Friday, July 9, 2010

Black Run America and LeBron James

The NBA, like the United States, is bankrupt:

The NBA is expected to borrow $175 million Thursday to help teams close operating losses brought on by the economic recession. UPDATE: The league said on Thursday that it borrowed an additional $25 million, bringing the total to $200 million.

The league will distribute the funds among 15 teams that requested them, with each team getting no more than $13.33 million. The borrowing, which is in addition to the $1.7 billion credit facility used by the league, comes as NBA teams are dealing with lower attendance and a loss of sponsorships.

Details of the new line of credit, first reported by SportsBusiness Journal, suggest the NBA was not going door to door on Wall Street looking for cash. Rather, it was JP Morgan and Bank of America that reached out to the league to inform the NBA they would be willing to lend money. The NBA, recognizing that borrowing opportunities are scarce and that some teams would benefit from an infusion of cash, took advantage.

At one time in my life, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster and dreamed of being either a play-by-play announcer or an ESPN in-studio reporter. This is one of the reasons sports play a major part in SBPDL. It is beyond contestation that sports are the only reason Black Run America (BRA) was allowed to be erected in first place.

Without sports (and other forms of entertainment) positive examples of Black people in the United States would be rare. The nightly news would be deprived of the stirring exploits of Black athletes excelling in basketball, football and baseball, which serve to contradict the reality of Black life in America.

Being bombarded continuously with the type of stories only finds time to promote is something the average TV viewer cannot stomach, so a healthy dose of Black athleticism to wash down the harsh pill that is reality goes a long way in maintaining the illusory power that maintains BRA’s dominance.

Nothing could be further proof of Black Run America than the recent commotion over LeBron James, a talented basketball entertainer whose services recently were open to all NBA teams as he became a free agent.

Deviating from the James story, the NBA is losing money at a rate that outpaces the speed that retired NBA players file for bankruptcy:

NBA commissioner David Stern has said the league is projecting losses of some 400 million dollars this season, and has lost hundreds of millions in each year of the current labor contract.

Stern said the NBA has shown the players' association those numbers in hopes of demonstrating why the league wants "significant changes" in the next deal.

The current collective bargaining agreement expires in July 2011, and this weekend's All-Star festivities come amid rumblings that players and management are far apart on the issues and labor unrest or even a work stoppage could be in the league's future.

The growth in salaries for NBA players and a major source of the revenue stream for NBA franchises is the TV contract they have with ESPN and TNT. Without billion dollar television deals, all sporting leagues would be in a financial hole that would be classified as unrecoverable.

Back to LeBron, the former Cleveland Cavalier decided to sign with Miami in a closely watched drama that saw every major news channel and newspaper dispense countless man-hours in covering the story with exacting detail.

He leaves behind the city of Cleveland feeling like a bride left at the altar on her wedding night. The city was already reeling financially and having a basketball thespian of James’ caliber meant that Cleveland had some economic viability left in her. Now, like the entire state of Ohio, Cleveland can brace for a future without the eyes of every basketball fan attuned to Cavalier games just to catch a glimpse of LeBron James.

And that future is one of high crime and deplorable job prospects as the state of Ohio is economically doomed. LeBron James and his achievements on the court couldn’t have saved the state, even if he had stayed in Cleveland.

Professional basketball is a sport that is rigged, fixed in a similar manner to professional wrestling though the former sport has the temerity to continue operation under the guise that the games aren’t predetermined (pro wrestling, though this guy might not believe it, is fake and the promoters have admitted such).

The 2010 NBA Finals saw Boston lose in seven games to Los Angeles, traditionally the most heated rivalry in the league. Ratings were high at a time when the league desperately needed them. However, ratings are declining at an accelerated rate, which should bring about the legitimate question as to why such a huge ordeal was made over LeBron James in the first place?

The answer to this quandary is quite simple: LeBron James has become the face of the league at a time when the NBA is losing relevancy in the mainstream and seeing its fan-base erode like a child’s sandcastle at the beach with the oncoming tide.

LeBron is not a thug, unlike many of the players who share the basketball stage with him as employees in the NBA. Thus, the league has had a sustained image problem that has been difficult to remedy and has accordingly cast all hopes behind LeBron being the savior.

The NBA is 80 percent Black (curiously, it got an “A” from Richard Lapchick’s BRA promoting organization for diversity) and many believe the league is full of “thugs” a racially loaded term that is used frequently to describe the behavior of Black people and the actions of many players in the league.

Even in a league dominated by Black players the ugly threat of racism interfering with action is omnipresent as white referees penalize Black players for fouls at a greater rate than white players.

With baited breath the world waited – at least according to the media, which treated the LeBron free agency as news on par with the death of a Pope or the OJ Simpson car chase – to find out where Mr. James would call home.

Though the NBA is virtually irrelevant, the decision by Mr. James dominated all discussion and supplanted every other story transpiring with astonishing efficacy. Interesting that for a league with a declining fan base and TV ratings that Seinfeld reruns routinely beat, such a story would be generated by one player’s inestimable value.

Looking at the one study by the marketing research firm National Media Research, Planning and Placement called The Politics of Sports Fans, the NBA’s popularity is declining but remains high in cities like Cleveland, Salt Lake City and San Antonio.

The latter two cities have no other sports for citizens to follow, but Cleveland had LeBron. Now, he is gone and all that remains is the reality of Cleveland that he helped make tolerable.

Sports once represented something I yearned to be a part of, but no longer. My views could be no further nor better expressed than these words by Theodore Dalrymple:

There could be no greater snobbery than to feel contempt for the hundreds of millions of people world-wide for whom this event is of consuming interest. When bread is assured, circuses fill men’s minds.

The NBA is irrelevant, yet Mr. James dominates the news. This whole ordeal represents – to me – a perfect epitaph for what remains of the United States as we move closer and closer to the prediction of a forgotten 1997 movie.

As hundreds of millions of people live vicariously through their favorite sports personality and teams – like the character in Big Fan - I feel inclined to yell at them, shouting the same derisive statement heard in the volleyball scene from Meet the Parents – “It’s only a game, focker!”

Alas, we live in Black Run America where toleration to riots by Black people in Oakland is a given and where voting rights being inhibited by a Black supremacist isn’t grounds for a Justice Department investigation.

Those who can see can only look on in horror at what is unfolding all around them, and smile.

BRA needs Black stars and LeBron is one of the few, untainted and unburdened by disasters personal choices, Black athletes with marketability left.


Hilarity said...

I like Alex Jones! I don't agree with him on everything, though. I do agree with him on this video.

I never got the whole fascination with sports. Probably because I've never really watched TV (thanks mom!) or buckled to social pressures. I can't play most sports to save my life, because I don't know the rules well enough! Sure, it's fun to play with friends and all, but like Alex Jones said, I'm more worried about the Globalist Takeover and the public is never invited into the Bilderberg meetings. And why so many 'elite' attend a ceremony that finds them participating in a 'symbolic' sacrifice of a human being to a giant owl.

I am, however, merely commenting to point out that your focus on black people is boring. Surprise. Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise and a whole host of other crazy white celebrities make the news far more than LeBron James or any other black person.

But, since it is evident that this bias is more dense than neutron stars, I guess I'll let my concern collapse...

Hilarity/Hillary/Clyde/Anonymous said...

One last thing I wanted to add. You mentioned the rioting in Oakland, but failed to mention that had he been charged with Manslaughter and sentenced for that length of time it is probable that no one would have rioted.

The fact that he got Involuntary Manslaughter, even though the young man was laying on his face with his hands behind his back and he still wanted to tase him (?), is just more evidence of a high degree of bias in this country.

It is not new, it has been in existence for hundreds of years.

No amount of clever wording can erase that blemish.

Sure, it sucks that the cop has to live with what he did (many of you may unfortunately know what that feels like one day, in spite of the fact that you talk all hard now).

But it is even more unfortunate that the family of the deceased has to live without their son, brother, father, husband/fiancee/GF, whatever, etc. And all because a cop wanted to use his taser on a man who was lying on his stomach on the ground with his hands behind his back, and then to top it off, the cop forgot how to tell the difference between a gun and a taser and shot him dead.

And this in the midst of the US trading spies with Russia, but not Iran. Can you say impending warfare?

I have a feeling that the landscape of this country is going to change in a very unexpected way before long.

I'm not justifying the looting or rioting (although I did see some white people among the looters, etc, and some black people trying to stop and dissuade the looting).

Just another case of the straw breaking the camels back.

"Why did one straw break the camels back? Here's the secret: the million other straws underneath it. It's all mathematics."
-Mos Def

Blue Eyed Devil said...

You could see the NBA running into problems a while back. Astronomical free-agent contracts with no kind of salary cap to keep the numbers in check had to hurt the overall health of the league at some point. That point has been reached.

The NBA has been trending for some time now at becoming a star based league with little regard to teams in general. Look no further than the events that played out this past Thursday when King James decided to grace everyone with his decision. I figure there were quite a few folks like myself that just didn't care and dodged and weaved to get away from the media saturared topic as soon as it came up. I am glad he finally made a decision because now the NBA looks even less appealing than it did during the run up to the press conference.

Anonymous said...

Robert Frost once defined a liberal as someone who can’t take his own side in an argument. Since perhaps the 1960s, even whites who consider themselves “conservatives” have behaved like liberals if the subject was race. When non-whites make demands in the name of race, far from taking their own side in the argument, whites act as if they don’t even have a side

Anonymous said...

You all should know that I'm one of those "crazy" White Nationalists that looks under my bed for jews every night. Well, last night, I looked under my bed and found Alex Jones with a tin-foil hat on. Creepy eh? Well, I do live down here in Texas and ol' Alex seems to be quite persistent down here.

I'm just saying. You better look to make sure "Alex" isn't under YOUR bed tonight. It's all a "conspiracy theory" right???


Tha Infamous Bean P.I.E!!! said...

Dude! Thanks for putting the Alex Jones-stein video up! Maybe more people can "get the message"!

Know what ah'm sayin'?

LeBron aint' got no bean pie like I gots tha bean pie!

Big Mac said...

Alex Jones has made it on here? OK I'm out.

Phalluster said...

lebron is typical of most blacks who get into fights... formidable on paper but ultimately harmless when he challenges you by himself. in quintessential black fashion, he instead chooses to confront you with two other big sharp dudes (and a gang of stragglers to boot) rather than testing your fortitude.

king james has no father, and his mother routinely gets fucked within his personal encampment. (the delonte west tale may be a yarn, but where there's smoke, there's fire. why do you think he fired his first agent?)

mama lbj looks like harriet winslow from 'family matters'. now what's fuckin' with that???

Silent Running said...

Being bombarded continuously with the type of stories only finds time to promote is something the average TV viewer cannot stomach, so a healthy dose of Black athleticism to wash down the harsh pill that is reality goes a long way in maintain the illusory power that maintains BRA’s dominance.

Ha, brilliant!

I think I've said this before here and elsewhere: modern professional sports is a way for unathletic white men to actively worship athletic black men.

Steve said...

The vid clip is right on the money. Bread and Circuses while the empire falls around us.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Big Mac,

I got the video of Alex Jones from The Drudge Report, a website that gets more hits per day the almost all of the major news sites put together.

This video was featured prominently on his website.

If you leave, thanks for visiting and enjoying the site for however long you did. But, you must know that if Matt Drudge deems linking to Alex Jones an acceptable move, I will do the same.

Besides, the video is hilarious! The Ohio governor pleading with LeBron to stay to the song of "We are the World"??

Please... BRA exists because of sports and this clip is pure beauty!

Anonymous said...

Blacks murder each other routinely, business as usual in the hood. But when a white cop is involved, suddenly they pretend that a black life is sacred.

Ryan said...

People who dislikes Alex Jones for his over the top personality I can understand, but for his general content, I seriously think you should reanalyse your viewpoint. His information is without a doubt correct, but his delivery can be a little unsavory at times. Also I do think he tends to embellish here and there. Sometimes you'd think the world will end next week, and yet several years later we are still here. Regardless, with the amount of guests he has on, political, military, and celebrities, as well with the news reports he brings out you just can't argue what he is saying anymore. His information is reaching out to everyone, and is being fed by people who actually experience it.

To ignore what he is saying completely is the epitome of fearful ignorance, and is no different than to ignore white nationalists, or any whites who undergo discrimination by the PC machine. I challenge anyone to refute his overal message.

Porter said...

I loved your reference to Theo Dalrymple (Anthony Daniels). An absolutely brilliant writer who is not overtly racial, though the conclusions he leaves with the reader are unmistakable. His "Life at the Bottom" is essential if you want to laugh and cry while reading the same passage.

Also a true story for you SBPDL...

Several years ago I frequented a website focused on racial issues--though from the innocuous color-blind perspective. Its primary thesis was simply that the racial preference regime was unjust if blacks honestly wanted to be "judged by their character etc..." The author was a talented writer and he attracted a lively following with a quite humorous comments section.

And then the blacks began arriving.

As their behavior seems as deterministic as that of a jellyfish, you probably don't have to guess what transpired next. But I'll tell you anyway. Endless comments containing endless links to the most inane source documents. Incoherent logic, diversion, and blame shifting were the hallmarks of their best comments. And yes, there were multi-page lectures on the magical 'gypshun negroes and CIA drug conspiracies. As if any of it mattered an iota.

Many of the original commenters formed a phalanx and took up arms. Eventually though all grew weary of the futile exercise. As Internet life mimics real, the whites moved out and left what was once a wonderful neighborhood to the savages--who, of course, destroyed it and moved on in pursuit of other whites.

Through all of this the proprietor was adamant in his free speech belief that all opinions have a fair airing. As he remained rooted in his principle, the whites walked away in disgust one by one until the comment section became nothing more than the Internet version of Detroit.

As I continued to watch the sad spectacle--now in macabre fascination--the blacks began to silently drift away as well. They had no intellectual curiosity in his message, only the instinctual need to follow YT and destroy.

Ultimately the website proprietor was left as he began--speaking to an empty room. I still check in about once/month to his site and he still generates a large volume of insightful commentary. Alas, I don't know his page views, but his comment sections look like this: 0,0,0,0,0.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks murder each other routinely, business as usual in the hood. But when a white cop is involved, suddenly they pretend that a black life is sacred."

Whites rape their women routinely, business as usual in the 'burbs. But when a black man is involved, suddenly the pretend that a white woman is sacred.

CWN said...

Alex Jones = Project Mockingbird.

Anonymous said...

from the tweety bird aka twitter: "what's the difference between saturn & lebron james? they're both big & full of gas, but at least saturn has rings."

I have a feeling it's going to stay that way for a long time!


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

In no way is my linking to a video that I found on The Drudge Report an endorsement of Alex Jones.

However, this video is so dead-on I couldn't stop from linking to it, because it correctly showcases all that is wrong with America and helps illustrate the absurdity of our times.

Anonymous said...

"Whites rape their women routinely, business as usual in the 'burbs. But when a black man is involved, suddenly the pretend that a white woman is sacred."

Please give an example of a black-on-white rape from this century that proves your point.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Please give an example of a black-on-white rape from this century that proves your point.
Thank you."

What? Did you utterly miss the point and then get very confused? Because I don't know what you're asking for.

Anonymous said...


Sorry if you didn't understand that in June 29th's coment from me that it was addressed to you. I still think that you're uneducated and very much consumed with racism. I don't believe that without sports positive examples of Blacks would be rare in the U.S.

Blacks show positive examples everyday as it is with any other race. Your just to consumed in racism and hatred to know what good blacks do, but only whites. Hopefully what I've said will stick in your mind and you'll think twice before you post weak facts and just your opinions. But before I go I'll post an opinion of mine about your so called "facts".

Your opinions or "facts" about how us blacks really are, are pretty sad and show how pathetic you are to create a website soley on informing the public of what hatred you have for our race. Go on and stomp, cry, and scream like the little kid you are who couldn't get to give Santa his or her wish list.

Ordinary Citizen

Anonymous said...

"Because I don't know what you're asking for."

In the year 2006, there were 32,443 white women raped by black men.
In the year 2005, there were 37,460 white women raped by black men.

Are you aware that blacks rape white women about 100 times per day? What exactly is this white reaction that you are referring to?

Since you are claiming that whites react differently when a white woman is raped by a black man, and since there are tens of thousands of black-on-white rapes each year, certainly you can provide examples of how whites reacted differently.

And while we're on this topic, why do black men commit so much rape? They make up only 13% of the male population, but commit more than %50 of all rapes.
They also commit more than %50 of all murders.

Blacks do not riot when a black kills another black. They only riot when someone white is involved.
Why is a black life worth rioting over when a white cop is involved but not when a black kills another black?

Anonymous said...

"Whites rape their women routinely, business as usual in the 'burbs. But when a black man is involved, suddenly the pretend that a white woman is sacred. "

Really? You must live in different 'burbs than I have.

Though if a white woman is raped by a stranger it is most likely to be by a black or other race. Do you know why rape statistics are so high in Africa now compared to 20 years ago? It's not because it is more common, it's because up until recently black women did not even realize it was a crime, and thus did not report it as such. Imagine that, rape was such an integral part of black "culture" that until the white man taught them that physically forcing women to have have sex was wrong the women actually considered it a social norm.

Rape has also always occurred in white societies, but never universally tolerated as an acceptable leisure-time pursuit.

We also taught blacks not to shit where they eat, so you are very welcome for that as well.

Anonymous said...

"Why did one straw break the camels back? Here's the secret: the million other straws underneath it. It's all mathematics."
-Mos Def

LMAO, it takes a negro to think comprehending subtle allegory is akin to discovering an earth-shattering revelation.

Anonymous said...

I have the misfortune to be working a consulting position in the southeast US because of a lack of professional opportunites in the northeast. My employer, a large multi-national whose name would be recognized by the whites on here instantly, had a staff meeting after the James decision was announced. We were under a tight deadline to get a lot of work out, yet time was taken for a meeting. Roughly the first ten minutes were devoted(more or less) to actual engineering issues. The rest of the meeting, which lasted just an hour, was devoted to an animated discussion of the James decision, and how it will affect the chances of the various teams. As a consultant, I kept my mouth shut, until I was asked my view. I responded as Steve did above, saying that the whole mess reminded me of Ancient Rome around 410 AD, with the barbarians outside the gates, yet the bread and circuses for the masses continued inside. The difference of course, something that I didn't mention, is that we have the barbarians inside the city. No one asked me anything else after that.

Anonymous said...

Some people "can't handle the truth."
The reality of Alex Jones' video on America's recent preoccupation with LeBron James and Lindsey Lohan is right on the mark--this American empire is falling people and you'd better wake up! With that said, the 9-11 conspiracy stuff on his site is utter nonsense and really damages his credibility on the other issues.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Without sports it be rare to see a postive example from a black person? That's utterly false and such a weak statement. I'd like some proof to that "fact"! And it better be from a reliable and true source.

Also what's up with the title of this website? It contradicts what the topics are about. On this website you put stuff that Black people supposedly do like, such as blackouts, keeping the tags on hats, disturbing people in theaters, and trying to bleach themselves to become white. I don't see anything there that says stuff about what blacks don't like.

Unless SBPDL, means blacks wouldn't like the racist comments and degrading of their race that SBPDL puts on here by posting absurd and untrue information. Other than that I'm lost.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Read a newspaper from any major city. The sports page offers the only highlights from the Black community.

And no, only posts with a # sign count as part of the canon of SBDPL. The others are just observations, considering that a Black person decided to utilize the Blackout Defense in trying to get out of murder.

Sorry your lost, but pay attention to the news. You'll see sufficient proof of the statement you find lacking merit.

Anonymous said...

"Seriously? Without sports it be rare to see a postive example from a black person? That's utterly false and such a weak statement. I'd like some proof to that "fact"!"

In fields other than sports, black achievers are the exception. This is hardly news.
If you disagree, make your case.

Anonymous said...

"Other than that I'm lost."


Anonymous said...


So the only positive examples that are acceptable for a race have to be in the newspapaer? Other than that it's nothing worth noticing? Spare me the absurdness. Look at all the black figures that have helped shape America and our world. You didn't have to read a newspaper to see those positive examples.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40 am

I know that in fields other than sports black achievers make the exception. Either you meant to say black achievers aren't the exception or you misunderstood me. I believe black achievers make every exception.

Anonymous said...

For clarification:
As a rule, in fields other than sports, blacks tend to underachieve. Therefore, any blacks who do achieve in fields other than sports are the exception to the rule.

This is not news.

Anonymous said...


In what universe are voting rights being threatened by two clowns in costumes? Lets not forget that one of those geeks was a poll observer, and yes, I did call them geeks.Believe it or not ,but black geeks exists , and those two freaks are just that. They call themselves The New Black Panther Party because their idiotic "philosophy" is the exact opposite of the one held by the true Panther Party. Anyone who knows history knows the BPP had its grievances with the government not white people. The real BPP reached out to other militant groups in the country. That's the real reason why they became public enemy #1.

I can see some parallels between the real BPP and the tea party of today. Can you? The only reason why the powers that be don't simply shut the tea party down is because of their racially divisive nature. As long as "We hate Barry the half breed" is the prevailing theme the status quo remains intact.

Most of you white brothers and sisters are going to receive any white presidential candidate as the new savior and will swallow anything like a warm class of milk and go back to sleep for the next 234 years.

As for this BRA and Pre-Obama America goes we've seen it all before. There have been many periods of American history during which it appeared to the naive among the races that society was giving over to some insane demands made by blacks. What's happening today will pass it always has.

The reconstruction period following the Civil War is history's greatest example. In some precincts there were more freed slaves voting than whites and there were black senators. The period that followed brought blacks being denied the vote for 100 years and this nation didn't see a black senator for a bit more than that.

What was done during that time had more to do with a political power struggle amongst northern Republicans and southern democrats than a "lets help darkie" philosophy.

The same applies to the Civil Rights movements of the 50's,60's and 70's. It had more to do with a quieting down a nation in economic and social turmoil than helping black people.

The same machine that is behind Barry the half breed is the same one that is behind all politicians.And it is not the Jews. Judaism is a religion not a race. If it is, why are there all black or all white Baptist churches? Just curious.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Black Guy.

The rest of these comments are pretty sad! For instance:

"LMAO, it takes a negro to think comprehending subtle allegory is akin to discovering an earth-shattering revelation."

This persons bias shines through more clearly than the sun at noon on a cloudless day in the desert, though I'm sure he thinks his comment is a profound truth, as evidenced by his proclaiming "LMAO" as if he has unraveled a secret shame with his derision.

In fact, person, I was simply quoting a song by a favorite artist and in doing so presenting a different wording of what I thought was a very widely known idiom.

I guess racists everywhere will continue to be amused by the contents of their own minds, even when they are painfully at odds with the external reality.

Anonymous said...

"In what universe are voting rights being threatened by two clowns in costumes?"

If an army of Klansmen carrying shotguns stood in front of a black voting precinct, but did not actually threaten physical harm to anyone, you could ask the exact same question.

Would you be comfortable with that???


Ryan said...

CWN said...
Alex Jones = Project Mockingbird.

Looking that up, there is no proof to that assertion. But it may very well be true because why is he still around? However, it makes little sense to have him be the prime spokesperson of the opposition unless that is what the establisment wants, to control the opposition. That being so, then what are we not hearing?

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is still around, as are David Icke and others, because not only do they often resort to hysterics and promotion of beliefs the majority of people won't even consider, but because of what James Shelby Downard called "The Revelation of the Method." They serve a function. The rabbit hole goes much deeper.

Anonymous said...

"The same machine that is behind Barry the half breed is the same one that is behind all politicians.And it is not the Jews."
Helen Thomas would probably disagree with you there.
"Judaism is a religion not a race."
We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.”

— Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981


Anonymous said...

LeBron would never have gone to college if the standards of admission had not been lowered by white college administrators. He can hardly string 3 words together to form a sentence yet he managed to pass freshman English.