Monday, November 21, 2011

Who Needs a "Doctor" when you can Call Dr. Triple A?

Speechless. Really. Speechless. 
Black people don't like small butts. Across the world, Black people believe "miracle" procedures to enhance their god-given gluteus maximus to shockingly embarrassing gargantuan proportions will increase their chances of landing the right guy or break into the hip hop/rap video industry:
The British student who died after jetting to America for an illegal 'butt enhancement' operation thought having a shapelier backside would make her a Hip Hop star. 
Claudia Aderotimi, 20, believed a 'bigger booty' would help in her quest to appear in more music videos, her distraught friends have claimed.
In Newark, where hospitals are no stranger to Black victims of Black assailants who have placed bullets - largely unwarranted - into their body, six women tried to do some dry walling in their posterior:
Six women from the Essex County area who wanted fuller bottoms ended up in hospitals after receiving buttocks-enhancement injections containing the same material contractors use to caulk bathtubs, officials said. 
The women checked into hospitals in the county after their procedures, apparently administered by unlicensed providers, went horribly wrong, state health officials said. The women underwent surgery and were given antibiotics. No arrests have been made
Well, now a Black male - posing as a female - in Miami has had his burgeoning practice of buttocks enhancement shutdown:

A Miami Gardens transgender woman is facing charges of practicing medicine without a license after police say she injected a patient's rear with everything but the kitchen sink in an illegal cosmetic surgery procedure. 
Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested Friday after an investigation by Miami Gardens Police and the Florida Department of Health. 
According to police, the victim saw Morris in May and was injected in her buttocks with a substance consisting of cement, "Fix a Flat," mineral oil and super glue. 
The amateur incision was then sealed with super glue, police said. The victim was later hospitalized with a serious medical condition as a result of the injections.
Somewhere, Alan Bakke is laughing.

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Anonymous said...

The part that gets me is the 'fix-a-flat' - that is so ironically perfect. No butt? Fix-a-flat that junk!

Awesome stuff man, keep it up.

YT said...

Why you hatin' on Dr. Triple A? Its just as good as medical school.

Just like Dr. Dre is a real doctor and Jesse Jackson a real Reverend and Sir Mixalot a real knight.

YT said...

Speaking of Bakke....look what ol' gizzoogle found when I decided to read up on if he's still alive or not.

Seems real real black Doctors performing cosmetic surgery aren't much better. Worse actually....the booty quack didn't kill anyone.

Anonymous said...

I ask the same question when I see people with grillz.."You actually PAID somebody to do that to you?!!!"

Exurban said...

Floriduh! A few years ago there was a spate of news stories about unlicensed people in the Sunshine State doing plastic/cosmetic surgery with industrial products. I believe I remember reading about using industrial silicone for lip enhancements. However, I got the impression that most of those "unlicensed practitioners" were Hispanic and often hairdressers or beauticians of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Those crazy black women getting their backsides enhanced with fix-a-flat and other junk. Har de har har har.

Meanwhile, white women get their faces carved on, skin pulled back and stitched, and/or faces shot full of shark toxins.

The common denominator is vanity.

- the commoner

eh said...

As they say...

You couldn't make this up.

And, obviously, some people deserve whatever happens to them.


Have a look at the video accompanying this story. Brief context (for those unfamiliar with the Joanna Yeates murder case in the UK): after her murderer was convicted (and sentenced to "life", which means anything but in the UK), an officer is reading a statement from the murdered woman's family. A rather serious occasion, no? One would think so. But note the behavior of the Black in the background, on the left, at about 1:40.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, white women get their faces carved on, skin pulled back and stitched, and/or faces shot full of shark toxins.

The common denominator is vanity.
..the differention being those white women pay people who have spent many $K and many K of hours at a MEDICAL SCHOOL!...and they have the procedures done at a HOSPITAL or CLINIC...they almost all realize thats where the PROFESSIONALS are to be found....Kid Clorox

Anonymous said...

The part that gets me is the 'fix-a-flat' - that is so ironically perfect. No butt? Fix-a-flat that junk!

Surprising that no one thought about using that canned expanding foam in a can,that you buy at Home Depot to seal windows.

As a bonus,if floats,so if the recipient of such surgery ever fell in the local river,she'd be easy to find.

W74 said...

Anonymous said: "I ask the same question when I see people with grillz.."You actually PAID somebody to do that to you?!!!""

Yes, they did. And they paid several hundreds of your tax dollars for a gram or two of gold.

Basically blacks, whether it's buying a $600 Playstation only to pawn it a couple months later, and then re-buying a new one, allow themselves to get ripped off.

They have no sense of what things actually cost (when they don't work and have the basics provided for them how could they?) The reason there are urban food deserts is because blacks prefer to pay double at the convenience store. Only the oldest of the old Aunt Jemimas even bother going to Aldi.

Here's a group of people who'd prefer to drive around in Escalades and Denalis with rims and annoying sound systems instead of putting a down payment on a house (or saving the difference every month between a $600 car payment and a $150 one, I've bought all 3 of my cars used and in cash just to avoid this though).

Here's a group of people who will sport what are clearly $400 Nikes but will ask you for change in the parking lot. Having pointed out just a sampling of my own observations above Mr. Anonymous, do Niggers flashing gold teef really surprise you?

It shouldn't.

YIH said...

Could have made this one a # post!
Butt 1000 Ways to die: #877 Caulk Blocked beat you to it.

Anonymous said...

Read about Patrick Chavis, who took Bakke's place in med school. What a disgrace. And cosmetic surgeon, Jan Adams, whose incompetence killed Kanye West's mother. Great article.

Edwood said...

Looks like they were trying to simulate the natural "beauty" of fellow Africans.

Steatopygia: genetic fat accumulation on the posterior of some Africans and yet another biological difference between us.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

This story points out the basic difference between cannibal brains and a human brains.

Being a White man neither trained nor licensed to perform medical procedures, if I were put to the task of enlarging somebody's butt, the first substance that would come to mind would be Synthol or a similar product. It would not occur to me that my garage is overflowing with potential medical supplies.

I believe that even the dumbest trailer trash welfare Cracker would think it's a bad idea to inject Fix-a-flat into any part of any living creature.

This "Doctor" and his/her/its patients provide more proof that Dr. J. Philippe Rushton's findings about cannibal IQ's are completely accurate.

10mm AUTO said...

Two quick observations. One, there is an interesting possibility that sexual attractiveness is hardwired (genetic) in the species. Negroids like large butts just like the Hottentot "Venus" because that is what negroids are programmed to find attractive.

Two, White MSM has been selling the idea that a fat ass on women is unattractive and feeding TV programs filled with negroid females that conform to the attractiveness standard of the Whites! Tall slim negroid females with European features and long silky hair are the standard in a attempt to sell the idea that they are "just like us!". These negresses are to set up to appeal not to blacks, but to Whites! Like blatant homosexuality, a majority of people find fat assed negresses repulsive, let alone if they are loud, angry, dominate, smelly, disease carrying, etc.

The point is that the MSM, in its attempt to show negroid females in the best light, show women who are fundamentally unattractive to negroid men.

I am wandering a bit in this post, but I think you get the idea of where I am going. Not all who wander are Lost.

Anonymous said...

Not only are black people less intelligent and more prone to violence, but as this story shows, their priorities are totally screwed up. How can anyone truthfully claim that black people are a net benefit to society?

Simon Jester said...

I never really thought of this before today but Kim Kardashian has a giant bubble butt, which most black men find attractive but most white men find unattractive; even grotesque. Maybe the reason she dates mostly black guys is because she's decided to go hunting where the ducks are.

Anonymous said...

YT.....Chavis was A cruel, evil, incompetent who did lotsa a search

'To my knowledge, this is the same Patrick Chavis; he has been
reported as the same one in the media, and Lynwood is indeed in
South Central Los Angeles. It seems to me unlikely that there
would be two different Patrick Chavises practicing as obstetricians
in South Central L.A. (I also recognize that the medical license
review process is fallible, but I'm willing to presume that the ALJ
was correct.)'

Anonymous said...

Popular salon owner Danny Vega in Seattle (niggerloving capitol of the USA) attacked and nearly killed by a pack of blacks:

Anonymous said...

Regarding YT's Sir Mix-a-Bit's reference....

``Don't like that big butt, I cannot lie.''

Ben N Indiana said...

When does one cross the line between good grooming and vanity?

I don't know.

But I'm failure certain that a mega booty job fall well beyond the line.

Netzach said...

the commoner,

"Meanwhile, white women get their faces carved on, skin pulled back and stitched, and/or faces shot full of shark toxins.

The common denominator is vanity."

The common denominator between those is vanity, yes. If you look at those who end up in hospital because of their plastic "surgery", you should add some other common denominators as well. "Poor" and "stupid" are two universal ones. Whether the you-know-what is a fourth good denominator, or if it just correlates with those two, who knows. It's pretty much a moot point anyway.

make it rain TRUTH said...


That's the only thing that comes to mind here.

Anonymous said...

"The common denominator is vanity."

Which completely misses the fucking point.

Paying money to an unlicensed, uncertified, unqualified transvestite to perform intrusive surgery involving the injection of toxic chemicals into the human body is FUCKING STUPID.

In fact, it's so FUCKING STUPID that even without pictures, everyone knew immediately that this story involved black people.

That's the point...

Anonymous said...

New Mahogany Mob activity!!

Lily White said...

A Black man practicing "medicine" without a license, enhancing Black women's derrieres with Fix-a-flat. Black women attempting to augment their own rears with caulking. Why all the dangerous fanny enhancements? In order to be more attractive to Black men. The question here that's waiting to be asked: How is this going to be blamed on White America?

SwampThizzle said...

Sheeit! Das uh big ol' ayuss, gnomesayin'. Ah gots ta git me summadat.

Zenster said...

"Does this load of bathtub caulk make my butt look fat … enough?"

But(t) seriously folks, I'm as(s)tonished that nobody has reared up to trace this insanity back to the King of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

Anonymous said...

I remember a SNL skit after this theme.
Saturday Night Live Transcripts
Season 4: Episode 9 (12/16/1978)
The Widettes

Black Misery Beings, the continuing unfunny joke played on the world.
"Unlicensed Butt Injection" sounds like something you'd find on a trucker hat.

Anonymous said...

Edwood wrote: "...Steatopygia: genetic fat accumulation on the posterior of some Africans and yet another biological difference between us..."

My first field training officer was an English major. He would use little-known words in his arrest reports, to see if the sergeants were actually reading them (as opposed to just signing them). In drunk-driving investigations, it is common to ask if the suspect is suffering from any medical conditions that might affect their balance. He wrote "steatopygia was noted" three times before anyone looked the word up.

weißen Polizisten

Artur said...

Good point about the reference to steatopygia (Google it to hear the pronunciation - it's a tough one: STEE-AT-OH-PIJ-EEE-YAH).

Of course an equally important reference is the famous Hottentot Venus, the big-butt South African woman exhibited at freak shows in Europe around 1900, at a time before whitey - at the snickering, insidious behest of da jooz - went beserk with competitive compassionate, and tried to make believe that negroes were human.

From Hottentot's wiki entry, the latter part of her life sounds eerily familiar :

Baartman was sold to a Frenchman, who took her to his country.[10] An animal trainer, Regu, exhibited her under more pressured conditions for fifteen months. French naturalists, among them Georges Cuvier, head keeper of the menagerie at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, visited her. She was the subject of several scientific paintings at the Jardin du Roi, where she was examined in March 1815: as Saint-Hilaire [11] and Frédéric Cuvier, a younger brother of Georges, reported, "she was obliging enough to undress and to allow herself to be painted in the nude." Once her novelty had worn thin with Parisians, she began to drink heavily and support herself with prostitution.[2]



Anonymous said...

"What? WHAT? In the butt?"

to quote my heroButters.

marian said...

Thank god and my white parents I was blessed with a typical white rear,,,, just top-heavy. Never would I disfigure myself like that gal in the pic.
While black males may claim to love giant butts, they still leer at me and women like me. So I guess sir mix a lot was telling a lie.

Anonymous said...

'Fake doctor' with hugely inflated backside 'who used cement and tyre filler' is arrested again after second victim comes forward

Read more: Oneal Ron Morris has another victim come forward

Anonymous said...

News update on Dr. Junkbutt.

More victims reported in "fix-a-flat" cosmestic surgery case:

URL (Reuters):

I guess Fix-a-flat is going to have to include "not to be used in cosmetic butt surgery" in their warning label.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this tranny not being certified to do surgery - I beg to differ. He/she/it was a Fraternal Associate, The American Steatopygia Society (F.A.T.A.S.S.).

Paleface 6

Anonymous said...

You people are so racist. There are plenty of white women getting plastic surgery to look like ethnic women but it looks horrible they look like monsters with their oversized lips butt implants and skin coloring. Its no different and these women are using pros and real doctors spending thousands of dollars. Im a white woman with a large butt and white husband loves it what man would choose a flat boy shaped behind over a big round one. To those misguided women who think white men dont find big butts attractive thats only because they didnt want to hurt your flat feelings

Zenster said...

Anonymous (November 24, 2011 3:35 PM): I guess Fix-a-flat is going to have to include "not to be used in cosmetic butt surgery" in their warning label.

In light of how profit oriented most modern corporations are these days, I would more likely anticipate a "use only as directed by a practicing physician" disclaimer.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 3:15pm
White guys don't like a flat ass or a fast ass. Your husband most likely just loves you enough to lie to you and tells you your ass is not too fat. (unless he just had unusual proclivities). He certainly won't be disappointed if you lost some junk from your trunk. No ill will or hate, just wanted to set it straight. So be kind to the heiny deficient chicks and the insecure and maybe they won't unload on your extra baggage.

Zenster said...

This recommendation for using Fix-a-Flat-Booty™ to remedy your deficient muh dik magnet does not reflect the thoughts of this corporation or any sane person; all rights to butt enlargement reserved; you may distribute your butt freely but you may not make a profit from it; terms are subject to change without assignation; this butt enhancement method has not been safety tested for children under the age of 3; x-rays are slightly enlarged to show detail; intended solely for the private use of your butt; any resemblance to actual butts, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental; do not remove warning from aerosol can under penalty of law; use wet wipes only, dry with low heat; do not bend over, fold, mutilate, or spandex; your butt size may vary; for a limited size only; this butt enlargement is void where prohibited, taxed, or otherwise restricted; caveat butttor; prices may vary in all African nations; message is provided "ass is" without any assurances; reader assumes full responsibility; assessed performance does not predict future results and people can and do lose their ass; an equal opportunity assage; no shoes, no shirt, no assage; booty sizes are limited; if any extra butt cracks are discovered, do not attempt to patch them yourself, but return to an authorized service center; patch at your own risk; parental advisory - explicit diagrams; text may contain explicit images some readers will find objectionable, parental guidance is assvised; keep away from innocent eyes; keep away from prudes and small children; limit one-per-ass please; no smack down; no ass-whupping necessary butt may occur naturally; you need not be asstastic to win; some assembly required; butteries not included; injections are not included; anatomically correct action figures sold separately; no suppositories added; slippery when uncured; safety goggles may be required at all times; sealed for your ass’ protection, do not read if your eyes are burning; call before you inject; not liable for damages arising from unprescribed use or misuse; for posterior use only; if rash, irritation, redness, or swelling develops, discontinue sexual activity;

[to be continued]

Zenster said...

Apply only with proper ventilation; avoid extreme temperatures and sit in a cool dry place; keep butt away from open flames; avoid contact with eyes and skin and avoid inhaling fumes; do not puncture, dilate, or store above 120 degrees Fahrenheit; do not sit near a flammable or magnetic source; smoking your enlarged ass could be hazardous to your health; no salt, MSG, artificial color or flavoring added; if ingested try to avoid vomiting, and if symptoms persist, consult a non-transsexual physician; may cause assiness, alcohol may intensify the desire for this augmentation; use caution when operating panties or dangerous lingerie; possible penalties for early withdrawal; offer valid only at participating sites; slightly higher buttocks west of the Rockies; allow four to six weeks for curing; must be 18 to self-inject; objects in mirror are larger than they appear; disclaimer does not cover misuse, accident, lightning, flood, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricanes and other Acts of Satan, neglect, damage from improper reading, incorrect electroshock voltage, improper or unauthorized crouching, broken thong or marred nylons, missing or altered waistline numbers, electromagnetic radiation from nuclear blasts, sonic boom fart vibrations, customer adjustments that are not covered by proper apparel, and incidents owing to a slip and fall, buns sinking or taking on water, motor vehicle crashing, drooping figure, someone else’s failing rocks, leaky shorts, broken ass, mud slides, shorts on fire, or projectile (which can include, but not be limited to, adult toys, bullets, shot, caps, shrapnel, lasers, flaming KY jelly, torpedoes, or unsightly emissions, knives, kidney or gall stones, etc.); other intestinal obstructions may apply; contest ends 12-31-11; buttocks measured by weight only, contents may redistribute when using mass transit; May cause random outbursts of extreme violence, epileptic seizures, or whatever; actual message may differ from illustration on aerosol can.

Final Notice: Fix-A-Flat-Booty™ is intended only for use with large diameter, Black, treaded, traction related devices. Any similarity, real or imagined, with human anatomical features are the sole responsibility of those whose IQ’s do not permit proper discernment of reality and may result in massive booty enlargement beyond the scope of this product’s intended applications.

Anonymous said...

Its no different and these women are using pros and real doctors spending thousands of dollars.

Going to pros who know what they are doing is completely different.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (November 26, 2011 6:13 AM): Going to pros who know what they are doing is completely different.

Michael Jackson is proof of that.

Anonymous said...

'This is my first and last interview,' Morris told Entertainment Tonight last night.

She claimed on the programme: 'They didn’t catch me doing anything. So they are just allegations. So I’m innocent. I really am innocent or whatever.'

Read more: Accusers are ruining my life says fake doctor

Anonymous said...

I almost threw up with the first picture and me I have a strong stomach. That is just so wrong!

Anonymous said...

"The woman, authorities say, never suspected anything until her abdomen became infected and she saw a real doctor."

Read more: Fake doctor performs liposuction

Saw this an remembered "What? WHAT? In the butt?" lady