Friday, August 19, 2016

His Name is Gene Emory Dacus: White Veteran Survived Korean War, Couldn't Survive 75 percent Black Birmingham, Alabama

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My veins flow with the blood of a Birmingham, Alabama that no longer exists. You'll know this you've read The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013.
Another white person, this time an 85-year-old Korean War veteran, is set on fire by a black person. This time, in 75 percent black Birmingham, Alabama

One of my favorite memories is hearing my grandparents tell me stories of what a majority white, white-ruled Birmingham was like when they grew up as a child my age. To hear stories of the beautiful marble interior of the Birmingham Terminal Station and how white children could peacefully jump on street cars and traverse the city never made sense to me, because the Birmingham I knew was filled with dangerous black people, blighted buildings and boarded up homes, as well as virtually no white faces. 

In high school, I attended the last Iron Bowl at Legion Field, and we were forced to park in the fenced-in area of Birmingham Southern College, because of how dangerous the entirely black-area surrounding the stadium was for white fans attending the game (the fence was erected after a white co-ed was raped by a black male and murdered). 

Now a near 75 percent black dystopia, Birmingham is not a safe city for white people. It's almost less than 20 percent today, with a completely black dominated city council, black mayor, majority black police force and majority black public workforce. 

But for Birmingham, we wouldn't be living under the tyranny of Black-Run America (BRA), because the true hero of the 20th century - Bull Connor - dared stand to defend white civilization and their posterity from the very people who birthed an individual capable of burning alive an 85-year-old Korean War veteran.  ['Somebody burned up Mr. Gene' -- Community struggles with murder of beloved war veteran, Birmingham News, August 17, 2016]:

An 85-year-old Korean War veteran found burned to death in the back yard of his North Birmingham home spent his life taking care of others, friends and family said.
Gene Emory Dacus, known affectionately by his neighbors as "Mr. Gene," served his country in the U.S. Army, served his family by loving them, teaching them and taking care of them, and served his neighbors by cutting their grass, picking up trash and being their friend. "He was the most kindhearted gentleman you ever met,'' said Gary Dacus, one of the victim's three sons. " He never met a stranger, and he helped anybody he could." 
A teen suspect is in custody, and formal charges are expected on Thursday. 
Birmingham police were called to Dacus' home Wednesday morning around 12:30 a.m. after receiving calls about a person on fire. When they arrived on the scene, they found the elderly man burned in the back of his home. He was pronounced dead on the scene. 
Birmingham police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards said witnesses told police they saw a fire in the yard before seeing a man running down a nearby alley with a red gasoline jug. Police arrested that man a short distance from the crime scene. 
Edwards said that the preliminary investigation shows the suspect and the victim had an argument, before the victim was doused with gasoline and set on fire. 
"This homicide shocks the conscience of any reasonable person. Our hearts are hurting for the victim, his family and our community,'' said Birmingham police Chief A.C. Roper. "The suspect actually confessed to this crime but we have not received any logical justification to explain what happened." 
Neighbor Helen McComb said she was at her nearby home late Tuesday night when she heard a commotion outside and went on her front porch to investigate. "I could see something burning,'' she said. "Then a guy ran out yelling somebody had burned up Mr. Gene." 
McComb said she ran to the crime scene and saw Dacus. "I lost it," she said. "He's been here forever. People here loved Mr. Gene." 
Friends and neighbors this afternoon were taking Dacus' death hard. Todd Ahmed said Dacus was one of the first people he met when he moved here from Sudan and said he is devastated by the slaying. 
"I have a lot of friends but none like him,'' Ahmed said. "I'm really shocked. He was nice, nice, nice. He always told me if I needed help to come to him." 
Even at 85, Dacus made it his priority to tidy the neighborhood. He cut his neighbors' grass, and they watched out for him. "He was very sweet to all of the children,'' McComb said. "He kept our neighborhood clean." 
Dacus' car was stolen about three weeks ago. Neighbors said he then became worried about his truck also getting stolen so they advised him to pull it into his yard and close to his house, which he did. 
That truck, however, disappeared about the same time he was killed. Police are now searching for his 1999 Dodge Ram pickup. It is white with a blue hood. 
Gary Dacus said his father was a Georgia native who was in the U.S. Army and served in the Korean War. After his discharge, Dacus became an airplane mechanic, first for Drummond Aircraft and then Lockheed Martin. He and his wife, Earnestine, together raised three sons. After all of his children got out school, Dacus and his wife moved to Birmingham to care for his grandparents in their family home – that was in the 1950s.
Eventually his grandparents died, but he and his wife and their disabled son, who is now 60, stayed in the 33rd Avenue North home. Earnestine Dacus died in 2005, but her grieving husband refused to move away. Gary Dacus said he worried about his aging father. "I did try to get him to move,'' he said. "I had a home set up for him and ready for him to move in but he wouldn't do it." 
He said his parents were born during the Depression, and lived a modest life. What they may have lacked in education or money, they more than made up for in love and compassion. "He taught me good rules and I have a lot of my father in me,'' he said. "I'm a successful person for that." 
Gary Dacus said he received the heartbreaking news about his father's death early today and immediately drove to Birmingham. "I got the call, and I just broke down,'' he said. 
He said the suspect hit his father in the head, left the scene and then returned and set him on fire to try to conceal the crime. "The only thing I can hope to God for is that he was dead before he was burned,'' the emotional son said. "You expect your parents to die before you, but to die a horrendous death like that is unimaginable." 
Gary Dacus is now making funeral arrangements for his father, who will be buried in Gardendale alongside his wife. The son is also making plans to take custody of his disabled brother. 
The suspect, Gary Dacus said, "should never be able to walk the face of the earth again." "My father's death is a tragic loss,'' he said. "The community lost one of its pillars."
Bull Connor tried to keep Birmingham safe for white people.

He failed.

Gene Emory Dacus lived in a Birmingham when white people were in charge of the city's destiny, only to have to it ripped from their hands by the forces of an extremely anti-white modernity.

One wonders, as he was attacked why the black male and lay dying, if in a moment of clarity - just before he was doused with gasoline/lighter fluid and set on fire - he realized just why Connor made his stand on behalf of white people living in the city then and those white people who would have to live in a future Birmingham?

We owe Bull Connor a big apology, for each day brings more damning evidence he was one of the true heroes of the 20th century. Gene Emory Dacus, who was burned alive in 75 percent black Birmingham in 2016, is proof of this fact.


Anonymous said...

My dad was also a white veteran of the Korean War. He died last year at age 85 as the result of a fall at his home that put him in the trauma ICU for almost two weeks before he passed. Although my family and I all still really miss my dad, I can at least take comfort in the fact that my dad did not have to suffer from a savage orc attack like this other white veteran in Alabama did.

Anonymous said...

Why is this not national news? Feral apes committing hate crimes should be on CNN on a constant loop.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who follow the patterns of negro hyper-violence are well aware of the unmistakeable pattern of burning their victims. It is happening regularly and these monstrous cowardly cockroaches in the media refuse to state the facts.

The negroes are killers. The media is your greatest enemy. They're just much smarter than the individual negro, and have the capacity to sow much greater levels of destruction.

Anonymous said...

burn the murderer to death........fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the electric chairs warm embrace for these subhuman apes!

Anonymous said...

This is why there should be a death penalty. My sincere condolences to the family, friends and neighbors Mr. Dacus. what a sad day.

Anonymous said...

Apparently with assaults of elderly whites, with older white women, it's sexual assault, rape then burning done by blacks. Where do people learn that burning someone to death is a solution to anything?

And black lives matter? What bs.

Bird of Paradise said...

Soak the young thug in gasoline light a match then put him out of his misery one he has burned long enough

Anonymous said...

A fitting punishment for this perp would be an African neck tie. (gasoline filled car tire around his neck, then ignited)

PB said...

That grubby Golliwog is a "Teen"?

Anonymous said...

The dead doll eyes...
In every mug shot I've seen of these Killer Apes...the dead doll eyes.
Windows to The Void

To kill one legalistically, in self defense or in retribution would have the moral and ethical complications of stepping on a cockroach or shooting a mad dog.

Ex New Yorker said...

I still have another week in this wheelchair. I sit here safe and sound in the FREE ZONE. I've been spending too much time on the computer. All this shit that is taking place in America gets worse by the day. The only word I can think of is "demonic". The horror of it all is beyond belief.

Fifty years ago I ate of the forbidden fruit. I took my sweet time doing it. I savored every bite. I then spent years picking more fruit from the same tree. After awhile I ate the WHOLE DAMN TREE. My obsession became the knowledge of good and evil. I learned my lessons very well. I pursued that which was hidden. I learned the difference between the lie and the truth. It was my awakening. My own private school of learning. I have lived with angels and demons and chose which group I wanted to spend eternity with. It was an easy choice. Evil became my enemy.

I know now why the so called Gods of Edin forbid their creation from eating of the tree. Yes, we would someday become like them and know about good and evil. Knowledge must be forbidden. The truth must be hidden. Man must remain dumb, docile and ignorant. Follow the rules. Obey your masters. Never question your owners. Do what your told. Never think for yourself. Pay your taxes. Submit and prostrate yourself and you will get a nice well earned vacation in heaven.

In the great cosmic quiz game comes the next forbidden tree. Behind door number two comes the TREE OF LIFE. Once you have eaten from that tree nothing will ever be the same. Nothing. The tree of life is where the real adventure begins. No more living "lives of quiet desperation". There is no bigger rush than to be truly alive. Many men have done it. It is easy if you don't live in fear.

When you get to the tree of life you will also see another tree. That is the big secret. It is known as the TREE OF DEATH. Without a belly full of forbidden fruit you will NEVER be able to tell one tree from another. For everything is based on THE LIE.

That is what is happening now in America (and the world). The multitudes are eating from the tree of death. We are dwelling with those who have become the living dead. They have become members of the DARK SOUL. Only a dead and dark soul would set an old man on fire. These dark souls join in their dance of death as they become parasites upon the living. The purpose of their life is to bring death. The dark soul is the spawn of the dark gods who rule over the world of the dead.

The elite and ruling class sit in their palaces and castles hidden behind their walls of security with their armed guards. The world management team is only a few thousand in number. Some believe they are joined together in one group. This is another lie. The psychopaths at the top are fighting against each other. The manic drive for power is their downfall. There are secret societies within secret societies. None of them trust each other. The whole system will someday crumble. Drug gangs are killing each other on the streets and the elite are killing each other at the top. You just never hear about the war between the power brokers. They are all parasites feeding on each other.

The parasite will always kill the host. Our job is not to become the host. Our job is to survive.

Racoon said...

Vale Gene Dacus.

I'm seriously wondering when (not "IF") these ferals will get around to "necklacing" as their preferred means of whitey extermination.

It's coming, I feel certain. Overall, I just feel sick.

There is a sound rationale behind White Flight, and I feel terribly sad for the future of the inevitable elderly hold-outs.

For God's sake people, take care of your elders! Move them away from violence and danger. We all must avoid the groid.

Truth Corps said...

Just donated via Paypal in memory of Gene Emory Dacus. Thank you Paul for all you do.

Will be looking forward to the new book, "When the Marching Stops" to arrive and your future podcasts & Youtube videos.

As an afterthought, please find a way to backup your blog in case the "hate speech Police" ever come for you or your blog. A way for commenters to network off the blog would be great if possible.

Anonymous said...

You're right on this point overall, but speaking just for myself I get a whiff of "blame the victim" off your speculation that Mr Gene possibly experienced his moment of clarity only at the end.

Anonymous said...

This will be the fate of many more elderly Whites in the years to come. Isolated, seen as "rich" by feral predators, and basically defenseless. This is always in my mind as I grow older these days, and see more and more negro invaders in my neighborhood. I suspect my end will come during a robbery attempt.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

This country is turning into Africa.

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...Is there any doubt the black race is devoluting? Imagine how much worse it is and will be with out the massive white taxed and paid for welfare? The blacks would be back to huts of mud and sticks, some chickens and crops. Instead whites are taxed, whites have to work two jobs, be robbed of what they earned to house amongst them, to over feed the blacks.
The white has become the field slave.

Proudyt said...

I'm sorry, but if that was my father I would've gotten him the fuck out of Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

"The suspect actually confessed to this crime but we have not received any logical justification to explain what happened."

These subhuman primates act on instinct, and their instinct is to kill. They are animals, not humans with dark skin. We found them in the jungle 500 years ago having never invented the wheel, or metal-smithing, or boat-building. They are a separate branch—a very distant, withered and deformed branch—on the primate family tree, and they can never be what we want them to be.

Remove these creatures from our country. Repatriate them to the jungle from whence they came.

Brian in Ohio said...

We will see more of this. I believe this will become so common, like black on black killing, that it is no longer even news worthy. Setting old and weak white people on fire will become the new knockout game.

It`s gonna get a hell of a lot worse before enough white eyes are opened to put a stop to it, unfortunately.

Blacks are a public health menace.

Stay alert, stay alive.

David In TN said...

In my early childhood, we sometimes visited Birmingham. An aunt lived there. This was in the late 1950's. We shopped downtown and went to the Birmingham zoo in perfect safety.

Anonymous said...

Can someone start a simple website that just chronologically lists each news case of a n*gger burning a White to death?

Could help our movement...

Proudyt said...

If this is how you really feel than please sir (mam) prepare yourself and get a gun you are comfortable with to prevent it. Let the scumbag be the victim ,not you.

Paintjob Theory said...

My finger got stung by a wasp yesterday so my typing is hobbled.

First, who sticks around when their town is 75% black? (who sticks around at even 20?)

Who sees their new neighbor Achamed Mohammed from the Sudan and runs over to shake his hand and welcome him to our country?

PK, you say that Birmingham is unsafe for whites, I'd imagine it's just as unsafe for blacks as well and they will demand somebody fix that or demand to be shipped out to a whiter area.

Every time with the blacks and fire. I always think about the Jungle Book where the ape thinks that if he can tame the white man's fire juju that he will be just like humans.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I wish there were a Blog/Clearinghouse about Black on Black Crime and Black on Black Murder with daily reporting and logging for the United States. It would be a School for current and future realist to partake of, but it might be too big of an undertaking and a require full time staff to aggregate the EXTREME amount of data mined. The servers would have to be housed in Eastern Europe, so the Thought Police couldn't get to them and change the portrayal and criminality of their pets. It is an ideal that might have a tough time finding a sponsor, unless the White Nationalist, Survivalist Community or Black Funeral Home Society embrace the concept. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

older story of the black animals in S.A.,9171,145854,00.html

Anonymous said...

My first thought on this story was why in the hell didn't his son get him out of orcville. Then I figured it out. My own father in law continues to live in a house he bought in 1975. This used to be an area of veterans and their families, blue collar workers who had their pick of many good paying automotive jobs. Dayton Ohio to be exact. The orcs keep moving further and further out. His street now is well diversified. We encourage him to sell and get the hell out of there, but he is just like the gentleman in the story. Exactly like him. What can you do? Not a damn thing.

Oil 'n Water said...

Off Topic, but I listened to Trump's speech yesterday given in Dimondale, Michigan, a mainly white suburb of 24% black Lansing, and noticed that a large part of it was a reach-out to blacks. He took the popular tack that blacks were suffering because of do-nothing policies by the Democrats and that Clinton was merely using them for votes.
He mentioned that blacks had historically been positive contributors to the country (clearing throat) but they were not progressing because of said Democrats.
He guaranteed there would be improvements in the black community, and finished by asking, "What do you have to lose?" by voting Republican.
Not sure quite what to make of it because of the strong emphasis, but if he garners more votes at this point, that's fine. Likely, it was influenced by his new campaign people.
His speech did seem more organized and, aside from the bothersome black dialogue, was directed toward jobs, borders, immigration, foreign policy issues and criticizing HC. He needs to do the above and not continue to take the bait every time the msm attacks him.

Steve Smith said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Steve Smith said...

... "The suspect actually confessed to this crime but we have not received any logical justification to explain what happened." ...

They can look far and wide and won't find answer other than simple hatred of whites.

These things need to be eradicated.

Steve Smith said...

Proudyt is right. You do not have to be a victim. Take charge of your life and refuse to be a victim.

Steve Smith said...

This is easily one of your best posts, sir.

Pat Boyle said...

Right now I'm reading the history of Southern Africa and the Zulu empire. A few months ago I read the history of African decolonization. The overwhelming impression I have gotten is people who behave savagely when free of Western influence.

Murdering and burning people is pattern seen often in Africa. So the Africans who have settled in America and behave like this is all part of an African pattern of behavior. Africans left to their own devices are savage and unbelievably cruel.

The reason this horrible story has been largely ignored by the media is because they are still pursuing the egalitarian theory pressed on America by the Marxists. This is the idea that all people are the same and only differ by their skin color.

They wouldn't believe this nonsense if they knew a little more African history.


former liberal said...

Lived in Birmingham for a while, and that hellhole made me a race realist. Having older relatives in my family also makes me fear for their safety. Many people in that generation (age 80's and beyond) just can't accept the fact that blacks are truly a separate, more primitive, and savage race. And, how does one persuade them to leave the surroundings they have lived in all of their lives? We need some kind of race realist and safety outreach program for the elderly.

Anonymous said...

Definitely pod casts. Use whatever format you feel most comfortable with. Many podcasts try to be regular and end up being drawn out stream of consciousness rants. Better to stick to script, what you know and how it pertains to a particular question or situation first. I thoroughly enjoyed your conversations with Mr. Jared Taylor and was hoping to hear more of what you have to say on the subject of race and America today. You have obviously researched this subject in and out and shared much of it with us over the years. It is refreshing to hear someone who is well learned in a subject that is so taboo.

The interview format works well with you, and it is not difficult to find people with many questions on this topic. An audio of your take on current events would be a great counterbalance to KBRA which we have to hear everyday whether we watch t.v. or not.

Unknown said...

Where Africans are, Africa is.

Anonymous said...

This story is sickening just like all the other nog crime stories against defenseless people. WTF was the point of the Korean War or any of the other stupid wars the U.S. Government gets in if the same U.S. Government is waging a proxy war against real Americans at home using nogs/Mexicans and the rest of the third world as their shock troops against YT?

The best thing, the only thing to do is disconnect as much as possible from the government through self reliance. Home schooling, throwing out the TV, producing as much of your own food as possible and developing practical skills are steps to take now. No one is %100 self sufficient but even %50 self sufficiency robs the government of tax money that supports nogs like this animal in Birmingham and the rest of BRA.

Sooner or later, probably sooner the wheels will come off BRA because of all the debt, foreign entanglements, immigration and incompetent leadership. When BRA gets in real trouble such as losing a war in the South China Sea, a stock market crash worse than 2008 or a big terrorist attack (perhaps all overlapping?) the government will turn to YT to fix things. There will be an appeal to patriotism, the last refuge of the scoundrel as TV shows YT waving flags, "celebrities" declare "We're all in it together" and appeals for money, volunteers and help spew forth.

That's the time to give the finger to BRA and let them fix their own problems. All the nogs on TV are the smartest, wittiest, wisest and most talented people in the world, let them show it by pulling BRA out of the ditch when the next crisis strikes. Let the gallant "immigrants" take care of things, they are the most noble according to BHO and his pals in the MSM. The best thing for YT to do is detach from the troubles, watch and survive as things go to shit.

non-DWL from NE

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

Home Ownership works, until you run out of White People.

Unknown said...

I give the following information to any newcomer who may have been brainwashed by liberal and negro bullshit. There is no equality and it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with a invasive subspecies. Awaken white people and realize the havoc and the plague the negro primate has caused on the Nort American continent:

Anonymous said...

Even if he does sell, he's not going to get much for it in the shitty diverse neighborhood it's become.

Anonymous said...

Had a Bible study class the other weekend where one of the topics was the BLM agenda/platform. It was nothing more than an indictment on the white race where a comparison was drawn between a genocide act in the book of Deuteronomy,and blacks in general. Really amazing how they ,the congregation, all white, wanted to support the BLM and it's many facets of garnering violence against whites,that violence is justified against whites as long as it is based on social issues.There is a lesson in this.

Janie in Detroit said...

I just made a small donation Paul, wish it could be more, your site is absolutely priceless.

I hate these beasts, this poor, poor man. I've been wondering a lot lately if this might happen to me. I do take precautions, I'm armed, have a monitored security system, a vicious dog, and my neighbors know not to fuck with me. But what about the one that might be out roaming around? Or some asshole just visiting a friend? It's impossible to be vigilant 24/7, I'm seriously thinking about leaving.

I work in Pontiac, does anyone from Michigan know of a small quite community north of there that isn't too expensive? I don't want to drive more than an hour or so to work, but will if the place is right. I won't make shit on my house, but I'm not broke either.

Stay safe every one, and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can someone start a simple website that just chronologically lists each news case of a n*gger burning a White to death?

Could help our movement...

August 20, 2016 at 5:56 AM

I cannot give you a website, but I can at least share this recent video with you that is all about the numerous and recent cases of where blacks have set whites on fire.

This thing about blacks setting whites on fire is especially disturbing to me because despite the numerous instances where this has occurred, no mainstream media outlet ever talks about this violent crime trend.

"Aw hell naw! Dat be raysiss an' sheeiit!" I just can hear numerous black people whining like this if there ever actually was a TV news reporter looking into the camera and saying this with a straight face:

"Police say this black man set a white man on fire after murdering him last night. Was this part of an ongoing violent crime trend? We'll ask this question here tonight."

Also, maybe I missed out on something, but where was it in history that white people were routinely setting black people on fire after murdering them? Not even any of the heavily fictionalized Hollywood movies and TV productions about the slavery era have any scenes like that as far as I am aware.

I am now thinking of the black college football player at Vanderbilt University on a full scholarship that told the white coed something about payback for 400 years of slavery after he was done with raping her and urinating on her body. Could it be that these blacks are thinking of Kunta Kinte getting his foot chopped with an ax (Kunta Kinte never actually existed by the way; the "Roots" book he is in was proved in court to be plagiarized) when they decide to set these white victims on fire? Or maybe it is this more recent "Django Unchained" movie they are thinking of - another totally fictional and contrived piece of anti-white-people propaganda from Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say: "Would this have happened were Bull Connor still commissioner of public safety?" PK beat me to it.

A teen suspect is in custody, and formal charges are expected on Thursday.

Ah, of course, a "teen."

Those "teens" really are running amok these days.

I wonder how non-black teens feel about being grouped in with the perpetrator of crimes such as this? I also wonder if everyone in the Homeland is getting in on the gag that "teen" = "pathological black."

Californian said...

Once again, you have to look at the politics.

How much of the perpetrator's motivation was the belief that his victim was another white "oppressor?" After all, this is what he is told by the media, by academia and by politicos like H Clinton. YT is the enemy. Perhaps the perpetrator saw himself as another African-in-America oppressed by the legacy of 40,000 (or it it 400?) years of slavery, segregation and redlining. Perhaps the perpetrator was traumatized by being the victim of a micro-aggression, say a white person locked their car door when they saw him shambling down Martin Luther King Boulevard carrying a can of gasoline and blowtorch.

Or the perpetrator was reverting to African tribal behavior. He was conducting a raid against another tribe, and was proving his street (or jungle) cred. Just think of the online videos which shall sing the glories of this aspiring rapper, alongside the jungle drums.

Regardless, you have to look at the big picture here.

Californian said...

Several people asked about websites which chronicle these atrocities. Try:

Colin Flaherty also has videos around the Web.

Anonymous said...

A black mother, Patricia Fowler, claims she lost track of her children, maybe they're in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia.

one of the sons had burns over 45% of his body at age 2 but she wants us and the police to think that she's innocent. Keeps changing her story, will not give the police the phone number of where her minor children are. I watched the video, she does some interesting eye/hand communication with her older son. He's the one that was supposedly in the shower when the 2 year old was burnt. Why weren't the children taken away from her at that point? Mother of six but loses track of two children?

Why do blacks literally get away with murder? Why are different standards allowed for blacks? Tell me that there isn't some kind of welfare fraud, with Fowler getting government benefits for the two missing children. This woman doesn't seem at all concerned that her kids are gone missing. She should have been arrested when she told the police she sold her children for $2000, oh, but they twisted that all up.

from the article- Free on bond, Patricia Fowler faces a preliminary hearing Monday on charges of endangering the welfare of children, obstructing a child welfare investigation and concealing the whereabouts of the children.

Datwon Fowler is charged with making false reports to police, obstructing a child welfare investigation, criminal use of a cellphone and conspiracy.

Police filed the charges against Patricia Fowler after they went to her home earlier this year at the request of the Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth and Families. They removed four children, but the agency later called back and told police there should have been six children there.

Proudyt said...

When I was a teenager a schoolmate of mine made the mistake of walking home through a predominantly black town on the south side of Chicago. He was set upon by gangbangers ,beaten to a pulp then doused with gasoline and burned to a crisp. That was nearly 30 years ago,this is nothing new to them.

Californian said...

Colin Flaherty has a good interview on Red Ice Radio:

Anonymous said...

OT: When you are the owner of a small auto parts business, and you decide to help out a 62 year old homeless black man in the neighborhood by giving him a job to earn some money, some food to eat, new clothes, etc., how should you expect to rewarded for all of your generosity and kindness?

Why, you should just be brutally beaten up and decapitated inside of your place of business, of course, so that your other employees can find your bloody remains there later.

Friends: Victim who was decapitated tried to help suspect

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Gene, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for risking your life on the line for your contributions you have made for our freedom in America. I hope you can rest in peace. I hope that one day our people will come together to save this country you risked your life for to bring it back to the once semi-sane country it used to be.

For if we don't, and as sad as it may be to say, that you did it all for nothing, only to be taken out by the same savage beasts you went to war to fight for, to offer them the freedom they have today. That same freedom you fought for them for is the same freedom that caused your death. Sorry if I didn't type this out in the same way I was thinking it, but if you're capable of reading between the lines of the voice I was trying to lend, then you know. It truly adds a sincere insult to injury that war veterans like this man can't even live his whole natural life without having to see his life ended by the same savage monsters he risked his life to protect. Or better yet, he risked his life to protect OUR lives, and we failed him for not doing what WE needed to do in this country in order to protect his, and ours at the same time. That IS the real tragedy in all of this......

These monsters are FERAL. They ALL want you, YT, dead !! They have absolutely nothing positive to contribute to society. Anybody that doesn't see the truth in this deserves the same exact fate as the lowly negro themselves.

Our people are to weak to fight. For if they weren't, we'd be fighting them right now, picking them off one by one. What we should be doing is what we should be doing RIGHT NOW, and we're not. They're breeding and all we do is keep running from them. By the time we try to take a stand we'll need so much ammo as a whole that this whole country would have to be littered will shells to get the job done. Sickening !! No, even worse, it's absolutely fucking disgusting !!

My most heartfelt condolences go out to you Gene. Words can't even explain the way I feel right now. There is something that needs to be done about this... and that would have to be an act of war, because it's nothing short of that right now...


My family and I saw a HUGEEEEEEEE Trump sign on someone's front lawn yesterday that was bolted down to a wooden picnic table! Good luck to the monsters at stealing that, they'll need the whole tribe just to carry it. Either that, or the fuckin' monsters will set it on fire!

What do you think will happen to it? That's the million dollar question right now....

D-FENS said...

OT - On a social media site primarily for job searches, someone posted one of those "blacks need to leave the Democrat plantation" posts. Somebody at a VP level at a company "liked" the post. A negro than berated the VP saying in effect that any minorities that work for him will feel that their voices and concerns will not be respected and even safety concerns might not be heard.

I pointed out that those that post do not speak for their employers, that there are several safeguards in the workplace that limit conduct that might be offensive and that reasonable people are able to separate their political opinions expressed outside the workplace from their behavior in the workplace. Since then, several blacks have checked my profile. I wonder if I can expect some retribution.

The sad fact is that these type of posts are the last, futile grasps of Cuckservatism, Inc. to show they are not racist.

On another site that is devoted to anti-immigration, there was a post about the Lutheran efforts to resettle refugees here while voting to support ending aid to Israel. I pointed out that Israel is not exactly our friend and is not a friend to Christians either. The site is popular with conservative Christians, several who have berated me.

Most, but not all Christians are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Pure evil is alive and well in America. I just saw more Trump supporters at a fund raiser being attacked by Communist agitators and flag burners. When people cannot meet at a peaceable assembly without being attacked something is terribly wrong in this country. Breitbart has some of the film clips, one of which shows a black guy beating on a white woman.

This current election has gone way past your usual demonstrators voicing their complaints. What we are seeing now is pure demonic and violent evil. Maniacs and psychopathic lunatics are loose on the streets. The worst part is that most of them are white.

This leftist fraction of this country are really a bunch of sickos. To be beating innocent people to a bloody pulp in the name of tolerance and justice is the sign of a perverse and demented population.

What makes it even worse is how the controlled media plays it down as a none event. Mobs assaulting and beating on people are called "demonstrations". Riots and burning cities are called "unrest". When you live in a country where people are afraid of being physically attacked for expressing their views that is a sign you you are living under tyranny. The radicals are becoming the strong arm of the government. The modern day brown shirts goose stepping down the street. The destroyers of freedom. All in the name of justice and equality.

Anonymous said...


Old age warrior said...

This thug is a real POS ! They need to just take out in the street so everyone can see , and put one in the back of the head ! Even then he would be getting off to easy. He needs to have gas poured on him and set him on fire .
I grew up in a part of Birmingham called West End .It was one of the nicest middle class section of town.Now it is nothing but a combat zone!

PB said...

That Trump even feels the need to do this seems to me a commentary on the loss by White people of the battle of demographics.

Then again there's also the "well at least I tried" approach to politics.

ruckus said...

This story makes me sickened and furious at the same time. The only thing more reprehensible and vile than the crime itself is the lack of coverage of it!

Anonymous said...

Free Republic is loaded with Christian delusional whites, they usually put a Psalm after their name, they are utterly hopeless.

David In TN said...

The Alabama AARP issued a statement saying "Don't be afraid. There is no crime wave against the elderly. This rarely happens."

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the lesson is this. Stay away from these DWLs and pray to God they get diversified.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...

My first thought on this story was why in the hell didn't his son get him out of orcville. Then I figured it out. My own father in law continues to live in a house he bought in 1975. This used to be an area of veterans and their families, blue collar workers who had their pick of many good paying automotive jobs. Dayton Ohio to be exact. The orcs keep moving further and further out. His street now is well diversified. We encourage him to sell and get the hell out of there, but he is just like the gentleman in the story. Exactly like him. What can you do? Not a damn thing.

August 20, 2016 at 7:09 AM

I have lived my whole life just south of Dayton. Most of my adult life I`ve watched them slowly close and tear down all the big plants that used to make Dayton hum. I would have loved to see it back in the day, how your father in law knew it. Now driving down Salem Ave. feels like your in Port au Prince.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were a Blog/Clearinghouse about Black on Black Crime and Black on Black Murder with daily reporting and logging for the United States.

Can someone start a simple website that just chronologically lists each news case of a n*gger burning a White to death?

Kind of what you guys want

Anonymous said...

How reassuring! The old "statistics don't mean shit unless/until it's you" approach.

Anonymous said...

"The reason this horrible story has been largely ignored by the media is because they are still pursuing the egalitarian theory pressed on America by the Marxists. This is the idea that all people are the same and only differ by their skin color."

Marx wasn't a race theorist and didn't invent this way of viewing the matter. Before Darwin "paintjob theory" was the default view of Western man. This view as encouraged and supported at every turn by Christianity, whose God is supposed to be the God of all humanity, and which always has sought converts from all races and has the same rules of behavior for all races. Christianity only makes sense if all races have the same capabilities; i.e., are essentially the same despite surface appearances.

It was Darwin, Marx's contemporary, who was the first to explain the meaning of race and give it a rational, scientific basis. Marx had read Darwin and was an enthusiastic fan of his, but apparently didn't understand the implications of Darwin's ideas about race. Darwinism and Marxism do have in common a materialist view of realty that dispenses with the need for a God, and that seems to be one of the main reasons for Marx's endorsement of Darwin's ideas.

Californian said...

A few months ago I read the history of African decolonization. The overwhelming impression I have gotten is people who behave savagely when free of Western influence.

Bear in mind that it was not until the 1880s that European colonization began in earnest in Africa. Until then, there were only a few European enclaves along the coast here and there. Most of sub-Saharan Africa was dominated by various tribes or primitive kingdoms which practiced the usual raiding, massacres and slave-trading. Of literacy and technological advancement there was little to none. YT brought these things to the dark continent.

De-colonialization began in the 1950s. So that's about 70 years of direct contact with White civilization...hardly enough time to assimilate blacks into any kind of modernity. And that's even if such a thing were feasible given the low median black IQ and etc.

Blacks have been in North America for 400 years and they still revert to the African mean when given half a chance. Look at the recent BLM "uprising," right out of Congo. And again, look at Liberia which was settled by freed American slaves and now one of the worst places in the world.

The reality is that black behaviors are too fixed (by genetics) to rise very much above the metaphorical jungle. Take off the controls and they revert to Big Man rule, inter-tribal raiding, senseless tortures, and inflicting general havoc on their surroundings. You can see this playing out from Uganda to Milwaukee.

I'd like to call it a "clash of civilizations" but of course, blacks do not bring very much in the way of civilization with them, do they?

Awakened white said...

I think I saw that on drudge, knew it was Dindu's even before clicking on it.

Anonymous said...

All this while Queen Hillary is WELL protected! Yeah, you can have MY Guns! F.U. :


Anonymous said...

I generally dispise lawyers and lawsuits, but I would absolutely love to see a wrongful death claim by the victim's family naming every government agency responsible for aiding this orc's criminal activity. Without food stamps, section 8, Obama phone, etc this crime would have not been possible. I know it's just a silly fantasy, but it would make a great segway into welfare implications and unintended consequences.

Anonymous said...

Off topic.During my Sunday readings of news events I happened to find this news site sort of by accident and what an accident that turned out to be. The article that caught my eye had to do with black college students having to deal with white students in their classrooms, it seems that whites got to college by "being born with white privilege" and of course we know that the majic negro cannot be wrong so with that in mind the article runs down all white students as "people who are taking a black person's spot". The comments section was the real winner, all whites are racists,they may come on as being friendly,remember "you were once a slave",( stolen from the Bible as I recall). Anyway the news source is called "THE ROOT", so beware or check it out if you like. Other comments just reinforce the hatred they have for whites in general , kind of an eye opener for those that still think we can coexist in this land.

Anonymous said...

The church members mentioned above who support BLM have been fed a steady diet of white guilt so long that their malnourished brains are incapable of rational thought. No present-day black in America was ever a slave and no present-day white in America ever owned one. We don't owe them sh**t. Blacks take zero responsibility for their own actions and those of their peers but expect whites to be responsible for the deeds of our ancestors generations ago. That's stupid. The only thing I'd be willing to blame our forbears for is ever allowing the first orc onto these shores. Those Christians are effectively saying that blacks are INFERIOR because BLM just means blacks are clamoring for more attention, better treatment, whatever from whites. Why do blacks care what whites think about black lives? They want better black lives, then go out and make better black lives. Get an education, get a job, have a family, don't commit crimes, then they won't be dealing with cops. Nobody owes them squat. Whites don't give a &&*&^% about what blacks think. See us going to their hellhole neighborhoods squalling that white lives matter? Also, these Christians really do believe that blacks shouldn't be held to the same standard of Christian forgiveness, forbearance, etc. that they'd expect from whites. It's okay for blacks to act out (burn down cities, beat bystanders,etc.) They're "entitled". They're oppressed. They really can't be expected to do the "hard" Christian stuff, like turning the other cheek. Nope, they're just not capable of "real" Christianity and these deluded Christians deep down know it. These Christians need to read their Bibles a little more. God is no respecter of persons. Blacks don't get any more of a pass for robbery, murder, rape, destruction of neighborhoods, cities and nations than anybody else. The NT never allows sinners of any color to give excuses. That includes black thugs and murderers. Also, most mainline churches have been totally subverted and are being used to carry out the only real genocide taking place in the world today-WHITE GENOCIDE. Well, the Tibetans are being eliminated too, but that's for the Asians to sort out.

Mr. Rational said...

He guaranteed there would be improvements in the black community, and finished by asking, "What do you have to lose?" by voting Republican.
Not sure quite what to make of it because of the strong emphasis, but if he garners more votes at this point, that's fine. Likely, it was influenced by his new campaign people.

Ooh, virtue signalling to the right!  I love it.  It plays to the frustrated expectations of those Whites who voted for Zero in the forlorn hope that he would get the Blackimals to finally pull up their pants, pay attention in school, work for a living and be proper parents to their children.  After all, if we're all the same they have no excuses, right?  Trump will call that bluff, which White America wanted called long, long ago.

I work in Pontiac, does anyone from Michigan know of a small quite community north of there that isn't too expensive?

Lake Orion, perhaps?

Most, but not all Christians are hopeless.

Churchians, aka cuckstians.  There's been some good discussion at Vox Populi recently about who is the "neighbor" per the parable of the good Samaritan.  It is worth reviewing and bringing to the attention of any cucked clergy.

Anonymous said...

Curious to know how long the criminal record of this "teen" is.....How many times did some liberal, pc , judge give this ape "probation"......
THEN , I'd like to see how many other White elderly , defenseless people this ape has on his body count list .

This is probably 1st time CAUGHT committing MURDER,

Naturally no mention in the "news" either on TV or in any paper,& you just KNOW the primate-in-chief won't drag itself off the Links for 5 seconds to condemn this heinous act of slaughter or the depraved ,psychotic savage that committed it.

This is never going to end untill the WHITE MAJORITY wakes up, stands up, takes charge, and eliminates this threat to our elderly, our women, our children, and OUR Nation,
12% of the total population , committing 75% of the CRIME, is 85% of the population in the penitentiaries , in some cases committing 100% of the Murders, rapes, armed robberies& assaults,
BUT it's THIER lives that matter because they contribute SO MUCH to modern,American Society , RIGHT?
Yeah, Right............

Anonymous said...

OT – At least one judge knows that BLM has no place in a courtroom. This same AA orc attorney that seems to believe that it has a Constitutional right to wear a blm pin in a court of law would probably screech racism if YT wore a KKK pin.

Anonymous said...

On the matter of the killing of people by blacks who then set the victim on fire, I have seen only two episodes of First 48 where this happens. One was a Detroit prostitute who was shot then burned and left on a sidewalk. The other was a black on black rape/ killing in Cleveland. I have heard that the setting of victims on fire is a " street cred " issue; that is, the more horrifying ( the more African in other words ) the more street cred one gains. Interestingly, neither of the killings on the show were gang-related but were done out of vengeance or to destroy evidence. The gang killing of innocents then their incineration is a different beast. The crime has to prosecuted vigorously to prevent widespread copycat killings. Just imagine the public panic if it's believed this is the way it is going to be from now on.
This retrograde movement towards Africanized Guerilla tactics should serve as a very loud alarm. It is equivalent to a suicide bombing in the airport terminal, or Times Square. Notice how animalistic this black tactic is; notice how even ISIS doesn't set someone on fire for what is essentially a trivial reason; they did set a Jordanian fighter pilot on fire, but they simply shoot street thugs.
This type of murder is indicative of a complete collapse of morality.
Anything, including hyper-surveillance of underclass people, and compulsory birth control and anti-psychotic injections in the appropriate school setting, is required.
The modern Progressive movement doesn't have a problem with eugenics. In the sense that Progressives aligned themselves with Sanger early in the twentieth century ( the " Progressive Era " ) , and that they fight to keep that retro label alive in the public mind, leads me to believe HC may not fight to build a wall but she certainly will fight to keep the abortion option the first option pregnant young brown and black females will countenance.
Perhaps compulsory birth control injections aren't being done now but I think in the threatened days ahead they will. It's that, or Idiocracy running Evilopolis in American cities.

Anonymous said...

Free Republic is loaded with Christian delusional whites, they usually put a Psalm after their name, they are utterly hopeless.

True but it's not the big hitter that it used to be.

Anonymous said...

„As an aside, one might note that by many traditional anthropological criteria African-Americans are now one of the dominant social groups in America — at least they are clearly dominant over whites. There is a tremendous and continuing transfer of property, land, and women from the subordinate race to the dominant race. When it comes to personal property, blacks have a tendency to take what they want. The July issue of AR points out that blacks commit robbery at a rate nine or ten times higher than whites and that they are about 50 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa. In many cases, what they do not take themselves, the government takes and redistributes for them. As for land, blacks have literally forced whites out of many of our major cities, the crown jewels of any civilization.

„At the same time, there are four times as many marriages between black men and white women than between white men and black women. Like any conquering group, the winners are taking the property, the land, and the women. But perhaps the most incontrovertible evidence of dominance is the fact that blacks can work openly for black empowerment. They can complain about whites and get a sympathetic reception. Whites, on the other hand, are not permitted to discuss their own dispossession.“ —Glayde Whitney

Anonymous said...

Now Birmingham itself is the zoo.

Anonymous said...

This is why factual history is no longer taught in schools. We can't have the plebes understanding the world and making up their own minds about things.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This type of violence will never appear in the media. They simply won't report it. Since South Africa gave up White rule, their news media only reports about 2% of high profile crime. Most of it is just "life" and they ignore it.

I know a White person here in the US from South Africa. He took his family and left years ago because his neighborhood was being invaded and the women attacked as the men went to work. White housewives were gang-raped, then had their hands chopped off; all by Blacks. This was nowhere in the media and police didn't care.

He grabbed his wife and fled. This will happen here in Black communities until most non-Blacks self-segregate for their own safety. But it won't be on television, so don't expect Whites to "wake up". Most won't believe its happening until it happens to their families.

Anonymous said...

"These subhuman primates act on instinct, and their instinct is to kill. They are animals, not humans with dark skin. We found them in the jungle 500 years ago having never invented the wheel, or metal-smithing, or boat-building. They are a separate branch—a very distant, withered and deformed branch—on the primate family tree, and they can never be what we want them to be.

Remove these creatures from our country. Repatriate them to the jungle from whence they came."

Anonymous said it best midway in the thread. Reposted because it's true. A Stone Age primate past its due date. Homo Africanus belongs in a natural history museum, not in cities, schools or public spaces.

Annie Oakley said...

There is a recent video on YT where a white male was hunting down a Hillary supporter in Nevada who is allegedly committing voter fraud. I think she was some sort of pollster or someone who might be working at the polls. The fraudster is a white middled aged woman. The white dude is hounding her until she drives off. Bravo.

Instead of attacking blacks and going after them, my job is to now shame white cucks and insult them whenever I can. Blacks and hispanics are naturally being tribal and trying to protect their own interests. Whites should do the same, but we have many white anti-whites like the woman in the video who have great disgusts for whites unless they're egg sucking fellating anti-whites who worship negroes and other non-whites.

If you're at a rally and you're attacked, don't try and fight the blacks and browns. If you hurt the precious freaks, you'll be hit with a hate crime. Instead fight back the white cucks who are showing up to make sure you're displaced. Shove, push and hit if you have to. Most of these rallies are a few blacks and browns, with a lot of white cucks. Go after the whites. If they don't show up, there won't be a protest without the useful idiots.

Just like at the Trump rally white young men were trying to attack that older white woman. I would have turned around and kicked him square in the nuts.

Whites have to be the master at reverse psychology. It's like playing hard to get. Whites have to learn how to play the game. It's taken me a while, but I've learned the game of reverse psychology and how to get these people so pissed off, they're pissing themselves.

It's a lot more fun to do that, than to get angry and raise your blood pressure.

Anonymous said...

The Root, shit, we have been hip to TR for years!

Anonymous said...

I know a South African doctor who did the same thing. Thankfully, he landed in Pennsylvania.

Steve Smith said...

Thanks for posting this. The article's comment section is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Howell isn't to bad of a drive down M-59 from Pontiac. Not a lot of diversity there.

Anonymous said...

There is some stuff going on in Bham that if it could get some media coverage, it would bring down several in the corrupt city government.

Water Works Board, Regions Bank, City Council... it's bad. (Black of course.)

SWF said...

A couple of years ago I heard on the news that, that year, there were more black babies born than white. Does anyone know the statistics on that and if it is true?

SWF said...

For the life of me I cannot understand why voluntary segregation is vilified. Blacks hate us, they don't want to live as we do (clean, civilized. ..), so why do they care if we want to live among ourselves, among others with the same value system? 'They' like to live and congregate together so why can't we? I mean, other than the FACT that they simply enjoy destroying everything around them and pissing all over anything civilized.

SWF said...

The Liberal ailment/mental handcap of cognitive dissonance at work. Blacks and whites are genetically different. That is a scientific FACT. But then, whatever crazy white people behind all of this insanity - condoning it, promoting it, making excuses for it - arent very good with facts. I really do fel that they should be forced to get into the trenches, get their hands dirty, and live smack bang in the middle of the black neighborhoods and projects.

Unknown said...

Thos is True we convinced our mother to move to a city a few miles east of Columbus ohio east side where she could hear gunshots every night. Now she lives 30 seconds from me in a retirement home next to a police station. Wake up and take care of the ones you love!