Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mel Gibson vs. Black Run America

Normal posts will resume later today, but I wanted to take a quick moment to point out that Mel Gibson is powerless against the twin forces and combined might of Black Run America and Disingenuous White Liberals.

The notion of Black Run America (BRA) should be obvious to all by now as white people must live on their knees in humble subservience to Black people, in supine acquiescence. The sins of the past are always at the forefront of any interracial discussion and monopolize all of the moral outrage that governs the rules of the debate.

Eric Holder knows America is primed for a true racial examination, although it will be a deliberation that has seen the pendulum swing mightily in the opposite direction of where “traditional” intolerance has purportedly always been found.

And Mel Gibson has shown us with the utterance of one word – the same word that Michael Richards had the misfortune of utilizing repeatedly in an uncomfortable monologue a few years back – just how entrenched and powerful Black Run America really is, and the terrifying reality that confronts anyone daring its omnipotence.

Indeed, Richard Spencer put it beautifully when he stated:

In 1977, Roman Polanski had sex with a 13-year-old girl, and though he remained notorious, he was able to continue his work as a director virtually uninterrupted for the next 30-odd years; Hollywood’s A List has little compunction in collaborating with him. The consensus with Mel is that his career is kaput, making known that, according to our age’s civic totem, using the N-word is a far graver sin than pedophilia.

I came up with the term BRA - Black Run America – when I read about the Black History Celebration at NBC and how a commemoration of “Soul Food” in the employee cafeteria was deemed offensive, though the culinary artist behind the celebratory meal was Black.

Offending Black people is not allowed (recall jokes at their expense) in BRA, and Mel Gibson’s greatest offense in his latest media-enhanced battle is his usage of the Dark Lord of Lexis, the dreaded “Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named”.

The N-word. Even talking about this word leaves one feeling unpleasant, uncouth and in flagrant violation of one of the prevailing rules governing BRA (no using the N-word unless you are part of the ruling class of BRA), as it was ceremoniously buried in a highly-publicized funeral by the NAACP. Yet Gibson had to go and resurrect the “Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named” and allow it to once again haunt us all while visions of water-hoses, barking dogs and alleged nooses dance in our frightened heads.

As one writer put it, when confirming the existence of Black Run America (BRA):

Again, Gibson said any number of extremely offensive things in his surreptitiously recorded private phone conversation with his former girl friend, including telling her that with the way she dressed she deserved to be gang raped. But the thing that got him in trouble, the thing that has all the tongues wagging, the thing that has scandalized the world, the thing that has people saying his movie career is over, was his single use of the word "niggers."

Some of the news stories even said that Gibson punched his ex-mistress in the mouth and broke her two front upper teeth. Yet in every story in which that charge has appeared, it is way down in the article, as a distant afterthought compared to the only news that really matters--his use of the "N" word. Is any further proof needed that the worst crime in liberal society--worse than disgusting invective, worse than wishing for a woman to be gang-raped, worse than punching a woman in the mouth and knocking her teeth out--is for a white person to say anything discriminatory about black people? We used to be a nation under God. Now we're a nation under blacks.

Update: To be more precise, we are a nation under the twin gods, which we ourselves have constructed, of black sacredness and white guilt.

How could Mel Gibson have had the indecency to resuscitate the dreaded N-word, knowing full well that such perverse actions as Bestiality, Pedophilia, Incest and Fratricide aren’t frowned upon nearly as much as the mere utterance of the “Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named”?

Gibson has been in violation of the sacred orders that maintain BRA’s hegemony over this land and the people who dwell beneath its awesome omnipresence, for quite some time.

Recall the move The Patriot and the furor it caused for failing to wallow in self-pity and righteous indignation over slavery, the universal stain more lethal than the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf for which no amount of groveling, self-immolation, apologizing or reparations could ever clean:

Director Spike Lee has lashed out at The Patriot, and all but accused the Mel Gibson blockbuster of racism, in a forceful letter to the editor of the Hollywood Reporter. The Patriot stars Gibson as a hero of the American War of Independence and opened in the States to decent reviews and solid business on the July 4 holiday weekend.

But the Do the Right Thing director this week took issue with what he regards as the way The Patriot is portraying a gung-ho, sanitised version of history which turns a discreet blind eye to slavery.

In his letter, Lee, never known as the most retiring of film directors, writes that he traveled to see the film with his wife on its opening weekend. "We both came out of the theatre fuming," he claims. "For three hours The Patriot dodged around, skirted about or completely ignored slavery. How convenient... to have Mel Gibson's character not be a slaveholder... The Patriot is pure, blatant American Hollywood propaganda. A complete whitewashing of history."

Failure to maintain culpability for slavery is a mortal sin that Gibson accomplished with The Patriot. You can’t do this, and Spike Lee called Gibson out for the faux-pas in failing to capitulate to the eternal of white guilt and its twin brother, Black Sacredness, a veritable Hydra that can never be slain.

The N-word or the “Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named” should have stayed dead and stayed buried. The NAACP was gracious enough to act as a gravedigger and lay it to rest, but Gibson had to exhume it, unearthing it once again to a reign of terror over the souls who suffer everlasting white guilt and who look upon BRA with joyous and tearful eyes of submission.

Most white people suffer from a debilitating form of timidity when they hear the “Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named” spoken and convulse into a state of self-induced shock. Like an unstoppable zombie walking the earth in search of human flesh, the N-word haunts all white people and causes them to reflexively run with terror at its mere mention.

Though the NAACP buried it, Mel Gibson resurrected it.

And yet, actions around the country as of late are beginning to force the façade around BRA to crumble. Remember, for this epoch to end courage must be an unceasing, unwavering ally.

Perhaps though, as in the film Signs, there are no such things at coincidences. Maybe, just maybe, the resurrection of the “Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named” by Mel Gibson happened for a reason.

Freedom from BRA is the goal of SBPDL, for once the tyrannical reign of this oppressive regime ends a true unity can rule where a notion of dis-unity has for too long infected a great nation.

Mel Gibson, having the temerity to dig up a buried statement, has brought us one step closer to a freedom few could ever imagine.

And just like in the denouement of Apocalypto, that very thought should bring a smile to your face.


Fayette White Guy said...

I was actually in Detroit when this happened (the Tigers are my favorite baseball team so I traveled up from Atlanta), and have the Detroit Free Press to prove it to this day. It is good for a laugh. What a joke it was. And it's incredible how using "nigger" grabs top billing over the other things you mentioned. Truly incredible.

Anonymous said...

Most people are taught by their parents at the age of 3..."sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me"...

But not black people.

Like little children, black people believe that names DO HURT them. Apparently, black people are so psychologically and emotionally fragile that we must all be careful not to hurt their tender little feelings.

How sad.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the Gibson travesty unfold, and though you insist it is so, I have seen very little proof that people are more focused on him telling his girlfriend that she deserved to be "raped by a pack of niggers" than anything else. That's absurd. He said horrible things to her, denigrated her, verbally abused her, displayed his raging narcissistic and misogynistic personality, flew into hysterics and threatened her life, admitted to beating her repeatedly in the face while she held her child in her arms and then broke down into one of the most pathetically hilarious examples of modern spoiled white men today, complete with sobbing and hyperventilating. It was a full on regression into a bitter and disturbing infantile state that caused me to feel immense pity for the organism that has to sustain that mind. And he also said 'wetback'. None of the charges that are being brought against him are concerned with his use of any racial slurs.

The fact that he said 'nigger' and 'wetback' to his ex was just the icing on the cake for black and brown-skinned people, Jews and feminists everywhere.

It added considerable heft to the notion that the majority of those who are overly-concerned with racial issues, often to the point of supporting absurd conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality, are really sad, miserable, lonely little people beneath it all. Misogynists, abusers, narcissists, sociopaths, obsessives, psychotics, those with raging messiah complexes and racists all seem to be cut from the same cloth. What essentially amounts to your defense and praise of this lunatic proves that, indeed, Mel Gibson is their poster boy.

Your fear of guilt is indicative of a whole host of personality defects, and nothing emphasizes it quite as much as this post.

If there really is nothing to feel guilt about then why do you fear it so much that you must attack it? Why not simply go within, untangle the demons, and free yourself the skein of writhing afflictions wreaking havoc in your core? This will not diminish you as an individual, neither will it diminish your culture, quite the contrary it can only enrich you, and your legacy.

White guilt is a phenomenon that needs to be entirely eradicated and replaced with white, and indeed black, brown, yellow and red awareness.

Your imbalanced focus does nothing to further expand your awareness. In fact it only works to dim any attempt at the awakening of a holistic apprehension that may occur within you.

Anonymous said...


Most black people are less and less sensitive to the usage of the word nigger these days than ever before. It is losing its powers. It is just proof that what we've been saying all along, that a lot of seemingly non-racist white folks use the word to describe us when we're not around. You all pretend like you don't, but a sizable portion of you evidently do.

The fact that it DID once wield so much power over us is in fact indicative of a deep and pervasive TRAUMA associated with that and other words and insinuations. You apparently have no ability to recognize something like this when you see it. I'm not surprised at all.

It is your lack of empathy that is sad.

Porter said...

Not that the truth would ever be a defense in BRA, but Gibson's observation that dressing provocatively might result in her being "raped by a pack of niggers" seems quite reasonable given the fact that they in fact do rape approximately 100 white women daily in America.

Though I do take exception with his use of the collective noun "pack." He should have spoken more precisely. Being enraged, inebriated, and in a private conversation is no excuse to damage the exquisite sensibilities of our pigment-rich community.

With that said, Mr. Gibson should have properly referred to the potential black rapists as a "shrewdness" or a "flange of niggers." I assume this misstatement on his part is the source of all this public consternation.

Anonymous said...

It is also worth noting, that in order to be black , you must hate white people. It is, however, acceptable if you buy overpriced brand-name products from whitey, such as cars you don't know how to drive (e.g. Mercedes, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley), jewelry you look like an asshole wearing (e.g. Rolex), designer clothing you trash daily (e.g. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada) and other sophisticated things that blacks are too stupid or lazy to make.

miked said...

"Freedom from BRA is the goal of SBPDL, for once the tyrannical reign of this oppressive regime ends a true unity can rule where a notion of dis-unity has for too long infected a great nation."

True unity?

SBPDL, do you honestly believe this "house divided" of ours has any hope of standing when such dissimilar interests are competing within?

How can unity ever be possible? One group blames the other for their voluminous shortcomings, and another is punished and plagued with self-loathing for their myriad achievements.

If you were simply engaged in "high sarcasm" with that statement than I apologize for my obtuse interpretation.

Anonymous said...

"Mel Gibson’s greatest offense in his latest media-enhanced battle is his usage of the Dark Lord of Lexis, the dreaded “Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named”."

Oh really? I've seen many news reports about the Mel Gibson case and the usage of the "n" word isn't even a major concern in the case. If this site was actually up-to-date on this case it would be about the possible abuse Mel Gibson has put on his baby child and the abuse his girlfriend recieved. If you watch any of the news channels that talk about the case the main issue isn't how Mel Gibson used the "n" word.

If you watch news shows like, Inside Edition or The Insider which gives you coverage on celebrity controversies you'd see it for yourself. For you to only focus on the small issues with the usage of words Mel used in the tappings that offended blacks shows how bias and racist you are.

"Like little children, black people believe that names DO HURT them. Apparently, black people are so psychologically and emotionally fragile that we must all be careful not to hurt their tender little feelings.

How sad."

How can you whine and complain about blacks rioting about each time an insulting word is placed against them when yet you riot when they react to it, and then let it be the smallest issue that's not even the main issue in the case?

For example to prove how you white supremists or racists who target blacks, look at the case where the black woman Shirley Sherrod was fired because of whites jumping to conclusion about a black being racist on an "edited" video that showed what looked like racism but wasn't. The poster of the video "managed" to not post the whole video showing her speech of how she got over her prejudice against whites.

So before you guys go ahead and criticize blacks for complaining about racism and rioting, you should look at yourselves and see where you actually stand.

Freedom Fighter

Anonymous said...

So I suppose that Shirley Sherrod would be Mel Gibson's arch nemesis?

Anonymous said...

Great point, you can LITERALLY be a child molester like Roman Polanski and Michael Jackson and that's okay. But if you're racist against black people then that's just unforgiveable.

Black people, or rather the liberals who make their living off of manipulating black people, better figure out that the power of the word "racist" is losing its power. All white people aren't dumb-asses and we're starting to catch on to the fact that "equality" isn't about people being treated equally, its about making America a socialist country. In short, its about Marxism.

There are a lot of decent, middle-class white people like myself who are realizing that something's wrong in this country. We aren't trailer-trash and we we don't wear white hoods and go to klan rallies. We have jobs and we go to work and we try to take care of our families and carve out a nice place for ourselves in this world. And if black people would get rid of their negative mentality and try and pull their weight this country would once again be an awesome place and subsequently the democrat party would go out of business because they wouldn't have anybody to buy off.

Anonymous said...

With all respect that is due you, Paul. This comparison is a "red herring". Then again, your comments always have what I'm looking for in my studies.


Silent Running said...

The problem I have with Gibson's film making is that he tends to lay the syrup on way too thick. The Patriot was by far the worst example of this, with it's deadening cliche of the pacifist-to-warrior character arc, but I thought The Passion and Apocalypto were fantastic and I hope this is a sign that Gibson is moving away from saccharine crap and toward more serious projects.

Apocalypto has one of the best endings I've ever seen; I don't think I've ever been more relieved at the sight of a Spaniard.

Anonymous said...

Again it is not is JRA.Blacks are as much anti-White tools as every other hostile non White parasite.The Khazarian Talmud worshippers have done a great job.It even surpasses the job they've done in the early USSR(propaganda-wise).Only the millions they killed in the Gulags and the famines need to come yet.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the definitive statement on the matter.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Oh God... not Shirley Sherrod, a woman who has spent her entire life working for the government and basically admits to being a socialist/communist (someone that Alvin Greene has gone on record as saying we must retake this country from) and gave a speech where members of the NAACP applauded her when she said she would stick it to white people and not help them out.

Yes, I could care less about Sherrod. Black people are firmly entrenched in Federal Government agencies, and I'm sure there are women and men who nodded their heads in agreement when they heard the "snippets" of the speech, thinking we must continue to debase whitey.

All they thought is go get them, Sherrod.

I want to know if anyone is going to investigate the claim that white people killed her father, the basis for her Bruce Wayne-transformation into a warrior for Black people, fueling her lifelong quest to help her people.

I will write about Sherrod, but this article pretty much sums up my thoughts perfectly:

Anonymous said...

"Most black people are less and less sensitive to the usage of the word nigger these days than ever before"

Really? I must've missed all those black people who came out to support Michael Richards.

Please provide evidence to support your ludicrous claim, or be honest enough to admit that you can't, thank you.

Anonymous said...

"look at the case where the black woman Shirley Sherrod was fired"

And Obama approved.

It's getting pretty crowded under the bus.

Anonymous said...

"when yet you riot when they react to it"

Whites riot??? Seriously?

You're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"white folks use the word to describe us when we're not around"

Black folks speak openly of their hatred for whites when we're not around. It's no secret.

White Flight said...

I watched a few minutes of this new black martyr Sherrod on tv this morning. Have you ever seen the media move so fast to "put a person's statements in context". If the races were reversed, there would be no rewinding the tape and looking for context or giving the person a chance to explain what was really meant. If Sherrod was white, she would be OVER AND OUT, another evil white racist outed and sprayed with RAID, never to crawl back and infest the halls of government.

This illustrates the fact that according to today's religion of Political Correctness, black people CANNOT BE RACIST. She was literally resurrected by the media OVERNIGHT. Is anyone truly shocked that a black person working for the government has that attitude? Its perfectly natural. Now we just need to get whites to think and act the same, and then we can all agree that "diversity" and the muli-kulture do not work, will not work, have never worked and will only be considered a "success" when whites have been utterly destroyed as a race.

One other note, what really angers black people and liberal whites about this site, is that SBDL is a white person talking to whites as a white person. These types of conversations haven't taken place in 50 years.

Blacks can talk to blacks about whites. Jews can talk to Jews about whites, but the ultimate evil according to today's religion of political correctness is for whites to talk as whites to other whites. Get used to it.

Africa for Africans. Asia for Asians. White countries for everyone. This is genocide.

Anonymous said...

"Whites riot??? Seriously?"

Do you not watch the news or have you been living under a rock your whole life?

That's a rhetorical question by the way.

Anonymous said...

"If the races were reversed, there would be no rewinding the tape and looking for context or giving the person a chance to explain what was really meant. If Sherrod was white, she would be OVER AND OUT, another evil white racist outed and sprayed with RAID, never to crawl back and infest the halls of government."

When will you white supremists shut up? How about you stop complaining and get over your hate for blacks?


A white farmer did kill Shirley's father. You can go to to see the facts for yourself. Also, Shirley didn't say she'd stick it to whites and not help them out. You're so not up-date on your information that you forgot that the poster, Brietbart "managed" to only post what looked like racism.

There's a video segment on CNN that specifically talks about this issue with Brietbart on John King USA, and John brings up a good point about why Brietbart didn't post the whole video that shows that the speech was on Shirely getting over her predjudice for whites, but managed to post what looked like racism.

Here's the website that shows this.

Here you'll see what I'm talking about and how you've only managed to use opinions to claim that Shirely Sherrod is a racist. Next time do get the facts and not use personal opinions of what you think about her. Anyway, in the video Brietbart shows how ridiculous he is and how he only focused on what "racism" was supposedly shown in the room during the speech. It turns out he had the whole video tapped, but only wanted the public to see false racism.

This is an important and good example of what white supremists do everyday. They always try to find a way to blame the black guy. But then again, that's the same reply you white supremists say, but in reverse.

Freedom Fighter

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Freedom Fighter,

Thanks for the response.

Actually, the only evidence a white person killed her father is "from the family":

An honest reporter would go down to the county she lived in and do investigatory work to find out the truth of the claim the media has run with, which has made Sherrod an increasingly sympathetic figure.

A mild-mannered Black girl in the south, her father killed, transforming her into a heroine that would fight for Black rights... what a great super hero story!

Yes, the video was edited. So was the Rodney King video. Why didn't the media apologize for that, which lead to the deaths of scores of people and billions in damages?

Why did the NAACP clap during her story, the one that was edited and shown before the truth of the 43 minute came out?

And one better, how awesome is this candidate for Milwaukee assembly?

But back to Mel Gibson...


No, I do not believe in unity at all, nor that it is possible.

Anonymous said...

"Do you not watch the news or have you been living under a rock your whole life?"

I watch the news, and I've seen many examples of black riots, which often involve the beating and murder of innocent whites.

Anonymous said...

"A white farmer did kill Shirley's father."

That article simply repeats her claim, it does not provide any documentation, it does not provide the offender's name, and it states explicitly that charges were not brought.

You see that as "proof"??


White Flight said...

That's the beauty of the web Freedumb Fighter, we don't have to shut up or self-censor and you don't have to leave your droppings in the comments section.

Wouldn't you be more comfortable visiting one of the million odd sites that cater to Negro sensibilities? This site is truly one in a million and even that's too much for you isn't it? Reading what whites really think of blacks must be pretty disturbing to your sheltered eyes. This certainly is different from what you experienced in government schools, ain't it? I'm just sayin..You're free to stick around and we're free to skip over your diversity droppings.

Earth to Negroes, the pool of whites enamored with everything Negro is shrinking daily. Familiarity certainly breeds contempt in this case. I don't hate blacks, any more than I hate black bears while camping. I simply acknowledge their danger, don't feed them and steer clear of them.

Big brother government's guns and armies of lawyers, have made it impossible for whites to escape from black run America, which is why SBPDL is an important chronicle of the situation.

Whites are beginning to consider alternatives to their ongoing destruction and genocide/race replacement, and sorry, but you're just not qualified to participate in that discussion, Freedumb Fighter. That's for whites only.

Hirsch said...

I want to see Mel Gibson remake "What Women Want" with a slightly tweaked premise: Instead of taking us inside the heads of women such as Helen Hunt, we would get to peak inside of Mel's head. It would be titled "What Mel Thinks." He would be doing a red carpet premier, talking to reporters and schmoozing with fans, and then, all of a sudden on the over-voice track we would hear: "Niggers.....Goddamn Jews." Tell me you wouldn't pay to see that.

Anonymous said...

"I watch the news, and I've seen many examples of black riots, which often involve the beating and murder of innocent whites."

Boo-hoo! Am I supposed to feel sorry but yet you don't when it's reversed? A classical horrid group of whites are the Skinheads which had many riots which involved murdering innoncent blacks and people of color. And if you actually watched the Shirely Sherrod case you would've seen how quick many whites were to riot about her being a racist. Look at her boss for example, the one who actually fired her. He was white. Go to and watch the apology he made at the white house.

I'm starting to believe the "I watch the news" is nothing but a bluff.

Anonymous said...

"Boo-hoo! Am I supposed to feel sorry"

I couldn't care less what you do.

Vladmir Klitschko said...

Hirsch once again providing proof of his obvious agenda. He still can't get over Mel using that dreaded "J" word. I know of no other group that considers it an insult to be called by their self designated racial classification. Imagine if at that DUI stop that officer had been French and Mel had said "You're French aren't you, you're a damned Frenchman aren't you?" Or, you're Italian, aren't you, damned Italians." The dreaded "J" word, far worse than the "N" word.

Matza balls for everyone. Has anyone seen my mennorah?

CWN said...

Hey, atleast Polanski is free.

Granted, he never did anything as evil as saying nigger or making a film about Jesus. He just raped a little girl is all.

Mel Gibson you evil white man. How dare you say nigger and threaten your wife. You should have cut her head off and then you might have gotten a pass like O.J.

Maybe you could have molested a few boys and gave them "Jesus juice"? The molesting would have been fine, just don't use the term Jesus Juice, the word Jesus is offensive to liberals. Thank God Mikey was black, he got a pass.

I don't know who I hate more, Mel Gibson, or Hitler?

Anonymous said...

If he started spewing the same old conspiracy theory that Italians or the French control the world, you know, the one that got a lot of people killed back in the day, then...oh wait...there aren't any conspiracy theories like that...

Never mind.

Hirsch said...

@ Vladamir Klitschko:

You're my favorite boxer, why can't you at least spell your name right? Oh, I forgot, it has been my nefarious intention, since my father's Jewish, to see a Jewish Heavyweight claim the lineal world title. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to help Rahm Emmanuel work the puppet strings on Barack Obama, after which I will journey to the center of the earth, where the Jewish command center is kept. We will keep beaming out anti-white propaganda, making movies that promote race-mixing, in order to fund our wars in Israel.

Seriously, though, antisemitism doesn't bother me, but I don't think the issue anyone had with Mel was that he said the word....wait for it..."Jew." I think it was that he said they were responsible for the world's wars, which I'm sure you believe is true. If you do, please send me a copy of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," as my copy is rather dogeared. When some black celebrity had said white people were responsible for every ill in the world, it wouldn't bother you "Vladamir"? Congrats in your win over Eddie Chambers, recently.

Anonymous said...

I thought people were no longer allowed to commet on here without being able to document their claims. Can anonymous @1:12 site some examples of skinheads rioting? When did white people riot because of Shirley Sherrod? Why didn't you post my link to James Edward's article about the crucifixion of Mel Gibson?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Sometimes, comments are so funny and lack any merit that they deserve to be posted.

Skinheads rioting? Come now, life rarely imitates art. This isn't "American History X"....

Put the burden of proof on them, always.

Your Edwards post was confirmed.

miked said...

Great utube video on the Gibson/Polanski comparison. It gets good after the first minute or so.

Hirsch said...

Neither Polanski or Gibson deserve any more recrimination. Even if there were no statute of limitations on rape, the girl in question already said she has no desire to see him punished at this point. Also, I don't think Gibson deserves any recrimination for saying the word "Nigger," although another "Lethal Weapon" sequel opposite Danny Glover might be a little awkward.

Anonymous said...

"Skinheads rioting? Come now, life rarely imitates art."

Yeah, because skinheads, whites, hooligans and europeans never riot, resort to violence or tear apart their own cities at all! Ever!

Every single word is a different link, in case that escaped your attention.

Go ahead. Censor this one.

CWN said...

When Mel Gibson was talking about Jews. He was drunk. Also, he was upset over attacks towards his father. Angry and drunk add up to wild situations. So what?

How many countless celebrities if secretly recorded would say many racially based things? It is hypocritical to attack him, while rappers get their asses kissed for anti white lyrics.

Has mel gibson lynched any blacks? Has he gassed a few jews? Does he seek fame and fortune based on race baiting, like jackson or sharpton, or the NAACP? No. He simply used non PC words when he was angry and once when he was drunk. So what? He is an actor, not a politician.

Mel Gibson is being "crucified" for nothing more than PC reasons.

Vladimir Klitschko (spelled however I please) said...


Your habitual anti white slander, e.g. the LIE that whites are physical cowards constantly on the run from the black man, shows clearly that you at least sub consciously share the agenda I speak of. Every time you see these kinds of slanders the author has the same background, every time. These slanders define this agenda, not some imaginary organized meeting where ancient fanatical goals are discussed. Anybody who thinks the agenda I speak of is, except at the extreme upper levels of big money, anything more than a type of shared instinct stemming from a perceived group self interest and victimhood, is probably a nut, as you caricature. Your reducio ad absurdum is tired and of no effect.

I look at this as a group psychology borne out of religious teachings and paranoid historical fears of discrimination, not some crazy secret meeting. No group, not even blacks revel in such self pity and victimhood. If this idea is so crazy, imagine what would happen if blacks, who aren’t 1/10th the professional victims that this group is, had the same financial and political power to back every whim of their paranoia. (Fact: <2% of the population holds 90+ % of the executive positions within the banking industry and media.) Of course the ADL and the SPLC don't really pump billions into this paranoid agenda. AIPAC? They don't bribe politicians into lying to their constituents, using fabricated intelligence about yellow cake U238 to start unnecessary wars in which the host country has no strategic interest. No I am imagining all of this.

Empirical proof holds that a certain group has seized control of U.S. foreign policy. There is no rational denial of this; all you have to do is just track the $$ and absurd foreign policies which destabilize the world. I blame the U.S. government and its elected officials for allowing themselves to be completely defined by money. I don’t blame those doing the bribing (due to the ingrained psychological paranoia of their Groupthink) to get their regional wars going and to enact whitey hating “hate crime” laws and affirmative action. They are acting at least rationally because their paranoia dictates these goals. I really blame politicians who argue that political bribery in the form of campaign contributions is “protected free speech.” I also blame all on both sides of the isle who allow themselves to be manipulated by a foreign ultra nationalist agenda, all in the name of money. At least these ultra nationalists who have usurped our government and control popular opinion through their controlled media believe in something. Our politicians running our government believe in nothing. They only carry out the orders of who bribes them. They are simply whores.

Everyone agrees there is clear media bias against whites. 90+ % control of these outlets by a single group of <2% of the pop. seems to suggest at least a group bias against whites. (I agree that blacks still see this group as white and abuse them in kind.)

Hirsch, you sit there and have your way, making fun of blacks, then irresistibly getting in your jabs at whites. I see a pattern, I respond to your attack on my people, and you hide behind caricatures and reductions to absurdity. I am immune to your sleight of hand because I rationally see this whole issue as a group psychological paranoia being driven by big money. Proof abounds. I don’t see secret meetings or anybody under my bed.

As far as who actually has financed all modern wars, that is empirically provable with the slightest amount of research if not common sense.

The bottom line is I don’t log on here to read that whites are cowards and weaklings who run at the first sign of black anger. I see plenty of that on CNN. If Klitschko is your favorite practitioner of this one dimensional martial art maybe you can go to him or his brother and explain why they should be running from all those black guys they so routinely destroy. By the way Judas, I see you’re still hanging out on Desiree’s website.

Hirsch said...

@ Wladamir Klitschko

My anti-white bias is so deep that I plant a kiss on my white mother's cheek whenever I see her. Admittedly, my slimy Jew paws are always sneaking into her purse. I personally apologize for the success of Jews in this country. Every entertainer or film director who has brought any measure of joy to film going audiences, and I apologize for every Jew who has studied and worked hard in institutions of higher learning. I also appreciate you assuming that I hold Zionist beliefs, notwithstanding that you have never asked my opinion on Israel/ The West Bank.

I suppose this blog is my ground zero for my world domination plan. If I can manage to divide and conquer "your people," (the couple hundred that visit this site) with my Jew propaganda, then the West will fall. You, the lone defender of the tribe who hail from the Caucus Mountains, are all that stands between destruction and salvation, and you carry the mantle proudly.

Yes, I am still visiting Desiree's website. I'm glad you are aware of my activities outside of this website. I unfortunately am not aware of your activities, since I'm not, for lack of a better word, a stalker.

I'm frankly confused at your appropriation of the Klitscko name, and I marvel at how you can claim to be a representative for white people, and then say that the white Heavyweight champion of the world is one-dimensional. But it is clear that your grasp on pugilism is on par with your geopolitical grasp. Did you really want to talk boxing?

Emmanuel Steward, perhaps the best trainer of the second half of the 20th century outside of Eddie Futch, regards Klitschko as a genius ring technician. And I hate to unveil this to you, horror of horrors, the most powerful white boxer on the planet has no problem with black people! I suppose inadequacy is at the root of your hatred, though. If you prefer metaphorical punching bags to the real thing, though, lace up your gloves and take a swing at whoever takes your mind from your failings long enough for you to bask in your delusions. You want to bash (half) Jews, there's me. I'll even play whole Jew so you can enjoy the sensation. This has been fun, and it has been real, but it hasn't been real fun. Let's end it, shall we?

Anonymous said...

"Skinheads rioting? Come now, life rarely imitates art."

Seriously? Are you racists completely unintelligent. It must be so, because from the late 1960s to the mid 1980s skinheads rioted over the fact that lost of colored people were getting jobs that they deserved. Thus, they rioted and killed many innocent folks. For you to believe that they didn't rioted leaves me to believe that you don't know your history or what a skinhead is.

And for the anon who wanted facts and a source,

You'll find facts about the disturbing things skinheads do, it may not show riots but the meetings they held such as hate fests led to violence and riots. Neo-Nazi Skinheads are the ones I'm referring to, for those thinking of the other skinhead groups who weren't involved in racism. Anyway, you can search on google or any other search engine and find recorded riots of skinheads. What's really funny is how you people believed whites are the untouchables, and the most powerful race ever.

Maybe most of you wouldn't have so much racial contreversies and problems if that arrogance of yours disappeared. You see, that arrogance is what makes a majority of blacks different from a majority of whites. Maybe it's time you've learned from your mistakes like the rest of us, instead of pushing them aside and ignoring them like pathetic cowards. Own up and grow up, like my father use to say.

Anonymous said...

"If you prefer metaphorical punching bags to the real thing, though, lace up your gloves and take a swing at whoever takes your mind from your failings long enough for you to bask in your delusions. You want to bash (half) Jews, there's me."

Hirsch, do you believe anyone who criticizes the way Jewish tribalism appropriates power and money is trying to take his mind from his own failings? I would hardly consider Henry Ford a mental midget.

I certainty do not fault jews for trying to do the best by their own. I certainly feel the same way about my own family. But is noticing this fact some sort of mental failing on my part? I fail to see how remaining ignorant of goings-on is a preferable state of mind. I do not blame jews for all of the world's ills and I am aware that most jews in America have so little middle-eastern blood that they are essentially white. This does not prevent them from engaging in tremendously powerful groupthink wherein they set themselves apart from the greater white population.

People used to say the mafia was just a big conspiracy theory. “The Family” and “The Tribe”, different groups entirely in form and function yet nearly identical in purpose.

Please do not misconstrue this as a personal attack, it is just my observation of the way the world is.

White Flight said...

I watched Edge of Darkness this weekend. It was disappointing considering the power Mel has (or had) to make whatever movies he wants.

The only interesting part of the film was the plot element of a government sponsored group creating a nuclear bomb based on the specs of the usual suspects to pin a dirty bomb on one of the "rogue" nations on our hit list, and exterminating a few thousand US citizens in the process. Besides that plot element, which parallels global intelligences' (mossad/cia) role in 911, Edge of Darkness was a boring flick.

Mel has really aged hard since that Larry King interview in 97. He needs to lay off the booze, he looks 30 years older.

Mel needs to bring on the money shot. His days are numbered and he needs to deliver something valuable before he has an "accident". Let's see him turn Michael Collin's Piper's Final Judgement into a film and show who was behind the JFK hit, or finance the Shadow of Liberty by Americana pictures, showing Israel's false flag attack that murdered 30+ sailers in 1967 or a real biopic of the communist funded white whoremonger MLK. Or how about funnel some money to Craig Bodeker to make more documentaries like a Conversation about Race. Its time for Mel to step up or fade to black.

Vladimir Klitschko said...


Your childish reductions to absurdity and juvenile caricatures do not provide a meaningful response to the charge that you resent and slander white males. Kissing your mother is irrelevant to this issue. The sound bite that I don’t grasp geopolitics is an inadequate substitute for a counterargument. You make no counterargument because one doesn’t empirically exist.

I could care less about your stance on Zionism but your defensive denials of its existence read from the back of an ADL card lead to a reliable inference. I can only speak to the fact that your predictable slanders against whites are the sort of crude propaganda that causes so many to dislike your kind and generalize you as you do them.

You come on here, bash blacks, then you bash whites with the worst stereotypes that your ilk has conceived. You are having it both ways, again fitting the profile. These mendacious slanders of whites as weak beta males are the worst sort of media bias that we endure. But, all us white cowards sure do the trick in all those needless Middle East wars though, don’t we? Kaput goes your argument. Thank you for playing!

Your ad hominem of "stalker" is as ineffective as your childish anti white propaganda. I logged on Desiree's site out of morbid curiosity and I was surprised to see you were friends with her and that you picked fights on her site with those who attacked that insane troll. All this combined make you the worst sort of two faced Judas and coalesce to form a caricature far funnier than anything your repetitive ad hominems weakly approach. You are a walking cliché.

“Cowardice, delusions and failings" are straight out of the ADL handbook; party line clichés. Whether you pass the "mother rule" or not, it is your attack on whites I am speaking to.

Klitschko is a good boxer, except for a weak chin. Vitali is better. Whether he has a problem with blacks is irrelevant to the fact that you should be informing him as to why he should be running from the blacks you claim all whites are afraid of. Your words, not mine. I don't have a problem with great black fighters either. George Foreman is the greatest heavyweight ever, and a model human being.

I am quite sure that my combination of size, athletic ability, street fighting, judo, and mma cross training puts us in very different leagues. I highly doubt that you are a trained boxer or that you have been in more than a lunchroom sissy fight. I have cross trained in boxing for years; I know enough to nullify the striking game and keep the fight on the ground where I want it. I am well rounded, pure boxers are not. Punching is 20% of fighting. I stated that "the discipline" is one dimensional, not Klitschko. Your failure to glean this obvious point demonstrates your idiocy of the topic.

A boxer who can’t wrestle is helpless when the pillows are taken off their hands. Boxers are only lethal if you get caught in the pocket for a couple of seconds and let them plant their back foot and come up from the floor to throw the mythically powerful overhand right or ducking left hook, or, if you let them tee off. The strategy is to avoid the boxer's strength. As Bruce Lee stated, the best fighter kicks too well for a boxer, throws to well for karate fighter and punches too well for a judo player.

Since I only stated that boxing itself is one a dimensional “martial art”, not Klitschko, as you ignorantly misunderstood, Emmanuel Steward’s analysis is irrelevant here, though I agree with it. I adopted the name to mock your claiming to box, by the way. It was a joke.

I don't bash anybody. I defend myself against attacks from wimpy beta males who play both sides of the fence and defend an annoying troll who was destroying this website. Your schizoid behavior is incomprehensible.

You have been taken to school again. Yes, you really should end it. You are a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Desiree said...

Mel should be left alone. I don't give a rat's ass about him saying his wife was going to get raped by a pack of N------. I couldn't care less.

He should just stop drinking...


I can tell by your typical, long-winded diatribes that you are indeed Abe Stinkin' under another name.

Don't tell me I'm wrong because that will be as fruitless as me trying to convince you black people are not inferior.

Save your breath.

You gave yourself away when you couldn't help but include in your 7-23 9:24 comment that Hirsch had came onto my site. All out of the blue, no less! How would you know if I hadn't posted in a few days, so that you could click the link on my name and *see*? You would've had to have come onto my site a while ago, like in early July!

Couldn't resist could you, 'Vlad'? LOL! And when he called you a 'stalker', he was right; what made you mention him in relation to me if you had not previously gotten into a 'fight' with him about this 'insane troll'?

You are still pathetic.

By the way, we are all glad you are basically Superman, that you can fight in any method we could ever dream. Why you sit behind a computer and attack someone out of the blue for being Jewish when you could be 'training' is anyone's guess!

For the record, I am a trained actress with a degree from Juliard and have been in 600 Broadway productions. I've also traveled to the moon, invented the sonic-powered toothbrush, and am a contortionist traveling with the circus (that last bit I only do in my spare time, when I'm not curing cancer...).

We can be anyone we want over the web, 'Vlad'...

I liked you better as Abe Stinkin' or maybe Hurricane Chris; I think you liked the latter, too.


Anonymous said...

"Mel needs to bring on the money shot. His days are numbered"

Yeah, and that number is ZERO. He broke his wife's teeth, bruised his baby, slandered no less than three entire ethnic groups and has exhibited an appalling level of misogyny that would make most rappers blush if it wasn't for the melanin. He probably eats babies too.

At this rate I expect him to either get locked up or commit suicide.

Too bad, White Flight, it seems the white knight is a fading sight. Maybe if there weren't so many who were racists...

Anonymous said...

@Desiree: LOL! Hilarious. I didn't even bother to read Vlad's posts, though now I wish I had as his "cowardice, delusions and failings" probably would have been apparent sooner! Guess I roasted him a little too hard in the AIDS topic, huh? Had to go incognito on us, huh?

"But, all us white cowards sure do the trick in all those needless Middle East wars though, don’t we?"

Yeah, killing millions from thousands of feet away is sooo brave. That's why your girlfriends are loyally waiting for you to get home, right?

I jest. However, I'd like to point out that Vlad here has an interesting relationship with Mel Gibson. They're both white, they're both actors and they're both lying racist misogynists who have extremely distorted views of both their own self-worth and, paradoxically, how utterly antagonized they are by dark-skinned people and Jews.

Mel Gibson for President 2012 said...

Well people,

Hirsch has brought Desiree back, to defend him for me and some other posters calling him out on his blatant anti white slanders. Looks like my point is proven about this whole issue, in fucking spades. Pun intended.


Sorry, but this is all the attention you're going to get,

In your native Swahili:

Kuma Wewe, Mbwajike! Kuma Kakaio! Kuma Mamako!
Nenda kajitombe. Unafirwa msenge malaya!
Unatombwa na farasi.

Desiree said...

Okay, whatever, 'Mel'.

Hirsch didn't bring anyone back; I am of a free mind. He never once asked me to come and say anything on his behalf; I saw the BS for myself and decided to comment. How can Hirsch be 'anti-white' when he's white? You are such an idiot.

I'm glad you are obsessive enough to insert bullshit into the Google translator and spew it this way. You are not intelligent and you are not clever.

You are pathetic, Mel/Vlad/Abe/Hurricane Chris.

If you are so concerned about 'anti white slanders', why don't you go and do something about it instead of bitch and moan?

Why bother? *throws up hands*

You are a loser with a small Neanderthal brain. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise, a torrent of racist and misogynistic rantings from a Mel Gibson supporter. You really do have a fondness for Google Translate and Babel Fish, don't you Abe?

CWN said...

"How can Hirsch be 'anti-white' when he's white? You are such an idiot."

Actually that doesn't really mean anything. Some people can be self loathing types. Like a black chick for instance, who wishes she was white.

"You are a loser with a small Neanderthal brain. Enjoy."

People shit all over Neanderthals, but they were just as intelligent as modern people. Infact they would have looked pretty much the same. So that is not even an insult to be comapred to them.

Desiree, if you wish to defend your half jew boyfriend fine. But keep it real girlfriend. Don't make excuses.

Anonymous said...

If Mel had just stuck to cussing out mothers and children in public, he'd be ok.

Hirsch said...

@ Wladimir
"us white cowards sure do the trick in all those needless Middle East wars"

You really need to desist in lecturing me about our boys dying in foreign wars when I spent four years in the army and a year in Iraq. If you even had enough dignity for me to warrant having to prove my service, I would gladly fax my member copy of my DD-214 with character of discharge stated as "honorable" on line 22 to prove my point.

So tell me Vlad, just in case we show up at the same reunion and I want to avoid the hulking Alpha male that is you, in which unit did you serve and what was your military occupation specialty. I was stationed in the Sunni Triangle, and regularly performed convoys from Nasiriyah to the Kuwaiti Border. Or should we add "chicken hawk" to the long list of things which you are?