Friday, December 3, 2010

Apology to Readers and an Observation from Portland on SWPL whites

Taking off the mask off of SBPDL for a second, I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to read this blog. I've been incredibly busy and have neglected putting together competent posts (and actually finishing a look at the TV shows Black people dislike the most) as of late, and I owe readers an apology.

Also, an apology for the delay in getting SBPDL: Year One out. It will be out in time for Christmas, so you can give it to all of your friends reading the new Stuff White People Like book and help them understand why these white liberals decide to live in cities with so few Black people. (I was just in Portland last night for a business meeting and visit Boulder, Austin, Athens, Seattle and other SWPL cities quite often and have to say there is a paucity of Black people in this locales.)

I've also come to the conclusion that there is something fundamentally strange about Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white people. It's hard to figure out what many of them actually do for living save sitting around sushi bars talking about all of the exotic locations they visit and the interesting art shows they frequent (gathered from dinner in Portland last evening and countless trips into the strongholds of SWPL white enclaves).

Turning around to look at the obnoxiously self-absorbed women chatting incessantly behind me (barely stopping to chew their dinner), I noticed a timid male companion with one of them. He didn't say a word the entire time and sat there with a pitiful look upon his face.

As I waited for my dinner companion, a SWPL couple was unpleasantly seated right next to my table and I nervously took a sip of my libation knowing that I was completely surrounded. It was eerily reminiscent of the scene from They Live when the two protagonists enter an elaborate party and realize that humans and aliens coexist in a mutually beneficial peace.

Only it was at this point I realized that peace with SWPL white people is truly impossible. My dinner companion arrived as I overheard simultaneous conversations all around me that could have been culled from the pages of Christian Lander's work (the guy is a genius) and for a brief moment a reprieve from insanity was granted.

There is something fundamentally unnerving about SWPL cities that no amount of natural nor architectural beauty can cover up. Sitting in one of the top restaurants amid a veritable paradise (Portland is extremely beautiful) and having dinner with one of the top financial minds in the Rose City, an epiphany dawned on me that helped put everything into perspective and erased any doubt about the road that Black Run America (BRA) seems to be perpetually going down: We are on a road to nowhere. 

Let me elaborate on that thought with you tomorrow, but just know that I'm overwhelmed that the traffic to this Web site continues to grow daily (nearly 2,000 unique visitors, not to mention the near 1,000 that frequent daily!) and that a renewed sense of energy will be put into SBPDL. Thanks to Mencken for his continued efforts at making me look better with editing tips, but thanks to all of you readers who still read this Web site.

A road to nowhere. That's where we are currently headed.


Anonymous said...

When I arrived home today I made the mistake of looking at the Washington Post print edition while trying to refrain from vomiting or punching a hole in the wall.

Reading SBPDL is keeping me sane and I thank you.

Anonymous said...

ditto. this blog has been a breath of fresh air and a beacon of hope whenever the situation seems permanently lost and beyond repair. thanks

Anonymous said...

This site=the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as distasteful as it may be. Thanks for being a beacon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work, regularly putting out so much high-quality (and insightful, and hilarious) blogging must really be taxing on mind, body, and spirit. So, seriously: Thank You. SBPDL is - unavoidable cliche alert - a breath of fresh air and sanity that keeps me going in a crazy world.

I live in SWPL-istan, not really by choice, and I quite concur that with such traitors (that's what they are) there can be no peace, even temporarily. They are, thank goodness, doomed by their utter banality and implicit venality and, moreover, they fail to reproduce: it is not a natural state of mankind, SWPLs must be made, not born.

They are disappearing, just not soon enough, and leaving perhaps irreparable societal damage in their frothy so-white wake.

I hate SWPLs far more than I despise, fear, and loathe any black people. Traitors are far worse than enemies of the blood.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the 1,000 visiting daily. Thanks for telling the truth, SBPDL. I tell people about your site regularly. I have SWPL friends, they scare me, I don't feel anything in common with them. Some SWPLs I know are now planting big community gardens to grow food for the ghettards and buying $90 water systems for Haitians.

I think they are all trying to outdo each other for the "Top DWL" title, not help blacks.

Anonymous said...

SWPL whites are traitors to their own people and are truly evil. Blacks are mostly harmless because of low IQ, but high IQ SWPLs should know better. Just think of how much they could change if they would only wake up.

Anonymous said...

Hi, okay, someone suggested this blog at work and I looked through it when I got home. You really are a very evil Svengali! It's hard for me to understand why you would spend all of your time and energy making fun of people who have a different skin color than you! And you hate white people that are "traitors"? I am proud to be a DWL or SWPL white or whatever the hell you call whites possessing humanity and caring about their fellow human being! How can you sit at a meeting with top business "minds" and still find the time to write trash? Do they know you are a racist scumbag or do they just not care? Does your family know what you do? I can't imagine women are flocking to such a hateful turd. You can bash what white liberals do but at least we try to help! What are you doing besides writing trash? Do you cringe whenever you see a positive interaction between a white person and a black person? Hey, buddy, wake up; it happens EVERY DAY! I'm happy that most whites don't think like you. You really should seek therapy. No one can live long with all of that paranoia and hatred in their hearts. You are an idiot! White people like you make it hard for the rest of us who want to live in harmony. You should be ashamed of yourself.

(ticked off liberal and proud of it)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really are a severe egomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Ticked off liberal-

A few point by point responses...

Do you cringe whenever you see a positive interaction between a white person and a black person?

I either cringe,or sigh in relief. White people deal with blacks because they:

a) Have no choice. Thanks to the various (and legion) laws and policies mandating Equal Opportunity,we get stuck having to deal with blacks. At gunpoint ( the guns belong to the government ) or at the point of the pen that signs the paychecks.

b)Either don't realize or don't care just how damned dangerous it is to deal with blacks. The potential upside-a sale,a bonus,or whatever-has never,in my experience,been worth the downside. Said downside including the very real potential of a lawsuit if you sneeze at the wrong time and diss the brotha or sista. Said downside also including the very real potential of bodily injury in the event of a chimpout,and when dealing with blacks,a chimpout is always a possibility. Oh,and if you're a white woman dealing with a black,add "rape" to the list.

I am proud to be a DWL or SWPL white or whatever the hell you call whites possessing humanity and caring about their fellow human being!

Good for you! Seriously. Care and help to your heart's content. But-

When this enterprise goes sour on you,as it almost certainly will,don't come begging the likes of me for more money,more laws,or help with getting your nice,fresh stab wounds stitched up. I donate with every paycheck,I don't get asked whether I want to donate,and I reckon I've done plenty. Hope you can hitch a ride with someone else to the ER.

It's hard for me to understand why you would spend all of your time and energy making fun of people who have a different skin color than you!

Well,it goes like this. As I've already pointed out,a fair size chunk of my paycheck goes to support those people with a different skin color than I have. And-as I've already pointed out-I don't get a chance to "just say no" to the government when they take that money. So I think I've earned (that's "Earned"-look it up if you don't know what it means) the right to make fun of the people I'm helping to support.

You really should seek therapy. No one can live long with all of that paranoia and hatred in their hearts.

It isn't paranoia if they really are out to get you. As for therapy??? See my earlier comments on those taxes I get to pay. No way in hell I could afford therapy. This site is a lot cheaper.

You are an idiot! White people like you make it hard for the rest of us who want to live in harmony.

As for the "idiot" part,I'm willing to concede that might be the case. I am,after all,sitting here typing at the likes of you,so it's arguable that I am one.

Living in harmony??? Please,sunshine,wake up and look at the world some time. Contrary to what you might have been taught in school,it doesn't take two people willing to fight for a fight to get started. It only takes one. You might be willing to live in peace,harmony,and all that other good stuff. That's no guarantee that your brand new,vibrant neighbors have the same outlook,and I only hope that you never have to find that out the hard way.

Gladio ex Libertas,my friend.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Megalomania accuser,

I don't feel that the Web site has been as good as it should be as of late. Apologizing for this only seems right.

Ticked off Liberal,

Thanks for taking the time to peruse the Web site. I suggest you start from the beginning and be sure to click on the hyperlinks.

If I may ask: where do you live? DWL and SWPL whites don't possess humanity, they possess a desire to feel morally superior to untouchable white people.

This is why Christian Lander, in his new book "Another Shade of Pale" points out that all SWPL white people desire a Black baby to make themselves feel complete.

I'm in favor of this transpiring actually, for SWPL whites. It's called The Michael Oher Act. Take at-risk youth, the unwanted byproduct of an out-of-wedlock birth, and give them to white liberals in Boulder, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Portland, etc.

White liberals seem to live in areas with absolutely no racial diversity, so it only seems right that these childless couples (SWPL whites have few children) should be blessed with an at-risk youth to dote upon.

As to some of your questions: a lot of the top business 'minds' in America insulate their families from the crumbling inner-cities they work in by seeking refuge in suburbs.

They might say it is for the "good schools" but the only reason the schools are "good" is due to high levels of homogeneity (white people).

I don't know what the word "racist" means anymore, but if racist means that you prefer to live around your own race, white liberals have that term monopolized.

You write at lease white liberals try and help... I ask how? By believing that Black people should assimilate to white liberal standards? That all Black people should score the same as white children on standardized tests?

There exist grave differences between white people and Black people and this Web site dares acknowledge them and believe public policy should dictate such concessions to reality instead of pie-in-the-sky wishes.

DWLs/SWPL whites are the true white supremacists, believing that only through their altruism that Black people can achieve anything resembling civilization.

What does living in harmony look like? What major city with a Black population of more than 15 percent lives in this nebulous term "harmony" that you so desire?

"Harmony" has never, ever been the state of affairs in the world. Whether European civil wars of religion, African tribal warfare or Amerindian savagery, the history of humanity is littered with the dead.

I'm not ashamed of myself, nor am I ashamed of anything that has been writing at this Web site by my hand. I stand by all of it (well, South Africa didn't descend into violence during the World Cup, but it is quickly fading into irrelevancy economically).

Again, what city do you reside in? And I will make a statement now that might infuriate you to a degree unimaginable when you woke up:

Business leaders in America - a minority of whom have sold this country out for greater profits (the de-industrialization of the US is one of the most treasonous acts in the history of the world) want to just live peaceful lives.

Taking political stands means potentially losing customers or inviting boycotts from Black people. No company wishes dealing with EEOC problems, so they insulate themselves from the always poised to pounce poisoned daggers of professional Black hucksters by hiring loads of unqualified Black people and giving generously to Black causes.

Call this a tribute to Black Run America (BRA).

Again, call me an idiot. That's fine. But the ranks of THOSE WHO CAN SEE grow ever-stronger by the day.

In parting, I'll poise one more question: Outside of sports or entertainment, name me one major positive influence you can conjure that Black people have made to America in the past 10 years?

Anonymous said...

I will say this to our faint hearted and delicate liberal. You are a fool to believe what you do and quite obviously do not live in a very culturally enriched area. THEY do not just want to get along with us. There are vast differences between the races which you willfully ignore. It is not hateful to be concerned with the survival of your race (something you no doubt admire in other races) nor is it trash to point out the enormous dysfunctions and problems which exist in the black community (wherever they may be found). The hatred and violence perpetrated against my people by blacks is mind-numbing and enraging. You, hapless, effete liberal, could not care less for the ten of thousands of white rape and murder victims at the hands of black savages each year in America. But not to worry, more and more whites are become racially conscious, even up here in Canada. To not be so is to not care for the future of your children and their descendants. DWL would sacrifice the safety and security of their children at the alter of diversity and tolerance. Liberal charlatans and mountebanks have had a good run but their time is running out. Racial separation and the taking back of our lands from third world colonizers is our future...DWLs can go eff themselves somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the site. I read it everyday and I have yet to finish all the posts. I share it with others and encourage them to read it.

I'm a Portland resident and responsible for the gentrification (beautification/crime reduction/property value rise) of the Mississippi neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Blog owner:
You say the ranks of "those who can see" grow stronger by the day and, in typical Svengali fashion, you will no doubt lead them! When the blind follow the blind, both shall fall into a ditch! No one living in the year 2010 thinks like you! No one wants to go back to the days when whites and blacks couldn't be friends. Those days are history. Get over it! As for your question, I live in beautiful, lovely, wonderful, diverse Las Vegas and I have a typical middle class job working for the cable company. People of all races work at my job and I live in a middle class neighborhood with black people and Hispanics. I have two schoolaged white daughters and they play with black children and Hispanic children at school and in the neighborhood. We have problems in our school district - all you have to do is search Clark County in google - and, yes, some of our schools are failing. We have one of the fastest growing school districts in the country. But I would never suggest that the failure is due to minority children bringing down the curve! I suppose you'd suggest that because you think black people are inherent less-thans! Don't you know anything about socialization? Everyone is the same; we just differ in our upbringings! Please read anything by Kozol on school inequality! I wouldn't want to be around white criminals or black criminals; they are the same! Likewise with nice black people and nice white people; they are the same!
There is nothing "pie in the sky" about believing in people and wanting to help them do well because sometimes it takes just believing in someone. How can you bash liberals wanting black people to conform to their standards when you bash those same blacks from the perspective of them not being like you? That is called hypocrisy! I live in harmony with my neighbors but, according to you, that isn't possible! Hey, buddy, I have never been raped or mugged or beaten by any black person in my neighborhood! And if I was ever raped or mugged or beaten by a black person I would NEVER, EVER blame all black people for the lone action of that criminal! Only stupid people think that way! Only stupid people judge an entire race on the actions of a few members! That goes for black people, white people, Hispanics, etc.!
You are a very hateful person and all of your readers are hateful if they want to read trash! Because your site is trash! You need to learn to love your fellow man and not expect anything in return! Because that is the problem with people: they cannot do anything out of the goodness of their hearts! If someone bites your hand, that is them! Don't judge their actions as representative of others! If that is the case, I could hate white people based on the many I've encountered!
How many people who read this site live in hicktowns with no diversity? Because many times people who have negative (or, alternately, sometimes idealized) views of a race don't interact with them every day and judge an entire race on the few interactions they've had!
I'm well aware of the problems in the black community, just like I'm aware of the problems in the white community! I don't think it is naive to want to help out through altering the way people think about life. People need help to break out of a cycle of failure! Blacks (or whites) who fail, fail because they don't have opportunities to do anything else!

Anonymous said...

part 2

Blog owner:
Why are you so hateful? If a black person was stranded and white person was stranded and you only had enough room for one, and the white person called you an asshole and demanded that you help them and the black person just gave you a friendly smile, would you still help the white person in an effort to save the race? Race doesn't matter!! People are people regardless of color!
As for your last question, you have set up that question so I am forced to answer in a certain way. Yes, let's ignore strawman after strawman in so many of your entries just so your argument will stay afloat! No, I don't know of a "major positive" black people as a whole have done since 2000 but I see everyone as an individual and I've met many black people who are wonderful and have impacted my life positively! I'm sure you can remind us of the negatives, though, right? The negative a FEW black people have done! If you want to play it that way, I'm sure we can agree Dubya was a low point for white people, as is Sarah Palin, and the many other corrupt whites in our goverment and business (you will most likely add to that list in the near future)!

(ticked off liberal)

Anonymous said...

"Ticked off liberal" appears to have mastered the exclamation point.

Anonymous said...

I bet the ultimate gift for the above guilt ridden and brainwashed DWL fool will be when his daughters turn up preggers with mulatto babies. Of course the fathers will be long gone or if he's really lucky they'll move in with him. Aint multiculturalism grand!

Shadowllac said...

Try this two way example on for size.

1. A white family makes a wrong turn and travels deep into a black neighborhood and has car problems that leave them having to use the shoe leather express.

2. A black family makes a wrong turn and travels deep into a white neighborhood and has car problems that leave them having to use the shoe leather express.

Who stands a better chance of making it out of the predicament un-scathed? Oh....and it's not a trick question.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous liberal:

Brevity is the soul of wit.

If you are to have a realistic expectation that ANYONE will actually read your entries, please learn this lesson.

Although you obviously think you have something important to say, to the regulars here, your mindless blather is sleep-inducing.

Anonymous said...

Is there a correlation between the tremendous amount of home foreclosures in Las Vegas and the intoxicating amount of "diversity"? Yes.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that people who come here screaming "RACISSS!!!" at the top of their lungs are always the very same people who support Affirmative Action and quota that are based on the implied assumption that minorities are helpless, subhuman cretins who are completely incapable of succeeding on their own merits. No, they are in dire need of a "hand up," due to their inept and incompetent natures. "But we're trying to HELP!!"

How condescending. How demeaning. How...dare I say it?...RACIST. Good for you, liberals. Way to treat minorities like retarded chimps.

BTW disgruntled liberal, the term "Svengali" is not appropriate in the context which you've (repeatedly, almost obsessively) used it. Please refrain from posting further until you've done enough research to understand why.

Anonymous said...

Most whites do not know what it is like to live closely with blacks. I will tell you that as a white person who has lived in a few "affordable" (read: black) neighborhoods, I can say that blacks live a very different life from whites. So different, in fact, that I began to notice and research, which led me to this blog.

Blacks truly live in the moment ALWAYS, waiting for a savior of some sort to come along and solve all their problems. I call it waiting for Jesus. They have no concept of personal responsibility, and are unable to comprehend the idea that their actions and poor decisions land them in trouble again and again.

There is never any planning or foresight when blacks make decisions, especially financial ones. While whites take care of true necessities and cut back in other categories, blacks spend any money like it is their last day on earth. Their cultural tendencies for criminality, anti-intellectualism, sloth, laziness, and wastefulness are deeply rooted and impossible to overcome. They really do not participate in society like we do, and they do not ever promote anything that is not "for blacks".

We really need to stop saying things like "we are all alike" and "we are all equal" because these are just lies that liberals tell themselves to be absolved of white guilt and self-hatred. We must know that we are only placing our white western values on blacks unfairly. They are not able to live like we do, nor do they want to. They are anti-white and pro-black and have no interest in assimilating. Please stop pitying and pandering to blacks, it is disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

"People need help to break out of a cycle of failure! Blacks (or whites) who fail, fail because they don't have opportunities to do anything else!"

Ticked Off Liberal:

So, you seem to know what is best for blacks. How is this so? You think that your life and value system is the best thing for them so that they can "break out of their cycle"? This is truly racist, to believe that your way of doing things is superior to another group's way of doing things. "They could be successful like me if they were more like me...", says the disingenuous white liberal.

News Flash: Blacks really don't want to be white, or live like you. They LOVE being black, and that is all OK with me, just as long as I don't have to pay for their existence, which I am force to do with our governments forced charity, and as long as their black behavior does not disrupt my quiet life.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

I've said it before. Any time a liberal stumbles upon this site they no doubt have to cringe because **gasp** the curtain has been pulled back and there are glimpses toward the real images of what is going on which the smoke and mirrors of liberl ploys have managed to hide from some whites who can suddenly see what is actually going on. The liberal approach that put programs and policies in place to help blacks at any cost has been a coslty one. The cost? White folks who are totally over the whole process of seeing their tax dollars going into an abyss with no end in sight. How convenient to call them all hateful, and racist. I call it enlightened.

Ticked off offensive liberal comes here and uses words like harmony, diversity, hateful and goes on to preach the same bullshit mantra about how "if only they had this....." come on, be realistic. Maybe you enjoy your tax dollars going to fund any and all things black, hoping in the back of your mind that it goes toward making them more whole as a people. Meanwhile folks that come to this site have already seen that it's a giant waste of time. In a perfect world the Tools of the world and the hateful racict white folks that come to this site would be seperate and all could live happily ever after. I wouldn't mind that one bit. Tool and everyone like him could fund the black race and get them to a better place free in the thinking they did a wonderful thing. We on the other side wouldn't have to fund one failed endeavor after another and not have to worry about having been beaten out of a job due to some government established quota system. A Win for all sides.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Our Liberal friend,

No one needs to lead "those who can see"... it's a decentralized group of people in every state in Union.

You always here people say, "How can you think this way in 2010?" believing that the progressive idea of history. I'm not even sure what that means. In 2010, the United States is more segregated than ever.

See the Flickr racial maps here.

As for your residing in Las Vegas... give it one more year and that city will have unemployment reaching 50 percent.

And yes, Black failure in the classroom is apparent everywhere, including Las Vegas:

Your belief that all humans are equal has no business in any logical conversation. Why aren't you in the NFL or NBA if that is so? Why are you a cable repairman and not teaching physics at MIT?

I've never stated Black people and white people can't live in harmony, I've only pointed to the evidence that it is rare for white people to live anywhere near Black people (unless it is young white liberals gentrifying majority Black neighborhoods).

Attacking people who read this site as residing in hick towns again seems laughable, since Las Vegas will be a ghost town in 16 months (70 percent unemployment at that point).

Looking at the statistics of people who come here, it is evident the vast majority come from major cities. Liberals live in a deluded world where anyone who dares question equality or the continued efforts to create extra-equal opportunities for Black people is an obvious racist or member of the Klan.

In reality, the majority of liberals live in a world where they create extra-equal opportunities for Black people because they persist to fail (unlike the model minority) and need every advantage to succeed.

You ask why am I so hateful? Well, I'm not. I wouldn't help out either person who was stranded. We don't live in Pre-Obama America anymore, so I'm not naive into believing that everyone looking for a ride has the best of intentions.

There once was a day when people could pick up hitch-hikers, but that was a different country.

Who would you pick up? And, if that Black person who smiled at you before you picked them up also smiled at you as they drove off in your car with your belly bleeding out, would slowly die clinging to your belief in equality?

Thanks for visiting. I hope you stick around and read the past entries. I might even send you a free copy of the upcoming book collecting year one material.

Anonymous said...

I would have no problem if either of my daughters married black men or Hispanic men or Muslim men or whoever is on the radar to be hated by you Neanderthal simpletons! It is so hilarious that you people chastise liberals! How can you bash any liberal's altruism to minorities - us just wanting to lend a helping hand to people in need? Most people on welfare are not cheating the system! I have no problem with my tax dollars going to feed hungry children and their parents. Most of them don't make enough to live like we all do! It would be wrong to be stingy and selfish! Let me guess: you would prefer your tax dollars going into the g-string of your favorite politician's favorite stripper? How about funding their 7-figure lifestyle while you sweat the summer power bill (like we do in Las Vegas)? Yes, you'd prefer to do that than help poor and hungry men, women, and children, as long as the politicians vote for your close-minded issues! Just like those idiotic Tea Partiers!
Since black people are so terrible, what do you suppose we do? Kill them? Send them to a desert island and nuke it? What would be the point of having around so many "leeches and parasites"?? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO since all of you are PhD experts on black people and behavior and you've lived around them and know them better than they know themselves? Stop your bitching and tell me the plan that will change everything!
Yes, you have nothing that wouldn't resemble Nazi Germany! No pure-hearted liberal patronizes black people and treats them like "retarded chimps". A pure-hearted liberal would treat them like human beings! And even if the majority of liberals treated black people as this person suggested, how do you suggest we treat blacks? Shuffle all black children into prisons, spit on them, discourage them? Malcolm X was told he should aim to be a carpenter or something else with no future, while white children could be whatever they wanted! He grew to become one of the most influential thinkers in America!
No one has any issue with black people being black! Black people can be black; it is wonderful - diversity of cultures! If black people are so terrible, what accounts for the millions of black people living normal middle class lives and having families? What about blacks like Condalisa(sp) Rice, Powell, Oprah, the great black writers of present and past, black inventors? Are they flukes? And if white people are a master race, what about the millions of whites in poverty, on drugs, killing in countries like Albania, Romania, etc., living in trailerparks and on welfare? That shouldn't happen if white people are so wonderful, right!
We are all the same! I don't care if it seems hokey! No one can change that fact! The common denominator for all "failure" and "crime" and "poverty" the WORLD OVER is lack of good opportunities.
Blog owner:
You are so evil and hateful and it doesn't surprise me that you would dodge the "who would you help?" question by adding conditions not even included so you could justify your putrid racism! Who's next on your list to hate?? Women? Do you hate women, too? I can't imagine any self-respecting woman with even the slightest notion of feminism would be with you and listen to you spew your paranoid hatred!
I am a woman and a mother, and white women are the only way white people will be able to change the hateful patterns of thought that have been a SHAMEFUL CANCER infecting whites in this country!
I don't want your book or your ridiculous predictions about Las Vegas (yes, I see, you were WRONG about South Africa and the soccer games! Why should I trust you, Svengali?)! Shove them up your ass, you hateful fear-monger! All you want to do is scare people and fear keeps people controllable! Yes, I used Svengali correctly! I'm no idiot, which is more than what I can say about any of you!

(ticked off liberal)

Porter said...

Well you've convinced me for one, ticked off liberal. More than anything else I think it was your sober consideration of the issues as indicated by 27 sentences ending in exclamation points. Because when someone is that emphatic AND WRITES IN ALL CAPS they're usually right.

Plus you made a nazi accusation: this being the hallmark of a keen mind.

So yep, I'm sold.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

It almost seems like TooL is a Human Toy/Desiree hybrid of some sort. Shameful Cancer is a somewhat new twist in the template though. Are they running out of techniques to teach you liberals or do they actually think the old song and dance of "If you encounter someone that actually rejects our absurdly idiotic policies to keep the black's spinning their wheels in an impoverished state, then just use the racist, backwoods hick, hateful nazi....shameful cancer thing. That should set them back on their heels." Ummmm, that doesn't work so well here. Looking at the bigger picture can be quite revealing for those who know what to look for. Don't get upset just because other people don't buy into the bullshit you and all of the other liberal enablers are selling. Let me break it down for you. Your the Jehovah Joe knocking on the door on a Saturday morning. Just trying to help you out a bit. Now pardon me while I go look for those shameful cancer pills I misplaced. :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, "ticked off liberal", you are the poster child for all brainwashed and (false) white-guilt ridden diversity dingbats and melting pot morons. White culture can only flourish when there is SEPARATION not segregation. And no matter how much bull shit you've been indoctrinated into, the fact remains that there are proven, factual differences between white and black people and culture that even wishing with all your might won't make go away. I'm all for you working your ass off to the (unfortunate) detriment of your own family in order to support some ghetto mamas' weaves, nail-tips, and name brand sneakers if that's what you choose. Unfortunately the US government doesn't give us a choice but continues to break our backs tax-wise to subsidize freeloaders. Pull your head out of your ass already. You truly have led a sheltered life. You should serve as an example to white people to prove the insidious power of the Powers That Be and their agenda to end a once great white culture. It wasn't perfect, but at least self sustaining which is more than I can say for any stand alone black country. I think if you and your daughters were to venture into a black area of any large city on foot you would quickly learn your "caring" and altruism is a one sided affair.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "neanderthal simpletons".

Also known as "Mindless Liberal Auto-response #3" (right behind "nazi" and "kkk").

Seriously, are you numbskulls even capable of forming an original thought??

For people who claim to LOVE tolerance and diversity, liberals sure are intolerant when it comes to diversity of opinion.

Anonymous said...

"I would have no problem if either of my daughters married black men"

Spoken like a true liberal imbecile.

The high school dropout rate for black males is now over 50%. Also, 50% of all black males will commit at least one felony in their life. You're probably already aware that most black men don't bother sticking around to help raise the children that they father.

Best wishes to your daughters, you must really love them!

Anonymous said...

I support Ticked Off Liberal. Her attitude of goodwill is indeed better than the attitude held by the SBPDL fans.

It is a known pattern that as the economy worsens, people tend to become more selfish and cynical. Therefore, far from being 'awake' (as they like to imagine themselves), the SBPDL fans are the ones following the curve exactly as predicted by every sociological model in the book. It is people like Ticked Off Liberal, myself and other anti-racists who are truly clear-seeing and unaffected by trends.

Just one message to Ticked Off Liberal, however: do not compare these racists with Nazi Germany, which was not anti-black at all.

Post Suicide said...

Bleeding heart liberal

How can you bash this website for telling the truth? IF your gonna call shenanigans post a link to prove it. No wording in the body of the Constitution specifies or implies any grant of power to government to provide welfare, of any kind, to anybody, for any reason … The essential premise underpinning social security is that age and infirmities are a moral blank check on the ability of others to earn a living and, therefore a justification to loot the livelihood of the productive and redistribute it to the unproductive. Tea Partiers are idiots just because their liberals right. Liberals are tolerant as long as you TOTALLY agree with them. Can you cite one speck of hard evidence of the benefits of 'diversity' that we have heard gushed about for years? Evidence of its harm can be seen - written in blood - from Iraq to India, from Serbia to Sudan, from Fiji to the Philippines. It is scary how easily so many people can be brainwashed by sheer repetition of a word. White people are falling through the cracks and getting the shaft, because their government cares more about constitutional rights of a bunch of non whites. We need to stop pretending - because that's what we're doing: pretending - that all cultures are equal, when we can clearly see they're not. And if you really want to talk about racism, then look no further than the poisonous fiction of multiculturalism. A decisive and patronising racist ideology! And the governments of White countries, who promote it, are racist governments!
And the civil servants who pander to it are racist!
And the university lectures who encourage it are racist, the journalist who lie about it are racist.
And the ordinary people who say one thing in private and another in public are cowardly racist hypocrites.

Silent Running said...

I would have no problem if either of my daughters married black men.

I've known a few liberal fathers who feel this way. They start off very enthusiastic about the prospect of a black son-in-law.

Then D'Ontavious shows up at the door, and, for a reason they aren't able to fully comprehend, they are less enthusiastic.

And when the first black-eyed alien grandchild pops out, they cease to be enthusiastic about much of anything. Something about this situation is profoundly wrong. They sense it, but cannot articulate it.

The feeling they cannot articulate is the guilt that all traitor's feel when they realize that their rebellion was in error.

Apart from enjoying some very sharp-edged retorts, debating liberals is pointless. Their philosophy forces them to make unprincipled exceptions to survive, but eventually not even those will save them; the collateral damage among SWPL's when this collapse gets underway will be awe-inspiring. Luckily, those of us who Can See have most of the guns. Happy trails. :D

Blue Eyed Devil said...

**clap clap clap** Anon 6:47pm

Isn't that response taken directly from page five of the liberal playbook?

-Stick up for any fellow liberal who even remotely seems to be having a problem getting a point across......Check.
-Use the word racist as many times as possible or as you see fit.....Check.
-Make reference to the word Nazi either directly or indirectly hehehehe.......Check.

Seen all this before. Some of us actually don't mind being white. I know you hate that and have a whole litany of things to try and counter it. When blacks love being black and "keep it real" liberal folks get all beside themselves and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When they see white folks who seem even remotely proud of being white. It must be stamped out at all costs.

This site points out items that are obvious to some of us who've already known what is going on. For others, it's an eye opener. Hopefully one that let's them see the true light. I'm comfortable with any liberal who comes in here and refers to me a racist or scumbag cancerous Nazi. If it provides cover for anybody else who is just realizing or waking up to the facts, then I'm totally cool with it.

I will say this, ever since Obama got elected (and before you even think it...No, I hate Sarah Palin, she's a douchbag and a dumbass) POTUS it's unleashed a whole new group of people that are seeing the same things most that come here are seeing. So yes, the number of people getting clued in is growing. You don't have to believe it. Keep your head in the sand and do as I would imagine most liberls do and pretend that your rhetoric works. I don't see it happening here.

Anonymous said...

"I support Ticked Off Liberal. Her attitude of goodwill is indeed better than the attitude held by the SBPDL fans."

LOLOL I'll bet you never heard of this liberal who came to New Orleans to spread goodwill to blacks.

Anonymous said...

Ticked off liberal -

How would I suggest we treat them? I would suggest that blacks be treated as actual equals. As competent individuals who are able achieve success on their own, *IF* they have the motivation and are willing to expend the time, effort and energy required to do so. As individuals who don't need "special help" from the likes of you, because they are capable of standing on their own two feet. Individuals who succeed on their own merits, and don't need a litany of excuses for their failures. (If you were as "pure-hearted" as you claim to be, you would agree.)

That's how I suggest they should be treated. Then, let the chips fall where they may, and every individual shall rise and fall, succeed and fail, according to their own merits and abilities. That's equality. That's race-neutrality.

Not you, though. You'd rather believe in the implied assumption that they can't possibly do it alone, they aren't capable or competent, and they never will be. You'll never admit it, because then you'd have to let go of your delusions of altruism, and the orgasmic rush you get from your own self-righteousness when interacting with the rest of us.

But the condescending, patronizing, and ultimately demeaning subtext of the liberal agenda isn't as well-hidden as they'd like to believe. I suspect you, personally, are too vapid to see it, but it's definitely there. Which, I suppose, makes you a mere pawn.

"Give a man a fish, and blahblahblah." People like you have been giving fish to black people for decades. You aren't "helping," you're encouraging sloth and underachievement, you're infantilizing an entire segment of the populace, and all based on the racist implication that you "need to," because blacks are "less than."

You're the poster girl for "the soft racism of lowered expectations," and you don't even see it. I don't think I even need to point out the irony of you coming here and having the audacity to call anyone else a racist.

Oh, and your use of the term "Svengali" continues to be inappropriate in this situation. SBPDL is neither dominating nor manipulating his readers thoughts and/or actions. He is not forcing his opinion or will upon his readers in any way. He is not a puppet master. If you aren't comfortable with the information presented here, you are free to navigate away from the page.

But i have a feeling that you won't. Like so many trolls before you, you'll probably stay for a while... ;)

Anonymous said...

Her "attitude of goodwill" is literally responsible for death and mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Ticked Off Lib does not understand what white paternalism is and that she just practices it's modern form. She is still a parent to the less fortunate black, just not a good one.

Anonymous said...

"It is a known pattern that as the economy worsens, people tend to become more selfish and cynical."

My personal economy is in order. My finances are in order. My pantry is well stocked and I am well-fed and well-educated. So, your theory is invalid because I still believe that blacks in America are worth avoiding. From much personal experience, I have found blacks to be the most suspicious, paranoid, selfish and stingy people on the planet, even when times are good.

I could be financially poor someday, but I will never live in a state of squalor and "poverty" like most blacks choose to.

Anonymous said...

"My personal economy is in order. My finances are in order. My pantry is well stocked and I am well-fed and well-educated. So, your theory is invalid because I still believe that blacks in America are worth avoiding."

Fine, so you are a dedicated racist. What the models predict is that economic downturn will lead to MORE people becoming racist who were not racist before. This is exactly what's happening. Nonetheless it's the people who maintain an anti-racist attitude even during economic downturn who are most deserving of praise.

Adrian said...

Hey ticked off Liberal: As an Army BRAT and prior service Active Army 88Mike! I can say from over thirty two years of experience that there are profound differences across the board in this country that I love. From the perspective of three generations of Army service spanning 1940-2007, myself, my father and his father before him. It is a matter of family/decent upbringing, schooling and continued self education and maintaining a personal code that parallels our Constitution, that shows where one is screwing up or being an upstanding citizen of the Republic.