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Laying Deadspin to Rest: Simulated White vs. Black NFL Madden Game Shows The Folly of Fans

PK Note: Zenster's piece will be published later today. Plus, the long-awaited unveiling of the cover of Stuff Black People Don't Like: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Behavior will debut next week. A contract is going out for the Detroit and College Football book soon.

White linebacker Ryan Kerrigan knows all too well the reality of real racism in the NFL
Few people know more about football than I do. This is not meant to be sarcastic, I've just read more and immersed myself in a serious study of the game that will culminate in release of The Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White in February and a book on the NFL around the start of the 2012 regular season.

For this reason, I had to laugh when reading an article published on Deadspin discussing the simulation of a Race Bowl on Madden NFL Football 2012 between an all-white and an all-Black team.

The author of the piece doesn't know much about football, believing there to be only five white defensive backs in the NFL. Considering that the New York Jets start two white safeties (Eric Smith and Jim Leonard), and that the racial breakdown in the NFL is 15 percent to 84 percent white/Black in the safety position, we'll just say the good folks at Deadspin didn't do much research.

Perhaps they, like many who follow the league, consider the rise of the pedestrian Cam Newton the big story of 2011. The real story of 2011 was the rise of Jordy Nelson, a former walk-on to Kansas State, and Wes Welker, a man who only had one scholarship offer and wasn't even drafted by an NFL team. They showed that white men can run.

Well, we also saw white running back Toby Gerhart prove he should be a starter in the league when he had the opportunity to replace Adrian Peterson. It's a safe bet Gerhart never complained about being a $10 million slave; all he complained about was the racism he received during NFL draft evaluations for lacking the right amount of melanin.

Let's take a quick look at the article:
Earlier this week, reader Dustin asked who would win between an all-white NFL All-Pro team and an all-black NFL All-Pro team. Mind you, this question was asked without ANY ROOTING INTEREST, and without any hint of RAYCESSNESS. Are we clear on that? Good. BECAUSE WE TOTALLY SIMULATED THAT RACE WAR ON MADDEN TO SEE WHO WOULD WIN.
After seeing Tuesday's post, reader Joe took time to provide us with a full roster for both all-race teams. He had a few notes for us before revealing the roster:

-I didn't give the white team Haloti Ngata or any Pacific Islanders. Considering Ngata is one of the greatest DTs of all time, and because Troy Polamalu would also count as white, it was too unfair of an advantage for either team. And it'd really look bad if the white team gets an unfair advantage over the black team.
-Shaun Cody, who's half white, is on the white team because they would have no competent DTs otherwise. Justin Smith is already undersized at DT and couldn't play every down at the nose. The other white DTs after that are guys named Josh Brent and Scott Paxson. For the sake of minimizing a brutal black-on-white beating, Cody's on the White team.
-Another half white player, Jimmy Graham, is on the all-black team. That way, we can decide who's better: GRONK or Graham.
-Since there are no white cornerbacks, Eric Weddle, who can play corner, gets moved there. Craig Steltz, who can't play corner or safety competently, is the other CB by default. Haruki Nakamura, who's half white, half Asian does qualify for the white team. There are only 5 white secondary players in the entire NFL. I thought about Tom Zbikowski as a nickel or starter, but decided he's better off pursuing a boxing career.
-The Black Team would have no qualified kickers. Chad Ochocinco did kick an extra point in a preseason game last year, so he's the kicker by default. In punting situations, the black team is better off throwing 50-yard bombs to Megatron or Fitzgerald against Steltz then actually punting. But, if they feel compelled to, I guess they can dress Randall Cunningham for punting purposes only.
Here are Joe's rosters:
WHITE All-Stars
QB: Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees/Tom Brady
RB: Peyton Hillis
RB: Toby Gerhart
FB: John Kuuuuuuuhhhhhhnnnnnn
WR: Wes Welker
WR: Jordy Nelson
WR: Danny Amendola
TE: Jason Witten
T: Joe Thomas
T: Jake Long
G: Logan Mankins
G: Chris Snee
C: Nick Mangold
DE: Jared Allen
DE: Jason Babin
DT: Justin Smith
DT: Shaun Cody
OLB: Clay Matthews III
OLB: Jarrett Johnson
ILB: Brian Urlacher
ILB: Brian Cushing
CB: Eric Weddle
CB: Craig Steltz
SS: Sean Considine
FS: Haruki Nakamura
K: Sebastian Janikowski
P: Shane Lechler
KR/PR: Danny Woodhead
BLACK All-Stars
QB: Cam Newton/Michael Vick
RB: Ray Rice
RB: LeSean McCoy
FB: Vonta Leach
WR: Megatron
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
WR: Mike Wallace
TE: Jimmy Graham (also qualifies as white)
TE: JerMichael Finley
T: Jason Peters
T: D'Brickashaw Ferguson
G: Jahri Evans
G: Brian Waters
C: Maurkice Pouncey
DE: Dwight Freeney
DE: Jean Pierre-Paul
DT: Vince Wilfork
DT: Jay Ratliff
OLB: DeMarcus Ware
OLB: Terrell Suggs
ILB: Patrick Willis
ILB: Derrick Johnson
CB: Darrelle Revis
CB: Champ Bailey
CB: Johnathan Joseph/Charles Woodson
FS: Ed Reed
SS: Earl Thomas
K: Chad Ochocinco
P: None
KR: Devin Hester
I take issue with some of Joe's choices, but no roster here will ever be 100% agreed upon. Joe picked the All-Black team to win 70-56. Was he accurate? Well, we decided to have Owen Good from Kotaku simulate the game on Madden. He writes:

It is impossible to create the lineup Joe suggests in Madden NFL 12, much to EA Sports' relief, I am sure. The All-White lineup fits everyone he suggests under the cap with the exception of the third quarterback (Brady, in this case). This is thanks to the terrible secondary and the lack of GLORY BOYS at running back and wide receiver.
The All-Blacks are impossible. I had to forego Michael Vick (subbing in Terrelle Pryor), Mike Wallace (keeping Chad Ochocinco for assumed versatility) and dedicating myself to a 4-3 to get rid of Derrick Johnson and preserve the front four of Freeney, Pierre-Paul, Wilfork and Ratliff. I was still gasping for air in the secondary, hamstrung by my inability to get rid of injured contracts totaling $2 million each.
Even if could have disposed of Hiram Eugene and Rock Cartwright, I couldn't have wedged in Johnathan Joseph and/or Charles Woodson and Ed Reed. I sacrificed Reed for the highest-value free safety I could find—Seattle's Kam Chancellor, rated 84 with just a $600,000 cap hit. I had to let go of Joseph and Woodson as the third corners, also for cap reasons.
The best cornerback I could fit under the cap was Kansas City's 83-rated Brandon Carr.
The final problem is the inability to assign non-kickers to punting and kicking slots in the depth chart, so there goes Ochocinco, rated 73 in kicking power and 60 in kicking accuracy, as your leg. That may sound halfway decent until you realize that the lowest rated kicker comes in at 81 in either category. I took Josh Bidwill off the free agent scrap heap, rated 81 in power and 87 in accuracy, and pretended he was black.
In the video, you're going to see non-all stars and sometimes players of different races on the wrong sideline or even in the plays (Goethel shows up for the Raiders, Ball for the Cowboys). This is because a) I didn't get a full 53-man roster full of white/black all stars and b) the aforementioned cap problem.
I did not intervene on the 2-yard field goal attempt at the end of the first half, judging that to be a PAT (it was, actually, kicked from the center of the field) which Ocho made. I did not show that in the video just because it's too jarring to have the white kicker there.
I'm sure Drew is noting the punt/kick disparity, and Hester returned nothing. User returns of any decent length are rare on this game and CPU returns are nonexistent.
The final result?
Now, this was only one simulation, so you'd have to run it 100 times or so to get a proper average score. And let's face it: The Black All-Star team was thoroughly hamstrung by Madden's bullshit salary cap rules. If there were no salary cap, then the outcome may have been radically different.
Deadspin couldn't bother looking up the actual NFL racial breakdown
Few thoughts: There are plenty of talented white defensive tackles in the NFL. I'd put the Washington Redskins Adam Carrikers on the team, and add Kelly Gregg.  Running a 3-4 defense would allow the white team to utilize more linebackers and insert complex blitz packages. There are so many talented white linebackers, that it would be silly not to insert the Redskins Ryan Kerrigan onto the team. He understands - like Gerhart - how the NFL discriminates against talented white players:

Terrelle Pryor is fast. The Ohio State quarterback usually runs away from defenders, even swift defensive backs, with his long stride. He has been timed in the 40 under 4.4 seconds, which is blazing fast. That's why one play of the many that I watched when studying Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan caught my eye. Terrelle Pryor didn't run away from him. Kerrigan actually closed on him.
That's big-time speed for a 6-foot-3, 267-pound defensive end. And it's also why any comparison of Kerrigan to Aaron Kampman and Kyle Vanden Bosch, two NFL defensive ends, does him a disservice. I think Kerrigan is compared to those defensive ends for one reason: Like them, he's white. The NFL Draft stereotypes are almost never fair. Yet we hear them every year heading into the draft. This year, Cam Newton is almost always compared to Vince Young, in part because both are black quarterbacks who move around. Unfair. They aren't as alike as you might think. 

Last year, receiver Jordan Shipley, coming out of Texas, was often compared to New England's Wes Welker, even though Shipley ran much faster. I actually asked Shipley, who just finished his rookie season with the Bengals, his thoughts about the comparison. He wanted no part of that talk. It's a touchy subject for sure, but let's be real: Labeling and comparing a player based on race happens.
"Comparing current NFL players to current college players is very common, especially in the spring as things intensify for the draft," one NFL general manager said. "At least coming out of college, Ryan is a better pass rusher than Aaron and Kyle. I don't see Cam like Vince either. I think you have to be careful to compare players for only one reason."
For Kerrigan, the comparisons usually come with phrases such as try-hard, effort-player, never quits. They also might be costing him money. Speed rushers go in the top-10 of the draft; effort rushers go mid-first round to late-first round. In his mock draft for, Pat Kirwan writes that Kerrigan plays with a high motor. Our top-notch guys from NFL wrote this in their analysis of him: "Hustle pass-rusher; does not have exceptional closing burst."
 Just as Peyton Hillis went on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about Black defensive players making fun of him, Kerrigan went on the show to discuss stereotypes:
Former Purdue defensive end, now current Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan went on the Dan Patrick show this morning to talk about his first NFL game, a 28-14 win over the Giants.

While on the show, Patrick discussed the "high motor" clique used to describe white players, which Kerrigan called a "double-edged sword," because it implies you don't have any talent. That doesn't mean he doesn't try to play with a lot of energy, however.

In many locker rooms, white players are a distinct minority (each NFL roster has 53 active spots and the league is 67 percent Black/ 31 percent white). If white players weren't worried about social ostracism and being called a "racist," how many do you think would comment openly about bigotry they have faced from predominately Black teammates and opponents?

White defensive backs? Didn't William Rhoden already write something about in a strange New York Times column on Red Tails (without mentioning the dearth of Black fighter pilots )? Weddle would make a great NFL corner; New England plays the versatile Julian Edelman at corner/receiver/ and kick returner now. He'd be perfect for this game.

If you had the chance to pick the best white players for an offensive line, it's hard to imagine an all-Black defense putting any pressure on the white quarterback. Gerhart, Hillis, and Danny Woodhead would run for big yards in this situtation.

You have your pick of talented white tight ends, with Witten and New England's Rob Gronkowski posing huge threats to an all-Black secondary and being major match-up problems to linebackers trying to guard them. Owen Daniels would also be a great tight end for this team.

Receivers? Welker, Nelson, Denver's Eric Decker, Philadelphia's Riley Cooper, and Miami's Brian Hartline would be a perfect five-deep rotation. Indianapolis' Austin Collie would be great as well, a hard player to cover from the slot or from the outside receiver position.

And on defense, so many talented white defensive ends would be more than willing to play for a team where they weren't the only white guy on the field. They'd actually have someone to talk to in the locker room.

A white safety like Reed Doughty would be a reliable contributor on this team, and would receive praise for his work instead of backhanded compliments like this from WaPo:
Doughty isn’t a physical specimen like Landry and doesn’t have the superstar credentials Taylor had. Yet he has been an important cog on the team. He has survived two coaching changes and has been part of the defense as long as anyone (Rocky McIntosh and Kedric Golston were fellow 2006 draft picks).

Personally, I think an all-white team would dominate not just Madden, but also the real NFL. Remember what Peyton Manning meant to the Colts (as we saw, there all-Black defense was horrendous in both 2010 and 2011, but without Manning, the offense couldn't carry the load):

From the we’re-not-supposed-to-mention-this file: It was fascinating watching Peyton Manning and his BYU offense destroy the Denver Broncos.
The unwritten rule in sports writing/journalism is we’re only supposed to mention racial progress when it involves dark-skin minorities. Obviously, I don’t care about rules.
With receiver Pierre Garcon sidelined with an injury, the Colts started and played nine white guys on offense pretty much all day. NFL rosters are nearly 70 percent comprised of African-Americans. What the Colts did was significant.
For a day, the best offense in football was 82 percent white. Austin Collie, Garcon’s replacement, put a clown suit on the Denver secondary with precise route running and nifty moves after the catch. Some practice-squad kid, Blair White, performed a Collie impersonation when Collie was tired.
Peyton Manning is the Larry Bird of this era. I mean that as high, high praise. I’m not accusing Manning or the Colts of any kind of racism. Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell (and Tony Dungy) have surrounded Manning with players who mirror his approach to the game. Race is not the determining factor.

An offense is only as good as the quarterback and the offensive line built to protect and block for that QB. We know Black Men can't throw. We also know Black men perform poorly on the Wonderlic; thus, an offensive coordinator would have a much more intelligent team with all-white players as opposed to the learning disabled all-Black team.

I believe that the key to understanding why Black-Run America (BRA) persists is because of the belief in Black athletic supremacy -- which is a true social construct. White alumni of schools worry what would happen if they took public stances about Black failures in American life, and the consequences of what happens when a city goes majority Black.

An all-white team would beat an all-Black NFL team. Not just in Madden, but on a real field too.

Knowing that most of the white skilled position players in the NFL have had an uphill battle (largely NFL and college scouts questioning their debilitating whiteness) to get to the league, it would be this game where they'd have the chance to make a major statement.

Add white running back Jacob Hester to the team, and he'd show you how a white man really runs the football.


The Swede said...

Off topic but...

I don't think this place is in Uganda, or even a more "stable" place like Kenya.

I think this comment is just classic for that link, considering who built it:
"i didn't see any non-white model people, or rioting in the model town, clearly racist.

deadshot666 "

I hope the dude is being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

While it's not an exact figure, all things being equal, there is about a 70% pay penalty for being white at the RB position. Here's how:

Mark Ingrahm: 5'9 1/8", 215 lbs, 4.62 40, 21 reps, 31.5" vert, 9'10" broad. Best season in college (2009): 1,678 yards, 17 TDs. Drafted 1st round in 2011, 28th pick to New Orleans Saints. Rookie contract: 4 years/$7,410,000

Toby Gerhart: 6'00", 231 lbs, 4.53 40, 22 reps, 38" vert, 9'10" broad. Best season in college (2009): 1,871 yards, 28 TDs. Drafted 2nd round in 2010, 51st pick to Minnesota Vikings. Rookie contract: 4 years/$3,767,000

If GMs are all about money ball, I don't know why they don't go after white RBs more often. They can get better RBs for half the price, and have better PR because they will sell more jerseys and less likely to have off-field issues. The deck is stacked against white RBs not due to a mythical lack of talent, but to do a groundless belief in black athletic supremacy. They have such faith in this supremacy that even an inferior performance looks better with black skin. The fact that Gerhart and Hillis have even emerged is quite incredible.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to explore everyone's ah-ha (!!) moment vis a vis the groids. A post devoted to this would be of great interest.

I grew up in a family where I never heard the "n" word. There were no negros in my grade school or high school. I never knew a black socially until I was well into medical school.

It was in my junior year of medical school in the city clinics where I first encountered the black undertow. I simply could not believe my lying eyes and ears. It was simply beyond what I could possibly comprehend - it was beyond normal reason and belief.

I could regale you all for hours on end with stories of depravity the likes of with which we all have become all too familiar. It took me less than 2 weeks in the clinics to conclude that people are poor for some very good reasons none of which had to do with prejudice.

It was in the clinics where I coined my favorite saying, the greatest measure of a man's success is the extent to which he can isolate himself from the negros.

As far as the NFL goes, I stopped following any teams the day Kurt Warner retired. I will probably try and catch a few Tim Tebow games. I've never followed the NBA and now I've even given up on the whole corrupt college sports charade.

I continue to follow golf avidly and vociferously cheer against Tiger, particularly if he is playing against someone of European descent.

I've not given up hope, as a poster on the prior thread suggested. I do believe that Christian Europeans have faced more formidable odds in the past. However, we mustn't minimize the challenges presented by European demographic implosion and attendant loss of Faith. These have stripped the Christ bearing Europeans of their normal defenses and reduced him to a utopian rationalist who rejects the wellspring of European existence - Truth. The post Christian European has become that most despicable of creatures - the man who rejects his roots, his people and his Faith. He has become, in a word, a liberal.

My thirteen year old is begging me to get off the computer so I'll finish these thoughts later. I've noticed that some of my posts are disappearing - not quite sure why.

Ivan Shatov

Anonymous said...

I refuse to watch any sports in part due to the vastly over represented number of blacks.

Anonymous said...

It is weird that in a sport with a hard salary cap that no one has taken the moneyball approach and used it in regards to white/black. I will contradict myself right now and say I think this might be happening right now with white WRs. It appears that each team now has a white wr, and some have multiple WRs. Teams might be opening their eyes to the fungibility of WRs and making personnell decisions with other factors in mind beyond 40 time. The Randy Moss-Jerry Rice impact player is once in a while. Maybe next GMs can figure it out with RBs. Of course, these guys need to get the chance to even play in the NCAA, which I think is your point behind focusing on the racism in the NCAA.

Anonymous said...

As a huge NFL fan, I really enjoyed this piece.

What are your thoughts on Mike Leach? I seem to remember his Texas Tech teams being remarkably white with the exception of offensive ball handlers.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. Instead of an all-black versus all-white football game, let's have a black-versus-white decathlon of sorts; a multi-prong b vs. w contest in:
-- inventing a sport that everybody wants to play and watch;
-- building dozens of massive stadiums for people to play and watch it in;
-- creating TV and radio systems for broadcasting the sport;
-- founding hundreds of colleges and universities where the sport can be played and refined; and finally,
-- creating the technology for cheap and easy-to-use computer simulations of the sport.

Every so often I hear a black dude boast about how much better blacks are than whites at throwing a rubber ball through a hoop. I always smile and say, "Yes. Yes I suppose they are indeed better at throwing the rubber ball through the hoop. After all, everybody's got their special talent here in God's big ole world."

Anonymous said...

Not a bit sports fan, here... so I don't really read the SBPDL "sports pages."

I find societal issues more telling, for example, the 300'groids in Athens, GA. who recently rioted after one cultural enricher "dissed" another.

Anonymous said...

Going to Louisville this weekend for the Masters Cyclocross World Championships. Now that is a tough sport that I don't believe has any blacks competing in it. I have noticed that blacks of all ages like to ride against traffic when cycling.

Ivan Shatov said...

Trying out my new Google account. Let's see how it works.

Cheers to Paul and to all who make this such an interesting site.

Ivan Shatov

W74 said...

"If GMs are all about money ball, I don't know why they don't go after white RBs more often. They can get better RBs for half the price, and have better PR because they will sell more jerseys and less likely to have off-field issues. The deck is stacked against white RBs not due to a mythical lack of talent, but to do a groundless belief in black athletic supremacy."

Athletics aside Mr. Anon, it's guys like this who'll buy a modest house near the city they happen to play in and who'll pocket several years worth of their salaries, while their black counterparts will spend it all as they make it (or before) by hiring bad money managers and doing it all on credit or otherwise making poor financial choices such as making it rain in the club.

The White athletes will be fine even if they get hurt, fade off into the sidelines, or just don't want to play anymore and move onto other things. Wait until the same thing happens for the black athletes (even those who make double) or when contract disputes come up again and then watch to see who start sweating... The blacks will wonder how they're going to get by without the next year's paycheck. Most, you'll find have already spent it and debt is a cold bitch.

Limelite said...

As a former South African, I read this piece with interest. As you are aware, SA now has a quota system in place for all the former white sports. As a result, our rugby has gone downhill. You will never find a black in a pivotal position in the team - one where you need brains to control the game. You'll always find them on the wings where all they have to do is catch a ball and run for the line. Their IQ67 can't cope with much more than that. I suspect it's the same with NFL. It's also the reason why any all-black soccer/football team will never be successful. They just don't understand a game-plan involving much more than kicking the ball at a goal and then acting like apes once they've scored.

Anonymous said...

The Houston Texans have been more succesful recently, and made the playoffs thanks to more white players added to the team.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Rice impact player is once in a while.

Didn't Jerry Rice, like Nelson Cruz, have a 4.9 40 time?

Anonymous said...

I know sports are pertinent to this issue but every time I see yet another football article when I load up the page I kind of wince a little.

Van said...


I watched some of the GOP debate last night, including when Ron Paul was questioned about his newsletters from 20 years ago. To deflect the dreaded Racism (TM) accusation, he brought up the supposed racism in the criminal justice system - blacks getting longer sentences, more likely to get the death penalty, higher drug crime convictions despite same levels of use, etc. Every single thing he said is false and easily disproved.

Its no surprise that no one else on the stage challenged him, although from what I saw no one really went out of their way to agree with him. But its disappointing that this oft-repeated falsehood has become an accepted truth.

Anonymous said...

Ivan Shatov:

My "ah-ha" moment was when I was enrolled in school in a majority-black city. I was making such good grades so easily that I was accused of cheating in KINDERGARTEN. My parents eventually grew the brains to put me in Catholic school.

The sad thing is, many White people only have their "ah-ha" moment about ten seconds before they die.

Like Ms. Brydum.


Anonymous said...

Three comments.

1. Whenever I hear someone is a football fan I immediately think they are stupid. Obviously that is not the case with you, but it is true more often than it is not.

2. I'd be surprised if there are enough white players in the NFL to even field a team.

3. Who cares anyway?

Anonymous said...

It starts at the college level. Most division 1 schools no longer recruit White running backs or defensive backs. So if a White guy wants to play those positions they have to play at the D2 or lower level. They won't get as much visibility down there, hampering their chance at getting drafted in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Instead of a football game along racial lines, lets have a civil war insstead.

Anonymous said...

1. Whenever I hear someone is a football fan I immediately think they are stupid. Obviously that is not the case with you, but it is true more often than it is not.

Some of the book-smartest people I know are huge sports fans. They are usually very unaware of racial or other big picture type issues though. Probably because they have a lot of autistic type traits...missing forests for trees and the like.

Anonymous said...


Media fail incoming, from the American Interest no less:

"The race issue is a red herring when it comes to Detroit. Detroit isn’t broke because it has an African American majority; it is broke because for decades its politicians have spent more money than they had, and because Detroit never figured out how to reinvent itself as it lost its industrial core. (Pittsburgh and Chicago are two rust belt cities that have been much more successful than Detroit. Atlanta has done much better under African American leadership than Detroit.) The state government and the feds aren’t refusing to bail it out because so many Detroiters are African American. The state doesn’t have the money to bail it out, and the GOP nationally believes that bailouts enable bad behavior rather than changing it. There is no support for bailouts in predominantly non-Black jurisdictions like New York state and California."

Zenster said...

Ivan Shatov: Trying out my new Google account.

Thank you, Ivan Shatov, for assuming a proper identity. While you always had the courtesy of providing a sign-off, this is even better.

Zenster said...

Limelite: They just don't understand a game-plan involving much more than kicking the ball at a goal and then acting like apes once they've scored.

You mean to say that they only act like apes after they score? Who knew?

Anonymous said...


Someone like Ron Paul is the has the plan which is simultaneously the most electable and which will expose BRA: massive cuts in government employment and disbursements. Could you imagine someone on that stage last night saying that income inequality can only be mitigated through government intervention because blacks have, on average, lower IQs?

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey,

I actually live in Detroit (I am the 8%) and have a quite a bit of contact with BRA given my field. Let me know if you are in the area.

Anonymous said...

One reason for the rise of these white RBs/WRs in the last couple of years is due to fantasy football IMO. The media does what they can to demean white players, but they often perform really well in fantasy stats.

ps. Could do without the nerds/old people whining about football posts. (what kind of guy doesn't watch sports?)

Charles Martel said...

This is so funny and personally topical as I have had an All-White Madden team ,that I play somewhat religiously, and have had them simulating for two seasons now. I have had no salary cap issues, use a 3-4 defense and draft only white college kids. Two time super-bowl champions and running.

The games have never gotten the "off-field" groid behavior to be a working addition to the Madden series but I for one think it would be hilarious for the guys at EA to throw in a "Your star receiver just shot someone" or " your DT just stomped on a players head and is now suspended for a year" or " Your QB has been arrested for dog fighting" something like that. I believe they tried to include some of this in the old NFL Blitz series but I can't remember.

Madden on the whole sucks. If the teams are left to simulate by themselves, they ALL inevitably get into salary-cap problems and within five years there are next to NO white players in the league. Madden constantly under-rates the white players while drastically over-rating the blacks. This is part of the mental manipulation that is being directed at white kids across the nation.

Remember the old axiom if you can't beat them join them. Well it works in reverse too. So the next time you see whites acting like niggers, slap them as hard as you can.

Anonymous said...

I think enforcing the no-celebration rule and making the punishments heavier would go a long way into improving the game. I hate nothing more than watching an asshat do his simple job then jump up flip the ball and showcase himself for ten minutes dancing and preening. Over celebration and "look at me reward me for doing basic simple job" attitudes seem to be a sign of extreme narcissism.

Black people: self-centered, egotistical, untalented and unintelligent.

Now where's Evergreen for some whiney black face"white crackers is de devil" kind of sympathy searching response?

Van said...

Anon 9:53 - "Could you imagine someone on that stage last night saying that income inequality can only be mitigated through government intervention because blacks have, on average, lower IQs?"

Of course not. But the question wasn't asked; Ron Paul volunteered his opinion to deflect the dreaded Racism (TM) accusation.

On a positive note, while no one on the stage corrected him, I don't recall any of them nodding in agreement, either. They weren't doing any exaggerated gestures to show their awareness or concern about the supposed Racism (TM) that blacks experience.

Anonymous said...

The kind that spends his time doing something productive instead of watching negro glorification.

Anonymous said...

"Could do without the nerds/old people whining about football posts. (what kind of guy doesn't watch sports?)"

A white guy who is less like a black guy than yourself.

.45Jack said...

Let us not forget about the coaching staffs either.

Who would be the black team's head coach? About all they have is Mike Tomlin. But I don't think he would be anywhere near as successful without his White coaches, especially defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau (who would be my first choice for the White team's defcord).

Head coaches, coordinators, QB coaches, line coaches etc. are all heavily stacked in our favor.

The great one said...

THe black team would destroy the white team. The black wide receiver would destroy any white corner. The black corners would shut down all the white receivers. Just imagine Darelle Revis on Wes Welker and Champ Bailey on Jordy Nelson one- on one the whole game.

The black team would have no need for a punter or kick
er because they would score virtually on every possession. The black team can have an high school coach and they would still win.

Unfortunately for you, sports is culturally important. Sports and athletics have always been significant in western societies. Since blacks have proved whites inferiority in sports, SBPDLs now want to downplay it's culturally significance. Also, you have to consider how much white employment is depended on black "afflete".
Do you really think that the whites who economically benefit from sports would want that to happen? Think about the whites who are the merchants to sport teams, bar owners, or people who help construction and prepare the stadium for games

Anonymous said...

Whites beat blacks in almost every sport. Just look at the Olympics where whites win the most medals in both the summer and winter Olympics.
At the high school level, all-white football teams almost always win state championships. They often beat all-black teams in the process.

14 of the 20 boxing champions from middleweight to heavyweight are white.

Few whites are allowed to play WR or RB but when we are we dominate (Wes Welker, Peyton Hillis, Jordy Nelson).

Whites would control the line and stop any black RB. That would force the black QB to throw and we know what happens then (interceptions).

Whites would likely win something like 35 - 6.

Anonymous said...

We actually had something like a black v. white game yesterday. Cincy started 4 whites and had a black head coach. Houston started 11 or 12 whites and had a white coach.

Houston destroyed Cincy.

Anonymous said...

"Since blacks have proved whites inferiority in sports,"

Hahahahaha ... tell it to Wladimir Klitschko, Dirk Nowitzki, Georges St. Pierre, Tom Brady, Alex Ovechkin, Wes Welker, Michael Phelps, Ryan Braun, Justin Verlander ..etc.

Whites are only inferior to blacks in crime, cannibalism, smoking crack and hip-hop (though that will change soon as well).

Anonymous said...

It is a game. Bread and circuses to placate the masses.

Anonymous said...

"Just imagine Darelle Revis on Wes Welker"

They played twice this year. Welker lead the league in receiving and made Revis look slow and black.

Anonymous said...

Could any black athlete ever do what Tim Tebow just did?

The great one said...

Anon is dumb. I know whites win most of the medals in the olympics, but how many of those sports have any black participation.? You have not proved anything. You can only use sports where blacks and whites have sizable participants. In any sport where blacks and whites largely compete, black usually dominate and are overespresented. Think the NFL, NBA, MLB( Black hispanics are still black). Even MMA, which most blacks don't particate in, is gradually experiencing black control ( overeem, jones, silva, evans. Wes welker plays slot receiver so most of the time he is not facing derelle revis. if revis played man coverage against him, he would completely shut down welker. I admit, there are some very good white defensive players like matthews, cushing, allen, but they are not better than ray lewis, patrick willis, demarcus ware. Stop living in this fantasy, which white defensive player ever completely stopped a top black running back. Are you mistaking Madden for real life football?

Zenster said...

Not a sports fan myself, but how pleasant to see Tebow make the quickest OT win in league history, even with the new possession rules in force.


Anonymous said...

Why does there always seem be trouble around negroes? I think it's safer to be as far away from any as possible.

Thordaddy said...

What about Harrison's knee-dive at the white WR...

Punkiest of punk plays... A bona-fide "racial hit."

Should be a 30 yard penalty and automatic ejection from the NFL.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

The shot on Eric Decker was a cheap shot. He'll be fined for the hit tomorrow.

Thordaddy said...

Mr. Kersey,

Not a "cheap shot."

A "racial hit" intended to end the career of a white WR.

Anonymous said...

When the Troubles start, the most represented race in the NFL won't matter. I look at the number of each race serving as fighter pilots, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Marine recon.

No running back of any color can outrun a bullet.

Anonymous said...

Harrison is certainly a cheap shot artist.

He saw Colt Mccoy pass the ball as it happened in front of him but that did not stop him going helmet to helmet "as he thought Mccoy was a runner due to him tucking the ball."

Tebow got a pass off and Harrison was done for roughing the passer.

Does he not pay attention when he is on the field?

Anonymous said...

If the entirety of white peoples culture was based around sports the way black culture was there would be many more successful white athletes. The majority of white people don't spend the majority of their lives obsessed with sports. If white people spent most of their free time watching and playing "ball" from the time they can walk like black people do, there would be a larger cohort of athletes to draw from and therefore there would be many more athletes. I wonder how many physicists, investment bankers, chemists, lawyers, engineers etc who would have made great athletes if they had invested their time and effort into sports the way black people do.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about people with too much time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

"The shot on Eric Decker was a cheap shot. He'll be fined for the hit tomorrow."

Why would he be fined for a perfectly legal hit? It's not James Harrisons fault Eric Decker decided not to wear knee pads during the game.

Thordaddy said...


The legality or illegality of a hit is totally arbitrary.

The knee-dive is a career-ending "hit." If you knew anything about this uniquely American tradition, you would know it's the work of a scoundrel.

Mix in a few other elements.... Take out your irrelevant knee pads... And you have some real social commentary involving race, violence and millions of dollars.

Anonymous said...


Oh okay, so he should just hit him high and get fined for the 40 millionth time for another helmet to helmet hit, yeah that makes sense. Blame Rodgers Goodell if you have a problem with the hit, he's the one who'd rather a player tear their ACL, the receive a concussion.

Thordaddy said...


Clearly, you've never played football and you haven't watched the play.

That the NFL is making helmet to helmet hits illegal is entirely irrelevant. Harrison could have ran right through Decker and made a textbook tackle. He did a knee-dive instead. He is the worst kind of "player."

So CAL Snowman said...

"In any sport where blacks and whites largely compete, black usually dominate and are overespresented. Think the NFL, NBA, MLB( Black hispanics are still black)"

2011 MVP Awards by Sport

NBA - Derrick Rose (black)MVP
- Dirk Nowitzki white (Finals MVP)

MLB - AL Cy Young and AL MVP Justin Verlander - (white)
- NL MVP Ryan Braun (white)
- NL Cy Young Clayton Kershaw (white)
World Series MVP - David Freese (white)

NFL - Tom Brady (white - First UNANIMOUS MVP in history)
Super Bowl MVP -Aaron Rodgers (white)

NHL - MVP Corey Perry (white)
Stanley Cup MVP - Tim Thomas (white)

So out of 11 MVP possibilities in major Pro Sports in the USA blacks claimed a whopping 1 award! Yup black superiority at its finest!


entitycs said...

Well well. What do we have here? A bunch of brittle crackers sticking together by their spit. The only thing they can beat a black person at is whining like bitches together anonymously.

entitycs said...

Well well. What do we have here? A bunch of brittle crackers sticking together by their spit. The only thing they can beat a black person at is whining like bitches together anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Damn White people are desperate.LOL