Thursday, December 2, 2010

Collapse of HBCU's: We need your help

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are in complete disarray. We need your help, dear readers, to locate the best stories from REPUTABLE sources that document the collapse of HBCU's in honest fashion, quantifying why these institutions of higher learning (sic) are failing across the nation.

The low graduation rate is an obvious reason, the lack of Black athletes another (one of the sad facts of forced integration and white colleges utilizing academic exemptions and partial qualifiers to play as unpaid, semipro athletes on basketball and football teams).

Help us find the best articles written about the disintegration of the HBCU into virtual irrelevancy and what this will mean to historically white colleges (referred to as Predominately White Institutions) that have already had to lower qualifications and minimal requirements for admissions to accommodate Black applicants whose scores on the SAT/ACT or GPA have been affected habitually by cultural biases.

This is a long-term project being worked on at Stuff Black People Don't Like, and we appreciate all stories you find. Either post them below or send them to

This one from The Wall Street Journal is excellent, but we're sure a treasure trove of information is available on the Web. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I can't even count the number of black HBCU graduates I've encountered that don't have basic literacy skills.
It is obvious that the sole purpose of HBCU's is to increase the number of blacks who can claim to have a college "degree".

And I suspect that Human Toy probably attended a HBCU because, as he has reminded us, he loves black women.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Actually, that is the role of FOR-PROFIT schools like The University of Phoenix.

HBCUs once served a purpose.

Anonymous said...


So, you against segregation....? I'm confused, because the more blacks attending HBCU's the less attending places like UCLA here in Los Angeles.

I wish I could opt out my tax dollars going there, but I can only dream about that one.

-Black guy

Human Toy said...

"And I suspect that Human Toy probably attended a HBCU because, as he has reminded us, he loves black women."

Haha. I probably shouldn't harp on it but it definitely feels like a virtue. I didn't attend a HBCU but I'm sure it would've felt like this man's Heaven.

There's nothing more intoxicating than an intelligent black woman. Most white men know it but won't admit it. I pity your cowardice but more for me...

By the way, do you think De Niro went to a HBCU??? Your logic is pretty flawed.

To the blog owner, "Stuff Black People Don't Like": this post seems as insane as trying to document the destruction of malls at the hands of blacks. Rooting for failure is the sign of a pretty fucked up person; when you put make said "rooting" racially-based, it's the sign of a fucked up racist.

Maybe it's stereotypical but I have never seen such a varied yet unvaried group of ignorant rednecks like I've encountered here. Should I laugh or cry??? I guess since we have the luxury of individualism (unlike minorities--would it be stupid to say on this site not all Muslims are terrorists???), I don't have to wear the Scarlet letter of your close-mindedness as indicative of my "people". Lucky, lucky.

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing more intoxicating than an intelligent black woman."

To a person who has repeatedly stated that he loves black women, this is not surprising.
Of course, the unusually large number of educated but unmarried black women seems inconsistent with your assertion.

"Most white men know it but won't admit it. I pity your cowardice but more for me..."

What a bizarre comment. Do most Asian men also "know it"? And why is it that black women are the least likely to marry yet the most likely to divorce?

Anonymous said...

"By the way, do you think De Niro went to a HBCU??? Your logic is pretty flawed."

It was a joke, white boy.

Don't get your panties in a twist.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Human Toy is obviously another doppelganger of Desiree's. How else to explain the excessive praise of black women?

South East Asian said...

Funny asians don't have specialized universities for them only but yet they do so much better than the blacks who have been spoonfed and taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Calling factual information "close-mindedness" is pure textbook victimhood mentality. Your own liberal brainwashing/false white guilt trip has surely bleached you from white to colorless. An intellectually invalid stew indeed. Pull your head from the sand my pale little ostrich.

eric holder is a punk said...

Human Toy is not a white man. In fact, HT is not a man at all; she is our favorite delusional black woman -- with a French name to boot...


Dave said...


Here is an article by a proud black man about the HBCU problem. If diversity is a strength why is attending a segregated school good?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I don't want to see HBCUs fail. Already, PWIs have reached such a state of anti-racist hysteria that they will accept virtually any Black applicant as long as they can breath to merely enhance campus diversity.

One of my favorite mini-controversy's at my undergraduate alma mater happened when one of our promotional materials for the university photo-shopped in Black people amid a sea of white faces.

Supporting the Booker T. Washington idea over the asininity of DuBois (I just read The Soul of Black Folks), the failure of HBCUs will be incredibly sad.

However, I'm of the mind that undergraduate degrees have been cheapened with the influx in enrollment at virtually every state university (and many private institutions).

So many crisis exist in 21st America, it becomes increasingly difficult to even try and understand the first step one should take in trying to counter the nonsense that passes as debate in contemporary society.

PWIs have invested billions in bringing diversity to their campuses, with negligible positive results to show (save basketball and football victories).

These two stories show problems at Colorado State over the implementation of the noblest idea in our time (diversity):

I'm in favor of removing students from PWIs who benefit from arcane and disingenuous policies such as affirmative action (which basically state Black applicants are qualified enough and need an extra boost to even participate on a level playing field).

These Black students would thrive on HBCUs. Conversely, I'm for the dismantling of all African American studies from PWI, a refugee for some of the most illogical and intellectually dishonest professors in America.

Let them peddle their dubious theories at HBCU.

So no, I don't want HBCU's to fail. This is just something that they can't stop from happening.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black guy,

We already have segregation. You know this. America is more segregated then ever, with Disingenuous White Liberals gleefully pushing out Black people from once Black enclaves as Atlanta, Washington DC and even SWPL-types in some places in New York City.

I'm not for segregation... it doesn't work. There is a reason that suburbs around the country slowly change from one generation to the next: the availability of cheap gas made it possible for smart developers to erect new suburbs far away from problem areas and allow young families the opportunity to create whitopia's virtually over night.

In Atlanta, DC, Birmingham, Detroit, LA, Dallas, etc., these whitopian suburbs eventually attracted Black people because of the --- good schools.

Good schools = white students (and a smattering of Asian students, whose second generation families were able to move to nicer areas).

Bad schools = predominately Black pupils.

Show me a thriving Black school district (one that hasn't resorted to fabricating test scores) and I'll rescind that statement.

We are quickly reaching a point where some segments of the Black population have assimilated into mainstream American life (whatever that means), but the vast majority of Black people have rejected any notion of assimilation.

It is the latter types that all white people seek to flee from living near.

Obviously, separation is the only idea that makes since, but as has been discussed here before, we already are moving to that eventuality.

Anonymous said...

Texas Southern University in Houston:

School Band, the "Ocean of Soul", goes on a school sponsored trip to Japan. They chimp out in a group of stores and steal $22,000 worth of goods. The band was disbanded, only to be reformed under another name a short time later.

More from TSU:

President Priscilla Slade goes on a $500,000 spending spree at taxpayer expense.

The prosecution of TSU President Priscilla Slade ended in mistrial after an African American on the jury refused to convict. The state had to offer Slade a plea bargain in which she paid back a pittance of the missing money and avoided all jail time.

Anonymous said...

Black people are a plague.

Human Toy said...

So, someone extolling black women would have to be a black woman??? I can accept that my breed of white man (or man, in general) is decently rare in this country but, come on, now.

What, you don't find a young Lynn Whitfield as Josephine Baker attractive???

I had a sort of odd crush on the Queen of Soul for a few years.

You at least like Halle Berry.

It's strange you wouldn't accuse me of being a black man incognito.

Anonymous @ 11:27,

I can only speak for myself, which is why I cannot claim to know why equally single Asian men are not coupling off with equally single black women.

I can fathom as to why but not from personal experience. As for black women, it seems as if many of them want to be with black men, at least that's what they told me; I was often a "first-time" with many, if not most, of the black women I've been with.

Anonymous said...

"Hmm... Human Toy is obviously another doppelganger of Desiree's. How else to explain the excessive praise of black women?"

This makes sense, especially in light of Deziarrhea's preference for white males.

Anonymous said...

It does seem at least possible that Human Toy is a Desiree sock. I've never understood why people do this, but it does happen. A couple of giveaways:

Desiree disappears; Human Toy appears. Experienced sock users know that to maintain their illusions they need to actually engage in imaginary conversation and even argue with their socks.

Similar language from both posters without attribution, namely the use of the "whites are granted individuality" argument, the sort of drivel passed off as serious racial analysis at top universities by pseudo-intellects.

So, weird, but possible.

Porter said...

As astutely noted by the two commenters above, human toy is most likely another persona of this site's beloved mascot. This time it being an effete, miscegenating, omega white male. Whatever suits.

Maybe the next guise will be an alcoholic Aztec with telltale prognathism and prehensile feet who just happens to loooove black women.

Porter said...


the vast majority of Black people have rejected any notion of assimilation.

To take slight exception, I think the matter is one of fundamental incompatibility rather than conscious rejection. Blacks are simply ill-designed for living in a modern white civilization. This just as whites are ill-designed for living in a stone age kleptocracy such as exists in Africa. The numberless white victims of assault, rape and murder in Zim and SA would attest to this--if they all could.

As you note, separation is the only logical conclusion: one that will ultimately maximize the happiness of all peoples, while having the unfortunate side effect to the left-wing of preserving our own.

This movement needn't even be freighted with overt malice. Just the manifest observation that different races create different cultures which result in different nations. And everyone should have nations of their own.

The brainwashed and the parasitic will shriek "racistnazihitler." That's fine. Fish will swim and birds will fly. In the end though, the innate human desire to bond in community with like others will prevail. Whether it prevails in time to wake us from our suicide sleepwalk is the question.

Anonymous said...

"I can only speak for myself"

Exactly. You can't speak for others.

Which is why you shouldn't say stupid shit like "Most white men know it but won't admit it".

Anonymous said...

In my country, we hanged your kind publicly in the Red Square.

Human Toy said...

Okay this is really getting idiotic.

So you have to be a black woman or an omega male to think black women are beautiful.I don't even get called a black man. Under the last post, someone said I was most definitely a woman because I have good syntax, understand 5th grade grammar rules, and use colorful language in my comments. Also because I am heavy-handed with my punctuation. I'll restrict it to one mark if it's so effeminate.

I mean I'm not your typical sexist but I'd be a liar if I didn't say challenges to my masculinity weren't a little insulting.

I only mentioned black women because of the "2 fat black women hiding merchandise in there guts" post. Not that one would expect intelligent comments under that post but I thought I should lend a perspective from a place of experience, since I'm married to a black woman.

If you want me to scale back on praising black women, I will. I understand how frustrating sexual mutiny must be.

All hail Marx and Weber.

Anonymous said...

"So you have to be a black woman or an omega male to think black women are beautiful."

There is a Grand Canyon of difference between "black women are beautiful" and "black women are goddesses that all white men (but maybe not Asian men) secretly desire".

You're really starting to be a whiny dickhead.

Anonymous said...

"All hail Marx and Weber."

Wow. The "Nazi Card". How original.

What a shocker!

Anonymous said...

"I only mentioned black women because of the "2 fat black women hiding merchandise in there guts" post."

Then you must've not been here for this classic...

Enjoy your goddesses.

Porter said...

In my country, we hanged your kind publicly in the Red Square.

I'm well aware of that Vladimir. During the Red Terror dissidents were wrapped in barbed wire, impaled, scalped, skinned alive, crucified, lapidated, burned alive, and boiled in water. And after that they were made to feel really uncomfortable.

And hanging is your best offer?

Blue Eyed Devil said...

It shouldn't be too much longer before Human Toy uses a lame analogy of some obscure nazi skinhead pedophile cracker type entry which would at the very least reveal his inner Desiree.

I'm guessing here, but I figure most of the people on this site don't give two shits and a fuck about you or your wonderfully awesome black wife. Gnomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Human toy does seem like a flimsy disguise of Desiree but there have been trolls on this site before that turned out not to be her. He may be one of those trolls. He's probably some pathetic DWL plagued with white guilt and can't get a white woman so he clings onto black women. He'll say no but most white men don't like black women no matter what he says. He found this site and got mad no one here is teabagging BHO.

Hey human Toy, no one wants to play a guessing game whether you are a white guy or the black lesbian. No one gives a shit.we get it you are a real white boy now go somewhere else with the commie negrophile bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You're confusing military execution with repression. But hanging wasn't an offer... I'm actually a liberal, so I support your right to express your fascist leanings.

Good night, Adolf. ;^)