Monday, September 20, 2010

Wash that Mouth Out! The Hoses Cleanse those who Dissent in BRA

Water is no friend of Black people. One theory never considered at SBPDL is the fear that high-powered, concentrated blasts of water directed at Black people during the Civil Rights era negatively reinforced innate reservation of H2O and have been passed down since.

In Black Run America (BRA), the tables have turned and a new elite now dictate acceptable public actions and rhetoric.

The usage of certain words are restricted to those to whom BRA guarantees certain privileges and protections to and any unauthorized individual caught uttering such terminology is automatically guilty of the most heinous verbal faux pas imaginable.

This video is proof of the fate that awaits any unlawful uttering of the word-that-must-not-be-named, as all white people are encouraged to remain silent when near the anointed class that BRA specifically protects.

Speak, and the hose will be turned upon you with a venom once reserved for Civil Rights activists who only wanted to sit next to white people in a restaurant.

Being involuntarily hosed with water is a form of torture and psychological humiliation, a weapon once used to dehumanize those who desired equal protection under the law.

Now they rise above it and defiantly spray those who dare use the word-that-must-not-be-named in their pious presence. At least it wasn’t a bodily discharge.

It appears that some usages of water are advantageous to Black people, if only as a weaponized suppressant to discourage those who dissent from the rules governing BRA.

Remember, words that some groups use are off limits to others.


Percy Kittens said...

Not sure if that video of the woman in the wheelchair being sprayed with water wasn't set up by all involved, but assuming that it is legit, I've got to side with the men in this video...sort of.

I had a fat, illegal alien woman just like that argue with me in the hot tub of a major, nationally-recognized gym a few months ago. I came into the hot tub wet and she accused me of entering it sweaty, when in reality I had just taken a shower before getting in the tub. I told the woman she needed to seek mental help and to shut her mouth because I didn't care about what she was saying and no one else in the tub did either. I would've sprayed her with water like the guys in the video but....we were already in water.

Notice how the woman was able to stand up and cross the street when she put her mind to it! Just imagine if she'd put that much energy into eating sensibly and establishing an exercise routine rather than shoveling Yoohoos and Sno-balls into her mouth for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! What's worse is that most of us (i.e. hardworking, productive tax paying citizens) are having to subsidize her fat ass to roll around in that L'il Rascal because she's too lazy to do the work it takes to be at a decent height-weight ratio.

Anonymous said...

Blacks simply hate America and Whites. Period. Full stop. Any attempt to see it otherwise is aiding and abetting.

Attended my sons HS football game last week. They played the National Anthem before the game. Out of about 25 - 30 negroes in attendance, guess how many put a hand over their heart? Wrong - NONE. Not one negro felt it in him or her to show any love or respect for America. Not one.

As every day goes by, I keep searching for those wonderful negroes that Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewett claim are out there, just lovin' the heck out of this country. I will continue my search...

Donald said...

It gets worse SBPDL. You can clearly see that she was yelling at the white van that passes her (watch her turn all the way around before yelling). Secondly, try to pinpoint exactly where see says the n-word: you can't which is highly suspicious.

So because Obama is prez BRA can assault disabled people who may or may not have used the n-word at someone else. Makes perfect sense, also Percy is a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Percy Kittens,

Assuming the video was "legit", at the risk of losing my black card,I will have to side with the crazy white lady.

First she's a possibly mentally and physically impaired woman. If a rascal is a persons only means of conveyance, life hasn't been to good for them. Why add a pile of humiliation on a life full of insane depression? A punch in the face would have been worse, but at least more dignified.

Despite the racial slur used, the woman was not on private property and made no overt hostile or threatening gesture. A simple "Fuck you!" would have been justified and fair. The crazy lady would have rode off with dry clothing and her dignity intact.

The use of the water hose was assault plain and simple and a rather crazy overreaction.

The main reason why I can't support these "black men" is at the end of the video one of those uncle toms uttered the phrase" We have rights now, Obama is president" I don't know whether to laugh or cry at such an asinine and pathetic statement. I guess I had better laugh, because we have 2 more years of Barry the half breed's naive minion's BS, and "We love black people" month is just around the corner.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...


"Remember: words that some groups use are off limits to others."

This statement is true for almost everything in life, not just us "angry" blacks. It will never be cool for me to go around a bunch of Italian Americans and call them grease balls, call a stranger's wife baby or smack her on the ass, etc..all of those things will be met with repercussions up to and including getting my ass kicked, or sprayed with a garden hose which ever is more convenient.

The bottom line is you can say things to your family and friends that I can not, because I'm neither friend or family. My being black is just the cherry on top of that shit sundae.

So, you can freely call us niggers(niggas), when we can call you neighbor or friend.

-Black guy

Malfoy said...

blax vs. water----lmao. The summer of 2010 was most certainly the "summer of the rockfish"

Big Worm said...

Obama be da prezodint and because he be black dat means dat black people can hurt white people. Y'all feelz me?

Anonymous said...

She called the driver of the van nigger because he almost hit her and that is a very low-class white way to express anger at minorities. Blacks will jump-yo-ass if you use that word on any other black because they are all part of a sticky ball of collective clump called the "black community". If that guy with the hose was all alone, or the person in the chair was a man, he would not have sprayed, but said something like, "damn, now that 'aint EVEN right.". Instead, he had his black thug supporters laughing and shucking in encouragement and had to express himself in an animalistic way in order not to be called a punk ass beeotch by his friends. Blacks don't act out alone for the most part, try it and you will see. Public transportation is another place that you do not want to make such an utterance. The driver will most likely be black too, and you will end up as a pool of bloody pulp. The word nigger is a very small problem in the plight of blacks, but they like to focus on the tiny things. Too much info to process at once.

Percy Kittens said...

Anonymous said: "First she's a possibly mentally and physically impaired woman. If a rascal is a persons only means of conveyance, life hasn't been to good for them."

First of all, we *SAW* that she can get up out of the wheelchair, so don't hand me that crap about her being "physically impaired". Secondly, even if she's physically impaired, it doesn't absolve her of being a jackass for calling someone a "n****r". I don't discriminate against the 'physically challenged'. I treat them the same way I treat everyone else.

Thirdly, if you want to run with the big dawgs you better get ready to be treated like one of the big dawgs. The woman had a loud mouth. If she wants to mouth off to a man she should expect to get treated like a man. I don't believe in patronizing or coddling a woman just because she's a female. If she's got the balls to call someone a "n****r" more power to her, but she better realistically expect a violent response.

I do agree that the guys at the end of the video talking about "we gots rights now that Obama is President" are stupid. They had rights before Obama became president and they'll have rights after Obama's one term in office is over and his replacement is sworn in.

But basically I just look at this as a fight between two low-class, trashy people. If this had been on Jerry Springer it wouldn't have gotten a second glance. I don't have a problem with what those guys did to this loud-mouthed, disabled-turd-of-a-human-being; she got what she deserved.

Anonymous said...

Black civil rights activists would be horrified at black culture today and are probably rolling in their graves. Blacks take every chance to spew out their ugliness and ignorance, they have even invented their own language that no one can understand but other blacks. I think that the last girl commenting below forgot that she was a welfare queen and actually owes whites for her entire existence.

Here are some comments from one of the links posted on Instead of the "talented 10", we get to showcase the "bottom 90" percent. Blacks are such a proud people, aren't they??

"Dat was funny as hell. but, yeah, he's gettin charges pressed. Dats just how it is. U can say wat u want, but u can't spray who u want.""

"lmao -dead- at her coughing dayum that what her ass get"

"see we mind or own damn business then we gettested ... lmao thats what she get"

"hell naw i would hav did mo den dhett"


"is her hand real lmao its all big and shyt it look fake to me but on the other note these damn crackers gettin sum balls this the second b**ch i don seen doin sum racises s***t and they just dont know we aint in slavery days no more i think if it come to that point they tried to do us like that they aint gon have shyt commin wit us so they need to start actin right before they become our slaves ........Yea our slaves that sound like a good ideal lmao"

Anonymous said...

"So, you can freely call us niggers(niggas), when we can call you neighbor or friend...."

Whatever, Black Dude.

Blacks including you will never like whites EVER, but they have to remain civil or the gravy train stops in its tracks. Blacks depend on whites for their lives and you know it. Whites would like it if blacks would just stop acting like charity cases, animals, and spoiled children and finally get their shit together. That is all we want. I don't want to call you neighbor or friend, I don't want to call you anything. Diversity sucks.

Anonymous said...

Percy, the only time any man should assault a woman is if their life is in immediate danger by a threat posed by the woman. Not if a woman used inflammatory or offensive language. If such is the case, then every man who beats their wife in a domestic assault situation is justified.

We don't hear the N-word in the video at all. Nothing even close to having similar-sounding syllables or syntax's. Also, the convenient position of the camera focused on the wheelchaired woman is, well, too convenient. My guess it was a setup. At the 0:00 mark, both of their heads are turned looking off-camera so the woman wasn't even arguing with the 'gardening' negro.

And seriously, who honestly waters their sidewalk? Let alone a negro, who's only prim and proper is their 'hooked up' vehicle.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

She is yelling at either a car, or someone who drove by and nearly hit here.

Watch the beginning... she is looking back over her shoulder and yelling at someone.

She even turns her wheelchair around to address someone else.

Some interesting comments can be found here.

Percy Kittens said...

Look, I'm not trying to find racism or the "N-word" everywhere I look. I don't think the video is real; I think it was a hoax.

But if it was fo' realz, then all I can say is that #1 she probably said the word because she didn't argue that she said it when he confronted her with it and most importantly #2 this woman does not make for a sympathetic victim.

I treat women as ladies until they act like they want to be treated like men. This woman has a very loud mouth for a person who allegedly has to use a Lil'Rascal to get around with, and calls a black man the "N-word" in front of two other black men. Let me tell you something, if I had seen that whole situation going down on the street I would not have stepped in to save her ass. If she's got the balls to get in the face of three black men (which is the strength equivalent of about 5-6 white men) and say what she said and refuse to back down, more power to her! But don't drag me into that.

This is a victimless incident. Both sides were guilty of poor conduct. None of them come out of this looking like Mother Theresa. This isn't the kind of test-case I'd use to prove that black people are thin-skinned about the "N-word" when it comes from white people, when there's so much other documented and anecdotal evidence that could be used.

Move along people. Please disperse. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

"Move along people. Please disperse. Nothing to see here."

Percy, people can make up their own minds about whether or not the video is of substance, we don't need your patronizing guidance.
Besides, if there's "nothing to see", then it seems odd that you CONTINUE to comment.

Anonymous said...

"This statement is true for almost everything in life, not just us "angry" blacks."

Blacks commonly refer to each other PUBLICLY as "nigga".
Most normal people use slang-pejoratives toward their friends or family in PRIVATE communication.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks commonly refer to each other PUBLICLY as "nigga".
Most normal people use slang-pejoratives toward their friends or family in PRIVATE communication."

Whether in public or in the confines of ones own home. A private conversation is just that, private.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"Whether in public or in the confines of ones own home. A private conversation is just that, private."

You're full of shit. According to the law, if you are in a public place and speaking loud enough for others to hear, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and therefore anything you say is considered public domain.

Desiree said...


That was even better than the last video you'd had. You know, where the white girl was getting dragged?

Yeah, maybe dude overreacted but if I saw some old ass white person screaming racial slurs, I'd probably just get too angry and shocked to do anything.

Bash him all you want but at least he had the balls to correct her. That shit was funny as hell!! It's not even a racial thing; there are just certain groups (and she fits several) that make for the best comedy when they become the brunt of jokes... Hats off to him...

So that's your idea of 'dissent' in BRA? Calling someone a 'nigger'? That old bitch is not special; she's trailer trash. The white damsel thing doesn't work when you are glued to a Hoveround...


Why are you even trying to explain yourself? You're right. The point of this video on this blog was to bait racial hostilities. The only reason anyone else is getting mad over it (save Black guy) is because the dude carrying the hose is black. If the guy was white, they would be laughing their asses off, like I am, LMBAO! She's greasy and lazy; anyone who says that vid wasn't funny as hell is a fucking liar, assault or not.

Anonymous providing the 'black comments' from Urban Chat:

Thanks for pasting those! They totally brightened my evening, especially the last one. It takes me back to some high school friends.

Yeah, you want to criticize the way they typed their comments but why? Blacks have created our own dialect. I guess, originally, you could call it pidgin English. The real question is why the hell do you care how any black person speaks or how they write on the Internet?

There's this sort of Crayola fantasy. Different colors but essentially the same paradigm. That's what you guys want, right? Everyone acting like 'white people'?

Yeah, white-washed minorities are the most annoying people on the planet. Kissing up to whitey is worse than whitey himself. What I'm saying is: those wannabes are better in theory than in practice. So-called 'welfare queens' (wow, you know the commenter??) make the world interesting.

Sledge Cat said...

Percy is right about the strength ratio of black men to white men. Three black men, much like three gorillas, have the equivalent strength of five or six whites. Blacks, unfortunately, do not have the grace or dignity of our primate brothers.

Silent Running said... doesn't absolve her of being a jackass for calling someone a "n****r".

LOL, I love it when someone believes so fiercely in the power of the word "nigger" that he can't even quote it.

Black civil rights activists would be horrified at black culture today and are probably rolling in their graves.

I'm not sure I buy that. For one thing, though the old activists may have been more representative of the "talented tenth" (and that's a big may; Saint Martin was a known plagiarist, serial adulterer, and communist sympathizer), even they would probably never accept the fact that a major factor in black dysfunction is the genetic differences in IQ between the races. The "equality" they said they wanted was dead on arrival. Mother Nature made sure of that.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks have created our own dialect."

Bad spelling + bad grammar + bad pronunciation = black achievement

Only a negro could take such pride in stupidity.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love it when someone believes so ""fiercely in the power of the word "nigger" that he can't even quote it.""

Indeed. The word is nigger. That is how PC works. It controls your thought and speech.

""I'm not sure I buy that. ""

I agree as well. The BS that has been taught in our schools/MSM over the last 50 year is evident in the what comes out of people mouths. MLK the ultimate American hero. A conservative too I might add.

Anonymous said...

"The real question is why the hell do you care how any black person speaks or how they write on the Internet? "

You know the answers better than anyone - you seem to care what white people think about blacks or you would not be on this site.

I care because as always, if left unchecked, these "unique" black/anti-white behaviors will slowly erode our society and cause decay. How often do you visit the deep black ghetto? Not often, I would put money on it. So why are you defending this low behavior?

You are as appalled by ghetto blacks as the rest of us are. You would not last one day in the black ghetto. This language is only an attempt to reject the elements white society that make us successful, including education, proper grammar, proper dress, manners and public courtesy, and to further segregate blacks from mainstream society so that they fail even more. Speaking poorly is something a retarded person would do unwillingly. Ghetto speak was created by a low IQ set of blacks who are not smart enough to handle a structured language. It is not English, and should not be acceptable to anyone, including blacks who call themselves educated. Why are you trying to defend this anyway?

Anonymous said...

Silent Running -

Black civil rights activists would be horrified at black culture today and are probably rolling in their graves.

"I'm not sure I buy that. For one thing, though the old activists may have been more representative of the "talented tenth"

That was my point. Old activists at least valued a limited education and respect for the order of things. They would still identify as black first, but they would not like such open airing of the dirty laundry. Black culture is a free for all now, anything goes. I often hear older and educated 70 something blacks commenting on how poorly the younger blacks act today and how embarrassing it is. At least the older set had some manners, did not show their asses in public (literally and figuratively), and behaved less like animals and more like humans.

Don't tread on me... said...

No, in fact, it's not that we want blacks to act like white people, thats already been proven impossible. Why should they? They have their own culture, such as it is. We would just like to not have to interact with/feed/enable/be preyed upon by, etc. blacks in any way, shape, or form. Separatism: such a beautiful thing.