Sunday, August 14, 2016

Courtroom of Blacks Cheer When Judge Cuts Bail Amount in Half for Black Male who Shot and Killed his 11-year-old Daughter

Imagine a courtroom full of white people, congregating to watch a judge decide whether or not to reduce bail for a white man accused of murdering his son or daughter. 

Next, imagine this crowd full of white people cheering as if their alma mater had just scored a game-winning touchdown once the judge decides to reduce the bail amount for this white man accused of murdering his son or daughter. 
Black character firmly on display...

Done imagining this scenario? 

Well, it happened with black people...[Judge Cuts Timothy Batts' Bond In Half; He Bonds Out Hours Later, News Channel 5 August 13, 2016]:
The Hendersonville man accused of killing his 11-year-old daughter appeared in court where a judge cut his bond in half. 
Timothy Batts' bond of $1 million was reduced Friday to $500,000. The courtroom was filled with Batt's supporters who cheered after the announcement. 
The bond reduction came with stipulations if Batts does bond out of jail. 
The judge informed Batts he would be on supervised bond, he would have to pass drug and alcohol tests, and he could not get any other charges of any kind against him. Otherwise, the judge added Batts would be taken back to jail immediately with his bond revoked. 
Batts bonded out of jail late Friday night, hours after the judge made the decision. 
He was charged with reckless homicide in the death of his daughter, Timea. 

Batts originally told police she was shot while getting off the school bus. But he later confessed that he accidentally shot her after being startled when she arrived home from her first day of 6th grade. 
Patrick Starnes, Timothy Batts' uncle, was called as a witness. He confirmed they support Batts. 
Starnes said, "He’s not a person that’s violent he’s not a person that’s going out into the community and committing crimes, again within the last 4 years he had turned his life around and was trying to live according to the law." 
A detective with the Hendersonville police department said they recovered home surveillance video that showed Batts walking around the home on the phone with a gun before Timea walked in. 
Neil Harri said, "The defendant has video cameras in his home, an ADT security system. We were able to recover some video from ADT. The video shows that 5 minutes before Timea arrived home from school, Mr. Batts was walking through his home on the phone with a gun in his hand at the time.”  
His friends started an online petition to get his bond reduced so that he may be released for his daughter's funeral. The petition had almost 11,000 signatures. 
Outside the court house friends and family were  chanting and carrying signs. The defendant's stepfather said they set up an account at  Suntrust to raise money to post bail. 
Jeffery Starnes said, “They know how good of a guy he is they know that his other kids need him in they life and that’s the reason they was shouting and going what they doing because the a million dollar bond was impossible to make we’ll make this one.”  
In addition to being charged with reckless homicide, he's also jailed on charges of tampering with evidence, false reporting and being a felon with a firearm.
He was turning around his life!

If you ever wondered why black people will spontaneously riot on behalf of a black thug (think career criminal Sylville Smith, who after being shot by a black officer in Milwaukee, saw a shockingly large number of blacks burn buildings and attack white people in his memory), look no further than a courtroom of black room exploding in excitement when a black male accused of murdering his own daughter got his bailed reduced by half.

America is only irredeemable, because we granted black people citizenship and the right to vote (which set in motion every ill that now threatens us presently, ensuring we have no future).



Anonymous said...

The good conservatives always yammering that black's problems are a lack of fathers in their homes have no comment.

Aren't they always turning their lives around 360 degrees? While doin nuffin. His other kids need him at home like they need chlamydia.

Anonymous said...

How about a new acronym?


There Are No Good Ones

rex freeway said...

He wont last a week before he fails drug & alcohol tests. When they track him down he will have a stolen pistol. Will have shoot out with police and will kill someone innocent. Hopefully a relate of the judge.
They cheered because bond is just a White mans way to keep a brother down.

Anonymous said...

If he got his bail lowered to 1/2 million, then who sprung for the non-returnable $50,000 to bail him out?

FearpornRefugee said...

These cockroaches will stick together until the very last moment. I see it every day in BRA. A 40 year old man can go to jail, and his 55 year old mother will be at the police station trying to bail him out before the ink dries on his arrest paperwork. These are truly the most dysfunctional things on the planet. I wonder if aliens ever abducted any of them, only to drop them off on an asteroid somewhere in the next galaxy after realizing how much of a fuck up they had accomplished in picking up one?

A buddy of mine used to be a city cop in a small Mississippi town during the 1980's. The mayor was white at the time, and my buddy was tasked with installing new lights and radioes, etc. in the squad cars. He was finishing up an install job one day when the mayor came strolling into the shop. According to my pal, the conversation was brief and the mayor only asked one thing about the new car's equipment: "did you nigger-proof it?" I sincerely believe that nogs could break titanium ball bearings if given enough time alone with a jar full.

There's a case happening right now where a democrat went to work last month and forgot his toddler was in the back seat. It seems that not only can nigs not swim well, but they don't tolerate 120 degree heat in a sealed automobile either. The kid expired and the dindu was promptly arrested and charged with negligent homicide. Now, the mother of the child is asking the DA to drop the charges, and the community (his, not ours) is bitching and moaning about the charges being racist and sheeit because white folk don't get charged for doing the same things. I can't make this shit up.

Another guy I know used to be a game warden back in the 70's for a very brief moment. He's a master welder and pipe fitter now, but the story of his career-ending moment is awesome and worth repeating. It seems there was a nog that went and got himself killed by somebody for fooling around with a white woman. A tip led the sheriff to a pond where the body was supposed to be located. After calling in the state game and fish boys to come drag for the body, they located it and brought him up to the surface. He was thrown into the water with logging chains wrapped around him for weight. Yeah, yeah I know they sink, but when a body begins to decompose underwater, the intestines become filled with gasses and cause the body to "pop-up" or float. So Griz is sitting by a camp fire they had built trying to warm up from the watery expedition, and he decides it's time to be comical. Ole Griz says to some guys around him, "aint that just like a nigger to try and swim across that pond with all those stolen loggin' chains?" He says a guy standing behind him tapped him on his shoulder and when he turned around to look, it was a black FBI agent standing there all pissed off at him. No more possum patroling for Griz after that one.

Be well all. Be racist and be good at it.

-Fearporn Refugee

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

This is the worse one in years of reading this blog.

Too disgusted and angry to type.

I have two daughters. Guess how many I killed after a first day of school?


Thank you PK for this blog.

Jeez, they really are just animals, aren't they? Someday I'll write a book about the crap I was force-fed all my life.

Thank God for the Internet and this site, and,, and Top Conservative News. DailyKenn was great but he ruined his website with ads and popups. Breitbart's pretty good. I hate Glenn Beck. Also, check out takimag and unz review.

Anonymous said...

Paul you have written on this extensively and you know this is normal behavior for blacks. Because of their low IQ levels, they can't decipher between right from wrong and need to be segregated from the population.

There are some black personalities like Tommy Sotomayor who have spoken about the low impulse, low IQ black, but these people are so few in number their voice is rarely heard.

I believe blogs like this will awaken sleeping whites who refuse to face the truth about the black menace. I hope the white people of Milwaukee will realize that blacks will hurt them if possible.

Anonymous said...

I know its been suggested a ton on this site, but for the benefit of new lurkers, the book Negroes in Negroland should be required reading for every white American of voting age. Because its full of excerpts from primary sources during the 18th and 19th centuries, it provides the history of America during the years immediately following the freeing of slaves, and proves that most people (including Lincoln himself) had no intention of making blacks politically equal to whites. In fact, the only way emancipation was supported by the masses was in conjunction with repatriation back to Africa. Two thirds of the book are excerpts from explorers and missionaries to Africa who documented the ignorance, savagery, duplicity, laziness, promiscuity, and overall inferiority of the negro. An absolute must read.

Anonymous said...

O. M. G.

Must be a black judge or. --- Must be a liberal regressive commie pile of excrement judge

Anonymous said...

The video shows the present....

WHITE people as leaders of the court, police and administrative staff....all members of a dying civilization trying to have a society of law and order.

BLACKs are the hooting tribe of criminals who just got their "Barabbas" ( the blacks are really like YKW) out on bond for killing his daughter. Even if it was manslaughter...since he had a gun as a felon...a "normal" society would have wanted to keep him locked up.

So what videos will we see more of in the future....just tune into Milwaukee....

Oh...and did I mention there are HUGE fall hunting sales on fine ammunition, pistols and rifles happening right now?

Anonymous said...

More from the news of "we are not the same":

Just read an article that claimed the U.S. was about to be kicked off their anti-doping high horse. For those of you who have not been following the Olympics, some U.S. swimmers have been calling out those who have been convicted of cheating/using illegal performance-enhancing drugs. The article states that while the U.S. swim team is squeaky clean, the U.S. track and field team not so much.

I looked up every track and field athlete that has been caught/accused of cheating and guess what? EVERY SINGLE ATHLETE is black.

I find this about as surprising as I do the coverage of these cheats. Maybe they can become representatives of black districts once they retire. They would fit right in.

Anonymous said...

So he's not a violent petson out in the community committing crimes, one person said. Nope.. he's just in his own house committing crimes. When do kids get out of school, maybe 3:00pm? Didn't he expect his kids coming home? He a a gd felon who had a firearm, shot his daughter, lied an tampered with evidence. People cheered when his bond was reduced for Gods sake. This mfer is irredeemable and so is the judge and the cheering fans. I got to check my fing blood pressure, I feel like a could explode. Your analysis is spot in P.K.
~Exploding in Ohio

Wild Bill in Detroit said...

What is going on here? I mean, something is seriously wrong with this picture. Let us review the facts chronologically:

-Black father, an individual with a criminal record, is pacing around his home, on the phone, carrying a pistol.
-Black father is "startled" by his daughter returning home from school
-Black father inexplicably shoots and kills his daughter as she enters the home
-Black father lies to police, stating she was shot coming off the school bus, only confessing the truth at a later point
-Black father, rightfully, gets arrested and charged for this crime
-Judge unfathomably lowers bond for the black father who has just killed his own daughter, was in possession of an illegal firearm, and who has a prior criminal record
-Courtroom full of sympathetic blacks erupt in cheers

I am flabbergasted that any of this makes sense. For regular readers, I shared in a previous post that as a foolish young adult, I had a few brush ups with the law. My criminal behavior did not even come close to rivaling the murder - accidental or not - of one of my own family members. Back then, I wish the judge I was in front of would have reduced my bond in half. That sure would have saved my parents a few bucks for bailing my dumb, young ass out.

Certain questions have to be posed. Why did Mr. Batts feel the need to possess a firearm in the first place? Why was he on the phone, pacing around his home with this firearm in hand? Was he expecting a threat? Why was he not aware that his daughter would be returning from school at a specific time? Forget even questioning why unruly blacks get rowdy in a courtroom - we are all familiar with their bizarre, antithetical behavior. The real questions arise from the murder itself.

However, I am somewhat surprised to see a black man actually present in the life...or rather, death...of his child. I guess it's somewhat ironic that the kid would have been better off - she'd be alive - if her father was like the majority of other black fathers: nowhere to be found and not caring whatsoever for his children. Undoubtedly Mr. Batts has about 4 to 6 other children, with 3 to 4 other women, and for their sake I hope those kids watch their backs.

I hate hearing about a kid getting senselessly killed, regardless of race. But like PK always says, this is what Jim Crow laws were created for. Not only did JC laws protect whites by separating them from blacks, but blacks would have been protected, too, mainly from themselves. If there were modern JC laws, so many of these blacks getting justifiably killed by police wouldn't even encounter them, or feel the need to challenge their authority. Modern JC laws would have made it much, much harder for a black man to come into possession of a firearm, regardless of the legality of it. If that was the case, that little girl would still be alive.

White-Skinned Goodness said...

This is just the "Typical" in TNB. I'm sure that these orcs were also loudly cheering when their double-murderer "brother" OJ Simpson was acquitted.

brian boru said...

No one should be surprised by this. Remember OJ Simpson? The problem with whites is that so many of them can't bring themselves to accept the evidence of their senses. Blacks are about as different from whites as it's possible to be while still remaining human, and even that is debateable. Nature has not equipped them to operate in a civilisation yet we continue to expect them to be able to. Unless we manage to completely separate ourselves from this pack of cockroaches then everything built by our ancestors and bequeathed to us will be destroyed, including our race itself.

Anonymous said...

Funny I can't find any MSM website that has any comment section.
A convicted felon with a gun. A full on home security system to make sure it isn't the competition at the door ready to blow his head off.
4 kids with no job. 99.9% chance he collects tons of government benefits. Probably rolls in an Escalade on 22s. He's a "barber". Is that like being a "pastor"?
These "people" are some sick, twisted, perverted MFers.
Weird how a few months ago I would be reading the comments on HuffPo and thinking, "Yeah, right on, preach it! Poor oppressed blacks. White people are such jerks and meanies!" I clicked on some SJW/BLM headline and scrolled to the comments and I wanted to puke. Then I wanted to track down each poster and punch them each in the face and then the throat.
Glad to be "woke"

Mr. Clean said...

This was a news story linked from a conservative opinion page.

Want to blame someone for the mess this country is in? Look in the mirror, YT.

Anonymous said...

"He was turnin' his life around."

We hear that every single time. I know commenters here like to joke that they're turning 360 degrees, but what about a serious explanation?

The way I see it, our system is so lenient that by the time any of these thugs make the news, they already have a rap sheet. And those prior charges are a matter of public record, so they're hard to sweep under the rug.

The only way the media can spin this is if they say "that was all in the past". The only other choice is to say "Today, career criminal Timothy Batts killed his own daughter, finally getting arrested committing a crime big enough that our revolving door prison won't release him in six months."

The media has painted itself into a corner, and the only way out they can see is to say that he was turning his life around. Every. Single. Time.


White Trash Hillbilly said...

just when I think it cant get any worse, PK goes and does it again

Anonymous said...

". . . I had 5-year-olds who were actually uncles and aunts to their 4th and 5th grade nephews and nieces. From what I surmised, there were about 6 or 7 bucks impregnating all the sows in the neighborhood. All the kids in the school could trace their paternity to one of those guys.

(Well...those that knew their paternity, anyway. )"

~Fled the Undertow
(Quote from an earlier post)

The nogs were already way behind the curve 75, 100 years ago but as is typical of all the "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help" programs the so-called civil rights era made everything worse. All the social indices of degenerate, criminal behavior of nogs in the 1950s e.g. arrests, bastardy, school dropouts etc. were worse than YT indices by a mile. Now YT indices of failure look like nog failure rates from the 1950s and nog indices of social failure are off the charts.

One area where YT indices have never remotely approached nog behavior is in the area of promiscuous sexual behavior. The nogs are literally screwing themselves out of any kind of a future by their Maury Povich "Who's the Daddy?" behavior. The rate of incest and its attendant genetic problems coupled with rampant STDs precludes nog success no matter how much money is spent, how many charlatan "experts" develop "programs" or how much anti-discrimination legislation is passed. The laws of nature will supersede the laws of Congress every time.

The only thing keeping nog enclaves alive in BRA and African countries from imploding is the extraordinary success and reckless stupidity of YT society. The incredible productivity in agriculture, transport, medicine etc. has allowed an historically anomalous situation to develop whereby wildly successful societies in N. America and Europe have used their enormous surplus wealth to subsidize their own destruction through aid programs to enemy societies, a type of insanity without historical precedent.

We are now at the point where a small and shrinking fraction of productive YT people are supporting an ever increasing group of parasites encouraged by a viscous, self destructive government to attack the very source of their daily bread. The string is about played out now with failure papered over with debt, bloated government and crony capitalism benefitting a tiny oligarchy. The fact that the current system has survived many crisis encourages a normalcy bias amongst most people leading to the prevailing belief that things will continue as they have in spite of the accumulating evidence of imminent failure.

When failure comes it will arrive good and hard, it will be a shock to most people. The nogs and other POC will be least able to adapt to the new world of failure where there are no more 40 ouncers available, KFC is closed and there is nothing to buy with EBT. Remember, adaptability is what allows survival and success especially in hard times, not violence and brute force which is all the nogs and other POC have to offer.

non-DWL from NE
BHO is golfing again.

Anonymous said...

They could've let him out for just the funeral since his daughter was so obviously important to him. Felon in possession? Shouldn't the ATF handle this one? I believe his walking around the house carrying a gun on video should be enough evidence... In addition to actually shooting and killing his daughter.

If he was turning his life around, why the heck was he in possession of a firearm? Who bought it? Was the gun stolen? Was someone else a straw purchaser?

Brian in Ohio said...

Exactly what I expect from them.

Their culture celebrates criminality, so this should surprise no one. Well, no one here anyway.

And that they even suggested that black lives matter, could possibly be the ultimate hipocracy.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Proudyt said...

Another negro trying to turn his life around. How inspiring he must be to the black community.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the future welfare benefits he saved taxpayers, I'd give him a future crime stopper award as well. Maybe he can repeat his good deed while he's out on bail.

PB said...

The stories seem to be coming so thick and fast now, I think you're gonna need a staff, PK.

Anonymous said...

Walking around the house on the phone holding a gun, unloading the gun at the door when he hears the handle turning...

This is the picture the media and the Left paints when talking about the average law-abiding white NRA member, aka the violent "gun nut".

What the story doesn't tell us is whether the gun used to shoot the guy's daughter was legal and registered. I'm betting on no.

Anonymous said...

Well folks he eliminated a baby breeder before she was able to pop out a dozen pieces of tax eating, crime spree leading, oxygen wasting chillens. Good job!

Unknown said...

As I have stated many times it's time to cut ties with these feral monkeys and that's exactly what they are. The planet of the apes is playing out right before us. The last hold they have are through dumb white liberals and shit politicians like Hillary. There time is upon them, these niggers actually are dumb enough to believe that these white political figures on the left give a shit. They don't, and that's the catch. Until they rape and kill some high end liberals it won't sink in, but given the predictability of the negro it's only a matter of time until a "Hillery" type gets butt raped and killed. That will be day the pets are put out and animal control will be called in. Remember hungry monkeys are angry monkeys especially when the zoo keeper dies. Lock and load folks it's only going to worse from here on out.

Paintjob Theory said...

Once, just once, I'd like to see a crime so vile and inhuman that negroes will be quoted as saying "yeah, good riddance to that piece of shit, glad he is off the street and no longer a threat to society". Of course it hasn't happened yet and isn't likely to happen in the future.

I found a story a few years back that was just so heinous my nig-dar went off but I found a young white "teen" as the perp (picture and name not withheld of course). Anyway the quote from his mother was something along the lines of "he was a bad egg, he is where he belongs now, our family has disowned him, they can keep him locked up forever, etc."

While some may say "each race has some degenerates", this is true, but with whites and asians our statistical outliers are shunned and avoided and we generally celebrate when they're removed from our midst. This is quite telling as to what blacks collectively consider acceptable behavior (pretty much anything so long as it's their own doing it).

They are not like us and will never be fit for our peaceful modern civilization.

Hopefully that dope who stopped by yesterday to tell us about all his "masters degree" holding negro friends keeps us posted on how post Chimpocolypse life in Milwaukee is coming along for him and all the "good ones" he knows. Hang around in the monkey cage long enough and you're going to come out with a few scratches and smelling like bananas at the very least.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That video reminds me of the celebratory display by blacks when OJ Simpson was found not guilty in his muder trial. A complete departure from decency and normality.

Blacks are a different breed, that's for sure. Prone to violence, posessing the mentality of children, they are simply not able to integrate into a society that, for the most part, bends over backwards to provide them with every opportunity to suceed if they would only take advantage. In America they have opportunities unavailable to them anywhere else in the entire world and yet they fail miserably. If American blacks cannot make it in America, what use are they?

Anonymous said...

Dear "Glad to be Woke":

Welcome, friend! We're glad you're here.

~Powder Hound

Paintjob Theory said...

"All the social indices of degenerate, criminal behavior of nogs in the 1950s e.g. arrests, bastardy, school dropouts etc. were worse than YT indices by a mile. Now YT indices of failure look like nog failure rates from the 1950s and nog indices of social failure are off the charts."

A child with Downs Syndrome may be average or even the best in his class in special-needs classes, but when put into an honors program he will always fail. A Thoroughbred race horse will NEVER hang with a Clydesdale when hooked to a plow or carriage.

This isn't because "liberals" or "democrat plantation" it is because pre special-rights era we understood that they weren't white, could not be treated like whites, and we held them to their own set of standards which was more consistent with their nature. It's simply a matter or relativity. Relative to their cousins in Liberia or Haiti ours are pretty well behaved and considerate, relative to any evolved branch of humanity they will forever come up short by about 200,000 years worth of evolution.

Anonymous said...

In watching the courtroom full of negroes erupt in celebration over the reduction in bond, only one thought entered my mind- I'll bet not even 5% of the negroes present had jobs or have ever had a job. All they're good for is sucking up resources, committing crimes and being a burden upon civilization at enormous cost. Just looking at them and observing them filled me with disgust at what they are and anger that our government would support and subsidize their parasitism. Even more infuriating is how Hitlery Clintoon has said she'd tax the 401k's, savings accounts and other savings/income of productive citizens- and you know that's to transfer the money into the hands of worthless negroes, illegal aliens and imported 3rd world trash~ a way to get their votes.

For the first time in my life, I will be voting and it won't be for that scumbag. Her support of Black Lying Murderers (BLM), illegal alien trash and 3rd world parasites along with her "tax" plan cemented my decision. Enough is enough!

Bubba said...

He must have been the community drug supplier and these were all of his customers.

Anonymous said...

Relative to their cousins in Liberia or Haiti ours are pretty well behaved.

I read in Jesse Lee Peterson's book that if American blacks were separated out into their own country tomorrow, they'd be the 16th wealthiest nation on earth. Yet they continue to fail, continue to bitch, and continue to chimp out even here. They are irredeemable.

Fled the Undertow

Anonymous said...

The same ol’ hug a thug mentality and TNB.

Since we gots over on YT, It’s time we start “chillin’ with that villain”! After all, “he ain’t did nuffin” now give me that 15 dollars an hour!

Anonymous said...

Timothy is out on bond until he gets caught violating bail conditions which probably won't be too long. One thing I noticed is that the spectators in the courtroom, especially the women were mostly huge, plenty of 300 pounders there. I guess they aren't suffering too much from da terribul, terribul legacy ob da slabery as far as food goes.

Don't they shop at Whole Foods and farmers' markets looking for organic produce? I guess they don't eat many salads or drink artisanal water. Must be that food desert thing that causes them to blow up to 300 - 400 Lbs., another micro-aggression from YT.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought how negro fatigued a negro must be? There's no escape!

Every moment of a hour, every hour of a day, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year your living a negro fatigue.

Drugs only enhance the fatigue causing TNB with a twist of having to realize and accept that you are a negro.

Anonymous said...

The white community shuns criminals. The black community celebrates them. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

No. My kids know right from wrong. It's not IQ. How many people with Down's Syndrome are killers? NONE.

It's other things about their genetics. Scientists have learned that even 9 month old babies have empathy and conscience.

These people are not stupid, they're subhuman.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton and Kaine want negroes to be given ten thousand dollars each of taxpayer's money so they can put the money down on houses in "good" neighborhoods. Hide your wallets, ladies and gentlemen- the wealth redistributors are at it again and bleating all the usual excuses as to why negro neighborhoods are cesspits- it's all your fault and you have to pay for it to make things better for the poor black darlings since you caused all their problems. Vomit bags are thataway>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Here's a statement from the book, Negroes in Negroland "Acting under the influence of that vile spirit of deception and chicanery which is always familiar with every false pretense, the members of a Radical Congress, the editors of a venal press, and other peddlers of perverted knowledge, are now loudly proclaiming that nowhere in our country, henceforth, must there be any distinction, any discrimination, on account of color ; thereby covertly inculcating the gross error of inferring or supposing that color is the only difference and that a very trivial difference between the whites and the blacks ! Now, once for all, in conscientious deference to truth, let it be distinctly made known and acknowledged, that, in addition to the black and baneful color of the negro, there are numerous other defects, physical, mental, and moral, which clearly mark him, when compared with the white man, as a very different and inferior creature". Today there are many of us who are from Africa achieving the America dream. We do not have the baggage of slavery that African Americans have, therefore we see the country as a land of opportunity. We do not see ourselves as victims. We have come from North Africa and Sub Sahara Africa to work hard in America. We are the ones who are supporting Trump! By the turn of the century we will outnumber African Americans and you will see a more productive class of people. African Americans are self destructing and forever be the undertow of our society! It's sad but so true!

Willie from Naperville


IF the useless negress daughter was the deformed spawn of a negro dad and negress 'woman", then good, she is dead...but....if the mother was a white race-traitor sow....then.....GOOD. Even better.

As I warned you all before, the kind, understanding, mature, CENTURION is gone....gone...I will now express the TRUTH and if "You can't handle the truth"....that is your F'n problem, not mine. Get with the program or get out of the way of the FUTURE.

War is on. I just wish it would all break out and we can solve this final problem once and for all.

I want a WHITE ONLY nation. White Only. Get it? White Only. Then, and only then, we will not have all this hate and racial problems. God (Your Bible God), and Nature, never intended for the different races/peoples/nations/tribes to live together. It is either evil (BIBLE) or unnatural (Darwinian Evolutionary Psychology).

Bill in St Louis said...

So a win-win here? 1 dead before she can pop out another five or six orcs, and the slayer free on bond to maybe kill some more?

Anonymous said...

Personally, what one african does to another, family or not, I could not care less about. When they do it to a White person, then I get upset. Well, most of the time. For instance, google Janice Trunk.

Anonymous said...

Blogger FearpornRefugee said...

I wonder if aliens ever abducted any of them, only to drop them off on an asteroid somewhere in the next galaxy after realizing how much of a fuck up they had accomplished in picking up one?

....And then upon returning to their home planet and leader they convey the message that Project Intelligent Earth was a failure. We need to look elsewhere, thereby saving our planet! Thanks Blacks!


Anonymous said...

OT: My family and I used to live in New Jersey, but we finally moved to North Carolina late last year, after talking about it for the longest time. I thank God every day that we were able to get our house in New Jersey sold and also find a great area in North Carolina to live in. My reasons for thanking God are numerous, but since living here in North Carolina, my daily encounters and interactions with hostile black people has gone down to about zero. In New Jersey, it was frequent for me because of my occupation there, which I have since changed to another occupation.

I still have family and friends in New Jersey that I stay in touch with, and I called one of them the other day because I have not spoke with them in months. This was when I found out about an adult in this family who works as a corrections officer for the state of New Jersey. This adult was violently attacked and injured by an inmate at the New Jersey prison less than even one year ago. This adult is also white and the inmate attacker was a black male. After I made some other calls to some other people I know who are still in New Jersey, and who also know about what is going on there, I did some searching online and I found this article online from earlier this year:

One of the New Jersey corrections officers mentioned in the link above is a member of the family that I am friends with, but I am not going to mention any names here for the sake of the family's privacy.

What you will also notice at the link that I posted above here is that all of the New Jersey corrections officers that have been violently attacked in these recent attacks are white. Although the article linked above does not mention this, I have also been told by people in the know that all of the inmate attackers in these recent cases from New Jersey are black.

I have also been told that this entire "black lives matter" protest movement mentality is now surging all throughout the black male inmate population in the prisons of New Jersey, but the prisons everywhere else are really no different. What this means is that far too many of these black male inmates at these prisons are looking for any chance they can get to defy lawful orders from, and violently attack also, their so-called "oppressors" now - the white corrections officers. The black corrections officers mostly seem to have been spared from this type of violence and ire from the black male inmates though, or any other type of inmate.

Another thing that I feel is simply just terrible for these white corrections officers in New Jersey is the situation with their workman's compensation benefits. As it is right now, if a corrections officer in New Jersey is injured on the job by an attack from an inmate, which was also no fault of the corrections officer, that inmate attack injury is treated no differently by the workman's compensation process than if the injury was the result of a fall on the ice, or a fall from a ladder. This means that it takes a very long time to collect any benefits, even while the corrections officer is still injured.

Anonymous said...

"In fact, the only way emancipation was supported by the masses was in conjunction with repatriation back to Africa. "

But they didn't send the negroes back, and freed them anyway. And not only that, they supported making them into citizens and voters, amending the Constitution to do so. This was done before "political correctness", before mass media as we have it today, and before "brainwashing" by the educational establishment. It was all done by Christian white people, acting voluntarily, in accordance with their religious beliefs, on their own.

Anonymous said...

And a few months after that, when they destroy, corrupt and waste what they have, they will be down below the 100 line of wealthiest nations.

Anonymous said...

I am a c.o. in a federal prison, and I can verify that black inmates have become noticeably more confrontational since this BLM movement started. They see their people on the skreets being allowed to get away with mayhem and destruction, and figure they should be able too.

chattanooga gal said...

"the slayer free on bond to maybe kill some more?"
unfortunately, he will probably breed 5 or 6 more first.


#1) To demonstrate how STPUPID the negro is, I doubt if any of these obese, fat-ass, ignorant negress women, in the audience, had any idea that to be released on $1/2 Million Bond is not a "not guilty" decision. The monkey still has to show up in court and go to trial. What a F'n bunch of Silver-Backs we have to feed.

#2) Who is the stupid Ass Bond's Company that would put up $1/2 Million for this buck?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'd hate to be a fed ex, or united parcel delivery guy, in that fools neighborhood. Duck and cover, whitey!

Anonymous said...

He's a "barber". Is that like being a "pastor"?

Barber, Rapper, Pastor......Usually preceded by "He wuz turnin hiz life around and about to become a _________(insert here)

The norm in BRA! We're you expecting Plumbers Apprentice? Electricians Helper? Construction Laborer? Sous Chef?


Californian said...

All the social indices of degenerate, criminal behavior of nogs in the 1950s e.g. arrests, bastardy, school dropouts etc. were worse than YT indices by a mile. Now YT indices of failure look like nog failure rates from the 1950s and nog indices of social failure are off the charts.

This is a critical point: the result of the Civil Rites Revolution, War on Poverty, and every other social "justice" program of the last six decades has been a progressive worsening of all sectors of American society. Blacks are spiraling down towards the African mean. Whites are headed towards the level of segregation-era blacks. And this is only after 50 years. One wonders what the next 50 years will bring.

America today is a much worse place in which to live than it was two generations ago. And this is something being taken advantage of by hostile elites. A dumbed down black population which can not fit into civilized society makes a great weapon against the (mostly) white middle class. A (mostly) white middle class which is losing its social cohesion will not be able to resist the forces of globalization.

The nogs are literally screwing themselves out of any kind of a future by their Maury Povich "Who's the Daddy?" behavior. The rate of incest and its attendant genetic problems coupled with rampant STDs precludes nog success no matter how much money is spent, how many charlatan "experts" develop "programs" or how much anti-discrimination legislation is passed.

There's the factor of inbreeding with its inherent lowering of IQ and etc. This means (most) black will never rise above a certain mean, a mean which is nosediving with each generation. Social programs that might have made sense half a century ago are useless because the black demographic has literally changed. Of course, since study of genetic factors in racial performance is off limits in BRA, the real causes of the collapse shall not be on the public table.

The laws of nature will supersede the laws of Congress every time.

Try as it may, the government can not legislate higher-IQ, improve future time orientation or create reasonable impulse control.

The only thing keeping nog enclaves alive in BRA and African countries from imploding is the extraordinary success and reckless stupidity of YT society.

"Save the children" translates into an exploding black African demographic which has swept white people from Africa and is also behind the current invasion of Europe from the south. Sheer numbers meant that "black majority rule" would be imposed on Rhodesia and South Africa. Sheer numbers mean that Africans will mass migrate into Europe. Sheer numbers mean that Africans-in-America claim public spaces in the USA.

Of course, this could be ended within a few years by the expedient of cutting off all White aid to Africans.

Californian said...

The fact that the current system has survived many crisis encourages a normalcy bias amongst most people leading to the prevailing belief that things will continue as they have in spite of the accumulating evidence of imminent failure.

Guillaume Faye (one of the leading French New Rightists) refers to a Convergence of Catastrophes, wherein several different major crises will lead to the system collapsing. The mass migration of the third worlds into Europe is one of those crises.

Consider how a mere 50 years ago, sexual assaults by third worlders against White women (Cologne New Years 2016, Rotherham, all over Scandinavia) would have been unthinkable. Today, governments advise White women to cover up in public while ignoring evidence of sexual slavery in Britain. Of course, mass deportation of the invaders is not even on the agenda. Here in the Homeland, in the first half of the 20th century what would have been the response of White people to the flashmobs, drivebys and BLM rioting of recent years? Retaliation would have been certain, swift and well-remembered by surviving blacks. Today? Rioters are given "space to destroy" and of an armed citizenry there is no trace in the streets.

The reality is that the system is collapsing. White consciousness needs to be awakened. Only then will the steps necessary be taken. This awakening is slowly happening, witness the rise of nationalist movements in Europa and some of the activities associated with the Trump campaign. White peoples have risen up in the past against the invader, time to do so again.

Anonymous said...

The correct term for Corrections Officer is Monkey Handler.

Remember that...

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't care if they kill each other or even their own children. They just don't want any white guys imposing punishment (or the law) upon them. I've worked around blacks for the past 40+ years and I have yet to find one who puts the love of their child above what their kid might get, i.e.: "Gets paid!" They are always hoping some of the "big money" their kid might get (via sports/lawsuits/free libtard money etc.) trickles down to them. I've also noticed they put themselves above all others including their own children, generally speaking of course. Again, "They gonna get theirs!" Their culture is incompatible with Euro culture in the many failed analyses as has been proven on a daily basis since day 1.

I just want to be away from them, far, far away.

Anonymous said...

Unless he had some plausible explanation for this shooting, he should not have gotten bail I'm any amount.

If he was pacing around his house with a gun, for no apparent reason, and then shot his own kid in broad daylight, he's either insane or drug-addled. People who commit senseless crimes are the most dangerous to society.

Anonymous said...

The OJ trial aftermath was when BRA shifted into high gear.
You'll never see whites cheering for someone getting acquitted or their bond reduced unless it is a dear family member.
Mob rule didn't work out for Rome and it won't end well for the Kwanstain.

Anonymous said...

BLM agitators demand police union in majority black Baltimore be disbanded:

Anonymous said...

Even better than Planned Parenthood in keeping the orc population down are the orc parents themselves!!

Here's another feel good story for you!!

Pat Boyle said...

The Olympics have made me think about Brazil (the country not the movie) and specifically about Brazilian slavery.

In America slavery is always the excuse for all black misbehavior. If we wait long enough some benighted liberal will excuse the primitive out of control behavior of the blacks in the court room of this child shooter as just a consequence of "the legacy of slavery".

I don't understand how a man can shoot his own daughter but I do know something about slavery.

Brazil was the big time in the field of Western slavery. About 40% of all the slaves that came west went to Brazil. Muslim slavery of Africans may have been greater. Brazil had slaves almost a century before Jamestown and didn't officially outlaw slavery until almost the twentieth century. The UN claims that there are still 50,000 slaves in Brazil. Slavery has always been a principal feature of Brazilian culture.

I didn't hear any of this mentioned in the NBC Olympic coverage.

American slavery was quite different. Black slaves in Brazil had a life expectancy of 23 years (Indian slaves even less). Historians blame this on geography. Brazil is close to the African sources of black slaves. So it was economically advantageous to simply work the slaves in the cane fields to death and bring in a new ship load from Africa. It was a short voyage.

In America however slavery evolved into a much different institution. My source here is Robert Fogel the Nobel prize winning economist and historian. Fogel is sympathetic towards blacks - his wife was black.

Fogel tells us that with the emergence of cotton as the major crop for big plantations in the South slavery evolved into a more humane and economically successful institution. In the deep South just before the Civil War the slaves on the big cotton plantations were generally married, they lived in separate houses, their kids lived with them, and they ate better than contemporary whites. They were organized in teams that were encouraged to compete against other teams in terms of productivity. The overseers were not normally armed and corporal punishment was rare. The smaller plantations kept a trained nurse on staff. The largest ones had separate hospitals.

Life was probably less sweet for the slaves who belonged to owner who had few slaves but bad treatment of the work force on the big plantations was simply bad business. Indeed while the Industrial Revolution was beginning in the North the South was simultaneously trying to modernize slavery in the South.

American slavery was always a milder more humane version of a bad institution than that in Brazil or almost anywhere else.


NC Realist said...

Years of inbred negroes...this is the result. God damn you all to hell.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing unusual about shooting your daughter if she startles you coming home from school. I'm white and I've shot two of my dogs that startled me on separate occasions. I was walking into the living room and the dog jumped off the couch and I put three bullets in him. Another time I saw my dog walking quickly over to his water bowl and that startled the hell out of me and shot him in the leg. I've shot my wife, both sons and my mother-in-law on different occasions. None died, but there were some serious wounds.

This stuff happens in white families as well.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

The street-wise Mr. Batts knew that a black completing a full day of 6th grade was statistically preposterous. He sensed that a rival drug gang was infiltrating his home, as in the final scene of Scarface. He just went with the odds.

Anonymous said...

Did someone fail to tell the assembled multitude in the courtroom that "black lives matter?"

White Trash Hillbilly said...

"Well folks he eliminated a baby breeder before she was able to pop out a dozen pieces of tax eating, crime spree leading, oxygen wasting chillens. Good job!"

My sentiments exactly!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely in line with what I observed re: blacks' value for their own children when I worked with burn, emergency, and trauma patients in a groid-destroyed city.

This is absolutely why I supported free abortion on demand, and extra outreach to the creatures who engender children with no care or thought to the future and view them only as an impediment to partying or a source of federal/state money.

I wanted to say both of those things first when I say that, while I didn't know the 11 year old, I'm reaching down into the Compassion Barrel and not finding any for this situation.

Nope, sorry, coming up with nuthin'.

Having said all this, the real reason for these stories getting pumped is to push Hellary's ho'ing for the gun grabbers.

Next thing, we won't be able to have cars because groids, muzzies, and mestizos drive like maniacs and kill/maim people (often deliberately) with vehicles.

I used to work in transportation policy. Believe me, what I just said is not a fantasy or bit of InfoWars nuttery. I have been in rooms where people from massive foundations discuss how to take away private transportation from the masses and reserve it only for elites. For starters, you see, Americans have used commuting as a way to escape the melanin inferno engineered for our destruction by (((YOU KNOW WHO))).

Anonymous said...

sounds like theres a lot more to this story. what was he pacing his house with a gun?

Anonymous said...

I have so many comments I want to make- but instead, I am going to try to interject a little humor here- I feel we all need a laugh badly...
A few years ago, I worked 2nd shift in South Atlanta, and would often stop at a large retail store that is open 24 hours on my way home. They close down most of the registers at 11:30pm, so I got my stuff and quickly got in line at 11:28. There was one middle aged white guy in front of me holding a bag of chips and a soda. The line was moving slowly, so I grabbed a magazine and immersed myself into reading it for a few minutes. When I finally looked up, there were about 10 white guys in front of me holding chips and sodas. My mouth dropped open and I did stare.
The original white guy noticed and said, "Ma'am, I am so sorry that we broke in line in front of you, but we are here remodeling this store, and these guys only get 15 minutes for a break, so I held the place in line for them. I apologize".
I smiled and said, "No, that is fine. Go ahead. The reason I am staring is that is has been about 10 years since I have seen that many white men in one place around here".
We both had a great laugh, and chatted.
He and his crew were from a white area in Alabama and he said that they all could not WAIT to get back to their area- they hated to be here.
Hope I made you laugh.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Thirteen percent is too much by about..... Thirteen percent. So done with them!

Californian said...

I read in Jesse Lee Peterson's book that if American blacks were separated out into their own country tomorrow, they'd be the 16th wealthiest nation on earth.

Note the usual inflation of the black ego. Wow! They have all this wealth! They actually created the wealth of the USA!

But then why is it that every black controlled city in America is a dump? Why is it that black entrepreneurs are not there when it comes time to create start-up companies? Why do blacks have to live off of welfare and AA handout jobs?

We have seen blacks separated out into their own countries, from Haiti to Zimbabwe. All of these are economic (and human rights) disaster areas. So why is it that blacks, when "separated," can only run their economies into the ground?

Gets back to those genetics, doesn't it?

Of course, blacks do not want to be "separated out" in the USA. That would be (horrors!) segregation. Instead, they flock to white cities to soak up services, demand AA jobs, and then when they do not magically attain "equality" run amok in the streets.

What ought to be asked is how much wealth have blacks destroyed in the USA?

PB said...

But he had "turn his life roun". Well, that changes everything doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you were able to get to safety but you northerners are absolutely ruining my home in coastal n.c. And raising property values so fast us blue collar locals are being booted off family property for condos...I'm sorry but y'all made your bed up there with unions and extreme liberalist followings so sleep in it. It wouldn't be bad if y'all would leave the ideas that brought this plague upon y'all in the first place but now you expect us to change and to that I say go back to your hell holes!!!

NC Realist said...

black lives matter..? If there was EVER a good example of why they DONT matter then this story proves it. Then multiply that by thousands every year....negro on negro deaths. You stupid white liberals cant deny what smacks you in the face every fucking day. This story reeks of lowlife vile nasty negro dysfunction from being a convicted felon to the three different lies to the hiding of the weapon..etc etc. And then to ice the cake 11,000 signatures to reduce the bail and a courtroom full of lowlife niggers cheering on the shit colored beast responsible. I'll say it again to all you fence sitters....your roost is crumbling down to hell. You've had COUNTLESS opportunities to make a choice. #Liberal Deaths Matters

Anonymous said...

I know I'm using white logic here, but why would you be in the possession of a firearm if you are a felon and it is against the law to do so? In the best case scenario you are still going to face charges- it seems like a big lose/lose.

Why does every (usually) young black male NEED to have a gun, and why can they never obtain it legally? Do the majority of them have felonies on their records before they are out of their teens? Are most of the shootings over "disrespec", knowing full well that they are not within the law to use deadly force in these situations? Am I assuming incorrectly that blacks can think that far ahead?

I would try to get into the mindset of a black teen but I don't feel like giving myself brain damage to get there. Are most of these guns stolen, where are all these guns coming from? Are guns fashion necessities like extremely overpriced gaudy-looking shoes that they cannot live without? Is this the reason all of them are so afraid of police officers because they are always breaking the law?

Anonymous said...

Are most of these guns stolen, where are all these guns coming from? Are guns fashion necessities like extremely overpriced gaudy-looking shoes that they cannot live without? Is this the reason all of them are so afraid of police officers because they are always breaking the law?

1. Yes, most of these guns in the possession of these young black males are indeed stolen.

2. Yes, guns are considered to be something like fashion accessories to these young black males, just like all of these overpriced gaudy fruit boot Air Jordans that they are so wont to kill one another for.

3. Yes, I would say that many of these young black males are afraid of police officers simply because they truly do not want to face the possibility of getting arrested for breaking one type of law or another. It is not the stigma of getting arrested that bothers them though - it more likely has to do with the hassle of going to jail interrupting whatever it is they were doing just before they encountered the police.

Now, to further expand on the 1. answer, check this out:

Authorities arrest seventh teen in connection with Waxahachie gun store burglary

Quotes from the article linked above:

"The Waxahachie Daily Light reports an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and a Waxahachie detective tracked 17-year-old Quvjonzeo McCoy to Sacramento and arrested him. He’s facing charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and theft of a firearm."

"Authorities previously arrested other suspects in July: 17-year-old Deauntre Dominique Jones, an unnamed 16-year-old, 19-year-old Xavier Kirvin, 17-year-old Ardell Virgillo Cherry, 17-year-old Demarcus Dillard and 17-year-old Devon Deontae Jennings."

- Quvjonzeo McCoy
- Deauntre Dominique Jones
- Xavier Kirvin
- Ardell Virgillo Cherry
- Demarcus Dillard
- Devon Deontae Jennings

Out of all the suspect names listed here in relation to this Texas gun shop burglary case, the only one among them that might conceivably be associated with a white person's name would be "Xavier". The rest of these names are all totally dindu-nuffins-sounding monikers through and through.

The preferred method of gun shop burglary techniques among the dindu-nuffins tribal members nowadays seems to be just like the one used in the story from Texas at the link above.

First, they steal a full size pickup truck or SUV.

Next, one of them drives the truck right up in front of a door to the gun shop when the gun shop is closed at night time, while the rest of them all wait off to the side of this door.

Then the truck is used like a gigantic battering ram to smash down the gun shop's door and whatever windows are to the sides of it.

Once the truck has breached an entrance to the gun shop, the other dindu-nuffins tribal members all rush inside wearing their hoodies up and with hammers in their hands, with their goal being to smash open the display cases where the handguns are kept.

Then they all load up their backpacks with all of the gun shop's handgun inventory as fast as they can before they run outside of the gun shop so that they can flee off into the night again.

Sometimes, long guns are stolen by them also, but handguns seem to have always been their preferred loot in night time gun shop burglaries.

These smash and grab night time burglaries at gun shops are now usually all caught on security cameras, but the hoodies are used to hide their faces. Hoodies have been the apparel of choice these dindu-nuffins tribal members for about the last 30+ years for this very same reason.

Anonymous said...

What did he do wrong???

PB said...

"I have been in rooms where people from massive foundations discuss how to take away private transportation from the masses and reserve it only for elites."

Try buying a private car in 1960s Russia or 1970s China. The (((Globalists))) are very real and seek a Gulag for their age-old The Rulers had certain classes of car allocated to them based on their positions in the hierarchy. In Russia if you saved what little money you were permitted to have, then after a year or five you could afford a tiny, redundant four cylinder clunker (ZAZ or Moskvitch) that was not much improved from when it appeared in the 50s, permission pending.

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising, y'all. Not in the least.

I sat in courtroom many moons ago, victim. But, that's another story, another time.

What was interesting to watch? 25-yr old nog is brought in. Charge: Murder One. Solicitor states that he and his "bro" got into it over a girl, perp produces shotgun and cuts "bro" in half point blank.

Family of perp is allowed to speak: "He dindu nuffin!" (Yada-yada-yada, all the crap we keep hearing, correct?)

Family of boy murdered: "He's a monster! He deserves nuffin!"

Judge, white person: "No bail."

Grumble, grumble, mumble, sheeit, etc.

You can take the black out of Africa, but cannot take the African out, ever. Their DNA forces each of them into a "tribal" mode that they just cannot turn off. That's all we're seeing, y'all, nothing but jungle animals always in stalking mode, waiting to claim what is theirs, regardless of any laws, or someone else's rights.

Maybe one day, many will awaken and realize this, put down the hash pipe, sigh and then act accordingly, otherwise, the New Dark Ages will arrive shortly.

-Carolina Cicero

Racoon said...

CENTURION - You talk about "or unnatural (Darwinian Evolutionary Psychology)"

I suggest that you will be very pleasantly surprised if you Google the full name of Darwin's famous "On the Origin of Species" publication from 1859.

Please do the research (as I say, you WILL be very pleasantly surprised), and report back here with your findings, in due course.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a school bus driver in the suburbs of Minneapolis. The majority of black children I encountered were somewhat-to-undeniably disturbed. Worse, most of them were living in homes with no father or , in some cases, mother present. They lived with "aunts " or "uncles ". Who knows who they really were. The police take their word for it; they're not genealogists.
Chances are this child was another man's. In any case the mother of the child is going to be around for another few years at most. Even black mothers don't want to give birth only to see their children shot to death by the man in the house.

Mr. Anon said...

"His friends started an online petition to get his bond reduced so that he may be released for his daughter's funeral. The petition had almost 11,000 signatures."

Well, it's certainly important that he attend that.

Mr. Anon said...

The guy was walking around the house with a gun in his hand? Paranoid from drug use? Or was he actually expecting someone to kill him. Yeah - he was "turning his life around".

The problem with all these blacks who are turning their life around is this: even after rotating 180, 360, or even 720 degrees, they're the same damned person.

Mr. Anon said...

"There's nothing unusual about shooting your daughter if she startles you coming home from school. I'm white and I've shot two of my dogs that startled me on separate occasions. I was walking into the living room and the dog jumped off the couch and I put three bullets in him. Another time I saw my dog walking quickly over to his water bowl and that startled the hell out of me and shot him in the leg. I've shot my wife, both sons and my mother-in-law on different occasions. None died, but there were some serious wounds."

Was that supposed to be in jest? If not, then you are a dangerous incompetent and should be diarmed.

Mr. Rational said...

Was that supposed to be in jest?

<sigh>  You ignored the twice-annual battery change for your sarcasm detector, didn't you?

That's even more in-your-face than "Julie".

Anonymous said...

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide"--James Burnham"

Since the dominant political philosophy of the West since the Enlightenment is essentially based on liberalism, by which is meant, among other things, free markets, individualism, free speech, and a fanatic belief in human equality, it would be more accurate to say that the West itself is congenitally suicidal; that the very ideas that gave it birth are causing its demise. In a world where all are truly equal, there can be no freedom, since freedom's most persistent characteristic is that it invariably leads to inequality. Individuals can be allowed to exist only if they conform in every respect to each other, since points of difference are necessarily points of inequality; in other words, it's okay to be an individual, so long as you're identical in behavior and belief to everyone else. The West is the snake swallowing its own tail, eating itself; it inevitably self-destructs as it implements its commitment to equality.

SKIP said...

Does anyone have knowledge of how many/IF any, white police have quit their depts?

Anonymous said...


On the origin of species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life

Racoon said...

310 - Bingo!

I suspect that Charles Darwin was attempting in his 1859 thesis to ascertain a reason or reasons for black dysfunction.

Now that the colored peeps are the "favored race", where does that leave the "struggle for life"?

We live in interesting times.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

Ebt, section 8, then he sells things for cash. Weed, pills, dirt bikes, guns, stereo equipment. Whatever. They have a rudimentary bartering based economy, plus government subsidies. It's amazing, I'd call it ingenious but there is almost no thought involved. Like Ian Malcolm says, life will find a way.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why should the black race be proud of this behavior? I'd be happy to pay them as a race to leave the US forever.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Mr. Batts has already failed a drug test. Bond more than likely to be revoked. So much for the celebration after the death of his daughter.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what happened. Its the reason he shot her in the first place. Cocaine makes you paranoid. I live up the streetfrom this guy. We all know he really shot her cause he was high on crack. He got high the minute he was released. Where are the tears for Timea? I don't hear many.