Friday, December 17, 2010

Paging Epic Beard Man: Five Black women attack pregnant woman on bus in Seattle

There is so much to write about right now (thanks to everyone sending in stories). So many stories are time sensitive and need to be addressed (there will be a lot of posts the next three days), but one story needs to be tackled first.

Don't ride the bus in Seattle
Seattle is no stranger to Black people attacking people on buses (or jaywalking). But a new video and story has surfaced that shows a danger that can no longer go unnoticed:

Newly released security video from a Seattle city bus shows an attack on a pregnant woman by five teenage girls, who were later arrested for assault.

A pregnant teen says she feared for her baby when she and her boyfriend were attacked by a group of four girls and a woman on a Seattle Metro bus last month.

It was all captured on the bus’ security camera.

Police say Jessica Redmon-Beckstead, 17, was riding on the packed bus in the city’s Belltown neighborhood during the evening rush hour Nov. 19 when a 19-year-old woman, three 16-year-old girls and a 14-year-old girl came on board.

Surveillance video shows that, just 34 seconds after the girls got on, one of them grabbed the MP3 player Jessica and her boyfriend, Jason Decoste, were listening to. When they resisted, they were beaten and kicked by the five suspects, police say.

Redmon-Beckstead says she turned around again and was struck in the eye and began bleeding profusely. It wound up requiring six stitches to close, authorities say.

Jessica mentioned twice that she was pregnant and said she didn’t want to fight them, but says one of them made the comment, “Well, nobody hit her in the stomach.”

Investigators add that, as the attack was occurring, three of the girls stole items from the boyfriend’s pockets.
The attack continued until the bus pulled over. The bus driver called police. The victims were able to escape, police say.

Metro Police say they tracked down three of the alleged attackers about a half-hour after the incident. They say they arrested the other two days later.

Investigators say the 19-year-old, Ayana Sharee Cain, was charged with assault and has since bailed out of jail. The other four girls were charged in juvenile court with second degree robbery. Three remain in custody while the fourth is on electronic home monitoring, police say.

All five suspects have prior arrests, authorities add.
Where is Epic Beard Man when you need him? Why is the entire bus participating in the same non-intervention mindset that was sadly present when Kitty Genovese was murdered? Will the day ever come when someone says what millions have thought and dreamed for someone to finally say (Enough…)?

We at SBPDL read virtually every story, study, and book possible on race and crime in the United States.

Our friends at have vividly provided the finest aggregate of the face of criminality in America and yet still people are afraid of mentioning the unmentionable.

This unprovoked attack on a bus in Seattle will go down the memory (as so many other stories have been forced down) save for a select group of people who remember such horrors as Knoxville and Wichita. The full-onslaught of decade old stories of lynchings, draggings and other assorted behavior are constantly brought up and alluded to in an effort to make Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) cry and flame the fires of white guilt are nothing --absolutely nothing -- compared to what is transpiring in major cities on a nightly basis.

The Crazies live among us, all around us. Where are you Epic Beard Man? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Watch the video here.


Anonymous said...

Throw these savages underneath the bus for the punishment if they are even handed out one.

Why are people such pussies and let things like this go on. Don't let animals get away with things like this.

Anonymous said...

""Will the day ever come when someone says what millions have thought and dreamed for someone to finally say (Enough…)?""

What is the final solution?


Anonymous said...

If Seattle isn't even safe anymore you know it's over Johnny. I would buy a car for this young lady so she could avoid riding on the rolling ape exhibit but I can't.

All those people watching....just disgusting.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Precisely why, no matter how bad Atlanta traffic gets, people would rather drive in their cars and sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic than use public transportation.


It took place on MARTA (Atlanta's mass transit bus and rail system) in May of 2008. Someone calling herself Soulja Girl goes off on a kind, elderly black woman, getting in her face, getting her hands to within inches of slapping the elderly woman, threatening to murder the elderly one point Soulja Girl's friends told her to 'Chill out. She's an old lady!'. Then Soulja Girl turns on her friends and starts screaming at them and has to be restrained.

Later police see the video on YouTube and find Soulja Girl and arrest her:

Precisely why I won't take MARTA and haven't taken it since approximately 1990. Would rather pay 15-20$ to park for Atlanta sporting events and spend $5 dollars on gas to go into Atlanta and back rather than deal with this kind of public nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the victim was not packing some heat. Then again, in a city populated with sniveling, pants-wetting hand-wringers, permits are hard to come by for the law abiding.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, I'm sure the pregnant woman was talking shit and asking for it.

WestSiderATL said...

I agree with all of the above posts...but the couple weren't exactly random strangers. The "boyfriend" was at a party earlier with one of the suspects and allegedly might have taken a cell-phone from one of them. It also looks like to me from the video that the teen-mom might have egged it on some more after the initial attack by mouthing off.

That being said, I avoid public transportation (MARTA in my city) like the plague because of the generally threatening atmosphere...lot's of dead-eyed soulless thug types wandering up and down the isles, etc...better to take your own car than to encounter these marginal types on a bus.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the attack is horrible and the behavior of the onlookers was outright shameful. These people were too scared to act and opted to avoid drawing the attention of the attackers.

What I find most disappointing was the boyfriend's inability to fight back. He stood there and took the abuse like a bitch instead of facing his attackers head on, putting his girlfriend behind him, lowering his chin and firing punches at the face of the nearest assailant.


I highly suggest to everyone here that they start training at a nearby mixed martial arts school and start sparring. First of all you will learn how to fight, which is essential to defending yourself. Second you will learn how to size people up much better. Third and most importantly, you will become much more confident and it will show in your body language. You will not show fear when a marauding group of punks storm onto your bus or subway car, because you honestly won't be afraid.

Criminals and bullies prey on fear and weakness. Show them strength and fearlessness and 99 times out of 100 they will not fuck with you. With proper training, in the instance that they do attack, you should put on an Epic Beard Man performance.

Anonymous said...

"Criminals and bullies prey on fear and weakness. Show them strength and fearlessness and 99 times out of 100 they will not fuck with you."

Blacks do not play by the same rules. They are out for blood. Show some strength and fearlessness and it only ignites their simmering black rage. Black thugs are armed with knives, box cutters and guns. They will kill your children while you watch. They do not value human life. They are like wild animals, are uncivilized and fight dirty.

I would rather stay far, far, far away from blacks than to engage them in any way. Build more prisons.

Fayette White Guy said...

To all my fellow Atlantans, they don't call it Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta for nothing.

Desiree said...

Okay, first of all, these aren't black 'women'; they are all teens. Anyway--

That is a very heartbreaking video.

The girls, of course, were totally out of line. It is incomprehensible that you'd basically do a headstand and kick someone with your dirty shoes.

Totally despicable conduct.

And the reporters are correct: what didn't happen was the biggest atrocity.

No one ever helps anyone when someone's in trouble. Very sad. If America was bred on the ideas of communalism and shared property, instead of the nonsensical ideas of individualism and European 'mind your own business' attitudes, maybe people in this country would be different. Instead, we have the 2nd amendment; my mother always says, 'Be careful, they may have a gun,' and 'He might have a gun; everyone's on edge these days.'

The onlookers shouldn't be allowed to say they were 'afraid'. Those were teen girls, not muscly ex-cons. They should've helped.

Of course, you can never judge; you'd have to be in the situation.

I hope the girl was okay...

By the way, it should be known that this is the typical behavior of teens who weren't raised correctly, not 'black people'. In my city, there'd been a white bus driver beaten up very badly by some crazed white teen.

Also, do you all remember that story of that white girl being beaten by several white girls and it was filmed? It was a few years back, I think, but I couldn't stomach that video. It was played ad Nauseam on TV and I think it got on the cover of People magazine.

Race really isn't a common denominator in stupidity and violence; being trailer-, ghetto-, or barrio trash is usually is, though. Well-raised people of all colors don't behave in such a way. You all would do well to remember that.

However, my expectations are pretty low. Sadly, you guys make 'ignorance' seem congenital.

Desiree said...

"They will kill your children while you watch. They do not value human life."

This is the most ridiculous blanket statement. Seriously one of the stupidest things I have heard in my life!

I guess someone has a really selective memory regarding white serial killers and white child rapists. Not to mention a really, really poor knowledge of European history.

Nuns disfigured themselves so pillaging Vikings wouldn't rape them. The Nazis had no qualms about offing Jewish children in front of their parents.

Bad people do bad things. As per the historical record, we know cruelty knows no race.

Anonymous said...


You are wrong. Blacks are only brave when they think they have the upper hand, like when they are in large groups. They are cowards and will fold when you stand up.

Anonymous said...

"Show some strength and fearlessness and it only ignites their simmering black rage."

I disagree. In my experience, most blacks are cowards unless they have a significant numerical or size advantage, or unless they sense fear.

"They will kill your children while you watch. They do not value human life."

I agree with this.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the guy is a big pussy. When under attack, and especially when your girl is getting attacked, it's time to correct the situation quickly. When animals attack, whether they be wild dogs or human beings(?!), superior force is the only way to deal with such a threat. All the cowardly sheep on the bus who did not intervene should be prosecuted under the good samaritan law, if applicable. I hope that whenever they look in the mirror they will remember how they let a pack of hyena-like animals assault a man and pregnant female. Stomach turning. Totally agree with above poster who mentioned having a strong presence and confident body language, which are super important. I suggest lifting weights/cardio which will not only make you attractive and healthy but will also give you a strong and confident physical presence which, I can assure you, nobody will fuck with.

Steve said...

Sub-human vermin. AIDS and the Sickle cell are not working fast enough...

Anonymous said...

@1:30 Your words clearly illustrate just how afraid you are of blacks. The paradox is that it is exactly that kind of fear that would make you a target. I strongly advise you to take up some kind of fight training to change your outlook because I suspect that you are a scared person in general.

Going back to the argument though, show me one example in a confrontation where showing weakness is more advantageous than showing strength. In all aspects of life, as far as I have seen, if you look like a pussy and act like a pussy, you are likely to get fucked with by the bad guy, black or white.

Johnny Couger Hunter said...

"Show some strength and fearlessness and it only ignites their simmering black rage."

I don't agree, unless you are faced with a black mob. Lone blacks and small groups are looking for weak targets. I've been in ATL for 15 years, go into the city often to see bands and I've backed off blacks every time they've tried to assert themselves. Face off, show no fear and be prepared to do what is necessary and they will usually turn into a shuck and jive clown and wander off to find some timid white fool to intimidate, rape, rob, murder. Life is too short to act like a fucking sheep. Granted, its never smart to be anywhere where there is a majority black crowd. I pass them on the street and in parking lots on my way to places that are usually 90% white. Anything below that and the suck meter starts pinging red.

Anonymous said...

"This is the most ridiculous blanket statement."

It's not ridiculous, and it's supported by the high black murder rate and high black abortion rate.

Douglas said...

Fayette guy. That was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh after seeing this disgusting story.

I experienced this first hand in of all places rural Alabama at a time when we stilled outnumbered the vermin. They would gang up and all the fights would flee. It was only in later high school when most of them realized they would be working for us that they began to act human. Too damn late for me. I refuse to hire them.

Anonymous said...

"Race really isn't a common denominator in stupidity and violence"

LOLOL Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Seattle, the city of liberal tolerance, is getting what it deserves.

Anonymous said...

And here's Desiree again, completely missing the point. Yes, dear, we know there are vicious criminal White people. We know White people have committed some pretty heinous acts in their time, especially in wars. No one is claiming otherwise. What this site points out, and what many of our complaints are is that this sort of behavior is endemic with blacks. This sort of behavior is the exception, not the rule when it comes to Whites, and most other races. With blacks this sort of behavior is the rule, not the exception. I went to a high school that was about 1/3 black. Physical altercations among black students were virtually an everyday occurrence. Fights among whites were exceedingly rare in comparison, maybe two or three times a year. There is no getting around the fact that violence is a daily glorified behavior among a very large portion of blacks. Blacks makeup 13% of the US population, but the majority of its perpetrators of violent crime. And I am sick of it. I am sick of watching formally clean and safe parts of town, heck, every major city in this country, turn into third world ghetto hellholes because of the influx of blacks. I am sick of paying so much of my income on housing so I don't have to live in a black area where loud, obnoxious behavior, fights, theft, robbery, murder, and the constant drone of subwoofers surround my existence. I am sick of not being able to take public transportation because of the loud and cantankerous blacks that populate it. I am sick of turning on the news and seeing that another ghetto black from the black portion of our city has driven into the White/Asian part of town to rob and burglarize businesses. I am sick of it. But what I am most sick of is people pretending that this problem does not have a color to it, when we all know it damn well does.

Monkey Shine said...

We're all sick of it. So sick, we've forgotten what it was like to not have to live with the black plague.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Seattle.

The naive white libtard "progressives" in Seattle (+70% white, only 8% black) fall all over themselves to kiss black ass and make a big show of it so everyone can acknowledge how "enlightened" they are.

They have mandatory "anti white privilege" indoctrination in their public schools, and even had an "Afrocentric" public school for blacks (it was like 98% black), the "African American Academy", until it was shut down because it was the lowest-performing public school in Seattle.

White Seattle libtards voted to change the namesake of King County from Senator Rufus King to Martin Luther King, Jr. The official King County logo is now a dumb black and white designey picture of MLK's face. The interior walls of the courthouse lobby are covered in the most embarrassingly libtarded "progressive" mural-vomit canonizing MLK and blacks that I have ever seen in my entire life. Meanwhile, black crackhead drug-dealing rapists sell their illegal wares 6 FEET OUTSIDE THE COURTHOUSE FRONT DOOR (which is glass), in full view of the various law enforcement personnel who are there, who don't seem to care. NO SHIT. I'm not making any of this up or exaggerating it at all. I have seen it all with my own eyes.

Annually, over half of all homicides in Seattle are committed by blacks.

Extrapolated from the article "List of 2008 homicides in Seattle" from the Seattle PI

selected from the list of the 28 Seattle homicides in 2008....

Allen Joplin, Jan. 4 -- black killed by black

De'Che Morrison, Jan. 10 -- black killed by black

Maurice "Moe" Allen Jr., Jan. 26 -- black killed by black

Degene Barecha, Jan. 30 -- black killed by black

Perry Henderson, Feb. 6 -- black killed by black

Stephan Dwaine Stewart, April 2 -- black killed by black

Eldora Earlycutt, July 4 -- black killed by black

James Paroline, July 10 -- white killed by black

Troy Peters, July 22 -- black killed by black

Pierre Lapoint, Aug. 5 -- black killed by black

Jane Kariuki, Oct. 16 -- woman of undisclosed killed by black man named Christel D. Murphy

Quincy S. Coleman, Oct. 31 -- black killed by black

Edward McMichael, the "Tuba Man", Nov. 3 -- white killed by multiple blacks

Nathaniel Lee Thomas, Nov. 23 -- black killed by black

Blacks (8% of Seattle) were the killers in at least half (that's at least 50%) of the murders in the Seattle area in 2008. At least five of the other murderers were latinos.

Now let's take a look at 2009!

The link above is to the Seattle PI's article on homicides in Seattle in 2009.

At least twelve of the 21 murders in Seattle in 2009 were committed by blacks, only 8% of Seattle.

This December 17, 2010, there have been 19 homicides in Seattle.

If you do the research you will see that more than half of the homicides in Seattle this year were committed by... wait for it... BLACKS!!!!!

Silent Running said...

Seattle is degrading fairly rapidly. I live nearby and the city is, as others have stated, a strange dichotomy of DWL's and black savagery. Maybe this is what Detroit looked like before it finally drowned. The new mayor is one of these fanatical enviro-liberals who just spent $5000 to purchase thousands of bicycle lights to be given away to cyclists courtesy of the taxpayer. He despises cars and wants everyone to either pedal or go by bus. Obviously, both are quite hazardous, but for different reasons.

All the cowardly sheep on the bus who did not intervene should be prosecuted under the good samaritan law, if applicable.

I agree with your sentiment, but that is not the world we're currently living in. If a white man raises a hand against a black, he will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, regardless of circumstances. In many cases it is not cowardice that holds white men back, but the thought of going to prison for defending yourself and your fellow man. These whites will be thinking about their jobs, families, and futures as the confrontation is taking place, weighing it all against the outcome of possible action. Blacks, on the other hand, don't have much in the way of a future and certainly don't mind going to prison; they rule the prisons.

If you're forced to defend yourself against blacks, you have a vested interest in not being taken into custody. You may as well use maximum force, then be prepared to disappear.

Anonymous said...

"If you're forced to defend yourself against blacks, you have a vested interest in not being taken into custody."

Agreed. I posted about being afraid of blacks on the bus. I am 5' tall, female, with 3 small children. I absolutely will NOT try to stand up to any black thug who tries to intimidate or hurt me. I would rather not ride the bus in the first place!
You are dumb to invite this type of situation. Being white, small and female, and not of the preferred race (and not armed with a gun or box cutter), I would be the one either hurt or arrested. I stand firm on my first statement. And Desiree, you are a big asshole!

Anonymous said...

hahahahah! Another idea for SBPDL: Theory of Evolution: