Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! Air Jordan 2.0 riots

For two days we'll be quiet celebrating Christmas. We sincerely hope you and yours will have a blessed Christmas 2010.

Do yourself a favor: call an old friend, college roommate or loved one from your past and just say "Merry Christmas"; you'll be surprised how good it feels to reconnect.

Put up a couple dollars in the Salvation Army bucket for us and be sure to stay clear of Air Jordan sales (remember last year?) at your area mall:
The hunt for the most popular athletic shoes led to potential security problems at several Houston-area malls and shopping centers two days before Christmas Day.

Throngs of people formed lines, often in disorganized fashion, Thursday morning at Deerbrook Mall, Northline Commons, Northwest Mall and Greenspoint Mall. Most, if not all the customers, were on a quest to buy the Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Cool Grey Men's Shoes .

The Humble Police Department said a fight broke out as some people were pushing and shoving each other to get to the front of the line to enter one of the athletic shoe stores in Deerbrook Mall. Officers detained some of the customers but did not say if any arrests would be made.

Several customers outside Northline Commons told FOX 26 News the Air Jordan 11 Retro Cool Grey edition shoes have not been available to the public since 2001.

The inventory of the in-demand Air Jordan sneakers was gone by 8 a.m. Thursday at the three athletic shoe stores in Northwest Mall, FOX 26 News has learned.

On the FOX 26 Facebook fan page, one woman said a line formed at Willowbrook Mall as early as Wednesday afternoon for the shoes.
New Air Jordan's, Christmas, and Black people equal a recipe for a precarious yuletide experience.

Have a Merry Christmas. Tomorrow, once the in-laws and family have left and the presents have all been unwrapped and the bedlam of Christmas has come to a merciful ending head back over here for one last gift.

Thank you for reading and for being patient with us during this 2010 year. Stuff Black People Don't Like is excited about 2011, but we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

"Several customers outside Northline Commons told FOX 26 News the Air Jordan 11 Retro Cool Grey edition shoes have not been available to the public since 2001."

I can't imagine how torturous those 9 years must have been without Air Jordan 11 Retro Cools. This type of response to not obtaining such a rare shoe is justified in my view. The re-release of long desired sneakers is like Halley's Comet for negroes.

D J said...

I'm a Rockport man myself...

White Guy said...

There are enormous societal problems blacks face in this country - much of which can be directly attributed to black society itself ... and this is what they care about:

[Wanton lustful commercialism, acting like animals over shoes made by human beings for slave wages.]

Do they understand that they are a decadent, mindless culture, who by virtue of their complete and willful ignorance, are complicit in their own so-called plight....A plight they unapologetically levy against white society?

Do you think these people who behave so animalistically, literally clawing and scratching just for the latest sneaker, will pause for a second to realize and take ownership for their individual and collective actions, before they riot and burn-down their own communities and entire cities when hyperinflation arrives and the welfare checks dry-up?

The answer: No.

Readers: this is the African face of a completely broken, morally bankrupt culture, and, as such, behaves accordingly.

If you want to understand the origin of such depravity, you need not look any further than the shores of: Africa ... but I digress.

There's no sign of individual responsibility in black culture, no inward reflection or outrage that their people underachieve in almost every aspect of life, no inward reflection or outrage that their people commit an egregious amount of crime relative to their population, no inward reflection or outrage that black-America resembles the parasite with each cashed welfare check....Just blind wanton irresponsibility and anger, viciously directed at the hand that feeds them: White society.

If what happened over these shoes is any indication of the state of black-America, then the cultural struts of that same black-America are made out of sand and doomed to greater and greater failure.

Who, then, will change such a destructive culture? The entire American system is corrupt and encourages black degeneracy - from the welfare state to political correctness - and needs to be torn asunder ... but where is the starting point and - [more importantly] - does that starting point have a black or white face on it?

May God forgive black-America and what they have allowed themselves to become. May those of sane African ancestry renounce such behavior and the monstrous marketing ploy which excuses such behavioral and moral depravity: White oppression.

Saving black culture is a full-time job that belongs to blacks and blacks alone.

John Sobieski said...

Crazy. There'll be plenty of these for sale. Black people obsess on things that I couldn't care less about.

Anonymous said...

The Orlando Sentinel celebrating black teen mother.

Sierra Nevada said...

It's pretty clear to me that a history of slavery, and being kept down by 'da man' leads to a penchant for shiny, rare sneakers.

My, how they shine! Ook ook!

Anonymous said...

"Deeez izz claysiccccss beeeeybee. Ayy, I gots tooo paeeer 'emm .... disss paeer gonne cell fo foe fiteee."

Jesus Christ, is this Neanderthal serious?

Henry Blowfly said...

Insightful and thoughtful, White Guy.

Alas I fear you are correct, and black culture will devolve even further as times get tougher.

At what point does enough become enough and the kindly white hand is withdrawn?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it will not only never end, it will just get worse.

Classic Catch 22 - the more blacks behave badly, the more Whites excuse, and try to "help"; the more excuses, and "help" blacks receive, the more they behave badly.

And on and on...

It is depressing that so few can look at blacks and see them for what they are. Again, it matters not if they are on the sports field, in a suit and tie, or keepin' it real with outrageous outfits and "language" - they hate Whites and America. The hate can be subtle, or in yo face. But it is right there for the seeing.

We simply do not have the stomach for the only task that will save this country. So away we go.

Hey. It was fun while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:03. Your example is not a Catch 22, its actually a downward spiral of pathological irresponsibility and seemingly compulsive anti-social persuits.

A Catch 22 is a scenario where in order for something to happen another thing would need to happen which viods the original intent. The example in the novel Catch 22, which was about WW2 American pilots flying near suicide bomber missions over Italy , was that insane pilots were not authorized to fly, but if a person said he was insane to avoid flying such egregiously dangerous missions meant he recognized the danger of his situation and was therefore sane.

I personally think black people are incapable of even finding themselves in a Catch 22 because they lack the capacity to involve themselves in organized and complicated game theory. They seem to mostly involve themselves in simple activities that begin and end with them getting their hands on Nike Air Jordan's, rims, KFC, welfare, etc.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was more of a "vicious cycle" than either a "Catch-22" or a simple downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

What do black people and seagulls have it common? They're attracted to things that are shiny and take shit that isn't theirs.

Black people are the most materialistic label obsessed people in America. And that is saying something considering most Americans are materialistic and label whores. But blacks take it to the nth degree. Everything is game for peacocking when it comes to black people. Shiny new rims for dey cars, Escalades, grills for dey moufs, Coach bags, Armani suits, Courvosier, etc... Somehow black people think dawning any of these items automatically makes them high class. Over the holidays I saw a black couple in the upscale mall in my city. The male had on an Armani Exchange tshirt and matching shoes. The woman had a Louis Vuitton bag, Coach shoes, 7 for All Mankind jeans, and a Gucci shirt. Every last item this couple adorned was plastered in designer labels. It was so pretentious and ridiculous that I couldn't help but bursting out laughing at them as they walked by.

These types of people will be the first to go as our society further depreciates into a third world banana republic. Problem is a lot of innocent people will be stuck in the cross hairs of the chimpout that will ensue when the government and charitable subsidies of food, housing, utilities, childcare, etc... run out and blacks actually have to spend their money on these things instead of their $200 sneakers.

Anonymous said...

Call it what you like, but the basic problem is that there are way too many Hannity's, Hewett's, Medved's, etc, than us. Bell curve: too many to the left don't get it; maybe 10% of us on the right, do.

Those who do not get it will fight to the death for blacks. As they are slaughtered, they will continue to call us "Racist!!" until their last breath.

This is not fixable. Period. The saddest part? blacks should hope like hell that we do fix this, as they are pure garbage without their White oppressors. But the thrill of "winning" will not allow them to stand down. As savages, they can only react, not act...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you guys had a Christmas full of happiness and joy.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"Nice to see you guys had a Christmas full of happiness and joy."

Well thank you black guy, I did have a Christmas full of happiness and joy. More joyful than usual, in fact. I am joyful that I have learned the truth - it is very liberating. It makes me feel more protective of my children, my culture, my humanity, and my way of life. I have more clarity than ever, that is the true gift. I am stronger in my convictions. I hugged my children tighter this season, knowing that I am heading in the right direction. You seem to think that we are all hateful racist losers, but we are normal people with a very strong culture who love OUR people.

Surely you can understand that.

Anonymous said...

yes I can understand that - but don't call me shirley

D J said...

I, too, had a joyous holiday. I visited my mother out in the Coachella Valley for her 90th birthday; saw friends in Malibu; drove to San Diego to see other friends; and will be stopping in Arkansas on the way home to see more friends. No reason to go to any of the malls; no stops in Inglewood or Compton or South Central LA, or the south side of San Diego.

Anonymous said...

Even here in Dallas the Air Jordan fiasco makes news--at one of our malls the people had to be maced to keep them from crushing a child at the head of the line when the people at the back of the line "bum rushed" the rest to get the shoes. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...


How ironic! I was in Inglewood, Compton, and south LA(South central only exists in rap videos). My Christmas was wonderful. I wasn't rapped, murdered, or car jacked. LoL!

-Black guy

Silent Running said...

I wasn't rapped, murdered, or car jacked. LoL!

Well, since nothing happened to you, Black Guy, all this talk of black criminality must be a myth. Shutter the windows, SBPDL. Close down the Thug Report. Black Guy has bravely shown us that thuh hood is safe as houses and all our concerns are so much racist scaremongering.

Honestly, just when I thought that BG couldn't get any more narcissistic, he shows me up.

P.S. I'm not sure it's possible to walk around SoCal and not get rapped, especially when every lowlife thug is driving around blasting what passes for music loud enough to shake the rivets out of his $500 Honda.

Anonymous said...

"How ironic! I was in Inglewood, Compton, and south LA(South central only exists in rap videos). My Christmas was wonderful. I wasn't rapped, murdered, or car jacked. LoL"

1. For something to be "ironic", there is a prerequisite for the presence of "irony".
2. An unfunny, idiotic statement with an "LOL" attached at the end, remains unfunny and idiotic.

Anonymous said...

How bout paying your electric bill instead of buying $200 sneakers.

Your priorities are mixed up.

Anonymous said...

"The crowd got a bit "unruly" and the police had to be called". Could this moronic bimbo sugar coat this story any more than she did? Her inflections while telling this story were on par with some country schoolboys playing hooky. What a blatant example of glossing over daily animalistic behavior that the public must deal with. It's called social engineering of the worst kind people, wake the fuck up! As a sidebar, note the frenzy over a common shoe. Not because it really looks any better than any other sneaker but because of "skreet hype". Just check Maslows' chart to see what stage lust for material goods occupies. Yeah, it's low on the scale.

Anonymous said...

No problem. Mug ya' later...

Anonymous said...

More finger-wagging from the resident Black Guy, who has crawled out from under his rock again to put us in our places.

Hey "Black Guy", have you not heard that Conservative thinkers deal in the truth and are happier than progressive liberals? We have much stronger ties to community, religion, and family. We experience ess confusion and have more understanding of life and freedom. We are more generous with our gifts, more caring, friendly and helpful.

It is interesting how you and other blacks make snarky H8er comments such as "you guys need to get a life" and "Wow! So much racist hatred. Do you even hug your children?" and "Nice to see you guys had a Christmas full of happiness and joy.". Can you come up with something more original? Start dealing in the truth, it will improve your life.

And BTW, you are far from noble. You have been told that because your skin is black and you are soaked in historic "oppression" that you are somehow able to lecture us and feel superior.

None of us believe that and you just look silly.

Midwestern said...

Blacks are always trying to not look poor.

They are also always trying to reject the white, middle-class value system. This explains their illegitimacy rate and anti-intellectualism. Their combined lower -Q and poor future-time orientation makes them unable to understand complex issues like wealth and success, and the priorities and sacrifices that are required to find that success.

Blacks believe that just by owning an expensive car or a fur coat, they appear to be rich. This is low-class behavior and a huge misunderstanding of white culture. Blacks try to mimic parts of white culture, but end up cheating because they are not willing to put in the work to actually achieve anything.

The outrageous bling like fake designer purses, huge buttocks, plastic red nails, spinning rims, gold teeth, designer labels, and fake eyelashes make blacks look poor to whites, but they score major points with each other.

Here is a black woman explaining "ghetto fabulous":

"In many ways, bling and the related “ghetto fabulous” aesthetic are about visibility and asserting power through visual, material display. It’s in contrast to values of restraint and a comparatively modest display of consumption that are hallmarks of middle-class aesthetics"

I went to high-school with a young black girl whose mother would neglect the heat bill and instead, purchase expensive label clothing for her daughter. Social services was involved at times. This young girl once had a cockroach lodged in her ear and had to have medical attention at school. She lived in the ghetto projects in the poor black neighborhood, but her mother tried to elevate her with expensive clothing.

Midwestern said...

"How bout paying your electric bill instead of buying $200 sneakers.

Your priorities are mixed up."

Paying the heat bill is acting white.