Monday, November 14, 2011

The stars. We never just look anymore.

What motivates you? Seriously.

Why do you get out bed in the morning? Why do you floss your teeth? Why do you run that extra mile? Why do you pass on that second serving of dessert? Why do you study harder in high school or college? Why do you strive harder at the office to impress your boss or to impress that potential client? Why do you save that 10 percent of your income each month and put it into a savings account or retirement fund? Why do you tuck your children into bed at night and then go to sleep to do it all again tomorrow?

Seriously. Why do you?

It is my belief that this past week at SBPDL was perhaps the most important in the 2 1/2 history of the site. Takimag, Vdare, and Alternative Right: four articles were published (all by Paul Kersey) at these sites that I have immense respect for and thoroughly enjoy reading. Other sites that offer immense value (View from the Right, Five Feet of Fury) continue to link to the work done here and comment upon it.

While working on a follow-up piece on the NBA lockout article at Taki (the players of the NBA basically sealed this season's fate by saying "F U" to a deal with the owners) I found myself laughing hysterically. To the point that I couldn't finish it and had to write this instead.

I once told a dear friend that "time is the one judge whose verdict we can't supplicate." In life, we get one shot at living; no matter how hard we may hope, we don't get the opportunity to re-order a life already lived. It just doesn't work that way. We make friends; we lose friends. We have hopes; we have dreams, and we work hard to see those come to fruition.

Personally, I believe in work; hard work. It is my hope that people begin to see SBPDL as a reflection of that. Some might call it an obsession and I'd respond as saying that this site is merely an outlet for creativity, a canvass that allows me to articulate certain ideas I have had that day (or prior, but never got around to writing).

But my commitment to SBPDL has spawned three books this year - that wouldn't have come out otherwise - and will lead to four new books within the next six months. One, The Next Man in Hell lays down the philosophy of PK in a story I've been battling around in my head since about 2002.

Laughing at the absurdity of the NBA players deciding not to accept the owners labor offer (and thinking about Jeff Foster's investments maturing), I thought about another project I've been working on: The Wrong Stuff: NASA's Abandonment of our Future in Space (aiming for April 2012).

How many of the NBA's players (past or present) grew up in one of the tax-payer funded Housing Projects that recently profiled? How many of the Housing Projects or government subsidized apartments that have been torn down or will soon be razed are where future NBA 'stars' perfected their cross-over dribble? How many billions, no, trillions upon trillions of dollars have gone into these projects - not to mention attempts to close the racial gap in learning through billion dollar education initiatives - that will only be abandoned and ultimately torn down?

I wrote the words we could have been on Mars, but we had to pay for Black-Run America (BRA) not long ago, and each time I travel to a major city where real climate change has reduced it to a Detroit-in-the-making, I cast my eyes into the sky and smile; that's what motivates me.

So I ask now for people to send in stories of housing projects in your city, where millions upon millions have been 'invested' with absolute no return on said investment. Or provide the link and an anecdote below in the comment section.

Tomorrow, a # post will be up earlier in the morning. Each day this week, another # post will follow.

It's a melancholy thought to continually dwell in the what could have been; one shouldn't live their life that way. Remember: each moment that passes is one we will never get back.

This wasn't your typical SBPDL post, but one that needed to be written. It's important to always set and strive to attain goals, ultimately surpassing them. It's important to always remember what motivates us.


Ben N Indiana said...


I think your success is due to:

• Your ability to churn out volumes of quality reading material. Few have that talent.

• You stay on topic.

Like others, I'm put off by the many sports references, but that's a small glitch worth looking over. Besides, other readers may find the sports references helpful.

• You also have a gift for fresh, logical perspectives.

The first article I read (months ago) noted that safety-net welfare programs actually worked in White areas (New England).

Anonymous said...

How can we look to the stars when we're constantly looking over our shoulders for rampaging blacks?

Blacks ... dead weight we should have jettisoned a long, long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Toot your own horn much?

W74 said...

Thanks Paul.

Still mapping the Decay. Wish I had my camera when I drove through these areas in braver days. Look around.

Also, rampant niggertude produced this: Empire. Take a look on the other side of the street.

David said...

Awesome stuff, Paul. I can't wait to read The Next Man in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Dear PK,

You listen to that song and your mind is taken to a peaceful place and you don't have to think about your Mother who sits on the Vandalia, Ohio city council and has overseen the tearing down of the "projects" in Dayton, Ohio and the influx of families of blacks into a city with 96% whites and all the crime. Now your making your grand-daughter go to Demmitt Elementary which has an overweight black dude in charge of 41 white woman and 2 white dudes and nobody sees the farce in this. I have divorced and moved to San Diego and have been screaming and yelling to put my daughter in private school and everyone is fighting me. I'm successful, combat veteran, etc. and her mother is white and grew up in Detroit who's parents still live on 13 mile with burnt down houses around them. I wish you knew my story and the whites that are getting taken in by "black love" back in Dayton, Ohio.

danaigh said...

Being a SciFi fan your title caught my attention. NASA, was once our cultures paradigm of 'vision'. However now we witness the following:

* No manned trips to the moon in 40 yrs.

* No replacement for the shuttle? (Mission control? Hello? Anybody there?)

* A dull repeat of Voyager mission (did that in the 70's already)

* Goals set by DWLs, e.g. minority out-reach, Star Trek crew criteria.

* No unifying future plans, instead an anti-future nutcake admin (Hansen)

* No Moonbase. No plans for a manned trip to Mars.

Steve Jobs had more vision and results. And his creations aren't even manufactured in the U.S.
But Russia can do the 'heavy lifting' now. No embarrassment there!

The list could be extended but there is simply no 'us' anymore. Or the 'us' are in history's back seat just watching. Depressing.

Dissident said...


Your hard work is obvious, it shows in your insightful writing and certainly by the sheer numbers of articles that you publish. Honestly, I don't know how you do it?

Are you a journalist by trade, you certainly have a knack for writing.

Rev. Dr. Swift said...

Seriously, PK, dont you flashy thingy me!

Anonymous said...

You are a racist bastard and I hope you die in a fire.

Anonymous said...

"You are a racist bastard and I hope you die in a fire."

LOL Racist-racist-racist...

Negroes always say the same old tired shit, over and over and over...


Anonymous said...

PK, you're an inspiration. As a 46 yo Xer, I had thought my generation would be the last to relate to the values of a passing age. You have rooted about in our collective memory, found them, dusted them off and put them right back on the mantle where they belong.

We WILL restore our inheritance. You have made be believe again. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:52 a.m.:

Be careful what you wish for, it might just reflect back on you -- in ways your feeble mind can't conceive of.

P.S.: Just curious, are you one of the ones who say we need more ``civility'' in our lives?

Zenster said...

How many of the NBA's players (past or present) grew up in one of the tax-payer funded Housing Projects that recently profiled? How many of the Housing Projects or government subsidized apartments that have been torn down or will soon be razed are where future NBA 'stars' perfected their cross-over dribble? How many billions, no, trillions upon trillions of dollars have gone into these projects - not to mention attempts to close the racial gap in learning through billion dollar education initiatives - that will only be abandoned and ultimately torn down?


I wrote the words we could have been on Mars, but we had to pay for Black-Run America (BRA)…

America's abandonment of space is, perhaps, its greatest dereliction of national duty. Long ago there should have been established a lunar base with a complete genetic catalog of earth's various lifeforms. As Heinlein noted, we have all of our eggs in this one little blue-green basket.

Even more heinous is Obama's recent insistence that NASA make "reaching out to the Muslim world" one of the space agency's top priorities."

Blacks and Muslims represent two of the most profound drags upon Western civilization. Neither culture has demonstrated anything remotely approaching the technological mastery that would merit giving them much more than the time of day.

Yet, Obama is allowed to get away with making such a ridiculous pronouncement without it being shown the scorn and derision it so richly deserves. Whenever I think of Blacks or Muslims being placed at the helm of a starship, the next image which springs to mind is that craft plunging into the heart of the nearest star.

A troop of baboons would most likely enjoy equal odds under such circumstances.

Zenster said...

Does anyone want to bet that even one of the negative comments here was posted by somebody capable of constructing and maintaining a functional, topical website?


Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous making death wishes to Mr. Kersey, your a dude that beats up woman and screams at animals. Stay anonymous for your sake, please.

Anonymous said...

"You are a racist bastard and I hope you die in a fire."

Fire is unfortunately also racist, and deaths to accidents involving it are disproportionately black.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work. People are waking up.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work. People are waking up.

maidmarian said...

@zenster: yeah, I read the ayatollah khomeani's (sp?) book a few years ago & one of his gripes was the US spending so much money on NASA. His assertion was that it is wrong to worry about space travel while there are still starving people in the world. In other words, we had our priorities screwed up. I don't know that other Muslims feel the same, but if so, it is weird Obama would want to include them.
& to PK: I'm glad you do what you do here everyday.

Anonymous said...

He hopes Paul dies in a fire? Kind of specific, no? I mean, WTF?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:52: Cool down, pyro-boy. Seems to me that you just can't handle stark truths that are being plainly spoken in this blog. This site is hugely important as a bastion of honest societal dialogue.
"Facts is facts..." and the fact IS that America's Negro population exerts a a hugely detrimental effect on American society.
Period. Paragraph.

Anonymous said...

The followers of Al-il-Yah tribal moon god of islam would rather have the earth to themselves entirely, yes for those who are slaves to this paradigm i say to pork with you. I agree that pyro dweeb needs to chill out, i'm sorry that i don't have the wit and gift with prose others like 10MM, Dissident and Zenster do.

Pvt keeping an eye on things.

Anonymous said...


I know your story and live it every day, the only difference is that I live it on the opposite side of Dayton, 15 or so miles south of Vandalia in the West Carrollton area.

The short of it for those not in the know is that the Feds(HUD), Montgomery County and the DMHA(Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority) all combined to screw over as many white homeowners and ruin as many beautiful white neighborhoods as possible.

The county rebuilt part of I-75 through downtown that was know as malfunction junction, they used this rebuild as cover to relocate 2 gigantic Fed housing projects that were 100% black and happened to be some of the most dangerous areas fora white person in the entire Midwest.

The ass clown anti white racist who runs the DMHA managed to, using Sec 8 transport these 700 to 1,000 ghetto thugs into all of the white Utopias that surrounded Dayton, but were still stuck in Montgomery County. they purchased, via FED money, entire apartment complexes and as many foreclosures as possible in the nicest white neighborhoods.

The whole county is a soon to be mini version of Detroit, I don't know much about the north suburbs but the Southern areas, West Carrollton, Miamisburg and Moraine are being overrun by hardcore hood rats, the school systems are now starting to show the signs of the multi cultural invasion.

Thankfully the normal white people can move farther out to the farming counties both North and South, those of us in the south are blessed to be able to move, if you can sell, into Warren county which is one of he top 5 wealthies, whitest and most conservative counties in the country, they told Obama to shove his stimulus money up his ass, therefore little to any fed money or action in Warren county Ohio, a future whitetopia for sure.

I could rage on about the black leadership of Dayton proper and how the black drunk, lesbian cross eyed mayor and her 26 year old black boy toy city manager somehow managed to run a half dozen fortune 1000 companies out of not just Dayton but the entire state, among them are IAMS, NCR, Delphi, Reynolds & Reynolds, I could rant on for days.

Dayton Ohio is a text book example of the failures of black run government and school systems.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:45: Good post. YOu said: "...and the fact IS that America's Negro population exerts a hugely detrimental effect on American society."

Truer words were never spoken.

Anonymous said...

@ Zenster: You said... "Blacks and Muslims representtwo of the most profound drags upon Western civilization."


Zenster said...

Pvt keeping an eye on things: The followers of Al-il-Yah tribal moon god of islam would rather have the earth to themselves entirely…

You are more right than you probably know.

There are certain full-goose-Bozo Islamic loons who would rather see every last man, woman and child scoured from the face of this earth ― with Muslims in their paradise and the kuf'r (that's us Infidels), burning in hell ― than share this planet with even a single unbeliever.

And we're not supposed to be worried about a bunch of world-class wingnuts like the Iranians getting a hold of nuclear weapons? Yeah, sure.

Joe said...

The City of Troy, NY (across the Hudson River and a bit north of the state capitol, Albany) is known as "The Home of Uncle Sam", because the original Uncle Sam, Sam Wilson, lived there (and is buried there, in Oakwood Cemetery).

In the mid-1960s, the City of Troy, in its infinite wisdom, decided to demolish several square blocks of historic homes (including 144 Ferry Street, where Sam Wilson and his family lived) to make room for a low-income housing project known as the Ahern Apartments.

The Ahern Apartments quickly became one of the most dangerous places in the Capitol District, and by 1989, the rampant crime and continual vandalism indulged in by the residents caused the Troy Housing Authority to close the project and abandon the property.

The four high-rise buildings (they were 12 or 13 stories tall, if memory serves) that used to be the project sat there, a boarded-up eyesore, until they were eventually demolished in 2000.

To this day, that 2.3 acre site sits vacant (although I hear that plans are under way to "revitalize" that neighborhood. Good luck with that).

Uncle Sam's home would have been over 200 years old by now if they'd left it alone...

B. Herder said...

You do what you do - We do what we do, basically for one thing. (In a moment..)
Being as I'm an 'old guy'(56 next month) and you're still a young 20-something, unmarried, childless guy (So I assume from your writings, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)
When you're your age and have no real anchors, you can do pretty much (Within reason of course) whatever you want.
Once you get married, that's a whole `nother story.. And once you have *kids* the whole game plan gets turned upside-down.

You do what every loving responsible parent (Exceptions for retards of course)does. You do it for your kids. You do it for the neighbors kids and you do it for societies kids. (This, what should be a natural inbred DNA response to Life In General, is being destroyed by BRA however)

Now, I'm NOT one of these libtards who invent/enforce every nonsensical rule/law in the world because 'IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!!', but once you're a parent, you know what's idiotic and what makes sense..

I give you gigantic kudos for doing what you do, on the large 'societies kids' scale. You're way ahead of pace, and this is a very positive thing. Your sights are true, you have a goal, and maybe most importantly, you have the passion to try and make it happen.

This is why we do what we do, so that hopefully our kids will someday live in a much better world, do better than 'we' did, and have a much better life in general.

The stars are still there.. In the sky, true, but more importantly what lies in that little bundle you bring home from the hospital.

You'll see, although I think you already know...

Your going to make/be an awesome dad some day.;^)

The Fighting Whitey said...

"we could have been on Mars, but we had to pay for Black-Run America (BRA)"

I am old enough to remember the end of the Apollo program, and the explicit argument at the time that it was morally wrong to spend money on space exploration when we had so many poor (meaning black) people in need.

The greatest technological achievement any nation had ever accomplished was abandoned in favor of increased welfare benefits for the underclass.

We all know how that turned out.

AnalogMan said...

Zenster: Long ago there should have been established a lunar base with a complete genetic catalog of earth's various lifeforms.

This is an urgent project that needs to be done. Not on the moon.

I read this week that the black rhino is now extinct in the wild. It should never have happened. Africa has a huge diversity of wildlife, and we gave the Babuntu sole custody of it all. Africans are breeding like flies, and being kept alive by misguided Whites who give them free food. When that charity dries up, or fails to keep up with their frenzied breeding, they will kill and eat everything that lives in Africa - ultimately including each other.

We should be freezing egg and sperm samples of all major species (excepting the Babuntu, of course) with a view to repopulating the earth after the dust settles and humans return.

W74 said...

You're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

On one end of the spectrum we're paying a lot of money to house niggers in projects (at no cost to them) but on the other end....if you tear those projects down....where do they go?

Oh that's right, the HUD with just pay for them to life right next door (at no cost to the sheeboons with multiple nigglets and interchangable nigger thug babby daddies they invite over) to us, in good white neighborhoods.

How long is it going to be before we start burning crosses? I hope the areas you live in doesn't ban Old Glory because as far as I can tell a neighborhood full of confederate flags is about the best way to convince niggers to take their nigger crime elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Giving you a break as another published blog sits on top of this one.

Oh FU, FU, Paul Kersey. You know when I found your blog, that name stuck in the back of my mind. Paul Kersey, Charles Bronson, 1974, Death Wish. And why don't you, while you're at it, tell your readership that it's Jewish riffraff lead by Jeff Goldblum that pushed old Paul over the edge, killing sweet wife, Hope Lange and rendering dear DIL...

Anyway, some of you younger generation, you're just itching to go back to the early 1970's, Dirty Harry and all...yes it's the black's causing all this societal discourse. Koch bros good, living in harmony, impossible. Living in Ohio, I see the distinction, NE, broken down Negro hoods, SW, just as poor, but... stars and bars being flown proudly.

Hate to break it to you, but some whites I grew up with in my segregated, all white, school district, were just as dumb as your archtypical inner city Negroes. Are you in favor of segregating intellectually? Not that far a step toward eugenics.

Zenster said...

W74: On one end of the spectrum we're paying a lot of money to house niggers in projects (at no cost to them) but on the other end....if you tear those projects down....where do they go?

They go to the other "housing project", otherwise known as prison. Most disgusting of all is that male Black inmates enjoy longer life expectancies than their free-range counterparts.

Even more obscene is that we allow these predominantly violent Black felons conjugal visits thus ensuring that their counterproductive and dysfunctional genetic lines can be propagated, most often at the taxpayer's expense, through yet one more thug-child welfare recipient.

Permitting these cretins to breed, even while they are incarcerated, is suicidal madness writ large.

Finally, having dispensed with the "projects" ― and their useful corraling of Black miscreants ― our budding social engineers have determined that it is best for these parasites to be forcibly comingled into functional White enclaves via Section 8 Housing.

Whoever came up with this modern day equivalent of "block busting" needs to be dragged through thumbtacks and dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Nine-of-Diamonds said...

"Koch bros good, living in harmony, impossible."

When you finish picking the dirt out of your teeth, please consider:

It wasn't the Koch Bros who stole one of my family's vehicles to pay for a drug-fueled binge in the city.

It wasn't one of the Koch Bros whom I saw several weeks ago assaulting another motorist in a road rage incident.

It wasn't a Koch Brother who persistently stole from a family business to the point where it was unprofitable.

All these "people" had one thing in common but I won't mention it because pattern recognition is not allowed in this day & age. Instead, feel free to bask in the "I iz nice to Knee Grows" moral superiority that your kind seems to covet so much. At least, that is, until the day one of your simian pets takes a bullet or a baseball bat to you.

Anonymous said...

Failures in the most affluent black suburb...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the last link. You asked about example of urban failures. Here are two:

BTW - Love your site. I began studying black American while still in HS. Genetics, intellect and behaviors primarily; with the corresponding high crime rates as a backstop.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@8:29 and Anonymous@ 5:52,
Wish I could say I was surprised by so many Daytonians here, I hail from Greene county which thanks to the ghetto tear down is also in a rapid state of decay. Fairborn used to be a nice bedroom community of blue collar and base employees but section 8 moved the black undertow into Fairborn. The parks are unsafe and a few are deserted, no more community pool- I saw they bulldozed it and filled it in over the summer. Same story with Xenia, I drove through recently and nothing but a sea of decay and blackness. Yellow Springs is fairing no better, gang and drug activity is way up. Shouldn't be a surprise since Springfield is right up the street not to mention the infestation of DWL's. I saw some more young white men were murdered in John Bryon state park. Of course no suspects like the last 8 murders that no one reported on. Pretty sad day when retired county sheriffs tell you (off the record of course) to get out out of the springs while you can because gang activity is up and so is unsolved murders.

Clark county isn't fairing any better either. When they bought up all those section 8 homes in Springfield for Mercy's expansion they fled to New Carlisle and Medway. Sad, homes on my old street which were nice less than 5 years ago are selling for sub 30k and are habitable. I heard the cancer was spreading to Tipp City as well and from the last time I went to the Strawberry festival i would judge that the assumption is correct.

As for West Carrolton I noticed an uptick in HUD homes for sale about 2 years ago, seems they are snatching up foreclosures to move in that "diversity". You know part of me is really wondering if this whole housing fiasco wasn't at least partially engineered as a massive low cost block busting effort. Seems funny that areas which were way too nice for blacks to ever hope of living in got hit so hard and HUD swooped in so fast to "move them on up". I am trying to find a home but so far it seems everything within an hour of Dayton, Cincy or Columbus is a fetid hole or rapidly becoming one.

As if this wasn't enough Dayton has decided to become a sanctuary city. Thats gonna be real fun real quick

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful beach in the world is located in Biloxi, Mississippi on The Gulf Coast where I
was born. Yet people hate Mississippi why? Something to do with slavery, civil
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Did I forget anything??? There are many beaches more beautiful.
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