Monday, January 30, 2012

Cast Liam Neeson in the 'Death Wish' remake; Set it in Philadelphia

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I'll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day

Set the remake in Philadelphia... instantly, you print money
The above poem is an integral plot point from one of those rare glimpses into what cinema could be, the type of entertainment Hollywood could provide  in every movie. Director Joe Carnahan's The Grey is a movie experience representing a momentary reprieve from... this world. It's spiritual in way that no church or religion could hope to provide now, speaking directly to the souls of those watching who know something is dreadfully wrong with modern society.

We live in a world with  not only a spiritual void, but one strangely devoid of purpose save the never-ending pursuit of lifting every Black voice so that it can sing (in essence, what Black-Run America is). Maybe this is why Liam Neeson, the star of The Grey, found the spirituality in Constantinople so overwhelming. Not to give away the plot of The Grey, but it tragically mirrors one aspect of Neeson's private life. When you have a tragedy befall you, it's only natural to question your faith. For many, this experience will only strengthen it.

So what's The Grey about?:
Devastated by the loss of his wife, Ottway [Neeson's character] has seemingly lost the will to live, until he and a half-dozen fellow workers survive a deadly plane crash in the wilderness. He and his stranded cohorts put up a fierce fight for survival against prowling wolves, dangerous cold and rugged terrain.
In some way, I believe that Neeson's involvement with The Grey was a catharsis. After the 2009 death of his wife, one can only guess to the spiritual journey the devout Roman Catholic took. But rest assured, to any SBPDL reader who goes to the movie theater and watches The Grey, know that the final scene was the finest representation of the philosophy behind this site.

Knowing this, you'll understand why we must now start a petition to have Liam Neeson cast in the remake of the Charles Bronson Death Wish film. Coincidentally, Carnahan will be directing.

And there is only one American city worthy of being the home to a 21st century remake of the gritty 1970s classic: Killadelphia Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, where Black violence is spiraling out of control, is the only city where Death Wish could logically be set in right now. It might sound outlandish, but a movie with this script could conceivably be made, knowing that Hollywood executives do care about turning a profit (just ask George Lucas what they thought of funding his Red Tails project).

Death Wish is ostensibly a right-wing story, but it's more than that; it's about challenging the state monopoly on violence when that same state sits back and does nothing to keep the law-abiding citizens safe. When that same state actively covers up for the actions of a criminal class, because covering the reality of crime would instantly undermine the very society that has been built (BRA) in the first place. 

Death Wish was a huge hit back in the 1970s, when white paranoia toward 'inner-city crime' was rising around the nation (it was made only a few years after the Black riots tore apart city after city nationwide). Guess what's happening now? That paranoia is well-founded:

IN A HORRIFIC assault in Center City on Saturday night, three teenagers who were spouting racial slurs pulled a man out of a cab to beat him. And when the cabdriver intervened to stop the assault, the teens turned their rage on him, police said yesterday.
About 8:25 p.m., a cab was stopped at a red light at 15th and Chestnut streets when two 17-year-old boys and a 15-year-old boy approached and started calling the male passenger in the back seat racially derogatory names, police said.
The boys then threw an unknown liquid at the cab before they opened the door, pulled the passenger out and started to pummel him, police said.
When the cabbie got out of the car to see what was going on, the passenger ran away and the teens turned on the cabbie. They punched him in the face, kicked him and threw a liquid on him, police said.
Despite being outnumbered, the cabbie grabbed a tire iron from his trunk, at which time the teens ran away. The driver flagged down a police officer, and the three boys were arrested. They were charged as juveniles with aggravated assault and related offenses.
The cabbie suffered an injury to his right eye and had abdominal and side pain, police said. The passenger remains unidentified.
Police said the three teens were black and the cabbie and passenger were white. Police did not immediately know whether the teens would or could face hate-crime charges.
According to police records, the cabbie worked for Liberty Taxi Co., but a dispatcher working there yesterday was surprised none of the drivers he'd spoken with were aware of the assault. Police declined to provide the name of the driver, so the dispatcher could not confirm whether he was an employee.
"This would be something that would be big news," the dispatcher said. "It would have been a highly charged moment that drivers would be talking about."
This type of thuggery (more to the point, Black-on-white violence) in Philadelphia - not to mention Black-on-Black violence - is all too common today. Freedom failed in The City of Brotherly Love

Cast Neeson as Paul Kersey. He's made a number of movies lately that Charles Bronson would have loved to starred in, and a Death Wish remake with Patrick Swazye's co-star from Next of Kin is what this world needs right now.

Regardless of what happens, The Grey is a cinematic masterpiece. The message of the movie is clear: never mind the odds, survive. Keep going. Live.


In nature, that's the only way to Exist.


So CAL Snowman said...

Shhh Don't tell Zenster or PK that Liam Neeson is considering converting to Islam! Probably just Hollywood rumorville bullshit.....


Ivan Shatov said...

Paul, despite the message of fighting to the end regardless of the odds, I'm not sure this movie depicts the sort of outcome we would hope for! The ending was too nihilistic for me. Too utterly hopeless, negating what I regarded as an ancillary theme, namely, fighting to the end.

DCThrowback said...

Just saw Taken last night. Incredible movie. The A-Team, well...we all mistakes, even the great Neeson.

To see a lighter (cooler!) side of Mr. Neeson, check out his this 4 minute clip from the hilarious "Graham Norton Show", where Neeson makes his first (!) fan's dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Ican't be the only one unable to keep up with this site lately, can I?

Excellent Paul.

Anonymous said...

The Road was a stunner.

I actually cried reading it. Flim did not quite carry the power of Cormac McCarthy's wordsmithing.

Anonymous said...

New Campaign Brings Backlash to Duluth Mayor

January 30, 2012 Updated Jan 30, 2012 at 6:58 PM CST

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - Last Thursday a new campaign rolled out in Duluth, hoping to battle racism on all levels.

That campaign has sparked a backlash, including messages sent to the Mayor of Duluth.

"I've been getting really threatening and ugly emails from all over the world," said Duluth Mayor Don Ness.

Those messages, says Mayor Ness, have come from White Supremacist groups.

One of the sites we tracked down actually called upon people to contact Mayor Ness, voicing their discontent with his support of the Un-Fair Campaign; even telling them exactly how they can reach the Mayor.

Mayor Ness says he feels the message of the campaign may be misunderstood by some.

"They think this is calling every white person racist and it doesn't it says racism exists, it's a problem in our nation and in our community and that white people have a role in being part of the solution," said Mayor Ness.

In a recent Northland Voices program, organizers of the campaign say they anticipated the edgy campaign could create backlash, but that it was an issue too important not to address head on.

"We have been socialized to not see the privilege in the system for us and until we can see it and understand it...we are not saying most people are conscious of this. In fact it stays the way it is because people are unconscious and we really want to raise this consciousness," said Sheryl Bowman with the Duluth Human Rights Commission.

As for Mayor Ness, he says he stands strong in his support for the campaign, hoping it opens up more doors for people of all races to take a stand against racism in all forms.

"It can be intimidating but you can't let yourself be intimidated by it otherwise it just encourages that type of behavior," said Mayor Ness.

Written for the web by Elayne Crecelius

Californian said...

Don't forget, Liam is also a Jedi...

Anonymous said...

Dangerously low on gas, I wheeled my SUV into a station in SE Atlanta. Barely shut the engine off when some nig holding a forty oz in one hand, with the other in his pants came toward me at a fast trot. Needless to say, I grabbed my own 40. (Glock) and shoved it down the front of my pants and headed to the pump. The other fellow must have forgotten what he wanted because he turned around and left the station. Be Armed My Friends - know how to use it, and above all, look like you are the baddest one there. I got lost in baghdad once, acted like I knew what I was doing. It worked there, it works here. Do it.

Tom said...

You should read the article written by the White passenger of the taxi. He is a pathetic weasel of a young journalist, who diverts responsibility from the Black mob to the bystanders. It is very reminiscent of Emily Guendelsberger, who had her leg broken by a Black mob in Philadelphia.

R Neville said...

The young DWL victim reminds me so much of the white hipsters in our neighborhood.
When blacks commit crimes they are oddly quiet on our neighborhood message boards. The only help they rarely offer is to create victim help communities, or ask some of the local leaders to address the prison-err, local highschool.
One young DWL did try to start a neighborhood watch and have patrols. I found in amusing in that to patrol, you had to sign a non-aggression clause.
If a dog or cat is lost, a push for healthy groceries, or a new restaurant that serves organic mungbean paste is on our message boards, these idiots come out of the woodwork. Threads such as these might have over 20 comments.
These DWLs willingly give their all to blacks. Social Darwinism at its best.

Anonymous said...

Read "The Love of Life" by Jack London for a more powerful study of the will to persevere. It has wolves too, but is a far superior narrative. I consider it the uplifting counterpart to London's "To Start a Fire", a story whose philosophy mirror's "The Grey".

They don't make 'em like London any more.

Don M said...

I wonder if Obama's re-immaculation campaign is at all worried about another summer of mahogany mobs souring the white electorate on him.

Probably he is too far removed from the plight of the average person to even realize there's an issue or, he just believes he can cobble together enough blacks, browns, and DWLs that it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Obomination is counting on looking cooler than Mittens. The media will assist.

Stephen said...

Just in time for Blame Whitey Month, we have the Tale of the Racist Airline Passenger that just went viral over Facebook.

Whiskey said...

Well, my blog is back up. For now. Dunno what happened.

I'm starting a new one with old comments/posts at:

complaints? Maybe malware somehow on my blog? I dunno.

For those who want to transfer, you can backup your blog and export it to an XML file which Wordpress can read (including comments). Dunno about picture links and such.

As for Neeson, he's long been an action guy. His Darkman was superb.

Anonymous said...

Duluth - 89.9% white. What is it about these liberal "progressive" whites in their whitopias that makes them so suicidal? Naïveté.

Anti-Racism Campaign Draws Mixed Reactions

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 9:46pm

Dana Thayer and photojournalist Nathaniel LeCapitaine, FOX 21 News

DULUTH - The "Un-fair" Campaign is now underway; attempting to fight against racism with billboards and posters around the city.

Duluth Mayor Don Ness is endorsing the campaign and says he knew the way the message is told would generate some reaction.

"Yes, it is kind of bringing forward this issue in a way that may make people uncomfortable, but the goal is not simply to place blame," Ness said.

But not all people agree the campaign is blame–free; as it shows the faces of people with white skin, detailing what advantages they may have because of it.

"I think it's the wrong way," Melissa Wharton said. "I mean, right away because we're white we're racist?"

"You're having people think that because you're white you dont know anything about racism," Michael Wharton said.

"It's about time this happened honestly," one man said.

"It does not get talked about, Khadeja Smith said.

"And maybe this will start making people talking about it more and make more jobs for us, more opportunities for us you know?" Amber Fountain said.

Ness says he hopes the campaign starts a discussion that could eventually bring the 90–percent of caucasians in the city to understand a bit more about the 10 percent.

"When race becomes a problem for anyone in our community, it's our problem 38 and we have a role in addressing it," Ness said.

More information about the campaign can be found at

Harry Baldwin said...

PK, I'm sorry I can't share your enthusiasm for "The Grey." I went in thinking the story was about the crash of a plane load of oil riggers in Alaska, the survivors being stalked by wolves, and Neeson competently leading the group's resistance. What bothered me was the number of terrible decisions Neeson made, starting with leaving the site of the wreck, the debris from which could easily have been fashioned into wolf-proof shelter.

I don't know if the writer just didn't care that much about telling a good survival story, and maybe that wasn't his point. It reminded me of that show "I Shouldn't Be Alive," where survivors explain how they managed to survive a desperate situation despite doing a series of dumb things.

When I see a heist movie like "Heat" or "The Town," I want the heists to be well thought-out, as they were in those films. When I see a movie about elite operatives performing a special mission, I want them to look like they know what they're doing. When I see a survival movie, I want the hero to come up with some good strategies.

BTW, Neeson was fantastic in "Taken" and "Rob Roy."

Also, Neeson isn't seriously talking about becoming a Muslim. That was an off-hand remark, if you read it in context.

Anonymous said...

The unfair campaign is much needed and long overdue

It is about time that we as white people started addressing our white privilege

Californian said...

Are there some deeper sociobiological factors at work here? Consider:

These DWLs willingly give their all to blacks. Social Darwinism at its best.

DWLs act like a conquered people. They willingly supplicate before anyone who shows more willingness to commit acts of violence than themselves, at least when those people are from designated "victim" groups. And it is not simply blacks who get DWL obeisance. One has to wonder if the inability of DWLs to deal with Islam -- especially in countries such as Sweden -- is the age old issue of the omegas bowing before the alpha dogs.

We might add to this the overly feminized nature of DWLs, with its feminist ideology and sensitive guys. Perhaps it is programmed within DWLs to subordinate themselves to the higher status (in terms of willingness to do violence) groups?

Certainly, the history of the world is one of small violent groups conquering much larger but more passive populations. And that conquest would not be possible were it not for the obeisance of the conquered.

This is why the term "BRA" really hits the nail on the proverbial head. Underneath the flowery rhetoric, DWLs do see blacks as the dominant group in the feeding chain. The thing is, they are dragging down the rest of Western Civilization.

Zenster said...

And there is only one American city worthy of being the home to a 21st century remake of the gritty 1970s classic: Philadelphia.

Good luck with that unless you're willing to see White criminals portrayed in the majority. There is no way in Hell any director would commit career suicide and accurately show how much of that city's crime is due to Blacks.

Plus a White guy running around offing Black thugs would be just plain too "inspirational" for the Ratings Panel to accept, much less American DWLs.

Zenster said...

So CAL Snowman: Shhh Don't tell Zenster or PK that Liam Neeson is considering converting to Islam! Probably just Hollywood rumorville bullshit.....

It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Clearly, Neeson does not take his Catholicism seriously or else he would realize what a stupid f&@k he comes across as by even talking about converting to a barbaric death cult like Islam.

I doubt that he even realizes that any Muslim on the street could off him if he converted back to the Roman Catholic church after becoming as Muslim.

This is just one more Liberal Hollywood type playing "cafeteria" with faith and so-called spirituality.

Anonymous said...

The Revolutionary State is sowing the seeds of its own destruction.

The Revolutionary State does nothing to keep law-abiding citizens safe.

The Revolutionary State actively covers up the actions of a criminal class.


Because acknowledging the reality of crime and the identity of the criminal class
would instantly reveal the bankrupt philosophy underlying the Revolutionary State
( = that "all men are equal" )

and thus undermine its legitimacy as the Revolutionary State.


as time passes, and as more law-abiding citizens become victims of the criminal class,
the law-abiding citizens of the Revolutionary State will begin to challenge the State monopoly on violence,

take self-defense into their own hands,

and openly identify the criminal class.

The result will be State oppression of law-abiding citizens.

This is where we are today.

As the law-abiding citizens become more and more oppressed by the Revolutionary State, the less and less loyal to the Revolutionary State they will become.

As the law-abiding citizens become more and more the prey of the protected criminal class, the less and less they will perceive they have to lose by open rebellion against the Revolutionary State.

When a substantial percentage of the law-abiding citizens are no longer loyal to the Revolutionary State,


when a substantial percentage of the law-abiding citizens feel they have nothing left to lose by defying the Revolutionary State,

open rebellion becomes inevitable.

This is where we are headed.

When the law-abiding openly defy the Revolutionary State,
the military forces of the Revolutionary State will be ordered to put down the rebellion à la mode Tienanmen.
in order to protect the Revolutionary oligarchy.

At this point, the commanders of the Revolutionary State's military forces
will be forced to choose between

their sworn duty to defend the Revolutionary State -- that is, the Revolutionary oligarchy,

and their moral duty to defend the integrity of the Nation -- that is, their fellow citizens.

If they side with the Revolutionary oligarchy, the result will be the institutionalization of the Revolutionary State,
the liquidation of the rebels,
and the destruction of the Nation: Russia, 1917-1991.

If they side with the Nation, the result will be the rebirth of the Integral State,
the liquidation of the criminal class,
and the end of the Revolutionary State: Spain 1939-1975.

The Army always has the last word.

if the armed forces are themselves divided?

The army of the Revolutionary State will battle the army of the Nation
and the body politic will disintegrate
into chaos and bloody civil war.

This is where we will end up.

Anonymous said...

'R Neville said...

The young DWL victim reminds me so much of the white hipsters in our neighborhood'
Ive been reading here a few months...WHERE ARE YOU???

Anonymous said...

'I wonder if Obama's re-immaculation campaign is at all worried about another summer of mahogany mobs souring the white electorate on him'
I do not say this happily...
50% of black males are jobless...
really sad.
and idle hand are the devils.

Zenster said...

That moron Democrat Mayor Ness bears responsibility for any increase in attacks or assaults upon Whites. Way to go, you moron! Perpetuate the myth of White privilege and give minorities an undue sense of justification for committing even more hate crimes against Whites.

Wouldn't it be ironic if one of their little pet Somalians managed to wreak a little mayhem and havoc in Ness' life?

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to visit Duluth MN Mayor Don Ness' Facebook page!

While there, why not leave some polite "hate facts" in the comments?

Anonymous said...

"the goal is not simply to place blame," Ness said."

According to the rules of logic and semantics, what this means is that one of the goals IS to place blame.

Anonymous said...

From the previous post you posted a link to:

"Maybe the upside," she said, "is that people who didn't have opportunities to live in decent housing or walkable communities have those opportunities now."

The city is being torn apart by violence and she thinks "walkable communities" will somehow solve it? Is she insane? Surely there are more pressing matters in Philadelphia than catering to such politically correct rot.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this made it up here on SBPDL:

‘Knockout game’ victim confronted again by attackers

Posted on January 16, 2012 at 5:04 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 17 at 12:01 AM

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A south St. Louis man, who was a victim of the “knockout game,” was confronted by two of the seven accused attackers that left him bloody and unconscious in October.

Matt Quain, 52, was leaving an area grocery store when he was confronted by the accused attackers only three days after charges were dismissed because a key witness did not show up for court. Quain recognized the accused attackers as they followed him down a nearby hill.

“I looked up and I was flinching because he had his fists up in the air,” Quain said.

Quain then pulled out a can of pepper spray and the accused attackers fled the scene.

This latest incident has disgusted Mayor Francis Slay, who found Quain bloody and nearly dead in October.

“It’s outrageous that these thugs can feel like they can move around the neighborhoods and just be tough and intimidate people,” Mayor Slay said. “The police know who they are…they know where they go to school. The juvenile authorities are watching them. They are certainly putting on the heat and they are going to know they are being watched.”

Mayor Slay also warned the “thugs” that the city will not allow the accused attackers to control what is happening in their neighborhoods despite their court trial being dismissed last week.

Zenster said...

Duluth School District Faces Multi-Million Dollar Deficit

William Gronseth, the district's Interim Superintendent told Eyewitness News cuts are unavoidable.

Gronseth explained the school district faces a budget deficit somewhere between $3 and $4 million. He said if it's not addressed this year, it will only grow over time.

"But, hey!, let's put up some billboards that will increase minority anger at Whites and drive more of them out into the suburbs. That will fix the school budget problem!"

Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed lately when driving downtown: the chimpout. For seemingly no reason Negroes, both male and female, suddenly start jumping around, waving their arms, and yelling psychotically. White people just stare at them amazed, while their fellow Negroes don't seem concerned at all.

I tell you, things are getting very strange with these creatures, and I think the tipping point has been reached.

Anonymous said...

I love how kids mockingly caleverxthing racist now. The emperor wears no clothes.

Zimbabwe and south africa show what tender mercies we can expect from them.

I saw a red tails trailer. I guffawed throughout.

Stomach churning comedy gold.

R Neville said...

DWL's and the Euro weenies are so ready to commit cultural suicide. I don't see things getting better. They have indoctrination(education), the media, entertainment, and government all in their pocket.
Barring a massive population enema or economic meltdown , in which whites are woken up by a calamity of nationwide proportions, the status quo will keep on chugging along.
Our "leaders" will not bite off the hand that feeds them(votes). They will cut the military and even entitlement to senior citizens before food stamps and the plethora of other slave programs are cut. sooooo....
What are alternatives for a permanent colony in the world?

Anonymous said...

You know that all bad guys will be played by white guys don't you?

And the main character will be played by Will Smith, who knows.

Anonymous said...

January 31, 2012

Backlash slams ‘Un-Fair’ anti-racism campaign

A campaign designed to bring people together and inspire a community discussion about the effects of racism has produced some strong reactions in the Twin Ports and beyond — including what Mayor Don Ness called "threats" and "hateful messages" from around the world.

A campaign designed to bring people together and inspire a community discussion about the effects of racism has produced some strong reactions in the Twin Ports and beyond — including what Mayor Don Ness called "threats" and "hateful messages" from around the world.

Locally, several people say they are offended by the Un-Fair Campaign, less than one week after it was launched to draw attention to racial inequalities in Duluth and Superior. The campaign uses billboards and other ads and events to say that racism is still a problem in the community.

Phil Pierson, a 31-year-old Duluth resident, was so put off by the initiative and its slogan — “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” — that he and like-minded friends created a Facebook page Monday morning called: “Stop racist unfair campaign.” By day’s end, about 150 members joined.

“The issue of racism is real, but it doesn’t pertain only to whites. A campaign directed only to white people is by definition racist,” Pierson said.

But Ellen O’Neill, executive director of the Duluth YWCA, which is one of 15 local partners involved in the initiative, said their message has been misinterpreted.

“The campaign is not to point fingers and say all white people are racist. It’s to get people to look at how we live in a monoculture where white people get advantages, and people who don’t have white skin don’t get those same advantages,” she said.

Criticism of the campaign came not only from locals but from afar.

In a Facebook post Sunday, Duluth Mayor Don Ness wrote: “White supremacists from all over the world are sending me threats and some of the most hateful messages I’ve ever read. The racism I’ve seen this weekend is all the proof I need that we need good people to step up.

“No, the unfair campaign is not calling all white people racists. It’s saying white folk need to be part of the solution. And I’m not backing down from that. Will you join me?”

Ness said the message of the Un-Fair Campaign had been twisted beyond recognition by a handful of people, including some who claimed he was promoting white genocide.

Pierson pointed out that plenty of less radical critics have weighed in against the campaign as well.

“I’ve asked people to contact the partners and express their disgust,” he said. “It’s not just white supremacists attacking this campaign.”

Ness acknowledged the Un-Fair Campaign has rubbed some people the wrong way.

“A fair number of people in the community dislike the campaign’s message. They feel threatened or as though we’re blaming them,” he observed.

“I’ve tried to stress that this campaign is not calling all white people racists. The message is that racism exists, and all people, including white people, need to be part of the solution,” Ness said.

Nevertheless, Ann Reyelts, 31, of Duluth considers the campaign poorly conceived.

“To assume that it’s hard for whites to understand racism is insulting to my intelligence,” she said. “I get what they’re trying to say, but I don’t think that’s the way to go about it.”

Chuck Horton, 45, of Duluth said he also took offense at the campaign.

“It’s absolutely insulting if it’s accusing white people of being so insensitive that we can’t see anything around us. It’s accusing us of being stupid,” he said.

more at link:

Anonymous said...


How is the Un-Fair Campaign funded?

By: Peter Passi, Duluth News Tribune

The Un-Fair Campaign to raise awareness about the effects of discrimination in Duluth “operates on a shoestring,” said Ellen O’Neill, executive director of the YWCA and a designated spokeswoman for the group.

The campaign was designed by Swim Creative with the help of a $2,500 grant from the Lake Superior Initiative Fund, supported by the federal government.

Beyond that, the group has spent $4,600 so far, O’Neill said. Support and funding has come from 15 partner organizations: the Duluth Central Labor Body, CHUM, the city of Duluth, the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Inc., Community Action Duluth, the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Lake Superior College, Life House, the NAACP, the St. Louis County Department of Health and Human Services, the University of Minnesota Duluth, the University of Wisconsin-Superior and the YWCA.

The St. Louis County Department of Health and Human Services chipped in $2,500 for the campaign, according to its director, Ann Busche. But she said the contribution did not involve public tax money. Rather, she explained the money came from the proceeds of an annual conference her department has been putting on for 30 years.

For its part, the city of Duluth has lent its support to the educational effort but has made no financial contribution, said Adele Hartwick, the city’s chief financial officer.

For more information about the educational effort and pending events, visit

Anonymous said...

What an idiot

Mayor Standing By Anti-Racism Campaign
Mon, 01/30/2012 - 9:26pm

By: Dana Thayer and Adam Jagunich, FOX 21 News

DULUTH - "It's unfortunate and it's discouraging," Duluth Mayor Don Ness said.

Mayor Ness is discouraged, but not backing away from the new anti–racism campaign in Duluth after getting threatening e-mails over the weekend.

"The worst racists in the entire world who kind of seek out this information and then try to intimidate folks to not talk about this issue," Ness said.

Ness says the Un–fair Campaign is being misunderstood by some; thinking it's calling out white people as racist.

"They don’t try and say well let me understand what this is and what the message is," Ness said. "They have an emotional response."

The mayor is now asking for support from the community on his Facebook page; saying the campaign is asking white people, the majority in Duluth, to be part of the solution.

"And hopefully to engage in a conversation, an honest and straight forward conversation," he said.

Community members have started their own conversations on Facebook. Some of those conversations and comments detail support for the Mayor, while others say they agree on the issue, but not the way the way the Un-fair Campaign addresses it.

"I would hope that people could focus on the constructive part of this dialogue," Ness said.

Mayor Ness says community members should point toward the positive; in a message he says is not about him, but about people making room for a tough discussion.

"It shouldn't be about me or my position," he said. "It's about the importance of each individual kind of considering the idea of racism."

Anonymous said...

PLEASE pay a visit to Mayor Don Ness' facebook page! Let him know how you feel!

Hunter Morrow said...

The same Liam Neeson who is rumored to possibly adopt a Hollyweird pet, an African bush baby, and is openly talking about converting to Islam? That Liam Neeson? Thanks but no thanks.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Disagree with you. Not to give away plot details, but we have no idea how the movie ends.

Isn't that the beauty of life? We don't know how things will end up, but have the duty to keep fighting; the duty to keep struggling.

Neeson has been one of my favorite actors since I saw him in "Darkman" in 2005 (yes, I know it's a early 1990s film, but I was young then).

To borrow one of Whiskey's lines: only women care about Hollywood celebrities lives. Most men could care less, save scouring the internet for pictures of naked celebrities or a low-quality sex tape.

Who gives a sh*& what Neeson does? He made "Taken" -- a movie about a white dude fighting back and kicking some serious ass.

"The Grey"... just go check it out. Yeah, his character made some dumb decisions... who cares? It was a spiritual journey and the ending - IMO - answered the question he was cursing God about.

To live... that's the great struggle. Life is really just a serious of great moments that we remember, which help motivate us through the struggle that is the daily grind.

That final scene... isn't that what Neeson's character realized? (again, won't divulge information for those who haven't seen it).

On this billboard story...

I'll write something about this for another site. I have articles on Duke/affirmative action, Voter ID battles, College Football Recruiting/Racial Maturation, Detroit's Collapse vs. New York and D.C.'s rise, and The Patriots/Evaluation of white talent all coming out in the next few days on other sites.

This story about the billboards is great though, because I've been looking into advertising SBPDL in major cities with crumbling infrastructure.. namely Detroit.

I've called some advertising/billboard companies, and have an idea for an ad campaign that is VERY cheap.

Whitey doesn't have to lay down and die. Whitey can play the same game that DWLs do too.


The Fighting Whitey said...

If Hollywood did a remake of Death Wish, Paul Kersey would be played by Denzel Washington and the punks he exacted revenge on would be white skinheads and rednecks.

You know it.

It would not make its money back, but it would be worth it to those who made it for its contribution to the Big Lie.

A remake that reflected the truth would make a mint. But we live in age of universal deceit.

Bob1313 said...

Those people in Duluth are completely delusional, I actually bookmarked the page for their hometown newspaper so I can watch the show this summer.

I have never in my life seen so many feeble weak minded people, the mayors facebook page is a scream, there's a guy on their posting story after story of black on white mob beatings and the lemmings just continue to ignore and spout off about equality, love and forgiveness, the city is 90% white, these morons have no idea how big a can of "Whupass" they just opened upon themselves, braindead idiots.

The Fighting Whitey said...

I love the "Exist" idea for billboards across the nation.

It would be ruthlessly attacked as "racist" by the regime and its defenders, but these attacks would merely betray the truth behind the message.

I would contribute to such a campaign. Let's do it.

Caiden said...

Californian, basically DWL suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, they are weak willed people who are in awe of the violent criminals who show dominance in the most animalistic ways. Since liberals are taught NOT to defend themselves they feel if they cozy up to the chimps they'll be safe, or maybe attacked last.

Being liberals is NOT about thinking, it's about groupthink, it's about letting OTHERS tell them how to think. If the other liberals say black crime is a myth, liberals will close their eyes tight and let Section 8 housing into the area.

As you said, small groups of armed and violent people can hold a larger population hostage. Most people, sadly, are more concerned with short term safety and comfort if it's easier then dealing with long term safety.

This is why Section 8 housing is so insidious, a small island of safe whites is infected by niggers, and the locals are brainwashed to not see the threat for what it is. It's like blacks are the AIDS virus, people's natural defenses are twisted around them. Instead of being afraid of a group of apes they feel guilty of being afraid of a group of apes so are easier prey.

Winston Smith said...

This Duluth stuff is fantastic.

This is also one of the reasons the internet will be censored this year, my crystal balls say ;-)

TPTB can't have any sort of TRUE dialogue on race. You know , the kind that doesn't have AA talking at white people telling them how ray-cess they are until they give them money to shut up.

I talked to a security guard in this state I'm visiting and asked about gun laws. I live in Los Angeles, so I'm fairly certain that by adhering to those I'm in good stead here, where CCW is prevalent, but I thought I'd ask. His suggestion was besides unloaded in a locked trunk in a locked box to unload the magazine as well. That way I couldn't make it ready quickly.

You know, like in case I needed to protect myself from 'criminals'.

That kinda seemed to defeat the whole purpose.

R Neville said...

Anonymous said...

Ive been reading here a few months...WHERE ARE YOU???

I too have am new here, but due to the over-reaching influence of my employers, I have adopted a pseudonym. I, and my family reside on the south side of St. Louis, very near the epicenter of the "knock-out" crimes.

10mm AUTO said...

Just saw the made for TV movie "Betrayed" made in 1988 with Debra Winger on Late night TV. There is no better showing of BRA than this movie, assuming you can sit through it.

Oh Vomit!

Quick Synopsis: Young White and up and coming FBI agent is assigned to penetrate "White Supremacist" organization so as to look for crime. She falls in love with Leader, with plenty of "we are all just regular White American" moments, right up till they turn out to be men who happily hunt negros for sport.

The Irony is that the negroid Nation of Islam was actually accused of this type of recruitment and terrorism in the book, "Zebra" by Howard, in which Nation of Islam soldiers trying for "Death Angel" status murdered Whites in San Francisco. "Death Angel" status is reached when the proper number of Whites have been killed giving the Soldier the correct number of "points". More points are awarded for killing women or children. (Remember Shabezz saying "You are going to have to kill Crackers, you are going to have to kill some cracker babies" last year?).

"Betrayal" craps on every symbol of America you can imagine, White homes, White Grandmothers, White families (Every family has either an inbred brain damaged cousin or brother) including the 4th of July, along with the perfect scattering of magic negros. It paints every truck stop and Country dance hall as a hot bed of of murdering racist Whites. Ironic given "KnockOut King" and "Beat Whitey Night" and Flash Mob attacks against Whites, eh?

Sure, I would remake "Death Wish", but know this Paul. When the movie is released, Will Smith will play the adopted half brother of Liam who acts as sidekick and the violence will be from a crazed White biker gang. Negros will be portrayed as desperate and struggling, yet proud, just trying to get by; innocents being oppressed by the biker gang and the added burden of White Privilege.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. Like The Fighting Whitey, it has occured to me that Denzel Washington (or someone similar) will be cast in a
"Death Wish" remake. This would be how Hollywood would "reboot" the story for the 21st Century.

A present-day Hollywood film with a white man blowing away black street thugs? Will Hollywood have the guts (or inclination) to green-light such a film?

Caiden said...

10MM Auto, I remember that movie. At least I remember a review that said they made the male FBI agents seem like bad guys and the rayiiiist whites look like good guys until the end.

Nowadays, movies will NOT show blacks as criminals unless it's with an asterisk explaining all the factors BEYOND blacks control that lead them to crime. Of course, once they're caught they're crying and very very veeeery sorry for the raping and robbing.

But white guys? They're just pure evil on tv and movies and have no excuses, not like Tyron who couldn't help dropping out of school in the 4th grade and raping 12 women. What choice did Tyron have? None according to liberal suburb dwelling white tv writers.

Anonymous said...


"I'm starting a residency grant program for white Duluth supporters of the "Un-Fair Campaign". It is called the "Dismantle your White Privilege Campaign". Grant recipients will receive a free 3-month stay in an apartment of my choice (NOT IN DULUTH), your rent on your actual residence will be paid for those 3 months, and you will also receive a $1000 per month stipend for the 3 months of the program. The only stipulations are that you have to actually live in the apartment that I choose, and take public transportation as your only means of transportation, and if you don't complete the entire 3 month program, you have to pay back the entire amount (rents on both your residence and the granted residency apartment, and the $1000 monthly stipend). Who wants to be the first grant recipient? Hit me up! Dismantle your white privilege today, and get paid to do it!"

Zenster said...

Harry Baldwin: Also, Neeson isn't seriously talking about becoming a Muslim. That was an off-hand remark, if you read it in context.

From the article linked by So CAL Snowman:

The Irish actor admitted to the U.K.’s Sun newspaper that he is considering giving up his Catholic beliefs in order to become a Muslim.

Neeson, 59, went on to explain that Islamic prayer “got into his spirit” when he spent time in the Turkish city working on the action-thriller “Taken 2.”

“The call to prayer happens five times a day, and for the first week, it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit, and it’s the most beautiful, beautiful thing,” he told the newspaper.

“There are 4,000 mosques in the city,” he added. “Some are just stunning, and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim.” [emphasis added]

That isn't just "an off-hand remark". It's portraying Islam in an almost exclusively positive light, which is the very last thing that intelligent non-self hating people should be doing.

How else to explain some 18,371 deadly terrorist attacks since the 9-11 atrocity? (From the site:)

Annual Jihad Report - 2011

Jihad Attacks: 1,974
Countries: 57
Religions: 5
Dead Bodies: 9,015
Critically Injured: 16,917

Anonymous said...

I've been reading some theorizing about the psychology of the DWL, if I ever find one of the species I'll have to ask them what is so morally superior about submissiveness especially if you link it to "White Male Submissiveness Syndrome."

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 30, 2012 11:51 PM): According to the rules of logic and semantics, what this means is that one of the goals IS to place blame.

Most excellent catch! Quite the unintended admission by Ness and it merely reinforces what I noted earlier about how this idiotic DWL apologia will only magnify an undue sense of justification for violence against Whites.

Zenster said...

R Neville: Our "leaders" will not bite off the hand that feeds them(votes). They will cut the military and even entitlement to senior citizens before food stamps and the plethora of other slave programs are cut.

You may be in for a surprise. The "graying" of our world means that seniors are among the largest and most activist of all voting blocs and not just in America. This is why cuts in Social Security are a political third rail. Do a search on the "Senior Power Model".

These oldsters are also among the most educated of all voters. It means that they are also among some of the most educable (there is a difference).

Try as they might, I do not think our politicians can flood the USA with immigrants anywhere near quickly enough to outweigh the senior vote. Therefore, any effort at cutting the "entitlement to senior citizens" will be political suicide.

Seeing as how seniors are frequently more conservative and also the most vulnerable to predatory minorities, they form a huge recruiting base for "Those Who Can See". It is merely a matter of getting oldsters on board before the thugs kill too many of them.

Zenster said...

Hunter Morrow: The same Liam Neeson who is rumored to possibly adopt a Hollyweird pet, an African bush baby, and is openly talking about converting to Islam?

I rest my case.

Californian said...

Californian, basically DWL suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, they are weak willed people who are in awe of the violent criminals who show dominance in the most animalistic ways.

Something I have heard from liberals is: "I am not afraid to live in a city/state/country where whites are a minority!" It's a sort of liberal machismo. Of course, they do not put this into action by moving to, say, Detroit or Haiti.

There is some weird psychology going on with DWLs. Underneath the supposedly sophisticated veneer, they are motivated by primal drives for submission. Maybe this is why Scandinavian countries invite in third world/Islamic immigrants. They see them as bringing in the "alpha" (for lack of a better word) qualities they sorely lack.

Perhaps all this offers some clues on how to defeat the DWLs...and certainly before they drag the rest of us down with them.

If the other liberals say black crime is a myth, liberals will close their eyes tight and let Section 8 housing into the area.

Consider how liberals rewrite the news and make movies in order to create the illusion that inter-racial crime is mainly white-on-black when the opposite is true. Or suppress scientific information about the genetic differences between races. Or in some countries, criminalize speech which dares question the liberal groupthink.

What's the answer? Maybe it's to simply tell the truth repeatedly, and loudly, and without backing down.

Zenster said...

R Neville: I, and my family reside on the south side of St. Louis, very near the epicenter of the "knock-out" crimes.

Please consider checking in, however often that you can, with "boots on the ground" reports about your area. They are a vital and much needed ingredient of the informational mix here at SBPDL.

Zenster said...

While disturbing at best, there is a cold consolation found in the chorus of voices here at SBPDL that either dismiss any remake of "Death Wish" depicting a White guy going around offing Black thugs or insisting that the film will be an e-Race with some Black star in the leading role as Kersey.

Californian is especially spot on with his prediction that some White biker gang will be used to supply a steady stream of criminal activity and targets.

Slightly off topic, it is ironic in the extreme that, among Europe countries, biker gangs are providing some of the only armed resistance to colonizing Muslim hordes.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, it is ironic in the extreme that, among Europe countries, biker gangs are providing some of the only armed resistance to colonizing Muslim hordes.

In Europe they're throwing people in jail for criticizing Islam, a first step to implementing Sharia.

Since we're talking about Philadelphia, it is really creepy to see burka-clad black women walking about. Total third-world country vibe.

make it rain TRUTH said...

Oh man, that mayor's facebook page is comedy gold.

The guy posting all the black crime stories, and coming up with the "Dismantle your white privilege campaign" is classic. lol

Oh and PK, if you are gonna run any billboards etc, I suggest you find a way to set up a dummy corporation or some other way to hide your identity. Because truth is not allowed in BRA, and the mainstrem media enforcers will track down the parties responsible for such truthing billboards. Saw a suggestion on a site for billboards of a black person with slogan "it's hard to see right and wrong when you're black" with crime stats scribble on it. lol

R Neville said...

Will do Zenster.
I saw that someone mentioned the knock out crime concerning Matt Quainn here in St. Louis.
I attended a "weed and seed" meeting in which our local police captain and aldermen discuss how to address crime in our neighborhoods. During this meeting, an alderman told the group that Mr. Quainn inadvertenly met his recently released attackers at a local grocery store. The thugs pointed and pointed their fists at him.
No charges were filed(should have been assault).
If you want to see the excellent character of these thugs in all their glory on facebook, check "lild bhadd asz" or "K-breezy bhadd asz" facebook pages. They are two of the little bastards that were involved in the lynching.

Anonymous said...

Another Cop killed in Aiken S.C. by an out of control Negro He also killed his White pregnant girfriend. This crap is happening everywhere but the media just calls it random acts of violence B.S. If white people were killing blacks at the same rate blacks are killing whites there would be martial law in this country.

eh said...


How to Listen for Racism on the Campaign Trail

Just FYI.

Brief summary: anything that casts Blacks in an unfavorable light, or evokes stereotypes of Blacks that, although perhaps statistically justified (crime, use of welfare, etc) also cast Blacks in an unfavorable light, is racist.

So keep your eyes open.

Anonymous said...

'R Neville said...ST LOUIS'

I am in L.A. and have found Unbelievable areas here.

I dont travel USA much but would
wonder 'how much longer'..with Black Male unemployment 50%.

Jennifer said...

Hi. I just wanted to check in with everybody and say thanks for responding to my first post the other day. I continue to struggle with depression, even despair. I know part of it has to do with the pregnancy. You know, hormones and all that. I check in to this site every day even though I don't have time to post. It is a wonderful oasis of sanity.

Anonymous said...

"...If white people were killing blacks at the same rate blacks are killing whites there would be martial law in this country."

If that doesn't hit the nail on the head, I don't know what does...

-Sweep the leg

Edwood said...

Jennifer, I don't know if you'll read this again, but please look into natural hormone therapy. You can buy natural progesterone cream over the counter at most health food stores (I get mine on Amazon). Your post pregnancy body gets a severe drop in progesterone after the baby is born and it can lead to suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to sit through the credits for a special scene when watching The Grey.

Paradise lost.

Californian said...

I continue to struggle with depression, even despair.

I was involved in the struggle against communism back during the final days of the Cold War. A lot of people thought that the Western World war doomed and that the communists were going to win. But it was that very sense of desperation which turned into the superior will that eventually won through in the end, with the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Same today. It's a matter of hanging in there and having faith in ultimate victory.

Svigor said...

Hey PK, you see this one yet?

Black journalist reports Black cop raped Black woman while responding to her 911 call"

Anonymous said...

Flint, MI: blacks savagely beat a white teen and upload the video to facebook.

Harry Baldwin said...

Zenster, do you believe Liam Neeson is seriously considering becoming a Muslim in the sense that he is going to actually become one? Or do you suspect that he said that as a way of making nice to the Muslims after he spent a few weeks working in Istanbul?

I'll tell you what--if Neeson becomes a Muslim I'll give you $50.

This guy has a take on it that I believe is correct:

Svigor said...

January 30, 2012 10:33 PM

I like most of your thoughts here, but I think you (like most) put too much faith in the power of the State. Your mistake seems to be that you forget that our current order subordinates the military to the political elite. In other words, this isn't a banana republic ruled by a military junta. Thus, the political will must come from that elite, a will which they do not possess. They'd much rather negotiate than fight a real insurgency. They didn't even have the will to do what it takes to win in Iraq or Afghanistan. They'll be far more hamstrung against a domestic insurgency.

And a domestic insurgency would not be the insurgents vs. the military. It would be the insurgents vs. the elite. A few hundred "targeted killings," along with a determined effort to sabotage roads & infrastructure, would put the fear of God right back into the elite. Basically, one an insurgency starts, the fight is already over. The hard part is not winning an insurgency, the hard part is getting the gelded American couch potato citizenry angry enough to start one.

I don't see a "hot" insurgency getting off the ground unless there are some pretty drastic sea-changes domestically. People have to be hungry and oppressed by their gov't (truly oppressed, not patted down at the airport) for years to get angry enough to mount an insurgency.

But you're absolutely right about the decline of legitimacy of the American gov't. That's the trend, and it's here to stay. Eventually, we'll have a hollow state. American-Americans will continue to withdraw their support and obedience from the increasingly illegitimate regime, starving it for tax dollars, brain power, manpower, and cooperation. At the same time, they'll put more and more of these resources into creating and maintaining parallel institutions. Eventually, those institutions will eclipse the old regime, which will wither away and die.

At least, that's my guess. It's also entirely possible that the regime will have a come to Jesus moment. But that, too, will require an aware, active, angry citizenry.

earl said...

I love the mayors facebook page he is getting creamed

Svigor said...

“The issue of racism is real, but it doesn’t pertain only to whites. A campaign directed only to white people is by definition racist,” Pierson said.

Hahaha! This is enough to get a DWL's and [censored]'s panties in a twist, but they ain't seen nothin' yet. The party hasn't even started yet.

Wait'll they get a load of (a few million of) me. Anon, this is the war of the future; all-out, full-spectrum kulturkampf.

R Neville said...

Here is a FB thread in my neighborhood which displays the complete and total imbecillic DWL in action. Mrs. Neville was home today and starts this thread.
Mrs. Neville:
"Just wanted to post on something I observed today while working from home... there was a man across the street (even side XXXX block of Magnolia) who was walking back and forth on the sidewalk. Started down by the large apartment building on Magnolia & XXXXX; then sat on the wall by it; moved down the block to sit on steps in the yard of some of the 4 family buildings, then moved back up the block. The entire time, texting/looking at his handheld/phone. This went on for about 3 hours, until I was ready to call in a suspcious person report, but when I checked one last time about 3:15 PM, he was gone. Black male; medium complexion/height/build, wearing blue jeans, red St. Louis Cardinals Coat, and backwards red St. Louis Cardinals cap on his head. Could have just been enjoying the nice weather, but also turned away when cars went by. If I see him again this week, will call 911."
Another concerned citizen:
" supposedly they got the guy who stole a car?? Was the white truck a police vehicle? Omg the drama!"
Female DWL:
"Why, if after constantly observing this guy for 3 hours today, would you decide he's a menace if you see him again later this week? He didn't, my your own description, and inaction, do anything that warranted calling 911 this time. I have no difficulty AT ALL asking people or groups who are hanging out or congregating on the lower stoops of my neighbors houses if they live there and telling them, if not, to get lost. Sometimes it seems to me that all this forum does is provide a platform for fear-mongering."
Mrs. Neville:
"I did not "constantly observe" this guy; please note I was working from home, so therefore, in front of my laptop most of the day. I did, however, check out the window when I got up for a drink of water, or to use the facilities, or to get something out of my bag, etc. I did want to give him the benefit of the doubt, which is why I waited a few hours/check-ins to see if he had a purpose for being on the block. If it starts to become a pattern, why, then I will report it, as the officials and the NSO has asked us to do. There's no "fear-mongering" going on here; just trying to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. On a block where we've had a murder; heroin dealing; and all sorts of other nefarious behavior in the five years that we've owned our house, think that we're well advised to keep our eyes open and work to nip anything bad in the bud."

Femaale DWL
" Hey, it was you that said "the entire time". I can only assume that if you know he was doing something the entire time, you were observing him that entire time, i.e., constantly. But, what helpful information did you post here? I have no idea what this guy looks like, or what to look for. All I know is that you saw something suspicious today (but not so suspicious that you felt like you should call the police or 911). Great. But,what? Some guy did nothing threatening during the stray moments you had the opportunity to see him out your window while you were working and you only posted your observation without giving any constructive information. To me, that's fear-mongering."
This is what we deal with in our "regentrified" urban neighborhood. Add mentally disturbed, possibly mentally retard, and/or suffering from an acute case of Stockholm syndrome to the list of what ails the average DWL.

Anonymous said...

Teacher Accused Of Racial Discrimination On Paid Leave.

Cap'n Crunch said...

It's called FREEDOM, Gentlemen. It has nothing to do with negroes. It is a way of life, call it whitopia or whatever you wish, to shield our sons and daughters from the BLACK SAVAGE. There is no ABL. There is no DMZ. Its you ....Or THEM>

Porter said...


I hope this one thought will bring some solace: In bearing, loving, and raising your white children, you are giving our enemies an emphatic middle finger. They want us dead. You and your husband are giving us life. They want us living only in history books. Instead your children will write the history books.

And this is what they have not yet been able to take…our ability to create the future they wish to deny us. And your children are that future.

Be proud. Raise them well and have many more. And Godspeed to you.

Anonymous said... has an account detailing "racist" behavior that is remarkably similar to the TAM one listed. The only differences are that the Snopes account occurred on British Airways, not TAM, and it occurred in 1998, not 2012. They regard the story as a legend, but not quite false. Smells false to me now. It's a shame too many people don't check the validity of a story before they lock and load. Particularly when it is obviously absurd.

Zenster said...

Harry Baldwin: Zenster, do you believe Liam Neeson is seriously considering becoming a Muslim in the sense that he is going to actually become one? Or do you suspect that he said that as a way of making nice to the Muslims after he spent a few weeks working in Istanbul?

I tend to suspect more of the latter.

However, you can never be sure with these Liberal Hollyweird types. After all, look at Prince Charles. If his royal status didn't require him to be a Defender of the (British Anglican) Faith, I think he would have long ago converted to Islam.

None of this addresses how Neeson's pro-Islamic statements are contrary to the Catholic church's most basic tenets.

Anonymous said...

I just saw National Geographic's "Guns in America" and it "featured" among other things Philadelphia's gun crime problem, a white copper being shot in the face by a Black with a shotgun in TNA.

bobn said...

I'm all for the remake being good.

It wouldn't surprise me if, at some future point, many good citizens were forced into self-defense. One way or another, bad times are coming. Bad people will get worse and effective self defense will be essential.

I hope this won't burst anybody's bubble, but in the novel on which the movie is based, the lead is Paul Benjamin, a 47 year-old Jewish accountant.

See here for more.

According to that source, Bronson himself read the novel and "Bronson's own nomination was Dustin Hoffman".

bobn said...

Funny, I'm white and I see racism all the time:

Morgan Freeman is racist.

Whoopi Goldberg is racist.

Maxine Waters is racist.

Andre Carson is racist.

Juan Williams is racist.

Eric Holder is racist.

Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice - both nominally Republican - voted for Obama. They are racists.

Mobs of Black people beating up non-blacks all over the country are racist.

Many Blacks are totally upfront about their racism.