Saturday, January 28, 2012

Same Old Song: Kansas City's Billion Dollar School Experiment Loses its Accreditation

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see
 - Kansas, Dust in the Wind

One day, every school child will learn of the folly that occurred here
It was only a few years ago that Clayton County (that once bustling metro Atlanta county that is now majority Black) lost its accreditation for its school system. It was only last year that a major scandal engulfed the Atlanta Public School system (another majority Black system, with a bevy of Black administrators), jeopardizing the accreditation of its school district in the process. 

Scandals are brewing in majority Black Washington D.C. and Philadelphia as we speak. 

But it's in one particularly interesting school district, host to perhaps the most notorious social experiment in American higher education history, that confirms that the dream of closing the racial gap in learning will never end:
As of Jan.1, the Kansas City Missouri (KCMO) School District has lost its accreditation for the second time in 11 years. The last time the KCMO School District lost its accreditation was in 2000 because of its failure to meet the minimal academic performance standards of the state.  In 2002, KCMO schools were able to make improvements to gain the district provisional accreditation and avoid a state takeover. According to MSNBC, the district has maintained only this provisional accreditation for nearly a decade.

The State of Missouri assesses each district on the criteria of 14 predetermined standards. These standards are: Mission and Goals, Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal, Institutional Resources, Leadership and Governance, Administration, Integrity, Institutional Assessment, Student Support Services, Faculty, Educational Offerings, General Education, Related Educational Activities, and Assessment of Student Learning. In 2010, KCMO passed its assessment by only meeting four of the listed criteria. According to Kansas City News Pro, in 2011 only three of the 14 accreditation standards were met resulting in the loss of its accreditation.
Who are these students performing so miserably on these tests? The answer shouldn't be surprising, with the blueprint for the school systems demise similar to those of Atlanta, Washington D.C., Birmingham, Memphis, Philadelphia, and Detroit. White flight to 'drifter colonies' surrounding Kansas City has left Black people in charge of an infrastructure they can't maintain and a school system filled with students incapable of achieving the academic standards of those who departed for temporary sanctuary in the suburbs. 

Here's the New York Times on the collapse:
In the wake of the Kansas City school board’s decision to shutter 28 of its 61 schools, many people were left scratching their heads. While school closings as a result of demographic change and tight budgets are commonplace across the country, rarely does a system lose half of itself in one sweep. 

The sudden move suggests a depth of dysfunction here that is rarely associated with Kansas City, a lively heartland town with a reputation for order. But a closer look at the school board’s recent history reveals a chaotic, almost nonfunctioning body that put off making tough choices and even routine improvements for generations. Experts said that in the board’s years of inaction is a cautionary tale for school districts everywhere. 

“This is extraordinary,” said Jack Jennings, president of the Center on Education Policy, a research group in Washington. “The school board was dysfunctional for years. There was very poor governance for a long period of time, and it was like a revolving door with superintendents.” 

Mr. Jennings also said the board was plagued with “a general unwillingness to face the facts” of the chaos it created. 

Students have been leaving the Kansas City public schools in droves. Close to 18,000 students exited to better suburban districts or charter schools in the last 10 years alone. The student enrollment is now 17,400 children, who are mostly black and impoverished. 

And achievement levels in the schools are abysmal: Fewer than a third of elementary students in the city schools read at or above grade level. And in most of the schools, fewer than a quarter of students are proficient at their grade levels.
Academic reforms to improve the Kansas City school system include shipping under-performing Black students into the drifter colony school districts that miraculously work. These primarily white students don't need tricks or gimmicks to pass tests or meet minimum standards. But with an influx of Black students, these school districts will inevitably collapse as well, leaving the state of Missouri with no choice but to cite the failure for academic progress in the Black students there too.

What happened in Kansas City (and continues to happen) requires us to look back in time and discuss the noble intentions of a desegregation order - and the billions wasted trying to close the racial gap in achievement between Black and white students - that should give any thinking person an obvious answer to the question of nature vs. nurture. District Court Judge Russell Clark presided over a case that will serve to educate students in the future of the sheer folly that ruled American educational discourse in the 21st century:

By almost any standard, Missouri v. Jenkins, the Kansas City, Missouri, school desegregation case, was extraordinary. Between 1985 and 2003 federal judges ordered more than $2 billion in new spending by the school district to encourage desegregation. Not only did they double property taxes to pay this huge bill, but they imposed an income tax surcharge on everyone who lived or worked in the city. The court order turned every high school and middle school (as well as half the elementary schools) into "magnet schools," each with a distinctive theme—including not merely science, performing arts, and computer studies, but also classical Greek, Asian studies, agribusiness, and environmental studies. The newly constructed classical Greek high school housed an Olympic-sized pool with an underwater observation room, an indoor track, a gymnastic center, and racquetball courts.
The former coach of the Soviet Olympic fencing team was hired to teach inner-city students how to thrust and parry. The school system spent almost a million dollars a year to recruit white kids from the suburbs, and even hired door-to-door taxi service for them. By 1995 Kansas City was spending over $10,000 per student, more than any comparable school system in the country. Despite this massive effort, litigation failed either to improve the quality of education or to reduce racial isolation. Test scores continued to drop, and the percentage of minority students continued to rise. Eventually, black parents—who had long opposed the court's heavy emphasis on "magnet schools" designed to draw whites into the school system—insisted upon a return to neighborhood schools.
Paul Ciotti of the Cato Institute produced perhaps the most devastating paper on the Kansas City experiment in Utopian dreams, revealing that no amount of money could another minute buy hopes of closing the racial gap in achievement.

George Will wrote about it at the Washington Post:

Thirty-five years ago, Kansas City’s district had 54,000 students. Today it has fewer than 17,000. Between then and now there was a spectacular confirmation of the axiom that education cannot be improved by simply throwing money at it.
In the 1980s, after a court held that the city was operating a segregated school system, judicial Caesarism appeared. A judge vowed to improve the district’s racial balance by luring white students to lavish “magnet schools” offering “suburban comparability” and “desegregative attractiveness.” And he ordered tax increases to pay the almost $2 billion bill for, among other things, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a planetarium, vivariums, greenhouses, a model United Nations wired for language translation, radio and television studios, an animation and editing lab, movie editing and screening rooms, a temperature-controlled art gallery, a 25-acre farm, a 25-acre wildlife area, instruction in cosmetology and robotics, field trips to Mexico and Senegal, and more.
Neither test scores nor the racial gap in academic achievement improved, and racial imbalance increased. Today, African Americans are 28 percent of the city’s population and 63 percent of public school students. And Covington (“We’re not an employment agency. We are a school district”) has survived the tumultuous process of closing schools. He won the support of a narrow majority on the elected school board. Except for one incumbent board member who ran unopposed, all those candidates in the next election who had opposed the closures were defeated. Now what?
Now what? Cue up the Kansas.

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see

Education reform is not my specialty. But the answer is not Charter Schools or busing Black students into drifter colonies in the hopes that, through some of educational osmosis, they magically produce the same test scores as their white counterparts.

The answer is one that the Federal government can never consider, for it would undermine the very foundation of its current mission (the totalitarian enforcement of what we have dubbed Black-Run America: BRA).

 Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and I Have a Dream (I HAD) people - these are your standard Republicans/conservatives - have a vested interest in ensuring that the very question is never even asked.

Those haunting lines from Dust in the Wind provide the answer that should be obvious to any person, but because  our society values maintaining a lie (equality), we must obfuscate reality further. Ensuring that civilization crumbles to the ground in the process.

Kansas City, Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Newark, and a growing list of cities must be sacrificed to perpetuate this lie.

No worries. Kansas City is one of those cities where Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs are scaring away shoppers and potential investors hoping to revitalize the downtown area, which is home to some of the most dangerous Black people on the planet (now you should understand why white flight happens; to live in communities free of crime, murder, and mayhem).

The lie of equality will continue to limp along, taking countless lives in the process and wasting trillions of dollars (not to mention the unquantifiable opportunity costs associated with maintaining it). All in the name of "progress", which really means stunting our advancement.

Never forget: We could have been on Mars, but we had to conduct the great Kansas City experiment. And the Detroit experiment. And the Memphis experiment. And the Philadelphia experiment.

The results were always the same. Here's how to save American education: admit racial differences in intelligence. This would instantly undermine BRA, so committing suicide is not an option for DWLs and I Had people. Our future must be sacrificed, instead, while we patiently look to the skies waiting for Superman to come save us all.

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see


Jay Santos said...

Good article. If ever the MSM could treat a subject like this honestly, we might begin to see change.

Just accept the native differences in intelligence and orderly thought.

Should any school system spend huge sums of money trying to teach my son to jump three feet in the air? Why are we trying to teach DeShawn physics?

Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid.

Jeff! said...

Another excellent article Paul. And as Jay said above, if only the mainstream media were to take such a look at it.

Also, although I enjoyed the Titan AE article, drifter colony is feeling too much like a forced meme. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but it comes across a bit stilted to me. I much preferred Whitopia, especially since we know have Detropia to contrast it against.

One last thing. If I'm right about your age (1 or 2 older than me) you should be eligible to run for President in 2020. Maybe Exist bumper stickers aren't the only ones we need- maybe Kersey 2020 ones are in order too.

Anonymous said...

Same old shit, different city. One only needs to examine the GPA of students in Albany, Georgia - another shining example of BRA... When my youngest daughter was in 8th grade (graduates this year 8th in a class of 400, with every honor imaginable) she was forcibly ripped away from her friends and beloved teachers to satisfy some half assed quota created by the closing of a primarily black school in the hood, and the subsequent building of the new school. Her GPA was indispensible to them, without her and others like her (read white) the school would not have made its AYP goals. After all the white children had graduated, other white parents got smart and moved into areas where their children could attend primarily white schools. This middle school hasn't made AYP since then. Go figure. We have two high schools in town; Spalding High and Griffin High. Spalding is an academics first school and at least 50 percent white - Griffin is athletics first and at least 80 percent black. The disparity in GPA's boggles the mind. At football games the only thing missing from the flagline on the Griffin High side is brass poles for the girls to swing on. No class whatsoever. My daughter who is our flag captain is disgusted by this overtly sexual display, as are we all. The crosstown rivalry game attracts a huge police presence as someone is usually victimized for "dissing" someone else. Its repulsive. Pete from Georgia, out.

Anonymous said...

Very thorough, well done job on this, Paul, especially for someone who claims education is not his specialty. I read a lot about this topic. The best writers on education are Robert Weissberg, who wrote "Bad Students not Bad Schools". I also read Charles Murray's book "Real Education", which discusses the relationship between IQ and success in school, among other things. Of course, after the mau mauing he got in response to the Bell Curve, he doesn't directly discuss racial IQ, but you can read between the lines.

After nearly 50 years of demonstrated failure in education policy, what are our elites doing? Doubling down on the strategies that produced the failure - pouring more money into urban schools and integrating schools (now called "transfers" rather than bussing.) They will never, never learn. What will they produce? The destruction of the white middle class, of course, which is one of their desired outcomes. But secondly this will produce mediocrity. We ignore our best and brightest students, or more broadly, those in the right half of the bell curve. The Chinese and Indians do the opposite, pouring resources into students with the most potential.

If you have children, fortunately it is getting easier to educate them outside the public schools. Even if you can't afford private schools, internet resources for home schooling are multiplying. There's a revolution going on internet education. Unfortunately you will not be able to avoid the broader societal loss produced by our education system.

Anonymous said...

Paul, what an excellent article! All those billions extracted from the mostly white taxpayers in Kansas City and nothing to show for it. Not only do they have to fork over more tax money for other people's kids, but also tens of thousands of after-tax dollars to send their own kids to safe schools. As I've said a hundred times before, all the money in the world will not ever close the intelligence/IQ gap.

Zenster said...

Pete from Georgia: Her GPA was indispensible to them, without her and others like her (read white) the school would not have made its AYP goals.

In other words, the school district was content to sacrifice your daughter's quality of education and physical safety on the altar of helping a predominately Black school meet its funding goals.

I'd sure like to see the proportion of home schooling and private school enrollment by Whites as a response to increases in Black or other non-Asian minority populations.

Rudolph the Redneck Retard said...

aka, Ben N Indiana

Let me pretend to be a leftwing loon and see if I can explain things from the bad guy's perspective:

• Their little children have been traumatized by hundreds of years of slavery, Jim Crowniness, Confederate flags and Newt Gingrich's dog whistle. It's not a question of intelligence; their children simply can't focus with all this White bigotry.

• $1 billion isn't enough, but $2 billion would have made a significant difference. We demand another billion dollars!

• There is an obvious inequality in education. If you had just bused in thousands of White kids, blacks kids would have preformed equally as well.

• Black children were disciplined 10x more than White children. This is obviously due to White racism (or, as we prefer to call it, White privilege).

• White people makes them feel uncomfortable. If Whites would stop making them feel uncomfortable, their children would respond academically. The other day I heard a White man say the word "color". That, alone, caused their children's collective IQ to drop 10 points.

• There aren't enough black role models.

• White racism is rampant. It affects their children. Why, just yesterday a mob of "teens" beat the crap out of a elderly White man and he had the audacity to call the cops. He's obviously a White supremicist.

• Black schools fail. White schools do succeed. That's an indication of White racism.

W74 said...

We should have taken the resources that were used to bring black students up from abysmally stupid to disappointingly unqualified, and instead devoted them to developing the talents of the already gifted and talented.

In other words we took 1s and wasted hundreds of billions trying to turn them into 2s. We should've taken our fives and turned them into 10s and taken our 10s and turned them into 20s.

Had we just focused on our average, above average and gifted students I too like to think we could've colonized Mars by now. In fact I'm quite certain of it. It's not science fiction, just a matter of talent, ambition, access to resources, and leadership to make it happen.

Instead we took abject failures and turned them into utter failures, incapable of even rudimentary tasks (which with increasing technology are becoming more irrelevant every day). They still attack us, are completely ungrateful for what we've given them already and demand more still. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

You can take the darkie out of the jungle, but you can no more take the jungle out of the darkie than pigs can be made to fly. The school system is as good only as the students, teachers and administrators who make it up. Throw in a bunch of thugs who should be decomposing at the bottom of clandestine graves, locked up in jail or repatriated by force to the jungles from whence they came, the collapse of school systems is inevitable. Whites and the minority of non-whites who do want to learn are cheated of an education by black and brown thugs whose presence in the schools only serves to make them dangerous for other students and impossible for them to learn. Soon whites will not be able to shield their children from rape, assault, murder and racial harrassment even in private schools, leaving home schooling as the only answer. I expect all schools to become so hostile, so dangerous, stressful and unpleasent for white children that most if not all whites will resort to home schooling, possibly clandestinely in defiance of the genocidal world elite and U.S. government at great risk to themselves.

Ben N Indiana said...

It should be noted that when White racism is eliminated, the academic achievement of black children equals or excels that of White children.

This is made abundantly apparent by the vast number of black Nobel laureates from Haiti and Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

AYP...Adequate Yearly Progress. That term never fails to make me snicker.

Anonymous said...

Kansas has another great song that should resonate with those who can see. It's called "Can I Tell You".

This is the first part:

Can I tell you something
Got to tell you one thing
If you expect the freedom
That you say is yours
Prove that you deserve it
Help us to preserve it
Or being free will just be
Words and nothing more


Ryu said...

Wow. Great article. The best cure is to change the student population.

Patrick said...

The high school I went to had plenty of black students. About 1/3 of the school was black. I was a B- to C + student, there were blacks that did better than me, and ones that did worse. The blacks that did better worked hard, studied, and behaved in school. The ones who did worse didn't study, didn't behave ( Violent ), and didn't care.

The worst threat to the successful black students was the other black students. They harassed them, insulted them, physically threatened them. They were called names like " Marshmallow", "Oreo" as in white on the inside,and they were called " SELLOUTS ". How come this is NEVER mentioned by the media?

I am tired of being blamed for black peoples failures. You can't even tell them they are wrong about something without them playing the race card and calling you racist. GET OVER YOURSELVES BLACK PEOPLE. You were never that great to begin with. The world only needs so many pro athletes, and rappers. The rest of of you better get a damn education. AND STOP GETTING ANGRY BECAUSE OTHER RACES ARE SMARTER THAN YOU. It's because we TRY harder.

Charles Martel said...

Every single school district will follow suit just as each BRA run and DWL financed city is failing. Now of course this just falls in line with why expecting job applicants to have a High School education much less a College degree is tantamount to discrimination.

I had a chance to watch what will one day be seen as the most prophetic movie of all time "Idiocracy". The world crumbling into stupidity as the inept mentally retarded population sits on living room toilet chairs watching 8 T.V. screens at once, playing with themselves, eating complete slop and waiting for the next bout of pointless overindulgent ultraviolence run by the black long haired gang thug president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

I say "the most prophetic" due to the failings of such great authors as Orwell and Clarke to accurately predict the joy that people have in encouraging mediocrity and embracing overt control of their every aspect of life. Orwell envisions a Big Brother that is feared and reviled, computer screens embedded in every home that are shunned and seen as intrusive, state run propaganda that is easily picked apart as fallacy, and the conquest of love against all odds. All of this and more has been instead happily and gleefully accepted as part of our everyday lives. Arthur C. Clarke ( writing with Stanley Kubrick) envisioned a constant progression towards intelligence and function resulting in our having orbiting space platforms (that work) moon bases and spacecraft capable of going to Jupiter all by 2001. Instead we as a country have stepped backwards in our race to space and indeed may have polluted the upper atmospheric regions of our small blue marble so badly that getting off the planet may no longer be possible without running a gauntlet of debris and satellites.

Idiocracy stands alone; although I have a strong hunch that Escape From New York and Escape from L.A. will join the list of prophetically accurate movies as well. Segregation seems to be making a strong comeback as a real solution but this doesn't take into account the wars that Mega-cities will wage against those small outskirts townships in search of more resources.

I know what Snake Pliskin would think of this state of affairs. I know how he would fix it and I still remember the code for the Sword of Damocles.

Anonymous said...

The Flying Dutchman here.
Great article. To think the DWL's spent $1 Billion of the tax-payers money and yet the leopard still does not change its spots!

This is one of those 'teachable moments' you can use when the DWL moans that our tax dollars are squandered on foreign wars while our darling darkies are short-changed from their supposed right to social promotion. I agree that foreign wars (for the sake of foreign nations) are a waste of money, but certainly wasting our resources on education of bordeline retards is an even bigger excercise in futility.

Anonymous said...

I was in the gifted program when I was in school but I did poorly because I was more worried about riding the bus home with vicious niggers who constantly threatened and beat me despite my general good nature toward everyone. All throughout school they consistently ruined everything, and it angers me to no end to see some inner city school full of thugs get some brand "pimped out" new computer/science labs etc.

Despite what most people think about the stimulus, pumping that much money into the economy and the bailout did keep things from leading to a depression, but that's the actual problem. Democrats are right about government spending in that it saves things for a short time, but that's worse than actually letting the free market sort things out. They know that if things start to get hairy, like a real depression, that spoiled niggers aren't going to sit back and simply be poor like white people were in the 30s. That's what we need the most is for the economy to collapse and the shit to hit the fan once and for all. There's no better way to change a DWL mind about race realism when the niggers come pouring out of their ghettos into the white neighborhoods, kicking in doors and dragging the women out by their blonde hair, only to be saved by a Carhartt wearing .50 cal toting redneck and his posse. Minds will start changing real fast. The fact that there's some nice black co-worker and neighbors won't be enough compared to 100s of niggers attacking whites all over town.

Anonymous said...


The Dream of the Whiteys is Alive in Portland!

Public transportation is so "Progressive"!

This thugglet comes from a long line of black Portland criminals if you do a little research.

[BLACK] Boy, 11, arrested for threatening [WHITE] woman with loaded gun on MAX

January 27, 2012

PORTLAND -- An 11-year-old boy was arrested in downtown Portland Thursday night after he brandished a handgun in his waistband during an argument with a passenger on a MAX train.

The Oregonian reported he was ordered held in custody in juvenile court Friday.

Transit police were dispatched about 8:20 p.m. to the Old Town/Chinatown MAX stop on a report of someone with a gun on the train, said Sgt. Pete Simpson.Officers learned that a group of boys and girls, including two boys age 11 and 13, had been in a dispute with a passenger.

One of the boys had reportedly bumped into a woman's baby stroller when getting on the train and an argument broke out.

During this dispute, the 11-year-old reportedly lifted his shirt to reveal a handgun in his waistband, which he began to pull out, Simpson said.

“The boy kicked my stroller, knocked my soda and I told him it was really rude,” Anisa said.

“He’ll smack the (expletive) stuff off my face and that’s when he stood up like he was going to do something.”

The woman called 9-1-1 and the train stopped in Old Town. Police took away a .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun from the child's waistband.

The 13-year-old had a BB gun in his backpack. He was also taken into custody.

"I think it's disturbing," said TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch, "When you think about transit as a reflection of the community, and what happens in the community well, at times will happen on transit. An 11-year-old. Wow. You think, 'What has our community come to?'"

Shaquita Louis, the boy's mother, pleaded for him to be released into the custody of an aunt, the newspaper reported.

Louis is the mother of Yashanee Vaughn, whose body was found just a few hundred yards off Rocky Butte Road in July, about four months after she disappeared. Vaughn's boyfriend, 14-year-old Parrish Bennette, is charged with her murder.

KGW Reporter Katherine Cook copntributed this report

Anonymous said...

Instead we took abject failures and turned them into utter failures, incapable of even rudimentary tasks (which with increasing technology are becoming more irrelevant every day). They still attack us, are completely ungrateful for what we've given them already and demand more still.

Yeah, but they have such high self-esteem now! And that's what counts...right?

Much of the liberal hatred of whites and of America comes from their desire to bring the larger society down to a level of contempt and disarray that is supposed to reassure and build confidence in those who have not achieved at a comparably high level. They love to undercut and demoralize white school kids by any means necessary so they can point to the inevitable problems and say, "See! Whites aren't so good. And they're morally inferior racists, too!"

Much of America's public life has been turned over to people of pure malevolence, that includes the power given to La Raza (the "Tan Klan") and a host of other black and non-white "social justice" groups. Whites have been declared public enemy number one in America but getting most whites to even see this is very difficult. The programming by our horrific schools and by the media is very powerful.

SwampThizzle said...

TNB to the max out of Portland, Oregon of all places. Gee, thanks HUD. Your Section 8 sure does spread the diversity far and wide.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Frank Castle Doctrine".... behold this bleeding heart DWL news video and article about dead black thug Julius, and how all his homeys are vewwwy sad because the mean old man on the bicycle who was being violently attacked by Julius and his gang defended himself with lethal force. Waaaaaaah!

You can't make this crap up.

Shooting victim's friends speak out

Author: Pam Cunningham, Reporter,
Published On: Jan 27 2012 11:45:31 PM EST

Shooting victim's friends speak out

Friends of a teenaper who police said was shot and killed on the Thun Trail in Cumru Township are speaking out. They're upset about how he's being treated.

They said they don't support how Julius Johnson assaulted a man riding his bike. And they also don't like the lashing he is taking on Facebook.

Julius Johnson's friends said he was a sophomore at the Citadel. They used to hang out with him before and after school.

They said they know what he did was wrong, but don't think his family and friends should be tormented.

On Facebook there is a Rest in Peace memorial page for Johnson, 16. People posted comments like: "I guess Julius won't be thuggin' anymore!" and "I love a happy ending. You got exactly what you deserved Julius!! Too bad your two friends aren't with you right now."

"It's not a place for disrespectful things about him," said Brandon Pauley, a freshman in the Reading School District, "It hurts us. Me and Jada started to cry when we read those things."

Johnson's friends, Brandon Pauley and Jada Johson said strangers are writing hurtful things about how their friend died.

Police said Wednesday Johnson, along with two other teens, knocked an older man off his bike on the Thun Trail. Police said during the fight, the man took out a gun and shot two of the teens. The DA said even though Johnson died, the shooter was justified. His friends said they wish it didn't happen.

"We understand that what he did might be messed up," said Jada Johnson, "There's no excuse for it, but there's also no excuse for these negative comments. It's not fair to him."

Brandon and Jada said the Julius they knew was different.

"He's never been the kind of person to harm anyone that we have seen before so this is very surprising to us," said Pauley, "He is a human being and his death shouldn't be an excuse to anybody to call him names or make fun of him."

They don't justify his actions, but want people to respect Julius' friends and family.

"If you don't have anything positive or respectful to say about him that's fine stay off the memorial page then," said Pauley.

Julius Johnson's parents said they want to apologize for their son's actions to the man involved. They said Julius was not an angel, but he was their son and they love him.

Californian said...

... although I have a strong hunch that Escape From New York and Escape from L.A. will join the list of prophetically accurate movies as well.

You know, I can see how one day civilized people will abandon certain cities and turn them into vast, lawless reservations for the criminal population. Think of Detroit today with an electrified fence around it, and the government delivering just enough pallets of rations to keep those inside from starving.

It's just a matter of seeing current trends continue their natural regression.

Anonymous White Male said...

Patrick said....

"The world only needs so many pro athletes, and rappers. The rest of of you better get a damn education. AND STOP GETTING ANGRY BECAUSE OTHER RACES ARE SMARTER THAN YOU. It's because we TRY harder."

While it is true that WE try harder, that's not the only reason. It is also true that we are smarter because we ARE smarter! While negroes can improve their results by trying harder, Whites will always accomplish more because we are more gifted in intellectual skills and social cooperation, as well as everything else that produces successful and productive societies.

Anonymous said...


Take a look at the Negro utopia known as Prince George's County, Maryland.

It's "affluent," yet the schools are atrocious.

It's not affluent. It's a Potemkin Village on 'roids, with all the black "professionals" holding paper shuffling jobs with Uncle Sam, or Fortune 1000 firms.

Cap'n Crunch said...

The city of BOSTON,MASS.tried this in the 70's.Now in massachusetts there is whats called the "metro" program. Buses carry "students" to the surrounding cities and towns to "learn" with the, well,white children. It is a total disaster and the results are parents, after their children have been beat up, robbed of their backpacks and winter coats and shoes etc.,pack up and move further north.Racism? no.REALISM.

tacticalchrstn said...

Was a reservation system ever proposed as a possible solution to the problem of freed slaves? I was think about Indian schools and reservations on the way home today. What if a reservation system had been created instead of shipping blacks to Liberia? On the res black folks would be free to live as they choose, and would be given housing and food assistance. They would be free to leave at any time, but there would be absolutely no welfare outside the reservation. The Indian schools are much maligned today, but they halped a lot of native Americans assimilate. We don't have a good solution to the problems facing black students. Any historians care to comment?

rjp said...

Zenster: I'd sure like to see the proportion of home schooling and private school enrollment by Whites as a response to increases in Black or other non-Asian minority populations.

What you should ask to be seeing is where all government employees of the school district send their children.

This ought to be made public record.

In West Virginia all government expenses are public and every government employee's salary gets printed in the newspaper. F*ck ASCME, print everyone of these employees wages especially in defunct districts. Demand it.

R Neville said...

I obtained a MA in Ed at a private university here in The Lou in 2009. As a nontraditional student trying to start a new career, I was shocked by the overt stupidity and ignorance of some of my fellow classmates. Yes, they were black women that were already teachers for the city.
I could go on and on, but the facts concerning blacks in education is for anyone to find out. Here in Missouri you can go to
This is our state's attempt to follow NCLB. Included are scores for all schools in Missouri. They include racial breakdowns of students, and the percentages of proficiency too.
The last time I checked, only 8-14% of black students in the city of St. Louis were proficient in all skills. Whites and Asians are the only way that city schools make any significant gains in the scoring.
The county schools are much the same, but have a a larger white population, so blacks to do affect their creditability (for the most part).

W74 said...

Anonymous at 5:28
"Yeah, but they have such high self-esteem now! And that's what counts...right?"

No, they don't. And neither do White kids in those kinds of systems. Why? Because they're not rewarding accomplishment and achievement.

You can't give a trophy just for showing up to the race. What's the point? Why would anyone run their fastest if everyone ends up with the same trophy anyway? They wouldn't and you can't reward a kid just for existing. The school systems for the past 2-3 decades have been trying to coddle children instead of teaching them.

Acknowledge not the person, but rather the achievement. In that manner you'll actually be acknowledging both (but only the accomplishments, and this individuals who deserve it)

W74 said...

Yep, blacks.

Anonymous said...

Ben N Indiana said...

'It should be...White racism is eliminated, the academic achievement of black children equals or excels that of White children etc..'


rjp said...

tacticalchrstn said...

Wow. That is a great idea. I am serious. Assimilate, behave, and earn a living; or move to the res.

Anonymous said...

You write a lot about sports something I don't watch but I saw this pic and it looks like Houston does have some whites on the team.

MuayTyson said...

The lower inherent IQ of blacks are with out doubt but has anyone tried researching other causes of IQ deficiency?

I don't have the studies in front of me but I am pretty sure poor prenatal care is a large factor in IQ. I have also read that poor infant nutrition and exposure to violence can reduce the frontal cortex.

We all know how well the average black takes care of their children so only in the best of circumstances will the child have the 80/85 average IQ. Throw in other mitigating factors and you have not only a semi-retarded child but a sociopathic one as well.

How do Liberals expect schools to fix these types of problems? Will money thrown at a child who is born with a substandard IQ, FAS, and sociopathic tendencies bring this creature anywhere close to a functioning level?

This is also my argument against mass immigration from Third World shitholes.

If you choose to not believe the accepted theories on genetic intelligence do also choose not to believe in pre and post natal care and the impact on the health of children. Do the majority of Liberals continue to smoke and drink and eat poorly when pregnant? If not why? If we can import half starved Africans and their children do we really think we can fix the damage that has already occurred? What about our own little hoodrats?

Even with trowing the genetic evidence of inherent intelligence out what about all the studies of the other factors impacting childhood development?

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off-topic, but I feel it has to be posted. Apparently it is not OK to be white in Duluth MN.

Anonymous said...

I taught in East Cleveland at East High School. I am now retired thank god! Mr. B (32 years in the district) one of the school teachers told me when I arrived,that the admin. turned off the metal detectors so as not to scare away the students with weapons! He also told me three thinks I had to remember about "these kids": 1. the parents can't control them 2. the cops can't control them 3. you can't control them! He warned me that I had to chill out and if they didn't want to do any work don't make a fuss about it. He told me that teachers had dropped dead from stress at the school and the kids just laughed! I kept extensive notes on my adventures! Paul, you should put together a book "Retired teachers speak out on Urban Ed"!

Anonymous said...

Groid murders his white girlfriend while she sleeps, then murders a white police officer.

Anonymous said...

wasn't Kansas a few decades ago the ONE white, safe area everybody was talking about.

Sorry, I am from Europe and I don't know much about the American states and their demography.

rex freeway said...

I am a product of the "grand experiment". I attended Southwest high beginning in 75. My first two years there were in very well run, top rated school. Then the grand experiment began. And any child could go to any school they wanted to within the district. But when just a hand full transferred, the school board seen the newly found wealth would be taken away. So they did what any greedy board would do. They forced blacks to the predominately white schools in the name of desegregation. 23 buses a day Were sent to my school And blacks being Blacks they disrupted classrooms, stole, and assaulted school kids, teachers and staff, and the surrounding white neighborhood residents. In one year it went from one of the top public schools in America, to a place where learning became almost impossible. The parents who could afford to, moved. Or sent their children to private schools. I personally cant remember learning much in the last 2 years there except how to defend against gangs that trolled the halls. By the time the "grand experiment" was laid to rest, judge Clark and the school board spent more money than it took to put the first shuttle into space. And nothing but a few new buildings to show for it. Now that they have completely failed, they expect districts surrounding Kansas city to absorb any student that wants to go there and have their schools destroyed much as mine was. Kansas city is well on its way to Detropia. One other thing i would like to point out is the other school district in Missouri that lost accreditation was the St. Louis school district. Makes you wonder. Doesn't it?

Ben N Indiana said...

In the past 24 hours (pt 1 of 2)

Shooting investigated in downtown Rochester
‎Dumas said the incident reportedly involved three black males

Police Seek Armed Suspects in M and T Bank Robbery
‎two black males entered the M and T bank

KCTV 5Shooting victim drives to gas station
‎his shooters were two black males.

2 men robbed while standing near car
approached by by four black males

Police Log: Sharp Dressed Man Steals Vodka
described as a black male

Delaware State Police are investigating the robbery and assault
Three black males, approximately 20-30 years old, 5'10”-6'0” tall.

Man survives after being shot in head by intruders
They are described only as black males

Man robs Roscoe Village bank branch
‎an African-American male dressed in all black, fled from the scene

Tulsa Man Robbed Outside Apartment Complex
The suspect is described as a black male in his 30s

Tamarack Market Shooting Victim Remains Critical
The suspect has been described as a black male

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

The Indian schools are much maligned today, but they halped a lot of native Americans assimilate. We don't have a good solution to the problems facing black students. Any historians care to comment?

1) Indians at that time were not American citizens; the 14th Amendment addressed that for slaves

2) We had been in a state of war with these other nations; former slaves were not in such a position

3) the "Radical Republican" agenda post-Civil War was more interested in disrupting Southern votes, creating a "legitimate" means through which the North could dominate the South. This meant black voters (which were, after the 15th Amendment, huge) or disenfranchizing Confederates. In short, blacks were needed in the immediate term for political purposes.

4) After the Civil War, there was a general sense (based on newspapers of the time - there was no Gallup poll) of moving on and bringing former slaves into the American population (Liberia was, at that point, self-governing and had its own internal problems brewing). "Reservations" would likely have been Northern political suicide - fighting a war for "freedom" to put former slaves on "reservations" would not have been acceptable.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Zenster: I'd sure like to see the proportion of home schooling and private school enrollment by Whites as a response to increases in Black or other non-Asian minority populations.

I have no figures here, but I can offer some personal observations in my area (a very urban area.. and it's not Newark.. I only worked in Hell):

Charter schools took off, but with mixed results. The really "good" charter or magnet schools have a waiting list and are largely Asian, Indian, and Caucasian, even with 'unofficial' affirmative action taking place. A contractor I had working for me years back:

His kid was told he would have to worker much harder than the other kids applying for the magnet school, because he was white. Without stellar academic results (compared to the black and hispanic kids), he would not have a chance to get in.

Online support groups for home schooling is now popular amount the hipster-organic-granola eating crowd. When the special schools are full and a private school costs $30k per year, you find other means to educate your kids.

Anonymous said...

"Good article. If ever the MSM could treat a subject like this honestly, we might begin to see change."

Right. How many people in this country know that Barry Soetero AKA Obama was ordered to appear in a Georgia court Thursday and he nor any of his lawyers appeared there? His lawyers acknowledged the order, but no one showed.

You tell me that this is not news?
I think so.

Kylie said...

"One other thing i would like to point out is the other school district in Missouri that lost accreditation was the St. Louis school district."

Yes, the St. Louis School District lost its accreditation back in 2007.

St. Louis School District

And this article includes a photo of some of the Kansas City school board members:

Article on STL and KC School Districts

You can just tell they all have a strong sense of duty, responsibility and integrity.

Missouri law dictates that when a school district loses its accreditation, its students are allowed to transfer to accredited schools in the same or an adjoining county. The accredited schools are not allowed to refuse to accept those students, even if this means they must construct more classrooms. The unaccredited school district must pay the students' transportation and tuition costs but the receiving school must pay the rest.

Many Would Leave The Nest They Have Fouled

The "receiving" school districts have their say.

Save Us From Flood Of Students

Most of the articles I found by googling "St. Louis School District" and "accreditation" that mention the receiving districts pay scant attention to the burdens these city student place on the good schools. The focus is all on what's good for the blacks.

Discard said...

We already have a reservation system for Blacks in this country: They're called prisons.

Hell_is_like_Newark: "...home schooling is now popular among the hipster-granola-eating crowd". Interesting. I suppose that is why efforts to outlaw or seriously inconvenience home schoolers have failed, the lefties don't want to send their own kids to school with Darks.

Sierra Nevada said...

"...There's no better way to change a DWL mind about race realism when the niggers come pouring out of their ghettos into the white neighborhoods, kicking in doors and dragging the women out by their blonde hair, only to be saved by a Carhartt wearing .50 cal toting redneck and his posse. Minds will start changing real fast. The fact that there's some nice black co-worker and neighbors won't be enough compared to 100s of niggers attacking whites all over town."

Um, no. Absolutely no, forever no. I will not save any DWL, from anything, at anytime. If possible, I will video their violent demise for my later enjoyment.

And I will VIOLENTLY prevent you from your gutless, dickless, feckless attempt to save these worms from their just desserts.

You'd better get your head on straight and realize the bigger enemy isn't the savage in the streets, it is their cynical, evil protector that enables them, and forces them into your neighborhoods and schools, and FORCES you to pay for it.

Try to save them? No - let them burn.

Kylie said...

"I will not save any DWL, from anything, at anytime."

My feelings exactly. I do not feel any obligation to be loyal to someone who is disloyal to me and mine.

A person who is an enemy of my (law-abiding, tax-paying) way of life is my enemy. Period.

I don't forget and I don't forgive.

Anonymous said...

I Went to the WP article on Prince George schools...
It has one comment...
which I am posting...
AA means affirmative action, govt or corp jobs....

mment was posted that some whites used "higher taxes" as an excuse. However, there's truth to this. Predominantly black jurisdictions are ruled by one party, the Democrats. Look at the property taxes in Baltimore City, and PG County. The governments in these areas require working citizens and homeowners to foot the bill for a lot of other people. The high taxes keep businesses out or drive them out, as well as many high income people such as Asian professionals. Despite the high $ per pupil, the majority of schools are still marginal or bad. People don't feel as though their taxes are actually helping anybody. The reduced tax base only drives the liberal Democrats in power to keep raising taxes. It's a vicious stupid cycle. The whites who do stick around are there for amenities (Baltimore City, D.C., not PG County). I remember playing golf at Lake Arbor about 10 years ago. It was located in an affluent black neighborhood. I recall seeing the grass growing out of the cracks in the tennis courts. The numerous unkempt lawns, the overflowing trash receptacles and thought until people start with individual responsibility, it won't matter how many AA professionals move in. I live in a mixed neighborhood now and can see how successful black people are still weighed down by ner do well relatives and friends who didn't get the message. That's saddening

Discard said...

I think a distinction ought be made between DWLs and their followers. DWL, after all, stands for disingenuous White liberals. "Disingenuous" means that they are deliberately pretending to be ignorant of the damage they do. Many liberals are actually decent but gullible. They spent years, from kindergarten through college, being indoctrinated by the real DWLs, and as we all know here, dissenting views on race do not get into the curriculum. Many of us were once as benighted as they are, (40 years ago in my case) and it's unreasonable and counterproductive to despise those who have come to their senses only because they are behind us. It's like a teacher despising the kids solely because they're younger and less educated than he is. Reserve our deepest enmity for the true DWLs, for they know what they are doing and are glad of it.

eh said...

And this article includes a photo of some of the Kansas City school board members:...

Yes. And thanks for the link.

Of course it's no surprise they are black. Part of this whole tragedy is that there are decent and reasonably intelligent black people trying to stem the tide. But it's not just a tide, it's a tsunami, and they have been, and will continue to be, overwhelmed.

The 'smart fraction' among Blacks is simply not large enough.

The other problem is that these reasonably intelligent Blacks are still monumentally susceptible to PC bullshit. Like the rest of society, they cannot face facts, and then act on those facts accordingly and rationally.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


I will second your point of view. it is sometimes hard to see if you are bombarded day in and day out with a single message (from childhood) while any dissent is punished severely.

Case in point: One of the granola eaters I referred to a previous post is asking me about firearms training. Only holdup with her going full NRA is her husband. What made the difference for her vs her husband she (white female) got the shit kicked out of her as a kid because she went to an inner city school. Nature (protecting her children) overrides the indoctrination she received through life. She won't let her two kids suffer the same fate she did.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise.....
Another school system turned into shite upon becoming predominantly black.

Eugenics. Period. Paragraph.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous posting about teaching in East Cleveland at East High School:

""Retired teachers speak out on Urban Ed"!"

This would be an excellent area to write about. My mother was an urban teacher, moved to a suburban district to avoid getting hurt(enriched) by unruly blacks.
I myself have been in both enironments.
"Urban Ed" is certainly enlightening, it is a national catastrophe. The kids have no conscience, Hobbesian tyranny is the only way to control them.

White teachers raised in the suburbs often take a while to understand that harshness is the only thing that works with blacks.
Strict rule, very formal structure, and harsh punishments are all that work for them.

That is why it is such a disaster to have foggy-headed liberal whites teaching blacks. Then, blacks develop no respect for whites, because they are only exposed to the foggy-headed whites. They have no idea how hardcore suburban and country whites can be, so they think they can endlessly fool whites as a whole.
This topic of "Enriched Urban Education" is one we can expand.

countenance said...


Guess what the wonderful plan is to "save" the KCPS. They're going to eliminate the district and divvy up the territory among neighboring whiter districts. Deseg by any other means.

Anonymous said...

Charles Murray has an article on education in the latest issue of Imprimis. He wrote the book "The Bell Curve". The short bio of Murray doesn't mention that. His article doesn't discuss IQ. It's still an excellent article. Can't wait for his new book "Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010". He works at the moderately conservative American Enterprise Institute, so as long as the book isn't too strident (truthful) his job will be secure.

Kylie said...

"Part of this whole tragedy is that there are decent and reasonably intelligent black people trying to stem the tide. But it's not just a tide, it's a tsunami, and they have been, and will continue to be, overwhelmed."

Yes, but we must remember--it's their tragedy, not ours.

I know that seems harsh and cold but the fact is that we are dealing with the physical world in which resources--including people's time, energy and resolve--are finite. So we must prioritize. The past 50 years have shown us what happened in the US when whites spent huge amounts of money and energy trying to lift blacks up. Not only did blacks not rise but they dragged whites down.

Or look at Africa. When the white colonials left sub-Saharan Africa, they left behind their infrastructure: roads, hospitals, schools, factories. Several decades on, under black rule, all that has been neglected to the point of ruin and in many cases, deliberately destroyed.

Waiting in Vain for a Train in DR Congo

As Jay Santos wisely says earlier in this thread:

"Just accept the native differences in intelligence and orderly thought."

Zenster said...

My first comment from yesterday never got posted so here is a reconstitution of it.

Paul, your otherwise excellent article omits a central theme of SBPDL. Namely, Black Undertow.

Fewer than a third of elementary students in the city schools read at or above grade level.

This is just lipstick on the pig. A more honest journalist phrasing of that statistic would be:

More than two thirds of elementary students in the city schools cannot read at or above grade level.

Put another way, two thirds of each class are under-performing and, thereby, represent a full-time load upon the teacher that prevents any special attention being given to achievers of any race at all.

Imagine how that two thirds creates a riptide which carries out to sea with it many students who were at the edge of overcoming their reading deficit if only they could have received a few extra minutes of teacher time.

Instead, they are dragged out far beyond hailing range and left to slowly drown with the utterly incompetent.

This is but one more example of how Black Undertow persists as an indiscriminate force of decay. It envelopes all who stray into its path in a smothering miasma of sullen, incurious hostility towards the few who actually achieve.

The Philippine political community has a name for this syndrome; it is called "The Crab Dance".

Imagine a barrel not quite full of lively crabs. One particularly bright and rebellious crab decides to escape the barrel. Other less-bright crabs see him edging towards the barrel's rim and ― hoping to hitch a ride on his coattails ― latch onto his hind legs.

This ultimately results in the one overachiever being dragged back down into the writhing mass by all the other freeloaders.

So it is with those who drift along on the tide of Black Undertow. They are academic flotsam and jetsam who clog the path of those few that try and swim back to shore. With their bullying and taunts of "acting White", those of the Black Undertow just as often discourage or intimidate the small number that might have made landfall.

None of this even addresses that handful of borderline geniuses who ― with just a slight extra nudge or bit of inspiration ― might have attained the scholastic critical mass needed to blossom. Denied a chance to achieve the true stellar ignition which could have made genuine stars of them, they are, perhaps, some of the most tragic figures of all.

Like barnacles clinging to the hull of a championship tea clipper, Black Undertow students are a drag on the overall progress of all around them. Several decades of this shows itself in the declining ability of graduates ― it matters not if they be high school, college or university― who are incapable of the most simple critical analysis or, even rudimentary innovation.

What does this prophesize for America, the world's most pioneering and innovative nation, bar none? Our future is being mortgaged left and right by proponents of PCMC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism) and the government-crony capitalist alliance of lobbyists and legislators who, recently, have committed transgenerational theft on an unprecedented scale.

It is no longer a matter of breaking just one or two links in a chain that temporarily binds us. The unity of opposition displayed by so many modern anti-civilization forces represents a chain mail wherein multiple links must be sundered all at once to adequately gore the monster lurking beneath.

Zenster said...

Patrick: How come this [Black on Black accusations of "Oreo" or "acting White"] are NEVER mentioned by the media?

That is due to how such accurate reporting would reveal the iceberg's tip with respect to intense racism by Blacks against almost all other groups.

Think about it; if Blacks hate other Blacks for upholding supposedly "non-Black" goals (e.g., scholastic achievement), then think how much they must HATE other races (i.e., Whites), that consistently outshine ALL Black performance.


They cannot even "get over" KILLING EACH OTHER. How can you expect them to get over a century-old event like slavery or a multi-millennia older issue like tyrannical tribalism? Do I even need to mention cannibalism?

RedMoonProject said...

Just as DWLs' have worked hard to remove responsibility and discipline from the larger society, so they have removed it from the schools as well. This has been a disaster for those at the lower end of the IQ spectrum. You don't need to be a genius to wait tables or mop floors, but you do need to learn how to show up, do the work and be consistent. But this is impossible when schools no longer have standards of behavior and conduct, and when the disruptive are no longer punished. Standards can be learned, but they have to be enforced first.

Anonymous said...

This just in from the 'hood:,0,3082992.story

Zenster said...

Charles Martel: Orwell envisions a Big Brother that is feared and reviled, computer screens embedded in every home that are shunned and seen as intrusive, state run propaganda that is easily picked apart as fallacy, and the conquest of love against all odds.

By the time that "Big Brother … is feared and reviled"; any "state run propaganda that is easily picked apart as fallacy", does not exist.

At that point, language and free thought have been so thoroughly decimated (if not far worse), that the chances of Crimethink (i.e., Thoughtcrime), are so reduced that there is no picking apart of any "state run propaganda".

Please review Orwell's own "The Principles of Newspeak":

The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of IngSoc [English Socialism], but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought -- that is, a thought diverging from the principles of IngSoc -- should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words. Its vocabulary was so constructed as to give exact and often very subtle expression to every meaning that a Party member could properly wish to express, while excluding all other meaning and also the possibility of arriving at them by indirect methods. This was done partly by the invention of new words, but chiefly by eliminating undesirable words and stripping such words as remained of unorthodox meanings, and so far as possible of all secondary meaning whatever. [emphasis added]

Zenster said...

rjp: What you should ask to be seeing is where all government employees of the school district send their children.

Works for me. Good idea!

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 28, 2012 10:32 PM): I kept extensive notes on my adventures!

Please consider composing a narrative essay. I'm confident that Paul would post it at SBPDL.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 29, 2012 5:19 PM): That is why it is such a disaster to have foggy-headed liberal whites teaching blacks. Then, blacks develop no respect for whites, because they are only exposed to the foggy-headed whites.

Excellent point. I propose that this should be called,

Wait for it …

Liberal Undertow

Imagine how much more damaging it is for a semi-retarded Black to be piped full of DWL tripe. Blacks experience cognitive dissonance from day one, and if anything can be counted upon, it's that being exposed to White cognitive dissonance won't cancel it out.

They have no idea how hardcore suburban and country whites can be, so they think they can endlessly fool whites as a whole.

Then why aren't we reading about suburban and exurban Whites kicking the crap out of those homies who show up to spoil the fun? You know bloody well the media would cover such incidents with a "Stop the presses, Johnson!" emphasis.

Zenster said...

countenance: Deseg by any other means.

Ah, yup!

This goes into a chapter of my "Dis-Integration" essay.

Zenster said...

Kylie: Waiting in Vain for a Train in DR Congo

What the article neglects to mention is the damage and derailments that are caused when natives remove spikes and rail connector plates to make spearheads and other implements out of them.

A handful of $1.50 spikes pulled out and the rails will part allowing a $2 million dollar locomotive to leave the tracks.

Effing brilliant.

Mr. Rational said...

It sounds like a bit of anti-theft welding (or maybe just brazing) is in order. Plus making examples of people found with articles made of stolen metal.

Anonymous said...

[BLACK] Boy, 11, arrested for threatening [WHITE] woman with loaded gun on MAX

Note the name of the Sheboon mother
Shaquita Louis.

Judge says boy who flashed gun on MAX will live with aunt - Jan 30, 2012

The boy is the brother of murder victim Yashanee Vaughn who was just 14 when she was killed last year.

KATU News is not identifying the boy because he is a minor; however, on his Facebook page, he calls himself, "Lil' Nasty."

If you want a photo of Lil' Nasty, then
GOOGLE[ Friends and family celebrate Yashanee Vaughn’s young life cut short ] as he's standing right beside her.

Louis – who also has four sons, ages 19, 18, 10 and 7 – had a close relationship with her daughter.

Vaughn, Yashanee L. 14 Dec. 04, 1996 July 15, 2011 Yashanee is survived by her parents; Shaquita Louis and Yoshawnee Vaughn; brothers, Damajio Louis, Cedrell Washington, Keon Tae Campbell and Ammaurrion Franklin; sister, Yoshawnna Vaughn.

GOOGLE[ Missing Portland girl murdered in boyfriend's bed ]
Yashanee Vaughn, 14, was reported missing by her mother Shaquita Louis on March 21.

Police arrested 16-year-old Parrish Bennett (pictured) Thursday afternoon on one count of murder in the case. Family described Parrish as Vaughn's boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Funny how "Fate" sees the extinction of black genetic-psychopaths to be so very desirable.

Oh one more followup on "Shaquita Louis" and her evil-spawn Lil' Nasty and her murdered daughter.
Gender: FEMALE (hard to tell unless explicitly stated)
Birth date: 7/08/1982

Names / Aliases:


Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
10/29/2002 BURG/DWELL/OCCUP.CONVEY 03/26/2003 PASCO 0205440 1Y 1M 0D
10/29/2002 GRAND THEFT,300 L/5,000 03/26/2003 PASCO 0205440 1Y 1M 0D

Might not be her except for looking exactly like her and being the same age.

BTW, GOOGLE[ Portland police called the fatal shooting of Marcus Miller, father of Yashanee Vaughn's half brother, a 'tragic coincidence' ] June 06, 2011
Marcus Deangelo Miller, the 40-year-old man fatally shot in Portland over the weekend, was the father of Yashanee Vaughn's older half-brother, friends and relatives said.

Police said Miller had ties to gangs in the past, but it's unknown if those ties had anything to do with his death. Miller had an attempted murder conviction in 1991.

"He had a past, but his present was totally different," said Ionka Martin, a friend of Miller's and Yashanee's family. She said Miller's younger brother was killed more than 20 years ago during a dispute over a pitbull.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of family - raise a child in a two parent family and you have a chance at success.

And - get rid of the Democrats. in 50 years they have destroyed the African American community - which gives them 100% of the vote, even though, if they were worth anything, African Americans would be seeking tax breaks for the wealthy. Democrats have to get out of the black community for it to grow and prosper. What other group gets rewarded for failure?

Anonymous said...

The kcmo school district actually spent over $2 billion dollars, not just $1 billion. The state fed them $1.5 billion and the city taxed over $600 million.