Saturday, July 24, 2010

#61. Turner Classic Movies

Pre-Obama America (POA) is gone, dead for the ages. Acting as celluloid mausoleums interning and memorializing a long dead nation, movies depict this era that has passed into the pages of history, haunting all those who view the images and forever taunting them with a glimpse of stability and an uncompromising belief that tomorrow would be better than the next day.

In Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner’s character Ray has the chance to play catch with his father one last time – his ghost when he was in his early 20s - and comments to his wife at the sight of his dad:

“Look at him. I only remember him as an old man, when he was beaten down by life. He has his whole life before him and I’m not even a glimmer in his eye.”

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a channel devoted to showcasing the glories of Pre-Obama America, as chronicled in film. Timeless classics that still resonate with viewers who watch them today (look over the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Films ever made and notice this startling truth – that POA is immortalized in motion pictures and they will forever plague those who bemoan that era for wanton cruelty) realize all that has been lost in the span of a few generations by the vivid reminder that John Wayne, Cary Grant and James Stewart provide.

Black people view TCM and wonder with amusement and bewildered looks of incredulity at the virtual whiteout that they see depicted in the films. In the dark days of POA, directors and casting agents weren’t handcuffed with filling quotas and diversity mandates (comic book movies had yet to made, so no Nordic Gods could be depicted with melanin-enriched skin) and Hollywood was in the business of making movies that appealed to the masses and reflected the morals of a nation comprised of 90 percent of the same racial group.

TCM rated the 15 most influential films of all-time and one glaring similarity exists between every film: the lack of Black faces – save Gone With the Wind that depicted Black people in a light comparable to Song of the South – that one will see in each movie:

The channel, created by Ted Turner as part of his Turner Broadcasting System, began broadcasting on April 14, 1994. The date was chosen for its significance as "the exact centennial anniversary of the first public movie showing in New York City." The very first movie ever screened on TCM was the 1939 classic epic Gone With The Wind, exactly what its sister station, TNT, had aired as its debut program six years before.

At the time of its launch, TCM competed against AMC (at the time, called American Movie Classics), which had a virtually identical format to TCM as both cable channels ran mostly pre-1970 films; though by 2002, AMC had reformatted itself to feature films from all eras, leaving TCM as the only cable movie channel devoted entirely to classic films.

Before the creation of TCM, quite a few titles from its vast library of movies were broadcast — with commercial interruptions — on Turner's TNT channel, along with Turner's controversial colorized versions of black-and-white classics such as The Maltese Falcon.

Unlike AMC, Turner Classic Movies is essentially commercial-free (advertising only TCM products, promos for specific films scheduled to air on the channel in primetime typically using the film's original movie trailer as well as promos for special programming and featurettes about classic film actors and actresses, and only airing these advertisements in between features so as not to interrupt the film). TCM's content has also remained mostly uncut and uncolorized (depending upon the original content of movies, particularly movies rated by the MPAA after 1968). Because of the uncut and commercial-free nature of the channel, TCM is formatted similarly to a premium channel; as such, viewers might find that certain films, particularly those made from the 1960s onward, may feature nudity, sexual content, violence and strong profanity (though most films airing on TCM are devoid of such content as it mostly airs pre-1960 films, when content standards for films were more restrictive; films containing sexual content, violence and strong profanity, when scheduled, are typically aired on the channel only at night); the channel also features premium channel-style ratings bumpers seconds before a film starts (though films on TCM are rated using the TV Parental Guidelines as most movies aired were made before the MPAA ratings system was established) instead of displaying a rating icon on-screen at the very start of a movie.

An unbridled optimism can be found in the movies that glorify this generation – though at the time of production, no one involved with the making of any of these movies could understand the severity of the crimes they would be committing when viewed by future generations who live after the fall of POA – and it is infectious when viewed for the first time.

Actors and directors who made films such as How the West was Won could scarcely comprehend the egregiousness of their actions, when viewed by later generations that came to believe that Manifest Destiny was an idea conjured by insidious pale faces intent on the genocide of peaceful tribes roaming the land freely.

Why do these people not suffer from the uncontrollable white guilt that is found so readily in movies as of late and taught with earnest enthusiasm by Crusading White Pedagogues in schools across the nation?

There is something frightening about watching movies on TCM and realizing that entire generations of men and women once lived in a world where the tenets of Black Run America (BRA) had no power, no influence and no discernible impact on the lives of those captured on camera for those to remember for as long as devices exist that playback ageless memories on film.

Turner Classic Movies represents a window into a past that few could ever believe existed, were it not for films starring such men such as Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and Charles Bronson among others.

No, these films remain vestiges of a time that taunt us with simplicity, reminders of a greatest generation that dies daily and would rather cling to memories of a past then remain agitated by glimpses of a horrific future broadcast on the nightly news.

And that, is the most potent weapon that Disingenuous White Liberals and those who find employment and promotion thanks to BRA fear. Memory, remembrance of things past and that could be once again.

You see, Turner Classic Movies show films that promote a spirit that those in power now view as degenerate and they hope, ethereal. If not, these movies will be banned and in many cases permanently destroyed. TCM – which has gone to great lengths to restore many films – must be removed from cable and digital broadcasts so that the vile it distributes can be forever expunged and never to shown again.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes Turner Classic Movies, a channel devoted to lionizing Pre-Obama America and exalting it to heights that cause those in power to pause, albeit momentarily. Even DWL’s look at the actors in these films with a mixture of admiration and trepidation, recalling the time they first viewed the film and the emotions that came with it, yet realizing that the world in the 21st century resembles Falling Down more than it does Singing in the Rain.

TCM must be banned and the films shown on the channel removed from circulation and private homes immediately. These living memories of Pre-Obama America are an abomination for they have the ability to entertain, induce laughter and tears and worse, inspire.

When the Soviet Union dissolved, Russians began to display Christian iconography long deemed seditious and banned by the ruling Bolsheviks, remnants of a defeated people and a false religion that Communism replaced.

Risking death if these items were unearthed by commissar , these Russians had hidden crosses and religious pictures as reminders of what they once had and it is time that movies from Pre-Obama America be treated as subversive and treasonable material as well.

TCM is disloyal and a source of rebellious information that must be removed from circulation, for the memories of all that has been lost cannot be transmitted to a viewing public who are beginning to see with greater clarity than ever before.


miked said...

Two of my all-time favorite firms. It's a Wonderful Life and The Searchers. The Searchers is by far my favorite Wayne piece. Its portrayal of why white men behaved the way they did is well grounded in reality. Until white men relearn those lessons, lessons that must be learned by each generation, the Western World will continue to spiral downward.

John Wayne's portrayal of the racist Ethan Edwards causes much consternation among DWLs today. I am always amused at their attempts to explain it away. They fail to grasp the most important point of that whole film. Ethan Edward's violence and bigotry was necessary. It was survival. Without it, who would protect his family? Who could they look to for protection if not their own? And how does one save oneself and one's family from violence and certain death without responding with overwhelming force and determination?

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of film noir, a type of film that frequently appears on TCM. These films, mostly made between 1941 and 1958, are supposed to show the "dark side" of human nature. Ironically, they show Los Angeles, for example, as a much more civilized place than it is now. To save money, these movies were often filmed on location, which makes them a time capsule.

Don't tread on me... said...

Though dramatized, the bulk of these movies show a society that even with it's most flawed examples, still was a successful culture and even the "bad guys" knew they were bad for the most part due to the generally high ethics of the times. The "good guys" put morals and high principles and their honor first and foremost just because it was the right thing to do. There seems to be no moral compass these days. Society, as it drifts towards third world browness/lowest common denominator status, has degenerated into a selfish "me first"/materialistic culture of zero principles and precious little ethics or empathy. At least I was fortunate to have lived most of my years in the former pre "BRA" days.

Anonymous said...

"so no Nordic Gods could be depicted with melanin-enriched skin"

I suppose you simply missed the fact that these so-called Nordic Gods of the Marvel Universe were actually an interdimensional race of aliens...

And I suppose you're also willing to overlook black-face, even though it's prominently featured at the top left of your blog. So you must have never seen an all white version of Othello.

You must also have missed 21, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Extraordinary Measures, Avatar The Last Airbender, Dragonball Evolution, The Weapon, Prince of Persia, King of Fighters and a whole host of other films that injected glorious European whiteness where there was none.

Also of (extreme dis-)interest is the upcoming 'remake' of 'Akira', starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Kaneda. Not only is Leo not Japanese, the film will be set in New Manhattan, thereby eliminating the integral original commentary on post-Nuclear Japan. It will also be rated PG-13. And the Hughes Bros are set to direct. While I liked 'Dead Presidents,' 'Menace II Society' and 'The Book of Eli' I can only hope and prey they don't do to 'Akira' what they did to 'From Hell'.

Too many White people love pretending they were there when it happened, whatever it is. See Jesus Christ. It's a sad sight because white people, as a collective, have accomplished quite a bit on their own. What deep-seated inadequacy propels them?

"Guess that's just the way shit goes
You steal my clothes and try to say they yours
Cause it's a show filled with pimps and hoes
Tryin to take everything that you made and control...

...You may dig on the Rolling Stones,
But they ain't come up with that shit on they own..."

Sympathy for the Devil? More like Mr. Kicks. The whole concept, down to the drums and the "Permit me/Please allow me to introduce myself..."

Shameless bums!

Hirsch said...

Perhaps it's not true in all areas, but older certainly is better when it comes to film. Take any genre and the originals have not been surpassed in the decades since. "All Quiet on the Western Front," is still the best film ever made about war, including "Platoon," or "Saving Private Ryan." More than eighty years later Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" still seems as revolutionary a piece of Science Fiction as "Blade Runner." No one (except maybe Kubrick or Lynch) has come close to the cinematic vision of Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane," which he wrote, produced, and directed before the age of thirty. And Hitchcock? Forget about it. That kind of subtlety is lost down the rabbit hole forever. The vast majority of movies produced by major studios at this point are garbage, but black people as a consumer block are not enough to keep the studio system afloat. I believe white people are making and watching craptacular movies as well. It's also not rare to catch an independent and sometimes mainstream movie with an all or majority white cast. But there is something missing from the leading men of today. Brad Pitt is great and all but there is no true replacement for someone like Bogart or Robert Mitchum. I just watched "On the Waterfront" again today and Brando's "Contender" scene still chokes me up.

RIP to good movies.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mostly white movies, the Nolan flick 'Inception' lacked substance, depth and inspiration. I've never had a dream that boring. Sure, it was visually good and had a nice soundtrack, but no amount of set design and sonnets can replace genuine imagination. It was truly the single most boring interpretation of embedded dream realms since 'Vanilla Sky'. It was nothing new to mystics or physicists. The only thing that was new was how incredibly uniform and mundane everyone's dreams were.

Even in many worlds theory the universe immediately next door might be vastly different from our own, and indeed it probably is. I know I have had many nights in which I had multiple dreams that were seemingly entirely disconnected, transpiring in places I have never been and all concerning their own inherently strange logic. Some of my dreams are so alien to me as to be rendered untranslatable. I've also had vastly more interesting dreams within dreams within dreams.

Nolan's idea of manipulating reality in dreams seems confined to making things blow up, and playing with perspective and gravity. I think The Matrix did a much better job at this; while it didn't manipulate perspective in the same manner as Inception's sole geometrical paradox, and I say sole because the city folding in on itself and the infinite staircase are far too similar to be considered as unrelated, it definitely made better use of gravity-defying stunts and temporal perspective, including the phenomenon of deja-vu. While I totally understand the arguably weak premise that too much manipulation will attract the subconscious denizens malevolent attentions there is zero explanation as to why, once they are already attacking with full force and the dreamer already knows he is dreaming, the dream realm can't be manipulated further, and in far more drastic ways, for instance, making the invaders invisible or constructing force fields around them. Or causing fireballs from the heavens to rain down onto the heads of the defense mechanisms, or making them explode as they approached, or implode, or turn into butterflies or bunnies, etc. If shooting them with guns or blowing them up with bombs is an effective deterrent then I don't see why any of these other methods would be less viable. It simply wasn't explained. And why didn't they just float from place to place? Why bother climbing down cliff faces or riding snowmobiles? If you must ride something, why not a mythological creature, like a dragon or Pegasus, or an exotic hovercraft? What is the point in keeping the pretense of reality when all involved parties know it is a dream? I understand that basic idea for the primary levels of dreaming, but the secondary and tertiary levels?

And why was Leo and his wife's dream realm so BORING? There were plenty of skyscrapers where they came from, why not build crystal palaces or alien environments? I certainly would.

Perhaps Nolan's lack of creativity is related to the fact that he never casts 'minorities' as anything other than secondary figures, even when their presence is largely responsible for the premise of the film. Just a trend I noticed, might be related. Patterns. Or maybe he has simply never taken an entheogen.

But yeah, Inception might implant something in your subconscious mind, but I doubt it will be respect for the director, who has apparently spent the large part of a decade polishing his proverbial turds.

I'm starting to think that Chris Nolan is a robot that doesn't sleep or dream, but simply goes into standby mode between films...

It's a shame because I was really excited to see the film.

Anonymous said...

I wrote that piece anonymous not because I am afraid to show who I am but because everytime I look for a profile and click on my post gets lost. If you go to Youtube and look up MightisRight70 or on ForbiddenTruth Jungleboots92 you will see who I am and what I know and am about. I aplogize for my speeling errors. I feel the content is more important then spell check.

Anonymous said...

Well, all these Hollywood brainwashing movies sure did work on those stupid, not very bright, white sod-busters up in Iowa - who were instrumental in helping to install this Mulatto Messiah into the house at 1600 PA Avenue.

It’s funny, but over the years, I’ve had a running argument going with a white male friend of mine - who flat out refuses to accept the idea that this Hollywood crowd is interested in anything except making money. Hard heads seem to be a common ethnic flaw in the white race, and white males seem to suffer from this disease more than any other ethnic group.

You know what? I think that if we don’t figure out how to cure this disease, we are not going to win this fight.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

I've always enjoyed watching movies on TCM. It's becoming one of the fewer and fewer times where you can watch a movie safe in the knowledge that you won't see the "pop-up" or "magic negro" for no real concrete reason.

I doubt that many on the DWL bandwagon could ever divest themselves of the whole line of thinking that led them into becoming a DWL in the first place. However, if any one of them ever decide to go down the road of not being saddled with any white guilt....let the cleansing process start by picking up your trusty TV remote and changing the channel to TCM, this will aid in letting the healing begin. The movies are great. :)

Michael D said...

Question to this site's author: what is this "Black Run America" you speak of? Did it only take the election of one (half) black man to create it? Was America "White Run" before it? I don't get it. After seeing Inception this weekend I've begun wondering how much of our own personal realities are really just figments of our overactive imaginations. So, how influential is "BRA," and how sure can you be that even exists outside of your mind?

Anonymous said...

"So, how influential is "BRA," and how sure can you be that even exists outside of your mind? "

You're right. It's all a big fucking bad dream. So why can't I wake up from it?

Anonymous said...

"Question to this site's author: what is this "Black Run America" you speak of?"

Instead of asking others to do your work for you, go back and read earlier blog entries, and educate yourself.
This topic has been discussed ad infinitum, it does not to re-explained just because you are lazy.

Anonymous said...

"So, how influential is "BRA," and how sure can you be that even exists outside of your mind?"

Im laughing at how you try to sound smart and philosophical but just end up sounding stupid and pretentious.

Anonymous said...

These fIlms are great...they show AmerIca the way It was, before the evIl jews took over the fIlm Industry....and sent the WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN to fIght WW1,WW2, and to thIs day, young men dyIng for the jew.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I'm glad to see Christopher Nolan making mega money off of "Inception", but the movie was boring and had absolutely no point.

Hirsh, the last good movie I saw was 'The Proposition' starring Guy Pearce.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Please only comment about the subject matter at hand.

The Jews have always run Hollywood, as the fantastic book "An Empire of Their Own" shows.

Again, please stay on topic. I will not censor those who want to discuss Jews, but the subject matter is Black people and they do not like Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

It should be obvious why.

Anonymous said...

"I'm glad to see Christopher Nolan making mega money off of "Inception""

Why would you be glad to see an overrated hack make money? I'm sure your answer will be as illogically conceived as the rest of this site is.

Concerning the old classics, you're just showing your age as well as your general lack of experience with or genuine knowledge concerning older black people on this one.

My grandmother loved those old movies. She was black and Native American. In fact, most older black people I know still love many of those movies. They are able to recognize in them some measure of validity, and to separate them from the era they were created in and let them stand on their own as works of art. I don't like them much, but that's more because they're often a bit boring, mundane, idealistic and shallow for my personal taste. Oh yeah, and racist.

And 'The Proposition' was written by Nick Cave, who is about as racist as you are not (see the sarcasm there?). I loved the movie, even though going into it I thought I would probably hate it. It had a pronounced message concerning the absurdity of the European colonialists conviction that they were superior. I particularly loved the scene where the aboriginal man removes his shoes and neatly places them on the ground in front of the house after being released from his servitude. Potent.

Another excellent film about aboriginals is Rabbit-Proof Fence.

Personally, I prefer Asian cinema, as well as animation and indie films.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

I approved this comment for one reason: if you have seen Nolan's work, you have seen the finest director currently working in Hollywood.

Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Prestige are fantastic films.

Inception is a film that movie-goers are flocking to in droves. Notice the actors in Nolan's films.

Save for Morgan Freeman, one thing sticks out and should be obvious to even your perceptive eye.

Anonymous said...

"In fact, most older black people I know still love many of those movies."

Most older black people I know hate those movies.

Anonymous said...

"Why would you be glad to see an overrated hack make money?"

Once again, Hillary demonstrates her inability to follow the rules and stay on-topic.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, it doesn't matter if you approve this comment or not as this is mainly for you. I'm not worried about saving face. The Dark Knight and Batman Begins were both entertaining, though simple, films. Batman Begins was the better of the two content-wise, in my opinion. The Dark Knight was primarily written by David Goyer (at least he got top-billing) who also wrote Batman Begins. Either way, with the amount of money and talent WB threw at that franchise a donkey could have sat in as director and both films still would have been entertaining. I actually think it would be harder to make those movies suck than to make them superficially engaging...

Profound and meaningful they simply were not.

Nolan didn't write Memento either, his brother did, and I didn't like it much anyway. I figured it out way too early and was disappointed that my version of the ending was correct. It was also fairly boring. Opinions.

If I've seen Following I don't remember it.

Insomnia was great. The Prestige was great, it is one of my favorites. Nolan wrote neither of them. Christopher Priest wrote The Prestige, and Christian Bale, the DP and the crew did most of the work.

Nolan is very skilled in the technical arena, I won't deny that, but his intellectual output is what I'm concerned with. Michael Bay is also very technically skilled, but the man is probably a moron.

Inception confirmed that not only were my doubts about him well founded but that the truth even exceeded my suspicions. The man is a pompous, technically talented hack. And that's me being gentle.

Christopher Nolan himself appears to be thoroughly convinced of his own genius, and that's all that really matters, right?

"Inception is a film that movie-goers are flocking to in droves."

Well, media hype has always been a godsend to hacks, and people do often tend to make very poor decisions. Look at Britney Spears. Or 50 Cent. Idiots flock to see them as well. 'Flock' and 'drove' are indeed the operative terms here.

"Notice the actors in Nolan's films. Save for Morgan Freeman, one thing sticks out and should be obvious to even your perceptive eye."

What? All the Africans in Inception? No, I'm kidding. Yes, I know. As I said in an earlier post:

"Perhaps Nolan's [utter] lack of creativity [and depth] is related to the fact that he never casts 'minorities' as anything other than secondary figures, even when their presence is largely responsible for the premise of the film [as in Inception]. Just a trend I noticed, might be related. Patterns."

Homogeneous mentalities tend to beget homogeneous offspring.

And calling Nolan the finest director in Hollywood is, much like Inception itself, meaningless.

Hollywood is garbage.

Anonymous said...

"Once again, Hillary demonstrates her inability to follow the rules and stay on-topic."

LOL, yeah, like that comment or feeble attempt at insulting me is on topic. I would suggest being less rigid, it's better for your physical well-being and mental flexibility. Besides, it's boring.

Speaking of Turner Classic Movies I came across a shining gem totally by accident just a moment ago. I was watching this Saul Williams video when I noticed in the suggestions panel an image of Chaplin dressed as Hitler, and I just had to click it, figuring it would be hilarious (I love Charlie Chaplin, so, yet again, fail). I had never seen The Great Dictator though.

It was better than hilarious. It was profoundly pertinent to the content at this blog in general, and this post in particular.

I wonder why you didn't use this video as an example of a TCM classic, SBPDL...

Well, without further ado, I present what is perhaps the silent actors most potent speech!

Anonymous said...

"LOL, yeah, like that comment or feeble attempt at insulting me is on topic."

Hillary, the rules are always on-topic, please follow them, they're not difficult.

Anonymous said...

Hillary, remember this passage?

"all I can say is not only am I not sitting online enough to run my own blog, if I did start one then the subject matter would have little or nothing to with any of this shit except on occasion. There is a whole vast universe out there and that consumes the majority of my interest. My time here is an anomaly."



Anonymous said...

You're right, Nolan sucks. He's nothing compared to that genius Spike Lee.

Now excuse me while I go watch Shaft Jr. cuz it's so much better than the original.

Anonymous said...

It's still an anomaly, dimwit. I've been posting for less than two months. This blog has existed for far longer and consists of far more posts, and comments, than I would ever waste my own time composing.

I'm surprised I'm still here as well. I find the alienated white mentality amusing, and in fact, educational. The posters here, their vitriol, and their stubborn unwillingness to even entertain ideas that have their genesis in realms not conservative or republican or, yes, racist is astounding. I mentioned my -ex-skinhead friend earlier. Well, I had that talk with him and expressed my amazement at how persistently thick-headed most of the people are here and he laughed, wondered why I even bothered, and informed me that it was indeed useless attempting to talk to you people because, as he knows from his own first-hand experience, and I quote, "they are completely irrational." He informed me that the only thing that could get through to you is your own awakening. Now, if only we could get Leo to plant ideas in your own deeply guarded sub-consciousnesses! Now THAT would be a movie worth watching!

Yes, I'm advocating brainwashing.

Have fun tearing up the scraps.

And I never compared Nolan to Spike Lee or Inception to Shaft, and I never criticized him based on his race.

Gee, I wonder why you felt the irrational need to?

CWN said...

What? No Leprechaun in the hood, or Pootie Tang, at TCM?

Altho call me nuts, but I liked pootie tang.

"Dirty Dee, you're a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai!"

Yes the Proposition was a good movie. You could say a vigilanti movie in a way. Brother against Brother, australian against australian, and Tom Selleck comes in and kills everybody with a rifle from a mile away.

Wait, I think I might have mixed up a few movies there. There wasn't a body builder wearing a Jason mask, with a german accent in that movie, was there?

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, please allow me to share this with CWN.

CWN: This one's for you. Just for you.

Anonymous said...

"I suppose you simply missed the fact that these so-called Nordic Gods of the Marvel Universe were actually an interdimensional race of aliens..."

So? His image in the comic is still that of a Norse god. He still *looks* white on the pages, you moron. Changing his appearance in such an obvious manner when it's not necessary is still annoying. It seems obvious it's being done to shamelessly promote multi-culturalism. Superman shouldn't become black in movies just b/c he's an alien from Krypton. How about we just make black characters like Blade, Storm, and Spawn white? Would that sit well? Then we can make Wolverine Asian since he lived in Japan for a while and then make Nightcrawler Muslim instead of Catholic since he's German and in the future there are going to be more of them in Germany the way the demographics are going these days anyways. How about that? While we're at it, if they make a movie adaptation from Aaron MacGruder's Boondocks comic, maybe we can get some little white kid to be Huey. Afterall, it takes place in the 'burbs and he often seems to "act white" as opposed to his crazy ass nigger-behavior prone brother.

"So you must have never seen an all white version of Othello."

This play came from the mind of a white man living in a white land. The actors who portrayed Othello in Shakespeare's time were no doubt also white. I have seen him portrayed in some recent adaptations as Negroid despite the fact that Othello is a Moor which is NOT what black Americans are. Blacks should be happy to get these historically inaccurrate tokens of good will (another e.g. Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood PofT). Shakespeare certainly didn't intend to have a Sub-Saharan African up there reading Othello's lines. I don't see any black epics (b/c there really aren't any) that allow for whites to play certain characters in this new "enlightened" multi-cult age. It's only whites that are being asked to compromise their narratives to the multi-cult.

This above poster I'm referring to mentions the Chun Li movie. Absolute garbage. I didn't like the choice for Chun Li either, but it's not like they had Kate Beckinsale playing her, for chrissakes. However, I did notice how the director managed to darken up Vega a bit which was no doubt a token thrown toward the Latino community (as it was a U.S. film). They certainly weren't being sensitive to whites with that choice. In the Capcom games, Vega is portrayed as a handsome blond-haired, aristocratic Castillian Spaniard with delicate features (hence the mask). Yet in the movie he's made to look like some homely low-class, low IQ, MS 13 bandido mestizo type who is likely to be seen standing on the corner in your city with a doo rag on his head from the dollar bin waiting to "pop a cap" in some other mestizo with the wrong color doo rag.
Yeah, what a whitewash job those examples are!

The Dragon Ball film was also retarded. But I fail to see why a white person can't play a Sayian. Toriyama's world has anthropromorphic dogs and people with crazy purple hair. It's like not Goku looks particularly Asian. But that film definitely shouldn't have been made.

Gyllenhaal playing a Persian shouldn't be a big deal in the U.S. (as this country is also mostly white, you know). Many Persians look like Western Europeans that have dark features. It works. Having a European caucasian play a Persian is far less of a stretch than having a Congoid play Othello. It's hardly the same stretch as Samuel L. Jackson playing Justin Hammer or Michael Clark Duncan playing Kingpin.
Ever read MiB? I don't recall seeing Will Smith in there. Or any black. Same with Wild Wild West. Same with I Am Legend.

I can go on and on.

Anonymous said...

"I don't see any black epics (b/c there really aren't any)"

You're entirely wrong with that one. I'd list some but you don't care. Not surprising. You hate niggers. How original.

It's so funny watching you cry about this shit though, I must say. It's ironic, after centuries of blackface and almost exclusively negative portrayals in any media, now that in the last 20-30 years Africans and Hispanics get a few roles playing once-white characters, the dumb hick contingency is foaming at the mouth.

Keep pretending this all sprung forth from the void 40 years ago.

Hardly a shock that you do.
Everyone knows about slavery and blackface, etc.
Yet still you're surprised when we get a few roles.

Most of the time it's the other way around.
Often times whites just leave black people out.
Really, I'm not surprised at your reaction.
Over-reaction, I should say.
Nonetheless; life goes on!

For real, I don't know why you bother.
Underneath it all you must be really sad.
Change often does that to bigots.
Keep it up though, it's your own mind you waste.

You have every right to be angry, I guess.
Other than all the money, you have nothing.
Understand if I decline to indulge you though. Please.

Anonymous said...

Surely if this monkey can call me a nigger and a moron I cal have a little fun. Come now.

Did I hurt your feelings?

CWN said...

"SBPDL, please allow me to share this with CWN."

Thanks for sharing, but what was the point?

Anonymous said...

"I mentioned my -ex-skinhead friend earlier."

Thats funny because none of us are skinheads here. I get along well with all kinds and races of people, but the only ones I have to keep my guard up around is blacks. LOL

Anonymous said...

"SBPDL, please allow me to share this with CWN."

Thanks for sharing, but what was the point?"

I think its funny that the people who constantly say we are all one race are also the ones who have the most to benefit from such a statement. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting my hidden insult through! Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"Surely if this monkey can call me a nigger and a moron I cal have a little fun."

I didn't call you a "nigger." It seems like you want me to, though. I did you use the word. Would you prefer me to direct it at you?

"I'd list some but you don't care."
A little hard to have them on any level that whites do when you don't even have a written language. Comparing literature that came from Europe (Shakespeare, Homer, Conrad) to African spoken jibberish is like comparing ice-cream to horse shit. If blacks write so well, they are free to write their own scripts and put their own people in them. But whites get called "racist" if they do the same.

"now that in the last 20-30 years Africans and Hispanics get a few roles playing once-white characters,"
I don't care if blacks get leading roles. I do object to changing the race of a character so blacks and hispanics can simply be in more movies and not have their feelings hurt. I don't go to Spike Lee films and expect to see a ton of whites. Not enough blacks in movies you say? Make your own damned movie, asshole. It's a free country. Even during segregation, no one was stopping a black from making movies. No one came down from the sky and showed whites how to develop the technology and skill to make their movies. If blacks are so great, why do they need to be integrated with whites or present in white films or in white-run magazines?

"Yet still you're surprised when we get a few roles."
These days, I'm never surprised.

"Often times whites just leave black people out."
So? Why do whites have an obligation to include blacks in their media? Blacks certainly don't feel any obligation to include whites in their media unless they wish to ridicule them. You bitch about black face. Yet today, I see blacks portrayed positively on shows made BY WHITES and whites portrayed negatively in shows made BY BLACKS. Indeed, times have changed.

"Over-reaction, I should say."
This is rich coming from the guy who belongs to a race of people that riot when a store runs out of fried chicken.

"For real, I don't know why you bother."
I'm tired of blacks always playing the role of the victim.

"Other than all the money, you have nothing."
No one handed whites their money, asshole. So I guess at the very least I have brains enough to have money. Blacks get a free education, affirmative action benefits, "gubmint" jobs, public housing, medicare, the charity of whites who do things like Meals on Wheels. Yet it's never enough for blacks.

"Most of the time it's the other way around."
So? You write here like whites owe something to you. They don't. Most film directors are white. They can make any movie they want. Nigger free, even.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I have to say to you is contained in this link. Look a little closer. Maybe you won't miss it this time. It's been fun.

Anonymous said...

That's because you can't argue. You don't like what I think but you sure as hell can't argue with it in a reasonable fashion. You just write jibberish and then tell me that I need to read your garbage yet again (as if you're trying to make me dumber by having me read your retarded posts). Bottomline: Whites don't want/need you people. The reverse is obviously not true.

Anonymous said...

I can argue Abe, but I'm simply not interested in talking to brick walls, especially when they have "Go back to Africa, you stupid simian nigger!" painted on them. Find the hidden message, genius. And then pretend like you saw it all along.

And your made-up word 'jibberish' is gibberish itself. You and Palin should hook up and have some babies, restore the glory of the white race.

That comment will probably get this post censored, but oh well.

Anonymous said...

Jibberish as in "jiggaboo."

Well, then why don't you argue? You responded to none of my points. Why do you think whites have an obligation to put blacks in their movies? Do dumb niggers have to put whites in their rap videos then?

Anonymous said...

"Well, then why don't you argue? You responded to none of my points. Why do you think whites have an obligation to put blacks in their movies? Do dumb niggers have to put whites in their rap videos then?"

I will repeat myself. It would not be an argument, it would be an exercise in futility. You are a brick wall. You have things like "Go back to Africa, you stupid simian nigger," and "Do dumb niggers have to put whites in their rap videos" and "Jibberish as in 'jiggaboo'" painted on you in garish bright neon. Did anyone mention white music videos? No. So already any argument is proven an exercise in futility. Your bias is louder than your words, so any counterpoints I might want to make would obviously be drowned by the noise pollution emanating from your mind before they even breached the fortress you call a skull. And I don't think whites have an 'obligation' anyway. They just don't do it. They LOVE not doing it. So shut the fuck up about the few all-black movies that get made or about a black person playing a character that was originally white...or an alien...the examples are so few and far between compared to how little positive representation blacks get in films anyway...

Ooops, I started talking to the wall.

Must be my faulty simian genetics...

Anonymous said...

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