Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook Creator gives $100 Million to Newark's Troubled Public Schools; The Social Network will still be Released

What would you do with $100 million dollars? Think about it for a second. No, give it a few more seconds. In fact, take your time with this question.

All right. What did you come up with?

Well, if you said you would donate it to a failing school system that already receives massive amounts of donations from Disingenuous White Liberals who care little for the results and return on investment of their philanthropic gift, but depend more on the moral capital the gift bestows upon them, then you are thinking along the lines of Mark Zuckerberg:
Mark Zuckerberg, the 26-year-old Facebook founder and the biggest climber on this year’s Forbes 400, has just agreed to donate $100 million to Newark’s troubled public schools.

The tech whiz kid is expected to appear on fellow Forbes billionaire Oprah Winfrey’s show tomorrow to announce the gift, alongside Newark Mayor Cory Booker and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The New York Times reports that Zuckerberg’s donation will allow Booker to start redesigning the failing Newark school system, taking some control from the state.

This is the first time Zuckerberg has made a large-scale public charitable donation. He joins the ranks of other Forbes tech billionaires known for their philanthropy.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the richest man in America for the 17th year in a row, is also the most generous person on the planet: he’s cut checks totaling $28 billion to date. He and his wife launched the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 1994, when Gates was 38 – a dinosaur compared to Zuckerberg – with an initial gift of $94 million.

Zuckerberg has yet to join Gates and Warren Buffett’s billionaire giving pledge, which has seen 40 of the wealthiest Americans pledge to donate the majority of their wealth to charity over their lifetimes.
As we documented in an earlier post on Newark (well two posts), the city already receives substantial gifts from outside sources in an all-out effort to bring harmony, increased test scores and peace to the city:
Mayor Booker’s leadership has attracted approximately $100 million in private philanthropy to the City of Newark and a variety of nonprofits and public/private partnerships have been created and used to better the lives of Newark residents.
In April 2008, the Newark Charter School Fund was established to provide grants in support of Newark’s charter schools to support a successful public school system in Newark.[33]
The City of Newark also works with GreenSpaces, which has committed $40 million toward the largest park expansion initiative in over a century with a total of twenty one park construction and rehabilitation projects scheduled for completion in every ward by the end of 2010.[34]
To support the Newark Police Department, the Newark Police Foundation was established in 2006 and provides funding and other services to the Police Department which has had a significant impact on the NPD’s ability to pay for necessary resources that would otherwise not be readily funded through the department’s budget.[35]
Cory Booker is the beloved, brown paper bag test passing mayor of Newark. Yet for all this political capital he has earned, the city he runs is in dire fiscal straits:
Facing a daunting $70 million budget gap, Newark, N.J., Mayor Corey Booker says he can't afford to spare even one square: Discontinuing toilet paper in city offices is among his proposed cuts to remedy Newark's 2010 budget deficit.

"Every single contract that does not go to the core function of our city in providing safe streets, providing fire protection or other things to keep our city afloat will now be cut," Booker said during a press conference on Wednesday.
These proposed budget cuts to the school system have been met with walkouts by students, demanding to know where Cory Booker is in the time of budgetary calamity.

Well, Cory Booker has been gallivanting around with crowds containing very rich people, unlike the constituency that elected him to office in the first place. Why isn’t Newark better off? Why are cities with lots of red in these maps safer and more productive areas to live in?

$100 million dollars for Newark and for the school system: that will provide a lot of free lunches and more importantly, toilet paper.

Something tells us that Mr. Booker is going to get the Fenty treatment in the upcoming election.

A gift of $100 million grants Zuckerberg entry into the esteemed category of white liberals who pay homage to Black Run America (BRA) with a philanthropic gift, gaining unquestionable political capital in the process.

An Inconvenient Truth that goes outside the realm of education is simply this: The Social Network is about to be released that paints Zuckerberg in a most distressing and unpleasant light.

Nothing generates positive public relations like giving money to poor, perpetually down-trodden Black people, the cure-all for overcoming a movie and negative publicity that depicts you as a villainous, licentious cretin.

$100 million is but a small price to pay for smoothing over the rough-edges of reality for Zuckerberg, and donating it to Black people is a move right out of the pages of Mr. Deeds.

Regardless of the reason behind the gift, Newark schools will continue to fail and $100 million will have only purchased Zuckerberg positive press accolades.

Newark students walk out of school, take City Hall


Anonymous said...

It's funny how in a society where evile capitalists are supposed to be the roots of our disintegration the overwhelming majority of the super-rich almost exclusively give to charities that are politically correct or at least politically neutral. Shows who's really in control.

Anonymous said...

Will this donation encourage black men to assist their "baby mama" in raising their children? No.

Will this donation encourage black parents to speak proper English in front of their child? No.

Will this donation encourage black parents to feed their children anything besides fried meat and sugar? No.

Will this donation encourage blacks to send their children off to their first day of school with a basic knowledge of societal norms or the difference between right and wrong? No.

Will this donation encourage blacks to read to their children and demand that they excel in school? No.

Imagine what could be done with 100 million dollars besides babysitting sociopaths for 12 years.

I don't know if anyone else has posted this it's good.

Super Jew Goldberg Hyman Weisman Braunstein the Third. said...

No one at SBPDL has made the correlation, but they know it to be true: As painful as it is, I'll make it clear to them. In terms of intelligence, whites are to Jews as blacks are to whites. Every study done from Rushton to Bell to Watson has born this out. Even the white racialists at websites like know this to be true. Asians are a standard deviation in IQ above whites, and Jews are one above Asians. Whites are also one above hispanics, who are one above blacks. In other words, blacks on average have 20 less IQ points than whites, and whites on average have twenty less than Jews. Welcome to Intellectual Darwinism, kids.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! Jews are smarter than gentiles: must not criticize blacks. I have learned the error of my ways. Thank you, Super Jew.

Anonymous said...

"A gift of $100 million grants Zuckerberg entry into the esteemed category of white liberals who pay homage to Black Run America (BRA) with a philanthropic gift, gaining unquestionable political capital in the process."
But will that keep him from getting mugged,maimed or murdered should he decide to go for a leisurely stroll in some back controlled enclave in BRA? For the record I see blacks strolling around in white utopia with nary a care nor fear. How is that? In fact most laughable of all I saw just the other day, a black man roll into a sporting goods store with a fly-rod in hand and sporting (Yes it's true)chest waders.

Rahm said...

"No one at SBPDL has made the correlation, but they know it to be true: As painful as it is, I'll make it clear to them. In terms of intelligence, whites are to Jews as blacks are to whites."

Wrong, the average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is about 102, the same as whites. Ashkenazi Jews are about 70% of the Jew population, the rest of the Jews are below them in terms of IQ. You are right about Asians having a higher average intelligence, but you also have individual cases where countries like Germany are equal to or higher than countries like Japan.

Douglas said...

When white liberals give lots of money to a big cause such as this it always buys democratic votes. I wonder why the minorities never say anything about them giving directly to a charity that will directly benefit them such as a shelter that will provide free food.

Go to a large church and watch them give away food. Look at the crowd closely. Now why doesn't this get the black vote when white conservatives give to them directly? Because it's not a HUGE cause with lots of publicity. Churches composed of mostly white conservatives give millions every year does it buy them favors? NO.

It's so easy to mislead the minority crowd. They are hooked like a fish to the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Well, super Jew, as an ancient friend of ours you must also confess that we low IQ white gentiles sure can build fair, tolerant and successful countries like no one else while inventing and creating well above our low IQ weight. As for intellectual Darwinism, your only country in the world will soon be history (not our doing or desire) so I would not act too haughty and condescending towards those who will once again provide you with safety and security.
Canadian Wood

Anonymous said...

"whites on average have twenty less than Jews."

So what?

Warrior said...

Give me 100 million dollars and I'll create something of value. Pouring 100 mill into Newark Public schools is a joke. First, the corrupt administrators are drooling to get me some of dat cash and secondly, the profoundly black student majority is not worth investing in. Most won't graduate and they suck the taxpayers dry wif free lunches, foodstamps, free health care, energy assistance and subsidized housing. High school is just a place to get a free lunch, get "muh dick" on and a place to stay warm in the winter. I was in Newark 10 years ago and the "young bruthas" were nonchalantly walking down the street with automatic rifles. The city is a rathole and will always be one. Take that money and buy enough cyanide to throw one hell of a KoolAid party and invite ALL the residents of Newark to partake. The rats who live in this city will never be self sufficient and feed off the government tit for their very existance.

Anonymous said...

It amuses me how these rich f*cks piss away the foundation to cure a specific disease, no funding of real scholarship, ie science, engineering, no...we will just piss away the cash on feedbags for Africa, money for failing schools, etc. I really have to LOL at such a waste o cash...say, who did more for humanity, the guy who cured polio, or the guy who fed 10,000,000 Africans for a year?


Miss Lee said...

Why must the DWL constantly throw money at black problems that are hopeless. Blacks will never read at grade level. To excel at anything is to "act white." Anytime a black is in charge, whatever it is, it goes to shit.

Anonymous said...

Ted Turner's giving $1 Billion to the U.N. is still the gold standard for throwing money away.

Silent Running said...

I will never understand this passionate love affair that DWL's have with the Negro. Nothing is more pathetic than someone who gives himself over to a one-sided romance.

Gates is a fanatical liberal. A year or so ago he opened a jar full of mosquitoes at a press conference so that rich white people could know the joys of malaria. Unfortunately, he himself did not contract the disease. Turns out even DWL's love one thing more than brownskins: their own precious selves.