Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Black People Celebrate Halloween with Gunfire and Fire

Let's start with the good news. Arson in Detroit (you know, Devil's Night, where the Motor City's Black occupants burn down buildings) was down 50 percent this year. The bad news: how much of Detroit is there actually left to burn?

Obviously this is a victory for Detroit, a sign that the city's reemergence as a global economic giant is just around the corner. Right? 

Volunteers have been needed in Detroit for decades on Halloween to try and stem the rising tide of pyromaniacs setting the city ablaze; strange that Camden also had the same problem. Or it did, but there isn't much of anything worth burning down there anymore. 

Though fires were down in Detroit, Black violence was up in Washington D.C. and New Orleans, prompting the white mayor of that chocolate city to say this:
 In the wake of a bloody early morning of celebrating marred by violence, Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the city is using all crime-fighting tools at its disposal to try to stem the violence. 

"To the criminals, we're going to catch you and we're going to arrest you," he said at a hastily-called press conference. 

Landrieu made the comments after 16 people were shot in five incidents during which two people were killed. In one incident on Bourbon Street, an apparent shootout between two young men left eight people shot, one killed.
"Young African-American males being killed by young African-American males is a tragedy," he said.
Is it really a tragedy anymore, or just a noticeable pattern found in any city with a high percentage of Black people? That 15 people were shot in New Orleans (and two killed) shows why Trick-or-Treating can't happen in majority Black areas. 

Washington D.C. was home to a number of shootings as well (courtesy of that constantly unfolding tragedy, Black people shooting Black people) on Halloween night:
Authorities say at least six people were injured in five separate shootings across Washington on October 31, including a juvenile who was shot in the head in Georgetown. 
Investigators said the Georgetown victim was shot amid celebrations in the 2800 block of M Street about 11 p.m. Monday. He was hospitalized in grave condition Monday night. 
Not long afterwards, a 24-year-old man was arrested in the area for carrying a pistol without a license.  Police would not say if the man was a suspect in the shooting.Police say a juvenile also was shot on M Street northeast  around 8:30 p.m. 
Shortly afterward, officers responded to the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Decatur Street in northwest for a double shooting. Police say a boy was shot in the knee and a woman was shot in the thigh.
So it looks like the ghetto is far scarier then a Haunted House. Apparently the gay community in San Francisco has long complained about the violence that Black people import from Oakland on Halloween. Didn't the LGBT community complain about the same thing in Miami? And Philadelphia. And New York.

Tragedy? No, an epidemic.

Those who read this blog know that I have a lot of projects that I'm working on (a book on college football and race; a book on professional football and race; two fictional stories; a short book on the decline of NASA; a shorter book on HBCU's; SBPDL Episode II; and a few other surprises) and should be aware that "Paul Kersey" is starting to appear frequently on other sites with original material. 

Let it be known that I'm working on a long study regarding Trick-or-Treating and race that will be turned into a book by next Halloween. Who knows? I might even try and find an artist to do a kids book called "Why Can't I go Trick-or-Treating Anymore Mommy?"

Let it also be known that I'm working on a book regarding The City too Busy to Hate, the first in a planned series on the collapse of major cities and the primary reason for it. Birmingham, Detroit, and Baltimore are on the short-list for books as well (if you have material or personal stories and experiences, please send them to me. Pictures are great too!) in the SBPDL Guide to the Collapse of America

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W74 said...

Mt. Washington Tavern in Baltimore caught fire just before midnight on the 30th. Close enough to be counted as Halloween mischief. Near the oh-so-esteemed Johns Hopkins University satellite campus.

The main University, like all of Baltimore's colleges, happens to be smack in the middle of one of Baltimore's many, many hellholes.

Oh, and here's more Google Mapping. You can see our country's diversity without leaving your desk: http://g.co/maps/stcf2

Fayette White Guy said...

Can't wait for "The City Too Busy To Hate"!!

Anonymous said...

Flint niggers kept up the brand with two random killings and another killed by the cops; I can't post the link from this phone, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Paul, please don't forget to give us the links to all of your other stuff!

As always, the worst tragedy in this country is blacks killing blacks. Nary a word of blacks targeting whites every day, everywhere. Except for Pat Buchanan. I've heard him mention it a few times.

Anonymous said...

The slogan "The City Too Busy To Hate" goes back to around 1966.

Old-line SEC fan.

Anonymous said...

That's going to be too many books. Perhaps one chapter per city destroyed by the black plague would be more logical. Notice that the only inhabitable large/medium cities are those with very few Africans? San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, San Diego, Austin, Boston etc.

Anonymous said...

A friend from near Detroit made a recording of the gunfire on the 31st. He says he hears it on the 4th of July & New Years also. He's a hunter, I'm ex-military...we know it for gunfire, not fireworks...Is ammo cheaper than fireworks suddenly?...from the sound of the recording, it would have to be a 'mad minute' or the firefight from hell...Kid Clorox

W74 said...


Celebratory, but no doubt once they start with that the "smart" ones will use the commotion as an opportunity to commit more crimes. As dumb as negros are, don't assume they're not opportunistic when it comes to negative behavior.

[For some reason however they aren't opportunistic when it comes to positive life changes, just rape, robbery and murder.]

Indianapolis said...

A White mom is clinging to life after fun-loving Harlem boys dropped a shopping cart four stories onto the passing woman's head . . . just for fun.

So what was a wealthy white real estate agent doing in Harlem?

She was buying Halloween candy for underprivileged youngsters.

Are we having fun yet?


Zenster said...

"Young African-American males being killed by young African-American males is a tragedy," he [New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu] said.

Is it really a tragedy anymore, or just a noticeable pattern found in any city with a high percentage of Black people?

At some point, probably long ago, it truly was tragic. As this pattern persisted and the level of viciousness escalated ― especially with respect to Black on White crime ― it became something quite different from any sort of "tragedy".

It became an acceptable way of obtaining useful attrition within the disproportionately Black criminal community.

Clearly, capital punishment does not provide anywhere near the hoped for deterrent properties that were once expected from it. Whether this is due to disdain or flat-out, low IQ stupidity on the part of Blacks matters not at all. Quite simply, criminal executions are lagging far behind their effective rate.

If America's Black community is so idiotic as to foster Black-on-Black crime through its suicidal "no-snitch" policy ― and do so just as vigorously by championing the "Black Power" mentality that eschews everything White ― then they are welcome to the near-cannibalistic levels of primitive mayhem and murder which form a common denominator in most urban ghettos.

I invite someone, anyone to explain why I should feel a shred of sympathy for individuals who so aggressively impose the worst sort of misery upon those that, just as often, are responsible for feeding and clothing these criminal parasites.

10mm AUTO said...

Next year, I have the feeling that the favorite costume for White Men will be a long black trench coat and a "Punisher" T-Shirt.


Anonymous said...

Silly wabbit! Guns are for people with impulse control... which would exclude most Negroes.

DW said...

Sacrifices must be made for diversity. If the price of diversity is that a bunch of unneeded, disobedient whites are murdered, so be it. The price is acceptable, indeed, demanded.

YIH said...

It's getting deeper for Cain (I'm sure you're aware of it anyway).
As I noted in the comments there, it all depends on how severe it is.
Just let the chips fall where they may.
I made a prediction there, (and i'll do so here as well): After Super Tuesday, Cain will replace Neil Boortz for good or become a fixture on FOX News or both.
Just you watch.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Drudge tonight? Left side of the page, three links together. First, a 10 year old pulls a gun on a woman joking that she's gonna steal his candy. If you google "mapping America" and zero in on the area referenced in Aiken, SC, you can see from demographics that the kid is most likely black. Next link is about about 9 year old girl facing 4 felonies for her behavior on school bus. Confirmed, she's black. Third link is to Starbuck trashed by a homeless guy in Sacramento, also black. I think Drudge posts these stories randomly. Absent pathology in the black community, what are the odds that all three would be black?

YIH said...

Check out the photo Auster dug up!
Jim Carrey eat your heart out!

mr_evergreen said...

"I invite someone, anyone to explain why I should feel a shred of sympathy for individuals who so aggressively impose the worst sort of misery upon those that, just as often, are responsible for feeding and clothing these criminal parasites."

Because they are human beings just like everyone else on this earth. That is how I see it. When anyone gets murdered, whether it's Black on Black, Black on White, White on Black, or White on White, it is still a tragedy that needs to be dealt with.

Sheila said...

Paul, that idea for a children's book on Halloween is BRILLIANT. I'm deadly serious - you could even do a stealth one, starting with a concern about spiked goodies (the great fear in the 70s) and health concerns about so much sugar, and then add in the gangs of black teens cruising White neighborhoods demanding their treats. If the basic premise isn't instantly visible, you might get sales to DWLs and plant some more seeds in people's minds!

Jay Santos said...

I've finally picked up on the pattern. Black people are going to kill you, one way or another. It's taken me a long time to get here. Fifty-five years in fact. How in hell did we allow it to get to this point?

Anonymous said...

No, African Americans killing African Americans is called doing what us whites don't have to do. You're taking care of it for us and we don't have to pull the trigger.

YT said...

Young African-American males being killed by young African-American males is a tragedy," he [New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu] said.

Is it really a tragedy anymore, or just a noticeable pattern found in any city with a high percentage of Black people?

c) none of the above. "a good start" was the correct answer, homegamers.

Hannibal said...

Ten year old feral nigger pulls a gun on a woman during trick or treating:


AnalogMan said...

mr_evergreen: "Because they are human beings just like everyone else on this earth."

See, there's your problem. Logic is a great tool, but it only guarantees a correct result if your premises are true.

No, they are not like everyone else on earth. And no, it's not a tragedy when they kill each other, it's a blessed relief. Now, if the law would just execute the killers, I'd call that a win-win.

Aspergers.life said...


To place it in perspective:

What would America be like if there were no blacks?

What would America be like if there were no whites?

Anonymous said...

"Because they are human beings just like everyone else on this earth. That is how I see it. When anyone gets murdered, whether it's Black on Black, Black on White, White on Black, or White on White, it is still a tragedy that needs to be dealt with."

Uh, no. You don't get points just for existing and all humans are certainly not the same. Inequality-- in terms of the physical, in terms of the mental, and even in terms of moral and spiritual orientation, is the absolute truth despite how sad this truth makes you feel. So stop trying to do a broad stroke over all of that with your "we're all human" (and thus the same) nonsense. You're just trying to shamelessly obscure the nature of the situation with your fake self-righteous garbage that any person can spot from a mile away. And the vast hordes of non-whites sure don't view me as being "human" (like themselves) so stop bullshitting my group so you can further exploit them. If you believe in the crap you're lecturing to us, why don't you start by preaching to your own racial group which disproportionately inflicts harm upon my group?

Not everyone bases their philosophical outlook on self-serving,"happy clappy" humanist diarrhea. Though, again, I suspect your motivation for such a belief is to excuse your own group's pathological behavior.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The headline for this story made me laugh because it's so true. I lived in Oakland, CA, for several years. Every New Year's Eve, every 4th of July, every Halloween, I'd hear automatic weapons fire in the night.

Especially on New Year's Eve you could hear the rapid bap-bap-bap of an AK-47 or a rapidly emptied semi-auto pistol clip many, many times over. I'm surprised I never caught any rounds returning to earth through my ceiling.

Isn't diversity wonderful?

I was just looking through some photos of Detroit. It's sad. These photos of slumping mansions and faded signs that are the decayed corpse of a once great civilization. A great civilization built by white people and turned into a charnel house by depraved, endlessly destructive blacks.

Dissident said...


When someone murders someone, then they forfeit their "humanity" and their freedom.

That's part of the problem, because idiot liberals can't accept that punishment should fit the crime. Because we don't have any effective deterrent in this country, we have wild savages running wild killing innocents, would you not agree?

Tell us, what's your solution?

I'd like to know what you think different races should do to stem the tide of this barbarity that's been imposed upon us.You never answer with solutions only silly anecdotes and never any hard opinion, why is that?

I've been willing to give you the benefit of doubt, because I think you're sincere, but you never point the fingers at your own; yet you're constantly defending blacks agaisnt what you perceive as "white RACISM". Why Evergreen?

This is exactly why you'll never have any legitimacy here.

Until you make candid, honest, no-holds-barred truthful admissions about your race, well.....?

You get the point or do you?

Midwestern said...

"...it is still a tragedy that needs to be dealt with."

So, Honest Crusader, what are you planning to do about it besides wag your finger at white people and act like you are morally superior to everyone? You talk a big game, but offer zero solutions.

I don't see any blacks addressing this problem. It is up to YT to deal with black dysfunction and manage your population. Just like you, blacks demand that white people, the government daddy, or the schools "do something".

What are you doing besides lecturing us?

Here is my plan. Give these irresponsible extra-fertile black women a shot of birth control in the arm each time they pick up their welfare check. Cut off ALL welfare for new cases and phase the entire thing out. If you want to live in poverty, you get to pay the price for your decision. No three bedroom condos on a voucher in the suburbs.

Hold these irresponsibles accountable for the severe neglect and abuse that they impose on their black children. Put these black teens/youths in special boot-camp schools far away from the regular population. Make them learn about hard work and responsibility. Offer men $1,000 to be permanently sterilized. Make sure that all black men who abandon their illegitimate black babies be held accountable and required to work to support them financially.

Hold parents accountable for their wandering feral black teen thug and gang member offspring.

Black women are already aborting half of their unwanted pregnancies, I think that preventing the pregnancies from happening is a much better choice. We have already learned how irresponsible blacks are with reproduction and finances.

End all welfare payments NOW. Let nature take its course. This is the most humane choice. Nature would have culled this population but we did not let her.

Are you ready for the solution??

W74 said...

+1 to Sheila for Seed Planting.

Most of the people on this site have already woken up. We don't need any more convincing.

The Fence-Sitters who know something's up but are too afraid of potential social backlash if they were to speak out and those whites who truly believe in genetic, social, cultural equality, are the ones who need to be seeded.

Toss a few their direction guys, if the soil is fertile, the seeds will grow.

European American said...

"Because they are human beings just like everyone else on this earth."

The first point is debatable, the second is not. They are not just like everyone else on this earth. They are universally recognized as ignorant, dangerous and destructive to any nation or neighborhood they are allowed to invade. The only reason they are tolerated is because our benevolent government is standing by with lawyers, guns and money to weigh in on their behalf. Yep, this is the modern definition of freedom.

Africa for Africans. Asia for Asians. White countries for everyone. This is deliberate genocide. Anti-racism is a code-word for anti-white.

Rev. Dr,. Swift said...

Here is one of my personal experiences. Feel free to quote me.


YIH said...

As soon as I saw this, where it had to appear was obvious :)

MuayTyson said...


You beat me to it. I wanted to ask Mr. Evergreen the samething. I would still like for Paul to interview him. Maybe Mr.Evergreen will indulge all us horrible White racists.

Mr. Evergreen,
How would America/the World look with out Africans? Please keep in mind most of us have read the site black invention myths so don't try to say there would be no stop lights.

Now if you will please invision a World of only black people. What would that look like?

Who would be better off, what would be the level of technology?

I am honestly curious what you believe. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The mindless and barbaric brutatlity blacks inflict upon whites in unprovoked attacks does send two messages to whites for anyone who is willing to read the handwriting on the wall. One is they do not regard us as human let alone having feelings or thought, they regard us the way a leopard regards a gazelle. In other words we are nothing but prey. The second message is they are a barbarian race that has no place among whites, except to create death, destruction and mayhem. Segregation is the only way blacks and whites alike can live without conflict between them, what conflict occurs between blacks is of zero concern to me. The more they kill each other, the fewer of them whites will have to kill out of self-defense, be it personally or in defense of our kind.

B. Herder said...

Interesting story/twist/turn...

Back in the day (WAY back in the day)when I lived in the Antelope Valley (So. Cal)...
I used to go way overboard on Halloween. I loved Halloween, and was determined to have the most terrifying house within a 4 block radius. I started out with some cheap/cheesy decorations, but after 10+ years gathered more and more stuff, and the decorations started getting more and more elaborate.
Now, let's just say that, when I first moved into the neighborhood, it was mostly elderly white people. In 6-7 years it changed radically (Mostly because the elderly either moved or died) and soon became a Section 8 Mecca. And we all know what THAT means.
Anyway, because it *used* to be a mostly White neighborhood (In the beginning), the negros used to be carted/shipped in.
It got to the point where Halloween was fun, but the little negros used to tear the lawn up so much, I was seriously considering shutting everything down altogether. Porch light off.
But I didn't do it and in fact ramped it up even MORE (Which I would have never of guessed the results) and an amazing thing happened.
I ramped it up SO much that the little negro kids soon started running and screaming "Da DEBBEL LIVE HERE!!!!"
My wife and I still laugh about it to this day.
Here's the amazing thing .... The little negros were SO terrified (Word spreads quickly no doubt) that they stopped coming to the house AT ALL.
In fact (Much to my joy) the other 364 days of the year, if little negros walked by my house, they would actually steer clear, as in walk to the other side of the street. (Shawntel!! Don' be goin' ober DERE! DA DEBBIL live dere!!!)
Even much more to my joy, was that when some of the other neighbors were targets of minor negro/mexican crime... I went unscathed. (Except for the front yard)..
Thank God that negros .. Of any ilk... Are still terrified of ghosts, dogs, and registered mail.

Anonymous said...

"So, Honest Crusader, what are you planning to do about it besides wag your finger at white people and act like you are morally superior to everyone?"

LOLOL I don't think he's Honest Crusader, but this gave me a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

"If America's Black community is so idiotic"


Rev. Dr,. Swift said...

@B. Herder: Maybe black folks ain't as scared of ghosses as they used to be.


B. Herder said...

@ Swift:
LOL! It looked more like fumes from a smoldering crack pipe to me (Not that I'd personally know, but still ... ;^)

Anonymous said...

Unamusement Park today has twitter posts from REAL black people regarding the Halloween shootings. Gotta see this one...


"At 8:25 pm, “Roll Me Up&SMOKE Me” (who is, shockingly, black) wrote of… well, who the hell knows:

15 Deep ? Wtf [what the fuck]! Thats TOO Many Black People In ONE Group . Somebody Getting Shot !"