings targeting police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge last month have law enforcement on edge. Those ambush-style shootings came after police killed two black civilians, one in Minneapolis and the other in Baton Rouge. 
The Eastman shooting occurred around 9:30 p.m. Saturday. It took place downtown, hardly a stone’s throw from the police department. 
Why did the Atlanta Journal Constitution abandon the original headline? 
Police, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and the GBI quickly identified a suspect – Deeds, 24. Officials in Nassau County, Fla., arrested him Monday during a 1:30 a.m. traffic stop. He’d traveled about 140 miles. 
Deeds was found hiding in his sister’s trunk during a traffic stop, a Florida sheriff said. Deputies found him after they received a call about a suspicious vehicle, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said during a news conference Monday. They stopped the car as it was heading to Gainesville on U.S. 1 and Teston Lane. 
With Deeds was his sister, Franshawn Deeds, 24, of Lumber City; and her boyfriend, Jamil Mitchell, 32, also of Lumber City, police said. They are Telfair County residents, and will be extradited there, police said. 
Dodge County deputies plan to bring Royheem Deeds back to Eastman today to face a murder charge. Meantime, they, and every other cop in Dodge County, are wearing badges bearing a black band to commemorate Smith, who would have turned 32 today. All over town, flags are flying at half-staff.
Who could forget five white cops were executed by a black male in Dallas back in July? .

Apparently the mainstream media, which continues to justify America being held hostage by Black Lives Matter terrorist on the faulty logic some black criminal failed to cooperate with police and was gunned down in places like Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, Chicago and most recently, Milwaukee. 

The mainstream media, funded entirely by Fortune 500 committed entirely to globalism through advertising payouts, has firmly sided with aiding Black Lives Matter in its quest to agitate a white person to retaliate against those holding America hostage. 

What's funny though, is the Atlanta Journal Constitution slipped here, because the initial title for this story revealed the truth of the attack (instead of concealing what actually happened). The original title read: GBI: Racial ambush not likely in fatal police shooting.

Why change it to GBI: Fatal police shooting does not appear to be ambush?

Because white people must never question the narrative of the all-powerful, benevolent, victim of eternal white racism, the esteemed, irreplaceable asset we know as the black race.

Because once white people begin to realize individual blacks collectively make up America's greatest liability, the reality of why Jim Crow was once constructed by our ancestors will be so obvious as to embarrass forever those who ever condemned it (and suffered the white guilt nearly drowning our civilization in the process).

To learn more about the real racial history of Atlanta, check out Black Mecca Down.


Anonymous said...

I want to start a band called "Bull Connor." All the shirts with his face on them and a quote on the back. Stickers with his image on them. I'd go as far to make "what would BC do" shirts. Just a thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Man this whole situation really is a powder keg getting ready to blow. I know all the White officers talk about this, and to their families too. When do they fight back? How? It's time for real actual adult men with some balls to take charge, and it starts at the top. Strength and force is the only way to get respect in the jungle... RIP Officer Smith, may God help your family, and see to it Mr. Deeds gets a painful exit out of this world.

Speaking of fighting back, I stumbled across an article today that shows one small way of sticking it to political correctness. Hope they reach their objective and soon.

Noticed a few NC boys 'n girls on here. A beautiful and proud state being overrun by liberal yankees (especially the coast), sjw's, dwl's, and the usual dark tide in spots. With the population growth comes more emphasis on our votes, and federal over turning of our voter ID laws. Buckle up folks, a rough ride is ahead.

God Bless and lock n load

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

What is ignored is that all of the black criminals who were killed by cops were killed BECAUSE OF THEIR ACTIONS- police officers were just doing their jobs, attempting to keep their communities safe and lawful and had no choice but to make the split second decision to kill.

All of the cops that have been killed have been MURDERED. They were killed not for their actions, but because of their race and/or profession.

Extremely huge difference but don't tell that to Black Lives Murder.

I can think of very few situations where "defending yourself" against police using a gun is ever justified or the most rational choice to make. If you surrender and lay on the ground and they still shoot you they are in for a WORLD of sht.

And as a little aside, is it common for black people to have lips that protrude further from their faces than their noses do? Incredibly unsettling picture.

And finally, if you haven't heard the news yet, MLK Jr.'s famous freeloading progeny just won the right to pawn off his most famous possessions- you remember, the kids that MLK Jr. hoped would one day be judged by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin? All they had to do is not be greedy moochers to prove their father's words correct- I guess that was WAY too much to ask. They can make money appear out of thin air by giving half-@ssed speeches, but for some reason the King Foundation is on the verge of insolvency. I wonder what kind of drug habit each of them must keep to blow through that much money and goodwill in a single generation.

I'm so glad that the masses (not just white) are finally waking up and calling the media and BRA on their hypocritical bullsh@t. I was wondering how long they could keep the racial narrative going before it all fell apart like a house of cards.

Bird of Paradise said...

The ATLANTA URINAL/CONSTIPATION just another liberal leftists news rag that needs to be boycotted let this rag go the way of NEWSREEK let the New York Slimes do the way of the dinosur EXTINCT

Anonymous said...

Where black criminals ambushing white police officers back when there were sundown towns? When blacks were required to rise on the back of the bus? When Bull Connor was commissioner of public safety?

What has changed since those days?


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but there is something I almost missed about the Milwaukee riots- because many news outlets purposely mislead readers. It concerns Sylville Smith's sister, Sherelle Smith.

If you follow the news you have undoubtedly seen headlines about Smith's family and how they seek to quell the violence, as it "don't solve nothin'".

Case in point:

Sylville Smith's sister, Sherelle Smith, said burning things down "ain't going to help nothing."

The reality and full quote?

“Burning down shit ain’t gonna help nothin’,” yells Sherelle Smith.“You’re burnin’ down shit we need in our community.”“Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down!” she demands.“We need our shit! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!”

Interestingly enough, some even went halfway and changed "suburbs" to "further out".

I knew that the mainstream media was biased, but this one was so underhandedly played I started to see red. They deliberately reframed a call for more violence (against whites in the suburbs) into a call for peace.

It wasn't until reading through other realist sites that I even saw this fact pointed out.


Anonymous said...

Good new everyone! The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore just got CANCELLED!!!

"Comedy Central on Monday announced that it has canceled The Nightly Show, temporarily replacing the Larry Wilmore-hosted 11:30 p.m. entry with Chris Hardwick's @Midnight, effective Thursday."

I would link some articles, but everyone that I have seen eludes to this as being a "tragedy" and that he will be missed. Comedy Central had an incredibly popular and funny show run hosted by a white guy and handed it over to a racist, unfunny, and completely undeserving black man and got completely predictable results. True to form, mainstream media can't come out and say that his show sucked and was unpopular- they have to praise him as being a trailblazer and visionary comic. If he was so great, why did ratings plunge and the show get canceled? Maybe, just maybe the majority white audience was turned off by a host who framed everything in terms of race and turned a once funny time slot into his personal soapbox?

And this is the show that when I looked up the ratings recently, was given a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Not 85%, or 90%- but a perfect 100%

Here is how the president of the network framed it:

The Nightly Show, network president Kent Alterman said, hadn't connected with Comedy Central's audience "both in the linear channel and in terms of multi-platform outlets and with shareable content and on social platforms as well."

Or in plain English, the show turned off white viewers because it wasn't funny and had a blatant racial agenda.

I'm just amazed at how quickly it fell, it's basically effective immediately.

Maybe telling black people the truth every once in a while would help them fail less and actually learn from their mistakes? Nah, that would be racist.

Anonymous said...

Monster, plain and simple.

And there are tens of thousands of filthy n*ggers out there even WORSE than that Bantu, and preparing to kill. We have years ahead of us of killings like this; authorities are just barely keeping a lid on it. Prepare to be forced to live with these violent freaks for the rest of your life...

Anonymous said...

It's starting to become a bit more obvious...

Earl Turner said...

It was racial. And the blacks around here are all celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair and let's be honest. White people are the only people in the world who would and do sell there own kind into slavery- way before we sold black people we sold our own brothers and sisters and anyone that got in our way. White people are the only people that marry their own sisters Make no mistake about it - hitler was white, mussolini was white. Every mass murderer in recent memory has been white. Most pedophiles are white.

Every world war has been started by white people. The vietnam war was started by white people. White people were the first people to accept hand outs (welfare) and still do. How do you think we got farm land. and we couldn't even farm it so the government gave us land agents to teach farmers. But that didn't help so then we had the dust bowl. Now we pay farmers (handouts) not to grow anything. Seriously, the world is messed up because of white people.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Dearest Negroes,

I don´t mind telling you, I am a little disappointed in you. I mean, here it is almost September (when you need to be back in skoo) and we have not had a true category 5 chimpout. Okay, there was a little dust up recently in Milwaukee. You mean to tell me that all ya got? A few businesses torched and some beat up white reporters? Surely you can do better than this. We are all counting on you to step on up to the plate here, gnome sane?

The other day a negress proclaimed on line that burning the hood is a practice in futility. She even mentioned a few facts, such as ¨we needs dese businesses¨(weaves, Kwik Marts, etc.). She further went on to say that to truly get their voices heard, negroes need to burn white neighborhoods.

BINGO! Travel on up into Whiteyville and burn down some of those half million dollar Mcmansions. That will show yt ya´ll mean bidness! Then continue to hold outstretched paws for ¨mo gibs¨, while daring any cop stupid enough to wander into your crib that he will end up like our buddy Tim, here. What gives cops the right, thinking of closing down the lucrative drug trade?

Not sure I understand the mentality of cops these days. It is almost like they cannot or will not hear your vibrant message of staying the hell out of the hood. No, instead we get to see story upon story of white cops playing double dutch with the hood rats, serving up some ice cream (cuz it be hots out heyah!), and engaging in coffee and cake clutches, because lawd knows that always stems the negro violent tendencies. You know, just give them what they want and maybe they won´t hurt you. It worked with appeasing the huns (who dey?)

So negroes, go forth because time is a wasting. I expect a least a Cat. 4 Chimpout by Labor Day. Milwaukee was just an opening act. Let´s see some World Class Chimpout by then. Show us what you are made of (although I already know, having had coffee and bran this morning).


Auntie Bernice

Anonymous said...

It doesn't fit the narrative.
Did you see where the media dropped the imam shot and killed while waling in NYC story when the perp turned out to be non-white?
That didn't make the local "I was there comrade" agitprop report?

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the oddest thing about the experts and police chiefs and reporters and editors and tenured professors who constantly tell us that these black-on-white atrocities aren’t racially motivated, is that blacks don’t believe that for a second. They know that they are racially motivated, they say so, and they celebrate them for it." - Nicholas Stix

Anonymous said...

9 killed 43 wounded over the weekend in Shitcago:

Anonymous said...

Dindu nuffins:

Anonymous said...

Talk radio is playing soundclips from Shitwaukee of moon crickets prattling on about black powa and "those rich people have all this money but they not giving us none" gibberish.
BLM has released their new manifesto demanding free money and free stuff.
The cargo cult plane is being reading on the airstrip right now.
All hail the Kwanstain!

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! The Atlanta Urinal Constipation is good for emergency asswipe or bird cage lining.


Law & Order works, until you run out of White People.

Anonymous said...

How many dindus did a dindu do if a dindu didn't do nuffins:

Bird of Paradise said...

Since its a ovious ambush murder then the killer deserves the death penalty without Jessie Jackson sticking his big fat nose in and without Spike Lee making from putrid movie about it all

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Good new everyone! The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore just got CANCELLED!!!

Thank God. I could not stand looking at that nasty nigger´s face. It is one of the reasons the olympics are not appealing to me. The mere sight of these ugly negroes is enough to make me physically ill. Bull Conner, we hardly knew ye.

ruckus said...

I thought of making a shirt with a bull picture and "Connor was right" underneath it. That way we could identify each other and it wouldnt be too obvious to all blacks/dumb white people.

Anonymous said...

Not too far from where I live. It was racial, it always is with blacks. Get ready people....its coming.

Anonymous said...

Das Radio is playing AT&T commercials stating that federal SNAP participants can get high speed internet with 50gb monthly data limits for $10 a month.
Going over the 50gb results in another $10 charge.
It must be nice. We get basic package with no movie channels for $150 a month.
Kissing the ass of the noble magic negro makes the Kwanstain the golden indispensable super duper power. (not really)

Californian said...

Good idea:

I want to start a band called "Bull Connor." All the shirts with his face on them and a quote on the back. Stickers with his image on them. I'd go as far to make "what would BC do" shirts. Just a thought. :)

There could also be posters with pictures of the current wave of African-in-America rioting and the slogan: "What would Bull Connor Do?"

Americans need to realize that the real heroes of the Civil Rites Era were people like Bull Connor who understood the issues way back then and were willing to make their stand against the rising tide of color.

Anonymous said...

Earl Turner: I was going to ask you or "L in Atl Hell" or Steve what the nogs were saying out in GA about this. My few Atl friends are fence sitters and too polite to tell the truth if I ask them, or they'll claim they didn't notice anything amiss.

I'm so grateful to be in the Mtn West and away from groid-infested metro-Atlanta. You guys are in my prayers.

~Powder Hound

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! The Atlanta Urinal Constipation is good for emergency asswipe or bird cage lining.

When we lived in Atlanta, the AJC salesmen would knock on our door trying to sell subscriptions a few times a year. It went like this:

(Knock knock): "Hi! I'm Steve, I'm with the AJC. May I ask if you currently enjoy daily service of the paper?"

Me: "No."

Steve: "Would you be interested in a two-week complementary trial?"

Me: "Hang on..." (calling over my shoulder into the house) "Honey! Do we need any more paper to line the bird's cage?"

Husband (from inside the house): "No, we've got several month's worth. "

Me (back to Steve): "Looks like we're all set, thanks!"

Steve: "Uuuummm..."

They eventually quit coming around.

~Powder Hound

Anonymous said...

What is Kwanstain?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing fair or honest about your logical-fallacy-inspired rant. Go live with non-white people and see what happens

Pat Boyle said...

Anonymous at 9:54 AM wrote:

And as a little aside, is it common for black people to have lips that protrude further from their faces than their noses do? Incredibly unsettling picture.

This is the issue of prognathism. It was first mentioned I believe by Carlton Coon in the sixties that negroes shared the trait of prognathism with earlier more primitive humans. Prognathism is the trait of the whole dental arcade being further forward in the face. Another consequence is the absence of a chin.

You can see this trait on the face of Michelle Obama. The more evolved human races tend to have chins and flatter faces. None of the early hominids had a chin. The chin probably is a buttress to strengthen the jaw as it got thinner with evolution. As more advanced forms of human evolved their teeth also diminished and the upper jaw shrank. The most extreme lower face reductions have been in the most advanced races - North Western Europeans and North Eastern Asians.


Romeo Cologne said...

So glad I escaped from ATL area. Filled with aggressive thugs and clueless self-hating whites that see epidemic levels of black crime as some natural occurrence like the weather, that you can't do anything about. In 10 years, the remaining safe white suburban areas around ATL will disappear.

Anonymous said...

I ran the idea last night to my husband of dindu nuffin muffins. With the proceeds going to law enforcement. Lol It's insane the ideas we get when confronted with the atrociousness of blacks. My husband said, "I can think of alot more ways to deal with the dindus." Yup.. I can too!
Dry powder in Ohio

Anonymous said...


According to authorities, the woman, identified as Sheborah Thomas (33 years old), did not appear to have a history of mental illness. Records from the Harris County District Clerk’s office revealed Thomas has a minor criminal history with three misdemeanor charges dating back to 2009. Two charges for theft and one charge of failing to identify herself to a police officer.

The father of the two deceased children is currently serving time in prison for possession of PCP. A divorce petition was filed in 2012, but was never finalized.

Children’s Protective Services Spokeswoman Tejal Patel confirmed the agency had previously been involved with the children but could not provide any details (per Breitbart News).

Anonymous said...

came after police killed two black civilians



Education works, until you run out of White People.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous said...
Let's be fair and let's be honest. White people are the only people in the world who would and do sell there own kind into slavery- way before we sold black people we sold our own brothers and sisters and anyone that got in our way.

Oh, allow me to address your idiotic points, one by one.

We will start with the first - Was it not the Egyptians and then the Phonicians who reportedly first conquered other tribes and enslaved them? I though negroes claimed to be Egyptians. Or is that only when they invented the flying pyramids?

White people are the only people that marry their own sisters -


Historically, nobility intermarried, with often times disastrous results. Madness, mental retardation, hemophilia were present in many of the early dynasties, not only in European culture, but Asian as well. Saying white people are the only people who practiced intermarriage within the same family is disingenuous at best and a blatant lie at worst. Negro males consider anything coming out of a birth canal to be ripe for f*cking. From newborn on up to 90 plus.

Make no mistake about it - hitler was white, mussolini was white.


Hitler and Mussolini were both concerned with ridding the world of the cancerous tribe that is currently in the process of once again destroying White civilization. I believe Jesus was the first to kick their asses out of the temple. See, he didn´t like them, either.

Every mass murderer in recent memory has been white. Most pedophiles are white.

Depends on what you consider history. See, Western culture has this thing called written and oral histories. Bad people have existed since Cain first murdered Abel. We know this because the bible represents the constant struggle between good and evil. Negroes never developed an alphabet, and only grunted and farted when they wished to express their inner most feelings, and quickly destroyed the evidence of their murder victims by eating them. You can look that one up. So we have historical records of white genocide, but the only evidence of negro mass murder was probably when one of his fellow tribe members smelled a fart and grunted something like, ¨Shee, mon....dat smell like LaJayveeyus!¨

Every world war has been started by white people. (see my earlier missive about Hitler to understand why) White people were the first people to accept hand outs (welfare) and still do.

Sweden, Norway, Finland, are examples of welfare states that are not out of control. See, Whites understand that some of our brothers and sisters fall on hard times. What you don´t see is generational welfare like you do in the negro coonmunity. We are now going on seventy plus years of negro generational welfare (gibs). That is four plus generations of indigent negroes.

I could go on and on, but really, you folks make me tired. Negroes are not meant for White civilization. We need to finally acknowledge that and move on. This entire experiment of hosting the negro race in Western countries has been an unmitigated disaster.

Or to put it less politely, yes, whites have more than their share of assholes. We have prisons and gas chambers to contain them. There are not enough square miles in the entire world to house negro criminals. Feeding them and curing them with modern medicine has taken a minor annoyance (such as a bull swatting at a gnat, nipping at his balls) to a vast tsunami of feces infested water washing over the entire Western hemisphere. It is well past time for a divorce.

Anonymous said...

Romeo Cologne said: In 10 years, the remaining safe white suburban areas around ATL will disappear.

That's exactly why we fled to the Mtn West. People in the relatively-safe northern suburbs can never really put roots down because the black undertow keeps following them. White Atlantans treat it as normal to sell their house every 8 years or so and move to a whiter community. It's absurd.

Better to move to a white state and find a house way up in the mountains. Nogs hate lots of snow, they can't maneuver at high altitudes. From our new position, we can see them coming from miles away and take action accordingly.

~Powder Hound

Surgio said...

The only good news in this story is that GA has the death penalty and actually uses it. Kill a cop, get the juice. Yet, Yet, Yet when Hellary fills the supreme court with three more libtard brain dead hacks, they will rule the death penalty unconstitutional. Since it takes about fifteen years to execute a prisoner, the killer here will die in prison of old age. Or, it's possible that at trial the black jury will give him the OJ treatment.

California hands out death penalties like candy bars. The reason is that prosecutors can appear tough knowing that no juicing will actually happen. Juries can feel good by putting a vicious killer on death row knowing as well that execution won't happen. The pubic can feel justified and re-elect the law and order prosecutor. It's a good scam for all including the killer.

The last execution in California was under Scwartznigger who juiced the Tookie and one other. He then turned soft and became a RINO.

Under Heelary's supreme court all prisoners on death row will be commuted to life. Blacks on deaph row will receive a conviction review by law-yahs from the Injustice Department. And so it goes as one half of the white voters sleep on their way to minority status and fourth rate citizenship. In that statues whites will become slaves to the dusky billions.

The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation pretends to be the state paper of record. Didn't know anyone still read the rag.

Anonymous said...

Seek life elsewhere. Hopefully somewhere vibrant

ruckus said...

This drivel tells me clearly that :

1. You're using very surface level rhetoric and inserting your own uneducated opinion.

2. You have done no actual research on anything you said. (And no, huffpo articles do not count)

3. You have not experienced diversity at all.

4. Youre a panty-waist dwl, and therefore a troll.

However your last sentence was ALMOST correct. Let me fix that for you....

"Seriously, the world is messed up because of liberal, delusional, globalist, self-hating white (((people)))."

All better!

I would welcome any kind of logical, honest, INTELLIGENT, and fact based debate on race issues, including historical analysis. However, considering the above, I dont believe you are capable of that.

Californian said...

What is Kwanstain?

An ironic term for the USA. Also, Kwa-istan.

This is a reference to Bantu homelands created by the white government of South Africa during apartheid. The purpose was to keep blacks confined to certain geographical areas which had the appearance of independence but were no threat to the government.

Here, it is inverted to mean the state of white Americans under the current regime. White people are under occupation by hostile elites, with Africans-in-America as their enforcers. But (most) white people do not recognize this state of affairs. Even when (per Milwaukee) blacks drag them out of their cars and beat them into the pavement (most) white people think they are still running their own country.

The dilemma is in getting white people to wake up, i.e., take the Red Pill.

Californian said...

"Perhaps the oddest thing about the experts and police chiefs and reporters and editors and tenured professors who constantly tell us that these black-on-white atrocities aren’t racially motivated, is that blacks don’t believe that for a second. They know that they are racially motivated, they say so, and they celebrate them for it." - Nicholas Stix

This is so.

Blacks see things in terms of a racial struggle.

Why do "experts" and etc., refuse to recognize this reality?

In part, it is ideology. Anything that conflicts with the dominant egalitarian delusion must be shredded, burned and then denied.

Part it is fear. Because unconsciously, white liberals understand that their policies have failed and failed miserably. Whether we are talking the Haitian revolution, the Civil Rites Era, or de-colonialization of Africa, the results are the same: blacks degenerating down to the level of the lowest African. Tribal warfare. Cannibalism. Trashed cities. Massacres of one and all. The recent African insurrection in Milwaukee is the latest item on the agenda.

Underneath it all, white liberals know that black Africans can not be brought up to any level of civilization. But rather than face up to the threat of unleashed African barbarism, white liberals hide behind the delusion that blacks are "just like us" except for the fabled color-of-their-skin(tm). Think of it as the Stockholm Syndrome writ nation-wide.

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide"--James Burnham

Californian said...

Alert! Dialog on Race in Progress!

Every world war has been started by white people.

Yes and you should think about that, assuming your median IQ=85 brain can contemplate the implications. White people, when awakened, are more than willing to firebomb entire cities and kill millions of people in world wars. And next time around, instead of killing other white people, whites will direct these energies into crushing black barbarism. Just think of every black dominated city, from Detroit to Kinshasha, bombed to rubble -- though come to think of it, black rule of cities means their destruction, anyway.

The white fighting man is vastly superior to any number of black tribesmen any day of the week. Look at how small European armies were able to conquer all of Africa in the 19th century. Look at how small numbers of Rhodesian and South African white troopers continually defeated black "liberation" insurgents until they had the rug pulled out from them by international sanctions.

If you want a war, then please continue with the Milwaukee style "uprisings." Every day, more white people are waking up. And when enough waken, you will see what a real war is like.

You'd better have a one-way passage to the African country of your choice ready.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat off topic...but still...
A major corner has been turned. Courtesy of the internet:
Students at the Claremont colleges in Southern California initiated a fresh debate about race on college campuses when they narrowed their roommate search to "POC only," specifying in a Facebook post that they wanted only a person of color to join their off-campus apartment.

When a classmate challenged this roommate criteria, the Pitzer College student who posted the notice on Facebook doubled-down. “It’s exclusive [because] I don’t want to live with any white folks,” wrote Karé Ureña, who is black.

Yes! Please do choose to segregate yourselves! Pass it on!

Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry, no sympathy. All killings of cops by nigs are black on black crime. Standards were lowered so average blacks (borderline retarded) could become police. Therefore the lowest IQ whites are the white cops. Don't forget government jobs are AA jobs and cops are government employees. You "back the badge", you back the black. Just wait until the first time you're pulled over by a bitter nog cop, yt. Then you'll get it.
-Emperor Reno

Anonymous said...

Black teens charged with murder in Indianapolis:

Anonymous said...

Repatriation is the only viable solution.

There is simply no way to deal with the negro monkey.

PB said...

"Man this whole situation really is a powder keg getting ready to blow. I know all the White officers talk about this, and to their families too. When do they fight back? How?"

Important. White America will have to fight simultaneously on two fronts, one of which will involve self-defense/survival against the Black Plague, and the other which will be effectively an insurrection against your own Government and all the tools it keeps at its disposal. It appears from here than you will have to fight (((those))) who occupy your Government and political/legal structure just to be able to stand against the Dindu tribe and protect your families and way of life.

Anonymous said...

Good new everyone! The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore just got CANCELLED!!!

I think that I watched Larry Wilmore just one or two times before I knew that I was done with watching him for good. He had that Mohammed "clock boy" on as a guest the last time I watched him, the Muslim kid in Texas who brought the fake bomb to school and then got arrested for it, not because of "Islamophobia" or "muh raysissms", but really because Mohammed "clock boy" got all passive aggressive with the cops when they just tried to ask him some simple questions about what the deal was with his so-called "clock".

Of course, all of our media libtards, and even our Muslim monkey overlord Obongo himself, all fawned over this Muslim kid after the news about his arrest came out. "Wow, he's such a genius!" they all said. "Cool clock, Mohammed. Want to bring it to the White House?" - This was the tweet from our our Muslim monkey overlord Obongo in response to this "clock" - a clock that looked 100% more like a bomb than any clock known to ever exist. The Secret Service would have definitely freaked out if they had even seen a "clock" like this one anywhere near the White House, because that is just in the nature of what their job is supposed to be.

So, yeah, such a friggen genius this Mohammed "clock boy" in Texas was there - he removed the internal parts from a cheap digital alarm clock and then put them inside of a small hard sided pencil case. Then Mohammed "clock boy" refused to put his "clock" away in school after he was told to do so by at least one teacher there.

Well, anyway, Larry Wilmore will probably just go on to get another lucrative and undeserved media job where he can just go on with more of his anti-white propaganda disguised as unfunny comedy routines and unfunny comedy sketches.

The last I heard about the "clock boy" Mohammed in Texas, his family just filed another lawsuit against the local authorities in Texas for $15 million, because they say their feelings are still hurt, and so they want free money for that.

Anonymous said...

Negroes HATE Human cops!! Hate them! Why are they still risking their lives patrolling orc hoods? Just don't get it. Boycott the Negrohoods!!

ot: Boycott this movie, women and Humans. The rapist negro director caused the death of this poor girl by raping her. Once you go black...?

Spread the word. Boycott this movie!!!

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Bernice...youre on a roll today hun!

"the only evidence of negro mass murder was probably when one of his fellow tribe members smelled a fart and grunted something like, ¨Shee, mon....dat smell like LaJayveeyus!¨ "

Definitely an award winner there.

Amen Californian!

I cant wait for the day.

Steve Smith said...

So, so true. Right now, the black tentacles of dysfunction spread well past metro Atlanta, almost to the Tennessee border.

Mr. Rational said...

think of every black dominated city, from Detroit to Kinshasha, bombed to rubble

Bombs are expensive.  Why waste the money and effort?  We can clear out the worthless parts of Destroit much more cheaply with fire, and force-vacate the salvageable buildings without significant damage.  Shitavious and Dontrell have no idea what I'm talking about, and never will; it is beyond their ability to conceive beyond the notion of magic.

All we have to do for Kinshasa is cut off the food and medicine.

Paintjob Theory said...

" Make no mistake about it - hitler was white, mussolini was white. Every mass murderer in recent memory has been white. Most pedophiles are white."

Piss off, you illiterate sub-ape. Your third grade level grammar and syntax mark you as a black or at the very best some half-wit mudshark.

I'd say Mrs. Greenbaum and others have given adequate rebuttals to your little fantasies, but all that aside, let me ask you, do you live around white Europeans? If so why? Certainly property in all black neighborhoods in majority black towns can be had for very little money, and there are even whole countries that are vast majority black where you can flee from all of the evils of the white man.

Whether you are some mud race or some self proclaimed champion of them, Liberia awaits you.

Anonymous said...

Undertow that's what it boils down to. Hey yt. Ya got undertow? Last chance gtfo!

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason, blacks have been conditioned to believe that every white person out there needs the blacks approval on everything they say and do- every utterance, every action. I am taking a class, and 3 new black women recently joined. While the teacher was gone on a break, we all started talking out of boredom, and 1 of the black women introduced herself as "BeBe". Trying to be pleasant, I said, "That is a nice name. Its French, isn't it?" You would have thought I said something vile. ALL 3 black ladies were offended by it. How DARE I say something nice. If I ignore them, they will call me a racist. Another no win. I get the feeling at any gathering with blacks included, that they have their antenna up just WAITING to strike at any innocent word or term they don't like. Not fun to be around, and I avoid them when possible, because it is so stressful to have to watch every damn word you say, even innocent things like above.
I told a friend not long ago of the black man talking on his phone under my open window, who did not know I was listening. He said" they gwan be a wuah if Trump get voted in, and white folk in trouble". She lives in a mostly white area far from most diversity and does not get out much. All she could say was "Wow" and didn't call me for a long while. Pretty sure she thinks I am the big "R" word now. I don't care- right now, I take the diversity tour every single day, unless I am lucky enough to not leave home that day.
At a party Saturday outside Atlanta, at the end there was only me, 3 other white ladies, and 1 black lady in the back. We all started talking about crime and I made sure to bring up the 83 year old Grandmother in Grantville who had both arms broken, fingers on one hand broken, and was set on fire, by 5 blacks, 3 men, 2 women, some of whom she had employed earlier to pick berries on her farm. They were horrified because Atlanta news did not tell all of these details. I told them to all be very careful, as they were all over 50 and lived alone. Right on cue, 1 of them piped up with -"Well, ALL races commit crimes". This was not the time and the place to bring up statistics, so I kept my mouth shut. (yes, it was hard). Also, she is a new widow and has been sheltered somewhat. I pray she does not get a dose of reality the hard way.
On a happier note, I did forward the story about the Grandma to 2 white female friends, who were already aware, but now they are REALLY aware.
By the way, thanks to P.K. for having the guts to give us all a place to compare notes and vent. And thanks to all my fellow commenters out there- I am educated, inspired, and hope is renewed when I read all the intelligent, rational, and fantastic observations and quotes here. This is a wonderful community to be a part of and learn from.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Facts don't matter to most blacks, the same applies to SJWs, and DWLs.

Anonymous said...

Take that sheeeit to the suburbs?

Do they really think they have a shot? (pun intended) I know alot of crazy mo fo's who are racked, stacked and WILL protect what's theirs!
Most are fed up and want to get this over with once and for all.....


Earl Turner said...

Powder Hound, it was the usual crap about how cops are slaughtering black males by the hundreds every day (cough bullshit cough) and how cops deserve to get shot. The rest was them whining about how all the other comments (huge amount of whites) were all anti-BLM and anti-black in general. It made me proud to see so many like-minded Folk finally willing to speak publicly. Now if that can just translate to actual real life action and I think I can.

I'm in Macon currently but planning to move to North Georgia in the next year or so and put some distance between me and a majority black population. I know that probably won't last but I'm one of those who is going to make one last move and then say I've moved enough, I'm making my stand right here.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

"I know alot of crazy mo fo's who are racked, stacked and WILL protect what's theirs!
Most are fed up and want to get this over with once and for all....."

Put me at or near the top of that list.

Truth Corps said...

70 "Juveniles" shut down Iowa corn festival
Darn those "juveniles".


ObamaCare works until you run out of White People.

Anonymous said...

Hardly surprising. This is the same media that edited the Zimmerman 911 call to say "he looks like he's up to no good. He looks black" when the real tape, released later, showed that Zimmerman mentioned Martin was black in response to the police dispatcher asking him the race.

Bud said...

"Seriously, the world is messed up because of white people."

While it has been very hot and humid where I live the past few weeks I am thankful to spend most of my time in an air conditioned environment. I am also thankful to listen to the radio, watch TV, socialize via the internet, drive a car to work, and know that my wife can call me if she needs help. As I approach old age I am thankful for modern medicine, learned doctors and prescription drugs that help preserve the quality of life I now enjoy. Also comforting is knowing that I can occasionally afford to travel via airline to visit the countries of my ancestors when I reach retirement age.

My heartfelt thanks to anon at 7:05 AM - for giving me pause to think about just a few of the blessings brought to us by white people. We often take these things for granted, don't we?

A little off topic: My wife and I just got home from seeing the movie "Anthropoid". Did not see even ONE black person in the cast (disclaimer - we did arrive late and I left a few minutes for a potty break). I found it refreshing to watch white people fight back (on both sides) with the proper motivation and leadership.

Anonymous said...

This is seriously great news! It seems the poor aim capital of America is slowly getting its crap together. That's a 17% success rate!

- Brazos Valley

Anonymous said...

People are tired of the one way racial bias and right wing bashing. I watched it a couple of times and noticed how segregated the audience was, with the blacks on one side whites on the other. The only laughing came from the black side.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is next with his rating slipping badly. Good Riddance. I'm sure he'll land a spot on BET or Own.

Michigan Mike

Anonymous said...

Blacks generally like to stay in areas with high populations. Places with stores to rob and people to mug, rape, and sell drugs to. Oh, lets not forget the clubs and malls so they got places to go and make people notice them.

Michigan Mike

Anonymous said...

You would still have to contain them in the cities some how lest they travel to white cities to pillage.

Mr. Rational said...

Blacks generally like to stay in areas with high populations.

I wonder if this could be used to lure them to Liberia or Ghana?  Settle them in small, dense clusters of shipping-container-derived "huts", maybe stacked 3 tall to simulate apartment buildings (prefab stairs required).  Put them together by affiliation (by neighborhood and gang association, Crips with Crips and Bloods with Bloods) but enemy groups clustered not far away.

Give them fields of weed and other intoxicants to fight over.  Oh, food too.  Maize, yams, cassava.

Let them go at it.  No cops to interfere.  Heaven (or Valhallah, except the deaths are real).

Unknown said...

I doubt these fools will be able to make it to the suburbs or rural areas. Since most of them don't have vehicles, they rely on public transportation which only goes so far outside of the cities. Here in Atlanta, our public transit Marta doesn't even go to certain suburbs of the city. I live in Roswell, and the train line stops a few miles down the interstate from where I live. The buses come here but if I ever take Marta, I have to get on the bus to go down to the train station. There's been talk of extending the train line further out but people in the burbs have protested against this because they don't want the nigs catching the train to our parts of town.

If they are able to travel outside of the city to wreak havoc in the suburbs or rural areas, they'll have to steal vehicles since they don't have their own. But fret not, since they're burning down gas stations they won't have enough gas to drive very far. They'll end up running out of gas on the side of some rural back country road, and will end up setting the vehicle on fire since they get great pleasure from burning cars.