Friday, December 10, 2010

Let Them Eat..... Hip Hop Cake

Are those Sambo-themed cupcakes?
We pity the fool that dares run against the prevailing winds of Black Run America (BRA). You will quickly find yourself aimlessly adrift the rough, shark infested waters of 21st century American life, where utilizing 'hate facts' is grounds for being thrown overboard.

Hallmark found out that not even science can defend a corporation from the deafening cries of 'racism' and now a delectable pastry has been pulled from the shelves for doing what It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia dared to do - going Black face:
Cupcakes, once a delightful source of sugary indulgence, later a cliched trend much derided on blogs like this one, have sunk to a new low: racial controversy. A video for Duncan Hines' Amazing Glazes has angered viewers for its depiction of, uh, cupcakes in black face. Racist cupcakes? Facing criticism, Duncan Hines pulled the video from YouTube. But we have it below. Judge for yourself.

It should also be noted that this is not the first time director Josh Binder has been criticized for creating questionable advertising. In the past, he has filmed an ad for Western wear that features a cowboy lassoing up two ladies, and another that spoofs samurai movies with loaves of bread.
Maybe this is just the rock bottom point cupcakes needed to hit before making a comeback?
 Black face is a risky proposition that can no longer be pulled off effectively, even if relegated to deliciously adorn the top of a cupcake. The sweet union of Black face with a cupcake (a current fad in Stuff White People Like circles) was pulled as quickly as the Soul Food menu at NBC during Black History Month.
Smells like racism!

Black people found the cupcake a clear cut, definitive example of racism, inexcusable even for a mouthwatering dessert. Not even the offering of two or three chocolate covered treats could excuse the poor marketing behind the Black Faced, saccharine covered delight:
Binder's Duncan Hines commercial shows vanilla cupcakes that—when covered in gooey chocolate frosting—begin to sing. An enraged commenter on the site Racialicious complained: "I am appalled that there seems to be not one single marketing staffer at Duncan Hines/Pinnacle Food Groups with any awareness of the legacy of US minstrelsy and racism that is inextricable from the dark brown, red-lipped, googly eyed characters" depicted in the video. Writes a Womanist Musing blogger: "Do I really need to break down why Blackface cupcakes are racist? I sincerely hope this commercial is fake, because if not, it represents a direct attack on Black people."
 Sambo-themed desserts are no more, thrown out not for quality but for violating the delicate sensibilities of those most likely to consume them. No word on if Aunt Jemima was involved in the cooking of this product.

Worse, another racist themed product has been in the news of late:
A business owner in Nobesville, Inidana has been selling soap with racist slogans. Residents of his town have come to support him after he was criticized for the racist soap. Fox 59 Reports:
The controversy over soap with racist labels being sold at a Noblesville store continues. In addition to those who are offended by the store selling these items, there is also growing support for the vendor who has been ordered to take the soaps off the shelves or face eviction.
After hearing about the soap, Carolyn Gentner bought two bars including one labeled “Kolored Kids.”
“I don’t think they’re offensive, I think they’re nostalgic,” she told Fox59 News. “I believe if this is going to be an issue, we should be in Kroger for selling Aunt Jemima syrup.
 The ability to eat the Sambo-themed cupcake and then wash your hands with racist soap is now a thing of the past, like these disgustingly awesome products.

"Let them eat Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes," is a term fitting for our times and it is with great sadness that we'll all be incapable of doing just that... though "Kolored Kids" soap is still on the market.

Watch the video here.



Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

What seems to be missed here in the "controversy" over the "racist cupcakes" is that the cupcakes were originally thought to be off-key, vanilla, plain, and ordinary until they got covered in chocolate glaze. Now, all of the sudden, the cupcakes are "cool".

The allegory is that the cupcakes represent stodgy, run-of-the-mill white people, and the chocolate glaze represents black people, and how they are the life of the party, or how they make those poor white folk more interesting or "cool".

The idea of white people being boring, unable to dance, unable to jump, now an established cliche. I remember a few days after Barack Obama's 2008 election, Larry King telling one of his guests that his 8 year old son told him 'he wanted to be black'. We're told in BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE that Steve Martin and Eugene Levy's lives were made all the more rich for having Queen Latifah in it. I could go on.

Simply put, the commercial was trying to be complimentary towards black people and it backfired, but that's inevitably what happens when you pander to an entire group of people based upon nothing extraordinary about them other than the color of their skin.

Duncan Hines and the people they hired to produce this marketing campaign should have known better than to cast their lot in with the "hip hop" crowd. When you lie down with dogs you almost always catch fleas, and in this case they mounted a marketing campaign based upon a select group of people (hip hoppers) within the black community who had neither the intelligence nor the life experience to understand the point that was being made.

The commercial was stupid and it was insensitive, but for all the reasons NOT articulated. It's stupid because it posits as a theory that idea that basically black people's main purpose in life is to add color, levity, fun, and coolness into the lives of artistically challenged white people and, secondly, that black people have nothing better to contribute to society other than their blackness.

I feel sorry for none of the people involved. Duncan Hines is getting what it deserves for their foolish attempt at reducing affirmative action to some sort of cosmic cash machine.

Steve said...

ahh yes the negro racist lottery always pays out big. I've never seen a group of ahem..'people' so utterly offended by virtually everything.

Keep grinding that axe black people your only making our case against you stronger.

Anonymous said...

speaking of hip hop cake, check out these tasteful 100 hip hop album covers. My 2 favorites are 66 and 67. I want to hear which are BG and Desiree's favorites.

Anonymous said...

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Steve wrote: "I've never seen a group of ahem..'people' so utterly offended by virtually everything."

The list just keeps getting longer and stranger. So apparently chocolate glazed cupcakes are racist.

So is referring to certain types of ice as "black ice" (we had a controversy in Atlanta a few years ago when someone in Atlanta politics complained about the weather service and local meteorologists referring to ice that had melted and refroze on highways overnight as "black ice", saying it demeaned and was derogatory towards black people)

Can't use the term "black holes" in greeting cards, because to some members of the L.A. Chapter of NAACP, "black holes" sounds like "black ho's" and is used to demean black women (and if anybody is going to profit from demeaning black women, it'll be gangsta rappers).

Can't use the term "black hole" in regards to government revenue collections because that is racist also:

Sheila said...

Don't forget all the other forbidden words and associations - niggardly, historical association of black with sin and evil versus white with purity; any reference to any Jewish person or group as a neocon or as aggressive or pushy; any reference to Hispanics as lazy; etc. ad nauseam.

I was recently hit up by my son's Christian school for donations to gift baskets for the custodial staff. I politely inquired whether the church/school verified these individuals' legal status in the United States. The astonished teacher responded huffily that she had never before been asked that question; besides, she noted, she had no knowledge of anyone's citizenship status - not that of teachers or students, either. She essentially implied that I, too, could be an illegal immigrant, and I was an evil heathen for raising the issue when she considered it the height of Christian charity to give indiscriminately. It's getting more and more difficult to consider myself a Christian, when dealing with people like this.

Desiree said...

@ Anonymous:

I like number 63 -- where the rapper is doing an homage to Michael Jackson's 'Bad' Album.

It always makes me laugh because so many blacks like Jacko and, because I write a Michael Jackson investigation blog and have talked to people who knew Michael Jackson (like people connected to rock stars--no lie!) I know he was a disgusting pedophile.

So the secret joke always makes me laugh...

I also like numbers 2 and 7 -- because they're cute.

By the way, the cupcakes aren't racist...

Anonymous said...

Burger King employee murders 67-year-old man, no mention of the killer's name, no picture, no info.

So what are the odds that the murderer is black and the victim is white? 99.9%?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I remember the "Black ICE" incident in Atlanta. I need to look for that online.

And thanks for noting the vanilla (non-iced) cupcake in the commercial... I hadn't noticed that before.

Really, that makes this my favorite commercial of all-time. It's a chocolate minstrel how!

Desiree said...

The soaps were racist, though, and it's funny that white people think it's a legitimate vouch for them 'not being racist' if OTHER whites say it.

That's so not the case. Billo the clown on Fox Snooze tries to say prejudiced whites are not racist all the time, like it means something.

He trots out the 'good blacks' to vouch for his character! Juan Williams says, 'Bill, you are not racist; anyone who thinks so is being unfair.'

Yes, Juan, it's totally not racist to assume that when you go into a very well-respected and iconic black restaurant that people are going to scream to the waiter, "Motherfucker, where's me iced tea?"

So nuanced, that Bill O' Reilly, who spent show after show bashing Rev. Wright for a damned sound bite.

If those soaps were actual antiques than it would be different. No one should have a problem with them being sold. But, really, even then they would still be racist.

It's sad you people don't 'get it'. It's insensitive to use a person's race and culture to sell a product because you take away their humanity and make them into a character.

@ Sheila:

You are a typical ignorant redneck and I pity your flagrant stupidity. Let me guess: you also believe bombing abortion clinics is logical and that the earth is 6000 years old!

Were you ever among those Minutemen who sat on pool chairs at the AZ-NM-TX border with binoculars and rifles trying to catch themselves an 'illegal', you hateful cow?

An illegal immigrant custodian is not the problem; their labor is merely being used by people looking to cut corners and dodge taxes. You should be angry at the capitalists who offer them work in spite their nebulous citizenship status, which is the draw to this country.

But, like all TeaBaggers (and undoubtedly you are one), they blame the illegal immigrant workers, not the people who hire them, bring them here, or the politicians that don't regulate the corporations that pay them under the tables!

I think you shouldn't consider yourself a Christian either. That's the smartest thing you've said yet.

Your heart is black and your veins are filled with ice water. Seriously, Jesus Christ would probably drop kick you.

I can stake my life on it.

Desiree said...


"And thanks for noting the vanilla (non-iced) cupcake in the commercial... I hadn't noticed that before."

Yes, I noticed the non-frosted cupcake was off, too, on the beatboxing.

That was pretty funny. But it's electronic music; still has nothing to do with race. I think it was a good-spirited fun commercial for kids.

All white kids love chocolate. White women seem to like it, too, LOL.

"Really, that makes this my favorite commercial of all-time. It's a chocolate minstrel how!"

Wow--really, really? You definitely have a black face fetish. I knew I was right.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...


You're welcome for the analysis on the vanilla cupcakes. That was my take on the whole situation, and I came to that conclusion only because the ad was specifically calling them "Hip Hop Cupcakes". Had the "hip-hop" not been referenced in the marketing in any way, shape, or form, it's likely that no one, not even seasoned race hustlers, would be able to make the tenuous link that the cupcakes were in "black face".

However, because the marketing firm clearly attempted to create a "vibe" by tying the ad into the hip-hop culture, one cannot help but dissect the ad based on exactly what they are showing us. The ad is racist all right; it's racist against white people. It follows a 15-20 year trend of laughing at how stiff white people are, how rhythmically challenged white people are, and how uptight we all are. We've seen it in Chris Rock's stand up routines, we've seen his comedy style stolen and repeated by Carlos Mencia and George Lopez. Saw white people laughed at in TRANSFORMERS by Bernie Mac ("Don't scare the white people!")

The implicit moral of the story is that by having black people/chocolate glaze on/around you, your life suddenly becomes more "diverse" and rich and fun, and you become more loose and laid back. Notice that the last cupcake was completely off-key until he was given chocolate glaze, and then he was magically in-tune.

The ad was *probably* put together by a Jewish or white ad executive who thought he/she was "celebrating" black/hip-hop culture by making this advertisement the way they did, much like NBC thought they were celebrating black history month by putting together a cafeteria menu of collard greens, fried chicken, black eyed peas, etc....

Until we all get past celebrating people for something they had no control over (what color they were born), idiotic ad campaigns such as this will continue to be made with the noblest, but naive, of intentions.

As for the "black ice" comment...I tried looking for it online and have been unable to so far. Maybe you can find it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the compulsive hyperlinking and constant mention of movies in this blog? Who else do we know who likes to include one or two dozen hyperlinks in every single blog entry and also works as a movie critic? Maybe...Steve Sailer?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe...Steve Sailer?"


Anonymous said...

(Sorry to feed the animal, everyone, but I just can't resist)

You say, "It's insensitive to use a person's race and culture to sell a product because you take away their humanity and make them into a character."

Then you say, "I think it was a good-spirited fun commercial for kids."

Which is it, Desiree? You still continue to support and promote black underclass pathology, and dysfunctional blacks culture in general, yet you have worked to hard tirelessly to prove to us that you are not a part of black culture, not ghetto, on and on. You really talk a lot and say nothing important.

And I must mention one more thing, in black people, there is not much "humanity" to take away. Blacks do not value human life at all, just look at the "black on everything" crime rates, and the total death, murder and destruction of life in ALL black run countries, states and cities. The callous way in which black women treat their offspring. The way in which black men terrorize people and abandon their communities. You continue to make comments about relationships between black men and white women, but you are only jealous that any woman would have the love of a man. No black man has even committed to Desiree, has he? Is this the source of your hatefulness?

Blacks continue to breed out of wedlock and out of control (you say because of their "large overly-sensitive genitals" (yuck!)) and bring children into this world that they cannot feed (which, you say, is a black cultural thang we don't understand). Where is the humanity in this, Desiree? Is there a special form of humanity that only blacks practice that is somehow different from mine? Did I miss something? It seems to me that humanity is the essential puzzle piece that is missing from the black culture. Just because you don't like the SPDL hate facts does not make them go away.

Everyone knows that it is black whose heart is black and whose veins are filled with ice water. Blacks are the most violent, heartless, stingy, inhumane, racist and hateful people on the planet.

Hirsch said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the old California Raisins commercial. Perhaps it's splitting hairs here, but the music has a decidedly techno feel; it doesn't seem like it's aimed at any particular hip-hop demographic.

Also I don't think the glaze is meant to imply that the previous lighter muffins were undergoing a sort of racial conversion. If you're white or black, and this ad offends you, you might as well go full on psycho and send a strongly worded letter to Duncan Hines, composed entirely of letters scissored from various magazines. And start wearing a football helmet whenever you ride in a car, for good measure.

Desiree said...

@ Anonymous 11:37:

"Blacks are the most violent, heartless, stingy, inhumane, racist and hateful people on the planet."

Do you know what the word 'racist' means?

It means the belief that one race, usually that of the racist, is superior to another. Basically that would include you in that category, given your verbal diarrhea.

To make a blanket statement about a race of people that makes them 'less than; is racist. You are a racist. (yes, calling me an 'animal' is racist as hell!)

Using someone's culture and/or race to sell a product turns them into a two-dimensional character; that is racist because humans are three-dimensional.

I hope I was clear enough for you.

As for out-of-wedlock births, that was merely a hypothesis. Like Philippe Rushton, I am not surprised you noticed the genital bit the most. He's a freak, too, you know.

Why the hell do you care about black illegitimacy anyway? Are you going into the 'hood' and wanting to adopt these poor black babies?

White people would go to the ends of the earth to adopt white babies yet there are 3 times as much black babies in the system that none of you totally humane and altruistic bastards want.

I support aborting 'babies' (catch them, please, when they are but a few cells!) because we have too many people in this planet anyway. People who can't take care of them should get abortions.

By the way, I'd said the cupcake commercial was not racist because the music wasn't even hip-hop; it was sort of electronic and the little cupcakes' voices were not deep or anything that would make them black. Please, pay attention, brainiac.

laz said...

@ Desiree

After that diatribe, what do you call the black dude in my class today who said," Anytime black people get together there's gonna be trouble."? He said he was just keeping it real. This guy is anything but an Uncle Tom. So, you see, even an average POC can see the truth which your liberal brainwashing has made you blind to.

Desiree said...

@ laz:

I would agree with him with conditions. The term 'blacks' as he used it should be understood to mean the blacks that are more likely to make trouble. If my black friends and I were together, no need to worry about trouble. Depends on your milieux.

To seize upon what he said as indicative of all blacks is the folly of the racist.

Let me guess, laz: you also believe all Africans are the same, too, because they have dark skin, disregarding the fact that black Africans are just as ethnically diverse as Europeans and Asians?

Yes, you probably do think that. At least in your heart.

I am a neo-Marxist, yes. I used to be a conservative and, as a black, that is a whole lotta brainwashing to get you to believe in the BS they posit.

laz, you are very, very silly. If you are so adamant on black = criminality and are frequenting a blog that reinforces your viewpoint, maybe strengthens it, what are you doing to stop the bleeding? Nothing? Because you want to watch the 'destruction' to prove your worldview?

Always remember: if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

"Do you know what the word 'racist' means?"

Do you know what 'Fuck Off' means?

Anonymous said...

Disarray wants to "pacify" white people.

You know, Disarray, some people in Germany once wanted to pacify some people.

The result was the Holocaust.

Never again, Nazi scum.

laz said...

Actually, I get along with all the POC in my classes pretty well. It's them that don't get along with each other.

As to the African blacks, I actually prefer to deal with them as they aren't loud and disrespectful of other people like MOST of the American blacks. Notice I said most, not all. I never said all, just most. Dude in class knows what he means and so do I, contrary to what you think I should think.

I'd love to be part of the solution but, the solution is to judge a man by his character, not his skin. Of course, we all know that wouldn't happen because most blacks are of low character.

Anonymous said...

""Do you know what the word 'racist' means?""

No, and neither do you. It is one of the most fluid words on earth and as a result is devoid on any real meaning.

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."

"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master - - that's all."

Desiree said...

@ Anonymous 6:31:

Yes, quote Through the Looking Glass logic. Do you know what Through the Looking Glass refers to? How about 'topsy-turvy'? The word 'racist' means what it means in a context of discussing race relations.

Don't be a smart ass. It doesn't make your argument stronger.

@ laz:

You didn't answer my question, although I am unsurprised. I'm glad you know the difference between black Americans and black Africans. Accents are the hint, aren't they.

Again, you did not acknowledge milieux. If you have a bunch of black churchgoers, there won't be trouble. I also don't think a group of black conservatives or intellectuals would 'make nigger trouble'!

I enjoy watching you deflate!

"most blacks are of low character."

You still don't get it, do you, laz? That is a racist statement.

@ Disarray Anonymous:

Pacification was not done to the Jews. They were exterminated. It's not the same thing!

You are neither clever nor intelligent.

Go fuck yourself and scream my name when you do it, asshole.

(SBPDL -- let that pass the filters, please!!)

Anonymous said...

"If you have a bunch of black churchgoers, there won't be trouble."

In honor of black churchgoers...

Desiree said...

"In honor of black churchgoers..."

Your video proves...? Just a bunch of people filled with the Holy Spirit. White people, too. Um, I used to go to a church with a white pastor and that happens all the time.

And the blacks never rioted at my church, and the congregation was mixed but a majority were black.

Please find videos/stories of these groups 'making nigger trouble':

1. black conservatives;
2. black intellectuals;
3. black chess players (they exist);
4. black people who get together to watch Jeopardy (that's at my house);
5. black lawyers;
6. black people who get together to discuss books (they exist)...

Again, 'trouble-making' really depends on class and social milieux. Why don't you understand that? This is the folly of the racist!

I wouldn't say 'if you see a group of white people, there will be trouble.' But I would say, 'Look at those drunken white frat boys. Hope there's no tipsy girls at the house; it will be trouble!'

Anonymous said...

The word 'racist' means what it means in a context of discussing race relations.

Boy there is a concrete definition. A non- definition. I rest my case.

"it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."

Anonymous said...

"Your video proves...?"

It wasn't supposed to prove anything, you dumb fucking whore.

Watching negroes act like idiots is amusing, but not unusual.

laz said...

@ Desiree

No, it would be a racist statement if I said "all" not "most". Once again your raving liberalism doesn't let you see the fine print. What a maroon!

btw: I'll start answering your "questions" when you start answering mine.

Anonymous said...

"Pacification was not done to the Jews. They were exterminated. It's not the same thing!"

You're using words that you don't really understand. Don't try to be clever, sweetie. It doesn't work for you.

"Go fuck yourself and scream my name when you do it, asshole."

I was wondering how long it would take you to chimp out, lol! You're angry because you know I'm right, you black Nazi hag.

Desiree said...

"Boy there is a concrete definition. A non- definition. I rest my case."

Well, I thought it was pretty clear. We are in a discussion of race and race relations so the word racist means what the definition in Webster's says: someone holding the belief that one race is superior to another other.

I mean, I didn't realize I'd have to hold your hand and spoon-feed you!

"It wasn't supposed to prove anything, you dumb fucking whore.
Watching negroes act like idiots is amusing, but not unusual."

So you had nothing to say. Not surprising; so is the way of your comments. And quit with the 'dumb fucking whore' crap. I am neither dumb nor a whore.

@ laz:

all --> most? Yes, that is one hell of a qualifier! Try again. Use 'some'; it conceals your racism better.

laz said...

"Most" is the truth, not "some". I don't shy away from the truth, dude in class (a POC) doesn't shy away from the truth, why do you insist on denying the truth? Maybe it's because you live in a diverse neighborhood (whitopia) and don't really see what goes on in real life. I bet if you had to deal with your brethren day after day, all day long like the rest of us, you would see things very differently. I can only hope you'll wake up and quit hiding behind your white liberal masters when you grow up.

BTW: I, for one, can tell your not dumb, just mis-guided. The term should be "liberal whore".

Anonymous said...

I think the hip-hop cakes are hilarious! But then I believe all negroes, black-tino's and blafricans are comical and very funny to look at and observe. I especially like to see the hair extensions, whitening creams...the hours in the chair for "hair straightening" and other attempts to make a primate appear more human-like. the truth is they are sub-human....more animal than people. fuck off, desireheaa.