Monday, October 16, 2017

Blacks Launch 'Cain and Abel' Memorial Project in Columbus, Georgia to Stop Black on Black Homicide Epidemic

Lost in the hilarious madness of the decline of the National Football League (NFL), entirely because white fans are turning off a professional sport where black millionaires are taking a knee during our national anthem, is what's happening in Columbus, Georgia. 

In this 43 percent white city (45 percent black), violent crime is entirely a black problem. Located roughly 60 miles from Atlanta, Columbus is a dystopia, where black crime has reached biblical proportions. ['Cain and Abel' project launch fights black-on-black crime,, 9-24-17]:
As founder of the Columbus Black History Museum, Johnnie Warner noticed a disturbing trend in the black community. 
"... Prior to the end of the Civil Rights Movement, there were so many lynchings and killings of the black males by the whites," he said. "And here we are now, we're still living in fear - but because of us."
First off, this isn't a proper Afrocentric view of the Holy Bible... 
To address the issue, Warner launched a "Cain and Abel" memorial project in 2016 to denounce black-on-black crime in the community. He started by collecting the name of every local black person killed by someone of their race from January 2013 to December 2015. The list has 57 names. 
But it doesn't include those killed among the 26 homicides of 2016, or the 26 homicides that the Columbus Police Department has already recorded for 2017. 
Muscogee Coroner Buddy Bryan puts the number at 32, because he does not differentiate between a homicide that police consider a murder and one they categorize as manslaughter or a justifiable shooting. 
Many of the victims included in those numbers are young black males allegedly killed by their peers. 
Of the 26 homicides recorded by police so far in 2017, 21 were black males, three were black females, 1 one was a Hispanic male and one was a Caucasian female, according to Mayor Teresa Tomlinson. 
"We have 25 murders via gun violence and one via automobile," the mayor said. 
"We have 14 murders related to domestic violence, fighting, drugs, robbery or pending investigation and 12 related to gang activity." 
Warner recently posted a message on Facebook in the wake of recent killings, asking people to add the names of others who have died since 2015. And he posed the question: "Am I my brother's killer?" 
"The Cain and Abel Memorial is a list of Columbus, Georgia, and Phenix City black Americans murdered by black Americans since January 2013," he wrote. 
"The vision is to one day (engrave) these names on a monument to inspire the next black generations to value black lives and communities. These saints are sacrificial lambs as a memorial of black-on-black homicides, crime, and terrorism. They did not die in vain. Their lives matter too! They were slaughtered by the hands of their brother." 
Following that introduction, Warner listed the names of all 57 victims, starting with Charles Foster, who was shot to death at the now-defunct Club Majestic in 2013 on New Year's Day; ending with Christopher Twitty, who was killed Nov. 21, 2015. In an interview with the Ledger-Enquirer, Warner said he got the names from the Columbus Police Department. 
After posting on Facebook, Warner received comments from relatives of people killed as a result of black-on-black over the past few years. One woman, Vicki Scott, said she was related to number 13 and 55 on the list - David Scott and Dominic L. Mitchell, respectively. 
Referring to Mitchell, she wrote: "... Glad to see his life was not in vain Johnnie Warner. Keep up the good work. Maybe someday our brothers will understand that it is nonsense taking people's lives. It destroys families. How can we fight about other races killing blacks when (we) are the main cooperate (culprits) of the genocide of the black race. Wake up and let's stop the killing of our RACE."
Actually, there weren't that many lynchings prior to the Civil Rights movement, but if you want to run with this myth, go ahead. Won't change the fact black people in Columbus (as well as in Savannah, Atlanta, Augusta, and Macon, Georgia) can't stop killing other blacks. 

But it gets better... [Monday ceremony offered thoughtful, moving words about senseless violence, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 9-18-17]:
There was an unusual funeral motorcade in Columbus Monday morning. There were multiple hearses, but no caskets. The processional ended not at a cemetery or chapel, but at the Columbus Civic Center. 
This wasn’t a ceremony mourning the death of one person, but many. Too many, too often, and too young. 
As reported by staff writer Alva James-Johnson, members of the predominantly African-American Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and five local funeral homes organized the event to protest and mourn the rash of black-on-black violent crime that has shattered so many lives and families in Columbus. 
The makeup of the group was grimly appropriate. Funeral directors and ministers have had to see too many torn bodies of victims, too much wrenching grief of loved ones, in the horrible aftermath of more of these senseless killings than anybody should have to deal with. 
Many of these murders are committed against — or by — children: “Age-wise, they’re getting younger and younger,” said Taylor Funeral Home owner Evone Taylor. “It’s males, poor, under-educated families that his is happening to.” 
The IMA’s president, the Rev. Ralph Huling, attributed the violence to “vigilante activities” that lead to “anarchy,” and indeed, the stories that emerge after these youth killings are frequently the bleakly familiar pattern of one murder that leads to the next, that leads to the next, that will all too likely lead to another. Huling said the group gathered to urge the community “back to civility, back to the point where we used to love and care about one another and realize that we are our brothers’ keepers.” 
What went uncommented on, but almost certainly not unconsidered, is the reality of how much collateral damage — often measurable in still more human lives — such violence can inflict. Not every victim of a violent crime is an intended target, which makes the outcome not one bit less tragic. 
To the Rev. Johnny H. Flakes III of Fourth Street Baptist Church, neither the problem of violent crime nor the solution can be just matter of demographic or economic circumstances. 
“We have to get the heart transformed,” Flakes said at Monday’s news conference. “We have to get the mind transformed … it’s not just a material poverty problem; there is a morality and a spiritual deficit that’s going on within our community.”Huling said the rash of homicides in the black community “is our problem … it’s going to be us that have to come up with a solution.” 
It was IMA member Edward Dubose, who served multiple terms as Columbus Chapter president and later Georgia State Conference president of the NAACP, who perhaps put the tragedy in the most personal and poignant context: “I envision my children burying me,” DuBose, said, “not me burying my children.” 
By all means black employees of the NFL, keep taking a knee. You're only helping turn white people off permanently from watching professional football.

Meanwhile, in Columbus, Georgia, the real plague (not those other 10) of ancient Egypt is currently killing the city's economic viability, property value, and future: a Nubian nightmare no one, not even the black citizens of Columbus, is worried about stopping.


Anonymous said...

When people pull a gun and shoot, because of a perceived disrespectful glance, or koolaid spilled on an article of clothing, you have a bigger problem than the actual shooting. This is a lack of intelligence and impulse control. You can have parades all day, everyday. Nothing is going to fix this, except maybe a few thousand years of genetic engineering.

Mr. Rational said...

Empty NFL stadiums as disgusted fans stay home:

We have reached peak Negro Felon League.

Awakened white said...

Saw alll the empty seats at da feets ball games. Praise God!

Mr. Clean said...

Welcome back, PK. I thought you had moved on to other things.

PK said: By all means black employees of the NFL, keep taking a knee. You're only helping turn white people off permanently from watching professional football.

White people should have turned away from the NFL quite some time ago for other, obvious reasons.

Pissed Off said...

My god finally you are back... I was wondering what happened to this site. I use SBDPL and the people who comment here as one of my main sources of news. About a month ago, SBPDL was set to "invite only" status and I was dismayed that I could no longer access this site. Thankfully, you are back. I also use SBPDL to help persuade others as to the folly of "diversity."

Anonymous said...

They were, no doubt, all good kids who dindu nuffin.

D is for depressing said...

You long as they are killing each other, and not other non-blacks, why should we care?

Mr. Rational said...

as long as they are killing each other, and not other non-blacks, why should we care?

You're not allowed to.  Criticizing Blacks for intra-tribal violence is racism, doncha know?

PC fatigue is a huge part of Negro Fatigue.

Tinker3 said...

They're shitting in their own beds. It's the equivalent of looting and burning down their own towns to make a statement.

Anonymous said...

You long as they are killing each other, and not other non-blacks, why should we care?

I know many take this attitude (including many Democrats that live near them).

But the first thing to realize is that they are mostly maiming each other. This causes the following problems:

1. YT picks up the health care bill not just for the surgery but also long term care. If they are uninsured the hospitals spread the costs to the insured. Medicaid is disproportionately paid by YT.

2. Demands by liberals and growing support by the public to end "gun violence" which is really just Black crime. This inevitably leads to gun restrictions for Whites.

3. Exodus of Blacks from da violence which means more Blacks heading to White areas. This has a locus like effect where the cores of city centers are abandoned while Whites are driven further into the hills.

We have to get Black violence under control. It's not good for anyone.

JWMJR said...

Who wants to take the other side of my bet that the one one dad white woman was over200 lbs. and shacking up with a black guy?

Anonymous said...

What blacks refuse to face is the idea that what few lynchings there were back in the day was precisely because of the kind of behavior now taking place in places like Columbus, Georgia and other locations too numerous to mention. It was a warning to blacks to keep their black violence and dysfunction out of white neighborhoods and areas. However, since that puts the onus on blacks for their own uncivilized behavior, it threatens the victim narrative they love so much. Even now, they want to blame their violence on others instead of truly taking responsibility for it- they're violent because "the white man be keepin' us down and oppressin' us! They don't provides us wid jobs, stores, entertainment venues, good schools and everything else we wants and needs!"

In that regard, all the Negro Sedation Initiatives (NSI)aka welfare, food stamps, section 8, affirmative action, desegregation etc have failed to sedate the negro race and such initiatives will always fail. You can't fight mother nature or negro genetics and expect to win. Like Sisyphus of Greek Mythology, you are simply condemned to trying to roll a huge rock uphill for eternity only to see it slip from grasp each time and roll back to the bottom. To continue the analogy, those who keep looking for an answer that will solve the problem are like Tantalus of Greek Mythology- condemned for eternity to stand in a creek with fruit trees lining the shore but every time he stooped to get a drink, the water would vanish and every time he reached above to try and pluck some fruit from a branch, the branch would withdraw and be out of reach. Thus the English word "tantalize." Those that keep seeking an answer to the negro problem are like a combination of Sisyphus and Tantulus- condemned to forever fail while reaching for an unattainable goal.

All that being said, negroes can have all the marches, candlelight vigils, community bar-b-ques, "cain and abel" statements and so on until doomsday and it won't make one bit of difference. The only real answer is to isolate and contain the negro in its own areas for the protection of all other races and let them "do unto each other whatever they will." The way I see it their problems are their problems and none of my business or concern until they make it so by bringing their violence and dysfunction out of their tribal areas and into the areas inhabited by other races.

Anonymous said...

its like a bunch of kids! No real understanding about the root of the problems. More like to be seen as proactive and the outside world will look on with sympathy and maybe help.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

“...the bleakly familiar pattern of one murder that leads to the next, that leads to the next, that will all too likely lead to another.”

Think of it as evolution in action.

chattanooga gal said...

I am so angry. In the last year, several apartment complexes near me have gone section 8 and now, for the first time in 30 years living here, I have had a package stolen from my front porch. We are currently looking to move...

Michigan Jim said...

chattanooga gal said...

I am so angry. In the last year, several apartment complexes near me have gone section 8 and now, for the first time in 30 years living here, I have had a package stolen from my front porch. We are currently looking to move...

My advice- move now. It won't get better, it just won't. Good luck.

Texian said...

Just so glad to see you back. This is my go to site for news.

Anonymous said...

Faber goes off script:

Anonymous said...

And, of course, the most excellent Port Columbus Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus is very much on the verge of closing because of arguments over the name and the content of the museum, not to mention the withholding of funding. The jigaboo mayor of Atlanta has assembled (stacked) a "committee" for "thoughtful discourse" on moving (destroying) Confederate monuments. These idiots really do think they can erase history. But they can't stop killing each other. Priorities, ya know.

Mr. Rational said...

Think of it as evolution in action.

Sadly, it doesn't work that way.  The most violent males get laid the most, and the violence seldom culls the females or the niglets.

If you want to radically improve the eugenics of the hood, put all the males on something like Vasalgel at age 10 and ONLY let them off if they're some combination of degreed, employed and married.  If you can make it so that the thugs NEVER reproduce you'll eliminate most of the problem right there.

These idiots really do think they can erase history.

The history of Africans-in-America is in the crosshairs for erasure.  And the present.  Sooner or later something like the black pack attack at Temple U. is going to encounter someone carrying a gun, and it'll be on in earnest.

D-FENS said...

Besides Section 8, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit is another avenue for negro (or other riff-raff) invasion. I have yet to find a consistent way to identify specific houses/apartments which are participating in these programs.

FlyoverCountry said...

So glad you're back because now I have a place to read and speak the truth.

Here's a link that highlights the problem and it's not guns, poverty, education or racism. It's genetic failure.

Just when I think I can't be surprised by their depravity, I am.

Again, great to read Paul and everyone again. And have a place where I can share a story like that one.

Mr. Rational said...

Just when I think I can't be surprised by their depravity, I am.

What, you missed the story about the "mother" who stuffed two of her chidderuns into an oven?  This is not new, look up Mitchelle Blair for one of MANY historical precedents.

Sub-Saharan Africans are NOT human (neither are Australian abos).  Search "ghetto lobster" if you don't know already.

Maybe we should keep some as nature exhibits in their natural environment, like the Khoisan.  But not a single one should be allowed to remain in our territory.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

Glad to see your blog up and running again!

It's All So Tiresome said...

They are not denouncing black violence, they are denouncing black on black violence, what I find alarming about these things is that there is always an imply instruction for blacks hurting blacks to instead focus their violence on non-blacks...

Lee in Commie California said...

The only people who shoot each other in my California town in the San Joaquin Valley are blacks and Mexicans. That's it.

So glad you are back!

Jersey said...

The Reverend , says these gun shot victims are saints ? So Gang banging & Dope dealing are saintly activities ? This Mentality is why black community s are shitholes , where obese Mammys refer to 25 year olds as babies. I cannot agree more with person who posted that Sub saharan Blacks are not Humans , and should be considered a seperate species !!!!!!!

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

Man what happened. OOOC (Orcs out of control) syndrome has now hit the city just outside the first post-basic training that all our elite (aka: very few Negroes) Army forces attend: Ft. Benning. Sad to see it fall like that. - Luke