Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where are the # posts?

A number of people have E-mailed lately inquiring when the # posts will return. They implore us to go back to the bread and butter of Stuff Black People Don't Like, returning to compiling the list that seems never-ending.

We will, in due time, we will. Recall that Google that has systematically removed all random search results that would bring a Internet surfer to this page,stunting the flow of new traffic to the site.

Consult the entry on Michael Oher and look at the date of the last comment to see how effective this censorship has been at derailing the growth of SBPDL.

There is only one way to fight this censorship (Google does own Blogspot, so they have the right to remove SBPDL from search results if they wish, as search bots once returned Internet surfers with increasing regularity to this site) and that is to move SBPDL to a new home.

On 10-10-10, moves to a new home. This site will stand as a monument to the first-year of our efforts and to those who spent their valuable time posting comments and enjoying (or voicing their displeasure through the written word) what we have attempted to do.

An anonymous correspondent sent an E-mail a few months back that thanked us for our efforts. Unaware nor unconcerned of whatever motivation might be behind our continued diligence of compiling entries, they cared not. This person just said "Thank you" and sent their appreciation for the service SBPDL performs.

This is why we have continued. We get a lot of E-mails (you can contact us at and appreciate every one. It means simply that we have motivated you enough to spend time here and that something of what we have contributed to the seemingly infinite number of Web sites available for your perusal is worthy of consideration, deliberation and your continued interest.

For that very reason, SBPDL: Year One will be made available in book form, collecting entries from our humble beginnings to when The Young Turks took to denouncing us for pointing out what the Michael Oher Story really meant.

The # posts are returning, so stick around and you won't be disappointed. We live in a time when the country is rapidly changing and those in power attempt to defame good people who merely question a growing Leviathan that actively conspires to their continued dispossession with the augmenting of Black Run America (BRA).

The line is about to be drawn. 10-10-10.

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